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Cleveland District Round Table

Erie Street Cemetery Index
Surnames:   C through Eh

CemeteryVolPgDOD-MDOD-DDOD-YDOI-MDOI-DDOI-YInt NoFull NameTitles & TermsAgeColorSex M/F
Erie Street1184   Mar1818587490Cabbelder, Walter 4mWM
Erie Street126   Aug1818451306Cable, John 17yWM
Erie Street1241   Oct518659689Cady,Child of S S19d F
Erie Street1275   Apr13187011016Cady,Child of W1yW 
Erie Street1331  1878Jan19187813064Cady, Alanson B 16yWM
Erie Street237   Aug19188614732Cady, Ben S 50yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb718524303Cady, Catherine 32yWF
Erie Street2105  1901Aug29190117384Cady, Fanny B 8mWF
Erie Street1133   Nov118535556Cady, James 1yWM
Erie Street1271   Sep11186910852Cady, W H M 46y M
Erie Street297   Jan24190017069Cady, William S 9mWM
Erie Street146   Feb1618482116Cahill, AMiss14yWF
Erie Street146   Jan3018482111Cahill, John 11yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul1918535309Cahill, Patrick 56yWM
Erie Street1103   Apr2518524404Cahis, Mary 16mWM
Erie Street219   Oct1188214006Cahoon, Joel B 89yWM
Erie Street1269   Jul11186910775Cain,Child of Ellen2mC 
Erie Street240   Mar2188714837Cain,SB WM
Erie Street1196   Apr718607992Cain, Charles H 2yWM
Erie Street242   Jul17188714907Cain, Esther Josephine 1yWF
Erie Street1278   Sep16187011169Cain, Margaret 51yWF
Erie Street1230   Apr1618649243Cain, Mary Ball 7y F
Erie Street1244   Feb718669778Cain, Peter 69y M
Erie Street1101   Jan3018524295Caine, Francis E 2yWF
Erie Street1121   Mar818535097Caines,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street199   Dec1818514225Cains, TCChild of T C21dW 
Erie Street1108   Aug218524588Calahan, Catherine 35yWF
Erie Street116   Sep81843903Caldecot,Child of S1yW 
Erie Street1209   Jul1318618482Calder,Child of Thos3yW 
Erie Street1209   Jul1318618479Calder, Thos 5yWM
Erie Street144   Nov218472042Calder, Wm 2mWM
Erie Street157   Mar2818492561Caldking, Mary 53yWF
Erie Street2123   Mar29191217788Caldwell, Marie A 63yWF
Erie Street13   Oct71840392Caldwell, Mary L 19yWF
Erie Street213   Oct1188113785Caldwell, Samuel S 52yWM
Erie Street163   Aug818492817Cale, Simeon 38yWM
Erie Street157   Mar3018492565Cale, Thomas 7yWM
Erie Street136   Apr2518471738Calender, Joseph 38yWM
Erie Street136   Mar2918471717Caler,Mrs C36yWF
Erie Street12   Aug151840355Caler, Filene 3yWF
Erie Street1178   Jun2818577248Caley, Esther 36yWF
Erie Street1304   Mar15187412143Calhoun, John C 75yWM
Erie Street1206   Apr518618387Calhoun, Ralph C 10yWM
Erie Street188   Feb118513807Calister, Wm 3yWM
Erie Street1328   Jul2187712975Calkins,SB WF
Erie Street128   Feb2818461410Call,Child of Thomas4mW 
Erie Street214   Nov27188113816Callard, John (Child-foetus)SB Child of John WM
Erie Street170   Oct2118493099Calligan, Bridget 7yWF
Erie Street275   Jun25189416248Callow, Amelia 66yWF
Erie Street1212   Dec618618596Callow, Isabella 68yWF
Erie Street191   Jun118513934Callow, John 32yWM
Erie Street24   Jan9188013410Callow, Thomas 85yWM
Erie Street271   Aug18189316098Callow, Thomas 62yWM
Erie Street1255   Sep10186710232Callow, Wm 36y M
Erie Street2113   Jan8190417590Callup, Lester N 80yWM
Erie Street1239   Jul718659611Calrich,Child of August4m F
Erie Street213   Sep22188113782Calsen, Olivia M 1yWF
Erie Street14   Dec271840423Calton, Joseph 29yWM
Erie Street1102   Feb2518524335Caluszler, Barbary C 79yWF
Erie Street139   Jul1318471823Caly, Lydia 3yWF
Erie Street1114   Sep2218524824Calyer, James S 40yWM
Erie Street2102  1901Feb2190117264Calyer, Lydia 82yWF
Erie Street135   Feb1418471692Calyers, Frederick 3mWM
Erie Street111   Sep301842733Cambell, Geo S 28yWM
Erie Street1103   Apr2318524397Cambell, Jane 5mWF
Erie Street117   Nov171843952Cambell, Theodore 24yWM
Erie Street161   Jul2318492724Cameran, John 36yWM
Erie Street275   Jun28189416249Cameron,baby WF
Erie Street1312   Apr24187512443Cameron, Allen 20yWM
Erie Street195   Aug2918514082Cameron, Catherine 8mWF
Erie Street283   Jul15189616580Cameron, Leona 6mWF
Erie Street271   Aug16189316097Cameron, Mary 27yWF
Erie Street1180   Sep2018577346Camm, Walter 2yWM
Erie Street218   Jul26188213951Cammen, Charles H 8dWM
Erie Street144   Oct1818472024Camp,SB Child of C L W 
Erie Street1182   Nov3018577408Camp,Mrs F34yWF
Erie Street1231   May318649264Camp, Charles L 69y M
Erie Street1145   Aug1118546024Camp, David 57yWM
Erie Street1193   Jul518597850Camp, Dudley  WM
Erie Street1225   Sep2318639137Camp, Effa 20y F
Erie Street1177   Jun1818577244Camp, Elizabeth 90yWF
Erie Street1209   Jul918618473Camp, Emily 55yWF
Erie Street191   May518513905Camp, Frederick 2yWM
Erie Street1218   Sep2018628839Camp, HenryLieut33y M
Erie Street167   Aug3118492966Camp, Martha 18mWF
Erie Street1130   Aug3118535430Campbell,Child of John14dWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2718535328Campbell, Catherine 1yWF
Erie Street1128   Aug1218535374Campbell, Daniel  WM
Erie Street2105  1901Sep30190117395Campbell, Donald M 58yWM
Erie Street1168   Aug1518566904Campbell, Dorathy 27yWF
Erie Street293   Feb27189916928Campbell, Elizabeth 58yWF
Erie Street262   Nov9189115736Campbell, George MJr5yWM
Erie Street1233   Aug518649354Campbell, Paul P 2y M
Erie Street2100  1900Sep3190017199Campbell, Raymond 4yWM
Erie Street294   Apr27189916960Campbell, Silas 29yWM
Erie Street262   Nov17189115741Campbell, Wm H 7yWM
Erie Street133   Oct1218461591Canada,Child of N2mW 
Erie Street1161   Nov2518556645Canada,SB Child of John WF
Erie Street146   Feb2818482129Canada, HAKA Kenady11yW 
Erie Street161   Jul1718492711Canada, John 4mWM
Erie Street1162   Dec2118556663Canada, John 1mWM
Erie Street138   Jul1118471820Canada, Thomas 26yWM
Erie Street1171   Nov2418567012Canall, S 22yWM
Erie Street1138   Apr418545760Canana,SB Child of Thos W 
Erie Street266   Jun27189215871Candield, Thomas 7yWM
Erie Street1240   Aug1718659646Candon, John 6m M
Erie Street198   Dec418514202Cane, 2mW 
Erie Street1200   Jul2018608140Cane, John EChild of John E2m  
Erie Street1108   Jul3018524574Canfield,Child of Mr6mW 
Erie Street1327   Jan21187712908Canfield, A 3mWF
Erie Street232   May11188514518Canfield, Amanda 57yWF
Erie Street194   Aug418514035Canfield, Charles 6yWM
Erie Street1173   Jan818577052Canfield, Newman 22yWM
Erie Street1183   Jan2518587454Cann,SB Child of Jacob WM
Erie Street1273   Feb14187010962Cannegieser, Maurice J 5mWF
Erie Street1231   Apr2418649252Canner, Lurisa 35y F
Erie Street155   Dec2918482462Cansman, CMr32yWM
Erie Street1115   Sep2918524862Cant, Mary 1y F
Erie Street1322   Aug12187612803Canusky, M 1yWM
Erie Street1319   Feb2187612674Capell, John 1yWM
Erie Street1177   May3018577225Capener, B F 19mWM
Erie Street1253   Jul10186710158Cappner, Emma 5y F
Erie Street155   Jan1518492476Caragen,SB Child of James W 
Erie Street140   Aug718471875Caral, Peter 40yWM
Erie Street139   Jul2618471855Carall, Thomas 5yWM
Erie Street152   Sep818482343Carall, Thomas 48yWM
Erie Street13   Oct11840390Card, Varnum I 43yWM
Erie Street1191   Feb1218597790Carey,Child of J A E   
Erie Street1234   Aug2718649377Carey, W FMajor  M
Erie Street1138   Apr318545759Carlisle,Child of John8dW 
Erie Street1237   Feb818659527Carlisle, Jane 23y F
Erie Street1115   Sep2818524857Carlisle, Mary 1y F
Erie Street285   Nov29189616633Carlisle, Thomas 56yWM
Erie Street175   Apr1118503292Carlisles,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1177   Jun1418577240Carls, Joseph 3mWM
Erie Street247   Aug2188815113Carlsen,SB WF
Erie Street229   Aug19188414394Carlsen, Charlotte 21dWF
Erie Street241   Jul11188714901Carlson, 1dWM
Erie Street285   Feb26189716662Carlson, A M 21yWM
Erie Street284   Jul23189616586Carlton, C C 84yWM
Erie Street1166   May1518566801Carlton, Cabeb 72yWM
Erie Street1184   Mar118587478Carlton, Jane L S 43yWF
Erie Street1330  1877Nov30187713043Carlton, Rhoda 92yWF
Erie Street283   Jul11189616578Carlton, S PMrs56yWF
Erie Street119   Jun1518441043Carman, Roxey 38yWF
Erie Street1267   Apr11186910728Carmell, Mary 16y F
Erie Street115   Aug71843865Carmen,Child of Jesse1yW 
Erie Street125   Jul3118451292Carmichaels, Wm  W 
Erie Street119   Jul718441058Carmon,Child of Jason2mW 
Erie Street126   Sep2118451334Carmon,Child of Jason W 
Erie Street2112   Dec26190317588Carn, 14yWM
Erie Street2138   Dec1193417879Carnahan, Samuel 50yWM
Erie Street163   Aug418492798Carnall, Thomas 11mWM
Erie Street126   Sep618451327Carnan, Priscilla 20yWF
Erie Street1111   Aug2618524692Carney, Hanah 40yWF
Erie Street190   Mar2918513862Caroline, 22yWF
Erie Street180   Jul2018503471Caroll, Ann 56yWF
Erie Street2108  1902May22190217459Carolus, John 40yWM
Erie Street1188   Sep1818587668Carother, Mathew C 2yWM
Erie Street158   May618492603Carpenter,Mr WM
Erie Street298   Apr9190017112Carpenter,SB WM
Erie Street1104   May118524416Carpenter, Alice A 14dWF
Erie Street257   Oct17189015531Carpenter, Arthur BDr37yWM
Erie Street126   Sep2218451335Carpenter, Edward S 24yWM
Erie Street1123   Apr1118535152Carpenter, Ray L 23yWM
Erie Street139   Jul2518471851Carr,Child of M3yW 
Erie Street155   Jan1718492481Carr,Child of Mr6dW 
Erie Street192   Jul918513971Carr,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street1206   Apr718618390Carr,Child of John1yWM
Erie Street220   Jan15188314063Carr, Daisy 10yWF
Erie Street165   Aug1918492886Carr, Fanny 25yWF
Erie Street235   Feb8188614650Carr, Harrie L 6mWF
Erie Street234   Sep15188514597Carr, John 33yWM
Erie Street1167   Jul1718566847Carr, John W 18mWM
Erie Street296   Nov6189917040Carr, Peter 60yWM
Erie Street155   Jan1318492475Carraher,Child of James6dW 
Erie Street1332  1878May9187813099Carrens, Mary E 38yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524634Carrington, George 7mWM
Erie Street1292   Aug19187211687Carrol, Charles 2yWM
Erie Street251   Sep13188915303Carrol, George W 33yWM
Erie Street248   Dec27188815183Carroll,SB CF
Erie Street1320   Apr28187612720Carroll, Arthur 1mWM
Erie Street2110   Mar5190317509Carroll, Esther 2yCF
Erie Street139   Jul2118471843Carroll, Wm 14yWM
Erie Street1182   Jan418587437Carrs,Child of John9dWM
Erie Street1200   Jul2018608140Carry, John EChild of John E2m  
Erie Street230   Nov20188414457Carson,Mrs M64yWF
Erie Street214   Dec4188113818Carson, Marshall 71yWM
Erie Street1149   Oct418546194Carson, Perry 3yWM
Erie Street1204   Jan618618282Carter,Child of Carter2yW 
Erie Street214   Oct29188113805Carter,SB child of Robert WF
Erie Street223   Jun28188314166Carter,SB Infant WM
Erie Street236   Apr11188614680Carter, Annie H 66yCF
Erie Street1222   Apr818638993Carter, D KLieut21y M
Erie Street1113   Sep1418524789Carter, Elizabeth A 14mWF
Erie Street1155   Apr2518556396Carter, Mary 1dWF
Erie Street1163   Feb1318566712Carter, Mary C 2mCF
Erie Street1185   Apr2418587527Carter, Mary L 14dWF
Erie Street197   Nov1818514175Carter, P 3mW 
Erie Street1292   Aug24187211693Carter, R PSB WM
Erie Street236   May17188614699Carver,SB Infant WM
Erie Street149   Jun1118482229Carvog,Mrs20yWF
Erie Street1163   Jan918566681Carwood,Mrs9mWF
Erie Street1100   Jan218524256Cary,SB Child of D W 
Erie Street1104   May718524427Cary, Geo Sr 71yWM
Erie Street1118   Nov1918524979Cary, George 2y M
Erie Street1144   Aug318545986Cary, John 5yWM
Erie Street18   Mar81842618Cary, Wm 80yWM
Erie Street168   Sep1118493013Casada, John 22mWM
Erie Street16   Aug131841515Case,Child of John W 
Erie Street1153   Jan1018556306Case, 15yWF
Erie Street1228   Jan418649136 DCase,Child of J   
Erie Street1246   Jul1618669886Case,SB Child of Geo F  M
Erie Street1177   Jun918577233Case, E W 30yWM
Erie Street1179   Sep118577321Case, Elizabeth 69yWF
Erie Street1147   Aug3018546105Case, John 54yWM
Erie Street1236   Dec918649469Case, Leonard 79y M
Erie Street24   Jan8188013409Case, Leonard 59yWM
Erie Street1215   Apr2418628735Case, Wm 43y M
Erie Street1235   Nov1218649448Casey, Mary 9y F
Erie Street1236   Dec718649464Casey, Wm S 18y M
Erie Street230   Oct29188414447Cash, Louisa 83yWF
Erie Street1203   Nov2218608245Cashmere, CastleyChild of Castley SB WM
Erie Street172   Dec618493155Casper,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street135   Feb2818471700Cassel, Herlon 28yW 
Erie Street1107   Jul2718524554Casselburn, P M 7mWM
Erie Street1131   Sep2018535475Cassett, P A  W 
Erie Street14   Feb261841442Casson, Lecty 29yWF
Erie Street1115   Sep2918524864Caster, C J 35yWM
Erie Street1227   Dec618639196Caster, Fremont 14y M
Erie Street1114   Sep2318524827Caster, Mary B 9mWF
Erie Street1165   Apr318566757Caster, Wm 3yWM
Erie Street2100  1900Oct13190017213Castle, Christopher 76yWM
Erie Street255   Jun30189015460Castle, Doris A M 18yWF
Erie Street239   Jan20188714819Castle, Frank 9yWM
Erie Street239   Jan20188714818Castle, Maurice W 4yWM
Erie Street239   Jan13188714815Castle, Wm T 18yWM
Erie Street1148   Sep718546138Castlen, Samuel 9mWM
Erie Street1172   Dec2418567038Castler, Charles 5mW 
Erie Street1159   Sep518556541Castlin, SamuelSB WM
Erie Street186   Oct1818503728Caswell, Charles 10dWM
Erie Street238   Nov5188614766Caswell, Earnst A 17yWM
Erie Street1161   Nov218556622Caswell, Edward 19yWM
Erie Street234   Nov17188514620Caswell, Julia 54yWF
Erie Street1141   Jul218545857Caters, Margaret E 6dCF
Erie Street158   Apr2018492586Cathcarts,Child of M2yW 
Erie Street117   Nov281843955Cather,Child of Robert7mW 
Erie Street1153   Jan518556299Cather, Lucy A 41yWF
Erie Street189   Mar1418513846Cauglin, J 9mW 
Erie Street1213   Feb1618628671Caul, Theodore 18yWM
Erie Street136   Apr2318471737Caul, Wm H 2mWM
Erie Street1138   Apr918545764Cavana, Margaret 27yWF
Erie Street1143   Jul2618545939Cavana, Margaret 3yWF
Erie Street1168   Aug1018566893Cave, Flora 2yWF
Erie Street1123   Apr2118535166Caves,Child of S F1mW 
Erie Street110   Aug81842694Cawlet,Child of John W 
Erie Street2105  1901Sep14190117391Cebold, Bessie M 10mCF
Erie Street297   Mar16190017089Cecking, Henry 67yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul20190117353Ceeneck, Franciska 42yWF
Erie Street1101   Feb918524307Celner, Mary E 4yWF
Erie Street2100  1900Jul20190017177Cemke, Julius 46yWM
Erie Street144   Oct1818472022Cerley, Elizabeth 13yWF
Erie Street139   Jul1318471823Cerly, Lydia 3yWF
Erie Street138   Jul1018471817Cerly, Samuel 6yWM
Erie Street243   Oct23188714961Cerolla, Fredrica 3dWF
Erie Street257   Sep19189015514Cerolla, Willie 1yWM
Erie Street1226   Nov218639167Cerwin,Child of Thos   
Erie Street2113   Apr20190417604Cetrost, Phillip J 83yWM
Erie Street1290   Jun27187211595Chaaf,Child of Henry6mWM
Erie Street278   Feb21189516349Chadderton, Joseph 59yWM
Erie Street242   Jul25188714912Chadwick, 3mWM
Erie Street1316   Sep11187512568Chall, Anna M 1yWF
Erie Street273   Dec30189316170Challinor, Agnes Elizabeth 15mWF
Erie Street1210   Aug2318618520Chamberlain, Abigal 84yWF
Erie Street151   Sep518482339Chamberlian, Charles 9mW 
Erie Street148   May2218482210Chamberlin,Mr35yWM
Erie Street195   Aug2818514081Chamberlin, 5yWM
Erie Street248   Dec5188815169Chamberlin, Dodge 2mWM
Erie Street153   Nov1518482416Chamberlin, JohnSB Child of John W 
Erie Street1236   Dec818649468Chamberlin, Joseph 63y M
Erie Street1219   Nov118628874Chamberlin, Selah 83y M
Erie Street1289   May4187211555Chamberlin, Wm B 56yWM
Erie Street1158   Aug1318556506Chambers, John 5mWM
Erie Street1157   Aug218556481Chambers, Wm 5mWM
Erie Street1200   Jul318608127Champ,Child of John21dWM
Erie Street1185   May2318587549Champion,Mrs R65yWF
Erie Street1242   Nov1518659718Champion, Ellen 30y F
Erie Street16   Sep41841532Champion, Reuben 47yWM
Erie Street1259   Feb26186810375Champlin, Wm 44y M
Erie Street258   Nov28189015549Champney,Baby PB WF
Erie Street1206   Mar918618355Champney, Frankie 8yWM
Erie Street1308   Oct7187412322Champney, Julia 16yWF
Erie Street1157   Jul1718556458Champney, Wm S 35yWM
Erie Street154   Dec1818482451Champnye,Child of Wm L2yW 
Erie Street1244   Feb1618669782Chance, Royal 5y M
Erie Street255   May7189015430Chancy, 3dWM
Erie Street1135   Jan618545621Chandler,SB Child of J C (1 of 2) W 
Erie Street1135   Jan618545621Chandler,SB Child of J C (2 of 2) W 
Erie Street258   Feb6189115584Chandler,Baby PB WM
Erie Street1130   Sep818535448Chandler, Elizabeth 4mWF
Erie Street1230   Apr2418649251Chandler, Mabel 82y F
Erie Street1264   Oct14186810582Chandler, Samuel 87y M
Erie Street160   Jun2818492675Chap, Henry 1y M
Erie Street254   Feb26189015400Chapeaus, Wm 2mWM
Erie Street11   May11840305Chapen, Samuel I 35yWM
Erie Street165   Aug1918492891Chapman,Mrs40yWF
Erie Street1158   Aug918556496Chapman, 6mWM
Erie Street134   Dec618461630Chapman, A J 56yW 
Erie Street2101  1900Dec5190017235Chapman, Alfred 32yWM
Erie Street174   Feb1518503221Chapman, Charles P 9mWM
Erie Street1245   Mar2818669816Chapman, Emily S 62y F
Erie Street1158   Aug2018556517Chapman, Frederick J 4mWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2418524545Chapman, Helen 3mWF
Erie Street122   Dec2718441179Chapman, Henry 57yWM
Erie Street1132   Oct818535516Chapman, J  W 
Erie Street269   Feb17189315996Chapman, Kittie 28yWF
Erie Street185   Sep3018503699Chappall, Margaret A 2yWF
Erie Street1135   Mar918545613Chappel,SB Child of James W 
Erie Street117   Dec301843973Chappel, Ann 21yWF
Erie Street220   Dec31188214051Charlesworths,Child of J WM
Erie Street115   Aug71843866Chase,Child W 
Erie Street180   Jul2318503482Chase, Amelia P 5mWF
Erie Street2137   Feb9192617862Chase, Benjamin 78yWM
Erie Street1243   Jan1818669761Chase, D L 30y M
Erie Street258   Jan17189115577Chase, Daniel A 76yWM
Erie Street1147   Sep418546127Chase, Dow 2yWM
Erie Street135   Feb2418471697Chase, Ellen C 3yWF
Erie Street249   Mar30188915223Chase, Helena 74yWF
Erie Street259   Apr8189115624Chase, Nathan E 45yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Dec11187813200Chase, Olivia B 7yWF
Erie Street1178   Jun2918577253Chase, PCapt65yWM
Erie Street219   Sep15188213995Chase, Rachael 92yCF
Erie Street183   Aug2318503604Chase, Roseter 1yW 
Erie Street133   Oct1418461593Cheeney,Child of S1mW 
Erie Street168   Sep718493000Cheeny,Child of Mr3mW 
Erie Street150   Jul2118482271Cheerey,Child of Mr6mW 
Erie Street1104   May2018524444Cheese, 30yWM
Erie Street1232   Jul2018649331Cheney, Sarah 49y F
Erie Street1267   Feb24186910693Cherry, Wm H 63y M
Erie Street1147   Aug2918546101Chesbrow, Josephine 2yWF
Erie Street198   Dec218514197Chester, Lewis 5mWM
Erie Street223   Jun11188314158Chidgey, Eliza 74yWF
Erie Street13   Sep201840381Chidgey, Elizabeth A 20mWF
Erie Street1191   Jan418597759Chidgey, I G 6y  
Erie Street219   Sep7188213989Chidgy, John 76yWM
Erie Street170   Oct1718493093Child, 1mW 
Erie Street171   Nov418493112Child, 1mW 
Erie Street190   Apr1418513882Child,    
Erie Street197   Nov1018514164Child, 7dW 
Erie Street197   Nov1018514165Child,SB W 
Erie Street198   Dec1018514210Child, 6yWF
Erie Street199   Dec1718514222Child, 1mW 
Erie Street1102   Mar1918524360Child, 3mW 
Erie Street1104   May918524433Child,SB W 
Erie Street1104   May2318524447Child,  W 
Erie Street1105   Jun218524464Child, 6mW 
Erie Street1105   Jun418524467Child,SB Child W 
Erie Street1105   Jun1218524481Child,SB WM
Erie Street1106   Jun2118524493Child, 10mWF
Erie Street1106   Jun2418524495Child, 9mWM
Erie Street1106   Jul118524503Child, 1m  
Erie Street1106   Jul818524511Child, 20mWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2018524535Child, 6yWM
Erie Street1109   Aug1018524619Child,  W 
Erie Street1109   Aug1118524628Child,  W 
Erie Street1110   Aug1718524665Child, 6dW 
Erie Street1110   Aug2418524685Child,  W 
Erie Street1119   Dec1718525013Child, 4yW 
Erie Street1125   Jun2318535261Child, 2mW 
Erie Street1125   Jun2418535262Child,Child W 
Erie Street1130   Sep518535443Child, 6mW 
Erie Street1137   Feb2518545696Child, 4mW 
Erie Street1150   Oct2118546220Child, 1yW 
Erie Street1150   Nov318546240Child, 1yc 
Erie Street1154   Feb1718556336Child,  W 
Erie Street1154   Feb1718556337Child,SB Child W 
Erie Street1154   Feb2518556348Child, 8mWM
Erie Street1155   Apr818556383Child,  W 
Erie Street160   Jun2418492664Child, A 31yW 
Erie Street1295   Jan20187311793Child, ASB WF
Erie Street198   Dec1218514215Child, George 17yWM
Erie Street195   Aug2618514077Child, Wm 20yWM
Erie Street1191   Jan2518597778Childs, F G 6y M
Erie Street1135   Jan2118545648Chilling, Jacob 2mWM
Erie Street12   Aug61840344Chilman,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street240   Mar11188714841Chilson, Nora 10mWF
Erie Street1197   Jan2218608016Chisholm, Christiana 4yWF
Erie Street1117   Oct2018524940Chisler,Child of John W 
Erie Street1173   Jan2418577066Chisler, Anna 62yWM
Erie Street250   Jun14188915254Chittenden, H M 63yWM
Erie Street1117   Oct2118524941Chittenden, Kate 1yWF
Erie Street210   Feb17188113641Chittenden, Sarah L 45yWF
Erie Street12   Sep181840378Chline, John 25yWM
Erie Street143   Sep2418471987Choler, John 35yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2218535398Cholerton, Harriet 2yWF
Erie Street1141   Jul1118545878Choloaters, Thomas 5mWM
Erie Street1224   Aug418639090Chores,Child of Christ14d M
Erie Street1234   Aug2918649381Chores,Child of Christ16d M
Erie Street2100  1900Sep14190017203Chowan, John 20yWM
Erie Street275   Jul10189416254Christena, 8mCF
Erie Street234   Nov3188514611Christensen, Bodel 41yWF
Erie Street229   Sep12188414422Christensen, Lars P M 1yWM
Erie Street273   Nov19189316150Christensen, Thomas 56yWM
Erie Street1249   Oct2718669972Christenson,Child of Thomas J1m M
Erie Street1299   Jul19187311935Christenson,Child of Thos6m M
Erie Street219   Oct31188214019Christenson,Child of Anna1yWF
Erie Street210   Apr4188113664Christenson, Anna M 2yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524788Christer, Amena 7yWF
Erie Street1284   Jul25187111383Christian,Child of John11mWM
Erie Street21   May27187913291Christian,SB Child of Fritz WM
Erie Street150   Aug318482283Christian, Liaza 26yW 
Erie Street1188   Sep2018587673Christie, John F 18mWM
Erie Street1262   Aug1186810505Christie, Letitia 2y F
Erie Street1281   Mar6187111282Christman,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street13   Sep221840384Chron, Nicholas 67yWM
Erie Street1153   Jan1018556304Chuben, Mary E 11yWF
Erie Street1269   Jul17186910781Chum,Child of Saml13d F
Erie Street1301   Sep8187312025Church,Child of Mary A1yWF
Erie Street1195   Sep418597914Church, Mary J 18yWF
Erie Street1248   Oct1118669958Churchill,SBChild of S P C 
Erie Street1230   Apr2018649248Chusnut,Child of A J CF
Erie Street185   Sep1918503685Chwiderman, John 8yWM
Erie Street1163   Jan2918566698Cilfay, Wm 8mWM
Erie Street1242   Oct3018659706Cillhaus, Charles EChild of Simon SB  M
Erie Street1226   Nov1418639175Cinder,Child of Andrew3m F
Erie Street1228   Dec3018639133 DCinnbeater, Amelia 5y  
Erie Street1231   Apr3018649262Cipos,Child of Geo1d M
Erie Street299   Jul12190017170Cipos, Andrew 27yWM
Erie Street237   Jul2188614715Cirola, Eliza Erna 8mWF
Erie Street228   May18188414359Cirola, JuliaSB WF
Erie Street1292   Sep2187211702Cisceal,SB Child of M S WM
Erie Street114   Jul311843855Cishon,Child of Patrick1yW 
Erie Street1280   Jan30187111245Claflin, Henry MJr2yWM
Erie Street1227   Dec818639200Claig, Willie 2y M
Erie Street171   Nov718493117Clampit,Child of S B6mWF
Erie Street171   Oct2818493107Clampit, E 3yW 
Erie Street131   Sep318461540Clampit, S T 10yW 
Erie Street240   Feb9188714830Clampit, Smith B 80yWM
Erie Street279   Jun19189516399Clampitt, Johanna M 78yWF
Erie Street296   Sep30189917025Clampitt, Peter 55yWM
Erie Street299   Jun5190017151Clampitt, Susan  WF
Erie Street136   Apr718471726Clanfellows,SB Child of A W 
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524794Clapp,Mrs WF
Erie Street1147   Aug3018546103Clarage, Mary E 4yWF
Erie Street1188   Aug3118587654Claridge, Catherine 14mWF
Erie Street145   Nov3018472068Clarin,Child of Peter3dW 
Erie Street15   Jun101841475Clark,SB son of Edmund WM
Erie Street112   Oct281842743Clark,Child of Edmond5mW 
Erie Street114   Jun271843831Clark,SB Child of Edmond W 
Erie Street129   Apr2318461438Clark,Child of Alexander2mW 
Erie Street132   Oct618461579Clark,Child of P W 
Erie Street143   Oct1318472017Clark,SB Child of B W 
Erie Street157   Mar1418492547Clark,SB Child of Patrick W 
Erie Street174   Feb2718503238Clark,Child of P5mW 
Erie Street1105   May2918524456Clark,Mrs C A35yWF
Erie Street1137   Feb2418545695Clark,Child of Ebenezer4mWM
Erie Street1139   Apr2318545786Clark,Child of Franklin9mW 
Erie Street1150   Oct2618546228Clark,Child of W W 
Erie Street1160   Sep2618556589Clark,SB Child of E WF
Erie Street1163   Feb918566710Clark,SB Child of Aaron WF
Erie Street1186   Jun818587565Clark,Child of Samuel6dWM
Erie Street1207   May218618420Clark,Child of John1yCF
Erie Street1224   Aug618639095Clark,Child of Edgar2y M
Erie Street1266   Jan15186910661Clark,Child of Valentine1m M
Erie Street1287   Jan27187211489Clark,Mr Sr70yWM
Erie Street1307   Sep6187412293Clark,Mrs A M69yWF
Erie Street29   Jan10188113610Clark, Aaron 70yWM
Erie Street1335  1879Jan14187913219Clark, Abey 25yWF
Erie Street2141   Aug1195017922Clark, Albert E 81yWM
Erie Street1144   Aug318545990Clark, Alexander 57yWM
Erie Street1240   Aug718659635Clark, Charles 23y M
Erie Street299   May14190017139Clark, Chester Albert 1yWM
Erie Street2139   Feb17194117896Clark, Clara Lenora 76yWF
Erie Street2142Dec131984Dec20198417938Clark, Clarence 91y M
Erie Street293   Feb13189916919Clark, Clyde 4mWM
Erie Street1156   Jul1018556449Clark, David 23yWM
Erie Street1212   Jan318628626Clark, Edmund 62yWM
Erie Street1214   Mar1118628700Clark, Eliza 30yWF
Erie Street287   Oct16189716737Clark, Esther S 47yWF
Erie Street1144   Aug818546012Clark, Florence 11mWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1118524777Clark, G 12yWM
Erie Street133   Nov1018461614Clark, Geo 22yWM
Erie Street247   Sep22188815134Clark, Geo 37yWM
Erie Street119   Jul318441053Clark, George 65yWM
Erie Street296   Oct17189917036Clark, George W 45yWM
Erie Street1235   Sep3018649418Clark, H DMrs64y F
Erie Street185   Sep2518503693Clark, J W 3mWM
Erie Street1297   Apr29187311874Clark, James 26yWM
Erie Street1189   Sep2718587678Clark, James W 20mWM
Erie Street253   Jan22189015374Clark, John 1yCM
Erie Street216   Mar19188213881Clark, John W 32yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep718524746Clark, Joseph R 9m M
Erie Street159   May2718492627Clark, Julia M 4yWF
Erie Street2113   May7190417609Clark, Keneth 23yWM
Erie Street2110   Jan21190317501Clark, Leonard 1yWM
Erie Street1330  1877Nov21187713040Clark, Lottie 6mWF
Erie Street152   Sep2018482359Clark, Luke 22yWM
Erie Street275   Jun15189416239Clark, Madeline 16yCF
Erie Street12   Aug191840359Clark, Mary 21yWF
Erie Street1122   Mar1918535120Clark, Mary 28yWF
Erie Street231   Jan8188514488Clark, Mary 87yWF
Erie Street117   Nov151843950Clark, Mary A 24yWF
Erie Street1237   Jan918659500Clark, MervinCapt21y M
Erie Street1111   Aug3118524717Clark, Minnie 2yWF
Erie Street253   Jan7189015363Clark, Myra Belle 20dWF
Erie Street119   Jun2318441047Clark, Oren 57yW 
Erie Street1124   May518535189Clark, Parker 14yWM
Erie Street1168   Aug1018566892Clark, Rosana 8mWF
Erie Street1143   Jul3018545964Clark, S 28yW 
Erie Street1198   Apr818608064Clark, S R W 1yW 
Erie Street287   Oct17189716738Clark, Sarah E 53yCF
Erie Street135   Jan2618471678Clark, WADoctor55yWM
Erie Street118   Jan281844983Clarke,Child of G W W 
Erie Street258   Jan4189115569Clarke, Caroline E 72yWF
Erie Street1102   Mar818524346Clarke, G 50yWM
Erie Street119   May418441032Clarke, Richard 1yWM
Erie Street282   Mar24189616534Clarunce, Leo 1mWM
Erie Street189   Mar1818513850Clary,Mrs S30yWF
Erie Street1140   Jun418545835Clary,Mrs30yW 
Erie Street169   Sep2718493054Clary, Stephen 38yWM
Erie Street1240   Jul2618659621Classen,Child of Anthony6m F
Erie Street218   Aug15188213971Classen,Child of Earnest1yWM
Erie Street266   Jun20189215868Clausen, Elsie 9mWF
Erie Street237   Jul9188614717Claussen, 4dWF
Erie Street228   Jul21188414385Claussen, Adelia 6mWF
Erie Street242   Aug26188714928Claussen, Amiel 4mWM
Erie Street2101  1900Nov2190017224Clawson,Child SB WF
Erie Street1183   Jan3018587462Claxton, Fanny 9yWF
Erie Street298   Mar21190017103Clay, Frank 2mCM
Erie Street1231   May1018649271Clay, Gussie B 3y F
Erie Street1102   Mar518524345Clayton,Child of S B3mW 
Erie Street1130   Sep518535442Clayton,Child of Rev Dr6mWM
Erie Street1164   Mar1918566743Clayton,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1323   Sep26187612845Clayton, Frank 6mWM
Erie Street19   May111842644Cleacknely,Child of J W 
Erie Street280   Oct7189516460Clear, 25dWM
Erie Street1111   Aug2918524708Cleare, Charles 9mWM
Erie Street1169   Sep2118566952Cleave, Frank 1mWF
Erie Street1129   Aug2518535411Cleave, Harry 5m0M
Erie Street1103   Apr1618524390Cleery,Child of A1mWF
Erie Street1174   Feb2418577106Cleisel, Mary 2yWM
Erie Street2114   Oct2190417633Clem, Margurite 2yWF
Erie Street214   Oct10188113791Clemart, Emma 12yWF
Erie Street1280   Jan19187111234Clemens,Child of H2mWM
Erie Street1290   Jul12187211619Clemens,Child of H6mWF
Erie Street1250   Dec5186610012Clement,Mrs M F70y F
Erie Street1250   Jan4186710037Clement,SB Child of Wm   
Erie Street1139   Apr2518545790Clements, JamesSB W 
Erie Street1247   Aug2818669928Clements, James 1y M
Erie Street2105  1901Aug14190117369Clements, Lee 9yCM
Erie Street1207   Apr1418618396Clengel,Child of Leonard1yW 
Erie Street1115   Sep2718524854Clenker, John 1yWM
Erie Street1115   Sep2718524853Clenker, Joseph 3yWM
Erie Street135   Feb2218471695Clenkeres,SB Child of Jane W 
Erie Street1114   Sep2518524842Clenkner, Joseph 8yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb1518524314Cleveland,Mr J R52yWF
Erie Street235   Jan22188614646Cleveland, Annie Maria 54yWF
Erie Street253   Jan16189015370Cleveland, Charles L 32yWM
Erie Street244   Feb7188815023Cleveland, Horace G 56yWM
Erie Street145   Nov2818472065Cleveland, L 20yW 
Erie Street125   Jul1518451272Cleves, John Darrow 6mW 
Erie Street219   Nov4188214021Clewes, Theresa 12yWF
Erie Street1214   Mar1718628709Clifford,Child of Mrs7yWM
Erie Street278   Feb21189516348Clifford, John H 42yCM
Erie Street247   Sep23188815137Clifford, John Henry 75yCM
Erie Street273   Jan18189416181Clifford, Joseph R 38yCM
Erie Street273   Jan3189416174Clifford, Mary 70yCF
Erie Street2102  1901Feb8190117269Clifford, W D 48yCM
Erie Street1197   Dec3018598001Cliffs, EdwardSB WM
Erie Street225   Sep30188314237Clifton, James 53yWM
Erie Street1163   Jan2518566696Climo, Thomas 79yWM
Erie Street281   Dec10189516484Cline, A C 45yWM
Erie Street280   Sep9189516448Cline, George 40yWM
Erie Street1158   Aug2218556519Cline, Jacob 1yWM
Erie Street157   Apr218492569Clineapas, Henrietta 1dWF
Erie Street166   Aug2618492927Clink, Margaret 18mWF
Erie Street112   Dec131842761Clinton,Child of John W 
Erie Street127   Dec2618451377Clinton, Elizabeth 80yWF
Erie Street1322   Aug14187612808Clinton, FannieSB WF
Erie Street29   Dec12188013598Clinton, Francis 40yWF
Erie Street1309   Dec10187412355Clinton, JMrs69yWF
Erie Street2119   Mar3190817726Clinton, Jennie E 65yWF
Erie Street25   Mar3188013446Clinton, John 82yWM
Erie Street295   Jun7189916978Clinton, John M 68yWM
Erie Street1192   Mar318597798Clinton, SophiaMrs65yWF
Erie Street1155   May1618556409Cliss,Child of Charles1mWM
Erie Street1153   Jan618556303Cloath, Luther 1yWM
Erie Street1153   Jan618556302Cloath, Phillip 1yWM
Erie Street1222   May2618639028Clook,Child of Wm SBC M
Erie Street1149   Oct1218546209Cloridge, Catherine 13mWF
Erie Street1236   Dec1618649478Clough,Child of John J1y M
Erie Street1144   Aug118545978Clouse, Fette 3mWF
Erie Street1267   Mar23186910712Clummer,Child of H C8d M
Erie Street17   Oct191841560Clute,Child of James W 
Erie Street116   Oct141843939Clute,Child of James1yW 
Erie Street21   Jul2187913303Clute,Mrs J B67yWF
Erie Street1147   Sep318546116Clymer,Child of W2mW 
Erie Street1129   Aug2618535415Clyue, Mary 9mWF
Erie Street1224   Aug318639084Coal,Child of John21d F
Erie Street1167   Jul1018566839Coals, Elizabeth 18mWF
Erie Street2110   Jan13190317498Coan, Alice 52yWF
Erie Street259   Feb21189115597Coan, Charles S 41yWM
Erie Street1317   Dec5187512634Coan, H 1yWM
Erie Street1169   Sep1118566941Coar, James 45yWF
Erie Street223   Jun25188314163Coates, 3mWF
Erie Street1106   Jun3018524499Coates, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street1161   Oct2818556617Coats, Barbary 1mWM
Erie Street1108   Aug118524582Coats, Charlotte 40yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2818524565Coats, Mathew 56yWM
Erie Street1327   Jan8187712906Cobb, EdSB WM
Erie Street22   Jul30187913335Cobley, Charles WTwin 19mWM
Erie Street22   Jul30187913335Cobley, Charles WTwin 29mWM
Erie Street22   Jul30187913334Cobley, Hattie C 9mWF
Erie Street1155   Apr2018556393Cochler, Geo 15mWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2018535395Cochran, Charlotte 22yWF
Erie Street1153   Feb318556325Cock, Elizabeth 4yWF
Erie Street189   Feb2318513826Cockburn, Elizabeth 47yWF
Erie Street1136   Jan2418545653Cockerill, Thomas 30yWM
Erie Street1289   Jun4187211581Cockley,SB Child of E M WM
Erie Street1190   Dec818587726Code, Lizzie 26yW 
Erie Street182   Aug1018503541Codily, Jane 6yWF
Erie Street250   May11188915244Coe,SB CF
Erie Street127   Nov1618451363Coes,Child of G W W 
Erie Street163   Aug718492815Coffe, Michael 1mWM
Erie Street177   Jun1318503372Coffee,Child of Midal9dW 
Erie Street236   Apr23188614688Coffer, 14dWF
Erie Street298   Mar30190017101Coffman, Franklin A 1yWM
Erie Street2103  1901Apr11190117302Coffman, Harold B 4mWM
Erie Street1236   Dec2618649489Cohl,Child of Wm1y  
Erie Street1237   Jan118659494Cohl,Child of Wm2y F
Erie Street1268   Jul5186910766Cohlmal,SB Child of D H  M
Erie Street1131   Sep1718535470Cohn, Henry A F 14mWM
Erie Street262   Sep29189115711Coke, 1hWM
Erie Street1242   Nov2618659721Cokine,Child of Wm2dCM
Erie Street1242   Dec218659725Colagan, Catherine 16y F
Erie Street138   Jun2018471784Colahan,Mrs36yWF
Erie Street156   Feb2118492520Colahan,Mrs67yWF
Erie Street1106   Jul1318524523Colahan, Catherine 6yWF
Erie Street1199   Apr2918608076Colahan, Geo 6yWM
Erie Street1171   Dec718567023Colahan, Julius 38yWM
Erie Street146   Mar318482135Colahan, LMiss14yWF
Erie Street1198   Mar418608042Colahan, Thos 54yWM
Erie Street1142   Jul2018545908Colder, Harris 3yWM
Erie Street154   Dec1918482453Cole,Child of Thomas21mW 
Erie Street1281   Mar1187111277Cole, Eddy L 1yWM
Erie Street1281   Feb21187111269Cole, George W 2yWM
Erie Street1156   Jul1518556454Cole, Henry 2yWM
Erie Street1214   Mar2318628711Cole, Henry S 51yWM
Erie Street1263   Sep21186810554Cole, Jennie 1y F
Erie Street27   Jul15188013523Cole, John 5mWM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb28187913241Cole, Laura C 1mWF
Erie Street1297   Apr29187311873Cole, Maria Levinia 4yW 
Erie Street1169   Sep1218566944Cole, Mary 1dWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2518546082Coleder, Frances E 3yWF
Erie Street1202   Sep3018608213Coleman,Child of Otto18mWF
Erie Street1237   Jan3018659521Coleman,Child of Mrs10m  
Erie Street1275   May29187011044Coleman,SB Child of R T W 
Erie Street219   Oct29188214018Coleman,Child of A4hWM
Erie Street275   Jul10189416255Coleman, Carroll 6mCM
Erie Street1244   Mar1818669810Coleman, G L 36y M
Erie Street278   Apr9189516372Coleman, Murray 31yCM
Erie Street222   Mar21188314118Coleman, Prudence 93yWF
Erie Street264   Mar7189215805Coleman, Ray 28dCF
Erie Street1327   Mar8187712932Coleman, Susan 36yWF
Erie Street127   Nov1218451360Coleman, T M 30yW 
Erie Street1148   Sep1018546149Coleman, Wm H 3m M
Erie Street1153   Jan1018556305Coles,SB Child of Thomas W 
Erie Street158   Apr3018492599Coles, AnnMiss79yWF
Erie Street110   Aug111842696Coles, Comfort 19yWF
Erie Street150   Aug1318482296Colgans, Philip 30yWM
Erie Street1159   Sep1818556575Coli,SB Child of Jacob WM
Erie Street11   May181840309Colister,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1229   Mar1618649200 DColl, Mary 44y F
Erie Street183   Aug1918503583Collanal, Edward 40yWM
Erie Street1193   Jun1218597842Collesed, 2yCM
Erie Street121   Oct818441140Collett, John 34yWM
Erie Street1253   Jun13186710143Colley,Child of John3d M
Erie Street1296   Feb15187311816Collier,Child of Sarah4mWF
Erie Street2125   Jan9191417804Collier, James 38yWM
Erie Street295   Jul12189916991Collies, Ethel 7mCF
Erie Street1188   Sep1818587672Colliner, Cecilia C 11mWF
Erie Street176   Apr2318503310Collings, Mary A 1yWF
Erie Street297   Feb19190017080Collingwood,baby WF
Erie Street297   Feb27190017081Collingwood, Maggie 38yWF
Erie Street287   Sep15189716727Collins,SB WF
Erie Street1254   Aug17186710201Collins, Benj G 59y M
Erie Street1149   Sep2018546178Collins, Elizabeth 31yWF
Erie Street1231   May1618649274Collins, Francis 21y F
Erie Street1213   Jan2118628646Collins, H DMrs H D WF
Erie Street224   Jul21188314186Collins, Joseph 1mWM
Erie Street167   Sep118492972Collins, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street1285   Sep24187111427Collins, S L 23yW 
Erie Street2113   Jul18190417625Collins, Walter 45yWM
Erie Street298   Apr4190017111Collister, Charles W 50yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Nov18187813189Collister, Edward 21yWM
Erie Street1146   Aug2518546082Collister, Frances E 3yWF
Erie Street277   Nov16189416310Collister, Rebecca 77yWF
Erie Street1328   May17187712959Collister, William 27yWM
Erie Street2110   Feb14190317507Collister, William 86yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2618535324Collochg,Child of John W 
Erie Street163   Aug218492782Collser, Lucretia 9mWF
Erie Street279   May16189516390Collver,SB WF
Erie Street224   Aug21188314215Colm, Annie 9mWF
Erie Street227   Feb14188414307Colman, Mary 15yWF
Erie Street1308   Sep11187412300Colombrisky, George 5mWF
Erie Street1217   Sep518628829Colstant, Thos    
Erie Street111   Sep201842729Colwell, R  W 
Erie Street25   Mar25188013458Comar, Frank 2yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb118524297Comb,Mrs O L26yWF
Erie Street292   Nov16189816882Comfort, Maud 41yWF
Erie Street1229   Mar2018649206 DComins,Child of James1y F
Erie Street293   Jan3189916898Commerfort, James 30yWM
Erie Street1209   Jul2118618485Compton, Orlando 21yWM
Erie Street1218   Oct418628851Comsley, Margaretta H 51y F
Erie Street125   Jul2318451281Conarton, John Thomas 15mWM
Erie Street171   Nov618493116Condan, P 24yW 
Erie Street1230   Apr518649225 DCondo,SB Child of Christ  F
Erie Street2115   May3190517659Condroft,SB WM
Erie Street111   Sep31842715Cone,Child of John W 
Erie Street1135   Jan1418545636Conell, J 30yW 
Erie Street110   Jul171842680Congar,Child of A11mW 
Erie Street110   Jul101842672Congar, Abigal  WF
Erie Street218   Aug11188213966Congden,Child of Alma Simon5mWF
Erie Street196   Oct918514128Congden, Stephan 53yW 
Erie Street1122   Mar618535121Congdon,SB Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street127   Nov1818451364Congdon, Adelbert F 19mW 
Erie Street183   Aug1918503580Congdon, John 4mWM
Erie Street1169   Sep1018566939Conger,Mrs67yWM
Erie Street1317   Nov29187512630Conger, Hanford 88yWM
Erie Street140   Aug1218471887Congur, Alvin 36yWM
Erie Street1137   Mar218545703Conk,SB Child of J B W 
Erie Street1186   Jul1818587589Conk, Wm 6mW 
Erie Street140   Aug1418471892Conkey,Child of Mr14dW 
Erie Street1193   Jul2318597864Conkey, A BChild of A B21d M
Erie Street1243   Jan2818669771Conkey, Albert 48y F
Erie Street1157   Jul2118556462Conkey, Charles 9m  
Erie Street226   Jan19188414296Conklin, D G 6yWM
Erie Street1330  1877Sep29187713023Conklin, Daniel 30yWM
Erie Street130   Jun2018461474Conklin, Francis 1yW 
Erie Street1243   Dec1718659737Conklin, HRev57y M
Erie Street1262   Aug2186810509Conklin, Susan 37y F
Erie Street239   Jan4188714809Conkling,Infant WM
Erie Street233   Jun27188514551Conley, 7mWF
Erie Street2112   Dec14190317585Connacoe, Aler C 57yWM
Erie Street13   Sep211840383Connally, Patrick 60yWM
Erie Street1245   May1918669850Connaly, Susan 15y F
Erie Street1190   Nov2518587718Conney, Jane 5mWF
Erie Street1252   Mar26186710097Connor,SB Child of R   
Erie Street1208   May1918618432Conrad,Child of Adolph3yWM
Erie Street2105  1901Aug30190117386Conrad, Albert F 8mWM
Erie Street269   Mar3189316011Conrad, Electa C 86yWF
Erie Street286   May9189716686Conrad, H N 40yCM
Erie Street1138   Mar2318545736Conrad, Maria Barbary 4yWF
Erie Street163   Aug718492811Conray, Bridget 35yWF
Erie Street2105  1901Aug21190117376Consky, Alx  WM
Erie Street1101   Feb518524301Consman, Mary 7yWF
Erie Street120   Jul1918441069Converse,Child of Israel S4mW 
Erie Street1111   Aug2718524697Converse, C H 10mW 
Erie Street129   Mar1718461423Converse, Elizabeth A 22mWF
Erie Street29   Jan7188113608Converse, Israel S 75yWM
Erie Street295   Jul18189916996Converse, Martha 87yWF
Erie Street16   Sep171841538Converse, Mary F 31yWF
Erie Street18   Jan191842596Converse, Mary H 7yWF
Erie Street1330  1877Sep26187713020Converse, Rebecca 67yWF
Erie Street118   Mar2318441002Converse, Rosina 21yWF
Erie Street1132   Oct1018535518Conway, Patrick 32yWM
Erie Street1214   Mar2118628710Conway, Wm 9mW 
Erie Street167   Aug3118492967Conwright, Betsy 10mWF
Erie Street13   Nov121840408Cook,SB Child of John H W 
Erie Street143   Sep2618471993Cook,Child of John4yW 
Erie Street173   Jan1718503188Cook,SB Child of Amelia C 
Erie Street1142   Jul2118545913Cook,Child of W P4mW 
Erie Street1222   May2618639028Cook,Child of Wm SBC M
Erie Street1287   Mar2187211509Cook,Child of James WM
Erie Street1308   Sep25187412312Cook,SB Child of Robt WM
Erie Street225   Sep21188314233Cook, 1hWM
Erie Street1213   Jan1618628642Cook, Artie W 3yWM
Erie Street1285   Oct29187111436Cook, Caroline 30yWF
Erie Street233   Aug2188514577Cook, Caroline 7mWF
Erie Street273   Dec2189316154Cook, Catharine 71yWF
Erie Street1121   Feb2818535081Cook, Charles 25yW 
Erie Street1199   Apr2618608080Cook, Charley 4mWM
Erie Street240   Feb16188714833Cook, Clarence 2mWM
Erie Street227   Mar30188414327Cook, Elizabeth 1yWF
Erie Street1278   Sep2187011149Cook, Emma 1mWF
Erie Street1174   Mar818577125Cook, Eugene M 5mWM
Erie Street298   Apr16190017123Cook, Eva 43yWF
Erie Street215   Feb7188213853Cook, James 18dWM
Erie Street1279   Oct5187011182Cook, Lucy 21yWF
Erie Street191   Jun418513936Cook, Mary C 45yWF
Erie Street158   Apr2418492589Cook, P 6yW 
Erie Street159   Jun1118492643Cook, Peter 1mWM
Erie Street241   Jul3188714892Cook, Robt L 27yWM
Erie Street1247   Aug818669910Cook, SMrs29y F
Erie Street291   Jul22189816843Cook, S W 53yWF
Erie Street145   Dec1318472080Cook, Samuel 75yWM
Erie Street191   May1818513921Cook, Samuel 44yWM
Erie Street1332  1878May31187813105Cook, Thomas R 13yWM
Erie Street1171   Dec418567020Cook, W G 26yWM
Erie Street1174   Mar518577118Cooke, Chas H 18mWM
Erie Street230   Nov11188414452Cooke, Clarence A 3mWM
Erie Street1120   Jan418535027Cooke, G W 1yW 
Erie Street295   Jul31189917004Cooke, James F 67yWM
Erie Street186   Oct2018503730Cooks, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street1302   Oct14187312056Coole,Child of10dWF
Erie Street1112   Sep718524743Cooley, Willie 10m M
Erie Street126   Sep2518451338Coon,Child of Jerry4mW 
Erie Street154   Dec1718482450Coon,Child of H L3yW 
Erie Street1261   Jul14186810481Coon,Mrs81y F
Erie Street230   Nov7188414451Coon, Caroline 60yWF
Erie Street1239   May2018659583Coon, Elizabeth 56y F
Erie Street2106  1901Oct10190117401Coon, George W 50yWM
Erie Street244   Dec23188714995Coon, Holmes L 82yWM
Erie Street1231   Apr2918649259Coon, Jerome 29y M
Erie Street1301   Sep12187312030Coon, John W 29yWM
Erie Street261   Aug27189115701Coon, Martha Ann 63yWF
Erie Street1144   Aug518546002Coon, Mary 13yWF
Erie Street153   Nov1718482417Coon, Matthew 65yWM
Erie Street1182   Dec318577413Coon, Peter 24yWF
Erie Street233   Jul20188514563Coon, Winifred 8yWF
Erie Street161   Jul2418492726Cooney, J 28yW 
Erie Street119   May1918441037Cooney, Mary 40yWF
Erie Street1174   Feb1218577087Coonman, Auska 5mWM
Erie Street123   Feb2718451193Coonrod,Child of John W 
Erie Street1204   Jan2118618295Coons,Child of John W 
Erie Street111   Sep201842730Cooper,Child of James W 
Erie Street1118   Nov1718524977Cooper,Child of Mr15m F
Erie Street1127   Jul2018535314Cooper,Child W 
Erie Street1218   Oct1718628866Cooper, Andrew 44y M
Erie Street183   Aug2218503598Cooper, Edmund 30yWM
Erie Street2115   Mar29190517654Cooper, Fred W 67yWM
Erie Street266   Aug3189215901Cooper, Harry E 11mCM
Erie Street269   Jan30189315985Cooper, Isabella 83yWF
Erie Street113   Apr201843804Cooper, James  W 
Erie Street1332  1878May7187813097Cooper, James 47yWM
Erie Street287   Jun29189716707Cooper, John 36yWM
Erie Street1192   Apr2818597828Cooper, Julia 6y F
Erie Street242   Aug26188714927Cooper, Martha 4mWF
Erie Street1315   Aug4187512530Cooper, Poole 3yWF
Erie Street260   Apr13189115630Cooper, Samuel 40yWM
Erie Street1267   Mar21186910711Cooper, Sarah 65y F
Erie Street250   May17188915247Cooper, Wm 72yWM
Erie Street1270   Aug8186910814Coover,Child of Mrs1m M
Erie Street1267   Mar31186910718Coover, Anna 5y F
Erie Street1267   Mar26186910715Coover, Hattie 2y F
Erie Street2129   Apr13191817832Copeland, Arrabella 50yWF
Erie Street2118   Jan 190717715Copeland, Lois P 70yWF
Erie Street246   Jul15188815101Copfer,Child of Chas5dWF
Erie Street248   Dec27188815182Copfer, Carrie Lorean 6mWF
Erie Street270   May27189316058Copfer, Regina May 24dWF
Erie Street229   Sep5188414410Copfer, Stella M 6mWF
Erie Street1200   Jun1618608119Coral,Child of William W 
Erie Street1212   Dec2718618615Coral,SB Child of William   
Erie Street271   Aug12189316094Corban, Amelia 6mWF
Erie Street1279   Sep26187011177Cordo, Christ F 3mWM
Erie Street1235   Oct2418649434Cordo, John 1y M
Erie Street135   Jan1418471667Corlan, Edward 1yWM
Erie Street118   Jan271844981Corlett,Child of Wm3mW 
Erie Street1181   Nov718577391Corlett,Mrs T30yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug27186910837Corlett, Bell M 16y  
Erie Street1255   Sep15186710233Corlett, Catherine 85y F
Erie Street264   Feb5189215791Corlett, Daniel K 75yWM
Erie Street243   Nov16188714977Corlett, Elizabeth 77yWF
Erie Street194   Aug918514047Corlett, John 5yWM
Erie Street1278   Sep16187011170Corlett, John  WM
Erie Street129   May2418461457Corlett, Margaret 24yWF
Erie Street131   Aug1618461523Corlett, Margaret 56yWF
Erie Street274   Apr7189416212Corlett, Margaret 69yWF
Erie Street1179   Aug2618577310Corlett, Mary Amanda 13mWF
Erie Street1287   Jan18187211482Corlett, Mary J 42yWM
Erie Street281   Nov26189516480Corlett, Thomas V 46yWM
Erie Street132   Oct418461577Corlett, Wm 2yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Oct31187813180Corlett, Wm C 92yWM
Erie Street136   Apr1518471731Corlitt,  W 
Erie Street152   Sep2418482363Corn, John 2yWM
Erie Street134   Dec318461628Corneilly,Mrs50yWF
Erie Street173   Jan2218503195Corney, Dennis 32yWM
Erie Street1213   Feb1118628665Corning,Child of John3mWF
Erie Street1122   Mar1318535113Corning, Elizabeth H 21yWF
Erie Street176   May1418503331Cornwell, Caroline 1mWF
Erie Street15   Jul181841493Cornwelt,SB Child of Abiather   
Erie Street116   Sep151843912Corrigin,Child of M9mW 
Erie Street1146   Aug2218546072Cors, Wm 8mWM
Erie Street1256   Nov12186710277Cort, Christ 20y M
Erie Street1163   Jan2418566695Cortion, Sophia 2yWF
Erie Street179   Jul1018503442Corwin, D W 10mW 
Erie Street146   Feb2718482128Corwin, John 40yWM
Erie Street137   May1318471748Cosber, Adeline 1yWF
Erie Street130   Jul2018461495Cosgroove,Child of Patrick11mW 
Erie Street143   Oct1318472016Cosgrove,Child of P21dW 
Erie Street224   Aug5188314200Coster, Albert 1mWM
Erie Street130   Jul1118461488Costigar, Chas H 1mWM
Erie Street1202   Sep418608192Cotes, AdrianChild of Adrian7mW 
Erie Street128   Jan2418461392Cotrill,SB Child of Mathew   
Erie Street1223   Jul1918639071Cottell, Eliza 29y F
Erie Street1145   Aug1018546022Cotteral, 1yW 
Erie Street1100   Jan718524265Cotteral, Alex L 8dWM
Erie Street1144   Aug218545982Cotteral, Eliza 51yWF
Erie Street1181   Nov418577388Cotteral, John 62yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug218587602Cotteral, SylviaMrs59yWF
Erie Street1231   May1718649275Cotterell, Addison B 20y M
Erie Street250   Jun18188915259Cotterell, L Dow 77yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2518535413Cotterell, Mary Ann 11mWF
Erie Street1280   Feb4187111249Cottrel, Matilda 43yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug29186910840Cottrell, Edwin B 19y M
Erie Street248   Dec6188815171Cottrell, Elizabeth H 77yWF
Erie Street1279   Oct26187011189Cottrell, Margaret 80yWF
Erie Street1128   Aug318535345Coudy, Catherine 5mWF
Erie Street1137   Mar418545707Coughlin,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1155   Apr1118556384Coul, Wm 75yW 
Erie Street1144   Aug218545984Covill, Thos J 1yWM
Erie Street151   Aug1718482308Cowan,Child of W3mW 
Erie Street17   Nov211841572Cowan, Amelia 23yWF
Erie Street24   Jan4188013402Cowan, Caroline 66yWF
Erie Street16   Sep181841540Cowan, Mary L 1yWF
Erie Street1120   Jan418535025Cowan, R 22yW 
Erie Street199   Dec2318514234Cowder, Margaret 64yWF
Erie Street148   May318482194Cowdery, Stephen 57yWM
Erie Street1122   Mar2818535134Cowdery, W H 32yW 
Erie Street1139   Apr1918545777Cowell,Mrs George35yW 
Erie Street1282   Apr26187111319Cowell,SB Child of Herbert WM
Erie Street280   Sep8189516447Cowell, Charlotte 85yWF
Erie Street255   Jun5189015445Cowell, Geo 73yWM
Erie Street1139   Apr1918545777Cowell, GeorgeMr35yW 
Erie Street1137   Mar1918545731Cowell, Robert 2yWM
Erie Street177   Jun1418503373Cowin,Mr39yWM
Erie Street187   Nov3018503756Cowin, Mary 34yWF
Erie Street189   Feb2318513827Cowin, Richard 26yWM
Erie Street1230   Apr518649226 DCowles, 7y F
Erie Street129   Apr818461430Cowles, Almira M 56yWF
Erie Street1245   Apr918669824Cowles, Cornelia 76y F
Erie Street19   Apr41842631Cowles, Giles H 23yWM
Erie Street1102   Feb2818524333Cowley, John 86yWM
Erie Street1121   Feb1818535070Cowley, John 34yWM
Erie Street193   Jul1418513980Cowley, Thomas 1dWM
Erie Street251   Jul15188915279Cowling, Geo 21yWM
Erie Street1229   Mar1618649198 DCown, Wm 48y M
Erie Street124   Jun1918451242Cox,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1131   Sep2318535486Cox,SB Child of John (1of 2) WF
Erie Street1131   Sep2318535486Cox,SB Child of John (2 of 2 WF
Erie Street275   Jul19189416262Cox,SB WM
Erie Street287   Oct23189716740Cox,SB WF
Erie Street294   Apr18189916953Cox, 1hWF
Erie Street299   Jul11190017169Cox,SB WM
Erie Street1298   Jun16187311905Cox, Eliza 70y F
Erie Street246   Jun8188815079Cox, Eva 1mWF
Erie Street249   Feb26188915212Cox, John 86yWM
Erie Street1103   Mar2918524370Cox, M 36yW 
Erie Street258   Feb2189115581Cox, Rose 1yWF
Erie Street124   Jul218451257Cox, Sarah 43yWF
Erie Street114   Aug51843860Coy,Child of Joel W 
Erie Street160   Jul818492684Coy, Martha 4mWF
Erie Street110   Jul191842682Cozzans,SB Child of M W 
Erie Street110   Jul221842684Cozzans, Susan 40yWF
Erie Street18   Jan11842587Cozzen,SB Child of Alfred W 
Erie Street1161   Nov1618556636Cozzens, Jane M 4mWF
Erie Street1167   Jul2618566858Cozzens, Mathew 69yWM
Erie Street249   Feb14188915204Cozzens, Myron 70yWM
Erie Street141   Aug2818471927Cozzens, T B 1yW 
Erie Street1311   Feb14187512395Crabb,Child of A10mWM
Erie Street215   Feb6188213852Crabb, George 14yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep2918659685Crable,Child of Charles1y F
Erie Street1327   Mar7187712931Crable,SB WM
Erie Street1182   Dec618577416Crable, Eliza 25yWF
Erie Street168   Sep1018493008Craddock, C W 7mW 
Erie Street179   Jul718503426Craddock, Elanora 2mWF
Erie Street1212   Dec2118618608Cragg, John H 1yWM
Erie Street249   Mar27188915222Cragg, Thomas 61yWM
Erie Street1285   Sep8187111419Craggs,Child of Wm WF
Erie Street1147   Aug2818546094Craig,Mrs A S40yWF
Erie Street1195   Sep2318597940Craig, Emma C 1yWF
Erie Street111   Sep51842717Craig, Jane 17yWF
Erie Street1227   Dec818639198Craighton,Colonel  M
Erie Street1191   Jan3018597783Craigle, Lewis 25y M
Erie Street1153   Jan118556296Craik, Mary B 1mWF
Erie Street1233   Aug1218649364Crail, Henry P 8m M
Erie Street227   Mar16188414322Craile, Geo 52yWM
Erie Street143   Oct1118472015Cramer,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1192   Mar3118597815Cramer,Child of Gottlieb1yWM
Erie Street1153   Feb1118556332Cramer, A 39yWM
Erie Street1123   Apr2018535169Cramer, John G 51yWM
Erie Street275   May31189416232Cramer, Ruth 9mWF
Erie Street1105   Jun918524476Crammer,Mrs A S40yWF
Erie Street28   Sep9188013557Crammer, Albert 6mWM
Erie Street1139   Apr2218545784Crammerer, 15yW 
Erie Street1143   Jul2718545949Crandall, Ida 1yWF
Erie Street1227   Dec818639199Crane,Lt Colonal  M
Erie Street2102  1901Feb3190117267Crane, 14yWM
Erie Street119   May418441031Crane, Jane E 3yWF
Erie Street2104  1901Jul26190117360Crane, Lockwood L 67yWM
Erie Street1193   Jun818597839Crane, Sarah 40yWF
Erie Street2111   Aug18190317553Crane, William E 41yWM
Erie Street1217   Aug2118628825Crangel, Henry 28y M
Erie Street169   Sep2118493035Crannel, Wm H 18mWM
Erie Street1168   Aug2018566909Crannteke, Wm 11mWM
Erie Street19   Jun191842654Crary, Elizabeth 25yWF
Erie Street169   Sep2718493049Crass, Mary 15mWF
Erie Street172   Nov2518493145Crass, Michael 1d M
Erie Street1179   Aug2818577316Cratty, WillilamSB WM
Erie Street1105   Jun1618524488Craus, Mary 74yWF
Erie Street1179   Aug1118577287Crause, Elizabeth 8mWF
Erie Street2100  1900Oct6190017209Crause, Wilbert C 2mWM
Erie Street1104   May218524418Craven, T S B 60yWM
Erie Street141   Sep318471939Craw, Frances E 7yWF
Erie Street1235   Nov1418649451Craw, James A 52y M
Erie Street1226   Nov2318639185Craw, James M 79y M
Erie Street1186   Jun2818587571Craw, Jane D 47yWF
Erie Street2111   Jun2190317539Craw, Margaret W 83yWF
Erie Street130   Jul618461483Craw, Rhoda S 29yWF
Erie Street114   Jun61843825Craw, Sarah B 63yWF
Erie Street278   May8189516384Craw, William 85yWM
Erie Street155   Jan2018492485Crawford,Child of Hugh4dW 
Erie Street1117   Nov818524964Crawford,Child of Mrs15mWF
Erie Street151   Aug2818482329Crawford, C A 4yW 
Erie Street191   May318513901Crawford, E 35yWM
Erie Street194   Aug518514036Crawford, Francis 5mWF
Erie Street188   Jan2418513801Crawford, John 31yWM
Erie Street165   Aug1718492874Crawford, Joseph 18mWM
Erie Street2106  1901Oct25190117404Cray, W F 45yWM
Erie Street165   Aug1718492871Creed, Y 35yW 
Erie Street285   Dec7189616635Crennell, Ann Jane 77yWF
Erie Street1313   Jun22187512484Cressine, E 1mWM
Erie Street162   Jul3018492759Creswick, Charles 6mWM
Erie Street289   May2189816800Creyhten, Newton 48yWM
Erie Street1266   Feb7186910684Cribs, Anna 38yCF
Erie Street1256   Nov4186710271Crick, Lucy 42y F
Erie Street2113   Apr12190417603Crimps, Esther 27yCF
Erie Street128   Jan2718461396Crinolices,Child of John6mW 
Erie Street111   Aug241842706Crisey, Cynthia 4yWF
Erie Street165   Aug1918492890Criss,SB Child of W H W 
Erie Street162   Jul2718492746Crissy, Denis ? 40yWF
Erie Street1141   Jul518545864Criston, Clara 3yWF
Erie Street111   Oct211842740Criswick, Thos 61yW 
Erie Street1204   Jan1418618291Critenden,Child of SW21dW 
Erie Street1329   Aug21187713000Critenden, George R 9yWM
Erie Street1309   Dec4187412352Critenden, J H 69yWM
Erie Street216   Apr18188213901Critenden, Maria AMrs84yWF
Erie Street1301   Sep7187312024Critenden, N E 68yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Feb21187813075Critenden, Newton 38yWM
Erie Street112   Oct231842741Crittenden,Child of J H W 
Erie Street194   Jul3118514025Crittenden, Ella, A 3mWF
Erie Street1257   Dec29186710315Crittenden, Geo   M
Erie Street1257   Jan14186810331Crittenden, Geo 1y  
Erie Street250   Apr1188915226Croaning, Caroline 1yWF
Erie Street1207   Apr1118618394Crobar,Child of Henry WF
Erie Street1211   Oct1018618565Crocker, Frank A 3yWM
Erie Street1308   Oct25187412331Crockert, George 48yWM
Erie Street295   Jul24189916999Crocks, Sarah 76yWF
Erie Street131   Aug2018461525Croelly, John 41yWM
Erie Street194   Aug1718514056Croger, Anna M 3yWF
Erie Street2103  1901Mar6190117284Croker, Charles 31yCM
Erie Street1166   May1618566802Cromer,Child of Lucy5mWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1218546033Cromer, Frederick 6mWM
Erie Street118   Feb201844992Cronann,Child of D4mW 
Erie Street1133   Oct3018535549Cronson, Anna M 37yWF
Erie Street162   Jul2718492741Crony, Catherine 7mWF
Erie Street273   Dec30189316172Crooks,SB WF
Erie Street220   Dec13188214038Crooks, Addie D 21yWF
Erie Street1316   Sep26187512588Crooks, CSB WM
Erie Street1331  1878Mar6187813078Crooks, John C 60yWM
Erie Street2139   Apr12194117897Crooks, Lillian A 81yWF
Erie Street2140   Apr30194317904Crooks, Mary 89yWF
Erie Street2103  1901May22190117320Crooks, Sadie 23yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1418524793Croop, Frances 27yWF
Erie Street228   Jun3188414363Crosbie, Willie 27yWM
Erie Street13   Nov181840410Crosby,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street126   Sep118451323Crosby,Child of Ralph R5mW 
Erie Street253   Feb2189015381Crosby, David Hazzard 65yCM
Erie Street282   Feb24189616525Crosby, Hattie 23yWF
Erie Street251   Sep8188915300Crosier, Wilbur S 1yWM
Erie Street16   Aug151841516Cross,Child of Geo   
Erie Street112   Feb111843778Cross,SB Child of Jeremiah W 
Erie Street147   Mar1718482147Cross, 17yW 
Erie Street1154   Mar1118556362Cross,SB Child 1 of Geo WF
Erie Street1154   Mar1118556362Cross,SB Child 2 of Geo WF
Erie Street1200   Jul2918608147Cross,Child of Wm9mWM
Erie Street182   Aug1718503570Cross, Anna 36yWF
Erie Street1177   May2218577212Cross, Julia 50yWF
Erie Street259   Mar27189115617Crouch, Harvey 1dWM
Erie Street1158   Aug1218556502Crouchker, George 7mWM
Erie Street1190   Nov2518587717Croueder, Christian 1dWM
Erie Street1145   Aug1518546039Crous,Child of Mr1mW 
Erie Street1181   Nov2318577401Crous,Child of William2mWF
Erie Street1105   Jun1018524478Crous, Clara 4mWF
Erie Street1158   Aug2318556521Crous, Frederick 12dWM
Erie Street299   May31190017148Crow, Wilson J 53yWM
Erie Street281   Dec12189516486Crowe, Thomas 45yWM
Erie Street1150   Nov118546236Crowell, 1yW 
Erie Street1214   Feb2818628688Crowell,Child of S W14dW 
Erie Street1137   Mar1818545730Crowl,Child of W J3mWM
Erie Street1123   Apr718535149Crowley,Mr WM
Erie Street156   Feb418492503Crowley, J 27yWM
Erie Street1228   Dec3018639133 DCrumbater, Amelia 5y  
Erie Street1228   Jan518649137 DCrumbater, Priscilla 1y  
Erie Street1228   Jan518649137 DCrumbiter, Priscilla 1y  
Erie Street295   Aug28189917010Cubben, Ellem 80yWF
Erie Street1108   Aug418524592Cubben, George 5yWM
Erie Street238   Sep18188614747Cubben, John 70yWM
Erie Street216   Mar23188213885Cubben, Richard 32yWM
Erie Street219   Oct17188214015Cubbon, Ann J 37yWF
Erie Street124   Jun1118451237Cubbon, Margaret 35yWF
Erie Street117   Dec101843963Cuben,Child of John W 
Erie Street1109   Aug1018524616Cubin, Charles H 2yWM
Erie Street119   May1918441036Cuenin, John 7mWM
Erie Street1248   Oct1818669968Cuhene,SB Child of Thos   
Erie Street210   Feb19188113643Culbertson, Wm A 30yWM
Erie Street1240   Aug1218659639Culhene,Child of Thomas  F
Erie Street1256   Nov11186710276Culhern,Child of Thos  M
Erie Street169   Sep1418493022Culigan, James 14dWM
Erie Street114   Jul61843836Culimore, Wm 55yWM
Erie Street170   Oct1718493091Cullegan, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street111   Aug311842714Cullen,SB Child of Patrick W 
Erie Street114   Jul181843843Cullen,Child of James W 
Erie Street1240   Aug1218659639Cullen,Child of Thomas  F
Erie Street1248   Oct1818669968Cullen,SB Child of Thos   
Erie Street1256   Nov11186710276Cullen,Child of Thos  M
Erie Street1281   Mar10187111286Cullen,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street181   Jul3018503502Cullen, Catherine 10mWF
Erie Street1288   Mar6187211514Cullen, Elizabeth 81yWF
Erie Street193   Jul1918513997Cullen, James 2mWM
Erie Street261   Jul23189115675Culley,SB WF
Erie Street1264   Nov5186810605Culley, W C 6y F
Erie Street152   Sep2018482361Cullifer,Mrs21yWF
Erie Street181   Aug418503518Cullin,Child of C9mW 
Erie Street266   Jun27189215872Culls, Albert 1yWM
Erie Street234   Nov15188514619Culls, Maud 1dWF
Erie Street1256   Nov11186710276Culman,Child of Thos  M
Erie Street152   Sep2018482360Culps,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1295   Jan5187311778Culver, A 63yWM
Erie Street1239   Jul718659611Culwick,Child of August4m F
Erie Street133   Oct2518461604Cumery, Joseph 19yWM
Erie Street1208   May2018618435Cummings,Child of Chas CM
Erie Street267   Nov15189215944Cummings, 7wWF
Erie Street1189   Oct1318587689Cummings, Chas A 7dWM
Erie Street268   Dec27189215970Cummings, Elizabeth 59yCF
Erie Street278   Apr5189516370Cummings, Henry 52yCM
Erie Street1171   Nov1918567008Cummings, Isabella 18mWF
Erie Street1171   Nov1918567009Cummings, Julia 3yWF
Erie Street1245   Apr1618669832Cummins,Child of Charles8dCF
Erie Street16   Sep11841529Cummins, C 2yWF
Erie Street1266   Feb2186910678Cunningham,Child9m M
Erie Street2111   Sep8190317556Cunningham, Edward 43yWM
Erie Street140   Aug1518471894Cunningham, Elizabeth 7mWF
Erie Street1108   Aug618524603Cunningham, Elizabeth 4yWF
Erie Street128   Mar1218461420Cunningham, John A 3yWM
Erie Street228   May17188414358Cunningham, Libbie 28yWF
Erie Street1266   Jan13186910659Cunningham, M 57yCM
Erie Street1156   Jul1318556452Cunningham, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street1157   Jul1918556460Cunningham, TG 12mWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2218524672Cunningham, Thos L 2yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1818503577Curday, Larinda 3yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug13186910821Curney,Child of M6mCF
Erie Street280   Aug7189516428Curran, Eddie 8mWM
Erie Street1270   Aug13186910821Curray,Child of M6mCF
Erie Street1160   Sep2518556585Curris,SB Child of Anthony WF
Erie Street246   Jul7188815095Curry, Julia 69yWF
Erie Street1296   Mar22187311844Curt,Child of Fred2yWM
Erie Street1295   Jan6187311782Curt, Eva 11mCF
Erie Street1143   Jul3018545966Curtis,Mrs67yWF
Erie Street1207   Apr3018618415Curtis,Child of J K1yW 
Erie Street1181   Nov118577387Curtis, Catherine C 9yWF
Erie Street240   Apr18188714860Curtis, Cynthia S 64yWF
Erie Street120   Jul1218441064Curtis, Emily 34yWF
Erie Street1170   Oct1218566972Curtis, Emily 33yWF
Erie Street241   May31188714873Curtis, Harry D 30yWM
Erie Street1171   Nov2818567015Curtis, Minerva A 4mWF
Erie Street228   Apr30188414349Curtis, Theresa 26yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2218524540Curtis, Wm B 5yWM
Erie Street1225   Sep2218639136Curtiss, Emily M 27y F
Erie Street1322   Aug6187612798Curtiss, J K 72yWM
Erie Street1316   Sep21187512580Curtiss, Julia 10mWF
Erie Street1218   Oct2318628871Curtiss, Susannah 75y F
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524781Curwick, Catherine A 8yWM
Erie Street1235   Nov1418649450Cushin, John 19y M
Erie Street1107   Jul2018524536Cushing,Mr56yWM
Erie Street1136   Feb2218545691Cushing,SB Child of Dr W 
Erie Street1153   Feb718556329Cushing,Child of H H14dWM
Erie Street232   May18188514541Cushing, Amanda C 71yWF
Erie Street1188   Sep1718587665Cushing, Corneila B 1yWF
Erie Street1211   Oct2818618575Cushing, Ebin C 28yWM
Erie Street270   Apr7189316032Cushing, ErastusDr90yWM
Erie Street1320   May11187612728Cushing, Fred 1mWM
Erie Street1165   Apr1318566768Cushing, Julia 1mWF
Erie Street1261   Jul11186810477Cushing, Mary A 62y F
Erie Street1306   Aug2187412250Cushing, Wm 43yWM
Erie Street134   Jan818471657Cushman, Fannie 5mWF
Erie Street1272   Dec7186910921Cussick,Child of John  F
Erie Street248   Oct16188815151Custer,SB WM
Erie Street128   Mar1018461416Cuswick, Maria 67yWF
Erie Street1237   Feb318659526Cutler, Arthur 6y M
Erie Street151   Sep418482337Cutter,Child of A D14dW 
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524780Cutter, A D 48yWM
Erie Street18   Feb191842606Cutter, Julia M 8yWF
Erie Street1151   Dec718546264Cutter, Kate P 2yWF
Erie Street1212   Dec918618602Cutter, Nelson P 24yWM
Erie Street153   Oct1318482383Cutter, O 24yWM
Erie Street1143   Jul3118545972Cutting, Catherine 1yWF
Erie Street1143   Jul3118545971Cutting, Willey 5yWM
Erie Street161   Jul2118492719Cuyler, John 9yWM
Erie Street1283   Jun14187111348Cyrall,Child of Edmond11mWM
Erie Street1281   Mar13187111289Cyros, Michael 1yWM
Erie Street225   Oct1188314239Czarr, Augusta 8mWM
Erie Street2107  1902Apr6190217446Czerr, Jennie 3yWF
Erie Street274   Feb23189416192Czerr, Walter C 1dWM
Erie Street110   Aug131842698Dabler,Child of John1yW 
Erie Street140   Jul3018471861Dadby, Augusta 1yWF
Erie Street276   Aug20189416279Daesch, Fred 30yWM
Erie Street1256   Oct15186710256Dahlberg,Child of Chas8m F
Erie Street1299   Jul27187311944Dahlheimer,Child of Peter7m M
Erie Street1293   Sep13187211716Dahlheimer, Magdalina 1yWF
Erie Street1180   Sep718577329Daid, Seaman 12mWM
Erie Street240   Apr25188714865Dailey, Thomas 9yWM
Erie Street1100   Jan518524263Dair, Loretta 3yWF
Erie Street157   Mar1418492546Daireng, Elizabeth 5mWF
Erie Street1112   Sep918524756Daits,Child of James2mW 
Erie Street28   Sep30188013565Dakin, Edward M 15yWM
Erie Street1306   Jul16187412226Dakins, Mary E 1yWF
Erie Street1281   Mar13187111287Dale,SB Child of James WF
Erie Street1157   Jul2318556466Dale, Barbara 1mWF
Erie Street164   Aug1018492829Daley, Mary A 1mWF
Erie Street136   Mar1718471712Daley, Mary E 12yWF
Erie Street239   Dec29188614803Dalgleish, Jane 75yWF
Erie Street1196   Oct2318597963Dalgleish, John E 49yWM
Erie Street1138   Apr118545753Dalgleish, W P 5yW 
Erie Street283   Jul5189616577Dalgliesh, Thomas 34yWM
Erie Street1216   Jul1818628783Dalheimer, Joseph 1y M
Erie Street23   Nov23187913376Dalibas,SB Child of James H WM
Erie Street1144   Aug818546008Dall, J 11mWM
Erie Street15   Jul41841483Dall, Mary 45yWF
Erie Street240   Apr14188714857Dallard, R 20yCM
Erie Street1294   Dec18187211762Dalrlheimer,Child of Mr WM
Erie Street1148   Sep1418546160Dalton,Child of Wm7d  
Erie Street277   Nov25189416314Dalton, Mary   F
Erie Street161   Jul2618492734Daly, Margaret 32yWF
Erie Street143   Sep3018472000Dalzell, D 26yW 
Erie Street1120   Feb1118535063Dalzleish, Jane E 3mWF
Erie Street1141   Jul1518545892Damil, Wm 3yWM
Erie Street1288   Mar8187211518Danblauenheld,Child of Martin14dWM
Erie Street175   Apr1318503298Dandeth, Elizabeth 18yWF
Erie Street1208   Jun218618447Dando,Child of Henry10m F
Erie Street1103   Apr1818524393Dando, Harriet 15mWF
Erie Street1219   Dec218628894Dando, Wm 14y M
Erie Street137   Jun318471767Dandow,Mrs40yWF
Erie Street1128   Aug618535358Dands,Mrs WF
Erie Street1189   Oct718587686Danforth, Delia M 24yWF
Erie Street216   Apr26188213905Dangeleisen, Bell 33yWF
Erie Street146   Jan1318482100Dangerfield,Child of Mr8mW 
Erie Street176   May618503325Dangerfield,SB Child of John C 
Erie Street1191   Jan818597764Dangerfield, James 44y M
Erie Street1277   Aug9187011121Dangler,Child of Wm14dWF
Erie Street1302   Nov3187312070Dangler,Child of William WF
Erie Street1175   Mar2818577147Dangler, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug1118524627Dangler, T 42yW 
Erie Street1207   Apr1818618401Daniel,Child of William1yWF
Erie Street293   Feb14189916920Daniel, Andrew 6mWM
Erie Street1143   Jul2618545938Daniel, Eliza 11mWF
Erie Street139   Jul3018471859Daniels,Child of Alois1yW 
Erie Street268   Dec14189215953Daniels, Christie 26yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1018587612Daniels, James R 22mWM
Erie Street295   Jul5189916989Daniels, Mary 34yWF
Erie Street242   Oct3188714940Dankhoff, 2dWF
Erie Street1215   Apr118628726Danley, Charles F 8mWM
Erie Street1114   Sep1918524814Danttiel, George 40yWM
Erie Street124   Jul118451255Dappers, Andrew  W 
Erie Street2100  1900Aug29190017197Darby, Jane 67yWF
Erie Street2105  1901Oct5190117399Darby, Sam 62yWM
Erie Street277   Dec21189416324Darley, Edward 68yWM
Erie Street1309   Dec18187412359Darley, Hannah 84yW 
Erie Street1264   Nov3186810599Darley, Mary A 56y F
Erie Street265   May14189215845Darling, Ruth 4mWF
Erie Street198   Nov2418514188Darman, P 30yWM
Erie Street217   May10188213909Darroch,Child of J D8dWM
Erie Street117   Dec141843966Darrock, Jeannett 53yWF
Erie Street229   Sep5188414408Darrou,SB WF
Erie Street119   May618441034Darrouh, Duncan 10mWM
Erie Street172   Nov2918493149Darrow,  WF
Erie Street1123   Apr1418535157Darrow,Miss WF
Erie Street168   Sep918493005Darrow, Eliza 17yWF
Erie Street1312   Apr6187512437Darwin, Andrew 86yWM
Erie Street1325   Dec25187612892Darwin, Anna 78yWF
Erie Street1252   May5186710120Dasbey, Julia 28y F
Erie Street1165   May418566791Dascombe, Sarah M 23yWF
Erie Street1317   Nov28187512629Daseph, Willie 2yWM
Erie Street214   Nov24188113812Dasept, Ada 6yWF
Erie Street2100  1900Oct18190017215Dassanlaoj, Alfred 41yWM
Erie Street225   Sep26188314236Dassept, Daniel 45yWM
Erie Street23   Oct6187913358Date, Elmyra 7yWF
Erie Street23   Oct10187913362Date, Mary Bell 2yWF
Erie Street1176   May1418577205Daten, John 2mWM
Erie Street231   Dec13188414472Dater, Annie 55yWF
Erie Street119   Jun2618441050Dauber, JohnChild1mWM
Erie Street222   Apr3188314127Daugherty, Margret 80yWF
Erie Street1104   May1818524441Davall, Jacob 7mWM
Erie Street242   Aug19188714923Davenport, 3dWF
Erie Street292   Dec27189816894Davenport, Jennie 43yWF
Erie Street1156   Jun718556430Davey, Elizabeth 29yWF
Erie Street1307   Aug21187412273David,SB Child of M WM
Erie Street2108  1902Oct11190217482David, Helen 63yWF
Erie Street18   Jan281842600Davidson,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1165   Apr2718566784Davidson, 11yWM
Erie Street1268   Jun10186910752Davidson,Child of John11m F
Erie Street1228   Jan1018649143 DDavidson, Catherine 45y  
Erie Street1169   Sep218566925Davidson, Eliza C 23yWF
Erie Street1255   Sep3186710224Davidson, Elizabeth 72y F
Erie Street1159   Sep1618556567Davidson, Sarah J 14yWF
Erie Street162   Jul3018492762Davidson, Wm 18dWM
Erie Street183   Aug2118503596Davidson, Wm 29yWM
Erie Street1269   Jul27186910791Davidson, Wm 91y M
Erie Street152   Sep2618482368Davies,Child of Mr11yWM
Erie Street235   Feb7188614649Davies,SB WF
Erie Street1271   Oct26186910882Davies, Edward 43y M
Erie Street2139   May7193617884Davies, Edward 69yWM
Erie Street295   Jul8189916990Davies, Florence 1yCF
Erie Street2140   Dec23194217903Davies, Geo R 82yWM
Erie Street286   Jun9189716699Davies, HMrs71yWF
Erie Street258   Jan6189115570Davies, Harriet 32yWF
Erie Street1279   Sep25187011175Davies, James C 38yWM
Erie Street22   Aug3187913336Davies, John 68yWM
Erie Street1227   Dec1518639206Davies, John C 4m M
Erie Street1196   Oct1518597957Davies, John E 27yWM
Erie Street11   Apr301840304Davies, Mary 57yWF
Erie Street1247   Jul2918669899Davies, Mary 19y F
Erie Street1218   Oct1418628863Davies, Morris 20y M
Erie Street1276   Jul8187011084Davies, Richard 32yWM
Erie Street231   Jan29188514497Davies, Thomas E 63yWM
Erie Street2126   May3191517820Davies, Thomas E 46yWM
Erie Street2103  1901Mar3190117281Davies, William H  WM
Erie Street120   Aug2018441093Davis,Child of John2yW 
Erie Street125   Jul718451264Davis,Child of David W 
Erie Street191   May618513907Davis,Mr70yWM
Erie Street1117   Oct2018524936Davis,Child of Mr2dWF
Erie Street1118   Nov1918524980Davis,Mrs30y F
Erie Street1147   Aug2918546100Davis,Child of Elias4mW 
Erie Street1210   Aug1218618514Davis,Child of August6mWM
Erie Street1212   Dec2618618613Davis,Child of Watkins9mW 
Erie Street1222   May2818639031Davis,Child of Thos1y  
Erie Street1223   Jun918639043Davis,Child of Samuel  F
Erie Street1254   Aug10186710191Davis,SB Child of W F   
Erie Street1292   Aug20187211688Davis,Child of Alex3yCF
Erie Street1298   Jul15187311922Davis,Child of Edwin9m F
Erie Street1308   Sep30187412315Davis,Child of Ronia1yWF
Erie Street1319   Feb7187612676Davis,SB WM
Erie Street1331  1878Apr5187813085Davis,Mrs SA69yWF
Erie Street212   Jul11188113720Davis,Child of James7mWM
Erie Street215   Jan26188213842Davis,Child of Henry1mWM
Erie Street222   Mar19188314115Davis,Child of Dora H1yWF
Erie Street2104  1901Jul6190117346Davis, 3mCF
Erie Street1100   Jan2318524288Davis, AdeliaMrs20yWF
Erie Street1272   Nov30186910916Davis, Adeline 5yCF
Erie Street171   Nov1118493121Davis, Alexander 41yWM
Erie Street1321   Jul17187612771Davis, Ann 80yWF
Erie Street1242   Oct2318659701Davis, C F 2y M
Erie Street1111   Sep218524724Davis, Catherine 9yWF
Erie Street1331  1878Apr12187813088Davis, Chas R 11mWM
Erie Street272   Sep23189316122Davis, Clarence 14dCM
Erie Street192   Jun1818513948Davis, David 53yWM
Erie Street1180   Sep2118577350Davis, David 34yWM
Erie Street1181   Oct2518577381Davis, David 3yWM
Erie Street1204   Dec3118608276Davis, EdwinChild12dWF
Erie Street232   May20188514542Davis, Eva May 9dCF
Erie Street1316   Sep24187512586Davis, George 6yWM
Erie Street290   May23189816814Davis, George F 21dWM
Erie Street1178   Jul2118577265Davis, George H 3yWM
Erie Street293   Feb27189916927Davis, Grace A 1yWF
Erie Street253   Dec13188915351Davis, Harry 8yWM
Erie Street1205   Feb1618618321Davis, Helena J 8mWF
Erie Street1127   Jul2618535326Davis, Henry Wm 2mWM
Erie Street194   Aug1118514051Davis, Hugh 35yWM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug1187813139Davis, Isabella 2yWF
Erie Street1319   Jan22187612669Davis, J L 52yW 
Erie Street1305   May25187412186Davis, JacobSB WM
Erie Street1138   Mar2918545748Davis, Jas W 5dcM
Erie Street1219   Dec2118628911Davis, Jennie 17y F
Erie Street15   May101841461Davis, John C 38yWM
Erie Street1296   Feb14187311815Davis, John W 24yCM
Erie Street26   Apr11188013478Davis, Joseph 2mWF
Erie Street1108   Aug318524589Davis, Joseph T 3mWM
Erie Street263   Nov20189115746Davis, Marion 2yCF
Erie Street195   Aug2418514074Davis, Mary E 4mWF
Erie Street217   Jun4188213920Davis, Mary J 28yWF
Erie Street271   Aug19189316100Davis, Mary M 47yWF
Erie Street1239   May518659577Davis, Nellie 1y F
Erie Street1166   May1418566799Davis, Sarah 72yWF
Erie Street1324   Dec15187612884Davis, Sarah 67yWF
Erie Street116   Sep161843915Davis, Thomas 50yWM
Erie Street171   Oct2118493101Davis, Thomas 8mWM
Erie Street1288   Apr23187211546Davis, Thomas 9mWM
Erie Street1121   Mar218535084Davis, W P 19mC 
Erie Street1331  1878Apr17187813089Davis, Walter W 4yWM
Erie Street124   Jun2618451248Davis, Watkin 50yWM
Erie Street11   Jul131840326Davis, Wm 6yWM
Erie Street192   Jun1818513949Davis, Wm 28yWM
Erie Street1206   Mar2518618380Davis, Wm 2yWM
Erie Street170   Oct518493071Davison, Lois 1mWF
Erie Street1237   Dec3018649492Davison, Walter H 29y M
Erie Street1160   Oct1518556605Davy, John J 11mWM
Erie Street193   Jul2318514005Davy, Thomas 21dWM
Erie Street1215   May918628742Dawson, John H 9mWM
Erie Street189   Feb2718513834Day,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street189   Mar1918513852Day,Mrs L80yWF
Erie Street1167   Jul2818566863Day,SB Child of Peter WF
Erie Street257   Sep13189015510Day, Alice E 64yWF
Erie Street230   Dec3188414464Day, Baby 8mWF
Erie Street2142Mar281974Apr1197417934Day, Bertha 87yWF
Erie Street279   Jul2189516404Day, C R 33yWM
Erie Street2141Feb251966Feb28196617931Day, Clayton P 75yWM
Erie Street1212   Dec1518618607Day, Cora B 2mWF
Erie Street121   Sep1818441126Day, Henry 44yWM
Erie Street1316   Sep27187512590Day, James M 25yWM
Erie Street1314   Jul10187512500Day, John 20yWM
Erie Street159   Jun2018492657Day, Margaret 4yWF
Erie Street1273   Feb22187010970Day, Sandford 17yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2318535403Day, W H  C 
Erie Street267   Aug28189215913Day, Wm 70yWM
Erie Street148   Apr1918482180Dayle,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street1243   Dec2218659740Dayley, Jane 60y F
Erie Street1184   Mar2218587492Days,Child of William4mWF
Erie Street292   Nov21189816883Dayton, Andrew 35yWM
Erie Street161   Jul2118492720Deacker, John 9mWM
Erie Street131   Aug318461507Deal,Child of John3mW 
Erie Street1113   Sep1018524769Deal, Adam 47yWM
Erie Street1138   Apr318545758Deal, Mary A 38yW 
Erie Street1107   Jul1618524530Dean,Child of Mr18mWF
Erie Street1308   Oct6187412321Dean,Child of Sarah WF
Erie Street211   Apr28188113676Dean,Mrs O C71yWF
Erie Street252   Nov6188915329Dean, Catherine 76yWF
Erie Street120   Aug418441081Dean, Charlotte E 6mWF
Erie Street286   Jun17189716701Dean, Clara 23yWF
Erie Street1245   Apr1818669836Dean, David 65y M
Erie Street276   Sep2189416288Dean, Edward L 61yWM
Erie Street122   Dec1518441174Dean, Elizabeth C  WF
Erie Street1149   Oct1018546206Dean, Geo 54yWM
Erie Street188   Jan1718513790Dean, Harriet W 6yWF
Erie Street281   Dec29189516494Dean, J R 43yCM
Erie Street18   Jan111842590Dean, James 13yWM
Erie Street255   Jul5189015463Dean, Jas A 39yWM
Erie Street180   Jul1718503462Dean, Joshua 1yWM
Erie Street175   Mar2718503272Dean, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street196   Sep1118514099Dean, Mary E 8mWF
Erie Street113   Mar81843787Dean, Olive CChild of D1yW 
Erie Street1329   Jul20187712984Dean, Theresa 6mWF
Erie Street268   Nov16189215945Dean, Tootie Clifford 31yCF
Erie Street16   Aug191841522Dean, Wm C 18mW 
Erie Street1313   May13187512461Deane, Ed L 14yWM
Erie Street1289   May29187211578Deans,SB Child of Henry WM
Erie Street1232   Jul1118649323Deans, Joel 1m M
Erie Street173   Jan1318503185Dearing,SB Child of Charles   
Erie Street1256   Nov6186710272Dearman,Child of Martin3m M
Erie Street19   Mar101842621Dearmer,SB Child of C W 
Erie Street18   Mar51842616Dearner, Catharine 25yWF
Erie Street215   Feb6188213850Deasening, Lavina 1yWF
Erie Street1327   Mar5187712929Deasing, Wilhelmina 2yWF
Erie Street116   Sep111843908Debolt,Child of J1yW 
Erie Street1112   Sep1018524768Debolt,Mr50yWM
Erie Street1174   Mar118577111Deburt, C 8dWF
Erie Street1110   Aug1818524669DeCash, 40yW 
Erie Street130   Jul2718461498Dechand, Cehart 42yW 
Erie Street2100  1900Aug15190017192Deck, Ludwig 11mWM
Erie Street1249   Nov118669977Deckand, FrankieChild of J1y M
Erie Street1324   Oct22187612861Deckand, Ida M 6yWF
Erie Street1335  1879Mar9187913251Deckand, John H 46yWM
Erie Street280   Oct9189516462Deckand, Mabel E 9yWF
Erie Street2103  1901Mar26190117297Deckand, Marie A 68yWF
Erie Street168   Sep318492995Decker,Child of C1yW 
Erie Street1226   Oct2418639162Decker,Child of Edgar3y F
Erie Street1231   May318649265Decker,Child of M3m F
Erie Street1231   May418649266Decker,Child of M2y M
Erie Street1263   Sep21186810555Decker,Child of M2m M
Erie Street1277   Jul26187011103Decker,Child of Marimus1mWM
Erie Street186   Oct1418503722Decker, John 1mWM
Erie Street1159   Sep1318556559Decker, John 2mWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2018524658Decker, Ray 8mWM
Erie Street150   Jul2318482276Decker, Sophronia 6mWF
Erie Street180   Jul2018503472Deckman,Mrs45yWM
Erie Street1259   Mar22186810399Dee,Child of Gottlieb9m F
Erie Street1132   Oct2318535540Deedenberry, Catherine 49yWF
Erie Street1129   Aug1618535387Deedinberry, Frederick 48yWM
Erie Street296   Dec20189917056Deegen, Rosa 28y F
Erie Street216   Apr16188213898Deeming, James 50yWM
Erie Street230   Nov23188414461Defenbach, William A 63yWM
Erie Street113   May221843816DeForrest,SB Child of Tracy W 
Erie Street1175   Apr618577159Deg, Henry 4yWM
Erie Street2136   May9192517858Deger, Elizabeth 75yWF
Erie Street158   May2118492618Deglish, Catherine 8yWF
Erie Street1277   Aug5187011115Degnar, Frank 11mWM
Erie Street1284   Aug25187111406Degner,Child of Fred WM
Erie Street213   Jul25188113750Degner,Child of Geo3mWM
Erie Street1227   Dec1818639216Dehl,Child of Wm8m M
Erie Street1239   May2718659587Dehler,Child of A E5m M
Erie Street2107  1902Jan27190217426De Hondt, Cornelius 84yWM
Erie Street297   Feb7190017075DeHondt, Laura 78yWF
Erie Street1320   Mar22187612704DeHondt, Wilton 7mWM
Erie Street1117   Oct2818524952Dehore,Child of Rev6mWM
Erie Street268   Dec2189215949Deibald, Frederika 84yWF
Erie Street1268   Jul3186910764Deibolt,Child of Bertha6m F
Erie Street273   Jan5189416177Deidle, Dorathea 54yWF
Erie Street1239   Jun2018659596Deighton, Harry Raymond 2y M
Erie Street213   Sep17188113775Deihl, Mary 11mWF
Erie Street266   Aug7189215902Deike,SB WM
Erie Street254   Mar12189015407Deike, Johanne 2yWF
Erie Street266   Jul5189215875Deike, Paul 1yWM
Erie Street257   Sep22189015516Deike, Willie 2yWM
Erie Street28   Oct23188013578Deiker, Frederick 3yWM
Erie Street119   Apr2218441023Deimer,Child of Wm1yW 
Erie Street270   May17189316048Deitrich, Bertha W 19yWF
Erie Street1231   Apr2918649261Deitz,daughter of J G9y F
Erie Street272   Sep11189316114Deitz,SB WM
Erie Street1282   Mar20187111296Deitzel,Child of Charles17dW 
Erie Street1314   Jul20187512514Deitzel, Fred 65yWM
Erie Street191   Jun518513937Delamates, Mary W 28yWF
Erie Street16   Aug281841526Delan,Child of Garret9mW 
Erie Street1103   Apr2518524405Delanbaugh,SB Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street1215   Apr2618628737Delaney, Bridget 76y F
Erie Street155   Jan518492464Delany, Edward 15yWM
Erie Street1138   Apr1618545772Delany, John 20yW 
Erie Street281   Jan13189616503Delemater, Elizabeth 86yWF
Erie Street129   May2218461455Delemater, J 5yWM
Erie Street1252   Apr2186710100Delemater, JohnDr80y M
Erie Street1317   Nov11187512620Delematter, John 56yWM
Erie Street1228   Feb518649163 DDelematters, Ruth 75y  
Erie Street1103   Apr1318524389Delenbaugh, Elizabeth 27yWF
Erie Street1114   Sep2218524822Deleta, Josiah 3mWM
Erie Street187   Dec318503757Delivan, Margaret 5mWF
Erie Street233   Jul26188514570Dell, Lillian 5mWF
Erie Street251   Jun27188915266Delon,Infant SB WF
Erie Street131   Aug3018461538Delong,Child of C1mW 
Erie Street135   Feb2418471699Demath, Wm 30yWM
Erie Street125   Jul2618451286Demer,Child of Wm5mW 
Erie Street1212   Dec318618594Demer, Isabella S 5mWF
Erie Street1177   Jun1218577238Demera, Susan 65yWF
Erie Street1245   May1218669847Deming, Bertie M 2y  
Erie Street196   Sep2818514118Deming, Dwight 16yWM
Erie Street1143   Jul3018545962Demmoreth, Barbara 74yWF
Erie Street123   Mar1118451199Demond, Mary 22yWF
Erie Street1100   Jan1118524271Demont, Lucy J 27yW 
Erie Street283   Jun7189616567DeMoore, Ruth B 76yWF
Erie Street144   Nov2118472059Dempsey,Child of James10dW 
Erie Street1262   Jul29186810502Dempsey,Child of Bertha P1y F
Erie Street1333  1878Aug14187813150Dempsey, Ellen E 8mWF
Erie Street295   Jun6189916977DeMunngo, 2hWM
Erie Street1104   May618524425Deneline, Elizabeth 10mWF
Erie Street151   Aug1518482301Denham,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street181   Aug418503520Denham,Child of T9mW 
Erie Street1293   Sep30187211721Denham,SB Child of J D WM
Erie Street1147   Sep218546114Denham, James 3mWM
Erie Street1150   Oct2818546231Denham, John S 9yWM
Erie Street1330  1877Dec3187713044Denham, Minnie 1yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul1718524531Denham, Peter 6mWM
Erie Street157   Mar3018492564Denhan, John P 3yWM
Erie Street229   Sep6188414412Denison, Nancy W 76yWF
Erie Street118   Feb111844985Denker, Catherine 38yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar2818566749Denker's, P J 16mWF
Erie Street165   Aug1918492887Denman, Thomas 25yWM
Erie Street187   Dec618503762Dennig, Henry 1y  
Erie Street1308   Oct1187412316Dennis,Child of Julia2mWF
Erie Street283   Jul18189616584Dennis, Muriel 19mWF
Erie Street164   Aug1218492841Dennisbowe, Michael 21dWM
Erie Street14   Feb21841431Dennison, Chas 37yWM
Erie Street121   Aug2618441102Dennison, DanielJr6mWM
Erie Street154   Nov1818482425Dennison, SarahMrs22yWF
Erie Street14   May71841460Dennson, Pamelia 29yWF
Erie Street1139   Apr2118545782Dentz, Henry 6mW 
Erie Street244   Dec8188714989Denzer, Daniel 72yWM
Erie Street1284   Aug14187111397Denzer, George E 24yWM
Erie Street1176   May1418577203Denzer, Jacob 75yWM
Erie Street2102  1901Feb22190117278Denzer, Peter 78yWM
Erie Street2121   Feb9191017747Denzer, Sarah 86yWF
Erie Street225   Nov12188314257Deoear, Ammie 2yWF
Erie Street1316   Oct13187512601Deoner, Franz 8mWM
Erie Street287   Oct9189716732Deosege, Carl 1yWM
Erie Street1105   May2818524455Depenbaugh, Phillip 2mWM
Erie Street1178   Jul918577259Depner,Son of Wm WM
Erie Street1178   Jul1418577261Depner,Child of Wm16mWF
Erie Street1226   Oct2718639164Depner,Child of Wm  F
Erie Street196   Sep1718514107Depo, James 47yWM
Erie Street225   Oct18188314248Dequakery,SB WM
Erie Street1319   Jan4187612655Derahl, John 4yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct1118524909Derber,Child of John45yWM
Erie Street1263   Sep3186810535Derby, F B 49y M
Erie Street164   Aug1318492850Derck, Mary A 38yWF
Erie Street223   Jul5188314172Derning, Anna 3mWF
Erie Street299   Jul10190017165Derschan, Pauline 1yWF
Erie Street129   May2018461451Desbzell, Samuel 20yWM
Erie Street159   May2518492624Deseat, John 60yWM
Erie Street245   Feb28188815031Deskovski, Anna L 3dWF
Erie Street296   Dec4189917048Desky, Albert 23yWM
Erie Street1308   Oct6187412320Desspot,Child of Daniel4yW 
Erie Street1303   Jan5187412096Detau, John 10mWM
Erie Street12   Aug111840349Detmer, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street14   Jan221841429Detrick, John 2yWM
Erie Street2115   Feb21190517648Dettman,SB WM
Erie Street21   Apr29187913279Dettman, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street283   Jul18189616583Dettman, Frankie 18mWM
Erie Street1166   Jun1718566818Detzel, John 4yWM
Erie Street275   May29189416233Deustchman, William 9mWM
Erie Street260   Jul5189115664Deutschman, Albert 4yWM
Erie Street1158   Aug2318556520Develin, George 10dWM
Erie Street1176   Apr2318577181Develine, J GSB WM
Erie Street1167   Jul2618566859Devert, Louisa 3mWF
Erie Street298   Apr30190017130DeVigne, Donald E 4mWM
Erie Street12   Aug271840365Devinbah, ChristianSB Child   
Erie Street215   Feb4188213848Deviny, Carl W 1mWM
Erie Street1104   May1218524436Dewald, Catherine 32yWF
Erie Street2111   Oct13190317570Deweese, George W 38yWM
Erie Street160   Jun2818492672Dewey, A A 36y  
Erie Street117   Oct251843943Dewey, Luther 63yWM
Erie Street241   Jun5188714875Dewitis, Frank 3mWM
Erie Street171   Oct2418493103Dewitt, Henry C 30yCM
Erie Street1154   Mar118556354Dezendorf,Mrs A30yWF
Erie Street274   May5189416218Dezie, Gladys 10mWF
Erie Street215   Feb20188213862Diarr, Elmore 9mWM
Erie Street284   Aug20189616601Diaxson, 2mCM
Erie Street1297   May1187311877Dibble,SB Child of Louis L  F
Erie Street1319   Jan9187612662Dibble, Jessie L 1yWF
Erie Street135   Jan2218471674Dibbles,Child of S3mW 
Erie Street1207   Apr1018618392Dice,Child of H10mWF
Erie Street1131   Oct218535502Dice, Martha 5mWF
Erie Street1131   Sep2118535479Dickens, Charles 3dWM
Erie Street1130   Sep1318535461Dickens, Mary 19yWF
Erie Street1252   May14186710125Dickenson,SB Child of Thos  M
Erie Street1219   Dec1318628902Dickenson, C S    
Erie Street135   Feb318471686Dickey,Child of Mr (1 of 3) W 
Erie Street135   Feb318471686Dickey,Child of Mr (2 of 3) W 
Erie Street135   Feb318471686Dickey,Child of Mr (3 of 3) W 
Erie Street135   Jan1718471669Dickey, Reuben 37yWM
Erie Street278   Mar16189516359Dickinson, Frank 6mWM
Erie Street1264   Oct7186810574Dickler, Peter 40y M
Erie Street1258   Feb2186810353Dickman,Child   
Erie Street1240   Aug1318659642Dickman, Mary 1y F
Erie Street1223   Jul1318639063Dickson, Effe E 2y F
Erie Street1331  1878Apr22187813092Dickson, Mary 7dWF
Erie Street125   Jul1718451275Dicksons, George  W 
Erie Street1264   Oct26186810590Dider, Thomas 25y M
Erie Street1301   Sep4187312017Diebel, Fredenia 10mWF
Erie Street222   Mar28188314123Diebold, Henry W  WM
Erie Street1254   Aug15186710199Diedro, R 3y M
Erie Street1113   Sep1018524769Diegel, Adam 47yWM
Erie Street240   Apr23188714862Diehl,SB WM
Erie Street261   Jul17189115671Diehl,SB WF
Erie Street22   Aug19187913343Diehl, Anna 7mWF
Erie Street252   Nov6188915328Diehl, Ernest 1yWM
Erie Street236   Apr14188614682Diehl, Otto 10mWM
Erie Street290   May13189816806Diehl, Reinhard J 38yWM
Erie Street1256   Nov6186710272Dielman,Child of Martin3m M
Erie Street1317   Dec8187512637Dielman, Anna 5yWF
Erie Street169   Sep1718493025Diemer, Geo F 89yWM
Erie Street162   Aug218492775Diemm, Ann 7mW 
Erie Street164   Aug1218492844Dienn, Francis 28yWF
Erie Street1291   Jul23187211640Dienst,Child of Kate2mWF
Erie Street1252   May7186710122Dienst, Frank 1y M
Erie Street1283   Jul1187111357Dienst, Henry 9mWM
Erie Street1229   Mar1418649196 DDienst, Wm 9m M
Erie Street225   Sep10188314227Dietericks,SB Infant WM
Erie Street17   Sep251841546Dietregh,SB Child of George W 
Erie Street265   May11189215841Dietrich, Augusta 56yWF
Erie Street296   Oct17189917035Dietrich, John 63yWM
Erie Street224   Aug28188314221Dietrick, Carie Katie 7yWF
Erie Street165   Aug1618492866Dietry, George 39yWM
Erie Street147   Apr1218482174Dietz,SB Child of Josep W 
Erie Street289   Mar26189816784Dietz,SB WF
Erie Street2107  1902Apr9190217448Dietz,SB WF
Erie Street265   May2189215834Dietz, Ernst Gustav 11dWM
Erie Street246   Jun30188815089Dietzell, Elizabeth 86yWF
Erie Street1256   Nov4186710270Digchon,Child of Andrew21d F
Erie Street1112   Sep918524758Digel, Catherine 4yWF
Erie Street1294   Dec16187211759Diggs, Louisa M 1yWF
Erie Street1222   Apr1918639002Dill,Child of Wm6d M
Erie Street1254   Jul26186710175Dill,Child of Charles2m M
Erie Street1277   Aug5187011116Dill,Child of Charles26dWF
Erie Street1301   Sep2187312016Dill,Child of Wm2yWM
Erie Street218   Aug8188213964Dill,Child of Ida6mWF
Erie Street1298   Jul19187311930Dill, Chas 1m F
Erie Street1332  1878Jul22187813130Dill, E 1yWM
Erie Street225   Sep11188314228Dill, Eddie 1yWM
Erie Street1275   May20187011039Dill, Edward 1yWM
Erie Street27   Jul6188013516Dill, Edward 5mWM
Erie Street1155   Apr118556380Dill, Frank 15mWM
Erie Street225   Oct8188314243Dill, Frank 5mWM
Erie Street1116   Oct1718524926Dill, George 47yWM
Erie Street1322   Jul20187612776Dill, Ida 5mWF
Erie Street1126   Jul618535283Dill, John P 35yWM
Erie Street1146   Aug2318546074Dill, John T 6mWM
Erie Street1136   Feb518545665Dill, Kate 1yWF
Erie Street133   Nov1118461615Dillan, C 23yWM
Erie Street150   Jul2318482279Dillen, Austin 8yWM
Erie Street167   Aug2918492949Dillen, James 15mWM
Erie Street172   Jan118503173Dillen, M 5yW 
Erie Street220   Dec6188214036Dillie,SB Child WM
Erie Street1186   Jul2318587593Dillin,SB Child of Robert W 
Erie Street1320   May13187612729Dillinstines, DSB WF
Erie Street220   Jan15188314065Dillls,SB Child of Pete WM
Erie Street138   Jun2318471788Dinges, Wm W 1yWM
Erie Street1185   May1918587546Dinst, Louisa 2mWF
Erie Street1174   Feb2318577105Dinzell,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street1295   Jan12187311785Dippel, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street2113   May5190417607Dirmann, Jacob 78yWM
Erie Street12   Aug61840343Dirr,Child of George W 
Erie Street17   Nov261841573Dirr, Maria 3yWF
Erie Street1224   Jul2818639077Discall,Child of Capt M1m F
Erie Street228   Jun24188414372Diskovike, Amelia 2yWF
Erie Street228   Jul11188414375Diskovike, Charles 1mWM
Erie Street280   Aug7189516427Diskowski, Emma 10yWF
Erie Street279   Jun20189516400Diskowski, Lena 1yWF
Erie Street264   Feb18189215799Dissette, Joseph H 39yWM
Erie Street17   Sep241841545Distright,SB Child of George W 
Erie Street1291   Jul29187211654Ditman, William 1yWM
Erie Street259   Feb11189115588Dittman, Edward 1mWM
Erie Street1147   Aug2918546099Ditz,SB Child of Kilzan W 
Erie Street155   Jan718492467Dixon,Mrs B35yWF
Erie Street282   Apr14189616542Dixon, Amelia 46yCF
Erie Street1167   Jul2318566856Dlow, Henry 14mWM
Erie Street137   May1918471764Doalman,Child of Mr4yW 
Erie Street131   Aug2618461533Doalman, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street110   Jul21842666Doan,Child of C8mW 
Erie Street158   May1218492608Doan,Mrs WF
Erie Street272   Sep28189316125Doan, Catharine L 77yWF
Erie Street1210   Sep1618618539Doan, David C 52yWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2618524548Doan, Elizabeth 50yWF
Erie Street258   Dec9189015555Doan, Geo 37yWM
Erie Street134   Nov1418461637Doan, Geo W 20yWM
Erie Street1144   Aug618546004Doan, J 54yW 
Erie Street211   Jun12188113698Doan, Rebecca 59yWF
Erie Street128   Jan1518461383Doan, Seth 60yWM
Erie Street257   Oct21189015532Doan, Seth Cary 71yWM
Erie Street155   Jan2718492494Doane, Harriet 14yWF
Erie Street1159   Sep1718556572Dobbert,SB Child of Chas WM
Erie Street1183   Jan1518587442Dobbitt, Charles 4dWM
Erie Street1157   Aug918556495Doblais,Child of Peter13dWM
Erie Street1141   Jul818545870Doblanet,SB Child of Jacob (1 of 2) W 
Erie Street1141   Jul818545870Doblanet,SB Child of Jacob (2 of 2) W 
Erie Street150   Jul2318482281Docketader, J 78yW 
Erie Street18   Jan251842598Dockstader,Child of W B W 
Erie Street123   Apr518441208Dockstader,Child of Wm B2yW 
Erie Street14   Feb41841432Dockstader, Angelica 69yWF
Erie Street1197   Feb1718608031Dockstader, Ida 2yWF
Erie Street148   May118482191Dockstader, W B 30yW 
Erie Street1242   Oct1718659693Dockstrader,Child of J5y  
Erie Street1246   Jun2118669862Dockstrader,Child   
Erie Street25   Mar14188013453Dockstrader, Ellen M 42yWF
Erie Street1246   Jun2618669866Dockstrader, Mary A 55y F
Erie Street1193   Jun1018597840Dockstrader, Richard 48yWM
Erie Street1236   Dec1518649475Dockstrader, W B 1y M
Erie Street1245   May818669844Dockstrader, Wm B 31y M
Erie Street1286   Dec14187111463Dodd, Edward L 44yWM
Erie Street1317   Nov2187512614Dodd, Ella 1yWF
Erie Street1317   Oct29187512609Dodd, Emma 3yWF
Erie Street163   Aug618492805Dodd, James 39yWM
Erie Street1141   Jul318545858Dodd, John H 7mWM
Erie Street189   Mar1518513847Dodd, Luke 1yW 
Erie Street295   Aug29189917012Dodd, Susan E 68yWF
Erie Street1243   Dec2418659745Dodd, Thos 38y M
Erie Street180   Jul2518503490Dodd, Wm 8yCM
Erie Street1334  1878Nov5187813182Dodd, Wm H 31yWM
Erie Street184   Sep918503654Dodge,Child of H H2yWM
Erie Street1254   Aug9186710190Dodge,SB Child of W S   
Erie Street1276   Jul3187011079Dodge,SB Child of N G WF
Erie Street1278   Aug23187011135Dodge,Child of J W9mWM
Erie Street1247   Aug118669901Dodge, E Ball 1y F
Erie Street249   Jan4188915187Dodge, Henry H 78yWM
Erie Street299   May23190017145Dodge, Jannie 70yWF
Erie Street2141Dec61964Dec9196417930Dodge, Katie 91yCF
Erie Street1251   Feb7186710067Dodge, Mary Ann Willey 47y F
Erie Street1227   Dec2218639224Dodge, Nancy 81y F
Erie Street1259   Mar16186810393Dodge, Nettie E 2y F
Erie Street189   Mar1818513851Dodge, Pete 74yWM
Erie Street1149   Oct418546196Dodge, Samuel 79yWM
Erie Street1124   May2218535213Dodge, SarahMrs77yWF
Erie Street128   Jan1518461382Dodge, Sophia E 50yWF
Erie Street1181   Nov618577390Dodrick,SB Child of Frederick WM
Erie Street189   Mar2418513856Dods, Marion 4yWF
Erie Street1122   Mar1718535117Dodson, Thomas 8mWM
Erie Street251   Jul13188915276Doeiring, Franz 8mWM
Erie Street281   Oct27189516467Doering, Martha 5yWF
Erie Street240   Mar26188714848Doering, Paul 1yWM
Erie Street1244   Mar1118669801Doeter,Child of Geo2mCM
Erie Street1145   Aug1718546048Dohere,Child of Cornelius8mWM
Erie Street1132   Oct2018535531Doherty, Daniel 36yWM
Erie Street131   Aug418461509Doherty, J    
Erie Street1290   Jun29187211598Doische,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street157   Mar1118492543Doiset,Child of John1yW 
Erie Street290   May3189816803Dolch, Gottfried 51yWM
Erie Street242   Sep12188714937Dolch, Mary M 3yWF
Erie Street198   Nov2118514182Dole, Mary A 20yWF
Erie Street1156   Jul518556445Dolel, Mary 14dWF
Erie Street1120   Feb1118535063Dolfish, Jane E 3mWF
Erie Street166   Aug2518492923Dolin, Thomas 21yWM
Erie Street185   Sep1318503666Dolin, Thomas 44yWM
Erie Street1204   Jan3118618301Dolittle, Jerusha 73yWM
Erie Street15   Jul161841492Doll, Mary 15yWF
Erie Street1143   Jul2918545959Dollent,SB W 
Erie Street1298   Jun19187311907Dollman,Mr74y M
Erie Street133   Oct2518461601Dolly,Mrs Y34yWF
Erie Street2110   Mar7190317511Dolman, Albert 56yWM
Erie Street273   Dec7189316156Dolman, Catharine 89yWF
Erie Street1234   Sep218649385Dolman, Wm 25y M
Erie Street1114   Sep2518524839Dolton, Nancy A 40yWF
Erie Street211   May15188113688Domberwasky,Child of Carl1yWM
Erie Street2101  1900Nov13190017228Domien,Child WM
Erie Street285   Dec25189616642Domien, Arthur 4yWM
Erie Street248   Dec28188815184Domien, Edward 2yWM
Erie Street227   Apr18188414340Donahue,SB Child WM
Erie Street1114   Sep2518524844Donahue, Eliza 3yWF
Erie Street1115   Sep2718524850Donahue, Eliza 3yWF
Erie Street192   Jul1418513977Donahue, James 5mWM
Erie Street114   Jul41843835Donaldson,Child of Wm9mWM
Erie Street281   Nov2189516470Donaldson, Florence M 3yWF
Erie Street268   Dec24189215962Donaldson, Geo E 4dCM
Erie Street126   Sep2218451336Donaldson, Helen 64yWF
Erie Street2111   Jul17190317547Donav, Mellissa 94yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2118503595Donelly, Elizabeth 8yWF
Erie Street1136   Jan2818545657Donelly, Pamelia 4yWF
Erie Street1170   Sep2318566954Donenfelser, John 10mWM
Erie Street1190   Dec718587723Dongelaisen, Joseph 2yWM
Erie Street1323   Aug27187612817Dongeleisen, Ed 1mWM
Erie Street1164   Mar2418566744Dongleason, John 2mWM
Erie Street1145   Aug1718546050Donhelper, Margaret 13mWF
Erie Street135   Feb2118471693Donivans,SB Child of Mr (1 of 2) W 
Erie Street135   Feb2118471693Donivans,SB Child of Mr (2 of 2) W 
Erie Street1167   Jul1018566840Donley,Child of Butler1mWF
Erie Street133   Oct1018461588Donnaho, Hugh 22yWM
Erie Street174   Mar418503241Donnelly, Michael 10yWM
Erie Street299   Jul14190017171Donovan, Don P 19yWM
Erie Street1117   Oct1818524929Donovan, Timothy 6dWM
Erie Street254   Apr13189015420Donovon, Thomas 49yWM
Erie Street156   Mar818492537Donzil,Daughter of Geo1yWF
Erie Street129   Mar2718461424Dooders,SB Child of Jacob W 
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524633Dool, T J 15mWM
Erie Street1132   Oct1218535521Dooley, A  WF
Erie Street1262   Aug3186810513Doolittle,Child of H C3m  
Erie Street1118   Nov2318524987Doolittle, Amiza 14yWM
Erie Street1122   Apr218535142Doolittle, Mary A 25yWF
Erie Street1114   Sep1718524809Dopkav, William 15mWM
Erie Street1128   Aug718535359Dopker, Maria 1yWF
Erie Street194   Aug918514046Dorchstader,Child of R5mW 
Erie Street147   Apr918482170Dority,Child of Mr4m  
Erie Street259   Mar11189115604Dority, Chloe May 1yWF
Erie Street232   Apr7188514516Dority, Edna M 9mWF
Erie Street175   Apr1018503289Dority, Margaret 14yWF
Erie Street235   Mar12188614661Dorman, Anga L 26yWF
Erie Street1196   Oct2018597961Dorn,SB Child of Louis WM
Erie Street1224   Aug418639091Dorn,Child of John2m F
Erie Street166   Aug2818492936Dorr,Mrs E39yWF
Erie Street1239   Jun2618659600Dorr, Harmon 1y M
Erie Street1105   Jun1418524484Dorron, John 1mWM
Erie Street192   Jul318513962Dorset, Henry 24yWM
Erie Street1194   Aug518597877Dorset, John 1mWM
Erie Street278   Apr27189516378Dorsett, Elizabeth 67yWF
Erie Street190   Mar2618513859Dorsett, James 40yWM
Erie Street2121   Dec15191017756Dorsett, John W 88yWM
Erie Street1244   Mar1518669806Dorsett, Mary 70y F
Erie Street1185   Apr2118587524Dorsett, Thomas 61yWM
Erie Street1219   Nov918628879Dorsey, Fanny 85y F
Erie Street1111   Aug2918524707Dorsey, John 9mCM
Erie Street1230   Apr1718649246Dorsey, Julia 36yCF
Erie Street1171   Dec518567021Dossitt, Lilly F 23mWF
Erie Street245   Apr12188815060Doty, Asa 80yWM
Erie Street281   Dec5189516482Doty, Nancy A 79yWF
Erie Street253   Dec7188915346Doty, Sallie Ann 41yWF
Erie Street1297   Apr19187311866Dougherty,Child of L10dWM
Erie Street1305   Jun22187412204Dougherty,Child of L1mWF
Erie Street287   Aug21189716718Douglass, Anthony 60yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug1718524668Douglass, Margaret 52yWM
Erie Street1245   Apr618669820Douglass, Mary A 80y F
Erie Street1206   Apr418618385Douglass, Thos 35yWM
Erie Street110   Jul151842679Dow,Child of Myron16mW 
Erie Street129   May2518461458Dow, Byron 1yWM
Erie Street112   Feb11843773Dow, Luther 40yWM
Erie Street1208   Jul718618471Dow, Myron 60yWM
Erie Street261   Aug20189115696Dowdell, George 43yWM
Erie Street143   Oct518472007Dower, John 25yWM
Erie Street112   Nov111842748Down,Child7mW 
Erie Street139   Jul2518471853Downer,Child of Truman1yW 
Erie Street1319   Jan23187612670Downey,Mrs J54yWF
Erie Street1131   Sep2918535494Downey, Catherine 75yWF
Erie Street1205   Feb2018618331Downie, John 40yWM
Erie Street2106  1901Dec4190117411Downie, Mary Bell 46yWF
Erie Street122   Oct2218441152Downing, David  W 
Erie Street2138   Jun5193117870Downly, Landis 54yCM
Erie Street2122   Jan10191117761Downs, Elizabeth A 69yWF
Erie Street263   Jan3189215763Downs, John 56yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1418503556Downs, Oren C 31yWM
Erie Street2140   Mar7194617914Downs, Oscar 79yWM
Erie Street1148   Sep918546144Dowry, Josephine 1yWF
Erie Street141   Aug2918471930Dowsee,Child of Frances2yW 
Erie Street283   Jun12189616568Doyle,SB WF
Erie Street160   Jul518492682Doyle, Andrew 28yWM
Erie Street296   Oct6189917028Doyle, Joseph 2mWM
Erie Street162   Jul2918492755Doyle, Michael 27yWM
Erie Street1133   Dec1018535568Doyle, P  W 
Erie Street1247   Aug418669906Drach, Charles 14d M
Erie Street1168   Aug718566886Draft, Louisa 11mWF
Erie Street1318   Dec27187512649Drahl, W 4mWM
Erie Street1201   Aug818608160Drake,Child of H S2mW 
Erie Street222   Mar19188314114Drake,Child of Gustave1yWM
Erie Street175   Apr818503286Drake, Adaline M 22yWF
Erie Street1305   Jun26187412208Drake, Caroline M 44yWF
Erie Street1165   Apr1318566769Drake, Chas L 8mWF
Erie Street1204   Jan918618284Drake, H SChild of H S3yWF
Erie Street1105   May2618524453Drake, J D 15mWM
Erie Street1256   Oct22186710265Drake, James B 40y M
Erie Street2122   Feb1191117763Drake, M J 87yWM
Erie Street1196   Oct2918597967Drake, Sabo M 10yWF
Erie Street1193   Jul1318597855Dranner,Child of Henry1m F
Erie Street1269   Jul27186910792Dransy,Child of Adolph11m F
Erie Street1307   Sep3187412289Dranze, Hulda 11mWF
Erie Street1253   Jun5186710140Dranzeen,SB Child of Fred  M
Erie Street1321   May27187612735Draper, Henry L 3mWM
Erie Street1261   Jun25186810459Dratt,Child of D W11m  
Erie Street1234   Aug2818649379Dratt, Ida H 7y F
Erie Street1124   May818535194Draught, Georgan 2yW 
Erie Street1274   Feb24187010971Draus, Doratha 71yWF
Erie Street2107  1902May1190217453Dray, Leonard 3yWM
Erie Street1131   Sep2318535485Dray, Louisa 1yWF
Erie Street1121   Mar418535089Dreav, W C 5mWM
Erie Street160   Jul118492677Drebeadd, Elizabeth 1y F
Erie Street260   Apr23189115637Dreisigacker,Mrs45yWF
Erie Street259   Feb19189115596Dressel, Dorothea 75yWF
Erie Street1156   Jul118556439Dressel, O L 9mWM
Erie Street2123   Jul30191217792Dressell,Baby  F
Erie Street238   Nov1188614762Dressell, Andrew 39yWM
Erie Street1234   Sep418649387Dressell, Anna 7y F
Erie Street27   Jun18188013506Dressell, Anna 5yWF
Erie Street2130   Feb9191917839Dressell, George F 41yWM
Erie Street2123   Mar29191217787Dressell, Grace 66yWF
Erie Street2134   Oct10192317855Dressell, John 4yWM
Erie Street1293   Oct27187211733Dressell, Lorenzo 48yW 
Erie Street2105  1901Aug21190117377Dressell, Louis L 30yWM
Erie Street1131   Oct218535503Dresser, John 40yWM
Erie Street1225   Sep2118639135Dressing,Child of Charles1y M
Erie Street1322   Jul26187612784Dressing, Charles 8mWM
Erie Street1233   Jul2718649338Dressing, Charles L 11m M
Erie Street1236   Dec1618649476Dressing, John H 2m M
Erie Street1292   Sep8187211710Dretzman,Child of Fred2yWM
Erie Street1262   Aug14186810522Drew,Child of Wm6mCF
Erie Street246   May13188815071Drew, Kate 34yWF
Erie Street1129   Aug2418535408Drews,Child   
Erie Street1296   Apr8187311852Drews, Herman 4mWM
Erie Street1150   Nov2018546252Drilling, Clements 10mWM
Erie Street1182   Jan218587436Drimgord,SB Child of William WM
Erie Street167   Aug2818492945Drimond, John 4yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct818524890Dring, Susan 24yWM
Erie Street1133   Dec818535565Driscoll,SB Child of Michael W 
Erie Street1224   Jul2818639077Driscoll,Child of Capt M1m F
Erie Street1270   Aug24186910834Driscoll,Child of M8d M
Erie Street285   Jan29189716653Driscoll, Mary A 67yWF
Erie Street2117   May4190617702Driscoll, MichaelCapt83yWM
Erie Street2108  1902Jul25190217471Driscon, John 48yWM
Erie Street149   Jun1918482236Driskell,Child of Dr7mW 
Erie Street1146   Aug2518546083Drodge, Henry 15mWM
Erie Street1267   Apr2186910719Dromel,Child of A2d  
Erie Street1206   Mar2618618379Drones,Child of Fred5yWM
Erie Street136   Mar318471701Droppin, Johnathan 26yW 
Erie Street1100   Jan1818524281Drosa, Henry 5mWM
Erie Street1176   May1418577197Droudt, Wm 13mWM
Erie Street1223   Jun2518639056Drum, Geo 18y M
Erie Street224   Aug12188314206Drumm, Adam 41yWM
Erie Street1322   Jul26187612788Drumm, Charles 26yWM
Erie Street1317   Oct22187512606Drumm, John 65yWM
Erie Street268   Jan4189315973Drumm, Louisa 82yWF
Erie Street155   Jan1218492474Drummond,Mrs P42yWF
Erie Street127   Dec1018451372Drummond, Isabella 43yCF
Erie Street14   Apr51841457Drumms,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street226   Dec22188314279Drusandahl, Augusta 7yWF
Erie Street26   May19188013499Drusendahl, William 1yWM
Erie Street1299   Jul23187311943Drussenthal, Chas 1y M
Erie Street1126   Jul318535277Drydle, Robert 3mWM
Erie Street1173   Feb1018577086Dual, W C 36yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1318587617Dubber,Child of Peter10mWM
Erie Street1168   Aug1818566908Dubler, Peter 16dWM
Erie Street1204   Jan1318618290Dudgeon,Mrs Geo24yWF
Erie Street1158   Aug1018556498Dudley, Lorenzo C 12dW 
Erie Street1262   Aug16186810523Dudley, O D 48y M
Erie Street140   Aug1318471890Dudly, 3yW 
Erie Street1271   Oct24186910879Dueringer, E 62y F
Erie Street1114   Sep2318524828Duff, Wm 50yWM
Erie Street1299   Aug9187311963Duffield,Child of Horace1m F
Erie Street1211   Nov1118618582Duffin,SB Child of Mrs MY W 
Erie Street272   Oct16189316133Duffy, Susie 35dWF
Erie Street1168   Aug418566878Dugels, Harriet 13dWF
Erie Street1178   Jul918577258Duglas, Lucinda 1mWF
Erie Street1110   Aug2118524664Duke, Elizabeth 22yWF
Erie Street1117   Nov1118524968Dulin, Elizabeth E 15mWF
Erie Street171   Nov1318493128Dullinger, Armed 2yW 
Erie Street254   Mar2189015402Duman, Emily E 75yWF
Erie Street284   Sep1189616605Dumigen, Valda 11mCF
Erie Street2129   May2191817834Dumont, Edward C 75yCM
Erie Street2139   Aug10193517881Dumount, Delia  C 
Erie Street241   Jul11188714900Dunage, Florence 3mWF
Erie Street225   Sep9188314226Dunage, T May 6mWF
Erie Street173   Feb1218503217Duncan, Dennis 36yWM
Erie Street276   Aug4189416271Dungen, 7dCM
Erie Street149   Jun2118482237Dunham,Mrs J24yWF
Erie Street291   Aug25189816859Dunham,SB WM
Erie Street173   Jan2518503202Dunham, Ann 33yWF
Erie Street156   Feb2118492519Dunham, B  WF
Erie Street153   Oct2118482393Dunham, C S 31yW 
Erie Street1278   Sep8187011159Dunham, Jane 74yWF
Erie Street216   Feb27188213869Dunham, Maria A 66yWF
Erie Street1216   Jun1418628760Dunham, Rufus 70y M
Erie Street1216   Jul2918628791Dunlap, Elizabeth 76y F
Erie Street237   Sep10188614740Dunlap, Palestine 23yCF
Erie Street1171   Nov918567002Dunn,Mrs P27yWF
Erie Street2107  1902Jan16190217419Dunn,SB CM
Erie Street1319   Feb26187612691Dunn, A E 90yWF
Erie Street1332  1878Jun28187813113Dunn, Alice R 29yWF
Erie Street166   Aug2518492924Dunn, AnnMrs30yWF
Erie Street177   May2718503349Dunn, Anna J 1yWF
Erie Street1140   May2918545829Dunn, Charles F 23mWM
Erie Street166   Aug2218492909Dunn, Elizabeth 1yWF
Erie Street1286   Dec1187111457Dunn, Hattie W 25yWF
Erie Street1112   Sep1018524765Dunn, Margaret 1yWF
Erie Street245   Mar16188815041Dunn, R E 70yWM
Erie Street1126   Jul1618535302Dunn, Richard 54yWM
Erie Street1264   Oct28186810594Dunn, Wm 26y M
Erie Street131   Aug218461506Dunnan, Sarah 27yWF
Erie Street274   Apr9189416213Dunne, 2dWF
Erie Street1170   Sep2718566961Dunz,Child of Mr3mWM
Erie Street212   Jul13188113729Dupree,Child of Lena9mCF
Erie Street1127   Jul2918535335Durburg, Elizabeth 24yWF
Erie Street1127   Jul2518535323Durburg, Louisa 2yWF
Erie Street1127   Jul2918535333Duren, August H 9mW 
Erie Street1220   Feb1718638948Durgin, Emily G 2y F
Erie Street1304   Apr23187412166Durgin, Georgea 65yWM
Erie Street1308   Oct10187412325Durgin, Julia M 58yWF
Erie Street245   Mar25188815050Durhamer, Caroline A 42yWF
Erie Street1306   Jul6187412215Durnbaugh, Martha B 2mWF
Erie Street111   Oct21842734Dusset, Lucy  WF
Erie Street138   Jun2618471795Dutch,Child W 
Erie Street138   Jul1018471816Duttinger,Child of S W 
Erie Street125   Jul1018451266Dutton,Child of Thomas11mW 
Erie Street112   Dec71842757Duty,Child of D W W 
Erie Street1329   Sep9187713012Duty, Agnes 7mWF
Erie Street294   May13189916967Duzenberry, Johanes 73yWM
Erie Street127   Oct218451343Duzett,Child of James11mW 
Erie Street1257   Dec5186710292Duzett, Emaline 57y F
Erie Street1132   Oct1018535520Dwans,Child of Mr W 
Erie Street180   Jul2618503491Dwine, Mary 3m F
Erie Street142   Sep1218471965Dyer, 1yW 
Erie Street1149   Sep1918546173Dyer,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street120   Aug1918441092Dyer, Edward 40yWM
Erie Street1293   Nov22187211750Dyet, Ervin T 25yW 
Erie Street2107  1902Feb6190217429Dykins, Edward 54yWM
Erie Street215   Dec30188113832Dyomba, Herman 5dWM
Erie Street1238   Mar918659551Eachorn, Sarah M 76y F
Erie Street1238   Feb2318659538Eagan, Charles G 7y M
Erie Street1307   Aug12187412263Eagan, Chas 56yWM
Erie Street228   Apr26188414347Eagan, Frank C 19yWM
Erie Street2118   Jan10190717714Eagan, Sarah E 73yWF
Erie Street1238   Feb2318659541Eagon, Mary E 7y F
Erie Street16   Jul311841505Eanus,SB Child of Jesse W 
Erie Street155   Jan818492468Eanus, Jesse 1yW 
Erie Street1197   Feb1718608030Earl,SB Child of Wm WM
Erie Street1207   May918618426Earl,Child of Wm14yW 
Erie Street1176   May1518577206Earl, Charles 1dWM
Erie Street1274   Mar22187010994Earl, John G 28yWM
Erie Street120   Jul3018441078Earl, Thomas 7yWM
Erie Street1286   Dec31187111473Earl, Thomas 64yWM
Erie Street1154   Mar1518556364Earl, William 15mWM
Erie Street118   Feb51844984Earle,Child of Thomas3mW 
Erie Street1230   Apr1518649241Earle,Child of L C6m  
Erie Street1236   Nov1818649452Early, Isabella 2y F
Erie Street293   Jan21189916907Early, John 37yWM
Erie Street256   Jul13189015470Earnest, Maggie 6mWF
Erie Street145   Jan918482098Earnson,Child of J6yW 
Erie Street1298   Jul15187311921Earnst,Child of Albert9m M
Erie Street1312   Mar24187512429Earnst, Anna K 65yWF
Erie Street1291   Jul31187211655Eason, Ann M 32yWF
Erie Street1235   Nov118649439Eason, Charles B 1m M
Erie Street1266   Jan21186910666Eason, Eliza B 1m F
Erie Street126   Sep1718451333Eason, Mary M 29yWF
Erie Street1302   Nov3187312071Eason, Samuel 68yWM
Erie Street144   Nov1718472049Eastland,Child of G E14dWM
Erie Street222   May1188314143Eastman, H J 56yWM
Erie Street124   Jun2218451247Easton, JamesChild of James2yW 
Erie Street1303   Feb2187412114Eaton,SB Child of William WF
Erie Street1157   Jul2918556473Eaton, F 9mWM
Erie Street260   Apr26189115639Eberly, Elsie 3yWF
Erie Street1246   Jul1518669884Ebert,Child of John1y F
Erie Street1263   Sep7186810538Ebert,Child of Fred1m M
Erie Street1267   Mar1186910698Ebert,SB Child of Geo  M
Erie Street1295   Jan28187311800Ebert,Child of Chas9mWM
Erie Street1283   Jul5187111361Ebert, Anna 13mWF
Erie Street1314   Jul20187512512Ebert, Bertha 1yWF
Erie Street269   Feb5189315990Ebert, Elizabeth 49yWF
Erie Street1330  1877Nov21187713041Ebert, Emma E 7yWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug26187813159Ebert, Wm 5yW 
Erie Street1234   Sep718649396Eberts, Catherine 1y F
Erie Street234   Nov30188514625Eberts, Wm L 46yWM
Erie Street172   Nov2318493142Echner, Agustus 4y M
Erie Street145   Dec718472074Eck,Mr42yWM
Erie Street1105   Jun218524463Eck,Mr30yWM
Erie Street118   Feb231844994Eckart,Child of W R4mW 
Erie Street1299   Jul27187311948Eckart,Chld of Maria A11m F
Erie Street1166   Jul718566832Eckart, Emma 2mWF
Erie Street1155   May1318556408Eckart, Frederick 12dWF
Erie Street1133   Nov118535561Eckenberger, Hannah C 1mWF
Erie Street290   Jul15189816841Ecker, Martha D 52yWF
Erie Street125   Jul1418451271Eckerfield, Frederick 1mWM
Erie Street148   May518482198Eckerfield, Henry 1dW 
Erie Street1212   Jan618628630Eckerman,Child of A6mWM
Erie Street1218   Oct1118628862Eckerman,Child of A   
Erie Street173   Feb618503209Eckerman, Henry A 15yWM
Erie Street1219   Nov2218628892Eckert,SB Child of Fred   
Erie Street259   Apr2189115621Eckert, Anna 21dWF
Erie Street1158   Aug2418556522Eckert, Charles A 1yWM
Erie Street1199   May1018608093Eckert, Charlot 22yWF
Erie Street1221   Mar1518638973Eckert, Daniel 57y M
Erie Street1331  1878Jan20187813065Eckert, Eddie 4yWM
Erie Street1268   Apr13186910731Eckert, Wm R 60y M
Erie Street27   Jul22188013529Eckford, Allice 1yCF
Erie Street29   Jan15188113618Eckford, Henry 35yWM
Erie Street1139   Apr1918545778Eckhart,Mrs40yW 
Erie Street1139   Apr2218545785Eckhart,SB Child of Frederick W 
Erie Street1167   Jul1718566846Eckhart, Amelia T 10mWF
Erie Street1104   May1318524437Eckhart, Filo 8yW 
Erie Street1266   Jan27186910670Eckman, Laura 49y F
Erie Street1258   Jan31186810350Eckrick,Child of John8d F
Erie Street196   Oct1418514131Edda, Isaac 19yWM
Erie Street1246   Jun1618669858Eddy,SB Child of D A  F
Erie Street266   Jul31189215899Eddy, Bertha 1yWF
Erie Street132   Sep2818461568Eddy, C A 24yW 
Erie Street19   Apr21842629Eddy, John  W 
Erie Street262   Oct25189115724Eddy, Lucy 78yWF
Erie Street176   Apr2818503315Eddy, Rachel 62yWF
Erie Street1174   Feb1718577092Eddy, Wm O 6yWM
Erie Street232   Apr23188514525Eddy, Zacharias 84yWM
Erie Street1233   Jul2518649337Edel, Mary 2m F
Erie Street1162   Jan118566671Edelman,SB Child of M WM
Erie Street1185   May2518587554Edelman, Wm H 16mWM
Erie Street254   Apr13189015419Edemy, Frank P 31yCM
Erie Street1116   Oct818524896Eden, James 37yWM
Erie Street237   Jun29188614711Ederding, Maria 79yWF
Erie Street13   Dec131840419Edgers, Jane 18yWF
Erie Street1253   Jul22186710166Edlington, Mary E 28y F
Erie Street1151   Dec1618546275Edmond, Belle 2yWF
Erie Street29   Dec24188013601Edson, Bertie 9yWM
Erie Street124   Jun2818451250Edward,Child of A B W 
Erie Street1235   Sep3018649417Edward,SB Child of Alex  M
Erie Street1244   Feb2518669791Edward,Child of J H6m M
Erie Street1255   Sep5186710226Edward,Child of Alex12y M
Erie Street2139   Mar2193717886Edward, Nellie 83yCF
Erie Street225   Nov23188314259Edwards, 5hWF
Erie Street2116   Dec29190517688Edwards, 1m M
Erie Street2131   Apr10192017845Edwards, Andrew B 41yCM
Erie Street1205   Feb2418618336Edwards, Catherine 28yWF
Erie Street282   Mar28189616536Edwards, Clarence E 6yCM
Erie Street1134   Dec2718535605Edwards, D 50yWM
Erie Street26   Apr6188013472Edwards, Edward 46yWM
Erie Street286   May30189716693Edwards, Emma E 17yCF
Erie Street1317   Oct21187512604Edwards, Fred 10mWM
Erie Street2119   Aug26190817733Edwards, John 58yCM
Erie Street1317   Nov2187512612Edwards, Nellie 6yWF
Erie Street1332  1878Jul23187813132Edwards, Nellie 9dWF
Erie Street137   Jun1018471772Efflen, John 4mWM
Erie Street1272   Nov19186910905Efpy, Thos 80y M
Erie Street1168   Aug2118566911Egg,Child of Thos2mWF
Erie Street254   Mar16189015411Eggert,SB WF
Erie Street1258   Jan15186810335Ehlert,Child of Henry  F
Erie Street271   Aug11189316093Ehlert,Annie's child13mWF
Erie Street275   Jul11189416257Ehlert, Frederich 38yWM
Erie Street127   Dec2418451376Ehrbar,Child of Martin9mW 

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