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Cleveland District Round Table

Monroe Street Cemetery Index
No surname & A through Bk

CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street3245   Jun21191827190, AlogisusSister77yWF
Monroe Street335   Jun8190121837, AmedusSister61yWF
Monroe Street2101   Jan31188914890, AnastasiaSister26yWF
Monroe Street3207   May3191426272, AnselinSister AKA Ella McCoy53yWF
Monroe Street3110   Apr30190624106, BasilSister48yWF
Monroe Street169   Dec2018717205, Cathr 3yWF
Monroe Street3238   May22191726963, CloteldaSister52yWF
Monroe Street3221   Jul16191526556, EvangelistaSister41yWF
Monroe Street3248   Dec20191827270, F ColletaSister44yWF
Monroe Street3246   Jul16191827199, Henrietta FeliciteSister77yWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan18191225686, IgnatiusSister AKA Ellen Woods67yWF
Monroe Street3115   Sep30190624233, JosephineSister75yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb22189417822, JuliaSister26yWF
Monroe Street3231   Jul31191626781, M AlphanusSister84yWF
Monroe Street3150   Aug7190925020, M Florence AgnesSister AKA Agnes Curran31yWF
Monroe Street3185   Jul16191225804, M FrancisSister AKA Bridget Burns DeJane80yWF
Monroe Street3253   May31191927384, M ManbroseSister73yWF
Monroe Street3106   Dec11190524000, M MartinsSister52yWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan14191827090, M ThomasSister71yWF
Monroe Street3114   Aug25190624205, MagdelaneSister68yWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr23188914985, Margaret MarySister30yWF
Monroe Street3112   Jun29190624157, MarySister66yWF
Monroe Street2106   Jun22188915045, Mary BarbaraSister27yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug12188915137, Mary IreneSister28yWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb19188914909, Mary RosalieSister46yWM
Monroe Street3255   Oct8191927442, McDonaldSister63yWF
Monroe Street329   Jan27190121643, PatrickSister71yWF
Monroe Street3108   Feb16190624042, ScholasterSister30yWF
Monroe Street363   Dec31190222642Abbott, 14dWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul14189116239Abbott, Emma 66yWF
Monroe Street290   May2188814506Abbott, Fred 5mWM
Monroe Street3192   Feb15191325954Abbott, Henry 85yWM
Monroe Street3255   Oct31191927452Abbott, Marion S 17yWF
Monroe Street289   Apr3188814465Abbott, Mary 28yWF
Monroe Street3192   Feb13191325952Abel, Anna W 62yWF
Monroe Street490Mar241961Mar28196131103Abel, Charles  WM
Monroe Street487Nov61957Nov9195731015Abel, Florence 64yWF
Monroe Street1123   Nov2518759265Abel, Fredricke 1yW 
Monroe Street1127   Mar1718769410Abel, George 2mWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct30190523960Abel, Joachin 66yWM
Monroe Street38   Jul24189920875Abel, John 55yWM
Monroe Street434   Jan19193729838Abel, Lili 67yWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan8189015418Abel, Mary 50yWF
Monroe Street19   Apr2218644829Abitt, Catherine 5yWF
Monroe Street315   Feb12190021148Abke, Ernst 37yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb17189015505Abke, Joseph  W 
Monroe Street2141   Aug16189116308Abplanap, Emma 3mWF
Monroe Street297   Oct6188814746Abplanolp, Paul 5wW 
Monroe Street143   Dec2918686199Abram, George 2mWM
Monroe Street2153   May25189216748Abrietz, Elsie 17mWF
Monroe Street3126   Aug13190724490Acker, 2dWM
Monroe Street125   Mar2218665483Acker, Anna J E 1yWF
Monroe Street2146   Dec24189116492Acker, Florence 1mWF
Monroe Street160   Dec3018706848Acker, John E 4yWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov11189820475Acker, John M 58yWM
Monroe Street2136   May1189116139Acker, Lizzie J 21yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun21190724460Acker, Rosa 61yWF
Monroe Street3195   May1191326030Ackerfeld,Baby WM
Monroe Street2216   Dec26189518986Ackerman,SB Twin 1 WM
Monroe Street2216   Dec26189518986Ackerman,SB Twin 2 WM
Monroe Street349   Mar11190222221Ackerman, 6wWF
Monroe Street382   Feb6190423200Ackerman, Anna 31yWF
Monroe Street356   Aug12190222440Ackerman, August 92yWM
Monroe Street168   Nov618717169Ackermann,SB Child of W WM
Monroe Street1141   Apr418779963Ackermann,SB W 
Monroe Street1173   Mar25188011071Ackermann,Infant W 
Monroe Street171   Feb2018727262Ackermann, AugustSB WM
Monroe Street2108   Aug15188915142Ackermann, Carolina 2mWF
Monroe Street196   Dec818738251Ackermann, Charles  W 
Monroe Street1139   Jan3018779885Ackermann, Ch's 10yW 
Monroe Street1123   Dec1318759282Ackermann, Emilia 8dWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul30188915102Ackermann, Katy 11wWF
Monroe Street3231   Aug25191626793Ackley, Caroline 73yWF
Monroe Street2207   May27189518677Adai, Helen 40yWF
Monroe Street311   Oct11189920975Adam,SB WM
Monroe Street3230   May13191626742Adam,SB WM
Monroe Street264   Feb28188613585Adam, Charley 11yWM
Monroe Street3139   Sep25190824795Adam, Chas 30yWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb1018769362Adam, E Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar9189015541Adam, Edward 8yWM
Monroe Street186   Apr2918737823Adam, Fr Wm 8dWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan17189015442Adam, Frieda 4yWF
Monroe Street422   Jul11193429543Adam, Isabella 85yWF
Monroe Street264   Mar20188613605Adam, Othilda 11mWF
Monroe Street179   Sep2818727601Adam, Robert 9mWM
Monroe Street3268   Nov2192127788Adams,SB WM
Monroe Street2148   Jan22189216542Adams, Cerline 62yWF
Monroe Street2256   Oct16189820432Adams, Darins 71yWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb25191626708Adams, Edw J 59yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan28189015468Adams, Emelia 2yWM
Monroe Street476Apr71950Apr10195030747Adams, Fredericka 87yWF
Monroe Street245   Jul1188412890Adams, George 2mWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug25189015808Adams, Gustav 7yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1018738086Adams, H 5mW 
Monroe Street1113   Mar2818758896Adams, Henry 25yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug6190523884Adams, J S 75yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul23187710068Adams, Jacob 43yW 
Monroe Street330   Feb9190121659Adams, Jane E 72yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan12190322666Adams, Julia 28yWF
Monroe Street1133   Sep1218769657Adams, Laura 1yWF
Monroe Street423   Sep24193429569Adams, LeroyJr9mWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun1189015667Adams, Lula 18mWF
Monroe Street466Nov171945Nov19194530522Adams, Rene 66yWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep1118759166Adams, S M 40yW 
Monroe Street151   Dec1218696496Adams, Samuel 80yWM
Monroe Street1118   Jul3018759084Ade, John J 9mWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug12188915140Adie, Alexander 3yWM
Monroe Street3300   Jun30192728688Adie, George S 38yWM
Monroe Street477Nov281950Dec1195030771Adie, James Long 58yWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct2188915241Adie, Jane 6yWF
Monroe Street41   Feb24193029055Adie, William 86yWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct2618759236Adkins, Anna 32yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug4189619292Adler, Rose 1mWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep2187710139Adolff, Anna 1mWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep7188915188Adolph, Ada Emil 8yWM
Monroe Street3111   May21190624121Aeshrich,Baby WF
Monroe Street33   Mar15189920700Agner, Fred C 2yWM
Monroe Street2152   May4189216717Agnew, 1mWF
Monroe Street2133   Feb8189116011Agurk, Henry 10m M
Monroe Street3275   Jan12192327973Ahier, Jenima 86yWF
Monroe Street417   Aug5193329427Ahier, Wm 63yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul22188915085Ahler, William 10mWM
Monroe Street348   Feb27190222210Ahlers,Baby WF
Monroe Street234   Jul30188312529Ahlers, Maria F 2mWF
Monroe Street3155   Jan4191025124Ahlgrim, Carl M 76yWM
Monroe Street472Sep 1948Sep18194830648Ahlgrim, Dorothea H 49yWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb3191526450Ahlgrim, Irine Washburn 44yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr27190724423Ahlgrim, JMrs74yWF
Monroe Street2233   Mar28189719578Ahlgrimam, Helmuth 55yWM
Monroe Street322   Jul27190021414Ahlgrimm, Paul 5wWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul31189015767Ahlgrun, Chas 25yWM
Monroe Street3149   Jul6190925008Ahlthoff, Lydia 48yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug8188915125Ahrens, Charles 1yWM
Monroe Street2128   Oct7189015860Ahrens, Chas 26yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan4189417756Ahrens, Fred 64yWM
Monroe Street3157   Feb28191025176Ahrens, Maria 76yWF
Monroe Street3236   Mar2191726911Ahrens, Marie 86yWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov7190925078Ahrens, Melvin 4mWM
Monroe Street287   Feb24188814408Ahrens, Michael 55yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov17190523976Aibiele, 4hWF
Monroe Street334   May11190121798Aichele, Chas 56yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec19189418413Aichele, Eddie C 3mWM
Monroe Street2170   Jun3189317360Aichele, Louis H 18yWM
Monroe Street438   Jan31193829916Airing, Anna M L 56yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul22188714130Aker, Willie 16mWM
Monroe Street2211   Aug29189518817Akerman, Sophia M 1mWF
Monroe Street19   May1618644848Alangter, Henry   M
Monroe Street310   Sep18189920943Albano, Soloma 69yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep3189116335Albar, Michael 86yWM
Monroe Street2105   May25188915019Albard, Wm 68yWM
Monroe Street117   Mar1218655175Albenet,Child of William4mWM
Monroe Street377   Sep18190323040Alber, Barbara 78yWF
Monroe Street134   Sep1418675846Alber, Ernest F 8mW 
Monroe Street393   Dec18190423606Alber, Jacob 89yWM
Monroe Street126   Apr1718665496Albers,Child W 
Monroe Street3146   Apr29190924955Albers,Baby WF
Monroe Street148   Aug418696387Albers, C J 6mWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug30189619326Albers, Edward 11mWM
Monroe Street364   Jan6190322654Albers, Ernst 70yWM
Monroe Street274   Jan20188713921Albers, Fred 3wWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug11191025321Albers, Gerhard H 70yWM
Monroe Street2235   Mar10189119676Albers, Gerhardt 54yWM
Monroe Street225   Oct5188212221Albers, Josephina 11m  
Monroe Street2247   Mar3189820076Albers, Louisa K 51yWF
Monroe Street193   Sep2118738111Albers, Luisa 4yW 
Monroe Street4103Apr211968Apr23196831283Albers, Lydia 92yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov2018748728Albers, M C 28yW 
Monroe Street496Apr241964Apr27196431201Albers, Mammie E 85yWF
Monroe Street162   Mar118716914Albers, Mari Louise Elonore 5mWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar31189619098Albers, Maria E 55yWF
Monroe Street3290   Sep12192528398Albers, Maria E 81yWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul2818759074Albers, Mary E 9mWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec27187810642Albers, Mary L 3mWF
Monroe Street214   Dec9188111841Albers, Paul 1yWM
Monroe Street1173   Mar24188011070Albers, Wm 33yWM
Monroe Street379   Nov16190323097Albers, Wm 20yWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct10189116396Albert,SB WM
Monroe Street156   Jul2818706679Albert, Aug Phil 1yWM
Monroe Street2145   Dec4189116471Albert, Clara 46yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan118706513Albert, Geo Peter 1mWM
Monroe Street284   Nov16188714273Albert, Lora 4wWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec118759270Albinna, Elisab 1dW 
Monroe Street2234   May1189719639Albitz, Pauline 37yWF
Monroe Street132   Apr918675752Albrecht,SB Child of Louis WM
Monroe Street152   Jan3018706536Albrecht,SB Child of Louis WF
Monroe Street1147   Oct7187710179Albrecht, 1yW 
Monroe Street139   May2118686009Albrecht, Anna 29yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct8187810558Albrecht, Calvin 9yWM
Monroe Street152   Feb418706541Albrecht, Catharine 37yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr23189015610Albrecht, Catharine 72yWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct17191025370Albrecht, Catherine 83yWF
Monroe Street172   Apr718727331Albrecht, Constantin 1yWM
Monroe Street432   Aug11193629791Albrecht, Dora M 74yWF
Monroe Street2148   Feb1189216564Albrecht, Elizabeth 75yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep11188814718Albrecht, Elma 4yWF
Monroe Street410   Jan14193229254Albrecht, Emil 75yWM
Monroe Street173   Apr2518727349Albrecht, Heinrich 6yWM
Monroe Street3260   Jul30192027587Albrecht, John 79yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug6189820339Albrecht, Julia 25yWF
Monroe Street373   Jul18190322946Albrecht, Julius 21yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct10189317614Albrecht, Kathrina 61yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1418738099Albrecht, Louis 3mWM
Monroe Street3111   May31190624133Albrecht, Louis 73yWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec2018748757Albrecht, M 51yW 
Monroe Street33   Mar15189920701Albrecht, Margaret 68yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep17188312593Albrecht, Maria 10yWF
Monroe Street515Jun201989Jun27198931478Albrecht, Minnie 95y F
Monroe Street2127   Sep26189015848Albrecht, Myrtie 5yWF
Monroe Street136   Nov1518675898Albrecht, Phillip 6mWM
Monroe Street352   May30190222327Albrecht, Tillie 28yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul14189015738Albren, Henry 15mWM
Monroe Street229   Jan16188312345Albren, JohnSB  F
Monroe Street362   Dec17190222623Albren, John A 43yWM
Monroe Street246   Aug23188412954Albren, Nellie Mabel 3mWF
Monroe Street115   Nov1718645072Albret, Vinsent 45yWM
Monroe Street144   Feb1018696235Albrew, George Henry 5mWM
Monroe Street270   Sep21188613785Albrew, J A 14mWM
Monroe Street448   Jul6194030130Albright, Otto 80yWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul2118759054Aldrich, Corie 7mW 
Monroe Street352   Apr12190222295Alen, Rose  WF
Monroe Street174   Jun318727394Alexander, D  WF
Monroe Street159   Nov418706796Alexander, David 20yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug27191225843Alexander, Jane 90yWF
Monroe Street42   Apr1193029068Alexander, Jean B 67yWM
Monroe Street173   Apr1418727339Alexander, John 60yWM
Monroe Street242   Apr5188412797Alfele, Anna Maria 84yWF
Monroe Street2144   Nov4189116435Algrim, Emelie 39yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct8188814748Algrim, Harvey 8mWM
Monroe Street229   Feb4188312359Alhgrimm, Caroline 78y F
Monroe Street140   Aug318686079Alitt, Charles 14dWM
Monroe Street186   May1218737835Allbers, Mary C 39yWF
Monroe Street328   Dec21190021599Allbery, 6hWF
Monroe Street3260   Jun17192027573Allbrey, Elizabeth 89yWF
Monroe Street3214   Dec21191426416Allbrey, Humphry 83yWM
Monroe Street132   Mar2418675737Allen,Child of Wm C3mWF
Monroe Street3230   May22191626745Allen,SB WM
Monroe Street3300   Jun6192728676Allen,SB WM
Monroe Street2261   Jan4189920563Allen, Agnes M 2mWF
Monroe Street197   Dec2318738274Allen, Albert 63yWM
Monroe Street448   May15194030120Allen, Anna 69yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug2191225822Allen, Catharine T 84yWF
Monroe Street253   Mar27188513185Allen, Darcus 96yWF
Monroe Street4100Nov41966Nov7196631250Allen, Edward J 73yWM
Monroe Street443   Jul26193930045Allen, Emma F 86yWF
Monroe Street451   Feb3194139175Allen, Frank 80yWM
Monroe Street3132   Feb21190824640Allen, Gasten G 86yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr218737785Allen, George 31yW 
Monroe Street281   Aug27188714186Allen, George 12yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul26188513350Allen, Gertrude 3mWF
Monroe Street16   Dec2718634702Allen, Jane 21yWF
Monroe Street197   Dec2018738267Allen, Mary 7yWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep17187910912Allen, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street3294   May8192628519Allen, Mary A 89yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan4190222136Allen, Nathan 2yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan2618737735Allen, Rich 46yW 
Monroe Street2149   Feb10189216583Allen, Robert 80yWM
Monroe Street28   Jul31188111629Allen, W A 31yW 
Monroe Street2110   Sep17188915214Allen, W C  W 
Monroe Street17   Mar1218644776Allen, William 30yWM
Monroe Street1144   Aug1187710088Allen, Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street118   Apr218655209Allens, Gerhard H 7yWM
Monroe Street247   Sep10188412975Allert, Karl 7mWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan26192928935Allgoewer, Catherine 65yWF
Monroe Street3125   Jul19190724472Allgoewer, John G 48yWM
Monroe Street423   Sep28193429571Allgower, Verne 54yWF
Monroe Street494Feb281963Mar4196331164Allgower, Wm J 76yWM
Monroe Street176   Jul2718727473Allicok, George F 6mWM
Monroe Street2197   Nov2189418339Allinger,SB WM
Monroe Street2248   Mar16189820102Allis, 3hWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun7189820259Allis, Augusta 21yWF
Monroe Street137   Jan2618685934Allmendinger, Elias 36yWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb2191025146Allmendinger, Geo 60yWM
Monroe Street3151   Sep20190925047Allmendings, Gottlieb  WM
Monroe Street2181   Dec31189317748Allschlaeger, Ernest 25yWM
Monroe Street3161   Jul1191025290Allschlager, Edward 20yWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr1190924926Allschlager, Friderika 83yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr13189417920Allschlager, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street38   Aug7189920896Allschlager, Wm 71yWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov7189015898Almandinger, Maria 28yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep19187710154Almendinger, Anna M 79yWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct1189116383Almendinger, Margertha 90yWF
Monroe Street269   Sep12188613770Almindinger, William 26yWM
Monroe Street3216   Feb11191526458Alschlager, Fred 51yWM
Monroe Street53Dec271976Dec30197631387Alston, Eleanor 80y F
Monroe Street1153   Apr20187810377Alten, Flor Brow 13yW 
Monroe Street2115   Dec22188915391Althoff, 2yWM
Monroe Street34   Apr8189920732Althoff, Lena 39yWF
Monroe Street2221   May17189619172Althoff, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street2222   May23189619181Altman, Christina 63yWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar9192227849Altman, Robert 1yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan2191626661Altmos,Baby WM
Monroe Street1128   Apr1018769433Altragger, E 4mW 
Monroe Street1135   Nov318769749Altrazg, 7dW 
Monroe Street273   Dec19188613886Alver, Henry 13yWM
Monroe Street443   May13193930028Amann, Anna 72yWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov13190925084Amann, Bertha 2yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun10190724453Amann, Joseph 41yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan23190523641Amann, Sophia 32yWF
Monroe Street24   Mar31188111472Amberger, Elmer 1yWM
Monroe Street24   Apr1188111474Amberger, Elmer 1yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan8189619000Ambler, Clara 82yWF
Monroe Street122   Sep1718655344Ambs, Josephor Ames40yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug17189015797Ambush, Wm E 72yWM
Monroe Street122   Sep1718655344Ames, Josephor Ambs40yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr22190222283Amrhein, 5mWF
Monroe Street165   Jul3118717042Anchor, Philip 65yWM
Monroe Street270   Sep28188613796Anclan, August 28yWM
Monroe Street267   Jul16188613698Anders, Charles 55yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb6189417799Anderson, 1dWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug23189619318Anderson, 4dWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug5189719767Anderson,SB WF
Monroe Street2257   Oct31189820456Anderson, 6wWM
Monroe Street356   Aug22190222456Anderson, 2wWM
Monroe Street3228   Mar18191626720Anderson, 1dWM
Monroe Street3304   Mar27192828799Anderson,SB WM
Monroe Street442   Feb11193930001Anderson, Albert T 69yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb2318706558Anderson, Alexander 44yWM
Monroe Street13   Sep318634607Anderson, Allicia 60yWF
Monroe Street1117   Jul1618759037Anderson, Ammie S 10mWF
Monroe Street3312   Sep21192929005Anderson, Anna 57yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep8189317561Anderson, Annie 39yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug13190021441Anderson, C E 16mWF
Monroe Street2247   Mar11189820089Anderson, Carl H 2dWM
Monroe Street2197   Oct21189418323Anderson, Carrie G 14yWF
Monroe Street256   Jun7188513280Anderson, Edward Oskar 1yWM
Monroe Street28   Aug1188111632Anderson, Hannah 3mWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan12190724315Anderson, Hans 19yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan21192928930Anderson, James C 53yWM
Monroe Street372   Jun3190322880Anderson, Jas 41yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug10188814663Anderson, Jessie 5mWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr3018779996Anderson, John 1yWM
Monroe Street3307   Oct29192828875Anderson, John D 77yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan21189417781Anderson, Katie 22yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan31189417788Anderson, Lillia 3yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug9189719774Anderson, Maggie 36yWM
Monroe Street2196   Sep23189418283Anderson, Mary 13mWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec21189015946Anderson, Peter 34yWM
Monroe Street447   Mar11194030105Anderson, Sarah L 76yWF
Monroe Street2222   Jun23189619211Anderson, Susie 4mWF
Monroe Street2146   Dec24189116491Anderson, Theodore 42yWM
Monroe Street3130   Dec22190724592Anderson, Walter A 13yWM
Monroe Street2137   May13189116156Anderson, Willie Jas 8mWM
Monroe Street223   Jul24188212136Anderson, Wm 18d  
Monroe Street2122   May21189015648Andnis, Clara E 45yWF
Monroe Street166   Aug1818717073Andon, Lydia 9mWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun16190523826Andras, Jan 31yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar26188914947Andre,SB Twins WM
Monroe Street2187   Apr30189417955Andre, Fred 57yWM
Monroe Street321   Jun17190021355Andre, Hermina 29yWF
Monroe Street2203   Feb19189518512Andre, Minnie 3yWF
Monroe Street2156   Aug6189216874Andre, William 11mWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov22189217057Andre, Wm 29yWM
Monroe Street42   May3193029077Andree, Albert 61yWM
Monroe Street3282   Mar15192428180Andree, Anna 60yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jul5192328062Andree, Augusta 83yWF
Monroe Street3243   Feb20191827119Andrew,SB WF
Monroe Street2140   Jul28189116273Andrew, Grace 73yWF
Monroe Street3139   Sep14190824786Andrew, John 63yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb13192428165Andrew, Mary E 71yWF
Monroe Street173   Apr2918727359Andrew, Melinda 48yWF
Monroe Street16   Jan1518644728Andrew, Willey 4mWM
Monroe Street347   Feb22190222204Andrews,SB WF
Monroe Street373   Jul4190322919Andrews, 3mWF
Monroe Street373   Jul5190322920Andrews, 3mWM
Monroe Street3209   Jul6191426316Andrews,SB WF
Monroe Street127   Jul1218665544Andrews, Frank 4mWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep24189317590Andrews, Geo W 44yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2118738169Andrews, John 33yWM
Monroe Street3184   Jun10191225788Andro, MichSB WM
Monroe Street254   May5188513236Androws, Frank 30yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr3189216663Andrus, George 79yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep13189418264Andrus, Maud 14yWF
Monroe Street249   Oct31188413035Andrus, Susan C 73yWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep218748620Anett, Harry E 1yCM
Monroe Street3264   Feb25192127688Anfderheide, Casper 81yWM
Monroe Street3292   Feb2192628464Angel, MargaretAKA Engel81yWF
Monroe Street276   Apr2188713991Angel, MaryAKA Engel9yWF
Monroe Street3300   Jun21192728682Angelberger, Lena 71yWF
Monroe Street2197   Oct26189418329Angelberger, WmRev50yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep2190121986Anger, Carl For Egner13dWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov16188915333Angleberger, Carl 13yWM
Monroe Street2229   Dec14189619443Angustin, 1dWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun22190624150Animan, 7hWF
Monroe Street2153   May22189216745Anklan, Wilhelmina 68yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug2018686097Annear, Mathy 2yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul2118737934Annette, John B 9mWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun11191025276Anscheutz,SB WM
Monroe Street22   Jan5188111392Anschitz, Fred 56yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun28189216799Anschlager, Willie 6mWM
Monroe Street270   Sep19188613781Anschuetz, Charley 19yWM
Monroe Street136   Dec2218675919Anschuetz, Fred C 1yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul23188814620Anschultz, Chas 58yWM
Monroe Street3225   Dec15191526639Anschutz, Casper 49yWM
Monroe Street36   May29189920813Anschutz, Christina 59yWF
Monroe Street427   Jul15193529668Anschutz, Edw C 64yWM
Monroe Street45   Dec23193029152Anschutz, Mary A 65yWF
Monroe Street122   Sep2118655350Anschutz, Wilhelmina 1yWF
Monroe Street464Apr231945Apr27194530490Ansley, John D 50yWM
Monroe Street3221   Jul25191526559Antel,SB WM
Monroe Street3219   May2191526523Anthony,SB WM
Monroe Street272   Nov14188613859Anthony, Amuse 77yWM
Monroe Street3211   Sep6191426352Anthony, Frank P 60yWM
Monroe Street1128   May518769459Anthony, H M 63yW 
Monroe Street2203   Feb18189518511Anthony, Hanna 84yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jun12187810420Anthony, Hattie    
Monroe Street1125   Jan1718769328Anthony, JamesSB W 
Monroe Street35   Apr26189920757Anthony, Laura C 80yWF
Monroe Street3312   Sep4192928997Anthony, Margaret  WF
Monroe Street18   Mar2918644799Anthony, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street3203   Jan3191426193Antilla, Alexander 9mWM
Monroe Street130   Nov1418665652Anton, Elizabeth C 1yWF
Monroe Street130   Nov1618665654Anton, Louis 9yWM
Monroe Street2257   Nov1189820459Antwright, Everett 23mWM
Monroe Street3221   Jul30191526564Anup, Katharine 38yWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec28188915400Apke, Joseph 2yWM
Monroe Street391   Oct8190423529Apolzan, Jeok 40yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul918727437App, Albert  WM
Monroe Street1105   Aug918748580App, Christine 5mWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep19187710155App, Myra 7yW 
Monroe Street264   Feb17188613574App, W A 21yWM
Monroe Street122   Sep1718655342Appelt, Bertha 2yWF
Monroe Street2137   May14189116162Appy, Friedericka 78yWF
Monroe Street239   Dec7188312688Appy, Peter 67yWM
Monroe Street2140   Aug9189116297Arbogast, Bessare Elizabeth 15mWF
Monroe Street353   Jun9190222337Arbuckel, 6hWF
Monroe Street186   May2118737848Archebald, A J 36yW 
Monroe Street362   Dec17190222622Archer, Henrietta 24yWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug22189015805Archer, John A 37yWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct27189719890Archibald, Emma L 58yWF
Monroe Street254   Apr20188513214Arcke, Julius 2mWM
Monroe Street3201   Nov11191326160Ardite, Steve 18dWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb4191626695Ardito, 8hWF
Monroe Street3240   Sep14191727029Ardito,SB WM
Monroe Street390   Sep27190423515Arelt,Baby WF
Monroe Street3138   Aug9190824768Arelt, 5wWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan7189518442Arelt, John 4mWM
Monroe Street344   Dec19190122107Arelt, John 7dWM
Monroe Street2169   Apr25189317302Arelt, Martin 20yWM
Monroe Street442   Jan26193929996Arelt, Michael 47yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun4189820255Arelt, Mollie 8mWF
Monroe Street2159   Oct11189216988Arend, Ida 5dWF
Monroe Street3305   Jun27192828838Arend, Julia 90yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun12189015681Argo,SB WF
Monroe Street2199   Dec25189418422Argo, John 34yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb20190322729Argo, Mary 41yWF
Monroe Street3246   Jul2191827193Aring,SB WM
Monroe Street3194   Apr26191326026Aring, Clara E 72yWF
Monroe Street362   Dec13190222617Aring, Elsa 84yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar12189417858Aring, Elsie 8yWF
Monroe Street3200   Oct29191326153Aring, Fredrich 77yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug16188613736Aring, Henry 20mWM
Monroe Street3224   Nov17191526619Arlt, Michial 52yWM
Monroe Street3193   Mar20191325981Arlt, Rose 65yWF
Monroe Street126   May2518665518Armitage, John 32yWM
Monroe Street478Mar21951Mar2195130788Armos, Kalman 74yWM
Monroe Street2235   May16189719658Armstrong,SB WF
Monroe Street329   Jan20190121636Armstrong, Elizabeth 70yCF
Monroe Street1173   Apr11188011092Armstrong, H J 41yW 
Monroe Street2160   Nov3189217025Armstrong, Lottie 90yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun16189015686Armstrong, Mary 93yWF
Monroe Street3107   Jan4190624017Armstrong, Mary E 37yWF
Monroe Street288   Mar1188814421Armstrong, Thomas B 49yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr6189518583Arnd,SB WF
Monroe Street391   Oct24190423548Arndt, Dora 64yWF
Monroe Street362   Dec9190222608Arndt, Emil 27yWM
Monroe Street322   Jul24190021409Arndt, Fred 70yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jun26189518702Arndt, Geo H 4mWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr9189116079Arndt, Gottlieb 52yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug17189216905Arndt, Ida 6mWF
Monroe Street2254   Aug20189820355Arndt, Sadie 4dWF
Monroe Street211   Oct9188111751Arnett, A 71yW 
Monroe Street1111   Jan218758780Arnett, Rich 4yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov4188915305Arnhold, Arthur 12yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul28187810474Arnold,Twins4mW 
Monroe Street3118   Dec26190624301Arnold, Charlotte 75yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug2190423443Arnold, Elsie 4yWF
Monroe Street148   Jul1818696365Arnold, Emma  WF
Monroe Street1118   Aug118759090Arnold, Fred 1mWM
Monroe Street1176   Jul22188011224Arnold, Fred 8mWM
Monroe Street3176   Oct20191125621Arnold, Helen 80yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov1018748715Arnold, Jane  C 
Monroe Street144   Feb718696229Arnold, John 66yWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct13191025366Arnold, John D 2mWM
Monroe Street339   Aug20190121966Arnold, John G 65yWM
Monroe Street162   Mar2518716937Arnold, Lucy 66yWF
Monroe Street1151   Feb19187810335Arnold, Lydia 4yWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul2418759060Arnold, M 1mW 
Monroe Street14   Nov118634657Arnold, William 24yWM
Monroe Street2143   Sep28189116379Arnott, Jane 71yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct2618769739Arnsy, G Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec10189317711Arnt, Clara 5mWF
Monroe Street3218   Apr1191526496Arolite, 2hWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov5188915311Arps, Else R 13mWF
Monroe Street438   Feb22193829926Arps, Heinrich 84yWM
Monroe Street464Mar161945Mar19194530480Arps, Mary 91yWF
Monroe Street3208   Jun30191426314Arring, John 46yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul24189216835Artler, Martha 10mWF
Monroe Street3155   Jan12191025129Aruere,SB WM
Monroe Street3179   Jan13191225682Arueri,SB WM
Monroe Street280   Jul29188714144Aschenmeier, Ida 2wWF
Monroe Street3188   Oct18191225866Aschman, Mildred 2mWF
Monroe Street3305   Jun18192828835Ascolese,SB twin 1 WM
Monroe Street3305   Jun18192828835Ascolese,SB twin 2 WM
Monroe Street393   Dec7190423587Asdown, Emma 37yWF
Monroe Street37   Jul4189920844Ashby,SB WM
Monroe Street142   Sep1318686131Ashby, Arthur 1y M
Monroe Street3244   Apr19191827156Ashby, Benjamin 81yWM
Monroe Street3278   Jun7192328048Ashby, Elizabeth 50yWF
Monroe Street158   Sep2718706758Ashby, Mary 27yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul1518717019Ashby, Mary Matilda 10mWF
Monroe Street329   Jan19190121635Ashby, Ruth 50yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb718758829Ashcraft, Alfred 68yWM
Monroe Street3286   Nov21192428289Ashdown,SB WM
Monroe Street1175   Jun20188011167Ashley, John 16yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec22190925114Ashman,SB WM
Monroe Street3140   Oct22190824811Ashman, Adelbert 5mWM
Monroe Street3209   Jul27191426329Ashman, Lucille 6mWF
Monroe Street1166   Aug17187910881Asihly, Matilda M 7yWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun18189317392Askew,SB WM
Monroe Street191   Aug3018738056Asle,SB Child of John W 
Monroe Street258   Aug3188513366Asmus, Carl 7wWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun5191426304Asmus, Dorothy 62yWF
Monroe Street3159   May10191025238Asmus, Joachim 65yWM
Monroe Street1104   Aug418748568Asmus, John 1yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul26188915093Asmus, Lizzie 8mWF
Monroe Street237   Nov1188312649Asmus, Minie 1yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar21187910709Asmus, Sophia 78yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul6188011196Asmuss, Carl 1yWM
Monroe Street246   Aug18188412948Asmuss, George 8dWM
Monroe Street26   Jun24188111562Asmuss, Willie 8mWM
Monroe Street420   Mar1193429500Assman, Gustave 79yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar14190021194Assmus, 7mWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun25189216792Assmus, Annie 27yWF
Monroe Street311   Oct13189920979Assmus, Emma 20yWF
Monroe Street319   May7190021297Assmus, Henry 25yWM
Monroe Street380   Dec12190323137Assmus, Kate 33yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug11189418191Assmus, Lizzie 6mWF
Monroe Street3233   Oct20191626829Ast,SB WM
Monroe Street1163   Apr24187910745Astrup, 13dW 
Monroe Street1153   May3187810387Astrup, E 7dW 
Monroe Street298   Nov27188814811Athoff, Henry 70yWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb20189619047Atick, 15wWF
Monroe Street138   Apr1518685991Atkins,Child of Mrs WF
Monroe Street36   May20189920793Atkins, Arthur 15yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug5187710097Atkins, Robert 40yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr20190121763Atkinson, Elizabeth 86yWF
Monroe Street444   Oct19193930065Atkinson, John 78yWM
Monroe Street328   Dec30190021611Atwater, Harry 6dWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr22189015606Aufdemkamp,Twin 1 WM
Monroe Street2121   Apr22189015606Aufdemkamp,Twin 2 WM
Monroe Street3122   Apr16190724412Aufdenkamp, Ernst 76yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec23190925118Aufdenkampe, Anna M C 78yWF
Monroe Street3233   Nov2191626839Aufdenkampe, Maria 83yWF
Monroe Street48   Nov4193129235Aufderheide, Maria C 94yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct24189217004Aufderheiden, Louisa 18yWF
Monroe Street1113   Feb2818758862Aufderheider, Aug F 1yWM
Monroe Street452   Jul28194130204Aufderherde, Fred 69yWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep11189820384Aufderkamp, J H 73yWM
Monroe Street181   Dec1718727682Aufenkauf, Caspar W 8yWM
Monroe Street117   Feb2318655163Augustus,Child of Valentine WF
Monroe Street142   Oct318686147Auldes, William 7yWM
Monroe Street3125   Jul14190724469Auschutz,Baby WM
Monroe Street2224   Jul11189619254Auschutz, Casper 65yWM
Monroe Street415   Jan10193329368Auschutz, Emma 70yWF
Monroe Street3267   Aug15192127757Auschutz, Geo C 54yWM
Monroe Street126   May2118665516Aust,SB Child of Francis WM
Monroe Street2217   Jan11189619006Aust, Edwin 68yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct17187710198Austin,SB W 
Monroe Street325   Oct25190021527Austin,Baby WM
Monroe Street3279   Aug29192328078Austin, Alfred T 62yWM
Monroe Street1128   Apr918769432Austin, Clara 16yWF
Monroe Street1130   Jul2018769540Austin, E E 18yW 
Monroe Street1117   Jul1818759045Austin, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street339   Aug18190121962Austin, Frank E 11mWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr24191326023Austin, Jane L 1yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb5189518487Austin, Mary M 34yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun3018759005Austin, Orlanda 44yW 
Monroe Street2254   Jul29189820327Austin, Sarah 17mWF
Monroe Street2136   Apr30189116131Austin, Sarah C 54yWF
Monroe Street185   Apr618737793Austin, Wm A 20yWM
Monroe Street390   Aug30190423483Avanko, John 14dWM
Monroe Street175   Jun2518727416Avans, Mary 42yWF
Monroe Street3176   Oct2191125613Avelt, Elizabeth 46yWF
Monroe Street270   Sep15188613779Aves, Gertrude 1hWF
Monroe Street3279   Sep10192328083Axe,SB WM
Monroe Street2189   Jun2189418027Ayurk, Maria 5yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec11190423593Baar, Maria 72yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr318758904Babb, Mary M 75yWF
Monroe Street2211   Sep8189518838Babcock, Emley 47yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep16190222496Babcock, Geo 20yWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct15190925060Babitzky, Evelin 9mWF
Monroe Street252   Feb11188513143Babtis,Sister42yWF
Monroe Street249   Nov24188413059Bacher, August LuiSB W 
Monroe Street2158   Sep6189216945Bachler, Wilhelmienie 4mWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan6189115975Bachman, 5mWF
Monroe Street336   Jun29190121868Bachman, 2dWM
Monroe Street2131   Dec22189015959Bachman, Albert 41yWM
Monroe Street470Nov161947Nov19194730598Bachman, Alfred C 66yWM
Monroe Street3270   Feb4192227830Bachman, Anna M 72yWF
Monroe Street3258   Mar15192027522Bachman, C CDr40yWM
Monroe Street428   Nov27193529715Bachman, Carl 90yWM
Monroe Street3241   Dec8191727067Bachman, Julius 44yWM
Monroe Street3279   Sep11192328086Bachman, Louise 39yWF
Monroe Street479Feb181952Feb21195230822Bachman, Tillie 66yWF
Monroe Street449   Oct12194030153Bachman, Walter 55yWM
Monroe Street1153   Apr24187810383Bachmann, Fred'ka 5dW 
Monroe Street187   Jun1118737875Bachmann, Karl Fried 1yW 
Monroe Street1161   Feb26187910681Bachmann, Louis 1yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct13188915267Bachstadt, Wm P 3yWM
Monroe Street243   May23188412844Back, Alois 73yWM
Monroe Street445   Nov25193930075Back, Bertha 65yWF
Monroe Street3297   Dec3192628600Back, Henrietta 75yWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan9191626669Back, Herman 68yWM
Monroe Street38   Jul21189920870Back, Maria E 80yWF
Monroe Street471May241948May28194830628Back, Philip 78yWM
Monroe Street158   Oct2118706779Backbifinger, Fredrick 44yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug9190222435Backer, Anna 3mWF
Monroe Street1158   Oct30187810581Backer, Peter 47yWM
Monroe Street2251   May26189820240Backman,SB WM
Monroe Street1149   Nov22187710256Bacon, Hellen 44yWF
Monroe Street493Oct271962Oct30196231151Badger, ChristineSB WF
Monroe Street470Oct141947Oct15194730591Badger, Keith 1hWM
Monroe Street197   Dec2618738282Bading, Anna 8yWF
Monroe Street2197   Nov6189418353Badke,SB WF
Monroe Street1142   Apr3118779998Badley,Child of Th   
Monroe Street2249   Apr7189820151Badstuber, Frank 9mWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec2218759296Baecker, Christoph 6yWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun20189015694Baeder, Louis 37yWM
Monroe Street3266   Jun29192127742Baeder, Wilhelmina 67yWF
Monroe Street2156   Aug1189216864Baehr,SB WM
Monroe Street361   Nov7190222575Baehr, Albert H 34yWM
Monroe Street3247   Sep9191827216Baehr, Emil A 48yWM
Monroe Street1143   Jun17187710028Baehr, Henry 21yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan27189719489Baehr, Jacob H 34yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1918737725Baehr, Jakob 49yWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar30190924925Baehr, Magdalena 74yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov22189015916Baehr, Rosina 31yWF
Monroe Street2121   May6189015624Baer, Herbert 5mWM
Monroe Street2166   Mar7189317216Baer, Paul H 16mWM
Monroe Street360   Oct27190222560Baer, Saloma L 4wWF
Monroe Street17   Mar918644772Baget,Old Mr65yWM
Monroe Street2109   Sep6188915185Baggert, Mary Ann 82yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb8189216580Baggert, Robert 47yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb718758828Bagget, Aridy Anna 22yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct918675869Bagget, Clara B 7mWF
Monroe Street242   Apr4188412795Baggett, Anna    
Monroe Street242   Apr4188412793Baggett, Clare B    
Monroe Street2249   Apr13189820163Baggett, Fred 58yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr17189619126Baggett, Geo 54yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep23189116371Baggett, Lilly 18yWF
Monroe Street3136   Jun18190824728Baggett, Mary Ann 9yWF
Monroe Street242   Apr7188412802Baggett, Nelley    
Monroe Street225   Sep27188212216Baggett, Nellie 14y  
Monroe Street242   Apr4188412796Baggett, R    
Monroe Street1137   Nov2918769805Baggot, R 1mW 
Monroe Street2152   Apr18189216701Baggott, Ida May 21yWF
Monroe Street477Apr11945Jul20195030761Bagley, John W 72yWM
Monroe Street151   Nov2718696484Bahm, Margaretha 56yWF
Monroe Street179   Sep2418727594Bahnert, Julia 2yWF
Monroe Street3252   Apr9191927350Bahr, Adolph 30yWM
Monroe Street3221   Aug17191526572Bahr, Anna 51yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep6189015829Bahr, Herman 68yWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr9191927349Bahr, Rose 38yWF
Monroe Street1140   Feb918779894Bahre,SB W 
Monroe Street179   Sep2018727588Bailes, John M 1yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan9190121617Bailey, 1wWM
Monroe Street352   May2190222293Bailey,Baby WF
Monroe Street375   Aug22190322995Bailey,Baby WF
Monroe Street1136   Nov1218769767Bailey, Am 58yW 
Monroe Street120   Jul2318655281Bailey, Daniel M 37yWM
Monroe Street320   May16190021311Bailey, Howard G 10wWM
Monroe Street369   Apr6190322805Bailey, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr17190523758Bailey, Theresa 1yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb17190121672Bailey, WallaceSB WM
Monroe Street389   Aug29190423481Bailka,Baby WF
Monroe Street1103   Jun918748497Bailos, Thomas 1yWM
Monroe Street145   Mar2918696275Bain, Charlotte 79yWF
Monroe Street1174   may24188011136Bain, E 51yW 
Monroe Street3150   Aug23190925032Bain, Genette 60yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan16188814351Bain, Georgie 7yWM
Monroe Street287   Jan21188814382Bain, James  WM
Monroe Street286   Jan23188814366Bain, Jennet 16yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct3187810551Baine, Emely 11yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr2318748443Baird, Andrew 48yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan7189417760Baird, Frank 31yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb6189518491Baird, Katie 29yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr2318748442Baird, L    
Monroe Street2107   Jul25188915092Baird, Leona 3yWF
Monroe Street191   Aug2918738054Baird, Sarah 1yWF
Monroe Street289   Mar18188814453Baird, William 78yWM
Monroe Street170   Jan1718727230Baisch,SB Child of Adam WM
Monroe Street172   Apr1018727333Baiser, Ernst F 44yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug1218706699Baker,Child of Peter18dWM
Monroe Street279   Jun28188714087Baker, 3mWF
Monroe Street2222   May23189619182Baker,SB WF
Monroe Street379   Nov5190323086Baker,SB WM
Monroe Street3221   Aug26191526582Baker, 6mWM
Monroe Street237   Oct15188312624Baker, Carl 6mWM
Monroe Street433   Dec23193629828Baker, Carrie 69yWF
Monroe Street118   Mar1518655178Baker, Clarra 2yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan10189820000Baker, Elizabeth 58yWF
Monroe Street263   Jan19188613545Baker, Ellen 50yWF
Monroe Street288   Mar15188814437Baker, Elmer 27yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug18188915150Baker, Eva 5mWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun24189820280Baker, Frank 20mWM
Monroe Street1180   Nov27188011360Baker, Frans 22yW 
Monroe Street1126   Feb918769360Baker, Fritz 2yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct818645046Baker, George A 2mWM
Monroe Street448   Jun7194030127Baker, Gereit 78yWM
Monroe Street413   Oct3193229340Baker, Giert 66yWM
Monroe Street429   Dec24193529724Baker, Henrietta 68yWF
Monroe Street3283   Apr5192428199Baker, Jamesbaby WM
Monroe Street1153   Jun7187810414Baker, John    
Monroe Street3226   Jan23191626683Baker, John B 20yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun22188011173Baker, Joseph 1dWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan20189015447Baker, Martha 2yWF
Monroe Street1180   Dec26188011382Baker, Mary A 48yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul2189015709Baker, Minerva 34yWF
Monroe Street266   May10188613648Baker, Minnie 41yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul418717008Baker, Peter 8dWM
Monroe Street1101   Apr3018748453Baker, Peter 40yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan22190423184Baker, Russel 7wWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun29189116210Bakker, Edward 46yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov21187810603Bakker, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street3113   Jul16190624171Bakker, Garrett 1yWM
Monroe Street335   Jun6190121828Bakker, Henry 2mWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep1188915186Bako,Infant of W H7mWM
Monroe Street510Mar171983Mar21198331447Bakos, Lois Ann 69y F
Monroe Street193   Sep2118738112Balasch, Maria 64yWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct10189719865Balazs, 6mWF
Monroe Street186   May1718737842Balbach,Child of Peter1dW 
Monroe Street394   Dec29190423623Balbach, Elizabeth 63yWF
Monroe Street19   May1318644842Balcam, Mary P 3yWF
Monroe Street147   Jul118696344Balch, E BRev or Batch72yWM
Monroe Street312   Nov29189921040Balch, Eliza M 58yWF
Monroe Street3205   Mar24191426248Balch, Jeane 23dWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec21188915388Balch, Wm 55yWM
Monroe Street225   Sep25188212213Bald,SB Child of E   
Monroe Street279   Jul13188714112Baldh, 10mWF
Monroe Street3243   Mar14191827133Baldt, Amanda 54yWF
Monroe Street394   Jan3190523627Baldt, Amelia 63yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul18189820309Baldt, Fred 63yWM
Monroe Street390   Sep28190423516Baldwin, Lawrence T 1yWM
Monroe Street2235   Jun1189719673Baldy, Adolph 2yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr6189417905Bale, Anna E 54yWF
Monroe Street1139   Jan1518779868Baler,SB W 
Monroe Street394   Jan23190523642Balfy, Mary 17mWF
Monroe Street3142   Dec15190824857Baligo,Baby WF
Monroe Street395   Feb3190523654Balirg,SB WM
Monroe Street1119   Aug1018759115Balke, Adolp  W 
Monroe Street198   Jan1118748305Balke, Carl 8yWM
Monroe Street1179   Oct28188011332Balke, Fred 62yWM
Monroe Street1156   Aug27187810505Balke, Gerhard 34yWM
Monroe Street37   Jul13189920860Balke, Harvey 4mWM
Monroe Street155   Jul818706656Balker, Henry W 6mWM
Monroe Street380   Dec2190323124Balkey, Anna 60yWF
Monroe Street255   Jun2188513273Ball,Mrs   
Monroe Street1163   Apr7187910726Ball, Geo M 67yWM
Monroe Street1169   Dec19187910977Ball, Geo M    
Monroe Street3225   Dec11191526633Ball, Jas Wm 71yWM
Monroe Street254   May2188513231Ball, JohnCapt WM
Monroe Street2166   Feb27189317203Ball, Rose 20yWF
Monroe Street3228   Mar1191626710Ballasch, Anna 73yWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb17189719522Ballasch, Geo 14mWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov17192328123Ballasch, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street392   Nov20190423568Ballasch, Mathias 69yWM
Monroe Street388   Jul5190423409Ballasco, Elizabeth 34yWF
Monroe Street3171   May23191125544Baloch,SB WF
Monroe Street31   Feb7189920633Balon, 1dWM
Monroe Street338   Jul25190121923Balon, Henry 2wWM
Monroe Street37   Jul10189920854Balon, Walter 2yWM
Monroe Street1154   Jun19187810428Balsh, Em'e 70yW 
Monroe Street2157   Aug21189216915Baltutis, Michael 26yWM
Monroe Street1142   Apr2618779991Balvam, Mary P  WF
Monroe Street479Nov241951Nov26195130814Balzer, Charles G 69yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul25187710073Balzer, Geo 7mWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan14191927286Balzer, Geo A 67yWM
Monroe Street463Nov191944Nov22194430458Balzer, Mary A 90yWF
Monroe Street171   Mar918727279Bambach,SB Child of Henry WM
Monroe Street132   May1318675765Bambam,SB Child of I WM
Monroe Street149   Sep118696420Bambam,SB Child of C WF
Monroe Street1130   Jul2118769543Bambam,SB W 
Monroe Street1180   Nov25188011358Bambam, Bertha 2yWF
Monroe Street1117   Jul1018759022Bambam, Carl 1yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2818738053Bambam, Caroline 26yWF
Monroe Street3226   Dec31191526656Bambam, Charlotte 70yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov6187710229Bambam, Christine 36yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2518748553Bambam, Elisa 1yW 
Monroe Street175   Jun2918727421Bambam, Elizabeth 42yWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2218686053Bambam, Emma 3mWF
Monroe Street174   Jun2018727408Bambam, Fritz 1yWM
Monroe Street1153   May5187810389Bambam, Geo 2mW 
Monroe Street1150   Dec29187710294Bambam, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street3265   Apr5192127703Bambam, Henry 46yWM
Monroe Street3266   Jun4192127734Bambam, Henry 73yWM
Monroe Street229   Jan14188312341Bambam, John 74y M
Monroe Street179   Sep1518727580Bambam, Luisa 4mW 
Monroe Street127   Jul2218665559Bambam, Mary 3yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul2018737927Bambam, Otto 6mWM
Monroe Street232   May6188312434Bambam, Sophia 74y  
Monroe Street3245   May28191827181Bambam, Wm 46yWM
Monroe Street1178   Sep1188011278Bambann, Christ 34yWM
Monroe Street241   Feb24188412744Bamerle, Mary 20yWF
Monroe Street416   Jun19193329413Banatani, E 33yWM
Monroe Street361   Nov9190222577Bangert, Alice 4yWF
Monroe Street431   May2193629762Bank, Caroline 87yWF
Monroe Street319   Apr27190021279Bank, Chas 56yWM
Monroe Street240   Feb15188412737Bank, Otto 16mWM
Monroe Street262   Dec5188513504Bank, Sophia 2wWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar13192227851Banker, Emma 81yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul30189216858Banks, Elizabeth 19yWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct20189116406Banks, John Fr 11yWM
Monroe Street1178   Sep24188011299Banks, Nellie I 1mWF
Monroe Street178   Sep1118727575Bannen,Mrs45yWF
Monroe Street3301   Sep8192728711Bannisgter,SB WF
Monroe Street2231   Feb8189719510Banue, 4mWF
Monroe Street381   Jan31190423192Barades, Rose 4mWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb1191426216Barany,SB WM
Monroe Street343   Nov5190122055Barb,Baby WM
Monroe Street39   Aug22189920914Barbenek, Julia 10mWF
Monroe Street341   Sep10190121994Barber,Baby WM
Monroe Street368   Mar22190322779Barber,Baby WM
Monroe Street223   Jul17188212129Barber, Anna N 3y  
Monroe Street3143   Jan4190924868Barber, Elizabeth 81yWF
Monroe Street483Dec121954Dec18195430924Barber, Elizabeth 69yWF
Monroe Street230   Mar18188312394Barber, F H 33y M
Monroe Street445   Dec7193930079Barber, Frances 88yWF
Monroe Street382   Feb8190423206Barber, Fred 17yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec21189317737Barber, G L 74yWM
Monroe Street3307   Oct6192828869Barber, Geo W 69yWM
Monroe Street3289   May15192528356Barber, Robert 64yWM
Monroe Street455Jun281942Jul1194230282Barber, Sarah 79yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec4190423583Barchert, Wilhelmina 63yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug24187710128Bardenheim, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street421   Jun25193429537Barge, Albert 67yWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan14191125453Barge, Beatrice D 7yWF
Monroe Street3305   May8192828819Barge, Beatrice Mae 7dWF
Monroe Street426   Mar27193529632Barge, Christina M 39yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul18189418107Barge, David J 1yWM
Monroe Street415   Apr18193329392Barge, Frank 75yWM
Monroe Street2166   Mar9189317218Barge, George W 1yWM
Monroe Street454   Jan2194230234Barge, Harmky 71yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun6190322883Barge, Harriett L 4yWF
Monroe Street3209   Jul16191426322Barge, Henry T 21yWM
Monroe Street459Jun291943Jul2194330366Barge, John  WM
Monroe Street3278   Jul20192328067Barge, Lida B 55yWF
Monroe Street439   May10193829937Barge, Mary 76yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb18189518509Barge, Peter G 3mWM
Monroe Street489Nov221959Nov25195931075Barge, Rickie 87yWM
Monroe Street48   Oct8193129231Barge, William JJr64yWM
Monroe Street2239   Aug20189719791Barhoff,SB WF
Monroe Street2215   Dec10189518963Barhoff, Carrie R 25yWF
Monroe Street224   Sep3188212195Barholdt, Mary 35y  
Monroe Street2188   May13189417977Barka, Barbara 66yWF
Monroe Street256   Jul10188513313Barke, Charles 11mWM
Monroe Street3185   Jul29191225819Barker, Caroline S 68yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct9187810560Barker, Charles 10yWM
Monroe Street155   Jul1218706659Barker, Eliza 57yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct27188312635Barker, Eva 2mWF
Monroe Street181   Dec2418727695Barker, Isaak H 41yW 
Monroe Street1168   Nov28187910956Barker, Marie D 75yWF
Monroe Street157   Sep918706733Barker, Merlissy 6mWF
Monroe Street110   Jun2918644891Barker, Peter 69yWM
Monroe Street131   Jan2218675706Barker, Peter A 24yWM
Monroe Street236   Sep16188312592Barker, Wm 14dWM
Monroe Street263   Jan16188613557Barlach, Anna Maria  WF
Monroe Street255   May29188513267Barlach, Clamor Wilhelm 6yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr19189317281Barlach, Wilhelmina 64yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct17187710196Barlag, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec10188513510Barlag, Anna Stella 10dWF
Monroe Street3308   Dec12192828892Barlag, Caroline 73yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec9189317709Barlag, Cora 4mWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep15189317572Barlag, Elenora 69yWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr2818779992Barlag, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street2120   Apr1189015568Barlag, Henry 69yWM
Monroe Street3295   Aug12192628563Barlag, Henry G 65yWM
Monroe Street260   Sep24188513442Barlag, Josephine 17mWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct418769695Barlag, L 4yW 
Monroe Street216   Jan15188211886Barlag, Lydia 3yWF
Monroe Street3257   Feb21192027510Barlag, Wm H 70yWM
Monroe Street1142   Apr2418779987Barlay, Peter 3yWM
Monroe Street3202   Dec24191326184Barlin,SB WM
Monroe Street2207   May26189518674Barnekow, Friedericka 51yWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan1189719458Barnekow, Julius 58yWM
Monroe Street425   Jan5193529601Barner, Augusta 84yWF
Monroe Street2159   Sep25189216969Barner, Charles 18yWM
Monroe Street3234   Dec11191626853Barner, Joachin 74yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr22189619138Barner, Wm L 18yWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr18191927360Barnes,SB WF
Monroe Street2122   May23189015650Barnes, Burton 2yWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep12189820385Barnes, Earl 5mWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep618769648Barnes, Florence 1yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr21189015604Barnes, Frank 6mWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan22189719483Barnes, Geo 16mWM
Monroe Street2206   May6189518643Barnes, Harry 2yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan16190423174Barnes, Harry G 22mWM
Monroe Street249   Nov3188413037Barnes, Henry 3mWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr10189216680Barnes, Joseph H 21yWM
Monroe Street2223   Jul7189619242Barnes, Lillian 4mWF
Monroe Street357   Aug29190222469Barnes, Lytle 16mWM
Monroe Street272   Dec3188613871Barnes, Maria 48yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep13189518852Barnes, William 44yWM
Monroe Street430   Feb15193629743Barnes, Wm Jas 55yWM
Monroe Street358   Sep18190222499Barnett, Andrew J 6yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec26189418423Barnett, George 3mWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar5191426234Barnett, Mary 36yWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct24191025375Barnett, Russel 2mWM
Monroe Street3230   May11191626741Barney, 1mWM
Monroe Street136   Nov318675888Barney, Meredith 64yWF
Monroe Street3248   Dec20191827269Barnhart, Evelyn Viola 2yWF
Monroe Street54Jul211977Jul25197731391Barnhart, Russell 59y M
Monroe Street51Apr261974Apr29197431359Barnhart, Viola 79y F
Monroe Street392   Nov27190423577Barnico, Wm 83yWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb23189619055Barnike, Wilhelmina 55yWF
Monroe Street2148   Feb1189216566Barns,SB WM
Monroe Street341   Sep20190122007Barns, Bengaman 23yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug7189518774Barns, Rita 11mWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul8189216813Barowski, William 6mWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov8191025393Barr, Elsie 25yWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb20189317186Barr, John Good 7mWM
Monroe Street1110   Dec2918748776Barrett,Mrs G28yWF
Monroe Street117   Jan3018655140Barrington, Richard 8dWM
Monroe Street3198   Aug18191326098Barrone, Morton L 5mWM
Monroe Street237   Oct8188312615Barrons,SB WM
Monroe Street2240   Oct6189719860Barrow,SB WF
Monroe Street275   Mar7188713965Barrow, Jessie 6yWF
Monroe Street329   Jan21190121638Barrow, Richard 78yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan4189819988Barrows, Frances 72yWF
Monroe Street334   Apr30190121778Barry, Clarance 11mWM
Monroe Street325   Oct12190021518Barry, Maud E 4yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr15190724410Barry, Myra 76yWF
Monroe Street260   Oct17188513458Barstow, G H 69yWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct1818759224Barstow, Sarah 64yWF
Monroe Street310   Sep24189920952Barta, Kalman 42yWM
Monroe Street3149   Jul6190925007Bartach,Baby WF
Monroe Street2116   Jan15189015439Bartel, 18mWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan31191225697Bartel, Fred 51yWM
Monroe Street143   Nov318686168Bartelheim, 4yW 
Monroe Street3179   Jan4191225673Bartelheim, Casper H 79yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug1518644967Bartelheim, Eliza 2yWF
Monroe Street1180   Nov29188011363Bartelheim, Henry 21dWM
Monroe Street1103   Jul1018748526Bartelheim, Louis 5yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan1918758803Bartelheim, Maria 57yWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep918748642Bartelhelm, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street4105May291969Jun10196931300Bartell, Fred Otto 60y M
Monroe Street2244   Dec21189719969Bartels, Augusta 63yWF
Monroe Street2239   Aug27189719808Bartels, Fred 57yWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar31191225732Bartels, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street2252   Jun25189820281Bartels, Louisa 64yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov20190222588Bartels, Nelson 6mWM
Monroe Street448   Aug12194030140Bartelt, Augusta 70yWF
Monroe Street3250   Feb21191927314Bartelt, Beatrice A 1mWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul20190624174Bartelt, Edgar P 1yWM
Monroe Street423   Sep24193429568Bartelt, Emma 58yWF
Monroe Street448   Aug12194030139Bartelt, Herman 69yWM
Monroe Street497Sep251964Sep28196431210Bartelt, Otto F 89yWM
Monroe Street349   Mar27190222244Bartenstein, Alice 5mWF
Monroe Street346   Jan29190222162Bartenstein, Bertha 28yWF
Monroe Street347   Feb14190222190Bartenstein, Florence 4mWF
Monroe Street1155   Jul22187810466Barth,SB W 
Monroe Street389   Aug8190423457Barth, Albert 22yWM
Monroe Street2172   Jun29189317414Barth, Alexander 9yWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun25190824735Barth, Anna Maria 60yWF
Monroe Street3275   Jan12192327972Barth, Chas H 36yWM
Monroe Street1159   Dec24187810638Barth, Emma 11mWF
Monroe Street3265   May10192127724Barth, Gertrude A 78yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug2318748605Barth, Henry 42yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep26189015850Barth, Katie 21yWF
Monroe Street452   Jun14194130203Barth, Marie E 58yWF
Monroe Street266   May18188613654Barth, Philip 56yWM
Monroe Street144   Feb1318696237Barth, Phillip 1dWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr26191225760Barth, William 37yWM
Monroe Street1159   Dec24187810637Barth, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street342   Oct26190122044Barth, Wm 59yWM
Monroe Street2257   Oct21189820439Bartha, Margaret 3yWF
Monroe Street3234   Dec23191626857Barthel, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street263   Jan28188613553Barthel, Wilhelmiene 2yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun9189418041Bartheld, Anna M 17yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov2018738215Bartheld, E 3yW 
Monroe Street195   Nov2218738219Bartheld, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug10190523888Barthels,Baby WM
Monroe Street265   Apr14188613632Barthels, Carl Adolph 4mWM
Monroe Street2239   Aug26189719806Barthels, Edward 78yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar10189216623Barthels, Eliesa 1yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug6189719768Barthels, F 74yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug10188714166Barthels, Fred 11wWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan16189216530Barthels, Henry 53yWM
Monroe Street2188   May24189418002Barthels, Herbert E 3yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb18189216594Barthels, John H 43yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul19189418132Barthels, Selma 1yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr18189417928Barthels, Thilieitas 8yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug20188714181Barthels, Wm 11yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr13188011095Bartheny, Christina 79yWF
Monroe Street2106   Jun29188915053Barthlet, Mary 67yWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep24188915220Barthman, Pearl 22mWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul7189216810Barthold, Geo P 4yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep11188915197Barthold, John 34yWM
Monroe Street282   Sep4188714195Bartholdt, Geo 49yWM
Monroe Street290   Apr28188814497Bartholdt, Minnie 4yWF
Monroe Street3196   Jun4191326051Bartholimo, Sibelia 60yWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul24189116262Bartholine, Frank A 59yWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug15189317528Bartholme, Geo 8mWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct2218759229Barting, August 4yWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct2618759233Barting, Wm 6yWM
Monroe Street15   Nov2518634673Bartle, Caroline 2yWF
Monroe Street3108   Feb16190624043Bartle, Caroline 73yWF
Monroe Street2109   Aug26188915167Bartle, Emelie 37yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jun18187810427Bartle, GSB W 
Monroe Street283   Oct19188714243Bartlett, 2hWF
Monroe Street2236   Jun13189719683Bartlett, Katie 22yWF
Monroe Street260   Sep15188513430Bartlett, Martha 6mWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan9189015422Bartlett, Wilhelmina 3yWM
Monroe Street2102   Feb11188914905Bartley,SB WM
Monroe Street212   Oct10188111755Bartley, Agnes 53yWF
Monroe Street2166   Feb26189317202Bartley, Conrad 74yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun9190222344Bartley, James W 36yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan12190021098Bartley, John 45yWM
Monroe Street136   Nov718675891Barton,SB Child of J K WM
Monroe Street2111   Sep28188915226Barton, Laura 53yWF
Monroe Street3149   Jul6190925005Bartran, Emil 8dWM
Monroe Street1154   Jul16187810452Bartz, Fred 11mWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan22191626681Barza,Baby WM
Monroe Street2243   Nov27189719936Basael, Agnes C 13yWF
Monroe Street3307   Nov14192828880Basch,SB WF
Monroe Street3151   Sep26190925050Basch, Christina 72yWF
Monroe Street460Dec121943Dec23194330403Basch, Christine 64yWF
Monroe Street2227   Sep30189619362Basch, Joe 48yWM
Monroe Street321   Jul1190021368Basel, Mary 1dWF
Monroe Street1121   Sep2618759190Bash, Diederich L 4mW 
Monroe Street333   Apr29190121777Bash, John 63yWM
Monroe Street1101   Apr1318748433Bashmann, Gottlieb 1yWM
Monroe Street1118   Jul2918759078Basket, Eugen 16dWM
Monroe Street198   Jan118748296Basling, Auguste W 1yW 
Monroe Street2119   Mar2189015525Bass,SB WF
Monroe Street2143   Oct5189116387Bass, Ella 8mWF
Monroe Street28   Jul21188111607Bassett,Child W 
Monroe Street3157   Mar11191025182Bassett, 30mWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar11191025183Bassett, 30mWM
Monroe Street181   Nov2618727665Bassett, Annie 1yW 
Monroe Street26   Jun12188111547Bassett, Arthur R 2yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug26190322997Bassett, M 11mWF
Monroe Street27   Jul15188111595Basshtold,  W 
Monroe Street1137   Dec1018769822Bassie, Clara 3yWF
Monroe Street1123   Nov3018759269Bassith, 3dW 
Monroe Street2135   Apr14189116097Bastian, George 39yWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb16189820053Bastifell,SB WM
Monroe Street3159   May23191025256Bastifell,SB WM
Monroe Street295   Aug26188814687Bastifelt, Milby Mary 3mWF
Monroe Street114   Oct1818645053Baston, Royal C  WM
Monroe Street116   Jan318655110Bastus, Samuel 65yWM
Monroe Street147   Jul118696344Batch, E BRev or Balch72yWM
Monroe Street135   Oct218675861Bates,SB Child of Stephan WF
Monroe Street1153   Jun8187810416Bates, 10dW 
Monroe Street2133   Feb24189116031Bates,SB WM
Monroe Street3208   Jun3191426301Bates,SB WF
Monroe Street131   Jan218675690Bates, Cassie A 4yWF
Monroe Street3152   Oct17190925062Bates, Eleana 16dWF
Monroe Street29   Aug20188111674Bates, F H 45yW 
Monroe Street250   Dec26188413089Bates, Hannah 56yWF
Monroe Street2169   Apr22189317308Bates, Helen 54yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb5189015486Bates, Jennie 7yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jul1187810437Bates, M A 1mW 
Monroe Street488Apr11959Apr4195930161Bates, Mabel 83yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul15191025300Bates, Mary B 64yWF
Monroe Street3152   Oct17190925063Bates, Mildred 16dWF
Monroe Street212   Oct12188111760Bates, Plalina 56yW 
Monroe Street1135   Oct2318769733Bates, Sam 8yW 
Monroe Street2108   Aug13188915138Bates, Samuel H 66yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep8190624217Bates, Viola 2mWF
Monroe Street240   Jan1188412705Bates, Waller 11mWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug22187910884Batig, Ch 3dW 
Monroe Street15   Nov2418634670Batimer, John 4yWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar30190924924Batso, Anton 47yWM
Monroe Street464Feb191945Feb23194530476Batso, Ida  WF
Monroe Street44   Sep23193029123Batso, Yoland 61yWF
Monroe Street3237   Apr5191726943Battes, Eliz 78yWF
Monroe Street2145   Dec2189116469Batty, William 40yWM
Monroe Street226   Nov9188212267Batzke,    
Monroe Street28   Aug3188111636Batzke, Karl W 41yWM
Monroe Street3279   Sep19192328089Bauch, Adam 74yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep22189418280Bauder, Daisey 13yWF
Monroe Street1169   Dec8187910970Bauer,Child of John   
Monroe Street1105   Aug1818748598Bauer, Adam 1yWM
Monroe Street1171   Feb5188011018Bauer, Anna E 5yWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar31191325990Bauer, Anthony 49yWM
Monroe Street3193   Mar12191325977Bauer, Anton 68yWM
Monroe Street35   May13189920784Bauer, Carolina 49yWF
Monroe Street2179   Nov20189317675Bauer, Catharina 28yWF
Monroe Street162   Feb2418716910Bauer, Charles 11mWM
Monroe Street487Jun91958Jun18195831041Bauer, Charles 79yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan15191726881Bauer, Chas JJr12hWM
Monroe Street353   Jun23190222360Bauer, Edward 15yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug718717053Bauer, Ffidra 3yWF
Monroe Street1140   Feb2618779911Bauer, Fred 38yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov818738204Bauer, John 3yWM
Monroe Street1120   Sep1318759171Bauer, John 6mWM
Monroe Street1169   Dec8187910969Bauer, John 41yW 
Monroe Street3117   Nov17190624273Bauer, Karl 64yWM
Monroe Street392   Oct24190423551Bauer, Louisa 28yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar15189820100Bauer, Martin 67yWM
Monroe Street389   Aug18190423469Bauer, Martin 35yWM
Monroe Street1154   Jun12187810418Bauer, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar19191025190Bauer, Sophia 69yWF
Monroe Street3280   Nov3192328116Bauer, William 81yWM
Monroe Street247   Sep19188412985Bauers, Charles 3mWM
Monroe Street3238   May26191726967Bauggema,SB WF
Monroe Street186   May718737832Bauhofer, Louisa  WF
Monroe Street176   Jul1718727456Bauhofer, Louise 1yWF
Monroe Street510Dec151983Dec21198331450Baukel, Bertha W 92y F
Monroe Street3211   Sep17191426360Bauker, August 73yWM
Monroe Street352   May18190222308Bauker, Samual 39yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb1188814384Baulke, Henry 40yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep28190122011Baum, 1dWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov30191225896Baum,SB WM
Monroe Street3268   Oct11192127779Baum, Anna E 59yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan17190322677Baum, Carl E 14yWM
Monroe Street2137   May12189116155Baum, Catherine 81yWF
Monroe Street1155   Jul27187810472Baum, Ch 1yW 
Monroe Street2155   Jul13189216819Baum, E W 11yWM
Monroe Street413   Oct18193229345Baum, E W 75yWM
Monroe Street425   Mar9193529628Baum, George 48yWM
Monroe Street478Jun201951Jun22195130802Baum, George J 63yWM
Monroe Street3302   Nov5192728735Baum, John 54yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul25189719749Baum, John J 14yWM
Monroe Street1180   Dec12188011370Baum, Karl 81yWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar26189820125Baum, Katherine 78yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul5190423408Baum, Phil 53yWM
Monroe Street3281   Jan19192428147Baum, Philip D 62yWM
Monroe Street415   Feb9193329375Baum, Sophia 68yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar20189317243Baum, Stella 6mWF
Monroe Street3180   Feb13191225713Baumagartner,SB WF
Monroe Street38   Jul23189920872Bauman, John 1yWM
Monroe Street355   Jul26190222414Bauman, Matilda 6yWF
Monroe Street430   Mar21193629750Bauman, Rose 27yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep30187710164Baumann, John 1dW 
Monroe Street199   Feb2418748371Baumant, Jane 31yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan218706510Baumgaertner, John  WM
Monroe Street2210   Aug16189518786Baumgartner, 1yWM
Monroe Street2247   Feb24189820065Baumgartner, 5mWM
Monroe Street3106   Dec5190523997Baumgartner, 36hWF
Monroe Street2138   Jun13189116192Baumgartner, August 5mWM
Monroe Street321   Jul4190021377Baumgartner, August 41yWM
Monroe Street320   May10190021302Baumgartner, Bertha L 27yWF
Monroe Street3212   Oct9191426372Baumgartner, Carolina 80yWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun14189317386Baumgartner, Edith E 14mWF
Monroe Street3233   Oct24191626831Baumgartner, Elizabeth 65yWF
Monroe Street2179   Nov27189317690Baumgartner, Emma 19yWF
Monroe Street2254   Aug16189820354Baumgartner, Geo 5dWM
Monroe Street367   Mar11190322754Baumgartner, Irma 10mWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar5189719543Baumgartner, John 49yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar7189920689Baumgartner, John 8dWM
Monroe Street3159   May2191025229Baumgartner, Julius 43yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug21191125599Baumgartner, Mabel 2mWF
Monroe Street2262   Jan20189920596Baumgartner, Susanna 22yWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug9189015783Baumgartner, William 10mWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb16189820054Baumgartner, Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street3236   Mar16191726921Baumgartner, Wm 11dWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov16191827246Baxter, Alex 44yWM
Monroe Street4105Jan191969May27196931299Baxter, Emma M 88y F
Monroe Street3211   Sep30191426367Baxter, Richard M 37yWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr10191927351Baxter, Sarah 69yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep9190222486Bayer, Geoor Beyer3yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov1418738211Bayne, W M 1yW 
Monroe Street152   Jan2418706531Bayreuther, John W 40yWM
Monroe Street111   Jul2518644928Beakbysing, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street3214   Dec19191426413Bean, Jerold M 1mWF
Monroe Street3202   Dec28191326188Bean, Mary 1dWF
Monroe Street159   Nov318706792Beana,Child of Samuel SB WM
Monroe Street1113   Mar118758865Beanson, Anna S 66yWF
Monroe Street139   Jul318686037Beanson, Elizabeth 35yWF
Monroe Street355   Jul19190222401Beanson, James 58yWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov13191827244Beanson, Jane A 75yWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct12188915262Beanson, John 80yWM
Monroe Street2159   Oct7189216984Bear, 1dWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar4190724367Bear,Baby WM
Monroe Street15   Nov3018634675Bearbak, Mary 38yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug1918686092Bearby, John 58yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2018769609Beard, Anna 5mWF
Monroe Street131   Jan1618675696Beardsley, A C 49yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2018655308Beardsley, Carrie I 8mWF
Monroe Street2144   Oct28189116425Beardsley, Charlotta 68yWF
Monroe Street458Apr121943Apr15194330353Beardsley, Chas A 88yWM
Monroe Street3119   Dec30190624306Beardsley, Chas C 77yWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug27189116325Beardsley, Martha C  W 
Monroe Street447   Mar28194030108Beardsley, Maude 78yWF
Monroe Street11   May818634513Beardsly, Frank C 14yWM
Monroe Street14   Sep2118634627Bearshall, Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street1137   Nov2418769795Beatty, Sam M 72yWM
Monroe Street149   Sep918696432Beaumont, Annie K 1yWF
Monroe Street3187   Sep9191225849Bechberger, Anna 75yWF
Monroe Street3105   Nov5190523968Bechberger, Carl P 41yWM
Monroe Street3143   Jan30190924882Bechberger, Peter 82yWM
Monroe Street3290   Aug31192528396Bechbrger, John 66yWM
Monroe Street489Jan7 Jul15196031088Becher, Jennie 91yWF
Monroe Street2119   Mar8189015537Bechstead, Harry 18mWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr11189216682Beck,SB WM
Monroe Street3190   Dec3191225898Beck, Amelia 45yWF
Monroe Street325   Oct1190021504Beck, Anna C 21yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep28189820409Beck, Burkhard 83yWM
Monroe Street150   Oct2718696461Beck, Charles 1dWM
Monroe Street2188   May24189418004Beck, Chas 43yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec10188714302Beck, Christiana E 3mWF
Monroe Street2106   Jul5188915057Beck, Clara 3mWF
Monroe Street231   Apr17188312420Beck, D Ter    
Monroe Street1141   Apr418779962Beck, Elisab 3yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug2218727524Beck, Elisabeth 11mWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep16189418274Beck, Elizabeth 60yWF
Monroe Street493Dec191962Dec21196231157Beck, Emma M 82yWF
Monroe Street27   Jul14188111591Beck, Fred 6mWM
Monroe Street28   Jul21188111605Beck, Gottlieb 76yWM
Monroe Street3288   Mar18192528324Beck, Johanna 71yWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov3189317650Beck, John 40yWM
Monroe Street410   Feb8193229267Beck, John 69yWM
Monroe Street3284   Jun23192428223Beck, John BSr80yWM
Monroe Street13   Sep1418634620Beck, John S 7mWM
Monroe Street461Jan171944Jan20194430415Beck, Louisa 85yWF
Monroe Street1117   Jul1918759051Beck, Marg 11mWF
Monroe Street160   Dec1318706830Beck, Minne L 2yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug10189619303Becka,SB WM
Monroe Street2245   Jan21189820012Becka, 3dWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov21190523981Becka,SB WF
Monroe Street2260   Dec29189820548Beckberger, Grace M 9mWF
Monroe Street3142   Dec3190824845Beckbissinger, Friderika 76yWF
Monroe Street3301Jan71915Sep24192728722Beckedorff, Ernst 61yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun6188111542Becker,Child of V   
Monroe Street2159   Oct6189216985Becker,SB WM
Monroe Street2193   Aug11189418193Becker,SB WM
Monroe Street2231   Feb22189719531Becker,SB WM
Monroe Street1120   Aug2918759152Becker, Anna 10dWF
Monroe Street2119   Mar8189015534Becker, Anna 42yWF
Monroe Street379   Nov8190323090Becker, Babe 2mWF
Monroe Street18   Apr318644809Becker, Barriebus 67yWM
Monroe Street2131   Dec31189015965Becker, Capt 44yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep718748629Becker, Caro 8yWF
Monroe Street243   Apr29188412826Becker, Charles G 2mWM
Monroe Street458Apr101943Apr14194330352Becker, Chas 57yWM
Monroe Street44   Sep10193029119Becker, Chas F 72yWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct6190624240Becker, Christiana 71yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan12189216515Becker, Christopher 84yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep22189216968Becker, Christopher 1yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep918645004Becker, Clara I 12yWF
Monroe Street2122   May14189015639Becker, Clara M 3mWF
Monroe Street2211   Sep7189518834Becker, David 72yWM
Monroe Street324   Aug30190021462Becker, Dirk 56yWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug23191025330Becker, Dorothe 66yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr13190121750Becker, Eva 55yWF
Monroe Street2218   Feb27189619062Becker, Florence 63dWF
Monroe Street327   Dec10190021584Becker, Fred 55yWM
Monroe Street3302   Nov25192728741Becker, Fred 65yWM
Monroe Street54   Dec1197731396Becker, Freda 93y F
Monroe Street458Jan201943Jan23194330329Becker, George 48yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar22188513182Becker, George Christian 7mWM
Monroe Street232   May14188312451Becker, Hannah 72y  
Monroe Street324   Sep14190021488Becker, Henry C 34yWM
Monroe Street426   Apr8193529639Becker, Ida M 76yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar7189417845Becker, James 39yWM
Monroe Street227   Dec6188212297Becker, Johannah 11m F
Monroe Street286   Jan17188814355Becker, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street2240   Sep28189719840Becker, John 68yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul2918665565Becker, John C 11yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug21189015803Becker, Joseph 28yWM
Monroe Street39   Aug26189920921Becker, Leonard 5yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar8190523706Becker, Lillian 24yWF
Monroe Street131   Feb318675714Becker, Maria L 2yWF
Monroe Street2153   May23189216746Becker, Mary 30yWF
Monroe Street253   Mar21188513179Becker, Mary A  WF
Monroe Street2116   Jan3189015406Becker, Minnie 78yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct12188613820Becker, Nelly 6mWF
Monroe Street367   Mar16190322769Becker, Nickolas 60yWM
Monroe Street2255   Aug28189820368Becker, Olinda 16mWF
Monroe Street175   Jul1118727445Becker, Peter 6dWM
Monroe Street1149   Dec9187710279Becker, Rebecca 51yWF
Monroe Street1177   Aug14188011253Becker, Sophia 6mWF
Monroe Street258   Jul31188513358Becker, Wilhelm 4mWM
Monroe Street3274   Nov8192227949Becker, Wilhelmina 78yWF
Monroe Street278   Jun8188714064Becker, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street3239   Jul2191726987Beckert, August 49yWM
Monroe Street1137   Dec918769819Beckert, Rosa 48yWM
Monroe Street3285   Sep9192428255Beckett,SB WM
Monroe Street467Apr211946Apr24194630538Beckimer, Albert 61yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep30189216979Beckley,SB WF
Monroe Street270   Oct5188613812Beckman,SB WF
Monroe Street2232   Mar14189719553Beckman, Edna 7yWF
Monroe Street324   Aug31190021468Beckman, Wm 5wWM
Monroe Street3231   Jul18191626777Beckwith, Dorothy M 3yWF
Monroe Street3236   Feb26191726907Beckwith, Elizabeth 71yWF
Monroe Street3221   Aug13191526571Beckwith, Evelyn F 5yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar27189317251Beckwith, Frank 27yWM
Monroe Street137   Jan2018685932Beckwith, H H 53yWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep10189418254Beckwith, Harley 22mWM
Monroe Street384   Mar13190423267Beder, Louis 26yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep318644997Bedford, Adelade M 9mWF
Monroe Street148   Aug1218696398Bedford, Charles W 2mWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2718686064Bedford, Harris G 10mWM
Monroe Street1141   Apr718779967Bedford, J M 6mW 
Monroe Street1142   Apr1418779978Bedford, Ruth H 6mWF
Monroe Street243   May7188412831Bedford, Selina 47yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan18190021104Bedford, Wm 67yWM
Monroe Street19   May1518644845Bedgrave, Nelley 1yWF
Monroe Street455Apr291942May2194230267Beebe, Herbert 39yWM
Monroe Street386   May8190423334Beebe, Robt 10mWM
Monroe Street234   Jul23188312519Beech,2 children of Jas W   
Monroe Street232   May22188312460Beech, Jas W 63yWM
Monroe Street234   Jul23188312519Beech, Jas Wwith 2 children   
Monroe Street2116   Jan12189015426Beecher, Erastus 72yWM
Monroe Street466Jun111945Oct10194530518Beecher, Frederick W 78yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug27190323002Beecher, Lizzie 44yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan618655114Beeker, Alva 1yWM
Monroe Street3281   Dec4192328131Beemer, Fredk D 78yWM
Monroe Street184   Mar1618737773Beemer, Mary B 26yWF
Monroe Street3209   Jul16191426321Beetz, Erwin 11yWM
Monroe Street3277   May7192328032Beetz, Harry A 22yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov14188111802Beetz, John 26yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep23192227929Beetz, Wilhelmina 53yWF
Monroe Street1177   Aug15188011256Behlhke, H 1yW 
Monroe Street2123   Jun8189015676Behlke, Ida 6yWF
Monroe Street1123   Nov2918759267Behm, 1dW 
Monroe Street3253   Jun19191927394Behn, Roland H 37yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun2188011147Behnke, Anna 52yWF
Monroe Street3117   Nov28190624285Behnke, Chas 79yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb7190322710Behrandt, Amelia 34yWF
Monroe Street3186   Aug26191225839Behrend, 2dWF
Monroe Street425   Jan21193529609Behrend, Ernestine 82yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug10188613727Behrend, Fred 25yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug18188814676Behrend, Fred 13mWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul19190824752Behrend, Martin 23yWM
Monroe Street425   Jan9193529605Behrend, Otto 81yWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr20188914976Behrens, Christ 53yWM
Monroe Street280   Jul25188714138Behrens, Johanna 4mWF
Monroe Street3111   May16190624119Behrens, John 74yWM
Monroe Street3259   May1192027548Behrens, Sophia 90yWF
Monroe Street3134   Apr19190824687Behrens, Wm 47yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug21190222453Behrensen, Bernhard 47yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov13187810595Behringer, Anna B 16yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec18188413077Behringer, Friedrich 33yWM
Monroe Street310   Oct1189920962Behringer, Geo 16mWM
Monroe Street1127   Apr518769429Behringer, John 45yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug2190222426Behringer, John 78yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec27189921073Behringer, Margarett 80yWF
Monroe Street243   May20188412843Behringer, William Fridrich 8mWM
Monroe Street264   Mar16188613599Behringer, Willie 30yWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct25190624252Behrman, Elizabeth 12wWF
Monroe Street3140   Oct21190824810Behurt, Andrew 48yWM
Monroe Street427   Aug28193529677Behut, Lena 72yWF
Monroe Street2151   Apr12189216685Beier, Andrew 2mWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov24190523986Beier, Emilie 53yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul25189216845Beier, Ernest 14yWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun13189317383Beier, Hedwig 22yWF
Monroe Street3207   May8191426281Beighn,SB WF
Monroe Street1133   Sep418769644Beil, EugeniaSB W 
Monroe Street2207   May16189518659Beiler, Rosina 50yWF
Monroe Street39   Aug19189920909Beina,SB WM
Monroe Street2222   May25189619184Bejska, Barbara 36yWF
Monroe Street356   Aug22190222454Bekcer,Baby WM
Monroe Street2203   Mar7189518540Belcher, 1dWF
Monroe Street313   Dec17189921059Belcher,SB WM
Monroe Street2233   Apr6189719594Belcher, Carrie 19yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug2189719760Belcher, George 9mWM
Monroe Street156   Aug1618706703Beldam,Child of Wm12dWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug22188011265Beldum, Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug25189518805Belenuth, Louisa 48yWF
Monroe Street3129   Nov21190724566Belik, Lodie 8mWM
Monroe Street375   Aug26190322998Belk, A A 69yWM
Monroe Street58Jan31981Jan20198131421Belk, Anna 98y F
Monroe Street3267   Sep20192127772Belk, Sarah A 78yWF
Monroe Street186   May118737825Belk, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street115   Nov2018645076Bell,SB Child of John W 
Monroe Street2223   Jun28189619217Bell, 4hWM
Monroe Street147   Jun118696322Bell, Albert E 2yWM
Monroe Street3210   Aug31191426349Bell, Chas J 66yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov2018769782Bell, Ella A 8yWF
Monroe Street3175   Sep6191125602Bell, Emeline C 90yWF
Monroe Street3207   May6191426277Bell, Florence J 49yWF
Monroe Street3274   Nov6192227946Bell, Frank P 61yWM
Monroe Street3260   Jun4192027563Bell, Frederick 80yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb9188814395Bell, George 45yWM
Monroe Street196   Dec418738241Bell, Henry 56yWM
Monroe Street142   Sep1618686133Bell, Isaac 36yWM
Monroe Street3245   May18191827176Bell, Mae 15dWF
Monroe Street167   Sep2118717130Bell, Maria 35yWF
Monroe Street12   Aug1818634579Bell, Mary Ann 32yWF
Monroe Street3304   Apr10192828806Bell, Mary E 73yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun23190322902Bell, Nora Mae 18yWF
Monroe Street2214   Nov6189518924Bell, Parcival 70yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr15189417922Bell, Ricka 54yWF
Monroe Street291   May23188814530Bell, Robert 60yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug1518748590Bell, Sam 14dWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug15189418208Belland, Helena W 4mWF
Monroe Street3173   Jul15191125574Bellar, Cristian G 34yWM
Monroe Street359   Oct13190222532Bellar, Harold 8mWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug3190624187Bellar, Henry 21yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr11189619115Bellar, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street3112   May14190624142Bellmuth, John 81yWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep13189317568Bellmuth, Magdalena 57yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug1218644964Belmont, Joanna HSB WF
Monroe Street27   Jul21188111604Belmuth, Gustav 7yW 
Monroe Street27   Jul6188111578Belmuth, Louis 39yWM
Monroe Street154   Apr2718706608Belmuth, Phillip 12yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul118727425Belmuth, Susanna 46yW 
Monroe Street3111   May3190624109Below, Friderika 55yWF
Monroe Street3116   Oct3190624237Below, Louis 55yWM
Monroe Street224   Aug26188212185Belser,    
Monroe Street246   Aug15188412944Belser, Annette 6mWF
Monroe Street435   May25193729872Belser, John WRev70yWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul24190824755Belser, Louisa 43yWF
Monroe Street222   Jul5188212121Belser, Maria D 25y  
Monroe Street451   May24194130191Belses, Sarah 76yWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar1918748407Belstone, Thomas 4mWM
Monroe Street458Feb141943Feb17194330336Belt, Harry J 60yWM
Monroe Street160   Jan918716859Beltch, Katharine 33yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul14189015734Beltz, Edith 11yWF
Monroe Street3154   Dec20190925111Belz, Edw G 46yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep6190624212Belz, Lena 40yWF
Monroe Street326   Oct30190021537Bemler, John 88yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct1318645049Bemmer, Hannah 18yWF
Monroe Street2146   Dec22189116490Benard, Peter 50yWM
Monroe Street248   Sep30188413003Bendell, Lottie Florance 16mWF
Monroe Street324   Sep18190021493Bender, Amia 21yWF
Monroe Street151   Nov2718696485Bender, Anna H 3mWF
Monroe Street190   Aug918737997Bender, Cora J 4mWF
Monroe Street184   Feb1818737751Bender, Emma 1mWF
Monroe Street1172   Mar4188011042Bender, Eva 37yWF
Monroe Street3130   Dec14190724583Bender, Frank 7yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar13188914929Bender, Jacob 65yWM
Monroe Street3283   May21192428212Bender, JuneSB WF
Monroe Street158   Oct1518706777Bender, Katharine 1yWF
Monroe Street178   Sep1118727574Bender, Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street1168   Nov3187910941Benecke, Theodore 2yWM
Monroe Street2256   Sep26189820406Benedict, Allice 2yWF
Monroe Street1172   Mar16188011062Benedict, Fannie 2yWF
Monroe Street11   Jul118634540Benedict, John H 60yWM
Monroe Street176   Aug118727483Benedict, John Starr 4mW 
Monroe Street159   Nov218706791Benedict, Louisa L 62yWF
Monroe Street3277   Mar30192328019Beneke, Caroline 80yWF
Monroe Street48   Nov5193129236Beneke, Frederick W 92yWM
Monroe Street335   May30190121835Beneke, Geo 18yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb12191927310Beneke, John 42yWM
Monroe Street2152   Apr22189216700Bengel, Chas 14mWM
Monroe Street1171   Feb1188011009Bengert, Barbara 68yWF
Monroe Street154   May2618706623Benhoff,SB Child of H WF
Monroe Street176   Jul1718727455Benhoff, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street3133   Mar10190824655Benhoff, Anna 47yWF
Monroe Street3257   Feb16192027508Benhoff, Anna 79yWF
Monroe Street123   Oct2718655382Benhoff, Anna Maria L 3yWF
Monroe Street3169   Mar20191125505Benhoff, Edith 8yWF
Monroe Street351   Apr25190222287Benhoff, Forence 6mWF
Monroe Street3299   Apr19192728658Benhoff, Frederick 82yWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct9190925057Benhoff, Henry 73yWM
Monroe Street166   Sep418717103Benhoff, Herman 3dWM
Monroe Street378   Oct21190323069Benhoff, Herman H 86yWM
Monroe Street234   Aug12188312541Benhoff, John F 3mWM
Monroe Street339   Aug13190121956Benhoff, Lena 28yWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep518759162Benhoff, Louisa 10mWF
Monroe Street3166   Dec28191025440Benhoff, Louisa 64yWF
Monroe Street258   Jul30188513355Benhoff, Louise 53yWF
Monroe Street162   Mar2418716936Benhoff, Mary 1dWF
Monroe Street371   May18190322862Benjaman, John 58yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov19191225892Benjaman, Sarah E 66yWF
Monroe Street180   Oct2318727630Benjamin,SB Child of Lyman W 
Monroe Street3127   Sep13190724513Benjamin, David R 32yWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar1318758883Benjamin, J 1yW 
Monroe Street2243   Nov27189719937Benjamin, Lydia 75yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb20189015510Benjamin, W W  WM
Monroe Street111   Jul2818644936Benkauff, Joan H 21dWF
Monroe Street2232   Feb28189719538Benke, Eugenia 18dWF
Monroe Street322   Jul8190021385Benkeser, J F 3mWF
Monroe Street2211   Aug28189518816Benkeser, Rudolf 3mWM
Monroe Street165   Jul2318717035Benkie, Caroline 17yWF
Monroe Street468Nov 1946Nov7194630557Benko, Agnes  WF
Monroe Street237   Oct25188312633Benner, Louis 1mWF
Monroe Street267   Jun27188613673Bennet,SB WM
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211954Bennett,Mr   
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211954Bennett,Mrs   
Monroe Street124   Jan1318665443Bennett, Arthur 4mWM
Monroe Street162   Apr118716944Bennett, George 1yWM
Monroe Street3242   Feb14191827117Bennett, Henry F 49yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar27189920715Bennett, Jane 71yWF
Monroe Street175   Jun2718727419Bennett, John 58yWM
Monroe Street236   Sep8188312579Bennett, John 18yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul2018737928Bennett, Luzia 7mW 
Monroe Street317   Mar21190021209Benneuk,SB WM
Monroe Street293   Jul8188814593Bennhoff, 5mWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug12187710109Bennhoff, Alvina 11mW 
Monroe Street2143   Sep27189116377Bennhoff, Clara 87yWF
Monroe Street269   Sep14188613772Bennhoff, Gustav 6wWM
Monroe Street260   Sep21188513438Bennhoff, Henry 9mWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1218759027Bennhoff, Jennie 7mW 
Monroe Street2137   May17189116164Bennhoff, Mary 72yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb12188211921Bennhoff, W F 2mW 
Monroe Street2239   Sep2189719814Bennie, Katie 17yWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep16189619350Bennink,baby WM
Monroe Street3159   May28191025262Bennink, George 62yWM
Monroe Street444   Sep22193930061Bennink, Wilhelmina 82yWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan10189015425Benns,SB W 
Monroe Street232   May30188312470Benns, Ernst 7dWM
Monroe Street233   Jun27188312491Benns, HermanSB WM
Monroe Street210   Sep7188111706Benns, John 1yWM
Monroe Street3217   Mar13191526482Benns, Mary 50yWF
Monroe Street198   Jan718748300Benns, Sophie 8dWF
Monroe Street2246   Jan31189820033Benns, Thelma 5yWF
Monroe Street29   Aug10188111651Benow, Christ 60yWM
Monroe Street332   Mar26190121727Benrose, Wm 43yWM
Monroe Street170   Jan2818727239Bensing, Martin 26yWM
Monroe Street435   Apr13193729864Bensley, John 70yWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct9189820425Bensley, Robert C 69yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov8188312664Bensnider, Willie 1yWM
Monroe Street117   Feb2218655161Benson,SB Child of Henry C WM
Monroe Street2139   Jul17189116249Benson, Alvina 17mWF
Monroe Street3190   Dec6191225899Benson, Augusta J 36yWF
Monroe Street3281   Jan31192428156Benson, Elaine M 16dWF
Monroe Street217   Feb20188211937Benson, John 35yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov29190021566Benson, Lizzie 32yWF
Monroe Street3256   Nov26191927462Benson, Louisa 60yWF
Monroe Street3248   Dec11191827264Benson, Myrtle 15yWF
Monroe Street1107   Oct918748677Benson, William 41yWM
Monroe Street311   Oct9189920972Bente,Mrs M36yWF
Monroe Street2221   May18189619176Bente, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov10188915320Bente, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street1166   Jul26187910854Bente, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street135   Sep1818675850Bente, Hermann H 6yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan8189518447Bente, Maria 90yWF
Monroe Street2239   Aug26189719807Bente, Mary 75yWM
Monroe Street34   Apr17189920746Bente, Ruth 1yWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr9189719599Bentel, Geo 46yWM
Monroe Street3270   Feb3192227828Bentel, Henry 45yWM
Monroe Street3267   Aug27192127762Bentel, Louisa 66yWF
Monroe Street19   Apr1918644826Bentley, E F 40yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan2918737737Benton,Mrs74yW 
Monroe Street220   Apr20188212024Benton, 1y  
Monroe Street251   Jan6188513101Benton,Dr52yWM
Monroe Street2105   May21188915014Benton, Ira C 42yWM
Monroe Street118   Apr1418655215Benton, Julietta M 4yWF
Monroe Street283   Oct26188714246Benton, Otis 89yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1218675813Benton, RhodaMrs81yWF
Monroe Street212   Oct23188111773Benton, Rose 52yWF
Monroe Street119   Apr1818655220Benton, William 28yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr20191827157Bentz,SB WM
Monroe Street369   Apr1190322800Bentz, Edw 18yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug22189216918Bentz, Wilie 14dWM
Monroe Street119   May1218655234Benwood, John 36yWM
Monroe Street444   Aug14193930049Benyi, Matilda 60yWF
Monroe Street2219   Apr2189619100Benz,SB WM
Monroe Street2218   Feb28189619064Benz, Chas P 26yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul1418727452Benz, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul13190523854Benza, John 1yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec1918759290Benzing, Jacob 39yWM
Monroe Street138   Apr2818685995Benzing, John 20yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov2118769786Beran, Norsla 1yW 
Monroe Street247   Aug27188412960Berch, Gilbert  WM
Monroe Street3157   Mar28191025196Berchlold, Leopold 45yWM
Monroe Street164   Jun2518717001Berchperger, Adam 6mWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan13189216518Berchthold, Otto H 32yWM
Monroe Street242   Mar28188412777Berchtold,    
Monroe Street238   Dec2188312685Berchtold, Barbara 25yWF
Monroe Street3156   Feb3191025147Berchtold, Barbara 76yWF
Monroe Street3210   Aug8191426338Berchtold, Edw 50yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov18190624274Berchtold, Fidel 74yWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov15187710242Berchtold, Frank 3yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar28188412776Berchtold, Frank    
Monroe Street2158   Aug26189216926Berchtold, Hazel 10wWF
Monroe Street229   Jan9188312331Berchtold, Ida 3y F
Monroe Street228   Dec21188212317Berchtold, Lillie 10m F
Monroe Street313   Dec22189921067Berchtold, Louis 31yWM
Monroe Street1149   Dec16187710284Berchtold, MSB W 
Monroe Street240   Jan7188412709Berchtold, Otto 3mWM
Monroe Street347   Feb1190222168Berchtold, Theodor 45yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar28188412775Berchtold, W    
Monroe Street312   Nov26189921032Berchtold, Welden 1wWM
Monroe Street423   Nov10193429585Berchtold, William 66yWM
Monroe Street186   May2318737853Berdner,Child of S5yW 
Monroe Street186   May1918737845Berdner, Lud 29yW 
Monroe Street2153   May29189216755Berensee, Emma 5dWF
Monroe Street1144   Jul27187710078Berenz, Maria 49yWF
Monroe Street140   Aug118686076Berg,SB Twin 1 of Anna WM
Monroe Street140   Aug118686076Berg,SB Twin 2 of Anna WF
Monroe Street2141   Aug27189116327Berg, 8mWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun19189317393Berg, 3dWF
Monroe Street334   May16190121803Berg, 2hWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun13189317382Berg, Albert 7yWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep25189317593Berg, Andrew 49yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb8189417804Berg, Annie 5yWF
Monroe Street399   May4190523776Berg, Carl 62yWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan19189216540Berg, Emma 8yWF
Monroe Street481Oct51953Oct8195330880Berg, Fred 78yWM
Monroe Street2221   May5189619151Berg, Friedericka 43yWF
Monroe Street3291   Oct29192528413Berg, Henrietta 79yWF
Monroe Street272   Nov18188613860Berg, J 77yWM
Monroe Street470Nov181947Nov21194730600Berg, Rose 66yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan21188814364Berg, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug318759099Bergen, Anna 1mWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug318759098Bergen, Clara A 1mWF
Monroe Street189   Jul2518737947Bergen, Fredrka 8mWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov29189116465Bergen, Henry 36yWM
Monroe Street3270   Mar9192227850Berger, Barbara 75yWF
Monroe Street3218   Apr15191526505Berger, Bertha 37yWF
Monroe Street148   Jul2318696376Berger, Carl 1mWM
Monroe Street3264   Feb14192127678Berger, Carrie S 43yWF
Monroe Street212   Oct20188111770Berger, Charles 4yWM
Monroe Street3233   Oct30191626835Berger, Emilie M 71yWF
Monroe Street3117   Nov29190624284Berger, F C 1dWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar19191225726Berger, Ferdinand C 67yWM
Monroe Street1167   Aug26187910889Berger, Fred W J 38yWM
Monroe Street158   Oct818706766Berger, Gustave Fredrick 10dWM
Monroe Street473Jan161949Jan18194930669Berger, John 76yWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr13189015592Berger, John S 84yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan9189719468Berger, Louisa 85yWF
Monroe Street3215   Jan14191526440Berger, Marceaux 7yWM
Monroe Street2120   Mar29189015566Berger, Mathilda Eliza 13yWF
Monroe Street2122   May24189015652Berger, Robt 10yWM
Monroe Street1172   Feb27188011037Bergh, O A 6mW 
Monroe Street358   Sep19190222501Berghardt, Kate 12yWF
Monroe Street2153   Jun2189216763Bergholz,SB WM
Monroe Street224   Aug20188212182Bergholz, Bertha 1y  
Monroe Street2161   Nov8189217036Bergholz, Herman 1wWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar8191225716Bergholz, Herman 39yWM
Monroe Street379   Nov24190323106Bergholz, Johanna 70yWF
Monroe Street3111   May2190624107Bergholz, John J 38yWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan3190724311Bergholz, John J 74yWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug28189619324Bergholz, Lottie 14yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct2418769737Bergholz, OttoSB W 
Monroe Street313   Dec11189921051Bergholz, Robt 21yWM
Monroe Street284   Nov17188714275Bergman,SB WM
Monroe Street2168   Apr22189317296Bergman, Ann 67yWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb17189317179Bergman, August 67yWM
Monroe Street121   Sep218655327Bergman, Henry F 11mWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan1189920555Bergman, John 66yWM
Monroe Street276   Apr1188713989Bergman, Minnie 2yWF
Monroe Street3298   Jan15192728619Bergman, Oscar 50yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul30187810478Bergmann, Bart 13dWM
Monroe Street271   Oct17188613829Bergmann, Eddie 4yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug718675810Bergmann, Friedr Wm 9mWM
Monroe Street186   Jun418737861Bergmann, Helen 3mWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar1118748389Bergmann, LouisSB W 
Monroe Street142   Oct718686151Bergmann, Otto H 4mWM
Monroe Street3292   Jan29192628459Bergol, 10hWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun318769490Bergsecker, 5dW 
Monroe Street124   Dec2118655429Bergsicker, Ernest 1yWM
Monroe Street132   Apr518675750Bergsicker, Maria Eliz 1yWF
Monroe Street1179   Oct21188011320Bergsieker,Child of H E W 
Monroe Street1179   Oct21188011321Bergsieker, 86yW 
Monroe Street1179   Nov3188011339Bergsieker, Flora 3yWF
Monroe Street1179   Nov11188011345Bergsieker, Ida 10mWF
Monroe Street117   Feb2618655164Bering, Mary 67yWF
Monroe Street239   Dec5188312687Berke, Amalia A 11mWF
Monroe Street2129   Oct31189015891Berkey, Emma 11yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov14188915330Berman, Ida 7yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov14188915329Berman, Liza 3yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar22191025191Berna, Friderika 83yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug3188714152Berndt, Anna 16yWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb11191526457Berndt, Herman 79yWM
Monroe Street3134   Apr1190824675Berndt, Wilhelmine 72yWF
Monroe Street2137   May14189116159Berner, AugustAKA Bernow36yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2218655310Berner, Caroline 3mWF
Monroe Street274   Jan6188713905Berner, Frank 33yWM
Monroe Street3203   Jan24191426211Berner, Marion 4yWF
Monroe Street3298   Feb23192728634Berner, Richard 6wWM
Monroe Street138   Apr1418685989Berner, William 6mWM
Monroe Street34   Apr13189920739Bernhagen, Henrietta 66yWF
Monroe Street3280   Nov13192328120Bernhardi, C WRev67yWM
Monroe Street432   Aug5193629788Bernhardi, Katherine 71yWF
Monroe Street1174   May13188011129Bernholt, Hattie 19dWF
Monroe Street2137   May14189116159Bernow, AugustAKA Berner36yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr10189216684Bernow, Helen 10yWF
Monroe Street2179   Nov22189317679Bernow, Helena 2mWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb818758830Bernow, Liddis 4dW 
Monroe Street358   Sep26190222513Bernow, Paul 3wWM
Monroe Street3285   Aug1192428239Bernow, Wilhelminia 68yWF
Monroe Street3126   Aug27190724499Bernse,Baby WF
Monroe Street3113   Jul3190624160Bernsee,Baby WM
Monroe Street2226   Sep17189619353Bernson, John 20yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan19189015445Bernstein, Chas 45yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan4190824600Berr, 25dWF
Monroe Street355   Jul27190222416Berrington,Baby WF
Monroe Street2187   May12189417962Berrington, Jessia 32yWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb24190724362Berry,Mrs Thomas63yWF
Monroe Street3137   Jul21190824753Berry,Baby WM
Monroe Street3243   Mar19191827134Berry,SB WM
Monroe Street3217   Mar12191526478Berry, Andy 9dWM
Monroe Street3203   Jan30191426206Berry, Anna C 47yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan7189216513Berry, Bertie S 19yWM
Monroe Street3294   Jun18192628543Berry, Edwin M 59yWM
Monroe Street2178   Nov17189317671Berry, Edwin R 21dWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug26188915173Berry, Effie 3yWF
Monroe Street42   Apr16193029070Berry, Emma J 58yWF
Monroe Street353   Jun16190222350Berry, James M 58yWM
Monroe Street3260   Jul13192027581Berry, Jane C 76yWF
Monroe Street245   Jun27188412888Berry, Mable 3yWF
Monroe Street155   Jun1918706639Berryman, John 57yWM
Monroe Street169   Dec2618717211Berschey, George 1yWM
Monroe Street3150   Aug3190925018Berschig, Augustus 64yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep5192227919Berschig, Minnie 70yWF
Monroe Street16   Jan2818644733Bersehing, Thomas 21yWM
Monroe Street1108   Oct3118748700Bershig, GeorgeSB W 
Monroe Street196   Nov2718738229Bershtold, W 1yW 
Monroe Street286   Jan2188814334Bersick, Catharina 65yWF
Monroe Street168   Nov118717162Bersicker, Emma 4yWF
Monroe Street168   Nov918717171Bersicker, Henry 4mWM
Monroe Street3305   Jun22192828837Bersieck, Augusta 69yWF
Monroe Street1179   Oct13188011311Bersiger, Maria E 78yWF
Monroe Street2188   May23189417999Berston, Katie 11mWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan11191927282Bertelsbeck, Erwin 16hWM
Monroe Street26   Jun21188111560Berth, StillaSB W 
Monroe Street3160   Jun1191025266Bertram, Lena 20yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec27188413095Bertram, Peter 3mWM
Monroe Street2253   Jul22189820315Bertunek, Frank 9mWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun1718758985Bervis, Conrad  WM
Monroe Street2243   Dec4189719947Berwald,SB WM
Monroe Street36   May31189920817Berwald, Minnie 1mWF
Monroe Street3289   May9192528353Berwing, Alice 62yWF
Monroe Street1174   Apr24188011107Berzing, Geo  WM
Monroe Street3132   Feb14190824635Besch, F W 76yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan29190222163Besch, Margaret 68yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar25189920712Besch, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street2187   May1189417956Besch, Wilhelmina 63yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct10188613817Besch, Wm 18yWM
Monroe Street24   Apr1188111473Beseh, Dorethea 74yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul8187710044Beseky, PeterAKA Breske1yWM
Monroe Street210   Sep1188111693Beshberger, Friedrika 21yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov618738197Besinger, Ch 19yW 
Monroe Street1111   Jan3118758818Besinger, Charles    
Monroe Street212   Nov6188111787Besnick, T 6yW 
Monroe Street379   Nov27190323113Besse, Ansel 44yWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb6191626698Besse, Ansel B 79yWM
Monroe Street3311   Jul15192928985Besse, Ellen 81yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep26188312600Bessett, Emline G 73yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan26188814371Bessick, Henry 68yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1618769775Bessie, Ph 7yW 
Monroe Street369   Apr8190322807Bessow, Gordon 1yWM
Monroe Street48   Sep16193129228Best, Andrew 70yWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar2191025177Best, Fred R 22yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr22191827159Best, Mary 55yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug2118686098Beswick,Child of R O21dW 
Monroe Street2143   Sep23189116375Beswick, Alice 86yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec6187710276Beswick, Charles 2yWM
Monroe Street344   Dec13190122098Beswick, Charlotte I 54yWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan15191827091Beswick, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov14187710241Beswick, Emely 4yW 
Monroe Street3292   Jan27192628457Beswick, Grace M 43yWF
Monroe Street458Mar171943Mar20194330347Beswick, Grant  WM
Monroe Street288   Mar7188814425Beswick, John 52yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec2188111831Beswick, Kate 8yWF
Monroe Street213   Nov25188111821Beswick, Mary 9yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jun30187910813Beswick, Mary F 36yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec17187710289Beswick, Percey 1yWM
Monroe Street1143   Jul6187710041Beswick, Robt 6yWM
Monroe Street3203   Jan8191426197Beswick, Robt O 72yWM
Monroe Street264   Mar17188613601Beswick, Ruth 19yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec2188111832Beswick, Tommie 5yWM
Monroe Street3111   May26190624127Betcher, Nettie 19yWF
Monroe Street1101   Mar2718748416Betchler, Charles 4yWM
Monroe Street1101   Mar2718748418Betchler, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street2160   Nov1189217021Betchler, James 4yWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct5189518886Betchler, L 21dWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct27189820444Betchler, Lottie 4yWF
Monroe Street391   Oct20190423543Betchler, Margarett 63yWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar1018748385Betchler, Mary 16yWF
Monroe Street1101   Mar3018748420Betchler, Sophie 20yWF
Monroe Street311   Oct11189920976Beth, Mary 3dWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1818769330Betha, Augusta 78yWF
Monroe Street511Jan261984Sep17198431453Bethany, Ida H 91y F
Monroe Street172   Mar2618727309Bethe, Ludwig 72yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb15190121667Bethe, Maria 61yWF
Monroe Street1156   Sep23187810534Bethe, Winefred 64yWF
Monroe Street313   Dec23189921070Bethke, Fred 47yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug21190322990Betschler, Anna 33yWF
Monroe Street132   May1618675767Bettel, Theodore 2yWM
Monroe Street1172   Feb21188011032Bettelmann, Lulu 5mWF
Monroe Street217   Feb26188211946Bettis, B D 2y  
Monroe Street3212   Oct10191426375Betton, Albert 8dWM
Monroe Street287   Feb28188814406Betts, Hubart  WM
Monroe Street2185   Mar30189417891Betzel,SB WM
Monroe Street2259   Dec10189820522Beuchler, Gottlieb 68yWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep11189518845Beumer, 2hWF
Monroe Street3309   Jan17192928922Bevens, Caroline A 86yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug28190423478Bevens, Timothy 73yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan1190423155Beverlin, Clarance 52yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan19189317134Beverlin, Gracie M 77yWF
Monroe Street170   Jan1418727225Beverlin, John 23yWM
Monroe Street2137   May22189116176Beverlin, John 78yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2318738173Bevins, Adelaid 13yWF
Monroe Street1115   Jun418758973Bew, John 37yWM
Monroe Street1154   Jul18187810455Bewins, T J 24yW 
Monroe Street3267   Sep20192127773Bewley,SB WM
Monroe Street3223   Oct16191526606Bewley, Erwin 2yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec5189518958Bewrer, Justina 56yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr5190724400Bews, Wm 45yWM
Monroe Street248   Sep25188412995Beyer, Amanda 8mWF
Monroe Street2138   Jul5189116218Beyer, Emma 21yWF
Monroe Street321   Jun12190021350Beyer, Frederika 67yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep9190222486Beyer, Geoor Bayer3yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb20189015509Beyer, Julia 18mWF
Monroe Street2169   May14189317320Beyer, Karl 28yWM
Monroe Street149   Aug2418696411Beyer, Leonhard 40yWM
Monroe Street345   Dec28190122124Beyer, Martin 47yWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb22192327998Beyer, Rose 68yWF
Monroe Street137   Jan2218685933Beyer, Wm 10mWM
Monroe Street3132   Feb1190824633Beyer, Wm 79yWM
Monroe Street41   Feb5193029043Beymer, 9hWM
Monroe Street115   Dec818645092Bibler, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street2243   Dec12189719960Bice, Fannie 27yWF
Monroe Street3241   Dec6191727066Bichffeld, Caroline 80yWF
Monroe Street474May21949May5194930685Bickemer, Caroline 63yWF
Monroe Street2120   Apr6189015576Bicker, John 2yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar6189015531Bickerdyke, John 74yWM
Monroe Street2179   Nov24189317684Bickford, A S 70yWM
Monroe Street157   Aug1918706711Bickford, Sarah 48yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct26189015884Bickford, Silas 35yWM
Monroe Street319   May2190021288Bickford, Willford 8mW 
Monroe Street2137   Jun1189116180Bickle, Isaac 26yWM
Monroe Street1139   Feb518779891Biddeval, J S 57yW 
Monroe Street19   Apr1918644825Biddle,Mrs WF
Monroe Street110   Jun918644864Biddle,Mrs W 
Monroe Street231   Mar26188312401Biddleloam, Betzy 1yWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar1218748394Bieber, Jacob 28yWM
Monroe Street128   Aug2618665588Bieber, William 3mWM
Monroe Street3239   Jul31191727001Biedenkopf, 5dWF
Monroe Street1102   May818748464Biedle, Anna 5yWF
Monroe Street1102   May318748456Biedle, Minna 8yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr13190523751Biehfelt, Caroline 10mWF
Monroe Street381   Jan15190423171Biehford, Louis 1yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar7188211962Biehl, Lulu 7yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan3018758813Biehl, Peter 57yWM
Monroe Street127   Jun2618665535Bielefelt, Fred M 3yWM
Monroe Street3265   May5192127721Bielefelt, Mildred 7yWF
Monroe Street497Apr151965Apr17196531220Bieler, Joseph 93yWM
Monroe Street480Jun171952Jun20195230833Bieler, Julia J 79yWF
Monroe Street196   Dec618738244Bielfeld, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street423   Nov19193429588Bielfelt, Cora R 51yWF
Monroe Street3195   May24191326042Bielfelt, Fredrick 79yWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct22191025374Bielfelt, Philip 8mWM
Monroe Street471Jun31948Jun8194830632Bielfelt, Philip D 71yWM
Monroe Street255   Jun2188513271Bierman,SB WM
Monroe Street283   Oct15188714239Bierman,SB WF
Monroe Street2169   Apr27189317304Bierman, Chas 34yWM
Monroe Street2207   May16189518661Bierman, Chas 35yWM
Monroe Street2140   Aug5189116288Bierman, Frieda 13yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep5190222483Bierman, Gertrude 20mWF
Monroe Street392   Nov25190423574Bierman, J H 63yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jun23189518700Bierman, Sophia 80yWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug14189317527Biermann, Fred 84yWM
Monroe Street1103   Jul1518748533Biermann, Henry 4mWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep1518769663Biermann, Henry 3yWM
Monroe Street1115   May618758945Biermann, John 78yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb15188211926Biermann, Louis 27yWM
Monroe Street1163   Apr7187910727Biermann, Mary 37yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan3189417755Bigalow, Elaira 68yWF
Monroe Street110   Jul318644899Bigalow, Henry F 3mWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun24188915048Bigelow, 3mWF
Monroe Street3134   Apr15190824685Bigham, Ernestine 26yWF
Monroe Street452   Sep29194130218Bigler, Fred 87yWM
Monroe Street444   Sep11193930056Bigler, Mary 81yWF
Monroe Street238   Nov21188312674Biglow, George 30yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar18189216635Biglow, Sophia 33yWF
Monroe Street161   Feb2018716906Bilar, Mary 3yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec9187710280Bildans, Mary 35yWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan11189920576Bilek, Marie 3yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jun2518758994Biles, Azelia 6yW 
Monroe Street296   Sep19188814729Bilke, Ella 9dWF
Monroe Street3195   May1191326031Bille, Elenor E 37yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr24191326024Bille, Mary A 66yWF
Monroe Street25   May6188111512Billenfeld, Marth 62yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep16188814724Billenstein, Catherine 56yWF
Monroe Street232   May13188312448Billenstein, J W 29yW 
Monroe Street2147   Jan20189216538Billenstein, Johan 61yWM
Monroe Street243   Apr27188412820Billenstein, Julia 13yWF
Monroe Street125   Mar2118665482Billenstein, Martin 4yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun18189216782Billenstein, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street378   Oct24190323075Biller, 2wWF
Monroe Street3267   Sep3192127763Biller,SB WM
Monroe Street481Jan181953Jan24195330854Biller, Alvina 77yWF
Monroe Street3291   Dec22192528440Biller, Charles H 52yWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov29189418389Biller, Christian 62yWM
Monroe Street3204   Feb27191426231Biller, Fred 45yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep28189920958Biller, Gertie 2yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr1118758916Biller, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street3242   Feb2191827109Biller, John 37yWM
Monroe Street3143   Jan7190924870Biller, Peter 69yWM
Monroe Street3232   Sep19191626810Biller, Theo 30yWM
Monroe Street430   Feb11193629742Biller, Wm E 57yWM
Monroe Street1162   Apr2187910723Billings,  W 
Monroe Street295   Aug21188814684Billings,SB WM
Monroe Street127   Jul518665539Billings, Allison 4yWM
Monroe Street1127   Apr918769431Billings, D M 24yW 
Monroe Street1174   May8188011125Billings, Dexter M    
Monroe Street3150   Aug18190925028Billings, Eunice 79yWF
Monroe Street126   May2218665517Billings, Eunice May 2mWF
Monroe Street369   Apr7190322806Billings, Geo W 78yWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar5187910688Billings, Geogia 6yW 
Monroe Street266   Jun3188613663Billings, Sarah 27yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug11189719778Billington, Harold 5mWM
Monroe Street17   Feb1718644752Bills, Anna 7yWF
Monroe Street184   Feb2418737758Bills, G  W 
Monroe Street489Feb101960Feb13196031080Biltera, Charles 59yWM
Monroe Street2143   Sep27189116378Bingham, Daisy 4yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul22189317462Binghardt, Wm 5mWM
Monroe Street267   Jun28188613674Biniewusky, May 7mWF
Monroe Street286   Jan4188814341Binker, 3dWM
Monroe Street3299   Apr7192728651Binker, 3hWM
Monroe Street436   Oct19193729895Binker, 2dWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct9189116395Binker, Annie 8dWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar30189518579Binker, Elmer 9mWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan24189518468Binker, Hazel M 2yWF
Monroe Street2251   May25189820235Binker, Irene D 2mWF
Monroe Street2105   May19188915011Binker, Stella 4yWF
Monroe Street391   Oct3190423521Binker, Wm 42yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct1618738163Binsly, Maria 2yWF
Monroe Street488Feb281959Mar4195931057Birchak, Mike 68yWM
Monroe Street3286   Oct13192428273Birdsall, Daniel 84yWM
Monroe Street411   Mar18193229286Birdsell, Fannie 88yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan19188814358Birklin, Jacob 53yWM
Monroe Street3220   Jun29191526552Biro, Mathias 35yWM
Monroe Street2122   May28189015662Birr,SB WF
Monroe Street2158   Aug24189216922Birr,SB WM
Monroe Street3141   Nov13190824833Birth, Anna 32yWF
Monroe Street3272   Jun22192227890Birth, August 73yWM
Monroe Street481Feb241953Feb27195330860Birth, Augusta 97yWF
Monroe Street3155   Jan25191025135Birth, Caroline B 54yWF
Monroe Street2226   Aug30189619327Birth, Elsie 6yWF
Monroe Street3305   May31192828830Birth, Ida 44yWF
Monroe Street485Nov301956Dec4195630983Birth, Lauretha D 51y F
Monroe Street3146   Apr24190924951Birth, Lilian 3yWF
Monroe Street485Jul111956Jul16195630972Birth, Paul 64yWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep15189518854Birth, WilliamSB WM
Monroe Street45   Dec24193029154Birth, William 70yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb17189015504Birth, Wm P 10mWM
Monroe Street3161   Jul29191025311Bischof, John A 49yWM
Monroe Street412   Jul29193229321Bishoff, Juliana 71yWF
Monroe Street226   Nov10188212269Bishop,Child of O   
Monroe Street3242   Jan26191827098Bishop,SB WM
Monroe Street449   Nov6194030160Bishop, Carrie 74yWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct618769701Bishop, George 13yWM
Monroe Street467Jan241946Jan28194630530Bishop, John T 55yWM
Monroe Street1134   Sep2018769671Bishop, Lucy 4yWF
Monroe Street4108Oct291971Nov1197131324Bishop, Marth M 79y F
Monroe Street224   Aug16188212178Bishop, Ollie M 16y  
Monroe Street3207   May2191426271Bisig, John J 49yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec22189921066Bisig, Wm J 37yWM
Monroe Street387   Jun26190423394Bissel, 10hWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec2818748772Bissel, Frank 24yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar27187910715Bissell,SB W 
Monroe Street226   Nov8188212265Bissell,Child of John   
Monroe Street210   Aug30188111688Bissell, Carrie 1yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug1718727517Bissell, Emily L 40yW 
Monroe Street1157   Oct4187810552Bissell, Lulu 9yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct4187810553Bissell, Mary 11yWF
Monroe Street172   Mar1818727296Bissell, Mowg 9mWF
Monroe Street11   May518634511Bissett, Clark 15yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec2218759297Bissette, Thos 31yWM
Monroe Street263   Feb1188613560Bissinger, Ellen 2mWF
Monroe Street336   Jun30190121869Bissinger, Robt 42yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb12190423209Bissonette, Mary Louisa 88yWF
Monroe Street379   Nov22190323104Bittel, 1wWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun17190824727Bittel,Baby WF
Monroe Street3310   Mar4192928946Bittel, Ann Shirley 1dWF
Monroe Street39   Sep7189920933Bittel, Colonal 9mWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct11189719868Bittel, Della 24yWF
Monroe Street287   Jan31188814381Bittel, Grant 11yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan25189317146Bittel, Ruby 4mWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul17189820307Bittel, Sophia 9mWF
Monroe Street356   Aug6190222431Bittel, Viola 3mWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep13189518850Bittel, Walter 8mWM
Monroe Street512Jan271985Mar9198531458Bittera, Bela Vojtech 58y M
Monroe Street269   Sep10188613769Bittschofsky, FredSB WM
Monroe Street167   Oct218717139Bitzer, ConradSB WM
Monroe Street3293   Mar10192628483Bitzer, Conrad 89yWM
Monroe Street256   Jul5188513310Bitzer, Friedrich 19yWM
Monroe Street2233   Apr3189719588Bitzer, Gertrude 4yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct12187710186Bitzer, Herm 4yWM
Monroe Street3247   Oct16191827225Bitzer, Maria J 79yWF
Monroe Street327   Dec3190021569Bitzer, William 11yWM
Monroe Street37   Jul9189920853Bivans, Dora 49yWF

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