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Cleveland City Cemetery Index Project FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to all that work we did before? It is not lost. We are working to retrofit it to the current project.

I'm not very computer savvy. Can I still do this? It sounds complicated! Yes. There is support to walk you through the process of setting up, and answering questions.

I am a terrible typist, but I know computers. Is there a place for me? Perhaps proofreading would fit your skill set. We will be starting that soon. You must index at least one batch for the experience. Request and return a batch or two, then contact Vicki for support at

Why aren't we doing Cause of Death or ...? Because the names will be linked to the images in the final project, all the index needs to do is differentiate between people and allow you to click to see the full page image. Less errors, more information.

How big is this project? Pretty big. There are over 330,000 records on 10,645 images. Many hands make light work. The original interment books are all typed, so it should move along quite quickly.

What cemeteries are included? This includes all the City of Cleveland owned cemeteries - Alger, Brookmere, Denison, Erie, Harvard Grove, Highland Park/Memorial Park, Monroe St., Scranton Rd., West Park, and Woodland. There may be no records for Cleveland Memorial Garden as it is newer and is already computerized.

What time period will this cover? Some cemeteries go back as far as 1808, and we will be doing up until they were computerized in the 1990s.

There is not much space in my browser to see the image. You can reduce the tool bar area to make the viewing area bigger. Right click in the tool bar space. Uncheck (click on) those items which you don't need. You can replace them later by the same method. Or you may prefer to put the browser in the bottom of your screen and the spreadsheet in the top. This way they can overlap. Also, you only need a narrow strip of spreadsheet text showing, maybe two or three rows.

The print is too small in my browser. You can enlarge the image. Some browsers have a magnifying glass icon so you can choose the size. For Internet Explorer, just click on the image and it will enlarge. Another click will return it to the original size.

When I receive the emailed Excel record it's too small to read. After you open the attachment and click on the item that appears, just go to the top of the page (or it could be on the bottom of the page) where it says "ZOOM" or has a magnifying glass, and choose a higher percentage to make the record larger, or a lower percentage to make the record smaller.

Can I fill in a column of the same numbers all at once like the page number or year? Yes. To have several numbers in the column all the same (i.e. all deaths were in 1920), in Excel: With your cursor on the 1st blank column hold down "Shift" and drag the cursor to the end of the column. Go to Edit> Fill> down - Choose "down" . Other choices Right, up, left, series.
In QuattroPro, another method is to put the year in the top cell in the column. Click elsewhere, then click on the cell again. Then copy it (CTRL c) Then click and drag to highlight the part of the column you want the same. Then paste (CTRL v) and the column will fill.

Can I just fill in a whole column of interment numbers only once? Yes, there are shortcuts. In Excel, to go down a column in a series i.e. 101, 102, 103 etc, put cursor on a column that has the number typed in already. Go to EDIT > Fill> Series> Column> Then with the cursor on the number typed in already hold down the SHIFT key and drag your cursor down to the end of the column.
In QuattroPro click and drag down the column as far as you want to number. Then go to Edit> Fill> Fill Series. Fill in the start number. It should be step 1 (each row will be one more than the previous.) If you did not highlight the column, change the end number. Select Column, Linear and then OK. Use CAUTION! Some interment numbers were doubled or skipped or a number with a or b is included. This will make the series incorrect! Check the first and last record to be sure they match with the original.

Oops! I made a mistake Most mistakes, if you catch it quickly, can be corrected by "Undo." In Microsoft newer products, do it by clicking on the half-circle arrow on the second or 3rd row of top of your computer screen or at the very top. In older or other programs it is usually in Edit> Undo. Sometimes you can click this several times to go back to where you first started to go wrong. When you make a mistake, STOP! Think. Undo.

What about Disinterments? (sometimes noted as "digging up") Index will not note disinterments. Most of them are additional information added to an interment. They will be indexed just as though it were a new interment. If the enitre entry is for a disinterment, index it as though it is an interment. This is an index to the images, so these details can be viewed by the researcher.

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