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Monroe Street Cemetery Index
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CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street3260   Jun15192027572Black,SB WF
Monroe Street2126   Aug26189015809Black, Gustav 3yWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct1318759218Black, J D 75yW 
Monroe Street122   Sep2818655358Black, William T 2mWM
Monroe Street231   Apr17188312418Blacke,Child of Mrs   
Monroe Street231   Apr17188312418Blacke,Mrs   
Monroe Street199   Jan2718748336Blacke, Anna M 72yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul1187710033Blackley, Frank 8mWM
Monroe Street3125   Jul19190724471Blackrie,Baby WM
Monroe Street1131   Jul2818769562Blaha, 1mW 
Monroe Street344   Dec1190122083Blaha,Baby WF
Monroe Street3217   Mar3191526473Blaha, Evelyn 5yWF
Monroe Street391   Oct11190423534Blaha, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street35   May12189920783Blaich, 9dWM
Monroe Street464Apr201945Apr24194530489Blaine, Angus 89yWM
Monroe Street2227   Oct16189619379Blaine, Edward L 3yWM
Monroe Street431   May15193629767Blaine, Maggie 72yWF
Monroe Street417   Aug14193329433Blake, Bessie 63yWM
Monroe Street186   May1618737840Blake, Grace 2mW 
Monroe Street139   May2418686012Blake, Harrison G 80yWM
Monroe Street2227   Oct27189619392Blake, Helen E 60yWF
Monroe Street324   Aug31190021465Blake, John 12wWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar6191125491Blake, John Wesley 76yWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb9189820041Blake, Julia A 62yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun1118644869Blake, Sibyl 64yW 
Monroe Street2122   May25189015657Blakely, Lora  WF
Monroe Street2188   May25189418003Blakeney, 7mWF
Monroe Street2250   Apr26189820188Blakeslee, 2dWM
Monroe Street149   Aug2918696419Blakesley,SB Child of C W WM
Monroe Street13   Aug2818634593Blakesley, Almira 43yWF
Monroe Street3187   Sep10191225850Blakesley, Chas 35yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb1191927299Blakesley, Chas 79yWF
Monroe Street2105   Jun12188915034Blakesley, John A 80yWM
Monroe Street143   Dec2518686197Blakesley, Julia A 77yWF
Monroe Street293   Jul10188814596Blakesly, James 4mWM
Monroe Street232   May13188312449Blaksley, Maria 35yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul18190523861Blals, Trevor 5mWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1818759044Blamy, Joseph 3yWM
Monroe Street1104   Aug118748566Blanchard, Addie 4yW 
Monroe Street150   Nov218696463Blanchard, Jenny 22yWF
Monroe Street152   Feb618706546Blanchard, Z 47yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan2189920558Blank, 1dWF
Monroe Street2119   Mar19189015552Blank, Elenora 78yWF
Monroe Street418   Dec20193329470Blank, Emma M 73yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan12189518458Blankenberg, Paul 12yWM
Monroe Street2104   May8188914998Blankenburg, 2mWM
Monroe Street396   Mar5190523700Blankenburg, Harold 9mWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov6190523969Blankenburg, Harry 5wWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov11189619412Blankenburg, Herman 6yWM
Monroe Street2251   May24189820234Blankenburg, Otto 4mWM
Monroe Street2228   Oct28189619394Blankenship, Herman 18mWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1618759034Blase, A L 7mW 
Monroe Street2144   Nov5189116437Blase, Clara 74yWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug29189317547Blasé, John H 72yWM
Monroe Street168   Nov718717167Blask, Sam 66yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct30188613843Blatt, Carl 3wWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb17192327993Blatt, Clara 48yWF
Monroe Street111   Jul1118644906Blatt, Edward F 5mWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar1189417835Blatt, Etna 21dWF
Monroe Street188   Jul1018737905Blatt, John  WM
Monroe Street271   Oct27188613841Blatt, Wilhelm 2wWM
Monroe Street333   Apr19190121759Blayne, Wm 76yWM
Monroe Street282   Sep1188714189Bleckeede, Louise 3yWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan21190724325Bleckrie, Maria 57yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar12189719551Bleckriede, Wm 53yWM
Monroe Street274   Jan8188713907Bleckscmidt, Robert 3yWM
Monroe Street240   Jan3188412708Blesman, Chas 58yWM
Monroe Street3159   May27191025259Blessman, Harry 56yWM
Monroe Street475Sep31949Sep15194930704Blessman, William J 81yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb19188211936Blessmann, Caleb  WM
Monroe Street326   Nov26190021560Bletch, John 71yWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar24190824667Bletcher, 12wWM
Monroe Street462May51944May12194430436Bletcher, Mary C 72yWF
Monroe Street3244   Apr12191827147Bletcher, Mary Stella 10yWF
Monroe Street465May191945May22194530497Bletcher, Z R 78yWM
Monroe Street421   Jun4193429530Bletsch, August 66yWM
Monroe Street3132   Feb24190824644Bletsch, Barbara 75yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar19189920703Bletsch, Elizabeth 24yWF
Monroe Street3109   Mar23190624070Bletsch, John 78yWM
Monroe Street3236   Feb10191726903Bletsch, John 48yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul21189418138Bletscher, Reinhold 11mWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1418706744Blev, Joseph E 34yWM
Monroe Street342   Oct4190122018Blevins, 5hWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan7191225678Blezovitz, 1mWM
Monroe Street2124   Jul9189015721Blich, Henry 27yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug21189820361Blickendorfer, Geo H 4yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb5191927302Bliesch, Carl 72yWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan25191927295Bliesch, Lena 61yWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan11188010995Blisch, Charles 6yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec4188513503Blisch, ChasSB WM
Monroe Street1172   Mar11188011051Blisch, John  WM
Monroe Street181   Dec1918727685Blisch, John F 1mWM
Monroe Street147   Jun2418696339Blish,SB Child of Chas WF
Monroe Street3115   Sep7190624214Blish, 1hWF
Monroe Street3115   Sep7190624215Blish, 1hWF
Monroe Street2179   Nov23189317682Blish, Abigal M 67yWF
Monroe Street179   Sep2218727592Blish, Elisha C 57yW 
Monroe Street3287   Dec19192428297Bliss, Agnes 82yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep318738071Bliss, Lenora A 1yWF
Monroe Street2249   Apr5189820147Blissman, Louise 69yWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov23191125647Blissman, Mary J 56yWF
Monroe Street121   Sep418655331Blissman, William 16yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jul7188915063Block, Anna 8mWF
Monroe Street337   Jul18190121910Blood, Gladys 5mWF
Monroe Street3310   Apr12192928961Bloodworth,SB WF
Monroe Street2201   Jan12189518454Bloodworth, Jane E 21yWF
Monroe Street166   Sep518717105Bloome, Bates 4mWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov10189418362Bloomfield, Emma 42yWF
Monroe Street2162   Dec25189217098Bloomfield, Geo W 6mWM
Monroe Street173   Apr1918727344Bloshmann,SB Child of Wm WF
Monroe Street1112   Feb918758832Blosksley, John 18yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan1618769327Bloss, R 43yW 
Monroe Street184   Mar1318737770Blossom, R  W 
Monroe Street382   Feb1190423194Blossom, Sidney 7yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb17188814400Bloxham, Eliza 81yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr5190924931Blue, Harry 3yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug24190222461Bluechert,Baby WM
Monroe Street316   Mar2190021173Bluechert, Hanna 88yWF
Monroe Street1103   Jun618748495Bluedorf, John 54yWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb4189116003Bluedorn, Caroline 62yWF
Monroe Street324   Sep4190021472Bluhn, Chas 74yWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr17188914968Blum,Mrs50yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct18188814762Blum, Conrad 49yWM
Monroe Street1163   Apr17187910738Blum, Emilie 3yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul14188714113Blum, Fred 41yWM
Monroe Street471May301948Jun2194830631Blum, Fred 75yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec9189418401Blum, Gottlieb 46yWM
Monroe Street359   Oct11190222529Blum, Henry 4mWM
Monroe Street3179   Jan19191225689Blum, Katharine 70yWF
Monroe Street3279   Sep11192328084Blum, Louise 71yWF
Monroe Street267   Jul8188613686Blum, Lucy 57yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun17190423381Blum, Otto 22yWM
Monroe Street254   May2188513230Blum, Peter 8mWM
Monroe Street375   Aug1190322970Blum, Peter 67yWM
Monroe Street1163   Apr20187910740Blum, Robert 1yWM
Monroe Street385   Apr4190423293Blum, Walter 3mWM
Monroe Street259   Aug17188513393Blume, Emma 6mWF
Monroe Street258   Aug4188513367Blume, Lena 8mWF
Monroe Street156   Aug1318706701Blush,Child of Charles10mWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec418748739Blush, 14dW 
Monroe Street1117   Jul1418759030Blush, Ch 2yWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun17191426310Blush, Chas A 76yWM
Monroe Street3233   Nov13191626844Blush, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan23188011003Boats, FredSB WM
Monroe Street112   Aug618644950Boats, Joanna F 1mWF
Monroe Street2153   May21189216743Boaty, Christ 40yWM
Monroe Street161   Jan2318716874BobBom,SB Child of Chris WM
Monroe Street161   Feb2018716907BobBom,SB Child of Christopher WF
Monroe Street343   Nov2190122053Boberg, Lena 22yWF
Monroe Street263   Jan2188613538Boblitz,SB WM
Monroe Street163   May2118716979Bochert, Fred 14yWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul7189116223Bochert, Louisa 3mWF
Monroe Street476Jan191950Jan21195030733Bochin, Ella 61yWF
Monroe Street495Jul281963Jul31196331183Bochin, James 74yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr6188211998Bock, Adam 46y  
Monroe Street2111   Oct4188915247Bock, Otto 7yWM
Monroe Street251   Feb1188513130Bockelberg, 2dWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug30190824779Bockelman, Edith S 10wWF
Monroe Street232   May8188312436Bockelman, Henry 64yWM
Monroe Street319   May3190021292Bockelman, Henry 28yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug15190222443Bockelman, Minnie 3mWF
Monroe Street177   Aug818727504Bockelmann, Anna M 1yWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan26191827100Bockelmann, Gesche 72yWF
Monroe Street418   Dec21193329471Boczko, Mary I 63yWF
Monroe Street3310   Apr2192928958Boddy,SB WF
Monroe Street110   Jun1418644871Boddy, Anna 22yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun1318644870Boddy, HannahSB WF
Monroe Street33   Mar14189920699Bodeker, Chas 19yWM
Monroe Street410   Feb13193229272Bodenlos, Adolph 58yWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb25191626707Bodenlos, Anna 36yWF
Monroe Street49   Dec7193129245Bodenlos, Edward 25yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct4189317606Bodenlos, Jacob 12dWM
Monroe Street3289   Jun3192528361Bodenlos, Walter 24yWM
Monroe Street2247   Mar5189820080Bodenloss,SB WM
Monroe Street2250   May4189820199Bodenloss, Adolph 8d WM
Monroe Street2250   May9189820205Bodenloss, Mary 23yWF
Monroe Street195   Oct3018738184Bodenstein,Child of John8mW 
Monroe Street3170   Apr29191125526Bodenstein, Anna 30yWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan12191225681Bodenstein, Anna 79yWF
Monroe Street3255   Sep26191927433Bodenstein, Emelia 57yWF
Monroe Street145   Mar3018696277Bodenstein, Fred Wm 6mWM
Monroe Street174   Jun2518727414Bodenstein, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street2135   Apr14189116100Bodenstein, John  WM
Monroe Street121   Aug3018655322Bodenstein, John E 1yWM
Monroe Street255   May15188513254Bodenstein, Lizzia  W 
Monroe Street3194   Apr14191326012Bodnar, Nick  WM
Monroe Street3241   Dec21191727076Bodner, Mary 5mWF
Monroe Street162   Feb2718716911Body, William  WM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1918759048Boech, Joseph 2mWM
Monroe Street3177   Nov24191125648Boehm, Elsie 21yWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec18191125662Boehm, Fred 26yWM
Monroe Street3285   Aug11192428244Boehm, Robt R 9mWM
Monroe Street3304   Apr23192828811Boehmer,SB WF
Monroe Street261   Oct30188513467Boehn, Gustav 32yWM
Monroe Street336   Jun26190121864Boehnerd, Martin 53yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul22189418140Boehnke, Hazel 5mWF
Monroe Street388   Jul21190423428Boehringer, Chas 69yWM
Monroe Street124   Dec2018655426Boemele, Katherine R 5yWF
Monroe Street2243   Nov29189719939Boenk, Sophia 83yWF
Monroe Street124   Dec1218655420Boepple, Christian 3mWM
Monroe Street136   Nov1718675899Boepple, Eberhard 55yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov17190021551Boepple, Fridericka 73yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec18188714313Boepple, Margarettay  WF
Monroe Street3221   Aug19191526576Boergert, Louise 27yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul10189015724Boersig, Chas F 4mWM
Monroe Street43   May31193029093Boersig, Florentine 64yWF
Monroe Street3297   Dec 192628611Boersig, George 31yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov5191225881Boersig, Gustav 15yWM
Monroe Street473Feb271949Mar1194930675Boersig, Paul 62yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar7191927327Boersig, PeterSr61yWM
Monroe Street234   Jul18188312510Boerthelt, Barbara 31yWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep1418759173Boesch, Claus 63yWM
Monroe Street1154   Jun13187810421Boese,Children of Henry   
Monroe Street3206   Apr10191426254Boese, Clara E 74yWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct818769706Boese, E H 5yW 
Monroe Street412   Aug20193229328Boese, E Henry 85yWM
Monroe Street237   Oct29188312640Boese, Ernst F 1yWM
Monroe Street237   Oct30188312645Boese, Ernst F 9yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov15188111804Boese, Fred 8yWM
Monroe Street371   May16190322858Boese, Fred 82yWM
Monroe Street1134   Oct518769698Boese, Henry 7yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct14187710190Boese, Louisa 11mWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov1618769777Boese, M C 11mW 
Monroe Street3162   Aug2191025312Boese, Martin Walter 5yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug13189015790Boese, Rinehart 22yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun11189116188Boesger, Oliver F 5mWM
Monroe Street415   Mar28193329389Boeshenstein, Anna 78yWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul20189015750Boesig, Arthur F 2yWM
Monroe Street133   Jul1618675794Boest, Anna 23yWF
Monroe Street134   Sep718675842Boest, Carrie 10mWF
Monroe Street2145   Dec10189116478Boest, Charles 76yWM
Monroe Street3147   May24190924969Boest, Christ F 69yWM
Monroe Street225   Sep29188212218Boest, Clara 8y  
Monroe Street181   Dec818727675Boest, Ed W 2mW 
Monroe Street3284   Jun23192428224Boest, Ellen K 74yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun14188011162Boest, Emma 15yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec23187810634Boest, Rosa 63yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan2518769338Boeswald, Hedwig 1mWF
Monroe Street389   Aug5190423450Boetcher, 3hWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep9189317563Boetcher, Ella 4yWF
Monroe Street2119   Mar5189015528Boetchner, George 19mWM
Monroe Street22   Jan18188111403Boethe, Guste 13yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb24189719533Boettcher, Arthur J 15wWM
Monroe Street2250   May7189820204Boettcher, Chas 28yWM
Monroe Street1153   May5187810390Boettcher, Gottlieb 66yWM
Monroe Street1161   Feb9187910664Boettcher, Henrietta 34yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct5189518887Boettcher, Rosina 80yWF
Monroe Street1144   Jul29187710082Boettcher, Wm 38yWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct20191025372Bogan,SB WM
Monroe Street3221   Aug25191526580Bogar, Josephine 4mWF
Monroe Street251   Jan17188513112Bogardus, Franke Grace 6wWM
Monroe Street218   Mar20188211976Bogart,SB W 
Monroe Street292   Jun19188814568Bogge, Henry 50yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug24191225836Bognee,SB WM
Monroe Street491Nov161961Nov18196131126Bohenski, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street241   Mar20188412764Bohl,SB Child of Carl WM
Monroe Street292   Jun23188814580Bohleber, Mary 19yWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan17189317132Bohler, Mary 44yWF
Monroe Street2178   Oct24189317637Bohley,SB WM
Monroe Street382   Feb14190423216Bohley, Wm 6yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug2188613716Bohlfing, Frieda 16dWM
Monroe Street179   Sep2518727597Bohlhorn, Dorethea 11yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct19190222543Bohlke, Catharine 37yWF
Monroe Street456Jul311942Aug3194230295Bohlke, Frederick 65yWM
Monroe Street131   Jan2418675705Bohm, Willie 1yWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug8187910876Bohn,  W 
Monroe Street255   Jun2188513274Bohn,Child   
Monroe Street325   Oct14190021519Bohn, August 54yWM
Monroe Street413   Oct14193229343Bohn, Augusta 72yWF
Monroe Street291   May17188814528Bohn, Catherine 43yWF
Monroe Street3271   Apr4192227867Bohn, Daniel N 51yWM
Monroe Street235   Sep4188312570Bohn, Ed 19mWM
Monroe Street371   May10190322853Bohn, Edward 53yWM
Monroe Street43   Jun25193029102Bohn, Fred 41yWM
Monroe Street3228   Mar30191626725Bohn, Henry 75yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct9188814750Bohn, Julia 74yWF
Monroe Street3151   Sep29190925053Bohn, Lillie 21yWF
Monroe Street490Apr71961Apr10196131106Bohn, Minnie 93yWF
Monroe Street223   Aug4188212153Bohn, Nellie 4m  
Monroe Street3240   Sep4191727020Bohn, Rose 22yWF
Monroe Street343   Nov26190122074Bohne, Conrad 68yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan618758788Bohnert, 1yW 
Monroe Street3248   Dec18191827267Bohnert, Adam 72yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov22191225893Bohnert, Elisabeth 78yWF
Monroe Street3105   Nov20190523978Bohnert, Emma M 28yWF
Monroe Street3133   Mar11190824657Bohnert, Gustav 28yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan17190824609Bohnert, Helen 3yWF
Monroe Street241   Mar17188412761Bohnert, Jacob G 79yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec1418759285Bohnert, John 1yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun6188011153Bohnert, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street3253   May19191927377Bohnert, Mary A 69yWF
Monroe Street2211   Sep6189518833Bohnert, Philipp 57yWM
Monroe Street288   Feb27188814415Bohnes, Henrietta 68yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug8189418186Bohnes, Martha 9mWF
Monroe Street1169   Dec22187910983Bohni, Elisa 1yW 
Monroe Street391   Oct2190323519Bohringer, Chas 30yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun24188915047Boice,SB WF
Monroe Street265   Apr21188613635Boines, Jennie 26yWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb27191526470Boisseau,Baby WM
Monroe Street2198   Nov22189418378Boje, Maria 75yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul17189418126Boje, Rudolph 3mWM
Monroe Street16   Dec2818634706Boland, John  WM
Monroe Street1127   Mar1218769402Bolden, Robert 13dWM
Monroe Street377   Sep3190323017Boldizsar, Douby 28yWM
Monroe Street3290   Sep25192528402Boldt, Helena 78yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug16191326096Boldt, Jacob J 79yWM
Monroe Street378   Oct9190323056Bolek, Christina 4yWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr21189518621Bolek, Rudolph 1dWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct31189217019Boley,SB WM
Monroe Street154   May1518706618Boley, John 17yWM
Monroe Street445   Nov24193930074Bolinger, Clara 52yWF
Monroe Street3135   May25190824712Bolisky,Baby WM
Monroe Street3156   Feb14191025158Bollash, Geo 78yWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov9189015905Bolles,SB WM
Monroe Street4100Nov161966Nov19196631251Bolles, Anna 63yWF
Monroe Street427   Sep4193529680Bolles, Harry C 57yWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct11189418309Bolling, Charles 21dWM
Monroe Street485Nov91956Nov12195630982Bolling, Frieda C 82y F
Monroe Street3168   Feb27191125483Bolling, Henry 77yWM
Monroe Street56Nov111979Nov23197931415Bolling, John L 79y M
Monroe Street3248   Nov22191827250Bolling, Minnie 79yWF
Monroe Street369   Jun12190222812Bollinger, Gottliel 23yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug1418655304Bollwig, Carl 7yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr18189317280Bollwig, Carl 65yWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug12191025322Bollwig, Hellane 89yWF
Monroe Street2239   Sep8189719821Bollwig, Sophia 55yWF
Monroe Street2101   Jan22188914878Bollwig, Wm 51yWM
Monroe Street489May191960May21196031085Bolly, Elizabeth 95yWF
Monroe Street441   Dec31193829989Bolly, Wm 72yWM
Monroe Street19   May1518644846Bolneick, Wm 14dWM
Monroe Street394   Jan8190523630Boloudi, John 25yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar22190423275Bolster, Wm 58yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan15190121626Bolt, Catharine 68yWF
Monroe Street59Dec141981Jan7198231437Bolt, Frederick W 98y M
Monroe Street2221   May10189619171Bolt, Henry 59yWM
Monroe Street3204   Feb3191426215Bolte, Frank 74yWM
Monroe Street427   Sep14193529684Bolte, Minnie 77yWF
Monroe Street441   Dec3193829986Bolte, Walter Wm 56yWM
Monroe Street292   Jul1188814585Boltey, Mary 59yWF
Monroe Street2106   Jul12188915068Bolthey, Conrad 72yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug818644954Bolton, Anna M 7yWF
Monroe Street39   Aug23189920918Bolton, Everard 80yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb25190523677Bolton, Sarah 83yWF
Monroe Street1141   Mar2018779941Boltz, John 21yWM
Monroe Street114   Sep2618645027Bolwig, Fredrick 64yWM
Monroe Street426   May31193529657Bom, Abbie 84yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar17189317230Bom, B 49yWM
Monroe Street457Dec11942Dec4194230321Bom, John 70yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul12190121894Bomman, 14wWM
Monroe Street2234   Apr15189719611Bomonti, August 50yWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul12189418110Bomonti, Elisa 6mWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan28189619027Bomonti, Emil 48yWM
Monroe Street156   Jul2618706678Bond,Child of Chas14dWF
Monroe Street136   Dec2618675922Bond, Almeda G 27yWF
Monroe Street35   Apr27189920762Bond, Frank 35yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep20192227927Bond, Jacob 89yWM
Monroe Street434   Mar5193729852Bond, Sophia 87yWF
Monroe Street1103   Jul218748520Bonesla, John 40yWM
Monroe Street2235   May20189719661Boneth, 1wWM
Monroe Street337   Jul9190121889Boneth,SB WF
Monroe Street380   Dec9190323130Bonham, Sophia 48yWF
Monroe Street2174   Aug5189317506Bonkal, Henry 5mWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun13189317381Bonkal, Mary 31yWF
Monroe Street320   May27190021326Bonner, Christ 83yWM
Monroe Street266   May6188613646Bonnes, Christ 3mWM
Monroe Street2221   May11189619168Bonnes, George 19yWM
Monroe Street361   Nov2190222571Bonnes, Henry 51yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun17190523828Bonnes, John 49yWM
Monroe Street324   Sep16190021490Bonnes, Norma 5mWF
Monroe Street3200   Oct20191326138Bonnes, Wm C 68yWM
Monroe Street3259   Apr9192027537Bonness, Augusta 68yWF
Monroe Street418   Nov25193329458Bonness, Augusta 75yWF
Monroe Street3306   Aug25192828859Bonness, Caroline 69yWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul19189619269Bonness, Edna 3mWF
Monroe Street3254   Aug1191927409Bonness, Edna C 17mWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan9189920570Bonness, Frank 6wWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan2191827082Bonness, Hellen 16yWF
Monroe Street3286   Oct7192428270Bonness, Henry F 51yWM
Monroe Street479Aug171951Aug20195130810Bonness, Minnie L 78yWF
Monroe Street310   Sep23189920951Bonness, Paul 14yWM
Monroe Street2247   Mar7189820084Bonniss, Henry 6mWM
Monroe Street167   Sep2318717132Bonnond, Anna 51yWF
Monroe Street231   Apr2188312406Bonsack, Augusta 68y F
Monroe Street224   Aug10188212165Bonsack, John A 72y  
Monroe Street2187   Apr27189417948Bonton, 1dWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct19189518903Bonton,Baby WF
Monroe Street3164   Oct29191025383Bonza, Coston 7mWM
Monroe Street259   Sep5188513420Boock, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun18189116196Booker, Ella Agnes 4yWF
Monroe Street2251   May18189820221Booker, Minnie 30yWF
Monroe Street347   Feb5190222179Books, 2mWM
Monroe Street358   Sep24190222508Books, Philipine 34yWF
Monroe Street1110   Dec3018748777Booth, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug9189418189Booth, Katie 5mWF
Monroe Street3313   Dec7192929018Boothman, Emma P 52yWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul2418759062Boots, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street1155   Jul19187810457Bootz, Aug 1yW 
Monroe Street177   Aug2218727527Bootz, Elizabeth 2yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug2018727520Boppel, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street2249   Apr8189820153Borbeck, 11mWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct20189518905Borbeck, Frank 7yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul22189619275Borbeck, Margaret 9mWF
Monroe Street177   Aug2418727534Borcher, Luisa 19mW 
Monroe Street1176   Jul19188011219Borcherd, 6yW 
Monroe Street295   Aug13188814667Borcherd, Caroline 52yWF
Monroe Street31   Jan28189920618Borchert, 3wWM
Monroe Street360   Oct22190222550Borchert,Baby WF
Monroe Street398   Apr26190523766Borchert,Baby WM
Monroe Street3131   Jan18190824614Borchert,Baby WM
Monroe Street2231   Feb12189719512Borchert, Anna 28yWF
Monroe Street478Mar281951Mar30195130792Borchert, Charles 83yWM
Monroe Street3147   May31190924980Borchert, Chas 72yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun4190523810Borchert, Clarance F 2yWM
Monroe Street3211   Sep6191426353Borchert, Dora 70yWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec19188915386Borchert, Eda 1yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul25188513344Borchert, Emielie Carroliene 8mWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan4189417758Borchert, Frieda 49yWF
Monroe Street3243   Mar4191827129Borchert, John 78yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan7190222140Borchert, Maria 30yWF
Monroe Street349   Mar26190222243Borchert, Mollie 34yWF
Monroe Street349   Mar26190222242Borchert, Mollie Ollie 34yWF
Monroe Street3275   Jan4192327968Borchert, Sophia 80yWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep18188915210Borchert, Wilhemina 13yWF
Monroe Street3132   Feb3190824630Borchert, Wm 35yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct17188613832Bordonner, Josephine 20mWF
Monroe Street221   May29188212081Borger,Mrs   
Monroe Street3280   Nov13192328121Borger, Elizabeth 90yWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep11187910908Borger, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan20189417780Borger, Jacob 70yWM
Monroe Street3306   Aug3192828852Borger, John J 84yWM
Monroe Street3231   Aug3191626783Borger, Julianna 75yWF
Monroe Street493Nov41962Nov7196231152Borger, Louise 89yWF
Monroe Street335   May25190121814Borger, Magdelena 89yWF
Monroe Street189   Jul3018737964Borger, Wm M 11mWM
Monroe Street227   Nov27188212289Borgert, Em 10y  
Monroe Street27   Jul15188111594Borghmann, Lodalia 4yW 
Monroe Street338   Jul19190121912Borgman, Chas 10yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep17189920939Borgnis, Hazel L 6yWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct22189719884Borgnis, Wm R 33yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr5190222253Borgwardt, Christina 84yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb16189518506Borjek, Mary 9mWF
Monroe Street3193      25967Borlam, Walter A 1yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun19188513292Borlison, Sahra J 54yWF
Monroe Street3281   Dec14192328134Born, Cornelius 48yWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan29191025141Borneman, Rudolph 76yWM
Monroe Street1153   Jun8187810415Bornemann,Mrs43yWF
Monroe Street147   Jul1218696354Bornemann, John 2mWM
Monroe Street185   Apr2718737821Bornemann, Kath 40yWF
Monroe Street284   Nov25188714282Bornemann, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan9190322661Borngen, Abraham 65yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb8189216582Bornizki,SB WM
Monroe Street428   Oct9193529693Boros, Charles 30yWM
Monroe Street428   Oct9193529694Boros, Mary 23yWF
Monroe Street428   Oct9193529695Boros, Mary Marg't 3yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr20189317285Borowski, Edward 3mWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul18189418130Borowski, Helena 4mWF
Monroe Street312   Nov22189921028Borresen,SB WM
Monroe Street39   Sep1189920925Borresen, Aagoat 8mWF
Monroe Street344   Dec8190122093Borresen, Anna 32yWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep8187910905Borrows, Ch 1yW 
Monroe Street225   Oct4188212220Borsherdt, Elish 2y  
Monroe Street2124   Jul8189015722Borth, 6dWF
Monroe Street253   Mar31188513189Borth, Charl 48yWM
Monroe Street25   May27188111529Borth, Ernst 4yWM
Monroe Street227   Dec5188212295Borth, Herman 2y M
Monroe Street213   Nov11188111797Borth, John 1dWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun3191426302Bosa,SB WF
Monroe Street474Jul261949Jul29194930697Bose, Caroline Rose 83yWF
Monroe Street476Apr51950Apr7195030746Bose, Marie L 75yWF
Monroe Street454Mar191942Mar21194230257Bose, Martin 64yWM
Monroe Street237   Oct9188312616Bose, Mary 63yWF
Monroe Street147   Jun1818696334Bosley,SB Child of J WF
Monroe Street159   Dec818706826Bosley,Child of D L1dWF
Monroe Street237   Oct29188312641Bosley, Mary A 47yWF
Monroe Street137   Feb818685942Bosley, Richard E 19dWM
Monroe Street380   Dec26190323144Boss,Baby WF
Monroe Street2230   Jan30189719492Boss, Carl 15yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul5190322921Boss, Carolina 55yWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan3188010988Boss, Charlotta 1yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug10187710105Boss, Emma 3mWF
Monroe Street258   Jul31188513359Boss, Ida Emma 4mWF
Monroe Street425   Mar8193529627Boss, Jacob 90yWM
Monroe Street3130   Dec19190724591Boss, Jerry 44yWM
Monroe Street459Aug231943Aug25194330377Boss, Johanna 78yWF
Monroe Street3254   Aug27191927423Boss, John J 44yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan17188814352Boss, Wilhelmiene Rosiewa 2yWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr19188914972Boss, William 15yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar20190423270Bossow, 2dWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun14188011163Bost, Mary E 5mWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec2187810617Bostard,SB W 
Monroe Street2121   Apr25189015612Boster, Elizabeth 73yWF
Monroe Street3147   May6190924962Bosworth, Corlos 47yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug8188814655Bosworth, Early G 5wWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep9189619342Bosworth, Emery 53yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb18190423220Bosworth, Francis 46yWF
Monroe Street2136   Apr30189116137Bosworth, Warren Guy 8mWM
Monroe Street227   Dec10188212304Bothwell, M M 15y F
Monroe Street2133   Feb23189116029Bott, Helen M 1dWF
Monroe Street1163   Apr21187910741Bottcher, 1yW 
Monroe Street142   Sep1318686132Botte, Conrad 3yWM
Monroe Street225   Sep29188212217Boudfield, L M 2y  
Monroe Street3144   Feb18190924896Bouhall, John 89yWM
Monroe Street141   Aug2818686111Bourne, Olivia N 6mWF
Monroe Street120   Jul1718655278Bousfield, Clarenna 3mWF
Monroe Street113   Sep1118645008Bousfield, Clarinna 3mWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar2218769417Bouskirk, Janie 25yWF
Monroe Street3210   Aug27191426346Boutz,Baby WF
Monroe Street3128   Oct18190724536Bovraznik,Baby WF
Monroe Street352   May12190222305Bowder, Elizabeth 67yWF
Monroe Street460Jun301943Sep21194330384Bowe, Emma Peters 60yWF
Monroe Street170   Jan1918727232Bowen,SB Child of James WF
Monroe Street189   Aug118737968Bowen,SB Child of James W 
Monroe Street1133   Sep1518769661Bowen,SB W 
Monroe Street2192   Jul29189418163Bowen, 1mWF
Monroe Street23   Feb15188111435Bowen, Alma E 3yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb1018769363Bowen, Elisab 58yWF
Monroe Street161   Jan3018716878Bowen, James 3yWM
Monroe Street23   Feb19188111437Bowen, Louisa M 8yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug1718738015Bowen, Lydy 22yW 
Monroe Street127   Aug318665567Bowen, Wm A 53yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug15189216897Bower, J N 50yWM
Monroe Street117   Mar518655171Bowers, Isaac S 35yWM
Monroe Street449   Dec20194030168Bowers, Jacob 78yWM
Monroe Street442   Feb25193930005Bowers, Margaret B 68yWF
Monroe Street14   Jul1518624645Bowler, Annie 36yWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb5191426219Bowler, Chas G 1yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar12188312387Bowman,SB  F
Monroe Street3310   Apr9192928960Bowman,SB WF
Monroe Street251   Feb1188513128Bowman, Anne 63yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb2218758852Bowman, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street3141   Nov13190824834Bowman, Francis H 73yWF
Monroe Street183   Jan518737705Bowman, John 45yWM
Monroe Street231   Apr4188312410Bowman, Minnie 10y F
Monroe Street340   Aug31190121982Bowman, Viola 41yWF
Monroe Street184   Feb418737745Boy, Marie 6mWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar8189619075Boyce, 6wWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug17189518790Boyce, Ester 8mWF
Monroe Street194   Oct1318738155Boyce, James 5yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct718738147Boyce, Sam 3yWM
Monroe Street2184   Feb27189417830Boyd, David 82yWM
Monroe Street2137   May19189116172Boyd, Mary Ann 77yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug1418738011Boyd, Nellie H 10mWF
Monroe Street17   Mar618644769Boyd, Willerby Ann 68yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul1190523846Boydoso, Elizabeth 4mWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep4187910898Boyer, Daniel  WM
Monroe Street13   Sep118634598Boyle, CorneliusSB WM
Monroe Street369   Apr24190322830Boynton,Baby WM
Monroe Street2105   Jun8188915027Boynton, E A 53yWM
Monroe Street130   Dec518665666Boynton, SA 62yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan27189317149Boys,SB WM
Monroe Street352   May21190222314Boys, Henretta 46yWF
Monroe Street427   Jun20193529665Boys, William C 77yWM
Monroe Street3297   Dec13192628604Boysen,SB WM
Monroe Street369   Apr24190322833Boyson, Josephine T 7mWF
Monroe Street44   Oct23193029135Boyson, Wm J 6dWM
Monroe Street3273   Aug15192227913Boytar, Charles 44yWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug17189418212Braatz, Anna 6mWF
Monroe Street323   Aug19190021447Braatz, Lillie A 9mWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul22189317463Brabo, Lilla 3mWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug17189619306Brace, Jas H 74yWM
Monroe Street270   Sep23188613789Brack, Mary 44yWF
Monroe Street194   Oct2018738168Bracken, John 42yWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun6190924984Bradbury,Baby WM
Monroe Street355   Jul27190222415Braddish, Wm 31yWM
Monroe Street472Jun221948Jun25194830634Bradenbeck, Walter 51yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan2218758806Brader, H 1yW 
Monroe Street123   Oct2018655378Bradfield, Charles F 1yWM
Monroe Street167   Oct818717147Bradfield, Lester 3yWF
Monroe Street3130   Dec16190724585Bradford,Baby WF
Monroe Street18   Apr118644806Bradford, P S  WM
Monroe Street3298   Jan27192728622Bradish, Charles 52yWM
Monroe Street1164   May23187910775Bradish, Frankie 9mWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan1188914854Bradish, Mary 82yWF
Monroe Street11   Apr1618634502Bradley,Miss18yWF
Monroe Street260   Sep22188513440Bradley,Child of Romelia   
Monroe Street1140   Feb2518779908Bradley, B G 6yW 
Monroe Street3180   Feb9191225703Bradley, Bryan 77yWM
Monroe Street264   Mar12188613596Bradley, Ella 15yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep16187710152Bradley, George 8yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov718738201BRadley, H JAKA Croley8yWM
Monroe Street133   Jul418675789Bradley, Irene E 6mWF
Monroe Street1140   Mar118779918Bradley, Lewis 3yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct30188915295Bradley, Louisa 83yWF
Monroe Street2141   Sep2189116334Bradley, M A 28yWM
Monroe Street3239   Jul14191726991Bradley, Mary 84yWF
Monroe Street3308   Dec14192828893Bradley, Mary E 35yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul18188714124Bradley, Rob't 9mWM
Monroe Street1115   May2818758970Bradley, Rom 17yW 
Monroe Street260   Sep22188513440Bradley, Romeliawith child   
Monroe Street1118   Jul2918759079Bradley, Sm  W 
Monroe Street1119   Aug818759109Bradley, Stephan 30yWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan4191025123Bradley, Thomas S 66yWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun23189619212Bradshaw, Harvey 5mWM
Monroe Street210   Sep8188111707Bradshaw, J H 4mW 
Monroe Street245   Jul11188412902Bradshaw, J H 45yWM
Monroe Street1103   Jun2918748514Brady, Stella 1yWF
Monroe Street2222   Jun4189619192Bradze, John 42yWM
Monroe Street321   Jul5190021379Bragg, Helen M 44yWF
Monroe Street41   Feb20193029052Braggs, Ella M 56yWF
Monroe Street2156   Aug2189216866Brainard, 4mWF
Monroe Street45   Dec6193029145Brainard, 86yWF
Monroe Street1174   Apr28188011112Brainard, David 65yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr15189216687Brainard, Delia 30yWF
Monroe Street3195   May30191326048Brainard, Enoch 78yWM
Monroe Street224   Aug15188212173Brainard, Julia 43y  
Monroe Street269   Aug30188613749Brakenridge,Mrs A20yWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr1189719586Brakensihler, Ernst 88yWM
Monroe Street1115   May1018758947Brakesechler, Maria 30yWF
Monroe Street3180   Feb10191225705Brakesuhler,SB WM
Monroe Street162   Mar1518716931Bralon,Mrs55yW 
Monroe Street2185   Apr3189417898Braman, Jacob 75yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep1518645014Bramer, Constine E  WF
Monroe Street3102   Aug7190523885Brana,Baby WM
Monroe Street2223   Jun28189619220Brand,SB WM
Monroe Street249   Oct28188413032Brand, Cathrine 65yWF
Monroe Street2137   May6189116151Brand, JacobSB WM
Monroe Street129   Sep3018665622Brand, Joseph 9yWM
Monroe Street3313   Dec2192929019Brandabur,SB WM
Monroe Street3167   Jan12191125452Brandenberg, Carrie L 54yWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov7189317655Brandes, Helen 3yWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr29188914990Brandes, Henrrietta 3mWF
Monroe Street166   Aug3018717098Brandholst, Hammond 1yWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep9187810516Brandhorst, Aug Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun4189619194Brandhorst, Caroline 17yWF
Monroe Street3270   Feb3192227829Brandhorst, Catherine 80yWF
Monroe Street336   Jun26190121860Brandt,Baby WF
Monroe Street358   Sep26190222512Brandt, 1dWF
Monroe Street436   Nov8193729897Brandt, Anna M 76yWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep17189619351Brandt, Christian 43yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul25187710072Brandt, Dorch 7mW 
Monroe Street433   Dec17193629826Brandt, Edw A 54yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep13189920935Brandt, Eldner 4mWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug10189116299Brandt, Elizabeth 57yWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan11188010993Brandt, Emilie 1yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar21190121717Brandt, Ereoin 6mWF
Monroe Street176   Jul2518727471Brandt, F Henry 10mWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov2187710222Brandt, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street2257   Oct29189820451Brandt, Fred 59yWM
Monroe Street49   Dec12193129246Brandt, Fred 83yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan26189619023Brandt, Frederick 61yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug1918748599Brandt, Fredicka 2mWF
Monroe Street3305   May12192828820Brandt, Helen 82yWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan8189015413Brandt, Henrietta 66yWF
Monroe Street2203   Feb18189518510Brandt, Henry 76yWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct1818748689Brandt, Herm 1yWM
Monroe Street2105   May23188915016Brandt, Herman 36yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb2518706561Brandt, Johannes 57yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr6189619108Brandt, John 66yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb7190322708Brandt, John C 44yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb21190523676Brandt, Lena 36yWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug818759108Brandt, Louisa 1yWF
Monroe Street3110   Apr30190624105Brandt, Mae 34yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb16190121671Brandt, Magdelena 54yWF
Monroe Street2140   Jul28189116274Brandt, Rose 1yWF
Monroe Street1139   Jan2418779879Brandt, Sophia 31yWF
Monroe Street3268   Nov10192127791Brandt, W W 1yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep14189116352Brandt, William 43yWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul12189116230Brandt, Willie 12yWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan17191827092Brandt, Wm F 41yWM
Monroe Street1163   Apr15187910735Brandthorst, Hedwig 34yW 
Monroe Street3120   Feb9190724341Brann,Baby WM
Monroe Street1163   May4187910755Brann, Ch 1mW 
Monroe Street2127   Aug28189015815Brann, Fred 8yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan2190021084Brann, Fred 57yWM
Monroe Street3143   Jan11190924872Brann, Johanna 19yWF
Monroe Street433   Nov6193629815Braschwitz, Elizabeth 49yWF
Monroe Street150   Oct2218696456Brashwitz, John F W 3yWM
Monroe Street250   Dec17188413076Brasshaber, Heinrich 9yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct20189317627Brater, Carl 41yWM
Monroe Street339   Aug17190121959Brathwaite, Edw J 6dWM
Monroe Street363   Dec31190222641Bratz, Anna 12hWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul6189317426Bratz, Bertha 6dWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan9191626666Bratzki, Alice 1yWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan22189317139Braum, Johanna 76yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr218748423Braun,SB Child of Mrs W 
Monroe Street1173   Apr14188011099Braun,SB W 
Monroe Street3135   May3190824699Braun,Baby WF
Monroe Street1146   Sep10187710147Braun, A E 1dW 
Monroe Street190   Aug618737992Braun, Aug Wm 1mWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2818738052Braun, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov2190222569Braun, Bertha 17yWF
Monroe Street2152   May4189216718Braun, Caroline 19yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug2218727528Braun, Charles 6mWM
Monroe Street1157   Oct6187810554Braun, Charles 7yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan23189317141Braun, Chas 16yWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar29190924921Braun, Chas 58yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug1418717063Braun, Chris Adolph 9mWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar24189116061Braun, Christian 72yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul28187710079Braun, Emil 2mWM
Monroe Street349   Mar23190222234Braun, Emil 2yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan518758787Braun, F HSB W 
Monroe Street3140   Oct5190824800Braun, Florence 5yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct18189216995Braun, Hael 6mWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec14189015938Braun, Herman 19yWM
Monroe Street138   May1018686002Braun, John 1mWM
Monroe Street2206   Apr24189518626Braun, John 2yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar18188211974Braun, Lena 7mWF
Monroe Street2262   Jan20189920595Braun, Mary 8yWF
Monroe Street196   Nov2718738228Braun, Peter 40yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct518738141Braun, Tola 4yW 
Monroe Street1157   Oct13187810564Braun, Wm 6yWM
Monroe Street312   Nov17189921021Braun, Wm 10yWF
Monroe Street325   Sep24190021497Brazemann, Wm F 3mWM
Monroe Street390   Sep6190423492Brazer, Clyde 23mWM
Monroe Street386   May15190423347Breckenwald, Fridrich 52yWM
Monroe Street2240   Sep30189719844Bredel, John 16yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar24190423277Bredenbeck, Alma 1yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan16189417770Bredenbeck, Augusta 5mWF
Monroe Street362   Dec26190222633Bredenbeck, Carl 5yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug4191225825Bredenbeck, Carl 52yWM
Monroe Street358   Sep1190222476Bredenbeck, Edna 20mWF
Monroe Street455Jul121942Jul15194230285Bredenbeck, Elsie 43yWF
Monroe Street3135   May11190824706Bredenbeck, Fred 41yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul15190322942Bredenbeck, Lizzie 33yWF
Monroe Street2207   May24189518671Bregaka, Wilhelmina 2mWF
Monroe Street132   Mar2718675742Breitenbach,SB Child of C WM
Monroe Street2190   Jul1189418082Brejska, 6mWM
Monroe Street372   Jun4190322881Brejska, Joseph 46yWM
Monroe Street2206   Apr25189518627Brelsford, 8dWM
Monroe Street451   Jan2194130171Brelsford, John 78yWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug15191727013Brelsford, Mary M 56yWF
Monroe Street378   Oct5190323052Brelsford, Sophronia 82yWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun15191025279Brelsford, Wm H 78yWM
Monroe Street2115   Dec29188915404Bremer, Augusta 76yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul5189418094Bremer, Henry O 77yWM
Monroe Street316   Mar5190021180Brend, Clarence 4mWM
Monroe Street352   May21190222313Brenel, Helen 10mWF
Monroe Street2229   Dec17189619447Brenners, Helen A 3yWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul25190624183Brennies, 36hWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul15189418122Brentigam, Lena 35yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul11190423417Breseman, 4mWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan8189619002Breseman, Chas 59yWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec18189015942Breseman, Henry 70yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep418748623Bresemann,SB Child of W W 
Monroe Street2255   Aug31189820372Bresemann, Carrie 48yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul8187710044Breske, PeterAKA Beseky1yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun24188111564Breskel, Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street355   Jul19190222400Breskey, Anthony 7mWM
Monroe Street3193   Mar3191325965Bresky, James 5mWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul29191125580Bresky, Walter 4mWM
Monroe Street3191   Jan11191325933Bresky, Wm 3mWM
Monroe Street235   Aug14188312545Bressel, Ellen 10mWF
Monroe Street235   Aug26188312562Bressel, Marey 23yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr8189417910Bresser, Edward 2yWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug5187910872Bressley, Hattie 7mWF
Monroe Street33   Mar23189920708Bressman, Sophia 60yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar26191526494Breter, Ernest H 22yWM
Monroe Street3147   May22190924972Breter, Maria E 49yWF
Monroe Street491Sep251961Sep28196131121Breth, James W 51yWM
Monroe Street445   Nov7193930071Breth, Jennie 61yWF
Monroe Street416   Jun5193329407Breth, Morris W 55yWM
Monroe Street3203   Jan25191426212Brew, 1dWF
Monroe Street3309   Jan17192928923Brewer,baby WF
Monroe Street445   Dec5193930078Brewer, Fred 81yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun3018737887Brewer, S    
Monroe Street183   Jan1318737715Brewer, Sarah A 60yWF
Monroe Street3286   Oct22192428276Brewer, Sophia 76yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov118748703Brewster,Child of John   
Monroe Street3232   Sep2191626796Brewster, Anna E 75yWF
Monroe Street1102   May2018748478Brewster, Austin 67yWM
Monroe Street272   Dec2188613869Brewster, Eliza 79yWF
Monroe Street3240   Sep4191727019Brewster, Francis E 79yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan19188914874Brezette, George 43yWM
Monroe Street453   Dec16194130230Brian, Kaye Don 10yWM
Monroe Street3267   Aug11192127754Brice, Adam 56yWM
Monroe Street420   Feb24193429498Brickman, Anna 84yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar14190322762Brickman, Esthella 17yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr10190322809Brickman, Ina E 27yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec2218748759Brickmann, Cath 30yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct4189317605Brickwell,SB WF
Monroe Street2198   Nov27189418382Brickwell, 14dWF
Monroe Street3243   Mar27191827137Bridge, Jessie E 51yWF
Monroe Street3232   Sep16191626809Bridge, Jos A 57yWM
Monroe Street140   Jul3118686073Bridges, Margaret 9mWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan16189920589Bridle, Joseph 38yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul27189418153Bridle, Mary A 66yWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun21189317399Briend, 1dWF
Monroe Street159   Nov418706795Brier, Andrew 31yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb1718758842Brierly, Eliza 60yW 
Monroe Street157   Sep518706729Brierly, Ralph 57yWM
Monroe Street39   Aug10189920900Briesnitz, Gertrude 19yWF
Monroe Street3307   Sep1192828863Briesnitz, John 79yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep26192227931Briesnitz, Maria 73yWF
Monroe Street117   Feb818655151Brigg, Bridgett 38yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan3188814336Briggs,SB WF
Monroe Street230   Mar23188312398Briggs, Adda 43y F
Monroe Street2181   Dec31189317751Briggs, Anna 20yWF
Monroe Street444   Sep28193930062Briggs, Bert A 50yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun14188412873Briggs, Carrie E 11yWF
Monroe Street256   Jun8188513283Briggs, Charles C 53yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun26190222365Briggs, Emaline M  WF
Monroe Street221   May21188212067Briggs, Erastus 81y  
Monroe Street2221   May12189619169Briggs, Erastus A 55yWM
Monroe Street3281   Dec20192328136Briggs, Francis M 61yWM
Monroe Street1142   Apr1618779983Briggs, Geo  WM
Monroe Street137   Jan3018685936Briggs, George 41yWM
Monroe Street3236   Feb28191726909Briggs, Jessie D 56yWF
Monroe Street265   Apr28188613640Briggs, Jose 19yWF
Monroe Street3295   Jul2192628550Briggs, Minerva A 90yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb15188211925Briggs, Salley 76yWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep1118759167Bright, A G 43yW 
Monroe Street1177   Aug5188011244Brill, Alwina 3yW 
Monroe Street1177   Jul29188011234Brill, Cath 1yWF
Monroe Street244   May28188412853Brill, Louis 14yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan15191726879Brill, Minnie 72yWF
Monroe Street299   Dec20188814835Brill, Rus 6yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov26188312677Brill, Wm 50yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar19189216638Brilow, Herman 25yWM
Monroe Street2169   May14189317326Brimm, Louis 48yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug11189518781Brinbaum, Dorthay 10mWF
Monroe Street1120   Aug2618759145Brink, Edith 6mWF
Monroe Street252   Feb6188513137Brink, Eliesabeth 7mWF
Monroe Street231   Apr2188312408Brink, Ella 9mWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug19189216908Brink, Ella 41yWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar618748381Brink, Irvin 6mW 
Monroe Street28   Jul23188111613Brink, Oland 3mW 
Monroe Street2186   Apr6189417907Brinker,Mrs F W34yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug5191326090Brinker, Clara Olive 39yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan18189518459Brinker, Elhia 6yWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep19188011296Brinker, Ernst H 62yWM
Monroe Street119   Apr3018655228Brinker, F W 42yWM
Monroe Street240   Feb8188412731Brinker, F W 1dWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct318769694Brinker, Fr Wm 27yWM
Monroe Street193   Oct318738138Brinker, Frank 2yWM
Monroe Street428   Oct16193529699Brinker, Fred J 77yWM
Monroe Street3256   Nov28191927463Brinker, Fred W 71yWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun29190824737Brinker, Geo C 40yWM
Monroe Street150   Sep2318696442Brinker, George 18yWM
Monroe Street1103   Jul518748523Brinker, Henry 23yWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct418748671Brinker, Henry 34yWM
Monroe Street335   Jun12190121841Brinker, Herbert 12dWM
Monroe Street197   Dec3118738293Brinker, L H 1mW 
Monroe Street247   Sep27188412986Brinker, Magdalena 33yWF
Monroe Street17   Mar118644758Brinker, Mary Ann 11mWF
Monroe Street377   Sep17190323038Brinker, Mary E 75yWF
Monroe Street118   Apr218655206Brinker, Salley 1yWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar10189518552Brinker, Walter 1yWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun1189418021Brinker, Wilber 1yWM
Monroe Street3125   Jul25190724476Brinkman, Edna 7yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar19190121714Brinkman, Henry 51yWM
Monroe Street124   Jan2418665450Brinkman, James Wm 10mW 
Monroe Street2241   Oct26189719889Brinkman, John 4yWM
Monroe Street1178   Aug31188011276Brinkmann, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar23189216649Brinkmann, Lida H 19yWF
Monroe Street2150   Mar6189216620Brinkmann, Minna 2yWF
Monroe Street3116   Oct4190624239Brinnker, Cleland 8mWM
Monroe Street197   Dec3018738291Brinnon, Bill 8mWM
Monroe Street199   Feb118748339Brisel, Maria M 46yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr14189116095Briser, Margaretha 4yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr7189317265Brisnitz, Wilhelmena 48yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov418738192Bristee, Ph 47yW 
Monroe Street3123   May29190724445Britenfeld,Baby WF
Monroe Street170   Jan718727222Brittan, D WSB WM
Monroe Street380   Dec19190323139Britten, Archibald 33yWM
Monroe Street249   Nov5188413039Broan, John Casper 70yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep12189216958Brobeck, Charlie 7mWM
Monroe Street2239   Sep7189719819Brobst, Adam L 34yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug1189418170Brobst, Ella E 16mWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb9189820043Brobst, Wm F 37yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug3018738058Brocce, John Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street1107   Sep2118748659Brock, Annie 28yWF
Monroe Street489Jun121960Jun15196031087Brock, Nellie 78yWF
Monroe Street3129   Nov8190724553Brock, Olive R 3wWF
Monroe Street26   Jun21188111561Brockel, Geo 1mWM
Monroe Street2114   Dec8188915368Brockel, Lottie 4yWF
Monroe Street2222   May25189619183Brocket, W CSB WF
Monroe Street299   Dec28188814845Brockman, Jacob 52yWM
Monroe Street479Aug71951Aug10195130808Broeckel, Emma 70yWF
Monroe Street482Apr111954Apr15195430897Broeckel, Geo J 78yWM
Monroe Street3275   Dec23192227964Broeckel, Mary A 70yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar20189417870Broeckel, Mathias 42yWM
Monroe Street3298   Mar9192728644Broecker, Annie 69yWF
Monroe Street218   Mar14188211969Broeckle,SB W 
Monroe Street3163   Sep1191025346Broege, Carl 12yWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan13189216520Broege, Friedrich 13mWM
Monroe Street199   Feb1018748355Broekel, Maria 42yWF
Monroe Street2203   Mar7189518542Broeker, Christina M 5yWF
Monroe Street420   Mar16193429503Broeker, Gerrit 73yWM
Monroe Street369   Apr2190322799Broeker, John B 82yWM
Monroe Street429   Dec21193529722Broeker, John F 81yWM
Monroe Street427   Sep13193529683Broeker, Martina G 69yWF
Monroe Street3256   Nov1191927453Broeker, Norman F 19yWM
Monroe Street2163   Dec29189217106Broeker, Richard 30yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug17190523895Broestel, Joseph 61yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan16190121628Broestle, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep20189820397Broetigam, Minnie 7yWF
Monroe Street158   Oct2418706783Broft,Child of Johan SB WF
Monroe Street2124   Jun29189015706Brogden, John C 46yWM
Monroe Street2152   Apr19189216694Broge, HermanSB WM
Monroe Street1156   Sep5187810515Brom, Philipp 7mWM
Monroe Street269   Sep5188613758Bromelmeier, Ernst 35yWM
Monroe Street3225   Dec28191526651Bromley, Chas C 18yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan7189920567Brommelmeier, Clara 73yWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul16190624170Brommelmeier, H F 73yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov30190523990Bronsen, Horace 48yWM
Monroe Street146   May1518696308Bronson, Byron 25yWM
Monroe Street2144   Oct20189116411Bronson, Eliz 69yWF
Monroe Street2144   Oct28189116428Bronson, Horace 71yWM
Monroe Street418   Nov24193329457Bronson, Laura 73yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jun6187710020Brooken,SB W 
Monroe Street1143   Jun6187710019Brooken, Mathie 16yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug18191125597Brooks,  WM
Monroe Street3210   Aug12191426339Brooks,Baby WF
Monroe Street155   Jun1218706636Brooks, Annie 19yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar7190423256Brooks, Beatrice 20mWF
Monroe Street227   Dec6188212299Brooks, Ch 21y  
Monroe Street2227   Oct18189619382Brooks, Chas E 45yWM
Monroe Street270   Oct3188613807Brooks, Edidt 18mWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep28188915225Brooks, John T 5wWM
Monroe Street289   Mar21188814446Brooks, Sidney 5dWM
Monroe Street159   Dec418706824Brooks, Susan 60yWF
Monroe Street169   Dec718717196Brophay, Sarah I 19yWF
Monroe Street261   Nov6188513477Brophey, John 24yWM
Monroe Street133   Aug418675806Brophy, Thomas 14dWM
Monroe Street3294   Jun23192628545Brosak, Leo 27yWM
Monroe Street3312   Sep13192929002Brosek, Mary 71yWF
Monroe Street411   Mar22193229287Brosek, Thomas 84yWM
Monroe Street399   May25190523799Broseman,Baby WF
Monroe Street3303   Jan7192828763Broski, Mary Gemlich 88yWF
Monroe Street3312   Aug28192928995Brosky, Robt 9mWM
Monroe Street3245   May13191827170Brosnan, Lizzie 42yWF
Monroe Street132   Apr2718675756Brothers, Charles 6mWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov18187710246Brothers, Cuda 1yW 
Monroe Street1165   Jul10187910825Brothers, D 54yW 
Monroe Street132   May1318675766Brothers, Elizabeth 7yWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec1418759283Brothers, Susanah 1yWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug23189518797Brothers, Timothy 68yWM
Monroe Street463Dec221944Dec27194430463Brothers, Wm H 73yWM
Monroe Street3255   Oct15191927446Brotherton, Mary 81yWF
Monroe Street174   Jun1218727403Broun, Wilhelmina 10mWF
Monroe Street138   May1118686003Brower,  WM
Monroe Street220   May7188212048Brower, Andrew 53y  
Monroe Street137   Jan918685928Brower, Louisa 1yWF
Monroe Street319   Apr26190021277Brower, Milford 37yWM
Monroe Street19   May2618644854Brown,Mrs87yWF
Monroe Street131   Feb418675715Brown,SB Child of F H WM
Monroe Street134   Aug518675808Brown,Child of Laf3dWF
Monroe Street157   Aug2418706715Brown,Child of Frank3mWF
Monroe Street288   Mar16188814439Brown, 12dWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb7188914904Brown, 5hWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar26188914946Brown,Baby WM
Monroe Street2194   Aug24189418222Brown,SB WM
Monroe Street2254   Aug13189820348Brown,SB WF
Monroe Street3135   May1190824696Brown,Baby WM
Monroe Street3270   Mar14192227852Brown,SB WM
Monroe Street1153   May14187810396Brown, A H 3mW 
Monroe Street164   Jun1118716991Brown, Abbie 27yWF
Monroe Street12   Jul1618634548Brown, Ada 6yWF
Monroe Street3245   Jun26191827192Brown, Albert 39yWM
Monroe Street3142   Dec26190824862Brown, Ann F 83yWF
Monroe Street168   Oct2218717160Brown, Anna 18yWF
Monroe Street4108Mar91971Mar12197131314Brown, Annie 102y F
Monroe Street126   May218665505Brown, Annie M 5yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan22190021115Brown, Archbald 75yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep118644995Brown, Asenth 65yWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov16189317669Brown, Barbara 50yWF
Monroe Street157   Sep1218706739Brown, Caroline 1yWF
Monroe Street316   Mar2190021172Brown, Caroline 61yWF
Monroe Street487   Feb13195831026Brown, Charles M 82yWM
Monroe Street484Jun81955Jun11195530941Brown, Charlotte 85yWF
Monroe Street461Jan241944Jan27194430418Brown, Chas Edward 76yWM
Monroe Street264   Mar3188613588Brown, Chas G 42yWM
Monroe Street2166   Feb21189317189Brown, E P 83yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr30191827164Brown, Earne 16yWM
Monroe Street398   Apr4190523743Brown, Edw 55yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb5189417796Brown, Edward 21mWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan13189216527Brown, Eliesa Jane 38yWF
Monroe Street229   Feb11188312361Brown, Elisab 55y F
Monroe Street142   Sep1018686129Brown, Eliza 1yWF
Monroe Street153   Apr1018706587Brown, Elizabeth 20yWF
Monroe Street2122   May9189015631Brown, Else May 11dWM
Monroe Street2115   Dec26188915401Brown, Emaliene 62yWF
Monroe Street3240   Sep12191727028Brown, Emma R 65yWF
Monroe Street2235   May18189719659Brown, Esther 6wWF
Monroe Street3282   Mar12192428178Brown, Eva Jayne 73yWF
Monroe Street457Dec201942Dec24194230324Brown, Frances 77yWF
Monroe Street12   Jul1318634546Brown, FrankSB WM
Monroe Street3140   Oct11190824803Brown, Fred C 9mWM
Monroe Street316   Mar3190021176Brown, Fred John 38yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan12188914863Brown, G D 38yWM
Monroe Street3118   Dec14190624293Brown, Geo 46yWM
Monroe Street410   Jan8193229252Brown, Geo W 72yWM
Monroe Street352   May26190222321Brown, Helen M 13mWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep19189518863Brown, Henry 45yWM
Monroe Street3221   Jul27191526561Brown, Henry J 6mWM
Monroe Street259   Sep5188513419Brown, Ira D 4yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan17192928921Brown, Isabelle 72yWF
Monroe Street134   Aug718675811Brown, James 4yWM
Monroe Street2187   Apr30189417954Brown, James 64yWM
Monroe Street3179   Jan2191225671Brown, James 91yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul2218696371Brown, James F 1yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun19188412881Brown, James F    
Monroe Street229   Jan30188312354Brown, Jane 28y F
Monroe Street232   May12188312439Brown, Jane 28yWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar19189116056Brown, Jas 38yWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct30189518919Brown, Jeanette 60yWF
Monroe Street171   Feb1818727259Brown, John 38yWM
Monroe Street3224   Nov29191526628Brown, John 37yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec16190222620Brown, John B 76yWM
Monroe Street137   Feb918685941Brown, John P 2yWM
Monroe Street24   Apr18188111494Brown, JuliaMrs50yWF
Monroe Street2203   Feb19189518513Brown, Kittie 33yWF
Monroe Street3135   May28190824718Brown, Leslie 17yWM
Monroe Street3219   May22191526532Brown, Louisa 68yWF
Monroe Street295   Sep1188814699Brown, Lucy 6mWF
Monroe Street184   Feb1318737749Brown, Maria 39yWF
Monroe Street133   Jul2918675800Brown, Martha 6yW 
Monroe Street3109   Mar5190624057Brown, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street263   Jan24188613556Brown, Peter  WM
Monroe Street1130   Jul1818769535Brown, Ralph 9mWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar25189216651Brown, Rhoda Elizabeth 4mWF
Monroe Street260   Sep19188513436Brown, Richard 78yWM
Monroe Street145   Feb2718696250Brown, Sarah 81yWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan19189015446Brown, Sophronia 76yWF
Monroe Street3265   Apr22192127716Brown, Sue B 38yWF
Monroe Street326   Nov29190021564Brown, Viola 4yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan16189417771Brown, Wilhemina 79yWF
Monroe Street455Jul141942Jul18194230288Brown, William 78yWM
Monroe Street129   Oct818665626Brown, Wm 24yWM
Monroe Street1179   Oct15188011313Brown, Wm 22yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar9189015538Brownell, Richard 70yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul1318727447Brownfoint, Emil 11mWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul12189418111Browning, Francis 57yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun26190423397Brozh, Thomas 17mWM
Monroe Street493Oct221962Oct24196231149Bruch, Elizabeth 93yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug13189418198Bruch, Grace 2yWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan26189015460Bruch, Jacob 26yWM
Monroe Street3304   Mar12192828788Bruch, Lilliam 64yWF
Monroe Street3195   May22191326041Brucker,Baby WM
Monroe Street1118   Jul2918759080Bruckers, John 3yWM
Monroe Street1138   Dec1918769836Bruder, Anna 6mWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar7189116042Bruder, Anna 78yWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun12189216775Bruder, Elizabeth 60yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar21189820117Bruder, Henry 62yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar18191927333Bruder, Leo 68yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec22191025435Bruder, Mary 86yWF
Monroe Street186   May2218737852Bruder, Robert 3mWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun15189619204Bruder, Rudolph 61yWM
Monroe Street352   May23190222318Brueggeman, Henry 58yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct30188915292Brueggeman, Louis 3wWM
Monroe Street2102   Feb23188914910Brueggeman, Marga 60yWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr1189619102Bruehler, Abaline 64yWF
Monroe Street495Jul251963Jul27196331182Bruehler, Margaret 84yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep1018717113Bruenger, Mary Elisb 50y F
Monroe Street265   Mar23188613612Bruesson, Anna 4mWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan12189317125Bruessow, Reinhard 2yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr918737806Bruggemann, Luisa 72yW 
Monroe Street3296   Nov29192628599Bruggers, Dena 74yWF
Monroe Street3111   May25190624126Bruggers, Geo 31yWM
Monroe Street225   Oct16188212236Bruggers, J H 5y  
Monroe Street3287   Dec24192428300Bruggers, John H 83yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr10188212007Bruhe, Jos 76yWM
Monroe Street2255   Aug30189820370Brummer,SB WF
Monroe Street2243   Dec8189719953Brune, Eleonora 78yWF
Monroe Street3176   Oct21191125622Brune, John 56yWM
Monroe Street475Dec251949Dec28194930723Brune, Susan 87yWF
Monroe Street378   Oct24190323076Brune, Wm 67yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar22189216644Brunk, Wilhelmina J 3mWF
Monroe Street3287   Dec3192428294Brunn, August 61yWM
Monroe Street360   Oct23190222552Brunn, Elmer 8mWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul28190523875Brunn, Frank 4wWM
Monroe Street324   Sep8190021476Brunn, Geo 7mWM
Monroe Street510Aug111983Aug22198331449Brunn, Henry 90y M
Monroe Street2226   Sep3189619332Brunn, Lottie 3wWF
Monroe Street3298   Feb22192728632Brunn, Louise 63yWF
Monroe Street360   Oct30190222564Brunn, Robt 18mWM
Monroe Street295   Aug30188814698Brunner,SB WF
Monroe Street3274   Oct3192227935Brunner, Albert Clyde 27yWM
Monroe Street2185   Mar21189417873Brunner, Arthur 11mWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr24191927363Brunner, August 48yWM
Monroe Street326   Oct26190021533Brunner, Christina 76yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul9189015725Brunner, Frank 2mWM
Monroe Street28   Jul29188111627Brunner, Fred 1yWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr24188914982Brunner, Fred 71yWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan17191025131Brunner, Fredie 12yWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr18189015597Brunner, George A 16yWM
Monroe Street410   Jan22193229259Brunner, Henry 64yWM
Monroe Street3192   Feb20191325960Brunner, Herbert 22yWM
Monroe Street312   Nov28189921038Brunner, John 74yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb28189216610Brunner, Louisa 32yWF
Monroe Street3252   Apr21191927358Brunner, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street486Oct151957Oct17195731013Brunner, Mary 88yWF
Monroe Street475Nov81949Nov12194930716Brunner, Nellie 82yWF
Monroe Street51Oct131974Oct31197431364Brunner, Nelson 64y M
Monroe Street252   Feb8188513138Brunner, Peter 28yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar26190021217Brunner, Sophie 68yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun28190322907Brunner, Wm 40yWM
Monroe Street440   Sep24193829969Brunner, Wm F 70yWM
Monroe Street273   Dec19188613887Brusch, Johanna 58yWF
Monroe Street249   Nov6188413040Brush, Christian 46yWM
Monroe Street282   Sep27188714221Brush, Christian 18yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr7190222259Brush, Lizzie 26yWF
Monroe Street255   May17188513256Brussaw, Hedwig 1yWF
Monroe Street321   Jul5190021378Brutenfelt, Herman 10wWM
Monroe Street210   Sep11188111713Bryan, Julia I 1yWF
Monroe Street130   Dec1518665673Bryant, Mary J 2yWF
Monroe Street3281   Jan30192428154Bryneldsen, Bernhard 76yWM
Monroe Street352   May2190222298Bubjah, Joseph 48yWM
Monroe Street221   May17188212060Bublitz, Anna 1y  
Monroe Street264   Mar20188613607Bubs, Bertha 10mWF
Monroe Street244   Jun2188412858Bubs, Charlie 3mWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan21189015452Bubs, Herman  WM
Monroe Street279   Jul14188714111Bubs, John 3mWM
Monroe Street287   Feb8188814391Bubs, Martha 10mWF
Monroe Street435   Jun7193729874Bucey, Edna D 37yWF
Monroe Street2197   Oct20189418322Buch, Emma 5yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep9189317562Buchain, Andrew 44yWM
Monroe Street2151   Mar28189216656Buchanan, Anna C 10yCF
Monroe Street2248   Mar28189820129Buchheim, Joseph 52yWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug19189116313Buchholz,SB WM
Monroe Street2168   Apr16189317279Buchholz,SB WM
Monroe Street38   Jul31189920885Buchholz,SB WM
Monroe Street322   Jul9190021388Buchholz, Chas 81yWM
Monroe Street392   Nov24190423572Buchholz, Chas J 52yWM
Monroe Street3184   Jun15191225791Buchholz, Dorothy 81yWF
Monroe Street295   Aug14188814670Buchholz, John 38yWM
Monroe Street120   Aug418655295Buchholz, John V 54yWM
Monroe Street2235   May30189719670Buchholz, Louisa 84yWF
Monroe Street2146   Dec27189116497Buchholz, Maria 67yWF
Monroe Street329   Jan26190121642Buchlop, Christopher 63yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul27190523874Buchlop, Elizabeth 78yWF
Monroe Street111   Jul2718644933Buchser, Caroline 8yWF
Monroe Street1115   Jun318758972Buck,Mrs M25yWF
Monroe Street3286   Oct9192428271Buck,SB WF
Monroe Street2228   Nov8189619411Buck, Fred 42yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan2192928902Buck, Joseph 41yWM
Monroe Street268   Jul28188613711Buck, Wm 10mWF
Monroe Street149   Sep418696423Buckbessinger, Freddy 6mWM
Monroe Street159   Nov1618706808Buckhart,Child of Fredrick SB WF
Monroe Street1115   May2518758967Buckmaster, John 6yWM
Monroe Street390   Sep3190423488Buckritz, August 37yWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr4190924930Buda, Mary 35yWF
Monroe Street438   Feb5193829921Budahazy, Barbara 72yWF
Monroe Street420   Jan27193429492Budahazy, Paul 65yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan2190222133Buday, Steve 25yWM
Monroe Street372   Jun5190322882Budi,Baby WM
Monroe Street443   Apr8193930019Buechberger, Catherine 59yWF
Monroe Street2106   Jul8188915065Buechler,SB WM
Monroe Street187   Jun2218737879Buechler, A M 71yW 
Monroe Street3298   Feb15192728629Buechler, Augusta 65yWF
Monroe Street25   Apr22188111497Buechler, Balhaser 78yWM
Monroe Street3224   Nov27191526626Buechler, Elizabeth 86yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan6191726870Buechler, Frederick 60yWM
Monroe Street2250   Apr29189820191Buechler, Helen E 1mWF
Monroe Street415   Mar7193329382Buechler, Henry 75yWM
Monroe Street3187   Sep22191225855Buechler, Johnb 72yWM
Monroe Street139   Jun2018686026Buechler, Ludwig 5mWM
Monroe Street337   Jul14190121902Buechler, Margaret 61yWF
Monroe Street425   Jan29193529613Buechler, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street452   Jun4194130198Buechler, Theresa 70yWF
Monroe Street3158   Apr11191025219Buechner, David 53yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug22190624201Buechner, Margarett 43yWF
Monroe Street476Mar111950Mar14195030736Buehl, Elizabeth 78yWF
Monroe Street462May31944May8194430435Buehl, Jacob G 67yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar17188211973Buehle, Albert A 7mWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov5192328117Buehm, Mary 66yWF
Monroe Street169   Dec318717193Buehne, Catharina 35yWF
Monroe Street149   Aug2218696408Buehne, Clara 10mWF
Monroe Street196   Dec1418738259Buehne, Frank 7yWM
Monroe Street3224   Nov20191526621Buehne, Frank I 36yWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug11189619314Buehne, Frederick 68yWM
Monroe Street1167   Aug25187910888Buehne, Susana 21yWF
Monroe Street373   Jul1190322911Buehrig, Edw 50yWM
Monroe Street2137   May11189116154Buehring, Harrison 2yWM
Monroe Street335   Jun6190121829Buehring, Leroy 10mWM
Monroe Street2238   Aug4189719765Buehring, Margareth 8mWM
Monroe Street511Oct231984Oct30198431455Buelon, Isabelle M 87y F
Monroe Street44   Oct27193029136Buelow,SB WF
Monroe Street416   Jun9193329408Buelow, Charles 75yWM
Monroe Street3303   Feb2192828772Buelow, Chas F 67yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar1191927321Buelow, Chas O 79yWM
Monroe Street2235   May9189719649Buelow, Harry 3yWM
Monroe Street3300   Jul19192728697Buelow, Lois 4mWF
Monroe Street2150   Mar26189216653Buelow, Maria 3mWF
Monroe Street445   Dec1193930076Buelow, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street3237   Mar28191726933Buelow, Paulina 75yWF
Monroe Street52Dec311974Jan3197531367Buelow, Roderick 80y M
Monroe Street2224   Jul16189619264Buelow, Wm 28yWM
Monroe Street3305   May29192828827Buelow, Wmbaby WM
Monroe Street3167   Jan9191125449Buenger,SB WM
Monroe Street3122   Apr1190724396Buenger, Carl 73yWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep2189820377Buenger, John 52yWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun7189418036Buenger, Sophia 60yWF
Monroe Street2138   Jun23189116206Buerkle,SB WM
Monroe Street270   Oct4188613809Buerkle, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan31191726892Buerkle, Catherine 90yWF
Monroe Street263   Feb1188613558Buerkle, Michael 61yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec5190021573Buescher, Anna 36yWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun13191025277Buescher, Claumor 84yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan8189619001Buescher, Elsabein 71yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr10189417915Buescher, Herman 32yWM
Monroe Street2143   Sep26189116376Bueschner,SB WM
Monroe Street2141   Aug20189116314Bueschner, Selma  WF
Monroe Street314   Jan20190021112Buese, Louis 69yWM
Monroe Street4101Jan141967Jan17196731257Buese, Martha 90yWF
Monroe Street3255   Sep27191927434Buese, Mathilda 82yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul18190423425Buettner, Christ 55yWM
Monroe Street411   Jun14193229310Buettner, Christina 81yWF
Monroe Street1180   Nov13188011350Buettner, Mary 8mWF
Monroe Street144   Feb818696232Buettner, William HSB WM
Monroe Street1136   Nov918769756Buffington, Julia 58yWF
Monroe Street147   Jul318696347Bufford, Andrew B 8mCM
Monroe Street1134   Sep2618769683Bugy, Charles 4yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug718769583Buhl, Elisab 3mWF
Monroe Street1177   Aug22188011264Buhler, Emma J 4mWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep23188915217Buhlow, Max 6yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr13188011096Buhrdorf, Emma 5yWF
Monroe Street136   Dec2018675917Buhrer, Anna Maria 82yWF
Monroe Street36   May25189920802Buhrer, Clara 19yWF
Monroe Street246   Aug18188412946Buhrer, Edward 1mWM
Monroe Street2221   May16189619170Buhrer, John 59yWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr17190724417Buhrer, John 29yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct10189317613Buhrer, Lizzie 19yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar19189719561Buhrer, Sophia 20yWF
Monroe Street1149   Nov23187710259Buhrig, Henry 74yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug14189518784Buider, PeterSB WM
Monroe Street485Jun41956Jun7195630966Builder, Christine E 79yWF
Monroe Street4103Feb81968Feb10196831279Builder, William E 92yWM
Monroe Street3263   Dec7192027646Buiskool, Anna 39yWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug26189518807Bulcraft, Jessie 8yWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan17189719478Bulcroft, Albertina 2yWF
Monroe Street171   Mar1218727284Bulison, Mary G 1yWF
Monroe Street194   Oct518738143Bull, Bessie 3mWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul18187910840Bullask, Wm  WM
Monroe Street3116   Oct12190624245Bullinger, Edw 7yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan14189820004Bullinger, Geo 69yWM
Monroe Street3228   Apr1191626726Bullinger, Harry F 10yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul31189015769Bullinger, Irene 7mWF
Monroe Street416   Jun13193329409Bullinger, Katherine 91yWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan8189015421Bullinger, Mary 23yWF
Monroe Street455Apr191942Apr22194230265Bullinger, Otto 79yWM
Monroe Street436   Oct13193729894Bullinger, Rose 61yWF
Monroe Street196   Dec1018738253Bullock, John 78yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov20190523980Bullock, Marian E 2wWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1718706749Bullock, Thomas Meadly 4yWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec21189015947Bulow, Elsie 1yWF
Monroe Street2131   Dec28189015960Bulow, Henrietta 86yWF
Monroe Street479Aug21951Aug4195130807Bulter, Everett D 86yWM
Monroe Street1142   Apr1218779976Bulton, John 47yWM
Monroe Street489Sep251959Sep28195931070Bumbarger, Katherine Marrie 84yWF
Monroe Street478Apr271951Apr30195130798Bumbarger, Uriah Grant 78yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul27187710077Bundrack, 3dWF
Monroe Street335   May29190121819Bungart, Mary 40yWF
Monroe Street16   Dec2818634705Bunich, John 4yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan16189115990Bunker, W JAKA Willie Morgan22yWM
Monroe Street432   Sep22193629802Bunning, Rosa 76yWF
Monroe Street156   Jul2118706673Bunshalt,Child of M11dWM
Monroe Street153   Mar118706565Buntsch, Max 15yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan318758782Burall, Thompson 2yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov30188312680Burchard,SB WM
Monroe Street274   Jan6188713904Burchart, August 14yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul24187810469Burckdorf, Fred'a 5mW 
Monroe Street473Jan71949Jan8194930668Burckhardt, Caroline 80yWF
Monroe Street3218   Apr18191526510Burckhardt, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street4109Dec211971Dec23197131328Burdack, Minnie 88y F
Monroe Street3309   Jan3192928905Burdack, Wm C 48yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul13190322934Burden, F W 43yWM
Monroe Street354   Jul8190222382Burden, James T 79yWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct18190523948Burden, Jane 81yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr15190523756Burden, Norman 2mWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar28190624076Burden, Ralph C 6wWM
Monroe Street1150   Dec29187710295Burdick, E S 49yW 
Monroe Street116   Jan818655115Burdick, John SLieut31yWM
Monroe Street2151   Mar30189216659Burdorf, Annie 11yWF
Monroe Street287   Jan29188814379Burdorf, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr18188011104Burdorf, Hermann 5mWM
Monroe Street287   Feb4188814387Burdorf, Martin 4yWM
Monroe Street1140   Feb1718779903Burdorf, Sus 6dW 
Monroe Street1163   Apr14187910733Burdorff,Child   
Monroe Street176   Jul2818727474Burdorff, Anna L 9mWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov8191125637Burdorff, Anna Maria 61yWF
Monroe Street3282   Feb13192428166Burdorff, Henry 83yWM
Monroe Street485Dec301955Jan3195630959Burg, Lenora 73yWF
Monroe Street478Jan271951May16195130799Burg, Otto J 74yWM
Monroe Street2221   May18189619174Burgawitz, Gustav 10mWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb23189619056Burgelin, Fred 9yWM
Monroe Street420   Feb22193429497Burger, Carrie F 87yWF
Monroe Street1155   Jul28187810475Burger, Cath'a 53yWF
Monroe Street156   Aug1018706694Burgert,Child of Michaeil12dWF
Monroe Street3126   Aug10190724487Burges, Ellen M 3mWF
Monroe Street2196   Sep29189418290Burgess, Ernst 7mWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug30190824778Burghard, Katharine 73yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep14189518853Burghardt, Augusta 28yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul18189317450Burghardt, Carl F 5mWM
Monroe Street2120   Apr9189015582Burghardt, Christian 53yWM
Monroe Street3272   Jul3192227893Burghardt, Geo 4dWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug3191727003Burghardt, James 1dWM
Monroe Street379   Nov28190323114Burghardt, Mabel 5mWF
Monroe Street378   Oct30190323081Burghardt, Margarett 31yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar5190121686Burgholder, John 73yWM
Monroe Street284   Nov14188714268Burgtorf, 2mWM
Monroe Street283   Oct31188714257Burgtorf, Johanna 36yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul20188714125Burgtorf, Theresa 4yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb16189920653Burgy, Barbara 81yWF
Monroe Street225   Oct15188212235Burgy, Francis 22y  
Monroe Street163   Apr518716950Burgy, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov17189619418Burgy, Jacob 75yWM
Monroe Street130   Dec918665671Burgy, John Ed 3yWM
Monroe Street169   Dec2118717207Burgy, Thomas 1yWM
Monroe Street3210   Aug18191426342Burianek, Katharine 43yWF
Monroe Street1169   Dec22187910982Burisk, Joseph 2yWM
Monroe Street1169   Dec22187910981Burisk, Regina 4yWF
Monroe Street11   May2118634520Burk,Miss18yWF
Monroe Street28   Aug3188111637Burk, 16dW 
Monroe Street471Mar61948Mar9194830619Burk, Ellice E  WF
Monroe Street25   Apr25188111501Burk, Fred    
Monroe Street1132   Aug2318769624Burk, George 5mWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct25189217009Burk, George 59yWM
Monroe Street3293   Apr6192628504Burk, Mary 92yWF
Monroe Street3254   Aug20191927421Burk, Mary Miss 57yWF
Monroe Street174   Jun418727396Burk, O M 56yWF
Monroe Street25   Apr25188111501Burk, Sarah    
Monroe Street1130   Jul1918769536Burk, Sarah F 33yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec 187710288Burk, WmSee Int no 10290   
Monroe Street1149   Dec20187710290Burk, Wm 40yWM
Monroe Street321   Jun13190021352Burka, Joseph 19dWF
Monroe Street186   May2518737855Burkardt, Anna 3yW 
Monroe Street1128   Apr1018769434Burke,SB W 
Monroe Street295   Aug16188814673Burke, 12dWF
Monroe Street3300   Jul25192728701Burke, Agnes 66yWF
Monroe Street3220   Jun25191526549Burke, Esther 68yWF
Monroe Street247   Sep8188412973Burke, George William  WM
Monroe Street2205   Apr10189518599Burke, Mary 57yWF
Monroe Street2156   Aug8189216878Burke, Robert J 7mWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov3189619401Burke, Thos 65yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul24187810468Burkert, Fred Albert 7mWM
Monroe Street343   Nov12190122059Burkett, 12hWM
Monroe Street343   Nov12190122060Burkett, 18hWM
Monroe Street120   Jul1218655272Burkett, Hyde 8mWM
Monroe Street27   Jun28188111570Burkhard,Child   
Monroe Street2128   Oct15189015870Burkhard, George 16mWM
Monroe Street2144   Oct23189116415Burkhard, Mary 2mWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep28189518878Burkhard, Wm 29yWM
Monroe Street454Mar201942Mar24194230258Burkhardt, Alvina 76yWF
Monroe Street225   Oct6188212222Burkhardt, August 38y  
Monroe Street421   May26193429527Burkhardt, Caroline 67yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb518769353Burkhardt, Charles 5yWM
Monroe Street3288   Apr25192528345Burkhardt, Cordelia I 50yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul11189015727Burkhardt, Dorathea 46yWF
Monroe Street1107   Sep1718748656Burkhardt, Elisa 1yW 
Monroe Street3150   Aug6190925019Burkhardt, Geo W 20yWM
Monroe Street3214   Dec20191426414Burkhardt, Louis G 42yWM
Monroe Street463Dec271944Dec30194430464Burkhardt, Mabel 52yWF
Monroe Street427   Jun18193529664Burkhardt, Otto J H 55yWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan16190624023Burkhardt, Theobald 63yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2018738029Burkhardt, Wm 2dWM
Monroe Street26   Jun16188111555Burkhart, Elisab C 10yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1118769320Burkhart, Franciska 4yWF
Monroe Street2258   Nov18189820482Burkholder, Elizabeth 63yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun25190423392Burkle, Catharine 76yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun10190724452Burkley, E  WM
Monroe Street114   Oct418645039Burkley, Louisa C 5mWF
Monroe Street473Oct41948Nov2194830658Burklin, Albert 84yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan11191726877Burklin, Margdalina 78yWF
Monroe Street252   Mar3188513165Burks, Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street3294   Jun28192628548Burky, 4hWM
Monroe Street266   May31188613661Burlinghausen, Mina 18yWF
Monroe Street3181   Mar19191225725Burlisen, Caroline 23yWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun15190523824Burlisen, Marian 51yWM
Monroe Street496Jun201964Jun23196431205Burlisen, Nelson 76yWM
Monroe Street146   May1718696310Burlison,SB Child of A E WM
Monroe Street2191   Jul14189418115Burlison, 14dWF
Monroe Street3170   Apr29191125525Burlison, Augustus 83yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov6190824824Burlison, Dorothy 1mWF
Monroe Street257   Jul18188513322Burlison, Ella M 7mWF
Monroe Street218   Mar22188211980Burlison, F E 26yW 
Monroe Street29   Aug13188111658Burlison, Fr M 4mW 
Monroe Street2237   Jul14189719731Burlison, Frank 43yWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov9189217034Burlison, James H 38yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep1418748651Burlison, L 46yW 
Monroe Street1142   Apr1218779975Burlison, L Z 43yW 
Monroe Street199   Feb1818748362Burlison, Mandy 40yWF
Monroe Street53Apr161976Apr19197631382Burlison, Mary 79y F
Monroe Street3120   Feb2190724335Burlison, Sarah A 79yWF
Monroe Street449   Nov9194030161Burman, Evelyn 90yWF
Monroe Street225   Oct10188212229Burmeister,SB   
Monroe Street2224   Jul16189619261Burmeister, Chas 26yWM
Monroe Street482Jul131954Jul15195430906Burmeister, Clara 63yWF
Monroe Street383   Feb28190423241Burmeister, Dora 46yWF
Monroe Street3263   Jan6192127659Burmeister, Frederick J 66yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec20190222626Burmeister, Grace 2yWF
Monroe Street3123   May17190724436Burmeister, Lena 31yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr20189317286Burmeister, Lora 3mWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul2718759071Burmeister, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street2117   Feb2189015479Burmeister, Minnie 19yWF
Monroe Street2194   Sep3189418241Burmeister, Wm 28yWM
Monroe Street18   Mar1818644787Burmisker, EPrivate WM
Monroe Street382   Feb7190423202Burnham, 3dWF
Monroe Street3189   Nov14191225889Burnham, Fredrick V 3mWM
Monroe Street316   Mar2190021171Burnham, Helena 35yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul1318737912Burns,Mrs WF
Monroe Street411   May13193229306Burns, Carmencieta 32yWF
Monroe Street338   Jul25190121922Burns, Esther 4mWF
Monroe Street447   Feb10194030097Burns, Helen 60yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov12189217040Burns, Maggie 20yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct13187710189Burows, A W 56yW 
Monroe Street341   Sep14190121999Burr, Christina 2mWF
Monroe Street2206   Apr24189518625Burr, Frank J 5mWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov20191827248Burress, Alfred 53yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar3189015526Burrig, Ella L 24yWF
Monroe Street313   Dec20189921064Burrig, Ida F 42yWF
Monroe Street2214   Nov12189518938Burrige, Leafie 12yWF
Monroe Street37   Jul12189920858Burrows, Flossie 2wWF
Monroe Street375   Aug1190322969Burrows, Wm 3mWM
Monroe Street1167   Aug27187910892Burshow, Henry 38yWM
Monroe Street235   Sep 188312574Bursmeister, Ed 1yW 
Monroe Street1178   Aug28188011271Bursrar, Augusta 1yWF
Monroe Street1130   Jun2918769515Burstosh, MariaSB W 
Monroe Street344   Aug20190122122Burt, John C 21yWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul11190824746Burten, 4wWF
Monroe Street350   Apr17190222275Burtnett, Margerete 35yWF
Monroe Street2111   Oct8188915249Burton, Allen 28yWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep11187810519Burton, Alm 67yW 
Monroe Street135   Oct2418675880Burton, Byron  WM
Monroe Street3171   May10191125534Burton, Byron Brown 72yWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1018748387Burton, Charles 3yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan18189015443Burton, Chas 22yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug1318748583Burton, Eamil 2yW 
Monroe Street196   Dec718738248Burton, Eliza 78yW 
Monroe Street3151   Sep3190925039Burton, Eunice A 66yWF
Monroe Street1158   Oct28187810580Burton, H H  W 
Monroe Street261   Nov9188513479Burton, Helen 83yWF
Monroe Street115   Nov418645061Burton, Isaac 68yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun15188111551Burton, Lucy B  WF
Monroe Street296   Sep9188814710Burton, M Josie 43yWF
Monroe Street1128   Apr1818769442Burton, M W M 35yW 
Monroe Street1154   Jun21187810430Burton, Mary H 44yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2618748555Burton, Ruth W 11mWF
Monroe Street174   Jun318727393Burton, Wm 79yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug16190222446Burtz, Wilhelmina 61yWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb21191426226Busch, 1dWM
Monroe Street52Aug21975Aug5197531374Busch, Helen 17y F
Monroe Street2102   Mar4188914922Busch, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street4105Apr151969Apr18196931298Busch, Walter Edwin 63y M
Monroe Street281   Aug10188714164Buschman, Chathrin 81yWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct20189116407Buschman, Fred 26yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov3191025389Buschman, Wm H 65yWM
Monroe Street1129   Jun618769495Buschmann, Henry 38yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb9189920641Buschor, Sam'l 74yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul11188814601Buschow, AugustSB WM
Monroe Street2169   May8189317318Buse,SB WF
Monroe Street2193   Aug5189418175Buser, Elsie 3yWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr18189719614Buser, Fred 50yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep12189418260Bush, Anna E 2dWF
Monroe Street369   Apr23190322829Bush, Clarance 11mWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb1818758844Bush, E 1yW 
Monroe Street114   Sep2118645021Bush, Leverat W 1yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2018655307Bush, Robt Wilson 6mWM
Monroe Street177   Aug618727498Bushhafer, John 3yWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun7190824725Bushman, Eliza 64yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep10189116349Bushman, John Fr 57yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul17187710061Bushman, L H 6mW 
Monroe Street1136   Nov2018769781Bushnell, 1mW 
Monroe Street470Nov161947Nov18194730597Bushnell, Clarabell 80yWF
Monroe Street3237   Mar26191726930Bushnell, Elizabeth 64yWF
Monroe Street472Oct271948Oct29194830656Bushnell, Harry W 73yWM
Monroe Street481Mar251953Mar28195330864Bushnell, Herbert 74yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug15188915144Bushnell, Joseph 4yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan5189719463Bushnell, Millard 45yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar1418769405Bushrig, Ch 1yWM
Monroe Street176   Jul3118727481Bushtaber, Susanna Rosina 4yW 
Monroe Street2202   Jan27189518476Buske, John 59yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct26188613840Buskirk, Emily 51yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan16190423175Buskirk, Geo 88yWM
Monroe Street129   Nov1318665651Buskirk, George 20yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov10190824829Buskirk, Joseph 82yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov918738207Buskirk, M Anna 54yW 
Monroe Street2148   Jan26189216550Buskirk, Margaret 69yWF
Monroe Street3133   Mar21190824665Buskirk, Sarah 51yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug2318727533Buss, Emilia 1yWF
Monroe Street382   Feb23190423231Busse, Anna 31yWF
Monroe Street3107   Jan30190624034Busse, John 68yWM
Monroe Street470Sep271947Oct1194730588Busse, Louise 66yWF
Monroe Street3287   Feb28192528318Busse, Wilhelmina 82yWF
Monroe Street313   Dec7189921046Busse, Wm 34yWM
Monroe Street494Mar201963Apr1196331166Busse, Wm H 90yWM
Monroe Street247   Sep16188412979Busser, Fr 9mWF
Monroe Street2133   Feb9189116014Busu,SB WM
Monroe Street141   Aug2218686100Butler,Child of Geo A4mWM
Monroe Street2219   Mar30189619095Butler, 6mWM
Monroe Street138   Apr718685984Butler, Caroline M 57yWF
Monroe Street3287   Dec18192428296Butler, Clara 60yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1318769324Butler, George 1dW 
Monroe Street2188   May15189417978Butler, Ida M 25yWF
Monroe Street342   Oct9190122025Butler, Sara E 59yWF
Monroe Street36   May25189920809Butow, Maria 77yWF
Monroe Street220   Apr24188212029Butsmann, Eddie 1y  
Monroe Street1162   Mar17187910706Butterfield, C E 1yW 
Monroe Street164   Jul1818717023Butterfield, Clara B 8mWF
Monroe Street193   Sep2318738116Butterfield, Cora J 1yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar31189317256Butterfield, Richard 3yWM
Monroe Street1161   Feb19187910674Butterfield, Wm 31yWM
Monroe Street143   Dec318686184Buttinger, G G 7dWM
Monroe Street242   Apr3188412791Buttler, A P 69yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2718737954Buttler, JSB W 
Monroe Street1139   Jan2218779877Button, Charles 21yWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep9189317564Butz, Johannes 74yWM
Monroe Street2223   Jul3189619231Butz, Viola 5mWF
Monroe Street176   Aug318727492Butzian, Charles 5mWM
Monroe Street243   May1188412839Butzman, Eddie    
Monroe Street243   May1188412836Butzman, Emma    
Monroe Street243   May1188412835Butzman, J    
Monroe Street241   Mar13188412760Butzman, Otto 8mWM
Monroe Street243   May1188412838Butzman, Otto    
Monroe Street243   May1188412837Butzman, W    
Monroe Street188   Jul1418737914Butzmann, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul1218737909Butzmann, Johanna 1yW 
Monroe Street188   Jul1818737924Butzmann, Johanna 1yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar30189417893Butzmann, Mary 45yWF
Monroe Street242   Apr3188412792Butzmann, W E 50yWM
Monroe Street1102   May1118748466Butzmann, WmSB W 
Monroe Street116   Jan2118655133Buxton, Anna 77yWF
Monroe Street328   Dec27190021604Buyji, Winfred 8mWF
Monroe Street389   Aug3190423446Buys, John 1yWM
Monroe Street3113   Jul20190624175Byer, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov28187810613Byer, John 50yWM
Monroe Street3174   Aug8191125586Byer, John M 18dWM
Monroe Street2206   May2189518637Byer, Rosa H 14mWF
Monroe Street338   Jul21190121914Byers, Edna M 13mWF
Monroe Street1163   May15187910762Byrum, Ch 1yW 
Monroe Street1143   May27187710013Cadington, Ann 44yWF
Monroe Street149   Sep618696426Cady,Child of Mr7dWM
Monroe Street350   Apr17190222276Cahill, Edna 10mWF
Monroe Street243   May2188412827Cailer, Magie 78yWF
Monroe Street451   Mar5194130180Cain, Anna 88yWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan23189115997Cain, Jas 8mWM
Monroe Street115   Nov618645063Cain, Wm D 1mWM
Monroe Street417   Aug8193329429Caine, Carlos    
Monroe Street1111   Jan1618758801Cairier, H 4dW 
Monroe Street3218   Apr18191526508Caki, EvaAKA Csaki40yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb1218748358Calahan, RoseSB W 
Monroe Street1144   Jul16187710059Caldwell, 8mW 
Monroe Street1144   Jul23187710069Caldwell, 8mW 
Monroe Street2185   Mar30189417892Caldwell, Ada M 24yWF
Monroe Street386   May17190423350Caldwell, Adolph 2mWM
Monroe Street13   Aug2918634596Caldwell, Alonzo 26yWM
Monroe Street161   Feb2018716905Caldwell, Asa H 1yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec19189418415Caldwell, Chester 1yWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb28192328002Caldwell, Emma 78yWF
Monroe Street231   Apr15188312414Caldwell, Geo 8y M
Monroe Street2205   Apr17189518613Caldwell, Harriet M 82yWF
Monroe Street1164   Jun20187910800Caldwell, Helen 27yWF
Monroe Street371   May27190322870Caldwell, John 59yWM
Monroe Street3150   Aug7190925021Caldwell, Lynn W 6mWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep19189317579Caldwell, Mabel 7mWF
Monroe Street2207   May28189518669Caldwell, Sarah E 76yWF
Monroe Street3251   Mar19191927336Caldwell, Stephan O 72yWM
Monroe Street1123   Nov2418759262Caldwell, Wm 54yWM
Monroe Street3278   Jul9192328063Cale, Arthur W 1dWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov2189015893Cale, Elizabeth 38yWF
Monroe Street2105   Jun10188915031Cale, Ellen Maria 10yWF
Monroe Street3167   Jan27191125466Cale, George 35yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep3189015821Cale, Thos JAKA Cole2yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb26189216606Caley, John 77yWM
Monroe Street14   Sep3018634634Calkens, Joanna D 24yWF
Monroe Street18   Mar3118644804Calkings, Lilly 2yWF
Monroe Street111   Jul1318644911Calkins,Child of D L W 
Monroe Street2258   Nov18189820484Calkins, 2dWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep18189317577Calkins, Chas E 33yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep24189920953Calkins, Ellida 45yWF
Monroe Street384   Mar7190423257Calkins, James 52yWM
Monroe Street3223   Oct9191526596Calkins, Lewin A 36yWM
Monroe Street351   Apr29190222291Calkins, Mary 39yWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan28191927297Calkins, Mary P 90yWF
Monroe Street2101   Jan26188914883Calkins, Pearl 16mWF
Monroe Street1139   Feb318779889Calkins, Rodwick 59yW 
Monroe Street3179   Jan12191225680Calkins, S S 88yWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr24190724420Callahan, Lilly 30yWF
Monroe Street150   Oct1418636454Callow, Mary 36yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan318769313Calnitz, John 12dWM
Monroe Street173   Apr2718727354Caloyran, Marie Louisa 11yWF
Monroe Street197   Dec3118738294Calvin, Mary E 57yWF
Monroe Street234   Jul30188312531Camble, L H 38yWM
Monroe Street1169   Dec17187910975Cambpell, P R 2yW 
Monroe Street1113   Mar2418758893Cameron, Allen 20yWM
Monroe Street3240   Sep27191727035Cameron, Edw C 48yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep718769650Camish, Joseph 7yWM
Monroe Street263   Jan23188613550Cammel,SB WM
Monroe Street3311   May3192928966Cammel,SB WF
Monroe Street171   Feb2518727269Camp, H 10mWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug28189418229Camp, Harriet 63yWF
Monroe Street2119   Mar7189015532Campbell,Mrs H C71yWF
Monroe Street411   Jun11193229309Campbell, Alex N 81yWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul8191125568Campbell, Alexander 83yWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan28189216557Campbell, Anne 64yWF
Monroe Street138   Mar1918685975Campbell, Archibald 3yWM
Monroe Street2233   Mar26189719574Campbell, Charlotte 70yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep3187710141Campbell, Christ Wm 1dWM
Monroe Street1140   Mar218779919Campbell, David 50yWM
Monroe Street141   Aug2918686115Campbell, Donald 6yWM
Monroe Street470Oct91947Oct11194730590Campbell, Elizabeth 69yWF
Monroe Street49   Dec31193129251Campbell, Helen L 2mWF
Monroe Street224   Aug29188212186Campbell, I M 5m  
Monroe Street135   Oct2518675882Campbell, Isaac A 65yWM
Monroe Street460Nov11943Nov4194330393Campbell, John Edward 68yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan17188814353Campbell, Louisa 39yWF
Monroe Street430   Jan18193629733Campbell, Margaret C 77yWF
Monroe Street3140   Oct22190824812Campbell, Mary 77yWF
Monroe Street482Apr301954May3195430899Campbell, Mary 96yWF
Monroe Street440   Sep20193829968Campbell, Myrtle 36yWF
Monroe Street22   Jan17188111401Campbell, Norman M 33yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan2918779884Campbell, Robert 40yWM
Monroe Street462Aug221944Aug25194430449Campbell, Robert 92yWM
Monroe Street3279   Aug14192328075Campbell, W E 2mWM
Monroe Street474Jun81949Jun16194930694Campbell, William Grover 58yWM
Monroe Street15   Nov2218634667Campy, Sopha E 2yWF
Monroe Street1155   Aug7187810485Canada, WmSB W 
Monroe Street260   Oct6188513447Canahan, Chas E 6mWM
Monroe Street1141   Mar2118779943Cane, Mary 4mWF
Monroe Street176   Jul2318727465Canefield, Anna 2mWF
Monroe Street180   Nov1718727654Canefield, Anna 58yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep2018717127Canefield, George Henry 11mWM
Monroe Street178   Sep618727560Canefield, John 24yWM
Monroe Street1135   Nov118769745Canfield,  W 
Monroe Street417   Sep16193329440Canfield, Anna 65yWF
Monroe Street343   Nov12190122061Canfield, Betsy A 82yWF
Monroe Street238   Dec2188312684Canfield, Charles H 47yWM
Monroe Street3283   May31192428216Canfield, Chas M 57yWM
Monroe Street2114   Dec8188915370Canfield, Clara 32yWF
Monroe Street255   May23188513262Canfield, Clinton 19mWM
Monroe Street2167   Apr2189317259Canfield, Francis 2yWF
Monroe Street254   Apr27188513223Canfield, Howard 2yWM
Monroe Street2137   May20189116165Canfield, I EJr33yWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar25191426245Canfield, Ira Edward 92yWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov23191827252Canfield, Mary A 68yWF
Monroe Street166   Aug1918717076Canfield, Willie 1yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug2018644974Canfield, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct1188814739Canils, Maria 64yWF
Monroe Street1156   Sep16187810525Cannaff,SB W 
Monroe Street154   Apr1818706600Cannel, Edwin P 19yWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1218706740Cannell, George W 22yWM
Monroe Street146   May1618696309Cannell, MaryMiss16yWF
Monroe Street2137   May23189116169Cannell, W 80yWM
Monroe Street243   Apr29188412824Canniff,Baby   
Monroe Street3263   Dec4192027643Cannon,SB WF
Monroe Street1136   Nov1518769774Cannon, Ed 5yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug4190222429Cannon, James 88yWM
Monroe Street251   Feb2188513129Cannon, John J 61yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr4189820143Cannon, Rhoda A 77yWF
Monroe Street2196   Oct5189418301Cannon, Sarah 50yWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2118686050Cant, Hughes 8mWM
Monroe Street375   Aug5190322979Cantieny, Richard 1yWM
Monroe Street1129   Jun118769486Cap, John 2yWM
Monroe Street135   Oct118675859Capeter, Elizabeth 1yWF
Monroe Street41   Feb11193029048Captin, Thelma 1mWF
Monroe Street1137   Dec518769815Carcher,Child of D2dW 
Monroe Street1154   Jul11187810447Cardes, Carl 66yWM
Monroe Street412   Aug2193229323Cardo, Anna 91yWF
Monroe Street3102   Aug5190523883Cardo, Herbert 2yWM
Monroe Street2170   May17189317344Cariher, A H 28yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun27189719698Carle, 1wWF
Monroe Street2144   Oct25189116420Carle, Albert 20yWM
Monroe Street267   Jul7188613683Carle, Anna 11dWF
Monroe Street143   Dec218686183Carle, Carl 26yWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct21189217000Carle, Carrie 82yWF
Monroe Street210   Aug31188111689Carle, Ch 63yWM
Monroe Street3200   Oct20191326139Carle, Chas 47yWM
Monroe Street2137   May23189116168Carle, Dora Hart 22yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan16188513110Carle, Friedrich 3yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb1718706551Carle, Laura 10mWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar7189417846Carle, Louise 3mWF
Monroe Street299   Dec22188814841Carle, Robert 17yWM
Monroe Street267   Jun27188613672Carle, Victoria 42yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan18190322679Carle, Wm J 63yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1918675821Carlel, Joseph 11mWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1618706748Carlile, Oliver 3yWM
Monroe Street3299   Apr8192728652Carlin,SB WM
Monroe Street2238   Aug4189719766Carlisle, L D 21yWF
Monroe Street27   Jun29188111571Carlisle, Wm 30yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb23189920670Carlson,SB WM
Monroe Street3223   Oct27191526611Carlson,Baby WF
Monroe Street3301   Sep22192728717Carlson,SB WF
Monroe Street3188   Oct28191225875Carlson, Edw 56yWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug11188011248Carlson, Gunhilde 4mW 
Monroe Street350   Apr6190222257Carlson, Gustav 45yWM
Monroe Street324   Sep12190021487Carlson, Louis 34yWM
Monroe Street3274   Nov13192227952Carlson, Martin 35yWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct6189116388Carlton, Ann 50yWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar21191325983Carlton, Emely E 18yWF
Monroe Street2106   Jul12188915067Carlton, Francis B 63yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jun29189518708Carlton, James L 32yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar3188412751Carlton, Malie K 20yWF
Monroe Street422   Aug15193429555Carlton, Mary A 83yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec31187810645Carlyle, Henry 9yWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1418706745Carne,Child of William1yWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug2191025313Carney,SB WM
Monroe Street3149   Jul13190925010Carney, Libbie 35yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul8189216812Carney, Michael 9dWM
Monroe Street154   Apr2418706606Carpenter,Child of H B9dWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul8189719718Carpenter, Elisabeth 84yWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun27190523843Carpenter, Julia 58yWF
Monroe Street395   Feb18190523675Carpenter, Unis 9dWF
Monroe Street3263   Dec2192027641Carpenter, Vormun F 74yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug4191225823Carpenter, Wm 51yWM
Monroe Street3246   Jul3191827194Carper, Carl W 4dWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep22189418278Carr,SB WM
Monroe Street313   Dec9189921049Carr, 1dWM
Monroe Street381   Jan30190423189Carr,Baby WF
Monroe Street2167   Mar21189317241Carr, Chester 6mWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul22189317461Carr, Earl 1mWM
Monroe Street2221   May10189619166Carr, Estell 5mWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb9189820042Carr, Florence 4mWF
Monroe Street1101   Mar3018748419Carr, Henry 1mWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan29189719491Carr, John 5wWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul26189719751Carr, Joseph 7mWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug6191727007Carr, Mary L 7mWF
Monroe Street3302   Nov22192728740Carr, Nellie Staudart 66yWF
Monroe Street150   Oct2518696458Carran,SB Child of Anna WF
Monroe Street1174   Apr29188011115Carrier, Clara 46yW 
Monroe Street168   Oct2018717159Carrier, David 4yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep11188915206Carrier, Fredy 19yWM
Monroe Street3134   Apr5190824680Carriher, Emanual 65yWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar24190824668Carriher, Helen 65yWF
Monroe Street3248   Dec10191827263Carroll, Mary Alice 18yWF
Monroe Street412   Jul2193229316Carson, George E 84yWM
Monroe Street3268   Oct24192127783Carsten,SB WM
Monroe Street3284   Jun16192428222Carsten,SB WF
Monroe Street272   Nov10188613851Carstens, Chas 10yWM
Monroe Street2187   Apr25189417943Carter, 2dWM
Monroe Street154   Apr2918706610Carter, B R 2mWM
Monroe Street482Mar71954Mar10195430893Carter, Cecelia 77yWF
Monroe Street291   May 188814531Carter, DavidSr WM
Monroe Street2141   Aug30189116332Carter, David 1yWM
Monroe Street1148   Oct28187710214Carter, Francis 2yW 
Monroe Street2257   Oct29189820452Carter, Francis 66yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan10190523632Carter, Jennie M 52yWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan23191927293Carter, John 32yWM
Monroe Street322   Jul30190021417Carter, Luceil 3mWF
Monroe Street311   Oct25189920988Carter, Menerva 56yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec25188111860Carthra, Henry 18yWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul25189317470Cartie, Herbert 9mWM
Monroe Street310   Sep28189920959Cartner, Carl 6yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul15190322941Cartora, Anna 19mWF
Monroe Street138   Apr618685983Carty, MarySB  F
Monroe Street228   Dec17188212313Carver, Elisab 47y M
Monroe Street232   May12188312437Carver, Elisab 47yW 
Monroe Street187   Jun1618737877Carvey,SB Child of J W 
Monroe Street178   Aug2818727547Carvy, Norman 2mW 
Monroe Street371   May27190322872Carzen,Baby WM
Monroe Street168   Nov2218717181Case,SB Child of Fred WF
Monroe Street230   Feb19188312366Case,Baby  M
Monroe Street191   Aug2218738038Case, Alla 8mW 
Monroe Street137   Mar318685958Case, Carrie 22yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul19188513327Case, Charly H 8mWM
Monroe Street231   Apr16188312417Case, Ella H 19y F
Monroe Street1130   Jul818769526-ACase, Francis 10mW 
Monroe Street185   Apr2318737819Case, George FSB W 
Monroe Street145   Mar2018696267Case, Hiram D 48yWM
Monroe Street197   Dec2818738285Case, Robert 4yWM
Monroe Street164   Jul2018717029Case, S M 21yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep22188915216Case, WmCapt59yWM
Monroe Street448   Jun3194030124Casey, Cora 74yWF
Monroe Street310   Sep21189920947Cash, Geo 42yWM
Monroe Street31   Jan26189920614Cash, Margaret 68yWF
Monroe Street2208   Jul3189518717Cashmen, 6mWF
Monroe Street295   Aug26188814686Cashner, Roy 5mWM
Monroe Street1143   Jul4187710037Caspar, John 3dWM
Monroe Street1155   Aug10187810488Caspar, John    
Monroe Street2171   Jun25189317408Casper,SB WM
Monroe Street110   Jul318644900Casper, Martha Jane 1yWF
Monroe Street42   Mar27193029065Cass, Charlotte A 78yWF
Monroe Street1122   Oct1418759220Cassedy, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street136   Nov1118675894Cassen, Charles 56yWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr9191025217Cassidey,SB WM
Monroe Street347   Feb18190222199Cassidy, Robt 3mWM
Monroe Street412   Sep3193229333Castle, Clyde W 14yWM
Monroe Street147   Jun218696323Castle, Francis P 81yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep17188814730Castle, George N    
Monroe Street455Jul241942Jul27194230292Castle, Gerbaise 75yWM
Monroe Street479Feb221952Feb25195230823Castle, Louisa Marie 73yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep17188814730Castle, Mary D    
Monroe Street296   Sep17188814730Castle, Mary F    
Monroe Street171   Mar118727273Castle, Wm 58yWM
Monroe Street296   Sep17188814730Castle, Wm B    
Monroe Street2245   Jan27189820020Casto,SB WF
Monroe Street3111   May17190624118Castora,Baby WM
Monroe Street3190   Dec25191225916Cather, Hazel B 14yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1318769321Cathoart, Gabriel 55yWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb15191626702Caton, Matilda 48yWF
Monroe Street399   May27190523802Catrus, Nicholas 38yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug1018769589Cattran, Eddie 1yWM
Monroe Street361   Nov29190222593Caurse, Russel M 4mWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan27189719488Cawrse, Mabel R 3mWF
Monroe Street3108   Feb13190624041Cbararaba,Baby WM
Monroe Street455May161942May16194230271Cecil, Mary 66yWF
Monroe Street12   Jul2418634551Cellar, Sophina 2mWF
Monroe Street17   Mar818644771Cello, John 50yWM
Monroe Street163   May718716966Cempke,SB Child of William WM
Monroe Street173   Apr2118727347Cempke, Wm 1mWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug19189317537Centoben, Aubrey 10mWM
Monroe Street1137   Nov3018769808Cerachmus,Mrs66yWF
Monroe Street36   May26189920805Cerezki, Olga 2yWF
Monroe Street2206   May10189518648Cerin, Frederick 75yWM
Monroe Street2122   May29189015661Cerin, Henry 23yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan4189115967Cerine, Maria 61yWF
Monroe Street379   Nov19190323099Cermak,SB WM
Monroe Street2191   Jul8189418100Cerney, Silva 3mWF
Monroe Street380   Dec14190323133Cerny, Helen 6mWF
Monroe Street354   Jul1190222370Cerolla,SB WM
Monroe Street39   Aug14189920906Cervenska, Barbara 74yWF
Monroe Street3221   Jul31191526562Cervensky, Frank 57yWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun14189619203Chabek, Emma 4yWF
Monroe Street2105   May18188915009Chaddock, Wm 36yWM
Monroe Street18   Mar3118644803Chadwick, Henry 6mWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug1318769597Chaffer, Albert A 4mW 
Monroe Street1157   Sep27187810540Chalepsky, John 27yW 
Monroe Street226   Nov5188212257Chamberlain, E G 18y  
Monroe Street248   Oct21188413028Chambers, 4dWF
Monroe Street2148   Jan31189216560Chambers, BenjaminCapt42yWM
Monroe Street3289   Jul31192528380Chambers, Frank 30dWM
Monroe Street475Oct211949Oct24194930713Chambers, Hazel 59yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep7188714198Chambers, Wm L 3yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb21189417820Champness, Chas 75yWM
Monroe Street3202   Dec25191326185Champness, Elizabeth 90yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct28188814771Champness, Olize 69yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec14188714310Champness, Rosina 34yWF
Monroe Street37   Jun28189920840Chamrada, John 72yWM
Monroe Street3212   Oct16191426378Chandferdy, Lydia Ohah 46yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun4189418030Chandler, Albert W 20mWM
Monroe Street3268   Oct18192127782Chandler, Emilie 69yWF
Monroe Street3246   Jul3191827195Chandler, John 72yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep1618738106Chandler, Sarah 24yWF
Monroe Street3307   Sep4192828864Chandler, Sophia 61yWF
Monroe Street160   Jan2118716868Chaney, Charles 19dWM
Monroe Street3220   Jun26191526547Chaney, Geo C 2dWM
Monroe Street1141   Mar3018779956Chanrada, Anna 52yWF
Monroe Street463Dec131944Dec16194430460Chapak, Andrew 60yWM
Monroe Street1168   Oct25187910939Chapen,Child of E B W 
Monroe Street2226   Sep1189619328Chapen, Beatrice 8mWF
Monroe Street1116   Jun2818758999Chapman,  W 
Monroe Street28   Jul24188111614Chapman,Child W 
Monroe Street288   Mar6188814427Chapman, 4hWF
Monroe Street296   Sep10188814715Chapman, 1mWF
Monroe Street2101   Jan14188914868Chapman,SB WM
Monroe Street2117   Jan25189015459Chapman,Baby WM
Monroe Street2153   May26189216753Chapman,SB WM
Monroe Street3170   Apr24191125524Chapman,SB WM
Monroe Street3237   Apr9191726946Chapman, Anna 29yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul6188714097Chapman, Annie 4mWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov30189418390Chapman, Clia A 62yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep2418717134Chapman, Elisabeth 1dWF
Monroe Street350   Apr8190222260Chapman, Ethel M 1yWF
Monroe Street293   Jul15188814604Chapman, F S 23yWM
Monroe Street3288   Apr1192528334Chapman, Frederick W 48yWM
Monroe Street28   Jul26188111621Chapman, George 2m M
Monroe Street25   May12188111519Chapman, Kate E  WF
Monroe Street2118   Feb3189015483Chapman, Lucy 3mWF
Monroe Street2250   Apr27189820189Chapman, Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan2190021083Chapman, Mary E 74yWF
Monroe Street2223   Jul1189619226Chapman, Richard 4mWM
Monroe Street311   Nov9189921003Chapman, Sahra 77yWF
Monroe Street269   Sep14188613777Chapman, WillieSB WM
Monroe Street370   Apr27190322838Chapman, Wm F 65yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2018738030Chapmann, Sarah 17yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov818738205Chapmann, Sarah    
Monroe Street2189   Jun11189418047Chappel, 1dWF
Monroe Street2229   Dec25189619452Chappel,SB WF
Monroe Street2183   Feb6189417798Chard, Ethel May 4mWF
Monroe Street477Aug201950Aug28195030762Charle, Orin W 66yWM
Monroe Street2131   Dec27189015957Charles, Annie 28yWF
Monroe Street486Jan21957Jan12195730989Charles, Edward P 70yWM
Monroe Street3257   Jan20192027483Charlton, Annie 38yWF
Monroe Street55Dec291977Mar14197831399Charlton, Arthur 78y M
Monroe Street4113Dec121973Dec14197331354Charlton, Evelyn 65y F
Monroe Street2124   Jul15189015737Charlton, Hannah 1mWF
Monroe Street2174   Jul31189317490Charlton, Wm 63yWM
Monroe Street261   Nov27188513497Chartterton,Mrs   
Monroe Street261   Nov27188513497Chartterton, Allis    
Monroe Street261   Nov27188513497Chartterton, George    
Monroe Street261   Nov27188513497Chartterton, Joseph    
Monroe Street261   Nov27188513497Chartterton, Walter    
Monroe Street261   Nov27188513497Chartterton, Willy    
Monroe Street1118   Aug318759096Chase, A 29yW 
Monroe Street113   Sep1418645010Chase, Albert2d11mWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun2118758987Chase, Albert 1mWM
Monroe Street373   Jul4190322918Chase, Albert 70yWM
Monroe Street315   Feb1190021130Chase, Anna 59yWF
Monroe Street187   Jun818737867Chase, Ch 4yW 
Monroe Street210   Aug30188111687Chase, Elizza 74yW 
Monroe Street247   Aug21188412964Chase, Flora E 11mWF
Monroe Street421   Jun1193429529Chase, Sophia 89yWF
Monroe Street174   Jun718727399Chase, Wm 61yWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov118748702Chaterton, Walter 10dWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov718748713Chaterton, Wm 13dWM
Monroe Street2236   Jul5189719713Chatman,SB WF
Monroe Street1179   Oct24188011327Chatterton, 2yW 
Monroe Street29   Aug25188111679Chatterton, C 27yW 
Monroe Street1148   Nov10187710232Chatterton, Geo 2yWM
Monroe Street173   Apr2718727352Chatterton, Joseph 3yWM
Monroe Street2238   Aug1189719758Chee, Low 39yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2318717084Cheerer, Barbara 65yWF
Monroe Street235   Sep4188312571Chehmeister, AloisSB WF
Monroe Street2173   Jul22189317465Cheney, Mariah 88yWF
Monroe Street170   Jan2918727241Cheny, Charles 3mWM
Monroe Street1107   Sep2718748664Cheon, Sarah 1yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb2018769382Cherderon, Tinna 1dW 
Monroe Street267   Jul12188613693Cherdon, Anna 6mWF
Monroe Street177   Aug718727502Cherdron, Charles 6mWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan2118758805Cherdron, H 14dW 
Monroe Street147   Jul1518696359Cherdron, Helena 1yWF
Monroe Street163   May2818716984Cherdron, Katharine 4mWF
Monroe Street248   Sep27188412998Cherdron, Mathilde 17dWF
Monroe Street3276   Feb23192327999Cherney, 2dWF
Monroe Street224   Aug10188212166Chesley, Lenore 74y  
Monroe Street2207   Jun6189518687Chesley, Norman 52yWM
Monroe Street178   Sep118727553Chidester, Lydia 78yW 
Monroe Street172   Mar3118727315Childes, Thomas 28yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr9189216678Chimnowski, Katie 4yWF
Monroe Street2151   Apr9189216679Chimnowski, Martin 2yWM
Monroe Street3232   Sep12191626806Chisholm, Alexander 33yWM
Monroe Street3214   Dec8191426411Chisholm, Alfred 27yWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct6190624241Chisholm, Walter 28yWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec26191225915Chisholm, Wm 27yWM
Monroe Street17   Feb718644745Chisley, Charles 19yWM
Monroe Street3299   Apr26192728660Chomon,SB WM
Monroe Street4108Oct201971Oct22197131323Chopak, John 57y M
Monroe Street4107Jul101970Jul13197031310Chopak, Mari 83y F
Monroe Street1143   May27187710014Chrighton,SB Child of W 
Monroe Street344   Dec16190122103Christ, Adolph 14mWM
Monroe Street1176   Jul1188011188Christanson, Cora 1dWF
Monroe Street3303   Jan23192828770Christe, Wilhelmina 63yWF
Monroe Street1101   Mar2618748415Christeansan, Marie 1yWF
Monroe Street449   Aug14194030143Christee, Gottlieb 80yWM
Monroe Street3213   Nov10191426394Christi, Herman 23yWM
Monroe Street145   Feb2018696245Christian,SB Child of J WM
Monroe Street153   Apr1118706589Christian,SB Child of J WF
Monroe Street166   Aug1718717070Christian,SB Child of John H WM
Monroe Street391   Oct13190423537Christian, Blanch 17yWF
Monroe Street184   Feb618737743Christian, Carl C 67yWM
Monroe Street3285   Aug18192428249Christian, Daniel 63yWM
Monroe Street1168   Nov16187910948Christian, Helen I 2mW 
Monroe Street2214   Nov5189518926Christian, John 73yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar16191125502Christian, Marig B 88yWF
Monroe Street3106   Dec3190523996Christian, Sarah 98yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun21189820276Christian, Sophia 84yWF
Monroe Street163   May618716963Christian, Thomas 73yWM
Monroe Street2140   Jul25189116267Christiansen, 7mWM
Monroe Street229   Jan30188312351Christianson, 3m M
Monroe Street179   Sep2718727600Christianson, Christina 5yW 
Monroe Street337   Jul1190121872Christianson, Louisa 70yWF
Monroe Street2120   Apr1189015569Christianson, Ole 58yWM
Monroe Street2194   Sep3189418238Christie, David 13mWM
Monroe Street1173   Mar29188011082Christie, Leonard 1yWM
Monroe Street1173   Mar29188011081Christie, Mary 3yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep1118717114Christimatter, Hannah R 9yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug14188613735Christison, Emma 4mWF
Monroe Street337   Jul16190121904Christofer, Carl M 1mWM
Monroe Street3113   Jul8190624164Christofer, Hattie 20mWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov2190925074Christofer, Sam 75yWM
Monroe Street339   Aug10190121947Christoferson, 2mWF
Monroe Street318   Apr3190021231Christopher, Elmer 17dWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb22189619053Christopher, John 26yWM
Monroe Street490Feb231961Feb25196131099Christopher, Rose 83yWF
Monroe Street437   Dec22193729911Christopher, Sam'l 61yWM
Monroe Street158   Oct1218706774Chubb,Child of Amber SB WF
Monroe Street197   Dec2118738270Chubb, Henry  W 
Monroe Street3208   Jun3191426303Chubb, Julia 86yWF
Monroe Street234   Jul26188312523Chubb, M 14dWF
Monroe Street173   May1418727373Chubb, M Eliza 50yWF
Monroe Street1130   Jul618769524Chubb, Maggie 25yWF
Monroe Street1144   Jul19187710065Chuck, Christ 19yW 
Monroe Street426   May22193529653Chuhay, Emery 55yWM
Monroe Street468Dec271946Dec30194630566Chuhay, Mary 61yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov918738208Chupp,SB Child of Ed W 
Monroe Street223   Jul28188212140Chupp, James 68y  
Monroe Street3131   Dec17190824611Church, Amelia 72yWF
Monroe Street383   Feb26190423236Church, Chas C 36yWM
Monroe Street320   May13190021304Church, Chauncy 36yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan818737710Church, Edwin 1yWM
Monroe Street1164   May20187910768Church, Elisabeth 30yWF
Monroe Street1164   May31187910786Church, James 79yWM
Monroe Street483Feb41955Feb7195530932Church, Lena C 76yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov218738190Church, Sarah 61yWF
Monroe Street3270   Feb28192227841Church, Wm F 44yWM
Monroe Street1130   Jul918769528Church, Wm John 10yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul16189015739Churchill, Frank 29yWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct9189418306Churchill, Lovella 16mWF
Monroe Street110   Jun818644862Churchill, Percy T 8yW 

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