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Cleveland District Round Table

Erie Street Cemetery Index
Surnames:   (Given Names only) through B

CemeteryVolPgDOD-MDOD-DDOD-YDOI-MDOI-DDOI-YInt NoFull NameTitles & TermsAgeColorSex M/F
Erie Street2105  1901Aug23190117379, Adam 45yWM
Erie Street1211   Oct1418618569, Cora May 1mWF
Erie Street1110   Aug2518524687, Elizabeth 2yWF
Erie Street178   Jun2518503405, Fred  WF
Erie Street1254   Aug23186710208, GeorgiaChild   
Erie Street1207   May718618422, JennieChild2yWF
Erie Street1224   Aug1818639106, Little Arthur 6m M
Erie Street1223   Jun2618639057, Little Birdie 2y F
Erie Street1271   Sep16186910857Aanshnes,Child of Adolph8m F
Erie Street276   Sep24189416298Aaring, Anna 1yWF
Erie Street283   May13189616556Aaroe, C P 4mWM
Erie Street241   Jun7188714877Aaroe, Clara 5mWF
Erie Street268   Dec27189215968Aaroe, Elna 5yWF
Erie Street258   Dec16189015558Aaroe, Wm 7mWM
Erie Street2110   Jan30190317504Abbey, Frank 8mWM
Erie Street270   Mar26189316025Abbey, Mary L 77yWF
Erie Street11   Jul61840321Abbot, Mary Jane 2yWF
Erie Street1198   Mar718608043Abbott,Child W 
Erie Street1301   Sep1187312014Abbott,Child of James S3mWM
Erie Street293   Feb8189916915Abbott, Lucy H 83yWF
Erie Street1313   Jun1187512474Abbott, O J 65yWM
Erie Street1140   Jun1318545841Abby, Harriet Ann 23yWF
Erie Street295   Jul15189916994Abeel, Ralph 4mWM
Erie Street1250   Dec12186610016Abel,SB Child of Henry  F
Erie Street1217   Aug118628799Abel, Calina 1y F
Erie Street2103  1901May1190117312Abel, Carrie 73yWF
Erie Street1324   Dec20187612888Abel, Lillie 23yWF
Erie Street1307   Aug26187412279Abel, Mary 16yWF
Erie Street1243   Jan1518669759Abell, Ashall 75y M
Erie Street268   Dec24189215964Abell, Edward S 71yWM
Erie Street255   Jun17189015455Abell, Elizabeth H 63yWF
Erie Street173   Feb1018503212Abell, F W 2yW 
Erie Street111   Sep251842732Abell, Henry 10yWM
Erie Street169   Sep2418493047Abell, Lucy 9yWF
Erie Street1301   Sep16187312036Abell, Mary 69yWF
Erie Street296   Sep11189917020Abell, Mollie 39yWF
Erie Street1195   Sep718597921Abell, Sarah 32yWF
Erie Street259   Mar22189115610Abels, Isabel Caroline 11mWF
Erie Street1288   Mar7187211517Abels, Maria 36yWF
Erie Street1188   Aug2318587637Abendrath, John 14mWM
Erie Street1245   Mar2518669814Abendroth, Louisa 10m F
Erie Street1214   Feb2118628676Abenhoth, Andrew 3yWM
Erie Street268   Jan28189315984Abernethy, John P 49yWF
Erie Street214   Nov13188113810Abey, Johanna 4mWF
Erie Street184   Sep718503647Abler,Child of Ed9mWM
Erie Street28   Oct19188013576Ables, Hennrich 64yWM
Erie Street244   Dec26188714997Abogast, Lee Don 1yWM
Erie Street1190   Dec2718587750Abram, George 4yWM
Erie Street250   Jun26188915265Abram, Minnie C 10mWF
Erie Street1168   Aug1518566903Abrocht, Josephine C 16mWF
Erie Street159   Jun118492632Acgyen, Wm 50yWM
Erie Street1242   Oct2218659699Ackenson, Nancy 39y F
Erie Street292   Dec10189816887Ackerman, Mary 35yWF
Erie Street1217   Aug1218628817Ackerson,Child of3y  
Erie Street1211   Nov1018618580Ackinson, Elizabeth 77yWF
Erie Street1192   Apr2618597825Ackley, H ADr49y M
Erie Street233   Aug14188514583Ackley, Harvey L 3yWM
Erie Street248   Oct9188815148Ackley, Sophia L 72yWF
Erie Street213   Sep17188113778Ackling, Abraham 57yWM
Erie Street1117   Oct1918524933Acknew, Anna S 5yWF
Erie Street121   Sep2118441128Adams,Child of Nicholas1yW 
Erie Street128   Mar218461412Adams,Child of Nichola9mW 
Erie Street1116   Oct1018524904Adams,Mrs27yWF
Erie Street1234   Aug2918649380Adams,Chold of Geo H10m F
Erie Street1238   Mar2818659564Adams,Mrs W K44y F
Erie Street1281   Feb8187111256Adams,Child of Wm6mWM
Erie Street1259   Mar9186810384Adams, A A 53y M
Erie Street2110   Mar16190317516Adams, Amelia 43yWF
Erie Street15   Jun61841472Adams, Anna 76yWF
Erie Street136   Apr718471724Adams, Caroline E 26yWF
Erie Street1260   May1186810426Adams, Charles N 31y M
Erie Street1181   Oct3118577386Adams, Cornelia 4yWF
Erie Street217   Jul12188213939Adams, Edmond 1yCM
Erie Street1197   Jan2918608021Adams, Eve 2yWF
Erie Street1219   Nov818628878Adams, Geo 15y M
Erie Street110   Aug121842697Adams, Harriet S 24yWF
Erie Street146   Jan1318482102Adams, LucyMrs56-65yW 
Erie Street118   Apr1818441017Adams, Margaret 9yWF
Erie Street1252   Apr5186710101Adams, Martha L 47y F
Erie Street1178   Jun2918577252Adams, Mary 15yWF
Erie Street276   Aug4189416272Adams, Mary Evaline 21yWF
Erie Street232   May4188514533Adams, May 7mWF
Erie Street222   Mar26188314119Adams, Robert 42yWM
Erie Street117   Dec221843970Adams, S H 54yCM
Erie Street1235   Sep3018649419Adams, S WRev49y M
Erie Street1253   Jun5186710141Adams, Samuel 77y M
Erie Street219   Sep29188214002Adams, Wm K 71yWM
Erie Street1201   Aug1418608169Addleman,Child of Henry1yWM
Erie Street1175   Mar2818577145Addman, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street1185   May218587537Adlington, Spooner 18mWM
Erie Street1106   Jul818524512Adrien, Catherine 1yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2518503612Adrisantye, Zooter 1dW 
Erie Street113   Apr131843800Ager,SB Child of F W 
Erie Street1128   Aug1518535380Ager, Charles 6mWM
Erie Street167   Aug3018492958Ager, Martha 1mWF
Erie Street1260   May17186810436Aggardt,Child of Ludwig4d M
Erie Street1242   Oct3018659707Agle,SB Twin 1 of John  M F
Erie Street1242   Oct3018659707Agle,SB Twin 2 of John  M F
Erie Street1114   Sep2318524829Agnew, Gordon 20yWM
Erie Street1166   May2818566808Ags, J 2dWF
Erie Street24   Dec16187913392Ahl, August 10yWM
Erie Street222   Apr11188314134Ahl, Charles 3yWM
Erie Street24   Dec12187913391Ahl, Lizzie 8yWF
Erie Street11   Jul261840334Aiken,SB Child of Rev W 
Erie Street1253   Jun16186710144Aiken,Mrs Dr65y F
Erie Street1335  1879Jan7187913215Aiken, Reu S C 88yWM
Erie Street122   Dec818441173Aikens,Child of Rev1mW 
Erie Street1128   Aug1318535375Aitkins, John 51yWM
Erie Street160   Jul118492678Akens, Isabel 36y F
Erie Street159   Jun118492631Akensperas, FrancisSB W 
Erie Street1211   Nov1618618586Akers,SB Child of J M W 
Erie Street158   May718492604Akers, Jonathan 26yWM
Erie Street1111   Aug2618524689Akers, MariaAKA Obery65yWF
Erie Street1249   Nov1618669991Akers, Maria 61y F
Erie Street1174   Feb1918577102Akers, Thos 5yWM
Erie Street1324   Oct27187612865Akin, Dora 26yWF
Erie Street1328   Jun25187712973Alanson, Ford 41yWM
Erie Street1231   May3118649286Albert,Child of Fred1y M
Erie Street1308   Oct8187412323Albert,Child of John7mWF
Erie Street1185   May818587539Albert, Christopher 17mWM
Erie Street1250   Dec21186610029Alberton, Enoch 31y M
Erie Street1165   Apr1018566765Albertson, S H 17yWM
Erie Street1269   Aug1186910804Albrecht,Child of Fred9m M
Erie Street1293   Oct23187211727Albrecht,Child of Chris WM
Erie Street213   Sep17188113776Albrecht,SB Child WM
Erie Street1299   Aug11187311972Albrecht, Charles 1y M
Erie Street229   Sep8188414416Albrecht, Emil 9yWM
Erie Street218   Jul27188213952Albrecht, Helena 10mWF
Erie Street216   Mar5188213873Albrecht, Otto 4yWM
Erie Street1285   Sep6187111417Albrecht, Tina 1yW 
Erie Street1335  1879Feb3187913222Albrecht, Willie 2yWM
Erie Street1307   Aug16187412268Albrecht, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street1274   Mar12187010990Albright,Child of C WM
Erie Street166   Aug2618492926Albright, Joseph 18mWM
Erie Street1315   Sep7187512561Alcorn, Archibald  WM
Erie Street1161   Nov2818556648Alcorn, Emily 9mWM
Erie Street1218   Sep2918628849Alcott,Child of A  M
Erie Street1142   Jul1718545912Alcott, Edward J 3yWM
Erie Street19   May181842646Alden, Chas F 20yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1918587631Alderman, Albert H 15mWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2818535422Alderman, John 1yWM
Erie Street1120   Jan1018535033Aldride, JB 6mW 
Erie Street137   Jun1318471776Alexander,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1131   Sep1418535466Alexander,SB W 
Erie Street1198   Apr1918608072Alexander,Child of Wm3mW 
Erie Street1247   Aug918669912Alexander,Child6m M
Erie Street1260   Jun13186810447Alexander,Child of Nicholaus8dCM
Erie Street291   Oct22189816876Alexander,SB WF
Erie Street1197   Jan518608004Alexander, D B 49yWM
Erie Street1227   Dec1518639208Alexander, Francis 41y F
Erie Street1243   Jan2418669765Alexander, H 10mCF
Erie Street1130   Sep1118535457Alexander, L Alexander 2yWM
Erie Street1335  1879Jan10187913217Alexander, Margaret 74yWF
Erie Street1222   May318639009Alexander, Mary 24y F
Erie Street1189   Nov2218587713Alexander, Mary J 3mWF
Erie Street257   Oct14189015529Alexander, Mathew Joseph 14dWM
Erie Street139   Jul1718471835Alexander, Ruth E 8mWF
Erie Street122   Oct1018441145Alford,SB Child of B W 
Erie Street223   May7188314148Alford, F G 6yWM
Erie Street215   Feb23188213865Alford, Gussie P 72yWF
Erie Street142   Sep418471941Alford, Martha 11yWF
Erie Street1254   Aug10186710194Alford, W B 72y M
Erie Street1277   Aug6187011117Alfred, Susan 19yWF
Erie Street1169   Aug3018566921Algen, Michael 14dWM
Erie Street149   Jun2718482245Alger, Catherine 11mW 
Erie Street1271   Oct1186910865Alger, Mary J 55y F
Erie Street166   Aug2318492913Alger, OJ 15mW 
Erie Street258   Jan17189115578Alger, Oliver 76yWM
Erie Street1279   Nov6187011194Algrime, Martha 1yWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2618546086Alind, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street232   May10188514535Allan, Mary 5yWF
Erie Street19   Apr251842639Allard,Child of Adolph W 
Erie Street1235   Nov618649444Allard,SB Child of Isaac  M
Erie Street1105   May3118524461Allard, Wm 19yWM
Erie Street1156   Jun318556426Allardt,Dr30yWM
Erie Street258   Jan15189115574Allardt, Caroline 90yWF
Erie Street1192   Apr2518597824Allardt, Orga 5y M
Erie Street1295   Jan15187311787Allardt, R A 83yWM
Erie Street1305   May14187412178Allee,Child of Z B2dWM
Erie Street2133   Feb27192217850Alleman, Catherine J 87yWF
Erie Street119   Jul518441055Allen,Child of Wm F W 
Erie Street150   Jul1118482262Allen,Child of Ira 1 of 23yW 
Erie Street150   Jul1118482262Allen,Child of Ira 2 of 23yW 
Erie Street1124   May1818535207Allen,Child of Wm1dW 
Erie Street1153   Jan1218556310Allen,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street1237   Jan1518659508Allen,Child of Dr2y  
Erie Street1242   Nov218659712Allen,Child of Abner L SB  F
Erie Street1260   Jun15186810450Allen,Child of John D  F
Erie Street1277   Jul23187011098Allen,Child of Mrs5dWM
Erie Street1277   Jul27187011104Allen,Child of S L4mWF
Erie Street1280   Dec17187011212Allen,Child of John3mWM
Erie Street211   May11188113685Allen,Child of Nellie1yCF
Erie Street253   Jan29189015376Allen,SB CM
Erie Street289   May2189816798Allen, 1hWF
Erie Street1323   Sep23187612842Allen, A L 92yWM
Erie Street1288   Mar26187211530Allen, Charles A 4yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Dec31187813211Allen, Fanny F 16yCF
Erie Street269   Feb2189315988Allen, Geo T 1yCM
Erie Street162   Jul2918492753Allen, George 28yWM
Erie Street241   May19188714871Allen, Harriet C 75yWF
Erie Street190   Apr1718513887Allen, Ira 28yWM
Erie Street273   Jan5189416179Allen, James M 62yWM
Erie Street242   Oct7188714944Allen, John W 85yWM
Erie Street215   Jan6188213833Allen, Mark 22yCM
Erie Street11   Jul71840322Allen, Martha B 2yWF
Erie Street1255   Oct2186710247Allen, Mary S 23y F
Erie Street1249   Nov1718669992Allen, Nettie 14d F
Erie Street1231   Apr2918649260Allen, Phoebe A 42y F
Erie Street249   Jan28188915200Allen, RobertJr21dWM
Erie Street113   May151843814Allen, Roxanne 31yWF
Erie Street259   Mar22189115612Allen, Sarah E 47yWF
Erie Street29   Dec23188013600Allen, Willie 3yCM
Erie Street1227   Dec2018639219Allen, Wm H 1y M
Erie Street1251   Feb16186710073Allen, Wm H 31y M
Erie Street1211   Nov1618618585Allert,Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1218   Oct718628856Allhof, Ernest 3y M
Erie Street28   Aug29188013551Allman, Phillip 56yWM
Erie Street1249   Oct2818669973Allmendinger, Louisa 10m F
Erie Street1165   Apr2218566778Allpeter,SB Child of Martin WM
Erie Street1181   Nov2518577403Allpeter,SB Child of P WM
Erie Street1126   Jul418535279Allpize, Kidman 9mWM
Erie Street243   Nov14188714974Allpress, Kidman 74yWM
Erie Street1170   Oct218566964Allprice, Mary A 39yWF
Erie Street1300   Aug14187311976Almer,Child of Marie4m F
Erie Street1195   Sep2218597939Almond, James H 3mWM
Erie Street1129   Aug1618535388Alpater, Hentel 65yW 
Erie Street19   Mar171842624Alpress,SB Child of Thos W 
Erie Street1313   May4187512453Alpress, Fanny 27yWF
Erie Street1124   May318535187Alpress, Mary 30yWF
Erie Street1261   Jul2186810468Alpress, Thomas 57y M
Erie Street1170   Sep2418566956Alprices,Child of Thos7dWF
Erie Street1208   Jun2418618464Alston,Child of J T8mCF
Erie Street1257   Dec12186710299Alston,Child of P8dCM
Erie Street1245   Apr718669823Alston, Charles  C 
Erie Street1279   Nov8187011195Alston, Jessie A 1yWF
Erie Street1161   Nov2418556644Althens, M 34yWM
Erie Street282   Jan22189616509Althof, H H 65yWM
Erie Street1209   Jul2218618486Althoff,Child of Carman2yWF
Erie Street289   Mar27189816785Althoff, Eleonora M 80yWF
Erie Street218   Jul31188213956Altman, Clara 1yWF
Erie Street1247   Aug3018669931Altman, Fred 9m M
Erie Street1316   Sep20187512579Altman, Fred 3yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Nov26187813193Altman, Raymond 3yWM
Erie Street1243   Jan818669753Ambridge,Child of W6m M
Erie Street280   Sep29189516454Ambrister,Child of R3mCM
Erie Street1131   Sep2018535473Ambs, Charles 5yWM
Erie Street1241   Sep1818659676Ambush, Dolley 2yCF
Erie Street186   Oct918503716Ambuster, Frances 3mWF
Erie Street1151   Dec1318546273Ames,Mrs C A21yWF
Erie Street1229   Mar318649186 DAmidon,Child of Perry9m M
Erie Street1300   Aug18187311984Amidon,Child of Clara10mWF
Erie Street1268   May27186910744Ammason,Child of Joseph6mCF
Erie Street1130   Sep318535437Ammon, Catherine 13mWF
Erie Street1301   Sep28187312048Ammon, P E 1yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2018524657Ammond, p 1yWM
Erie Street1256   Oct20186710260Amon,Child of Phillip24d M
Erie Street1256   Oct21186710261Amon,Child of Rudolf5m  
Erie Street1204   Jan718618283Amy,Child of Margaret14dWM
Erie Street1219   Nov918628880Amy,Child of D W3d F
Erie Street1163   Jan318566673Amy, D W 3dWF
Erie Street1142   Jul2318545917Amy, M M 10mW 
Erie Street1161   Nov1318556633Anckle, Caroline 6mWF
Erie Street1243   Dec1418659732Anders, Sarah 45y F
Erie Street1166   May2418566806Anderson,Child of G1mWF
Erie Street1198   Mar2618608053Anderson,Child of Joseph CM
Erie Street1251   Feb12186710071Anderson,Child of M T4m  
Erie Street1264   Oct12186810580Anderson,SB Twin 1 of F M C 
Erie Street1264   Oct12186810580Anderson,SB Twin 2 of F M C 
Erie Street265   May17189215849Anderson,SB WF
Erie Street172   Dec218493152Anderson, A S 3yW 
Erie Street121   Sep2418441133Anderson, Edmund  WM
Erie Street2117   Oct26190617710Anderson, EHDr52yCM
Erie Street1124   May318535186Anderson, Elizabeth 4mWF
Erie Street294   May19189916971Anderson, H N 30yWM
Erie Street1293   Nov20187211748Anderson, James 22yCM
Erie Street1208   May2618618440Anderson, Joseph 6yCM
Erie Street282   Feb13189616520Anderson, MMrs49yCF
Erie Street1207   May918618425Anderson, Mary 1yC 
Erie Street1140   May2018545815Anderson, Sophia 22yWF
Erie Street1175   Mar2718577142Andes, Harriet L 1yWM
Erie Street15   May191841494Andre,SB Child of E W   
Erie Street14   Apr61841458Andress, Margaret M 26yWF
Erie Street174   Feb1918503225Andrew,Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1155   Mar3118556379Andrew,Child of Wm S3yWM
Erie Street159   Jun318492635Andrew, Wm S 31yWM
Erie Street156   Feb2818492527Andrews,Son of S J2yWM
Erie Street1229   Mar618649187 DAndrews,Child of Mr SB   
Erie Street1247   Aug1118669917Andrews,Child of Thos F22d M
Erie Street15   May161841463Andrews, Adalina M 2yWF
Erie Street170   Oct818493075Andrews, Alice M 11mWF
Erie Street1233   Aug1718649367Andrews, Alonzo T 24d M
Erie Street1327   Feb27187712928Andrews, C J 31yWM
Erie Street140   Aug1318471891Andrews, E W  W 
Erie Street1290   Jul8187211611Andrews, Eliza 39yWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2818546092Andrews, Frances 11mWF
Erie Street1221   Apr318638990Andrews, Geo W 2y M
Erie Street262   Oct4189115714Andrews, George 2mWM
Erie Street281   Nov9189516475Andrews, George C 2yWM
Erie Street1309   Dec30187412364Andrews, H F 24yWM
Erie Street1145   Aug1718546052Andrews, Henry 2yWM
Erie Street1175   Mar2418577138Andrews, John 54yWM
Erie Street260   Apr27189115642Andrews, Lucy Foote 78yWF
Erie Street1184   Mar2918587501Andrews, Mary E 6dWF
Erie Street1160   Sep2018556581Andrews, Mary M 58yWF
Erie Street278   Mar2189516354Andrews, Nancy D 64yWF
Erie Street295   Jul4189916987Andrews, Thomas C 1yWM
Erie Street291   Jul26189816849Andrews, Thomas F 70yWM
Erie Street1243   Jan1018669756Andrews, Wm 88y M
Erie Street1194   Aug918597885Aneseley,Child of Geo W1yWF
Erie Street1119   Dec1918525014Angel,Mrs50yWF
Erie Street1224   Aug518639092Angel,Child of Henry B4m F
Erie Street1229   Mar918649193 DAngel, Annie 2y F
Erie Street1260   Apr28186810424Angel, Geo 4y M
Erie Street152   Oct518482378Angers, Wm  WM
Erie Street1180   Sep1118577337Angood, John F 1yWM
Erie Street177   Jun718503361Angus, David 2yWM
Erie Street285   Jan31189716655Anhalt, Mary 54yWF
Erie Street1217   Aug1218628815Ankels, Mary 1y F
Erie Street1231   May1818649277Ankert,Child of Daniel   
Erie Street1169   Sep1018566937Ankett, Phillip 15mWM
Erie Street1234   Sep1818649407Ankles,Child of Chas1d F
Erie Street1214   Mar918628697Ansler,Child of John5mW 
Erie Street1188   Aug2318587641Ansley,Child of G W2dWF
Erie Street1194   Aug918597885Ansley,Child of Geo W1yWF
Erie Street1179   Aug1918577297Ansley, George M 3mWM
Erie Street1214   Mar918628698Anson, W E 4mW 
Erie Street1278   Sep7187011156Anther,SB Child of Charles W 
Erie Street1169   Sep318566927Apay, Rose 10mWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1118546025Apies, Adam 1yWM
Erie Street1251   Feb8186710068Aplin,Child of Robert1y F
Erie Street1251   Feb20186710077Appeldt,SB Child of Charles  F
Erie Street1245   Apr618669821Appelt,Child of Charles  F
Erie Street139   Jul2718471857Arachle, John G 3mW 
Erie Street242   Sep 188714936Arbogast,SB WF
Erie Street250   Apr23188915237Archer,Mrs36yWF
Erie Street243   Oct16188714955Archer, Joe L 31yWM
Erie Street162   Jul3018492764Ardeen, Margarett 36yWF
Erie Street1173   Jan2618577068Ardman, Augusta 2yWF
Erie Street283   Jul2189616574Arendt, Ewald 10mWM
Erie Street291   Jul23189816844Arendt, Otilge 8yWF
Erie Street167   Aug2918492946Arens, Nicholas 7yW 
Erie Street1314   Jul23187512518Argnet,SB Child of M WM
Erie Street1221   Mar718638966Argylis,Child of Thos  F
Erie Street289   Feb15189816769AAring, Herbert Ernst  WM
Erie Street1175   Mar1718577134Aring, Maria L 22mWF
Erie Street1137   Mar418545708Aring, Marica 1yWF
Erie Street269   Feb6189315991Aring, Viola 3yWF
Erie Street221   Feb28188314098Arlee,Child of John2yWM
Erie Street221   Mar9188314104Arlee,Child of John1yWM
Erie Street220   Jan11188314058Arlee, A 3yWM
Erie Street1312   Mar7187512414Arlinger,Child of Christ3dWM
Erie Street199   Dec2518514238Arllect, Elizabeth 4yWF
Erie Street167   Aug2918492950Arlus, Jacob 5yWM
Erie Street1268   May27186910744Armason,Child of Joseph6mCF
Erie Street1291   Jul23187211642Armidon,Child of Perry1yWM
Erie Street18   Feb141842603Armington, Sylvester 50yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2918535337Armitage, James 2dWM
Erie Street169   Sep2218493041Armitage, Joseph 2mWM
Erie Street142   Sep1118471962Armor,Child of John6mW 
Erie Street143   Oct318472003Armor,Child of John3yW 
Erie Street233   Jun12188514548Armour, Walter 2yWM
Erie Street141   Aug2318471918Armstrong,Child of George1yW 
Erie Street1204   Jan1718618294Armstrong,Child of Wm SB W 
Erie Street131   Sep318461539Armstrong, Catherine 4yWF
Erie Street285   Feb25189716661Armstrong, Charlotte 77yWF
Erie Street1233   Jul2718649340Armstrong, M 3y F
Erie Street296   Oct10189917031Armstrong, Margaret 53yWF
Erie Street2112   Dec7190317583Armstrong, Thomas 10dWM
Erie Street1120   Jan2618535044Armstrong, Wm  WM
Erie Street185   Sep1418503669Armtage, Matilda 1mWF
Erie Street183   Aug2118503591Armtago, Julia 4yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2018503587Arnbrister,Mrs F24yWF
Erie Street1201   Aug1618608172Arndt,SB twin of Christ W 
Erie Street1201   Aug1618608172Arndt,SB twin of Christ W 
Erie Street1263   Sep20186810549Arndt,Child of John10m M
Erie Street1280   Jan27187111241Arndt,Child of Daniel21dWM
Erie Street1289   May24187211571Arndt,Child of Daniel2dWF
Erie Street1291   Jul20187211637Arndt,SB Child of Charles WM
Erie Street1298   Jul13187311918Arndt,Child of Daniel2d M
Erie Street1308   Oct4187412318Arndt,Child of Daniel WM
Erie Street1318   Dec28187512650Arndt,SB Child of D WF
Erie Street211   Apr15188113671Arndt,Child of Gustave4mWM
Erie Street216   Mar28188213887Arndt,SB Child of Chas WM
Erie Street270   Apr24189316044Arndt, Amanda O 3mWF
Erie Street1203   Nov2018608243Arndt, ChristChild of Christ2yWF
Erie Street1251   Jan22186710054Arndt, John 4m M
Erie Street279   Jul23189516419Arndt, Ruth 17mWF
Erie Street269   Mar14189316020Arndt, Walter 1yWM
Erie Street234   Nov26188514623Arndt, Wm 8dWM
Erie Street135   Jan1118471662Arnett, AbbyMrs34yWF
Erie Street1287   Mar6187211513Arney,Child of Mary2dW 
Erie Street1276   Jul12187011089Arnold,Child of Alice5mWF
Erie Street1291   Jul23187211641Arnold,Child of Charles2mWM
Erie Street1304   Mar11187412139Arnold,SB Child of E A WM
Erie Street1271   Oct1186910864Arnold, Chas 32y M
Erie Street1304   Mar27187412154Arnold, Frank 14dWM
Erie Street1206   Mar1918618370Arnold, Geo 4yWM
Erie Street1122   Mar1318535109Arnold, George 7mWM
Erie Street255   Apr24189015426Arnold, Harry 1yCM
Erie Street140   Jul3018471863Arnold, Jacob 5mWM
Erie Street165   Aug1818492880Arnold, Jacob 32yWM
Erie Street1314   Jul3187512493Arnold, James 5mWM
Erie Street1274   Mar7187010983Arnold, May 62yWF
Erie Street1134   Dec1918535587Arnold, Nettie R 3mWF
Erie Street1259   Mar10186810385Arnt,Child of Daniel2y M
Erie Street1269   Jul24186910790Arnt,Child of D13d M
Erie Street233   Aug5188514578Arnt, Arthur 4mWM
Erie Street128   Jan2418461391Arntt,Child of Andrew4mW 
Erie Street1171   Dec2018567032Arnys,Child of D W1dWF
Erie Street1320   Mar24187612705Arquard, ASB WM
Erie Street1320   Mar21187612703Arras, H L 1yW 
Erie Street289   Apr15189816792Arrd, Mary 53yWF
Erie Street1188   Sep1818587667Arris,Child of Jacob WF
Erie Street1161   Dec618556652Arthur,SB Child of James WF
Erie Street1143   Jul2718545945Arting, John 10mWM
Erie Street287   Sep10189716724Arting, John 37yWM
Erie Street281   Nov13189516477Arting, Lottie 2yWF
Erie Street218   Aug30188213980Arting, Peter 47yWM
Erie Street1171   Dec918567026Arting, Sophia 9mWF
Erie Street1280   Dec27187011216Artings, Jacob 4yWM
Erie Street1171   Nov2918567017Asburn,Child of Mrs1dWF
Erie Street1270   Aug18186910829Aschbeck, Mary 1y F
Erie Street1271   Sep13186910853Aschenback,SB Child of Geo  F
Erie Street1271   Sep15186910855Aschenback, Anna C H 36y F
Erie Street1334  1878Oct31187813181Aseltine, Jacob 2yWM
Erie Street1161   Oct3118556619Aseon, Casper 7mWM
Erie Street1151   Nov2718546258Ashburn, C 3yW 
Erie Street1301   Sep17187312038Ashenback,Child of Henry WM
Erie Street1154   Mar2318556374Ashley, J 28yWM
Erie Street1198   Feb2618608040Ashlin, Isaac 7dW 
Erie Street157   Mar1018492541Ashwel,Mrs J WF
Erie Street1127   Jul2018535311Ashwell, Comard 6mWM
Erie Street1165   Apr2218566777Ashwell, Elizabeth 76yWF
Erie Street1153   Jan218556297Ashworth, Sarah 69yWF
Erie Street1100   Jan1518524275Asly, Catherine 2yWF
Erie Street247   Aug20188815121Asmus, Anna B 5mWF
Erie Street240   Apr11188714855Asmus, Selma 2yWF
Erie Street265   May22189215854Aspinwall, Clarissa 71yWF
Erie Street1213   Feb218628659Asplin, Elizabeth 12dWF
Erie Street1198   Feb2618608040Asplin, Isaac 7dW 
Erie Street1276   Jun30187011071Asselstein, John 5mWM
Erie Street1243   Jan718669749Asseltine, James 2y M
Erie Street1264   Oct20186810585Asseltine, James 1m M
Erie Street1276   Jun30187011071Asseltine, John 5mWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2818524560Atkerson, Joseph 2mWM
Erie Street1106   Jun2018524491Atkesson, Mary 36yWF
Erie Street1159   Sep218556536Atkins, Wm 11mWM
Erie Street1125   Jun1018535239Atkinson,Child of Mr3yW 
Erie Street1264   Oct9186810576Atkinson, Celia 70yCF
Erie Street1105   May2418524450Atkinson, Martha E  WF
Erie Street1246   Jul1418669883Atkinson, Nellie 4m F
Erie Street1308   Sep9187412297Atwell, Eliza 59yWF
Erie Street243   Oct16188714951Atwell, Laura 63yWF
Erie Street1324   Dec5187612879Atwell, Mary 30yW 
Erie Street255   Jun12189015453Atwell, Samuel S 81yWM
Erie Street186   Oct118503704Atwood, A L 8mW 
Erie Street1239   Jun2618659599Atwood, Augusta 1y F
Erie Street295   Jul21189916998Atwood, Clarence 2mWM
Erie Street1130   Sep1218535459Atwoods, Warren 5mW 
Erie Street1271   Oct27186910883Augh,Child of Edward1m M
Erie Street193   Jul1718513986Augtin, Ann 6mWF
Erie Street1299   Aug3187311957August,Child of L H8m M
Erie Street260   May17189115649Augustat,SB WM
Erie Street270   Apr11189316034Augustat,SB WM
Erie Street255   Jun24189015457Augustat, John 1yWM
Erie Street1215   Apr1018628729Aulgerin, Elizabeth 14dWF
Erie Street1220   Dec2918628918Aulgrein, CaulSB  M
Erie Street1267   Feb27186910694Aulkins, Paul 25y M
Erie Street1327   Jan3187712901Aultman, Emma 3yWF
Erie Street23   Sep18187913351Aultmann, August 12dWM
Erie Street115   Aug81843868Aumack, Mary 60yWF
Erie Street132   Oct118461573Aumock, John 60yWM
Erie Street248   Oct13188815149Aumock, Wm M 71yWM
Erie Street17   Sep181841541Austin,SB Child of Richard W 
Erie Street152   Sep2618482367Austin,Mrs40yWF
Erie Street194   Aug718514040Austin,Mrs40yWM
Erie Street1230   Mar2718649215 DAustin, Alfred 20y M
Erie Street193   Jul1918513999Austin, D 2yW 
Erie Street149   Jun3018482247Austin, EMiss17yWF
Erie Street158   Apr2718492595Austin, EMiss22yWF
Erie Street1154   Feb2918556353Austin, G 30yW 
Erie Street1141   Jul818545871Austin, J F 11mW 
Erie Street193   Jul2518514009Austin, John 35yWM
Erie Street1323   Oct3187612848Austin, Peter 80yWM
Erie Street1253   Jul22186710167Auston,Child of Wm1m F
Erie Street222   Mar26188314121Ava,Child of Mary1yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug9186910815Ava, Chas 10m M
Erie Street240   Apr8188714854Ava, Eda 6yWF
Erie Street29   Jan7188113609Ava, Frank 1yWM
Erie Street240   Apr1188714850Ava, Martha 4yWF
Erie Street249   Jan22188915196Ave, Annie 3yWF
Erie Street230   Nov16188414454Ave, Charles 3yWM
Erie Street267   Nov6189215940Ave, FredSB WM
Erie Street2115   Jun19190517668Ave, Fredericka 84yWM
Erie Street235   Dec16188514630Ave, Louisa 8yWF
Erie Street267   Nov11189215941Ave, Minnie 35yWF
Erie Street2111   Jul3190317546Ave, William 14yWM
Erie Street161   Jul1518492705Avenson, Mary 30yWF
Erie Street1134   Dec2518535598Averill, Casper 2yW 
Erie Street1273   Feb17187010965Avery, Francis M 62yWF
Erie Street256   Jul15189015473Avery, John TJr39yWM
Erie Street283   May19189616558Avery, John T 85yWM
Erie Street1171   Dec718567022Avery, Lewis A 14dwM
Erie Street1303   Feb10187412121Avery, Mary M 68yWF
Erie Street270   May16189316047Avery, Sarah W 73yWF
Erie Street1294   Dec28187211769Awig,SB Child of Wm1yWM
Erie Street280   Sep14189516451Aystod,SB  F
Erie Street1138   Apr1418545769Baamski, Maria B 1yWF
Erie Street153   Nov1018482409Babbitt,Child of F F1yW 
Erie Street1171   Dec1018567028Babbitt, Alfred 3yWM
Erie Street1242   Dec118659724Babcock,Child of W D SB  F
Erie Street299   Jul11190017168Babkofski, Adolph 26yWM
Erie Street2100  1900Aug2190017185Babkofski, Auguste 53yWF
Erie Street2100  1900Oct27190017211Babkofski, Michael 62yWM
Erie Street2120   Mar24190917738Babkowski, Carolina 40yWF
Erie Street266   Jun28189215873Babkowski, Karl 1yWM
Erie Street145   Dec718472075Babock,Child of Mr4dW 
Erie Street179   Jul1318503453Bach, Wm 35yWM
Erie Street23   Oct30187913368Bacher,Child of Wilhelm3mWF
Erie Street1220   Jan2618638934Bacher, Rosanna 4y F
Erie Street1319   Jan30187612672Bachtel, Eliza 59yWF
Erie Street223   Jun27188314165Bachus, Willie 8yWM
Erie Street1283   May28187111339Backer, Elizabeth 6mWF
Erie Street1320   May4187612725Backer, Jacob 80yWM
Erie Street281   Oct30189516468Backer, Lawrence 8yWM
Erie Street216   Apr23188213902Backus,Child of Mr1mWM
Erie Street2108  1902Jun26190217465Backus, Anna F 10mWF
Erie Street150   Jul2218482273Bacroft,Child of B8mW 
Erie Street193   Jul2118514002Bacumber, Ann 3mW 
Erie Street1100   Jan218524257Bada, T 15mWM
Erie Street1150   Nov518546242Badge, Frederick W 14yWM
Erie Street1236   Dec718649465Badger, James 3y M
Erie Street1334  1878Nov20187813190Baecker, Maria 6yWF
Erie Street1321   Jun15187612747Baeker, George 1mWM
Erie Street1314   Jul4187512495Baettler, Albert 5mWM
Erie Street22   Jul24187913325Bagley, Oliver 1yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb1718524327Bagort, John C 1yWM
Erie Street192   Jul518513964Bahd, Catherine 4mWF
Erie Street190   Apr918513874Bahin,Child of R W 
Erie Street274   Feb12189416189Bahr, Amandus 67yWM
Erie Street297   Jan18190017064Bahr, Johanna 78yWF
Erie Street27   Jul6188013515Bahr, Sarah 9mWF
Erie Street212   Jul13188113730Bahrtels,Child of Fred9mWM
Erie Street235   Dec19188514632Bahrtels, John 7dWM
Erie Street1254   Aug9186710189Baier,SB Child of J F   
Erie Street1211   Oct1218618567Baildinger, Theo  WM
Erie Street134   Nov2718461625Bailey,Mrs Robert32yWF
Erie Street1124   May2518535217Bailey,Mr44yWM
Erie Street1131   Sep2518535489Bailey,SB Child of Daniel W 
Erie Street1159   Sep1518556560Bailey,Child of Mrs1yWM
Erie Street1217   Aug2918628827Bailey,Child of Fred6d F
Erie Street1229   Mar1618649199 DBailey,Child of Fred7m F
Erie Street1232   Jun2718649303Bailey,Child of Fred1y F
Erie Street265   May19189215852Bailey, 1hWM
Erie Street279   Jul3189516405Bailey, EMrs77yWF
Erie Street217   Jul8188213937Bailey, Gaylord S 24yWM
Erie Street233   Jul22188514564Bailey, Harry Issaac 1yWM
Erie Street1271   Oct6186910869Bailey, Hellen M 32y F
Erie Street1174   Feb2418577109Bailey, Ida 10mWF
Erie Street2119   Apr30190817729Bailey, Joseph C 87yWM
Erie Street2113   May18190417614Bailey, Lucy Case 85yWF
Erie Street242   Aug7188714917Bailey, Mabel L 1yWF
Erie Street2117   Aug30190617708Bailey, Martin Luther 54yWM
Erie Street121   Sep1018441120Bailey, Mortimer D 1yWM
Erie Street253   Feb13189015385Bailey, Robert 79yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct818524893Bailey, Silas 38yWM
Erie Street151   Sep318482334Baily,Child of S W1yW 
Erie Street284   Sep5189616609Baily, J H 61yWM
Erie Street142   Sep818471957Bain,Child of Jacob6mW 
Erie Street2140   May24194417908Bain, Anna 81yWF
Erie Street1187   Aug2018587630Bain, Chas 2yWM
Erie Street2140   Feb7194617915Bain, Oscar 85yWM
Erie Street143   Oct618472009Bain, Wm 20mWM
Erie Street1294   Dec26187211766Bair, Jacob 33yWM
Erie Street148   Apr2718482185Baird,Mrs69yWF
Erie Street113   May311843820Baird, John 84yWM
Erie Street1210   Sep1118618534Baisch,Child of F WM
Erie Street1253   Jul8186710157Baisch, Mary E 25y F
Erie Street1186   Jul2518587596Baish, Louis A 6mWM
Erie Street1274   Mar17187010992Baister,Mrs81yWF
Erie Street168   Sep218492982Bake, Michael 35yWM
Erie Street114   Jul241843848Baker,Child of John5mW 
Erie Street115   Aug161843875Baker,Child of James10mW 
Erie Street122   Dec118441171Baker,Child of James10mW 
Erie Street124   Jun918451236Baker,Child of Casper1mW 
Erie Street133   Oct1618461595Baker,Child of John9mW 
Erie Street150   Jul1318482265Baker,Child of F2mW 
Erie Street1108   Aug618524599Baker,Child of John W 
Erie Street1140   May2318545822Baker,SB Child of Geo W 
Erie Street1160   Oct718556597Baker,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1171   Nov1318567005Baker,SB Child of John WF
Erie Street1193   Jul2618597868Baker,Child of Christe3dWF
Erie Street1199   Apr2118608074Baker,SB Child of Chas WM
Erie Street1217   Jul2918628794Baker,Child of Margaret1y  
Erie Street1218   Sep1618628837Baker,Child of Wm D2y F
Erie Street1245   May918669846Baker,Child of John11d M
Erie Street1266   Jan13186910660Baker,Child of J F7m  
Erie Street1269   Aug2186910805Baker,Child of Mary1y  
Erie Street1273   Feb22187010969Baker,Child of Henry WM
Erie Street1290   Jul12187211620Baker,Child of Geo W1mWM
Erie Street1301   Sep20187312044Baker,Child of Hattie A4yWF
Erie Street1306   Jul16187412227Baker,Child of Sarah6dWM
Erie Street228   Jun7188414365Baker,SB W 
Erie Street293   Feb2189916911Baker, Adrian N 22yWM
Erie Street2107   Apr9190217447Baker, Ann E 80yWF
Erie Street2107  1902Apr9190217447Baker, Anne E 80yWF
Erie Street1162   Dec1618556658Baker, B W 3m  
Erie Street1265   Nov21186810618Baker, Barbara 71y F
Erie Street150   Jul2218482272Baker, Catherine 3mWF
Erie Street293   Jan5189916899Baker, Dale C 5mWM
Erie Street254   Mar26189015415Baker, Elizabeth V 90yWF
Erie Street270   Apr23189316040Baker, Frederick Floyd 6mWM
Erie Street1164   Mar3018566751Baker, Geo 6mWM
Erie Street1151   Dec2618546286Baker, Helen J 2yWF
Erie Street173   Jan2518503203Baker, Henry 9yWM
Erie Street1279   Oct29187011190Baker, Henry 18yWM
Erie Street2111   Jun4190317540Baker, Henry 50yWM
Erie Street1172   Dec2618567041Baker, James 47yWM
Erie Street1185   Apr2318587530Baker, James 71yWM
Erie Street12   Aug81840346Baker, John 26yWM
Erie Street112   Nov71842746Baker, John 18yWM
Erie Street137   Jun418471768Baker, John 6mWM
Erie Street193   Jul1718513987Baker, Louisa 14mWF
Erie Street1184   Apr518587508Baker, Louisa 33yWF
Erie Street1292   Aug20187211689Baker, MA 60yWF
Erie Street295   Aug15189917007Baker, Marion 85yWF
Erie Street1181   Oct2718577383Baker, Mary 73yWF
Erie Street29   Jan19188113620Baker, Mary F 3yWF
Erie Street28   Sep3188013555Baker, May 4mWF
Erie Street111   Oct61842735Baker, Rosan 27yWF
Erie Street283   Apr21189616545Baker, S L 83yWM
Erie Street2121   Jun4191017751Baker, Samuel R 62yWM
Erie Street162   Aug218492774Baker, Sarah A 27yWF
Erie Street120   Jul3018441079Baker, Sophia 56yWF
Erie Street1148   Sep1618546162Baker, Susan 11mWF
Erie Street252   Oct1188915310Baker, Walter G 4yWM
Erie Street1125   Jun1818535252Baker, Willis 31yWF
Erie Street1125   Jun1418535246Bald, Julia 6mCF
Erie Street1211   Oct218618559Baldinger,Child of Theo2yWM
Erie Street1211   Oct1218618567Baldinger, Theo  WM
Erie Street1163   Jan2318566693Baldwin,SB Child of Mrs WM
Erie Street1222   Apr618638992Baldwin,Child 1 of D C   
Erie Street1222   Apr618638992Baldwin,Child 2 of D C   
Erie Street1112   Sep918524760Baldwin, Amelia 1yWF
Erie Street245   Mar11188815036Baldwin, C A 27yWM
Erie Street1204   Jan2918618299Baldwin, Carrie 10yWF
Erie Street268   Jan14189315977Baldwin, Cecil M 8yWF
Erie Street117   Dec211843969Baldwin, Edward 45yWM
Erie Street2107  1902Apr12190217449Baldwin, Florencina 8mWF
Erie Street1223   Jun518639040Baldwin, Geo 9y M
Erie Street134   Dec2818461648Baldwin, Hiram M 62yWM
Erie Street21   Apr1187913267Baldwin, Mercy P 78yWF
Erie Street1306   Jul31187412249Baldwin, Wm W 8dWM
Erie Street1266   Jan17186910664Baldy, Frank 48y M
Erie Street116   Sep291843931Ball,Child of G10mW 
Erie Street1131   Oct318535501Ball,Mrs3yWF
Erie Street1188   Aug2318587635Ball,Child of Wm13mWM
Erie Street194   Jul3018514020Ball, Caroline A 5mWF
Erie Street1216   Jul1318628779Ball, Edward 35y M
Erie Street1207   Apr2418618408Ball, Hariett 54yWF
Erie Street122   Dec2618441178Ball, James 23yWM
Erie Street130   Jul1118461487Ball, James 52yWM
Erie Street1220   Dec2718628916Ball, Wm 33y M
Erie Street259   Feb24189115599Ballantine, Wm H 58yWM
Erie Street1124   May1718535203Ballard, Mary E 22yWF
Erie Street288   Dec2189716750Ballentine, Mona 6yWF
Erie Street1287   Feb12187211500Baller,SB Child of William WM
Erie Street223   May11188314149Ballhardt, 1dWM
Erie Street223   May17188314150Ballhartz, Carrie 28yWF
Erie Street238   Nov5188614765Balmer, Edward 50yWM
Erie Street1193   Jun718597838Balos, Fred 2dWF
Erie Street1252   Mar29186710099Balsack,Child of Antone14d F
Erie Street1291   Aug5187211665Baltzers,Child of A8mW 
Erie Street283   Jun29189616573Bamage,SB WM
Erie Street1285   Sep4187111416Banch, John 46yWM
Erie Street1174   Feb1718577100Bander,SB Child of L WM
Erie Street1133   Dec1418535576Bander, Catherine 80yWF
Erie Street131   Aug918461516Bander, Edwin J 13mWM
Erie Street215   Feb1188213846Bander, Levi 69yWM
Erie Street268   Dec28189215969Bandtel, George 34yWM
Erie Street249   Mar24188915220Bandtel, Julia A 66yWF
Erie Street26   Apr17188013484Bandtell, Harvey J 3yWM
Erie Street1104   Apr3018524412Baner, Christian 20yWM
Erie Street1220   Dec2918628917Banister, Thomas W 80y M
Erie Street180   Jul1818503470Bank,SB Child W 
Erie Street187   Nov1318503745Bank,Child of Mrs1dW 
Erie Street127   Nov2318451366Banks,Child of John W 
Erie Street191   May1318513919Banks,Mrs T55yC 
Erie Street195   Sep518514093Banks,Mrs39yWF
Erie Street280   Sep18189516454Banks,Child of Edward1mWM
Erie Street279   May8189516385Banks, Arbella 29yCF
Erie Street258   Dec24189015563Banks, Cora May 12yCF
Erie Street163   Aug918492802Banks, John 39yWM
Erie Street277   Jan20189516338Banks, Mary Jane 42yCF
Erie Street1286   Dec13187111462Bannel, L M 9mWM
Erie Street1180   Sep2418577349Banning, Ellen 22yWF
Erie Street1178   Aug118577274Banten, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep118659662Banter,Child of B9m F
Erie Street1137   Mar2018545732Banton,Child of Mr3mW 
Erie Street157   Mar1118492540Banton, James 22mWM
Erie Street2124   Feb 191317796Banton, James I 61yWM
Erie Street286   Apr18189716678Banton, Mary A 73yWF
Erie Street260   May1189115643Banton, Thomas 74yWM
Erie Street1214   Feb2618628684Banton, Willie W 4yWM
Erie Street266   Jul6189215876Bapkowski, Anna A 2yWF
Erie Street266   Jul5189215874Bapkowski, Ernestine 21yWF
Erie Street171   Nov518493115Barbeny, Ann 6yWF
Erie Street123   Apr2018451214Barber,Child of Abner10mW 
Erie Street1149   Oct1618546212Barber,SB Child of Augustus W 
Erie Street1188   Sep918587657Barber, Geo G 5mWM
Erie Street197   Nov1718514172Barber, H M 29yW 
Erie Street19   Jun291842658Barber, James  WM
Erie Street1256   Dec3186710291Barber, Louisa 40y F
Erie Street1265   Nov15186810613Barber, N L 23y M
Erie Street1285   Nov14187111450Barber, Sarah N 22yWF
Erie Street1200   May3118608113Barbor, Cornelia 8yWF
Erie Street1262   Aug7186810516Barcho,Child of John14d M
Erie Street178   Jun2918503415Barden, Wm 16yWM
Erie Street159   Jun118492634Barehold, Caroline 37yWF
Erie Street216   Mar10188213877Barges, Anna F 3mWF
Erie Street1116   Oct1518524923Bargholy, John 9mWM
Erie Street159   Jun1418492648Barhold, C AMiss7yWF
Erie Street241   Jul2188714891Barhydt, 4dWM
Erie Street255   May8189015431Barhydt, 7dWF
Erie Street154   Nov3018482433Barickdole,Child of A W 
Erie Street1107   Jul2018524534Baring, Sarah 10mWF
Erie Street160   Jun2918492673Barker,SB Child of J   
Erie Street160   Jun2918492673Barker,SB Child of J   
Erie Street198   Nov2118514184Barker, 10yW 
Erie Street1109   Aug1018524623Barker,Mrs C23yWF
Erie Street213   Sep8188113772Barker, Benj 76yWM
Erie Street298   Mar29190017098Barker, Elizabeth V 90yWF
Erie Street1279   Nov20187011199Barker, Ernest B 17yWM
Erie Street1285   Oct30187111437Barker, Fredks 5yWM
Erie Street154   Dec1218482446Barker, J H 25yWM
Erie Street1176   Apr2218577178Barker, Maria 10yWF
Erie Street1288   Apr3187211531Barkla,Child of Wm6mWM
Erie Street1120   Jan1418535036Barkwell,Mr73yWM
Erie Street1174   Mar118577112Barkwell, Geo 3yWM
Erie Street1162   Dec1118556656Barkwells, C 11m F
Erie Street1304   Mar22187412150Barlow,Child of Louisa8dWM
Erie Street1179   Aug2418577304Barlow, Catherine  WF
Erie Street1231   May2118649279Barlow, Rosella L 40y F
Erie Street274   Apr16189416215Barlscaet,SB WF
Erie Street117   Jan151844974Barn,Child of M4yW 
Erie Street177   Jun918503363Barn,Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street1133   Dec1418535580Barn,SB Child of George W 
Erie Street1203   Oct2818608232Barn,Child of John1d M
Erie Street1246   Jun2618669865Barnard, Anna A 1m F
Erie Street161   Jul1418492701Barnden, Patrick 2mWM
Erie Street123   Feb218451191Barne,Child of Maurice W 
Erie Street1197   Feb1818608032Barner,Child of G W5mWM
Erie Street1201   Aug418608154Barner, Catherine 2yWF
Erie Street1147   Sep218546119Barner, E H 5yW 
Erie Street199   Dec2818514249Barner, Maria 19mWF
Erie Street113   May221843817Barnes,Child of M19mW 
Erie Street1278   Aug19187011132Barnes,Child of John H1yWM
Erie Street240   Apr15188714858Barnes, Alexander 41yCM
Erie Street17   Oct131841555Barnes, Edward 56yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1718503572Barnes, Elven W 9mWM
Erie Street21   Jun8187913294Barnes, Harriett 70yWF
Erie Street123   Apr1318451213Barnes, Mary Ann 3yWF
Erie Street1151   Dec1918546277Barnes, Maurice 48yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb1718524318Barnes, Sidney 21yW 
Erie Street159   Jun1618492649Barnes, Wm 40yWM
Erie Street148   May2118482206Barnett,Child of J1yW 
Erie Street180   Jul2418503483Barnett, Geogre M 1yWM
Erie Street1225   Sep2918639144Barnett, James 63y M
Erie Street212   Jul3188113716Barnett, Malanctio 92yWM
Erie Street11   Apr231840302Barnett, Mary 46yWF
Erie Street1110   Aug2318524677Barnetts, H 3mW 
Erie Street113   Apr221843806Barney,Child of D W2yW 
Erie Street114   Jun291843833Barney,SB Child of D N W 
Erie Street1101   Feb418524299Barney,Child of P2mWF
Erie Street115   Aug61843863Barney, Cynthia M 36yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2118503588Barney, John 23yWM
Erie Street1151   Dec2218546280Barnhart, Barbary 10mWF
Erie Street279   Jul22189516418Barnitzki, Albert 2mWM
Erie Street279   Jul11189516412Barnitzki, Alma 1mWF
Erie Street233   Aug14188514584Barnitzki, Pauline 1yWF
Erie Street1281   Feb6187111251Barns,Child of Wm WF
Erie Street180   Jul2118503478Barns, Effa L 9mWF
Erie Street29   Dec27188013602Barns, Francis 3mWF
Erie Street169   Sep1418493021Barns, M 17yW 
Erie Street168   Sep1118493014Barns, Ralph 22yWM
Erie Street1287   Jan23187211487Barns, Sarah C 41yWF
Erie Street1175   Apr1218577163Barnsnager, Catherine M 6mWF
Erie Street137   May1418471750Barnum, 3yW 
Erie Street1220   Dec2418628912Barnum, Eliza 79y F
Erie Street265   May4189215836Barnum, Lucy F 40yWF
Erie Street1115   Sep2818524858Barold, Dora 13y M
Erie Street273   Nov12189316147Barr, Delia M 75yWF
Erie Street1311   Jan29187512385Barr, John 70yWM
Erie Street2140   Feb9194217900Barr, Nellie 83yWF
Erie Street1317   Dec15187512641Barraws, Mary 82yWF
Erie Street1278   Aug19187011132Barres,Child of John H1yWM
Erie Street114   Jul111843839Barret,Child of Cyrus W 
Erie Street1173   Feb618577083Barret, Margaret  WF
Erie Street1175   Apr718577158Barrett, Margaret 8yWF
Erie Street1246   Jun218669854Barries, G W   M
Erie Street11   Jun71840313Barron,SB Child of David W 
Erie Street251   Sep1188915297Barrow, Caroline 49yWF
Erie Street1208   Jun2318618463Barrow, Geo 40yWM
Erie Street188   Jan1918513793Barrow, James 3yWM
Erie Street111   Sep171842727Barrow, Josep 13yWM
Erie Street1166   May818566796Barrow, Mary 9yWF
Erie Street1208   Jun1318618452Barrow, RCapt61yWM
Erie Street193   Jul2618514013Barrows, Hannibal 18mWM
Erie Street193   Jul2418514008Barrows, Mary 22yWF
Erie Street163   Aug818492818Barry, Hannah 29yWF
Erie Street163   Aug718492816Barry, John 33yWM
Erie Street164   Aug1018492832Barry, Mary 60yWF
Erie Street1115   Oct318524877Barside, Philomene 17yWF
Erie Street138   Jun1918471783Barston, H N  W 
Erie Street286   May11189716687Barstow, John A 58yWM
Erie Street1315   Jul29187512526Bart,SB Child of C O WM
Erie Street210   Feb27188113650Bart, Erney H 2mWM
Erie Street1160   Oct2318556612Bartaholmew, ACapt40yWM
Erie Street1293   Nov20187211747Bartel,Child of Chas3mWF
Erie Street1150   Oct1718546213Barter, Albert 14mWF
Erie Street1267   Mar20186910709Barth,Child of John2m F
Erie Street1277   Jul21187011095Barth,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1295   Jan26187311798Barth,Child of John10mWF
Erie Street27   Aug13188013544Barth, Carrie F 1yWF
Erie Street1267   Apr6186910723Barth, Eliza 1y F
Erie Street1288   Mar24187211526Barth, John 34yWM
Erie Street2123   Apr25191217790Barth, Katherine 79yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug918524613Barthelamew,Child of B W 
Erie Street1149   Sep2018546175Bartheld, Sophia EC 7mWF
Erie Street156   Feb2118492518Bartholemew,Mrs E WF
Erie Street190   Apr1218513880Bartholemew, John 40yWM
Erie Street1165   Apr418566759Bartholemew, Minerva 29yWF
Erie Street148   May518482196Bartholemew, Wm 6mW 
Erie Street148   May2618482214Barthollomew,Child of A5yW 
Erie Street163   Aug718492810Bartholmew, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street240   Mar30188714849Bartholomew, Eli 85yWM
Erie Street1140   Jun118545833Bartholomew, Franklin R 16mWM
Erie Street1330  1877Nov2187713036Bartholomew, Hannah 55yWF
Erie Street1175   Apr1218577166Bartlett,SB Child of Mr WF
Erie Street264   Apr10189215822Bartlett, Cassius 33yCM
Erie Street159   May2618492625Bartlett, G H 25yW 
Erie Street1228   Jan1018649142 DBartlett, J B 69y  
Erie Street267   Aug29189215914Bartlett, Lucretia A 70yWF
Erie Street237   Aug7188614728Bartlett, Lydia B 88yWF
Erie Street250   Jun24188915262Bartlett, Minnie C 4dWF
Erie Street2110   Apr11190317524Bartlett, Nicholas 81yWM
Erie Street1287   Jan30187211491Bartlett, Parthena 56yCF
Erie Street1307   Aug28187412280Bartloff, Myra 11mWF
Erie Street2105  1901Aug29190117383Barto, Susan 2mWF
Erie Street1240   Jul3018659627Barton,Child of John SB  F
Erie Street1303   Jan24187412107Barton, Elizabeth 18yWF
Erie Street279   May27189516391Barton, George W 35yWM
Erie Street278   Apr29189516380Barton, James 65yWM
Erie Street249   Feb28188915214Barton, Lydia R 33yWF
Erie Street269   Feb17189315995Barton, Mary E 67yWF
Erie Street125   Jul1118451267Barton, Samuel H 21yWM
Erie Street244   Dec27188714999Bartram, Wheeler 80yWM
Erie Street255   Jul3189015461Bartsche, Gottlieb 34yWM
Erie Street289   Apr29189816797Bartz, Albert 14yWM
Erie Street240   Apr 188714864Bartz, Alline Hemitt 5mWF
Erie Street271   Jul17189316076Bartz, Bernhardt 1yWM
Erie Street237   Sep5188614736Bartz, Johanna 9mWF
Erie Street1177   Jun1418577243Barxlen, SamuelSB WM
Erie Street210   Jan28188113626Bascom, Carrie E 31yWF
Erie Street210   Feb13188113637Basden, Henry 43yWM
Erie Street284   Oct7189616616Baske, Margaret 3yWF
Erie Street1170   Oct1018566971Bassehs,SB Child of Adam WF
Erie Street164   Aug918492823Basselt, John 24yWM
Erie Street1116   Nov1118524908Basset, F 20yWM
Erie Street1178   Jul2218577267Bassett, Edwin 4mWM
Erie Street181   Aug518503524Bassett, Mary 31yWF
Erie Street275   Jun23189416246Bastian, Godfried 53yWM
Erie Street240   Apr21188714861Bastian, MarySB WF
Erie Street1198   Mar2418608051Bastin,Child of Dora1mW 
Erie Street1117   Oct2418524948Batauck, Elizabeth 10mWF
Erie Street184   Sep318503640Batchelden, J H 45yWM
Erie Street2131   Apr12192017846Batchelder, Daniel 76yWM
Erie Street279   Jul5189516407Batchelder, L PMrs84yWF
Erie Street1224   Aug218639081Batcheldy,Child of C W4m M
Erie Street1236   Dec2618649490Batchelor, Charles 4m M
Erie Street18   Mar11842614Batchelor, Sarah J 2yWF
Erie Street1159   Sep218556537Bater, Mary 9mWF
Erie Street1219   Nov818628877Bates,Child of Henry5m M
Erie Street1228   Jan2718649154 DBates,Child of Henry4d  
Erie Street1264   Nov3186810600Bates,SB Twin 1 of E F  M
Erie Street1264   Nov3186810600Bates,SB Twin 2 of E F  F
Erie Street256   Aug26189015501Bates, Edwin D 11mWM
Erie Street27   Jul22188013530Bates, George 3mWM
Erie Street218   Jul31188213955Bates, George F 1yWM
Erie Street1170   Oct1918566981Bates, Ida M 2yWM
Erie Street193   Jul1818513989Bates, James W 56yWM
Erie Street1185   May2518587555Bates, Josiah 33yWM
Erie Street2102  1901Jan26190117262Bates, Sarah 70yWF
Erie Street275   Jun28189416250Bates, Thomas 63yWM
Erie Street1193   Jul2218597863Bates, Victoria 18m F
Erie Street1146   Aug2718546089Bates, Walter 3mWM
Erie Street1163   Jan518566678Bates, Walter 5mWM
Erie Street1208   Jun218618446Batie, W D  WM
Erie Street1297   Apr15187311861Batten, Charlott 67y F
Erie Street123   Jan718451183Batten, Wm 45yWM
Erie Street1276   Jul10187011088Batzlett,Child of M8mWM
Erie Street1277   Jul16187011091Batzlett,Child of Christ A4yWM
Erie Street1319   Feb15187612681Bauder, C L 64yWM
Erie Street216   Apr24188213904Bauder, Eliza 68yWF
Erie Street1298   Jun13187511903Bauder, Hannah N 57y M
Erie Street282   Feb9189616518Bauder, Hattie M 48yWF
Erie Street1335  1879Feb27187913237Bauder, Mary A 64yWF
Erie Street1122   Mar1818535119Bauder, Melvina 15mW 
Erie Street240   Apr17188714859Bauder, Michael L 78yWM
Erie Street1306   Jul5187412214Bauld, W B 1dWM
Erie Street189   Feb2018513825Baum, Christian 35yWM
Erie Street1314   Jun29187512490Bauman, Frank 8mWM
Erie Street1192   Apr1318597819Bauman, John 1yWM
Erie Street1319   Feb17187612683Baumgardner,Child of A1mWF
Erie Street154   Nov3018482435Baun,Child of Henry J2m  
Erie Street218   Aug15188213970Baur,Child of John3mWM
Erie Street194   Aug918514044Baxee, Charles 9mWM
Erie Street212   Jul13188113728Baxter,Child of Geo3mWM
Erie Street261   Aug22189115697Baxter, Elsie 10mWF
Erie Street216   Apr8188213890Baxter, Florance 6yWF
Erie Street121   Sep2418441132Baxter, Rachael 34yWF
Erie Street2107  1902Jan11190217418Bayes, Mary Ann 37yWF
Erie Street261   Aug17189115693Bayne, Arthur 6mWM
Erie Street1183   Jan1718587443Bayne, Clark J 19mWM
Erie Street1151   Dec1118546268Bayne, Lanchian 6yW 
Erie Street1273   Feb17187010966Beach,Child of Fredrick1mWM
Erie Street1292   Sep6187211709Beach,Child of Blanch3yCF
Erie Street1237   Jan2018659513Beach, Eliza H 35y F
Erie Street1154   Feb1918556339Beaches,Child of O M14mWM
Erie Street156   Feb918492508Beadel, L AMiss22yCF
Erie Street224   Aug8188314202Beager, Martha 1yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2918524567Beahr, Peter 1mWM
Erie Street153   Oct2318482394Beal,Mr22yWM
Erie Street170   Sep3018493060Beal,Child of Margart18mW 
Erie Street1244   Feb618669777Beal, Nancy 76y F
Erie Street1119   Dec2418525020Beal, P 28yW 
Erie Street1334  1878Nov10187813186Beals,SB WF
Erie Street1330  1877Nov10187713038Beal's,SB WM
Erie Street279   Aug2189516423Beaman, 4mWM
Erie Street1144   Aug418545991Beams, Louisa 4yWF
Erie Street247   Jul19188815106Bean, 14dWM
Erie Street1193   Jul2218597862Beandroe, Mary 7m F
Erie Street1154   Feb2818556351Bear, Henry 3yWM
Erie Street184   Aug3118503632Bear, John 40yWM
Erie Street129   Apr1618461433Beardsley, Coseandra 49yWF
Erie Street1278   Sep2187011148Beardsley, D H 81yWM
Erie Street24   Dec19187913393Beardsley, John H 40yWM
Erie Street234   Nov4188514613Beardsworth, Jennie 29yWF
Erie Street1128   Aug418535347Beardworth, Mary Jane 4yWF
Erie Street1271   Oct20186910876Bears, Isaac 3y M
Erie Street2103  1901May18190117318Bearstedt, August 78yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2418535410Bearsworth, William 6mWM
Erie Street1213   Jan818628634Beatie, Eliza 36yWF
Erie Street1251   Feb23186710080Beatie, Henry T   M
Erie Street1220   Jan1218638920Beatie, Wm E 17y M
Erie Street1138   Mar2118545734Beattie, Elizabeth 17yWF
Erie Street146   Feb1618482118Beattie, Malvina 14yWF
Erie Street1217   Aug1718628823Beattie, Nellie C 18y F
Erie Street1181   Nov1018577392Beattie, Sarah J 49yWF
Erie Street272   Sep16189316117Beattie, Sarah S 50yWF
Erie Street290   Jul5189816830Beaugeard, 2mWF
Erie Street112   Dec61842756Beaumont, Charles 11yWM
Erie Street256   Aug4189015486Beauregard, Pauline 21dWM
Erie Street1327   Jan31187712916Bechtel, Fred 51yWM
Erie Street1198   Apr618608062Beck,Child of Daniel14d  
Erie Street1200   Jul2018608139Beck,Child of John19m  
Erie Street1267   Apr4186910721Beck,SB Child of J  M
Erie Street294   Mar28189916943Beck, Clifford 6mWM
Erie Street1295   Jan5187311777Beck, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street1303   Feb1187412112Beck, Henry 69yWM
Erie Street1164   Feb2818566721Beck, John G 6dWM
Erie Street1305   May14187412177Beck, John G F 37yWM
Erie Street215   Jan27188213843Beck, Mary 70yWF
Erie Street2119   Apr1190817727Beck, TheresaMrs73yWF
Erie Street1249   Nov718669982Beckenbaugh, J 4y M
Erie Street1250   Dec9186610013Becker,Child of Adam2m M
Erie Street1262   Aug27186810528Becker,Child of Fred  F
Erie Street1287   Jan3187211475Becker,SB Child of Mrs G WM
Erie Street1288   Mar14187211523Becker,Child of Geo1mWM
Erie Street1309   Dec25187412361Becker,SB Child of B WM
Erie Street1311   Jan29187512384Becker,SB Child of Carrie WF
Erie Street219   Sep9188213990Becker,Child of Anna10mWF
Erie Street255   Jun9189015451Becker, 2dWF
Erie Street2118   Sep19190717721Becker, Anna Elizabeth 34yWF
Erie Street1242   Nov2718659723Becker, Catherine 1y F
Erie Street1262   Jul26186810498Becker, Catherine 75y F
Erie Street1212   Dec118618593Becker, Elizabeth 2yWF
Erie Street21   Apr6187913269Becker, George H 78yWM
Erie Street231   Dec31188414481Becker, Lizzie 2mWF
Erie Street2112   Nov19190317578Becker, Maria Catharine 65yWF
Erie Street236   Mar20188614666Becker, Mary 2hWF
Erie Street1306   Aug3187412253Becker, Mary A J 1yWF
Erie Street218   Aug6188213962Becker, Mary E 10mWF
Erie Street1322   Jul18187612775Becker, Mary K 7mWF
Erie Street1303   Feb15187412125Becker, MK 1mWF
Erie Street1187   Aug1818587625Becker, Wm 3mWM
Erie Street1320   Mar1187612693Becker, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street235   Jan26188514647Beckley, Emanuel S 60yWM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb6187913225Becks,Child of F15dWM
Erie Street1173   Jan1018577054Beckwith, Cora 3mWF
Erie Street146   Mar318482134Beckworth,Mrs36yWF
Erie Street1183   Feb2518587476Beckworth, James C 4yWM
Erie Street220   Dec16188214042Bedford,SB Child of J W WF
Erie Street2104  1901Jun28190117338Bedford, Elizabeth L 11yCF
Erie Street236   Apr2188614674Bedford, Geo 47yWM
Erie Street230   Nov13188414453Bedford, Helen 3yWF
Erie Street272   Sep11189316115Bedford, I W 42yCM
Erie Street243   Nov27188714981Bedford, Ina Mary 2yCF
Erie Street243   Dec1188714985Bedford, Levi H 13yCM
Erie Street259   Mar22189115611Bedford, Mary 89yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep1918659677Bedford, S 9d F
Erie Street1334  1878Dec19187813206Bedford, Wm 40yWM
Erie Street1148   Sep1118546150Bedrus, Catherine 5m F
Erie Street218   Aug15188213972Beduhm,Child of Albert1yWM
Erie Street196   Sep1218514100Beebe,SB Child of George C W 
Erie Street1250   Dec17186610025Beebe, M 28y F
Erie Street19   Jun301842660Beebee,Child of W3yW 
Erie Street1223   Jul1618639067Beek,Child of Daniel4m F
Erie Street124   Jun318451235Beeker,Child of Peter2yW 
Erie Street1322   Aug2187612795Beeker, John 4yWM
Erie Street121   Aug2918441111Beeks, Henry 11mW 
Erie Street231   Jan7188514486Beeler, Eli 2yWM
Erie Street231   Feb28188514504Beeler, Jennie 3mWF
Erie Street1179   Sep418577325Beemer,Child of John13dWM
Erie Street1167   Jul3118566865Been, John G 3yWM
Erie Street253   Dec31188915357Beer,SB WF
Erie Street110   Jul41842668Beers, Fanny 7yWF
Erie Street258   Jan11189115573Beers, Louisa W 58yWF
Erie Street147   Jan118482161Beersnick,Mrs H39yWF
Erie Street1263   Oct4186810569Beetel, Maryand Child28y F
Erie Street1128   Aug418535349Begerly, John Adam 7mWM
Erie Street1150   Oct1818546216Begtel, Frederick 11dW 
Erie Street1273   Jan15187010943Behlke, Martha 2yWF
Erie Street214   Dec5188113819Behnka, Lewis 1yWM
Erie Street1291   Jul21187211638Behnke, Fred 10mWM
Erie Street1257   Jan9186810325Behren,Child of L 1m M
Erie Street1327   Feb16187712921Behrens, Emma 14dWF
Erie Street1258   Feb4186810356Behrent,Child of C  F
Erie Street1301   Sep13187312031Beidelbacher, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug718587609Beigler, John 50yWM
Erie Street139   Jul1618471833Beikert, John 50yWM
Erie Street1254   Jul27186710176Beima,Child of Mrs W5m  
Erie Street186   Oct2318503732Beinbauer, Maria E 22yWF
Erie Street245   Apr22188815062Beirer, Ernst E 39yWM
Erie Street227   Mar24188414325Bekley, Artie 1yWM
Erie Street2107  1902Jan3190217416Belan, Lucey 13yWF
Erie Street1211   Nov1118618583Belden, Benj  WM
Erie Street181   Aug1018503537Belden, Charles M 5yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1718587624Belden, CliffordCapt72yWM
Erie Street250   Jun5188915250Belden, Cornelia E 81yWF
Erie Street280   Aug28189516441Belden, Emily 70yWF
Erie Street244   Jan18188815015Belden, Harrison 65yWM
Erie Street1133   Dec1618535583Belden, Martha 8mWF
Erie Street165   Aug1818492877Belden, Martha H 18mWF
Erie Street1126   Jul518535282Belden, Mary 3mWF
Erie Street119   Apr3018441029Belden, Sarah 79yWF
Erie Street1292   Aug12187211676Belden, Silas 77yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb1118524309Beldon, Elizabeth 3mWF
Erie Street187   Dec1818503768Beldon, Samuel 6m M
Erie Street135   Jan2718471679Belery, AustinSB W 
Erie Street1172   Dec2518567039Belistien, H 2yWM
Erie Street128   Jan418461381Bell,Child of A L W 
Erie Street1173   Feb118577079Bell, 8yc 
Erie Street1185   Apr1818587521Bell,Mrs Joseph45yCF
Erie Street1269   Jul30186910801Bell,Child of John14dCF
Erie Street298   Apr12190017116Bell, Carie E 54yCF
Erie Street1116   Oct718524889Bell, Catherine 70yWF
Erie Street1186   May3118587558Bell, Chas E 17mWM
Erie Street176   Apr1818503301Bell, Elias 20yWM
Erie Street1215   Apr1418628732Bell, Florence 1yWF
Erie Street28   Oct9188013570Bell, Frank 4mWM
Erie Street1234   Sep618649390Bell, Geo 35y M
Erie Street259   Mar11189115603Bell, Jas J 45yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Oct16187813176Bell, John 37yCM
Erie Street1167   Jul2218566855Bell, John F 13mCM
Erie Street136   Apr1318471729Bell, JosephJr7yCM
Erie Street1291   Jul24187211646Bell, Joseph 63yCM
Erie Street1219   Nov1718628887Bell, Josephine E 19y F
Erie Street2123   Mar20191217786Bell, Katherine 1mWF
Erie Street1284   Aug16187111398Bell, Mary 65yCF
Erie Street299   Jun23190017160Bell, Robert H 34yWM
Erie Street1165   Apr2718566783Bell, Theodare 11yCM
Erie Street1101   Feb818524305Bell, Wm 31yWM
Erie Street1179   Aug1518577290Bell, Wm 20ycM
Erie Street1114   Sep1918524825Bellinger,Child of J F5mW 
Erie Street1136   Jan2818545659Bellinger, Marion 1dWF
Erie Street1156   Jun2918556437Bellows,SB Children of Geo (1 of 2) WM
Erie Street1156   Jun2918556437Bellows,SB Children of Geo (2 of 2) WM
Erie Street174   Mar918503245Belnap, Rebecca 23yWF
Erie Street1269   Jul11186910774Bels, Arthur 5m M
Erie Street161   Jul1618492706Belstin, Henry  W 
Erie Street1253   Jun1186710136Belty,Child of Mary6m F
Erie Street170   Oct1318493082Belty, G T 12dW 
Erie Street1177   May2418577218Bemby, Ramana 4yWF
Erie Street1148   Sep918546142Bemer, Christian 3yWM
Erie Street1182   Dec3118577433Benbauer, Adam 2yWM
Erie Street183   Aug2118503589Bench, C 28yW 
Erie Street1184   Apr1018587510Bend, Rosa 9mWF
Erie Street1284   Aug25187111407Bender,Child of Christoph3mWF
Erie Street157   Apr1318492579Bender, Edward 6mWM
Erie Street1147   Sep318546122Bender, Peter 1mWM
Erie Street1221   Mar1818638975Bender, Phillip 1m M
Erie Street252   Nov15188915336Bendig,SB WF
Erie Street272   Sep19189316118Bendig,Martha's baby1dWF
Erie Street276   Oct24189416304Bendig,SB WM
Erie Street1250   Jan6186710041Bene,Child of Henry1m M
Erie Street188   Jan1218513787Benedict,Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street19   May71842643Benedict, Chauncy 3yWM
Erie Street14   Dec271840422Benedict, Henrietta 26yWF
Erie Street116   Oct91843934Benedict, I F 39yW 
Erie Street1196   Nov2718597982Benedict, Levi 6yWM
Erie Street1329   Aug30187713005Benford, Agnes 8mWF
Erie Street28   Aug29188013552Benford, Ida 2mWF
Erie Street1322   Aug1187612794Benford, William 8mWM
Erie Street1119   Dec1918525015Bengley,Mrs75yWF
Erie Street1250   Jan19186710051Benham, G H 55y M
Erie Street1309   Dec6187412354Benjamin,Child of E W 
Erie Street218   Aug30188213981Benjamin,SB Child of Geo WM
Erie Street2108  1902Jun27190217466Benjamin, Ann Elizabeth 61yWF
Erie Street1328   Jul5187712976Benjamins, Edny 4mWF
Erie Street1157   Aug218556483Benke,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street134   Jan1018471659Bennet,Mrs J25yWF
Erie Street144   Oct1918472025Bennet,Child of G21d  
Erie Street183   Aug2218503600Bennet,Child of T1dW 
Erie Street1117   Oct3018524954Bennet,Child of F5dWF
Erie Street1142   Jul1518545898Bennet,Child of Henry2dWM
Erie Street1181   Oct3018577385Bennet,Child of T WF
Erie Street138   Jun2418471789Bennet, Albert 1yWM
Erie Street161   Jul2518492730Bennet, Isabelle 20yWF
Erie Street135   Feb218471684Bennet, Jarvis A 1yWM
Erie Street129   May2818461460Bennet, John 51yWM
Erie Street1164   Mar1718566741Bennet, Magor S 16mWM
Erie Street1237   Jan1718659509Bennett,Child of James3m F
Erie Street1257   Dec26186710310Bennett,Child of James2y F
Erie Street1236   Dec918649471Bennett, Andrew 72y M
Erie Street21   Apr18187913275Bennett, Charlott 78yWF
Erie Street257   Oct6189015524Bennett, Clarence 8yWM
Erie Street1329   Sep10187713013Bennett, Edward 78yWM
Erie Street1196   Oct1018597956Bennett, Geo  WM
Erie Street282   Mar14189616531Bennett, Harry 21yCM
Erie Street2100  1900Aug2190017184Bennett, Harry C 19yWM
Erie Street1254   Aug3186710182Bennett, Hattie C 4y F
Erie Street1149   Oct818546200Bennett, Isabella 2yWF
Erie Street179   Jul818503428Bennett, J H 6mWM
Erie Street276   Jul24189416265Bennett, James 71yWM
Erie Street275   Jun21189416245Bennett, Jane 91yWF
Erie Street1275   May17187011037Bennett, John 41yWM
Erie Street214   Nov24188113811Bennett, John C 1yWM
Erie Street177   May2618503348Bennett, Robert 2yWM
Erie Street280   Aug11189516430Bennett, Robert C 29yCM
Erie Street1237   Jan1518659506Bennett, S V 45y M
Erie Street218   Sep3188213984Bennett, Wm 23yWM
Erie Street114   Jul131843840Benney,Child of John W 
Erie Street1189   Oct918587687Bennis, FSB WF
Erie Street231   Jan8188514487Benoald, Lillie 2yWF
Erie Street127   Oct518451345Benson,Child of Wm4mW 
Erie Street1264   Nov8186810607Benson, Lucinda 73y F
Erie Street1327   Jan29187712914Benson, William 73yWM
Erie Street1111   Aug3118524716Benson, Wm 78yWM
Erie Street1250   Jan15186710047Benson, Wm 9y M
Erie Street2103  1901Mar12190117290Bentley, Clara Rose 27yWF
Erie Street1183   Jan2318587450Bentley, Ester 29yWF
Erie Street246   Jul17188815105Bentley, Harry J 6mWM
Erie Street241   Jul11188714902Bently, Emma 32yWF
Erie Street296   Nov14189917042Benton, 13dCM
Erie Street182   Aug1618503562Benton, Charles 11mWM
Erie Street233   Jul11188514559Benton, Emily 58yWF
Erie Street1224   Aug1118639101Benton, Ezra R 61y M
Erie Street24   Dec4188013404Benton, George L 40yWM
Erie Street255   May27189015439Benton, Martha M 76yWF
Erie Street1190   Dec2018587744Bentschild, Derk LowSB  M
Erie Street1267   Mar26186910713Benty,Child of Henry SB   
Erie Street1275   Jun8187011050Benty,SB Child of Henry WM
Erie Street1283   Jun24187111351Benty,Child of Henry WM
Erie Street26   Mar31188013467Benty,Child of Henry WF
Erie Street261   Jul27189115681Benty, Belle E 15yWF
Erie Street2128   Feb16191717827Benty, Elizabeth 77yWF
Erie Street2115   May12190517660Benty, Francis 3yWF
Erie Street2122   Feb17191117765Benty, Henry 67yWM
Erie Street2128   Mar16191717829Benty, William 40yWM
Erie Street213   Sep18188113780Bentys, Henry (child)SB Child of Henry WF
Erie Street275   Jul14189416259Benya, John 1yWM
Erie Street1269   Jul22186910787Benzena,Child of Joseph2m M
Erie Street1217   Aug118628803Berakman,Child of Conrad   
Erie Street1210   Sep1918618543Berakman, ConradChild of Conrad3mWM
Erie Street1135   Jan2318545650Bereket, Wm 3mWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul1190117341Berg, Carrie 49yWF
Erie Street276   Aug31189416285Berg, Edward 14mWM
Erie Street254   Apr17189015424Berg, Eliza 1yWF
Erie Street126   Aug1418451304Berg, Elizabeth 27yWF
Erie Street261   Jul25189115679Berg, Ermine 2dWF
Erie Street255   Jul6189015464Berg, Herman 2mWM
Erie Street1117   Oct2818524951Berger,Child of Jacob1dWM
Erie Street1304   Apr17187412163Berger,SB Child of R WM
Erie Street1280   Jan12187111230Berger, Albert 4yWM
Erie Street169   Sep2318493044Berger, G E 35yW 
Erie Street1311   Feb6187512389Berger, Lucy 9dWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2518546079Berges, Mary 4yWF
Erie Street1320   Mar18187612701Bergh, H 1yWF
Erie Street1291   Aug11187211670Berghardt,Child of Minnie1yWF
Erie Street1195   Sep1318597929Bergholtz,SB Child of John   
Erie Street1202   Sep1318608201Bergseckers, Casper H 52yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep418524731Bergtold, J H 8mWM
Erie Street1297   Apr23187311869Bergwold, John 3y M
Erie Street1208   Jun1518618457Bering,Child of Fred5mWF
Erie Street126   Aug2818451317Berk,Child of John W 
Erie Street172   Nov2318493144Berk, N 41yW 
Erie Street139   Jul2218471844Berke, Catherine 1yWF
Erie Street168   Sep818493003Berkly, Philip 65yWM
Erie Street162   Aug118492769Berky, Lieda 9mWF
Erie Street262   Nov17189115742Berliner, Augusta 54yWF
Erie Street2121   Dec22191017758Berliner, David 73yWM
Erie Street256   Aug29189015504Berliner, Hermann 18yWM
Erie Street162   Aug118492773Bermin, Thomas 23yWM
Erie Street147   Apr218482164Bermrick, Henrich 33yW 
Erie Street1255   Sep26186710241Bern,Child of M3d F
Erie Street1291   Aug5187211664Bern,Child of Christ7mWF
Erie Street1292   Aug15187211683Bern,Child of William6mWM
Erie Street1273   Jan8187010939Berndt, Herman 11mWM
Erie Street1109   Aug918524615Bernhart, Elizabeth 24yWF
Erie Street1298   Jul15187311923Bernie,Child of Chas4m M
Erie Street246   Apr30188815068Bernthaler, Mary 7yWF
Erie Street1118   Dec618524999Berny,SB Child of F W 
Erie Street1111   Sep118524722Berret, John P 3yWM
Erie Street1179   Aug2718577314Berry, Marins Fen 19mWM
Erie Street1136   Jan3018545662Bertchwick, Barbary 10yWF
Erie Street1304   Mar3187412134Berthold, John 10dWF
Erie Street1296   Feb25187311828Bertoli, Clara S 8yWF
Erie Street117   Nov41843945Bervious,Child of Jacob W 
Erie Street1308   Sep16187412306Berwald, August 1yWM
Erie Street249   Mar1188915215Berwald, John 12yWM
Erie Street222   Mar20188314116Berwold,Child of Anna5yWF
Erie Street2118   Sep18190717720Beshenz, Andrew 70yWM
Erie Street148   May218482193Besse,Child of E5mW 
Erie Street1293   Oct10187211724Bessel,SB Child of F WM
Erie Street180   Jul2218503481Besser, Augustus N 5mWM
Erie Street174   Mar718503244Best,Mrs66yWF
Erie Street1293   Oct27187211732Best,Child of Wm2yWM
Erie Street1293   Oct27187211734Best,Child of William W 
Erie Street174   Feb1618503222Best, F 73yW 
Erie Street126   Aug2018451312Bestor,Child of A10mW 
Erie Street223   Jun16188314160Betner, Annie 11mWF
Erie Street228   Jul11188414376Betner, Paul 3mWM
Erie Street220   Dec23188214047Betteler, Albert 6mWM
Erie Street1150   Oct2118546219Bettely, Wm 6yWM
Erie Street1150   Oct2718546229Betterley, Frank 3yWM
Erie Street279   Jul30189516421Bettley, Stephen 50yWM
Erie Street1211   Sep2618618553Betts,SB Child of Rosa W 
Erie Street291   Aug3189816852Betts, Eliza B 54yWF
Erie Street159   May2818492629Betty, J H 1yW 
Erie Street1283   Jul10187111367Betuhn,SB Child of August WM
Erie Street1118   Dec1318525006Beuhler, F H 18mW 
Erie Street1189   Oct418587683Bevan,Mrs WF
Erie Street1169   Sep1118566940Bevan, Emma 3mWF
Erie Street1184   Mar1918587491Bevan, Walter 83yWM
Erie Street114   Jul201843844Beverly, John 55yWM
Erie Street131   Aug418461513Beyan,SB Child of L W 
Erie Street248   Nov27188815165Beyer, Alfred 11mWM
Erie Street238   Nov24188614782Beyer, Barnabus 57yWM
Erie Street217   May1188213908Beyer, Dora 1mWF
Erie Street268   Jan27189315982Beyer, Eda AD 3mWF
Erie Street248   Nov27188815166Beyer, Emil 13dWM
Erie Street217   May24188213918Beyer, Louisa 2yWF
Erie Street290   Jul11189816839Beyer, Paul Louis 1mWM
Erie Street1131   Sep2618535492Beyerle, Charles 14mWM
Erie Street1321   Jun1187612738Beyha, Theodore 10mWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2418535321Beymber, Emma 6mWF
Erie Street146   Feb1718482121Beymer,Mrs22yWF
Erie Street1269   Jul22186910787Bezenax,Child of Joseph2m M
Erie Street182   Aug1818503573Bhyon, Joseph 8yWM
Erie Street1200   Jul1618608136Bicktor,Child of Geo14dW 
Erie Street126   Aug2018451313Biddel, Mary 16yWF
Erie Street1181   Nov1718577396Bidwell, Lucy A 46yWF
Erie Street233   Aug12188514582Biercamp, Bertie Helena 5mWF
Erie Street234   Nov5188514615Bieringer, Lina 67yWF
Erie Street1272   Nov17186910902Bierstadt, Dora 5y F
Erie Street1289   May28187211577Bierstead,Child of A SB W 
Erie Street1219   Dec318628895Bierstedt, Ann 2m F
Erie Street1262   Jul27186810501Biertel,Child of J5m F
Erie Street296   Nov14189917043Bigelow, Albert 59yWM
Erie Street1130   Sep618535445Bigere, John 5dWM
Erie Street1130   Sep118535431Bigere, Victor 1yWM
Erie Street189   Feb1318513820Bigers,Child of Anton1dWM
Erie Street188   Jan1918513792Bigler, Anna M 68yWF
Erie Street149   Jul118482248Bigler, John 11yWM
Erie Street1105   May3018524458Bigler, Peter 66yWM
Erie Street230   Dec3188414465Bignham, George 50yWM
Erie Street142   Sep518471947Bilfiluscent,Mr42yWM
Erie Street1122   Mar2118535127Bilknapp, W W 9mW 
Erie Street265   May7189215839Billings, Frances E 83yWF
Erie Street287   Aug7189716717Billings, Lulu 17yWF
Erie Street1211   Oct2018618571Billow, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street1272   Dec15186910928Billson, Susann 65y  
Erie Street1305   Jun9187412195Bimmerman,Child of Wm2yWM
Erie Street220   Dec26188214048Bimmey,SB Child of Peter WM
Erie Street1301   Sep24187312045Binder,SB Child of Charles WM
Erie Street296   Oct14189917033Binder, Jos 47yWM
Erie Street148   May318482195Bingham,SB Child of F W W 
Erie Street1262   Aug29186810529Bingham, Charlotte M 73y F
Erie Street1202   Oct2018608226Bingham, Chas A 22yWM
Erie Street1244   Mar1218669802Bingham, Clementina 37y F
Erie Street212   Jul12188113727Bingham, Elijah 81yWM
Erie Street1229   Mar1818649205 DBingham, Henry 40y M
Erie Street1193   Jun218597837Bingham, James H 72yWM
Erie Street1138   Apr618545762Bingham, James Henry 11yWM
Erie Street1220   Jan1318638921Bingham, John K 37y M
Erie Street1137   Feb2718545698Bingham, Mary E 13yWF
Erie Street261   Jul5189115668Bingham, Thankful J 86yWF
Erie Street1158   Aug1818556513Binker, Emma 1mWF
Erie Street1315   Aug13187512543Birb, Frank 2mWM
Erie Street1229   Mar918649192 DBirchfield,Child of B F3d M
Erie Street1230   Apr1318649238Birchfield, B F 1m M
Erie Street2101  1900Oct20190017217Bird, John 1yWM
Erie Street168   Sep218492980Bird, Thomas 50yWM
Erie Street147   Mar2318482151Birds, Catherine 17yWF
Erie Street1295   Jan13187311786Birdsey, Maria M 2mWF
Erie Street1124   May2318535216Birge, Esther J 13yWF
Erie Street226   Dec12188314273Birkinshaw, John G 61yWM
Erie Street111   Aug301842713Birner, Elizabeth 18mWF
Erie Street1303   Feb8187412119Birney, Alex 10dWM
Erie Street1329   Aug6187712996Birr, Paul 3mWM
Erie Street1158   Aug1918556515Birren, Sally 5yWF
Erie Street1293   Oct9187211723Birrer, Emil J 21yWM
Erie Street221   Feb13188314083Birrer, John J 77yWM
Erie Street263   Nov30189115753Birrer, Salome 80yWF
Erie Street12   Sep111840374Birrer, Sarah 18mWF
Erie Street17   Oct11841550Birrer, Victor 5yWM
Erie Street242   Oct3188714941Bisbing, Percy 1yWF
Erie Street111   Sep141842724Bishop,Child of W B8mW 
Erie Street133   Oct718461581Bishop,Child of John W 
Erie Street150   Jul2318482278Bishop,Child of John10mW 
Erie Street1118   Dec118524993Bishop,Child of J W 
Erie Street243   Oct24188714962Bishop,SB WF
Erie Street181   Aug618503527Bishop, Anna F 1yWF
Erie Street1186   Jun2818587572Bishop, Caroline 18mWF
Erie Street28   Oct2188013566Bishop, Clara E 21dWF
Erie Street1335  1879Feb15187913230Bishop, EdwardSB WM
Erie Street1317   Nov5187512616Bishop, Emma 5yWF
Erie Street140   Aug1518471896Bishop, Eva N  W 
Erie Street1308   Oct5187412319Bishop, Gep 1yWM
Erie Street197   Nov618514159Bishop, H SSB W 
Erie Street1157   Jul2418556467Bishop, Henry 6mWM
Erie Street169   Sep2118493037Bishop, J PJr18mWM
Erie Street123   Mar1018451198Bishop, Jacob 25yWM
Erie Street1313   May22187512468Bishop, John 8dWM
Erie Street1287   Jan11187211479Bishop, Johnathon 58yWM
Erie Street1175   Mar1218577131Bishop, M ThayerMiss12yWF
Erie Street111   Sep61842720Bishop, Sarah 29yWF
Erie Street218   Aug28188213976Bisler,Child of Fredrick6mWF
Erie Street265   Apr19189215827Bisler,SB WF
Erie Street270   Apr4189316027Bisler,SB WF
Erie Street241   Jun21188714884Bisler, Fredrick 4mWM
Erie Street1292   Aug14187211679Bissel,Child of E1yWF
Erie Street1291   Jul23187211644Bisser,Child of Minnie8mWF
Erie Street1213   Feb318628662Bissett, Roderick 28yWM
Erie Street243   Oct19188714957Bissler, Louisa 74yWF
Erie Street241   Jul7188714899Bitner, Freda 6mWF
Erie Street234   Oct17188514607Bitner, Martha 17dWF
Erie Street1254   Aug18186710202Bittschoopfsky,Child of Charles8m F
Erie Street1247   Jul1618669892Bittschopkey,Child of Charles1y M
Erie Street1311   Jan26187512383Bitzlin,SB Child of Wm WM
Erie Street1311   Feb6187512390Biwisk, Celia 35yCF
Erie Street1222   May1018639015Bixby, Marion 63y F
Erie Street1305   Jun4187412190Blaase, H 4yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Apr24187813093Blacheots,SB WM
Erie Street191   May818513909Black,Child of R W 
Erie Street1121   Mar118535082Black,SB Child of J B W 
Erie Street1143   Jul2718545951Black,Mrs38yWM
Erie Street296   Oct2189917026Black, 3hWM
Erie Street2116   Oct2190517680Black,Baby1dWF
Erie Street1122   Mar2518535132Black, A 50yW 
Erie Street1235   Nov918649447Black, Anna 25y F
Erie Street1127   Jul2018535312Black, Augusta 7mWF
Erie Street1148   Sep1418546159Black, Caroline 1yWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug19187813155Black, Hanna M 26yWF
Erie Street1246   Jun2118669861Black, J 10yCF
Erie Street14   Feb211841440Black, Jacob 59yWM
Erie Street1253   May26186710133Black, Joseph 40yCM
Erie Street179   Jul918503434Black, Joseph H 2yWM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb15187913228Black, Margaret 83yWF
Erie Street11   Jul191840330Black, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1142   Jul2118545911Black, Robert 40yW 
Erie Street134   Jan818471655Black, Stephan 80yCM
Erie Street1109   Aug918524614Black, W P 3yWM
Erie Street1238   Mar718659549Blackburn,Child of Wm21d  
Erie Street15   Jun51841470Blackhurst, Christiana 9yWF
Erie Street1261   Jul15186810482Blacklock,Child of Henry W5m F
Erie Street1215   Mar2718628715Blackman, Nellie A 19yWF
Erie Street145   Dec1118472078Blackmer,Mrs52yWF
Erie Street1299   Aug5187311960Blackmer,Child of Estella1y F
Erie Street238   Oct16188614754Blackmer, Fannie 80yWF
Erie Street1214   Mar718628691Blackmer, R H 69yWM
Erie Street1140   Jun1318545843Blackmere, Mary 51yWF
Erie Street196   Sep1718514106Blackmoon, Charles N 5mWM
Erie Street1161   Nov1018556628Blackmore, Frank P 2yWM
Erie Street1238   Mar2718659561Blackson,SB Child of Jacob   
Erie Street191   May2018513924Blackstock, Elizabeth 24y F
Erie Street183   Aug2018503584Blackstock, Wm J 2yWM
Erie Street240   Jan30188714826Blackstun, Ara 65yCF
Erie Street1104   May2118524445Blackwell,SB Child of Christian W 
Erie Street193   Jul1918513996Blackwell, Christian  W 
Erie Street1170   Sep2118566953Blackwell, Ellen 19mWF
Erie Street1237   Jan1018659502Blackwell, Geo 32y M
Erie Street242   Jul19188714909Blackwell, Hattie 5mWF
Erie Street1203   Nov2518608250Blackwell, Lydia A 3yWF
Erie Street287   Jul4189716710Blackwell, S V 79yWF
Erie Street252   Oct9188915315Blackwell, Thomas 83yWM
Erie Street2110   Feb26190317508Blackwell, William H 46yWM
Erie Street266   Jul31189215898Blackwell, Wm 9mWM
Erie Street1197   Feb318608024Blair, Elizabeth 62yWF
Erie Street1290   Jun25187211594Blair, John 79yWM
Erie Street1287   Jan31187211492Blair, John H 43yWM
Erie Street287   Jul13189716713Blake, E JMrs58yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2718524555Blakeley,Child of L WF
Erie Street191   May2618513928Blakely,Child of S W 
Erie Street1180   Sep1718577343Blakely,SB Child of M S WM
Erie Street1142   Jul1518545895Blakely, Marion 7mWM
Erie Street175   Mar2718503271Blakes,SB Son of John W 
Erie Street263   Jan27189215783Blala, J C 23yWF
Erie Street1210   Aug2618618523Blamm, Phillip LChild of Phillip11mWF
Erie Street132   Sep2718461566Blanchard, James 25yWM
Erie Street1147   Aug3118546108Blanck, Henry 5yWM
Erie Street275   Jul9189416253Blanem, Thursey 40yCF
Erie Street1142   Jul2318545919Blank, Julia E 3yWF
Erie Street1315   Aug22187512552Blankin, Herman 1yW 
Erie Street1291   Jul28187211651Blankscher,Child of John9mWM
Erie Street212   Jul19188113743Blase,Child of John H1yWM
Erie Street242   Oct7188714943Blase, Clara Louisa 1yWF
Erie Street267   Sep13189215923Blasé, Ernst 1yWM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb12187913227Blase, Henry F 1yWM
Erie Street1130   Sep318535436Blatch, Phillip Henry 15yW 
Erie Street1276   Jun18187011057Blauvin,SB Child of Martin M WM
Erie Street1269   Jul19186910779Blauwen,Child of L1y M
Erie Street27   Jul5188013514Blauwen, 7mWF
Erie Street1276   Jun18187011057Blauwin,SB Child of Martin M WM
Erie Street276   Sep26189416299Bleckert, Louise 1yWF
Erie Street1142   Jul2418545926Bleeker, Peter 32yWM
Erie Street1196   Nov2918597985Bleisnicht,Child of August F W 
Erie Street1141   Jul1418545890Bleker, Anna 26yWF
Erie Street13   Nov191840411Bleme,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street211   Jun19188113700Blessing, Caroline 4yWF
Erie Street1247   Jul2018669893Blessing, Ella A 9m F
Erie Street1101   Feb1718524320Bliamham,Mrs A S40yWF
Erie Street236   Mar20188614668Blight, Harry 6mWM
Erie Street112   Jan71843768Blinn,Child of E A W 
Erie Street111   Sep81842721Bliss, 24yW 
Erie Street153   Nov718482406Bliss,Mrs58y F
Erie Street22   Jul27187913332Bliss, JonathanJudge80yWM
Erie Street1118   Nov3018524992Bliss, Lizzie 14mWF
Erie Street1143   Jul2918545955Bliss, Mary 9mWF
Erie Street1142   Jul2218545914Bliss, Phillip 6yWM
Erie Street169   Sep1518493024Blitz, Henry 18mWM
Erie Street1317   Oct24187512608Bloch, M 2dWM
Erie Street1274   Mar20187010993Block,Child of Mrs1mWM
Erie Street1284   Aug10187111395Block,Child of Jacob6mW 
Erie Street1307   Aug14187412265Block,Child of John1yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Nov9187813185Block, Frederick 3yWM
Erie Street1296   Mar27187311847Block, Jacob 14dWM
Erie Street27   Jul4188013513Block, Louis 1mWM
Erie Street1334  1878Oct19187813177Block, Mary 9yWF
Erie Street1334  1878Nov6187813184Block, Sophia 7yWF
Erie Street1297   May17187311886Blocks,Child of Jacob2m M
Erie Street237   Jul29188614723Blodgett, Clark 10mWM
Erie Street1298   Jun26187311913Blodoff,Child of Wm1y M
Erie Street210   Mar1188113652Blodoff,SB Child of Wm WF
Erie Street186   Oct918503717Blood, P 79yW 
Erie Street1253   Jun29186710151Bloom,Child of Charles5m M
Erie Street1180   Sep1518577340Bloom, Christiana 8mWF
Erie Street117   Dec111843964Bloomer,Child of F W 
Erie Street11   Jul51840320Bloomer, Theophilus H 30yWM
Erie Street1324   Oct30187612868Blossing, Fred 2yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1818587626Blossom,Mr40yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1218587616Blouhof, J F 12mWM
Erie Street1133   Dec1018535567Blown,Child of R H3mW 
Erie Street1141   Jul618545867Blue,Mr21yW 
Erie Street1325   Dec29187612896Blue, Martin 1mWM
Erie Street185   Sep2318503692Blue, PMiss WF
Erie Street1138   Apr218545754Blue, Phebe 44yW 
Erie Street1253   Jun29186710151Bluem,Child of Charles5m M
Erie Street1274   Feb27187010976Blues, Philip 5yWM
Erie Street1315   Aug21187512551Bluhm, F 5mWM
Erie Street127   Sep2818451341Bluim, Elizabeth 26yWF
Erie Street127   Nov118451356Bluimer, Frederick 42yWM
Erie Street21   May24187913289Blundy, William T 1yWM
Erie Street183   Aug2618503614Bly,Child of S10dW 
Erie Street1115   Oct518524885Boank, Johannah 25yWF
Erie Street151   Aug1518482300Boardman,Child of Mr9mW 
Erie Street1229   Mar918649194 DBoardman,Child of W J4m  
Erie Street1255   Sep7186710229Boardman, Jennie 20y F
Erie Street1315   Sep9187512564Boards,Child of John7mWM
Erie Street1111   Sep218524725Boat, John 6mWM
Erie Street266   Jul23189215888Bobring, Charles 45yWM
Erie Street1284   Aug6187111392Bochow, Edward 4mWF
Erie Street1223   Jun1718639048Bock,Child of Henry SB  M
Erie Street151   Aug2918482331Bockman,Mrs45yWF
Erie Street1272   Nov28186910914Boden, Alex H W 2m M
Erie Street254   Mar20189015413Bodifield, Pauline Fern 3mWF
Erie Street1211   Oct2818618576Bodlender, Amelia 4yWF
Erie Street1298   Jun23187311910Bodnier, Ida 3y F
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524785Body, Fred 53y M
Erie Street1291   Jul29187211653Boehm,Child of Elizabeth1yWF
Erie Street219   Sep6188213988Boehm,Child of Paulina9mWF
Erie Street145   Dec1018472077Boehmer,Child of F9mW 
Erie Street232   Apr24188514527Boehn, Wilhelmina 1mWF
Erie Street1261   Jul17186810486Boehringer,Child of Geo F1m M
Erie Street126   Aug3118451320Boeleringer, Wm 1yW 
Erie Street1116   Oct1418524917Boenk, R M 29yWM
Erie Street1281   Mar6187111281Boer,Child of Chas7mWM
Erie Street1290   Jul17187211630Boer,Child of Chas3mWM
Erie Street1300   Aug18187311983Boeres,SB Child of Chas WF
Erie Street1295   Feb4187311803Boeringer, Geo F 3yWF
Erie Street1317   Nov18187512624Boerr,Child of John4dWM
Erie Street1299   Jul21187311938Boers,Child of Wm1y F
Erie Street1302   Oct28187312067Boers,SB Child of M WM
Erie Street1175   Mar1718577135Boers, Caral F 8mWM
Erie Street1299   Jul31187311954Boethker,Child of Fred13d M
Erie Street1275   Apr12187011015Boettler,Child of Fred1mWF
Erie Street26   May24188013502Boettler, Anna 4mWF
Erie Street22   Jul16187913316Boettler, Otto 9mWM
Erie Street1151   Dec1318546272Bofelt, Henry 5yWM
Erie Street1102   Feb2718524340Bogart, R W 3yWM
Erie Street1261   Jun24186810455Bohemnes,Child of M1m F
Erie Street1196   Nov2818597984Bohl, Julia 2y F
Erie Street1226   Oct818639152Bohm, Eva H 20y F
Erie Street1155   Apr2918556398Bohm, H Casper 8mWM
Erie Street1210   Aug2318618521Bohmer,Child of John4mWM
Erie Street1227   Dec2118639223Bohmer,Child of John SB  M
Erie Street1123   Apr1718535161Bohn,Mrs45yWF
Erie Street1250   Dec13186610018Bohn,Mrs H48y F
Erie Street1335  1879Feb17187913232Bohn, Carl 3yWM
Erie Street224   Jul23188314188Bohn, Emerle 4mWF
Erie Street294   Mar24189916941Bohn, Eva M 81yWF
Erie Street1316   Sep13187512572Bohn, John 5yWM
Erie Street1327   Feb6187712919Bohn, John E 55yWM
Erie Street230   Oct18188414437Bohn, Lizzie 17yWF
Erie Street1188   Sep1118587661Bohn, Magdalina 2mWF
Erie Street1199   May1218608094Bohn, Susannah 8yWF
Erie Street1294   Dec14187211756Bohne,Twin 1 of Conrad WM
Erie Street1294   Dec14187211756Bohne,Twin 2 of Conrad WM
Erie Street176   Apr3018503317Bohns,SB Child of R W 
Erie Street1316   Sep30187512595Bohrer, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street1151   Dec2018546279Bohson, Elizabeth 5yWF
Erie Street167   Aug3118492965Boice, Edward 22yWM
Erie Street1224   Aug1618639103Boid,Child of Emma3m F
Erie Street1145   Aug1018546020Boker, Adam 1dWM
Erie Street174   Feb2718503233Boland,SB Child of T M   
Erie Street1210   Sep2418618551Bolander, Albert 8mWM
Erie Street167   Aug3118492962Bolin, Patrick 25yWM
Erie Street131   Aug418461512Boller,Child of Wm9mWM
Erie Street134   Dec1918461642Boller, Catherine 30yWF
Erie Street128   Jan2618461394Bolton,Mrs E L30yWF
Erie Street1220   Jan1818638930Bolton, Benj J 4y M
Erie Street1195   Sep1018597923Bolton, Geo R 8yWM
Erie Street149   Jul818482258Bolton, Henry 35yWM
Erie Street1280   Feb5187111250Bolton, ThomasJudge61yWM
Erie Street1268   Jun21186910756Bolton, Violet 4y F
Erie Street1212   Dec1518618606Boltz,Child of F6mWM
Erie Street1263   Sep12186810541Boltz,SB Child of J N   
Erie Street1206   Mar1918618371Bomer, Martha G 15yWF
Erie Street177   Jun318503358Bomer, Martin 34yWM
Erie Street1300   Aug25187312002Bommer,Child of Emily10mWF
Erie Street112   Jan51843767Bond, 16yW 
Erie Street113   Apr251843808Bond,  W 
Erie Street139   Jul1118471822Bond,Child of T N W 
Erie Street174   Mar1918503259Bond,Mrs H A23y F
Erie Street1162   Dec3118556670Bond,Child of Charles2dWM
Erie Street1250   Dec13186610019Bond,Child of T W  M
Erie Street1321   Jun9187612742Bond,SB Child of Henry W 
Erie Street2115   Jul8190517672Bond,Baby WF
Erie Street12   Aug121840352Bond, Alfred 3yWM
Erie Street271   Aug18189316099Bond, Aurelia 98yWF
Erie Street139   Jul1418471831Bond, Elizabeth L 14yWF
Erie Street126   Sep618451326Bond, George 16yWM
Erie Street123   Mar1818451202Bond, Harriet 14yWF
Erie Street137   May2618471759Bond, Mary C 26yWF
Erie Street1307   Aug30187412284Bond, Maud 1mWF
Erie Street1237   Jan1418659505Bond, Noah W 39y M
Erie Street1124   May1818535208Bond, T  WM
Erie Street1132   Oct518535509Bond, T  WM
Erie Street2111   Oct9190317569Bond, William Eugene 72yWM
Erie Street1297   Apr12187311857Bonds, Henry 4dWF
Erie Street1189   Oct1018587688Bone, Adam 8mWM
Erie Street1151   Dec2018546278Boner,Child of Hugh5yW 
Erie Street1205   Feb2018618332Bones,Child of4mW 
Erie Street265   Apr29189215832Bones, Samuel 76yWM
Erie Street248   Nov20188815161Bonick, Alois 35yWM
Erie Street225   Sep21188314234Bonitzkey, August 1yWM
Erie Street1160   Oct1418556604Bonk, John 11mWM
Erie Street1144   Aug118545975Bonn, John 16mWM
Erie Street214   Oct4188113789Bonsell, Samuel 5mWM
Erie Street1215   Apr2918628738Bonta, Wm E   M
Erie Street1165   Apr2018566775Booker, Ann E 2mWF
Erie Street236   Apr8188614676Boon, Minnie 2yWF
Erie Street226   Dec13188314274Boone, Harry 43yWM
Erie Street14   Dec281840424Boosh,SB Child of Harvey W 
Erie Street141   Aug1718471901Boot, Cente 2yW 
Erie Street170   Oct218493064Boot, Cynthia 3dWF
Erie Street1193   Jun1218597841Booth,Child of Benj18d M
Erie Street288   Dec8189716753Booth, Calista E 59yWF
Erie Street22   Jul13187913314Booth, George 4mWM
Erie Street227   Apr6188414334Booth, Thomas 35yWM
Erie Street1166   Jun218566811Booths, B 10mWF
Erie Street147   Mar1518482144Booty, James 8yWM
Erie Street2113   May12190417612Boren,SB WF
Erie Street141   Aug2418471920Borgan,Child of Lewis1yW 
Erie Street141   Aug2918471929Borgan, Christiana 17yWF
Erie Street1175   Mar1918577137Borger, Elizabeth 2yWF
Erie Street1185   Apr1818587520Borger, Frederick 3mWM
Erie Street115   Aug101843871Borges,Child of J F W 
Erie Street196   Sep3018514122Borges,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1204   Jan1118618285Borges,Child of Daniel WM
Erie Street267   Sep6189215916Borges, Fredericka 72yWF
Erie Street250   Apr14188915234Borges, Henry Louis 86yWM
Erie Street175   Apr718503285Borges, John 6mWM
Erie Street257   Nov11189015541Borges, John F 80yWM
Erie Street1232   Jul818649317Borges, John L 2y M
Erie Street215   Feb5188213849Borges, Maria 9yWF
Erie Street250   Jun16188915257Borges, Maria Catherine 80yWF
Erie Street1177   May2618577223Borges, N E 3mWM
Erie Street1124   May818535193Borgess, Anna M 18yWF
Erie Street2108  1902Sep5190217475Borgess, Carrie 27yWF
Erie Street1232   Jul1818649329Borgess, E H 1y  
Erie Street221   Jan22188314066Borgess, Julian 21dWM
Erie Street26   Mar31188013466Borgess, May 8mWF
Erie Street2115   May23190517663Borkowski, Anna 53y F
Erie Street295   Sep7189917016Borkowski, Lizzie 17yWF
Erie Street131   Aug418461510Borner,Child of Jacob6mW 
Erie Street1171   Oct2618566993Borner, Wm F 10mWF
Erie Street2101  1900Nov12190017227Bornitzki, Lucie 4yWF
Erie Street1307   Aug18187412270Borth,Child of John5yWM
Erie Street239   Jan25188714822Borth, Elizabeth 10yWF
Erie Street263   Jan1189215762Borth, John 69yWM
Erie Street1218   Oct1418628864Bortz, John 1m M
Erie Street1218   Oct518628852Bortz, Mathilda 1y F
Erie Street1248   Sep1018669943Bortz, R 5m  
Erie Street26   Apr6188013473Bortzmyer, Henrietta 6mWF
Erie Street1191   Jan3018597782Bosworth, Charles M 6y M
Erie Street217   Jul14188213941Botfield,SB Child WM
Erie Street1322   Jul30187612792Botthler, Pauline 3mWF
Erie Street1205   Feb2818618342Bottz, John 59yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep1018524763Bouce, Alexander 40yWM
Erie Street1210   Sep1118618534Bouch,Child of F WM
Erie Street1321   Jul15187612767Bouchis,SB WM
Erie Street227   Apr18188414339Bouer,SB Child WF
Erie Street1158   Aug3018556530Boulton, Ed W 14mWM
Erie Street294   Apr7189916949Bourdin, Roaul L A 3yWM
Erie Street1122   Mar2418535129Bourn, P 63yW 
Erie Street1319   Feb24187612690Bourne, Anna 73yWF
Erie Street2116   Dec16190517687Bourne, George 66y M
Erie Street281   Nov5189516471Bourne, Harriete 51yWF
Erie Street1220   Feb2118638951Bourne, Z 1m  
Erie Street228   Jul9188414374Bourowske, Bertha 3mWF
Erie Street1231   Apr2618649257Bousa,Child of John14d M
Erie Street1169   Sep1718566947Bousa, Ida 16mWF
Erie Street1191   Jan1118597768Bousa, Jacob 3m M
Erie Street1222   May1418639017Bouse,Child of Uhlrich SB  F
Erie Street1230   Apr1218649236Bouse,SB Child of John  M
Erie Street1213   Jan2718628653Bouse, Geo 1yWM
Erie Street1213   Jan718628632Bouse, Phiilip 3yWM
Erie Street1126   Jul318535275Boweigh, Mary 29yWF
Erie Street152   Sep618482341Bowen,Child of William7mW 
Erie Street1163   Jan418566676Bowen,Child of Jacob1dWM
Erie Street1197   Feb1718608028Bowen, 1yWM
Erie Street1169   Sep1818566949Bowen, F HSB WF
Erie Street2116   Dec15190517686Bowen, Henry C 87y M
Erie Street1189   Nov318587703Bowen, Julia M 25yWF
Erie Street1321   Jun28187612757Bowen, Mary 65yWF
Erie Street1247   Aug2318669922Bowen, Mary H 7y F
Erie Street1204   Feb418618309Bower,SB WM
Erie Street1207   Apr1918618402Bower,Child of Martin2yWF
Erie Street1216   Jun1218628759Bower,SB Child of B P   
Erie Street1225   Aug3118639118Bower,Child of Daniel14d M
Erie Street217   Jun23188213931Bower,SB Child of Adam WM
Erie Street1329   Sep16187713015Bower, Anna 1mWF
Erie Street1243   Dec1918659738Bower, Elizabeth 2y F
Erie Street180   Jul1618503461Bower, John 1yWM
Erie Street1128   Aug518535354Bowers,Child of C4mW 
Erie Street213   Aug19188113763Bowers,SB Child of Adam WM
Erie Street224   Aug2188314196Bowers, B 1yWF
Erie Street1319   Jan5187612657Bowers, Charles 10yWM
Erie Street254   Feb17189015391Bowers, Elizabeth 38yWF
Erie Street1125   Jun718535231Bowers, George 11mWM
Erie Street224   Aug20188314213Bowker, Nancy C 54yWF
Erie Street1304   May2187412170Bowler,Child of Wm L2yWM
Erie Street2106  1901Dec14190117415Bowler, John 80yCM
Erie Street1332  1878Jun12187813110Bowler, May 1yWF
Erie Street187   Dec2518503774Bowler, Sarah C 30yWF
Erie Street26   May10188013496Bowles, Cantelen 37yCM
Erie Street213   Sep18188113779Bowles, Julia A 73yWF
Erie Street110   Jul311842689Bowman,  W 
Erie Street195   Aug3018514084Bowman, 3yW 
Erie Street1240   Aug1418659643Bowman, Ernest 1y M
Erie Street1149   Oct218546189Bowman, Geo 27y M
Erie Street19   May161842645Bowman, John 53yWM
Erie Street1281   Mar7187111283Bowmann, Eddy  CM
Erie Street1157   Jul2618556471Bowyer, Albert 4mWM
Erie Street291   Sep24189816868Box, Carrie 69yWF
Erie Street181   Aug318503513Box, James 21yWM
Erie Street1161   Oct418556623Box, Joseph 2mWM
Erie Street1161   Oct2818556616Box, Lucy 1mWF
Erie Street184   Aug3118503628Box, Wm 27yWM
Erie Street1116   Aug1018524891Boyce, Eliza 23yWF
Erie Street1297   Apr26187311870Boyd,Child of Robert2yWM
Erie Street24   Dec9187913387Boyd, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street231   Feb18188514503Boyd, Edward L 20yWM
Erie Street23   Dec3187913383Boyd, Lilliard 2yWF
Erie Street25   Mar21188013456Boyer,Child of Henry WM
Erie Street25   Mar26188013459Boyer, Edward 7dWM
Erie Street1135   Jan1318545633Boylee, John 34yWM
Erie Street1224   Aug2518639111Boylston, Thomas 67y M
Erie Street1289   May28187211574Braash,Child of Wm1mWM
Erie Street216   Feb25188213866Braban, SarahMrs51yWF
Erie Street131   Aug1418461519Bracher, Emily 2mWF
Erie Street1141   Jul418545860Brack, S 30yWM
Erie Street126   Oct2618451315Bracken,Child of Robert3mW 
Erie Street1157   Jul1318556463Bradburn,SB Child of C   
Erie Street1194   Aug2518597903Bradburn,Child of Sam10d M
Erie Street1258   Jan29186810348Bradburn,GrandChild of Chas   
Erie Street1178   Jul1518577263Bradburn, C F 25yWM
Erie Street1292   Aug14187211680Bradburn, Charles 65y M
Erie Street1241   Sep1218659672Bradburn, Eliza 58y F
Erie Street1309   Dec12187412356Bradburn, Geo 32yWM
Erie Street189   Feb2718513836Bradburn, Helen E 16yWF
Erie Street1150   Nov1118546245Bradburn, Lydia 15yWF
Erie Street1171   Nov3018567018Bradburn, Willie A 6mWM
Erie Street1179   Sep418577323Bradford, Charles 9mWM
Erie Street133   Oct2718461605Bradford, Frances E 4yWF
Erie Street282   Feb25189616527Bradford, Howard B 2mWM
Erie Street287   Nov7189716743Bradford, James 53yWM
Erie Street284   Oct16189616620Bradford, Lauretta 4yWF
Erie Street286   Mar16189716668Bradford, Margaret E 29yWF
Erie Street132   Sep3018461572Bradley,Child of H E W 
Erie Street1110   Aug1818524670Bradley,Mr35yWM
Erie Street265   May25189215856Bradley, Ediva 5wWF
Erie Street2110   Jan16190317499Bradley, Governier 10yCM
Erie Street258   Jan15189115575Bradley, Horace S 14wWM
Erie Street1157   Aug118556480Bradley, Hubert 5mWM
Erie Street1104   Apr3018524413Bradley, John 45yWM
Erie Street157   Mar3118492566Bradley, Juliet 10mWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2618524551Bradley, Wm  WM
Erie Street1223   Jun218639039Bradlin,Child of Theodore   
Erie Street229   Aug30188414403Bradnau, 4mWM
Erie Street146   Mar318482136Bradstock, Wm 35yWM
Erie Street1221   Mar518638963Brady, Elizabeth   F
Erie Street1324   Oct27187612866Brady, Frank 9yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2418492916Brady, John 30yWM
Erie Street1122   Mar2818535135Brady, Thomas 4dW 
Erie Street196   Sep2418514114Brain, Briget 1dWF
Erie Street241   Jul4188714894Brainard, 6mWF
Erie Street1161   Nov2018556640Brainard, Fanny 66yWF
Erie Street1102   Mar1218524350Brainard, Jabez 92yWM
Erie Street118   Apr1018441012Brainard, James L 7mWM
Erie Street1269   Aug3186910809Brainard, Nathan 82y M
Erie Street164   Aug1418492857Bramely, Minewa 9mWF
Erie Street2110   Jan10190317497Bramley, Arthur Day 5yWM
Erie Street162   Jul2818492745Bramley, Elizabeth A 16yWF
Erie Street238   Nov19188614777Bramley, Geo W 9yWM
Erie Street271   Jul22189316082Bramley, Harry E 12yWM
Erie Street1255   Sep23186710238Branack,Child of John6m M
Erie Street275   Jun17189416240Branagan, William 4mWM
Erie Street1137   Mar818545711Branard,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street1140   May2318545828Branards, 23yWM
Erie Street1214   Feb2018628677Branch, Adda RouseMrs WF
Erie Street1256   Dec3186710290Branch, Elizabeth 8y F
Erie Street1290   Jul10187211615Brand,Child of Christ6mWF
Erie Street1294   Dec28187211768Brand,Child of Theo5mWF
Erie Street1148   Sep1418546158Brand, Charles 9mWM
Erie Street1265   Nov17186810616Brand, John 59y M
Erie Street1281   Feb21187111267Brandburgh,Child of Fred3mWF
Erie Street1287   Mar5187211512Brandt,Child of Charles3mWM
Erie Street1311   Jan30187512386Brandt,Child of M3dWF
Erie Street257   Oct23189015534Brandt, Anna 32yWF
Erie Street27   Jul15188013522Brandt, Emil A H 4mWM
Erie Street274   Apr2189416209Brandt, Eva 2mWF
Erie Street238   Nov11188614771Brandt, Herman G 7dWM
Erie Street1307   Aug9187412258Brandt, Johanna 1yWF
Erie Street240   Feb7188714829Brandt, John 13yWM
Erie Street27   Aug4188013539Brandt, Lena 5mWF
Erie Street2102  1901Feb4190117268Brandt, Paul 13yWM
Erie Street125   Jul418451262Brandy, Samuel 48yW 
Erie Street1262   Aug22186810526Branenn,Child of Charles1y M
Erie Street1222   May2518639026Branley, Emma J 1y F
Erie Street1223   Jun1118639046Brannon, John 30y M
Erie Street272   Oct25189316139Brant,SB WF
Erie Street257   Oct14189015530Brant, George 25yCM
Erie Street1329   Sep3187713007Brant, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1139   May218545792Brant, Robert 8dW 
Erie Street257   Nov12189015542Brant, Smith 66yIndM
Erie Street22   Jul12187913312Brant, Willie 1yWM
Erie Street1284   Aug22187111404Brants,Child of John1yW 
Erie Street1137   Mar1318545723Brase, G 2yW 
Erie Street190   Apr918513875Braton, E M 33yWM
Erie Street212   Jul16188113737Bratten, Fred 9yWM
Erie Street297   Feb6190017074Braum, Mariana 39yWF
Erie Street2109  1902Dec29190217496Braun,Baby WM
Erie Street2113   Mar8190417599Braun, Willie 21dWM
Erie Street192   Jul1018513973Bray, John 7yWM
Erie Street192   Jul1018513974Bray, Margaret 14mWF
Erie Street1249   Nov1318669990Bray, Maria M 21y F
Erie Street192   Jul1018513972Bray, MaryMrs30yWF
Erie Street189   Mar1118513842Brayton, C DDr47yWM
Erie Street1183   Feb1618587471Brayton, CharlotteMrs A45yWF
Erie Street247   Aug17188815119Brayton, Henry 75yWM
Erie Street1330  1877Nov15187713039Brayton, Henry G 1yWM
Erie Street262   Nov6189115731Brayton, Isabel F 45yWF
Erie Street1197   Dec2518597998Brayton, Mary A 48yWF
Erie Street248   Dec16188815176Brazer, James M 64yWM
Erie Street284   Sep21189616613Brazier, Ann M 72yWF
Erie Street1209   Jul1018618477Bream,Child of Adam7mWM
Erie Street1217   Aug518628805Bream,Child of Adam6m  
Erie Street1218   Oct318628850Bream,Child of Adam7m M
Erie Street1218   Oct318628850Breanes,Child of Adam7m M
Erie Street157   Mar1718492553Brear, S 2mW 
Erie Street117   Oct291843944Breck,Child of C1yW 
Erie Street292   Dec24189816893Breck, Anthony 45yWM
Erie Street257   Nov3189015539Breck, Diantha C 82yWF
Erie Street27   Jun23188013507Breck, Joseph 81yWM
Erie Street15   Jul251841500Brecksley, John 23yWM
Erie Street14   Mar171841451Breder,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street222   Apr24188314139Bredlin, Theodore 42yWM
Erie Street1258   Jan29186810349Bredline, P 25y F
Erie Street157   Mar3018492563Breed, Catherine 38yWF
Erie Street155   Jan1618492479Breel,Mrs C B70yWF
Erie Street159   Jun118492633Breghoff, Mary F 7yWF
Erie Street149   Jul618482254Brehrim, Augusta 8mWF
Erie Street1329   Sep11187713014Brekser, William 1yWM
Erie Street1233   Aug318649350Brem,Child of Adam5m M
Erie Street197   Nov518514157Breshurd,Mrs C57yWF
Erie Street1289   May9187211557Bresman, William 4yWM
Erie Street1144   Aug718546006Bretenbach,Child of P1yW 
Erie Street1177   May2218577213Brew,SB Child of Wm WM
Erie Street1214   Mar518628690Brew, Angeline E 1yWF
Erie Street1293   Nov11187211744Brew, Robert I 23yWM
Erie Street1193   Jul2318597865Brewer,Child of James  F
Erie Street1220   Jan2218638931Brewer, Catherine 34y F
Erie Street175   Apr1218503294Brewer, Harriet 25yWF
Erie Street175   Mar2418503270Brewer, James 7mWM
Erie Street131   Aug1518461522Brian, D D 10mC 
Erie Street179   Jul1018503445Brian, James O 6mWM
Erie Street169   Sep1818493029Brian, John O 13mWM
Erie Street122   Nov3018441170Brideman, GeorgeChild8mWM
Erie Street189   Feb2718513835Bridenbuck,Girl of P3dWF
Erie Street281   Dec31189516498Bridgen, Willie A 2mWM
Erie Street282   Mar11189616530Bridgen, Willie A 2mWM
Erie Street1270   Aug16186910826Briebe,Child of Chas6d F
Erie Street234   Aug19188514586Brietzig, Earnest 9mWM
Erie Street15   Jun51841471Brigden, Harriet A 5yWF
Erie Street1171   Nov318566998Briges,Child of Chas8dWM
Erie Street155   Jan2418492491Brigg,SB Child of J D19dW 
Erie Street118   Mar2218441001Briggs,Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1186   Jun1018587567Briggs,Mrs20yWF
Erie Street1233   Aug218649348Briggs,Child of P D21d  
Erie Street212   Jul1188113712Briggs,Child of Edith L7mWF
Erie Street248   Dec23188815179Briggs,SB WM
Erie Street1202   Oct818608222Brigg's,Child of Andis1yW 
Erie Street1160   Oct2218556610Briggs, Alfred J 2yWM
Erie Street1138   Apr1518545770Briggs, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street25   Mar3188013445Briggs, EMr63ySF
Erie Street258   Jan16189115576Briggs, Edward 74yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep918524759Briggs, John 2yWM
Erie Street245   Mar19188815046Briggs, Mary Z 43yWF
Erie Street182   Aug1618503565Briggs, R W 7yWM
Erie Street211   Jun19188113701Briggs, Wm MMr29yWM
Erie Street1251   Mar12186710090Bright,Child of John5m F
Erie Street1299   Jul28187311951Bright,Child of Johnson8mCM
Erie Street1288   Mar17187211525Bright, Emma 4yCF
Erie Street235   Mar19188614665Bright, Frankie O 3yCM
Erie Street217   Jul22188213944Bright, Harris O 1yCM
Erie Street229   Sep22188414425Brightfield, Roy 1mWM
Erie Street1170   Oct2718566992Brigs, Charles 1dWM
Erie Street1296   Mar14187311838Brill,SB Child of Wm WF
Erie Street219   Nov2188214020Brimicombe,SB Child WM
Erie Street296   Oct23189917038Brindell, George W 5mWM
Erie Street1112   Sep1018524766Bring,Child of Olive1yW 
Erie Street171   Nov1718493131Brir, John 29yWM
Erie Street282   Apr9189616540Brisbin, Armia 39yWF
Erie Street282   Feb17189616523Briscoe, Anna R 36yCF
Erie Street251   Aug11188915293Briscoe, Carrie 3yCF
Erie Street250   Jun24188915263Briscoe, Mary Ann 3mCF
Erie Street273   Nov17189316149Briscoe, R S Walter 5yCM
Erie Street240   Feb15188714831Briscol, 14dCM
Erie Street2115   Aug5190517676Bristow, Gouldin 2mWF
Erie Street1225   Sep418639122Britton,Child of Beng5m  
Erie Street1251   Feb19186710075Britton,Child of J W10d M
Erie Street253   Dec21188915353Broad, Esther Jean 1yWF
Erie Street166   Aug2518492920Broada, John 23yWM
Erie Street151   Aug2318482320Broady,Child of S11mW 
Erie Street166   Aug2118492904Broady,SB Child of S W 
Erie Street1213   Jan1918628644Broady,Child of Samuel1yW 
Erie Street1169   Aug2418566915Broady, Robert 5dWM
Erie Street1237   Feb918659530Broady, SamuelSB  M
Erie Street188   Jan3018513806Broaker, T 76yW 
Erie Street1160   Oct2318556611Brobus,Child of Mrs10mWF
Erie Street1269   Jul31186910803Brock,Child of Henry10mCF
Erie Street2111   Jul1190317545Brock, 6mCF
Erie Street1335  1879Jan11187913218Brock, Ann M 40yWF
Erie Street284   Aug21189616603Brock, C W H 25yCM
Erie Street297   Jan13190017061Brock, Dewey A 1yCM
Erie Street1331  1878Jan9187813056Brock, E A 72yWM
Erie Street285   Feb1189716656Brock, Julia 7mCF
Erie Street285   Dec21189616641Brock, Lula 7yCF
Erie Street1298   Jun15187311904Brock, Margaret Ann 60y F
Erie Street23   Dec4187913384Brock, Martha 34yWF
Erie Street253   Dec18188915352Brock, Wm Henry 2yCM
Erie Street182   Aug1518503558Brockdall,Child of A10yWF
Erie Street1194   Aug2218597900Brocker,SB Child of Henry  M
Erie Street1257   Dec19186710305Brocker,Child of J2m M
Erie Street1323   Sep22187612840Brockers,SB WM
Erie Street1141   Jul618545866Brockman,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street1146   Aug1818546055Brocknay, Clara H 3yWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1118546023Broctenbock,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street187   Dec2618503776Broda,Mrs S30yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr818524383Broda,Child of S5mW 
Erie Street1272   Dec19186910929Broday,Child of Wm2dCM
Erie Street1158   Aug1418556508Broday, Samuel 10mWM
Erie Street153   Nov1118482412Broder,Child of F C1yW 
Erie Street218   Aug12188213968Broderich,Child of Rhea5mWF
Erie Street179   Jul1018503440Brody,Child of Mrs7mW 
Erie Street149   Jun1518482232Brogan, John 29yWM
Erie Street194   Aug718514038Brogen,Mr19yWM
Erie Street1142   Jul2318545924Brokenshire, Henry 3yWM
Erie Street1168   Aug2018566910Brokenshire, Wm A 21mWM
Erie Street167   Aug2818492942Bromley,Mr61yWF
Erie Street167   Aug2818492943Bromley,Mrs60yWF
Erie Street166   Aug2218492910Bromley, John 17yW 
Erie Street1183   Jan2818587460Brondenbeurgh,SB Child WM
Erie Street1103   Mar3018524371Bronson, Martin 36yWM
Erie Street224   Aug24188314216Broodwell, Nellie 2mWF
Erie Street1150   Oct2518546224Brook,SB Child of Geo W 
Erie Street1253   Jul24186710171Brook,Child of Henry2mCM
Erie Street148   May2318482211Brook, L 2dW 
Erie Street1180   Oct1218577366Brookemyer, Anna M 18mWF
Erie Street152   Sep1718482357Brooker,Child of John1yW 
Erie Street154   Dec1318482447Brooker,Child of Mr1dC 
Erie Street1111   Sep118524721Brooker,Child of Mrs7mWF
Erie Street1163   Jan1818566685Brooker,Mrs76yWF
Erie Street262   Oct5189115715Brooker, WA 23yWM
Erie Street113   Mar11843784Brooks,Child of O A W 
Erie Street160   Jun2618492667Brooks,SB Child of John   
Erie Street176   May518503324Brooks,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street1216   Jun1918628762Brooks,SB Child of O A   
Erie Street1265   Dec17186810643Brooks,Child of Henry SB CM
Erie Street147   Mar1518482145Brooks, CMrs68yWF
Erie Street1199   May1918608100Brooks, Chas H 45yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2918535334Brooks, Euliah 5mWF
Erie Street283   May20189616560Brooks, Lula 30yWF
Erie Street1121   Mar618535092Brooks, Lydia 68yWF
Erie Street1237   Feb918659531Brooks, Malinda 77y F
Erie Street1189   Oct1518587693Brooks, Mary 1mWF
Erie Street1210   Sep1918618542Brooks, Mary 94yCF
Erie Street179   Jul1218503448Brooks, Mary A 19yWF
Erie Street1216   Jun2518628765Brooks, O HMrs O H42y F
Erie Street238   Nov20188614778Brooks, Rebecca Hope 71yWF
Erie Street1302   Dec27187312092Brooks, Sara A 54yWF
Erie Street1137   Mar818545710Brooks, W J 43yWM
Erie Street1167   Aug118566866Brooksmith, Albert 9mWM
Erie Street282   Mar19189616533Brostol, Helen J 42yWF
Erie Street290   Jun16189816822Brosz,SB WM
Erie Street290   Jun20189816827Brosz, Anna 40yWF
Erie Street1211   Oct3118618577Brough,Child of John A4yW 
Erie Street1218   Sep1518628836Brough,Child of Fred   
Erie Street1148   Sep1718546166Brouse, Charlotte 3yWF
Erie Street1126   Jul518535280Brouser, John 3mWM
Erie Street1244   Mar418669795Brower,Child of John1y M
Erie Street11   Jul271840336Brown,SB Child of Jane W 
Erie Street14   Feb241841441Brown,Child of William F W 
Erie Street114   Jul291843850Brown,Child of J O W 
Erie Street118   Feb201844991Brown,Child of J O W 
Erie Street141   Aug2618471924Brown,Child of Wm10mWM
Erie Street143   Sep2718471995Brown,Child of H1yW 
Erie Street149   Jun1018482228Brown,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1102   Feb2518524337Brown,Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1108   Jul3118524576Brown,Child of H6mW 
Erie Street1118   Dec1318525008Brown,Mrs W A24yWF
Erie Street1157   Aug718556490Brown,Child of John7mWF
Erie Street1208   Jun2018618460Brown,Child of Robt6yCM
Erie Street1216   Jun1218628759Brown,SB Child of B P   
Erie Street1221   Apr118638987Brown,Child of Wm6m F
Erie Street1239   Jun1718659594Brown,SB Child of Lena   
Erie Street1240   Jul2618659620Brown,Child of Mr Brown2dCF
Erie Street1250   Jan2186710036Brown,Child of J T3m F
Erie Street1253   Jul7186710156Brown,Child of Mrs Brown3m M
Erie Street1263   Sep16186810543Brown,Child of Wm   
Erie Street1277   Jul25187011101Brown,Child of Josiah WM
Erie Street1297   May25187311891Brown,Child of A E44y  
Erie Street1334  1878Oct13187813175Brown,Child of Emma C 
Erie Street212   Jul15188113735Brown,Child of Floy E10mWF
Erie Street220   Dec3188214034Brown,SB Child WM
Erie Street251   Jul30188915285Brown,SB CF
Erie Street271   Aug4189316088Brown, 2mWF
Erie Street286   Mar19189716671Brown,SB WF
Erie Street2104  1901May27190117322Brown, 7dWM
Erie Street157   Mar2218492556Brown, AnnMrs50yWF
Erie Street2102  1901Feb10190117270Brown, Ann 79yWF
Erie Street17   Oct251841561Brown, Ann Eliza 4yWF
Erie Street1317   Dec22187512643Brown, Anna E 9mWF
Erie Street2102  1901Feb1190117263Brown, Atlante 91yWF
Erie Street15   Jul191841495Brown, Barburn 2y  
Erie Street28   Oct28188013580Brown, Bertina 3mWF
Erie Street247   Aug27188815125Brown, Blanchard 14dCF
Erie Street185   Sep1218503663Brown, Charles 38yWM
Erie Street1245   Apr1818669837Brown, Charlott L 5y F
Erie Street1333  1878Aug30187813162Brown, Chas 29yCM
Erie Street2107  1902Feb12190217431Brown, Clara 88yWF
Erie Street1174   Mar818577126Brown, Corneila T 61y F
Erie Street2113   Jun15190417621Brown, Edith 17yWF
Erie Street1238   Mar2118659558Brown, Edw W J 7y M
Erie Street1217   Jul3118628797Brown, Eliza 63y F
Erie Street1201   Aug2818608182Brown, Elizabeth 36yWF
Erie Street1259   Mar12186810386Brown, Elizabeth A 3yCF
Erie Street199   Dec2418514239Brown, Ellen 2yWF
Erie Street1133   Oct2818535547Brown, Ellis 6yC 
Erie Street1184   Apr418587506Brown, Elnar A 4yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Oct13187813175Brown, Emma 38yCF
Erie Street243   Oct22188714959Brown, Emma 65yCF
Erie Street243   Oct22188714959Brown, Emma 65yCF
Erie Street283   May15189616557Brown, F F 1yWM
Erie Street217   May10188213910Brown, Fielding 28yCM
Erie Street1259   Mar31186810406Brown, Florence L 1yCF
Erie Street1150   Nov1618546248Brown, Frank 7dWM
Erie Street1283   Jun25187111353Brown, Frankie 2yWM
Erie Street2107  1902Jan4190217417Brown, George A 42yWM
Erie Street15   Jun301841482Brown, Gustavus 36yWF
Erie Street176   May1018503328Brown, H 61yWM
Erie Street1226   Nov1518639176Brown, Harris 12dCM
Erie Street273   Dec23189316165Brown, Harry H 17yWM
Erie Street1246   Jul1118669879Brown, Hattie C 4m F
Erie Street2101  1900Dec12190017236Brown, Hiram 78yWM
Erie Street2134   Mar9192317852Brown, Hiram 60yWM
Erie Street152   Sep2818482371Brown, James 44yWM
Erie Street177   May3118503354Brown, James 39yWM
Erie Street116   Sep201843924Brown, Jerome  W 
Erie Street1176   Apr2018577175Brown, John 4mWM
Erie Street1259   Apr1186810408Brown, John 6mCM
Erie Street1267   Apr4186910722Brown, John  CM
Erie Street2115   Mar3190517649Brown, John 89yWM
Erie Street18   Dec231841583Brown, John H 28yWM
Erie Street141   Aug2018471907Brown, John H 38yWM
Erie Street1329   Jul24187712986Brown, Julia E 7mWF
Erie Street151   Aug1618482306Brown, Laura 4yW 
Erie Street260   Apr18189115634Brown, Lawrence 6mCM
Erie Street2113   Apr25190417605Brown, Lilliam 5yWF
Erie Street232   May14188514539Brown, Lottie 9mWF
Erie Street1203   Dec1118608259Brown, Lucy 3yCF
Erie Street211   Apr26188113675Brown, Lucy 64yWF
Erie Street1180   Sep918577333Brown, Lucy A 32yWF
Erie Street2139   Jul7193917893Brown, Margaret 77yWF
Erie Street1297   May21187311889Brown, Martin 18yCF
Erie Street1122   Mar2318535128Brown, Mary A 2yWF
Erie Street297   Mar27190017095Brown, Mason H 59yCM
Erie Street2130   Jul28191917842Brown, May B 36yWF
Erie Street1330  1877Nov10187713037Brown, Milton E 35yWM
Erie Street1140   Jun818545837Brown, Oliver 27y  
Erie Street1104   May218524417Brown, Orpha 23yWF
Erie Street1178   Jul2218577268Brown, Phoebe A 4dWF
Erie Street210   Feb3188113630Brown, Ralph A 4mWM
Erie Street237   Jul30188614724Brown, Richard 56yWM
Erie Street1136   Feb1418545682Brown, Robert 16mCM
Erie Street1330  1877Oct20187713031Brown, Sarah 52yWF
Erie Street1186   Jul1018587583Brown, Sarah M  WF
Erie Street2117   Jul23190617707Brown, SerenaMrs70yCF
Erie Street1240   Aug1818659648Brown, Solon 1y M
Erie Street287   Oct16189716736Brown, Susan 59yCF
Erie Street1236   Dec218649460Brown, Thomas 8d M
Erie Street1253   Jun19186710148Brown, Thomas   M
Erie Street1282   Apr11187111314Brown, Thomas C 14yWM
Erie Street2120   Jun30190917741Brown, WalterChild C 
Erie Street1100   Jan118524254Brown, Wm  WM
Erie Street262   Sep10189115708Brown, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street122   Dec1618441175Brown, Wm F 35yWM
Erie Street188   Jan618513785Brownder, Susanna 9mWF
Erie Street197   Oct2618514145Brownell,Child of Mr2yW 
Erie Street1308   Oct25187412330Brownell, Benj 45yWM
Erie Street1257   Dec19186710303Brownell, Clara 12y F
Erie Street1227   Dec1018639204Brownell, Frank 8m M
Erie Street1183   Jan3118587461Brownell, Habbey 40yWM
Erie Street1247   Aug2218669921Brownell, Maria 16y F
Erie Street1103   Apr1918524394Brownell, Mary H 29yWF
Erie Street1115   Sep2918524861Brownell, Wilfred S 6m M
Erie Street1112   Sep1018524763Bruce, Alexander 40yWM
Erie Street290   Jun16189816821Bruce, Benjamin Frank 66yWM
Erie Street1115   Sep2918524865Bruce, Charles 11yWM
Erie Street28   Sep16188013560Bruce, Fanny M 24yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar418566732Bruce, Henrietta 7dWF
Erie Street1165   Apr1518566772Bruce, Margaret 5yWF
Erie Street256   Aug2189015479Bruce, Mary A 55yWF
Erie Street1287   Jan4187211476Bruce, Robert K 38yWM
Erie Street1233   Aug318649351Bruder,Child of G   
Erie Street1227   Dec1918639220Brumer,Child of Wm A SB  M
Erie Street1115   Sep2818524859Brummer, Catherine 1y M
Erie Street1129   Aug2718535417Brummer, Henry 10mWM
Erie Street1289   May7187211556Brumrow, Theo S 2yWM
Erie Street250   Apr13188915231Brundage, Minnie C 20yWF
Erie Street285   Dec31189616644ABrundage, Minnie C   F
Erie Street296   Sep8189917018Bruner, Mary 58yWF
Erie Street169   Sep2618493052Brunne, William 27yWM
Erie Street1274   Apr5187011008Brunner, Barbara 70yWF
Erie Street1190   Dec1018587729Brunner, Caroline 20yWF
Erie Street279   May13189516386Brunner, Nettie 27yWF
Erie Street11   Jun261840317Brunson, Sarah 65yWF
Erie Street1157   Aug418556487Brunswick, Frederick 3yW 
Erie Street253   Dec31188915358Brunswick, Geo 1mWM
Erie Street153   Nov1718482419Brust, Thomas 2yWM
Erie Street119   Jul818441060Bryan,Child of Thomas9mWM
Erie Street1251   Jan28186710057Bryan,SB Child of James   
Erie Street147   Apr1018482171Bryan, Fanny WMrs31yWF
Erie Street137   May1618471751Bryan, George W 1yWM
Erie Street1132   Oct2618535541Bryan, Hannah 66yCF
Erie Street1242   Nov118659713Bryan, L 1y M
Erie Street1320   Apr8187612713Bryan, Leonard 63yWM
Erie Street1313   May8187512456Bryan, Mary Ann 64yWM
Erie Street293   Jan6189916900Bryant, 3yWF
Erie Street229   Aug15188414392Bryant, Sarah 31yWF
Erie Street132   Sep318461541Bryon, Harry 40yWM
Erie Street1266   Jan30186910673Buchanan, Wm P 35y M
Erie Street1206   Mar1518618363Buchholtz,Child of Augusta9mWF
Erie Street297   Mar9190017085Buchholz,SB WM
Erie Street2103  1901Apr20190117307Buchholz, Martha 1mWF
Erie Street1249   Nov29186610005Buchman,Child of Conrad  M
Erie Street298   Apr21190017126Buchner, Edwin 1yWM
Erie Street270   May23189316053Bucholz, Johnchild SB WF
Erie Street1267   Mar1186910697Buck, Charles 1y M
Erie Street240   Mar13188714844Buck, Samuel 4hWM
Erie Street1263   Oct3186810568Buckholtz,Child of A  F
Erie Street1300   Aug31187312011Buckholtz,Child of Rosa2yWF
Erie Street1140   Jun218545834Buckingham, Elizabeth Ann 18mW 
Erie Street1171   Nov2418567011Buckinham, William 3ycM
Erie Street1276   Jul6187011082Budd,Child of S A8mWF
Erie Street2104  1901Jul26190117359Budd, Walter 12yWM
Erie Street1173   Jan2918577072Budge, Lucy A 8yWF
Erie Street268   Dec22189215961Buechner, Albert 2yWM
Erie Street1236   Dec818649467Buehnes,SB Child of Fred   
Erie Street1124   May1318535202Buel, H B 21dW 
Erie Street1336  1879Mar31187913263Buell, GeorgeSB Child of George WM
Erie Street282   Apr12189616541Buell, Nellie M 15yWF
Erie Street239   Dec18188614794Buerger, 1hWM
Erie Street228   Jun13188414368Buerger, Carl H 21dWM
Erie Street266   Jul28189215895Buerger, Geo R 11mWM
Erie Street230   Oct12188414436Buerhater, 18dWM
Erie Street1293   Nov17187211746Buhder,Child of Clara14dWF
Erie Street1158   Aug3118556534Buhmer, Henry W 1mWF
Erie Street282   Feb1189616514Buhren, CMrs72yWF
Erie Street267   Sep14189215924Buhren, Louis 77yWM
Erie Street1265   Dec4186810635Buhrer, Jacob 58y M
Erie Street116   Sep151843913Bull,Child of Henry8mW 
Erie Street257   Sep12189015509Bullen, Margaret Louise 36yWF
Erie Street1149   Sep1918546174Bullich, Mary 35yWF
Erie Street2105  1901Sep14190117392Bumblis, 3hWF
Erie Street1145   Aug818546014Bumler, John 2yWM
Erie Street1269   Jul28186910795Bundy,Child of John CF
Erie Street1249   Nov1018669986Bunker, Thos J 52y M
Erie Street1303   Jan18187412103Bunts, W C 41yWM
Erie Street1240   Aug718659636Burch, Edward HAKA Derby1m M
Erie Street1230   Mar3018649219 DBurchfield,Child of B F6m M
Erie Street1324   Oct14187612856Burdenke, Anna  W 
Erie Street1295   Jan28187311801Burdick,SB Child of Ida WM
Erie Street128   Feb218461399Burg, Charles E 20y M
Erie Street1262   Aug3186810511Burger,SB Child of A H  F
Erie Street1290   Jul8187211609Burger,Child of Wm F10mWM
Erie Street1170   Sep2718566960Burger, Hannah 12yWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2818546090Burges, F L 2yW 
Erie Street1271   Oct7186910871Burgess,Child of Albert2m F
Erie Street142   Sep1018471960Burgess, Adeline 21yWF
Erie Street1161   Dec318556650Burgess, Albert A 2yWM
Erie Street1196   Dec1418597990Burgess, Allen 68yWM
Erie Street176   May1518503332Burgess, Betsy 69yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug1186910812Burgess, Dwight 30y  
Erie Street1288   Mar13187211521Burgess, Esther 81yWF
Erie Street285   Nov21189616630Burgess, Fred 74yWM
Erie Street1169   Sep1718566946Burgess, H C 2yWM
Erie Street1219   Oct2518628872Burgess, Joseph 38y M
Erie Street239   Jan4188714808Burgess, Julia E 34yWF
Erie Street2113   Feb18190417596Burgess, Maria Elizabeth 65yWF
Erie Street1260   Apr21186810420Burgess, Pamelia J 72y F
Erie Street1240   Aug2218659651Burgess, William 10m M
Erie Street1227   Dec1818639215Burghart,Child of Ernest1y F
Erie Street1168   Aug1718566907Burghart, Ernest 17mWM
Erie Street1270   Sep1186910843Burgwald,SB Child of Wm  M
Erie Street169   Sep1418493023Burk,Child of Mr18mW 
Erie Street184   Aug2918503624Burk,Child of Mrs1dW 
Erie Street1155   Mar2918556378Burk, 10mWM
Erie Street1201   Aug1118608166Burk,Child of Richd6mW 
Erie Street1215   Apr2118628734Burk,Child of Thos7y F
Erie Street1299   Jul29187311952Burk,Child of Tobias8m F
Erie Street177   Jun818503362Burk, Anna 33yWF
Erie Street188   Jan2218513798Burk, John 1dWM
Erie Street221   Feb9188314081Burk, John 8yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1318503550Burk, Mary 58yWF
Erie Street155   Jan1518492477Burk, Michael 4yW 
Erie Street192   Jul1318513975Burk, Wm 19yWM
Erie Street159   Jun1818492653Burke,SB Child of Thomas W 
Erie Street194   Jul3018514021Burke,SB Child of T W 
Erie Street1304   Mar23187412153Burke,Child of Sarah10dWF
Erie Street1112   Sep718524741Burke, Caroline F 2yWF
Erie Street1100   Jan118524253Burke, Harriet 32yWF
Erie Street278   Apr2189516368Burke, Helen 35dCF
Erie Street236   Jun3188614704Burke, Mary 61yCF
Erie Street151   Aug2618482326Burke, Wm E 1yWM
Erie Street1111   Aug2918524705Burkey, John  WM
Erie Street1297   Apr22187311867Burkhardt,Child of George W3mWM
Erie Street1318   Dec23187512644Burkhart, Mattie 2yWF
Erie Street284   Jul30189616591Burks, Elizabeth C 9mCF
Erie Street281   Dec15189516489Burks, Sallie E 22yCF
Erie Street184   Sep118503634Burley,Mr50yWM
Erie Street2101  1900Oct23190017218Burley, Andrew 48yWM
Erie Street175   Mar2918503274Burmont, J H 55yWM
Erie Street1263   Oct3186810567Burn,Child of John1y M
Erie Street1118   Nov1518524975Burnam, Williard 50y M
Erie Street1149   Oct918546204Burner, Caroline 7yWF
Erie Street137   May418471741Burnes, John 15mWM
Erie Street249   Jan27188915199Burnet, Louise 34yWF
Erie Street19   Jun281842657Burnham,SB Child of W W 
Erie Street1189   Oct2418587697Burnham, Chas A 4yCM
Erie Street1224   Aug318639085Burnham, Martha Delmater 37y F
Erie Street1118   Nov2118524981Burns,Child of Charles19mWM
Erie Street137   Jun318471765Burns, AMrs26yWF
Erie Street197   Oct3118514150Burns, B 55yW 
Erie Street166   Aug2618492930Burns, Bridget 35yW 
Erie Street193   Jul1918513998Burns, E H 22yW 
Erie Street1189   Oct2618587700Burns, James WChild SB WM
Erie Street171   Nov1318493125Burns, Margaret 36yWF
Erie Street140   Aug1618471898Burns, Mary Ann  WF
Erie Street250   May14188915246Burns, Susan 51yWF
Erie Street137   May818471744Burnum, Zenas 2yWM
Erie Street1239   May818659579Burrall,Child of H A  M
Erie Street1257   Dec26186710311Burrell, Eliza 26y F
Erie Street1134   Dec3118535611Burrick, Anthony 6yWM
Erie Street1189   Oct2418587699Burridge, Elizabeth W 32yWF
Erie Street1178   Aug718577279Burrill, Ellen 2ycF
Erie Street1126   Jun2718535271Burrill, Nathaniel 2yCM
Erie Street129   May118461441Burrit,Child of J D10mW 
Erie Street1106   Jul1318524520Burritt,Mrs Dr WF
Erie Street1121   Feb1818535066Burritt, Francis C 10yWF
Erie Street130   Jul2518461499Burritt, John D 30yW 
Erie Street1191   Jan518597761Burroff, Richard T 27y M
Erie Street1107   Jul2618524549Burroughs, A 55yWM
Erie Street1211   Oct718618562Burroughs, David 61yWM
Erie Street1249   Nov28186610004Burroughs, Mary 25y F
Erie Street253   Dec9188915348Burroughs, Mary 94yWF
Erie Street1218   Sep2118628844Burroughs, Rebecca 59y F
Erie Street1292   Sep9187211712Burrows,SB Child of C WM
Erie Street1161   Nov1818556639Burrows, Eliza J 4yWF
Erie Street1244   Mar1518669805Burrows, Louise 1yCF
Erie Street257   Sep2189015507Burrows, Mabel 9mWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1618546043Burry, Adi A 22mWF
Erie Street1276   Jul4187011080Burs,Child of Wm9mWM
Erie Street1276   Jun22187011059Burt,Child of O C W 
Erie Street1290   Jul18187211633Burt,Child of Wm14dWM
Erie Street28   Aug30188013553Burt, Anna 5mWF
Erie Street1104   May1818524442Burton,Mrs S A50yWF
Erie Street1106   Jul118524502Burton,Child of Mrs3m  
Erie Street1257   Dec6186710296Burton,Child of J6m M
Erie Street272   Oct9189316130Burton, EmmaMrs74yWF
Erie Street2104  1901Jun17190117334Burton, Frank 60yWM
Erie Street244   Jan8188815006Burton, H C 35yWM
Erie Street1240   Jul2718659624Burton, Howard W 5m M
Erie Street294   May19189916972Burton, Laura 18yCF
Erie Street1149   Oct618546197Burton, Mary 17mWF
Erie Street1264   Oct27186810593Burton, Sarah 79y F
Erie Street1313   May15187512462Burwald, Amy 1yWM
Erie Street1120   Jan2118535042Burwell,Mrs34yWF
Erie Street25   Feb17188013437Burwell, Albert W 27yWM
Erie Street1251   Mar10186710089Burwell, Elizabeth 18y F
Erie Street1335  1879Feb16187913231Burwell, Enoch 88yWM
Erie Street173   Jan2218503194Burwell, Frances E 2yWF
Erie Street1159   Sep1518556565Burwell, Frank E 15dWM
Erie Street260   Apr15189115627Burwell, Geo P 74yWM
Erie Street1135   Jan818545622Burwell, Lewis E 2yWM
Erie Street1327   Jan27187712911Burwell, Sarah 79yWF
Erie Street226   Jan20188414297Burwick, Anna 1yWF
Erie Street233   Jul24188514568Burwig, Herman 7mWM
Erie Street1210   Sep518618529Bury, Mariette 68yWF
Erie Street1314   Jul23187512519Bury, RichardRev81yWM
Erie Street1113   Sep1618524807Bury, Sullivan 35yWM
Erie Street1237   Jan518659496Busch, Catherine 1y F
Erie Street294   Mar20189916938Busch, Dennis 1yCM
Erie Street1193   Jul218597847Busch, Edward 3mCM
Erie Street156   Feb618492504Busemand, Philip  WM
Erie Street12   Aug171840357Bush,Child of John F W 
Erie Street146   Jan2918482108Bush,Mrs50yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug1018524618Bush,Child of Jacob19mW 
Erie Street1311   Feb9187512392Bush,Child of Wm14dWM
Erie Street285   Jan1189716645Bush, 4dCM
Erie Street1251   Feb2186710063Bush, Adolf 4y M
Erie Street1191   Jan2518597777Bush, Edwin C 1m M
Erie Street1243   Jan1618669760Bush, Fred W 4m M
Erie Street295   Jun27189916983Bush, Georgia E 5mCM
Erie Street1300   Aug21187311995Bushaky,Child of Gustave2yWM
Erie Street1249   Nov29186610005Bushman,Child of Conrad  M
Erie Street1130   Sep1418535463Bushman, John Frederick 56yWM
Erie Street162   Jul2818492744Busman, Anna 34yWF
Erie Street228   Jul14188414377Buss, Alice Laura 4mWF
Erie Street267   Oct27189215934Bussey, Emma F 43yWF
Erie Street1241   Aug2618659654Bussmann,Child of Henry5m M
Erie Street173   Jan2518503201Butler,SB Child of T C 
Erie Street1167   Jul2518566857Butler,Mr55yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jun3190117327Butler, 2dCF
Erie Street278   Apr2189516366Butler, Eliza 51yCF
Erie Street2104  1901Jun7190117328Butler, Elizabeth 39yCF
Erie Street1145   Aug1218546032Butler, Hannah 72yWF
Erie Street239   Dec28188614801Butler, Jennie T 33yWF
Erie Street229   Aug6188414390Butler, John 1mWM
Erie Street1140   May2118545818Butler, Mary P 3yWF
Erie Street1166   Jun2318566823Butsh,Child of Conrad1dWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1018546017Butter,SB Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street1233   Aug818649357Butter,Child of Earnest1y  
Erie Street1266   Dec29186810652Butter, Erwin 25y M
Erie Street1123   Apr1618535159Butter, H E 36yWM
Erie Street1155   May518556402Butter, Henry E 19mWM
Erie Street1146   Aug1918546059Butter, James 1yWM
Erie Street1194   Aug2218597901Butterfield, Julia CMrs22y F
Erie Street1289   Apr29187211554Butterfield, Mary F 45yWF
Erie Street129   May2618461459Butterfield, Philander 51yWM
Erie Street1201   Aug3118608187Butterfield, VMrs60yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar518566728Button,Mrs S M44yWF
Erie Street113   Apr141843801Butts,Child of C S9yWM
Erie Street1122   Mar1018535104Butts,Child of L C8mW 
Erie Street1233   Aug318649349Byerly, Arrabella 2y F
Erie Street1129   Aug1618535390Byson, Martha 1yWF

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