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Cleveland City Cemetery Index Project

These instructions have been left here in the interest of those who may wish to plan a project of their own, or for those who wonder why or how we did certain things in our data.

Welcome! This project is being organized by East Cuyahoga County Genealogical Society, and the Project Director is Vicki Vigil. The project in progress will be posted on the Cleveland District Round Table web site. Additionally we are working with FamilySearch which digitized the images, and our work will be submitted for inclusion in its Record Search system. Anyone with computer, e-mail and internet access can participate.

The images of the pages are available so you can do them at home. You will do the indexing in Excel, QuattroPro, or Calc, save them as an Excel file and submit them as an e-mail attachment. With a little experience, a batch should take about 30 minutes to complete.

It is important that you read and follow the Guidelines for the project. You want to be as helpful as possible and prevent rework. Please read the following:

Field Helps
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you will enjoy helping to index the interment registers for those cemeteries owned by the City of Cleveland.

When you are ready to begin indexing a batch, and have read the Guidelines and Field Helps click here to send an e-mail to For the first time, request one batch. It consists of one image of an interment register page of up to 40 records. A record is the information for one person - one line on the page. After that, you may request up to 5 batches at a time. Only request what you can do in 7 days. Include your name. The batch will arrive as soon as humanly possible. (This is not being done by a computer!)

Welcome Aboard!

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