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Cleveland District Round Table

Erie Street Cemetery Index
Surnames:   L through M

CemeteryVolPgDOD-MDOD-DDOD-YDOI-MDOI-DDOI-YInt NoFull NameTitles & TermsAgeColorSex M/F
Erie Street1255   Sep22186710237Laase,SB Child of Fred   
Erie Street1272   Nov20186910906Labelle, Madon 37y M
Erie Street172   Nov3018493151Labot,SB Child of Bravil W 
Erie Street178   Jun1818503391Lace, AnnMrs45yWF
Erie Street178   Jun1818503393Lace, Jane 9yWF
Erie Street178   Jun2818503395Lace, Mary 14yWF
Erie Street178   Jun1818503394Lace, Susannah 11yWF
Erie Street153   Oct1118482382Lacett,Child of R2yW 
Erie Street179   Jul1318503450Lacey,Child of E H1yW 
Erie Street1230   Apr118649221 DLacie, S H 30y F
Erie Street153   Oct1418482384Lackman, Wm 50yWM
Erie Street12   Aug81840347Lacy,SB Child of E H W 
Erie Street15   Jun121841477Lacy,SB Child of E H W 
Erie Street146   Jan1318482103Lacy,Mr60yWM
Erie Street148   May2818482217Lacy,Mr55yWM
Erie Street1115   Oct318524879Lacy,Mrs E H50yWF
Erie Street1193   Jul2418597866Lacy, Charles 8y M
Erie Street185   Sep1618503676Lacy, Charlotte A 1yWF
Erie Street1184   Mar2418587497Lacy, Ellen 3yWF
Erie Street149   Jul418482251Lacy, Henrietta 10yWF
Erie Street156   Mar818492538Ladd,Mrs A40yWF
Erie Street1127   Jul1718535304Laddy, James 16mWM
Erie Street1212   Nov2618618592Lady, E W 2yW 
Erie Street281   Dec11189516485Laengle, D 36yWM
Erie Street1108   Aug218524586Lafeber, Elizabeth 7mWF
Erie Street1270   Aug29186910838LaGanke, Bertha 2y F
Erie Street1289   May10187211559Lage, Sarafina 1yWF
Erie Street237   Sep10188614739Lagervall, C G C 31yWM
Erie Street132   Sep2818461570Lagon, John 1yWM
Erie Street1151   Dec1218546269Lahart, Louise 3mWF
Erie Street112   Nov241842754Lake,  W 
Erie Street178   Jul318503417Lake,Mrs50yWF
Erie Street26   May4188013493Lake, Robert 11mWF
Erie Street110   Jun301842661La Maar, I  WM
Erie Street179   Jul618503425Laman, Agustus 2yWF
Erie Street243   Oct16188714952Laman, Chas T 31yWM
Erie Street1281   Feb23187111271Lamb,Child of Sarah2yWF
Erie Street1288   Apr28187211552Lamb,Child of Edmond11mWM
Erie Street1327   Feb21187712924Lamb, JohnChild WM
Erie Street2108  1902Oct18190217485Lamberd, W C 66yWM
Erie Street1126   Jun2718535270Lambert,Child of J G7mW 
Erie Street1141   Jul1118545881Lambert,Child of J P1dW 
Erie Street1208   Jun1918618459Lambert,Child of Eustice1dWM
Erie Street1254   Aug12186710198Lambert,Child of Gust10m F
Erie Street272   Sep1189316109Lambert, Freddy L 21yWM
Erie Street1263   Oct4186810570Lambert, Geo 11m M
Erie Street1324   Nov17187612873Lambert, H S 3yWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1718546049Lambert, Jacob 14yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2518535414Lambert, John 28yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jun15190117333Lambert, Joseph 42yWM
Erie Street226   Jan9188414290Lambert, M 10mWM
Erie Street276   Aug20189416278Lambert, Sydney S 54yWM
Erie Street1141   Jul218545856Lambert, Ursula 22yWF
Erie Street1219   Dec1818628907Lambert, Willie 8y M
Erie Street294   Apr6189916948Lambert, Wm A 45yWM
Erie Street1319   Jan21187612667Lambert, Wm C 1yWM
Erie Street1201   Aug818608161Lambs, R 1yW 
Erie Street1279   Dec15187011210Lamontagne, Benjamine 4yWM
Erie Street293   Mar10189916932Lamontagne, Briget 85yWF
Erie Street1265   Nov23186810620Lamp,Child of Mary SB   
Erie Street139   Jul1618471834Lamplaugh, Thomas 40yWM
Erie Street197   Nov518514156Lamson, V A 26yW 
Erie Street1183   Jan2718587456Lance, John 8yWM
Erie Street260   May13189115647Lance, Orrin 17yWM
Erie Street174   Feb2018503227Lanchlen, Mehetrble 59yWF
Erie Street191   May1118513916Lanchran, James 28yWM
Erie Street183   Aug2418503607Land, Catherine 25yWF
Erie Street180   Jul1818503465Lander, Maria 48yWF
Erie Street1209   Aug418618501Landrath, Ernstine 2yWF
Erie Street118   Mar2218441000Landreth, Alex 18yWM
Erie Street181   Aug418503519Landreth, Anna 9mWF
Erie Street1275   May5187011030Lane,Child of James3dWM
Erie Street1328   Mar26187712941Lane, Charles 3mWM
Erie Street1226   Oct1418639154Lane, Horace W   M
Erie Street290   May11189816805Laney, Virginia 57yCF
Erie Street1261   Jun24186810457Lang,Child of Christ6m F
Erie Street1278   Aug30187011145Lang,Child of Martin W 
Erie Street246   Apr29188815066Lang,SB WM
Erie Street278   Feb28189516352Lang, Albert F 35dWM
Erie Street1109   Aug1018524624Lang, C 8mWM
Erie Street1131   Oct118535496Lang, Catherine 21dWF
Erie Street262   Oct21189115722Lang, Frank S 60yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Jan22187813067Lang, Geo W 23yWM
Erie Street272   Oct25189316140Lang, Herman 44yWM
Erie Street1102   Mar2118524361Lang, J G 52yWM
Erie Street266   Jun13189215865Lang, John 76yWM
Erie Street1131   Sep1418535464Lang, Phillip 33yWM
Erie Street1217   Aug1318628818Lang, Wm E 3m M
Erie Street1270   Aug29186910838Langanke, Bertha 2y F
Erie Street266   Aug8189215903Lange, Anna 5mWF
Erie Street247   Jul26188815109Lange, Augusta 8mWF
Erie Street1330  1877Dec27187713052Lange, Louisa 4mWF
Erie Street1118   Dec818525003Langehand, Stephen  W 
Erie Street221   Feb15188314086Langhren, Hugh 58yWM
Erie Street1263   Sep2186810533Langle,Child of David1m M
Erie Street269   Mar14189316019Langon, Honora 11mWF
Erie Street255   Jun29189015459Langton, John 45yWM
Erie Street1157   Jul1618556456Langton, SilasSB WM
Erie Street12   Aug311840366Lankaster, Thomas 76yWM
Erie Street294   Apr28189916961Lanny, Mary S 71yWF
Erie Street1193   Jul2518597867Lanows,Child of John2m M
Erie Street1193   Jul2818597870Lanows,Child of John2mWF
Erie Street1130   Sep418535440Lansy, Fred H 9mWM
Erie Street1330  1877Oct9187713025Lanterwafer, 2dWF
Erie Street224   Aug17188314211Lantz, Floyd 7yWM
Erie Street1121   Mar918535102Lapiant, D 35yW 
Erie Street1251   Mar9186710088Lapp, Phillip 91y M
Erie Street131   Aug2818461537Larami,Child of James2yW 
Erie Street180   Jul2518503488Larana, Thomas 38yWM
Erie Street138   Jun2718471796Laraugh,Child of Mr4yW 
Erie Street139   Jul1318471825Laraughs,Child of Mr12yW 
Erie Street1157   Aug318556485Larch, Wm 5mWM
Erie Street172   Dec1218493161Larensson, James 25yWM
Erie Street1142   Jul1818545904Larer, Jacob F 33dWM
Erie Street1112   Sep518524737Larew, Mary A 57yWF
Erie Street112   Jan121843779Larh, William 36yWM
Erie Street143   Sep2018471984Larin, BridgetMrs31yWF
Erie Street1226   Nov918639172Larkin, Barnet 31y M
Erie Street1205   Mar618618349Larkin, Julia 10yWF
Erie Street268   Jan28189315983Larkins, Ethel Grace 9mCF
Erie Street26   Apr19188013485Larkins, Ida 4mWF
Erie Street298   Apr13190017120Larsen, Peter 41yWM
Erie Street249   Jan7188915188Larson,SB WM
Erie Street2140   Apr13194417907Larson, Alma S 81yWF
Erie Street234   Nov28188514624Larson, Carl 2mWM
Erie Street1202   Sep1618608207Larter,Child of T1yWF
Erie Street1320   May20187612730Larter,SB Child of Tom WF
Erie Street253   Jan16189015371Lasch, Elesa Martha 11wWF
Erie Street2108  1902Oct18190217486Lasch, Helena 1yWF
Erie Street235   Feb10188514651Lasch, Karl 7wWM
Erie Street235   Nov29188514637Lasch, Louis 5dWM
Erie Street286   May3189716684Lascquor, FMrs34yWF
Erie Street290   Jul11189816838Lasey, Leroy A 3mCM
Erie Street161   Jul2218492722Lasset,Mr50yWM
Erie Street1124   May818535195Latham, A 37yWM
Erie Street138   Jun2318471787Lathrop,SB Child of C W 
Erie Street231   Feb18188514502Lathrop, Arthur 63yWM
Erie Street14   Mar201841452Lathrop, C L 21dW 
Erie Street12   Sep31840369Lathrop, Charles C 15mWM
Erie Street1332  1878Jul8187813121Lathrop, D B CMrs70yWF
Erie Street1242   Oct1818659694Lathrop, L K 54y F
Erie Street115   Aug151843873Lathrop, Philura L 34yWF
Erie Street267   Oct9189215931Lathrup, Christopher L 88yWM
Erie Street2107  1902Apr25190217451Lathy, Orris H 42yWM
Erie Street1109   Aug1618524646Latimer,Child of Peter W 
Erie Street1233   Aug918649360Latimer,Child of Robert5m F
Erie Street1254   Aug19186710204Latimer,Child of James2y F
Erie Street1266   Feb1186910676Latimer,Child of James1m M
Erie Street1324   Nov14187612872Latimer,Mrs M60yWF
Erie Street21   May1187913281Latimer, Jame 84yWF
Erie Street260   Apr27189115641Latimer, Jerusha 86yWF
Erie Street1249   Nov2418669999Latimer, John 22y M
Erie Street1220   Feb518638940Latimer, Lucius M 58y M
Erie Street1233   Jul2818649341Latimore, Etta 2y F
Erie Street192   Jun2718513955Latinier, Robert 64yWM
Erie Street196   Sep2618514116Lattemore, Martha 14yWF
Erie Street1112   Sep618524739Lattimer, MaryMrs25yWF
Erie Street1233   Jul3118649345Lattimore, Eliza McGee 30y F
Erie Street1136   Jan2718545656Lattimore, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1226   Nov1218639173Lauderdale, Muranda V 49y F
Erie Street24   Dec20187913394Lauderwasser, Albert 28yWM
Erie Street26   Apr16188013482Lauderwasser, Emma 4mWF
Erie Street1241   Sep1518659674Lauer,Child of W E6d F
Erie Street120   Jul1218441063Laughlin, CorneliaChild1yWF
Erie Street1244   Mar518669796Lauglin,Child of William J SB  M
Erie Street169   Sep2618493051Laurie,SB Child of Thomas W 
Erie Street115   Aug61843862Laurie, John 27yWM
Erie Street122   Nov2518441166Laursman, Joseph 2yWM
Erie Street122   Nov1518441159Laursman, Wm 11yWM
Erie Street246   May27188815075Lause, Catherine E 72yWF
Erie Street1138   Mar2118545733Lause, Frank Liga 6yWM
Erie Street1137   Mar1118545717Lause, Fred Albert 4yWM
Erie Street257   Nov19189015544Lause, John Frederick 71yWM
Erie Street1207   Apr1718618398Lautervasser,Child of L2yWM
Erie Street2110   Apr8190317522Lauterwasser, Mary A 46yWF
Erie Street144   Nov1918472056Lautter,Child of G7mW 
Erie Street17   Sep191841544Lavall,SB Child of Peter W 
Erie Street12   Aug191840360Lavenn,SB Child of Peter W 
Erie Street195   Aug1818514062Laver, John P 2dWM
Erie Street127   Oct2818451355Lawless,Child of James W 
Erie Street160   Jun2818492670Lawlies, James 45y M
Erie Street196   Oct2018514138Lawrence,Child of Mr15mW 
Erie Street1153   Jan1418556312Lawrence,Mrs48yWF
Erie Street1278   Sep12187011163Lawrence, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street261   Jul25189115678Lawrence, Dottie 25yWF
Erie Street165   Aug1718492869Lawrence, Elizabeth 2yWF
Erie Street1122   Mar2618535131Lawrence, Elizabeth 85yWF
Erie Street1266   Jan27186910671Lawrence, Frank 5m M
Erie Street1164   Feb2718566719Lawrence, H C 26yW 
Erie Street27   Jul23188013531Lawrence, Hannah 57yWF
Erie Street1120   Jan2518535043Lawrence, Harriet 62yWF
Erie Street28   Sep30188013564Lawrence, James 88yWM
Erie Street244   Jan17188815014Lawrence, James 72yWM
Erie Street2101  1900Oct31190017223Lawrence, Jennie 30yWF
Erie Street1156   Jul518556446Lawrence, John 6mWM
Erie Street22   Aug3187913337Lawrence, Julius 4mWM
Erie Street1194   Sep118597912Lawrence, Maria 48yWF
Erie Street1329   Aug26187713004Lawrence, Marilla 77yWF
Erie Street241   Jun28188714889Lawrence, Mary A 64yWF
Erie Street233   Jul7188514555Lawrence, Mary E 16dWF
Erie Street233   Jul28188514573Lawrence, Rosa 6wWF
Erie Street191   May1518513920Lawrence, Sarah 4yWF
Erie Street237   Jun14188614709Lawrence, William 2hWM
Erie Street1184   Mar1718587485Lawrence, William G 18mWM
Erie Street1252   Apr30186710116Lawrence, Wm G 78y M
Erie Street1330  1877Dec28187713053Lawrence, Wm J 1hWF
Erie Street296   Sep14189917022Lawrie, David 76yWM
Erie Street297   Feb17190017078Lawson, 5dCM
Erie Street294   Apr14189916952Lawson, Dewey 11mCM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb18187913233Lawton, Mary W 60yWF
Erie Street1156   Jul218556440Lazell, Henry A 2mWM
Erie Street238   Sep16188614746Leach, Ann 45yWF
Erie Street2117   Apr23190617701Leach, John C 76yWM
Erie Street1230   Apr518649228 DLeach, Lucelos 19y  
Erie Street1184   Apr418587504Leach, Mary 10mWF
Erie Street1164   Mar1718566739Lead, Dorothy 1mWF
Erie Street257   Sep19189015513Learo, Oscar 21yCM
Erie Street157   Apr1218492577Lebbin,Child of John10mW 
Erie Street28   Oct30188013583Lebolt, Johnny 1yWM
Erie Street229   Sep6188414411Lebricht, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1139   May1918545811Lebur, Emily J 9yWF
Erie Street1225   Sep3018639146Lechler,Child of Wm   
Erie Street1238   Mar618659547Lechler,Child of Wm4m M
Erie Street1205   Feb118618325Lechler, Fred G 3yWM
Erie Street161   Jul2618492733Lecken, Barnhet 2yW 
Erie Street144   Oct3018472039Leckley, John 8mWM
Erie Street227   Mar31188414329Lecordt,SB Infant WM
Erie Street1186   Jul1818587590Lee,SB Child of Wm A W 
Erie Street1220   Dec2418628913Lee,Child of Fred SB   
Erie Street1242   Oct2318659700Lee,Child of John2m F
Erie Street1259   Mar12186810387Lee,Child of John2m M
Erie Street245   Mar16188815042Lee, Amelia 51yCF
Erie Street282   Feb8189616517Lee, Frances 86yCF
Erie Street22   Jul26187913330Lee, Gussie 6mWF
Erie Street1227   Dec1818639218Lee, Hart C 5y M
Erie Street247   Sep24188815138Lee, Isaac W 62yCM
Erie Street286   Jun1189716697Lee, Jane BMrs61yWF
Erie Street1227   Dec1618639211Lee, Jennie L 3y F
Erie Street1333  1878Sep20187813169Lee, Jesse 9mCF
Erie Street1227   Dec1618639210Lee, Mary K 6y F
Erie Street1226   Nov1318639174Lee, Samuel 35y M
Erie Street1323   Sep18187612837Lee, Tressie 2yCF
Erie Street225   Oct19188314249Lee, Willie 3yWM
Erie Street120   Aug2518441100Leech,Child of Boyd C2mW 
Erie Street1134   Dec2718535602Leed,SB Child of John   
Erie Street1135   Jan918545623Leed,Child of John14dW 
Erie Street1135   Jan1218545631Leed,Child of Frederick1yW 
Erie Street1212   Dec2618618614Leed,Child of John2y  
Erie Street1223   Jun1818639051Leed,Child of John SB W 
Erie Street1204   Jan3118618302Leed, BChild of B5mWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1518546041Leeder,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street1212   Dec2918618617Leek,Child of Dr15yCF
Erie Street1262   Aug2186810510Leek,Child of Wm1y F
Erie Street236   Apr18188614684Lees, George W 43yWM
Erie Street133   Oct3018461609Leet, Wm M 31yWM
Erie Street228   Jun19188414370Leffingwell, Louis D 38yWM
Erie Street112   Jan121843769Leffingwell, Minerva 4yCF
Erie Street189   Feb1718513822Lefler, Mary 14mW 
Erie Street191   May818513910Lefler, Wm S 2mWM
Erie Street138   Jun2018471786Leggs,Child of Y W3mW 
Erie Street230   Nov19188414456Legowski, Chas 3dWM
Erie Street251   Jul19188915281Legroa, Rosey 2mWF
Erie Street15   May221841466Leher,SB Child of Charles W 
Erie Street212   Jul12188113725Lehman,Child of Chas6mWM
Erie Street118   Apr218441007Lehr,Child of Chas W 
Erie Street1259   Mar3186810379Leib, Lucilla 36y F
Erie Street170   Oct1718493090Leibleine, J B 15m  
Erie Street253   Feb2189015380Leickle, Florence 3yWF
Erie Street253   Jan28189015375Leickle, Josie Louisa 2mWF
Erie Street121   Sep2518441134Leid,Child of B1mW 
Erie Street1292   Aug22187211690Leid,Child of Lillie1yWF
Erie Street1139   May1218545804Leid, Augusta 35yWF
Erie Street1256   Oct21186710263Leid, Louisa 23y F
Erie Street280   Oct5189516458Leidereiter, Willie 3mWM
Erie Street1266   Jan2186910655Leidheiser,Child of Henry1y F
Erie Street1196   Oct2318597962Leidicker, Margaret 68yWF
Erie Street135   Jan1918471671Leids,Child of B15mW 
Erie Street1295   Jan25187311796Leids,SB Child of A WM
Erie Street1242   Oct2118659698Leiel, Anna M 1y F
Erie Street176   May918503327Leight, Jeannette A 31yWF
Erie Street236   Apr8188614677Leikle, Louisa 2mWF
Erie Street1333  1878Sep15187813166Leimbach, Conrad 56yWM
Erie Street24   Dec4188013405Leimback,Mrs F62yWF
Erie Street260   May16189115648Leisa, Willie 7yWM
Erie Street1294   Dec31187211770Leittig,Child of B3mWF
Erie Street1157   Jul2318556464Leland, D O 5mWM
Erie Street1183   Jan618587440Leland, M 2yWM
Erie Street1149   Oct1618546211Leland, Sylvia 19mWF
Erie Street182   Aug1818503579Lemake, Christian 48yWM
Erie Street143   Oct518472006Leman,Child of Miss9mW 
Erie Street1144   Aug318545988Lemely, John 9mWM
Erie Street1179   Aug1918577299Lemem, William 9mWM
Erie Street1101   Feb918524306Lemen, Wm 57yWM
Erie Street1160   Oct618556595Lemon,Child of Mrs10mWF
Erie Street1319   Jan8187612659Lemon, H 1yWM
Erie Street1133   Dec618535563Lemon, Marion 3mWF
Erie Street112   Feb81843777Lemon, Mary 28yW 
Erie Street1106   Jun2718524496Lemontagne,Mr17yWM
Erie Street265   Apr26189215831Lenenberger, Cora 1yWF
Erie Street247   Sep22188815135Lenhart, Andy 2mWM
Erie Street142   Sep418471942Lenn, Richard 16yWM
Erie Street1210   Sep818618531Lentner,Child of George2mWM
Erie Street110   Jul91842671Leonard,Child of Wm3yW 
Erie Street130   Jun1718461472Leonard,Mrs S39yWF
Erie Street1124   May1818535206Leonard,Child of H2dW 
Erie Street1175   Apr818577162Leonard, Bridget 15yWF
Erie Street1177   May2318577215Leonard, Elizabeth 6mWF
Erie Street1124   May2018535209Leonard, Mary J 8yWF
Erie Street120   Jul1618441067Leonard, Wm R 41yWM
Erie Street149   Jun2718482243Leonhardt, John 9mWM
Erie Street1195   Sep2018597937Leopold,Child of John2dWM
Erie Street1179   Aug1618577293Leopold, Jacob 9mWM
Erie Street1245   Apr1518669829Leopold, Sophia 2y F
Erie Street1244   Feb1918669786Lepold,Child of Jacob1m F
Erie Street210   Feb28188113651Lepstraw, Fredia 8dWM
Erie Street158   Apr2018492584Lerch,Child of P3dW 
Erie Street154   Nov2518482427Lere, Hannah 22yWF
Erie Street232   May2188514532Leshure, Eda 25yWF
Erie Street180   Jul2118503476Lesley, Catherine 9mWF
Erie Street286   Apr8189716676Leslie, Abigail 84yWF
Erie Street261   Aug22189115699Leslie, Wm H 22yWM
Erie Street1218   Oct1418628865Lester,Child of Samuel   
Erie Street1226   Nov2718639187Lester, Ezra 91y M
Erie Street1322   Aug16187612809Lester, Harriet M 28yWF
Erie Street255   Apr19189015425Lester, Helen 46yWF
Erie Street1305   Jun14187412199Lester, S F 55yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Apr20187813091Lesure, Sarah M 13yWF
Erie Street211   May5188113678Letts, Edna A 53yWF
Erie Street273   Jan26189416183Leuenberger, Fred 8yWM
Erie Street1115   Oct718524888Leuer, Henry 40yWM
Erie Street1328   Jun10187712969Leuke, Charles 2yWM
Erie Street1209   Jul3118618496Leutnar, Louisa 1mW 
Erie Street276   Sep23189416297Leutner, Mary 47yWF
Erie Street1261   Jul17186810483Levenhagen,Child of Fred5m M
Erie Street1327   Feb17187712922Levenhager, Hannah M 11mWF
Erie Street1264   Oct18186810583Levenhager, Mary 18y F
Erie Street1255   Oct5186710248Levenkager,Child of Wm  M
Erie Street1236   Nov1918649453Levi,Child of Robt1y  
Erie Street1284   Jul13187111371LeVierge, Nellie 1mWF
Erie Street1304   Mar15187412144Lewiner, C C 29yWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2218524538Lewis,Child of I J14dWM
Erie Street1162   Dec2718556668Lewis,Child of Mr2yC 
Erie Street1171   Nov2618567014Lewis,Child of Mrs S3yWF
Erie Street1201   Aug918608163Lewis,Child of T N SB W 
Erie Street1201   Aug1518608170Lewis,Child (others)6dW 
Erie Street1211   Oct818618564Lewis,Child of Thos H2dW 
Erie Street1214   Feb2518628682Lewis,Child of M7mC 
Erie Street1233   Aug2118649370Lewis,Child of James   
Erie Street1253   Jun1186710138Lewis,Child of James   
Erie Street1267   Mar21186910710Lewis,Child of Grace2d F
Erie Street1272   Nov22186910909Lewis,SB Child of Thos  F
Erie Street1294   Dec4187211754Lewis,SB Child of Wm WF
Erie Street291   Oct13189816873Lewis,SB WF
Erie Street2122   Dec19191117779Lewis, Anna 47yCF
Erie Street186   Oct1818503727Lewis, C 50yW 
Erie Street195   Aug2618514079Lewis, Charles 19yCM
Erie Street1164   Feb1718566715Lewis, Charles 39yWM
Erie Street1217   Aug1018628811Lewis, Coomey 1y M
Erie Street130   Jun2118461476Lewis, David 79yWM
Erie Street1328   Jul7187712977Lewis, Gertrude H 1yWF
Erie Street287   Aug3189716716Lewis, Hazel B 2mWF
Erie Street236   Jun3188614705Lewis, Horace B 22yCM
Erie Street127   Nov2418451367Lewis, John 23yWM
Erie Street155   Jan2718492492Lewis, Joseph 4yWM
Erie Street1106   Jul618524506Lewis, Julia 28y F
Erie Street1138   Apr918545766Lewis, Lucy Ann 2yWF
Erie Street288   Dec3189716751Lewis, M C 50yWM
Erie Street1157   Aug318556486Lewis, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street1181   Oct2118577377Lewis, Minnetta 16mWF
Erie Street129   Apr2218461436Lewis, Sarah 66yWF
Erie Street284   Oct8189616618Lewis, Sarah E 53yCF
Erie Street1146   Aug2118545067Lewis, Thoman 1yWM
Erie Street1221   Mar1218638970Lewis, William 15d M
Erie Street154   Dec218482438Lewis, Wm 3yWM
Erie Street1144   Aug218545980Lewis, Wm 3yWM
Erie Street1195   Sep1118597927Libbey,Child of Dr H W9dWM
Erie Street1199   Apr2818608084Libbey,SB Child of Dr W 
Erie Street1223   Jun1118639047Libbey,Child of Dr12d  
Erie Street1195   Oct618597952Libbey, Franz 1yWM
Erie Street1195   Sep1118597927Libby,Child of Dr H W9dWM
Erie Street1209   Jul2518618489Libby,Child of Dr21dW 
Erie Street1195   Oct618597952Libby, Franz 1yWM
Erie Street277   Dec9189416320Liddicoat, 1dWF
Erie Street290   Jul6189816835Lieber, Delia 4mWF
Erie Street269   Mar15189316022Lieber, Melville 7mWM
Erie Street297   Jan22190017066Lieber, Stanley 4mWM
Erie Street256   Jul15189015472Lieber, Theodore 1yWM
Erie Street1258   Feb21186810369Lieberman,Child of J10m M
Erie Street1319   Feb2187612673Lieberman, Daniel 7yWM
Erie Street1308   Sep10187412298Lieberman, George 7mWM
Erie Street1299   Aug5187311958Liebing,SB Child of August10m M
Erie Street1292   Sep1187211699Liebing, August 2yWF
Erie Street181   Aug518503523Liebleaine, E C 49yWM
Erie Street1290   Jul9187211614Liebsbie,Child of Christ2mWM
Erie Street154   Nov2518482426Lied, Grested 8mW 
Erie Street1180   Sep1718577341Lied, Mary 7mWF
Erie Street1139   May1018545799Lier, Ever 2dW 
Erie Street1237   Jan418659495Lies,Child of John2d  
Erie Street1275   Apr19187011020Lies,Child of John WM
Erie Street280   Aug26189516438Liesch, Herman 9yWM
Erie Street243   Nov13188714973Lievenbroer, Margaret R 28yWF
Erie Street1155   Apr2018556394Light, Matilda P 19yWF
Erie Street197   Nov518514158Lightfoot,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1164   Feb2518566717Lightfoot, Wm 2mWM
Erie Street1154   Mar2818556375Lights,Child of C H3mWF
Erie Street246   Jul8188815096Ligowski, Paulina 41yWF
Erie Street1189   Nov2018587712Lilly, A F 29yWM
Erie Street1188   Aug3118587652Lily, Alice 1yWF
Erie Street1106   Jun2718524496Limintan,Mr17yWM
Erie Street1164   Mar418566726Limintrine, Clara 19yWF
Erie Street1179   Aug2718577313Linbeck, Henry 14dWM
Erie Street1289   Jun22187211589Linde,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street1334  1878Nov30187813195Linde, Chas 4yWM
Erie Street1171   Nov418566999Lindeman,Child of Rev C1yWF
Erie Street1290   Jul5187211605Lindeman,Child of Gus5mWM
Erie Street1234   Sep2218649409Lindeman, Maria 11y F
Erie Street1272   Nov22186910907Lindemann,Child of Henry2y F
Erie Street1165   Apr2818566785Lindemner,SB Child of Henry WF
Erie Street1260   May27186810444Linderman,SB Child of John  M
Erie Street229   Aug15188414393Linderman, Dorothe 78yWF
Erie Street28   Oct13188013572Lindo, Eliza 6yWF
Erie Street29   Nov4188013586Lindo, Fred 4mWM
Erie Street1286   Dec31187111472Lindow,Child of Christian1yWF
Erie Street1281   Feb12187111259Lindow, Wm 6yWM
Erie Street1239   Jun1418659593Lindsinger, John 1y M
Erie Street211   May15188113689Lindsley, Anna BMrs28yWF
Erie Street210   Mar27188113663Lindsley, Ned 9mWM
Erie Street142   Sep618471950Line, T 23yW 
Erie Street221   Mar11188314105Line, Wm C 66yWM
Erie Street235   Mar6188614659Lines, Ella M 21yWF
Erie Street1307   Aug21187412274Link, Chas F 1yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2618492925Link, Henry 2yWM
Erie Street194   Aug418514034Link, Maria 21mWF
Erie Street141   Aug2718471926Linkanstaen,Child of Andrew W 
Erie Street144   Oct2118472028Linkenstein, Andrew 3yWM
Erie Street159   May2518492623Linkenstein, Barbary 35yWF
Erie Street1112   Sep818524747Linkenstein, Maria 8mWF
Erie Street1334  1878Dec13187813202Links, JohnSB WM
Erie Street1316   Sep14187512573Linnaman, Anna 21dWF
Erie Street1163   Feb818566709Linner, Anna 1dWF
Erie Street162   Aug118492772Linnet, Thomas 4yWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2918524568Linton, Agnes 41yWF
Erie Street1108   Jul3018524570Linton, Agnes 2mWF
Erie Street1120   Feb818535057Linton, James 8mWM
Erie Street1123   Apr2818535180Linton, Jeannett 43yWF
Erie Street1332  1878May1187813096Lipcombs,Child of Chas3dWM
Erie Street234   Nov12188514617Lipkofski,SB WM
Erie Street233   Jul30188514576Lipkofski, Edward 3yWM
Erie Street243   Oct16188714950Lipkofski, Emma 1yWF
Erie Street229   Sep9188414418Lipkofsky, Fredreick 10mWM
Erie Street160   Jul1218492698Liprant, Wm 49yWM
Erie Street22   Jul24187913326Lipscomb, Edie 9mWM
Erie Street168   Sep1018493009Lipshid,Mr35yWM
Erie Street1282   Mar23187111298Lipstrei,Child of Christ7dWM
Erie Street1282   Mar23187111298Lipstrer,Child of Christ7dWM
Erie Street1252   Apr7186710103Little,Child of Mrs Little1m F
Erie Street1288   Mar12187211520Little,Child of Daniel1mCF
Erie Street1311   Jan20187512378Little,Child of G CF
Erie Street1247   Aug1018669915Little, ElizabethMrs58y F
Erie Street1172   Dec2318567035Little, Harriet 9yWF
Erie Street233   Jul5188514553Little, Hattie 40yCF
Erie Street22   Jul21187913321Little, L D 8mWF
Erie Street267   Sep20189215925Little, Robert 50yWM
Erie Street1122   Mar1218535108Little, Terusha 64yWF
Erie Street194   Aug218514031Little, Thomas 8mWM
Erie Street1199   May1218608096Livingston,SB Child of T B W 
Erie Street196   Oct1218514130Livingston, Alex 9mWM
Erie Street198   Nov2018514179Lloyd,Child of P3dW 
Erie Street290   Jun16189816823Lloyd,baby WF
Erie Street1107   Jul1918524533Lloyd, Ann Kelly 36yWF
Erie Street1170   Oct318566965Lloyd, Ellen 3mWF
Erie Street1313   May2187512450Lloyd, H H 66yWM
Erie Street1248   Sep518669939Lloyd, Henry 28y M
Erie Street1190   Dec1318587731Lloyd, Julia 13mWF
Erie Street255   Apr29189015428Lloyd, Margaret 75yWF
Erie Street135   Jan1218471663Lloyd, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street267   Sep6189215917Lloyd, Mary 29yWF
Erie Street280   Oct5189516457Lloyd, Samson 3yWM
Erie Street1158   Aug1118556500Lloyd, Thomas B 3yWF
Erie Street280   Aug17189516432Lloyd, William 53yWM
Erie Street2110   Feb2190317506Loan, Mary  WF
Erie Street292   Dec21189816890Loan, Ruth 5yWF
Erie Street279   May31189516393Loan, William J 84yWM
Erie Street1209   Jul2518618489Lobbey,Child of Dr21dW 
Erie Street1223   Jun1118639047Lobbey,Child of Dr12d  
Erie Street2116   Nov21190517684Lobenthal, Alice 2mWF
Erie Street1222   Apr2618639004Lock, Charles F 5m M
Erie Street1222   Apr1218638994Lock, J V N 38y M
Erie Street279   Jul31189516422Lock, James 22yCM
Erie Street1137   Feb2818545700Lock, N 47yWM
Erie Street1240   Aug1918659649Lockart,Child of John1m F
Erie Street1317   Oct30187512610Locke, Helen M 62yWF
Erie Street171   Oct2418493105Lockenman,Mrs A J CF
Erie Street1169   Sep2018566950Locker, Louisa 1mWF
Erie Street2102  1901Feb18190117273Lockert, Frederick 37yWM
Erie Street1281   Feb24187111273Lockey,SB Child of Richard WM
Erie Street1313   Apr29187512449Lockott, Sophia F 21dWM
Erie Street1319   Jan21187612668Lockout, Archibald 1yWM
Erie Street1315   Sep8187512562Lockrus, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street115   Aug241843882Lockwood,Child of Isaac3mW 
Erie Street120   Jul1518441066Lockwood,Child of Isaac W 
Erie Street140   Aug818471876Lockwood,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1298   Jul15187311920Lockwood,Child of8m M
Erie Street12   Aug131840353Lockwood, Anson 1yWM
Erie Street1250   Dec23186610030Lockwood, Geo W 6y M
Erie Street1130   Aug2818535424Lockwood, James 28yWM
Erie Street281   Dec14189516487Lockyear,SB WM
Erie Street187   Dec2118503771Loder, Eliza 20yWF
Erie Street1255   Sep7186710228Lodwie, Chas 1y M
Erie Street1257   Jan6186810319Lodwig,SB Child of Fred   
Erie Street1255   Sep7186710228Lodwig, Chas 1y M
Erie Street1224   Aug1918639107Loeber,Child of C W1m M
Erie Street1208   Jun2918618469Loeher,Child of W1dW 
Erie Street1221   Mar118638960Loesch, Anna M 5y F
Erie Street1221   Mar1018638968Loesch, Elizabeth 1y F
Erie Street161   Jul2618492736Loflin, Thomas 33yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2618492933Logan,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street229   Aug30188414405Logan, Annie 18yWF
Erie Street244   Dec12188815010Logan, Jas G 55yWM
Erie Street14   Mar221841453Logan, John T 13mWM
Erie Street1125   Jun1218535240Logan, Mary 13yCF
Erie Street1283   Jul2187111359Logan, Walter 2yWM
Erie Street1302   Nov27187312079Loge,SB Child of Fred WF
Erie Street1217   Aug2018628824Loge, Eliza 1y F
Erie Street155   Jan1818492483Logue,Child of J W2yW 
Erie Street1129   Aug2618535416Lohr, Aisist 4mW 
Erie Street149   Jun1218482230Lohrman, H 30yWM
Erie Street1233   Aug2218649371Lohrs,Child fo Christ5d F
Erie Street1163   Jan2318566692Lomis,Mrs C R31yWF
Erie Street18   Jan201842597Lomis, Juliette 16yWF
Erie Street140   Jul3018471865Lonary,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1312   Mar16187512424Lones,SB Child of M WM
Erie Street1268   Jun22186910757Loney, Carrie 4yCF
Erie Street1105   Jun1518524485Long,Child of A2yW 
Erie Street1257   Jan12186810326Long,Child of M  M
Erie Street155   Jan2418492489Long, A 34yWM
Erie Street238   Nov4188614763Long, Carl 10dWM
Erie Street195   Sep318514090Long, David 65yWM
Erie Street124   Jun1318451240Long, Emma 37yWF
Erie Street235   Mar9188614660Long, Frankie F 7yWM
Erie Street1323   Aug25187612815Long, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street267   Sep24189215928Long, John 83yWM
Erie Street1188   Aug2518587645Long, John M 6dWM
Erie Street1137   Mar1018545715Long, M 53yW 
Erie Street293   Feb25189916926Long, Olive W 5mWF
Erie Street226   Jan18188414294Long, Tryphena 70yWF
Erie Street298   Apr3190017107Long, Walter E 5mWM
Erie Street175   Mar1918503260Longanham, Augustus 23y M
Erie Street1136   Feb2118545690Longhead, Elizabeth 4yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr1718524391Longhead, Mary A 10mWF
Erie Street257   Sep7189015508Longkowski, Herman 1yWM
Erie Street256   Aug1189015478Longkowski, Pauline 28yWF
Erie Street1303   Jan15187412100Longshore, C E 14dWF
Erie Street176   May118503320Lonkins,SB Child of C W 
Erie Street2105  1901Aug14190117370Lonkowski, Emilge 2yWF
Erie Street279   Jul7189516408Lonkowski, Minnie 3mWF
Erie Street260   Jun2189115655Looker, Ada 48yWF
Erie Street158   Apr2318492588Loomis,Mrs M E32yWF
Erie Street1284   Jul21187111380Loomis,Child of Mr9mW 
Erie Street1269   Jul19186910785Loomis, A W 6m M
Erie Street1226   Nov718639170Loomis, Anson 49y  
Erie Street16   Aug171841519Loomis, Gibbert 30yWM
Erie Street16   Sep101841535Loomis, Harriet 7mWF
Erie Street1161   Nov218556621Loomis, Isaac 69yW 
Erie Street1115   Oct518524887Loomis, Joseph 30yWM
Erie Street1328   Jun4187712967Loomis, Martha J 41yWF
Erie Street172   Jan218503175Loos,SB Child of Conrad W 
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524799Loothman, Caroline 20mWF
Erie Street16   Aug131841513Lord,Child of Hue21mW 
Erie Street141   Aug2118471911Lord,Child of H21dW 
Erie Street1278   Sep5187011153Lord,Child of Mr1mWM
Erie Street1202   Oct1918608225Lord, Alma 6yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul1918524533Lord, Ann Kelly 36yWF
Erie Street291   Sep20189816867Lord, Elizabeth 70yWF
Erie Street15   May301841469Lord, George F 2yWM
Erie Street28   Oct24188013579Lord, Hugh 72yWM
Erie Street173   Feb1118503214Lord, Hugh C 5yW 
Erie Street1278   Aug25187011138Lord, Mary M 23yWF
Erie Street111   Aug211842703Lords,Child of Hugh4yW 
Erie Street145   Dec2318472088Lorenzo, K 1yWM
Erie Street2101  1900Dec24190017241Lorenzon, Minnie 4yWF
Erie Street1166   Jun818566815Lork, Geo 2mWM
Erie Street1166   Jun818566816Lork, Hannah 2mWF
Erie Street1220   Dec2518628915Loss,Child of John SB  M
Erie Street1133   Nov118535558Lottie, Ann 4yWF
Erie Street2113   Jun8190417618Lottman, Nick 50yWM
Erie Street183   Aug2118503594Lotts, L 47yW 
Erie Street1280   Dec29187011218Lotz,SB Child of Henry WM
Erie Street146   Feb1518482117Lough,Child of Miss10dWF
Erie Street1137   Mar1618545726Louisa, Charles Augustus 9yWM
Erie Street1138   Mar2118545733Louisa, Frank Liga 6yWM
Erie Street1137   Mar1618545725Louisa, Johanna Frank 30yWM
Erie Street1138   Mar2518545741Louisa, Maria Mary 3yWF
Erie Street1148   Sep618546136Louiz, Christian 2yWM
Erie Street138   Jun2418471790Lourie, Catherine 1yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524639Lout, Caroline 17dWF
Erie Street1305   Jun18187412202Love, Mary B 5mWF
Erie Street1234   Sep1118649399Love, Mary E 1y F
Erie Street254   Mar7189015404Lovelie, Laura M 5wWF
Erie Street164   Aug1118492835Lovell, Sophia 54yWF
Erie Street236   Mar25188614671Lovely, Emily 68yWF
Erie Street275   May22189416226Lowe,SB WM
Erie Street1108   Aug218524585Lowe, Robert 30yWM
Erie Street18   Jan181842594Lowell,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1102   Mar2218524363Lower, Anson 17dWM
Erie Street172   Nov2218493140Lower, Anthony 10yW 
Erie Street193   Jul2718514015Lower, P J 14mW 
Erie Street1100   Jan1618524278Lower, Susannah 9yWF
Erie Street1122   Mar1118535105Lower, Wm 8mWM
Erie Street1173   Feb118577080Lowery, Thos 4yWM
Erie Street1234   Aug2618649375Lowitt, Harriet 1y F
Erie Street120   Aug1418441090Lowman,Child of Jacob W 
Erie Street2118   Jul17190717717Lowman, Charles 42yWM
Erie Street214   Oct29188113802Lowman, Jacob 71yWM
Erie Street2140   Feb21194517910Lowman, John Jacob 79yWM
Erie Street2125   Jun9191417812Lowman, Laura 64yWF
Erie Street1324   Oct15187612857Lowman, Sarah D 60yWF
Erie Street1173   Jan1018577056Lownis,SB Child of William WF
Erie Street1225   Sep2918639143Lowrie,Child of Adam3y F
Erie Street121   Sep918441117Lowrie, DavidSr56yWM
Erie Street1207   Apr2818618412Lowrie, Margaret 66y F
Erie Street264   Apr1189215820Lowrie, Peter 70yWM
Erie Street2115   Aug7190517678Lowrie, Peter W 45yWM
Erie Street15   Apr71841486Lowry,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street115   Sep31843896Lowry,Child of John8mW 
Erie Street231   Dec8188414468Loyd,SB WF
Erie Street1122   Apr318535143Luberg, K 67yW 
Erie Street1123   Apr318535183Luberg, K 67yW 
Erie Street134   Dec3018461651Lucas,Child of P7dW 
Erie Street1115   Sep3018524868Lucas,Child of P1yCM
Erie Street1284   Aug29187111409Lucas,Child of Wm4mW 
Erie Street1305   Jun5187412191Lucas,SB Child of Mrs WM
Erie Street1163   Feb218566700Lucas, Adam 4yWM
Erie Street1192   Mar3018597814Lucas, Elizabeth 2.5yWF
Erie Street211   May10188113684Lucas, Geo 9mCM
Erie Street2125   Jun10191417813Lucas, Mary E 81yWF
Erie Street195   Sep118514087Lucas, Michael 17dWM
Erie Street1206   Mar2318618376Lucas, Phillip 4yWM
Erie Street1198   Apr1718608070Luce, Sarah J 4mWF
Erie Street1194   Aug1218597891Lucer,SB Child of Charles WF
Erie Street274   Apr11189416214Ludenercuder, Wegdolena 9mWF
Erie Street245   Mar30188815053Ludice, Margaret 57yWF
Erie Street1150   Oct3018546232Ludridge, Jacob A 2yWM
Erie Street1171   Oct2918566996Ludwick, Frederick Vicken 26dWM
Erie Street1292   Aug29187211697Ludwig,Child of John4mWM
Erie Street1281   Feb25187111275Ludwig, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street1278   Sep13187011166Ludwig, Augusta 1yWF
Erie Street1282   Apr25187111318Ludwig, Child of Fred SB  WM
Erie Street1286   Nov15187111451Luecke,Child of Henry4mWM
Erie Street242   Aug18188714922Luedders, Wm 37yWM
Erie Street1276   Jun22187011060Luedes,Child of A1yWM
Erie Street1268   Jul7186910768Lueke, Elizabeth 5m F
Erie Street1164   Feb2518566716Luetkemeyer, 1yWM
Erie Street1252   May16186710126Luetkemeyer,Child of H W6m M
Erie Street1140   May2118545819Lufslow, Joseph 1yWM
Erie Street245   Feb18188815028Luhnan, 1hWF
Erie Street255   May8189015432Luhnan, 2dWM
Erie Street248   Dec7188815173Luhnan, Baby SB  WM
Erie Street1137   Feb2718545699Luichen, Michael 31yWM
Erie Street23   Nov30187913382Lukas, Frank 11mWM
Erie Street24   Nov23187913395Lukas, Fredie 8yWM
Erie Street24   Dec26187913397Lukas, Maud 7yWF
Erie Street290   Jul5189816833Lukas, William 75yWM
Erie Street186   Oct518503709Lukenstein, Mary 21dWF
Erie Street196   Oct1518514132Lukenstein, R M 3yW 
Erie Street1126   Jul1418535299Lundy, James 33yWM
Erie Street266   Jul6189215877Lunnan,SB WF
Erie Street160   Feb2418492665Lunt, John 35yWM
Erie Street1222   Apr2118639003Lupton,Child of Thos3d M
Erie Street1167   Jul2118566852Luptow, Mary E 3mWF
Erie Street1207   May1618618428Lure, Charles 2dWM
Erie Street2100  1900Aug16190017193Lure, William B 53yWM
Erie Street136   Apr1918471735Luter,Child of Mr14mW 
Erie Street245   Apr28188815064Luthard, Lily W 7mWF
Erie Street1272   Nov16186910900Luther, Caroline 32y F
Erie Street1289   May23187211570Luthie,Child of Adolf11mWM
Erie Street128   Feb918461401Lutrey,Child of Henry2yW 
Erie Street116   Sep201843923Lutry,Child of H1yW 
Erie Street165   Aug1418492862Lutse, Elizabeth 8mWF
Erie Street195   Sep518514091Lutt,Child of Mrs8mW 
Erie Street1192   Apr1918597821Luty, Henry 5m M
Erie Street211   Jun7188113694Lutz,Child of Edmund2yWM
Erie Street1200   Jul2418608143Lutz, Rudolph 1yWM
Erie Street1180   Sep818577330Lutze, John P 13dWM
Erie Street1200   Jul2418608143Lutze, Rudolph 1yWM
Erie Street1119   Jan118535023Lutze, W 60yW 
Erie Street165   Aug1618492868Lutzy, Henry 56yWM
Erie Street1265   Dec25186810648Lyld, Harriet 3y F
Erie Street169   Sep2718493055Lyle, Francis  CM
Erie Street1140   May2518545823Lyman,SB Child of Sylvia W 
Erie Street239   Dec26188614800Lyman, Erastus 62yWM
Erie Street1220   Jan1518638925Lyman's,Child of W   
Erie Street1228   Feb1218649170 DLynch,Child of S O1m F
Erie Street1253   May30186710134Lynch,Child of Frank   
Erie Street1253   Jun11186710142Lynch,SB Child of Dennis  M
Erie Street1262   Jul24186810497Lynch,Child of Fletcher CF
Erie Street13   Sep301840389Lynch, Cyrus 22yWM
Erie Street1272   Dec5186910920Lynch, James W 61yCM
Erie Street1150   Nov1218546246Lynch, Mary E 3ycF
Erie Street265   May19189215853Lynch, Michael 39yWM
Erie Street1308   Sep27187412313Lynch, Nancy 39yWF
Erie Street119   May118441030Lynch, Neal 33yWM
Erie Street1141   Jul918545872Lynch, Wm 13mWM
Erie Street1196   Nov1918597976Lynches, SolomonChild of Solomon1yW 
Erie Street148   May1318482199Lynder, G  W 
Erie Street1228   Dec3018639134 DLyon,Child of S S10d  
Erie Street1289   Jun21187211587Lyon,Child of J H SB WM
Erie Street1295   Jan28187311799Lyon,Child of Jr5yW 
Erie Street1106   Jun2118524492Lyon, Edward 27yWM
Erie Street281   Dec15189516488Lyon, Ella 21yWF
Erie Street1206   Mar1318618359Lyon, Ellen M 37yWF
Erie Street254   Apr16189015422Lyon, James O 29yWM
Erie Street1229   Mar2218649211 DLyon, Julia 3y F
Erie Street1177   May2418577217Lyon, Mary L 2mWF
Erie Street16   Aug231841523Lyons,SB Child of Albert W 
Erie Street262   Nov17189115743Lyons, 2hCF
Erie Street2122   Jan3191117759Lyons, Margarett 88yCF
Erie Street1198   Feb2018608037Lyons, Mary A 4yWF
Erie Street227   Feb28188414312Lyons, W C 64yWM
Erie Street2123   Apr6191217789Lyons, William H 52yCM
Erie Street1221   Mar2518638982Lyons, Wm 26y M
Erie Street125   Jul2618451285Lysett,Child of Lucy Ann4mW 
Erie Street195   Sep818514094Lyt,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street29   Nov11188013589Lytle,Child of S A3hWM
Erie Street210   Jan30188113628Lytle, Jennie 30yWF
Erie Street1303   Jan26187412109Maas, Margaret 73yWF
Erie Street1251   Feb25186710082Maass,Child of William  M
Erie Street1271   Sep24186910859Maass,Child of H1y  
Erie Street1170   Oct718566969Maberry, Hugh 46yWM
Erie Street157   Apr818492573Macanley, Stewart 10yWM
Erie Street2111   Oct8190317567Machacek, James 53yWM
Erie Street151   Aug2718482327Mack,Child of Mr6mW 
Erie Street1149   Sep2718546181Mack,Mr47yWM
Erie Street1163   Jan2118566688Mack,SB Child of Jacob WF
Erie Street1181   Oct1218577367Mack,SB Child of Jacob WM
Erie Street1240   Aug218659629Mack,Child of Fred SB  F
Erie Street1294   Dec17187211760Mack,SB Child of Mary WM
Erie Street141   Sep218471934Mack, Geo 52yWM
Erie Street1176   May1418577202Mack, Gotlieb 11dWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1218546030Mack, Jacob 8mWM
Erie Street1159   Sep518556540Mack, Jacob 7mWM
Erie Street174   Feb1618503223Mack, Jane 36yWF
Erie Street1130   Aug3118535428Mack, Margaret 9mWF
Erie Street130   Jun618461464Mackenzie,Mrs E J36yWF
Erie Street1191   Jan3018597781Mackler,Child of Mr14d  
Erie Street122   Dec718441172Macks,Child of Peter WM
Erie Street122   Dec1718441176Macomber,Child of Daniel C 
Erie Street1306   Aug3187412252Macy,Child of W H8mWM
Erie Street23   Oct10187913363Macy, Henry 3mWM
Erie Street149   Jun2518482241Madcial,SB Child of Johnson   
Erie Street221   Feb28188314097Maddox,SB Child WM
Erie Street1253   Jul15186710163Madigan, Frank 3m M
Erie Street1276   Jun13187011054Maduro, Francis E 28yWF
Erie Street1276   Jun13187011054Madurs, Francis E 28yWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug11187813148Maedges,SB Child of Wm E WM
Erie Street1227   Dec2318639226Maenalt,Child of J F SB  F
Erie Street119   Jun2218441046Maengold,Child of J F7mW 
Erie Street122   Nov2918441169Maers, Christian 1yW 
Erie Street247   Aug12188815116Maertz, Peter 67yWM
Erie Street276   Aug29189416282Mafewski, Bertha 3yWF
Erie Street146   Mar618482138Maffard,SB Child of C J E W 
Erie Street1181   Oct1318577370Magdena, Eve 5yWF
Erie Street158   Apr2518492592Mager,SB Child of D W W 
Erie Street1117   Oct2218524945Mageris,Child of Christ1yWF
Erie Street1202   Sep2818608212Magler,Child of H SB WM
Erie Street1116   Oct1518524921Mahan, Michael 24yWM
Erie Street145   Dec2718472089Mahans,Child of John10mWM
Erie Street1266   Jan20186910665Mahl,Child of Christian3m F
Erie Street1264   Oct31186810597Mahle, John 40y M
Erie Street186   Oct618503711Mahoaly, John 24yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul1190117339Mahon,SB WM
Erie Street1333  1878Sep14187813165Mahon, Bertha 8mWF
Erie Street1102   Feb2618524338Mahona, J  W 
Erie Street198   Dec418514200Mahone, John 25yWF
Erie Street1211   Nov2018618590Mahoney,Child of T2yWM
Erie Street1266   Jan29186910672Mahoney, Thos 18y M
Erie Street192   Jun1818513950Mahony,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1171   Nov218566997Mahrman, Willilam 20mWM
Erie Street248   Dec11188815174Mahron, Anna E 1dWF
Erie Street218   Aug11188213965Mahron, Gustave R 1dWM
Erie Street1276   Jul6187011083Mai,Child of Henry8mWM
Erie Street1210   Sep1918618544Maichos,Child of Mathias14dWM
Erie Street1266   Jan2186910654Maiden,Child of John5m F
Erie Street1290   Jul8187211608Maiden,SB Child of John WF
Erie Street1303   Feb15187412124Maier, M 1yWF
Erie Street113   May251843819Maiers,Child of Chas2yW 
Erie Street1102   Mar718524343Mail,Mr60yWM
Erie Street2111   Sep22190317562Maine, Stephan 66yWM
Erie Street1291   Aug11187211672Maines,Child of James4mWF
Erie Street213   Sep15188113773Mainz, Louis 1yWM
Erie Street143   Oct1618472020Mala, Jacob 21yWM
Erie Street1249   Nov25186610001Malchus, Andrew 1m M
Erie Street177   May2018503352Malcohy, James 3mWM
Erie Street1238   Feb1418659532Maley,Mrs O31y F
Erie Street122   Oct1318441147Malgrave,Child of James W 
Erie Street1303   Feb12187412123Malgus, M 2dWF
Erie Street233   Jul23188514566Malinoski, Headwick 8mWF
Erie Street1284   Aug9187111393Mall, Christ 1yWM
Erie Street263   Dec6189115755Mall, Jacob 75yWM
Erie Street278   Apr28189516379Mall, Rosenda 77yWF
Erie Street1193   Jul2118597859Mallarder, Andrew 1y M
Erie Street1244   Feb418669776Malle, Agnes 19y F
Erie Street1146   Aug2118546068Malonas,Child of Mrs1yW 
Erie Street164   Aug918492822Malone,Child of John1dW 
Erie Street178   Jul418503419Malone,SB Child of J W 
Erie Street1305   May22187412183Malone,SB Child of John  M
Erie Street224   Sep2188314225Malone, Dollie 3mWF
Erie Street1315   Aug5187512532Malone, J 3mWM
Erie Street211   Jun28188113705Malone, Thos 7mWM
Erie Street118   Jan271844982Maloney, Patrick 26yWM
Erie Street293   Mar3189916930Malvin, James 49yWM
Erie Street27   Aug1188013536Malvin, John 85yCM
Erie Street1307   Sep1187412288Mamett, Emerich 14dW 
Erie Street150   Aug1118482295Man,Child of Coward21dW 
Erie Street1234   Sep618649392Man,Child of Lyman1y  
Erie Street1295   Feb5187311807Man,SB Child of Fred W 
Erie Street1305   Jun24187412205Man,SB Child of P   
Erie Street1236   Dec518649463Man, Rudolf 2y M
Erie Street271   Jun28189316070Manafield,August's child4mWM
Erie Street275   Jun28189416251Manafried,Annie M's child11mWF
Erie Street17   Nov201841570Managhan,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street13   Oct261840398Manahan, Hellen 17mWF
Erie Street124   Jun2018451243Manahan, John 49yWM
Erie Street119   Apr2418441025Manahan, Stephan E 36yWM
Erie Street293   Feb11189916918Manchester, Wm Anson 20yWM
Erie Street1270   Aug9186910816Maner,Child of Theodore25d M
Erie Street212   Jul16188113738Manges,Child of Cate2mWF
Erie Street1111   Aug3018524711Mangesser, Frances L 7mWF
Erie Street1263   Sep21186810552Mangold, Catherine 9m F
Erie Street1181   Oct2318577379Mangus,SB Child of Adam WM
Erie Street287   Jun28189716705Maning, Mary 30yWF
Erie Street1231   Jun318649287Mank,Child of Fred1y M
Erie Street1204   Jan518618280Mank, Fred 2yWM
Erie Street1140   Jun2618545850Manley, elmore 3mCM
Erie Street226   Jan17188414293Mann, 1yWF
Erie Street234   Nov17188514621Mann,SB WF
Erie Street237   Sep6188614738Mann,Baby CM
Erie Street254   Mar4189015403Mann, Clarissa 6yCF
Erie Street215   Jan28188213840Mann, Elizabeth 78yWF
Erie Street250   May2188915241Mann, Harry 1yCM
Erie Street1303   Jan29187412111Mann, Stephen 77yWM
Erie Street17   Sep191841542Mannering, Chas F 28yWM
Erie Street117   Dec61843960Mannison, Thomas 48yWM
Erie Street1264   Oct26186810591Manns, Fred 15y M
Erie Street186   Oct518503710Manos,Child of N1dWM
Erie Street1270   Aug9186910816Manrus,Child of Theodore25d M
Erie Street1269   Jul11186910772Manselman,Child of Adolf10d M
Erie Street1268   Jul2186910763Manselmann,Child of Adolf  M
Erie Street29   Dec31188013605Mansfield,Mrs John58yWF
Erie Street1184   Apr1618587517Mansfield, Peter 44yWM
Erie Street116   Sep301843932Manson,Child of A7mW 
Erie Street1298   Jul19187311932Manson,Child of J1m F
Erie Street211   Apr10188113668Manson, J W 7mWM
Erie Street1190   Dec2718587749Many, Castiliana 20yWF
Erie Street1211   Oct2018618572Manyes,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1211   Oct2018618572Manz,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street271   Aug15189316096Mapes,SB WF
Erie Street25   Mar29188013463Marawsky, Edith P 1yWF
Erie Street1231   Jun518649289Marcellus, A WDr  M
Erie Street153   Oct1718482389Marcher,Jrs M28yWF
Erie Street172   Jan218503174Margett, Andrew 33yW 
Erie Street126   Aug1818451308Margnet, Eunice 2yWF
Erie Street1276   Jul10187011087Margold,Child of John9mWM
Erie Street1318   Dec26187512646Margold, Frank 2yWM
Erie Street230   Oct6188414433Marguard,SB WF
Erie Street123   Apr2218451217Marguet,Child of Andrew W 
Erie Street1214   Feb2618628685Marheffer,Child of Henry21dW 
Erie Street1201   Aug718608158Marheffers,Child of Henry1yWM
Erie Street1330  1877Oct19187713029Marhon, Harman 4dWM
Erie Street1164   Mar118566730Mariner,SB Child of Mr WM
Erie Street1292   Sep5187211707Marion,Child of James6dWM
Erie Street128   Jan1918461386Mariot,Child of Thomas15mW 
Erie Street155   Dec2918482460Maris, J H 32W 
Erie Street175   Apr1318503297Mark, Peter 3yW 
Erie Street1139   Apr2818545791Markams,Child of Capt6mW 
Erie Street1253   Jun18186710146Markel, Benj F 2y M
Erie Street158   Apr1718492582Marks, 37yWM
Erie Street183   Aug1918503581Marks, Alexander 8yWM
Erie Street137   Jun1318471778Marks, Eliza 7yWF
Erie Street274   Mar27189416205Marku, Pauline 29yWF
Erie Street1104   May218524419Markwell, A 14yWM
Erie Street1284   Aug16187111399Markwitt,Child of Christ8mWM
Erie Street153   Oct1118482381Marlen, Peter 28yWM
Erie Street1306   Jul10187412219Marone, Ida 3mWM
Erie Street225   Nov3188314254Marquardt,SB WF
Erie Street27   Jun24188013508Marquardt, Carl 5dWM
Erie Street2113   Jul2190417624Marquardt, Corliba 44yWF
Erie Street297   Feb2190017073Marquardt, Gottfried 44dWM
Erie Street2112   Nov23190317580Marquardt, Helema 13yWF
Erie Street284   Aug12189616599Marquardt, L H A 6mWM
Erie Street235   Jan14188614642Marquart,SB WF
Erie Street277   Nov7189416305Marquart, Adam 70yWM
Erie Street1315   Sep1187512555Marquart, Edy 5yWM
Erie Street140   Aug1018471882Marquart, John 1yWM
Erie Street235   Feb20188614655Marquart, Maria Anna 8dWF
Erie Street1333  1878Jul27187813136Marquett, W H 19yWM
Erie Street224   Aug14188314208Marsden, ChasCapt63yWM
Erie Street1133   Oct2718535544Marsden, Emily S 32yWF
Erie Street1184   Mar2418587494Marseilles, Gertrude E W 3mWF
Erie Street1159   Sep1618556568Marseilles, Peter 54yWM
Erie Street19   Jun191842655Marseillus, Charles 10yWM
Erie Street143   Sep2018471983Marsh,Child of Mr14dW 
Erie Street147   Apr418482166Marsh,Miss20yWF
Erie Street275   May31189416235Marsh, Cynthia 77yCF
Erie Street163   Aug218492785Marsh, Henry J 9yWM
Erie Street162   Aug218492776Marsh, Juadth 30yW 
Erie Street146   Feb918482113Marsh, N 69yW 
Erie Street163   Aug318492790Marsh, Thomas 10mWM
Erie Street178   Jun2018503401Marshall,Mr WM
Erie Street1133   Oct3118535551Marshall,SB W 
Erie Street1139   May1418545805Marshall, Anglecia R 33yWF
Erie Street1147   Sep318546120Marshall, Anna 36yW 
Erie Street1245   Apr1518669831Marshall, Daniel 1y M
Erie Street1260   May19186810438Marshall, Frank 13y M
Erie Street2105  1901Oct5190117397Marshall, Henrietta 91yWF
Erie Street2110   May1190317532Marshall, Hugh F 76yWM
Erie Street260   Jun3189115656Marshall, James 35yCM
Erie Street297   Jan17190017063Marshall, James R 60yWM
Erie Street2120   Nov25190917744Marshall, Jane 73yWF
Erie Street1122   Mar2018535122Marshall, John 8mWM
Erie Street1286   Nov21187111453Marshall, John 32yWM
Erie Street249   Feb20188915208Marshall, Julia A 34yCF
Erie Street27   Jul23188013532Marshall, Laura 20dWF
Erie Street124   Jul218451258Marshall, M 38yW 
Erie Street1180   Sep2518577351Marshall, Maria 13yCF
Erie Street211   Jun21188113704Marshall, Mary 49yWF
Erie Street250   May2188915240Marshall, Minnie C 38yCF
Erie Street274   Feb11189416188Marshall, Mooter S 64yCM
Erie Street1227   Dec918639203Marshall, Phobe S 81y F
Erie Street270   May20189316050Marshall, Susannah I 81yWF
Erie Street232   Apr1188514514Marshall, Thomas 60yWM
Erie Street2120   May11190917740Marshall, William 60yWM
Erie Street1154   Mar1118556359Marsielles, Sarah H 23yWF
Erie Street1140   Jun2818545852Mart, Barabara 15dWM
Erie Street221   Feb14188314084Martaes, Ella 9mWF
Erie Street287   Sep26189716731Marten, Fred 56yWM
Erie Street114   Jun51843824Martin,Child of John1yW 
Erie Street126   Aug1818451307Martin,Child of John11mW 
Erie Street1164   Feb1518566713Martin,Mrs H4yWF
Erie Street1216   Jul2718628789Martin,Child of H L  m
Erie Street1225   Sep918639126Martin,Child of Henry11m M
Erie Street1275   May15187011034Martin,Child of George W6mW 
Erie Street1281   Mar5187111280Martin,Child of Thomas2yWM
Erie Street1282   Apr6187111307Martin,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street1298   Jul19187311931Martin,Child of Fred4m M
Erie Street279   Jul3189516406Martin,Ruth's baby5mC 
Erie Street1304   Apr28187412168Martin, Augusta 6mWF
Erie Street1154   Feb1818556338Martin, C F 4yWM
Erie Street2116   Oct11190517682Martin, Cora May 2yWF
Erie Street284   Jul27189616589Martin, Edward 5mWM
Erie Street1191   Jan318597758Martin, Electa A 51y F
Erie Street187   Nov2818503753Martin, Ellen 5mWF
Erie Street1189   Oct418587682Martin, Ellen 1yWF
Erie Street1297   May11187311883Martin, Fred 2y M
Erie Street28   Oct19188013575Martin, Frieda 1mWF
Erie Street119   Apr2318441024Martin, George 3yWM
Erie Street242   Aug2188714916Martin, Hattie 23yWF
Erie Street1156   Jun618556427Martin, Helen G 4mWF
Erie Street152   Sep2518482364Martin, J 30yW 
Erie Street1155   Apr1518556388Martin, JMr30yWM
Erie Street144   Nov218472044Martin, John  WM
Erie Street165   Aug1818492883Martin, John 10mWM
Erie Street1201   Aug2518608179Martin, John 30yWM
Erie Street126   Aug1818451310Martin, Julia 6yWF
Erie Street1161   Nov1318556632Martin, Lewis W 30yW 
Erie Street1220   Jan1518638924Martin, Lucy 73y F
Erie Street14   Feb181841437Martin, Margaret 49yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2718524552Martin, Margaret 16mWF
Erie Street1247   Aug2818669926Martin, Maria 1y F
Erie Street231   Jan26188514495Martin, Mary 81yWF
Erie Street189   Mar1718513849Martin, Robert 59yWM
Erie Street1301   Sep9187312029Martin, Robert 1yWM
Erie Street288   Dec4189716752Martin, Ruth 8mCF
Erie Street1227   Dec1618639212Martin, Susan 2y F
Erie Street1235   Oct2218649432Martin, Susan 3m F
Erie Street125   Jul2618451284Martin, Thomas 7yWM
Erie Street274   Mar8189416197Martin, William R  CM
Erie Street1168   Aug418566877Martin, WmChild of Wm ??14mWF
Erie Street1227   Dec2718639229Martine, Louisa 65y F
Erie Street1292   Aug22187211691Martins, John 1yWF
Erie Street2105  1901Aug23190117378Martis, Carl 8mWM
Erie Street279   Jul22189516417Martis, Steve 2mWM
Erie Street265   May18189215851Martyn, Eleanor 65yWF
Erie Street1283   Jul5187111362Martz, Wm 86yWM
Erie Street1304   Apr2187412157Martzen, H 3yWM
Erie Street1184   Mar818587483Mary, Ernst 12mWF
Erie Street2100  1900Sep1190017198Marynadt, Walter Fr 6mWM
Erie Street2102  1901Jan17190117257Marynette, Nina 21yWF
Erie Street234   Sep28188514602Mascow, Willie 12wWM
Erie Street173   Feb118503204Masden, Frances T 7yWF
Erie Street149   Jun718482225Masdon,Child of Capt10mW 
Erie Street1209   Aug618618503Masheffer,Child of Henry9mWF
Erie Street1209   Jul2118618484Maskel,Child of Fred1dWM
Erie Street138   Jun3018471797Masker, Henry 9mWM
Erie Street212   Jul17188113742Maskon,Child of M4yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Mar11187813079Maslowoskie,SB WM
Erie Street1107   Jul2818524563Mason,Mr27yWM
Erie Street1111   Sep218524723Mason,Mrs25yWF
Erie Street1244   Mar1718669808Mason,Child of Charles1m M
Erie Street230   Nov21188414458Mason, 2dWM
Erie Street243   Nov15188714975Mason,SB CF
Erie Street277   Nov23189416313Mason, 1dCF
Erie Street281   Nov9189516474Mason,SB CM
Erie Street289   Feb16189816771Mason,SB CM
Erie Street1266   Jan26186910668Mason, Anna 80y F
Erie Street251   Jul10188915275Mason, Daisy 3mCF
Erie Street249   Jan18188915191Mason, JohnSB CM
Erie Street247   Jul23188815107Mason, John Henry 1yCM
Erie Street1159   Aug718556549Mason, Jonathan 20mWM
Erie Street122   Oct1918441151Mason, Manaren 83yW 
Erie Street1163   Feb218566701Mason, Maria E 51yWF
Erie Street1163   Jan1918566686Mason, Rush F 18mWM
Erie Street210   Feb11188113636Mason, Samuel W 81yWM
Erie Street241   Jun20188714883Mason, Sarah E 1yCF
Erie Street1262   Aug14186810521Mass,Child of George7m  
Erie Street1279   Nov20187011198Mass, John 7yWM
Erie Street1271   Oct25186910881Massollers, Eliza or Ella 16y F
Erie Street1137   Mar1318545722Mast, Rosa 26yWF
Erie Street219   Sep28188214000Matcalen,Child of Charlie7dWM
Erie Street165   Aug1418492861Matheng, Simon 33yWF
Erie Street135   Feb618471688Mather, Charles H 1yWM
Erie Street1305   May17187412179Mather, Ellen 59yWF
Erie Street188   Jan1518513788Mather, Richard 23yWM
Erie Street143   Oct1318472018Mather, Samuel 56yWM
Erie Street170   Oct2118493098Mathev, Alice 54yWF
Erie Street1111   Aug3018524713Mathew,Child of T1mW 
Erie Street1219   Nov1418628885Mathew,Child of John F  M
Erie Street1299   Jul19187311934Mathew,SB Child of August  M
Erie Street1309   Dec20187412360Mathew,Child of L3yW 
Erie Street157   Mar2718492559Mathew, James 7mWM
Erie Street170   Oct618493073Mathews,Miss8yWF
Erie Street172   Dec618493158Mathews,Mrs WF
Erie Street1133   Nov618535562Mathews,Mr22yWM
Erie Street160   Jun2618492668Mathews, Amelia A 21dWF
Erie Street181   Jul3018503500Mathews, Ann E 20mWF
Erie Street265   May15189215847Mathews, Isabel 40yWF
Erie Street277   Dec20189416323Mathews, Jeno 3dCM
Erie Street187   Nov2718503752Mathews, L O 39yW 
Erie Street267   Sep22189215927Mathews, Laura 22yCF
Erie Street277   Jan20189516337Mathews, Lula 21yCF
Erie Street185   Sep2718503698Mathews, Mary 4mWF
Erie Street170   Oct1918493096Mathews, Mary E 7yWF
Erie Street132   Sep1618461552Mathews, Robert 9mW 
Erie Street198   Dec418514201Mathihouse, C 55yWM
Erie Street1208   Jun2018618461Mathivet,Child of J11mWM
Erie Street248   Oct21188815153Mathivet, Eugene 54yWM
Erie Street224   Aug20188314214Mathivet, Laura 42yWF
Erie Street244   Jan15188815013Mathivet, Laura W 11yWF
Erie Street1319   Feb20187612685Mathivet, PDr70yWM
Erie Street1320   Apr10187612714Mathivett, Belle 8mW 
Erie Street1205   Mar518618351Mathivett, Mary 52yWF
Erie Street25   Feb22188013438Mathwett, Irwin P 1yWM
Erie Street288   Dec24189716761Matson,SB WM
Erie Street292   Dec20189816889Matson,SB WF
Erie Street298   Apr4190017110Matson,baby WF
Erie Street2105  1901Aug12190117368Matson, 1mWM
Erie Street2105  1901Jul27190117361Matson, Agnes 29yWF
Erie Street1192   Apr2418597823Matson, Albert 8yWM
Erie Street1316   Sep12187512570Matson, John 38yWM
Erie Street120   Jul2818441077Matthew,Child of L O10mW 
Erie Street143   Oct818472012Matthews,Mrs WF
Erie Street247   Sep3188815126Matthews, Chas 65yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2118492900Matthews, Emily 5yWF
Erie Street277   Jan9189516331Matthewson, Clarence 21yCM
Erie Street2105  1901Sep3190117388Mattison,SB WM
Erie Street15   Jul61841484Mattison, John S 43yWM
Erie Street1185   May3118587557Mattock,Child of John3mWM
Erie Street1263   Sep17186810544Mauer,Child of Theodore10m M
Erie Street1266   Jan20186910665Maul,Child of Christian3m F
Erie Street126   Aug3118451322Maullin, Louisa 47yWF
Erie Street1285   Sep12187111423Max,Child of Charles WM
Erie Street187   Nov2418503751Max, Lucy 18yWF
Erie Street167   Aug3118492968Maxen, Mary 36yWF
Erie Street155   Jan2018492486Maxwell,Child of Mr2mW 
Erie Street1143   Jul2918545957Maxwell, Catherine 4mWF
Erie Street168   Sep318492988Maxwell, John 38y M
Erie Street1203   Nov2618608252Maxwell, JohnChild of John3yWM
Erie Street162   Aug218492778Maxwell, Thomas 6yWM
Erie Street145   Jan1318482099May,Mrs W J22yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524800May,Mrs R C75yWF
Erie Street1198   Feb2518608039May,Child of Adam13dW 
Erie Street1281   Feb8187111257May, George 42yWM
Erie Street17   Nov171841569May, Harriet M 9yWF
Erie Street1312   Apr14187512439May, Harry E 2dWM
Erie Street243   Nov5188714970May, Ione L 1yWF
Erie Street1280   Dec23187011214May, Jennett J 77yWF
Erie Street299   May26190017147May, Katharine 66yWF
Erie Street161   Jul2618492735May, Mary 37yWF
Erie Street278   Apr6189516371May, Miranda 13yWF
Erie Street142   Sep1718471970May, T P 54yWM
Erie Street147   Mar1418482153May, W H 1yW 
Erie Street1136   Jan2418545652Mayderer, Sylvester 5yWM
Erie Street1225   Sep1918639133Mayer,Child of Jacob2y  
Erie Street1225   Oct418639149Mayer,Child of Jacob23d F
Erie Street231   Dec31188414482Mayer, Christian 78yWM
Erie Street236   Apr30188614690Mayer, Christina 68yWF
Erie Street245   Feb24188815030Mayer, Louis 23yWM
Erie Street1321   Jul2187612761Mayers,SB WM
Erie Street1315   Sep8187512563Mayfiedl, Kate 8mWF
Erie Street144   Nov1818472055Mayhead,Child of D1mW 
Erie Street1125   Jun1418535245Mayhew, Elizabeth 42yWF
Erie Street1132   Oct2718535543Mayle, Charles J 8mWM
Erie Street1334  1878Dec16187813205Mayo, Allice 34yCF
Erie Street1334  1878Dec10187813198Mayo, H A 3yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Dec15187813204Mayo, Horace 14yCM
Erie Street269   Feb20189316000Mayo, Samuel Edward 7mWM
Erie Street1157   Jul3118556477Mayor, Emma C 5dWF
Erie Street145   Dec2318472087Mays,Child of Wm J12dW 
Erie Street1138   Apr818545763Mays,SB Child of Mr (1 of 2) W 
Erie Street1138   Apr818545763Mays,SB Child of Mr (2 of 2) W 
Erie Street1171   Dec818567025Maythan,Mr88yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2418492917Maywith, Patrick 29yWM
Erie Street1215   May1318628746McAcron, Daniel 40y M
Erie Street2135   Sep20192417857McAfee, Emma 60yCF
Erie Street244   Dec4188714986McAfee, Thos B 67yCM
Erie Street244   Jan13188815012McAfee, Thos BJr39yCM
Erie Street294   Apr6189916947McAffee, Charles 20yCM
Erie Street2114   Oct31190417636McAffee, Leonora 83yCF
Erie Street1135   Jan1518545637McAllister, Mary C 23yWF
Erie Street1198   Apr118608057McAnally,SB Child of Phillip W 
Erie Street1275   May17187011038McArdle,Child of E M SB WM
Erie Street258   Dec26189015564McArthur, Grave 71yWF
Erie Street124   Jun118451234Mcasher,Child of John WM
Erie Street274   Apr2189416210McAwald, Sarah C 34yWF
Erie Street1307   Sep3187412290McBein, Eliza 5dWF
Erie Street1209   Jul1018618478McBrennan,Child of Jas3mWM
Erie Street1122   Mar1818535118McBride, Anna E 1yWF
Erie Street177   Jun318503356Mc Bride, James 24yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug1718524667McCabe,Mr40yWM
Erie Street179   Jul418503421McCabe, James 6yWM
Erie Street171   Nov2018493134Mc Cagon, H 3yW 
Erie Street184   Sep1118503659McCail, Thomas 30yWM
Erie Street179   Jul518503422McCalgen, Mary 21yWF
Erie Street1264   Nov2186810598McCallow, M A 52y F
Erie Street114   Jul71843837McCam, Jane  WF
Erie Street148   Apr1918482184McCane, J H 6mW 
Erie Street192   Jul818513970McCann,Mr30yW 
Erie Street238   Nov29188614784McCann, Elizaberh 65yWF
Erie Street1163   Jan3018566699McCann, HenrySB WM
Erie Street160   Jul518492680McCann, James 1yWM
Erie Street2138   Jan6193417876McCann, Minnie Ileet 55yWF
Erie Street152   Sep1518482354McCart,Child of Thos1yW 
Erie Street168   Sep918493006Mc Cart,SB Child of P   
Erie Street185   Sep1718503679McCart, John 28yWM
Erie Street148   May1518482200McCart, Mary 17yWF
Erie Street257   Sep14189015511McCarthy,SB WF
Erie Street285   Oct30189616625McCarthy, David 24yWM
Erie Street1130   Sep518535444McCarthy, Jane 27yWM
Erie Street176   Apr2118503309McCarts,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street197   Nov1118514169McCarty,  W 
Erie Street1101   Feb718524302McCarty, Alice 29yWF
Erie Street184   Sep718503648McCarty, Eliza 2yW 
Erie Street161   Jul1718492709McCarty, James 30yWM
Erie Street179   Jul1018503436McCarty, James 34yWM
Erie Street124   May918451222McCarty, John 16yWM
Erie Street170   Oct618493072Mc Carty, P 23yW 
Erie Street132   Aug1818461554McCarty, Patrick 2yWM
Erie Street2101  1900Dec28190017244McCauley, Frank 5yWM
Erie Street294   Mar20189916939McCauley, Henry 27yWM
Erie Street199   Dec1718514221McCaulley, J 60yW 
Erie Street1132   Oct1618535524McCawley, John Tho 2mWM
Erie Street188   Feb518513811McCheren, John 33yWM
Erie Street1237   Jan1518659507McChesney, Anna E 22y F
Erie Street132   Sep1518461550McClairs, Elizabeth 43yWF
Erie Street1238   Feb1518659534McClaughlin, M 26y M
Erie Street228   May13188414356McClelland, Frank 23yWM
Erie Street228   Apr30188414350McClelland, Stella 6mWF
Erie Street1313   May18187512460McClellen, Arthur B 9mWM
Erie Street24   Jan4188013401McClellen, Rachel 56yWF
Erie Street28   Aug15188013559McClellen, Thomas B 54yWM
Erie Street1141   Jun2918545855McCleod,Mrs E B WF
Erie Street1300   Aug29187312009McClockley,SB Child of E WF
Erie Street168   Sep318492994Mc Cloud, Hannah 2mWF
Erie Street170   Oct1518493088Mc Cloud, Peter 3y3M
Erie Street1180   Sep2718577354McCloud, William A 18mWM
Erie Street2106  1901Dec7190117413McCluskey, Rebecca 58yWF
Erie Street282   Mar30189616537McClusky, David 54yWM
Erie Street177   May1818503340McCobes,SB Child of Catherine W 
Erie Street1115   Sep3018524867McCollister,Mrs47yWF
Erie Street293   Mar14189916936McCollistor, A BMrs56yWF
Erie Street215   Feb21188213864McComber, Daisey 3yWF
Erie Street253   Jan14189015368McConnell, Emma C 34yWF
Erie Street171   Nov218493110Mc Conwil, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street180   Jul2818503493McCormick,Child of Mrs14m  
Erie Street1251   Feb2186710060McCormick,Child of C J3y M
Erie Street135   Feb318471685McCory, Jane W 38yWF
Erie Street153   Nov118482402McCoy,Child of Jane2y  
Erie Street210   Feb19188113644McCoy, Allen 5mWM
Erie Street183   Aug2218503599McCoy, Donald 27yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1518503559McCoy, Wm 63yWM
Erie Street2107  1902Feb20190217435McCracken, Jessie 2mWF
Erie Street1247   Jul2118669896McCrackin, Martha 58y F
Erie Street236   Apr15188614683McCready, Annie 20yWF
Erie Street2113   Jun15190417622McCready, DW 63yWM
Erie Street2105  1901Oct5190117400McCready, Elizabeth 55yWF
Erie Street223   Jun26188314164McCready, Lulu 3yWF
Erie Street224   Jul24188314190McCready, Maud M 7yWF
Erie Street181   Aug818503533McCroger, Dennis 1m  
Erie Street260   Apr25189115638McCrosker, Laura 76yWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2318546075McCullen, John 1mWM
Erie Street145   Nov2418472062McCullough,Child of John4yW 
Erie Street2106  1901Oct29190117405McCullough, John Henry 19yWM
Erie Street1286   Nov24187111454McCurdy,Chld of James2mWM
Erie Street1307   Sep4187412291McCurdy,Child of James WM
Erie Street1292   Sep1187211700McCurdy, JasSB WM
Erie Street1322   Jul26187612787McCurdy, Laura L 8mWF
Erie Street2105  1901Sep7190117390McCutcheon, Jennie K 6mWF
Erie Street1272   Nov11186910897McDermott,Child of James2d M
Erie Street170   Oct618493074Mc Divet, Tole 6yW 
Erie Street128   Jan2018461387Mc Donald,Child of James15mW 
Erie Street133   Nov2118461620McDonald,Child W 
Erie Street1138   Mar2618545744McDonald,Capt WM
Erie Street1187   Aug618587607McDonald,Child of Mrs1mWM
Erie Street155   Jan2918492495McDonald, D 3yW 
Erie Street124   May1618451227McDonald, Mary 22yW 
Erie Street1215   May2318628751McDonald, Nancy 67y F
Erie Street16   Sep31841531McDonall,Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street11   Jul261840333McDonnell, Patrick 15yWM
Erie Street178   Jun2018503398McDonough, J B  W 
Erie Street1280   Dec31187011219McDowell,SB Child of George W 
Erie Street1229   Mar1818649201 DMcDowell, Anna 20y F
Erie Street1148   Sep1618546163McDurmant, John 6yW 
Erie Street1238   Mar918659551McEacharn, Sarah M 76y F
Erie Street1253   Jun18186710147McEacharn, Wm 55y M
Erie Street1253   Jun18186710147McEcham, Wm 55y M
Erie Street1241   Sep118659659McElhaney, Matilda 2y F
Erie Street165   Aug1918492888McEllin,Mrs37yWF
Erie Street126   Aug2918451319McElroy,Child of Thomas1yW 
Erie Street1207   Apr1118618393McElroy,Child of James1yW 
Erie Street1210   Aug2818618526McElroy,Child of Chas R2mW 
Erie Street1222   May2618639029McElroy,Child of Jas1y  
Erie Street1222   May2618639030McElroy,Child of Jas2m  
Erie Street140   Aug1118471885McElroy, Ann 25yWF
Erie Street1177   May2618577221McElroy, John 38yWM
Erie Street140   Aug1118471886McElroy, Mary 11yWF
Erie Street1257   Dec31186710317McEntire, L P 20y M
Erie Street282   Apr6189616539McEwen, Mar A 63yWF
Erie Street159   Jun2018492656McFadden, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street1157   Aug218556482McFadden, Anna 25yWF
Erie Street240   Apr4188714852McFarland, 7dWF
Erie Street1244   Mar118669794McFarlin, Mary 22y F
Erie Street155   Jan1918492472McFee, Florance L 1yCF
Erie Street274   Feb19189416191McFee, Margarett 72yWF
Erie Street133   Nov818461612McFeeters, Harriet 30yCF
Erie Street13   Sep201840382McFlever,SB Child of Ann W 
Erie Street153   Oct1418482385McGalley, Catherine 25yWF
Erie Street1176   Apr1718577169McGarry, Winnifred F 20yWF
Erie Street1222   May518639011McGaughy, Wm 63y M
Erie Street121   Sep2918441135McGee,Child of Daniel7mW 
Erie Street168   Sep418492990Mc Gee,Mrs E35y F
Erie Street1157   Jul2318556465McGee,Child of James1yWM
Erie Street1307   Aug14187412266McGee,Child of Wm H1mWM
Erie Street197   Nov2018514178McGee, A J 3mW 
Erie Street173   Jan2218503196Mc Gee, James 22mWM
Erie Street182   Aug1318503553McGee, James 9mWF
Erie Street159   Jun618492639McGee, John 22yW 
Erie Street1166   Jun1918566820McGee, John 43yWM
Erie Street296   Nov13189917041McGee, Mary F 1yWF
Erie Street147   Mar3118482159McGee, P 36yW 
Erie Street1166   May2218566804McGee, Wm 6yWM
Erie Street191   May2618513929McGelroy, Duncan 34yWM
Erie Street175   Apr618503282Mc Gill,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1125   Jun1218535241McGinnes, Julia 40yWF
Erie Street1130   Sep318535438McGinnis,Child of Joseph B2yW 
Erie Street1143   Jul2918545960McGinnis, S W 12yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2218524675McGinniss, Wm 60yWM
Erie Street1300   Aug20187311991McGinty,Child of Joseph8mWM
Erie Street1281   Mar13187111288McGinty, James 3yWM
Erie Street179   Jul918503435McGlockin, Thomas 5mWM
Erie Street188   Jan2118513795McGlocklin, Catherine 17yWF
Erie Street181   Aug418503516McGlocklin, Michael 38yWM
Erie Street174   Mar118503240Mc Gran, Charles 2yWM
Erie Street173   Feb118503205Mc Grath, Abraham 10dWM
Erie Street1237   Jan1818659510McGrath, James 3y M
Erie Street222   Apr25188314140McGraw, Catharine 62yWF
Erie Street170   Oct918493076Mc Graw, Catherine 6mWF
Erie Street2139   Feb9193517880McGraw, Kathryne Rebecca 67yWF
Erie Street222   May2188314145McGraw, Mary 19yWF
Erie Street2127   Jan1191617824McGready, Frank 45yWM
Erie Street156   Feb1618492513McGrievy, Sarah 16yWF
Erie Street168   Sep318492985McGroll, Torance 39yW 
Erie Street147   Mar1118482142McGrusener, S 74yW 
Erie Street171   Nov1218493123Mc Guire, Barney 1yWM
Erie Street171   Nov2018493135Mc Guire, John 39yW 
Erie Street136   Mar318471702McGuire, Mary J 1yWF
Erie Street1302   Nov4187312072McGurdy,Child of Laura1mWF
Erie Street176   May1418503329McGurty, Rose A 22yWF
Erie Street131   Jul3118461505McGuyre, Thos 1yWM
Erie Street161   Jul1418492700McHaraway, M 7mW 
Erie Street1153   Feb318556324McHarg,Miss30yWF
Erie Street171   Nov1318493126Mc Harg, Ellen 26yWF
Erie Street180   Jul2918503498McHarg, Margaret 33yWF
Erie Street156   Mar118492528McHary,Mrs M52yWF
Erie Street159   Jun1318492646McHary, Wm 20yWM
Erie Street136   Mar1118471708McHeirs,Child of Mrs1yW 
Erie Street1201   Sep118608191McIlhaney, JasChild of Jas1yW 
Erie Street278   Feb13189516346Mc Ilrath, Elizabeth 72yWF
Erie Street17   Sep271841548Mc Intosh,SB Child of Donald W 
Erie Street1235   Nov718649445McIntosh, Alex 1y M
Erie Street1160   Oct418556593McIntosh, Charles 19yWM
Erie Street1284   Aug10187111394McIntosh, David 60yWM
Erie Street1312   Mar8187512416McIntosh, Eliza E 9yWF
Erie Street273   Dec5189316155McIntosh, Hanucar B 55yWM
Erie Street1104   May418524423McIntosh, Helen A 9yWF
Erie Street1138   Apr318545757McIntosh, Henry 9yW 
Erie Street251   Jul23188915283McIntosh, Susan 85yWF
Erie Street282   Mar4189616528McIntosh, William P 74yWM
Erie Street1184   Apr118587503McIntyre, 30yWM
Erie Street130   Jun1318461469McIntyre, D  WM
Erie Street1153   Feb1718556335McIntyre, Mary 16mWF
Erie Street1105   Jun818524471McKane, Amelia G 9mWF
Erie Street1248   Oct1318669964McKanny,SB Child of B   
Erie Street256   Aug3189015483McKay, Peter 85yCM
Erie Street1283   Jun16187111349McKean,Child of Newton WM
Erie Street1192   Apr2718597827McKean, Kate Jane 2y F
Erie Street149   Jul518482252McKee,Child of P M1yW 
Erie Street1210   Sep1818618541McKee,Child of J M1yWM
Erie Street1215   Mar3018628720McKee,Child of Jas S3mW 
Erie Street295   Aug28189917011McKee, Annie 77yWF
Erie Street1139   May1718545810McKee, Elizabeth 3yW 
Erie Street1213   Jan2618628650McKee, James S 42yWM
Erie Street174   Feb2818503234Mc Kee, Joshua 7yWM
Erie Street224   Aug17188314210McKee, Mary 75yWF
Erie Street1222   May2618639027McKee, Mary Jane 15y F
Erie Street248   Nov10188815158McKee, Patrick 74yWM
Erie Street1232   Jul718649316McKee, Robt J 6y M
Erie Street1313   Jun13187512479McKee, Thomas 19yWM
Erie Street1214   Mar1718628708McKees,Child of James1yW 
Erie Street1277   Jul16187011092McKelone,Child of Frank4mWM
Erie Street2113   Jan30190417591McKensie, James N 3mWM
Erie Street136   Mar2518471715McKenty, Catharine 5yWF
Erie Street169   Sep1718493031Mc Keny, Thomas 40yWM
Erie Street261   Jul24189115677McKenzie, 1dWM
Erie Street283   May12189616555McKenzie, A 52yWM
Erie Street1178   Jul2318577270McKenzie, C 11mWM
Erie Street1165   Apr1718566774McKenzie, E H 10yWM
Erie Street1213   Jan2918628655McKenzie, Henry 13yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul14190117350McKenzie, John 3yWM
Erie Street297   Feb1190017072McKeown, 8dWM
Erie Street1156   Jun618556428McKingstry, CJMiss9yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep2018659680McKinn, Eliza 10m F
Erie Street121   Sep318441115McKinstry,Child of Thos11mW 
Erie Street1195   Sep2318597941McKinstry,SB Child of H L2mWM
Erie Street1222   May818639013McKinstry,twin 1 of 2 of James SB  M
Erie Street1222   May818639013McKinstry,twin 2 of 2 of James SB  M
Erie Street221   Jan25188314073McKinstry,Mrs E72y  
Erie Street2138   Jun11192717867McKinstry, Emma M 85yWF
Erie Street2115   May20190517662McKinstry, JP 63y M
Erie Street216   Mar23188213884Mckinstry, Thomas 70yWM
Erie Street116   Sep221843926McKinstry, Wm HChild of T4yW 
Erie Street119   Jun118441040McKinty,Child of John W 
Erie Street1105   Jun818524473McKinty,Child of Capt7dW 
Erie Street1163   Feb1218566711McKinty, Frances 2yWF
Erie Street29   Jan19188113619McKinzie,SB WM
Erie Street1107   Jul2718524557McKnight,Child of John15mWM
Erie Street1166   May1618566803McKnight,Capt16mWM
Erie Street1204   Feb 18618305McKnight,Child of John4dWM
Erie Street124   Jun2018451244McKnight, Alfred 37yWM
Erie Street1175   Mar1018577129McKnight, J P 14mWM
Erie Street1141   Jul1018545876McKnight, John 2mWM
Erie Street1203   Dec2618608269McKnight, John 4mWM
Erie Street259   Feb13189115591McLachlin, 1dWF
Erie Street199   Dec2518514242McLain, C H 2yWM
Erie Street178   Jun1818503390McLain, H 24yWM
Erie Street1114   Sep1918524812McLain, M J 3yW 
Erie Street293   Feb23189916925McLane, Nichola 32yWM
Erie Street263   Nov24189115750McLarde, John 47yCM
Erie Street1244   Feb2618669792McLauflin, Catherine 73m F
Erie Street1199   May2218608107 AMcLaughlin, Caroline  WF
Erie Street127   Nov2218451365McLaughlin, Hannah 33yWF
Erie Street1247   Aug2818669927McLaughlin, J 61y M
Erie Street1148   Sep1118546151McLaughlin, James 15mWM
Erie Street1111   Aug2918524706McLaughlin, Jane 4yWF
Erie Street1118   Nov1918524978McLaughlin, Mary 26y F
Erie Street1199   May2218608107 BMcLaughlin, Mary  WF
Erie Street1199   May2218608108McLaughlin, Thomas  WM
Erie Street1145   Aug1018546021McLead, 5yW 
Erie Street1144   Aug518546000McLead, D 1yW 
Erie Street1144   Aug518546001McLead, F 3yW 
Erie Street1200   Jul3018608148McLean,Child of John12dW 
Erie Street1142   Jul2318545922McLean, Maragaret J 7yWF
Erie Street13   Sep221840386McLelland, Alex 28yWM
Erie Street142   Sep1118471961McLennan,Child of Mr21dW 
Erie Street179   Jul1018503437McLennan, A Emery 6mWM
Erie Street255   Jun29189015458McLennan, Kenneth 24yWM
Erie Street129   May2218461454McLennon, John 1yWM
Erie Street154   Dec718482444McLeod,Child of Mr4yW 
Erie Street136   Mar2118471714McLeod, Henry D 8mWM
Erie Street1207   Apr2518618410McLeod, Hiram 8yWM
Erie Street113   Feb271843783McLeod, Malcomb 36yWM
Erie Street156   Feb2618492522McLinch,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1204   Jan1118618286McMahon, DennisChild of Dennis5dWM
Erie Street229   Aug24188414398McMahon, Gracie May 17mWF
Erie Street154   Dec1818482452McMan,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street1115   Oct318524878McMane, James B 11mWM
Erie Street1115   Oct318524878McMani, James B 11mWM
Erie Street1243   Dec2018659739McManis, B 22y F
Erie Street1239   Apr2518659575McManna,Child of Mr   
Erie Street135   Feb518471687McMichael,SB Child of James W 
Erie Street190   Mar2718513860McMichael, J 38yWM
Erie Street17   Nov271841574Mc Millan, James 24yWM
Erie Street199   Dec2618514243McMillan, John 14dW 
Erie Street249   Feb27188915213McMillan, Wm 47yWM
Erie Street1202   Sep3018608215McMillen,Child of Elizabeth9mWM
Erie Street1260   Jun15186810449McMillen,Mr78y M
Erie Street285   Feb8189716658McMillen,SB WM
Erie Street1249   Nov918669984McMillen, John 79y M
Erie Street282   Apr15189616543McMillen, John T 35yWM
Erie Street1200   Aug418608151McMillen, Mary A 1yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2118503593McMillon, John 30yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1318503552McMooney, Bridget 2yWF
Erie Street2110   Apr30190317531McMuler, Florence 12dWF
Erie Street1241   Sep3018659686McMullen, Jesse 1y F
Erie Street1204   Jan1518618293McMurray, Gordon 26yWM
Erie Street2118   Sep6190717719McMurray, James 85yWM
Erie Street1266   Feb15186910688McMurray, Robt 28y M
Erie Street1133   Oct2718535545McMurry, Gorden 51yWM
Erie Street198   Nov2418514185McMurry, Mary 45yWF
Erie Street231   Jan18188514492McMyler, 2dWF
Erie Street256   Jul12189015469McMyler,SB WM
Erie Street274   Apr16189416216McMyler, 3dWF
Erie Street253   Jan8189015364McMyler, Amelia 1yWF
Erie Street177   Jun1418503374McMyler, Ann S 28yWF
Erie Street1123   Apr718535148McMyler, John 40yWF
Erie Street215   Feb18188213860McMyler, Nettie 3dWF
Erie Street133   Nov2018461619McNalay, An 2yWF
Erie Street1296   Feb16187311821McNalley,Child of1mWM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug27187813160McNally, Anna 71yWF
Erie Street2102  1901Jan24190117260McNalty, James 45yWM
Erie Street285   Jan16189716648McNamara, Bridget 79yWF
Erie Street125   Aug118451293McNealey,Child of Peter W 
Erie Street112   Dec111842758McNeally,Child of T2yW 
Erie Street130   Jul1718461491McNeally,SB Child of Peter W 
Erie Street118   Apr1818441018McNealy,Child of T21mW 
Erie Street1206   Apr118618382McNeil,Child of D1yWM
Erie Street154   Nov2818482429McNelly,SB Child of J W 
Erie Street165   Aug1718492875McNelly,  W 
Erie Street169   Sep2318493043Mc Nelly,SB Child of Joseph W 
Erie Street1102   Mar2318524364McNelly,Child of Jospeh W 
Erie Street1122   Mar1118535111McNelly,SB Child of Joseph W 
Erie Street1156   Jul818556447McNelly,Mrs40yWF
Erie Street159   May2618492626McNelly, James 27yWM
Erie Street1146   Aug2218546071McNiel, T 1yW 
Erie Street1290   Jul17187211631McPherson,Child of Jas CM
Erie Street1324   Dec21187612890McPherson, Louisa 28yWF
Erie Street128   Jan2518461393Mc Philips,SB Child of Patrick W 
Erie Street1124   May2318535214McPlain, Wm 5mWM
Erie Street1316   Sep22187512583McRee, Pheobe A 1mWF
Erie Street1155   May518556404McRenals, 5mWF
Erie Street1123   Apr2218535171McReynolds,Mr  M
Erie Street1220   Jan1418638922McReynolds, Phoebe 2y F
Erie Street194   Jul3018514019McReynolds, R 50yW 
Erie Street181   Aug618503528McReynolds, Rowland 5mWM
Erie Street1160   Sep1918556577McSelland, Martha 5dWF
Erie Street116   Oct111843935McShane, Annabella 28yWF
Erie Street1226   Oct1418639156Mcumber, Allen 9m M
Erie Street12   Aug261840364McVay,Child of Hugh   
Erie Street17   Nov81841565Mc Vay, Simon 26yWM
Erie Street265   May4189215837McVeen, James 35yWM
Erie Street1206   Mar1918618369McVena,Child of Alonzo2yW 
Erie Street1209   Aug818618511McVerne,Child of A5mW 
Erie Street124   Jul218451259McVey,Child of Hugh4mW 
Erie Street15   Jun161841479McVicer, John 29yWM
Erie Street253   Dec30188915355McWilliams, Jas R 1yWM
Erie Street223   Jun8188314155McWilliams, Pearl 2yWF
Erie Street139   Jul2418471848Mead,Child of G W2mW 
Erie Street1148   Sep1218546155Mead,Mrs Geo38yWF
Erie Street266   Jul23189215889Mead, 4wWF
Erie Street286   Mar17189716669Mead, Elizabeth 65yWF
Erie Street1144   Aug218545985Mead, Maria 46yWF
Erie Street185   Sep1218503664Mead, W T 67yWM
Erie Street284   Aug9189616596Mead, William H 70yWM
Erie Street159   Jun1618492650Mead, Wm 12yWM
Erie Street1327   Jan5187712903Meade, Rhoda 94yWF
Erie Street299   May26190017146Meader, Lyle S 8mWM
Erie Street1301   Sep9187312027Meadge,SB Child of Henry WM
Erie Street215   Dec30188113830Meaker, Ettie 2yWF
Erie Street1195   Sep618597918Mearker, Paulina 18mWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug6187813143Mears, Clarence 6mWM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug4187813141Mears, Florence 6mWF
Erie Street1151   Dec2618546285Mecker, Frankllin 21dWM
Erie Street15   Jul161841491Medbury, Grace 21yWF
Erie Street1279   Dec8187011206Medows, Charles 11yWM
Erie Street1279   Dec8187011206Medrones, Charles 11yWM
Erie Street2113   Feb15190417595Medrow, Fredrick 77yWM
Erie Street288   Dec13189716756Medsaw, DMrs75yWF
Erie Street1160   Sep2218556582Meek, Willis 16mWM
Erie Street1264   Oct24186810587Meekle, M Millen 51y M
Erie Street214   Dec21188113825Meether, Anna 8yWF
Erie Street1289   Jun9187211582Megne,Child of M J5mWF
Erie Street224   Aug14188314207Mehner, Charles 6yWM
Erie Street1221   Feb2318638953Meickert,Child of Wm SB  F
Erie Street1218   Oct1018628859Meidel,Child of Fred  M
Erie Street1260   May8186810430Meier,Child of Joseph6m M
Erie Street1272   Nov19186910904Meier,Child of Joseph9m F
Erie Street280   Sep18189516453Meier,Mrs C50y F
Erie Street1313   Jun15187512480Meier, Eliza 10yWF
Erie Street1258   Feb16186810364Meier, Johannah 3y F
Erie Street1265   Dec20186810646Meier, Sophia 71y F
Erie Street132   Sep718461545Meins,Child of Corad1yW 
Erie Street1274   Mar31187011005Meire,Child of Henry2mWF
Erie Street239   Dec24188614798Meisr, John 20dWM
Erie Street1259   Mar17186810394Meister, John 45y M
Erie Street250   Apr29188915239Meister, John 30yWM
Erie Street1252   Apr12186710105Meither,Child of William2d M
Erie Street27   Aug4188013540Meither, Wilhelmina 2mWF
Erie Street138   Jul918471813Melay, Henry 23yWM
Erie Street178   Jun2918503414Melcher,Child of A F2yW 
Erie Street1312   Mar21187512426Melcher, Anna M 55yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep1018659671Melcher, Frank 9y M
Erie Street1143   Jul3118545967Melcher, Herman 3yWM
Erie Street259   Mar24189115614Melcher, John Adolf 73yWM
Erie Street263   Jan12189215767Melcherricat, Bertie 8mWF
Erie Street251   Jul20188915282Melcherright, Augusta 1yWF
Erie Street120   Jul2318441072Mell,Child of Thomas1yW 
Erie Street153   Nov1118482411Mell,Child of P1yW 
Erie Street170   Oct1618493089Mell,SB Child of T W 
Erie Street1252   May17186710127Mellen,Child of Wm H  M
Erie Street263   Jan20189215773Mellen, Carrie S 59yWF
Erie Street177   May3018503353Mells, T 40yWM
Erie Street1294   Dec26187211767Melly, Molly 19yWF
Erie Street121   Sep1218441121Melton,Child of Geo14mW 
Erie Street1245   Apr1718669835Melton,Child of H A (Amelia)2y F
Erie Street211   May10188113682Melton, 3dWM
Erie Street120   Aug2418441098Melton, Emily S 23yWF
Erie Street274   Mar10189416198Melton, Eugenia 43yWF
Erie Street285   Dec26189616643Melton, George W 56yWM
Erie Street1219   Oct2918628873Melton, Lillian M 12d F
Erie Street1197   Jan1318608011Memerling, JohnChild of John4dWF
Erie Street1177   May1718577208Menchen, Jacob 1yWM
Erie Street1223   May2918639035Mencher,Child of Phillip SB  M
Erie Street18   Feb281842613Mendenhall,SB Child of George W 
Erie Street1189   Oct718587685Mender, Margaret 4yWF
Erie Street1159   Sep1118556556Menderson,SB Child of M WF
Erie Street1206   Mar1318618361Mendrix, Clarence 6yWM
Erie Street213   Aug5188113755Meng,Child of Adolf1yWM
Erie Street1185   May718587538Menger, Mary F 18mWF
Erie Street225   Sep13188314230Menken, Hella 2yWF
Erie Street2117   Jan24190617693Mennike, Adolph G 74yWM
Erie Street2124   May21191317801Mennike, Katherine 86yWF
Erie Street1259   Mar2186810378Menser,SB Child of Henry  M
Erie Street1177   Jun1218577239Mentals,Child of Henry13mWM
Erie Street1116   Oct1418524920Menze, Martin 30yWM
Erie Street1167   Aug118566867Menzer, John C 2yWM
Erie Street158   May918492606Mepho,SB Child of Catherine W 
Erie Street190   Apr2018513890Merall, Joseph 33yWM
Erie Street223   Jun30188314168Merath, Wm 2yWM
Erie Street1155   Mar2818556377Mercer,SB Child of Wm WF
Erie Street1117   Oct2218524944Mercer, Samuel 3yWM
Erie Street2129   Apr22191817833Mercer, Samuel 47yWM
Erie Street190   Apr1318513879Merchant,Mrs S22yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2418503609Merchant, Adelaide 11mWF
Erie Street1177   Jun1418577241Merchant, Ann 15yWF
Erie Street176   May1818503338Merchant, Charles S   M
Erie Street1179   Aug2118577312Merchant, George 3yWM
Erie Street1181   Nov1918577397Merchant, Ira D 50yWM
Erie Street255   Jun8189015449Meredith, Henry 73yWM
Erie Street1275   Apr16187011018Merkel,Child of Mr WM
Erie Street1311   Jan12187512373Merkel, A P 14yWM
Erie Street239   Dec19188614795Merkel, Christine 62yWF
Erie Street2139   May25193617885Merkel, Ella 81yWF
Erie Street1314   Jul16187512508Merkel, George M 22yWM
Erie Street1100   Jan1518524274Merkel, Helen A 19mWF
Erie Street2136   Dec14192517861Merkel, Henry C 74yWM
Erie Street273   Jan22189416182Merkel, Mathias 75yWM
Erie Street1195   Sep618597918Merker, Paulina 18mWF
Erie Street1192   Mar2118597809Merkle, Augustus Albert 6mWM
Erie Street1182   Nov2818577407Merkle, Catherine 3mWF
Erie Street277   Nov19189416311Merle, Margaret 18mCF
Erie Street1316   Sep11187512569Merlong, W R 13dWF
Erie Street181   Jul3018503503Merpha, Ed 4mWM
Erie Street187   Nov218503741Merpha, Wm 9mWM
Erie Street1242   Dec418659727Merrell,SB Child of James A  M
Erie Street1141   Jun2918545854Merrick,SB Child of Geo W 
Erie Street1139   May1218545803Merrick, Mary 28yWF
Erie Street1167   Jul1218566843Merrie, JamesSB WM
Erie Street1151   Dec3118546291Merrill, E B 18yW 
Erie Street1133   Dec1418535578Merrill, John 3yWM
Erie Street1134   Dec1918535589Merrill, Mary 26yWF
Erie Street1123   Apr1118535150Merrill, Warren  WM
Erie Street1229   Mar2118649210 DMerriman,Child of E R1m F
Erie Street1244   Mar1918669811Merriman,Child of E R2 m M
Erie Street266   Jun14189215866Merritt,SB WM
Erie Street1117   Nov518524962Merritt, A 25yWM
Erie Street1266   Feb10186910686Merritt, Charles H 1y M
Erie Street1234   Sep718649393Merritt, EDr70y M
Erie Street1308   Sep11187412301Merritt, Peter 3mWM
Erie Street1116   Oct1318524915Merterheimer, A L 5mWM
Erie Street1177   May2018577211Mervin, James A 1mWM
Erie Street1178   Jul2218577269Mervin, Mary Jane 3yWF
Erie Street1189   Nov618587707Merz, Amelia 4yWF
Erie Street1184   Mar618587481Merz, Henrietta 18mWF
Erie Street1229   Mar1818649204 DMerz, Mary 36y F
Erie Street140   Aug1718471899Mesgar, Joseph  WM
Erie Street196   Sep2618514117Messer,Child of M4mW 
Erie Street1130   Sep918535454Messer,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street247   Jul25188815108Messer, Anna 67yWF
Erie Street254   Mar21189015414Messer, Henry M 42yWM
Erie Street1167   Jul1718566848Messer, John 11yWF
Erie Street285   Nov8189616627Messer, John 74yWM
Erie Street1224   Aug718639097Messer, Louisa 11m F
Erie Street135   Jan2718471675Messer, Margaret 4mWF
Erie Street1236   Dec718649466Messer, Wm 4y M
Erie Street1173   Jan518577048Messers,Child of M7dWM
Erie Street170   Oct1318493081Messing, Elizabeth 18mWF
Erie Street1232   Jun2218649299Messinger, Josephine 74y F
Erie Street1193   Jul2718597869Messner,Child of F4mWF
Erie Street252   Oct30188915326Metcalf, Bessie E 7wWF
Erie Street248   Dec2188815168Metcalf, Rosa 39yWF
Erie Street197   Nov1918514177Metchger, M 50yWM
Erie Street1155   Apr1318556387Metcliff, A  WM
Erie Street1242   Nov1718659719Metor,Child of Mary SB  F
Erie Street280   Aug3189516425Metzdorf, Augusta 2mWF
Erie Street2111   Nov13190317576Metzdorf, Fred 41yWM
Erie Street269   Mar16189316024Metzdorf, Frederich WSr61yWM
Erie Street2130   Apr12191917840Metzdorf, Justina 12yWF
Erie Street2110   May11190317536Metzdorf, Margaret 15yWF
Erie Street293   Jan9189916902Metzdorf, Martha 3yWF
Erie Street276   Aug5189416270Metzdorf, Otto M 12hWM
Erie Street1269   Jul29186910798Metzger,Child of L11m M
Erie Street1273   Feb7187010956Metzger, Chas 3mWM
Erie Street1191   Jan518597760Metzger, Christian 1d  
Erie Street224   Jul24188314189Metzger, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street1329   Jul17187712981Metzger, Phillip 1yWM
Erie Street1259   Mar2186810378Meuer,SB Child of Henry  M
Erie Street1322   Aug19187612810Meuerman, Fred 8mWF
Erie Street1332  1878Jul17187813125Meuler, Elizabeth 63yWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug11187813145Meulers,SB WM
Erie Street1167   Aug118566868Meves, Anna 2mWF
Erie Street1213   Jan2618628651Mew,Child of Fred14dW 
Erie Street1141   Jun2818545853Meyer,Child of Geo1mW 
Erie Street1225   Sep1718639130Meyer,Child of Henry1y M
Erie Street1277   Jul27187011105Meyer,Child of Miss1mWM
Erie Street1168   Aug1018566891Meyer, Amanda 6yW 
Erie Street1321   Jun28187612758Meyer, Anna 5mWF
Erie Street1100   Jan318524259Meyer, Beaulea 15mWF
Erie Street240   Feb16188714832Meyer, Carrie 4dWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2218546070Meyer, Elmer 6mWM
Erie Street1123   Apr2418535176Meyer, George 5mWM
Erie Street1140   May2518545826Meyer, Helen 26yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug29186910839Meyer, Henry 1y M
Erie Street1168   Aug1018566894Meyer, Henry F    
Erie Street236   May13188614697Meyer, Robert 39yWM
Erie Street1125   Jun1418535244Meyers,SB Child of S F W 
Erie Street1110   Aug2318524679Meyers, A 46yWF
Erie Street1178   Jul3018577272Meyers, Caroline  WF
Erie Street1126   Jul918535287Meyers, John 1mWM
Erie Street1137   Feb2318545694Meyers, John 3yWM
Erie Street1137   Feb2218545692Meyers, Joseph 28yWM
Erie Street1336  1879Mar10187913253Meyers, KarlSB WM
Erie Street1218   Sep1218628835Meyers, Wm H 4m M
Erie Street1126   Jul1118535292Michael,Child of Adolph W 
Erie Street1231   May418649267Michael,Child of Fred3d M
Erie Street1289   May28187211573Michael,Child of Fred24dWF
Erie Street22   Jul26187913328Michael, Clarra 2yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2818524564Michael, J 8yWM
Erie Street1291   Aug2187211658Michael, Jacob 1yWM
Erie Street2138   Jul11193417878Michael, Jacob 84yWM
Erie Street1304   Apr1187412156Michael, M (Wilhelmend) 10yWF
Erie Street1106   Jun3018524500Michael, Mary 18mWF
Erie Street291   Aug4189816854Michal, Thomas 3mWM
Erie Street1183   Jan2818587457Michel,SB Child of H H W 
Erie Street1271   Oct15186910874Michel,SB Child of Fred  F
Erie Street270   Apr14189316036Michel,SB WM
Erie Street286   Apr20189716681Michel, Andrew D 43yWM
Erie Street2139   May23193817889Michel, Emma 82yWF
Erie Street270   Apr5189316028Michel, Maria Elizabeth 53yWF
Erie Street2110   Mar30190317520Michell, Viola 3mWF
Erie Street1206   Mar618618352Michelscott,Child of E5dWF
Erie Street1196   Dec118597987Michies, ASB W 
Erie Street1307   Aug10187412261Michles,SB Child of A WM
Erie Street1151   Dec1218546271Mick,Child of Jacob10mW 
Erie Street1202   Sep1618608206Mick,Child of Toder21dW 
Erie Street1136   Feb1618545683Mickerson, John 8yWM
Erie Street282   Feb9189616519Mickey, Earl 6mCM
Erie Street1148   Sep1618546164Middleburger, Julia 20mWF
Erie Street1185   Apr2418587526Miding, John 13mWM
Erie Street1272   Nov19186910903Mieghen, Catherine 45y F
Erie Street1161   Nov1018556627Miel,Child of John1dWM
Erie Street151   Aug2518482325Mier,Child of Jacob5mW 
Erie Street153   Nov2818482403Mier,Child of K1yW 
Erie Street1250   Jan18186710050Mier,Child   
Erie Street1108   Aug618524605Mier, C 48yWM
Erie Street26   Jun3188013504Miether, Carl 2yWM
Erie Street131   Aug2518461532Miex,Mrs D WF
Erie Street2104  1901Jul22190117355Mighell, Irena 3yWF
Erie Street282   Jan21189616508Mihal, John 35yWM
Erie Street1168   Aug1318566901Mike, Theodore 14dWM
Erie Street23   Oct19187913365Mikel, May 1dWF
Erie Street1201   Aug3018608186Mikelkansen,Child of August7mWM
Erie Street1224   Aug818639099Mikes,Child of Theodore3m F
Erie Street1241   Sep2318659683Milas, Annie 19y F
Erie Street1299   Aug3187311956Mildrige,Child of Isabella9m F
Erie Street12   Sep71840373Milegan, Jane 44yWF
Erie Street1154   Mar1918556369Miles,Child of Mr4yWM
Erie Street1183   Feb2818587477Miles,Mrs W H56yWF
Erie Street1102   Mar1818524356Miles, N LMiss26yWF
Erie Street219   Sep28188214001Milgate, Mamie 12yWF
Erie Street159   Jun1818492652Miligan, James 45yWM
Erie Street1259   Feb25186810374Mill,Child of Henry   
Erie Street179   Jul1018503443Millagin, Mary A 7yW 
Erie Street1128   Aug1518535381Millan, John 14mWM
Erie Street1242   Dec218659726Millen, Peter 16y M
Erie Street12   Aug61840345Miller,SB Child of Fred W 
Erie Street150   Jul1518482267Miller,Child of Peter1yW 
Erie Street152   Oct118482375Miller,Child of Mr2yW 
Erie Street155   Jan2018492487Miller,SB Child of Joseph W 
Erie Street162   Jul2818492750Miller,SB Child of Mr F W 
Erie Street199   Dec1818514224Miller,Child of C5mW 
Erie Street1160   Oct2418556613Miller,Child of Andrew1mWF
Erie Street1177   Jun118577229Miller,SB Child of Christian WM
Erie Street1184   Mar2918587502Miller,SB Child of Henry WM
Erie Street1191   Jan2518597776Miller,Child of Henry3d  
Erie Street1249   Nov27186610003Miller,Child of August8d M
Erie Street1254   Aug4186710184Miller,SB Child of Julius   
Erie Street1255   Sep1186710218Miller,SB Child of August   
Erie Street1263   Sep3186810534Miller,Child of Ludwig  M
Erie Street1265   Dec12186810641Miller,Child of Fred SB   
Erie Street1268   Jun6186910749Miller,SB Child of Daniel   
Erie Street1271   Oct10186910872Miller, 5m M
Erie Street1274   Mar4187010978Miller,Child of Fred1mWM
Erie Street1275   May25187011041Miller,SB Child of Jacob WF
Erie Street1280   Jan2187111226Miller,Child of Fred8mWF
Erie Street1282   Apr23187111317Miller,Child of Jacob18dWF
Erie Street1283   Jun13187111347Miller,Child of Fred3mWM
Erie Street1287   Jan22187211485Miller,SB Child of Christ WF
Erie Street1289   Jun25187211593Miller,SB Child of Anna WM
Erie Street1290   Jun30187211601Miller,Child of Jacob1yWM
Erie Street1300   Aug26187312004Miller,Child Anna6mWF
Erie Street1301   Sep6187312023Miller,Child of Aug9mWM
Erie Street1316   Oct6187512600Miller,Child of Ruby1dWM
Erie Street212   Jun29188113706Miller, 4dWF
Erie Street226   Jan10188414291Miller,SB WF
Erie Street263   Nov20189115747Miller, 1hWF
Erie Street270   Jun3189316062Miller,SB WF
Erie Street283   Jun2189616564Miller,Baby2dWF
Erie Street216   Mar29188213888Miller, Ada 2yWF
Erie Street1247   Aug418669907Miller, Adolf 5m M
Erie Street1274   Mar4187010979Miller, Adolph 38yWM
Erie Street241   Jun24188714886Miller, Aiken C 55yWM
Erie Street2141Jan291972Feb1197217933Miller, Alberta 91yWF
Erie Street245   Mar18188815044Miller, Andy 32yWM
Erie Street1145   Aug1418546036Miller, Anna 6mWF
Erie Street23   Oct10187913361Miller, Anna Heiland 69yWF
Erie Street2111   Sep16190317561Miller, August 1mWM
Erie Street1205   Feb1118618319Miller, Author 2yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2218524674Miller, B G 9mWM
Erie Street280   Aug12189516431Miller, Barbara 74yWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1618546047Miller, Barbary 10mWF
Erie Street264   Feb1189215788Miller, Bernhard 81yWM
Erie Street1305   Jun30187412211Miller, Bertha 7mW 
Erie Street1247   Aug418669909Miller, Caroline 1y F
Erie Street246   Jul3188815092Miller, CarolineMiss82yWF
Erie Street1144   Aug518545999Miller, Casper 4yWM
Erie Street150   Aug1018482292Miller, Catherine 26yWF
Erie Street1169   Aug2218566913Miller, Catherine 7mWF
Erie Street1169   Sep918566935Miller, Charles 10mWM
Erie Street115   Aug311843893Miller, Charlotte 17yWF
Erie Street236   May21188614701Miller, Chas H 65yWM
Erie Street184   Sep118503635Miller, Christian 1yWM
Erie Street1263   Sep27186810561Miller, Cora M 3y F
Erie Street26   Apr16188013481Miller, Daniel 51yWM
Erie Street1303   Jan2187412095Miller, E M 3mWM
Erie Street1183   Feb118587465Miller, Edwin D 4yWM
Erie Street1298   Jul17187311925Miller, Edwin R 39y M
Erie Street1129   Aug1818535392Miller, Elizabeth 9mWF
Erie Street1199   Apr1918608073Miller, Elizabeth 3yWF
Erie Street224   Aug15188314209Miller, Elizabeth 3mWF
Erie Street248   Nov8188815157Miller, Elizabeth L S 84yWF
Erie Street284   Sep18189616611Miller, Ermie 9yWF
Erie Street1320   May10187612727Miller, Eugean 14dWM
Erie Street247   Oct2188815144Miller, Eugenia D 5yWF
Erie Street136   Apr1718471733Miller, Eve 46yWF
Erie Street1323   Sep6187612826Miller, Frank 1dWM
Erie Street183   Aug2618503615Miller, Fred 9mWM
Erie Street23   Nov3187913371Miller, Fred W 4yWM
Erie Street1199   Apr2218608078Miller, Freddie 5yWM
Erie Street1168   Aug418566875Miller, Frederick 10mWM
Erie Street137   Jun618471769Miller, Henry 11yWM
Erie Street1132   Oct2018535533Miller, Jacob 43yWM
Erie Street1150   Nov1718546249Miller, Jacob 14dWM
Erie Street1153   Jan2218556318Miller, Jacob 2yWM
Erie Street1311   Jan4187512367Miller, Jacob 54yWM
Erie Street271   Jul20189316080Miller, Jacob 62yWM
Erie Street157   Mar2218492555Miller, Jane 30yWF
Erie Street150   Jul2318482274Miller, John 32yWM
Erie Street190   Apr1618513884Miller, John 1yWM
Erie Street1190   Dec1618587741Miller, John 2yWM
Erie Street2122   Jun2191117772Miller, John E 30yWM
Erie Street151   Aug1618482302Miller, Joseph 1mWM
Erie Street246   Jul16188815103Miller, Joseph L 4mWM
Erie Street299   Jun27190017161Miller, Kate 26yCF
Erie Street2108  1902Jul11190217468Miller, Madison M 66yWM
Erie Street250   May12188915245Miller, MargaretMiss78yWF
Erie Street1171   Nov1618567007Miller, MarionMiss27yWF
Erie Street240   Feb22188714836Miller, Mary 5mWF
Erie Street1111   Aug2718524696Miller, Michael 36yWM
Erie Street130   Jun1318461470Miller, Nichola  WM
Erie Street1121   Feb2118535074Miller, P G 2mW 
Erie Street1141   Jul918545873Miller, Paul 12mWM
Erie Street128   Mar1018461417Miller, Peter 14yWM
Erie Street136   Apr1718471734Miller, Peter 1yWM
Erie Street1217   Aug1118628813Miller, Peter 53y M
Erie Street222   Apr8188314132Miller, Peter 56yWM
Erie Street196   Sep2118514111Miller, Peter B 32yWM
Erie Street1150   Oct1918546218Miller, Richard 7mWM
Erie Street234   Aug23188514588Miller, Rose 8wWF
Erie Street1163   Jan1718566684Miller, Samuel 25yWM
Erie Street1294   Dec23187211764Miller, Sarah 80yCF
Erie Street286   Jun5189716698Miller, SarahMrs85yWF
Erie Street257   Oct29189015537Miller, Sarah M 5mWF
Erie Street1144   Aug318545989Miller, William 14dWM
Erie Street1274Aug 1864Mar6187010982Miller, Wm L 39yWM
Erie Street1274   Mar27187010998Miller, Wm S 34yWM
Erie Street164   Aug1018492828Millers, John 10mWM
Erie Street1178   Jun2818577250Millert, Charles 3mWM
Erie Street1141   Jul1218545884Milliard, Albert 18mWM
Erie Street137   Jun1318471777Millien,Mr47yWM
Erie Street1328   Apr20187712949Milligan,SB WF
Erie Street2111   Jun13190317542Milligan, David 21yWM
Erie Street270   May26189316056Milligan, Edward 37yWM
Erie Street2101  1900Dec27190017245Milligan, John M P 28yWM
Erie Street1146   Aug2718546088Milligan, Micihael 2yCM
Erie Street2105  1901Aug23190117380Milligan, Sadie M 20yWF
Erie Street1303   Jan12187412098Milligan, Willie 4m M
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524638Millington, Mary A 2mWF
Erie Street2115   Mar20190517652Millns, Charlotte 1yWF
Erie Street123   Mar718451196Millot, Susan  WF
Erie Street1287   Feb2187211493Mills,Child of Steven3mWF
Erie Street219   Oct23188214017Mills,Mrs P S81yWF
Erie Street185   Sep1818503682Mills, Eliza J 3yWF
Erie Street21   Apr7187913270Mills, Emma Bell 7yWF
Erie Street113   May11843810Mills, Joshua 46yWM
Erie Street281   Dec8189516483Mills, KatieMrs42yCF
Erie Street1327   Mar6187712930Mills, Ralph 3yWM
Erie Street238   Nov10188614770Mills, Sarah A 65yWF
Erie Street276   Aug3189416269Millus, Charlotte 61yWF
Erie Street287   Jul9189716711Millus, H 73yWM
Erie Street298   Apr11190017115Millwood, James 63yWM
Erie Street1260   Apr21186810419Milton,Child of J N CF
Erie Street1286   Dec14187111464Milton, Fredie 6mCM
Erie Street1251   Feb2186710061Mina,Child of Mrs Mina5d F
Erie Street1136   Feb1718545685Minching, Agnes 15mWF
Erie Street120   Aug618441085Miner, James  WM
Erie Street1215   May1518628747Miner, Reca 1y F
Erie Street1253   Jul13186710161Minke,Child of Louisa8m F
Erie Street1239   Jun3018659607Minke, Frank 4y M
Erie Street1241   Sep118659658Minke, Otto 5m M
Erie Street1280   Dec18187011213Minks, Fred 3yWM
Erie Street1320   Apr13187612716Minman, Lena 5mWF
Erie Street238   Nov28188614783Minul, Mary 52yWF
Erie Street1214   Feb1718628673Minusells, Edward 4yWM
Erie Street229   Sep3188414407Minzer, Clara 15mWF
Erie Street1150   Oct2318546222Miper, Caroline 9mWF
Erie Street1159   Sep618556548Mirer, John 2yWM
Erie Street1229   Mar818649190 DMires,Child of Frank2y M
Erie Street159   Jun2018492655Mirze,Mrs D66yWF
Erie Street2119   Apr21190817728Misch,Baby W 
Erie Street2108  1902Sep7190217476Misch, Catherine 17dWF
Erie Street1254   Aug19186710203Miser,Child of Henry9m F
Erie Street1114   Sep2318524834Miser, Jacob 48yWM
Erie Street281   Jan3189616499Mishish, Daler 5mWM
Erie Street1104   May818524431Miss, 12yWF
Erie Street137   May2518471758Mitchel,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street1295   Jan18187311789Mitchel,SB Child of E O WM
Erie Street1248   Sep118669932Mitchell,SB Child of Geo  F
Erie Street1258   Feb16186810363Mitchell,Child of Geo3m F
Erie Street129   May1818461449Mitchell, Charles E 10yWM
Erie Street1164   Feb2718566720Mitchell, David 55yCM
Erie Street252   Sep22188915306Mitchell, Edith Agnes 2mWF
Erie Street1129   Aug2718535418Mitchell, Eliza 30yWF
Erie Street1249   Nov25186610002Mitchell, Harriet 57y F
Erie Street1336  1879Mar9187913252Mitchell, Henry C 40yWM
Erie Street1213   Feb1218628667Mitchell, Jacob 56yWM
Erie Street1329   Sep4187713009Mitchell, Ralph 1yWM
Erie Street138   Jul618471805Mitchken, Francis 2yWM
Erie Street1237   Feb818659528Mither, Fred 1y M
Erie Street2101  1900Oct23190017219Mitson, Jessie 26yWM
Erie Street1154   Mar1918556366Mittinger, John 3mWM
Erie Street1275   Apr10187011013Mittleberger, Alexander W  WM
Erie Street141   Aug1718471902Mittlebergers, WmChild of Wm1yW 
Erie Street1237   Jan3018659519Mittleburger, Willie 9y M
Erie Street1311   Jan3187512365Mittleburger, Wm 65yWM
Erie Street1243   Jan2718669769Mitzendorf,Child of Charles17d  
Erie Street1199   May2818608110Mitzendorph, 5yW 
Erie Street1200   May2918608112Mitzendorph, 7yW 
Erie Street1273   Feb7187010956Mitzer, Chas 3mWM
Erie Street212   Jul21188113745Mix, Laura E 75yWF
Erie Street167   Aug2818492944Mix, Virginia 11mWF
Erie Street196   Oct1018514129Mobruck, Henry 30yBM
Erie Street1265   Dec20186810645Mock, Michael 63y M
Erie Street1265   Dec20186810645Mocss, Michael 63y M
Erie Street183   Aug2318503601Moder, 1yW 
Erie Street1154   Mar2018556367Modus,SB Child of Mr WF
Erie Street2108  1902May19190217457Moe, Grace 36yWF
Erie Street143   Sep2018471982Moeder, D 1y  
Erie Street246   Jul1188815090Moeder, Daniel 74yWM
Erie Street280   Oct9189516461Moeder, Elizabeth 75yWM
Erie Street1225   Oct218639147Moeder, Henrietta 5y F
Erie Street1332  1878May28187813103Moeder's,SB WF
Erie Street220   Jan3188314053Moek, Geo 25yWM
Erie Street244   Jan29188815017Moeller, John 30yWM
Erie Street294   Jun5189916976Moffett, John 28yWM
Erie Street1238   Mar3018659565Moffett, Margaret E 35y F
Erie Street291   Oct6189816870Mofford, Lillie 2mWF
Erie Street1180   Oct518577360Moger, JamesSB WM
Erie Street1221   Feb2318638954Moher, Wm 3m M
Erie Street1227   Dec1718639213Mohn,Child of Wm9m M
Erie Street1156   Jun2718556436Mohn, Wm 5mWM
Erie Street1228   Jan1318649147 DMohr,Child of Theodore SB   
Erie Street1238   Feb2418659539Mohr,Child of Theodore1m M
Erie Street1323   Sep12187612830Mohr, Julia 2mWM
Erie Street248   Dec6188815170Mohrenken, Jane 73yWF
Erie Street1225   Sep818639125Mohrlman,Child of Andrew11m F
Erie Street1270   Aug24186910835Mohrman, Mena 4y F
Erie Street143   Sep2718471996Mold,Mr WM
Erie Street272   Oct11189316132Moliter,Edna's baby3mWF
Erie Street210   Mar7188113656Moliter, Elsie 5mWF
Erie Street1329   Jul16187712980Moliter, Lewis 4mWM
Erie Street1207   May1718618429Molitor,Child of Jacob10mWM
Erie Street1233   Jul2218649332Molitor,Child of Jacob2yF 
Erie Street1234   Sep1318649403Molitor,Child of Jacob   
Erie Street1202   Sep3018608216Moliture,Child of Jacob18mWM
Erie Street1201   Aug2118608176Moliture, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street1233   Jul2218649332Molituse,Child of Jacob2yF 
Erie Street229   Aug23188414397Molk, Frederick 29yWM
Erie Street231   Dec21188414474Molk, Herman 1yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1318503549Molla, Jacob 1yWM
Erie Street1188   Aug2318587636Molla, Jacob 12mWM
Erie Street1240   Jul818659613Mollen,Child of August6m M
Erie Street1209   Jul918618474Mollen, Agnes 45yWF
Erie Street1238   Feb2818659543Mollen, Christopher 50y M
Erie Street184   Sep818503650Mollen, John 22yWM
Erie Street1265   Dec2186810632Mollen, Mary A 74y F
Erie Street1142   Jul2318545923Moller, Henry 6mWM
Erie Street171   Nov718493120Mollon,SB Child of T W 
Erie Street18   Jan111842589Molyneux,SB Child of T W 
Erie Street2115   Aug7190517677Molzon,SB WF
Erie Street1149   Sep2018546177Monckker,Child of Mrs2yWF
Erie Street149   Jun918482227Moncrief,Child of H1yW 
Erie Street1139   May1618545809Moncrief,Child of Wm1yWM
Erie Street194   Aug1018514049Moncrief, Wm 13mWM
Erie Street198   Dec218514196Mond, Frances 30yWF
Erie Street1232   Jul1118649324Mond, Lillie Paine 2y F
Erie Street1271   Oct1186910863Mongold,Child of A8d M
Erie Street1276   Jul10187011087Mongold,Child of John9mWM
Erie Street1318   Dec26187512646Mongold, Frank 2yWM
Erie Street196   Oct718514126Mongrief, Jane 4yWF
Erie Street275   Jun12189416237Monk, 2dWF
Erie Street256   Jul11189015467Monk, John 60yWM
Erie Street1179   Aug2418577306Monke, Elizabeth 2mWF
Erie Street248   Oct6188815147Monkman, James F 27yWM
Erie Street239   Jan10188714813Monkman, Nora F 20yWF
Erie Street1130   Aug3018535427Monnerd, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street238   Sep29188614751Monroe, Alfred H 40yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul10190117347Monroe, Calvin 1yCM
Erie Street1243   Jan2618669768Monroe, Mary K 17y F
Erie Street1200   Jun2718608122Monroe, Nelson 48yWM
Erie Street1197   Jan2918608022Monroe, Z HDr59yWM
Erie Street136   Apr1218471728Monson,Child of Capt5yW 
Erie Street1104   May618524426Montague, J 1yWM
Erie Street176   May1718503336Montgomery, G W 4yWM
Erie Street258   Dec28189015565Montgomery, Henry 59yWM
Erie Street1132   Oct2018535532Montgomery, James 40yWM
Erie Street254   Feb16189015390Montgomery, Joseph 29yCM
Erie Street1145   Aug1218546028Montgomery, Margaret 1mWF
Erie Street229   Jul28188414387Montgomery, Nelie 30yWF
Erie Street1300   Aug14187311977Monthieth,Child of A1m M
Erie Street138   Jul418471799Montongoo, Harriett 10mWF
Erie Street148   Apr3018482190Montonya,AKA Mrs Mountain36yWF
Erie Street2102  1901Jan8190117252Monut, Charles 32yWM
Erie Street130   Jun1118461468Moochmore,Mrs W 
Erie Street151   Aug1818482309Mood, Margaret 10dWF
Erie Street26   Apr15188013480Moodie, Eber 2yWM
Erie Street1248   Sep2418669949Moody, Anna 58y F
Erie Street2108  1902Jul26190217473Mook, 14dWF
Erie Street2108  1902Jul21190217470Mook, Abbie D 50yWF
Erie Street295   Aug29189917013Mook, Maria J 19yWF
Erie Street1176   Apr2018577174Moon, Samuel 5mWM
Erie Street154   Nov3018482436Mooney,Child of P6mW 
Erie Street177   May2518503347Mooney, Edward 29yWM
Erie Street1242   Dec518659728Mooney, James 33y M
Erie Street296   Dec18189917053Moonshower,SB WM
Erie Street114   Jun281843832Moor,Child of S1yW 
Erie Street1156   Jun1218556433Moor,SB Child of Geo WF
Erie Street1236   Dec2418649484Moor,Child of Mrs14d  
Erie Street183   Aug2218503597Moor, T 40yW 
Erie Street128   Feb1818461405Moore,Child of Neal H10mW 
Erie Street158   May1518492612Moore,Mrs M A28yWF
Erie Street1101   Feb1618524315Moore,Child of H4yWM
Erie Street1253   Jun18186710145Moore,Child of George7m M
Erie Street1317   Dec6187512635Moore,SB Child of Charles WF
Erie Street212   Jul14188113732Moore,Child of Charles6mWM
Erie Street226   Dec8188314270Moore, 16hWM
Erie Street226   Dec31188314283Moore,SB WF
Erie Street241   Jun15188714880Moore, Andrew W 69yWM
Erie Street263   Jan26189215778Moore, Catherine 77yWF
Erie Street213   Sep8188113771Moore, Charles 35yWM
Erie Street297   Jan23190017068Moore, Charles 48yCM
Erie Street291   Nov4189816879Moore, Elizabeth E 34yWF
Erie Street26   Apr25188013488Moore, Frank 24yWM
Erie Street1141   Jul418545861Moore, Henry 20yWM
Erie Street2105  1901Oct5190117398Moore, James H 51yWM
Erie Street229   Sep9188414419Moore, Mary H 2yWM
Erie Street1117   Nov118524955Moore, Paris 22yWM
Erie Street238   Oct21188614756Moore, RobertCapt81yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Feb3187813072Moore, Sumwer 4mWM
Erie Street244   Dec11188714991Moore, W R 2yCM
Erie Street225   Oct21188314250Moore, William 40yWM
Erie Street1155   Apr2718556397Moore, WmCapt36yWM
Erie Street1175   Mar3018577149Moors,Child of Mr12dWF
Erie Street151   Aug1618482303Moose, Matilda 6dWF
Erie Street1223   Jun2218639052Mooy,Child of John2d F
Erie Street1231   May2718649283Mooy,Child of John B1d F
Erie Street291   Aug1189816851Moran, Barney 36yWM
Erie Street1327   Jan28187712912Moran, CharlesSB WM
Erie Street1153   Jan1818556317Moran, John M 38yWM
Erie Street1213   Feb1018628664Moran, Michael 36yWM
Erie Street256   Aug4189015493Moran, Thomas 51yWM
Erie Street119   Jun1118441042More,Child of Robert11mW 
Erie Street126   Aug2918451318Moreley,Child of Martin H2yW 
Erie Street1184   Apr418587507Morf, Elizabeth 6mWF
Erie Street138   Jul818471811Morgan,Child of G1yW 
Erie Street157   Apr1318492578Morgan,Mrs E W27yWF
Erie Street1135   Jan618545619Morgan,Child of Wm14dW 
Erie Street1168   Aug418566874Morgan,Child of George13dWM
Erie Street1276   Jun23187011062Morgan,Child of Thomas D1yWM
Erie Street1307   Aug19187412271Morgan,Child of Wm24dWM
Erie Street245   Mar18188815045Morgan, 14dWM
Erie Street1189   Oct1818587695Morgan, Adelia 4yWF
Erie Street261   Aug31189115704Morgan, Alfred F 1yWM
Erie Street1185   Apr2118587522Morgan, Ann 41yWF
Erie Street130   Jun2618461479Morgan, C M 1yW 
Erie Street1305   May11187412174Morgan, Clara E 23yWF
Erie Street1126   Jul1418535296Morgan, David D 2mWM
Erie Street196   Oct118514123Morgan, Frank 15mW 
Erie Street1148   Sep1018546147Morgan, G C 1yW 
Erie Street1218   Oct918628858Morgan, Geo 2y M
Erie Street1173   Feb118577078Morgan, Henry 46yWM
Erie Street192   Jun1018513941Morgan, Herbert 19yWM
Erie Street161   Jul2518492728Morgan, John 1yWM
Erie Street1241   Aug2518659653Morgan, John 1y M
Erie Street1275   May30187011045Morgan, Mary A 70yWF
Erie Street1185   Apr2418587528Morgan, P 30yWM
Erie Street195   Sep518514092Morgan, Sarah F 11mWF
Erie Street1123   Apr2418535175Morgan, Thomas   M
Erie Street299   Jun30190017163Morgan, Thomas 23yWM
Erie Street1251   Feb3186710065Morgan, William 1y M
Erie Street1200   Jul1018608134Morgan, Wm 10yWM
Erie Street258   Feb3189115583Morgen, Chas H 46yWM
Erie Street230   Oct2188414431Morhman, Charlie 1yWM
Erie Street133   Oct2918461607Morill, Samuel 30yWM
Erie Street1247   Aug2918669930Morley, Frank 3y M
Erie Street272   Nov1189316143Morman, Annieor Murmann3yWF
Erie Street1225   Sep418639121Morney,Child1d  
Erie Street1204   Jan618618281Morningstar,Child of Peter1yWF
Erie Street179   Jul518503423Morris,Mrs H40yWF
Erie Street1289   Jun3187211579Morris,Child of M8dWM
Erie Street1300   Aug16187311979Morris,Child of W M3mWF
Erie Street1302   Nov14187312076Morris,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street12   Aug251840363Morris, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Apr3187813084Morris, Charlotte 83yWF
Erie Street256   Aug24189015499Morris, Chester Arthur 10mWM
Erie Street1256   Nov12186710278Morris, Elizabeth 11yCF
Erie Street1280   Jan12187111231Morris, H C 64yWM
Erie Street1123   Apr318535144Morris, Harriet E 4yCF
Erie Street1138   Mar3118545751Morris, Lydia 84yW 
Erie Street123   Mar2318451204Morris, Wm 24yWM
Erie Street114   Jul261843849Morrison,Child of Charles W 
Erie Street1216   Jul218628769Morrison, Ida Bell 6y F
Erie Street1125   Jun2218535259Morrison, Louisa 37yWF
Erie Street128   Mar918461414Morrison, Sarah 33yWF
Erie Street272   Oct9189316131Morrison, Susan 43yCF
Erie Street1127   Jul2018535313Morrison, Winfield 2mWM
Erie Street12   Sep181840379Morrow,SB Child of William W 
Erie Street16   Aug261841525Morrow,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1210   Aug1618618517Morrow,Child of August9mWF
Erie Street298   Apr12190017118Morrow,SB CF
Erie Street2105  1901Sep21190117393Morrow, 7dCF
Erie Street121   Aug2618441105Morrow, Ellen 13yWF
Erie Street141   Aug2518471921Morrow, Jane 36yWF
Erie Street112   Jan241843772Morrow, John 50yWM
Erie Street212   Jul9188113719Mors, Jas 2mWM
Erie Street112   Nov81842747Morse,Child of T W W 
Erie Street112   Feb61843775Morse,Child of T W W 
Erie Street146   Feb1718482123Morse,Child of D8mW 
Erie Street1179   Aug1318577289Morse, Geo 16yWM
Erie Street1295   Feb9187311810Morse, H E 37yWM
Erie Street121   Sep1518441123Morse, Rebecca  WF
Erie Street1113   Sep1618524803Morse, Sarah G 4yWF
Erie Street131   Aug2318461529Morsmoors,Child1yW 
Erie Street1128   Aug518535352Mortimer, E W 16mW 
Erie Street1174   Feb2018577097Morton,Child of Mrs W A15mWF
Erie Street235   Feb14188614652Morton,SB WF
Erie Street1158   Aug3118556532Morton, George 19mWM
Erie Street1181   Nov2718577405Morton, HDr75yWM
Erie Street24   Jan14188013414Morton, Katie 2yWF
Erie Street123   Jan1818451187Morton, Margaret 58yWF
Erie Street281   Nov21189516479Morton, Oratta 7yWF
Erie Street1185   May218587536Morton, ThomasSB WM
Erie Street183   Aug2518503611Mortons,Child of Elizabeth9dW 
Erie Street1143   Jul2818545954Mory,Child of Peter2y  
Erie Street136   Mar2718471716Morzen,Child of Mrs3mW 
Erie Street246   May25188815074Mosby, 2mCF
Erie Street252   Sep28188915309Mosby,SB CM
Erie Street257   Nov4189015540Mosby,Infant SB CF
Erie Street262   Nov11189115737Mosby, Elizabeth 34yCF
Erie Street123   Jan2518451189Mosby, HenriettaChild1yCF
Erie Street264   Mar13189215809Mosby, Lizzie 6mCF
Erie Street152   Sep2018482362Moscgan,Child of Mrs1yW 
Erie Street1196   Nov2518597980Moser,Child of Ernest4dW 
Erie Street196   Sep2818514119Moses,SB Child of Chester W 
Erie Street1136   Feb1218545675Moses, John 3yWM
Erie Street223   Jun25188314162Moskon, Louisa 6mWF
Erie Street223   May18188314151Moskon, Mary P 5mWF
Erie Street1169   Sep618566930Mosley, Maria E 30yWF
Erie Street1215   Apr2918628739Moss,SB Child of JosephW  
Erie Street265   Jun11189215864Moss,Infant SB CM
Erie Street1276   Jun8187011051Mossman, Orlando 27yWM
Erie Street1145   Aug1718546051Mothans, Otto 9mWM
Erie Street2141   Oct20194717919Mott, Lerena 91yWF
Erie Street174   Feb2418503231Mott, Wm C 3yWM
Erie Street133   Oct1818461597Mould, 16yW 
Erie Street1217   Aug1418628821Mould, Anna 69y F
Erie Street1258   Feb12186810358Mould, B K 43y M
Erie Street19   May51842642Mould, Catherine 80yWF
Erie Street1147   Sep418546129Mould, Kate 15mWF
Erie Street14   Mar301841456Moulton, F B 18mWM
Erie Street148   Apr3018482190Mountain,AKA Mrs Montonya36yWF
Erie Street1192   Mar118597796Mountain, John 16yWM
Erie Street1104   May1018524434Mourer, John 14mWM
Erie Street140   Aug1318471889Mouse, Augustus 14dWM
Erie Street149   Jun418482224Mouse, John 1yWM
Erie Street1151   Dec2418546284Mouser, Albert 1yWM
Erie Street1108   Aug618524604Mowens, M 49yWM
Erie Street1132   Oct1318535522Mowery,Child of Ann WF
Erie Street1129   Aug2418535405Mowery, Winita 10mWF
Erie Street228   Jul19188414381Moxley, Frank 11dWM
Erie Street1297   May12187311884Mozell,SB Child of A   
Erie Street235   Feb25188614657Muckle, Laura 2yWF
Erie Street1186   Jun418587561Mudiendis,SB Child of Jacob WF
Erie Street251   Aug6188915290Muegge, Leo Henry 10mWM
Erie Street262   Nov5189115730Muegge, MarySB WF
Erie Street287   Aug21189716721Muehlhaeuser, Paul 27dWM
Erie Street285   Feb16189716659Mueke, 3dWF
Erie Street295   Aug15189917008Mueke, 11dWM
Erie Street2113   Feb11190417594Mueke, 2mWF
Erie Street2113   Apr26190417606Muelke, Augusta  WF
Erie Street1254   Aug4186710184Mueller,SB Child of Julius   
Erie Street1265   Dec12186810641Mueller,Child of Fred SB   
Erie Street1274   Mar4187010978Mueller,Child of Fred1mWM
Erie Street1286   Dec28187111471Mueller,Child of Edie1yWM
Erie Street1290   Jul16187211626Mueller,Child of Herman4yWM
Erie Street1295   Feb7187311808Mueller,Child of Wm9mWM
Erie Street216   Mar22188213883Mueller,Child of Lewis W4mWM
Erie Street264   Feb27189215803Mueller, Amelia Elizabeth 6yWF
Erie Street1168   Aug1518566902Mueller, Catherine E 18mWF
Erie Street257   Oct1189015520Mueller, Frederick 7wWM
Erie Street249   Feb20188915209Mueller, Johannees 28yWF
Erie Street264   Feb6189215792Mueller, John Albert 4yWM
Erie Street229   Aug19188414395Mueller, Maria 13mWF
Erie Street240   Mar10188714840Mueller, Mary 6dWF
Erie Street1188   Aug2518587643Mueller, Michael 24dWM
Erie Street1254   Aug4186710183Mueller, Mina 1m F
Erie Street298   Apr11190017114Mueller, Norman C 21yWM
Erie Street281   Dec18189516492Mueller, W 47yWM
Erie Street1305   May18187412180Muhlheiser, M 5m  
Erie Street1311   Feb24187512401Muir,SB Child of M WM
Erie Street1176   Apr2718577188Muismer, Louisa 7mWF
Erie Street1333  1878Sep13187813164Muler, Manthe 1yWF
Erie Street1124   May1118535197Mulgate, Wm J 4yWM
Erie Street135   Jan3018471682Mulgrave, James 5mWM
Erie Street126   Aug1318451302Mulgrave, John 2yWM
Erie Street1213   Jan1518628640Mulhall, Mary 16yWF
Erie Street1313   May18187512464Mulheim, Perry H 4yWM
Erie Street290   Jun13189816820Mullaly, Hohn 58yWM
Erie Street120   Jul2318441073Mullen,SB Child of Joseph W 
Erie Street124   Jun2118451246Mullen,SB Child of Jost W 
Erie Street1243   Jan2918669770Mullen,Child of Patrick9m F
Erie Street254   Feb21189015395Mullen,SB WF
Erie Street1230   Apr1018649234Mullen, Edward 26y M
Erie Street172   Jan918503179Mullens,Child of C10dW 
Erie Street1134   Dec2518535597Muller,Child of John W 
Erie Street1300   Aug21187311993Muller,Child of Mary9mWF
Erie Street1309   Nov18187412345Muller,SB Child of J WM
Erie Street1317   Nov10187512619Muller, August 1dWM
Erie Street220   Jan14188314062Muller, Emma 1yWF
Erie Street1316   Oct2187512597Muller, Rosa 14dWF
Erie Street1300   Aug24187311999Muller, Wm HF 6mWM
Erie Street1215   Mar3118628725Mulligan, James   M
Erie Street281   Dec20189516493Mulligan, R J 26yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct1118524907Mullin,Child of C1yWM
Erie Street168   Sep418492991Mullin, John 45y M
Erie Street118   Feb111844986Mulord,Child of Patrick17mWM
Erie Street294   May13189916968Mumfort, Paul 3mCM
Erie Street1151   Nov2618546256Munchin, D C 3yW 
Erie Street1216   Jun2518628764Muncie,SB Child of L C   
Erie Street1146   Aug2018546063Muniker, Leonard 11mWM
Erie Street1164   Mar2518566746Munk,Child of Robert7dWF
Erie Street291   Jul30189816850Munnel, Mabel 23yWF
Erie Street269   Feb17189315999Munnell, William A 1yWM
Erie Street1124   May1118535198Munroe,SB Child of N W 
Erie Street1183   Feb618587466Munroe, AE 50yWM
Erie Street193   Jul1818513990Munroe, J M 26yW 
Erie Street1251   Jan31186710058Munsch,SB Child of Fred   
Erie Street249   Mar30188915224Munson, Caroline Mould 68yWF
Erie Street1186   Jul918587582Munson, Mary E 26yWF
Erie Street1275   Apr28187011024Munz, Elizabeth 29yWF
Erie Street1230   Apr1018649232 DMunze,Child of John A13d M
Erie Street1255   Sep15186710236Munze,Child of John  F
Erie Street1170   Oct2418566989Munzing, Ansker 3dWM
Erie Street284   Sep27189616617Murafski,SB WF
Erie Street299   May23190017144Murafski, Albert 7mWM
Erie Street256   Aug3189015481Murafski, Carolina 59yWF
Erie Street189   Feb2518513831Muran, Wm 36yWM
Erie Street227   Feb26188414309Murawsky, Chas R 7mWM
Erie Street273   Jan30189416184Muray, C C 73yWM
Erie Street1236   Dec918649472Murgatrough, Elizabeth 64y F
Erie Street1329   Jul26187712989Murman, Anna 29yWF
Erie Street272   Nov1189316143Murmann, Annieor Morman3yWF
Erie Street1204   Dec3118608275Murphey, Geo  WM
Erie Street184   Sep118503633Murphy,SB Child of Ed W 
Erie Street187   Dec418503758Murphy,Child of John12yW 
Erie Street190   Apr718513872Murphy,Child of John W 
Erie Street1196   Nov1718597975Murphy,SB Child of Mary WF
Erie Street199   Dec2918514250Murphy, Christopher 2yWM
Erie Street1227   Dec2018639222Murphy, Edwin 3y M
Erie Street1201   Aug418608156Murphy, Geo 10dWM
Erie Street1136   Feb1618545684Murphy, Harriet E 2yWF
Erie Street298   Apr13190017119Murphy, Jerry 38yWM
Erie Street140   Jul3018471862Murphy, Mary 8mWF
Erie Street1331  1878Jan17187813062Murray, Charlotte 6dWF
Erie Street1108   Jul3018524572Murray, James 63yWM
Erie Street222   Apr18188314137Murray, John 56yWM
Erie Street214   Nov4188113807Murray, Malinda E 71yWF
Erie Street210   Feb20188113659Murray, Robert E 70yWM
Erie Street1260   May21186810439Murray, Robt EJr  M
Erie Street2115   Jul22190517674Murray, William C 12yCM
Erie Street1132   Oct2618535542Murry,Child of John2dW 
Erie Street1174   Feb2418577108Murry, Eliza 45yWF
Erie Street1131   Sep1518535468Murry, Elizabeth 5mWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2218546069Murry, John 10yWM
Erie Street1172   Jan218577044Murry, John 40yWM
Erie Street15   Jul211841498Murry, Margaret 14mWF
Erie Street221   Feb18188314090Murry, Minnie 22yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2818524562Murry, Peter 35yWM
Erie Street170   Oct1718493092Murry, Wm 21yWM
Erie Street1185   Apr1818587519Murry, Wm 4yWM
Erie Street1322   Jul18187612774Musal, Paul 10mWM
Erie Street1263   Sep18186810546Musil,Child of John11m  
Erie Street16   Jul311841504Mussar, Thoresa 28yWF
Erie Street1167   Aug418566872Musta, George 15mWM
Erie Street1200   Jun1718608120Musto, John 4yWM
Erie Street1190   Dec1518587737Mustoe, Mary E 4yWF
Erie Street1190   Dec2318587746Mustoe, Sussannah 2yWF
Erie Street1197   Jan518608005Mustoes,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1162   Dec2618556666Mustying, Christ 1dWM
Erie Street1141   Jul1418545889Mutser,Child of Mr2hW 
Erie Street129   Mar3118461425Myer,SB Child of George W 
Erie Street199   Dec1818514226Myer,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1221   Mar818638964Myer, Anna 6m F
Erie Street1112   Sep918524757Myer, Barbary 52yWF
Erie Street1173   Feb618577085Myer, H M 2yWM
Erie Street139   Jul1518471832Myer, L F 11mW 
Erie Street165   Aug1818492878Myer, Mary 11mWF
Erie Street172   Dec418493154Myer, Rosino D 13mWF
Erie Street245   Apr23188815063Myer, Sadie J 24yWF
Erie Street1308   Sep10187412299Myer, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street1206   Mar818618354Myers,Child of H4dWF
Erie Street1244   Feb2418669790Myers,Child of Henry SB  M
Erie Street1159   Sep1718556571Myers, Emily 6dWF
Erie Street122   Oct1818441150Myers, Fanny 36yWF
Erie Street1240   Aug1118659638Myers, H 1y M
Erie Street294   Apr8189916950Myers, Henly 23yCM
Erie Street1153   Jan2618556320Myers, J J 8mWM
Erie Street1217   Aug1018628812Myers, Jacob 11m M
Erie Street1215   Mar2518628712Myers, Lena 2yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar2718566748Myers, Louis FSB W 
Erie Street1196   Dec1518597991Myers, Mike 14dWM
Erie Street1221   Mar1418638972Myers, Willie O 2y M
Erie Street1301   Oct5187312050Mylchrist, Charles 1yWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1418546037Myors, G 3mW 
Erie Street1215   Mar3118628722Myre, Barbara 4yWF
Erie Street1287   Mar2187211510Myrick, Noah 81yWM
Erie Street1292   Sep4187211705Myrick, Orin 47yWM
Erie Street1223   May3018639036Myrick, Wm 67y M
Erie Street1139   Apr2518545789Myrs,SB Child of Michael W 
Erie Street1145   Aug1018546019Myse, Anna M 16dWF
Erie Street1215   Mar3118628722Myse, Barbara 4yWF

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