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Cleveland City Cemetery Index Project Field Helps

The State column should be filled in with Ohio spelled out. This column can be filled at the end of your work, or as you work along.

The County column should be filled in with Cuyahoga spelled out. This column can be filled at the end of your work, or as you work along.

The Cemetery should be the name of the cemetery. You need not type it each time. As with the first two columns, sometimes typing the first letter will fill it. If not, you can tab past and fill the column later.

The volume should be in the first row, so you can type it or just fill the column later. Be careful that you change this to the correct volume number, as sometimes your template or previous work is from a different volume.

The page number should be there, too, and again, type it or just fill the column later.

Dates are being done as day first. No extra 0 is required. The month will be the first three letters of a month such as Sep Jul etc. with no periods. The year will be a four digit year. This may be at the top of the page, or in the middle of the column. You will have to look for it.

Death date is first, but in many cases they are not in the record at all.

Interment date should be on most records, unless it was a "catch up" set of records from before they kept records.

Interment number should be like it is in the record, no extra spacers are needed.

Surname should be initial caps, not all caps. (Smith, not SMITH.) Use no punctuation such as commas or periods, but do use the apostrophe or hyphen if it is part of the name such as O'Keefe or Smith-Jones.

Given Name can be tricky. It does include middle name and initial, without punctuation. If it is a normal name, again initial caps only. If the name is only words like Baby, Infant, Stillborn, SB, titles like Mr, Dr, etc. they go in Titles and Terms instead. Do not index terms like unknown, unnamed, Don't know, etc. These should be left blank.

Titles and Terms includes Mr, Dr, Sgt, Capt, Mrs, Jr, Sr, III (the third), Son of Henry, Infant, Stillborn, SB, Stranger etc. They are things that will help identify the person. Do not use punctuation. The word Infant and Baby are not needed if the age is present. This is true for man, woman and child if the age and sex are included, unless it is needed for clarity, such as child of Henry. A SB (stillborn) is by definition a fetus/foetus or baby, so SB is sufficient. Do not include other comments like lot numbers, grave positions, or disinterments.

Age is to be a number with a y after it for year and an m for a month, w for week, d for days, and h for hours. Typically it will be 14y or 3m or 2y6m. Do not put spaces between the number and the letter. If the age is given in fractions, calculate it to something we are using, such as 4/12 would be 4m or 2 would be 2y6m. If minutes are listed such as 40mi, round this to an hour, so under 30 minutes is left blank and 30 or more minutes would be 1h. If this column says SB leave it blank. Put the SB in the Titles and Terms field.

Color is to be whatever is written. Example: W

Sex should be M or F. If there is something like unknown, Unk, or a question mark, leave it blank. Type what the record says, even though it may be obviously incorrect.

File Name and Start and End is of no concern. You may fill the column if you wish, or we will do it later. This information will be the same for an entire page.

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