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Cleveland District Round Table

Erie Street Cemetery Index
Surnames:   Th through Z & No Name

CemeteryVolPgDOD-MDOD-DDOD-YDOI-MDOI-DDOI-YInt NoFull NameTitles & TermsAgeColorSex M/F
Erie Street1239   Jun2418659597Thacher, Adelaide 4y F
Erie Street2121   Sep6191017752Thacher, Laurah 84yWF
Erie Street1100   Jan718524264Thacher, Reubens 45yWM
Erie Street1101   Feb518524300Thadwell, Thomas 55yWM
Erie Street161   Jul2218492723Thaen, Michael 35yWM
Erie Street1311   Feb17187512397Thaler,Child of George3mWM
Erie Street1117   Nov718524963Thanvelt, Madora 17mWF
Erie Street1239   May2918659589Tharree,SB Child of John  M
Erie Street157   Mar1518492549Thatcher, Amos 1mWM
Erie Street1323   Oct6187612851Thatcher, Anna 60yWF
Erie Street217   Jun10188213925Thatcher, George W 14yWM
Erie Street15   Jul211841499Thatcher, Harriet 1yWF
Erie Street1242   Oct2918659705Thatcher, Hattie E 8y F
Erie Street25   Feb15188013434Thatcher, Peter 68yWM
Erie Street172   Nov2518493148Thatcher, Semour 6yWM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug20187813156Thatcher, Wm H 11mWM
Erie Street260   May30189115653Thatcher, Wm S 70yWM
Erie Street1293   Nov12187211745Thawett,Child of Maria1yWF
Erie Street1155   Apr518556381Thayer,Mrs S M75yWF
Erie Street1330  1877Dec23187713050Thayer, Deborah 83yWF
Erie Street1274   Mar27187011000Thayer, Eliza 52yWF
Erie Street1245   May518669842Thayer, Susan A 19y F
Erie Street1156   Jul1618556455Theadore,Child of M21dWM
Erie Street1301   Sep14187312032Theils,Child of Fred1yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Oct25187813178Theise, Louisa 5dWF
Erie Street1275   May2187011028Theke, Christa 3mWF
Erie Street1260   May2186810427Theman,Child of Christ  M
Erie Street1269   Jul12186910776Theman,Child of Christ14d M
Erie Street1277   Aug3187011113Theman,Child of Christ14dWF
Erie Street243   Oct31188714966Theobald, JohnJr SB WM
Erie Street1178   Aug218577276Thern, Amelia 3mWF
Erie Street1124   May1918535210Thiel, Annie 26yW 
Erie Street1247   Aug2418669923Thies, Christ 1y M
Erie Street256   Aug11189015494Thilman, Freddie E  WM
Erie Street276   Sep10189416292Thilman, Fredrich 5yWM
Erie Street1274   Mar27187011000Thiryer, Eliza 52yWF
Erie Street183   Aug1918503582Tholheimer, B 68yW 
Erie Street126   Sep318451324Thomas,Child of Jefferson3mW 
Erie Street134   Dec2618461647Thomas,Child of Sargeant2yW 
Erie Street139   Jul2218471845Thomas,Child of S A5yWF
Erie Street160   Jul518492681Thomas,Child of J21dW 
Erie Street171   Oct2418493106Thomas,Mrs F24yWF
Erie Street1102   Feb1818524329Thomas,Mrs W 
Erie Street1131   Sep2118535481Thomas,SB Child of J W 
Erie Street1266   Jan16186910662Thomas,Child of Felix1mCF
Erie Street1286   Dec12187111461Thomas,Child of Wm WM
Erie Street1301   Oct7187312051Thomas,Child of Christ10dWF
Erie Street237   Jun20188614710Thomas,Twin 1 of 212dWM
Erie Street237   Jun20188614710Thomas,Twin 2 of 212dWM
Erie Street264   Mar9189215807Thomas,SB WF
Erie Street119   May2818441039Thomas, Ann NChild1yWF
Erie Street2115   Jun23190517670Thomas, Archibald 76yCM
Erie Street1281   Feb16187111264Thomas, Arthur 21yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2518492921Thomas, Betsey 1mWF
Erie Street2125   Mar19191417809Thomas, Charles H 27yWM
Erie Street2111   Nov12190317575Thomas, Corma C 29yWF
Erie Street15   Jun291841481Thomas, Elias B 26yWM
Erie Street1257   Dec7186710297Thomas, Fred 17y M
Erie Street1141   Jul1018545874Thomas, James 2mWM
Erie Street277   Nov10189416308Thomas, Jane S 76yWF
Erie Street238   Nov11188614752Thomas, Jefferson 77yWM
Erie Street1176   May1418577204Thomas, John 11mWM
Erie Street2106  1901Nov25190117409Thomas, Leonard C 43yWM
Erie Street1250   Dec16186610021Thomas, M   F
Erie Street1320   May18187612731Thomas, M 17dWF
Erie Street1183   Feb2118587473Thomas, Mary A 25yWF
Erie Street1208   Jun218618444Thomas, Mary W 20yWF
Erie Street244   Dec21188714994Thomas, Rachel S 36yCF
Erie Street1139   May1018545798Thomas, Sarah A 8yW 
Erie Street1244   Jan3118669772Thomas, Sophia 64y F
Erie Street293   Jan7189916901Thomas, Warren 65yWM
Erie Street210   Mar14188113657Thomas, Wm 58yWM
Erie Street259   Feb15189115592Thomas, Zina 40yWF
Erie Street1248   Oct1618669966Thomlinson, Mary F 5y F
Erie Street117   Nov291843958Thompson,Child of J6mW 
Erie Street120   Jul2218441071Thompson,Child of Charles8mW 
Erie Street1112   Sep318524734Thompson,Mrs L24yWF
Erie Street1133   Dec918535566Thompson,Mr WM
Erie Street1140   Jun2618545849Thompson,SB Child of Adam W 
Erie Street1201   Aug2518608177Thompson,Child of Geo5mW 
Erie Street1209   Jul3118618495Thompson,Child of Emity1yCF
Erie Street1235   Oct118649420Thompson,Child of Charles S   
Erie Street1245   Mar2218669812Thompson,Child of James4mCF
Erie Street1272   Nov8186910896Thompson,Child of James1yCM
Erie Street1274   Mar13187010991Thompson,Child of E W6mWM
Erie Street212   Jul12188113726Thompson, 5hWM
Erie Street229   Aug29188414401Thompson, 14dWM
Erie Street290   Jun20189816825Thompson, 5mCF
Erie Street1129   Aug2118535397Thompson, Alexander 14dW 
Erie Street280   Oct16189516464Thompson, Ann 84yWF
Erie Street2108  1902Nov25190217490Thompson, Anna S 62yWF
Erie Street189   Feb1618513821Thompson, Arthur P 7mWM
Erie Street193   Jul2118514000Thompson, B C 4yW 
Erie Street151   Aug2118482316Thompson, C 9mW 
Erie Street1145   Aug1318546034Thompson, Christian W 1yWM
Erie Street284   Aug6189616593Thompson, Clide 1yCM
Erie Street2114   Aug30190417630Thompson, Edwin H 40yWM
Erie Street197   Nov1618514171Thompson, Eliza 11yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug1818524647Thompson, Emily 32yWF
Erie Street2115   Feb20190517646Thompson, Eustace N 65yWM
Erie Street139   Jul1418471829Thompson, F L 2yW 
Erie Street261   Jul13189115669Thompson, Frances 39yWF
Erie Street270   Apr23189316041Thompson, Frank T 22yWM
Erie Street1191   Jan918597766Thompson, Frankie 5m M
Erie Street17   Oct141841556Thompson, Geo 25yWM
Erie Street226   Jan7188414287Thompson, Hannah M 61yWF
Erie Street227   Feb12188414306Thompson, Harold 6mWM
Erie Street265   Jun3189215861Thompson, Hartman V 75yWM
Erie Street1278   Aug19187011131Thompson, Henry 78yWM
Erie Street1259   Mar8186810382Thompson, Isabella 1yCF
Erie Street125   Aug818451299Thompson, John 30yWM
Erie Street1200   Jun1618608118Thompson, John 55yWM
Erie Street187   Dec1918503769Thompson, John L 1y M
Erie Street1198   Apr518608063Thompson, John W 3yWF
Erie Street28   Sep18188013561Thompson, John W 29yWM
Erie Street1268   May2186910735Thompson, Julius 2y M
Erie Street196   Oct2118514136Thompson, Margaret 62yWF
Erie Street1198   Apr118608056Thompson, Margaret A 34yWF
Erie Street128   Feb2418461407Thompson, Martha 38yWF
Erie Street2115   Feb21190517647Thompson, Martha 77yWF
Erie Street2108  1902May31190217462Thompson, Mary Ann 87yWF
Erie Street1222   Apr1218638995Thompson, Nancy 14d F
Erie Street132   Sep1918461557Thompson, O H 2mW 
Erie Street192   Jul318513961Thompson, Phillip 2mWM
Erie Street129   May818461445Thompson, Robert 8yWM
Erie Street1147   Aug3018546106Thompson, Robert  WM
Erie Street1277   Jul21187011097Thompson, Robert 42yWM
Erie Street169   Sep2318493042Thompson, Rodalpha 1yW 
Erie Street29   Jan15188113617Thompson, S H 6mWM
Erie Street1221   Mar2218638977Thompson, T JSgt24y M
Erie Street228   May13188414355Thompson, Thomas 70yWM
Erie Street1328   Apr28187712951Thompson, Vida F 21dWF
Erie Street276   Aug3189416268Thompson, William 35yWM
Erie Street1181   Oct2818577384Thompson, William F 4dWM
Erie Street1123   Apr2418535172Thompson, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street1268   May31186910746Thompson, Wm A 13y  
Erie Street1215   May1618628748Thompson, Wm H 1y M
Erie Street1245   Apr1118669826Thompson, Wm H 29y M
Erie Street1318   Dec31187512651Thomson,twin 1 of John WM
Erie Street1318   Dec31187512651Thomson,twin 2 WM
Erie Street1280   Jan2187111224Thonwitte,SB Child of Charles WM
Erie Street1131   Sep1418535465Thoren, Theresa 17mWF
Erie Street226   Dec2188314282Thorley, 7dWM
Erie Street1163   Feb618566706Thorn,SB Child of M WF
Erie Street162   Jul2818492748Thorn, John 43yW 
Erie Street261   Aug11189115689Thorne, Mary 37yWF
Erie Street2113   Jun4190417617Thornton, Amanda M 84yWF
Erie Street277   Jan2189516329Thornton, Samuel 52yCM
Erie Street1110   Aug1918524655Thornton, Wm 9mWM
Erie Street159   May2718492628Thorp, Clara 5mWF
Erie Street226   Jan3188414285Thorp, Julia 34yWF
Erie Street298   Apr2190017104Thorp, Julia 30yWF
Erie Street1170   Oct2618566991Thorp, Thomas 16yWM
Erie Street1254   Jul25186710172Thorpe,Child of Samuel11m F
Erie Street265   Apr14189215825Thorpe, Samuel 65yWM
Erie Street21   Apr6187913268Thronton, A F 55yWM
Erie Street1279   Oct21187011187Throp,Child of Fred10mWF
Erie Street1233   Aug1018649361Throp, Allice 82y  
Erie Street1218   Oct1718628867Throup,SB dhild of Roger   
Erie Street221   Feb28188314096Throup, D H 40yWM
Erie Street283   May29189616562Thurston, Armia 45yWF
Erie Street1295   Jan26187311797Thusie,Chld of Henrich13dWM
Erie Street180   Jul1618503460Tibbets, Tacy 46yWF
Erie Street1246   Jun2818669868Tibbetts, Geo B 71y M
Erie Street185   Sep1918503686Tibbetts, K Tacy 30yW 
Erie Street1158   Aug1318556503Tice, Henry 5mWM
Erie Street2101  1900Dec23190017242Ticehurst, Charles E 43yWM
Erie Street251   Jul7188915274Ticehurst, Samuel 64yWM
Erie Street1180   Sep2318577347Tide, Charles 3mWM
Erie Street287   Sep20189716728Tietz, Carl Ed 3wWM
Erie Street1216   Jun518628756Tiffany,Child of Joel   
Erie Street195   Aug2018514068Tiffany, Harriet J 18mWF
Erie Street1335  1879Jan2187913213Tilden,SB twin 1 of Harvey WM
Erie Street1335  1879Jan2187913213Tilden,SB twin 1 of Harvey WF
Erie Street12   Aug181840358Tilden, Wm 27yWM
Erie Street119   Apr2118441022Tilebien, Francis 34yWM
Erie Street1258   Feb22186810370Tillach, Wm 56y M
Erie Street222   Apr1188314125Tilley, Alexander 34yWM
Erie Street228   Apr25188414346Tilley, Alice 32yCF
Erie Street227   Apr25188414345Tilley, Hattie 23yCF
Erie Street182   Aug1618503564Tilley, Josephine 9mCF
Erie Street1162   Jan218566672Tilley, MSB CM
Erie Street291   Aug25189816860Tilley, Mary J 57yCF
Erie Street21   Apr26187913278Tilley, Rachel 60yWF
Erie Street196   Sep1318514101Tilley, Wm H 4yWF
Erie Street1106   Jun1918524490Tilloline,Miss12yWF
Erie Street1202   Sep1318608204Tillow,Mrs70yWF
Erie Street1183   Feb2518587475Tillow, ThomasMr68yWM
Erie Street158   May1418492611Tilman, Theresa 4mWF
Erie Street156   Feb1618492514Tiltono, John 34yWM
Erie Street1176   Apr2518577186Timmimon, Charles 6dWM
Erie Street1154   Feb2318556346Timmon,Child of Frederick18mWM
Erie Street256   Aug24189015500Tinan,SB WF
Erie Street1203   Dec2318608268Tindall, Frank 15yWM
Erie Street1274   Apr1187011007Tinker, Yeffa 76yWF
Erie Street1127   Jul3018535339Tinnerman, Frederick 10mWM
Erie Street1120   Feb818535056Tiscord,Mrs28yWF
Erie Street158   May1918492616Toan, Jacob 46yWM
Erie Street1169   Sep518566929Tobanna, Flora P 11mWF
Erie Street1142   Jul2318545920Tobias, Robert 18mWM
Erie Street1143   Jul2718545947Tobin, Wm 6yWF
Erie Street1239   May818659580Todd, David 5y M
Erie Street2107  1902Mar27190217443Toembler, Maud 26yCF
Erie Street1170   Oct518566968Togg,Child of Josph2mWM
Erie Street1136   Feb1418545680Tolchlprher, Sophia 13yWF
Erie Street1280   Dec25187011215Tolive, Frank 37yCM
Erie Street1281   Mar5187111279Tolk,Child of Chas7mWM
Erie Street1260   Apr16186810416Tolk, Sophia 29y F
Erie Street249   Jan10188915189Toll,Twin Baby 1 SB WM
Erie Street249   Jan10188915189Toll,Twin Baby 2 SB WM
Erie Street22   Jul21187913320Toll, Birdie 7mWF
Erie Street1288   Apr25187211548Toll, Harmon 1yWM
Erie Street136   Mar1718471711Tolles,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street117   Jan191844976Tom,Child of R2yW 
Erie Street1187   Aug218587604Tomlinson,Mrs J71yWF
Erie Street125   Jul618451263Tomlinson, George H 16yWM
Erie Street1122   Mar2018535126Tomlinson, JRev67yWM
Erie Street1183   Jan2818587459Tone, Louisa 2mWF
Erie Street293   Feb9189916917Tonit, Clara 40yWF
Erie Street1188   Aug2918587649Tonke, Harmon 8yWM
Erie Street1135   Jan518545617Took, Mary 20yWF
Erie Street115   Aug271843886Tool,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street148   May2218482208Tool,S B Child of M W 
Erie Street155   Jan3118492498Tool,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street166   Aug2218492908Tool,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street160   Jul1218492697Tool, Charles 3yWM
Erie Street133   Nov118461610Toole, Thos 26yWM
Erie Street135   Jan1318471666Tooles,SB Child of Patrick W 
Erie Street129   Mar1518461422Tools,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street291   Sep17189816866Topham, Ruth 24yWF
Erie Street1244   Feb2018669787Tosket,Child of W E SB  M
Erie Street1177   Jun918577234Toth,Child of Christian2dWF
Erie Street1209   Aug118618499Touldmark,Child of Outhwiat W 
Erie Street1173   Jan518577047Towers, William 16mWM
Erie Street195   Aug3118514085Town, Thomas 10mWM
Erie Street25   Feb25188013440Towne, AsuruhMrs47yWF
Erie Street2100  1900Sep27190017207Towner,SB WM
Erie Street156   Feb2718492525Towney,Child of Ida6mWF
Erie Street153   Oct1618482387Townsend,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1154   Mar2218556373Townsend,Mr80yWM
Erie Street1249   Nov218669978Townsend, A B 60y M
Erie Street2115   Feb1190517644Townsend, Alexander 87yCM
Erie Street1213   Jan2118628645Townsend, Franklin 16yWN
Erie Street2115   Jul29190517675Townsend, Geo W 72yWM
Erie Street278   Mar28189516364Trabue, Clara L 42yWF
Erie Street160   Jun2718492671Tracy, C E 52y F
Erie Street155   Jan718492466Tracy, Charles 5yWM
Erie Street256   Aug22189015497Tracy, Edward S 29yWM
Erie Street265   May3189215835Tracy, Harriet R 78yWF
Erie Street226   Dec8188314271Tracy, Stephen 84yWM
Erie Street1302   Nov26187312078Tragg, Harriet C 54yWF
Erie Street1250   Dec24186610031Trahm,Child of Wm1m F
Erie Street1250   Dec30186610033Trahm,Child of Wm1m F
Erie Street1256   Nov14186710279Tramers, William 2y M
Erie Street1271   Sep21186910858Tranzee, Fred 9m M
Erie Street1278   Sep12187011164Trapp,SB Child of Wm M WM
Erie Street1295   Jan19187311791Traub, Chas B 2yWM
Erie Street1267   Feb24186910692Traub, Fred K 1y M
Erie Street1133   Dec1418535577Traublynn, Francis 10mWM
Erie Street1154   Feb1918556340Traudt, Susannah 1yWF
Erie Street1275   Apr14187011017Traupel,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street155   Jan2118492488Traux,Child of Mr5mW 
Erie Street1101   Jan2918524294Traverse, Wm 22yWM
Erie Street1144   Aug418545995Treader, C 4mW 
Erie Street293   Mar11189916934Treat, Caroline H 78yWF
Erie Street1179   Sep318577322Treat, Mary A 23yWF
Erie Street284   Aug5189616592Treat, Robert A 58yWM
Erie Street293   Feb15189916922Treaxler, Bassie 6mWF
Erie Street23   Oct10187913364Treiber, John 1yWM
Erie Street1247   Aug2118669920Treibs,Child of Frank   
Erie Street1100   Jan2118524284Tremon, Margaret 22yWF
Erie Street174   Mar618503243Trewax, Ralph 5mWM
Erie Street120   Aug518441083Trexler, John 8yWM
Erie Street1154   Feb2518556347Triebal, Anna M 29yWF
Erie Street1254   Jul28186710178Triebe, Amelia 2y F
Erie Street1332  1878Jun10187813108Trigg, Richard 83yWM
Erie Street114   Jul161843841Triggs, Mary 36yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr2818524408Trilair,Child of Mr2yW 
Erie Street1175   Apr118577154Trimm, Elizabeth 5yWF
Erie Street1218   Sep918628833Trimple, Wm 9y M
Erie Street1222   Apr2718639005Trinkerman, Laura 4y M
Erie Street157   Apr918492575Trinsten, Bridget 28yWF
Erie Street190   Apr218513866Tripenbook, Phillip 1yWM
Erie Street1317   Dec4187512633Tripps, Fred 9yWM
Erie Street1139   Apr2418545787Trisdale, Lewis 2yW 
Erie Street227   Mar9188214317Trissler, Walter 39yWM
Erie Street192   Jun2618513954Troable, John 2mWM
Erie Street182   Aug1018503540Tromblay,Mrs L36yWF
Erie Street181   Aug818503534Tromer, Elizabeth 2m F
Erie Street161   Jul2218492721Troop, John 27yWM
Erie Street15   May101841462Troops,SB Child of Geo W 
Erie Street180   Jul1818503469Trosile, Henry 9mWM
Erie Street1244   Feb2018669787Trosket,Child of W E SB  M
Erie Street181   Jul3018503504Troup,Child of Wm2mW 
Erie Street1151   Dec2418546281Troup, Catherine 30yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep718659669Troup, David 90y M
Erie Street1328   Apr24187712950Troup, S R 8mWM
Erie Street1212   Dec2618618611Troups, R D 3mW 
Erie Street1183   Jan2518587453True, Paulina 14dWF
Erie Street22   Jul9187913309Truesdal, 21dWM
Erie Street1189   Nov1718587710Trukanes, NicholaChild SB WF
Erie Street137   May1218471747Truly, Barbary J 1yWF
Erie Street176   Apr1918503304Trumbull, Walter 19yWM
Erie Street26   May14188013497Trunnell, Harry 19yWM
Erie Street1294   Dec31187211772Trunnell, Lewis 18yWM
Erie Street1156   Jul118556439Trussel, O L 9mWM
Erie Street11   Jul251840332Tubb,SB Child of John W 
Erie Street15   Jun101841476Tubbs,SB Child of James W 
Erie Street134   Jan818471656Tubbs,Mrs T25yWF
Erie Street183   Aug2018503586Tubs, James 30yWM
Erie Street2117   Jan10190617690Tucholski, Charles 26yWM
Erie Street2111   Oct7190317566Tucholski, William 65yWM
Erie Street110   Jul141842677Tucker,SB Child of Levi W 
Erie Street260   May19189115650Tucker,SB CF
Erie Street1236   Dec1618649477Tucker, A W 26y M
Erie Street1274   Mar6187010981Tucker, Ada B 1yCF
Erie Street1249   Nov24186610000Tucker, Angeline 55y F
Erie Street243   Nov16188714976Tucker, Henry 96yWM
Erie Street270   Apr8189316033Tucker, RosaSB CF
Erie Street285   Nov14189616629Tucker, Sidney 1yCM
Erie Street11   Jul161840327Tull,SB Child of James W 
Erie Street278   Mar31189516365Tulowitzki, Fred 14dWM
Erie Street259   Feb28189115600Tulowitzki, Otto 5wWM
Erie Street1303   Feb3187412116Tunghaus, George 1mWM
Erie Street141   Aug2918471928Tunness, Peter 2mWM
Erie Street140   Aug218471868Turel,  W 
Erie Street2103  1901May11190117317Turgeon, Elizabeth 38yWF
Erie Street1182   Dec2218577430Turging, Martha 26yWF
Erie Street197   Oct2518514144Turner,Child of Mr15mW 
Erie Street1146   Aug2518546080Turner,Child of C14dW 
Erie Street1237   Jan1018659501Turner,Child of Wm4m F
Erie Street239   Jan5188714810Turner, 6wWF
Erie Street241   Jul6188714896Turner, 3hWM
Erie Street248   Oct5188815146Turner, 17dWF
Erie Street1173   Jan718577051Turner, Burton S 14mWM
Erie Street1303   Feb5187412118Turner, Charles 2mWM
Erie Street192   Jul718513966Turner, David 18yWM
Erie Street1239   Jun2718659602Turner, Eliza K 5y F
Erie Street175   Mar2318503264Turner, George 23yWM
Erie Street255   May16189015438Turner, James E 17yWM
Erie Street121   Sep2118441129Turner, Julia PChild2yWF
Erie Street1268   Jul7186910769Turner, L W 7dCF
Erie Street1160   Sep2518556587Turner, Laura B 9mWF
Erie Street199   Dec2718514248Turner, Margaret 63yWF
Erie Street226   Dec27188314281Turner, Royal 6yWM
Erie Street258   Dec31189015566Turner, Sarah Ann 42yWF
Erie Street1125   Jun2118535257Turrill, John 2yWM
Erie Street111   Sep41842716Tuttle,Child of J E W 
Erie Street216   Apr15188213892Tuttle, 30hWM
Erie Street216   Apr15188213893Tuttle, 40hWM
Erie Street111   Aug251842709Tuttle, Jane  WF
Erie Street1180   Sep1318577339Tuttle, Oliver M 8mWM
Erie Street251   Aug17188915295Tweag, Whilhelmina 24yWF
Erie Street1168   Aug518566879Twenbaugh,SB Child of I WM
Erie Street1241   Sep518659666Twitt, Charles E 2y M
Erie Street258   Dec18189015560Twitt, Jas 55yWM
Erie Street139   Jul3018471860Tyarel, Richard 1yWM
Erie Street156   Feb918492509Tyler,Mr40yWM
Erie Street1245   Apr318669818Tyler,Mrs M E26y F
Erie Street1297   Apr18187311863Tyler,Child of May4yCF
Erie Street210   Feb8188113634Tyler, 14dWF
Erie Street220   Jan9188314055Tyler,Mrs G M22yWF
Erie Street1216   Jul418628771Tyler, Geo B 30y M
Erie Street1174   Mar818577122Tyler, James 65yWM
Erie Street1135   Jan218545615Tymbleym, John 3yWM
Erie Street1125   Jun418535226Tyrengo, Charles 24yWM
Erie Street1201   Aug418608155Tyres,Child of Henry1dWF
Erie Street271   Aug7189316092Tyron,SB W 
Erie Street299   Jul10190017164Uchlinger, John 38yWM
Erie Street1194   Aug618597881Uhall, J E 6mWM
Erie Street1241   Sep318659663Uhel,Child of Daniel SB  M
Erie Street1175   Mar3118577151Uhl, Caroline 18mWM
Erie Street1312   Mar20187512425Uhl, Frank 3mWM
Erie Street1196   Nov2418597979Uhl, Wm 8mWM
Erie Street1173   Jan2518577065Uhlmansick, Caroline 11yWF
Erie Street1225   Sep718639124Uhlmansick, Henry 53y M
Erie Street1202   Sep3018608214Uhlmausick, EarnestChild of Earnest2mWM
Erie Street1288   Mar16187211524Uhlrich,SB Child of Casper W 
Erie Street1233   Jul2718649339Uhlrich, Matilda 1y F
Erie Street1216   Jul1918628784Ukle,SB Child of Wm   
Erie Street2112   Dec16190317586Uldrich, William 36yWM
Erie Street2117   Mar1190617696Ullrich, August 81yWM
Erie Street1259   Mar30186810403Ullrich, Conrad 35y M
Erie Street1309   Nov19187412346Ulmer,Child of Martin3mWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul3190117342Ulmer,Baby WF
Erie Street1296   Mar14187311839Ulrich,SB Child of John C WM
Erie Street22   Jul12187913313Ulrich, Emma 5yWF
Erie Street26   Apr27188013490Ulrich, Fredericka 57yWF
Erie Street21   Jul3187913305Ulrich, John 1yWM
Erie Street1124   May118535184Ulrich, Mary 4mWF
Erie Street2122   Feb25191117766Umbstetter, Gertrude 52yWF
Erie Street1241   Sep2018659681Underhill,Child of M H8d F
Erie Street243   Oct24188714963Underhill, Jas 52yWM
Erie Street21   Jun20187913300Underner, Carl 11yWM
Erie Street1247   Jul2618669898Underwood,Child of J H2m M
Erie Street2108  1902Sep24190217479Underwood, Robert 11mCM
Erie Street1271   Oct19186910875Unk,Child of Mrs  M
Erie Street242   Aug20188714924Urbach, Carrie 11dWF
Erie Street1260   Apr27186810423Urban,Child of Jacob8d M
Erie Street1333  1878Oct8187813173Urban, Blanch J 6yWF
Erie Street236   Jun1188614703Urban, Lizzie 5yWF
Erie Street1313   May29187512472Urdorf,Child of Emma WF
Erie Street1216   Jul1918628784Urkle,SB Child of Wm   
Erie Street140   Aug1218471888Ursin, Catherine 7yWF
Erie Street1178   Aug618577278Ushel, Margaret 4yWF
Erie Street1163   Jan318566674Uthoms, John FSB WM
Erie Street1105   May2518524452Vacklo, Anna E 3yWF
Erie Street194   Jul3118514024Vaderer, Mary 10mWF
Erie Street196   Sep1618514103Vaet,Child of T8mW 
Erie Street117   Dec111843965Vail, D F 33yW 
Erie Street1332  1878Jun30187813114Valderin, Paul 6dWM
Erie Street132   Sep1818461555Vale, Isiah 23yWM
Erie Street1148   Sep1218546154Valentine,Mrs C54yWF
Erie Street1123   Apr518535145Valentine, A 2mW 
Erie Street1101   Feb1818524328Valentine, Barbary 7mWF
Erie Street263   Jan15189215770Valentine, Bessie E 7yCF
Erie Street263   Jan16189215771Valentine, Blanche 11yCF
Erie Street268   Nov17189215946Valentine, Hazel M 8mCF
Erie Street142   Sep818471958Valentine, John 77yWM
Erie Street1123   Apr1118535151Valentine, Mary 2mWF
Erie Street1141   Jul418545862Valentine, P 19yW 
Erie Street1264   Nov4186810603Valerie, Fred 10y M
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524795Valk, Franklin 5yWM
Erie Street193   Jul2518514010Valk, H 28yW 
Erie Street1283   May23187111334Vallett,SB Child of Frank WF
Erie Street1107   Jul2818524559Valtz, George 10dWM
Erie Street1142   Jul2418545929Vampel, Harriet 11mWF
Erie Street141   Aug2218471915Vanalen, David 34yWM
Erie Street211   Jun20188113703Van Almen,Child of Ulrehl4mWF
Erie Street195   Aug2018514070Van Amburgh,Mrs50yWF
Erie Street1176   Apr2918577189Van Amburgh, Edwin 27yWM
Erie Street276   Jul29189416267Van Brandt, William 32yCM
Erie Street263   Jan25189215780Van Buskirk, Caroline 74yWF
Erie Street264   Feb4189215790Van Buskirk, Richard 51yWM
Erie Street1173   Feb118577076Vance,Mr WM
Erie Street253   Jan2189015360Vance, Annie C 36yWF
Erie Street224   Aug2188314197Van Dame, Mabel G 5mWF
Erie Street256   Aug3189015480Vandervoort, Benj H 5mWM
Erie Street249   Jan17188915190Vandervorrt,SB WM
Erie Street1228   Jan2618649153 DVanderwel,Child of Frank2m  
Erie Street1228   Jan2618649153 DVanderwell,Child of Frank2m  
Erie Street1235   Oct518649426Vanderwell, Mary 5m F
Erie Street138   Jul718471806Van Devald,SB Child of Frances W 
Erie Street1240   Aug618659634Vandom, Edy P 1m M
Erie Street128   Jan1718461385Van Donger, John 7yWM
Erie Street177   May2018503342Vandosen, A 6mWM
Erie Street258   Feb2189115582Van Dusen, Wesley 6wWM
Erie Street224   Aug30188314224VanDyke, Minnie 22yWF
Erie Street12   Sep11840367Vanemburg,SB Child of A G W 
Erie Street15   Jun71841473Vanemburg, A 49yWM
Erie Street267   Oct28189215936Vanensin, Guilio 41yWM
Erie Street131   Jul3018461503Van-Fohson, Johanna 22yWF
Erie Street198   Dec1218514213VanHosen,Mrs E H66yWF
Erie Street1145   Aug1218546027Vanhusen, DorcasMrs30yWF
Erie Street191   May2618513927Vanidell, John 2y M
Erie Street1128   Aug718535360Vaning,Child of Mr1dW 
Erie Street1132   Oct418535504Vankee, Charles 6mW 
Erie Street224   Aug24188314217Vankyke,SB Infant WF
Erie Street217   May18188213914Van Lint, Johanna 1yWF
Erie Street1117   Oct2118524943Vanning,Child of J15mW 
Erie Street1181   Oct1418577372Vanning, John 4mWM
Erie Street279   Jul18189516414Van Ostrand, F H 50yWM
Erie Street1199   Apr2618608081VanPelt,SB Child of Samuel WM
Erie Street1221   Mar2218638979VanPelt,Mrs56y F
Erie Street1255   Sep7186710230Vanpelt, Edward 5y M
Erie Street179   Jul1418503458Van Rawson, Henry 7m  
Erie Street1311   Feb16187512396Van Ryan,Child of A3mWM
Erie Street175   Mar2318503267Vanschnyer, Francis 18m F
Erie Street175   Mar2318503265Vanschnyver, Mary E 31yWF
Erie Street175   Mar2318503266Vanschnyver, William 27y M
Erie Street123   Apr3018451220Vanslack,  W 
Erie Street120   Jul1218441088Vanslack, Addy 57yWF
Erie Street114   Jun121843827Vanslack, David  WM
Erie Street1178   Jul218577255Vanstuberg, Anna S 4yWF
Erie Street1131   Sep2018535477Van Tassle, John 14mWM
Erie Street281   Nov7189516473Van Tine, H BMrs64yWF
Erie Street268   Jan3189315972Van Tine, Julia M 68yWF
Erie Street1252   Mar25186710096Vantine, R F 21y M
Erie Street279   May15189516388Vantine, W H 75yWM
Erie Street1161   Nov3018556649Vantines,Child of Mr1mWF
Erie Street1331  1878Jan1187813054Van Ulrich, Dora 1yWF
Erie Street220   Dec31188214050Van Valkenberg, May 7mWF
Erie Street13   Sep221840385Vanvalkenbergh, Cynthia 48yWF
Erie Street144   Nov1718472050VanVassen, Anna 1yW 
Erie Street1165   Apr2018566776Van Voast,Mrs40yWF
Erie Street1207   Apr1718618399VanWee,Child of Thos7mW 
Erie Street140   Aug318471872Van Werium, T 6yW 
Erie Street227   Mar11188414318Van Wie, John 28yWM
Erie Street1237   Jan1318659503Varian,Child of Wm2m F
Erie Street1232   Jun1818649296Varian, AlexSrgt22y M
Erie Street1260   May7186810431Varian, Alex 65y M
Erie Street1284   Jul13187111372Varian, Cleveland 3yWM
Erie Street1257   Dec16186710301Varian, Esther H A 28y F
Erie Street294   Apr27189916959Varian, Mary O 53yWF
Erie Street1166   May1518566800Varing,SB Child of J WM
Erie Street1251   Feb19186710076Varner,Child of Wm3y M
Erie Street272   Sep19189316119Varner, EdwardAKA John Weirnet3mWM
Erie Street268   Dec16189215957Varner, Tillie 13mWF
Erie Street285   Feb21189716660Varnes, Mayor A 9mWM
Erie Street130   Jul2418461496Varthman,Child of Henry W 
Erie Street1307   Aug12187412262Vase,Child of H W2mWM
Erie Street124   May1218451225Vatch, James 1mW 
Erie Street1281Nov191870Feb7187111254Vaughn, Howard 31yWM
Erie Street1285   Nov4187111442Vaughn, Sarah C 62yWF
Erie Street1251   Feb10186710069Vaughun,Child of Foster2m M
Erie Street1221   Mar2218638979Vaupert,Mrs56y F
Erie Street251   Jul1188915271Veale,Baby WF
Erie Street259   Feb12189115589Veale, W J H 4yWM
Erie Street1178   Aug918577282Veaner, Charles  WM
Erie Street1155   May1918556413Veasey, S 4yWM
Erie Street1181   Nov1418577393Vecker, T 3mWF
Erie Street1276   Jul3187011078Vence, Edward 1yWM
Erie Street1227   Dec1818639214Venchah,Child of John1m F
Erie Street252   Nov17188915338Vendrischewski, Frederick 7yWM
Erie Street1104   May818524432Venew, Mary 25yWF
Erie Street1215   Apr2618628736Venick,Child of Martin1m F
Erie Street1127   Jul2418535322Venppel, Frederick 7yWM
Erie Street1227   Dec1818639214Ventehah,Child of John1m F
Erie Street1234   Sep1818649406Verbsky, Frank 1y M
Erie Street1266   Jan26186910669Verhocek,Child of Mrs5m  
Erie Street1274   Mar12187010988Verhock, Lavina 29yW 
Erie Street210   Mar5188113653Vert,SB Child of Mr WF
Erie Street2102  1901Jan21190117258Vessell,Baby WM
Erie Street167   Aug2918492948Vestigh, Conrad 14dWM
Erie Street188   Jan2418513800Vickery, Wm 26yWM
Erie Street181   Jul3118503507Victory, May C 87yWF
Erie Street145   Dec718472072Viels,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street230   Oct21188414439Viesling, Charles 45yWM
Erie Street1268   Jun8186910751Viets,Child of M W7m M
Erie Street164   Aug918492824Viets, L W 37yW 
Erie Street1223   Jun2318639053Vieyser,Child of Catherine10d M
Erie Street2107  1902May2190217454Viggs, William Julius Hanson 13yWM
Erie Street1207   May718618423Viller,Child of John1yWM
Erie Street249   Feb15188915205Vilmar, Frederick 44yWM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug11187813146Vilmar, Lottie 3yWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug14187813151Vilmar, Minnie 6yWF
Erie Street18   Feb271842611Vinall,Child of J J W 
Erie Street173   Feb518503208Vinall, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street269   Feb17189315998Vincent,SB WM
Erie Street1108   Aug518524597Vincent, Augustus 5yWM
Erie Street188   Jan2318513799Vincent, Elizabeth S 20yWF
Erie Street1241   Aug2518659652Vincent, Henry G 32y M
Erie Street2101  1900Dec24190017240Vincent, John H 7mWM
Erie Street1332  1878Jul12187813123Vincent, Julia 3mWF
Erie Street1112   Sep718524744Vincent, Martin 53y M
Erie Street1316   Sep23187512585Vincent, Mary A 3yWF
Erie Street1159   Sep1318556558Vincentseed, John 11yWM
Erie Street1304   Apr30187412169Vincient, Mary A 64yWF
Erie Street1193   Jul218597846Vine,SB Child of Robert WM
Erie Street1316   Oct16187512603Visoleck, Fred 8dWM
Erie Street1315   Aug8187512534Vizokecp, Augusta 3yWF
Erie Street138   Jun2018471785Voburgh,Child of G C 
Erie Street1292   Aug27187211695Voelker,Child of Charles14dWM
Erie Street1234   Sep2518649411Voelker, Barbara 1y F
Erie Street260   Jun25189115662Vogel, Agnes 3mWF
Erie Street252   Oct5188915312Vogel, Celia 5mWF
Erie Street274   May5189416219Vogel, Christina A 68yWF
Erie Street244   Dec6188714987Vogel, Edward Henry 1yWM
Erie Street246   Jun22188815087Vogel, Frances 3mWF
Erie Street273   Jan2189416173Vogel, Lizzie 31yWF
Erie Street243   Oct16188714954Vogel, Mamie 6yWF
Erie Street295   Jul29189917003Vogel, Wm F 66yWM
Erie Street1185   May2018587547Voger, Jacob 10mWF
Erie Street1193   Jul2818597871Voght,Child of S7mWM
Erie Street1208   Jun1618618458Voght,Child of J J11mW 
Erie Street1219   Nov718628876Voght,Child of Simon   
Erie Street1249   Oct2918669976Voght,Child of John  F
Erie Street1269   Jul9186910771Vogle,Child of Geo3m F
Erie Street1289   Jun12187211584Vogle, Anna 3yWF
Erie Street286   Mar25189716673Vogon, Ruth 2mWF
Erie Street1157   Jul3018556475Vogot, Seaman 5mWM
Erie Street1228   Jan3018649159 DVolger, August 2y  
Erie Street1287   Jan23187211486Volger, Margaret 63yWF
Erie Street1111   Aug1418524714Volke, Julius 1yWM
Erie Street115   Aug91843869Volken,Child of Jacob W 
Erie Street134   Dec718461631Volken, Felicia 36yWF
Erie Street1200   Jul418608128Volken, Mary 10mWF
Erie Street1194   Aug2018597898Volker,Child of Christ8m M
Erie Street1157   Aug818556492Volker, Elizabeth 18mWF
Erie Street267   Sep11189215921Volkmann, Franz 10mWM
Erie Street1229   Feb2818649180 DVolktz, Fred 20y M
Erie Street1321   Jul17187612769Vollen, Adam J 3mWM
Erie Street1254   Jul26186710173Volltopf,Child of Wm3m M
Erie Street164   Aug1118492839Volmer, Charles 4yWM
Erie Street1135   Jan1318545635Volsem,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1156   May2718556420Volter, Chistopher 4dWM
Erie Street1211   Oct2718618574Voltz,Child of Richd1yWF
Erie Street283   Apr30189616549Voltz, Eliza 54yWF
Erie Street1317   Dec4187512632Voltz, Fred 30yWM
Erie Street1231   May918649269Voltz, Henry 9y  
Erie Street1323   Sep11187612829Voltz, Margert 60yWF
Erie Street212   Jun30188113710Voltz, William 43yWM
Erie Street1180   Sep1018577335Voltze, F 45yWM
Erie Street2102  1901Jan3190117249Von Groeling, Albrecht 25yWM
Erie Street1265   Dec4186810636VonHock, Wm   M
Erie Street246   Jun15188815085Von Lint, Johanna 1yWF
Erie Street253   Dec30188915356Von Lint, Willie 6mWM
Erie Street239   Dec21188614796Von Rosenstein, Baron 84yWM
Erie Street278   Apr22189516377Von Schleumbach, Alexander 62yWM
Erie Street2104  1901May31190117323Von Schluembach, Fr 58yWM
Erie Street294   Apr24189916955Von Schluenebach, Lillian A 26yWF
Erie Street169   Sep2918493057Vorder, Karl 9mW 
Erie Street129   May418461443Vorse, Y A 29yW 
Erie Street1256   Nov24186710286Voss,Child of Charles1y F
Erie Street1284   Jul27187111384Voss,Child of Christ10mWF
Erie Street1156   Jul318556443Vote, CasperSB WM
Erie Street1221   Apr318638991Vought,Child of John  F
Erie Street153   Nov1518482415Vsold, John 1mWM
Erie Street1102   Feb2318524334Waberton,Child of Mrs W 
Erie Street1178   Jul1518577262Wable, Mina 2yWF
Erie Street1268   May11186910740Wach,Child of Wm8m  
Erie Street1299   Jul31187311953Wach,Child of Bertha10m F
Erie Street1212   Jan118628620Wacher,SB Child of GeoW  
Erie Street1182   Dec1018577420Wachrle,Mrs J68yWF
Erie Street175   Mar2018503261Wackererman,Son of W15mWM
Erie Street147   Apr1818482177Wackerman,Child of W6yW 
Erie Street187   Nov818503744Wackerman,Mrs27yW 
Erie Street270   Apr6189316030Wackerman, Seymour A 28yWM
Erie Street260   Apr17189115633Wackerman, Wendell 74yWM
Erie Street268   Jan9189315975Wackerman, Will W 36yWM
Erie Street1170   Oct1618566977Waddle, F 24dWM
Erie Street16   Sep91841533Wade, Charles E 10mWF
Erie Street1217   Aug2418628826Wade, Delia M 16y F
Erie Street174   Feb2318503229Wade, Sarah J 6mWF
Erie Street1189   Nov718587706Wade, Wm 65yWM
Erie Street1299   Aug11187311970Wadel,Child of Mary1y F
Erie Street111   Sep191842728Wadner,Child of Peter W 
Erie Street147   Mar2718482154Wadsworth,Mrs M30yWF
Erie Street1157   Aug818556491Wadsworth, Caroline 14mWF
Erie Street1189   Sep1518587679Wadsworth, JC  WM
Erie Street1271   Nov1186910886Wadsworth, Lydia 50y F
Erie Street2100  1900Aug9190017188Wadsworth, Wm B 82yWM
Erie Street129   May2118461452Wagaman, F 27yW 
Erie Street130   Jul1218461489Wageman, F 6mWF
Erie Street197   Oct2418514143Wager,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street1205   Feb1918618330Wagerman,Child of Jacob3mW 
Erie Street19   Mar151842623Waggoner,SB Child of J W 
Erie Street123   Mar118451194Waggoner,Child of Nicholas   
Erie Street194   Aug918514045Wagle, Peter 60yWM
Erie Street1126   Jul1518535301Wagner, 18yW 
Erie Street1217   Aug618628806Wagner,Child of Phillip11m  
Erie Street1222   Apr3018639006Wagner,Child of Nathan3y M
Erie Street1266   Feb8186910685Wagner,Child of Wm1y F
Erie Street1276   Jun29187011069Wagner,Child of Herman3mWM
Erie Street1291   Jul28187211652Wagner,Child of Andrew11mWF
Erie Street1292   Aug15187211682Wagner,Child of Louisa6mWF
Erie Street1302   Dec3187312082Wagner,SB Child of Albert WM
Erie Street1220   Jan3018638937Wagner, Anna 1y F
Erie Street1249   Nov818669983Wagner, Anna 75y F
Erie Street1250   Dec16186610022Wagner, Anna 4d F
Erie Street1240   Aug218659630Wagner, Anna C 1y F
Erie Street2102  1901Jan21190117259Wagner, Arthur 4yWM
Erie Street226   Dec3188314269Wagner, August 21mWM
Erie Street1176   May518577193Wagner, Barbara 5yWF
Erie Street176   May1418503330Wagner, Catherine 30yWF
Erie Street1176   May1218577195Wagner, Catherine 6yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524641Wagner, Christopher 2mWM
Erie Street1327   Jan4187712902Wagner, DSB WF
Erie Street259   Feb13189115590Wagner, Daniel 5yWM
Erie Street1220   Feb1718638947Wagner, Earnest 4y F
Erie Street1233   Aug1218649363Wagner, Elizabeth 4y F
Erie Street1280   Jan19187111236Wagner, Jacob 9yWM
Erie Street229   Sep7188414415Wagner, Jacob 54yWM
Erie Street2123   Feb17191217784Wagner, John 72yWM
Erie Street1280   Jan11187111229Wagner, Juleitt 6yW 
Erie Street274   Mar4189416194Wagner, Juliana 67yWF
Erie Street1323   Sep2187612822Wagner, Laura 1dWM
Erie Street1203   Nov1618608241Wagner, Lena 2yWF
Erie Street259   Feb6189115585Wagner, Lillie 1yWF
Erie Street299   Jun5190017152Wagner, Maria 58yWF
Erie Street25   Feb26188013441Wagner, Mary 10yWF
Erie Street181   Aug1018503539Wagner, Mathew 6mWM
Erie Street225   Oct31188314252Wagner, May 1yWF
Erie Street1168   Aug1018666896Wagner, Phillip 2mWM
Erie Street1196   Oct918597955Wagner, R 2mWM
Erie Street169   Sep2118493039Wagoner, Mary 13mWF
Erie Street1293   Oct31187211737Wahl,Child of John8dWF
Erie Street1211   Sep2718618554Wahl, Elizabeth 1yWF
Erie Street2110   Apr24190317529Wahlter, Harold 8mWM
Erie Street1127   Jul2618535325Wahre, Josephine 7mWF
Erie Street175   Apr218503279Wailgle, Catherine 23yWF
Erie Street253   Feb6189015383Wainwright, Fleecy 2mWF
Erie Street1123   Apr2018535168Waite,Mrs WF
Erie Street1296   Mar17187311841Waite,Child of Bell3mW 
Erie Street1299   Jul23187311942Waite,Child of James3m F
Erie Street142   Sep1918471979Waite, Casius 3yWM
Erie Street158   May1718492614Waite, LouisaMrs27yWF
Erie Street1149   Sep3018546183Waiter,Child of P1dW 
Erie Street172   Dec2618493168Waits, Mary 9mWF
Erie Street1290   Jul9187211613Waizs,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street120   Jul2018441070Wake,Child of John W 
Erie Street185   Sep1518503674Wake,Child of Capt P6mW 
Erie Street148   May2918482219Wake, IsaraAKA Sarah1mW 
Erie Street194   Aug418514033Wake, Lucy 30yWF
Erie Street1100   Jan718524266Wakefield, Wm H 2yWM
Erie Street1114   Sep2018524815Wakelin, William 1yWM
Erie Street148   May2918482218Wakeman,Child of Jacob1yW 
Erie Street1139   Apr2418545788Wakesmitte, Carl B 3yW 
Erie Street1251   Feb4186710066Walbridge, Frank B 58y M
Erie Street29   Jan11188113612Walbridge, Frank B 33yWM
Erie Street2106  1901Oct12190117402Walch, Annie 38yWF
Erie Street1266   Jan30186910675Walden,Child of Wm H6m M
Erie Street1177   May2618577222Walderon, Louisa 18mWF
Erie Street261   Aug24189115700Walderschmidt, Henry 8mWM
Erie Street144   Oct2118472027Waldin,Child of Peter3yW 
Erie Street118   Apr718441010Waldoe, Charles 1yWM
Erie Street243   Oct12188714949Waldon, Ellen J 1yWF
Erie Street291   Aug29189816861Waldon, George E 15dWM
Erie Street173   Feb1018503213Waldon, Jacob S 5mWM
Erie Street1250   Dec17186610023Waldson, Lizzie 29y F
Erie Street1161   Nov918556626Wale, George 1mWM
Erie Street1223   May2818639033Wales, S A 9m F
Erie Street1239   May1718659582Walker,Twin 1 of Mary   
Erie Street1239   May1718659582Walker,Twin 2 of Mary   
Erie Street1248   Oct1518669965Walker,Child2d M
Erie Street1255   Sep1186710219Walker,Child of Robt1y  
Erie Street1269   Jul13186910777Walker,Child of Wm  M
Erie Street1272   Nov8186910895Walker,Child of Robt1y M
Erie Street1282   Mar14187111291Walker,Child of Wm21dWF
Erie Street1294   Dec25187211765Walker,Child of Perry3mWM
Erie Street1334  1878Nov22187813192Walker,SB Child of H WM
Erie Street251   Jun29188915270Walker,Baby WF
Erie Street1168   Aug1718566906Walker, Andrew 2mWM
Erie Street1203   Dec618608257Walker, Elizabeth 2yWF
Erie Street2102  1901Feb22190117276Walker, Ethel 5yCF
Erie Street160   Jul1218492696Walker, John 23yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1018503545Walker, John 12yWM
Erie Street1159   Sep618556545Walker, John 42yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1018503544Walker, Joseph M 6yWM
Erie Street1164   Feb2918566722Walker, Joseph W 6mWM
Erie Street2107  1902Feb25190217438Walker, Lawrence 60yWM
Erie Street1168   Aug2218566912Walker, Maria 11mWF
Erie Street1131   Sep1518535467Walker, Michael 21mWM
Erie Street250   Jun21188915261Walker, Susan E 31yWF
Erie Street262   Sep3189115705Walker, Wm 44yCM
Erie Street1289   May23187211569Walkers, Wm B 3mWF
Erie Street1290   Jul11187211617Walkofp,Child of Henry8mWM
Erie Street1306   Jul17187412232Walkophf, Henry 11mWM
Erie Street116   Sep281843929Wall,Child of Thomas1yW 
Erie Street126   Sep418451325Wall,Child of Robert9mW 
Erie Street1300   Aug20187311989Wall,Child of Sophia11mWF
Erie Street239   Jan26188714825Wall,SB WF
Erie Street271   Aug22189316101Wall, 1dWM
Erie Street1289   Jun21187211588Wall, Edward 69yWM
Erie Street216   Apr17188213899Wall, Edwin C 34yWM
Erie Street129   May1818461450Wall, Eliza 18yWF
Erie Street1224   Aug1718639104Wall, Eliza 59y F
Erie Street19   May301842649Wall, Henry 4yW 
Erie Street255   Jun10189015452Wall, John Fance 51yWM
Erie Street242   Aug21188714925Wall, Laura Ann 39yWF
Erie Street1111   Aug3018524710Wall, M W 18mW 
Erie Street1223   Jun218639038Wall, Maria   F
Erie Street1288   Mar13187211522Wall, Mary A 55yWM
Erie Street1306   Jul30187412245Wall, Robert 62yWM
Erie Street1175   Apr818577161Wall, Sarah E 23yWF
Erie Street1143   Jul2418545933Wall, Thomas 57yWM
Erie Street1183   Jan2418587464Wallace,Child of Dr4yWF
Erie Street1244   Mar718669799Wallace,Child of William SB  M
Erie Street230   Oct30188414448Wallace,SB WF
Erie Street248   Nov20188815162Wallace, Benjamin S 42yCM
Erie Street231   Jan22188514493Wallace, Florence 2yWF
Erie Street231   Jan23188514494Wallace, Louis W G 4yWM
Erie Street168   Sep318492993Wallace, Margaret 18yWF
Erie Street1278   Sep4187011151Wallace, Mary J 17yWF
Erie Street1212   Dec718618600Wallace, Willie S 21dWM
Erie Street1243   Dec1418659733Waller,Mrs J46y F
Erie Street1309   Dec12187412357Waller,SB Child of G CM
Erie Street2104  1901Jun19190117335Waller, Caroline 69yWF
Erie Street298   Apr12190017117Waller, Samuel 85yWM
Erie Street214   Dec5188113820Wallerman, Edie 1yWF
Erie Street1314   Jul5187512496Wallin, Emma 7mWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524801Walphs, Caroline 1yWF
Erie Street1113   Sep1618524806Walphs, Rosena 30yWF
Erie Street252   Dec2188915342Walshaw, Wm 69yWM
Erie Street1189   Sep2218587675Walsien, Hannah 9mWF
Erie Street124   Jun1618451241Walter,Child of A5mW 
Erie Street1207   Apr1618618400Walter,Child of Edwin10mWF
Erie Street224   Aug26188314219Walter, Andrew 7mWM
Erie Street1196   Nov2418597978Walter, Anna M 1yWF
Erie Street1186   Jul218587574Walter, Christopher  WM
Erie Street269   Mar13189316018Walter, Clara 3yWF
Erie Street265   Jun1189215860Walter, Hattie 5mWF
Erie Street1100   Jan1318524272Walter, John 35yWM
Erie Street190   Apr1218513878Walter, Mary 8mWF
Erie Street1105   Jun118524462Walter, P 1yWM
Erie Street1253   May30186710135Walters,Child of J   
Erie Street1268   Apr17186910732Walters,Child of Henry2d F
Erie Street174   Mar1918503258Walters, A McDonald 3y M
Erie Street1226   Oct1618639160Walters, Alexander 52y M
Erie Street288   Nov17189716746Walters, Bruno 37yWM
Erie Street1260   Apr15186810415Walters, Henry F 9m M
Erie Street1230   Apr1018649233Walther,Child of Fred2y M
Erie Street1280   Jan1187111221Walther,Child of Mathias4mWM
Erie Street1280   Jan2187111223Walther,Child of Andrew5mWM
Erie Street263   Jan14189215769Walther, Anna Mary 77yWF
Erie Street1230   Mar2818649216 DWalther, Frederick 4y M
Erie Street1260   Apr15186810415Walther, Henry F 9m M
Erie Street216   Mar17188213880Walther, Peter 70yWM
Erie Street238   Nov8188614767Walther, Wm B 53yWM
Erie Street1253   May30186710135Walton,Child of J   
Erie Street188   Jan2518513803Walton, Elizabeth 3mWF
Erie Street257   Oct12189015527Walton, Lily May 17yWF
Erie Street2110   May8190317534Walton, Mary 11dWF
Erie Street1236   Dec1818649480Walton, Thomas 33y M
Erie Street1316   Sep19187512576Waltzer, Amelia 2yWF
Erie Street1131   Sep2418535491Walworth,Child of J WF
Erie Street121   Aug2618441103Walworth, A W 53yW 
Erie Street1126   Jul1418535298Walworth, Jane 12yWF
Erie Street1279   Sep21187011173Walworth, M A 73yWF
Erie Street1231   May1218649272Walworth, Wm 40y M
Erie Street117   Dec81843961Wamelink, Johannes M F 58yWF
Erie Street1330  1877Oct25187713032Wanderslaben, Charles 7dWM
Erie Street1308   Oct27187412334Wangelin, Gustave 65yWM
Erie Street240   Mar13188714843Wangelin, Louis 67yWM
Erie Street263   Jan5189215765Wangelin, Wilhelmina 60yWF
Erie Street1292   Aug12187211677Wangerlin,Child of William3mWF
Erie Street215   Jan17188213839Wangerling, Louis 25yWM
Erie Street1153   Feb518556326Wanghter, Joseph 3yWM
Erie Street276   Aug19189416277Wangler, Andrew 7wWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jul3190117343Wannerfried, Auguste 5yWM
Erie Street294   Apr25189916956Wannoske, Wm 18mWM
Erie Street1149   Oct118546187Wante, Jagor 15m F
Erie Street1311   Feb20187512399Wanton,Child of J K6mWM
Erie Street1273   Feb11187010960Wanton, David 1yCM
Erie Street1207   Apr1218618395WanVenkil,Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1279   Dec13187011208Wanwessen, Lambert 51yWM
Erie Street26   Apr6188013474Warberton, Martha 54yWF
Erie Street186   Oct1918503729Ward,Child of A2dW 
Erie Street1291   Jul20187211636Ward,Child of Magic1mWF
Erie Street1181   Oct1518577375Ward, CharlotteMiss25yWF
Erie Street1126   Jul1418535297Ward, Isabella 4mWF
Erie Street197   Nov218514153Ward, John 27mWM
Erie Street179   Jul918503431Ward, Margaret 20yWF
Erie Street1199   May1518608097Ward, Nellie 19yWF
Erie Street1140   Jun1218545840Ward, Wm 3mWM
Erie Street283   Jun25189616570Wardaunt, Hannah 36yWF
Erie Street1105   Jun718524469Warden, G W 5mWM
Erie Street255   Jun1189015442Warden, Ralph 4yWM
Erie Street158   May318492601Waren,SB Child of Thomas W 
Erie Street2120   Jan12190917736Warfield, Alvenia 55yCF
Erie Street1284   Jul16187111374Wargerlin,Child of Wm WM
Erie Street1150   Nov1818546251Warham, John R 18mWM
Erie Street163   Aug218492784Warham, Wm 28yWM
Erie Street1136   Feb618545667Waring, 40yW 
Erie Street183   Aug2318503605Waring, Bessie 11mWF
Erie Street1157   Jul1918556459Waring, Lawrence 10mWM
Erie Street1103   Apr818524382Warmeskerken, Peter 19mWM
Erie Street12   Aug141840354Warner,SB Child of W J W 
Erie Street150   Aug1318482298Warner,Child of Mr6mW 
Erie Street158   May1318492609Warner,Mrs N H28yWF
Erie Street1138   Mar2418545739Warner,SB Child of W J W 
Erie Street1143   Jul2518545934Warner,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street1163   Feb218566702Warner,Mrs30yCF
Erie Street1293   Oct27187211731Warner,Child of William B7mWM
Erie Street228   May30188414361Warner, 1dWF
Erie Street288   Nov15189716744Warner,SB WM
Erie Street1259   Mar20186810396Warner, Abey W 46y  
Erie Street1227   Dec618639195Warner, Alphens 79y M
Erie Street1312   Mar4187512412Warner, E S 32yWM
Erie Street249   Apr1188915225Warner, EdwardJr2dWM
Erie Street1302   Dec22187312088Warner, Ernst 5yWM
Erie Street1320   Mar2187612694Warner, Frank  WM
Erie Street1116   Oct1018524902Warner, James 4yWM
Erie Street1265   Dec21186810647Warner, John F 52y M
Erie Street259   Feb8189115587Warner, Lottie 22yWF
Erie Street1219   Dec318628896Warner, Maria 43y F
Erie Street238   Nov11188614772Warner, Mary A 67yWF
Erie Street1307   Aug16187412269Warner, Mary C 58yWF
Erie Street1279   Oct3187011181Warner, Peter 29yWM
Erie Street262   Oct17189115718Warner, Raymond K 9mWM
Erie Street1205   Feb2618618338Warnick,Child of Henry11mWM
Erie Street1180   Sep1018577336Warnke, Charles 22mWM
Erie Street177   Jun1118503366Warren,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1273   Feb22187010968Warren, Clark 56yWM
Erie Street1162   Dec2018556661Warren, Emma J 13mWF
Erie Street231   Feb17188514501Warren, Julia Y 68yWF
Erie Street11   Jul271840335Warren, Lois 22yWF
Erie Street218   Aug1188213957Warren, Nellie 6mWF
Erie Street1132   Oct2118535534Warring, Wm 48yWM
Erie Street289   Apr15189816791Wartermian, Bessie 7mWF
Erie Street171   Nov1718493130Washburn, A L 4mC 
Erie Street1163   Feb518566704Washburn, Joseph E 6mWM
Erie Street194   Aug718514037Washburn, Martin 1yCM
Erie Street1273   Jan17187010946Washington,Child of George SB CF
Erie Street1279   Dec12187011207Washington,SB Child of Mrs CM
Erie Street269   Mar10189316015Washington, Dillingham C 53yWM
Erie Street1273   Jan28187010954Washington, Edith J 30yCF
Erie Street296   Dec8189917050Washington, George 50yCM
Erie Street184   Sep718503646Washington, Lenora 1ycF
Erie Street1285   Oct13187111434Washington, Mary A 6yCF
Erie Street1162   Dec2618556667Washington, Norton 48yWM
Erie Street225   Sep12188314229Waske, H 11mWM
Erie Street1302   Oct24187312065Wasserman,Child of Charles8dWM
Erie Street213   Sep22188113781Wasserman, Fred 1yWM
Erie Street1323   Sep28187612846Wasserman, Herman 7yWM
Erie Street1315   Aug3187512529Wasserman, Marthilda 1yWF
Erie Street1105   May3118524459Waswick,Child of James WM
Erie Street1123   Apr2518535178Waswick,SB Child of J R W 
Erie Street1176   Apr1818577172Wate, Ebenezer 2dWM
Erie Street1129   Aug2718535420Wate, Julia H 8mWF
Erie Street199   Dec2318514237Wate, Milo 4mWM
Erie Street138   Jul118471800Waterbury,Child of S2yW 
Erie Street152   Sep1018482347Waterbury,Mrs35yWF
Erie Street1154   Mar1818556365Waterbury, C H 3mWM
Erie Street276   Aug21189416280Waterbury, MariaMrs65yWF
Erie Street1155   May918556405Waterbury, S 50yWM
Erie Street178   Jun1818503382Waters,Child of H W1yWM
Erie Street295   Sep6189917015Waters, Viola Leora 25yWF
Erie Street123   Apr2118451216Watkin,Child of George1yW 
Erie Street1248   Oct618669956Watkins,Child of William D2d F
Erie Street299   May24190017142Watkins, Alexander 65yWM
Erie Street281   Oct22189516466Watkins, B S 55yWM
Erie Street239   Dec25188614799Watkins, Chloe May 11yWF
Erie Street139   Jul2018471842Watkins, Elisha 7mWM
Erie Street1267   Apr9186910726Watkins, Elizabeth   F
Erie Street2121   Apr2191017748Watkins, Elizabeth 75yWF
Erie Street1161   Dec618856651Watkins, George 45yWM
Erie Street1131   Sep3018535495Watkins, Mary A 40yWF
Erie Street243   Nov22188714980Watkins, Nellie 19yWF
Erie Street1316   Oct4187512599Watkins, Thomas 2yWM
Erie Street1105   Jun418524466Watson,Child of G10mW 
Erie Street274   Mar20189416203Watson,SB WF
Erie Street1222   May2418639023Watson, Albert 2y M
Erie Street155   Jan918492470Watson, G C 56yW 
Erie Street129   Apr2718461439Watson, James 46yWM
Erie Street253   Jan30189015377Watson, William 23yWM
Erie Street118   Mar41844997Watt,Child of Wm2yW 
Erie Street152   Sep3018482373Watt,Son of Wm7yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1418503555Watt,Child of Wm1yW 
Erie Street1261   Jul23186810491Wattermeyer,Child of Willie1y M
Erie Street1124   May1718535219Watts,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street252   Nov14188915335Watts, Ann 37yWF
Erie Street1328   Jun4187712968Watts, Charles 26yWM
Erie Street2110   Mar6190317510Watts, Edward C 57yWM
Erie Street2106  1901Nov23190117408Watts, Elizabeth 82yWF
Erie Street271   Jul10189316073Watts, Ella 39yWF
Erie Street1306   Jul8187412217Watts, Florence C 2yWF
Erie Street22   Aug12187913341Watts, Gertrude 8mWF
Erie Street244   Feb5188815021Watts, Gracie M 1yWF
Erie Street1194   Aug418597875Watts, WmCapt45yWM
Erie Street1226   Dec318639191Wauldick,Child of Jacob1d  
Erie Street1277   Jul23187011096Wax,Child of Alvin A2mWF
Erie Street111   Oct101842736Weatherly,Child of J L16mW 
Erie Street112   Nov31842744Weatherly,Child of J L1mW 
Erie Street1244   Feb118669775Weatherly, J L 59y M
Erie Street175   Mar3118503277Weatherly, Mary 10yWF
Erie Street112   Nov161842749Weatherly, Ruth L  WF
Erie Street1204   Jan2418618296Weaver,Child of Wm1yWM
Erie Street195   Aug2018514067Weaver, Barbary 7mWF
Erie Street193   Jul1418513981Weaver, Charles 9mWM
Erie Street233   Jul10188514558Weaver, Emily P 54yWM
Erie Street1166   May1118566798Weaver, Margaret L 4yWF
Erie Street1123   Apr1818535162Weaver, N W 61yWM
Erie Street1100   Jan1518524276Weaver, Sarah 6mWF
Erie Street294   May4189916964Weaver, Wm HCapt78yWM
Erie Street1299   Jul28187311950Webb,Child of A G1y F
Erie Street1300   Aug13187311974Webb, Alice 3m F
Erie Street237   Jul25188614721Webb, Charles 5mWM
Erie Street162   Aug218492779Webb, Eliza J 9mWF
Erie Street158   Apr3018492600Webb, Hannah 22yWF
Erie Street123   Jan1618451186Webb, John B 42yWM
Erie Street1254   Aug12186710197Webb, Joseph 54y M
Erie Street222   Mar15188314111Webb, Maria 83yWF
Erie Street1137   Mar1218545718Webber,SB Child of C B W 
Erie Street1225   Sep218639119Webber,Child of Henry11m F
Erie Street1229   Mar218649184 DWebber,Child of Henry   
Erie Street1232   Jul518649312Webber,Child of C7m F
Erie Street1291   Aug9187211666Webber,Child of Fred1yW 
Erie Street1311   Jan4187512369Webber,Child of Dr A   
Erie Street1311   Jan4187512368Webber, ADr WM
Erie Street1192   May718597831Webber, B L 17dWM
Erie Street1202   Oct2518608229Webber, ChristChild of Christ18mW 
Erie Street1115   Sep2718524851Webber, Elizabeth 53yWF
Erie Street1137   Mar318545705Webber, Helen 9mWF
Erie Street1329   Sep2187713006Webber, Jasper 53yWM
Erie Street157   Apr118492567Webber, John 25yWM
Erie Street1181   Nov1718577395Webber, Margaret 5mWF
Erie Street162   Aug118492770Webber, Mary E 3mWF
Erie Street230   Oct21188414441Webber, Robert E 39yWM
Erie Street23   Nov3187913370Webber, William J 2mWM
Erie Street1104   May718524428Weber,SB Child of Lawrence W 
Erie Street1244   Feb1718669783Weber,Child of John SB  F
Erie Street2103  1901May3190117314Weber, Albert B 1mWM
Erie Street245   Mar28188815052Weber, Carl Gustave 28yWM
Erie Street1169   Sep1018566936Weber, Charles 15mWM
Erie Street1281   Feb15187111262Weber, Elizabeth 78yWF
Erie Street142   Sep1818471971Weber, Larance 28dW 
Erie Street2104  1901May22190117321Weber, Lew 6yWM
Erie Street1319   Feb24187612689Weber, Louis 11mWM
Erie Street1191   Feb1618597792Weber, Peter 49dWM
Erie Street1118   Dec618525002Webin, S 45yWM
Erie Street1115   Oct418524883Webster,Child of J WM
Erie Street252   Nov21188915340Webster,1 of 2 babies10dWM
Erie Street252   Nov21188915340Webster,2 of 2 babies10dWM
Erie Street1296   Apr7187311849Webster, Chas 3mWM
Erie Street2115   Mar30190517655Webster, Eva Florence 35yWF
Erie Street1304   Apr20187412165Webster, George 11yWM
Erie Street297   Mar27190017094Webster, Harriett 23yCF
Erie Street250   Jun9188915252Webster, Howard C  WM
Erie Street242   Aug23188714926Webster, Ida May 1yWF
Erie Street186   Sep3018503703Webster, J P 1yWM
Erie Street1308   Sep17187412308Webster, John 63yWM
Erie Street193   Jul1818513993Webster, Perry 4mWM
Erie Street1119   Dec1418525009Webster, Sarah B 24yWF
Erie Street1117   Oct2118524942Weckerline, Catherine 3yWF
Erie Street127   Oct2418451353Weddauner, Frances 41yWF
Erie Street236   Mar25188614672Weddel, Eliza Ann 85yWF
Erie Street281   Nov5189516472Weddel, Laurence 35yWM
Erie Street211   Apr24188113674Weddell,Child of Wm1yWM
Erie Street137   May918471745Weddell, P M 42yWM
Erie Street1259   Mar16186810392Weekling, Frederick 63y M
Erie Street1301   Sep14187312034Weething,Child of William11mWM
Erie Street1251   Feb2186710062Wegeman, 11m M
Erie Street1170   Oct418566966Wegert, A 5dWF
Erie Street1164   Apr118566752Weggerman, Christina 37yWF
Erie Street1263   Sep27186810562Wehnes,Child of John  F
Erie Street1160   Sep2018556580Wehnes, John 5mWM
Erie Street1262   Jul30186810503Wehnes, John 4m M
Erie Street1211   Sep2718618554Weht, Elizabeth 1yWF
Erie Street1273   Feb15187010963Weichel, Caroline 1yWF
Erie Street1221   Feb2318638953Weickert,Child of Wm SB  F
Erie Street1234   Aug3018649384Weidenburgh, Lewis C 1y M
Erie Street23   Sep21187913354Weidencopf, Jacob W 92yWM
Erie Street1217   Jul2918628795Weidenkopf,SB Child of Jacob   
Erie Street1271   Oct31186910885Weidenkopf,Child of J  F
Erie Street1272   Nov22186910908Weidenkopf,Child of Godfried SB   
Erie Street1282   Mar24187111300Weidenkopf,SB Child of Gottlieb WM
Erie Street1229   Mar318649185 DWeidenkopf, Catherine 2y F
Erie Street1175   Mar3118577152Weidenkopf, Franklin J 3yWM
Erie Street230   Nov6188414450Weidenkopf, Frederick 65yWM
Erie Street1255   Sep3186710223Weidenkopf, Juliett 15y F
Erie Street242   Aug29188714930Weigel, Henry A 1yWM
Erie Street240   Mar21188714846Weigel, Margareth 84yWF
Erie Street1150   Oct1918546217Weiguts,Child of P9mW 
Erie Street260   Jun19189115660Weihs, Ernest 23yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2018524660Weil, J 45yWM
Erie Street244   Jan1188815002Weiland, Anna 8mWF
Erie Street233   Jul30188514574Weiland, Katie 8mWF
Erie Street241   Jul7188714897Weinberger, Florence Ilga 3mWF
Erie Street1277   Aug11187011123Weinstein,Child of Adolf1yWM
Erie Street1255   Oct6186710251Weintz,Child of John 7m F
Erie Street1263   Sep29186810566Weintz, Elizabeth 31y F
Erie Street1205   Feb2818618345Weir,Child of Christ11mW 
Erie Street1217   Jul3018628796Weir,Child of Christian7d M
Erie Street132   Sep1318461549Weir, Grace Anab 70yWF
Erie Street272   Sep19189316119Weirnet, JohnAKA Edward Varner3mWM
Erie Street1105   Jun718524468Weise, Augusta 7yWF
Erie Street27   Jul29188013534Weise, Oscar 5yWM
Erie Street1329   Jul26187712988Weise, RSB WM
Erie Street29   Jan28188113625Weiser, Sata M 2yWF
Erie Street1230   Apr1418649239Weisgerber,Child of Henry   
Erie Street257   Sep25189015517Weisgerber, Annie 57yWF
Erie Street233   Aug11188514581Weisgerber, George 23yWM
Erie Street1229   Feb2318649177 DWeisgerber, Henry 7y M
Erie Street232   Jun2188514545Weisgerber, Henry 52yWM
Erie Street1284   Aug3187111391Weiss,Child of Christian SB WM
Erie Street289   Feb1189816767Weiss,SB WM
Erie Street240   Feb20188714835Weiss, Bertha 1mWF
Erie Street246   Jun12188815081Weiss, Rudolph 4mWM
Erie Street1290   Jul13187211621Weith,Child of Fred17dWM
Erie Street1205   Feb818618317Weitz, Anna M 74yWF
Erie Street277   Dec13189416321Weitz, Emma 42yWF
Erie Street199   Dec1618514219Weitz, Joseph 10yWM
Erie Street1194   Aug2018597899Weitzeg, Frederick 2y M
Erie Street1311   Feb26187512403Weitzel,Child of William1dWF
Erie Street1311   Jan20187512379Weitzel, Catharine 74yWF
Erie Street1336  1879Mar25187913258Weitzel, Horace 3yWM
Erie Street1272   Nov5186910893Weitzel, L 64y M
Erie Street1303   Jan19187412104Weitzel, William 83yWM
Erie Street14   Mar41841443Welburk, Mary M 30yWF
Erie Street141   Aug2018471909Welch,SB Child of Mr W 
Erie Street141   Aug2218471913Welch,Mrs WF
Erie Street1203   Dec718608260Welch,Child of H W SB WF
Erie Street221   Feb22188314092Welch, 3dWM
Erie Street167   Sep218492979Welch, AnnMrs37yWF
Erie Street1322   Aug7187612800Welch, Benjamin S 87yWM
Erie Street142   Sep1118471964Welch, Betsy 60yWF
Erie Street172   Dec3118493172Welch, Catherine 17yW 
Erie Street251   Aug7188915291Welch, Eliza 69yWF
Erie Street143   Oct1118472014Welch, John 60yWM
Erie Street1234   Sep918649398Welch, Josephine 6m F
Erie Street167   Aug3018492956Welch, Margaret 25yWF
Erie Street268   Dec25189215965Welch, Oscar F 75yWM
Erie Street299   Jun15190017158Welch, Ruth 21dWF
Erie Street1289   May17187211566Welch, Sophia 77yWF
Erie Street136   Mar1318471709Welch, Timothy 12dWM
Erie Street168   Sep1218493015Welch, Wm 32yWM
Erie Street1313   May18187512463Welden, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1110   Aug2018524661Welden, T 14mWM
Erie Street15   Jun131841478Wellehworce, Thomas 29yWM
Erie Street1108   Aug418524591Weller, Alfred 39yWM
Erie Street2117   Dec28190617712Weller, Edwin R 5yWM
Erie Street1150   Nov118546235Weller, Thomas  WM
Erie Street144   Nov218472041Wells,Mrs80yWF
Erie Street1102   Mar1818524357Wells,Mrs55yWF
Erie Street223   May23188314152Wells, Carl 1mWM
Erie Street137   Jun1418471780Wells, Catherine 43yWF
Erie Street163   Aug318492788Wells, Mary A 22yWF
Erie Street1250   Dec19186610026Wells, Thos 18y F
Erie Street11   Jun131840314Wells, Wm 4yWM
Erie Street163   Aug618492807Wells, Wm 3mWM
Erie Street1334  1878Dec11187813199Wellstead, John B 38yWM
Erie Street271   Jul6189316072Wellsted, Joseph 76yWM
Erie Street111   Aug261842710Wellsted, Mary 65yWF
Erie Street1261   Jun28186810461Welmis,Child of A W SB  F
Erie Street290   Jul5189816832Welsch, Louise 44yWF
Erie Street252   Sep25188915308Welsch, Michael 58yWM
Erie Street239   Dec7188614788Welsch, Sevilla 58yWF
Erie Street242   Jul16188714906Welsch, Wm 2yWM
Erie Street114   Aug31843857Welsh,Child of John WM
Erie Street122   Nov418441157Welsh,SB Child of O F W 
Erie Street154   Dec2018482454Welsh,Child of O10dW 
Erie Street1103   Apr1218524387Welsted, Augusta 3yWF
Erie Street111   Aug231842705Welsted, John 22yWM
Erie Street1226   Oct2918639166Welt,Child of Frank5d M
Erie Street290   Jun9189816817Welton, Carlysle 13yWM
Erie Street1207   May1918618431Wemsh,Child of Fred8mWF
Erie Street138   Jul618471804Wenced, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street1200   Jun718608115Wend,Child of John3yWF
Erie Street263   Nov23189115749Wengelheit, Carl 14dWM
Erie Street1143   Jul3018545961Wenham, 2yW 
Erie Street1159   Sep1718556573Wenham, Ed B 16mWM
Erie Street1121   Mar518535090Wenham, H F 22yW 
Erie Street1200   Jul1718608135Wenham, Susannah 66yWF
Erie Street1129   Aug2318535402Wenhann,SB Child of JC W 
Erie Street1274   Feb27187010975Went, Caroline 69yWF
Erie Street1235   Nov1318649449Wentes,Child of Adam2m F
Erie Street1246   Jun318669856Wentes,Child of Adam8d M
Erie Street1207   May1918618430Wentz,Child of Geo A8mWF
Erie Street1225   Sep2718639140Wentz,Child of Adam9m M
Erie Street1235   Nov1318649449Wentz,Child of Adam2m F
Erie Street1241   Sep1918659679Wentz,Child of Jacob5d F
Erie Street1246   Jun318669856Wentz,Child of Adam8d M
Erie Street244   Jan29188815016Wentzel, Carrie 5mWF
Erie Street24   Dec29187913399Weoske, Clara 4yWF
Erie Street1248   Oct2218669971Wepguish, Levi L 1m  
Erie Street1329   Aug15187712998Werber,Child of Carl1hWM
Erie Street1296   Apr5187311848Werber, Caroline 1yWF
Erie Street1327   Jan12187712907Werber, Cornelia 4mWF
Erie Street28   Oct9188013568Werber, Fred C 1mWM
Erie Street1304   Apr25187412167Werber, N 1mWF
Erie Street1330  1877Sep21187713019Werchiel, Willie 6mWM
Erie Street1121   Feb2418535077Werner, Catherine 21dW 
Erie Street1142   Jul2218545915Werner, Chas 7yWM
Erie Street180   Jul2518503489Wersha, Jane 1dWF
Erie Street180   Jul2518503489Wershey, Jane 1dWF
Erie Street1292   Sep2187211701Wertz,SB Twin 1 of A F WF
Erie Street1292   Sep2187211701Wertz,SB Twin 2 of A F WM
Erie Street190   Apr818513873Wesback, F 42yW 
Erie Street1180   Oct1118577364Wesenhorn, Charles 12yWM
Erie Street221   Mar8188314103Weske,Child of Albert4mWM
Erie Street1324   Oct21187612860Wesonlisk, WmSB WF
Erie Street1143   Jul3118545970Wesser, Adam 1yWM
Erie Street174   Feb2818503236West,SB Child of H W 
Erie Street298   Mar29190017097West, Catharine 37yWF
Erie Street1333  1878Aug25187813158West, Erwin 5mWM
Erie Street1293   Nov10187211742West, George 4yWM
Erie Street1106   Jul1418524527West, Helen 21dWF
Erie Street194   Aug1718514057West, John 20yW 
Erie Street220   Dec26188214049West, Mabel E 10mWF
Erie Street235   Feb6188614648West, Otis R 23yWM
Erie Street1202   Sep918608199West, Richard 44yWM
Erie Street1151   Dec1318546287West, Sarah 77yWF
Erie Street199   Dec2418514235West, T  W 
Erie Street255   Jun1189015443Westaway, Wm J 35yWM
Erie Street190   Apr1718513886Westerfield, Herman 7mWM
Erie Street1271   Sep16186910856Westerrin, F 20y F
Erie Street193   Jul2318514006Westerwhit, Frank 5mWM
Erie Street127   Nov1518451361Westfall,  W 
Erie Street1312   Mar7187512415Westlake,Mrs46yWF
Erie Street191   May1018513913Westland, Joel C 30yWM
Erie Street1180   Sep2718577353Weston, Henry H 18yWM
Erie Street114   Aug51843859Westover, John 67yW 
Erie Street158   May618492602Westover, Martha 77yWF
Erie Street1127   Jul2718535329Westphall, George D 6mWM
Erie Street1106   Jul1118524515Westwaller, Frederick 13mWM
Erie Street286   May23189716689Wetherell, MMrs47yWF
Erie Street1283   Jul5187111365Wetler,Child of John6mW 
Erie Street1150   Nov318546239Wever,SB Child of P W 
Erie Street1210   Sep1418618538Whaber,Child of Henry5dWF
Erie Street173   Jan1818503190Whale, John 19yWM
Erie Street14   Feb111841433Whalen, Ann 4yWF
Erie Street1210   Sep1418618538Whaler,Child of Henry5dWF
Erie Street1112   Sep718524745Whaler, William 67y M
Erie Street152   Oct418482377Whaling,Mrs30yWF
Erie Street179   Jul1218503447Whaling, Ann 38yWF
Erie Street190   Mar2918513863Whaling, James  WM
Erie Street152   Sep3018482374Whaling, P 12yW 
Erie Street179   Jul1018503439Whalingo,Child of P2dW 
Erie Street1300   Aug24187312001Whalley,Child of T2dWF
Erie Street286   Mar16189716667Wharton, Frances 62yCF
Erie Street1125   Jun418535227Wheadon, Ida A 2yWF
Erie Street1169   Sep818566934Wheedon, Charles 1mWM
Erie Street1246   Jul1718669889Wheeler,Child1m M
Erie Street1261   Jul23186810490Wheeler,Child of Chas1m M
Erie Street1313   May5187512454Wheeler,SB Child of Dr WM
Erie Street262   Nov5189115729Wheeler,Infant SB WM
Erie Street1238   Feb2818659542Wheeler, Abijah 83y M
Erie Street1227   Dec918639202Wheeler, Clarence 10y M
Erie Street1255   Sep29186710245Wheeler, Curtis J 21y M
Erie Street219   Sep30188214005Wheeler, Ellen M 74yWF
Erie Street2117   Jan10190617691Wheeler, Emaline 83yWF
Erie Street1191   Feb118597786Wheeler, Emily 2y F
Erie Street240   Feb18188714834Wheeler, Frank 25yWM
Erie Street2115   Jan9190517642Wheeler, Geo W 48yWM
Erie Street1265   Dec1186810629Wheeler, Joel A 61y M
Erie Street1281   Feb14187111261Wheeler, John ADr81yWM
Erie Street226   Jan23188414299Wheeler, John W 40yWM
Erie Street262   Nov16189115740Wheeler, Julia A 78yWF
Erie Street1224   Aug418639089Wheeler, Louisa 57y M
Erie Street1277   Aug4187011114Wheeler, Louisa 14yWF
Erie Street248   Dec16188815175Wheeler, Myron P 54yWM
Erie Street1218   Sep1718628838Wheelers, Allen T 1y M
Erie Street275   Jul19189416263Wheller, Benjamin S 88yWM
Erie Street238   Nov17188614776Wheller, Jane 87yWF
Erie Street120   Aug518441084Wheller, Wm H 1mWM
Erie Street1223   Jul1518639066Whigam,Child of Thos SB  F
Erie Street146   Jan3018482110Whilled, Mary 15yWF
Erie Street25   Mar28188013462Whimore, James 76yWM
Erie Street1151   Dec2818546289Whippels,SB Child of E H W 
Erie Street139   Jul2518471852Whipple,Child of D W 
Erie Street154   Nov3018482434Whipple,Mrs62yWF
Erie Street137   May2718471761Whipple, D  W 
Erie Street1112   Sep518524738Whipple, E 53yW 
Erie Street1260   May16186810435Whipple, F M 21y M
Erie Street1112   Sep418524730Whipple, Harriet A 5mWF
Erie Street1173   Jan2718577069Whipple, Stephen 68yWM
Erie Street1195   Sep2218597938Whitaker, Steven A 18mWM
Erie Street25   Mar13188013451Whitamore, Amy P 75yWF
Erie Street1166   May2718566809Whitcomb,Child of J19mWF
Erie Street171   Nov218493109Whitcomb, Adam 2mWM
Erie Street1104   May418524422Whitcomb, Elizabeth 49yWF
Erie Street1195   Oct418597950Whitcomb, James 67yWM
Erie Street1249   Nov1818669993Whitcomb, Susan A 42y F
Erie Street1187   Aug618587606Whitcomb, T 6mWM
Erie Street1132   Oct2218535538Whitcomb, William 10mWM
Erie Street1100   Jan2518524290Whitcomb, Wm 37yWM
Erie Street185   Sep2318503690Whitcombs,Child1dW 
Erie Street132   Sep618461544White,Child of J A W 
Erie Street187   Dec518503761White,Child of John   
Erie Street1140   Jun2718545851White,SB Child of Lewis W 
Erie Street1229   Mar818649191 DWhite,Child of James SB  M
Erie Street1238   Mar618659548White,Child of Charles   
Erie Street1288   Apr18187211542White,Child of Thomas3mWF
Erie Street1292   Aug12187211674White,Child of William8dCM
Erie Street1297   Apr29187311875White,Child of David1y M
Erie Street244   Dec 188714988White, 8hWM
Erie Street248   Dec26188815181White,SB WF
Erie Street252   Dec7188915344White,SB WF
Erie Street142   Sep518471945White, Abraham 48yWM
Erie Street1242   Nov118659709White, Ada C 1y F
Erie Street269   Feb26189316004White, Anna May 6mCF
Erie Street2119   Mar16190817735White, Annie E 70yWF
Erie Street191   May2418513926White, Betsy 4d F
Erie Street1111   Aug2618524691White, C H 6mW 
Erie Street1282   Apr27187111320White, C L W 2mCM
Erie Street1279   Oct2187011180White, Charles H 5mWM
Erie Street1247   Aug318669905White, Clara 4m F
Erie Street161   Jul2118492718White, Edward 31yWM
Erie Street2140   Jun22194517912White, Ella 78yCF
Erie Street1259   Feb28186810376White, Emma M 4y F
Erie Street161   Jul2418492725White, G P 36yW 
Erie Street284   Oct29189616624White, Gladys E 3mWF
Erie Street1107   Jul2518524546White, H G 11mWM
Erie Street1210   Aug1218618515White, Henry A 26yWM
Erie Street258   Dec15189015557White, Isabella 65yWF
Erie Street1280   Jan24187111239White, Jane 91yCF
Erie Street2125   Dec22191417817White, John S 63yCM
Erie Street224   Aug24188314218White, Jos E 75yWM
Erie Street141   Aug3018471932White, Joseph 28yWM
Erie Street1271   Nov2186910888White, Josephine 4yCF
Erie Street1286   Nov19187111452White, Joshua 52yCF
Erie Street1150   Nov1218546244White, Julia M C 17mWF
Erie Street1263   Sep20186810550White, Lambert 49y M
Erie Street1106   Jul318524504White, LydiaMrs56y F
Erie Street191   Jun118513938White, Mary 71yWF
Erie Street1115   Oct318524876White, Mary 30yWF
Erie Street1186   Jun118587559White, MaryMrs67yWF
Erie Street1192   Mar2018597808White, Mary E 10yWF
Erie Street1220   Jan1618638927White, Mary E 1y F
Erie Street1223   Jun118639037White, Mary E 1y F
Erie Street246   Jul8188815098White, Mary Jane 45yWF
Erie Street213   Sep4188113770White, Moses 90yWM
Erie Street116   Oct111843936White, Phillip A 49yWM
Erie Street172   Jan818503177White, R H 4mW 
Erie Street1175   Mar3018577150White, Robert 10yWM
Erie Street1174   Mar518577116White, Sarah R 36yWF
Erie Street21   May25187913290White, William 40yWM
Erie Street288   Dec9189716754White, William 2yWM
Erie Street120   Aug518441082White, Wm 50yWM
Erie Street19   Jun241842656Whitehead,SB Child of D W 
Erie Street114   Jul71843838Whitehead,Child of D W 
Erie Street182   Aug1618503561Whitehead, 8mW 
Erie Street1103   Apr918524384Whitehead,Child of W6mW 
Erie Street1228   Feb618649164 DWhitehead,Child of Geo SB   
Erie Street1230   Apr618649229 DWhitehead,Child of Fred2y F
Erie Street1241   Sep118659660Whitehead,Child of Geo2m  
Erie Street1327   Jan26187712910Whitehead, Anna 87yWF
Erie Street1243   Jan118669748Whitehead, Mary A 54y F
Erie Street1178   Jul518577256Whitehead, Phhillip 24yWM
Erie Street1100   Jan2718524291Whitehouse,Mr50yWM
Erie Street17   Nov151841568Whitelaw,SB Child of Mark W 
Erie Street123   Apr2218451218Whitelaw, Anna W 4yWF
Erie Street1328   Jun3187712966Whitelaw, Mark 75yWM
Erie Street234   Sep7188514594Whitelaw, Mary 82yWF
Erie Street1194   Aug1418597893Whitemond, Edmond 7mWM
Erie Street1173   Jan2018577063Whitemore, E 56yWM
Erie Street1174   Mar418577115Whitemore, M C 30yW 
Erie Street1135   Jan418545616Whitensenby, Winsloss 2yWM
Erie Street221   Mar7188314101Whitesell,Child of John3yWM
Erie Street1278   Sep11187011162Whiting,Child of John C5mWM
Erie Street1186   Jul2318587592Whiting, MaryMrs76yWF
Erie Street1327   Feb25187712927Whitman,SB WM
Erie Street21   Apr21187913277Whitney,SB Child of Arthu E WM
Erie Street259   Apr1189115620Whitney,SB WF
Erie Street1192   Mar318597799Whitney, Fred 22mWM
Erie Street1321   Jun18187612749Whitney, John 1yWF
Erie Street1208   May2718618441Whittaker, Dea S 77yWM
Erie Street168   Sep318492989Whittaker, Frances E   F
Erie Street1150   Oct2418546223Whittaker, Francis 2mWF
Erie Street197   Nov1918514176Whittaker, S 26yWM
Erie Street1257   Dec7186710298Whittenberg,Child of Chas  M
Erie Street1190   Dec1318587734Whrshmerz, Anna Louis 18mW 
Erie Street1102   Mar618524342Wice,Child of Mr W 
Erie Street23   Nov9187913372Wich, Rosa 7yWF
Erie Street1179   Aug1518577292Wichrle, Elizabeth 18mWF
Erie Street1142   Jul1818545903Wick, Clara E 2yWF
Erie Street126   Aug1018451301Wick, Mary 23yWF
Erie Street1295   Feb4187311806Wickesser,Child of Chas3mWM
Erie Street128   Feb2618461408Wickham,Child of Dorcas4mW 
Erie Street1240   Jul2618659623Wickham,Child of Samuel3m F
Erie Street1293   Nov26187211751Wickoff,Child of SB WM
Erie Street127   Dec1618451373Wicks,Child of Henry5mW 
Erie Street1267   Mar18186910707Wicks, Hubert 39y M
Erie Street258   Dec20189015561Widenkopf, Jacob 62yWM
Erie Street1254   Aug8186710186Widler,Child of John3m F
Erie Street277   Nov23189416312Widlitski, Charles 7yWM
Erie Street237   Jul14188614720Widslitzki, Wm 2yWM
Erie Street1273   Dec28186910934Wiedan, Louis 26y M
Erie Street1140   May2918545831Wiedenkopf, Margaret 68yWF
Erie Street231   Jan6188514485Wiedock, William 2yWM
Erie Street1167   Jul1918566849Wiegant, Berta 10mWF
Erie Street216   Apr3188213889Wiegel, 2mWM
Erie Street252   Oct13188915317Wieland, Mary 33yWF
Erie Street242   Aug11188714919Wierzuch, Wm M 8mWM
Erie Street231   Dec24188414476Wies,SB WM
Erie Street220   Nov27188214031Wies, Carl 1mWM
Erie Street2101  1900Nov26190017232Wiese, Emma 3mWF
Erie Street2104  1901Jun10190117330Wiese, Heinrich 44yWM
Erie Street2107  1902May10190217455Wiese, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street1161   Nov118556620Wiesgerber, Wm H 1mWM
Erie Street289   Apr20189816793Wiesl, Ellie 11mWF
Erie Street126   Aug1618451305Wiesman, Wm 10yW 
Erie Street1317   Nov26187512627Wiething, Emma 7mWF
Erie Street1216   Jun2818628768Wietzel, Catherine M 2y F
Erie Street170   Oct318493065Wigenans,Child of J B9mW 
Erie Street1277   Jul23187011099Wilber,Child of Charles J2mW 
Erie Street218   Aug3188213959Wilber, James 64yWM
Erie Street1193   Jun1618597843Wilber, M J 72yWM
Erie Street1248   Sep2818669954Wilbur,SB Child of J M  F
Erie Street157   Apr118492568Wilbur, E 70yW 
Erie Street18   Feb271842612Wilcox,SB Child of Elizabeth W 
Erie Street1117   Oct2518524949Wilcox,Mrs P50yCM
Erie Street216   Apr18188213900Wilcox,Mrs S T88yWF
Erie Street19   Apr261842640Wilcox, Aaron 57yWM
Erie Street186   Oct2218503731Wilcox, Elizabeth 22yWF
Erie Street1148   Sep818546140Wilcox, Henry F 1yWM
Erie Street1174   Feb1918577099Wilcox, J T 73yWM
Erie Street1209   Aug718618506Wilcox, Nellie 7yWF
Erie Street136   Mar3018471718Wilcox, Samuel S 6yWM
Erie Street134   Dec2518461644Wild, Samuel 7yWM
Erie Street1159   Sep218556538Wilder, Johanna 14mWF
Erie Street1291   Jul25187211648Wilhelm,Child of Charles14dWM
Erie Street1335  1879Feb28187913243Wilhelm, JohnAKA Bruhn4yWM
Erie Street1189   Sep2818587680Wilhemena, Caroline  WF
Erie Street1160   Sep1618556607Wiliston,SB Child of J H WF
Erie Street235   Feb27188614658Wilk, Otto 62yWF
Erie Street1304   Mar5187412137Wilke,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street1313   May25187512470Wilke,SB Child of Charles WF
Erie Street1306   Jul11187412220Wilke, John 1mWM
Erie Street22   Jul11187913311Wilkenson,Twin 114dWM
Erie Street22   Jul11187913311Wilkenson,Twin 214dWM
Erie Street1221   Mar318638962Wilkey, Mary 6y F
Erie Street263   Nov29189115752Wilkey, Mary L 5yWF
Erie Street1298   Jun22187311909Wilkies,Child of Chas1y M
Erie Street1217   Aug918628810Wilkin,Child of August1y  
Erie Street1241   Sep1618659675Wilkins, Adolph 9m M
Erie Street266   Jul13189215879Wilkins, Edward 24yCM
Erie Street1191   Jan1118597769Wilkins, Fred 1y M
Erie Street1322   Aug20187612811Wilkinson, Hannah 54yWF
Erie Street134   Dec2718461645Wilkison, Sarah 36yWF
Erie Street1205   Feb1718618322Wilks,Child of Geo1mW 
Erie Street1285   Sep1187111415Wilks,Child of Fred1mWM
Erie Street29   Dec3188013594Wilks, Charlot 4mWF
Erie Street1192   Mar1618597807Wilks, Joseph 2yWM
Erie Street287   Sep9189716723Willard, A L 55yWM
Erie Street1243   Dec2618659746Willard, Wm H 27y M
Erie Street1262   Aug12186810519Willbrandt,Child of R4m F
Erie Street1248   Sep2318669948Willbrant, Cecilia E 1y F
Erie Street1284   Jul19187111378Willbrant, Rodolf 2mWM
Erie Street247   Aug22188815122Willeams,SB WM
Erie Street1193   Jul918597852Willenberg, Henry 18mWM
Erie Street1277   Aug13187011126Willer, Mattilda 1yWF
Erie Street223   Jul16188314180Willes, Annette 12yWF
Erie Street223   Jul14188314178Willes, Luther 44yWM
Erie Street223   Jul16188314179Willes, Ziba 35yWM
Erie Street18   Feb161842604Willey,SB Child of M E W 
Erie Street121   Aug3018441112Willey,Child of C N11mW 
Erie Street173   Jan1018503182Willey,Mrs C S19yWF
Erie Street177   Jun1218503369Willey,Child of C W 
Erie Street247   Oct4188815145Willey, Ben H 5mWM
Erie Street1174   Feb1718577090Willey, Chas H 5mWM
Erie Street14   Feb181841438Willey, Elijah F 55yWM
Erie Street15   Jul101841488Willey, John W 47yWM
Erie Street1190   Dec2318587747Willey, Lucritia 69y F
Erie Street250   Apr14188915233Willey, Mary S 33yWF
Erie Street241   Jul11188714904Willey, Robt 7mWM
Erie Street1291   Jul23187211645Willia,Child of Ada M8mWF
Erie Street1121   Mar118535083William,Child of John21dW 
Erie Street2100  1900Oct20190017216William, Alfred 12yWM
Erie Street189   Mar1718513848William, Frederick 1dWM
Erie Street128   Mar1218461419Williams,Child of Joseph6mC 
Erie Street141   Aug1918471906Williams, 17yW 
Erie Street144   Oct2018472026Williams,Mrs18yWF
Erie Street145   Dec2718472092Williams,Mr35yWM
Erie Street150   Aug1318482297Williams,Child of G8mW 
Erie Street174   Mar1718503257Williams,Son of Mr11yWM
Erie Street1100   Jan1918524282Williams, 7yWF
Erie Street1120   Jan2618535045Williams,Child of W4mC 
Erie Street1124   May1218535200Williams,Mrs WF
Erie Street1125   Jun1718535251Williams,  C 
Erie Street1190   Dec1418587736Williams,Child of Mrs5mC 
Erie Street1201   Aug1218608165Williams,Child of Richd1yW 
Erie Street1206   Mar1818618368Williams,Child of Daniel1mWM
Erie Street1207   Apr2318618409Williams,Child of John SB W 
Erie Street1216   Jun2818628767Williams,Child of A1y F
Erie Street1218   Sep2018628840Williams,Child of A19d  
Erie Street1224   Aug418639088Williams,twin 1 of R4mCM
Erie Street1224   Aug418639088Williams,twin 2 of R4mCM
Erie Street1233   Jul3118649344Williams,Child of Mrs S8m  
Erie Street1246   Jun3018669869Williams,Child of James SB  M
Erie Street1270   Aug6186910813Williams,Child of Edward  M
Erie Street1276   Jun12187011053Williams,Child of E P WM
Erie Street1297   Apr11187311855Williams,Child of A14dCF
Erie Street1312   Mar13187512420Williams,Child of Henry8mCM
Erie Street251   Aug1188915286Williams, 7mWF
Erie Street1273   Jan14187010942Williams, Amelia 38yCF
Erie Street245   Apr1188815054Williams, Amos 30yCM
Erie Street1102   Mar2118524362Williams, Ann 36yW 
Erie Street1234   Sep1318649402Williams, Anna 51y F
Erie Street1304   Mar5187412136Williams, Anna 1dWF
Erie Street230   Nov18188414455Williams, Barbara 73yWF
Erie Street1144   Aug218545981Williams, Benjamin 14mWM
Erie Street246   Jul3188815091Williams, C C 80yWM
Erie Street1100   Jan2118524283Williams, C H 2yWM
Erie Street1274   Mar5187010980Williams, C H 8mCM
Erie Street1104   May1518524438Williams, Caroh 18mWF
Erie Street1271   Nov3186910889Williams, Caroline 30yCF
Erie Street1184   Mar1718587487Williams, Caroline M 37yWF
Erie Street1193   May1518597834Williams, Charles 1mWM
Erie Street1297   Apr27187311871Williams, Chas 2yCM
Erie Street1182   Dec1518577423Williams, Clarence 12yWM
Erie Street290   Jun22189816828Williams, Clarence P 4mCM
Erie Street1146   Aug2718546087Williams, Cora 3yWF
Erie Street175   Mar2318503268Williams, E L 1mWM
Erie Street214   Dec17188113824Williams, Edmund 29yWM
Erie Street1332  1878May29187813104Williams, Edward 33yWM
Erie Street1300   Aug12187311973Williams, Edward B 57y M
Erie Street1112   Sep918524755Williams, Elizabeth 58yWF
Erie Street236   May5188614691Williams, Elizabeth 72yWF
Erie Street1296   Mar16187311840Williams, Evan 24yWM
Erie Street1190   Dec1418587735Williams, Frederick 3yWM
Erie Street1185   May2118587548Williams, G H 36yWF
Erie Street1285   Sep18187111425Williams, Geo 57yWM
Erie Street1112   Sep518524736Williams, Hannah 3mWF
Erie Street1288   Apr10187211536Williams, Hannah 1yWF
Erie Street1154   Mar2118556371Williams, Henry 1yWM
Erie Street250   Jun15188915256Williams, Henry B 34yCM
Erie Street285   Jan29189716652Williams, JMrs61yWF
Erie Street234   Sep5188514591Williams, James C 1yWM
Erie Street1259   Mar31186810407Williams, James H 21yCM
Erie Street160   Jul918492688Williams, Jane 25yWF
Erie Street160   Jul1018492690Williams, John 7yWM
Erie Street188   Jan518513784Williams, John 45yWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2718524556Williams, John 9mWM
Erie Street1110   Aug2318524681Williams, John 18yWM
Erie Street1125   Jun1718535250Williams, John 12yWM
Erie Street262   Nov3189115728Williams, John 75yWM
Erie Street1164   Mar1218566734Williams, John B 8yWM
Erie Street287   Sep12189716726Williams, John C 20yWM
Erie Street1155   May1218556407Williams, Julia M 7yWF
Erie Street1213   Feb1418628668Williams, Julia S 22yWF
Erie Street1115   Oct218524875Williams, Laura HMrs38yWF
Erie Street1265   Nov23186810621Williams, Lizzie 14y F
Erie Street1227   Dec718639197Williams, Louisa 64y F
Erie Street214   Dec15188113823Williams, Lucy C 73yWF
Erie Street267   Oct27189215935Williams, Martha 68yWF
Erie Street122   Dec2818441180Williams, Martin V 2mWM
Erie Street141   Aug1818471903Williams, Mary 21dWF
Erie Street160   Jul1018492692Williams, Mary 3yWF
Erie Street1302   Dec10187312084Williams, Mary A 61yWF
Erie Street1315   Aug18187512547Williams, Mary A 84yWF
Erie Street257   Sep2189015506Williams, Mary E 45yCF
Erie Street246   Jun7188815078Williams, Melinda 62yCF
Erie Street1320   Apr10187612715Williams, Nellie 6yW 
Erie Street160   Jul1018492691Williams, Richard 5yWM
Erie Street1240   Jul918659615Williams, Richard   M
Erie Street1215   Mar3018628719Williams, Richard M 46yWM
Erie Street1150   Nov418546241Williams, Ruth 57yWF
Erie Street1203   Dec318608255Williams, SamuelRev47yCM
Erie Street180   Jul2018503473Williams, Susannah 18yWF
Erie Street1125   Jun418535228Williams, Thomas 64yWM
Erie Street113   Mar51843785Williams, W P  WM
Erie Street1118   Nov1118524969Williams, Walter 16mWM
Erie Street1323   Aug21187612813Williams, Walter 2yWM
Erie Street23   Oct2187913357Williams, Walter 2mWM
Erie Street248   Dec17188815177Williams, William 85yWM
Erie Street1138   Apr1018545767Williams, Wm H 8yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct1618524925Williams, Wm J 1yWM
Erie Street1146   Aug2618546085Williamson,Mrs R G26yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar418566733Williamson, Alice 36yWF
Erie Street256   Aug3189015484Williamson, Carl Tracy 6mCM
Erie Street285   Nov4189616626Williamson, Grover J 8yWM
Erie Street1195   Sep1518597931Williamson, Isabella 77yWF
Erie Street199   Dec2018514228Williamson, James 36yWM
Erie Street1192   Mar2918597813Williamson, John 40yWM
Erie Street295   Jun23189916980Williamson, John 42yWM
Erie Street187   Oct2018503740Williamson, Joseph 32yWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jun7190117329Williamson, Mathew J 82yWM
Erie Street1243   Jan1518669758Williamson, Robt 43y M
Erie Street1213   Feb318628661Williamson, Robt A 63yWM
Erie Street165   Aug2018492895Williard, Charles 49yWM
Erie Street1234   Sep1518649404Willie, 4m M
Erie Street1137   Mar118545702Willie, Carolilne P 31yWF
Erie Street1138   Mar2318545738Willilams, Francis 6yW 
Erie Street157   Mar1618492552Willilams, Peter 22yWM
Erie Street133   Nov1918461617Willing,Child of H3yW 
Erie Street190   Apr1518513881Willing, Mary 1yWF
Erie Street1148   Sep1018546148Willis,SB Child of Charles C W 
Erie Street1255   Sep27186710243Willis,Child of J H21d F
Erie Street1262   Jul24186810495Willis,Child of John H12d F
Erie Street287   Jul12189716712Willis, F A 39yWM
Erie Street28   Sep11188013558Willis, FannyMrs84yWF
Erie Street1223   Jul1718639069Willis, Ferdinand 11m M
Erie Street1161   Oct2918556618Willis, George H 5mWM
Erie Street1247   Jul3018669900Willis, Henry L 1m M
Erie Street24   Jan10188013413Willis, James 42yWM
Erie Street1154   Mar418556356Willis, James H 5mWM
Erie Street1109   Aug818524609Willis, Mary F 2mWF
Erie Street1270   Aug12186910820Willis, Nellie M 4y F
Erie Street1187   Aug1718587623Williston,SB Child of John WM
Erie Street292   Dec23189816892Willman, Marie 47yWF
Erie Street134   Dec2918461649Willmore,Mrs H30yWF
Erie Street1309   Nov15187412344Willmore,Child of Maude J4mWF
Erie Street29   Jan11188113614Willmore, SarahMrs80yWF
Erie Street1260   May13186810432Willmore, Thomas 67y M
Erie Street1242   Nov218659711Wills, Eliza J 56y F
Erie Street1184   Mar1418587484Wills, George H 27yWM
Erie Street198   Dec1318514217Wills, John 47yWM
Erie Street1270   Sep3186910846Willson,Child of John1mCM
Erie Street1195   Sep518597916Willson, Florence 10mWF
Erie Street187   Nov1518503746Willson, George 30yWM
Erie Street1149   Oct1018546207Willson, Helen 22mWF
Erie Street211   May12188113686Willson, Wm 35yWM
Erie Street289   Jan10189816763Willus, L J 45yWM
Erie Street284   Aug20189616602Willward, 1dWM
Erie Street147   Mar2918482156Wilmore,Mrs33yWF
Erie Street1151   Dec918546265Wilmore,Mrs83yWF
Erie Street1153   Jan1618556313Wilmore, Agnes 18yWF
Erie Street1151   Dec2418546283Wilmore, Francis E 7mWF
Erie Street114   Jun231843830Wilmore, Thomas  WM
Erie Street1181   Nov2218577399Wilmore, Thomas 28yWM
Erie Street17   Nov291841576Wilson,Child of H V3mW 
Erie Street116   Sep121843910Wilson,Child of David5mW 
Erie Street142   Sep618471953Wilson, 6yW 
Erie Street150   Aug318482282Wilson,Mrs T36yWF
Erie Street150   Aug1018482293Wilson,Child of Capt5mW 
Erie Street158   Apr1818492583Wilson,Child of Mrs2dW 
Erie Street160   Jun2118492660Wilson,Miss12yWF
Erie Street199   Dec2218514233Wilson,SB Child W 
Erie Street1111   Aug3118524719Wilson,Child of L1yCF
Erie Street1144   Aug818546010Wilson,Child of Mr2yW 
Erie Street1235   Sep2718649415Wilson,Child of Sophia11d  
Erie Street1260   May25186810442Wilson,SB Child of Mrs CF
Erie Street1275   Apr17187011019Wilson,SB Child of W G WM
Erie Street1304   May8187412173Wilson,SB Child of Rosa WF
Erie Street29   Jan24188113623Wilson, 2dWM
Erie Street229   Sep10188414420Wilson,SB Infant WM
Erie Street267   Sep12189215922Wilson, 7dWF
Erie Street267   Oct16189215932Wilson, Albert W 23yWM
Erie Street224   Aug30188314223Wilson, Alfred F 10mWM
Erie Street1140   May3018545832Wilson, Alice O 1yWF
Erie Street191   May2318513925Wilson, Barbara 42y F
Erie Street291   Oct21189816875Wilson, Charles 18yWM
Erie Street264   Mar27189215816Wilson, Charlotte 60yCF
Erie Street17   Oct311841563Wilson, Chas M 22yWM
Erie Street298   Apr4190017109Wilson, Geo O 51yWM
Erie Street228   May7188414353Wilson, H C 1yWM
Erie Street254   Mar30189015315AWilson, Isiah 6mCM
Erie Street144   Oct2418472033Wilson, Jerome 40yWM
Erie Street215   Dec27188113828Wilson, Lottie 1yWF
Erie Street269   Feb14189315994Wilson, Lyman A 50yWM
Erie Street141   Sep318471937Wilson, Margaret 40yWF
Erie Street227   Mar3188414315Wilson, Mary 95yWF
Erie Street1127   Jul1818535305Wilson, Mary A 4yWF
Erie Street296   Nov20189917044Wilson, Mary J 54yCF
Erie Street2105  1901Aug3190117364Wilson, Rose 8mCF
Erie Street1245   May618669843Wilson, Sarah 35y F
Erie Street1320   Apr4187612710Wilson, ThomasSB WM
Erie Street219   Oct15188214014Wilson, Viola 41yWF
Erie Street230   Nov1188414449Wilson, William J 37yWM
Erie Street181   Aug518503526Wilson, Wm 3yWM
Erie Street219   Oct5188214009Wilson, Wm 45yWM
Erie Street1165   Apr718566763Wilt,Child of C18mWM
Erie Street1333  1878Aug18187813154Wiltangs, LucasSB WM
Erie Street1170   Oct1918566980Wincenreed, John 3mWM
Erie Street1126   Jul1118535291Winch, Augustus 26yWM
Erie Street164   Aug1018492826Winch, Henry 4mWM
Erie Street1191   Jan2018597773Wincheck, O RMrs55y F
Erie Street1175   Apr618577157Winchel, S E 15yWM
Erie Street131   Aug2118461527Winchell,Child of H2mW 
Erie Street249   Mar2188915216Winchester, 12hWF
Erie Street16   Aug31841509Wind, Henry 32yWM
Erie Street158   Apr2618492593Windecoop, Olive 19yWF
Erie Street198   Dec118514195Windecough, John 53yWM
Erie Street1163   Jan2418566694Windnoff, Louisa 5mWF
Erie Street1299   Jul21187311937Windsor,Child of Charles1m F
Erie Street26   May9188013495Windsor, Albert 1yWM
Erie Street164   Aug1018492827Wine, Catherine 1mWF
Erie Street1103   Apr2518524401Wine, George 5mWM
Erie Street1105   May2718524454Wine, John 29yWM
Erie Street182   Aug1318503548Winehart, Mary 6mWF
Erie Street158   Apr1718492581Wing,Mrs J G28yWF
Erie Street28   Aug22188013548Wing,Mrs R M36yWF
Erie Street12   Sep131840376Wing, Sarah 14mWF
Erie Street231   Dec18188414473Wingert, Lulu 4mWF
Erie Street110   Jul11842665Wink,Child of G W 
Erie Street1233   Aug918649359Winkes, Henry E 1m M
Erie Street1246   Jul1118669878Winkler,Child of Joseph4m F
Erie Street18   Mar21842615Winkler, Elizabeth 5yWF
Erie Street1238   Mar318659545Winks, Gust P 2y M
Erie Street120   Aug2218441094Winpack,Child of Wm9mW 
Erie Street1298   May27187311893Wins,Child of James1y M
Erie Street119   Jul518441056Winslow,Child of N C6mW 
Erie Street1258   Jan25186810344Winslow, Helen M 17y F
Erie Street1189   Oct2018587696Winslow, MaryMrs70yWF
Erie Street1140   May2218545821Winslow, R 39yWM
Erie Street1179   Aug1218577288Winslow, R 88yWM
Erie Street2124   May16191317799Winson, Julia R 73yWF
Erie Street1221   Mar718638965Winter,Child of Wm 21d M
Erie Street194   Aug1118514050Winter, Albert 15mWM
Erie Street1144   Aug718546005Winterhalt, H 3mW 
Erie Street1126   Jul1018535290Winterhead, Francis 2yWF
Erie Street1111   Sep218524727Winterhed, H E 9mWM
Erie Street296   Sep8189917017Winzer, Emil 78yWM
Erie Street134   Dec1018461635Wire, Andrew 2yWM
Erie Street1249   Nov2118669995Wirth,Child of Charles8m M
Erie Street213   Aug6188113757Wirth,Child of Emma15dWF
Erie Street2121   Dec15191017757Wirtschinski, Maria 86yWM
Erie Street1250   Dec20186610028Wischmeire, Clara E 43y F
Erie Street1249   Oct2818669974Wischmer, Henry F 1y M
Erie Street138   Jul118471798Wisdom, Elizabeth 10mWF
Erie Street1135   Jan2218545649Wisdom, Geo Wm 6yWM
Erie Street120   Jul2618441075Wise,Child of F W W 
Erie Street182   Aug1018503547Wishborn, M M 33yCM
Erie Street1111   Aug2718524695Wishenhen, Christiana 26yWF
Erie Street1161   Oct1818556638Wishmager, Ellen E 11mWF
Erie Street1230   Apr118649220 DWismain,Child of Casper2y M
Erie Street217   Jul17188213942Wismatt, George 70yWM
Erie Street1135   Jan2018545644Wisna, Mary 2yWF
Erie Street1232   Jul1718649328Witendoff,Child of C1y F
Erie Street234   Nov13188514618With, Emiel 2yWM
Erie Street218   Jul23188213946With, Herman 5mWM
Erie Street1163   Feb818566707Witheral, George 51yWM
Erie Street12   Aug61840342Witherall, Persis A 2yW 
Erie Street164   Aug1018492833Witheralt, Emily 22yWF
Erie Street255   May28189015440Withey, 14dWF
Erie Street1147   Aug2818546093Witt, Agnes 8mWF
Erie Street1287   Feb7187211496Wittenberg,Child of Charles2mWF
Erie Street1208   Jun1318618453Wittenberg, Bertha 7yWF
Erie Street1286   Dec24187111469Wittenberg, Sophia 41yWF
Erie Street1314   Jul11187512501Wittenbrager, Fred 4mWM
Erie Street1149   Oct118546188Witts,Child of Wm2mW 
Erie Street186   Oct818503714Witz, A G 2yW 
Erie Street1216   Jun2818628768Witzel, Catherine M 2y F
Erie Street1184   Apr418587505Witzel, Louisa 8mWF
Erie Street1273   Jan12187010941Witzel, Mary H 29yWF
Erie Street1164   Mar518566727Witzell, Elizabeth 2yWF
Erie Street1200   May2918608112Witzendorf, 7yW 
Erie Street1197   Jan1518608014Witzendorf, Conrad 1yWM
Erie Street1232   Jul1718649328Witzendroff,Child of C1y F
Erie Street140   Aug1518471893Wizeckt,Child of T1yW 
Erie Street1142   Jul1518545897Wochele, Agatha 6mWF
Erie Street160   Jul218492679Woekerlee, Frederick 5m M
Erie Street1296   Mar1187311830Wohl,Child of John1yWM
Erie Street1298   Jun24187311911Wohl,Child of Chas  M
Erie Street130   Jun2318461477Wohlgemuth, Barbary 20yWF
Erie Street1262   Jul24186810493Wohlgemuth, David 24y M
Erie Street252   Oct9188915316Woiczechowski, Anna 7yWF
Erie Street273   Nov24189316151Woide, August 17yWM
Erie Street273   Dec14189316158Woide, John J 59yWM
Erie Street270   Apr23189316042Wojczechowski, Albert 8mWM
Erie Street273   Dec31189316171Wojczechowski, Paul 10dWM
Erie Street1239   Jun2818659604Wolcan,Child of Child11d F
Erie Street1265   Nov25186810623Wolcen, John   M
Erie Street1239   Jun2818659604Wolcorn,Child of Child11d F
Erie Street23   Nov30187913381Wolcott, Edward 36yWM
Erie Street17   Nov81841564Wolcott, Eliza 44yWF
Erie Street1155   May1218556406Wolcott, Hannah 67yWF
Erie Street1128   Aug818535362Wolenweaver, Matilda 11mWF
Erie Street145   Dec2318472086Wolf,Child of Jacob1dW 
Erie Street1104   Apr2918524410Wolf,Child of Mr6mW 
Erie Street1236   Dec2218649482Wolf,Child of Christian   
Erie Street1237   Jan1418659504Wolf,Child of Christian3m  
Erie Street1275   May26187011042Wolf,SB Child of Ludwig W 
Erie Street2111   Oct9190317568Wolf, Albert 15yWM
Erie Street21   May15187913286Wolf, Anna W 8mWF
Erie Street233   Jul28188514572Wolf, Bessie 7mWF
Erie Street1306   Jul9187412218Wolf, Edie 1mWM
Erie Street151   Aug2118482317Wolf, Elizabeth 1yWF
Erie Street1175   Mar2618577139Wolf, Henry 6mWM
Erie Street233   Jul13188514562Wolf, Ida 10mWF
Erie Street1264   Oct12186810579Wolf, John E 20y M
Erie Street2118   Jan30190717716Wolf, Maria 54yWF
Erie Street2129   Dec31191817837Wolf, Michael 73yWM
Erie Street1322   Jul27187612789Wolf, Otto 1yWM
Erie Street1332  1878Jul18187813127Wolfenburg, John F 7mWM
Erie Street129   Apr2018461435Wolfert, Catherine 28yWF
Erie Street174   Mar618503242Wolfort, John 49yWM
Erie Street2115   Jul18190517673Wolfsperger, Louisa A 33yWF
Erie Street13   Oct71840393Wolke, Joseph 4yWM
Erie Street1265   Dec10186810640Wolkner, Lillie 6m F
Erie Street198   Dec1018514208Wollenweber, Charles 6mW 
Erie Street251   Aug16188915294Wollerman, Reinhard 1yWM
Erie Street215   Feb10188213856Wollet, Anna L 6yWF
Erie Street177   Jun318503357Wollingeworth,SB Child of N W 
Erie Street1292   Sep5187211708Wolpop,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street1261   Jul14186810480Woltz,Child of Wm5m M
Erie Street1209   Jul1318618480Woltz, Caroline 4yWF
Erie Street1208   Jul618618470Woltz, Louisa 2yWF
Erie Street169   Sep2718493056Wolwered, Wm 1yWM
Erie Street1217   Aug1418628822Womgs,Child of Otis4d F
Erie Street1116   Oct1818524928Woncenrat, Lence 3mWM
Erie Street154   Dec318482440Wonger,Daughter of J8yWF
Erie Street1323   Sep20187612839Wonper,Mrs WF
Erie Street190   Mar2818513861Wonsdof, Thomas 23yWM
Erie Street1204   Dec3018608274Wood,Child of Wm1yWF
Erie Street1250   Jan17186710048Wood,Child of Margaret1m F
Erie Street1256   Oct14186710255Wood,SB Child of James   
Erie Street1268   Jun15186910754Wood,SB Child of James  M
Erie Street1333  1878Sep8187813163Wood, Allen 16yWM
Erie Street11   Jul51840319Wood, Betsey E 23yWF
Erie Street1335  1879Jan9187913216Wood, Celia 44yWF
Erie Street1136   Feb1118545674Wood, Charles P 10yWM
Erie Street21   May13187913285Wood, Clarra 3yWF
Erie Street2122   Jan16191117762Wood, Cora L 48yWF
Erie Street211   May5188113677Wood, David L 64yWM
Erie Street1204   Jan318618278Wood, Elizabeth 79yWF
Erie Street11   Jul161840328Wood, Eunice M 3mWF
Erie Street21   May23187913288Wood, Frank 1yWM
Erie Street2102  1901Jan9190117254Wood, Isabella-Gertrude 7yWF
Erie Street2102  1901Feb2190117266Wood, Jane A 81yWF
Erie Street1272   Dec2186910918Wood, John G 12y M
Erie Street1177   May2518577219Wood, Lativa 34yWF
Erie Street2120   Aug16190917742Wood, Louise E 2mWF
Erie Street1235   Sep2618649414Wood, Mary Ann 19y F
Erie Street1321   May26187612734Wood, William 1yWM
Erie Street2111   Aug11190317550Wood, William H 9mCM
Erie Street265   May26189215858Woodard, Clarence 4mWM
Erie Street2115   Apr13190517656Woodard, JB 44yWM
Erie Street1188   Aug2318587639Woodard, Sarah E 4mWF
Erie Street1240   Jul1418659617Woodbury, Jennie 1m F
Erie Street132   Oct518461578Wooden, Betsey 55yWF
Erie Street119   Jul718441057Wooden, Mariette 27yWF
Erie Street1311   Feb12187512394Wooderach,Child of Henry14dWM
Erie Street143   Sep1918471981Woodford,Child of Mr1yW 
Erie Street186   Oct1218503720Woodfort, C M 2mW 
Erie Street1101   Feb1318524312Woodin, Henry 8yWM
Erie Street1152   Dec3118546293Wooding, Sarah 5yWF
Erie Street1108   Aug618524601Woodridge, Wm 2yWM
Erie Street1155   May1618556410Woodrough, MSB WF
Erie Street298   May7190017136Woodruff, Abbie 54yWF
Erie Street250   May29188915249Woodruff, Erastus 75yWM
Erie Street293   Feb7189916912Woodruff, HMrs83yWF
Erie Street1166   Jun1318566817Woodruff, M 1dWM
Erie Street1247   Aug1318669918Woods,SB Child of James   
Erie Street1283   Jun1187111342Woods,SB Child of Robert WM
Erie Street2100  1900Aug22190017194Woods, Gladys 2yCF
Erie Street269   Mar16189316023Woods, Mary E 50yWF
Erie Street1124   May818535192Woodward, Alonza 3yW 
Erie Street1191   Jan1318597770Woodworth, Martha L 28y F
Erie Street179   Jul1218503446Wool, Joseph 4mWM
Erie Street137   Jun1018471771Wooldridge, Ann 21yWF
Erie Street1111   Aug2618524690Wooldridge, Jane 70yWF
Erie Street244   Jan12188815011Wooley, Francis 83yWM
Erie Street139   Jul2918471858Woolf,Child of John16dW 
Erie Street221   Feb15188314088Woolf,Child WF
Erie Street1109   Aug1318524631Woolf, Mary 55yWM
Erie Street160   Jul918492686Woolford, John 6yWM
Erie Street1180   Oct918577362Woolman, Phillip 8mWM
Erie Street1181   Oct2718577382Woolnick, Conrad 2yWM
Erie Street1119   Dec2518525021Woolsdrig, R 43yW 
Erie Street1198   Apr1918608071Woolsey, Elizabeth 73yWF
Erie Street128   Feb118461398Woolson,Child of C J1yW 
Erie Street1166   Jun618566814Wooster,Child of John5mWF
Erie Street1125   Jun718535233Word, William 23yWM
Erie Street2116   Nov25190517685Worgalski, Louise 84y F
Erie Street1180   Sep918577334Worhnansth, John 2mWF
Erie Street1179   Aug1818577296Worigel,Child of John1mWM
Erie Street16   Aug191841520Worley,Child of James W 
Erie Street151   Aug2018482311Worley,Child of J7mW 
Erie Street1122   Mar1518535115Worley, AnnMrs WF
Erie Street1160   Oct718556596Worley, Caroline A 29yWF
Erie Street1267   Mar19186910708Worley, Eliza 73y F
Erie Street170   Oct418493070Worley, FW 7mW 
Erie Street156   Mar718492535Worley, George 19yWM
Erie Street1111   Sep118524720Worley, J D 22mWM
Erie Street1321   Jun3187612740Worley, J T 59yWM
Erie Street1334  1878Oct9187813174Worley, John 53yWM
Erie Street1127   Jul3018535338Worley, Joseph F 9mWM
Erie Street195   Sep218514089Wort, 20yWM
Erie Street1173   Jan1818577059Worth, C 18mWM
Erie Street1151   Nov2118546254Worth, F W 13mW 
Erie Street130   Jun618461465Worthington,  W 
Erie Street132   Sep2818461569Worthington,Child of Dr E W 
Erie Street151   Aug1718482307Worthington,Child of G1yW 
Erie Street1165   Apr1618566773Worthington,SB Child of G WM
Erie Street1244   Feb2218669789Worthington, Gertrude C 47y M
Erie Street163   Aug318492793Worthington, Isaac 1yWM
Erie Street1186   Jul1818587587Worthington, Robert W 1yWM
Erie Street221   Feb7188314080Worthman, Daniel 25yWM
Erie Street1183   Jan1918587445Worthrup, B 50yWM
Erie Street152   Sep2618482370Worthy,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1130   Sep1018535456Worthy,SB Child of Wm W 
Erie Street1203   Dec1918608265Worthy, Amy 1yWF
Erie Street1166   Jun2318566824Worthy, Elizabeth 3yWF
Erie Street1212   Dec918618603Worthy, Mary 7yWF
Erie Street1301   Sep4187312018Wosconshen,Child of Anna5yWF
Erie Street163   Aug218492786Wosslee, Frederick 22yWM
Erie Street1185   Apr2518587532Wothy,Child of Wm13mWM
Erie Street187   Nov1918503748Woust, Ann 30yWF
Erie Street127   Jan418461380Wrangelin, Edward 25yW 
Erie Street1318   Dec26187512647Wrankle, Louisa 3yWF
Erie Street1257   Dec29186710314Wray, Alex   M
Erie Street171   Nov318493111Wresen, Adelaide 15mWF
Erie Street111   Aug221842704Wright,Child of S W 
Erie Street121   Aug2718441107Wright,Child of Chester W 
Erie Street1208   May2918618442Wright,Child of Jas3mWF
Erie Street1249   Nov2218669997Wright,Child of Steven1y F
Erie Street1296   Mar20187311842Wright,Child of Chas3mCM
Erie Street1317   Nov1187512611Wright, 1dW 
Erie Street1324   Nov22187612875Wright, 1dWM
Erie Street110   Aug31842693Wright, Ann 7yWF
Erie Street1304   Mar20187412147Wright, Anna J 12dWM
Erie Street2104  1901Jun1190117324Wright, Carl 4mWM
Erie Street2122   Nov7191117778Wright, Catherine 76yCF
Erie Street1311   Jan12187512374Wright, Cora 4yWF
Erie Street2100  1900Sep12190017202Wright, Elizabeth 3mWF
Erie Street2100  1900Jul25190017180Wright, Ella 1yWF
Erie Street240   Apr11188714856Wright, Elnora 76yCF
Erie Street1165   Apr418566762Wright, Emily 4mWF
Erie Street1196   Oct2018597959Wright, Frederick W 3yWM
Erie Street1321   May21187612733Wright, Geo Otis 18yWM
Erie Street223   May31188314153Wright, Gracie R 1yWF
Erie Street1303   Jan9187412097Wright, Grant S 7mCM
Erie Street121   Aug2518441101Wright, Harriet 2yWF
Erie Street2110   Mar10190317513Wright, Harriette 61yWF
Erie Street2108  1902Jun2190217463Wright, James A 68yWM
Erie Street278   Mar21189516361Wright, Janus 74yWM
Erie Street1264   Oct18186810584Wright, Lucinda 56yCF
Erie Street1201   Aug1218608167Wright, M G 35yW 
Erie Street133   Oct718461582Wright, Margaret B 2mWF
Erie Street1195   Sep1618597933Wright, Maria J 8mWF
Erie Street18   Jan171842593Wright, Marion 2yWF
Erie Street1185   May1218587541Wright, Martha 1mWF
Erie Street16   Sep121841536Wright, Mary 14mWF
Erie Street2108  1902Nov26190217491Wright, Mary E 72yWF
Erie Street120   Aug2318441095Wright, Mary Jane 4yWF
Erie Street2101  1900Oct31190017222Wright, Minnie 32yWF
Erie Street1142   Jul2418545925Wright, Selicia 17mWF
Erie Street1206   Mar1718618365Wright, Silicia 38yWF
Erie Street25   Feb6188013429Wright, SpencerDr80yWM
Erie Street186   Oct1318503721Wright, Wm 9ycM
Erie Street1176   May1318577199Wrochret, Mary M 3yWF
Erie Street1176   May1318577200Wrochrt, Francis 1yWF
Erie Street250   Jun8188915251Wrona, 2dWM
Erie Street280   Aug26189516439Wuest, Adolph 6mWM
Erie Street291   Sep3189816864Wuest, Elzie 6mWF
Erie Street295   Jul26189917001Wuest, Minnie 2mWF
Erie Street1121   Mar718535095Wunner, F G 22yW 
Erie Street1207   May1918618431Wunsch,Child of Fred8mWF
Erie Street1261   Jul10186810476Wunsch, John F 2y M
Erie Street1282   Apr14187111315Wunsch, Wm H 3yWM
Erie Street1227   Dec1518639207Wwnham, Phebe 41y F
Erie Street279   Jun25189516401Wyckoff, Newell 47yWM
Erie Street1208   Jun1518618456Wygant,Child of Bertha3yWF
Erie Street1170   Oct1918566983Wygants,Child of B4mWM
Erie Street238   Sep23188614749Wylatt, Jane 68yWF
Erie Street1232   Jul1018649320Wymans, Wm   M
Erie Street176   May618503326Wynne, Anna 2yWF
Erie Street188   Jan2218513797Wynne, Mary 35yWF
Erie Street188   Feb118513808Wynnes,Child 1 of R10mW 
Erie Street188   Feb118513808Wynnes,Child 2 of R10mW 
Erie Street15   Jun181841480Yagar, Catherine 40yWF
Erie Street17   Dec31841577Yager, Maria 48yWF
Erie Street1103   Apr1918524395Yahrams, Rosina 21yWF
Erie Street17   Oct101841553Yahraus,SB Child of F W 
Erie Street1279   Sep27187011178Yahraus,SB Child of Wm WM
Erie Street1298   Jul18187311929Yahraus,Child of Wm5m M
Erie Street1186   Jun418587560Yahraus, August 18mWM
Erie Street12   Aug121840350Yahraus, C F 1yWM
Erie Street132   Sep418461542Yahraus, F 30yW 
Erie Street2136   Jun8192517859Yahraus, Lina 90yWF
Erie Street2137   Jul7192617864Yahraus, Selma 65yWF
Erie Street1211   Nov1918618589Yahrus, Christiana 74yWF
Erie Street278   Mar10189516357Yankie, Edward W 9mWM
Erie Street1281   Mar9187111285Yapp,SB WM
Erie Street1324   Dec21187612889Yapp, Jane 36yWF
Erie Street226   Jan23188314300Yapp, Mary 71yWF
Erie Street2108  1902Dec4190217492Yapp, Thomas 65yWM
Erie Street19   Jun151842652Yarahs,Child of Wm22mW 
Erie Street1305   Jun4187412189Yarhaus, Chas 59yWM
Erie Street263   Nov25189115751Yarhaus, Emma 20yWF
Erie Street1239   Jun1918659595Yarhous,Child of Wm1m  
Erie Street152   Sep1218482349Yarian,Mrs45yWF
Erie Street281   Jan5189616501Yarmuch, Anna 1dWF
Erie Street282   Jan15189616505Yarmusch, Karoline 33yWF
Erie Street276   Sep14189416294Yarmusch, Michael 5dWM
Erie Street264   Mar27189215818Yarnell,SB WF
Erie Street1219   Dec918628900Yates, Elizabeth 66y F
Erie Street219   Sep5188213987Yeager,Child of Charles E26dWM
Erie Street1222   May1518639019Yeas,Child of Wm SB  F
Erie Street139   Jul2618471856Yemands,Mrs74yWF
Erie Street175   Apr718503284Yemans, Geo 2yWM
Erie Street1197   Feb1718608029Yender,Child of Fred14dW 
Erie Street1199   May818608091Yender,Child of Freddie2yW 
Erie Street1268   Jul4186910765Yett, Urban 5m M
Erie Street1108   Aug718524606Yhontz, John 5mWM
Erie Street115   Aug211843879Yoechel, Elizabeth 33yWF
Erie Street168   Sep318492983Yonce, Mary 50yWF
Erie Street1197   Feb1718608029Yonder,Child of Fred14dW 
Erie Street250   Apr13188915232Yonkerman, John 64yWM
Erie Street1202   Oct418608219Yook,Child of Jacob SB WM
Erie Street1130   Sep118535432York, Wm 5mWM
Erie Street1131   Sep1918535472York, Wm 14mWM
Erie Street1108   Aug518524596Young,Child of Stewart3mW 
Erie Street1210   Aug1818618519Young,Child of Chas H10mWM
Erie Street1244   Mar818669800Young,Child of Geo2m F
Erie Street1281   Feb23187111272Young,Child of Wm1mWF
Erie Street172   Dec2618493167Young, Daniel 30yWM
Erie Street247   Sep15188815131Young, Elizabeth 1mWF
Erie Street214   Nov7188113808Young, Ellen 4yWF
Erie Street217   May24188213917Young, Francis 53yWF
Erie Street1218   Oct618628853Young, Helen K 4m F
Erie Street1136   Feb1218545676Young, Helena Cath 2yWF
Erie Street1191   Jan3118597784Young, J P 1y M
Erie Street214   Oct8188113790Young, James 5mWM
Erie Street1174   Mar718577120Young, John 10mWM
Erie Street293   Jan14189916904Young, John 33yWM
Erie Street1233   Aug918649358Young, Lucy L 9y F
Erie Street264   Mar29189215819Young, Mary 24yWF
Erie Street129   Apr1518461431Young, Philip 31yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct818524898Young, Priscilla 2yWF
Erie Street1141   Jul418545859Young, Wm 25yWM
Erie Street1256   Oct22186710264Youngklous,Child of John21d F
Erie Street182   Aug1618503560Younglove,Child of Mr11mW 
Erie Street1140   Jun2118545845Youngman,SB Child of Adam W 
Erie Street1165   May118566788Youngman, Emma 11mWF
Erie Street128   Jan2318461390Youngs, John 38yWM
Erie Street137   May2218471755Youngsman, John H 9mWM
Erie Street1307   Aug29187412281Youngzan, Betsy 7mWF
Erie Street285   Jan22189716650Yousey, Lou 48yWF
Erie Street1246   Jul1618669887Yunglaus, C J 1y M
Erie Street2139   Sep14193917894Yvonne, ParisSB CF
Erie Street272   Oct4189316128Zahn, Estella 1mWF
Erie Street283   Jun26189616572Zahour, Georgia 2mWF
Erie Street250   Apr23188915238Zainer, Theresa 70yWF
Erie Street1248   Sep618669941Zanzig,SB Child of Charles   
Erie Street280   Oct5189516459Zarn,SB WF
Erie Street1324   Nov6187612869Zedler, Emma 1yWF
Erie Street1334  1878Dec13187813203Zeendt,SB Child of John WF
Erie Street1322   Aug10187612802Zeitner, William 1yWM
Erie Street1254   Aug10186710193Zeitz,Child of Fred20d  
Erie Street238   Nov4188614764Zeitz, Susan 30yWF
Erie Street195   Aug2718514080Zelle, Hamilton, C 7yWM
Erie Street1286   Nov28187111456Zeller,Child of Fred5mWM
Erie Street219   Sep24188213998Zeller,Child of Olive1mWF
Erie Street213   Aug3188113754Zellers,SB Child of Fred WF
Erie Street1251   Feb1186710059Zellhan,SB Child of Simon   
Erie Street222   Mar11188314108Zemmers,SB Child WF
Erie Street1306   Jul31187412248Zendt, Chas 2mWM
Erie Street1320   Mar6187612696Zengelman, Frank 7mWM
Erie Street1186   Jun1818587568Zerner,Child of Geo5dWF
Erie Street113   May231843818Zerwich,Child of Phillip2yW 
Erie Street1276   Jun11187011052Zesch,Child of Ludwig1mWM
Erie Street1294   Dec18187211761Zesch,SB Child of Ludwig WM
Erie Street1296   Feb16187311822Zesch,Child of L2mW 
Erie Street1309   Oct31187412335Zesch,SB Child of Henry WF
Erie Street1321   May31187612737Zesch, Hannah T 6mW 
Erie Street1335  1879Feb15187913229Zesch, Julia 4yWF
Erie Street1289   Jun21187211586Zesch, Louisa 6mWF
Erie Street1321   Jul17187612768Zesch, William 3mWM
Erie Street1268   Jul4186910765Zett, Urban 5m M
Erie Street294   Apr10189916951Zettelmeyer, Herry 54yWM
Erie Street2138   Jun14193317875Zettelmeyer, Julian C 24yW 
Erie Street2139   Jan13193917891Zettlemeyer, Julia 77yWF
Erie Street1268   Jul1186910761Zick,Child of R3y M
Erie Street1268   Jul1186910762Zick,Child of R1y  
Erie Street1215   Apr1418628733Zick, Rosa 3mWF
Erie Street1255   Sep6186710227Zickenger,Child of H1y M
Erie Street1234   Aug2418649373Ziegler,Child of Wm10m M
Erie Street280   Aug21189516436Ziegler, Abby 22yWF
Erie Street1323   Oct4187612849Ziegler, Charlotte 14dWF
Erie Street1211   Nov318618578Zigler,Child of Wm1mWF
Erie Street1153   Jan2718556321Zigler, Martha 2mWF
Erie Street1205   Feb2518618337Zillan,Child of Simon1mWM
Erie Street1232   Jun2918649305Zillhm,Child of Simon  F
Erie Street1238   Mar2118659559Zimmer,Child of Geo2d  
Erie Street1246   Jul1118669877Zimmer,Child of Geo2m F
Erie Street1175   Mar2818577146Zimmerman,SB Child of Christ WM
Erie Street1230   Mar2618649214 DZimmerman,Child of C K1y M
Erie Street1269   Aug2186910806Zimmerman,Child of John4d  
Erie Street1292   Aug19187211686Zimmerman,SB Child of Fred WM
Erie Street1233   Jul3118649342Zimmerman, Catherine B 4m F
Erie Street1283   May22187111333Zimmerman, John J 54yWM
Erie Street1292   Aug16187211684Zimmerman, Mary 44yWF
Erie Street1100   Jan118524255Ziner, Anna L 10mWF
Erie Street1267   Mar6186910702Zinzow,Child of Chas  M
Erie Street1289   Jun24187211592Zinzow,SB Child of Chas WM
Erie Street1314   Jul18187512510Zinzow, H 11yWF
Erie Street1220   Jan518638919Zipfel, Ann 6m F
Erie Street1243   Jan2518669767Zipp, Katie 3y F
Erie Street1222   May118639007Zipp, Mary 3y F
Erie Street1189   Nov1618587708Zipp, William 3yWM
Erie Street1301   Sep25187312046Zirnenka,SB Child of Maria WF
Erie Street2138   Mar19193417877Zirngibl, Florence 60yWF
Erie Street249   Jan22188915195Ziss, Caroline 36yWF
Erie Street249   Feb19188915207Ziss, Charles 1mWM
Erie Street1270   Aug19186910831Zitelman,Child of Fred9m M
Erie Street1288   Apr12187211537Zitzelman,Child of Fred2mWM
Erie Street1240   Jul2918659626Zitzmann, Arthur 9m M
Erie Street1217   Aug318628802Zoller,Child of John M2m  
Erie Street1278   Sep11187011161Zoller,Child of John M6mWM
Erie Street1198   Apr918608066Zoms,Child of Frederick3yWF
Erie Street1198   Apr918608067Zoms,Child of Frederick1yWM
Erie Street1213   Jan718628633Zooter,Child of John WM
Erie Street162   Jul2818492747Zooter, James 3mW 
Erie Street195   Aug1918514066Zooter, John 10dWM
Erie Street263   Dec2189115754Zorn, Ruth 4yWF
Erie Street1264   Oct6186810572Zorna, Mary 36y F
Erie Street1264   Oct6186810572Zornd, Mary 36y F
Erie Street297   Mar23190017093Zrpaj, John 1mWM
Erie Street1322   Jul29187612790Zueicher, Pauline 8mWF
Erie Street298   Mar29190017100Zuelch, Ralph E 3yWM
Erie Street1295   Jan5187311780Zufke,Child of John2dWM
Erie Street1306   Jul15187412225Zufke, John 6mWF
Erie Street147   Mar1718482146Zurlinder,Child of C1yW 
Erie Street1271   Oct7186910870Zwezig,SB Child of Jacob  F
Erie Street19   May181842647 SB Child of Molly W 
Erie Street112   Nov211842751 Child of stranger W 
Erie Street132   Sep818461547 German Child W 
Erie Street132   Sep2718461567 German Child W 
Erie Street133   Oct2918461608 German Child9mW 
Erie Street134   Nov2918461626 Stranger from a S Boat70yW 
Erie Street134   Dec918461633 Child from Poor House W 
Erie Street137   Jun1118471775 Man from Poor House WM
Erie Street138   Jul718471807 Child found near Wind Mill W 
Erie Street139   Jul2318471846 Woman from S Boat W 
Erie Street143   Sep2618471992 Dutch Woman WF
Erie Street143   Oct1018472013 Miss22yWF
Erie Street144   Nov1718472051 Irishman WM
Erie Street145   Jan918482097  35yWM
Erie Street146   Jan1318482101 Dutch Child2mW 
Erie Street146   Jan1318482104 SB Child W 
Erie Street146   Feb2518482127 German Child1yW 
Erie Street147   Mar1218482143  38yCM
Erie Street147   Apr1118482173  36yW 
Erie Street148   May2518482213  7yWM
Erie Street148   May2718482215  50yWF
Erie Street149   Jun318482223 Dutch Boy WM
Erie Street149   Jun2718482244 Child from Poor House8mW 
Erie Street151   Sep318482335 Child2mW 
Erie Street152   Sep1218482350  30yWM
Erie Street153   Oct2018482391 German Child2y  
Erie Street154   Nov1818482423 German Woman WF
Erie Street159   Jun218492636 A man WM
Erie Street159   Jun2118492659  30yWM
Erie Street160   Jun3018492676    M
Erie Street160   Jul1118492694  8mW 
Erie Street163   Aug518492803  28yW 
Erie Street165   Aug1518492865  30yWM
Erie Street166   Aug2318492914 German Child W 
Erie Street167   Aug2918492947 German Child7yW 
Erie Street168   Sep818493002  11mW 
Erie Street169   Sep2618493053 A German W 
Erie Street174   Feb1718503224 A     
Erie Street176   Apr2518503312   WM
Erie Street176   Apr2618503314 Man WM
Erie Street177   Jun318503359 Child W 
Erie Street177   Jun1818503379 Child6mW 
Erie Street178   Jun2818503380 Large woman dressed in black18yWF
Erie Street178   Jun1818503381 Woman WF
Erie Street178   Jun1818503383 Deck hand full face45yWM
Erie Street178   Jun1818503384 Large man round full face40yWM
Erie Street178   Jun1818503385  6mW 
Erie Street178   Jun1818503386  35yWF
Erie Street178   Jun1818503387 Deck hand long sq face25yW 
Erie Street178   Jun2018593397  30yWF
Erie Street178   Jun2918503413 Child found on Lake Shore W 
Erie Street180   Jul2918503497 SB Child of St Louis   
Erie Street181   Jul3018503505 Child W 
Erie Street182   Aug1018503542  6mW 
Erie Street182   Aug1718503571  40yW 
Erie Street183   Aug2418503608  40yWM
Erie Street183   Aug2718503617  30yWF
Erie Street184   Aug3118503630 SB Child of a Stage Driver W 
Erie Street185   Sep1118503660  30yWM
Erie Street185   Sep1918503687  30yWM
Erie Street186   Sep3018503700 SB Child W 
Erie Street186   Oct2418503735  20yCM
Erie Street187   Dec1518503770  7y M
Erie Street187      3777 No omitted   
Erie Street188   Jan1618513789 Man from College40yWM
Erie Street191   May1218513917 A Man found in the river50yWM
Erie Street191   May2818513931 Child from boat1yW 
Erie Street192   Jul1418513978 A man from Kings30yWM
Erie Street193   Jul1818513991 A Man W 
Erie Street193   Jul2218514003 A Man56yWM
Erie Street193   Jul2618514014 Child from boat3mW 
Erie Street195   Aug1818514064 Child W 
Erie Street195   Aug1818514064 Child W 
Erie Street196   Sep1518514104 Man found in storehouse WM
Erie Street196   Oct518514124  3mW 
Erie Street196   Oct518514125  30yWM
Erie Street197   Oct3118514151  30yWM
Erie Street197   Nov318514155 A Man CM
Erie Street197   Nov618514161  42yCF
Erie Street197   Nov1718514173  30yWM
Erie Street198   Nov2518514189  40yCM
Erie Street198   Dec918514207 Child10dW 
Erie Street1101   Feb1218524321 from college W 
Erie Street1101   Feb1618524322 from college W 
Erie Street1101   Feb1718524323 from college W 
Erie Street1101   Feb1718524324 from college   
Erie Street1101   Feb1718524326 from college W 
Erie Street1103   Apr2618524406  46yWM
Erie Street1105   May2418524451   WM
Erie Street1105   Jun318524465  30yWF
Erie Street1106   Jun2318524494  30yWM
Erie Street1106   Jun2818524497  30yWM
Erie Street1106   Jul618524507  50y M
Erie Street1106   Jul818524510  37yWF
Erie Street1106   Jul818524517  40yWM
Erie Street1106   Jul1318524521  35yWM
Erie Street1106   Jul1318524522  40yWF
Erie Street1106   Jul1518524528 Child15mWM
Erie Street1107   Jul2218524539  50yWF
Erie Street1109   Aug818524611 Man WM
Erie Street1109   Aug918524612 Child W 
Erie Street1110   Aug1618524662  40yWM
Erie Street1110   Aug1718524666  35yWM
Erie Street1111   Aug2818524703  30yWM
Erie Street1113   Sep1118524775  25yWM
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524782 Child   
Erie Street1113   Sep1218524783  35y M
Erie Street1113   Sep1518524802  30yWM
Erie Street1114   Sep2118524819  25yWF
Erie Street1114   Sep2518524837  35yWM
Erie Street1114   Sep2518524838  40yW 
Erie Street1115   Sep3018524869 Child  F
Erie Street1115   Sep3018524870  25yWM
Erie Street1115   Oct218524873  29yWM
Erie Street1115   Oct418524881  40yWM
Erie Street1115   Oct418524882  25yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct818524899  2yWM
Erie Street1116   Oct918524900  25yWF
Erie Street1116   Oct1018524906  50yWM
Erie Street1117   Oct2018524935  35yWM
Erie Street1117   Oct318524959  50yWM
Erie Street1117   Nov418524960  35yWM
Erie Street1117   Nov1018524966  35yWM
Erie Street1117   Nov1118524967  40yWM
Erie Street1118   Nov1118524971 Child WM
Erie Street1118   Nov1918524982  45yWM
Erie Street1118   Nov2018524983 Child WF
Erie Street1118   Nov2218524985  3mWM
Erie Street1118   Dec218524996 Man WM
Erie Street1119   Dec2218525019     
Erie Street1119   Dec2918525022   W 
Erie Street1120   Jan418535029 Man WM
Erie Street1120   Jan1218535034  3mW 
Erie Street1120   Jan1718535038 Child W 
Erie Street1120   Jan2918535047   W 
Erie Street1120   Jan1818535049  10yWM
Erie Street1120   Jan1618535050 Child W 
Erie Street1120   Jan2118535051 Man WM
Erie Street1120   Jan2418535052 Man WM
Erie Street1120   Feb1218535061 Man WM
Erie Street1121   Feb1518535065 Child W 
Erie Street1121   Feb1818535068  14yWM
Erie Street1121   Feb1918535072 Miss14yWF
Erie Street1121   Mar918535101 Child C 
Erie Street1122   Mar2718535133 SB W 
Erie Street1122   Mar2818535136 Man W 
Erie Street1122   Mar3118535139 Child W 
Erie Street1123   Apr1318535154  9mW 
Erie Street1123   Apr1818535165 Child W 
Erie Street1123   Apr2918535181 Child W 
Erie Street1125   Jun1818535253 Sailor WM
Erie Street1125   Jun1818535254 Sailor WM
Erie Street1125   Jun2118535258   WM
Erie Street1125   Jun2418535264  1yW 
Erie Street1126   Jun2918535273 Man WM
Erie Street1128   Aug1218535373  30yWM
Erie Street1129   Aug1718535391   CM
Erie Street1130   Sep618535446 Sailor Man WM
Erie Street1130   Sep918535452   WM
Erie Street1131   Oct118535497 Man WM
Erie Street1131   Oct118535498 Man WM
Erie Street1133   Dec1318535573 Man WM
Erie Street1135   Jan618545620  40yWM
Erie Street1136   Jan2818545658  30yWM
Erie Street1138   Mar2118545735  23yWM
Erie Street1138   Mar2518545743 Man WM
Erie Street1138   Apr518545761 Found foot of Main St40yWM
Erie Street1139   May618545796 Found in Lake West side of River40yW 
Erie Street1141   Jul1118545879 Found in River1mW 
Erie Street1141   Jul1118545880 Found fr Steam Boat1mW 
Erie Street1142   Jul2418545927  5mW 
Erie Street1144   Aug118545976 Man WM
Erie Street1144   Aug418545996  2yW 
Erie Street1146   Aug1918546061 Child W 
Erie Street1147   Sep118546113  1mW 
Erie Street1150   Oct1718546215  7yW 
Erie Street1151   Dec418546262  1dW 
Erie Street1154   Feb2118556344  6y  
Erie Street1155   Apr1218556385 Child WF
Erie Street1155   Apr2918556399 SB Child WF
Erie Street1157   Aug818556493  2mWM
Erie Street1158   Aug1418556505 Child found in prioy?1dWM
Erie Street1158   Aug1418556510 Child found in river WF
Erie Street1158   Aug1718556512 Boy found in river11yWM
Erie Street1158   Aug2318556526 Child WF
Erie Street1162   Dec2118556664 Child CF
Erie Street1166   Jul518566831 Child from RR Cars6mWM
Erie Street1176   Apr1418577167  10yWM
Erie Street1176   Apr2218577180 SB WM
Erie Street1180   Oct718577361  2dWF
Erie Street1181   Oct1318577371 SB WM
Erie Street1182   Dec418577415 SB WM
Erie Street1183   Jan2718587458  30yWM
Erie Street1188   Aug2218587638 Child12dWF
Erie Street1191   Jan 18597753     
Erie Street1191   Feb 18597785     
Erie Street1194   Jul2918597873 Child WM
Erie Street1194   Aug1518597894 SB WM
Erie Street1198   Mar2618608052 Child W 
Erie Street1201   Aug818608162 SB W 
Erie Street1201   Aug1718608173  6wW 
Erie Street1202   Oct218608218 Child   
Erie Street1203   Nov1118608244 SB WM
Erie Street1203   Dec318608256 Child SB W 
Erie Street1206   Apr518618388 SB W 
Erie Street1207   May718618424 Child W 
Erie Street1208   Jun1318618455 Child W 
Erie Street1208   Jun2418618467 SB W 
Erie Street1220   Feb1818638949 Foundling   
Erie Street1223   Jun918639044 Child   
Erie Street1224   Aug418639086 baby   
Erie Street1228   Jan2218649150 D Child   
Erie Street1238   Mar2718659562 Child   
Erie Street1238   Apr1518659571 Child   
Erie Street1239   Jun2418659598 Child1y  
Erie Street1241   Sep418659664 Child   
Erie Street1241   Sep818659670 Child10m M
Erie Street1248   Oct2018669970 Child   
Erie Street1253   Jun1186710139 Child  F
Erie Street1254   Aug23186710207 Child   
Erie Street1256   Nov7186710273  45y M
Erie Street1258   Jan20186810342    F
Erie Street1261   Jul1186810466 Child   
Erie Street1261   Jul1186810467 Child   
Erie Street1264   Oct29186810595 Emigrant Child1y  
Erie Street1267   Mar3186910700 SB Twin 1  M
Erie Street1267   Mar3186910700 SB Twin 2  F
Erie Street1269   Jul17186910782 Child6m  
Erie Street1269   Jul22186910788 Emigrant6m M
Erie Street1269   Jul30186910800 Emigrant Child  M
Erie Street1270   Aug16186910824 Emigrant Child   
Erie Street1271   Oct29186910884 Emigrant Child   
Erie Street1272   Nov4186910891 Child of Margarett SB   
Erie Street1276   Jun27187011065  2mW 
Erie Street1284   Jul17187111375 Emigrant8mWF
Erie Street1285   Oct31187111438 SB W 
Erie Street1286   Dec24187111470 SB CM
Erie Street1288   Apr25187211547 Child WM
Erie Street1293   Nov9187211741 SB CM
Erie Street1298   Jun5187311900 Child A  M
Erie Street1298   Jun6187311901 SB Child A   
Erie Street1298   Jun30187311914 SB  F
Erie Street1300   Aug28187312007 Child A SB WM
Erie Street1302   Nov29187312080 SB WM
Erie Street1302   Dec2187312081 SB Irish Child WF
Erie Street1302   Dec14187312087 SB WF
Erie Street1303   Feb18187412128 SB W 
Erie Street1305   May25187412185 Child  M
Erie Street1305   Jun28187412209 SB WF
Erie Street1307   Aug8187412256 SB WM
Erie Street1307   Sep7187412294 SB W 
Erie Street1308   Oct3187412317 SB W 
Erie Street1309   Nov8187412341  1dWM
Erie Street1319   Feb14187612680  4mWM
Erie Street1319   Feb18187612684  SBWM
Erie Street1321   May29187612736 SB WF
Erie Street1322   Jul22187612781  1mWM
Erie Street1323   Sep13187612832 SB WM
Erie Street1324   Nov23187612876 SB W 
Erie Street256   Aug4189015488 Void see 15493   
Erie Street270   May1189316046 cancld see p83 #15972   
Erie Street290   Jun2189816816  2dWM
Erie Street290   Jul12189816840   W 
Erie Street291   Aug4189816855 1 of 3 foetus' WM
Erie Street291   Aug4189816855 2 of 3 foetus' WM
Erie Street291   Aug4189816855 3 of 3 foetus' WM
Erie Street2100  1900Jul28190017181   WM
Erie Street2105  1901Aug16190117371   WM
Erie Street2105  1901Aug16190117372   WM
Erie Street2105  1901Aug16190117373   WM
Erie Street2105  1901Aug16190117374   WM
Erie Street2105  1901Aug17190117375   WM
Erie Street2111   Sep8190317557  40yWM
Erie Street2113   Jun13190417619  58yWM
Erie Street2113   Jun27190417623  40yWM
Erie Street2114   Nov22190417637  30yWF
Erie Street2120   Mar161909  Refer to 17735   
Erie Street2122   Apr11191117754 Refer to 17754   

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