Cleveland City Cemetery Index Project Guidlines

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Cleveland City Cemetery Index Project Guidelines

Required Fields
All the fields should be filled in if there is something on the document to put in the field. If not, just tab past the field. If there is something there, but you cannot read it, type all the letters you can read, putting an asterisk (*) for multiple letters and a question mark (?) for a single letter missing. If the word is Sm///ste/n, you would type Sm*ste?n

Type the surname and the given names in the correct column. Do not index titles such as Mr., Mrs., son of, Dr., etc. Those go in the Titles and Terms Column.

If a name has an apostrophe such as O'Connor, type it. If it has a hyphen such as Smith-Jones, type it. Otherwise use no punctuation, even after an abbreviation or initial or between place jurisdictions such as Cleveland Ohio.

In the case of names, type only what is in the record. Do not assume that you know what an abbreviation stands for. Wm for instance, could be William or Wilhelm.

Corrected and Crossed-Out Information
If an item or a record is crossed out and you can read it, index it. If it is crossed out and corrected, type the corrected version. If there are pencilled in items use the corrected version. If the item or record is crossed out and you cannot read it, mark the fields with an asterisk (*).

Ditto Marks
These can be found as quote marks or "do" or "Do" or left blank with the assumption that the first entry on the page follows down the column. Type the information to which the ditto refers. For instance if the race says W on the first line the rest of the page, if blank, should be W. If the name has quote marks from the line above, fill in the name for this record as well. If there is no reference point, leave it blank. It is especially important to find the full date from somewhere on the page. Use some judgement here. Because these will be alphabetical, the antecedant information will not be with the record, so needs to be retyped on each record.

No Extractable Data
Some lines will have totals of columns or other cemetery use comments. Unless there is information about a burial or a person, just skip these lines. If there is no extractable data on the entire page or if it is blank, return it with a note in the e-mail stating there was no extractable data. Working with the file
You will receive an email with a link that will go to an image of a page of an interment book. This is your personal assignment. Click on the link. It should open your browser and show the picture of a page of an interment register. Click on the resize box next to the X in the upper right corner of the screen. Manipulate the shape so that it is vertically about 2/3 of the screen that you see at the top of your screen and full width. If Excel will function on top of the image, leave it full size.

The e-mail will also have an attachment of an Excel file. Open the file. If it will not open you may have to save the file, open your spreadsheet program (QuattroPro or Calc) and open the file from File/Open. Again, resize this and manipulate it so that it is about 1/3 of the screen, vertically, and at the bottom of your screen.

To manipulate, slowly move the cursor over the edge of the application until it becomes a double arrow. Click and drag the edge to where you want it. To move the whole thing up and down, click and drag in the dark blue title bar at the top.

Only one of the applications will be active at any time. Simply click in the other to work with it, and then proceed.

If you need help to get started, please let us know so that someone can work with you. Include your phone number.

It is suggested that you save every few minutes. Make a folder of "Disposables" or something for these so you can delete them easily later. I would suggest keeping them on your hard drive for a month or two in case the e-mail does not work or they get lost for some reason.

Submitting Your Work
When you have completed the entire page and saved it, you may attach it to an e-mail and return it from where it came. Please do not change the file name. If you are unable to complete the assignment before the end of seven days, and you have worked on it, return the batch so someone else can take advantage of your work. Request another batch when you are ready and able.

This project belongs to the East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society which will make all information available on-line at a website that offers free access.

If you need help, please e-mail Vicki at and ask for what you need. Include your name, phone number and the times you will be available. The appropriate support person will respond as soon as possible.

Also check the FAQs for further information.

Please note:
If you have corrections please contact the webmaster at

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