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Cleveland District Round Table

Erie Street Cemetery Index
Surnames:   He through K

CemeteryVolPgDOD-MDOD-DDOD-YDOI-MDOI-DDOI-YInt NoFull NameTitles & TermsAgeColorSex M/F
Erie Street1132   Oct1018535519Heacock,  W 
Erie Street1226   Nov1518639177Headley, Samuel 50y M
Erie Street1236   Dec2218649481Heady, Mary 41y F
Erie Street1190   Dec1318587733Heager, Peter 2mWM
Erie Street163   Aug618492808Healy, John 66yWM
Erie Street1155   Apr1818556392Heans,Child of A D1dWF
Erie Street1100   Nov1118524269Heard,Mrs C42yWF
Erie Street171   Nov2118493137Heard, C 3dW 
Erie Street24   Jan29188013423Heard, Catherine 55yWF
Erie Street158   May1018492607Heard, Elizibeth 1yWF
Erie Street228   Jul19188414382Heard, John 68yWM
Erie Street1169   Sep2018566951Heart, Christian 14mWM
Erie Street181   Aug918503538Heart, Dennis 26yWM
Erie Street1148   Sep618546137Heart, Effif J 5yWF
Erie Street1176   May1318577196Heart, J C 2yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug1818524649Heath,Child of Wm7yWM
Erie Street1164   Mar418566725Heath,Child of Mr A WF
Erie Street2101  1900Dec15190017237Heath, Anne L 84yWF
Erie Street1293   Oct15187211726Heath, Chas 15yWM
Erie Street1190   Dec1518587739Heath, JMrs70yWF
Erie Street161   Jul2718492739Heath, John  WM
Erie Street1302   Dec26187312090Heath, Nellie 8yWF
Erie Street239   Jan14188714816Heath, Timothy 71yWM
Erie Street1202   Oct118608217Heath, Wm JSB WF
Erie Street1256   Nov10186710274Heaton,Child of F 1m M
Erie Street1296   Feb16187311819Heaton,Child of Henry1yWF
Erie Street1275   May16187011035Heaton, Mary A 2yWF
Erie Street266   Jun20189215867Heaver, Flossie 2mWF
Erie Street1304   Mar15187412142Hebden, W M 9mWF
Erie Street268   Jan22189315980Hebkersman, Henry 32yWM
Erie Street199   Dec2618514246Hechrle, Sophia 19yWF
Erie Street1224   Aug2418639110Hecht,Child of Henry1y M
Erie Street1225   Aug2918639116Hecht, Louis 3y M
Erie Street260   Jun27189115663Hecker,SB WF
Erie Street1211   Nov2418618591Heckerlin,Child of A6mWF
Erie Street282   Mar8189616529Heckert,SB WM
Erie Street116   Sep191843921Heckler,Child of V W 
Erie Street142   Sep518471943Heckler, Anna A E 1yWF
Erie Street1123   Apr2418535173Heckler, Jacob 11yWM
Erie Street1192   Mar718597802Heckler, Margaret M 20y F
Erie Street192   Jun2418513952Heckler, Valentine 47yWM
Erie Street1243   Dec1718659736Heckman, Elizabeth 39y F
Erie Street1291   Aug4187211662Heckman, Louis 49yWM
Erie Street227   Mar14188414321Heckman, Ruth 64yWF
Erie Street1257   Dec5186710293Hecktor, Johanna 12y F
Erie Street2111   Aug28190317555Hedbergh, John 40yWM
Erie Street1163   Feb418566703Hederman, C 2dWF
Erie Street22   Jul23187913324Hedges, Ida 9mWF
Erie Street284   Sep23189616614Hedges, Samuel E 52yWM
Erie Street292   Dec8189816886Hedhead,SB WF
Erie Street1175   Apr1218577164Heeg, Frederick 10y M
Erie Street1250   Dec9186610014Heege,SB Child of P  F
Erie Street1315   Aug12187512540Heennalinn, Johanna 9mWF
Erie Street1177   May1718577207Hees, Alma M 8mWF
Erie Street112   Oct241842742Hefler, Mary 21yWF
Erie Street154   Dec718482442Hefman, John 2yWM
Erie Street1182   Dec1418577421Hefner, C 14mWF
Erie Street1192   Mar2418597811Hegener, Lois 1yWF
Erie Street1260   May6186810429Hegerling,Child of A3m M
Erie Street1265   Dec6186810637Hegerling, A 32y M
Erie Street2100  1900Sep24190017206Hegerling, Barbara 60yWF
Erie Street1292   Sep5187211706Hegert, Emma 11mWF
Erie Street258   Nov21189015546Hegg, John 40yWM
Erie Street1214   Feb1918628675Hehensbelm,SB Child of Christ W 
Erie Street1216   Jul1818628782Hehnes, Chas 3y M
Erie Street188   Jan1918513791Heib, T T 1yW 
Erie Street1117   Oct2018524939Heibeth,Child of G14dWF
Erie Street217   Jul8188213936Heideloff, Johanna 1yWF
Erie Street154   Nov2918482431Heigh, Thomas 24yWM
Erie Street123   Jan618451182Heigler,Child of V3mW 
Erie Street244   Feb3188815020Heilson, 4dWF
Erie Street299   Jul20190017176Heimberger, Paulina 39yWF
Erie Street1262   Aug2186810506Heimerdinger, John 41y M
Erie Street262   Oct17189115719Hein,Twin 1 SB WM
Erie Street262   Oct17189115719Hein,Twin 2 SB WF
Erie Street2105  1901Aug28190117382Hein, Emma 8mWF
Erie Street269   Jan31189315986Hein, Emma Martha 3mWF
Erie Street298   May5190017135Hein, Herman 1yWM
Erie Street1198   Mar218608041Heinbuck,Child of John A W 
Erie Street1215   Mar3018628718Heine, Josephine T 2yWF
Erie Street1216   May2318628752Heine, Sophia 10d F
Erie Street1272   Nov25186910913Heiner,Child of August2m M
Erie Street125   Jul818451265Heiner, Elizabeth 5yWF
Erie Street1194   Aug2618597905Heines,Child of Adam1d  
Erie Street1261   Jul12186810478Heinrich,Child of Fred8m F
Erie Street1258   Feb17186810365Heinrich, Mary B 49y F
Erie Street297   Jan9190017058Heinrich, Walter 1yWM
Erie Street1246   Jul1718669888Heinrichs, Anna 1m F
Erie Street1297   May13187311885Heip,SB Twin 1 of John  M
Erie Street1297   May13187311885Heip,SB Twin 2 of John  F
Erie Street194   Aug118514022Heis, Catherine 17mWF
Erie Street135   Jan1318471665Heish, Charlotte 3yWF
Erie Street221   Jan27188314075Heisley, Howard W 16yWM
Erie Street270   Apr6189316031Helbig, Christina 34yWF
Erie Street1287   Feb21187211505Helbrunner,Child of Charles3yWF
Erie Street175   Apr1018503290Held, Louisa 26yWF
Erie Street165   Aug1818492881Helencog, John 25yWM
Erie Street286   Apr2189716675Hell,SB WF
Erie Street268   Nov20189215948Hell, Carl 59yWM
Erie Street164   Aug818492820Hellencomp, Wm 44yWM
Erie Street1309   Nov3187412337Heller,Child of A2mWM
Erie Street163   Aug718492809Heller, Barbary 35yWF
Erie Street224   Aug3188314198Heller, Emil 2mWM
Erie Street163   Aug418492799Heller, George 9yWM
Erie Street163   Aug718492813Hellers,Child of Mr18mW 
Erie Street164   Aug1118492836Hellincamp, Elizabeth 4yWF
Erie Street161   Jul1918492715Hellincamp, Joseph 1yW 
Erie Street124   Jun2518451249Helling,SB Child of Henry W 
Erie Street145   Nov2718472063Helling,SB Child of H W 
Erie Street1283   Jul3187111360Hellman,Child of Daniel6mWF
Erie Street286   Apr23189716682Helm, 3hWM
Erie Street1270   Aug10186910817Helman,Child of Daniel9m M
Erie Street1105   Jun1318524482Hels,Child of Anchen9mWF
Erie Street160   Jun2218492661Helure, W D 14yW 
Erie Street198   Dec618514204Hema, Gust A 57yW 
Erie Street1211   Nov1718618588Hemback,SB Child of John A C W 
Erie Street1272   Nov25186910913Hemer,Child of August2m M
Erie Street1322   Aug4187612796Hemerich, Caroline 52yWF
Erie Street1197   Jan1318608011Hemerling, JohnChild of John4dWF
Erie Street1196   Nov1218597971Hemidinger,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street1206   Mar1118618360Hemm,Child of Mr W 
Erie Street143   Oct318472002Hemmalin,Mrs WF
Erie Street276   Sep17189416295Hemmings, Clara K 1mWF
Erie Street2141Sep241959Sep28195917926Hemmings, Kate 95yWF
Erie Street2139   Mar28193917892Hemmings, William L 76yWM
Erie Street142   Sep1718471969Hemmingway,Mrs WF
Erie Street1110   Aug1918524652Hemp,Child of H M W 
Erie Street136   Mar618471704Hemp, Esther 73yW 
Erie Street23   Sep1187913348Hempey, Joseph 11mWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul6190117345Hemphell, Lawrence A 3mWM
Erie Street1329   Aug7187712997Hempy, 3dWM
Erie Street1323   Sep2187612823Hempy, Eliza 1yWF
Erie Street1250   Dec10186610015Hempy, John H 70y M
Erie Street1214   Mar1718628707Hempy, Margaret E 23yWF
Erie Street153   Nov1018482408Hemrich,Child of John5yW 
Erie Street293   Jan25189916909Hemrich, Edith 6mWF
Erie Street1278   Aug27187011140Hemrich, Gaorge A 65yWM
Erie Street251   Sep15188915304Hemrich, John F 79yWM
Erie Street1257   Dec29186710313Hemschen,Child of Henry1m M
Erie Street1303   Feb23187412130Hench, Hugo 58yWM
Erie Street1148   Sep1418546161Hendermark, H 43yW 
Erie Street1185   May2418587553Henderside, Adam 38yWM
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524778Henderside, Agnes 10mWF
Erie Street15   Jul201841497Henderson,SB Child of S W 
Erie Street130   Jun2718461480Henderson,Mrs S M50yWF
Erie Street145   Dec2718472091Henderson,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street159   Jun1118492645Henderson,Child of A4mcF
Erie Street175   Apr118503278Henderson,SB Child of E W 
Erie Street189   Mar318513837Henderson,Child of Ed1dW 
Erie Street1158   Aug2718556529Henderson,Child of John14mWF
Erie Street1189   Oct418587684Henderson,Child of Rev WM
Erie Street1278   Aug29187011142Henderson,Child of W A6dWM
Erie Street1288   Apr3187211533Henderson,Child of Alexander1yW 
Erie Street1146   Aug1918546060Henderson, Arthur 6mWM
Erie Street1145   Aug1618546044Henderson, Caroline 6mWF
Erie Street1135   Jan1118545626Henderson, Catherine 5mWF
Erie Street1136   Feb1418545681Henderson, Catherine E 4yWF
Erie Street235   Dec18188514631Henderson, Cora 9yCF
Erie Street223   Mar31188314154Henderson, James W 35yWM
Erie Street1166   Jun3018566830Henderson, Martha J 18mWF
Erie Street1139   Apr2018545780Hendrick, Phillip 71yW 
Erie Street1274   Mar9187010986Hendrise, Merile A 43yWF
Erie Street132   Sep1718461553Henery, James 30yWM
Erie Street1188   Sep1318587664Henes, John 1yWF
Erie Street250   Apr8188915229Heng, Anna 20yWF
Erie Street1282   Mar24187111299Henig,Child of John7mWF
Erie Street187   Dec1818503767Henke, H 1y  
Erie Street2100  1900Aug9190017187Henley,Baby WF
Erie Street142   Sep718471956Henlich, James 1yWM
Erie Street1144   Aug118545977Hennefother, John 3mWM
Erie Street1330  1877Oct20187713030Hennich, Augusta 2mWF
Erie Street1284   Jul30187111387Henrich,Child of Chas9mW 
Erie Street1176   Apr2418577182Henrich, S H 17mWM
Erie Street214   Nov25188113814Henrich, William 1yWM
Erie Street1284   Jul13187111373Henrich, Wm 3yWM
Erie Street1169   Aug2818566918Henrick, C H 9mWF
Erie Street1188   Sep518587658Henrig, Geo 2mWM
Erie Street140   Aug418471873Henry,Child of Geo5mW 
Erie Street288   Dec28189716762Henry, Gladys 21dWF
Erie Street163   Aug318492789Henry, James 18yWM
Erie Street1229   Feb1718649174 DHenry, Martin 27y M
Erie Street264   Apr13189215824Henry, MaudMrs21yWF
Erie Street195   Sep818514095Henry, Michael 14dWM
Erie Street140   Aug318471870Henry, Wm 10mWM
Erie Street1133   Nov118535555Henry, Wm 5yWM
Erie Street2102  1901Jan12190117255Hensch, Agnes 79yWF
Erie Street267   Aug11189215906Hensch, Frederick 5mWM
Erie Street2122   Dec26191117781Hensch, Peter 64yWM
Erie Street1176   Apr2118577177Hensh, 6yW 
Erie Street1178   Aug918577283Hensh,Child of Mr18mWF
Erie Street1131   Sep2318535484Henshs, Louisa 1yWF
Erie Street295   Aug31189917014Hensley, L H 47yCM
Erie Street1160   Sep2618556588Henton, Frederick 9mCM
Erie Street146   Mar418482137Hentz, E 11yW 
Erie Street1286   Dec2187111458Henz,Child of Edward1mWM
Erie Street1279   Dec8187011205Henz, AdolphSB WF
Erie Street1139   May218545793Henzy, Jas 32yc 
Erie Street270   May26189316057Hepburn, Alice 33yWF
Erie Street1133   Nov118535557Hepburn, Betsy B 58yWF
Erie Street255   May31189015441Hepburn, Gertrude M 43yWF
Erie Street1268   Jun2186910747Hepburn, Susan E 30y F
Erie Street1122   Mar1618535116Hepfer, Leisanat 15mW 
Erie Street1185   May1818587545Hepliner,Child of Catherine1dWF
Erie Street1217   Aug1318628820Hepner,Child of John8m M
Erie Street1229   Mar1518649197 DHepner,Child of John11m M
Erie Street1112   Sep1018524764Hepp, Andrew 21yWM
Erie Street1281   Feb14187111260Heppner, Fred 3yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb1318524310Herber, C 10dW 
Erie Street2142Jun301974Jul3197417935Herbst, William F 63yWM
Erie Street1196   Oct1618597958Herdie,Child of Michael4mW 
Erie Street11   May121840307Herica,SB Child of Fred W 
Erie Street171   Nov1818493132Herington, Catherine 10mWF
Erie Street1264   Nov9186810610Herman,Child of Martin1m F
Erie Street264   Feb8189215793Herman,SB WF
Erie Street1160   Sep2318556584Herman, Earl 5m  
Erie Street216   Apr16188213897Herman, John A 8mWM
Erie Street1187   Aug218587601Herman, Mary 5mWF
Erie Street220   Dec19188214044Herman, Wilhelma 3yWF
Erie Street1220   Feb218638939Hermandinger,Child of I SB  F
Erie Street14   Dec251840421Hermeter, Henry 32yWM
Erie Street1188   Sep1918587669Hermon, Anna 6mWF
Erie Street1189   Oct318587681Herne, I 4yWM
Erie Street1316   Sep21187512581Hernich, Ludwig 1yW 
Erie Street299   May24190017143Heron, 3dWF
Erie Street153   Oct2318482395Herpers,Child of Peter2yW 
Erie Street1303   Feb10187412122Herrgatt, D 1mWM
Erie Street172   Dec1018493159Herrick,SB Child of C W 
Erie Street119   May1718441035Herrick, Adam 10mWM
Erie Street1251   Jan25186710056Herrick, Albert C 18y M
Erie Street1189   Oct2418587698Herrick, Childs 52yWM
Erie Street162   Jul2818492751Herrington, Mary 7mWF
Erie Street220   Jan10188314056Herrit, John W 14yWM
Erie Street1267   Apr10186910727Herron,Child of Wm6m M
Erie Street157   Mar2618492558Hersch,SB Child of Chas W 
Erie Street1117   Oct2818524953Hersch,Mrs D33yWM
Erie Street1285   Aug31187111413Hersch,Child of Chas4dW 
Erie Street1105   Jun918524475Hersch, David 43yWM
Erie Street19   May311842650Hersh,Child of David11mW 
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524797Hersh,Mrs William80yWF
Erie Street188   Feb618513812Hersh, John 49yWM
Erie Street137   May1818471753Hershman, CatherineMrs64yWF
Erie Street161   Jul1918492714Herst, Eureta 2yd 
Erie Street1247   Aug218669902Herwig,Child of W W4m M
Erie Street215   Feb20188213861Heseltine, Mary 60yWF
Erie Street1120   Jan2718535046Hesen,Child of Mr7yWF
Erie Street217   May21188213915Hesler, Eva 3mWF
Erie Street1103   Apr2118524396Hesmueller, Caroline 15yWF
Erie Street279   Jul19189516416Hess, Elsie 2yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep218659661Hess, Emma J 14d F
Erie Street1141   Jul1218545882Hess, Geo 16mWM
Erie Street280   Oct11189516463Hess, Ruth 1yWF
Erie Street137   May2218471756Hessel,Child of Clemens3mW 
Erie Street165   Aug1818492879Hessel, Geo 6mWM
Erie Street167   Aug3118492963Hessel, John 6mWM
Erie Street145   Dec618472071Hesselman,Mrs63yWF
Erie Street1106   Jul1318524524Hessemuller, RobertChild of E6mW 
Erie Street161   Jul2718492737Hessenmueller, Frances 6mWF
Erie Street2117   Feb16190617694Hessenmueller, Minna 92yW 
Erie Street226   Jan30188414302Hessenmuller, E 72yWM
Erie Street129   Apr1618461432Hessler,Child of Clemens5mW 
Erie Street129   Apr618461429Hessler, Clemis 6mW 
Erie Street277   Jan14189516333Heston, Carroll R E 4mWM
Erie Street1289   Jun23187211591Hesvitsh,Child of Chas4mWF
Erie Street2141Aug261960Aug30196017927Heuman, Paul J 61yWM
Erie Street110   Aug11842691Heward,SB Child of Thomas   
Erie Street1198   Apr818608065Heward, Thos  WM
Erie Street1179   Aug3018577320Hewenrich, Emily 1mWF
Erie Street1195   Oct618597951Hewett, IsaacDr84yWM
Erie Street141   Aug2318471919Hewit,Child of Dr2yW 
Erie Street144   Oct2318472030Hewit,Mrs E27yWF
Erie Street111   Oct181842737Hewit, Lydia 65yWF
Erie Street195   Aug3118514086Hewits,Child of P L18mWF
Erie Street172   Dec2918493170Hewitt,Child of Dr3mW 
Erie Street1273   Dec23186910931Hewitt,Child of J W1y  
Erie Street1222   Apr1918639000Hewitt, Minnie A 1y F
Erie Street147   Mar1018482141Hews, Maria 28yW 
Erie Street289   Apr14189816789Hey, Charles 30yWM
Erie Street181   Aug418503515Heydon, Jane 1yWF
Erie Street225   Oct11188314245Heydorn, Offty 39yWF
Erie Street2136   Aug22192517860Heydorn, William 85yWM
Erie Street1232   Jun2118649298Heymor,SB Child of C   
Erie Street1173   Feb318577081Heyner, Otto 8yWM
Erie Street1141   Jul818545869Heynir, Polina 9mWF
Erie Street1186   Jul1818587591Hibbard, Frank J 2yW 
Erie Street2107  1902Jan30190217428Hibfer, Maria 21yWF
Erie Street252   Nov10188915332Hichtel, George 23yWM
Erie Street1166   Jun1918566819Hick, Thos P 6wWM
Erie Street188   Feb718513814Hickard, James 1dWM
Erie Street127   Dec2218451374Hickey, Jane 31yWF
Erie Street1163   Jan818566679Hickey, Rose 9mWF
Erie Street148   May518482197Hickman,SB Child of Henry W 
Erie Street1138   Mar3118545752Hickman, Edward 2yW 
Erie Street188   Jan3018513805Hickman, Lewis 8mWM
Erie Street127   Jan218461378Hickox,SB Child of Milo W 
Erie Street127   Nov218451357Hickox, Abraham 81ywM
Erie Street1213   Feb618628663Hickox, Fredie L 5yWM
Erie Street1304   Mar12187412140Hickox, Pamelia 69yWF
Erie Street1248   Oct1218669961Hicks, A G   M
Erie Street1254   Aug25186710210Hicks, Barbara 49y F
Erie Street1267   Mar17186910706Hicks, Emma 23y F
Erie Street1320   Mar7187612697Hicks, Mary J 11mWF
Erie Street1319   Feb22187612688Hidenberger, Emma 2yWF
Erie Street129   May2318461456Hiely,SB Child of M W 
Erie Street1263   Sep2186810532Higan,Child of Mrs9m M
Erie Street1263   Sep2186810532Higgins,Child of Mrs9m M
Erie Street1102   Feb2718524341Higgins, Frank  WM
Erie Street182   Aug1818503575Higgins, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul1818524532Higgins, Sarah 16mWF
Erie Street222   Apr9188314133Highland, Ella M 36yWF
Erie Street177   May2018503343Highland, Isaac 42yWM
Erie Street156   Feb918492510Hildebrand,Mrs J22yWF
Erie Street1331  1878Mar3187813077Hildebrand, 1dWM
Erie Street1221   Feb2518638958Hildebrand, Frank E 7y M
Erie Street1321   Jun22187612752Hildebrand, JohnSB WM
Erie Street1328   May7187712957Hildebrand, Willie 2mWM
Erie Street252   Sep25188915307Hildebrandt, Frederick 14dWM
Erie Street284   Aug12189616598Hildebrandt, Rudolph 5yWM
Erie Street1300   Aug14187311975Hildebrant,Child of Chas9m M
Erie Street1314   Jul20187512513Hildebrant, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street228   Jul21188414384Hilderbrand, 3hWF
Erie Street1174   Mar218577113Hilenbrant, Mary 4yWF
Erie Street13   Nov201840412Hill,SB Child of N C W 
Erie Street113   May51843812Hill,Child of Wm D2yW 
Erie Street137   Jun1118471774Hill,Child of J P W 
Erie Street144   Nov1718472052Hill,Child of C1yWF
Erie Street1252   Apr17186710110Hill,Child of Thomas H8m M
Erie Street1312   Mar2187512409Hill,SB Child of William WF
Erie Street156   Feb1918492517Hill, Eliza 30yWF
Erie Street212   Jul15188113734Hill, F H 52yWM
Erie Street27   Jul3188013512Hill, Francis 44yWF
Erie Street1229   Mar618649188 DHill, Francis C 1y F
Erie Street1272   Dec9186910925Hill, Geo W 23y M
Erie Street245   Apr8188815059Hill, Gertrude E 2mWF
Erie Street250   May8188915242Hill, Hazel B 3mWM
Erie Street1301   Oct8187312052Hill, James P 62yWM
Erie Street1131   Sep2118535478Hill, John 2yWM
Erie Street242   Jul20188714910Hill, Mary 76yWF
Erie Street1269   Jul28186910796Hill, Mary A 48y F
Erie Street152   Oct518482379Hill, Michael 28yCM
Erie Street2115   Jan7190517641Hill, Samuel E 85yWM
Erie Street13   Oct31840391Hill, Solon C 25yWM
Erie Street1298   Jun24187311912Hill, Wm H 2y M
Erie Street1213   Jan2218628649Hillbardt,SB Child of Chas W 
Erie Street1201   Aug1218608165Hillbiner,Child of Richd1yW 
Erie Street1213   Jan2218628649Hillbrandt,SB Child of Chas W 
Erie Street1327   Feb25187712926Hiller, Charles W 7mWM
Erie Street27   Jul10188013519Hiller, Hattie 2yWF
Erie Street1124   Jun318535223Hilliard,Mrs R WF
Erie Street1207   Apr3018618416Hilliard,Child of R4yWM
Erie Street16   Aug51841510Hilliard, Charles 10mWM
Erie Street1199   May2218608103Hilliard, Kittie 4yWF
Erie Street2117   Jan22190617692Hilliard, Newton H 35yWM
Erie Street1172   Dec2418567036Hilliard, R 57yWM
Erie Street230   Sep24188414427Hilliard, Ralph T 27yWM
Erie Street283   May12189616554Hillinder, Belle 31yWF
Erie Street213   Jul24188113748Hills,Child of Burnace5mWF
Erie Street19   Jun121842651Hills, Caleb 68y M
Erie Street1158   Aug2418556525Hills, JaneMrs  F
Erie Street126   Sep1518451332Hills, Jonas P 1yW 
Erie Street1258   Jan17186810337Hills, Mary L 19y F
Erie Street131   Aug1418461520Himer, John 9mWM
Erie Street1315   Aug5187512531Himmelman, M 1mWM
Erie Street1114   Sep2318524832Hinberger, C 8yWM
Erie Street1114   Sep2318524830Hinberger, Catherine 40yWF
Erie Street1114   Sep2318524831Hinberger, F 15yWM
Erie Street142   Sep618471948Hinch,Mr52yWM
Erie Street287   Jul25189716714Hinch, Richard 71yWM
Erie Street141   Aug2518471922Hincline,Child of L1yW 
Erie Street121   Sep1818441125Hiner, PhillipChild4mWM
Erie Street137   Jun718471770Hiners,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street19   Apr201842637Hines,Child of S W 
Erie Street151   Aug2418482322Hines, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2318503603Hinevans,Miss W 
Erie Street168   Sep618492997Hinke, AnnaAKA Shunk65yWF
Erie Street126   Sep2518451339Hinke, J P 63yW 
Erie Street29   Dec7188013596Hinks,Child of H9yWM
Erie Street258   Jan19189115580Hinton, Charles 12yCM
Erie Street230   Nov23188414460Hintz, John 1yWM
Erie Street1292   Aug23187211692Hinz,Child of G3mWF
Erie Street2107  1902Jan27190217427Hirsh, 1dWM
Erie Street1196   Oct718597953Hirst, Alfred F 7yCM
Erie Street1197   Dec2918598000Hirst, Freddy 21dWM
Erie Street187   Nov2918503754Hise, A 1mW 
Erie Street1121   Feb2018535073Hise, G 11mW 
Erie Street1108   Aug818524608Hise, John 16mWM
Erie Street177   May2718503351Hise, John A 6mWM
Erie Street1187   Aug2218587634Hise, John C 1yWM
Erie Street193   Jul1418513979Hises, Andrew 1dWM
Erie Street1150   Oct1818546230Hisler, John 11mWM
Erie Street2122   Mar6191117767Hitch, Anna 87yWF
Erie Street298   Apr2190017106Hitch, Elmer 11yWF
Erie Street234   Nov4188514614Hitch, Maud M 3yWF
Erie Street24   Jan6188013412Hitch, Minnie 15yWF
Erie Street232   Mar22188514510Hitch, Nellie G 23yWF
Erie Street2117   May18190617703Hitch, Thomas J 85yWM
Erie Street2130   Jul8191917841Hitch, Thomas J 69yWM
Erie Street1114   Sep1818524810Hitchcock,Child of George W 
Erie Street195   Aug2618514078Hitchcock, Sarah J 10mWF
Erie Street1212   Jan518628631Hits, 5yWM
Erie Street1298   Jul5187311915Hively, Theodore 4m M
Erie Street164   Aug1218492845Hoa, Henry 6yWM
Erie Street1282   May2187111321Hoadey, Mary Ann 78yWF
Erie Street1174   Feb2218577098Hoadley, Geo 76yWM
Erie Street1125   Jun2118535256Hoadley, Laura J 18yWF
Erie Street1282   May2187111321Hoadley, Mary Ann 78yWF
Erie Street222   Mar11188314106Hoag, Erastus B 66yWM
Erie Street1161   Oct1518556634Hoag, Frederick 4dWM
Erie Street1217   Sep218628828Hoag, Harry 7m M
Erie Street1307   Aug8187412255Hoak, Fred 1yWF
Erie Street175   Mar2218503263Hobbrook, H 64y  
Erie Street1274   Mar8187010984Hobbs, C S 56yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2018524653Hober, Elizabeth 42yWF
Erie Street1114   Sep2518524836Hober, Fred 8mWM
Erie Street15   Apr61841485Hobson,Child of Thomas W 
Erie Street1125   Jun718535230Hobson,Mrs A47yWF
Erie Street121   Aug2718441108Hobson, Elizabeth  WF
Erie Street15   Jun81841474Hobson, George 2yWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2818524561Hobson, Louisa H 3yWF
Erie Street167   Aug3018492959Hobson, Mary A 13yWF
Erie Street1154   Feb2518556345Hobson, Wm 18y M
Erie Street194   Aug118514023Hoch, Anna 18mWF
Erie Street1176   Apr2418577183Hock, Frederick 1dWM
Erie Street1131   Sep1918535471Hock, Michael 2yWM
Erie Street1142   Jul2318545921Hock, Peter 15mWM
Erie Street1157   Aug518556489Hocke, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street187   Dec1018503764Hoden,Child of Ed   
Erie Street156   Feb1418492512Hodge, Wm 47yWM
Erie Street1311   Feb18187512398Hodges,SB Child of C B WM
Erie Street1146   Aug2018546064Hodkinson, Ellen 38yWF
Erie Street1186   Jul2418587595Hoecker,Child of Augustus1dWM
Erie Street1244   Feb1718669784Hoehn,Child of Henry1d F
Erie Street1255   Sep24186710239Hoehn,Child of Henry3m M
Erie Street1257   Jan8186810324Hoehn,Child of Louisa20d M
Erie Street1278   Sep11187011160Hoehn,SB Child of Henry WM
Erie Street1264   Oct12186810581Hoehn, Wm 1y M
Erie Street222   Apr24188314138Hoerr, Eno O 3mWM
Erie Street292   Dec23189816891Hoerr, Laura H 3yWF
Erie Street215   Feb10188213857Hoerr, Lydia 2yWF
Erie Street144   Nov318472045Hofderser, John 3yWM
Erie Street262   Oct19189115721Hofelich, 10wWM
Erie Street242   Aug28188714929Hofellish, Carl Amiel 1yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2818535332Hofer, E A 11yW 
Erie Street1125   Jun818535235Hofer, Emma 11yWF
Erie Street1256   Oct21186710262Hoff,Child of Fred8m F
Erie Street29   Dec1188013593Hoff, Anna 4dWF
Erie Street1200   Jun1018608117Hoffman,Child of Jacob6dW 
Erie Street1298   Jul18187311926Hoffman,Child of Jacob1y M
Erie Street1315   Aug15187512545Hoffman,SB Child of Henry WM
Erie Street1319   Feb6187612675Hoffman,Child of Fred3mW 
Erie Street21   Apr18187913276Hoffman,Child of Henry WM
Erie Street211   May18188113690Hoffman,Child of Henry5mWM
Erie Street1260   May18186810437Hoffman, Adam 1y M
Erie Street1296   Mar13187311837Hoffman, Adam 38yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Apr18187813090Hoffman, Adeline 34yWF
Erie Street277   Nov12189416309Hoffman, Anna 27yWF
Erie Street258   Dec1189015553Hoffman, Arthur 17yWM
Erie Street266   Jul28189215896Hoffman, Arthur J 4yWM
Erie Street221   Jan29188314078Hoffman, Bell 16yWF
Erie Street260   Apr15189115629Hoffman, Catherine 78yWF
Erie Street1196   Nov218597969Hoffman, Catherine A 1yWF
Erie Street1305   Jun28187412210Hoffman, Edward 2y M
Erie Street1173   Jan918577053Hoffman, Elizabeth 18mWF
Erie Street1275   Apr10187011012Hoffman, Elizabeth 37yWF
Erie Street1298   Jun1187311899Hoffman, Fred 75y M
Erie Street1307   Aug9187412259Hoffman, Fred E 4yWM
Erie Street1320   Mar5187612695Hoffman, Fred W 40yWM
Erie Street2130   Nov28191917843Hoffman, Frederick 75yWM
Erie Street226   Jan13188414292Hoffman, Henry 37yWM
Erie Street1306   Jul12187412221Hoffman, Jacob 9mWM
Erie Street2107  1902Mar22190217442Hoffman, Jacob L 79yWM
Erie Street211   May9188113681Hoffman, Johanna 6yWF
Erie Street1231   May818649268Hoffman, John 38y M
Erie Street1191   Jan2518597774Hoffman, John C 1y M
Erie Street1141   Jul518545863Hoffman, John G 18mWM
Erie Street244   Dec25188714996Hoffman, John Henry 21yWM
Erie Street2122   Feb2191117764Hoffman, Katherine 50yWF
Erie Street1289   May12187211562Hoffman, Louisa 1yWF
Erie Street2107  1902Feb18190217434Hoffman, Louise A 60yWF
Erie Street125   Aug418451295Hoffman, Magdaline 11yWF
Erie Street1265   Nov17186810615Hoffman, Margaret 32y F
Erie Street229   Aug20188414396Hoffman, Margaret 84yWF
Erie Street1112   Sep718524740Hoffman, Mary 10mWF
Erie Street1213   Feb218628658Hoffman, Miss 21yWF
Erie Street25   Mar23188013457Hoffman, Nellie 3yWF
Erie Street215   Feb12188213859Hoffman, Peter 73yWM
Erie Street2117   Dec8190617711Hoffman, Peter 65yWM
Erie Street1302   Dec31187312093Hoffman, Theodore 11mWF
Erie Street1280   Feb4187111248Hoffman, Willie 7dWF
Erie Street1323   Sep9187612828Hoffmeister, HSB WM
Erie Street1273   Jan18187010948Hoffshield, Rudolf 2yWM
Erie Street143   Sep2618471994Hofman,Child of N2yW 
Erie Street135   Feb1318471691Hofretcher, George 30yWM
Erie Street151   Aug2018482312Hogan,Child of A B1yW 
Erie Street1136   Feb1118545673Hogan, Ellen 3yWF
Erie Street19   Mar251842626Hogan, Joseph G 39yWM
Erie Street180   Jul2518503485Hogan, Mary 11mWF
Erie Street170   Oct1918493097Hogan, Sarah 25yWF
Erie Street1301   Sep17187312039Hogan, Sarah C 69yWF
Erie Street267   Sep9189215920Hogan, Wm H 62yWM
Erie Street115   Aug201843877Hogans, M 1yW 
Erie Street211   Apr9188113667Hohmann,SB Child of Joseph WF
Erie Street211   Apr21188113672Hohn,Child of Geo R2yCM
Erie Street1300   Aug21187311992Hohnsheen,SB Child of E W 
Erie Street1192   Feb1718597793Holbert, Walter  WM
Erie Street1109   Aug1018524620Holbrant, Mary 20mWF
Erie Street115   Sep31843897Holbrook,Child of B W 
Erie Street221   Mar3188314100Holcomb, Jane E 72yWF
Erie Street293   Jan14189916903Holcompbe, Jas P 54yWM
Erie Street133   Oct1518461594Holcperacher,Child of Conad6mW 
Erie Street181   Aug918503535Holden, Edward 57y  
Erie Street1315   Sep6187512559Holden, Sarah 14dWF
Erie Street1309   Nov6187412340Holder,Child of Rosa23dWF
Erie Street158   May1718492615Holdridge, John 7mWM
Erie Street176   Apr2818503316Holemes, J C 1yWM
Erie Street1225   Sep2718639141Holenger,Child of Christ4y M
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524640Holengs,Mrs64yWF
Erie Street121   Sep1618441124Holiday, John J 33yWM
Erie Street1105   Jun1018524477Holland,Child of John3mW 
Erie Street1329   Jul20187712982Holland,SB Child of Mr WM
Erie Street119   Jun2418441049Holland, George 34yWM
Erie Street27   Jul21188013528Holland, George 2yCM
Erie Street180   Jul2118503475Holland, John 1yWM
Erie Street132   Sep1118461548Holland, Wm 40yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb1318524311Hollem, A 9mW 
Erie Street1225   Oct618639150Hollenback, Bertha 10m  
Erie Street1194   Aug2918597907Holley, Charles H 7mWM
Erie Street1257   Dec5186710295Holley, JMrs24y F
Erie Street1161   Nov2218556641Holliday, DanielSB WM
Erie Street1320   May2187612722Holliday, Henrietta  WF
Erie Street1307   Aug29187412282Holliday, I N  WM
Erie Street1221   Mar918638967Holliday, Martha 78y F
Erie Street1226   Oct1318639153Hollinger,Child of Christ2y M
Erie Street277   Dec17189416322Hollis, Rose 67yWF
Erie Street1166   May918566795Hollister, Margaret 3yWF
Erie Street2102  1901Feb2190117265Hollock, Margaret 60yWF
Erie Street1315   Aug10187512539Hollwine, Ernest 1yWM
Erie Street1212   Jan318628625Holly,Child of James1yW 
Erie Street1246   Jul818669873Holmes,Child of T2y F
Erie Street1249   Nov2318669998Holmes,Child of James  F
Erie Street1249   Nov30186610006Holmes,Child of James7d M
Erie Street237   Sep6188614737Holmes,SB WF
Erie Street196   Oct1618514134Holmes, Charles 18yWM
Erie Street1220   Jan1818638929Holmes, Fanny 12yWF
Erie Street256   Jul10189015465Holmes, Freddie E 9mWF
Erie Street239   Jan18188714817Holmes, Isaac 43yWM
Erie Street1201   Aug2018608175Holmes, James 18mCM
Erie Street1206   Mar1718618364Holmes, James 65yWM
Erie Street268   Dec15189215954Holmes, Julia E 27yCF
Erie Street210   Mar22188113660Holmes, Will 12hWM
Erie Street1252   May19186710129Holp, August C 1y M
Erie Street178   Jun2518503404Holsted, 30yW 
Erie Street241   May11188714869Holstein,SB Infant WM
Erie Street293   Jan17189916905Holstein, Margaret 88yWF
Erie Street1232   Jul618649313Holsworth,Child of Philip3m F
Erie Street16   Sep141841537Holt,Child of Jacob W 
Erie Street1118   Nov1818524976Holt, Alfred 14m M
Erie Street242   Sep10188714935Holt, Doretha 28yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1418524792Holt, Elizabeth 9mWF
Erie Street1195   Oct418597949Holt, Eugene B 7yWM
Erie Street222   Apr13188314136Holt, Geo 3yWM
Erie Street1162   Dec2118556662Holt, Ida 20yWF
Erie Street1315   Aug9187512537Holt, Jennie E 2mWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1418524791Holt, Martin 28yWM
Erie Street1127   Aug118535341Holt, Mary A 14mWF
Erie Street1110   Aug2318524682Holt, TP 22yWM
Erie Street1232   Jul1518649327Holt, Willie 1m M
Erie Street1164   Mar2818566750Holts, WmSB WM
Erie Street228   Jul18188414380Holzhauer, 3dWM
Erie Street237   Jul5188614715Holzhauer, Bertha 14wWF
Erie Street267   Sep25189215929Holzhauer, Wm 7mWM
Erie Street252   Dec7188915345Holzhawer,SB WM
Erie Street262   Oct4189115712Holzhawer, 4dWM
Erie Street1266   Feb3186910680Holzworth, Anna 25y F
Erie Street219   Sep16188213996Homer, Katie W 20yWF
Erie Street235   Dec30188514638Homer, Selina 39yWF
Erie Street154   Dec2518482458Homil, P 28yWM
Erie Street1142   Jul2418545930Homiston, Mary A 16mWF
Erie Street1128   Aug318535344Hondt, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street1199   May718608089Hones,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street144   Oct2418472032Honner,Child of Jacob11mW 
Erie Street1252   Mar22186710095Hoock, Anna E 1y F
Erie Street1202   Oct2618608230Hoog,Child of F8mWF
Erie Street296   Nov30189917047Hookaway, Thomas 45yWM
Erie Street142   Sep1618471968Hooldorig, Mary J 7yWF
Erie Street1230   Apr1518649240Hoon, Orson O 3m M
Erie Street1150   Oct1718546214Hoop, Blanch 3mWF
Erie Street1254   Aug8186710187Hoop, Charles 10m M
Erie Street1237   Feb118659524Hoop, Emilie T 2y M
Erie Street1253   Jun28186710150Hoop, Emily   F
Erie Street164   Aug1418492858Hoos, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street251   Aug1188915287Hoose, Zora M 3mWF
Erie Street164   Aug1418492855Hooser, John J 9mWM
Erie Street195   Aug2018514071Hoover, Edmond 1mWM
Erie Street226   Feb1188414304Hoover, Edwin 24yWM
Erie Street1108   Aug718524607Hoover, Joseph 2yWM
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524779Hope, Robert 26yWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2518524547Hopensaack, Catherine 17mWF
Erie Street1108   Aug118524580Hopensack,Child of Catherine W 
Erie Street110   Jul181842681Hopkins,SB Child of P T W 
Erie Street1121   Mar718535096Hopkins,  W 
Erie Street225   Nov25188314260Hopkins, Elizabeth 18yWF
Erie Street1207   Apr2118618405Hopkins, Harriet 64yWF
Erie Street233   Aug9188514580Hopkins, James 51yCM
Erie Street110   Aug101842695Hopkins, Joseph 49yWM
Erie Street295   Jun24189916981Hopkins, Malinda 50yCF
Erie Street1118   Dec718525000Hopkins, O 61yWM
Erie Street190   Apr1218513877Hopkins, P 78yc 
Erie Street1165   May118566787Hopkins, Rebecca 40yWF
Erie Street18   Jan71842588Hopkins, Seneca 22mW 
Erie Street1224   Aug1618639102Hopkins, Sheldon 76y M
Erie Street254   Mar10189015406Hopkins, Thos 17yCM
Erie Street116   Sep161843914Hopp,Child of John2yW 
Erie Street129   May418461444Hopp,Child of John4mW 
Erie Street1184   Mar2518587498Hopp, Emeline 1mWF
Erie Street1178   Jul3118577273Hopp, Emelline 5mWF
Erie Street125   Jul2218451279Hopp, Jeremiah 2yWM
Erie Street1178   Jul118577254Hopp, Lilly 4mWF
Erie Street1275   Apr11187011014Hoppe, FrederickaMrs WF
Erie Street1163   Feb518566705Hoppensack, H F 5mWM
Erie Street185   Sep2718503697Hoppensack, Henry 2yWM
Erie Street112   Jan141843771Hopper,Child W 
Erie Street177   Jun1818503377Hopper,Mr WM
Erie Street177   Jun1818503378Hopper,Mrs WF
Erie Street178   Jun1818503388Hopper,Child of Mr4yW 
Erie Street190   Apr1518513883Hopper, Lydia 41yWF
Erie Street1158   Aug1318556507Hopps, Ann M 11yWF
Erie Street1213   Jan1518628641Hoppwood, Matilda 13yWF
Erie Street187   Dec1118503765Horgan, Martha 22y F
Erie Street1208   May2018618433Horlebos,Child of Fred SB WF
Erie Street1183   Feb1018587467Horn,Child of Mr2mWF
Erie Street143   Sep3018471999Horn, Barbary 10mWF
Erie Street220   Nov9188214026Horn, Robert 20yWM
Erie Street194   Aug818514041Hornby, Mary, A 40yWF
Erie Street1327   Jan28187712913Hornby, Robert 68yWM
Erie Street1311   Jan16187512377Horner,SB Child of M WM
Erie Street217   Jul13188213940Horner, Anna E 13yWF
Erie Street235   Dec22188514636Hornsman, Annie Mary 12yWF
Erie Street242   Jul28188714914Horst, Edger Grover 5mWM
Erie Street1198   Mar1218608047Horton,SB Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street1258   Jan20186810340Horton,Twin 1 of Helen M   
Erie Street1258   Jan20186810340Horton,Twin 2 of Helen M   
Erie Street281   Dec11189516491Horton, Eliza J 73yWF
Erie Street1209   Jul1718618483Horton, Helen M 2yWF
Erie Street1258   Jan20186810340Horton, Helen M 41y F
Erie Street243   Nov18188714979Horton, Norma J 70yWF
Erie Street299   Jun14190017157Hosack,SB WM
Erie Street157   Apr1018492576Hosmer,Child of A W1dW 
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524796Hosmer, E 45yWM
Erie Street242   Sep2188714932Hosmer, Faith C 76yWF
Erie Street161   Jul1518492703Hosmer, John 2mWM
Erie Street1125   Jun1318535243Hosmer, O S 22yW 
Erie Street1165   Apr118566753Hosmer, Wm 12mWM
Erie Street176   Apr1818503302Hossard, Geo 19yWM
Erie Street1181   Oct1518577374Hottzy, John 18mWM
Erie Street149   Jul718482256Houck,Child of P1yW 
Erie Street1205   Feb2618618339Houck,One of two Children of H W   
Erie Street1205   Feb2618618339Houck,Two of two Children of H W   
Erie Street1148   Sep1818546169Houck, Emma 18yW 
Erie Street1259   Mar7186810381Houckler,Child of H M   
Erie Street1148   Sep518546133Houghtohn, Henry 4mWM
Erie Street1203   Dec718608258Houghton,Child of Dr R E W 
Erie Street26   Apr2188013469Houghton, Charles 2yWM
Erie Street1319   Jan19187612666Houle,Child of L4yWF
Erie Street190   Apr2918513898House, Jane 21yWF
Erie Street136   Mar1918471713House, Joseph 69yWM
Erie Street197   Nov1418514170Housenbrook, MMr30yWF
Erie Street1211   Sep2718618555Houser, Wm 9mWM
Erie Street194   Aug1718514058Housman, P 13mW 
Erie Street1298   Jun10187311902Houston, Thomas 10m M
Erie Street1185   May1418587542Houtz, E H 2yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep918524762How,Mrs A D40yWF
Erie Street1200   Jul2618608145How,Child of Henry2mW 
Erie Street1131   Oct318535500How, Catherine 79yWF
Erie Street134   Dec518461629How, H L 22yW 
Erie Street1108   Jul3018524569How, Julia 5mWF
Erie Street235   Dec30188514639How, Mary M 96yWF
Erie Street1116   Oct1018524903How, Wm 36yWM
Erie Street116   Sep201843925Howard,Child of A D3yW 
Erie Street188   Jan2718513804Howard,Mrs D40yWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2618546078Howard,SB Child of Mrs w 
Erie Street1265   Nov24186810622Howard,Child of Allen1m  
Erie Street241   May21188714872Howard, A D 84yWM
Erie Street2111   Aug28190317554Howard, Clark 43yWM
Erie Street29   Nov9188013587Howard, Edward D 30yWM
Erie Street239   Jan24188714821Howard, Ella 37yWF
Erie Street1227   Dec2318639225Howard, Irene 50y F
Erie Street144   Nov1418472048Howard, James 37yWM
Erie Street273   Nov23189316148Howard, Jessie 28yWF
Erie Street298   May4190017134Howard, Lola 36yCF
Erie Street268   Dec15189215955Howard, Ralph 4yCM
Erie Street134   Jan318471652Howard, Sophia A 52yWF
Erie Street175   Apr218503280Howard, W J 26yWM
Erie Street147   Mar1018482140Howard, Wm 23yWM
Erie Street110   Jul231842686Howe,SB Child of Henry W 
Erie Street149   Jul718482255Howe,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street173   Jan418503180Howe,Mrs M WF
Erie Street1195   Sep618597917Howe,SB Child of Henry S1yWM
Erie Street1197   Jan2718608019Howe,Mr19yWM
Erie Street133   Oct1118461590Howe, Ann E 9yWF
Erie Street1313   May9187512457Howe, Bell 23yWF
Erie Street1120   Feb1118535062Howe, DCapt43yWM
Erie Street18   Feb231842610Howe, Frances B 30yWF
Erie Street1257   Dec30186710316Howe, Frank 22y M
Erie Street1103   Apr318524376Howe, G 1mWM
Erie Street22   Jul15187913315Howe, Margaret 64yWF
Erie Street1210   Sep2218618547Howe, Mathew 48yWM
Erie Street14   Mar301841455Howe, Sarah 65yWF
Erie Street122   Nov118441156Howe, Willys 20mWM
Erie Street196   Sep2818514120Howell, Maria 3yW 
Erie Street2111   Jul25190317548Howell, Robert 2mWM
Erie Street298   Apr25190017129Hower, Lela 23yWF
Erie Street279   Jun28189516403Howie, J T D 6mWM
Erie Street1211   Nov1718618587Howland, Bertha E 1yWF
Erie Street1229   Feb2118649176 DHowland, L J 4y M
Erie Street268   Dec3189215950Howle,SB WM
Erie Street2117   Mar30190617699Howle, Henry 62yWM
Erie Street235   Dec21188514635Howle, Hiram 3mWM
Erie Street231   Feb17188514500Howle, Lily M 7mWF
Erie Street280   Sep7189516445Howle, Sarah 46yWF
Erie Street241   Jun30188714890Howle, Susan 7yWF
Erie Street152   Sep1818482358Howlet,Child of Thomas5mW 
Erie Street156   Feb2718492523Howlett,Child of Thomas3y  
Erie Street1105   May2418524449Howlett, Wm 31yWM
Erie Street132   Sep2218461560Hows,Child of H1yW 
Erie Street172   Dec1218493163Hows,Child of M13mW 
Erie Street1119   Dec2018525016Howzin,Child of A2mW 
Erie Street1206   Apr118618384Hoyles,Child of MJ2yW 
Erie Street1164   Mar618566729Hoyt, Charles 9mWF
Erie Street1303   Jan24187412108Hoyt, Gussie 5yWF
Erie Street1154   Feb2718556349Hoyt, H B 2yWM
Erie Street133   Oct2518461603Hubbard,Child of Mrs5y  
Erie Street198   Dec218514199Hubbard,SB Child of G W 
Erie Street184   Sep718503645Hubbard, Caroline 19yWF
Erie Street157   Mar1318492544Hubbard, Emeline 21yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524798Hubbard, J J 9mWM
Erie Street1149   Oct918546198Hubbard, John 74yWM
Erie Street21   Apr1187913266Hubbard, Lloyd B 9mWM
Erie Street1330  1877Dec25187713051Hubbard, Mary A 86yWF
Erie Street1167   Jul1018566845Hubbard, Olive 16yWF
Erie Street1250   Jan13186710045Hubbard, Wm 44y M
Erie Street213   Sep25188113783Hubbards,SB Child of Thos WF
Erie Street1258   Jan17186810338Hubbel, Emily 2y F
Erie Street175   Mar2918503276Hubbell,Mrs60yWF
Erie Street260   Apr16189115632Hubbell, 1hWF
Erie Street260   May25189115651Hubbell,SB WM
Erie Street199   Dec2618514244Hubbell, Ann 21yWF
Erie Street278   Apr12189516374Hubbell, AugustSr69yWM
Erie Street254   Feb23189015398Hubbell, Esther 57yWF
Erie Street266   Jul22189215887Hubbell, Mary 3mWF
Erie Street2114   Oct26190417635Hubbell, Rebecca 67yWF
Erie Street274   Mar3189416193Hubbell, Richard Clyde 2mWM
Erie Street214   Oct25188113801Hubburd, Layal P 3hWM
Erie Street123   Mar2918451206Hubby,Child of L M1yW 
Erie Street132   Sep2618461564Hubby,Child of L M W 
Erie Street1139   Apr2118545781Hubby,Child of L M8mW 
Erie Street1206   Mar1218618358Hubby, David 71yWM
Erie Street1285   Nov3187111441Hubby, Phebe 80yWF
Erie Street1295   Jan1187311773Huber,Child of Edward WM
Erie Street161   Jul2418492727Huber, J 1mW 
Erie Street1215   Mar2618628714Huber, Maria S 77yWF
Erie Street190   Apr2018513893Hubez, Johern Justice 1yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct818524897Huchings, Charles 3yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2418535407Huchings, Robert 15m M
Erie Street113   May71843813Huchinson,Child of S4yW 
Erie Street12   Aug101840348Huchinson, Henry W 3yWM
Erie Street1126   Jun2618535267Huchinson, Mary A 3yWF
Erie Street111   Aug191842702Huckins,Child of J11mW 
Erie Street1270   Aug5186910811Huckler, Elizabeth 1y F
Erie Street1263   Sep27186810563Huckler, Mary 2y F
Erie Street17   Oct101841552Hudson,Child of Samuel S24yWM
Erie Street196   Sep1818514109Hudson,Mr50yWM
Erie Street1147   Sep318546124Hudson,Child of J1yW 
Erie Street1196   Nov1118597972Hudson,SB Child of Daniel WF
Erie Street158   Apr2418492591Hudson, Catherine 1mWF
Erie Street19   Mar281842628Hudson, Daniel 27yWM
Erie Street1149   Oct218546190Hudson, Emma 4yWF
Erie Street1245   Apr1118669827Hudson, Geo 50y M
Erie Street289   Mar11189816777Hudson, Jane 74yWF
Erie Street1106   Jul518524505Hudson, John 16m M
Erie Street255   Jun15189015454Hudson, Mary E 42yWF
Erie Street244   Dec31188715001Hudson, Meda 4yWF
Erie Street1144   Aug418545997Hudson, P 38yW 
Erie Street1203   Dec2518608270Hudson, Robt H 28yWM
Erie Street197   Oct2118514140Hudson, W P 19yWM
Erie Street129   May1518461447Hudson, Wm  WM
Erie Street236   May10188614696Hudson, Wm 43yWM
Erie Street1142   Jul1518545893Hudson, Wm H 16mWM
Erie Street229   Sep7188414414Huefner, John 44yWM
Erie Street1143   Jul2618545937Hufbern, Jacob 13mWM
Erie Street259   Apr3189115622Huff, 14dWF
Erie Street273   Nov9189316145Huff, 3dWF
Erie Street1170   Oct1618566976 AHuff, H A 7yWM
Erie Street231   Jan28188514496Huff, Joseph 4dWM
Erie Street173   Feb1118503216Hufman, A 59yW 
Erie Street2107  1902Feb26190217440Huge, Ernst F 34yWM
Erie Street1307   Aug30187412285Huge, Gerhardt 72yWM
Erie Street2122   May3191117771Huge, HenrySr73yWM
Erie Street1320   May4187612724Huge, Job 3yWM
Erie Street1328   May20187712960Huge, Lizzie 7yWF
Erie Street2113   Feb23190417598Huge, Mary E 35yWF
Erie Street264   Mar11189215808Huge, Minna L 57yWF
Erie Street1160   Oct1418556603Hughe,Child of Peter WF
Erie Street191   May2618513930Hughes,Child of Geo W 
Erie Street1135   Jan1918545642Hughes,Child of Peter1dC 
Erie Street1300   Aug17187311980Hughes,Child of Wm L1yWM
Erie Street1250   Jan18186710049Hughes, Edward B 8y M
Erie Street1114   Sep2018524817Hughes, J R 50yWM
Erie Street1114   Sep2018524826Hughes, J R 55yW 
Erie Street1229   Feb1618649173 DHughes, Nancy A 50yCF
Erie Street2113   Mar15190417600Hughes, Pat 38yWM
Erie Street1146   Aug2318546073hughes, Walter 1yWM
Erie Street220   Jan13188314059Hughs,Infant 1 of triplets WM
Erie Street220   Jan13188314060Hughs,Infant 2 of triplets WM
Erie Street220   Jan13188314061Hughs,Infant 3 of triplets WM
Erie Street225   Sep13188314231Hulburd, Emily 40yWF
Erie Street245   Mar11188815037Hulburd, Mary W 76yWF
Erie Street123   Jan618451181Hulburt,Child of Lemuel4mW 
Erie Street287   Sep20189716729Hulet,SB WM
Erie Street299   Jun11190017154Hulett, Rose 16yCF
Erie Street1192   Feb2218597795Hull, Chas H 2yWM
Erie Street1196   Dec218597988Hull, Maria 42yWF
Erie Street112   Nov231842752Hulling,Child of Henry W 
Erie Street1114   Sep2418524835Humberstone, Mary 41yWF
Erie Street114   Jul171843842Humble,Child of Joseph W 
Erie Street1261May 1861Jul9186810473Humiston,Child of R F6d M
Erie Street1261May 1861Jul9186810474Humiston,Child of R F5y F
Erie Street1335  1879Mar9187913249Humiston, Lavina 78yWF
Erie Street1261Jul271864Jul9186810475Humiston, Mary A 1y F
Erie Street1317   Dec7187512636Hummel,SB Child of Ruth WF
Erie Street283   Apr23189616547Hummel, 2mWM
Erie Street283   May20189616561Hummel, Stella 3mWF
Erie Street1292   Sep3187211703Hummelman,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street152   Sep2518482365Humpe, Jack 30yWM
Erie Street170   Oct118493061Humphais, Henry 2yWM
Erie Street1255   Oct5186710249Humphrey,SB Child of H CM
Erie Street295   Jul19189916997Humphrey, John P 82yWF
Erie Street243   Nov 188714984Humphrey, Mary Ann 44yWF
Erie Street235   Dec15188514629Humphrey, Sarah J 75yWF
Erie Street1288   Apr3187211532Humphry,Child of Henry2yCM
Erie Street1206   Mar2318618375Humphry, Geo 5yWM
Erie Street28   Oct30188013582Humphry, Winfred E 4yWF
Erie Street1233   Aug118649346Humphry, Wm 2y M
Erie Street197   Oct2718514147Humson,Mrs A M61yWF
Erie Street197   Oct2818514149Hunchman, G F 54yW 
Erie Street1195   Sep1018597924Huns,Child of Jacob21dWM
Erie Street1161   Dec818556654Hunt,SB Child of L A WF
Erie Street235   Feb21188614656Hunt, 12dWM
Erie Street220   Dec20188214045Hunt, Albert C 1yWM
Erie Street29   Jan20188113621Hunt, Felix 52yWM
Erie Street1150   Nov118546234Hunt, L 17mW 
Erie Street1238   Feb2518659540Hunt, W WCapt  M
Erie Street238   Oct26188614759Hunt, Wm 54yWM
Erie Street1244   Feb1118669779Hunter, Henry 55y M
Erie Street1135   Jan1118545628Hunter, James 21yCM
Erie Street171   Oct2218493102Hunter, Sarah 30yCF
Erie Street1148   Sep1718546167Huntington, John 1yWM
Erie Street299   Jun28190017162Huntoon, Julia 61yWF
Erie Street1135   Jan1918545641Hurch, Francis 38yWM
Erie Street1173   Feb418577084Hurd, 8yWF
Erie Street1311   Feb11187512393Hurd, Barbara 49yWF
Erie Street1205   Feb2718618341Hurd, Betsy 61yWF
Erie Street133   Nov418461611Hurland, John 35yWM
Erie Street26   Apr1188013468Hurlburd,SB WF
Erie Street160   Jun2218492662Hurlburt,Mrs L WF
Erie Street196   Oct1718514137Hurlburt,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1167   Jul1918566850Hurlburt,SB Child of Geo WM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug12187813149Hurlburt, A W 68yWM
Erie Street189   Mar1018513841Hurlburt, Charles A 5yWM
Erie Street190   Apr1818513896Hurlburt, L B 16yW 
Erie Street2105  1901Jul30190117362Hurse, George A 30yCM
Erie Street1108   Aug418524594Hurst,Child of H15mW 
Erie Street1275   Jun6187011049Hurst,Child of Henry N1yCF
Erie Street1196   Oct718597953Hurst, Alfred F 7yCM
Erie Street1106   Jul1418524525Hurst, Clara 28yWF
Erie Street141   Aug1918471905Hurst, H V 60yW 
Erie Street1293   Nov10187211743Hurst, Henry 45yCM
Erie Street1124   May2018535212Hurst, James H 13mCM
Erie Street1114   Sep2218524821Hurst, Maria 1yWF
Erie Street129   Apr318461427Hurst, Wm A 6mCM
Erie Street1150   Oct2518546226Hursts, Barbara 2yWF
Erie Street1150   Oct2518546225Hurts, Eva 6yWF
Erie Street28   Sep19188013562Hussey, Lydia C 80yWF
Erie Street1198   Apr418608060Hussey, Richard 63y M
Erie Street1179   Aug3018577318Hustings, George 6mWF
Erie Street1239   Apr2718659576Huston,Child of Mrs2y F
Erie Street1187   Aug2018587632Huston, Chas B 21mW 
Erie Street2115   Mar15190517651Huston, Jane M 65yWF
Erie Street1266   Feb14186910687Hutchin,SB Child of H A  M
Erie Street1251   Mar4186710085Hutchin, Susan 30y F
Erie Street1238   Apr518659567Hutching, 6d  
Erie Street1246   Jul1118669876Hutchings,Child of H A3m  
Erie Street1170   Oct1518566975Hutchings, B R 45yWM
Erie Street282   Jan23189616510Hutchings, SMrs84yWF
Erie Street1255   Aug30186710217Hutchins, James 57y M
Erie Street1227   Dec1818639217Hutchins, Sarah L 16y F
Erie Street131   Jul2818461501Hutchinson,SB Child of Mrs A S W 
Erie Street144   Oct2518472034Hutchinson,Mrs A S36yWF
Erie Street194   Aug218514032Hutchinson,Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street1249   Dec3186610009Hutchinson,Mrs69y F
Erie Street1313   Apr26187512445Hutchinson, Amos S 66yWM
Erie Street228   Jul5188414373Hutchinson, Ann 65yWF
Erie Street295   Jul5189916988Hutchinson, Edward 49yWM
Erie Street1189   Nov1718587709Hutchinson, Edwin 48yWM
Erie Street1252   May23186710131Hutchinson, Hannah 84y F
Erie Street1218   Sep1118628834Hutchinson, Jesse 1y F
Erie Street1141   Jul1418545891Hutchinson, Randall 60yWM
Erie Street297   Jan9190017057Hutchinson, Roger L 7yWM
Erie Street1271   Oct10186910873Hutchinson, Samuel K 57y M
Erie Street241   Jul13188714905Hutchinson, Willie S 5yWM
Erie Street1256   Dec2186710289Hutchison, Samuel 67y M
Erie Street286   Jun13189716700Huth, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street258   Dec13189015556Huth, Chas 3yWM
Erie Street284   Aug7189616594Hutton, Josephine 39yWF
Erie Street217   Apr29188213907Hyde,SB Child of E P WF
Erie Street1124   May518535188Hydee, R C 24yWF
Erie Street156   Feb918492511Hydelan, Charles 3mWM
Erie Street2111   Nov6190317573Hyman, Lottie 60yWF
Erie Street1138   Mar2718545745Hymandsurh,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1147   Sep518546132Hyne, Henry 7mWM
Erie Street1191   Jan718597763Hyses, AdamChild  M
Erie Street1112   Sep818524752Idema, H 1yWM
Erie Street1139   May1218545802Idenia, Ebettys 1yW 
Erie Street224   Jul27188314192Iffland, Peter H 3mWM
Erie Street1106   Jul1118524514Ikerns, John 2yWM
Erie Street1212   Dec2318618609Ilet,Child of John W 
Erie Street1267   Mar2186910699Ilet,Child of Robt  M
Erie Street1273   Jan18187010947Ilet,Child of Robert21dW 
Erie Street2117   Mar14190617697Ilet, Elizabeth 75yWF
Erie Street2121   Jan7191017746Ilett, John 79yWM
Erie Street252   Oct23188915324Ilett, Mary 84yWF
Erie Street27   Aug4188013538Ilett, Nellie 5yWF
Erie Street1247   Aug2518669924Ilitt,Child of Wm1y M
Erie Street1225   Sep2318639138Ilitt, Wm 59y M
Erie Street1225   Sep1118639129Ilitts,Child of Wm  M
Erie Street1202   Sep1418608205Illenfield, Wm 3mWM
Erie Street1198   Apr618608061Illevelt, Chas 2y M
Erie Street182   Aug1018503546Impink, Michael 23yWM
Erie Street167   Aug3018492960Inelevy, Margaret 12yWF
Erie Street23   Sep2187913349Ingalls, Bessie 5mCF
Erie Street1186   Jul2718587597Inger, Wm 4mWM
Erie Street1212   Dec1318618604Ingersall, Chas GLieut26yWM
Erie Street1203   Nov2218608248Ingersoll, Fannie A 3yWF
Erie Street1192   May118597829Ingle, Eliza 2yWF
Erie Street1154   Mar2018556370Inglebreath, Caroline 6mWF
Erie Street1207   Apr2118618406Inglebrecht, FredChild of Fred4yWM
Erie Street130   Jun2018461475Inglehart,Child of D W 
Erie Street1118   Nov1518524974Inglehart, Maria 31y F
Erie Street1281   Feb16187111263Inglehart, SmithDr68yWM
Erie Street173   Jan1318503186Ingleheart, George 7y M
Erie Street114   Jul231843847Ingleheart, Maria SChild of S8mW 
Erie Street1201   Aug718608157Ingles,Child of John4mW 
Erie Street125   Jul2018451277Ingraham,Child of Henry1yW 
Erie Street183   Aug2518503610Ingraham, Anna E 1yWF
Erie Street23   Oct27187913367Ingraham, Frank D 16yWM
Erie Street1189   Nov1818587711Ingraham, Henry 49yWM
Erie Street2108  1902Oct16190217484Ingraham, John 65yWM
Erie Street1232   Jun2618649302Ingraham, Wallace 12y M
Erie Street162   Jul2918492756Ingrahams, Joseph 38yWM
Erie Street26   Apr9188013476Inpoff,SB Child of Herman WF
Erie Street174   Mar1718503255Iramonger, Thomas 21yWM
Erie Street1291   Jul22187211639Ireland,Child of William9mWF
Erie Street1132   Oct1318535523Ireland, Charles  WM
Erie Street1288   Apr18187211541Ireland, Sarah 72yWF
Erie Street1297   Apr27187311872Ireson, Sarah A 34y F
Erie Street1123   Apr618535146Irwin, James 12yWM
Erie Street1115   Oct518524884Irwin, Wm 35yWM
Erie Street1216   Jul518628773Irwin, Wm 69y M
Erie Street124   May1818451228Iseberger, Fred 65yWM
Erie Street230   Oct18188414438Isen, Henry E 9dWM
Erie Street168   Sep318492992Isenloid, James 30yWM
Erie Street256   Jul10189015466Isham, Archie Day 6yWM
Erie Street227   Feb27188414311Isham, R A 1dWF
Erie Street124   May1518451226Isler,Child of Joseph4yW 
Erie Street1177   Jun218577231Islet, Elizabeth 2mWF
Erie Street1156   Jun1218556432Islet, JohnSB WF
Erie Street231   Dec31188414483Ito, Baby 7dWF
Erie Street242   Aug29188714931Ito, Georgie 1yYM
Erie Street283   Jul17189616582Ito, Harley 2yYM
Erie Street291   Aug22189816858Ito, Harry 1mWM
Erie Street291   Aug20189816856Ito, Sei 1mWF
Erie Street2111   Sep14190317559Ito, Sei 1yWF
Erie Street132   Oct218461575Ives, Frances 1yWF
Erie Street1169   Aug2418566916Ives, Samuel  WM
Erie Street1212   Dec918618601Ives, Samuel C  WM
Erie Street285   Nov29189616632Iwaki, S 19yYM
Erie Street15   Jul191841496Jachuker,SB Child of H W 
Erie Street1282   Mar28187111303Jack,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street291   Jul16189816842Jack, Frederick 55yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep418524732Jacker, George 4yWM
Erie Street1134   Dec2818535607Jackman, Sarah M 2yWF
Erie Street1255   Sep3186710222Jacks, Fred J 1y  
Erie Street130   Jul1918461492Jackson,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street130   Jul2018461494Jackson,SB Child of N C W 
Erie Street1151   Dec518546263Jackson,Mrs T55yWF
Erie Street1205   Feb2018618333Jackson,Child of S M SB W 
Erie Street1254   Aug3186710181Jackson,Child of Miss Jackson5mCF
Erie Street1300   Aug18187311985Jackson,Child of A SB CF
Erie Street245   Feb17188815026Jackson, Ann 85yWF
Erie Street216   Mar20188213882Jackson, Baby 15hWM
Erie Street2103  1901Apr23190117308Jackson, Carl C 2yCM
Erie Street1285   Nov7187111444Jackson, Elizabeth 44yWF
Erie Street14   Feb111841447Jackson, Ellen 6yWF
Erie Street1317   Dec1187512631Jackson, Flora L 78yWF
Erie Street147   Mar3118482160Jackson, G 53yW 
Erie Street1332  1878Jul3187813117Jackson, J B 73yWM
Erie Street1209   Aug718618505Jackson, Jane A 25yWF
Erie Street1211   Oct2518618573Jackson, Katie M 2yWF
Erie Street1272   Nov6186910894Jackson, L D 40y M
Erie Street241   Jul4188714893Jackson, Leola A 4yCF
Erie Street1134   Dec2618535601Jackson, Lucinda 84yWF
Erie Street275   May25189416227Jackson, Lucy M 77yWF
Erie Street216   Apr16188213896Jackson, Mary 35yCF
Erie Street1289   May9187211558Jackson, Morris 76yWM
Erie Street1140   May2218545820Jackson, Ophilia 24yWF
Erie Street1231   May1618649273Jackson, Sarah A 27yCF
Erie Street2101  1900Nov16190017230Jackson, Squire 100yCM
Erie Street260   Jun9189115657Jackson, Tower 92yWM
Erie Street1142   Jul2418545928Jackson, Wm H 11dWF
Erie Street1279   Oct11187011185Jacob,Child of Wm1yCM
Erie Street1173   Jan1618577058Jacob, Frederick 2mWM
Erie Street1117   Nov518524958Jacob, John 6mWM
Erie Street191   May1818513923Jacobs,Mrs J28yWF
Erie Street1105   Jun1318524483Jacobs, A E 50yWM
Erie Street265   Apr23189215829Jacobs, August 57yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug2018587628Jacobs, Betsey 64yWF
Erie Street1167   Jul2718566860Jacobs, Charles 6mWM
Erie Street24   Feb1188013424Jacobs, Edie 8dWM
Erie Street1190   Dec3018587752Jacobs, FrederickSB  M
Erie Street2113   May24190417615Jacobs, Herbert 4mCM
Erie Street117   Jan221844979Jacobs, Joseph 74yWM
Erie Street268   Dec26189215966Jacobs, Julia F 1yCF
Erie Street191   May1818513922Jacobs, Marons 1y  
Erie Street1207   May518618421Jacobs, Mary W 35yWF
Erie Street149   Jul218482250Jacobs, Michael 23yWM
Erie Street263   Jan24189215779Jacobs, Minnie 51yWF
Erie Street186   Sep3018503701Jacobs, P 30yWM
Erie Street1319   Feb10187612679Jacobs, Wm 1mWM
Erie Street1208   Jun2318618466Jacobson,Child of Nells3mW 
Erie Street2106  1901Dec4190117410Jacobson, Peter 29yWM
Erie Street1177   May2718577224Jacop, JSB WM
Erie Street1300   Aug31187312012Jaeger,Child of Frank5mWM
Erie Street231   Dec28188414478Jaeger, Catherina 56yWF
Erie Street1306   Aug2187412251Jaeger, John 24yWM
Erie Street2118   Jul22190717718Jahraus, Alfred 28yWM
Erie Street299   Jul18190017173Jahraus, Edward 24yWM
Erie Street227   Mar19188414324Jahrous, Wm 57yWM
Erie Street121   Sep2318441131Jahs, C A 46yW 
Erie Street138   Jul218471801James, 26yCM
Erie Street1295   Jan4187311775James,Child of Wm9mCF
Erie Street287   Oct28189716741James,SB WF
Erie Street1190   Dec718587724James, A Clark 35yWM
Erie Street257   Oct1189015521James, Eddie 6mWM
Erie Street264   Jan28189215786James, Ethel May 8mWF
Erie Street128   Feb2618461409James, James E 56yWM
Erie Street210   Feb19188113645James, William 7yWM
Erie Street240   Mar13188714842Jamison, Lila 8yWF
Erie Street1220   Jan1418638923Janders, Anna M 9m F
Erie Street265   May29189215859Janell, Amelia 1yWF
Erie Street256   Aug5189015487Janell, Mamie 9mWF
Erie Street13   Nov301840417Janes, J P 31yWM
Erie Street1214   Mar618628692Jankee,Child of Augustus3yW 
Erie Street1170   Sep2418566955Jankins, Charles 2yWM
Erie Street274   Apr6189416211Jannie, Frank J 45yWM
Erie Street255   Jun9189015450Jansen, Wm 22yWM
Erie Street148   May118482192Jarlhart, George 45yWM
Erie Street271   Aug5189316089Jarmusch, 3dWF
Erie Street271   Aug6189316090Jarmusch, 3dWF
Erie Street255   Jul3189015462Jarmusch, Adolph 1yWM
Erie Street271   Jul17189316075Jarmusch, Marguerite 10mWF
Erie Street1149   Oct218546191Jasper,Child of Wm4mW 
Erie Street198   Nov2818514192Jasper, Wm A 3mWM
Erie Street1318   Dec27187512648Jatzke, CarlSB WM
Erie Street268   Dec15189215956Jayer, 18dWF
Erie Street211   May9188113680Jefferson,Child of Gilbert2yWM
Erie Street211   May14188113687Jefferson,Child of Dora8yCF
Erie Street221   Feb15188314087Jefferson,Child of R1yCM
Erie Street274   Feb6189416187Jefferson,SB CF
Erie Street227   Mar12188414319Jefferson, Bessie 10mWF
Erie Street182   Aug1718503568Jefferson, Catherine 2yWF
Erie Street2133   Feb24192217849Jefferson, Mary 63yCF
Erie Street299   May8190017138Jefferson, Randolph 47yCM
Erie Street114   Jun101843826Jeffery,Child of Robt1yW 
Erie Street193   Jul2618514012Jeffery, Lucy 1dWF
Erie Street173   Jan2518503200Jeffery, Thomas W 3mWM
Erie Street254   Feb23189015397Jeffries, Lillie 4mCF
Erie Street257   Oct28189015536Jendrichowski, MartinSB WM
Erie Street252   Oct20188915323Jendrickowski,SB WM
Erie Street228   May14188414357Jendrischewski,SB WF
Erie Street2119   Jun26190817731Jendrowski, C 56yWF
Erie Street117   Dec141843967Jenkin,Child of F8mC 
Erie Street110   Jul91842670Jenkins,SB Child of F W 
Erie Street186   Sep3018503702Jenkins,Mr35yWM
Erie Street1233   Jul2318649333Jenkins,Child of Richard1m M
Erie Street1252   Apr14186710106Jenkins,twin 1 of John CM
Erie Street1252   Apr14186710106Jenkins,twin 2 of John CF
Erie Street1279   Nov22187011200Jenkins,Child of J H1yCF
Erie Street1293   Oct24187211728Jenkins,SB Child of Thos WF
Erie Street1148   Sep1318546156Jenkins, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street151   Sep318482333Jenkins, M 16yWM
Erie Street169   Sep2118493036Jenkins, Thomas 19mWM
Erie Street215   Jan7188213834Jenkins, Willie 3yWM
Erie Street189   Mar2018513855Jenkins, Wm H 14dWM
Erie Street1168   Aug718566884Jenkuison, Francis 12mWF
Erie Street270   Apr21189316039Jennell, Ida 9mWF
Erie Street274   Jan30189416185Jennie, Noah 62yWM
Erie Street18   Feb191842607Jennings, Betsy 10yWF
Erie Street1188   Aug3118587653Jennings, Geo A 2mWM
Erie Street1314   Jul20187512516Jennisen, Mary H 3mWF
Erie Street174   Mar1418503252Jernk, John 4mWM
Erie Street1189   Oct1318587691Jervets, W 1mWM
Erie Street215   Dec30188113831Jeschke,SB Child WF
Erie Street299   Jun13190017155Jessat, Otto 2yWF
Erie Street2108  1902Jun25190217464Jessatt, Fred 2yWM
Erie Street1328   May31187712965Jewell, JohnSB CM
Erie Street2126   Jan3191517818Jinderkowfsky, August 72yWM
Erie Street297   Jan16190017062Jindrichowski, Matilda 8yWF
Erie Street1316   Oct1187512596Job,SB WF
Erie Street1322   Aug14187612805Jobs,SB Child of None WF
Erie Street1330  1877Dec8187713046Jobs,SB WF
Erie Street233   Jun9188514546Jockel, LillieMrs28yWF
Erie Street121   Sep418441116Joc-O-Sot,Chief34yIM
Erie Street1253   Jul13186710159Joes, Eliza P 52y F
Erie Street1289   May17187211567Joetta, Louisa 1yWF
Erie Street192   Jun818513940John,Child of S M8mWM
Erie Street1169   Aug3018566920John,Child of Mary6yWF
Erie Street1291   Jul26187211650John,Child of Richard2mWF
Erie Street1153   Jan1218556308John, Anna H 20yWF
Erie Street1250   Dec12186610017Johns, Robert 37y M
Erie Street196   Sep3018514121Johns, Wm 10mWM
Erie Street19   Apr181842636Johnson,Child of S D9mW 
Erie Street116   Oct151843940Johnson,Child of J D1yW 
Erie Street118   Apr718441009Johnson,Child of James2yW 
Erie Street119   Jun2418441048Johnson,Child of L D W 
Erie Street128   Mar118461411Johnson,Child of J D W 
Erie Street131   Aug2318461530Johnson,Child6mW 
Erie Street134   Jan718471654Johnson,SB Child of S D W 
Erie Street150   Jul1818482269Johnson,Child of Ferry3yW 
Erie Street151   Aug2518482323Johnson,Child of J J6mW 
Erie Street154   Dec2318482456Johnson,Mr3yW 
Erie Street155   Jan818492469Johnson,Mrs Mr38yWF
Erie Street172   Dec1018493156Johnson,Capt41yWM
Erie Street1170   Oct1918566982Johnson, 23yWM
Erie Street1173   Jan1818577060Johnson,Child of Mrs Jas2yWF
Erie Street1188   Aug2918587651Johnson,Child of Dr J M21dWF
Erie Street1198   Apr1818608069Johnson,Child of Mathias1yWM
Erie Street1204   Feb118618306Johnson,Child of John4mWF
Erie Street1206   Mar1718618366Johnson, 14yCM
Erie Street1238   Mar2018659557Johnson,Child of Julia1m M
Erie Street1240   Jul2518659618Johnson,Child of Geo SB  F
Erie Street1242   Oct1818659697Johnson,Child of Henry14d  
Erie Street1251   Mar18186710091Johnson,Child of R A2d F
Erie Street1259   Mar25186810400Johnson,Child of Geo 1m M
Erie Street1262   Aug12186810520Johnson,Child of H   
Erie Street1281   Feb7187111253Johnson,Child of George14dWM
Erie Street1283   Jun5187111345Johnson,Child of D E1mWM
Erie Street1305   Jun13187412197Johnson,Child of Mary4yWM
Erie Street211   May10188113683Johnson,Child of Frank R4mCM
Erie Street211   Jun17188113699Johnson,Child of Alfred2yCM
Erie Street217   Jun8188213921Johnson,SB Child WF
Erie Street252   Oct8188915313Johnson, 1hWM
Erie Street252   Oct8188915314Johnson, 1hWF
Erie Street271   Aug1189316087Johnson,Clyde's baby4mWM
Erie Street1272   Nov16186910901Johnson, A A 25yCM
Erie Street2122   Oct20191117776Johnson, AM 88yWM
Erie Street26   Apr21188013486Johnson, Anna 33yWF
Erie Street141   Aug1718471925Johnson, Barby 25yWF
Erie Street1190   Dec2918587751Johnson, Benjamin 1mWM
Erie Street25   Feb13188013432Johnson, Bertha 1mCF
Erie Street286   Apr19189716679Johnson, Blanche V 23yCF
Erie Street2102  1901Jan7190117251Johnson, Catharine 2yWF
Erie Street257   Oct8189015525Johnson, Charles 7wWM
Erie Street241   May15188714870Johnson, Charlotte A 68yWF
Erie Street1295   Jan19187311790Johnson, Chas 23yWM
Erie Street16   Jul101841534Johnson, Christian 45yWM
Erie Street1130   Aug2918535426Johnson, Christopher 2yWM
Erie Street294   Mar28189916945Johnson, Clarence 2mCM
Erie Street1261   Jul5186810470Johnson, D D 7y M
Erie Street219   Oct13188214012Johnson, David 60yWM
Erie Street1283   May28187111338Johnson, Elizabeth 13mWF
Erie Street194   Aug1418514053Johnson, Ella 18mWF
Erie Street216   Mar12188213879Johnson, Ella 14yCF
Erie Street1115   Sep3018524866Johnson, F L 2yWM
Erie Street235   Jan7188614640Johnson, Florence A 4yCF
Erie Street287   Aug21189716719Johnson, Florence M 38yWF
Erie Street1303   Mar2187412132Johnson, Franklin 1yCM
Erie Street1221   Mar2418638981Johnson, Fred 1yCM
Erie Street186   Oct2318503733Johnson, G 11mW 
Erie Street278   Mar3189516355Johnson, Garlett 3mCF
Erie Street1132   Oct2218535536Johnson, George 20mWM
Erie Street263   Dec14189115759Johnson, George R 23yCM
Erie Street1275   May28187011043Johnson, Grace 79yWF
Erie Street216   Mar8188213876Johnson, Hannah 65yWF
Erie Street16   Jul191841521Johnson, Hannah M 29yWF
Erie Street1328   May1187712953Johnson, Harvey 62yWM
Erie Street272   Sep27189316124Johnson, Harvey H 39yWM
Erie Street191   May418513904Johnson, Henry 24yWM
Erie Street244   Feb12188815025Johnson, Henry A 4mCM
Erie Street1195   Sep1918597936Johnson, Isabella 19dWF
Erie Street283   Jun5189616566Johnson, Isabella W 9yCF
Erie Street211   Apr10188113669Johnson, J WDr48yWM
Erie Street160   Jul718492687Johnson, James 30yWM
Erie Street1147   Sep318546118Johnson, James 45yWM
Erie Street1123   Apr2218535174Johnson, Jessie 3yCM
Erie Street156   Mar518492532Johnson, JohnCapt35yWM
Erie Street181   Aug318503514Johnson, John 1dWM
Erie Street221   Feb15188314085Johnson, John 18yWM
Erie Street1329   Sep9187713011Johnson, John D 73yWM
Erie Street118   Mar2718441005Johnson, Jonas 72yWM
Erie Street1167   Jul2918566862Johnson, Jonathan 61yWM
Erie Street18   Dec281841584Johnson, Jones 37yWM
Erie Street1197   Jan3118608023Johnson, L D 48yWM
Erie Street1144   Aug318545987Johnson, Lattimer 1yWM
Erie Street12   Aug241840361Johnson, Lewis F 1yWM
Erie Street217   Jun9188213924Johnson, Lizzie 4yWF
Erie Street121   Aug2818441109Johnson, Louise H 21yWF
Erie Street286   Mar15189716666Johnson, Loyd 4mWM
Erie Street1125   Jun818535236Johnson, Lucy 5yW 
Erie Street1154   Feb2118556343Johnson, M 25y  
Erie Street298   Apr2190017105Johnson, Mabel 21dWF
Erie Street193   Jul1618513984Johnson, Margaret 15mWF
Erie Street1231   Jun518649291Johnson, Margaret 72y F
Erie Street224   Aug6188314201Johnson, Margaret 72yWF
Erie Street253   Feb1189015379Johnson, Margaret A 11mWF
Erie Street1273   Jan2187010935Johnson, Martha 47yCF
Erie Street113   Apr41843796Johnson, Mary 69yWF
Erie Street191   May118513900Johnson, Mary 37yWF
Erie Street1175   Mar2618577141Johnson, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street1208   May2118618436Johnson, Mary 38yWF
Erie Street1319   Feb8187612677Johnson, MarySB WF
Erie Street1325   Dec30187612897Johnson, Mary 9yWF
Erie Street247   Sep10188815129Johnson, Mary 19yCF
Erie Street29   Jan11188113613Johnson, Mary A 36yCF
Erie Street249   Mar3188915217Johnson, Mary E 2mCF
Erie Street294   May11189916965Johnson, Mattie 22yCF
Erie Street1276   Jul1187011073Johnson, Minverva 70yWF
Erie Street1257   Jan3186810318Johnson, Monroe 36yCM
Erie Street1124   May1218535199Johnson, N 38yC 
Erie Street229   Aug30188414404Johnson, Nellie 38yWF
Erie Street289   Feb11189816768Johnson, Odessa 5mCF
Erie Street161   Jul1618492707Johnson, P 24yW 
Erie Street2100  1900Oct16190017214Johnson, Rachael W L 58yCF
Erie Street281   Jan4189616500Johnson, S P 70yCM
Erie Street1197   Jan518608006Johnson, Saml E 63yWM
Erie Street255   Jun19189015456Johnson, Samuel S 53yWM
Erie Street2103  1901Mar5190117283Johnson, Sarah 86yWF
Erie Street264   Feb19189215800Johnson, Sarah E 62yWF
Erie Street1155   Apr1318556386Johnson, Sheldon 54yWM
Erie Street279   May14189516387Johnson, Thomas H 22yCM
Erie Street275   May19189416225Johnson, W A 42yWM
Erie Street1328   Jun29187712974Johnson, W H 2dWM
Erie Street218   Aug20188213975Johnson, Walter 11yWM
Erie Street2100  1900Sep20190017204Johnson, William 3mWM
Erie Street232   Apr6188514515Johnson, William C 72yWM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb19187913234Johnson, Willie R 6yCM
Erie Street136   Apr1618471732Johnson, Wm 8yWM
Erie Street258   Nov29189015552Johnson, Wm 25yCM
Erie Street175   Apr1318503295Johnson, Wm F 3yWM
Erie Street1317   Nov26187512628Johnston,Child of Laura WF
Erie Street217   Jun12188213927Johnston,Child of Edward1yWM
Erie Street233   Jul12188514560Johnston, Arthur C 17mWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jun22190117336Johnston, Catharine 37yWF
Erie Street296   Nov29189917045Johnston, Darvine 1mWF
Erie Street1191   Jan318597756Johnston, John 3m M
Erie Street1315   Aug7187512533Johnston, Mary J 71yWF
Erie Street139   Jul1718471836Johnston, RDr WM
Erie Street261   Jul7189115667Johnston, Susan J 8yWF
Erie Street118   Feb181844989Johnstone,  W 
Erie Street1125   Jun318535224Jois, P  WM
Erie Street1267   Mar29186910717Joll,SB Child of Edward   
Erie Street218   Aug29188213977Jonah,Child of James2dWM
Erie Street1250   Dec30186610034Jonas, John K H 1y F
Erie Street1222   Apr1218638996Jonas, Minnie 2m F
Erie Street114   Jul291843852Jones,Child of Wm6mC 
Erie Street115   Aug61843864Jones,Child of John W 
Erie Street116   Sep91843905Jones,Child of L P7mW 
Erie Street122   Oct2718441153Jones,Child of William C 
Erie Street152   Sep918482345Jones,Child of J C4yW 
Erie Street152   Oct218482376Jones,Miss25yWF
Erie Street171   Nov1918493133Jones,Mrs26yWF
Erie Street194   Aug1218514052Jones,Child of J3mW 
Erie Street1126   Jul1618535303Jones, 7mW 
Erie Street1170   Sep2718566959Jones,Child of A L4mWF
Erie Street1174   Feb1218577088Jones,SB Child of David J WF
Erie Street1212   Jan418628627Jones,SB Child of J W 
Erie Street1224   Jul3018639079Jones,Child of Thos3m M
Erie Street1224   Aug218639082Jones,Child of Morris1y M
Erie Street1225   Sep2318639139Jones,Child of H P18d M
Erie Street1230   Apr2018649250Jones,Child of Charles D21d M
Erie Street1254   Aug20186710205Jones,Child of A S10m M
Erie Street1259   Mar14186810390Jones,SB Child of Wm H  F
Erie Street1262   Aug4186810514Jones,Child of W H1y M
Erie Street1266   Jan30186910674Jones,Child of H G6m F
Erie Street1267   Feb28186910695Jones,Child of Wm24d  
Erie Street1297   Apr9187311854Jones,Child of WH7mWM
Erie Street1308   Oct27187412333Jones,Child of Willie7mWM
Erie Street225   Oct14188314246Jones,SB WF
Erie Street259   Mar19189115606Jones, Agnes H 64yWF
Erie Street1246   Jul518669871Jones, Albert G 3m M
Erie Street1314   Jul24187512521Jones, Amelia 1yCF
Erie Street1332  1878Jun12187813109Jones, Anna E 7dCM
Erie Street2122   Mar30191117770Jones, Annie 68yWF
Erie Street1209   Aug318618500Jones, Antoinette 16yWF
Erie Street249   Mar21188915219Jones, AureliaMrs51yWF
Erie Street1324   Dec19187612887Jones, Blanche 8yCF
Erie Street1185   May1618587544Jones, Chas 4yCM
Erie Street1136   Feb1318545679Jones, D 10yWM
Erie Street122   Nov2518441165Jones, Daniel 62yWM
Erie Street283   Jul14189616581Jones, Daniel 1yCM
Erie Street1221   Mar1618638974Jones, David M 16y M
Erie Street1216   Jul2118628786Jones, David W 1y M
Erie Street250   Apr7188915228Jones, Edward B 48yWM
Erie Street270   Jun3189316060Jones, Edward B 93yWM
Erie Street2117   Oct17190617709Jones, Edward P 68yCM
Erie Street1116   Oct1018524905Jones, Elizabeth 44yCF
Erie Street1328   Apr10187712947Jones, Elizabeth 48yWF
Erie Street288   Dec22189716760Jones, Elizabeth 79yCF
Erie Street246   Apr29188815067Jones, Enoch C 77yWM
Erie Street2102  1901Feb23190117279Jones, Frederick Th 9yWM
Erie Street249   Jan29188915198Jones, Geo C 46yWM
Erie Street271   Jun22189316065Jones, Gertrude E 13yCF
Erie Street243   Nov6188714971Jones, Henry EJr1yCM
Erie Street125   Aug818451298Jones, James 17yWM
Erie Street1124   May2818535221Jones, James 35yWM
Erie Street1285   Nov11187111447Jones, James R 9mCF
Erie Street265   May12189215843Jones, James R 65yCM
Erie Street144   Oct2418472031Jones, John 23yWM
Erie Street164   Aug1218492847Jones, John 33yWM
Erie Street183   Aug2118503590Jones, John 1yWM
Erie Street295   Jul3189916986Jones, John 1yCM
Erie Street284   Aug18189616600Jones, John C 84yWM
Erie Street1305   Jun8187412194Jones, John F 28yWM
Erie Street158   Apr2818492598Jones, Joseph 10mCM
Erie Street221   Jan21188314091Jones, Josephine 35yCF
Erie Street123   Apr2418851219Jones, Julia 24yWF
Erie Street1117   Oct1818524931Jones, Julia 5mWF
Erie Street1308   Oct20187412329Jones, Julia 28yWF
Erie Street122   Oct1018441143Jones, Julia A 3yWF
Erie Street1123   Apr1918535167Jones, Julia A  CF
Erie Street1314   Jul12187512504Jones, Katie 16yW 
Erie Street127   Nov518451358Jones, L P 26yW 
Erie Street298   Apr10190017113Jones, Mabel 7mWF
Erie Street216   Mar26188213886Jones, Malinda 60yCF
Erie Street1139   Apr1918545776Jones, Margaraet G 12ycF
Erie Street1104   May118524415Jones, Mary 10yWF
Erie Street1191   Jan618597762Jones, Mary A 2m F
Erie Street1183   Feb1518587470Jones, Mary E 2yWF
Erie Street2120   Mar1190917737Jones, Mary F 56yCF
Erie Street2121   Oct29191017753Jones, Mary Jane 89yWF
Erie Street1253   May26186710132Jones, Morris M 26y M
Erie Street1256   Nov3186710269Jones, Nellie 3y F
Erie Street21   Apr18187913274Jones, Nellie B 34yWF
Erie Street263   Dec11189115757Jones, Pomeroy B 5yWM
Erie Street144   Oct1718472021Jones, R P 5yW 
Erie Street1155   Mar2818556376Jones, Robert 55yWM
Erie Street1311   Jan9187512371Jones, Rosie 2yWF
Erie Street1120   Feb1218535060Jones, S J 7mC 
Erie Street1311   Jan25187512382Jones, S T 50yWM
Erie Street234   Sep16188514600Jones, Sarah 43yCF
Erie Street233   Jun23188514550Jones, Sarah B 78yWF
Erie Street1135   Jan218545614Jones, Thomas 1mcM
Erie Street1239   May2318659585Jones, Thomas 26y M
Erie Street1282   May21187111330Jones, ThomasSr80yWM
Erie Street1320   Apr1187612709Jones, Thomas B 28yWM
Erie Street235   Dec14188514628Jones, Walter C 21mWM
Erie Street235   Dec20188514633Jones, William 60yWM
Erie Street1251   Jan22186710053Jones, William K 2y  
Erie Street28   Oct4188013567Jones, Willie 1yWF
Erie Street2102  1901Jan8190117253Jones, Winefred 76yWF
Erie Street180   Jul2918503499Jones, Wm 9mCM
Erie Street1224   Jul2318639074Jones, Wm 5m M
Erie Street1322   Jul20187612777Joprais, Pauline 4mWF
Erie Street1173   Jan1918577055Jorcand, Christopher 2dWM
Erie Street135   Jan1218471664Jordan,SB Child W 
Erie Street247   Aug18188815120Jordan, 14dWF
Erie Street243   Oct9188714946Jordan, Auguste 7yWF
Erie Street281   Dec29189516495Jordan, Clara M 6mWF
Erie Street246   May7188815069Jordan, Edward 14mCM
Erie Street226   Dec27188314280Jordan, Emma 2mWF
Erie Street277   Nov9189416306Jordan, F R 4yWM
Erie Street253   Feb4189015382Jordan, Fritz 39yWM
Erie Street1211   Oct1818618570Jordan, Geo B 4yWM
Erie Street249   Jan2188915186Jordan, Herman 1mWM
Erie Street2102  1901Jan1190117246Jordan, Pendleton J 10d M
Erie Street185   Sep1618503677Jordan, Wm H 1dWM
Erie Street237   Aug1188614725Jordon, Chas E 9mWM
Erie Street296   Oct23189917037Josewofski, John 37yWM
Erie Street255   May12189015435Josselyn, Inez 1yWF
Erie Street299   May15190017140Joswofski, John 6mWM
Erie Street1256   Oct22186710264Joungklous,Child of John21d F
Erie Street150   Aug918482291Joy,Child of Frank L10mW 
Erie Street1114   Sep2618524845Judd, John 27yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2318535319Judd, John 57yWM
Erie Street1105   Jun1018524479Judd, W M 9mWM
Erie Street157   Apr218492570Judgeson, Abigal J 6mWF
Erie Street1306   Aug3187412254Judson, Laura 3mWF
Erie Street245   Apr2188815055Julius, 9mWM
Erie Street1281   Feb23187111272Jung,Child of Wm1mWF
Erie Street263   Nov20189115745Jungman, Margaretha 74yWF
Erie Street223   Jul17188314184Jungmann, Adam 61yWM
Erie Street256   Aug29189015503Jungmann, Charles E 33yWM
Erie Street179   Jul618503424Junk, Susannah 2yWF
Erie Street219   Sep29188214004Junka,Child of Otto14dWM
Erie Street1181   Oct2518577380Junka, Augusta 15mWF
Erie Street189   Mar2418513857Junken, Catherine 30yWF
Erie Street290   May20189816810Junyman, G J 38yWM
Erie Street1113   Sep1118524776Just, Hannah 48yWF
Erie Street160   Jul818492685Kaar, Henry 2mWM
Erie Street1262   Aug3186810512Kabbatcky,Child of J F3m F
Erie Street1311   Feb8187512391Kabig,Child of Barbara C1mWF
Erie Street217   May13188213912Kaeding, Herman 2yWM
Erie Street1284   Jul17187111376Kaerger, Philip 4mW 
Erie Street282   Mar18189616532Kaesner, Lizzie 37yWF
Erie Street1265   Nov17186810614Kahl, Ida 6y F
Erie Street231   Dec28188414477Kahl, Matilda 24yWF
Erie Street110   Jul71842669Kain, Mary 31yWF
Erie Street216   Apr24188213903Kaiser, Harris 4mWM
Erie Street1161   Nov1118556629Kaiser, Robert 7mWM
Erie Street1196   Nov2518597981Kakil,Child of Michael2dW 
Erie Street1216   Jul618628774Kalaber,Child of G1y  
Erie Street1146   Aug2518546081Kalb, Chesterfield 1yWM
Erie Street1148   Sep1818546170Kalb, Elizabeth 6yWF
Erie Street1122   Mar2018535124Kalb, John 10yWM
Erie Street1270   Sep8186910850Kalkins, Mary A 2y F
Erie Street163   Aug418492797Kallaher, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1180   Oct118577356Kaltermuding, Mathilda 18mWF
Erie Street1293   Sep13187211717Kamfert,Child of Mina3yWF
Erie Street287   Jun22189716704Kaminski,SB WM
Erie Street254   Apr8189015418Kaminski, Pauline Fern 6mWM
Erie Street2108  1902May31190217461Kamman, Charles 51yWM
Erie Street233   Jul25188514569Kammann,SB WF
Erie Street227   Apr2188414331Kammann, Albert H 10mWM
Erie Street1173   Feb418577082Kampfes, Mary 3mWF
Erie Street182   Aug1318503551Kane,Mrs57yWF
Erie Street1226   Dec218639190Kane,Child of Patrick2y F
Erie Street1309   Dec6187412353Kane,Child of Frank5mWM
Erie Street261   Aug30189115702Kane, George W 63yWM
Erie Street279   Jun15189516397Kane, Mary B 67yWF
Erie Street1315   Jul27187512525Kane, Mary J 2mWF
Erie Street1331  1878Jan16187813061Kane, Wm 77yWM
Erie Street185   Sep1118503661Kaneen, Lydia 2yWF
Erie Street1186   Jul918587580Kanenbabur, Wm 18mWM
Erie Street1127   Aug118535342Kanive, William 11mWM
Erie Street193   Jul1918513995Kant, Christian W 1yWM
Erie Street1108   Aug518524598Kanthe, John A 28yWM
Erie Street1263   Sep7186810537Kapp,Child of Peter7d M
Erie Street1317   Nov8187512618Kapp, Wm 65yWM
Erie Street29   Nov13188013590Kappler, Minnie 1yWF
Erie Street1146   Aug1918546058Karbon, Wm 6mWM
Erie Street1253   Jul22186710168Karger,Child of Charles3m M
Erie Street254   Feb28189015401Karlinski, Emil 7yWM
Erie Street278   Mar18189516360Karlinski, Paul 2yWM
Erie Street143   Oct718472011Karlton, Michael 2yWM
Erie Street1207   Apr2018618404Karnish, Wm 66yWM
Erie Street240   Apr3188714851Kasaraska,SB Infant WM
Erie Street1282   May12187111324Kasberich, Robert C 4yWM
Erie Street256   Aug21189015496Kaschewski, Hermann 8mWM
Erie Street112   Nov301842755Kash, Adam  W 
Erie Street295   Aug11189917006Kaske, Reinhard J 31yWM
Erie Street233   Jul6188514554Kastner, Edward 5mWM
Erie Street1114   Sep2318524833Kates, Elizabeth 4yWF
Erie Street1305   Jun13187412198Katsky, Chas  WM
Erie Street1297   May8187311882Katskys, Chas 1y M
Erie Street265   Apr25189215830Kauffman, Eugene 25yWM
Erie Street1253   Jul2186710154Kaufman,Child of Charles9m M
Erie Street1262   Aug31186810531Kaufman,Child of Valentine4m M
Erie Street1280   Jan4187111227Kaufman,SB Child of Henry2yWM
Erie Street221   Jan24188314071Kaufman, Albert 6yWM
Erie Street1251   Feb25186710081Kaufman, Henry 10m M
Erie Street1216   Jul818628776Kaufman, Mary 23y F
Erie Street1317   Nov25187512626Kaufman, Willie 5yWM
Erie Street1277   Aug13187011127Kaufmann,Child of Philip4mWM
Erie Street1193   Jul2218597861Kaurleber, Henry 4y M
Erie Street1277   Aug1187011108Kaurmann, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street1217   Jul2918628793Kausick, Catherine 6y F
Erie Street145   Nov2818472067Kay,Mrs P62yWF
Erie Street1223   Jul1518639065Kay,Child of John8m F
Erie Street1117   Oct2218524946Kay, Agnes A 6mWM
Erie Street227   Apr24188414342Kay, Anna M 28yWF
Erie Street1224   Jul1918639073Kay, Betsy 48y F
Erie Street2140   Dec12194217902Kay, Charles 77yWM
Erie Street215   Feb12188213858Kay, Essie 2yWF
Erie Street274   May7189416220Kay, Fred A 21yWM
Erie Street215   Feb2188213847Kay, Geo 7yWM
Erie Street1324   Oct28187612867Kay, Hannah 28yWF
Erie Street1170   Oct2318566987Kay, James 43yWM
Erie Street273   Nov10189316146Kay, Robert 35yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2418535320Kay, Thomas 3mWM
Erie Street2139   Jan18194117895Kay, William G 85yWM
Erie Street1132   Oct618535510Kay, Wm 5mWM
Erie Street1182   Dec2718577431Kayorbaper, Charles 2yWM
Erie Street1130   Sep818535449Kays, Eliza 2mWF
Erie Street221   Jan23188314068Keach, Rosa 2mWF
Erie Street1186   Jul2318587594Keamble, Anna  WF
Erie Street1308   Sep18187412311Keaster,Child of Fred5mWM
Erie Street1133   Dec618535564Keating, Eliza 32yWF
Erie Street146   Jan2818482106Kebink,Child of John1yW 
Erie Street1263   Sep11186810540Keck,Child of William   
Erie Street1168   Aug418566876Keddal,Child of G H10mWM
Erie Street1188   Sep1918587670Kedzman, Wm 13mWF
Erie Street167   Sep218492975Keefer, Edward 1yW 
Erie Street1293   Oct26187211729Keegan,Child of Maria3mWF
Erie Street272   Sep7189316112Keeley, Clarence 8mWM
Erie Street226   Dec15188314275Keepler,SB Infant WM
Erie Street1231   May2718649282Kehres,Child of Jacob or James2y F
Erie Street1256   Oct16186710259Kehres,Child of Jacob14d M
Erie Street1266   Jan6186910657Kehres, Anna K 1y F
Erie Street1327   Feb22187712925Kehres, John 1yWM
Erie Street1321   Jun4187612741Kehwin,SB Child of Kehwin WM
Erie Street1236   Nov2418649455Kehwin, Frederick 3y M
Erie Street1134   Jan218545612Keif, Henry 3mWM
Erie Street1332  1878Jun1187813106Keifer,SB WM
Erie Street213   Jul30188113752Keil,Child of Minnie10dWF
Erie Street2113   May6190417608Kein, Arthur 47yWM
Erie Street1126   Jul718535284Keisel,Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1194   Jul2918597874Keiser,Child of Mr1.5yWM
Erie Street1139   May718545797Kel, Elizabeth M 25yW 
Erie Street1118   Nov2518524988Kelburn, John 3mWM
Erie Street191   May1118513915Kelchan, Margaret 1dWF
Erie Street19   May201842648Keller,SB Child of Henry W 
Erie Street116   Sep111843906Keller,Child of Henry4mW 
Erie Street121   Aug3118441114Keller,Child of H W 
Erie Street1225   Sep1118639128Keller,Child of Joseph3m  
Erie Street1279   Oct6187011183Keller,Child of Jacob2mWM
Erie Street1291   Jul25187211647Keller,Child of Jacob6mWF
Erie Street1316   Sep23187512584Keller,SB Child of Chas WM
Erie Street1252   May9186710124Keller, Adam 49y M
Erie Street118   Mar2818441003Keller, Andrew 6mWM
Erie Street1322   Aug5187612797Keller, Barbara 4yWF
Erie Street214   Oct10188113792Keller, Bertie M 1mWM
Erie Street295   Jul17189916995Keller, Catherine 71yWF
Erie Street126   Aug3118451321Keller, Charles 21yW 
Erie Street1220   Jan1618638926Keller, Francisco 11m  
Erie Street1243   Jan2118669764Keller, Frederick 84y M
Erie Street2134   Sep20192317854Keller, Gottfried Karl 71yWM
Erie Street1191   Feb1318597791Keller, HMrs77yWF
Erie Street130   Jul2718461497Keller, Henry 58yWM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb28187913239Keller, Henry D 67yWM
Erie Street1321   Jun30187612760Keller, Margaretta 52yWF
Erie Street211   Jun10188113697Keller, Maria C 83yWF
Erie Street1267   Apr11186910729Keller, Mary 73y F
Erie Street120   Aug718441086Keller, Nancy 23yWF
Erie Street1228   Feb1118649169 DKeller, Peter O 4y M
Erie Street19   Mar191842625Keller, Rachus 46yW 
Erie Street197   Nov618514160Kellerr, Henry 4dWM
Erie Street115   Aug181843876Kelley,Child of Thos M1yW 
Erie Street122   Nov1618441161Kelley,SB Child of Edward W 
Erie Street199   Dec2718514247Kelley,Mrs W40yW 
Erie Street1201   Aug2518608178Kelley,Child of Jas14dW 
Erie Street1219   Nov1818628888Kelley, EdwardDr35y M
Erie Street238   Nov9188614768Kelley, Edward W 35yWM
Erie Street1200   Jul1918608137Kelley, Francis 18yWM
Erie Street1285   Oct1187111430Kelley, Franklin 40yWM
Erie Street1213   Feb1418628669Kelley, Harriet 61yWF
Erie Street285   Nov17189616628Kelley, Hermetta 3mWF
Erie Street1148   Sep1118546152Kelley, John 10mWM
Erie Street1182   Dec3118577434Kelley, Lucy E Myatt 22yWF
Erie Street21   Apr14187913273Kelley, Madison 70yWM
Erie Street122   Nov1718441162Kelley, Margaret 26yWF
Erie Street279   Jul8189516410Kelley, Mary 2mWF
Erie Street1237   Dec3118649493Kelley, Mealea 24y F
Erie Street189   Feb2518513829Kelley, Wm 25yWM
Erie Street1231   May2818649284Kellog,Child of Ellen1d  
Erie Street1244   Feb118669774Kellog,Child of H9d M
Erie Street148   May1818482204Kellog, MMiss14yWF
Erie Street125   Aug518451297Kellogg,Child of Edward F W 
Erie Street1140   May2418545824Kellogg,SB Child W 
Erie Street1204   Jan2918618300Kellogg,Child of Wm14dW 
Erie Street1209   Jul2518618490Kellogg,Child of Henry P3yWF
Erie Street1261   Jul17186810484Kellogg,Child of Allen2m F
Erie Street215   Feb20188213863Kellogg,Mrs S K90yWF
Erie Street188   Feb918513816Kellogg, Abigal 80yWF
Erie Street1168   Aug618566881Kellogg, James 76yWM
Erie Street1178   Jul1118577260Kellogg, LucindaMrs58yWF
Erie Street264   Mar2189215804Kellogg, Minnie A 27yWF
Erie Street1248   Sep218669935Kellor, Josaphine 6y F
Erie Street118   Feb241844996Kelly,Child of James H3yW 
Erie Street127   Oct518451344Kelly,Child of James13mW 
Erie Street152   Sep1718482356Kelly,Child of M1yW 
Erie Street1111   Aug2918524700Kelly,Child of N3yW 
Erie Street1282   Mar27187111301Kelly,Child of Oli3dWM
Erie Street226   Dec19188314277Kelly, Albert A 21yWM
Erie Street147   Mar2818482155Kelly, Amanda 4mCF
Erie Street115   Aug281843888Kelly, Elzabeth 18yWF
Erie Street2108  1902Nov8190217488Kelly, Isabel 7mWF
Erie Street138   Jul518471803Kelly, James 44yWM
Erie Street159   Jun618492640Kelly, James 44yWM
Erie Street19   Jun291842659Kelly, John 38yWM
Erie Street152   Sep2918482372Kelly, John 40yWM
Erie Street219   Oct4188214008Kelly, Julia B 60yWF
Erie Street118   Apr1518441016Kelly, Laura 55yWF
Erie Street273   Nov30189316153Kelly, Nellie 42yWF
Erie Street175   Apr818503287Kelly, Paton 52yWM
Erie Street269   Feb27189316005Kelly, Ramen 7wWM
Erie Street267   Aug18189215908Kelly, Sarah Cecelia 28yWF
Erie Street177   Jun918503364Kelly, Thomas 20yWM
Erie Street113   Apr151843803Kelly, William 24yWM
Erie Street199   Dec2018514229Kelmer, Serana 5mWF
Erie Street1196   Oct2018597960Kelper,Child of Emanuel1mWF
Erie Street111   Sep251842731Kelrsiner, Mary Ann 6yWF
Erie Street123   Mar2218451203Kelsey, Edgar A 4yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Jan7187813055Kelsey, Gideon 86yWM
Erie Street254   Feb15189015388Kelsey, Lorenzo A 87yWM
Erie Street273   Dec23189316166Kelsey, Sophia S 87yWF
Erie Street128   Feb618461400Keltemark, John 38yWM
Erie Street1203   Oct3118608234Kememeter,Child of Leanard2mW 
Erie Street1238   Mar2418659560Kemerla,Child of John G1y M
Erie Street29   Dec30188013603Kemmer, Franz 66yWM
Erie Street1290   Jul3187211603Kemp,Child of Jessie1yWF
Erie Street1324   Nov18187612874Kemp, Alfred 21yWM
Erie Street1186   Jul818587579Kemp, Emma B 3mWF
Erie Street1104   May1818524439Kemp, Esther 41yWF
Erie Street1226   Nov2618639186Kemp, MaryChild of Henry2d F
Erie Street1220   Feb118638938Kemp, Sophia 25y F
Erie Street1200   Jul818608131Kempe, Albert A 3mWM
Erie Street1172   Dec2318567034Kempe, Charles 1mWM
Erie Street1290   Jul16187211627Kemper,Child of Chas1yWF
Erie Street1293   Sep17187211718Kempert,Child of Martin1yWM
Erie Street197   Nov118514152Ken, John 3yWM
Erie Street146   Feb2818482129Kenady, HAKA Canada11yW 
Erie Street252   Oct14188915318Kenart,SB WF
Erie Street1158   Aug1218556501Kendall, 1yWF
Erie Street1289   May22187211568Kendall,Child of Henry WF
Erie Street1234   Aug2818649378Kendall, Clara M 21y F
Erie Street1323   Sep4187612825Kendall, H DMrs50yWF
Erie Street1153   Jan1618556314Kendall, John 25yWM
Erie Street1306   Jul30187412243Kendall, LMrs84yWF
Erie Street137   May2718471760Kendall, Maria 1yWF
Erie Street1166   May918566797Kendall, Maurice 1mWF
Erie Street1159   Sep1418556563Kendervaiter, John 9mWM
Erie Street1217   Aug818628809Kendig, Lizzie 10y F
Erie Street1168   Aug718566885Kendrick,Mrs O C35yWF
Erie Street12   Sep131840375Kendrick, Daniel 40yWM
Erie Street1138   Apr218545755Kendrick, Wm 10mW 
Erie Street1268   May8186910739Kenedy, Wm F 75y M
Erie Street146   Feb1618482120Kengen,Child of Mrs5mW 
Erie Street118   Mar3018441004Kenich,Child of Adam W 
Erie Street143   Oct1318472019Keninged, Berent 5yWM
Erie Street1168   Aug918566890Kenke, Hannah M 10mWF
Erie Street1167   Jul2118566851Kenker, Catherine M 2yWF
Erie Street134   Jan1018471660Kennady, Catherine 1yWF
Erie Street1199   May1618608099Kennard,Child of James10dW 
Erie Street247   Sep27188815141Kennard, Bertha 5mWF
Erie Street1214   Mar618628693Kenneda,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street151   Aug2018482313Kennedy,Child of Mr9mW 
Erie Street283   May29189616563Kennedy, Fredericka 30yWF
Erie Street251   Jul14188915278Kennedy, Lillie 2mWF
Erie Street1242   Oct3018659708Kennedy, Mary 1y F
Erie Street178   Jun2718503409Kennedy, P 5mW 
Erie Street1104   May1118524435Kennell, F 7yWM
Erie Street1194   Aug2518597904Kenney,Child of Thos10m  
Erie Street1273   Feb9187010959Kenney, Archibald W 23yCM
Erie Street1275   May14187011033Kenney, Maude 2yWF
Erie Street1128   Aug818535361Kennourf,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street237   Jun29188614712Kenny,SB Twin 1 of 2 WF
Erie Street237   Jun29188614713Kenny,SB Twin 2 of 2 WM
Erie Street189   Mar1318513844Kenny, John A 2yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2218492912Kenny, Mary A 13mWF
Erie Street160   Jul818492683Kenny, Wm 1mWM
Erie Street161   Jul2518492731Kenough, John 35yWM
Erie Street219   Sep29188214003Kent, Richard 63yWM
Erie Street164   Aug1318492849Kenty, Catherine 9mWF
Erie Street182   Aug1718503569Kenvens, Mary 6yWF
Erie Street1127   Aug118535340Kenyon, Artha 1yW 
Erie Street168   Sep1318493016Kenyon, D P 3yW 
Erie Street1121   Feb1818535069Kenyon, O B 30yW 
Erie Street145   Nov2318472060Kenyon, P 31yW 
Erie Street145   Dec1418472081Kenyons,Child of Mrs2yW 
Erie Street1182   Dec1618577425Kenyons, Thomas 15mWM
Erie Street1176   May818577201Kepler,SB Child of J WF
Erie Street1193   Jul2818597872Kepler,Child of John18dWF
Erie Street1153   Jan518556300Kepler, F A 44yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1818503574Kepler, Henry 5yWM
Erie Street270   May27189316059Kepler, LouiseMrs81yWF
Erie Street178   Jul318503418Kepler, Mary 9mWF
Erie Street173   Jan2218503198Keplskamp, Wilhelmina 67yW 
Erie Street220   Nov24188214029Keppler,SB Child of Fred W WF
Erie Street232   Apr30188514530Keppler,SB WF
Erie Street215   Feb6188213851Keppler, Allice R 5mWF
Erie Street273   Dec29189316169Keppler, EmilyMiss48yWF
Erie Street242   Sep2188714933Keppler, Louisa B 27yWF
Erie Street1181   Nov2718577406Kerberger, John C 1mWM
Erie Street171   Oct2118493100Kerch, Geo 8mWM
Erie Street1177   Jun218577232Kercher, Henry 17mWM
Erie Street135   Feb818471689Kerdall, Lyman 60yWM
Erie Street1136   Feb818545670Kergle, Jacob 8mWM
Erie Street2124   Dec30191317803Kerkesner, Grace 1yWF
Erie Street1321   Jun13187612745Kermold, John 38yWM
Erie Street1281   Feb17187111265Kern,Child of D C WF
Erie Street1284   Aug16187111400Kern,Child of George F16dWM
Erie Street190   Apr518513871Kern, Joseph W 1mWM
Erie Street1200   Jul818608130Kerner, Julia 6dWF
Erie Street1118   Nov2818524990Kerper, Phillip 25yWM
Erie Street1263   Sep23186810557Kerr, Elizabeth 10m F
Erie Street29   Dec17188013599Kervitz,Child of Charles4dWF
Erie Street1258   Jan21186810343Kesch, Jacob 21y M
Erie Street1239   Jun2718659603Kesel,SB Child of J  F
Erie Street280   Sep1189516444Keshbiel, Philip 2mWM
Erie Street189   Mar818513839Kesselmear, Otto 2mWM
Erie Street1176   May418577192Keth, John 6mWM
Erie Street297   Mar22190017092Keuffel, Julia 70yWF
Erie Street1256   Nov26186710287Keuger, Emma 10y F
Erie Street232   May21188514543Keurtz,SB Child of C W WF
Erie Street1287   Feb15187211504Keven, John 83yWM
Erie Street1306   Jul19187412234Kewett, Chas 9mWM
Erie Street1273   Feb11187010961Kewish,Child of Wm2mW 
Erie Street249   Jan18188915192Kewitz,SB WF
Erie Street215   Jan11188213836Kewitz, Peter 4yWM
Erie Street1140   Jun2218545846Key, Henry 6mWM
Erie Street162   Jul3118492766Key, Maria 14dWF
Erie Street1223   Jul1218639062Keyerleber,Child of G11m F
Erie Street182   Aug1618503567Keyes, Andrew 36yWF
Erie Street1121   Mar418535085Keyes, Julia A 83yWF
Erie Street1204   Feb118618304Keyle, John H 4yWM
Erie Street27   Jul16188013525Keyser,Twin3mWM
Erie Street27   Jul9188013517Keyser, James CTwin3mWM
Erie Street1156   May2518556418Kezer, 90yW 
Erie Street189   Mar918513840Kibbler, Edward A 10mWM
Erie Street1171   Nov1018567004Kickenhamer, JacobSB WM
Erie Street1183   Jan518587439Kidd,Mrs28yWF
Erie Street1181   Oct1418577373Kidd, William 11mWM
Erie Street1143   Jul2718545946Kiderer, Emily 10mWF
Erie Street1232   Jun2918649304Kidmaster,Child of Henry11m F
Erie Street1187   Aug1618587622Kidney,SB Child of G H WF
Erie Street1280   Jan1187111222Kidney, Carrie Hall 23yWF
Erie Street1276   Jun17187011056Kiedel,Child of Phillip WM
Erie Street1130   Sep1118535458Kiefer,SB Child of Clondis W 
Erie Street1139   May1518545807Kiefer,SB Child of C W 
Erie Street1239   Apr1518659572Kiehl, John F 39y M
Erie Street1225   Sep1018639127Kiel, Earnest H 5y M
Erie Street1300   Aug17187311982Kies,Child of Anna1yWF
Erie Street187   Nov218503742Kiesell,Child of Wm2mWM
Erie Street1148   Sep1018546146Kihl, Frederick 1yWM
Erie Street138   Jul818471810Kilby, Joseph N 1yWM
Erie Street2115   Jul7190517671Killam, Jeremiah B 84yWM
Erie Street1249   Nov30186610007Killiam,Child of Benj2d M
Erie Street247   Sep21188815133Killing, Andrew 44yCM
Erie Street246   Jun14188815083Killings, Sarah 64yCF
Erie Street1238   Mar2818659563Killmer,Child of Henry10m  
Erie Street1206   Mar918618357Killmer, H 1yWM
Erie Street1179   Aug2418577307Killner,SB Son of John WM
Erie Street230   Oct27188414446Killner, Josephine 1mWF
Erie Street239   Dec30188614804Killner, Martha E 2mWF
Erie Street1205   Feb518618312Killroy, EllenMrs20yWF
Erie Street245   Mar4188815034Kilner, 2mWM
Erie Street271   Jul19189316078Kilner,Susey G's baby6mWF
Erie Street270   Apr17189316038Kilner, Amanda 35yWF
Erie Street255   Jun8189015448Kilner, Edna 1yWF
Erie Street228   May23188414360Kilner, John 68yWM
Erie Street241   Jun26188714888Kilner, Mable 1yWF
Erie Street1331  1878Jan22187813066Kilners, JosephSB WM
Erie Street1333  1878Jul24187813134Kilners, Margaret 53yWF
Erie Street1300   Aug22187311998Kimbal,Child of Clay6mWM
Erie Street1105   Jun1118524480Kimball,Mrs50yWF
Erie Street1110   Aug1718524663Kimball,Child of A14mWM
Erie Street1199   May2118608101Kimball,one of two Children C 
Erie Street1199   May2118608101Kimball,two of two Children C 
Erie Street1268   Jul6186910767Kimball, Anna 7y F
Erie Street1179   Aug2218577303Kimball, Mary C 7dWF
Erie Street25   Feb16188013455Kimball, Ollie Y 7mWF
Erie Street1114   Sep1918524811Kimball, Rosilla 41yWF
Erie Street1252   Apr16186710108Kimball, Wm C 37y M
Erie Street2106  1901Dec9190117414Kimbell, Erma M 15yWF
Erie Street144   Oct2618472037Kimmelman,Mrs56yWF
Erie Street1214   Mar1418628704Kimmerley, Jacob 1yWM
Erie Street296   Oct9189917030Kinder, 8mWF
Erie Street212   Jul11188113724Kinderman,Child of Carl WM
Erie Street147   Apr1818482175Kindman, Mary 42yWF
Erie Street1189   Nov518587705Kindrick, Hannah 2yWF
Erie Street1158   Aug1918556516Kindrick, Margaret 8dWF
Erie Street1144   Aug518545998Kindsfother, Powel 5yWM
Erie Street141   Aug2018471908King,Child of Aaron C2yW 
Erie Street161   Jul1718492708King,Mrs S65yWF
Erie Street178   Jun2818503411King,SB Child of Mathew W 
Erie Street193   Jul2218514004King,Child of Mr3mW 
Erie Street1251   Mar3186710083King,Child of Charles8m M
Erie Street1258   Feb15186810362King,Child of Mary3y F
Erie Street1287   Jan12187211480King,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street1304   Mar19187412146King,SB Child of Geo E WM
Erie Street25   Feb12188013431King,Child of John1dWM
Erie Street186   Oct918503718King, A 36yW 
Erie Street1142   Jul1618545900King, Anna M 19mWM
Erie Street1301   Sep2187312015King, C E 10mWF
Erie Street1103   Apr418524377King, Celia 2yWF
Erie Street261   Aug16189115692King, CHMrs54yWF
Erie Street143   Sep2218471985King, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street181   Aug418503517King, Charles 7mWM
Erie Street1314   Jul9187512498King, Chas 1yWM
Erie Street195   Aug2918514083King, Darvis 39yWM
Erie Street1273   Jan16187010944King, Edward 70yWM
Erie Street1208   May3118618443King, Elizabeth M 4yWF
Erie Street1167   Jul2018566853King, Ellen M 20mWF
Erie Street1212   Dec2618618612King, Francis 5yWM
Erie Street1208   Jun2618618468King, Francis O 2yWF
Erie Street1183   Jan2318587452King, FredSB WM
Erie Street176   May218503321King, Frederick 2yWM
Erie Street1103   Mar3018524372King, Jacob 3yWM
Erie Street1309   Dec27187412363King, Laura 16yWM
Erie Street176   Apr2518503313King, Margaret 9mWF
Erie Street176   Apr2018503307King, Mary A 3yWF
Erie Street1273   Jan23187010951King, Mary H 17yWF
Erie Street1303   Feb4187412117King, Susan 2mWF
Erie Street1227   Dec1918639221Kingsborough,Child of John SB  M
Erie Street249   Mar24188915221Kingsborough, Anna J 75yWF
Erie Street110   Jul141842678Kingsbury,SB Child of A W 
Erie Street121   Aug2618441104Kingsbury,Child of D W 
Erie Street239   Jan23188714820Kingsbury, Buckley S 36yWM
Erie Street21   Jun17187913298Kingsbury, Charles 23yWM
Erie Street112   Dec121842759Kingsbury, Eunice  W 
Erie Street269   Feb14189315993Kingsbury, Frank P 40yWM
Erie Street145   Dec1418472082Kingsbury, James 80yWM
Erie Street214   Oct31188113804Kingsbury, James W 69yWM
Erie Street1316   Sep30187512594Kingsbury, Lucinda 50yWF
Erie Street1332  1878Apr26187813095Kingsbury, Nettie 13yWF
Erie Street2111   Oct1190317563Kingsbury, Norman J 43yWM
Erie Street25   Feb5188013428Kingsbury, William 25yWM
Erie Street238   Nov30188614785Kingsley, 5mCM
Erie Street1296   Feb16187311818Kingsley, Abner 42yWM
Erie Street1154   Mar1118556360Kingsley, Anna J 36yWF
Erie Street115   Sep21843894Kingsley, Cornelia H  WF
Erie Street1198   Apr418608059Kingsley, Edward 32y M
Erie Street1295   Jan6187311781Kingsley, Edward 45yWM
Erie Street19   Jun151842653Kingsley, G T 29yW 
Erie Street24   Jan23188013420Kingsley, Maud 1yWF
Erie Street240   Feb4188714827Kingsley, Philena S 68yWF
Erie Street1223   Jul818639060Kingsley, PhineasRev79y M
Erie Street1133   Dec1618535581Kinnard, Leonard 18mWM
Erie Street1139   May318545795Kinnenfs,Child of John3dW 
Erie Street1154   Mar1918556368Kinney,Mrs WF
Erie Street1227   Dec418639192Kinney,Child of Wm11m M
Erie Street1122   Mar2418535130Kinney, P 8mW 
Erie Street1163   Jan818566680Kinny,SB Child of J M WM
Erie Street1287   Feb27187211506Kinsel,Child of George4yWF
Erie Street2105  1901Aug10190117366Kinske, Edith 1mWF
Erie Street1277   Aug2187011112Kipenach, Mina 1yWF
Erie Street134   Dec1118461636Kiper,Child of John10mWM
Erie Street1311   Feb26187512402Kipfer,Child of M WM
Erie Street1186   Jul1118587585Kirby,SB Child of Capt John WF
Erie Street1293   Oct6187211722Kirchenberg,Child of Max S3mWM
Erie Street1323   Sep7187612827Kirchner, Frank 2yWM
Erie Street133   Oct1018461589Kirk, Charles 10mWM
Erie Street1265   Dec4186810634Kirk, Geo 67y M
Erie Street144   Oct1818472023Kirk, George 35yWM
Erie Street248   Nov19188815160Kirk, Georgiana 50yWM
Erie Street222   Mar11188314109Kirk, Matilda B 68yWF
Erie Street114   Aug41843858Kirkland, CharlesChild of J F3mW 
Erie Street1107   Jul2618524550Kirkland, Martha P 1mWF
Erie Street186   Oct3018503738Kirkland, P T 38yW 
Erie Street1266   Dec31186810653Kirkle, Frank 16y M
Erie Street217   Jun13188213928Kirsch, Christina 76yWF
Erie Street214   Dec14188113822Kirsch, Michael 46yWM
Erie Street261   Jul29189115684Kirsch, Michael 90yWM
Erie Street286   May27189716691Kirsch, N J 10mWM
Erie Street272   Oct19189316137Kirsher, Mary 28dWF
Erie Street136   Mar1718471710Kirtland,Child of John T2yW 
Erie Street115   Aug51843885Kirtland, Katherine S 29yW 
Erie Street1159   Sep318556539Kiser, Jacob 12mWM
Erie Street1270   Aug13186910822Kissam,Child of Wm18d  
Erie Street1226   Oct2418639163Kissel,Child of Wm   
Erie Street19   Apr161842634Kisser,SB Child of D W 
Erie Street1234   Aug2618649374Kisser, Catherine 11m F
Erie Street1261   Jul5186810471Kisser, Mary 85y F
Erie Street1194   Aug618597880Kitchel,Child of John1m F
Erie Street1210   Aug2618618523Klamm, Phillip LChild of Phillip11mWF
Erie Street182   Aug1418503554Klasgye, Albert 9yWM
Erie Street2117   Feb21190617695Klasgye, Anna C 61yWF
Erie Street2121   Dec2191017755Klasgye, Clifford 4yWM
Erie Street216   Mar8188213875Klasgye, Emma 1yWF
Erie Street1218   Sep2518628845Klasgye, Emma E 11y F
Erie Street286   Jun1189716695Klasgye, John 56yWM
Erie Street261   Aug31189115703Klasgye, Joseph EB 13yWM
Erie Street237   Aug9188614729Klasgye, Maggie C 2yWF
Erie Street1261   Jul7186810472Klaskey,Child of Geo H6m M
Erie Street220   Dec14188214039Klaskie, Andrew J 1mWM
Erie Street1323   Aug28187612818Klauminger, August 11mWM
Erie Street1319   Jan25187612671Klaus,SB Child of Carl WM
Erie Street1324   Dec14187612883Klause, Anna 8yWF
Erie Street1308   Sep18187412310Klause, CharlesSB WF
Erie Street1258   Jan26186810346Klee,SB Child of John  M
Erie Street1192   Mar2818597812Klegen, Julius C 11mWM
Erie Street1259   Mar29186810402Klein,Child of Valentine3d F
Erie Street1259   Mar31186810405Klein,Child of Valentine5d M
Erie Street1268   Jul9186910770Klein,Child of Val12d  
Erie Street1277   Aug2187011110Klein,Child of Valentine14dWM
Erie Street1285   Nov7187111446Klein,Child of Valentine SB WM
Erie Street1298   May31187311898Klein,Child of Valentine SB  M
Erie Street266   Jul27189215893Klein,SB WM
Erie Street280   Sep1189516443Klein,SB WF
Erie Street2101  1900Nov16190017229Klein,Baby WM
Erie Street1242   Oct1818659695Klein, Bertha K 4y F
Erie Street1253   Jul16186710164Klein, Valentine 1y M
Erie Street1312   Mar4187512411Kleintocker,Child of Frank10dWM
Erie Street291   Oct13189816874Klem,SB WM
Erie Street176   May1718503335Klenkner, Nicholas 49yWM
Erie Street1193   Jul1918597857Kles, Wm 9m M
Erie Street1241   Aug3018659655Kleurise, W G 4y F
Erie Street1241   Aug3018659655Kleurse, W G 4y F
Erie Street1315   Aug21187512548Kleuve, F 1mWF
Erie Street229   Sep14188414424Klewe, Edward 18dWM
Erie Street224   Aug8188314204Klewe, Otto Emil 1yWM
Erie Street1204   Dec2718608272Kline,Child of William1yWF
Erie Street1292   Aug13187211678Kline,Child of Nick9mWF
Erie Street124   May1018451223Kline, Daniel 5yWM
Erie Street1136   Jan2518545654Kline, Elizabeth 3yWF
Erie Street1197   Jan2618608018Klineschrot,Child of Christ1yWM
Erie Street113   Apr261843809Kling, Mary 4yWF
Erie Street1216   May2418628753Klingman,SB Child of Jacob   
Erie Street1216   May2418628753Klingmar,SB Child of Jacob   
Erie Street1283   May29187111340Klingmar,Child of Jacob1mWF
Erie Street193   Jul1818513992Klinkner, Anthony 6mWM
Erie Street1332  1878Jul21187813129Klinow, Olga 1yWF
Erie Street1234   Aug2718649376Klockert,Child of Peter10m  
Erie Street1248   Sep2818669953Klockert,Child of Peter  M
Erie Street1255   Aug27186710214Klockert,Child of Catherine1y F
Erie Street1307   Aug30187412283Klockert, Jacob 1yWM
Erie Street1205   Feb1718618323Klockirt,Child of Martin8mWM
Erie Street232   Mar14188514508Klosa,Baby WF
Erie Street1300   Aug20187311990Klouse,Child of Henry6mWM
Erie Street1316   Sep10187512566Kluthe, Frederica 1yWF
Erie Street292   Dec6189816885Kmec,SB WF
Erie Street295   Jun26189916982Kmec,Mary's Baby W 
Erie Street295   Jun26189916982Kmec, Mary 26yWF
Erie Street2111   May22190317538Kmec, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street179   Jul1418503455Knall, A 10mW 
Erie Street1109   Aug1818524648Knapp,Child of Gen13mWM
Erie Street1127   Aug218535343Knapp,Mrs L84yWF
Erie Street1205   Feb2118618334Knapp,Child of Dr G A3mWM
Erie Street1216   Jun618628757Knapp,SB Child of Dr G A   
Erie Street1262   Aug25186810527Knapp,Child of Geo1y M
Erie Street247   Sep13188815130Knapp, 8dWF
Erie Street1211   Nov1618618584Knapp, Agnes A  WF
Erie Street133   Oct2518461602Knapp, Daniel 39yWM
Erie Street2110   Jan30190317505Knapp, Edwin D 79yWM
Erie Street1164   Feb2718566718Knapp, George 2mWM
Erie Street227   Mar17188414323Knaus, Wm 1dWM
Erie Street1239   Jul118659608Knauss, Rosand 6m F
Erie Street1239   Apr2018659574Kneading,SB Child of Jacob   
Erie Street1237   Jan2018659512Kneal, Mary 54y F
Erie Street242   Jul19188714908Kneale, Eleanor C 91yWF
Erie Street1264   Nov8186810608Knee,Child of Phillip21d F
Erie Street1113   Sep1718524808Kneen, Thomas 23yWM
Erie Street1184   Apr1418587516Kneger, Louisa 5dWF
Erie Street1217   Sep818628831Knens, John M 2m M
Erie Street1259   Mar21186810398Kneple,Child of Leonard2m M
Erie Street1277   Jul29187011106Knepple,SB Child of George WF
Erie Street1333  1878Jul31187813138Knereins, PhillipSB WM
Erie Street1304   Apr19187412164Knerem, William 6yWM
Erie Street1217   Sep818628831Kneus, John M 2m M
Erie Street241   Jul6188714895Knierim, Barbara Elizabeth 66yWF
Erie Street2108  1902Oct14190217483Knierim, Peter 85yWM
Erie Street273   Dec14189316157Knierim, Philip 39yWM
Erie Street272   Sep4189316110Knierine, Mamie 3yWF
Erie Street242   Jul22188714911Knierins, JacobJr7dWM
Erie Street272   Aug31189316108Kniermin, Elizabeth 4yWF
Erie Street1226   Nov418639169Knies,Child of Phillip21d M
Erie Street1131   Sep2418535487Knight,Child of O A W 
Erie Street1186   Jul918587581Knight,SB Child of Martin WM
Erie Street1293   Oct30187211736Knight,SB Child of J M WM
Erie Street1296   Mar22187311843Knight,SB Child of Geo H WF
Erie Street264   Mar17189215810Knight, Geo H 59yWM
Erie Street2140   Apr10194517911Knight, Leora 69yWF
Erie Street1144   Aug818546007Knight, Martin 6mW 
Erie Street1166   Jun118566810Knight, Martin 16dWM
Erie Street1163   Jan1518566683Knight, O A 33yWF
Erie Street2140   Jun19194617916Knight, Thomas A 70yWM
Erie Street1106   Jun2918524498Knight, William 19yWM
Erie Street1303   Jan21187412106Knith, Gusta 6yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug16186910825Knoblack, Phillip 6y M
Erie Street1166   Jun2518566826Knockrop, J S 2yWM
Erie Street1268   May29186910745Knoedler,Child of Fred3m  
Erie Street179   Jul918503430Knop, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street139   Jul1818471838Knopell, Nicholas 2yWM
Erie Street132   Sep2718461565Knopf,Mrs F60yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr218524375Knopf,Mrs45yWF
Erie Street179   Jul718503427Knopf, Frederick 9mWM
Erie Street1195   Sep1118597925Knopf, Justus 66yWM
Erie Street234   Aug30188514589Knopf, Tillie S 8dWF
Erie Street1127   Jul1818535306Knopp, Christina 2yWF
Erie Street1279   Nov2187011192Knopp, Eliza 53yWF
Erie Street226   Dec20188314278Knopp, Emma 1mWF
Erie Street261   Jul17189115672Knopp, Harry 11mWM
Erie Street194   Jul3118514027Knopp, Peter 61yWM
Erie Street254   Feb20189015394Knott, Geo 13yWM
Erie Street1159   Sep1618556570Knowen, Henry 18yWM
Erie Street260   Jun1189115654Knowles,Baby PB WM
Erie Street1311   Jan10187512372Knowlton, E C 31yWM
Erie Street117   Nov131843949Knox,Child of Harry W 
Erie Street1293   Sep28187211720Knox,SB Child of JD WM
Erie Street118   Apr818441011Knox, Harvey 52yWM
Erie Street125   Jul2518451283Knufsinan, Catherine 24yWF
Erie Street232   Apr27188514528Knuth, 4dWM
Erie Street173   Jan2518503199Koahler, Eliabeth 9yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug12186910818Kobabe,Child of Henry1y F
Erie Street130   Jul1918461493Kobb, Geo 6yWM
Erie Street1314   Jul17187512509Koboba, Emma 9mWF
Erie Street1267   Mar26186910714Koch,Child of Fred2d F
Erie Street1311   Jan4187512366Koch,SB Child of Wm WF
Erie Street1228   Jan1218649144 DKoch, Albert H 3y  
Erie Street28   Nov4188013585Koch, Amelia 39yWF
Erie Street1230   Apr218649222 DKoch, Geo H 1y M
Erie Street1276   Jun28187011067Koch, Wilhelmina 8yWF
Erie Street1116   Oct1518524924Kochler, Charles A 9mWM
Erie Street1275   Apr24187011022Kochler, Louis F 21yWM
Erie Street1221   Feb2218638952Kock,Child of Fred SB  M
Erie Street1192   Mar1318597805Kock, Louisa Emma 3yWF
Erie Street1282   May12187111324Koeberich, Robert C 4yWM
Erie Street1273   Jan6187010937Koehler, Gotfried 21yWM
Erie Street266   Aug10189215904Koehler, Maria 80yWF
Erie Street295   Aug10189917005Koeller,SB WM
Erie Street1233   Aug1018649362Koelley, Phillip 7m M
Erie Street1260   Apr10186810412Koenig, Mary 1y F
Erie Street1185   Apr2518587529Koeper, Gotlieb 21dWM
Erie Street1175   Mar918577127Koeper, Henrietta 66yWF
Erie Street1175   Mar2618577140Koeper, Louisa 6mWF
Erie Street1291   Aug11187211671Koepfers,SB Child of J WM
Erie Street1317   Nov13187512623Koeppler,SB Child of Karl WM
Erie Street1335  1879Jan15187913220Kogrin, Carl 7mWM
Erie Street1208   Jun918618450Kohl,Child of Jacob2yWF
Erie Street1236   Dec2618649489Kohl,Child of Wm1y  
Erie Street1237   Jan118659494Kohl,Child of Wm2y F
Erie Street1256   Nov14186710280Kohl,Child of Chas10m F
Erie Street1260   Apr17186810418Kohl,Child of Charles  F
Erie Street1328   Apr15187712948Kohl,SB Child of William WM
Erie Street288   Nov23189716748Kohler, Christian 84yWM
Erie Street1280   Jan19187111235Kohlmorgen, Bertha 3yWF
Erie Street213   Sep16188113774Kohn, Freddie 1yWM
Erie Street1197   Dec2318597995Kohnman, Chas H 8mWM
Erie Street1208   Jun1318618454Koke,Child of Peter1yWM
Erie Street1249   Nov1318669989Koklowsky,SB Child of Louis   
Erie Street1270   Aug20186910832Koll,Child of Jacob6m M
Erie Street1241   Sep1918659678Kolmorgan,Child of Henry SB  F
Erie Street29   Jan22188113622Kolmorgan, Eliza 21dWF
Erie Street1216   Jul2318628787Kolmorgan, Robert 1y M
Erie Street270   May26189316055Kolraek, Amelia 14mWF
Erie Street1184   Mar518587480Komer, Eliza 13mWF
Erie Street217   Jul18188213943Kommeraus, Eda 11mWF
Erie Street1319   Feb8187612678Komnerams, Chas 5dWM
Erie Street152   Sep1318482352Konders, John 56yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2218492911Konmusenman, John 59yWM
Erie Street1221   Feb2218638952Kook,Child of Fred SB  M
Erie Street214   Dec1188113817Kookler,Child of Wm2dWF
Erie Street220   Nov11188214027Koontz, Baby 1mWF
Erie Street269   Mar1189316009Kopper, August 50yWM
Erie Street1179   Aug2518577309Kops, Lewis 10mWM
Erie Street1130   Sep918535453Kordel, Augusta B 3yWF
Erie Street1179   Aug1918577298Korner, Louisa 6mWF
Erie Street1196   Oct2618597964Kornsorn,Child of Gotlieb2dWF
Erie Street1190   Dec1318587732Korper, Michael 72yWM
Erie Street212   Jul15188113733Korpp,Child of Anna2yWF
Erie Street1238   Mar518659546Kortz,Child of Geo M4m  
Erie Street185   Sep1818503680Kosche, Pauline 6mWF
Erie Street28   Oct18188013574Kosloski, Rudolph 3mWM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug5187813142Koslowskie, Fred 9mWM
Erie Street1314   Jul13187512507Koslowskie, Fredk 6mWM
Erie Street2112   Dec8190317584Kottner, John 47yWM
Erie Street1313   Apr28187512448Koupkec,SB Child of C WF
Erie Street1293   Sep9187211714Krabowsky,Child of Ida10mWF
Erie Street1272   Nov30186910915Kracht, Caroline 8y F
Erie Street1322   Aug14187612807Kradtzdane, Lawrence 36yWM
Erie Street1205   Feb2818618343Krager,Child of Louis2yWM
Erie Street1209   Jul918618475Krahar,Child of Frank3mWF
Erie Street1224   Jul3118639080Krahar,Child of Frank SB  F
Erie Street1286   Dec11187111460Krahl,Child of Wm1yWF
Erie Street1301   Sep5187312020Krahl,Child of Mary2yWF
Erie Street220   Dec2188214033Krahl, Anna 4yWF
Erie Street232   Apr23188514524Krahl, Charles 38yWM
Erie Street220   Dec4188214035Krahl, Ida 8yWF
Erie Street1285   Sep27187111428Krahl, Wilhelmina 4yW 
Erie Street21   Jun11187913296Krahn,SB WM
Erie Street27   Jul9188013518Krahns, 7dWF
Erie Street1229   Feb1518649172 DKram,Child of Catherine E5m F
Erie Street177   Jun1118503367Krambrigl, Adolphus 40yWM
Erie Street117   Nov91843946Kramer,Child of M4mW 
Erie Street1232   Jul1018649321Kramer,Child of Henry21d M
Erie Street1277   Jul25187011102Kramer,Child of Henry6mWM
Erie Street1290   Jun29187211596Kramer,Child of Albert K8mWM
Erie Street218   Sep2188213983Kramer,Child of Mary16dWF
Erie Street110   Jul211842683Kramer, Agnes 11mWF
Erie Street1221   Mar2318638980Kramer, Emily 1m F
Erie Street118   Apr118441006Kramer, James 2mW 
Erie Street11   Jul11840318Kramer, Mary 54yWF
Erie Street22   Jul9187913307Kramer, Mary 21dWF
Erie Street189   Feb2418513828Kramerer, Olhmar 35yW 
Erie Street1313   Jun17187512482Krammer, Theresa 5mWF
Erie Street270   May23189316052Krampfert, Rosa 50yWF
Erie Street2117   Apr12190617700Krampsert, Barbara 90yWF
Erie Street1210   Aug1018618512Kran,Child of Adam1dWM
Erie Street1322   Jul31187612793Kranig, Fritz 6mWM
Erie Street1211   Oct1218618568Kranstables,Child of John1yWF
Erie Street1333  1878Sep17187813167Krantz, Joseph J 30yWM
Erie Street1319   Jan7187612658Kranvisa, Wilhelm 2yWM
Erie Street193   Jul2718514016Kranwilde, Wm 21mWM
Erie Street1304   Mar30187412155Kranz, Emma 4yWF
Erie Street1230   Apr918649231 DKrate,Child of Nicholas2y M
Erie Street1323   Sep17187612835Kratzdone, Anna 34yWF
Erie Street1148   Sep918546143Kraus, C W 5yW 
Erie Street1103   Apr1118524386Kraus, Eliza 28yWF
Erie Street189   Mar2018513853Kraus, Elizabeth 21dWF
Erie Street1112   Sep818524749Kraus, G 49yWF
Erie Street1303   Feb21187412129Kraus, JuliusSB WM
Erie Street1159   Sep818556553Kraus, Sophia 4mWF
Erie Street1319   Jan14187612663Krause, Annie 3yWF
Erie Street1308   Sep27187412314Krause, August 1mWM
Erie Street1317   Dec14187512639Krause, Henry 8mWM
Erie Street1195   Sep1818597935Krause, Louisa M E 1yWF
Erie Street240   Mar25188714847Krauss, John 2yWM
Erie Street1303   Mar3187412133Krays, J 3mWM
Erie Street2101  1900Oct25190017220Kreanke, Lizzie 3yWF
Erie Street141   Aug2218471912Krebley, Susan 1yWF
Erie Street145   Dec2818472094Krefy, Catherine 34y F
Erie Street214   Nov10188113809Kregelius, Willie 8yWM
Erie Street175   Mar2418503269Kreger, Peter 21dWM
Erie Street192   Jul1318513976Krehal, Catherine 1mWF
Erie Street251   Jun29188915268Krehbiehl, Charles 7yWM
Erie Street289   Mar20189816781Krehbiel,SB WF
Erie Street246   Jul7188815094Krehbiel, Christopher 4dWM
Erie Street275   Jun18189416243Krehbiel, Harry 3mWM
Erie Street270   Apr16189316037Krehbiel, William 3mWM
Erie Street1224   Jul3118639080Kreher,Child of Frank SB  F
Erie Street1235   Oct2118649431Kreher,Child of Mathia  M
Erie Street270   May21189316051Kreibel, John 1yWM
Erie Street1277   Aug7187011118Kreinbrink,Child of Christian1yWF
Erie Street1281   Feb21187111268Kreinbrink,Child of Christ WF
Erie Street1288   Mar10187211519Kreinbrink,Child of Theodore3mWM
Erie Street1246   Jul1318669881Kreinbrink, Anna 6m F
Erie Street1327   Mar22187712937Kreinbrink, Anna 1yWF
Erie Street22   Aug22187913344Kreinbrink, Carl 9mWM
Erie Street23   Oct6187913359Kreinbrink, Frank 1yWM
Erie Street1312   Mar22187512427Kreinbrink, Fred 2yWM
Erie Street1327   Mar8187712934Kreinbrink, Louisa 3yWF
Erie Street133   Nov2018461618Kreiner, Mary A 1yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar2518566747Krekel,SB Child of P WF
Erie Street1167   Jul2218566854Kreman, Sophjia 2yWF
Erie Street165   Aug1718492873Kremea, John 39yWM
Erie Street299   Jun22190017159Kremer, Loyd 9mWF
Erie Street165   Aug2018492899Kremla, Jacob 2yWM
Erie Street1193   Jul2118597860Kremple, Caroline 18m F
Erie Street1201   Aug918608159Kremples,Child of John3yW 
Erie Street1129   Aug1618535386Kremville, Dorris 22mW 
Erie Street1158   Aug2118556518Krenger, Emma 1yWF
Erie Street1174   Mar818577124Krennkle, Andrew 4yWM
Erie Street1261   Jun29186810464Krenzler,Child of J2m F
Erie Street1300   Aug28187312005Krenzliage,Child of Emma8mWF
Erie Street151   Aug2118482315Kressy,Child of Mrs6mW 
Erie Street1311   Jan22187512381Kretchnar,Child of Carl WM
Erie Street1307   Aug10187412260Kretzchmar, George 5mWM
Erie Street1248   Sep1718669946Kretzer,Child of August15d M
Erie Street1293   Sep12187211715Kretzman,Child of Wilhelmina3yWF
Erie Street1258   Feb3186810355Kreynbrink,Child of C   
Erie Street1258   Feb3186810355Krezenbrinck,Child of C   
Erie Street2111   Sep14190317560Krikham, Clarence W 5dWM
Erie Street263   Jan21189215774Krikhan, 14dWF
Erie Street282   Feb4189616516Krikhan,SB WF
Erie Street2111   Jun12190317541Krimear, AS 76yWM
Erie Street25   Mar30188013464Krippe, Lina 4yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524636Krisch, Adam 66yWM
Erie Street1314   Jul19187512511Kristanson, Karl 1yWM
Erie Street1225   Sep1818639131Kritchenbach, S A 26y M
Erie Street1177   Jun1418577242Kroger, Ann M 3yWF
Erie Street2138   Jun12193117871Kroger, Auguste 56yWF
Erie Street1304   Mar22187412151Kroger, Henry 14dWM
Erie Street2119   Nov5190817734Kroger, John 63yWM
Erie Street1105   Jun818524470Kroger, Maria 14mWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1618546045Kroger, Mary 10mWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1218546031Kroger, Nicolas 42yWM
Erie Street1296   Feb26187311829Krohn,Child of Julius8mWM
Erie Street1327   Jan22187712909Krohn, Arnold 4mWM
Erie Street1285   Sep6187111418Krohn, Augustineor Augusta8mWF
Erie Street1306   Jul16187412229Krohn, Chas 3mWM
Erie Street2123   Dec26191217793Krohn, John 77yWM
Erie Street2125   Feb16191417806Krohn, Louise 78yWF
Erie Street1332  1878Jul2187813115Krohn, Wm 6mWM
Erie Street1285   Nov2187111440Kropp,Child of Jacob8dW 
Erie Street1290   Jul11187211618Kropp,Child of Wm10dWM
Erie Street1333  1878Sep19187813168Kropp, Jacob 8mWM
Erie Street1234   Sep718649394Kross,Child of Augustus2m M
Erie Street1150   Nov1818546250Krous, Christian 8dW 
Erie Street1170   Oct2118566984Krous, Wm 2mWM
Erie Street1135   Jan2418545651Krout, Conrad 4mWM
Erie Street285   Feb28189716663Krowitzki, Caroline 63yWF
Erie Street1188   Aug2518587644Kruck, Leonard 10dWM
Erie Street1324   Nov8187612870Krueger, Matilda 4yWF
Erie Street237   Aug13188614730Krueger, Otto 5mWM
Erie Street1185   May1618587543Krues, Geo F 2mWM
Erie Street1284   Jul31187111388Kruger,Child of Peter2MWM
Erie Street27   Jul15188013524Kruger, Martha 20yWF
Erie Street225   Nov9188314256Krukam, Mary 7dWF
Erie Street1319   Jan19187612665Krumbacher, Fred 5yWM
Erie Street1131   Sep2018535476Krummage, S 14mW 
Erie Street1177   May2018577210Krumweed, Augustus 7dWM
Erie Street246   May12188815070Krupp, Anna M 2dWF
Erie Street234   Oct6188514604Krupp, Elizabeth 5dWF
Erie Street269   Mar6189316013Krupp, Helena 7dWF
Erie Street253   Jan31189015378Krupp, Otto R 1mWM
Erie Street220   Jan15188314064Krupph, Bertha E 2dWF
Erie Street1150   Nov218546237Krutz, Margaret 5yWF
Erie Street1204   Dec3018608273Krutzer,Child of August3mWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug10187813144Kuchenbacher, Anna 10mWF
Erie Street213   Aug29188113768Kuchenbacker,Child of Theodore1yWM
Erie Street23   Sep20187913352Kuchenbacker, Albertine 9mWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug16187813153Kuchenbacker, Allorina 10mWF
Erie Street217   May12188213911Kuchenbacker, Laura 7mWF
Erie Street1315   Aug9187512536Kuchenbackers, Charles 1 1/2yWM
Erie Street1320   Mar15187612700Kuchenbackers, Reoma 3yWM
Erie Street262   Oct13189115716Kuchenbecker, George 6yWM
Erie Street1275   Apr19187011021Kuehne, Bertha 6yWF
Erie Street1274   Apr6187011009Kuehne, Caroline 62yWF
Erie Street1291   Aug2187211659Kuepke, Herman 1yWM
Erie Street299   May8190017137Kugler, Henry B 55yWM
Erie Street256   Aug4189015485Kugler, Willie 1yWM
Erie Street1236   Nov2418649455Kuhlow, Frederick 3y M
Erie Street257   Sep16189015512Kuhn, Frankie 9mWM
Erie Street1252   May7186710123Kuhnert,SB Child of William  F
Erie Street211   Apr24188113673Kulo,Child of Lillie4mWF
Erie Street212   Jun30188113709Kulo,Child of Fred4mWM
Erie Street210   Feb26188113649Kulo, Lizzie 2mWF
Erie Street1284   Aug22187111405Kulon, Fred 3yWM
Erie Street1205   Feb1918618326Kum,Child of Chas SB W 
Erie Street1200   Jul2818608149Kum, Chas 6yWM
Erie Street215   Jan16188213837Kumtiel, Adolf 2yWM
Erie Street288   Nov15189716745Kundson, Mary 30yWF
Erie Street1290   Jul10187211616Kunitz,Child of Chas4mWM
Erie Street267   Nov2189215937Kunker, John C 6yWM
Erie Street215   Jan9188213835Kuntiel, Otto 4yWM
Erie Street1223   Jun818639041Kuntz,Child of Charles1m F
Erie Street1261   Jul14186810479Kuntz,Child of Chas3m M
Erie Street236   May21188614700Kuntz,SB WM
Erie Street261   Aug19189115695Kuntz, 1yWF
Erie Street220   Jan1188314052Kunze, Frank 12hWM
Erie Street215   Jan17188213838Kunze, Fred W 2mWM
Erie Street21   Jul2187913302Kunze, George 2mWM
Erie Street1329   Sep6187713010Kunze, Mary 7mWF
Erie Street231   Dec5188414467Kunze, WmSB WF
Erie Street1333  1878Sep29187813161Kuppe, Adolf 9yWM
Erie Street1332  1878Jul18187813128Kuppe, Carl 9mWM
Erie Street21   Jul3187913305Kuppe, Eliza 6mWF
Erie Street2100  1900Sep3190017200Kuppe, Erma 2mWF
Erie Street218   Aug2188213958Kuppe, Willie 14dWM
Erie Street291   Jul23189816845Kur, Martha 4mWF
Erie Street271   Jul23189316083Kurr,Agnes' baby4mWF
Erie Street278   Mar13189516358Kurr, Margaret W 11mWF
Erie Street1261   Jun29186810463Kurth,Child of Burgard1m F
Erie Street1268   Jun6186910748Kurth,Child of Burgard3m  
Erie Street1290   Jul15187211625Kurth,Child of John9mWM
Erie Street1215   Mar3118628723Kurtz, Flora 1yWF
Erie Street1265   Nov26186810624Kusheck, Thomas 21y M
Erie Street1322   Aug6187612799Kustbezensk, Frank C 5mWM
Erie Street1225   Sep1818639131Kutchenbach, S A 26y M
Erie Street2111   Jun24190317544Kuyat,Baby WF
Erie Street277   Dec1189416316Kuyat, TheodoreJr6yWM
Erie Street1188   Aug2518587642Kyle, Jacob 6mWM
Erie Street1254   Aug16186710200Kyser, Elizabeth 87y F
Erie Street172   Nov2318493143Kyser, Mary A 26y F
Erie Street1135   Jan1018545625Kysle, Rozanna 2yWF

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