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Cleveland District Round Table

Erie Street Cemetery Index
Surnames:   S through Tg

CemeteryVolPgDOD-MDOD-DDOD-YDOI-MDOI-DDOI-YInt NoFull NameTitles & TermsAgeColorSex M/F
Erie Street1190   Dec1618587740Saal, Anna Louis 9mWF
Erie Street1270   Sep6186910848Saalo,Child of Chas1m F
Erie Street289   Feb17189816773Saarinen, Victor 39yWM
Erie Street1251   Mar3186710084Saas, August 1y F
Erie Street1302   Oct12187312055Sabastian,Child of John8dWM
Erie Street196   Oct718514127Saben, 4yW 
Erie Street1174   Feb1918577096Sabin, Jennie F 5yWF
Erie Street1175   Mar1018577128Sabin, Susan E 5mWF
Erie Street269   Feb14189315992Sablotin, Karl W 2hWM
Erie Street2100  1900Aug4190017186Sablotnie, Ida Emma 3mWF
Erie Street1128   Aug818535363Sachrist, Elizabeth 5mWF
Erie Street1300   Aug19187311986Sachs,Child of R8mWM
Erie Street12   Aug121840351Sackett, Edward 1yWM
Erie Street1195   Oct218597947Sackett, Hamet G 58yWF
Erie Street1165   Apr118566754Sackett, Sophia C 5mWF
Erie Street1288   Apr16187211540Sackrider, E W 46yWM
Erie Street110   Aug141842700Sackrider, Mary W 21yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar118566723Sackrider, Pamelia 57yWF
Erie Street1128   Aug1218535372Sacrist, Mary 5yWF
Erie Street123   Jan2218451188Saddler,SB Child of Robert W 
Erie Street129   Apr2918461440Saddler,Child of Robert W 
Erie Street16   Aug11841507Saddler, JohnJr15mWM
Erie Street171   Nov1618493129Saddler, John 42yWM
Erie Street159   May3118492630Sades,SB Child of Fredrick W 
Erie Street187   Dec918503763Sadholter, H H 33y  
Erie Street1124   May818535191Sadler,SB Child of R W 
Erie Street1327   Jan30187712915Sadler, Elizabeth 67yWF
Erie Street2115   May3190517658Sadler, Samuel 60yWM
Erie Street247   Oct2188815143Sadler, WmSergt50yWM
Erie Street2102  1901Jan2190117248Sage, George F 72yWM
Erie Street1117   Nov518524961Sage, Mary L 14mWF
Erie Street1219   Dec418628897Sagin,Child of Wm   
Erie Street1126   Jul918535286Sagrist, Ann 2mWF
Erie Street1160   Oct818556598Sagrist, Leanora 18mWF
Erie Street1127   Jul2118535315Sagrist, Lizzie 11yWF
Erie Street1127   Jul2218535316Sagrist, Mary 14mWF
Erie Street1315   Aug21187512549Saidler, Albert 3yWM
Erie Street1315   Aug21187512550Saidler, Ida 1yWF
Erie Street1153   Jan1218556309Sailes,SB Child of Eliza WF
Erie Street1156   Jul218556441Sails,SB Child of John WF
Erie Street271   Jun22189316066Salasker, Frederick G 3mWM
Erie Street259   Mar27189115616Salefski, Bertha 3mWF
Erie Street269   Feb28189316007Salefsky, 3hWM
Erie Street269   Feb27189316006Salefsky, John Edward 7dWM
Erie Street284   Aug11189616597Salefsky, Lillie 5mWF
Erie Street274   Mar27189416204Salefsky, Will 6yWM
Erie Street1161   Nov1718556637Salen, Frederick L 1mWM
Erie Street281   Oct18189516465Salenski, Cassie 18yWF
Erie Street2131   Feb25192017844Salewski, August 54yWM
Erie Street2110   Apr11190317523Salewsky, Maria 74yWF
Erie Street283   Jul6189616575Salezker, Emma 8mWF
Erie Street2103  1901Mar16190117292Sallach, Emma 3yWF
Erie Street272   Sep8189316113Sallach, William F 3mWM
Erie Street1176   May518577194Salm, Ferdinand 2dWM
Erie Street27   Aug3188013537Salmon, Mary A 47yWF
Erie Street1261   Jun27186810460Salo,Child of Charles SB  M
Erie Street277   Feb6189516343Salumiere, Charles 2dWM
Erie Street1118   Dec918525005Sam, G 8yW 
Erie Street1335  1879Feb28187913238Samlos, HSB WF
Erie Street153   Oct1518482386Sampel,Mr30yWM
Erie Street1176   May218577191Sample, J L 21dWM
Erie Street1235   Oct3018649437Sample, John 35y M
Erie Street1157   Jul3018556474Sample, Margaret E 3mWF
Erie Street1149   Oct218546192Sample, Martha E 1yWF
Erie Street1118   Nov1518524973Sample, Phebe A 2m F
Erie Street1139   May1518545808Sample, Wm J 2mW 
Erie Street156   Mar118492529Samples, Joseph 9yWM
Erie Street1262   Aug18186810524Sampson,Child of Wm3yCF
Erie Street241   Jul7188714898Sanborn,Infant WF
Erie Street297   Jan27190017070Sanborn, Albert H 60yWM
Erie Street294   Mar18189916937Sanborn, Harold J 2yWM
Erie Street249   Feb22188915210Sanborn, Harry Hodgsdon 8mWM
Erie Street2125   Sep8191417814Sanborn, Mary E 22yWF
Erie Street1153   Jan418556298Sanburn,Child of C H21mWM
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524632Sand, Margaret 1yWF
Erie Street156   Feb818492507Sander, Jacob 8yWM
Erie Street180   Jul1818503467Sanderman, Charles 28yWM
Erie Street177   Jun1118503365Sanders,Mrs S30yWF
Erie Street1281   Feb8187111255Sanders,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street1281   Feb8187111255Sanders,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street1287   Mar1187211508Sanders, Richard 1yCM
Erie Street277   Feb6189516342Sanders, Sarah Roberta 44yWF
Erie Street199   Dec2218514231Sandey, James 10mWM
Erie Street2114   Aug22190417629Sands, Elizabeth 86yCF
Erie Street228   Jul20188414383Sands, Peter 83yWM
Erie Street1232   Jun3018649307Sandseth,Child of Henry6m M
Erie Street1226   Oct1618639159Sanford,Child of Geo SB   
Erie Street283   Jun2189616565Sanford, Andrew J 54yWM
Erie Street1160   Oct1518556606Sanford, Charles 9mWM
Erie Street1260   Jun15186810451Sanford, Charles 10y M
Erie Street2115   Mar27190517653Sanford, Charles 74yWM
Erie Street232   Mar26188514511Sanford, Emma 49yWF
Erie Street131   Aug1418461521Sanford, Hanna 30yWF
Erie Street289   Mar13189816778Sanford, Lucy R 52yWF
Erie Street1212   Jan518628629Sanford, Mabel 70yWF
Erie Street1258   Jan15186810333Sanford, Simon 35y M
Erie Street1298   May30187311897Sanford, Wm 34y M
Erie Street1313   May24187512469Sanger, Anna H 1yWF
Erie Street1331  1878Jan31187813069Sangsbest, EmmitSB WM
Erie Street219   Sep22188213997Sannerwald,Child of Lena2yWF
Erie Street1111   Aug3018524715Santer, John J 30yWM
Erie Street1180   Oct218577357Santerman, Johanna 12mWF
Erie Street1227   Dec1218639205Santwell, Levi 70y M
Erie Street1298   Jun17187311906Sap,Child of Christ1y M
Erie Street1255   Sep2186710221Sapp, Daisey E 5m  
Erie Street264   Mar8189215806Sapp, Elizabeth L 58yWF
Erie Street13   Oct271840399Sarbrook, Jeljam 63yWM
Erie Street1106   Jul1118524516Sarchfield, T 24yWM
Erie Street230   Sep25188414428Sardou, Ida May 24yWF
Erie Street1201   Aug1518608171Sarett,Child of Paul SB W 
Erie Street149   Jul818482259Sargent,Miss10yWF
Erie Street151   Aug2518482324Sargent,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street1313   May4187512452Sargent, Joseph 77yWM
Erie Street1301   Sep28187312049Sargent, Laura B 67yWF
Erie Street1235   Oct3118649438Sargent, Stephen D 8d M
Erie Street187   Dec2518503775Sarray,Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1269   Jul30186910802Sass,Child of Bertha5y F
Erie Street1280   Jan13187111233Sass,Child of Fred9mWM
Erie Street1282   Apr5187111306Sass,Child of Wm3mWF
Erie Street1283   Jun17187111350Sass,Child of Wilhelmina2yWM
Erie Street1286   Nov26187111455Sass, August 35yWM
Erie Street1305   Jun14187412200Sass, Emelie 12yWF
Erie Street1284   Jul20187111379Sass, Matilda 3yWF
Erie Street1293   Nov22187211749Sass, Theo 22yWF
Erie Street1270   Aug17186910827Sass, Wm 1y M
Erie Street286   Mar29189716674Sasura, Mary 5mWF
Erie Street289   Jan17189816765Sasura, Susie 5dWF
Erie Street1235   Oct218649421Sates,Child of Valentine2m F
Erie Street1244   Mar1618669807Sauer,Child of John8m M
Erie Street1265   Dec28186810649Sauer,Child of John6m F
Erie Street1300   Aug21187311994Sauers,Child of Fred8mWF
Erie Street1146   Aug1818546053Saul, Emma 3yWF
Erie Street1196   Oct918597954Saun, J 2yWM
Erie Street1230   Apr1218649235Saun, Jacob 2y M
Erie Street135   Jan2118471672Saunder,Child of Mr2yW 
Erie Street1290   Jul15187211624Saunders,Child of WE George5mWM
Erie Street131   Jul3118461504Saunders, A M 2yWM
Erie Street259   Feb21189115598Saunders, Emma WMrs71yWF
Erie Street283   Apr23189616546Saunders, Lawrence 3yWM
Erie Street274   Apr30189416217Saunders, Maggie 3mCF
Erie Street1312   Mar12187512418Saunders, W EDr36yWM
Erie Street273   Jan3189416175Saunders, William 81yWM
Erie Street1174   Mar218577114Saureson, Louisa 30yWF
Erie Street1185   Apr2118587523Saurworsen, Jacob F  WM
Erie Street216   Apr8188213891Sauter, Dora 59yWF
Erie Street1115   Sep2718524849Sauttisser, Jacob T 10mWM
Erie Street1266   Jan8186910658Savage, Eli 73y M
Erie Street159   Jun918492642Savoy, H 6dW 
Erie Street1121   Mar418535086Sawenger, SMr67yWM
Erie Street1272   Dec5186910919Sawer,Child of E3m  
Erie Street2122   Aug12191117774Sawleski, Fred KSr78yWM
Erie Street2125   Nov28191417816Sawlesky, Gottfried 46yWM
Erie Street219   Nov8188214025Sawlewski,Child of Louisa F2yWF
Erie Street184   Aug3118503631Sawtell,Mrs L30yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2318524541Sawtell, EMiss17yWF
Erie Street117   Nov111843947Sawtell, Hannah B 51yWF
Erie Street1106   Jul918524513Sawtell, Ira 40yWF
Erie Street1210   Sep2218618550Sawtell, JonasDr74yWM
Erie Street1215   Apr1318628731Sawtell, Minnie V 11mWF
Erie Street1147   Aug3018546107Sawyer, George  WM
Erie Street185   Sep1618503675Sayfe, Caroline 5mWF
Erie Street122   Oct918441142Sayle,SB Child of W W 
Erie Street1164   Mar1818566742Sayle, Anna 25yWM
Erie Street268   Jan2189315971Sayles, Katie Geneva 10yCF
Erie Street138   Jul418471802Saywert, 9mW 
Erie Street124   Jul218451260Scaffert,Child of Lawrence2yW 
Erie Street1103   Apr418524378Scale, Joseph 12yWM
Erie Street1143   Jul3018545965Scales,Miss20yWF
Erie Street1187   Aug2118587633Scales, Anna 10mWM
Erie Street1137   Mar318545706Scales, Joseph 11mWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2018524671Scall,Mr40yWM
Erie Street17   Nov111841566Scandling, Delia 22yWF
Erie Street296   Oct3189917027Scanlon,SB WM
Erie Street1129   Aug2318535401Scarborough, W F  W 
Erie Street131   Aug818461515Scarbourough, Ann H 11mWF
Erie Street180   Jul1718503464Scarry, Susannah 8mWF
Erie Street197   Oct2418514142Scatt, T 31yW 
Erie Street136   Mar818471705Scelly, Wm 9mWM
Erie Street1276   Jun28187011066Schaaf,Child of Henry2mWF
Erie Street1296   Feb20187311824Schaaf,Child of Henry1mWM
Erie Street213   Aug9188113759Schaaf,Child of Anna8dWF
Erie Street2116   Oct2190517681Schabitzer,SB WM
Erie Street216   Apr12188213894Schacelton, S 2yWM
Erie Street271   Jul17189316074Schack,Paul's child1mWF
Erie Street1251   Jan20186710052Schackelton, Hannah J 16y F
Erie Street252   Oct19188915321Schadler, Carl 10mWM
Erie Street267   Sep2189215915Schadler, Mary 4mWF
Erie Street1265   Nov20186810617Schaefer,Child of Henry SB  M
Erie Street214   Oct14188113796Schaefer, 6mWF
Erie Street1230   Mar3018649218 DSchaeffer,Child of John6m M
Erie Street1265   Dec19186810644Schaeffer,Child of J SB  M
Erie Street185   Sep1218503662Schaeffer, Geo 7mWM
Erie Street191   Jun218513935Schafer,Mr26yWM
Erie Street1133   Nov118535559Schafer,SB Child W 
Erie Street1135   Jan1218545630Schafer, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street1118   Nov2718524989Schaffer,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1261   Jul19186810485Schaffer,Child of Henry4m F
Erie Street1186   Jul1818587588Schaffer, Catherine 8dWF
Erie Street1186   Jul1618587586Schaffer, Geo A 16mWM
Erie Street1205   Feb2018618328Schampp, ChristChild of Christ8dWF
Erie Street199   Dec2718514245Schance, Margaret 6yWF
Erie Street281   Dec31189516497Schanks,SB  M
Erie Street1184   Apr1218587515Schants, Susannah 4yWF
Erie Street1239   May3018659590Schantz,Child of Antone  M
Erie Street1249   Dec5186610011Schappy, A 2m F
Erie Street1165   May418566792Scharffenbergus,Child of S5dWM
Erie Street1274   Feb25187010973Scharlin,Child of Mr1mWF
Erie Street1273   Feb6187010955Scharlin, Harriett T 32yWF
Erie Street1230   Mar2818649217 DScharlott,Child of Henry3y M
Erie Street1321   Jul12187612763Scharlott, Albert 6mWF
Erie Street252   Nov3188915327Scharlott, Carrie 10yWF
Erie Street244   Jan7188815005Scharlott, Edna M 10mWF
Erie Street25   Feb5188013427Scharlott, Henry 3yWM
Erie Street2113   Mar16190417601Scharlott, Henry 68yWM
Erie Street1254   Aug11186710196Scharlott, MargaretChild of Henry1y F
Erie Street252   Dec5188915343Scharlotte, Harry 4yWM
Erie Street173   Jan2218503193Scharp, Jacob 14yWM
Erie Street1169   Sep1118566942Schaten, Hellnith 10mWM
Erie Street1305   May13187412175Schatsky,Child of M WM
Erie Street1282   Apr1187111304Schaubuth, Emil 2yWM
Erie Street142   Sep1518471966Schaumburg, Henry 25yWM
Erie Street1257   Jan7186810322Schaus, Peter 32y M
Erie Street1258   Feb2186810354Schaus, Peter 32y M
Erie Street1243   Dec2218659741Schavabe, Sophia 32y F
Erie Street1149   Oct918546205Scheber,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street2105  1901Sep7190117389Schebitzer, Alvina 11mWF
Erie Street272   Sep20189316120Scheeley, Dorothy 69yWF
Erie Street1269   Jul29186910797Scheffield,Child of N H12d M
Erie Street1269   Jul23186910789Schelentrager,Child of A B  M
Erie Street1299   Aug5187311959Schelentrager,Child of A B8d F
Erie Street1299   Aug10187311968Schelentrager,Child of A B2m M
Erie Street274   Mar8189416196Schell, Agnes 3mWF
Erie Street275   Jun24189416247Schell, Frances 22yWF
Erie Street1165   Apr1318566770Scheller,SB Child of Charles WM
Erie Street1172   Jan418577046Scheller,SB Child of Charles WM
Erie Street1246   Jul918669874Scheller,Child of Charles3m M
Erie Street1291   Jul23187211643Scheller, Charles  WM
Erie Street1272   Nov14186910898Schelmann, Geo L 5y M
Erie Street135   Jan2818471680Schencenberger, AR 1yWF
Erie Street1155   May518556403Schenkenberger, Wm F 3yWM
Erie Street12   Sep71840372Schenleburg,SB Child of Jacob W 
Erie Street273   Dec28189316168Scherba, John 1yWM
Erie Street2113   May9190417611Scherler, Anna 65yWF
Erie Street297   Mar20190017091Scherler, Anna M 77yWF
Erie Street1117   Oct1818524930Schermer, Mary 50yWF
Erie Street1117   Oct2318524947Schermer, Mary 2yWM
Erie Street213   Aug1188113753Scherr,Child of Amelia4mWF
Erie Street217   Jun9188213923Scherr,SB Child WF
Erie Street1324   Oct23187612862Schesler, H P 6yWM
Erie Street290   Jun20189816826Schesztak, Balla 9mWM
Erie Street1259   Feb25186810373Scheuer,Child of Henry4m M
Erie Street1263   Sep25186810560Scheuer,Child of Henry3m M
Erie Street1259   Apr8186810411Scheuerman, Charles 7m M
Erie Street1195   Oct418597948Scheuerman, Wm 5mWM
Erie Street1262   Aug6186810515Scheuermann,Child of Henry   
Erie Street1259   Feb25186810373Scheuner,Child of Henry4m M
Erie Street1218   Sep2818628847Scheurr, John G 2m M
Erie Street1142   Jul1518545899Schewnfut, Charles 3yWM
Erie Street1292   Sep4187211704Schibel,Child of Chas W1yWM
Erie Street257   Oct14189015528Schick, Ralph B 11mWM
Erie Street1276   Jun29187011070Schickler,Child of Simon8mWM
Erie Street1280   Jan8187111228Schickler,Child of Simon3yWF
Erie Street1203   Nov2418608251Schiel,Child of Phillip SB WM
Erie Street266   Jul21189215886Schierer, Wm 22yWM
Erie Street1220   Feb1618638946Schiller, Victor 3y M
Erie Street265   May13189215844Schimki, Ernestine 11yWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1518546042Schimman, Michael 5mWM
Erie Street1327   Feb9187712920Schindendorfer, HenrySB WM
Erie Street194   Aug118514030Schinsffler, Andrew 4mWM
Erie Street223   Jul12188314175Schipke, 3dWM
Erie Street1266   Jan17186910663Schirmer, Christiana 58y F
Erie Street256   Aug24189015498Schittkowski, Geo 1yWM
Erie Street275   Jul17189416261Schivede, Emil 7mWM
Erie Street1247   Aug218669904Schlager, Adam 5m M
Erie Street296   Sep27189917024Schlech, Elsie 21dWF
Erie Street290   Jun18189816824Schlech, George 6mWM
Erie Street279   Jun27189516402Schlecht, Georgie 7mWM
Erie Street266   Jul28189215894Schlecht, Rosa 8mWF
Erie Street233   Jul23188514565Schleicher, Albert 10wWM
Erie Street269   Feb3189315989Schleicher, Amanda 1yWF
Erie Street1274   Mar29187011004Schlitt,Child of Henry1yWM
Erie Street21   Jun7187913293Schlitt,Child of Henry3dWM
Erie Street22   Jul16187913318Schlitt,Child of Martin1mWF
Erie Street158   May818492605Schloress, Ann J 6mWF
Erie Street297   Jan23190017067Schluembach, Wilhelmina V 73yWF
Erie Street237   Aug25188614735Schlundt, John 30yWM
Erie Street1178   Jul718577257Schmanfield, Wm 6mWM
Erie Street1188   Sep218587655Schmeave, Catherine 10mWF
Erie Street1301   Sep18187312041Schmeikl,Child of Otto1yW 
Erie Street275   May25189416229Schmeil, 7mWF
Erie Street1305   Jun25187412206Schmeishel,SB Twin 1 of Otto WM
Erie Street1305   Jun25187412206Schmeishel,SB Twin 2 of Otto WM
Erie Street218   Aug13188213969Schmick,Child of Martin10mWM
Erie Street238   Nov13188614774Schmick, W H 49yWM
Erie Street1229   Mar2118649208 DSchmidt,Child of Christ1d F
Erie Street1245   Apr2318669839Schmidt,Child of N8d M
Erie Street1251   Feb23186710079Schmidt,SB Child of Christian   
Erie Street1253   Jun1186710137Schmidt,Child of William  F
Erie Street1253   Jul2186710155Schmidt,Child of W2m  
Erie Street1262   Aug12186810518Schmidt,Child of N SB   
Erie Street1263   Sep29186810565Schmidt,SB Child of Conrad  M
Erie Street1271   Sep27186910861Schmidt,Child of N14d F
Erie Street1273   Feb20187010967Schmidt,Child of Christian5mW 
Erie Street1277   Aug14187011129Schmidt,Child of Charles1mWM
Erie Street1283   May27187111337Schmidt,Child of Andrew3mWM
Erie Street1284   Jul18187111377Schmidt,Child of Christ6mWF
Erie Street1290   Jun29187211597Schmidt,Child of Jacob3mWM
Erie Street1299   Aug9187311964Schmidt,Child of Mina9m F
Erie Street1308   Sep7187412295Schmidt,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street1311   Jan8187512370Schmidt,Child of Wm1dWF
Erie Street213   Aug6188113758Schmidt,Child of Frank7yWM
Erie Street1307   Aug20187412272Schmidt, Allen 87yWM
Erie Street1238   Apr718659570Schmidt, Amanda 2y F
Erie Street1306   Jul7187412216Schmidt, C 10mWM
Erie Street1329   Aug2187712994Schmidt, Carl 5mWM
Erie Street1264   Oct26186810589Schmidt, Chas N 3y M
Erie Street1275   May31187011046Schmidt, Christ 38yWM
Erie Street236   May7188614695Schmidt, Christian 60yWM
Erie Street1238   Apr518659569Schmidt, Clara 3y F
Erie Street285   Dec19189616640Schmidt, Edward 1dWM
Erie Street26   Apr26188013489Schmidt, Emma 11mWF
Erie Street1308   Sep13187412302Schmidt, Henry 21dWM
Erie Street1329   Jul28187712991Schmidt, Henry 9mWM
Erie Street1254   Aug25186710206Schmidt, Herman 10m M
Erie Street1249   Dec3186610008Schmidt, L F 1y M
Erie Street232   Apr21188514523Schmidt, Lena 2yWF
Erie Street1328   Jun24187712972Schmidt, Martha W 7dWF
Erie Street1270   Aug26186910836Schmidt, Mary 2y F
Erie Street166   Aug2818492937Schmidt, Nicholas A 16mWM
Erie Street275   Jun18189416242Schmidt, Otto 66yWM
Erie Street1321   Jun17187612748Schmidt, Pavline 4yWF
Erie Street1322   Aug8187612801Schmidt, William 1yWM
Erie Street229   Sep5188414409Schmiehl, Charlie 1yWM
Erie Street228   May31188414362Schmiehl, Willie 2yWM
Erie Street291   Nov6189816880Schmiel, Albert 4yWM
Erie Street233   Jul30188514575Schmiel, Anna 6mWF
Erie Street2106  1901Nov11190117407Schmiel, Gottfried 75yWM
Erie Street298   Apr16190017122Schmiel, Helen 4mWF
Erie Street2103  1901Mar12190117289Schmiel, Helena 14dWF
Erie Street264   Apr6189215821Schmiel, Herman 6yWM
Erie Street1149   Sep3018546185Schminffer, Mary 5mWF
Erie Street1203   Nov918608239Schmit,Child of Conrad2yWM
Erie Street1255   Sep1186710220Schmit, Martha C 6m  
Erie Street1184   Mar218587479Schmitch, FrederickSB WM
Erie Street1266   Jan2186910656Schmitz, B 73y M
Erie Street274   May21189416224Schmuel, Martha 2yWF
Erie Street1228   Jan518649138 DSchmunk,Child of Robt6m  
Erie Street1263   Sep20186810547Schmunk,Child of R3m F
Erie Street1258   Jan15186810332Schnadt,SB Child of L  M
Erie Street156   Mar518492533Schnaleffer, Philip 1mWM
Erie Street2100  1900Aug13190017190Schnauffer, Barbara 49yWF
Erie Street1265   Dec1186810631Schnauffer, Fred 52y M
Erie Street251   Sep11188915302Schnauffer, John F 10yWM
Erie Street273   Dec17189316162Schneerer, Frank R 32yWM
Erie Street254   Mar12189015408Schneerer, Frederick G 73yWM
Erie Street254   Apr3189015416Schneerer, Hannah 69yWF
Erie Street120   Aug2418441099Schneider,Child of Andrew1mW 
Erie Street1292   Aug25187211694Schneider,Child of William10mWM
Erie Street1334  1878Nov26187813194Schneider, 4dWM
Erie Street218   Aug3188213960Schneider, 14dWM
Erie Street29   Dec30188013604Schneider, Adam 65yWM
Erie Street231   Jan1188514484Schneider, Anna B 77yWF
Erie Street273   Dec22189316163Schneider, Barbara 67yWF
Erie Street268   Dec24189215963Schneider, Charles W 10wWM
Erie Street253   Dec11188915350Schneider, Henry 68yWM
Erie Street2124   Jan 191317794Schneider, Henry 59yWM
Erie Street1276   Jun28187011068Schneider, John 13yWM
Erie Street276   Aug30189416284Schneider, Lilly 3mWF
Erie Street282   Apr5189616538Schneider, MMrs70yWF
Erie Street1265   Dec2186810633Schneider, Magdaliene 35y F
Erie Street1314   Jul24187512522Schneider, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street247   Jul28188815110Schneider, Mary 6yWF
Erie Street1324   Nov10187612871Schneider, Nettie 11yWF
Erie Street1198   Mar2418608050Schneider, Philip 7mWM
Erie Street1267   Mar10186910703Schnerer, Sarah 14y F
Erie Street1290   Jun30187211599Schneszler,Child of Fred2mWM
Erie Street1249   Oct2918669975Schneszler, Anna K 2m F
Erie Street1113   Sep1118524774Schnetzler, Barbary 2yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1618524804Schnezetter, Barbary 30yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1618524805Schnezetter, Ursula 55yWF
Erie Street2125   Nov5191417815Schnezler, JohnJr54yWM
Erie Street116   Oct111843937Schnider,Child of J11mW 
Erie Street1127   Jul2718535330Schnieder,SB Child of Peter WM
Erie Street1142   Jul2218545916Schnieder, Thos 9mWM
Erie Street247   Aug22188815123Schoch, Eva 11mWF
Erie Street272   Oct5189316129Schock,SB WM
Erie Street279   Jul8189516409Schock,SB WM
Erie Street272   Oct17189316135Schock, Lilly 28yWF
Erie Street299   Jun13190017156Schoen, William C 7mWM
Erie Street1269   Jul19186910784Schoenberg, Charles 1y M
Erie Street1142   Jul2318545918Schoenfield, Herman 5yW 
Erie Street159   Jun2118492658Schofield,Child of B B11mW 
Erie Street162   Jul2918492757Scholad, John 27yWM
Erie Street152   Sep1118482348Scholes,Child of Geo1dW 
Erie Street24   Jan16188013415Scholgers,SB Child of David WM
Erie Street1195   Sep318597913Scholl,SB Child of Geo WM
Erie Street272   Aug28189316105Schollmeyer, Christine    
Erie Street1334  1878Oct29187813179Scholmyer, Fred W 3mWM
Erie Street191   May1118513914Scholota,Miss15yWF
Erie Street1236   Dec418649462Scholtz, Charles 1y M
Erie Street1226   Nov818639171Schomoldt,Child of Fred1y M
Erie Street1170   Oct1318566973Schomstrim,Child of Peter2dWM
Erie Street1166   Jun2618566827Schonauffer, Rosina 4mWF
Erie Street1154   Feb2118556342Schonewald,Child of D18yWF
Erie Street1292   Aug29187211698Schoof, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street241   May8188714868Schoot, 3dWM
Erie Street1229   Mar218649182 DSchopp,Child of Jacob1y M
Erie Street1261   Jun29186810465Schoppy, Frank 10y M
Erie Street137   May1018471746Schorendofer, Daniel 6mWM
Erie Street159   May2318492621Schorlton, Geo 7mWM
Erie Street230   Oct25188414444Schrader, Martha 2mWF
Erie Street1250   Jan10186710043Schrearrer, Chas 77y M
Erie Street1276   Jun27187011064Schreiber,Child of Charles21dWM
Erie Street213   Aug26188113766Schreiber,Child of Anna9mWF
Erie Street218   Aug11188213967Schreiber,Child of Caroline14dWF
Erie Street1201   Sep218608190Schreiber, Frederick 1yWM
Erie Street1280   Jan23187111237Schreiber, William 3yWM
Erie Street1314   Jul22187512517Schreiber, William 1yWM
Erie Street129   Apr2218461437Schrenk, Susan 20yWF
Erie Street159   Jun418492637Schrever, F 2yW 
Erie Street1279   Oct13187011186Schriber, Chas 1yWM
Erie Street1272   Dec7186910922Schriber, Margaret 20y F
Erie Street1315   Aug17187512546Schriber, William 1yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2818535331Schrieber, William 11m M
Erie Street1194   Sep118597911Schrink, Elizabeth 30yWF
Erie Street1332  1878May25187813102Schrink, Ferdinand 26yWM
Erie Street1185   May2318587550Schrink, Igormer 5yWF
Erie Street255   Apr26189015427Schrink, JohnCapt69yWM
Erie Street1196   Nov1718597974Schripe, Polnes 16yWF
Erie Street1275   May12187011032Schroder,Child of A WM
Erie Street1169   Sep1418566945Schroder, Frederick 2yWM
Erie Street1212   Dec2918618618Schroeder,Child of Wm2yWM
Erie Street1228   Jan2018649149 DSchroeder,Child of Fred2y  
Erie Street1261   Jul21186810487Schroeder,Child of Chas4m M
Erie Street1262   Jul26186810500Schroeder,Child of A9m F
Erie Street1269   Jul16186910778Schroeder,Child of A3d F
Erie Street1279   Nov19187011197Schroeder,Child of Mr4yWF
Erie Street1295   Jan4187311776Schroeder,Child of Wm2yWM
Erie Street1309   Nov6187412339Schroeder,SB Child of Henry WM
Erie Street18   Feb71842602Schroeder, Caroline 1yWF
Erie Street2111   Oct30190317572Schroeder, Charles 65yWM
Erie Street1221   Feb2818638959Schroeder, Fred 3y M
Erie Street275   May31189416234Schroeder, Fred 6yWM
Erie Street1280   Jan1187111220Schroeder, George 6yWM
Erie Street246   Jun16188815086Schroeder, Gottfried 83yWM
Erie Street223   Jul17188314185Schroeder, Henry 52yWM
Erie Street1323   Oct6187612850Schroeders, ChasSB WF
Erie Street177   May2718503350Schrotsinger,Child of John W 
Erie Street1262   Aug20186810525Schryock,Child of H2m M
Erie Street164   Aug918492825Schuchhard, Catherine 54yWF
Erie Street128   Mar818461413Schudte, Casper 27yWM
Erie Street231   Jan9188514489Schuele, 5mWM
Erie Street230   Oct2188414430Schuele, Andrew 66yWM
Erie Street1320   Feb27187612692Schuele, Dora 1yWF
Erie Street1332  1878Jul15187813124Schuele, P 4mWM
Erie Street277   Dec5189416319Schueler, Conrad 60yWM
Erie Street1175   Apr218577153Schueples, Henry M 2yWM
Erie Street1271   Nov1186910887Schuerger, Geo 67y M
Erie Street222   Apr6188314130Schuerman, Philafena 44yWF
Erie Street1283   Jul5187111364Schuermer, Bertha 11mWF
Erie Street246   Jun10188815080Schueszle, Elizabeth 62yWF
Erie Street276   Sep10189416293Schueszler, 6dWM
Erie Street279   May16189516389Schueszler, John 74yWM
Erie Street112   Nov61842745Schug, Jacob 26yWM
Erie Street1261   Jun24186810454Schuh,Mrs A E56y F
Erie Street1313   Jun16187512481Schuh,SB  M
Erie Street290   Jul8189816837Schuh, 12hWM
Erie Street229   Aug24188414399Schuh, Chas J 38yWM
Erie Street1143   Jul2818545952Schuh, David 62yWM
Erie Street2122   Jul14191117773Schuh, Elenor E 61yWF
Erie Street182   Aug1618503566Schuh, Otto 9mWM
Erie Street2140   Feb10194417906Schuh, Walter 63yWM
Erie Street1247   Jul2018669894Schuhrich,Child of John5d M
Erie Street188   Feb818513815Schuler, Margaret 54yWF
Erie Street1304   Apr9187412161Schulme, Silas 4mWM
Erie Street1323   Sep22187612841Schulte, Anna 8yWF
Erie Street1264   Oct25186810588Schulte, Catherine 4y F
Erie Street1192   Mar518597801Schulte, Eliza 3mWF
Erie Street1305   May23187412184Schultee, John G F 2yWM
Erie Street1270   Sep2186910845Schultey, Wm 1y M
Erie Street165   Aug1518492864Schults, Elizabeth 30yWF
Erie Street1264   Nov9186810611Schultz,Child of John SB  M
Erie Street1278   Sep8187011157Schultz,Child of George WM
Erie Street273   Dec22189316164Schultz, Annie E 28dWF
Erie Street1236   Dec418649462Schultz, Charles 1y M
Erie Street1265   Nov29186810628Schultz, Christopher 66y M
Erie Street2113   Aug22190417628Schultz, Gottleib 27yWM
Erie Street1278   Sep15187011167Schultz, Otto 9mWM
Erie Street1270   Sep2186910845Schultz, Wm 1y M
Erie Street219   Oct6188214010Schultze,Child of Charles9mWM
Erie Street2107  1902Apr23190217450Schulz, Carl 77yWM
Erie Street1324   Oct26187612864Schulze, Mary 11mWF
Erie Street1262   Jul26186810499Schum, Margaret 1m F
Erie Street1145   Aug1418546035Schuman, Mary 3mWF
Erie Street152   Sep1018482346Schundlein, H F 7mW 
Erie Street1228   Jan1418649148 DSchuppenhaucks, Louis 2y  
Erie Street1256   Nov30186710288Schurler,SB Child of Casper  M
Erie Street1278   Sep7187011154Schurr,Child of Charles1yWF
Erie Street1132   Oct1718535526Schusler,SB W 
Erie Street1249   Oct2918669975Schuster, Anna K 2m F
Erie Street1112   Sep918524761Schuten, H 38yWM
Erie Street162   Jul3118492765Schuthelm, Caroline 9mWF
Erie Street136   Apr2118471736Schuthelm, Catherine 2mWF
Erie Street1278   Sep8187011157Schutt,Child of George WM
Erie Street2121   Apr14191017754Schutt, Aloise 64yWM
Erie Street2101  1900Nov28190017233Schutt, Anna 50yWF
Erie Street283   May7189616552Schutt, Joseph 18yWM
Erie Street1278   Sep15187011167Schutt, Otto 9mWM
Erie Street1274   Mar29187011003Schutte, Herman 1mWM
Erie Street165   Aug1818492882Schutter, John 24yWM
Erie Street230   Nov30188414463Schutthelm, Alma 4yWF
Erie Street239   Dec14188614790Schwab, Frankie 21dWM
Erie Street1225   Sep2918639145Schwan,Child of Rev Henry1y  
Erie Street1233   Aug418649352Schwan,Child of Rev Henry   
Erie Street221   Feb6188314079Schwan, Clarra 9mWF
Erie Street241   Jun18188714882Schwan, Lillie 6mWF
Erie Street1257   Dec24186710307Schwan, Theodore 2y M
Erie Street1299   Jul28187311949Schwann,Child of N11m F
Erie Street1331  1878Mar27187813082Schwartfager,SB WM
Erie Street1257   Dec28186710312Schwartz,Child of Christ2m F
Erie Street1299   Jul22187311939Schwartz,Child of John  F
Erie Street1300   Aug28187312006Schwartz,Child of Sophia10mW 
Erie Street1313   May21187512467Schwartz, A 1yWF
Erie Street1192   May318597830Schwartz, Charles 2yWM
Erie Street1192   Apr2318597822Schwartz, Frederick 4y M
Erie Street1253   Jul18186710165Schwartz, Julius 5y M
Erie Street1192   Mar1018597803Schwartz, Phillip 15mWM
Erie Street1243   Jan1018669755Schwartz, Phillip 1m M
Erie Street266   Jun22189215870Schwartz, Phillip 72yWM
Erie Street276   Sep19189416296Schwartz, Roland C 12yWM
Erie Street187   Nov2418503750Schwartzenburg, J 87yWM
Erie Street1281   Feb6187111252Schwarzenburgh,Child of Geo2mCM
Erie Street263   Jan26189215781Schwed, Wm 9mWM
Erie Street1336  1879Mar20187913257Schweitzer,SB Child F B WF
Erie Street1249   Nov318669979Schwemler,Child of Adam4m M
Erie Street274   Apr2189416207Schwendener, Ulrich 31yWM
Erie Street1236   Nov1418649454Schweney, Daniel 46y M
Erie Street1236   Dec2418649485Schwenler,Child of Adam14d  
Erie Street1322   Jul27187612786Schweratfeger, W H 4mWM
Erie Street1200   Aug218608150Schwergs,Child of Anton1yW 
Erie Street270   Jun15189316063Schwerkaski, Elsie 28dWF
Erie Street217   Apr27188213906Schwieman,SB Child WM
Erie Street1249   Nov318669979Schwimmber,Child of Adam4m M
Erie Street232   May11188514537Schwimmer, John 85yWM
Erie Street1263   Sep23186810558Schwimmer, Phillip 1y M
Erie Street1236   Dec2418649485Schwimmler,Child of Adam14d  
Erie Street246   Jun12188815082Schwind, Byron I 20yWM
Erie Street215   Jan27188213844Schwind, Lavina 38yWF
Erie Street1135   Jan218545613Schwizk, Anna 3yWF
Erie Street1134   Dec2918535608Schwizkis,Child of Mary9mW 
Erie Street1169   Sep1218566943Scite,SB Child of Lewis WF
Erie Street127   Dec618451371Scofield,Child of John W 
Erie Street144   Nov218472043Scofield,Child of John1mW 
Erie Street1143   Jul3118545969Scofield,Miss16yWF
Erie Street1146   Aug2718546089 AScofield, Wm Henry 14yWM
Erie Street156   Mar618492534Scorry, Mary 1mWF
Erie Street18   Jan181842595Scott,SB Child of Louisa W 
Erie Street111   Aug281842711Scott,SB Child of M B W 
Erie Street153   Nov1118482410Scott,Child of M B5yW 
Erie Street179   Jul1018503438Scott,Child of M B5mW 
Erie Street1201   Aug2918608185Scott,Child of Joseph H7mW 
Erie Street1233   Aug1718649368Scott,Child of Mrs7d F
Erie Street1252   Apr28186710115Scott,Child of G    
Erie Street1266   Feb1186910679Scott,Child of Geo4m M
Erie Street1279   Nov17187011196Scott,Child of W J3mWF
Erie Street1296   Mar27187311846Scott,Child of Ellen G11mCF
Erie Street242   Aug16188714921Scott,SB CF
Erie Street263   Dec28189115761Scott,SB CF
Erie Street190   Apr1618513885Scott, C M  W 
Erie Street272   Oct30189316141Scott, Ed 9yWM
Erie Street239   Dec14188614791Scott, Edith C 29yWF
Erie Street179   Jul1418503454Scott, Ellen P 10mWF
Erie Street1190   Dec718587725Scott, Fanny E 5mWF
Erie Street226   Jan9188414289Scott, Gertie E 10yWF
Erie Street1267   Apr9186910725Scott, Harriet W 48y F
Erie Street288   Dec18189716758Scott, Ida May 12yWF
Erie Street1154   Mar318556355Scott, Isabella M 14yWF
Erie Street135   Jan2418471677Scott, J H 40yWM
Erie Street1134   Dec1818535586Scott, Jane 35yWF
Erie Street216   Apr15188213895Scott, Maranda E 4yWF
Erie Street135   Jan2418471676Scott, Sarah N 54yWF
Erie Street1123   Apr2218535170Scott, W BSB W 
Erie Street284   Sep4189616608Scott, William N 55yWM
Erie Street263   Dec7189115756Scotten, Florence G 20yWF
Erie Street259   Mar24189115615Scotten, Kate 45yWF
Erie Street263   Jan23189215775Scotten, Walter 12yWM
Erie Street23   Oct9187913360Scotton, Christ 35yWM
Erie Street1214   Feb1818628674Scotton, Franklin 16yWM
Erie Street167   Sep218492976Scovil, Teris 1yW 
Erie Street245   Apr6188815056Scovill, JemimaMrs87yWF
Erie Street121   Sep1018441119Scoville,Child of Wm H1yW 
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524642Scoville,SB Child of E W 
Erie Street25   Mar30188013465Scoville, Adeline 55yWF
Erie Street1319   Feb21187612687Scoville, Josephine 19yWF
Erie Street274   Mar11189416199Scoville, Oliver C 70yWM
Erie Street1313   Jun5187512477Scoville, Philip 84yWM
Erie Street157   Mar1918492554Scranton,Son of Joeb40yWM
Erie Street1180   Oct1118577365Scranton, Emily L 21yWF
Erie Street1184   Mar1718587488Scranton, Irene P 58yWF
Erie Street1207   Apr3018618417Scranton, JennieMiss15yWF
Erie Street1184   Apr1018587512Scranton, Joel 64yWM
Erie Street1232   Jun1918649297Scriber,Child of O E16d  
Erie Street1114   Sep2218524823Scriber, Christian 2yWM
Erie Street243   Nov7188714972Scrivener, Caroline 90yWF
Erie Street17   Sep281841549Scrivner,SB Child of James W 
Erie Street1193   May2118597835Scroggins,Child of Geo CF
Erie Street1240   Aug1318659641Sculer,Child of Julius  M
Erie Street1135   Jan1018545624Seaber, Harriet D 11yWF
Erie Street1181   Nov518577389Seaber, Sarah 39yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar1618566737Seables,Child of John1dWM
Erie Street1254   Aug26186710211Seaborn,Child of James1y M
Erie Street2138   Jan12192717866Seaborn, James P 61yWM
Erie Street1271   Oct20186910877Seaborn, John 5y M
Erie Street1321   Jun12187612743Seaborn, John 64yWM
Erie Street1226   Nov2218639183Seaborn, Mary 78y F
Erie Street186   Oct1418503723Seaborn, P 19yWM
Erie Street2126   Jun14191517821Seaborn, Sarah A 90yWF
Erie Street2122   Mar8191117768Seaburn, James 89yWM
Erie Street13   Oct141840396Seaburns, Abbaliza W 27yWF
Erie Street199   Dec1618514220Seabury, E 16yW 
Erie Street1196   Nov2718597983Sealock,SB Child of David  M
Erie Street1170   Oct218566963Sealock, David 11mWM
Erie Street19   Apr31842630Seaman,Child of Henry W 
Erie Street140   Aug1518471895Seaman,SB Child of H W 
Erie Street156   Feb2718492526Seaman,Mrs H33yWF
Erie Street1112   Sep818524748Seaman,Child of J1yW 
Erie Street1193   Jul1318597854Seaman, Cleora A 5y F
Erie Street119   Apr2418441026Seaman, Corncila N 11mWF
Erie Street1263   Sep24186810559Seaman, Frank H 30y M
Erie Street1211   Oct1118618566Seaman, Geo W 24yWM
Erie Street13   Nov301840415Seaman, Henry D 15mWM
Erie Street1180   Sep718577328Seaman, Jacob 14mWM
Erie Street1251   Feb22186710078Seamon, Henry 60y M
Erie Street1187   Aug2018587629Seamow,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street122   Oct1018441144Searle,SB Child of A G2mW 
Erie Street1245   Apr518669841Searles,Child of P A8m  
Erie Street180   Jul1718503464Searray, Susannah 8mWF
Erie Street1165   Apr218566755Seater, Peter 20yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1118587615Sebert, Francis 4mWM
Erie Street287   Nov3189716742Sebold,SB WM
Erie Street295   Jul24189917000Sebold, Louise  WF
Erie Street1225   Sep3018639146Sechler,Child of Wm   
Erie Street1203   Dec2118608266Sechler, Jas FChild of Jas F1yWF
Erie Street1193   Jul418597848Seckersers,Child of Jacob WF
Erie Street244   Dec17188714993Seckor, Fred 29yWM
Erie Street156   Mar818492536Sedler, Margaret 2dWF
Erie Street157   Mar1618492551Sedler, Mary 10dWF
Erie Street2101  1900Dec17190017238Seefeld, Gottlieb 88yWM
Erie Street231   Feb14188514499Seeholzer, 14dWM
Erie Street247   Jul31188815112Seeholzer, Arthur R 10mWM
Erie Street1255   Sep4186710225Seeley,Child of John W9m M
Erie Street1256   Oct6186710252Seeley,Child of John W10m M
Erie Street1260   Apr22186810421Sehl,Child of Lena6d F
Erie Street1244   Mar1318669803Sehrt,Child of William SB  F
Erie Street1199   May718608092Seib,Child of John2yWM
Erie Street1258   Jan27186810347Seib,Child of John  M
Erie Street1233   Jul2418649334Seibel,Child of John2m M
Erie Street1240   Jul2618659622Seibel,Child of John1m F
Erie Street1283   Jun27187111354Seibel,Child of John7mWM
Erie Street1268   Jun28186910759Seibel, Louisa 8d F
Erie Street1314   Jul9187512499Seibel, M 2mWF
Erie Street1187   Aug1318587618Seiber, Geo 8mWM
Erie Street1290   Jul5187211604Seibil,Child of Wm2mWM
Erie Street222   Mar11188314107Seible, Katie 33yWF
Erie Street1235   Sep2918649416Seibs,Child of John8d  
Erie Street1234   Sep418649389Seidle,Child of Wm2m M
Erie Street1328   May7187712956Seidle, Mary 6yWF
Erie Street1327   Feb17187712923Seidle, William 4yWM
Erie Street298   Mar31190017102Seiferling, Catharine 75yWF
Erie Street252   Nov17188915337Seifert, Ida 26yWF
Erie Street1240   Aug118659628Seigel,Child of Jacob5m M
Erie Street192   Jun1218513946Seiger, Caroline 9mWF
Erie Street199   Dec2418514236Seiger, Helen 63yWF
Erie Street1196   Nov2718597983Seiglock,SB Child of David  M
Erie Street1103   Apr1018524385Seigur, D 22yWM
Erie Street1108   Aug218524583Seigur, Elizabeth 4mWF
Erie Street124   Jun1318451239Seik,Child of Frederick5mW 
Erie Street134   Dec2518461646Seik, Henry 30yWM
Erie Street1259   Mar5186810380Seiler,Child of Carl4m M
Erie Street1283   May23187111336Seirps,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street1133   Oct3118535554Seirs,SB Child of Adam W 
Erie Street1171   Dec518567024Seite, Elizabeth 2yWF
Erie Street1294   Dec11187211755Seitz, MB 3yWF
Erie Street1182   Dec718577418Seitzy, William 10mWM
Erie Street1313   Jun20187512483Selby, Media 23yWF
Erie Street120   Aug218441080Selden, Amelia H  WF
Erie Street210   Mar24188113662Selden, Chas H 30yWM
Erie Street189   Feb2618513833Selger, Christian 26yWM
Erie Street28   Aug22188013549Selilieske, Julian 8mWM
Erie Street220   Dec21188214046Seller, Earnst 3mWM
Erie Street228   Jul15188414378Seller, Julius 8mWM
Erie Street284   Jul19189616585Sellers, Mary E 34yWF
Erie Street293   Feb7189916913Selover, Theodore A 53yWM
Erie Street1244   Feb1918669785Selzer,Child of Henry3m M
Erie Street197   Nov1218514167Semen, Thomas 82yWM
Erie Street1212   Dec518618599Semnlow, John 1mWM
Erie Street281   Nov17189516478Semsok, Amanda 21mWF
Erie Street1102   Mar1818524359Senfert,Child of Wm2yW 
Erie Street1175   Mar3018577148Sengerty, Henry 3mWM
Erie Street1239   May3018659591Sentor, Kate 5y F
Erie Street1216   Jul1118628778Senultz, Frederick 1y M
Erie Street1141   Jul1018545875Sepel,Child of Mr4dWM
Erie Street1305   Jul4187412213Sepstraw, Fred 1yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul1918535307Serburn, F 31yW 
Erie Street12   Sep201840380Serch, Elizabeth C 3yWF
Erie Street1226   Oct1718639161Sergerman,Child of Henry2y M
Erie Street285   Dec2189616634Serrba, John 36yWM
Erie Street1202   Sep1918608209Serret,Child of Paul W 
Erie Street2108  1902Nov25190217489Sesler, Carrie E 50yWF
Erie Street15   May251841468Sesler, Elizabeth 2yWF
Erie Street258   Jan17189115579Sesler, Jefferson H 43yWM
Erie Street169   Sep1818493028Setchfield, Mary 69yWF
Erie Street1173   Feb118577077Setze,SB Child of Fred WF
Erie Street1289   May24187211572Seufert, Catharine 57yWF
Erie Street232   Mar26188514512Seufert, Fred 33yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Mar11187813080Seufert, Ida M 9mWF
Erie Street2112   Dec2190317582Seufert, John 48yWM
Erie Street1321   Jun26187612755Seufert, WilliamSB WF
Erie Street1192   May918597832Sevenborn, Cornelius P 7dWM
Erie Street16   Jul301841503Severance,SB Child of T C W 
Erie Street11   Apr121840301Severance, Erasmus D 23yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep1018524767Severence, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street125   Jul3018451288Sevin,Child of Thomas14mW 
Erie Street1208   Jun2218618465Seward,Child of John3mWM
Erie Street1126   Jul318535276Sewfert,Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1300   Aug29187312008Sexton,Child of James H WM
Erie Street23   Nov24187913379Sexton,Child of Charles3dWM
Erie Street248   Nov4188815156Sexton,SB WF
Erie Street276   Jul28189416266Sexton, Dulcena L 83yWF
Erie Street253   Jan4189015361Sexton, Helen M 57yWF
Erie Street137   May418471743Sexton, Henry 47yWM
Erie Street2124   Feb 191317795Sexton, Henry A 43yWM
Erie Street2128   Feb20191717828Sexton, Henry M 73yWM
Erie Street259   Mar17189115605Sexton, Jennie A 56yWF
Erie Street174   Feb1718503224Sexton, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street2132   Feb16192117847Sexton, Susan 72yWF
Erie Street1229   Mar1818649203 DSexton, Thomas 9y M
Erie Street1183   Jan618587438Seyfert, Eve M 57y F
Erie Street1104   May2318524448Seymore,Mrs M B64yWF
Erie Street1110   Aug1818524651Seymour,Child of C W8mW 
Erie Street181   Aug918503536Seymour, A 60y M
Erie Street1268   Apr28186910734Seymour, Alexander 40y M
Erie Street1160   Oct818556599Seymour, Fulton 12mWM
Erie Street1265   Dec7186810639Seymour, John B 83y M
Erie Street1324   Oct9187612853Seymour, M B 7yWF
Erie Street1166   May518566793Seywart, A 46yWM
Erie Street1268   Jun6186910750Seywert,Child of Nellie3y  
Erie Street1317   Oct23187512607Seywort,SB W 
Erie Street17   Nov211841571Shabel, Chas 36yWM
Erie Street153   Nov1118482413Shaberger,Child of Jacob3yW 
Erie Street286   May31189716694Shackleton, Harriet M 42yWF
Erie Street157   Mar2818492560Shactwell,Mrs P49yWF
Erie Street1328   Apr2187712945Shade, Henry F 11mWF
Erie Street1210   Sep1018618533Shafer,Child of F5mWM
Erie Street1244   Mar1818669809Shafer,Child of Charles1m M
Erie Street212   Jun29188113707Shafer, Esther C 3mWF
Erie Street162   Jul2718492743Shafer, John 7yWM
Erie Street1178   Aug1018577285Shafer, Martha A 19mWF
Erie Street1147   Aug2918546098Shafer, Martin 1yWM
Erie Street181   Aug418503522Shafer, Michael 1yWM
Erie Street114   Jul291843851Shaffer,Child of A W 
Erie Street1187   Aug218587603Shaffer,Child of Mr23yWF
Erie Street271   Jul21189316081Shaffer,Harry's baby9mWM
Erie Street1121   Mar718535093Shaffer, N 35yW 
Erie Street163   Aug218492787Shagamio, Joseph 48yWM
Erie Street1282   Apr1187111304Shahbath, Emil 2yWM
Erie Street165   Aug1918492893Shain, Thomas 7mWM
Erie Street1153   Jan1818556316Shakaman, John 6yWM
Erie Street1118   Dec318524995Shaler, Mary C 3mWF
Erie Street1216   Jun2918628766Shaler, Rachel M 45y F
Erie Street126   Sep2318451337Shalfman, Catherine 76yWF
Erie Street1214   Feb2818628687Shampey, Margaret 9yWF
Erie Street1182   Dec118577411Shancombe, George 1mWM
Erie Street1149   Oct418546195Shandale, Mary 7mWF
Erie Street1178   Jul2218577266Shank,Child of Wm4dWF
Erie Street120   Aug2318441097Shannon,Child of Thomas23yW 
Erie Street276   Sep1189416287Shannon, 2dWM
Erie Street215   Jan31188213845Shannon, James 48yWM
Erie Street210   Mar23188113661Shannon, Maria 37yWF
Erie Street1319   Feb18187612686Shannon, Samuel 35yWM
Erie Street1278   Sep7187011155Shanroette, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street1278   Sep7187011155Shanwette, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street133   Oct818461583Shapley,Mrs J40y F
Erie Street132   Oct318461576Shapley, Geo 6yWM
Erie Street1237   Jan3118659522Sharfer,Child of Mr2m  
Erie Street1217   Aug118628798Shargeneirie,Child of Henry2m  
Erie Street11   Aug21840339Sharkmer,Child of Joseph1yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jun15190117332Sharlock, John 7yWM
Erie Street135   Jan1118471661Sharon,Child of Nicholas2mW 
Erie Street1218   Sep2618628846Sharp,Child of Robt   
Erie Street182   Aug1018503543Sharp, Elizabeth 9yCF
Erie Street251   Jul17188915280Sharp, Geo 43yWM
Erie Street257   Oct8189015526Sharp, Margaret 37yWF
Erie Street248   Dec1188815167Sharp, Mary 50yWF
Erie Street1167   Jul818566834Sharp, Wm 18mWM
Erie Street1102   Mar1518524354Sharp, Wm W 18mCM
Erie Street1237   Jan3118659522Sharper,Child of Mr2m  
Erie Street1186   Jun1918587569Sharpley,SB Child of T WM
Erie Street1228   Feb1518649171 DShasp,Child of Margaret M SB   
Erie Street180   Jul2118503477Shatter, Robert 6mWM
Erie Street1105   Jun1518524487Shaun, Rosa 40yWF
Erie Street11   Jul131840325Shaver, Ellen 5yWF
Erie Street1308   Oct25187412332Shaw,Child of M WM
Erie Street1181   Nov2318577400Shaw, Anna M 26yWF
Erie Street1299   Aug10187311966Shaw, Elizabeth 82y F
Erie Street1218   Oct2018628868Shaw, Flora 1y F
Erie Street277   Dec24189416325Shaw, J E 65yWM
Erie Street285   Jan16189716647Shaw, James 45yWM
Erie Street278   May8189516382Shaw, Jane 68yWF
Erie Street285   Dec10189616636Shaw, William W 30yWM
Erie Street162   Jul2718492740Shaygance, Ann 38yWF
Erie Street1204   Feb318618307Shcnipp,Child of Conrad2yW 
Erie Street1126   Jul1118535293Shea, Bridget 1yWF
Erie Street187   Jan118513779Sheffany,Child of Geo W 
Erie Street1297   May7187311881Sheffel,SB Child of David  M
Erie Street1159   Sep918556551Sheffenberd, Augustus 18mWM
Erie Street212   Jul2188113713Sheffield, Harry 3yWM
Erie Street264   Mar20189215814Sheffield, Hellen 1yWF
Erie Street212   Jun29188113708Sheffield, Walter 1yWM
Erie Street264   Mar26189215815Sheffield, Walter 3yWM
Erie Street240   Feb6188714828Shehy, Ettie S 35yWF
Erie Street1288   Apr15187211538Sheiber, Christ 5yWM
Erie Street1300   Aug19187311987Sheighouse,Child of Mamie11mWF
Erie Street168   Sep218492981Sheika, Wm 14mWM
Erie Street213   Aug26188113765Sheilk,Child of Augusta10mWF
Erie Street1109   Aug1418524643Shekenberger, Fred 22yWM
Erie Street164   Aug1318492848Sheldon,Mrs M70yWF
Erie Street1136   Feb2018545688Sheldon,SB Child of J W 
Erie Street1236   Dec918649470Sheldon,SB Child of Geo  M
Erie Street1317   Dec42187512642Sheldon,SB WM
Erie Street245   Mar3188815033Sheldon, L V 38yWM
Erie Street129   Apr218461426Sheldon, Martha 38yWF
Erie Street1189   Nov518587704Sheldon, Minnie S 3yWF
Erie Street165   Aug1918492884Sheldon, Peter 32yWM
Erie Street1240   Jul2818659625Sheldrake, Emma 5m F
Erie Street1275   Jun6187011048Shelot,SB Twin 1 of Julius WM
Erie Street1275   Jun6187011048Shelot,SB Twin 2 of Julius WF
Erie Street1132   Oct818535514Shemming,SB Child of Charles W 
Erie Street1185   Apr3018587534Shenk,SB Child of Mr WF
Erie Street1150   Nov218546238Shenopp, Frederick 11mWM
Erie Street1266   Dec29186810651Shepard,SB Child of James  F
Erie Street1274   Apr6187011010Shepard,Child of James WM
Erie Street1286   Dec22187111468Shepard,Child of James4dWM
Erie Street1290   Jul7187211607Shepard,Child of James6mWM
Erie Street1301   Sep4187312019Shepard,Child of Willie1yWM
Erie Street1331  1878Jan15187813059Shepard,SB Child of Magie WF
Erie Street119   Jul718441059Shepard, Jesse 67yWM
Erie Street112   Nov241842753Shepard, Phineas  W 
Erie Street1253   Jun23186710149Shephard,SB Child of James   
Erie Street253   Dec22188915354Shephard, Wm 36yWM
Erie Street114   Jun181843828Shepherd, Lottie Olivia 21yWF
Erie Street1218   Oct2118628869Shepherd, Wm 55y M
Erie Street198   Dec218514198Sheppard, Elizabeth 39yWF
Erie Street191   May818513911Sheppard, Mary 41yWF
Erie Street280   Aug27189516440Sheppard, Maud 42yWF
Erie Street1331  1878Mar30187813083Sheppard, Wm P 34yWM
Erie Street185   Sep2718503695Sheppards, Y 50yWM
Erie Street1297   May1187311876Shepparf,Child of James  M
Erie Street1299   Jul22187311941Sheppy,Child of Wm9m M
Erie Street170   Oct418493068Sherdan, John 35yWM
Erie Street140   Aug118471866Shere, Frederick 1mWM
Erie Street125   Jul418451261Sherimen,Child of George8mW 
Erie Street1256   Nov30186710288Sherler,SB Child of Casper  M
Erie Street250   Apr10188915230Sherler, G H 68yWM
Erie Street1300   Aug19187311988Sherlott, AlbertChild of Henry7mWF
Erie Street1238   Mar1718659556Sherman, Abigail 73y F
Erie Street1223   Jun1718639049Sherman, Adeline 14y F
Erie Street1194   Aug518597878Sherman, Anna M 5dWF
Erie Street1192   Mar3118597816Sherman, Caroline  WF
Erie Street136   Apr118471720Sherman, Catherine 32yWF
Erie Street180   Jul2718503492Sherman, Catherine 20m F
Erie Street1167   Jul1018566838Sherman, Geo 5mWM
Erie Street1126   Jul918535288Sherman, Herman 8mWM
Erie Street1150   Oct2618546227Sherman, John 17mWM
Erie Street12   Aug151840356Sherman, Jonathan 40yWM
Erie Street119   Jul118441052Sherman, MarcellesChild1yCM
Erie Street127   Nov2618451370Sherman, Mary 40yCF
Erie Street156   Mar318492531Sherman, Mary 14dWF
Erie Street1117   Nov418524957Shermer, Henry 5yWM
Erie Street110   Jul141842676Sherwood,SB Child W 
Erie Street1163   Jan418566675Sherwood,Mrs M45yWF
Erie Street1235   Nov318649442Sherwood,Child of Wm H1y  
Erie Street1288   Apr15187211539Sherwood,SB Child of H W W 
Erie Street175   Mar2818503273Sherwood, A 37y M
Erie Street164   Aug1118492838Sherwood, Emma 15mWM
Erie Street1168   Aug1218566900Sherzinkle, John 7mWM
Erie Street120   Jul2518441074Shetrer,Child of Frederick8mW 
Erie Street1219   Dec1618628905Shettle, Frank 3y M
Erie Street1218   Sep2818628847Sheurr, John G 2m M
Erie Street166   Aug2818492939Shick, Catherine 21yWF
Erie Street172   Dec1818493164Shiel, Hannah 16mWF
Erie Street164   Aug1118492840Shifilly,SB Child of Geo W 
Erie Street1287   Jan10187211478Shimmons, Eleanor 85yWM
Erie Street1137   Mar1118545716Shimp, Gulliton 10dW 
Erie Street1181   Nov2418577402Shiney, Julia A 12yWF
Erie Street175   Apr1018503288Ship, Catherine 26yWF
Erie Street166   Aug2818492938Ship, Sarah J 7mWF
Erie Street1226   Oct1618639158Shipman,Child of C M2d F
Erie Street1199   Apr2818608083Shipton,SB Child of Alex W 
Erie Street1213   Jan2618628652Shipton,SB Child of Alexander WF
Erie Street1211   Oct618618561Shipton, Chas 4yWM
Erie Street1185   May1118587540Shipton, W T F  WF
Erie Street239   Jan5188714811Shirley, Frank 9mWM
Erie Street1314   Jun27187512489Shirp, Harvey 1mWM
Erie Street1280   Jan2187111225Shoemaker,SB Child of Chas WM
Erie Street1307   Aug22187412275Shoemaker, Chas 1yWM
Erie Street163   Aug818492819Shogot, John 54yWM
Erie Street1182   Dec318577414Sholla, Mary 3dWF
Erie Street23   Nov14187913373Shollmyer, Geo E 3mWM
Erie Street1242   Nov1318659716Sholts,Child of John SB  M
Erie Street1219   Nov2918628893Shook,Child of John   
Erie Street1175   Mar1418577132Shoper, Margaret B 7yWF
Erie Street247   Aug13188815117Shore,SB CM
Erie Street1171   Dec1218567030Shorer, Mena 2yWF
Erie Street220   Dec12188214037Shores, Delia 14dWF
Erie Street1134   Dec2218535594Shorner, John 3dWM
Erie Street219   Sep13188213994Short,Child of A21dWM
Erie Street273   Jan4189416176Short, David 75yWM
Erie Street292   Dec5189816884Short, Eliza 45yCF
Erie Street115   Aug121843872Short, Frances 67yWF
Erie Street1137   Mar1218545719Short, Frederick 6mW 
Erie Street1140   May2018545816Short, John 1yWM
Erie Street1196   Nov1318597973Short, Lucretia 64yWF
Erie Street2103  1901Apr30190117311Short, Maryetta 86yWF
Erie Street1215   Mar3018628717Short, Peter A 88yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2318524683Short, T 11mWM
Erie Street286   Jun1189716696Shorter, R T 50yCM
Erie Street2123   Jul17191217791Shovan, Annie 68yWF
Erie Street1169   Sep418566928Shremmer, Jane 8mWF
Erie Street127   Nov1018451359Shrinic, Catherine 5yWF
Erie Street133   Oct2718461606Shuary, Jacob 4yWM
Erie Street2141   Jun20194917920Shuck, Frederick 72yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1618503566Shue, Otto 9mWM
Erie Street1180   Sep1718577342Shuer, Eliza 8mWF
Erie Street1156   Jul318556442Shufele, Catherine E 10mWF
Erie Street1210   Sep2118618546Shugarda, GeoChild of Geo2yW 
Erie Street1323   Sep12187612831Shulte, Louisa 10yWF
Erie Street1323   Sep25187612844Shulte, Minnie 3yWF
Erie Street1324   Dec16187612885Shuman, GotliebSB WM
Erie Street1312   Apr25187512444Shuman, John 1yWM
Erie Street1256   Oct13186710254Shumway, Catherine 49y F
Erie Street1209   Jul2918618493Shumway, Edwin J 28yWM
Erie Street168   Sep618492997Shunk, AnnaAKA Hinke65yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep618659667Shure,Child of Charles11m F
Erie Street1304   Mar8187412138Shurtz, Robt 9mWM
Erie Street210   Feb19188113642Shute, EllenMrs44yWF
Erie Street130   Jul718461485Shute, Polly 60yWF
Erie Street1251   Feb3186710064Sickels, Mary 23y F
Erie Street1142   Jul2418545932Sickens, Anna 18mWF
Erie Street291   Oct1189816869Sickner, Nancy 87yWF
Erie Street2107  1902Feb17190217433Sidle, William 63yWM
Erie Street1257   Jan7186810320Siebel, Fred 21y M
Erie Street1260   Jun13186810448Siebert,Child of John3d F
Erie Street153   Oct2318482396Sieblin, John 2yWM
Erie Street25   Feb17188013436Siedle, Emily L 4mWF
Erie Street1279   Nov23187011201Siedle, Emma 5yW 
Erie Street259   Feb16189115594Siedle, Lizzie 23yWF
Erie Street275   Jul14189416260Siedle, Mathias 72yWM
Erie Street2108  1902Dec26190217495Siedle, Nicholaus 85yWM
Erie Street22   Jul26187913329Siefaff, Frank 5mWM
Erie Street1261   Jun17186810452Sieferd,Child of Otto10d F
Erie Street289   Apr15189816790Sieferd, Daisy 2mWF
Erie Street1255   Oct6186710250Siefert,Child of Charles11m M
Erie Street1276   Jul2187011076Siefert, Charles 11mWM
Erie Street1229   Mar2118649209 DSiegel,Child of Jacob1y F
Erie Street286   Mar9189716665Siegel, C J 70yWM
Erie Street1202   Sep518608196Siegelmeyer,Child of Anton11mWF
Erie Street267   Sep8189215918Siegenthaler, Bertha 9mWF
Erie Street22   Jul16187913317Sielaff, Gustave 4mWM
Erie Street2140   Oct11194317905Siemon, Lester EDr75yWM
Erie Street2140   May19194217901Siemon, Sam S 65yWM
Erie Street262   Oct18189115720Siemon, Sophia S 46yWF
Erie Street1257   Dec19186710306Sierkey,Child of M B1m  
Erie Street1276   Jun22187011061Sierp,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street26   May3188013492Sietz,SB Child of Adam WF
Erie Street124   May1918451229Sified, Christian 30yWM
Erie Street1156   Jun3018556438Siger, John H 4mWM
Erie Street1303   Feb1187412113Signus,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street1124   May218535185Sigsber, Christiana 41yWF
Erie Street1180   Sep2718577352Sikken, Janet M 22mWF
Erie Street234   Nov3188514612Silberg, Willhelmine 80yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr618524379Silk, Mark 45yWM
Erie Street1259   Apr7186810410Simm,Child of A6yCM
Erie Street218   Aug7188213963Simmerly,SB Child WM
Erie Street1224   Aug518639094Simmon,Child of J B4m M
Erie Street1278   Aug25187011137Simmon,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street140   Aug318471869Simmond,Child of J B2yWM
Erie Street1135   Jan1718545639Simmond,Child of Mary E1mCF
Erie Street1139   Apr2218545783Simmonds,Child of Wm9dW 
Erie Street1203   Nov2318608247Simmonds, John 30yCM
Erie Street148   May1718482202Simmonds, P 64yW 
Erie Street152   Sep2518482366Simmons, 50yW 
Erie Street1202   Oct1218608223Simmons,Child of John1yWM
Erie Street1206   Mar2118618374Simmons,Child of J W SB W 
Erie Street1237   Jan2218659514Simmons,Child of Wm2y  
Erie Street1312   Mar11187512417Simmons,Mrs46yWF
Erie Street1273   Jan7187010938Simmons, John T 63yWM
Erie Street228   Jun23188414371Simmons, Mary W 57yWF
Erie Street1194   Aug718597882Simmons, Sam 1yWM
Erie Street1228   Jan3018649160 DSimmons, Solomon 4y  
Erie Street1208   Jun2118618462Simmons, WmSr72yWM
Erie Street1278   Aug25187011137Simon,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street1282   Apr9187111310Simon, Elen 2yWF
Erie Street1126   Jun3018535274Simon, Mary 5mWF
Erie Street196   Sep2218514112Simon, Wm 2yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2718535419Simond, Bickerman F 18mCM
Erie Street1209   Jul3118618494Simons,Child of Mrs4mWF
Erie Street1290   Jul14187211622Simons,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street270   May19189316049Simons, Arthur 3mWM
Erie Street2103  1901Apr17190117305Simons, Rosella 45yCF
Erie Street2113   Jul29190417627Simpkins, May T 9mWF
Erie Street1229   Mar1018649195 DSimpson,Child of Samuel1y F
Erie Street1275   May7187011031Simpson,Child of John7mWM
Erie Street232   Mar19188514509Simpson, Elizabeth 51yWF
Erie Street284   Sep3189616607Simpson, O 3mCF
Erie Street233   Jul12188514561Simpson, Willie 2yCM
Erie Street1130   Sep918535451Sims, Julia 20mWF
Erie Street1230   Apr518649227 DSims, Julius W 34y M
Erie Street1302   Dec12187312085Sinaman, Louisa 1mWF
Erie Street2103  1901Mar22190117294Sinclair, Wanda 8mWF
Erie Street25   Mar28188013461Sindoe, Willie 6mWM
Erie Street1276   Jul9187011085Sines,Child of Charles11mWM
Erie Street160   Jun2818492669Singer, Anna 4yWF
Erie Street1153   Jan1418556311Singer, Loretta 4mCF
Erie Street1198   Mar1818608049Singer, Martha E 1yCF
Erie Street245   Mar24188815049Singer, Sarah 55yWF
Erie Street1204   Jan1318618288Sinkenwhechner, Mary 4yWF
Erie Street2104  1901Jul13190117348Sipos, John 55yWM
Erie Street1307   Aug16187412267Sisely,Child of John2mWM
Erie Street1232   Jul418649311Sisley,Child of A1y M
Erie Street147   Apr1118482172Sitener,Mr26y M
Erie Street149   Jul218482249Siter,Child of Wm1yW 
Erie Street272   Nov7189316144Sittzel, Eva Catharine 80yWF
Erie Street1270   Sep2186910844Skank,Child of Jenny  F
Erie Street23   Sep18187913350Skank, George Smith 3yCM
Erie Street2103  1901Apr16190117304Skeaton, Janie 39yCF
Erie Street1215   May1318628745Sked, Anna 76y F
Erie Street278   Apr22189516376Sked, CarolineMrs45yWF
Erie Street1306   Jul29187412242Sked, G N 19yWM
Erie Street1270   Aug31186910842Sked, Helen M 5y F
Erie Street145   Nov2718472064Sked, Mary E 33yWF
Erie Street210   Feb20188113648Sked, Sarah C 61yWF
Erie Street247   Aug12188815115Sked, William V 72yWM
Erie Street160   Jun2618492666Skeds,SB Child of Mr   
Erie Street1117   Nov118524956Skeed,SB Child of Wm WM
Erie Street1148   Sep518546135Skeel,Child of N15mW 
Erie Street1196   Nov1018597970Skeels, Minerva W 12yWF
Erie Street1167   Jul1018566844Skeif, Sarah J 13mWF
Erie Street1180   Sep518577327Skeif, William 6mWM
Erie Street1163   Jan1218566682Skemans,SB Child of Mrs WF
Erie Street11   Aug41840340Skinner,Child of Lorenzo E1WM
Erie Street1271   Oct24186910880Skinner,Mrs H28y F
Erie Street234   Oct11188514605Skinner, Ann 49yWF
Erie Street224   Aug8188314203Skinner, Edae 6mWF
Erie Street1191   Jan1018597767Skinner, James Chr 6m M
Erie Street1169   Sep718566932Skinner, John 9mWM
Erie Street25   Mar13188013452Skinner, Martha St John 75yWF
Erie Street249   Feb18188915206Skinner, Rachel 56yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep618659667Skure,Child of Charles11m F
Erie Street232   Apr17188514521Skusa,SB WM
Erie Street1321   Jun22187612753Skusa, A 2yWF
Erie Street21   May7187913282Skusa, Anna 3mWF
Erie Street224   Aug5188314199Skusa, Gotlieb 17dWM
Erie Street1314   Jun23187512485Skusa, H 10mWF
Erie Street1231   May118649263Skyring,Child of John F2m  
Erie Street186   Oct418503708Slager, Geo 1yWM
Erie Street287   Oct9189716735Slapat, Wilhelmine 4dWF
Erie Street1311   Jan21187512380Slarebach, F 4mWM
Erie Street210   Feb20188113647Slaughter, Louis 65yWM
Erie Street141   Sep218471936Slawson,Child of H1yW 
Erie Street1279   Sep29187011179Slawson, Harriett 26yWF
Erie Street176   Apr2418503311Slawson, Mary 28yWF
Erie Street1273   Jan2187010936Slawson, Susan 34yWF
Erie Street1137   Mar1218545720Slayer, David 9m  
Erie Street1166   May618566794Slee,SB Child of Wm WF
Erie Street1177   May2618577220Sleeper,SB Child of T K C WM
Erie Street264   Feb15189215797Slefski, Minnie 2dWF
Erie Street1151   Nov2718546257Sleigher, Caroline 3yWF
Erie Street1243   Jan2018669763Sloan, Richard 25y M
Erie Street2103  1901Mar12190117288Sloate, Mary Olive 8dWF
Erie Street1301   Sep5187312021Slocumb,Child of Anna D22dWF
Erie Street162   Jul2918492754Slomey, Thomas 25yWM
Erie Street295   Aug16189917009Slopat, Emil 9yWM
Erie Street2100  1900Sep12190017201Slopat, Rudolph 1yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct818524895Slossen, Mary E 10yWF
Erie Street1264   Oct11186810578Slossen, Walter E 6m M
Erie Street237   Aug4188614726Slosson, F S 84yWM
Erie Street281   Jan10189616502Slosson, Julia 89yWF
Erie Street153   Oct2018482390Small,Mr55yWM
Erie Street1138   Mar3018545750Small, James 2yWM
Erie Street256   Jul23189015474Smalley, Nellie E 6wWF
Erie Street1104   May1818524440Smaral, Henry 2mWM
Erie Street1280   Jan29187111244Smart, Monroe 26yCM
Erie Street232   Apr8188514517Smellie, Calista R 72yWF
Erie Street1228   Jan2918649158 DSmellie, Emerson W 18y  
Erie Street1278   Aug29187011143Smellie, Garvin 70yWM
Erie Street187   Dec518503760Smellie, John 1yWM
Erie Street163   Aug418492794Smellie, Robert 1mWM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug11187813147Smidt,Child of Chas6dWM
Erie Street17   Oct151841557Smiley, Amanda 33yWF
Erie Street17   Oct181841559Smith,Child of John W 
Erie Street112   Jan121843770Smith,Child of John1yW 
Erie Street113   Feb181843782Smith,Child of Wm H W 
Erie Street113   Mar171843790Smith,Child of O W 
Erie Street117   Dec161843968Smith,Child of John1mW 
Erie Street118   Feb111844987Smith,Child of John5mW 
Erie Street120   Jul1718441068Smith,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street121   Oct718441138Smith,Child of George P8mW 
Erie Street138   Jun1818471782Smith,Child of J B2yW 
Erie Street142   Sep618471952Smith,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street148   Apr2818482187Smith,SB Child of J B W 
Erie Street151   Aug1618482305Smith,Child of G H5mW 
Erie Street151   Aug2318482319Smith,Child of G P6mW 
Erie Street151   Sep118482332Smith,Child of Doc J B5yW 
Erie Street152   Sep2618482369Smith,Child of Richard3mW 
Erie Street154   Dec718482445Smith,Child of S E7yWF
Erie Street155   Jan1718492480Smith,Child of E2mW 
Erie Street158   Apr2418492590Smith, 12yWF
Erie Street174   Mar918503246Smith,Child of Allen5mW 
Erie Street186   Oct2918503737Smith,Mr36yWM
Erie Street188   Jan218513781Smith, 10yW 
Erie Street194   Aug818514043Smith,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street1107   Jul1718524529Smith,Child of Mr1yWM
Erie Street1125   Jun2418535263Smith,Child of I L W 
Erie Street1131   Sep2018535474Smith,Mr WM
Erie Street1135   Jan1218545632Smith,Child of James10dW 
Erie Street1139   May1518545806Smith,SB Child of G W 
Erie Street1140   May1918545813Smith,Child of Wm2yW 
Erie Street1157   Jul2618556469Smith,Child of Mrs2yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar1618566738Smith,SB Child of Mrs WF
Erie Street1177   Jun118577228Smith,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street1179   Aug2418577305Smith,Child of A G11mWM
Erie Street1197   Jan2518608017Smith,Child of Charles2dW 
Erie Street1199   Apr2618608079Smith,Child of Wm11mWM
Erie Street1199   May818608090Smith,Child of John WF
Erie Street1201   Aug2118608181Smith,Child of Geo SB W 
Erie Street1204   Jan3118618303Smith,Child of Conrad SB WM
Erie Street1205   Mar118618347Smith,Child of John L SB W 
Erie Street1209   Aug618618504Smith,Child of Lewish or Louis9mWF
Erie Street1216   Jul1318628777Smith,Child of John B3m  
Erie Street1218   Sep2118628841Smith,SB Child of J m  M
Erie Street1223   Jul1918639070Smith,Child of Henry SB  F
Erie Street1231   May2918649285Smith,Child of C A8d F
Erie Street1232   Jul718649314Smith,Child of Francis1yCF
Erie Street1232   Jul1118649322Smith,Child of H W1m M
Erie Street1234   Sep2418649410Smith,Child of Mrs1y F
Erie Street1241   Oct518659687Smith,Child of Geo SB  F
Erie Street1243   Dec2418659743Smith,Child of Conrad5d M
Erie Street1243   Dec2418659744Smith,Child of Fred1y  
Erie Street1244   Mar718669798Smith,Child of Christ SB  F
Erie Street1245   Apr2318669839Smith,Child of N8d M
Erie Street1251   Feb23186710079Smith,SB Child of Christian   
Erie Street1253   Jul2186710155Smith,Child of W2m  
Erie Street1261   Jun22186810453Smith,Child of Jacob SB   
Erie Street1262   Jul23186810492Smith,Child of J N2m M
Erie Street1262   Aug12186810518Smith,Child of N SB   
Erie Street1267   Mar29186910716Smith,SB Child of Wm   
Erie Street1269   Jul18186910783Smith,Child of Henry1y  
Erie Street1271   Sep27186910861Smith,Child of N14d F
Erie Street1273   Feb20187010967Smith,Child of Christian5mW 
Erie Street1277   Jul29187011107Smith,Child of John L WM
Erie Street1282   May13187111327Smith,SB Child of Miss W 
Erie Street1287   Feb29187211507Smith,Child of Conrad21dWF
Erie Street1288   Apr28187211551Smith,Child of John2yWM
Erie Street1290   Jul2187211602Smith,Child of M11mWM
Erie Street1302   Nov2187312068Smith,SB Child of Philip W 
Erie Street1302   Nov21187312077Smith,SB Child of C H WF
Erie Street1309   Dec26187412362Smith,Child of Chas3dWM
Erie Street1312   Mar15187512422Smith, 1dWM
Erie Street1331  1878Jan14187813058Smith,SB Child of A WF
Erie Street213   Aug13188113761Smith,Child of Ellen3dWF
Erie Street218   Sep1188213982Smith,Child of John J1yWM
Erie Street219   Oct1188214007Smith,Child of H G M WM
Erie Street222   Mar12188314110Smith,Child of Bessie B2yWF
Erie Street253   Dec11188915349Smith,SB WF
Erie Street260   Apr20189115635Smith, 5wCM
Erie Street264   Feb22189215801Smith, 21dWM
Erie Street283   Jun24189616569Smith,SB CF
Erie Street284   Jul26189616588Smith, 4mCF
Erie Street112   Dec121842760Smith, A 33yW 
Erie Street166   Aug2118492903Smith, A 22yW 
Erie Street286   May30189716692Smith, Abigail A 83yWF
Erie Street1188   Aug2718587646Smith, Abigal H 76yWF
Erie Street299   Jul9190017167Smith, Albert G 82yWM
Erie Street1122   Apr118535141Smith, Alice 4yWF
Erie Street1146   Aug1818546054Smith, Alice A 3yWF
Erie Street1214   Feb2218628681Smith, Anna 70y F
Erie Street285   Nov26189616631Smith, Arnold G 1yCM
Erie Street285   Jan3189716646Smith, Bertha 3mWF
Erie Street159   Jun1018492641Smith, Caroline 22yWF
Erie Street178   Jun2018503400Smith, Caroline  WF
Erie Street1175   Apr318577156Smith, Caroline 1mWF
Erie Street22   Aug22187913345Smith, Caroline 3yWF
Erie Street1128   Aug618535356Smith, Caroline L 14mWF
Erie Street1208   May2218618437Smith, Caroline S 33yWF
Erie Street137   May2018471754Smith, Catherine 5mWF
Erie Street247   Sep9188815128Smith, Catherine 83yWF
Erie Street263   Dec22189115760Smith, Catherine 63yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2918503619Smith, Catherine A 8mWF
Erie Street122   Nov2518441167Smith, Charles 18mCM
Erie Street1137   Feb2218545693Smith, Charles 2mWM
Erie Street1183   Feb1218587469Smith, CharlesSB WM
Erie Street230   Oct22188414442Smith, Charles T 35yWM
Erie Street283   Jun26189616571Smith, Claude 26yWM
Erie Street1108   Jul3018524573Smith, Clinton 11mWM
Erie Street239   Jan26188714824Smith, D Frank 31yWM
Erie Street124   Jul118451256Smith, Dameon 26yW 
Erie Street273   Dec16189316161Smith, Daniel 51yWM
Erie Street258   Nov22189015547Smith, Deola 2yCF
Erie Street1281   Mar5187111278Smith, E W 26yCM
Erie Street1323   Sep1187612821Smith, Edward 4mWM
Erie Street249   Jan20188915193Smith, Edward P 35yCM
Erie Street1245   Mar2518669815Smith, Elizabeth 56y F
Erie Street2103  1901Mar7190117285Smith, Elizabeth 97yWF
Erie Street2113   Jan30190417592Smith, Elizabeth 78yWF
Erie Street2139   Jan24193817888Smith, Elizabeth Nichols 82yWF
Erie Street1159   Sep618556546Smith, Ellen 2mWF
Erie Street1132   Oct518535508Smith, Emma A 2yWF
Erie Street169   Sep1718493026Smith, Emma C 11mWF
Erie Street213   Aug28188113767Smith, Erastus 91yWM
Erie Street1277   Aug2187011109Smith, Estel 37yWF
Erie Street289   Jan16189816764Smith, F C 29yWM
Erie Street299   Jul19190017174Smith, Floyd 13yWM
Erie Street2117   Jan3190617689Smith, Frances L 91yWF
Erie Street1166   May2218566805Smith, Francis F 27yWM
Erie Street112   Nov201842750Smith, Frederick  WM
Erie Street1100   Jan2818524292Smith, Frederick 33yWM
Erie Street144   Oct2818472038Smith, G H 2yW 
Erie Street134   Dec1718461641Smith, G Wm 3yWM
Erie Street1157   Jul2918556472Smith, Geo 64yWM
Erie Street225   Sep16188314232Smith, Geo Alfred 3yCM
Erie Street1260   May2186810428Smith, Geo P 32y M
Erie Street29   Dec7188013597Smith, George 20yWM
Erie Street2105  1901Aug29190117385Smith, George 8mWM
Erie Street2103  1901Mar11190117286Smith, George E 59yWM
Erie Street2138   Jan10192717865Smith, George F 70yWM
Erie Street192   Jul118513959Smith, GT 5mWM
Erie Street1121   Feb1818535067Smith, H 54yWM
Erie Street1262   Aug2186810507Smith, Harriet 37y F
Erie Street210   Mar16188113658Smith, Harriet M 51yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug818524610Smith, Harris 30yWM
Erie Street222   May2188314144Smith, Harry 2yWM
Erie Street291   Sep2189816863Smith, Harry 10mWM
Erie Street224   Jul30188314194Smith, Harry B 8mWM
Erie Street250   Apr2188915227Smith, Hattie J 34yCF
Erie Street1157   Jul1618556457Smith, Helen E 3mWF
Erie Street173   Jan1718503187Smith, Henry 30yCM
Erie Street184   Sep418503641Smith, Henry 10mWM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb23187913235Smith, Henry 1mWM
Erie Street2100  1900Aug24190017195Smith, Henry K 50yWM
Erie Street239   Dec6188614787Smith, Hiram W 55yWM
Erie Street167   Sep218492978Smith, Isabel 34yWF
Erie Street166   Aug2118492906Smith, JMr WM
Erie Street170   Oct418493069Smith, J L 6y F
Erie Street290   May19189816809Smith, J PMrs83yWF
Erie Street1165   Apr2418566779Smith, James 1dWF
Erie Street282   Feb17189616522Smith, James 83yWM
Erie Street1282   Mar15187111292Smith, James Jackson 2yCM
Erie Street192   Jun1018513942Smith, JBDr49yWM
Erie Street2103  1901Mar19190117293Smith, Jenie T 52yWF
Erie Street217   Jul5188213935Smith, Jessie 9yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524787Smith, John 20yWM
Erie Street1235   Oct2818649436Smith, John 35y M
Erie Street1246   Jul1518669885Smith, John   M
Erie Street234   Aug20188514587Smith, John 56yCM
Erie Street253   Dec8188915347Smith, John 73yWM
Erie Street1219   Dec718628898Smith, John F 3y M
Erie Street1284   Jul22187111381Smith, Joseph A 3mWM
Erie Street262   Sep13189115709Smith, Joseph A 14dWM
Erie Street230   Oct6188414432Smith, Joseph C 40yWM
Erie Street1280   Jan13187111232Smith, Julia G 8mCF
Erie Street234   Nov1188514609Smith, Laura Grace 15yWF
Erie Street160   Jul1118492695Smith, Leonard 4mWM
Erie Street210   Mar5188113654Smith, Lizzie 10dWF
Erie Street2105  1901Sep23190117394Smith, Louis 16hWM
Erie Street1128   Aug318535346Smith, Louisa M 10mWF
Erie Street1246   Jun1718669859Smith, Louisa M 15y F
Erie Street1136   Jan3118545663Smith, Lufus F 25yWM
Erie Street1216   Jun1218628758Smith, Lydia 75y F
Erie Street298   Mar29190017099Smith, Lyman C 8yWM
Erie Street272   Oct19189316136Smith, MamieSB WF
Erie Street245   Mar22188815047Smith, Margret R 1mWF
Erie Street156   Feb1818492516Smith, Maria 2yWF
Erie Street293   Jan2189916897Smith, Maria B 79yWF
Erie Street1255   Sep1186710220Smith, Martha C 6m  
Erie Street128   Jan2118461388Smith, Mary 36yWF
Erie Street1188   Sep818587656Smith, Mary A 4mWF
Erie Street126   Aug1418451303Smith, Mary Ann 3yWF
Erie Street1179   Sep518577326Smith, MathewSB WF
Erie Street1312   Mar1187512407Smith, Matthew 3yWM
Erie Street2101  1900Nov20190017231Smith, Nettie 30yWF
Erie Street15   Jul101841489Smith, Oliver 4yWM
Erie Street250   Jun20188915260Smith, Peter D 2mWM
Erie Street125   Aug1018451300Smith, Prudence A 21yWF
Erie Street162   Jul2718492742Smith, R 8mWF
Erie Street279   Jul15189516413Smith, R J 33yCM
Erie Street1136   Feb118545664Smith, Rebecca 8yWF
Erie Street1193   Jul2118597858Smith, Rebecka 33y F
Erie Street1234   Sep418649388Smith, Robert 12y M
Erie Street258   Nov23189015548Smith, Robert 45yCM
Erie Street1108   Aug318524590Smith, Sarah 1yWF
Erie Street181   Aug218503512Smith, Sarah A 38yWF
Erie Street244   Dec26188714998Smith, Selina 40yWF
Erie Street1191   Jan2718597779Smith, Theodore R 11m M
Erie Street175   Mar2818503275Smith, Thomas 56yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug1618524650Smith, Thomas 4mWM
Erie Street1224   Jul2918639078Smith, Thos H 7mCM
Erie Street1221   Apr218638989Smith, W 51y M
Erie Street229   Sep1188414406Smith, W E 40yWM
Erie Street240   Mar3188714838Smith, Walter Parsons 1mWM
Erie Street1134   Dec1918535588Smith, Wilhelmina 29yWF
Erie Street2141May201964May25196417929Smith, Wilhelmina 86yCF
Erie Street2103  1901Apr9190117301Smith, William 55yWM
Erie Street2107  1902Jan25190217424Smith, William E 37yWM
Erie Street246   Jul3188815093Smith, William T 77yWM
Erie Street1312   Apr17187512441Smith, Willie J 5mW 
Erie Street232   May15188514540Smith, Winifred 9mWF
Erie Street190   Apr418513869Smith, Wm 1mWM
Erie Street29   Nov10188013588Smith, Wm B 69yWM
Erie Street1235   Oct1818649430Smith, Wm B F 7y M
Erie Street1233   Jul2418649335Smith, Wm G 1y M
Erie Street143   Sep2618471991Smith, Wm H 1yWM
Erie Street269   Feb22189316001Smyth, Betsey E 82yWF
Erie Street1302   Oct23187312064Smyth, Charles G 33yWM
Erie Street179   Jul1518503459Snaberger, Caroline 5mWF
Erie Street193   Jul2518514011Snasenberg, Elizabeth 6mWF
Erie Street23   Aug30187913347Sneider, Ella M 5mCF
Erie Street125   Jul2418451282Snell,Child of Francis W 
Erie Street184   Sep318503637Snell, Thomas 6mWM
Erie Street111   Aug251842707Snider,Child of John G W 
Erie Street111   Aug281842712Snider,Child of I G22mW 
Erie Street1135   Jan1618545638Snider,Child of F1mW 
Erie Street1151   Dec1318546274Snider,Child of Mrs1yW 
Erie Street1159   Aug1518556564Snider,Child of Mr2mWF
Erie Street1163   Jan2918566697Snider,SB Child of Mary WF
Erie Street1182   Dec218577412Snider,SB Child of Jacob WF
Erie Street1185   May3018587556Snider,Child of A3yWM
Erie Street1205   Mar618618350Snider,Child of S6yWM
Erie Street1206   Mar2418618377Snider,Other Child of S3yWF
Erie Street1332  1878Apr25187813094Snider,Child of Eugene3dCM
Erie Street176   Apr2018503303Snider, Albert F 6yW 
Erie Street1191   Jan1318597771Snider, Amlie 4m F
Erie Street1157   Aug518556488Snider, Caroline 10dWF
Erie Street199   Dec3018514251Snider, Catherine 8mWF
Erie Street155   Jan3118492497Snider, F 25yW 
Erie Street164   Aug1218492843Snider, Frederick 4yWM
Erie Street1118   Dec818525004Snider, Frederick 3mW 
Erie Street164   Aug1218492842Snider, G 2yW 
Erie Street171   Oct2418493104Snider, G 36yW 
Erie Street1208   Jun218618445Snider, Geo F 56yWM
Erie Street169   Sep2118493040Snider, George 13mWM
Erie Street1169   Sep118566923Snider, George 1mWM
Erie Street17   Sep191841543Snider, John 13mWM
Erie Street154   Nov1718482420Snider, John G 4yWM
Erie Street1151   Dec2418546282Snider, Louisa 11mWF
Erie Street1228   Feb518649162 DSnider, Lucy 4y  
Erie Street1101   Jan2818524293Snider, Margaret 35yWF
Erie Street1172   Dec3118567043Snider, Margaret 46yWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2418524544Snider, W B 14mWM
Erie Street1181   Oct1218577369Snider, WilliamSB WM
Erie Street1258   Jan22186810345Snively, Loulie 1y F
Erie Street29   Jan10188113611Snolke, Fred 5dWM
Erie Street1135   Jan1318545634Snougher, Mena 18mWF
Erie Street123   Apr2018451215Snow,Child of M1yW 
Erie Street156   Feb1818492515Snow,Mrs Veture64yWF
Erie Street166   Aug2118492902Snow,SB Child W 
Erie Street1129   Aug1518535384Snow, Eugene 10mWM
Erie Street1319   Feb16187612682Snow, Fany L 3yWF
Erie Street1320   Mar12187612698Snow, Frank W 9yWF
Erie Street147   Mar3018482157Snow, Jacob 61yWM
Erie Street1100   Jan1718524279Snowbergs, J 6dW 
Erie Street1132   Oct1718535527Snowberry, Daniel 79yWM
Erie Street1264   Oct6186810573Snowtag,SB Child of A  F
Erie Street289   Apr25189816795Snwoden, James T 38yCM
Erie Street149   May2918482220Snyder, Catala 51yW 
Erie Street1324   Dec4187612878Snyder, Elizabeth 8yWF
Erie Street229   Sep10188414421Snyder, Emma 19yWF
Erie Street246   Jul8188815097Snyder, Fannie 23yWF
Erie Street1294   Dec31187211771Snyder, John 5yWM
Erie Street29   Jan12188113615Snyder, John 37yWM
Erie Street246   Jul12188815100Snyder, John 14dWM
Erie Street281   Nov1189516469Snyder, John J 40yWM
Erie Street195   Aug1918514065Snyder, Margaret 16mF 
Erie Street1154   Mar1118556361Snyder, Martin 6yWM
Erie Street1102   Mar2418524368Snyder, Peter 5mWM
Erie Street1303   Jan18187412102Snyder, Robert J 1yWM
Erie Street13   Oct161840397Sobles, Mary E 1yWF
Erie Street217   Jul11188213938Soferey, Frank 9yWM
Erie Street1265   Nov29186810627Sohl, P L 18y M
Erie Street1141   Jul1318545887Soider, Louis 11mWM
Erie Street266   Jul21189215885Solerius, Niles E 38yWM
Erie Street1160   Oct2618556614Sollaway, Daniel 47yWM
Erie Street1298   Jul10187311917Sollberger,Child of Joseph1y M
Erie Street136   Apr418471722Sollinoin, Michael 5mWM
Erie Street260   May5189115644Solloway, Ann 78yWF
Erie Street129   May118461442Solloway, John 45yWM
Erie Street113   Mar101843788Soloway,SB Child of D W 
Erie Street1201   Sep118608188Sommers,Child of L17dWF
Erie Street1202   Sep418608194Sommers,Other Child of L20dWM
Erie Street254   Mar18189015412Sommers, Clarissa 94yWF
Erie Street1222   May618639012Somner,Child of George SB  F
Erie Street135   Feb2418471698Soney,Child of H W 
Erie Street1168   Aug1018566897Sonfider, John MSB WM
Erie Street1145   Aug1518546038Soper,Child of Mr3yW 
Erie Street1128   Aug1318535376Souther,SB Child of P G W 
Erie Street239   Dec22188614797Southey, 3hWM
Erie Street225   Nov29188314263Southey, Walter 9mWM
Erie Street157   Mar1418492548Southwell, Eliza 3mWF
Erie Street1273   Jan28187010953Southworth, E A  WM
Erie Street245   Mar26188815051Southworth, Elizabeth 87yWF
Erie Street1213   Jan1218628637Southworth, Louis A 16yWF
Erie Street1192   Mar118597797Southworth, Lucy 83yWF
Erie Street21   Apr10187913271Southworth, Mary E 45yWF
Erie Street241   Jun6188714876Southworth, Sarah E 49yWF
Erie Street1148   Sep818546139Sover,Child of Ruth1mW 
Erie Street295   Jul15189916993Sovis, John 2mWM
Erie Street2107  1902Jan21190217421Sovis, John 1yWM
Erie Street2108  1902May21190217458Sovis, Olga 3mWF
Erie Street2107  1902Feb11190217430Sovis, Wilma 38yWF
Erie Street16   Sep11841530Sowers,Child of John W 
Erie Street1200   Jun2918608124Soydam, Adeline 23yWF
Erie Street1125   Jun1918535255Space, Barbary 52yWF
Erie Street192   Jul618513965Spach, Wm 18mWM
Erie Street163   Aug418492795Spaddey, John 49yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep818524753Spafford, W 3yW 
Erie Street172   Jan718503176Spaid, Elizabeth 4yWF
Erie Street243   Oct22188714958Spain, Louisa 62yWF
Erie Street146   Feb2018482124Spalding,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street146   Feb2918482130Spalding,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street146   Mar218482131Spalding, 4yW 
Erie Street1276   Jun18187011058Spaller,Child of Joseph WF
Erie Street1299   Aug9187311962Spaller,Child of John  F
Erie Street1306   Jul14187412222Spaller,Child of M WM
Erie Street120   Jul2618441076Spangler,SB Child of M N W 
Erie Street142   Sep1818471973Spangler,Child of M M7mW 
Erie Street193   Jul2118514001Spangler,SB Child of M M W 
Erie Street1108   Aug518524595Spangler,Child of M M3mW 
Erie Street1319   Jan9187612661Spangler, B L 54yWM
Erie Street217   Jun26188213933Spangler, Basil 39yWM
Erie Street115   Aug291843892Spangler, Charlotte 19yWF
Erie Street25   Mar8188013448Spangler, Elizabeth 90yWF
Erie Street245   Mar15188815040Spangler, Harriet 68yWF
Erie Street267   Aug26189215912Spangler, Karl W 41yWM
Erie Street1213   Feb1418628670Spangler, Matilda A 34yWF
Erie Street1136   Feb618545666Spangler, Stanley C 1yWM
Erie Street193   Jul2718514017Spangler, Susan 9mWF
Erie Street178   Jun2518503403Spangler, Wm A 11mWM
Erie Street1313   Jun10187512478Spank,Child of Ed16dWM
Erie Street298   Apr20190017125Spanour, John 43yWM
Erie Street154   Dec618482441Spase,Child of Conrad12dW 
Erie Street1275   May17187011036Spathold,Child of Fred9dWM
Erie Street223   Jun23188314161Spathold, Effie 1dWF
Erie Street1312   Mar27187512432Spaulding, George S 29yWM
Erie Street1237   Jan818659498Spaythes, Rosanah 58y F
Erie Street1309   Nov27187412349Spear, James 69yWM
Erie Street1275   Apr29187011025Speath, Katharine 26yWF
Erie Street1207   May218618418Speck,Child of Hank2mW 
Erie Street1198   Feb2318608038Speck, HenryChild of Henry3mW 
Erie Street1306   Jul23187412238Speddy, Alex G 2mWM
Erie Street244   Jan10188815008Speddy, Geo 42yWM
Erie Street1330  1877Oct30187713034Speddy, Mary 69yWF
Erie Street2139   Jun20194117898Speddy, Nellie Reed 83yWF
Erie Street1266   Feb7186910683Speed, Elizabeth 45y F
Erie Street1273   Dec27186910933Speed, Geo 40y M
Erie Street1194   Aug1118597889Speice,Child of Adam5mWM
Erie Street234   Sep12188514595Speidel, Leo 17mWM
Erie Street136   Apr518471723Spein, Joseph 2yWM
Erie Street1273   Jan26187010952Speiser,Child of John10dWM
Erie Street138   Jul818471812Speler, Peter 3yWM
Erie Street140   Aug918471879Speller, Chas 36yWM
Erie Street168   Sep918493007Speller, Mary 40yWF
Erie Street180   Jul2218503480Spellman, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street2102  1901Jan2190117247Spellman, Ralph 19yWM
Erie Street290   May21189816812Spence, Davis 73yWM
Erie Street1143   Jul2818545953Spencer,Mrs77yWF
Erie Street1197   Jan1718608015Spencer,Child of Eliza3mWM
Erie Street1205   Feb518618313Spencer,Child of A L9dW 
Erie Street1218   Oct618628855Spencer,SB Child of P R   
Erie Street1225   Sep1818639132Spencer,Child of P R1m F
Erie Street1248   Oct1318669963Spencer,Child of P S  F
Erie Street1262   Aug30186810530Spencer,Child of Sarah1mCF
Erie Street1288   Mar25187211528Spencer,SB Child of S S W 
Erie Street248   Dec19188815178Spencer, 28dWF
Erie Street1239   Apr1918659573Spencer, Ada 4y F
Erie Street250   Jun17188915258Spencer, Agnes E 25yCF
Erie Street1180   Sep2318577348Spencer, Angeline 2mW 
Erie Street130   Jun618461466Spencer, Edward  WM
Erie Street125   Jul2818451287Spencer, Edward D 27yWM
Erie Street1315   Aug2187512528Spencer, Elizabeth 54yWF
Erie Street24   Jan24188013421Spencer, Fannie 20yWF
Erie Street297   Mar12190017087Spencer, Fred 25yWM
Erie Street27   Jul1188013511Spencer, Harriet 45yWF
Erie Street186   Oct418503706Spencer, James 2yWM
Erie Street297   Jan30190017071Spencer, James 69yWM
Erie Street2108  1902Dec18190217494Spencer, Mary 69yWF
Erie Street282   Jan20189616507Spencer, Mary A 40yWF
Erie Street1258   Feb12186810359Spencer, T 29y M
Erie Street232   Mar9188514507Spencer, T P 74yWM
Erie Street228   Apr28188414348Spencer, Willie 1mWM
Erie Street1281   Mar13187111290Spencer, Wm 2yWM
Erie Street293   Mar1189916929Spences, Andrew J 69yWM
Erie Street172   Nov2518493146Speremand, Catherine 18m F
Erie Street167   Sep218492977Spetch, Elizabeth 1yWF
Erie Street163   Aug618492804Spetch, W 31yWM
Erie Street1200   Jun418608114Spice, Valentine 4yWM
Erie Street1228   Dec3018639132 DSpies,Child of Valentine1y  
Erie Street288   Dec7189716755Spinks, Rebecca 66yWF
Erie Street1290   Jul8187211610Spochole,Child of Wm5mWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1818587627Spooler,Child of Adam14dWF
Erie Street250   Apr16188915235Spooner,SB WM
Erie Street2139   Oct4193517883Spooner, Minnie 79yWF
Erie Street1299   Jul27187311946Spoonholtz,SB Child of August8m F
Erie Street1297   Apr12187311858Spoonholz, Fred 8yWM
Erie Street123   Jan2518451190Spragg,Child of Mary3mW 
Erie Street122   Oct2918441154Spragg, H J  W 
Erie Street1135   Jan2118545647Sprague,Mrs45yWF
Erie Street259   Feb16189115593Sprague, 7wWM
Erie Street271   Jul27189316085Sprague,Byron's baby5mWM
Erie Street275   Jul10189416256Sprague, 3mWF
Erie Street1251   Feb17186710074Sprague, Frederick 6y M
Erie Street232   Apr19188514522Sprang, Annie 4mWF
Erie Street1288   Apr26187211549Spranges,Child of E D WM
Erie Street176   May1718503337Sprckey,Child of Rachael W 
Erie Street1192   Mar1318597804Spregel, Mary 14dWF
Erie Street1112   Sep818524754Spreny, O H E 14mWF
Erie Street211   Jun7188113695Spring, 2mWF
Erie Street217   Jun9188213922Spring,Child of Lewis1mWM
Erie Street1320   Mar15187612699Spring, F 2yWF
Erie Street1205   Feb618618315Springback,Child of John1dWF
Erie Street1212   Dec2818618616Springborn,SB Child of L   
Erie Street1221   Feb2418638957Springborn,Child of H   
Erie Street1232   Jul318649309Springborn,Child of Henry15d F
Erie Street1278   Aug20187011133Springborn, Mena 1yWF
Erie Street214   Oct31188113803Sprotsbury, Mary M 18yWF
Erie Street1214   Feb1618628672Squair,SB Child of Thos W 
Erie Street1315   Aug8187512535Squier, Robert 61yWM
Erie Street286   May8189716685Squrrell, CMrs86yWF
Erie Street1183   Jan2018587449Stacey,SB Child of William WM
Erie Street2117   Mar21190617698Stacey, Albert 50yWM
Erie Street1140   May2018545814Stacey, Charles E 10yWM
Erie Street210   Feb20188113646Stacey, Francis 91yWF
Erie Street162   Jul3018492758Stacey, Geo 2yWM
Erie Street1120   Jan918535031Stacey, I 60yW 
Erie Street237   Aug23188614734Stacey, James 57yWM
Erie Street227   Apr17188414338Stacey, Mattie J 22yWF
Erie Street228   Jun14188414369Stacey, Nellie 3yWF
Erie Street1267   Feb28186910696Stacey, Wm 49y M
Erie Street1323   Aug28187612819Stacks, Emma 9mWF
Erie Street1323   Aug29187612820Stacks, Nelly 9mWF
Erie Street1223   Jun1018639045Stacomb,Child of J B1d M
Erie Street1238   Mar818659550Stacy, Cora E 5y F
Erie Street1178   Jun2018577247Stadler,SB Child of Leopold WM
Erie Street190   Apr2018513889Stadler, Michael 7mWM
Erie Street116   Sep171843917Stafford,Child of J R10mW 
Erie Street133   Oct1018461587Stafford,    
Erie Street27   Jul14188013521Stafford, 1mWM
Erie Street1276   Jul4187011081Stafford, Carrie M 9mWF
Erie Street198   Dec1218514211Stafford, John 3yWM
Erie Street149   Jun2218482239Stafford, P 40yW 
Erie Street27   Aug16188013545Stagg, Charles 7dWM
Erie Street24   Jan26188013422Stagg, Geo 1yWM
Erie Street244   Dec13188714992Stagg, Jennie Louise 1yWF
Erie Street1287   Jan1187211474Staggney, Harriet 3yCF
Erie Street1261   Jun24186810456Stagna,Child of M1yCF
Erie Street1228   Jan1018649140 DStahl,Child of Phillip1m  
Erie Street1260   May22186810440Stahl,Child of Phillip1y F
Erie Street1333  1878Sep25187813170Stahlhaber, Fred 7yWM
Erie Street1328   May22187712962Stahlhaber, Herman H 6mWM
Erie Street27   Jul14188013526Stahm, Hellen 1yWF
Erie Street150   Jul2118482270Stair, Philip 1yWM
Erie Street18   Mar91842620Stair, Thomas H 15yWM
Erie Street168   Sep318492986Stale, John P   M
Erie Street1288   Apr10187211535Stall,Child of Marg2dWM
Erie Street1131   Sep2518535490Stall, Charles 14mWM
Erie Street1327   Mar13187712935Stall, Mary M 8mWF
Erie Street186   Oct1118503719Stals,Child of F1dWF
Erie Street1110   Aug2218524673Stalsteiner, Johanna 36yWF
Erie Street1175   Apr1318577165Stampf, Adam 2y M
Erie Street172   Nov3018493150Stampfleo, Mary 23yWF
Erie Street297   Feb9190017076Stan, George  WM
Erie Street113   Mar151843789Stanaley, Eliza 26yW 
Erie Street1149   Oct918546202Stanard, Charles 51yWM
Erie Street277   Jan20189516335Stanard, Elizabeth G 75yWF
Erie Street277   Jan20189516336Stanard, Leonard C 43yWM
Erie Street1161   Nov2618556647Stanard, Sarah 78yWF
Erie Street1225   Aug2618639114Stanback, Nellie 14d F
Erie Street1231   Jun318649288Stancomb,Child of F B10d F
Erie Street1215   May1818628749Stancomb, Elizabeth   F
Erie Street1246   Jun1618669857Stancombe, Carrie 5m F
Erie Street1210   Aug2318618522Stancombe, Jas BSB WF
Erie Street139   Jul1318471824Standard,Child of J L1yW 
Erie Street192   Jun718513939Standart, BS 1yW 
Erie Street189   Mar518513838Standart, Wm  WM
Erie Street132   Sep2218461561Standeter, Nicholas 2yWM
Erie Street1100   Jan2118524285Standish,Mr WM
Erie Street241   Jun9188714878Stanfield, Laura 53yWF
Erie Street1197   Jan618608007Stanfield, Thos 79yWM
Erie Street228   Jun10188414367Stang, 3hWM
Erie Street217   May29188213919Stang, Benjamin 7mWM
Erie Street252   Nov13188915333Stang, Henry 1mWM
Erie Street224   Aug11188314205Stang, J Andrew 1mWM
Erie Street128   Jan1618461384Stanley,Child of Alois W 
Erie Street285   Dec10189616637Stanley, 8hWM
Erie Street1157   Aug118556479Stanley, Anna M 21dWF
Erie Street1302   Oct27187312066Stanley, E W 80yWF
Erie Street1147   Sep418546125Stanley, G W 79yW 
Erie Street226   Dec17188314276Stanley, Geo A 65yWM
Erie Street1302   Nov13187312074Stanley, George F 3yWM
Erie Street1182   Dec118577410Stanley, J M 50yW 
Erie Street2113   Feb23190417597Stanley, Sarah C 76yWF
Erie Street290   Jul5189816831Stansell, 3hWM
Erie Street1156   Jun2418556435Stanton,Mrs52yCF
Erie Street1189   Sep2218587677Stanton, Charles 13mW 
Erie Street199   Dec2518514241Stanton, Harriet 8yCF
Erie Street16   Jul291841502Stanton, James 36yWM
Erie Street165   Aug2018492897Stanton, Margaret 23yWF
Erie Street1183   Feb1218587468Stanton, Rebecca 22yCF
Erie Street14   Feb151841435Stapel,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street181   Aug218503511Stark, John 2mWM
Erie Street1194   Aug3018597908Starke, Hammond F 1.5yWM
Erie Street1183   Jan1918587446Starkey, Theodore 6mCM
Erie Street1178   Jul2718577271Starkie, Abel 21dCM
Erie Street160   Jul1418492699Starkweather, Julia 1yWF
Erie Street1110   Aug2118524680Starr, B 25yWM
Erie Street1169   Sep1118566938Starr, Christian Morning 5mWM
Erie Street150   Jul2118482270Starr, Philip 1yWM
Erie Street1203   Nov2118608242Starsnickel,Child of John18mWF
Erie Street136   Apr118471719Statboome, John 3yWM
Erie Street1211   Sep2918618557St Clair, Belle 6mWF
Erie Street189   Feb2318513826Stead, Samuel    
Erie Street23   Sep28187913355Steadman, Buckley 79yWM
Erie Street214   Oct14188113794Steadman, Diana 77yWF
Erie Street1260   Apr17186810417Steadman, Norton C 35y M
Erie Street1284   Jul24187111382Steads,Child of George4mWF
Erie Street143   Sep3018471998Stearn,Miss16yWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2918524566Stearns,Mrs H A26yWF
Erie Street1138   Mar2918545747Stearns, Emily 4yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1118524771Stearns, J L 1yWM
Erie Street1323   Sep18187612836Stearns, WmSB WM
Erie Street171   Nov718493119Stebbins, HB  W 
Erie Street1161   Nov418556624Sted,SB Child of Frederick WF
Erie Street11   Jul81840324Stedman,SB Child of W G W 
Erie Street114   Aug21843856Stedman,Child of B W 
Erie Street1189   Sep2318587676Stedman, Geo 31yWM
Erie Street136   Apr718471725Stedman, LydiaMrs46yWF
Erie Street1143   Jul3018545963Steel, John H 1mWM
Erie Street1184   Mar2218587493Steel, Mary E 8mWF
Erie Street157   Mar1018492542Steel, Samuel 45yWM
Erie Street1221   Mar1318638971Steel, Samuel 3y M
Erie Street1120   Jan918535032Steele,SB Child of M K W 
Erie Street1188   Aug2318587640Steep,Child of Mathew WM
Erie Street1122   Mar1218535106Steep, Geo 5mWM
Erie Street168   Sep218492984Steeter, Franklin 4yWM
Erie Street1324   Nov26187612877Steffan, Catharine 14yWF
Erie Street1315   Sep1187512554Steffan, William 7mWM
Erie Street1276   Jun15187011055Steffen,Child of Mr1mWM
Erie Street1295   Feb10187311811Steffen,Child of Henry J6mWM
Erie Street1312   Apr1187512434Steffen,Child of Henry WF
Erie Street22   Jul8187913306Steffen,SB child WM
Erie Street1314   Jul12187512506Steffen, Henry John 6mWM
Erie Street1291   Jul31187211656Steffin,Child of William1mWF
Erie Street213   Aug29188113769Steffins,Child of Anna H7dWF
Erie Street1334  1878Dec12187813201Steffon, Henry 21yWM
Erie Street1301   Sep14187312033Stefford,Child of William1mWM
Erie Street1120   Jan1718535039Steger,Mrs C22yWF
Erie Street1192   Apr1418597820Steglirty, Valentine 1m M
Erie Street1268   May5186910737Stehler, Geo 4y M
Erie Street1210   Aug1118618513Steigletz,Child of Henry7dWM
Erie Street1288   Apr19187211543Steiglitz,Child of Henry1yWF
Erie Street1297   May26187311892Steiglitz,Child of George W3y M
Erie Street1250   Jan14186710046Steiglitz, Henry 4m M
Erie Street1308   Oct13187412326Steigman, 6dWM
Erie Street1209   Aug318618507Steigmeir,Child of Henry1mWM
Erie Street1200   Jul2318608141Steigmeir, HenryChild of Henry2mWF
Erie Street1291   Aug2187211657Steigmeires,Child of Henry11mWM
Erie Street1327   Jan1187712899Steiler, George 8yWM
Erie Street1322   Jul18187612772Steinacker, Fred 8yWM
Erie Street228   Apr30188414351Steinacker, Michael 66yWM
Erie Street1224   Aug1818639105Steinacker, Wm 1y M
Erie Street1302   Oct20187312061Steinaker, Charles W 20yWM
Erie Street1305   Jun21187412203Steinaker, John 8yWM
Erie Street1210   Sep2018618545Steinberner,Child of Andrew1yWF
Erie Street1217   Sep718628830Steinberner, Louisa 8m F
Erie Street1209   Aug818618510Steinbrener,Child of Andrew4yWF
Erie Street152   Sep1618482355Steinbrenner, M 22yW 
Erie Street147   Jan118482162Steinbrenner, Wm 21yWM
Erie Street158   Apr2018492585Steinbrenner, Wm 59yWM
Erie Street1209   Aug118618497Steinbruner,Child of Andrew3yWF
Erie Street1201   Aug1218608168Steinbugh,Child of Miss21dW 
Erie Street1210   Sep2218618549Steiner,Child of John M1yWM
Erie Street1111   Aug2818524702Steiner, John 30yWM
Erie Street1170   Oct2618566990Steiner, John 5yWM
Erie Street1171   Oct2818566994Steiner, Lewis R 8yWM
Erie Street1171   Nov2018567010Steiner, Matthias E 3yWM
Erie Street1145   Aug1118546026Steinhart, Andrew 5mWM
Erie Street1320   May3187612723Steinmacher, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street140   Aug1618471897Stella, Mary  WF
Erie Street1155   May2218556415Steller,SB Child of Henry WF
Erie Street1206   Apr918618391Steller,Child of Henry6mWF
Erie Street1213   Jan1218628639Steller,Child of Casper21dWM
Erie Street1212   Jan118628621Steller, Anna 3yWF
Erie Street1139   May1118545801Stem, Brichos 1yW 
Erie Street154   Dec1418482449Stemple,SB Child of A W 
Erie Street244   Jan2188815003Stender, 15hWM
Erie Street249   Jan21188915194Stender,SB WM
Erie Street2115   Mar10190517650Stender, Herman 52yWM
Erie Street252   Nov8188915330Stender, Martha 5yWF
Erie Street1205   Feb2618618340Stephan,Child of Jacob2yWF
Erie Street1291   Aug10187211667Stephan,SB Child of Earnest WM
Erie Street1218   Oct1118628861Stephan, Adam 2y M
Erie Street1242   Oct1618659692Stephan, M A 1y M
Erie Street248   Dec7188815172Stephens, Orlie 9mWM
Erie Street250   May10188915243Stephens, Patrick H 10mCM
Erie Street11   May181840308Stephenson, Elizabeth 77yWF
Erie Street1185   May2318587552Stephenson, Louisa C 4yWF
Erie Street278   Apr20189516375Stephenson, William 90yWM
Erie Street1284   Aug17187111401Stepp,Child of Robert1yWM
Erie Street1280   Dec27187011217Stepp, Alphon 1yWM
Erie Street1320   Mar30187612707Stepp, Edward 6mWM
Erie Street1304   Apr8187412160Sterham, Anna 4yWF
Erie Street1274   Mar27187010999Sterling,Mrs Lawrie26yWF
Erie Street285   Jan27189716654Sterling, Charles 46yWM
Erie Street1285   Aug31187111414Sterling, E T  WM
Erie Street258   Dec31189015567Sterling, Elisha 65yWM
Erie Street1194   Aug1218597892Sterling, Elisha T 53yWM
Erie Street1191   Jan2718597780Sterling, Frederick A 62y M
Erie Street1227   Dec2818639231Sterling, James A 25y M
Erie Street28   Oct16188013573Sterling, John M 81yWM
Erie Street246   May18188815072Sterling, Marianne BMrs88yWF
Erie Street261   Jul30189115685Sterling, Paul R 6mWM
Erie Street243   Nov5188714969Sterling, Pearl 3mWF
Erie Street1129   Aug2318535404Sterling, Robert 28yWM
Erie Street120   Aug1318441089Sterling, Susan 14yWF
Erie Street1129   Aug1618535389Stern, Jacob 63yWM
Erie Street1167   Jul818566835Stern, John 4mWM
Erie Street1303   Jan1187412094Stetson, Charles 64yWM
Erie Street1242   Nov2718659722Stetson, Louisa M 54y F
Erie Street276   Aug7189416273Stetzer, 4wWF
Erie Street213   Jul21188113746Steudior,Child of Lizzie6yWF
Erie Street213   Jul29188113751Steudior,Child of Maria7yWF
Erie Street1179   Aug1618577294Stevan, Henry 4mWM
Erie Street1205   Feb118618314Stevans,SB C 
Erie Street21   May10187913283Stevans, John H 70yWM
Erie Street18   Feb181842605Stevans, Lucy 71yWF
Erie Street176   May1818503339Steven,Child of J W 
Erie Street1147   Aug3118546109Steven, 15mc 
Erie Street139   Jul1418471830Stevens,SB Child of T M W 
Erie Street1147   Sep418546128Stevens, 2yW 
Erie Street1196   Oct3018597968Stevens,Child of Conrad3mWM
Erie Street1197   Feb1118608026Stevens,Mrs H R60yWF
Erie Street1203   Dec1618608263Stevens,Child of Conrad SB WM
Erie Street1255   Sep24186710240Stevens,Child of Wm1m F
Erie Street1277   Aug11187011122Stevens,Child of Westly14dWF
Erie Street237   Jul1188614714Stevens,SB CF
Erie Street1287   Feb14187211503Stevens, Albert H 33yWM
Erie Street1231   May918649270Stevens, Betsey 76y F
Erie Street219   Sep10188213992Stevens, Cassie 33yCF
Erie Street170   Oct1318493083Stevens, D  W 
Erie Street1163   Jan518566677Stevens, Elmer J 2mCF
Erie Street1128   Aug618535355Stevens, Frederick 4mWM
Erie Street298   Apr18190017124Stevens, Geo A 89yWM
Erie Street197   Nov1118514166Stevens, J 59yW 
Erie Street1243   Jan1418669757Stevens, John 85y M
Erie Street18   Feb221842609Stevens, Levi 75yWM
Erie Street2106  1901Oct31190117406Stevens, Mary 60yWF
Erie Street1268   May18186910742Stevens, Richd 52y M
Erie Street1306   Jul15187412224Stevens, Sarah D 33yWF
Erie Street245   Mar2188815032Stevens, Sarah E 72yWF
Erie Street229   Sep7188414413Stevens, Wm J 1mWM
Erie Street1203   Dec1518608262Stevenson,Child of Chas A1mWM
Erie Street1216   Jun518628755Stevenson, E J 36y M
Erie Street1331  1878Jan9187813057Stevenson, Louisa M 67yWF
Erie Street280   Aug17189516433Steward, Bertha 7mWF
Erie Street1250   Dec31186610035Steward, Samuel 71y M
Erie Street111   Sep51842718Steward, Wm 22yWM
Erie Street150   Aug1118482294Stewart,Child of Wm1yW 
Erie Street1153   Jan1718556315Stewart,Child of Mrs4mWF
Erie Street1158   Aug1318556504Stewart,Mr25yCM
Erie Street1235   Oct1518649428Stewart,Child of Geo1d  
Erie Street1285   Sep12187111421Stewart,Child of George14dWM
Erie Street1331  1878Feb24187813076Stewart,SB Child of John CF
Erie Street263   Jan24189215777Stewart, 2hWM
Erie Street268   Dec4189215951Stewart,SB WM
Erie Street260   Jun14189115659Stewart, Addie M 21yCF
Erie Street235   Feb16188614653Stewart, Ellen 69yWF
Erie Street268   Jan18189315978Stewart, Frances 26yCF
Erie Street269   Mar11189316017Stewart, Francis 58yCF
Erie Street1142   Jul1718545901Stewart, Geo 9mWM
Erie Street1178   Aug918577281Stewart, Geo 1mWM
Erie Street261   Aug13189115691Stewart, Jame 4mCF
Erie Street1131   Sep2418535488Stewart, James 14mWM
Erie Street269   Feb25189316003Stewart, Jennie A 21yWF
Erie Street1218   Sep918628832Stewart, John 43y M
Erie Street1189   Oct3018587701Stewart, Mary Sheperdson 55yW 
Erie Street1193   Jul1018597853Stewart, Sam CSon of John11mWM
Erie Street113   Mar181843791Stewart, Sarah 36yWF
Erie Street1159   Sep1318556557Stewart, Wm 38yWM
Erie Street270   May24189316054Sthabetz, OttoSB WF
Erie Street186   Oct1718503726Sthnerllin, Caroline C 1yWF
Erie Street178   Jul118503416Stibbetts, W 47yWM
Erie Street1146   Aug2318546076Stich, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1256   Nov19186710282Stickkamper, E H 57y M
Erie Street1327   Jan2187712900Stickland, Polly 87yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep618659668Stickmire,Child of John2m F
Erie Street1260   Jun8186810445Stickney,Child of John CF
Erie Street1296   Mar11187311835Stickney,Child of John1yCM
Erie Street22   Jul26187913331Stickney, Grace 7mWF
Erie Street1315   Aug15187512544Stickney, John 1 1/2yWM
Erie Street1153   Jan1218556307Stickrod, Jacob 1yWM
Erie Street146   Mar1018482139Stickyeld, M 54yW 
Erie Street1275   Apr7187011011Stiehler,Child of John10mWM
Erie Street1151   Nov2518546255Stiel,Child of M H10mW 
Erie Street1261   Jul22186810488Stieler,Child of John1y F
Erie Street14   Jan41841426Stigervill,SB Child of Michael W 
Erie Street1312   Mar5187512413Stiglitz, Willie 2yWM
Erie Street1139   May1118545800Stike, Charles 4yWM
Erie Street1140   May2018545817Stiles, John 37yWM
Erie Street1108   Jul3018524571Still,Mr49yWM
Erie Street1243   Jan918669754Still, Hannah 63y F
Erie Street115   Aug291843890Still, Henry  WM
Erie Street173   Feb118503206Still, JamesMr WM
Erie Street176   May518503323Still, Mary 16yWF
Erie Street1242   Nov2218659720Stillman, Wm H 20y M
Erie Street122   Nov2218441164Stilwell, Wm J 77yWM
Erie Street1140   Jun618545836Stimmeve, Bennet 9m M
Erie Street1206   Mar1418618362Stimpson,Child of C W WF
Erie Street1240   Aug1318659640Stinaker, George 1y M
Erie Street1170   Oct2218566985Stiner, Christian 6mWM
Erie Street186   Oct718503712Stiner, HS 2yWM
Erie Street1210   Aug1418618516Stipps,Child of Mathew2yWM
Erie Street170   Oct1518493085Stislar, John 4yWM
Erie Street259   Feb17189115595Stitt, Robert 2mWM
Erie Street1135   Jan518545618St John,Child of Samuel1yW 
Erie Street265   Jun5189215862St John, Harry 4wWM
Erie Street1293   Oct12187211725Stock,Child of Phil4mWM
Erie Street1306   Jul27187412240Stock, John W 2mWM
Erie Street225   Sep21188314235Stockbridge, Jane 30yWF
Erie Street110   Aug141842699Stocking,Child of Morgan2yW 
Erie Street115   Aug281843889Stocking,Child of Morgan2mW 
Erie Street1158   Aug1118556499Stockley, Emma G 13mWF
Erie Street1222   May2218639022Stockley, John G 64y M
Erie Street1179   Aug2618577311Stockmiller, Charles 4mWM
Erie Street1243   Jan818669752Stocks, Carni R 4m F
Erie Street13   Oct301840403Stockwell, Lydia 53yWF
Erie Street121   Sep2118441130Stodard, Peter 46yWM
Erie Street1259   Feb29186810377Stoddard,Child of C M9d M
Erie Street213   Jul26188113749Stoddard,Child of Walter1yWM
Erie Street162   Jul2918492752Stoddard, FrancisMr1y F
Erie Street1124   May1018535196Stoddard, John 86yWM
Erie Street1174   Feb2418577107Stoddard, Mary W 70yWF
Erie Street1296   Apr8187311851Stoeke, Christ 3yWM
Erie Street1301   Sep27187312047Stoeth,SB Child of John WF
Erie Street1211   Nov618618579Stokes, Geo 68yWM
Erie Street273   Dec15189316160Stokes, Rebeca 98yWF
Erie Street122   Oct2918441155Stoldt, Maria E 25yWF
Erie Street164   Aug1118492837Stole, Henry 4yWM
Erie Street164   Aug1318492851Stole, Henry 30yWM
Erie Street188   Jan518513783Stole, Louisa 9mWF
Erie Street1201   Aug2818608184Stoll,Child of Theodore SB WM
Erie Street1214   Mar1118628699Stoll,Child of Adam5mW 
Erie Street1241   Aug3118659657Stoll,Child of Adam10d M
Erie Street1296   Mar7187311833Stoll,Child of Isaac2dWM
Erie Street24   Dec8187913386Stoll,SB Child of Theodore WF
Erie Street210   Apr4188113665Stoll,SB Child of Theodore WF
Erie Street289   Feb16189816770Stoll,Baby WF
Erie Street21   Apr10187913272Stoll, Albert 6mWM
Erie Street1325   Dec30187612898Stoll, William 5dWM
Erie Street183   Aug2018503585Stolle, Caroline M 32yWF
Erie Street173   Feb218503207Stonager, Wm 2mWM
Erie Street1145   Aug818546016Stonclifo, Emma 14mWF
Erie Street17   Sep251841547Stone,SB Child of James W 
Erie Street1134   Dec2818535606Stone,SB Child of A W 
Erie Street1148   Sep518546134Stone, 83yWM
Erie Street1252   Mar27186710098Stone,twin 1 of S M   
Erie Street1252   Mar27186710098Stone,twin 2 of S M   
Erie Street1262   Aug11186810517Stone,Child of Norman O3m M
Erie Street283   May1189616551Stone,SB WF
Erie Street1186   Jul418587577Stone, Harriet E 63yWF
Erie Street1214   Feb2518628683Stone, Henry 25yWM
Erie Street1253   Jun13186710160Stone, Jessie C 3y M
Erie Street1123   Apr1418635156Stone, M A 23yWF
Erie Street1155   Apr2618556395Stone, Wm A 27yWM
Erie Street155   Jan2418492490Stonebarnus,SB Child of J W 
Erie Street2104  1901Jun1190117326Stoneman, Louis 31yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2518535412Stoney, Arsin 1yW 
Erie Street1208   May2318618438Stonham, Eliza 34yWF
Erie Street1192   Apr318597817Stonham, Thos Albert 14yWM
Erie Street1139   Apr1818545774Stonkenner, Micihael 1yW 
Erie Street257   Oct22189015533Storck, 1hWM
Erie Street1206   Mar818618356Storey, Grace A 10yWF
Erie Street1256   Nov21186710284Storey, RDr48y M
Erie Street1131   Sep2218535482Storrs, Orila 22yWF
Erie Street147   Apr218482163Stors, Amanda 14yWF
Erie Street1214   Mar1118628699Story,Child of Adam5mW 
Erie Street1241   Aug3118659657Story,Child of Adam10d M
Erie Street1206   Mar818618356Story, Grace A 10yWF
Erie Street238   Nov13188614773Stott, Clara 54yWF
Erie Street245   Mar17188815043Stott, Emily 16yWF
Erie Street1220   Jan2618638933Stoughton, Lewis C 30y M
Erie Street124   Jun2018451245Stoup,Child of Michael W 
Erie Street1139   May318545794Stow, Geo 36yW 
Erie Street1181   Oct1918577376Stow, John 3mWM
Erie Street22   Aug6187913339Stowe, Charles 10mWM
Erie Street11   Jul301840338Stow's,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street295   Jul28189917002Strachowich, August 4mWM
Erie Street1305   Jun26187412207Stran, Ella 22yWF
Erie Street158   Apr2218492587Strand, Mary E 3yWF
Erie Street1143   Jul2918545956Strang, Charles 20yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct1518524922Strange, Barbary 25yWF
Erie Street184   Sep518503643Strange, John 30yWM
Erie Street1296   Feb11187311813Strap, Fred 9mWM
Erie Street1306   Jul30187412247Strapera,Child of Peter20dWM
Erie Street1258   Feb2186810352Strass,twin 1 of John  M
Erie Street1258   Feb2186810352Strass,twin 2 of John  M
Erie Street1282   Mar27187111302Strass,Child of Fred3yW 
Erie Street1286   Dec8187111459Strass,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street1287   Feb12187211501Strassner,Child of Peter2mWM
Erie Street1197   Jan118608002Strateman, Wm DSB Child of Wm WF
Erie Street249   Feb9188915203Stratford, Maggie B 21dWF
Erie Street245   Mar24188815048Stratford, Thos 77yWM
Erie Street1204   Feb618618311Stratman,Child of Henry1yW 
Erie Street192   Jun1118513943Straton,Mrs L A26yWF
Erie Street195   Aug1718514060Stratton, C S 8mW 
Erie Street223   Jun11188314159Stratton, Caroline S 59yWF
Erie Street167   Sep118492974Stratton, Clara 2mWF
Erie Street2110   Mar16190317515Stratton, Leecius A 79yWM
Erie Street1314   Jun25187512487Straus, Louis 1yWM
Erie Street1296   Mar7187311832Strazner,Child of Peter19dWM
Erie Street1320   Mar20187612702Streator, Margaret 38yWF
Erie Street169   Sep2718493050Streeten,Child of Mr4dW 
Erie Street1175   Apr818577160Streeter, Rhoda C 21yWF
Erie Street187   Nov2918503755Streeter, S 10yWM
Erie Street1113   Sep1418524790Streetmeter, Josephine 13mWF
Erie Street1197   Dec2318597996Stribenger, Anna M 4yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr2318524399Stribenger, Christiana 2mWM
Erie Street1171   Nov918567001Striber, J L 28yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul18190117352Strick, Gottlibe 65yWF
Erie Street288   Nov25189716749Strick, Gottliebe 60yWM
Erie Street110   Jul261842688Strickland, A T  W 
Erie Street243   Nov27188714982Strickland, Halbert B 41yWM
Erie Street1147   Sep118546112Strinbaugh, Ambrose 6mWM
Erie Street128   Feb1518461403Stringer, John Adams 55yWM
Erie Street1263   Sep28186810564Stristensen, Thomas 1y M
Erie Street257   Oct30189015538Stritt, Mazie 13yWF
Erie Street279   Jul19189516415Stritt, William C 45yWM
Erie Street125   Aug318451294Strok,Child of Nicholas11mW 
Erie Street1136   Jan2518545655Stroke,Mr35yWM
Erie Street1196   Oct2918597966Stron,SB Child of Christian WM
Erie Street114   Jul221843845Strong,Child of Wm W 
Erie Street139   Jul2318471847Strong, 8mW 
Erie Street146   Mar318482133Strong,Mrs38yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr718524381Strong,Mrs40yWF
Erie Street1133   Oct3118535553Strong,SB Child of E B W 
Erie Street1237   Jan1918659511Strong,Child of John E   
Erie Street1321   Jul8187612762Strong, Anna 1yWF
Erie Street1294   Dec16187211758Strong, Ashael 72yWM
Erie Street1335  1879Mar4187913246Strong, Edith 2yWF
Erie Street1169   Aug2918566919Strong, Edward 4yWM
Erie Street191   May818513908Strong, HL 39yW 
Erie Street1247   Aug2718669925Strong, John E 44y M
Erie Street297   Mar1190017082Strong, John Taylor 70yWM
Erie Street1133   Oct3118535552Strong, M  WM
Erie Street1252   Mar19186710092Strong, Marvin H 23y M
Erie Street2114   Sep17190417632Strong, Mary L 68yWF
Erie Street1309   Dec13187412358Strong, P M 52yWM
Erie Street1151   Dec918546267Strong, Samuel 57yWM
Erie Street1306   Jul24187412239Stroth,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street188   Jan618513786Strunht, James 40yWM
Erie Street267   Nov6189215939Stuart, Peter H 40yWM
Erie Street1243   Dec2418659742Stuben,Child of John  M
Erie Street1323   Sep16187612834Stuchler, Joseph 11mWM
Erie Street1230   Apr218649223 DStuckenholdt,SB Child of Henry  F
Erie Street1230   Apr1718649244Stuckey,Child of Phillip1m F
Erie Street1249   Nov1118669987Stuckey, Edmond 7m  
Erie Street1298   Jul14187311919Studier,Child of Theodore5m M
Erie Street1218   Oct818628857Stumf, Eliza 6d F
Erie Street1106   Jul1218534519Stump,Child of Martin14mWM
Erie Street1134   Dec3118535610Stump,Child of Martin2mW 
Erie Street1144   Aug818546011Stump,SB Child of W W 
Erie Street1156   May2918556422Stump,SB Child of Martin WF
Erie Street1301   Sep16187312037Stump,Child of William5mWM
Erie Street1121   Mar518535091Stump, Catherine 15mWF
Erie Street197   Oct2718514148Stump, M 1dW 
Erie Street1172   Dec2118567033Stump, Willilam 23yWM
Erie Street1235   Oct418649425Stumpf,Child of Martin  M
Erie Street1246   Jul618669872Stumpf,SB Child of Martin  M
Erie Street1320   Apr5187612712Stumpf, Paul 3mWM
Erie Street1315   Aug22187512553Stumphy, F 14dWM
Erie Street1179   Aug2218577302Stumpt,SB Child of Martin WM
Erie Street22   Aug14187913342Sturcher, Martha 2yWF
Erie Street22   Jul20187913319Sturchler, Louis 8mWM
Erie Street1106   Jun1618524489Sturdevant, Alvina 26yWF
Erie Street196   Oct1518514133Sturdevant, Jalevott P 17mW 
Erie Street136   May418471740Sturge,SB Child of Stiles W 
Erie Street1199   May3118608111Sturges,Dr WM
Erie Street1278   Aug28187011141Sturges, John C  WM
Erie Street1288   Apr21187211545Sturm,Child of B9mWF
Erie Street250   Jun26188915264Sturm,SB WM
Erie Street246   May22188815073Sturm, Gertie 1mWF
Erie Street1147   Aug2818546096Sturtevant,SB Child of Ezra W 
Erie Street1159   Sep518556543Sturtevant,Child of Ezra1dWF
Erie Street1246   Jul1818669891Sturtevant,Child of C W9m F
Erie Street239   Jan4188714807Sturtevant, Albertine 7wWF
Erie Street1173   Jan2818577070Sturtevant, Ezra 34yWM
Erie Street1157   Aug118556478Sturtevant, Harriet 33yWF
Erie Street184   Sep718503649Sturtevant, Rosella 3yWF
Erie Street1121   Feb2218535075Sturtevent,Child of E1yW 
Erie Street1245   Apr1718669834Stutzelen,Child of C1y F
Erie Street1264   Oct7186810575Stutzelen, Martha 1y F
Erie Street1320   Mar26187612706Stwody,SB N3 WM
Erie Street1143   Jul2718545944Styles, G W 1mW 
Erie Street1329   Sep17187713016Stypes, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street134   Jan618471653Suchs,SB Child of Philip W 
Erie Street131   Aug2618461534Suckaman,Child of Wm2yC 
Erie Street162   Jul2818492749Sudholter, Mary 3mWF
Erie Street217   Jul22188213945Suedder,Child of Wm8mWM
Erie Street1190   Dec2118587745Suhr, William 1y M
Erie Street1158   Aug1818556514Sukinder, George 13mWM
Erie Street1140   May2518545825Sukins,Mrs40yW 
Erie Street195   Aug1718514059Sullivan, Charlotte 23mWF
Erie Street1104   May318524421Sullivan, Eliza 10mWF
Erie Street130   Jun1918461473Sullivan, Elizabeth 30yWF
Erie Street1116   Oct1318524914Sullivan, Elizabeth 5mWF
Erie Street1118   Dec418524998Sullivan, J 23yWM
Erie Street229   Sep8188414417Sullivan, Margaret 30yWF
Erie Street130   May2818461461Sullivan, Timothy 8yWM
Erie Street167   Aug3018492952Sulton, Harry 19mWM
Erie Street1169   Aug3118566922Summel, Ellen 14dWF
Erie Street190   Apr1618513888Summer,Mr50yWM
Erie Street1195   Sep618597920Summer,SB Child of Phillip WF
Erie Street294   Mar25189916942Summer, 5dCM
Erie Street1214   Feb2218628678Summer, Anna 3yWF
Erie Street1189   Oct1418587692Summer, Geo 8mWM
Erie Street1194   Aug1018597887Summer, J 3mWM
Erie Street1274   Mar10187010987Summer, Mary 2mWF
Erie Street23   Nov18187913375Summerfeld, Eva 17yWF
Erie Street1272   Nov5186910892Summers,Child of Geo1y F
Erie Street1161   Dec1118556655Summers, L 1m M
Erie Street245   Apr6188815057Summers, Lucy 68yCF
Erie Street121   Oct718441139Summers, Uriah 21yWM
Erie Street1283   May23187111335Sumphf,Child of Wm13mWM
Erie Street1104   May818524430Sundy,Child of Capt1mW 
Erie Street274   Mar17189416201Sunkowski, Charles 28dWM
Erie Street1174   Feb2018577095Surcone,Child of Peter4mWF
Erie Street187   Nov1618503747Surdevant, Martha A 3yWF
Erie Street284   Oct13189616619Surke, Emma 2yWF
Erie Street271   Jun23189316067Suschimeske, Wilhemina 3yWF
Erie Street284   Jul23189616587Suske, Emil 4mWM
Erie Street160   Jun2418492663Suthaller, Maria 30yWF
Erie Street236   Apr10188614679Sutherland, JohnJr21dWM
Erie Street1163   Jan2118566689Sutolies, PSB WM
Erie Street218   Aug4188213961Sutter, Allice 2yWF
Erie Street1104   May318524420Sutton,Mrs M54yWF
Erie Street1143   Jul2618545936Sutton,Mrs J35yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr1218524388Sutton, Sarah 91yWF
Erie Street1194   Aug718597883Suttons, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street2115   Jun12190517665Svenden, Christian 35yWM
Erie Street1242   Nov618659715Swaffield, George 9m M
Erie Street262   Oct25189115725Swaffield, Nellie 39yWF
Erie Street169   Sep2118493038Swain, 75yW 
Erie Street1164   Mar1718566740Swaincott,SB Child of Morris WM
Erie Street1265   Nov27186810625Swan,Twin 1 of John19dCM
Erie Street1265   Nov27186810625 ASwan,Twin 2 of John19dCF
Erie Street243   Oct24188714960Swan, Anna R 9yWF
Erie Street1176   Apr2718577187Swan, Elizabeth 12mWF
Erie Street1274   Apr1187011006Swan, Ellen 21yCF
Erie Street187   Nov2318503749Swanex,Child of Mr W 
Erie Street158   May1518492613Swaney, M 35yW 
Erie Street1164   Feb1518566714Swanson, Mary 6dWF
Erie Street11   Jun261840316Swarps, FredS B W 
Erie Street116   Sep81843901Swartz,Child of Jacob1yW 
Erie Street1215   Apr618628727Swartz,Child of Philip2yWM
Erie Street1283   Jul5187111363Swartz,Child of Eva WM
Erie Street1333  1878Sep25187813171Swartz, Arthur 6yWM
Erie Street1210   Sep418618528Swartzenberg,Child of F10mWM
Erie Street1171   Dec118567019Swats, Ernest 3mWM
Erie Street1144   Aug618546003Swats, John 80yWM
Erie Street175   Apr618503283Sweepp, Jacob 42yWM
Erie Street114   May311843821Sweet,Child of James1yW 
Erie Street1118   Nov2218524984Swegat, Elizabeth 1mWF
Erie Street163   Aug218492781Swena, James 8mWM
Erie Street170   Oct218493062Sweny,SB Child of D W 
Erie Street1117   Oct2018524937Swift, A P 44yWM
Erie Street262   Oct22189115723Swift, Wm B 62yWM
Erie Street1187   Jul2718587599Swigel, Mary B 17mWF
Erie Street157   Apr718492572Swina, Ellen 2yW 
Erie Street116   Sep131843911Swind, Leonard 8yW 
Erie Street1132   Oct418535505Swint, V  W 
Erie Street1176   Apr2518577185Switts, John 18mWM
Erie Street1170   Oct1718566978Switzer,Child of C2dWF
Erie Street133   Oct1318461592Switzgable,Child of Child of J2yW 
Erie Street266   Jul27189215892Swonger, Mathias 69yWM
Erie Street176   Apr3018503319Swygart, Rebeca M 1yWF
Erie Street1147   Aug2918546102Sykes, Eveline 1yWF
Erie Street17   Nov271841575Sylvanus, Smith 30yWM
Erie Street271   Aug24189316103Sylvester, Edward 63yWM
Erie Street1297   May21187311890Sylvester, Libbie 1y F
Erie Street1123   Apr1318535153Syts,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street126   Aug2118451314Szeith,Child of Francis W 
Erie Street264   Feb18189215798Tacker, Emma 39yCF
Erie Street244   Jan30188815018Tafel, Eucene 33yWM
Erie Street1220   Feb918638941Taffee, Charles 1m M
Erie Street140   Aug318471871Taggart, Phebe A 21dWF
Erie Street1240   Jul2518659619Taggert, Ann 42y F
Erie Street1197   Feb1418608027Taggert, Geo 11yWM
Erie Street1209   Jul1318618481Tait,Child of Jas1yW 
Erie Street2102  1901Feb25190117280Tait, 1mWM
Erie Street1282   May2187111322Tait, Wm J 53yWM
Erie Street289   Mar29189816786Takwonan, Ben 23yWM
Erie Street13   Nov51840407Talbot, Runa Humprey 41yWM
Erie Street1139   Apr1818545775Talcott,SB Child of A C W 
Erie Street197   Nov718514162Tamlin, P 4yW 
Erie Street166   Aug2718492934Tamlin, Sophia 4yWF
Erie Street166   Aug2418492915Tamlins, J 1mW 
Erie Street198   Dec1318514216Tandler,Child of Wm3yW 
Erie Street198   Dec1518514218Tandler, Maria 6yWF
Erie Street1214   Mar618628692Tankee,Child of Augustus3yW 
Erie Street261   Aug17189115694Tannehill, Pauline 76yWF
Erie Street181   Aug618503529Tanner, Elizabeth 1yWF
Erie Street243   Oct28188714965Tanner, Thankful 65yWF
Erie Street1216   Jun1918628761Tapp, Geo 14y M
Erie Street195   Aug2318514073Tapp, John 1mWM
Erie Street1278   Aug29187011144Tappen,Child of J S2mW 
Erie Street289   Feb16189816769Taranowski, Julius 30yWM
Erie Street167   Sep118492970Tarhouse, Adam 60yWM
Erie Street1173   Feb118577075Tart, John S 3yWM
Erie Street1146   Aug2018546062Tary, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street254   Apr15189015421Taskey, William 54yWM
Erie Street274   Apr2189416208Tasnow, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street286   Apr24189716683Tate, M K 40yCM
Erie Street2105  1901Jul31190117363Tatzke, Henrietta 70yWF
Erie Street223   Jul3188314171Tavener, Bertie 8yWF
Erie Street1291   Jul26187211649Tavernier,Child of John8mW 
Erie Street1259   Mar13186810389Tavernier, Ferdinand 1m M
Erie Street284   Oct24189616623Tayler, Bessie W 17yWF
Erie Street282   Feb4189616515Tayler, James 82yWM
Erie Street285   Dec16189616639Tayler, Millie F 38yWF
Erie Street127   Oct1918451351Taylor,Child of James1yW 
Erie Street151   Sep518482338Taylor,Child of John2yW 
Erie Street155   Dec2918482461Taylor,Mr WM
Erie Street171   Nov2118493139Taylor,Mrs WF
Erie Street196   Sep1718514108Taylor,Mrs E30yWF
Erie Street1211   Oct518618560Taylor,SB Child of W W 
Erie Street1220   Feb2118638950Taylor,Child of Wm M3d  
Erie Street1236   Dec2518649487Taylor,Child of Taylor2m M
Erie Street1245   May2418669851Taylor,Child of Thomas SB   
Erie Street1254   Aug25186710209Taylor,Child of John B10m F
Erie Street1293   Dec2187211753Taylor,SB Child of Benj WM
Erie Street1296   Mar7187311834Taylor,Child of James2mWF
Erie Street1307   Aug13187412264Taylor,Mrs V D65yWF
Erie Street1307   Aug22187412276Taylor,Child of John23dWM
Erie Street226   Dec10188314272Taylor,Mrs Edward39yWF
Erie Street297   Mar20190017090Taylor, 3mCM
Erie Street2115   Jun20190517669Taylor, 2mWF
Erie Street178   Jun1818503389Taylor, A  WM
Erie Street1206   Apr218618383Taylor, Abigal 48yWF
Erie Street116   Sep81843902Taylor, Albert S 22yWM
Erie Street223   May7188314147Taylor, Alfred 15yWM
Erie Street235   Dec20188514634Taylor, Annie E 17yCF
Erie Street215   Dec27188113827Taylor, Charles 11yWM
Erie Street236   Mar21188614669Taylor, Chas F 43yWM
Erie Street1262   Jul24186810496Taylor, Clara Cushing 51y F
Erie Street188   Feb418513810Taylor, Ed 3yWM
Erie Street1159   Sep1418556562Taylor, Ed 13mWM
Erie Street1303   Jan14187412099Taylor, Edward J 1mWM
Erie Street1207   Apr2618618411Taylor, Elisha 75yWM
Erie Street1296   Feb17187311823Taylor, Elizabeth 82yWF
Erie Street1142   Jul2418545931Taylor, Eve 2yWF
Erie Street143   Sep2418471989Taylor, Frances 11mWF
Erie Street1334  1878Nov30187813196Taylor, Frank B 65yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb1718524325Taylor, Geo E 22yWM
Erie Street261   Jul20189115674Taylor, Gertie 4mWF
Erie Street192   Jul418513963Taylor, Harriet 1mWF
Erie Street289   Mar2189816775Taylor, Henry 42yCM
Erie Street144   Nov1818472054Taylor, Jane M 19yWF
Erie Street1182   Dec918577419Taylor, Lucinda 56yWF
Erie Street28   Aug18188013547Taylor, Margaret 9mWF
Erie Street1322   Jul25187612783Taylor, Margarett 7mWF
Erie Street1155   Apr1518556389Taylor, Mary 10mWF
Erie Street237   Jul11188614718Taylor, Mary A 69yWF
Erie Street244   Feb6188815022Taylor, Mary T 8yWF
Erie Street1301   Sep9187312026Taylor, Olive 3mWF
Erie Street266   Jul18189215883Taylor, Sarah 70yWF
Erie Street1235   Sep2618649413Taylor, V DRev66y M
Erie Street1149   Sep2018546176Taylor, Wm 33yWM
Erie Street1187   Aug1518587620Taylor, Wm 2dWM
Erie Street1173   Jan2018577061Taylors, RobertSB WM
Erie Street1206   Apr418618386Tea, Elizabeth 30yWF
Erie Street1311   Feb1187512387Teachout, C S 22yWM
Erie Street1214   Mar818628696Teahan, Catherine 3yWF
Erie Street1239   Jul618659610Tean, Alven 1y F
Erie Street24   Dec11187913390Teare,SB Child of W H WM
Erie Street232   Apr12188514519Teare, Olive K 1yWF
Erie Street1222   May1518639019Teas,Child of Wm SB  F
Erie Street189   Mar1418513845Teass,Child of Christian1dWM
Erie Street1282   Apr7187111308Teck,SB Child of J C WF
Erie Street1161   Nov2618556646Tedbury, John 55yWM
Erie Street238   Nov22188614779Teddy, Wm 47yWM
Erie Street233   Aug18188514585Tedrahn, Lillie E 7wWF
Erie Street241   Jun3188714874Tedrahn, Louis 14dWM
Erie Street29   Dec4188013595Teerhoff,Child of Fred WM
Erie Street184   Sep1018503656Tehhorn, Fred 14dWM
Erie Street218   Jul25188213950Teial, Emil 9mWM
Erie Street272   Aug30189316107Teitz, 1dWM
Erie Street155   Feb118492499Teivon,Child of P3yW 
Erie Street170   Oct1518493087Telake, Elizabeth 7yWF
Erie Street195   Sep118514088Telle, Emeline 5yWF
Erie Street1198   Feb1918608035Telley, Charlot 42yWF
Erie Street1202   Sep418608193Telley, Frank 7mWM
Erie Street265   May7189215838Telley, Ida M 26yCF
Erie Street243   Nov2188714968Telley, Madison 78yCM
Erie Street236   Apr25188614689Telley, Thos M 37yCM
Erie Street1188   Sep1018587662Telslow, F W C 18mWM
Erie Street188   Jan118513780Temans,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1111   Aug2818524704Temans,Mrs32yWF
Erie Street1160   Oct518556594Temmendas,Child of Mrs1yWM
Erie Street130   Jun918461467Temper, Emily F  WF
Erie Street110   Jul131842675Temple,SB Child W 
Erie Street182   Aug1818503578Temple, Catherine 48yWF
Erie Street1116   Oct1318524913Temple, Ellen 1yWF
Erie Street151   Sep418482336Tenant,Child of Mr6mW 
Erie Street184   Aug3118503629Tench, T 1yW 
Erie Street1138   Apr918545765Tenenfelser, Sophia 3mWF
Erie Street1269   Aug2186910808Terhander,Child of Geo1y  
Erie Street1269   Aug2186910808Terlander,Child of Geo1y  
Erie Street1276   Jul2187011075Terlander,SB Child of Wm WM
Erie Street190   Apr2818513897Terrill,Mrs Dr22yWF
Erie Street113   Mar201843792Terry,Child of Dr W 
Erie Street1102   Feb1918524330Terry, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street1287   Feb8187211497Terry, Charles A 61yWM
Erie Street1214   Mar1418628703Terry, Dudley C 10yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2218492907Terry, Geo 1yWM
Erie Street1285   Oct13187111433Terry, Julia E 55yWF
Erie Street2113   May9190417610Terwilliger, HH 36yWM
Erie Street1222   May318639008Tesch, Emma 1y F
Erie Street239   Dec4188614786Teschner, Gottfried 3yWM
Erie Street214   Oct23188113800Teschner, Lena 1yWF
Erie Street1178   Aug418577277Tesh, Fred 2mWM
Erie Street123   Mar1318451200Tethantotos,Child of Fasnout W 
Erie Street278   Feb12189516345Tetmeiger,baby WM
Erie Street1231   May2418649281Teuenbach, Valentine 54y M
Erie Street279   Jul9189516411Tew, SMrs35yWF

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