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Cleveland District Round Table

Monroe Street Cemetery Index
Ci through El

CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street124   Jan2418665449Ciliax, Carl 6yWM
Monroe Street3303   Jan3192828759Cipra, Emily 37yWF
Monroe Street31   Jan24189920606Cipra, Joseph 31yWM
Monroe Street387   Jun1190423366Cirfus,Baby WF
Monroe Street395   Feb8190523660Cirfus,Baby WF
Monroe Street3113   Jul26190624184Cirfus, 7wWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2218738034Cirsh, Mary 13yWF
Monroe Street27   Jul10188111580Ckerdan, Em 1yW 
Monroe Street1161   Jan6187910648Claed,Baby W 
Monroe Street1139   Jan818779860Clair, Elisa 50yWF
Monroe Street191   Aug1918738022Clair, Robert 48yWM
Monroe Street387   Jun24190423389Clapper, Josephine R 1yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar12189417857Clare,SB WM
Monroe Street2246   Jan29189820026Clare, Sylvia 2yWF
Monroe Street292   Jun27188814582Clare, William 15mWM
Monroe Street112   Aug118644944Clarieca, Anna Louisa 1mWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2618686062Clark,SB Child of Andr WM
Monroe Street1173   Apr6188011090Clark,SB Child of WF
Monroe Street2234   Apr18189719615Clark,SB WF
Monroe Street3239   Jul21191726995Clark, 1dWM
Monroe Street117   Feb1318655153Clark, Adealie 28yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan2190222131Clark, Bernard 4mWM
Monroe Street159   Nov618706798Clark, Edward J 4mWM
Monroe Street430   Jan30193629737Clark, Eliza M 72yWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb11190724348Clark, Elizabeth 34yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun7189418035Clark, Harriet A 62yWF
Monroe Street324   Aug29190021461Clark, Ida M 6mWF
Monroe Street140   Jul3118686074Clark, J B 16dWM
Monroe Street28   Jul27188111623Clark, J L 1m  
Monroe Street1130   Jul318769521Clark, John 1dW 
Monroe Street2128   Oct24189015877Clark, John 2mWM
Monroe Street383   Feb29190423245Clark, Levi S 68yWM
Monroe Street288   Feb25188814411Clark, Lillian 3yWF
Monroe Street161   Jan2218716871Clark, Lizzie 8yWF
Monroe Street356   Aug8190222434Clark, Mary 26yWF
Monroe Street246   Aug4188412934Clark, Mary A 80yWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun11191025275Clark, Mary A 69yWF
Monroe Street465Aug141945Aug18194530508Clark, Mary W 90yWF
Monroe Street3137   Jul5190824744Clark, Ruby 8mWF
Monroe Street160   Dec2218706838Clark, S R W 45yWM
Monroe Street133   May2618675773Clark, Sarah Louisa 6mWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun22189216789Clark, Sophia E 55yWF
Monroe Street2257   Nov2189820461Clark, Thomas 53yWM
Monroe Street172   Mar3118727314Clark, Uriah H 45yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2618655318Clark, William H 1yWM
Monroe Street1118   Jul2418759059Clark, Wm 10mWM
Monroe Street1121   Oct318759199Clarkson,Mrs Wm70yWF
Monroe Street180   Nov218727638Clarkson, M A 65yW 
Monroe Street1134   Oct418769697Clarkson, Wm 81yWM
Monroe Street2234   Apr22189719619Claser, Barbara 3mWF
Monroe Street2158   Aug26189216927Class, Charley A 13mWF
Monroe Street43   Aug4193029112Class, Geo WmSB WM
Monroe Street225   Oct11188212230Claster, Louis 2m  
Monroe Street15   Dec618634683Claton, William 3yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar2188312373Claus,SB  M
Monroe Street2227   Oct4189619364Claus,SB WF
Monroe Street3282   Feb19192428169Claus, Adolph W 70yWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov3189619402Claus, Albert 8yWM
Monroe Street3193   Mar31191325989Claus, Albert R 54yWM
Monroe Street1121   Oct1018759213Claus, Anna 27y F
Monroe Street3141   Nov27190824842Claus, Anna 60yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan6190222138Claus, Anna C 13yWF
Monroe Street135   Sep1618675848Claus, Anna Eliza 4yWF
Monroe Street49   Dec19193129248Claus, Augusta 68yWF
Monroe Street143   Dec2618686198Claus, Carl H 2dWM
Monroe Street3204   Feb26191426229Claus, Elizabeth C 61yWF
Monroe Street291   May15188814523Claus, Elma 4yWF
Monroe Street2251   May13189820214Claus, Henry 56yWM
Monroe Street2169   May16189317330Claus, John 65yWM
Monroe Street3260   Jul26192027585Claus, Marie 56yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct20187810571Claus, Martin 6yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep2189116336Claus, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street3276   Mar9192328009Claus, Minnie 67yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan4190322649Claus, Otelia 67yWF
Monroe Street3303   Feb21192828782Claus, Ottillia 58yWF
Monroe Street252   Feb18188513150Claus, Otto 25yWM
Monroe Street2146   Dec25189116496Claus, Otto 5yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr7189820149Claus, Werner 78yWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug2189619291Clausen, Elizabeth 48yWF
Monroe Street130   Dec2518665683Clausen, John 50yWM
Monroe Street3289   May4192528351Clausen, Peter F 81yWM
Monroe Street261   Nov27188513493Clausen, Wiebke 70yWF
Monroe Street134   Aug2618675826Clavei, William 44yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar25188412772Clayton, Alice 20yWF
Monroe Street123   Nov418655390Clayton, Edward J 5mWM
Monroe Street116   Jan118655105Clayton, John 49yWM
Monroe Street122   Sep2918655359Clayton, Warren M 8yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun19189719685Clear, John 52yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr10189518593Cleary,SB WM
Monroe Street375   Aug22190322992Cleary, Anna M 9mWF
Monroe Street1171   Feb10188011025Clebe, Johanna 1mWF
Monroe Street323   Aug9190021435Clegett, Arthur 23yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr10190222263Clegett, Ida 16yCF
Monroe Street345   Dec29190122126Clegett, L;ydia 35yWF
Monroe Street159   Dec418706823Clegg, John 37yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep118738063Clemens, Lizzie J W 5mWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb5192327985Clemmer,SB WF
Monroe Street1131   Jul2818769561Clemod, Unas 6mW 
Monroe Street2175   Aug13189317526Clemons, James F 3yWM
Monroe Street110   Jun718644861Clend, Milenda 49yW 
Monroe Street474Jun311949Jul5194930695Clendenan, Ida N 77yWF
Monroe Street513Oct201986Oct24198631467Clendeuan, John 82y M
Monroe Street430   Mar26193629753Cleve, George N 66yWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug21188011263Cleveland, Emma  WF
Monroe Street2228   Nov19189619419Clevering,SB WM
Monroe Street2250   May10189820207Clevering,SB WF
Monroe Street3232   Sep23191626812Clevering,  WM
Monroe Street3293   Mar23192628494Clevering, Albert 68yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul318727428Clevering, Aug 62yW 
Monroe Street2168   Apr23189317298Clevering, Bartley L 3mWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb7189015490Clevering, Cora 4yWF
Monroe Street2254   Aug13189820349Clevering, Harry B 15mWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar25191025193Clevering, Isbrandt 83yWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug19189619311Clevering, Jacob 24yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan4191626659Clevering, Jacoba 79yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug5188915115Clevering, Jennie 2yWF
Monroe Street428   Nov2193529705Clevering, John 58yWM
Monroe Street410   Feb4193229265Clevering, June 7mWF
Monroe Street447   Jan11194030084Clevering, Lena 80yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr24190523763Clevering, Leonard 35yWM
Monroe Street3189   Apr4191225883Clevering, Richard 49yWM
Monroe Street484Jun11955Jun3195530940Clevering, Sarah B 90yWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec1318769832Clewell, Elisab 81yWF
Monroe Street161   Feb1618716900Clewell, Joseph 83yWM
Monroe Street2188   May15189417982Cliff, Thomas 1yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug17189518791Cliff, Willie M 4yWM
Monroe Street369   Apr1190322796Climent, Orin 3wWM
Monroe Street442   Feb27193930007Cline, Wm 63yWM
Monroe Street120   Jul 18655270Clock, Adelie    
Monroe Street12   Aug1718634580Clock, Anna A 7mWF
Monroe Street118   Apr318655210Cloe, L W 18yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug15190322993Clogg, Ellen 70yWF
Monroe Street342   Oct19190122034Clogg, Jeanette 3yWF
Monroe Street378   Oct13190323065Clogg, Lena 34yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr9190523748Close, EliasAKA Glass58yWM
Monroe Street410   Feb2193229264Close, Louise 53yWF
Monroe Street3231   Jul11191626770Close, Mae 17yWF
Monroe Street411   Apr7193229296Close, William 52yWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep26189518873Close, Wm 16dWM
Monroe Street329   Jan10190121618Closse, Andrew 78yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct1618769723Closse, Arnst 8yW 
Monroe Street3223   Oct9191526600Closse, Hanna 84yWF
Monroe Street137   Jan218685924Closse, Rebecca L 1yWF
Monroe Street1140   Feb1918779905Clotz, Carol 26yWF
Monroe Street345   Dec30190122128Clough,Baby WM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1318748395Clough, Bertha 11yWF
Monroe Street1120   Aug2918759153Clough, Fanny 6mWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul21188915082Clough, Frank B 4yWM
Monroe Street425   Jan8193529603Clough, Geo W 82yWM
Monroe Street162   Mar718716920Clough, Hannah 72yWF
Monroe Street230   Feb12188312363Clough, John 3y M
Monroe Street460Oct11943Oct4194330385Clough, Mary A 86yWF
Monroe Street162   Mar1518716930Clough, Thos 72yWM
Monroe Street163   Apr1318716953Clouse, Lousa 3yWF
Monroe Street211   Sep21188111723Clover, 1yW 
Monroe Street27   Jul12188111587Clover, Chas 5mWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug27188915171Clucas, Catherine 55yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec11188714304Clucas, Philip 64yWM
Monroe Street3147   May26190924977Cmolik, Frank 2mWM
Monroe Street2238   Aug4189719764Coa, 9hWF
Monroe Street3108   Feb20190624045Coats, Christina 72yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct918675868Cobb, Alpheus 3yWM
Monroe Street110   Jun1618644877Cobb, Wm 60yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct18188111768Cobblenzer, John 1yWM
Monroe Street113   Aug3118644994Cobbs,Child of Wm WM
Monroe Street2167   Mar19189317234Cobelli, Karl 76yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec22188513522Coben, C F 70yWM
Monroe Street319   May2190021291Coben, EllaSB WF
Monroe Street3226   Jan27191626685Coben, Henry J 70yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan7192928909Coben, Mary D 75yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1918769333Coben, Mary S 60yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug2818686112Coblentzer,Child of C12dWF
Monroe Street175   Jul1018727439Coblenzer, Magd 4mW 
Monroe Street153   Mar3118706582Coblenzer, Rosa 7yWF
Monroe Street373   Jul18190322948Cobrunn, Sarah 57yWF
Monroe Street118   Mar1618655181Coburn, Henry W 4yWM
Monroe Street1115   May518758942Coburn, Josiah 69yWM
Monroe Street119   May1518655237Coburn, Lucas A 28yWM
Monroe Street165   Jul2318717036Cocenbag, Lorin 1mWM
Monroe Street47   Apr24193129193Cochran, Chas 71yWM
Monroe Street254   Apr23188513220Cochran, Margrat  WF
Monroe Street415   Mar13193329384Cochran, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar21190121716Cochran, Thomas 82yWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun6191025269Cochran, Tomas 41yWM
Monroe Street3308   Dec22192828896Cochran, Wm 81yWM
Monroe Street184   Feb1218737748Cocker, Eliza 76yWF
Monroe Street120   Jul3018655285Cocker, Henry 44yWM
Monroe Street155   Jun618706631Cocker, Henry 71yWM
Monroe Street352   May5190222299Codrington, Robt E 22yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr10189116087Codrington, Willie 1mWM
Monroe Street2221   May4189619149Cody, Anna S 43yWF
Monroe Street249   Nov16188413046Coe, Buerdy 3mWM
Monroe Street1131   Jul3118769568Coe, E M 5mW 
Monroe Street212   Oct30188111781Coe, Franklin 63yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar2918769426Coe, Lilly M 9mWF
Monroe Street37   Jun24189920837Coe, Louis 65yWM
Monroe Street352   May21190222312Coe, Mary F 67yWF
Monroe Street347   Feb8190222183Coe, Nancy M 70yWF
Monroe Street277   May12188714034Coe, Susan 34yWF
Monroe Street339   Aug11190121949Coffee,Baby WM
Monroe Street131   Feb2518675724Coffey, Anne 41yWF
Monroe Street2236   Jun28189719700Coffie, Thos 42yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar30191125513Coffman, Mildred 2dWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec7191125651Coffman, Rose 32yWF
Monroe Street117   Feb2318655162Cohn,Child of Z2mWM
Monroe Street136   Nov1318675895Colahan,SB   
Monroe Street137   Feb1518685947Colahan,SB Child of John WM
Monroe Street115   Dec418645089Colahan, Daniel 9mWM
Monroe Street285   Dec21188714321Colahan, Harrietta 78yWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec1618759287Colahan, Rusc 40yW 
Monroe Street289   Apr14188814477Colahan, Samuel 78yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct618645044Colbert, John 4yWM
Monroe Street494Jul191963Jul22196331179Colbrun, Effie 81yWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar19191325980Colbrun, John E 72yWM
Monroe Street3153   Nov8190925079Colbrun, Philibert E 1yWM
Monroe Street3172   Jun26191125559Colbrunn,Baby WF
Monroe Street1100   Mar1518748400Colbrunn, Auguste 78yWF
Monroe Street3286   Nov28192428291Colbrunn, C I 1dWM
Monroe Street3255   Sep15191927429Colbrunn, Carl C 4dWM
Monroe Street3159   May6191025233Colbrunn, Charles L 39yWM
Monroe Street431   Apr3193629755Colbrunn, Irving 60yWM
Monroe Street473Jan21949Jan4194930664Colbrunn, Nettie A 80yWF
Monroe Street3243   Mar27191827138Colbrunn, Wm E 10yWM
Monroe Street2202   Jan27189518474Cole,SB WF
Monroe Street2258   Dec1189820503Cole,SB WF
Monroe Street2258   Dec1189820504Cole,SB WF
Monroe Street3230   Jun9191626752Cole,SB WF
Monroe Street2154   Jun16189216778Cole, Geo W 50yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan9190523631Cole, Harry J 6mWM
Monroe Street3308   Dec11192828890Cole, Mary Blish 79yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar17191025187Cole, Ruth 15dWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep12189418261Cole, Sarah M 11yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep3189015821Cole, Thos JAKA Cale2yWM
Monroe Street272   Dec13188613880Colegrove, Nora 24yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug26191326103Coleman, 3hWF
Monroe Street329   Jan30190121649Coleman, A J 29yWM
Monroe Street115   Dec1318645095Coleman, Elworth 4mWM
Monroe Street115   Nov2418645083Coleman, John 2yWM
Monroe Street486May291957May31195730999Coleman, Linda RoseSB WF
Monroe Street1145   Aug5187710098Coleman, R A 9dW 
Monroe Street236   Sep25188312599Coleman, Richard A    
Monroe Street159   Nov2518706817Coleman, William 54yWM
Monroe Street1167   Aug25187910887Colenhar, John 1yWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep14190523919Coley, Emma 74yWF
Monroe Street4113May121973May16197331344Collar, Ellaz 88y F
Monroe Street3255   Oct1191927436Collard, May 26yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb22189920666Collier, Arthur 3wWM
Monroe Street1141   Apr218779960Collier, Jane 59yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug18187710123Collier, Joseph 2yWM
Monroe Street117   Mar1318655176Collings, Minney F 7mWF
Monroe Street3218   Apr11191526501Collins, 1dWF
Monroe Street3264   Feb25192127687Collins, Anna J 69yWF
Monroe Street3215   Jan13191526435Collins, Chas 20yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar2189015524Collins, Chas G 2yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar17189216636Collins, Ernst 14dWM
Monroe Street3260   Jun10192027569Collins, Evelyn A 23yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct3189518884Collins, Frank 33yWM
Monroe Street224   Sep6188212198Collins, George 50y  
Monroe Street233   Jul3188312500Collins, George 2yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb19189015506Collins, Gracie May 4yWF
Monroe Street3197   Jul16191326077Collins, Henry 1dWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr4191025209Collins, Ida 2mWF
Monroe Street3307   Sep6192828866Collins, Ida 52yWF
Monroe Street234   Jul26188312525Collins, Jay M 8mWM
Monroe Street248   Sep25188412993Collins, Jenne May 5mWF
Monroe Street494Feb191963Feb23196331163Collins, Jennie 72yWF
Monroe Street1177   Aug6188011246Collins, Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street483Nov81954Nov11195430919Collins, Patrick 74yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct618738144Collins, Thom J 8dWM
Monroe Street324   Sep13190021485Collins, Thos 9dWM
Monroe Street1157   Sep24187810537Collins, Wm 2mWM
Monroe Street37   Jul3189920843Collins, Wm E 1yWM
Monroe Street22   Jan15188111399Collow, Lizzie 3dWF
Monroe Street144   Feb1418696241Collwitz, Frederika 23yWF
Monroe Street115   Nov2918645086Colman, Anna 6mWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug21191326101Colomea, Isabelle 7mWF
Monroe Street173   Apr1618727342Colow,SB Child of John WM
Monroe Street129   Sep2818665619Colson, J 27yWM
Monroe Street464Feb151945Feb19194530473Colton, Henry 70yWM
Monroe Street115   Nov2418645081Colwell, JohnCapt60yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct16188915273Combes, David 35yWM
Monroe Street1149   Nov27187710266Combes, WmSB W 
Monroe Street3138   Aug12190824770Commings, 1hWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug2818748613Comnity, Emil 6mW 
Monroe Street174   May2318727384Compton, Lewis D 37yWM
Monroe Street178   Sep218727554Compton, Maria 38yW 
Monroe Street163   Apr1418716954Compton, Rachel 64yWF
Monroe Street18   Mar1618644784Condall, John 2mWM
Monroe Street18   Mar2818644797Condell, Elles M 2yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun618737864Condell, Wm 51yWM
Monroe Street236   Oct6188312611Condol, Arbella 27yCF
Monroe Street434   Feb27193729849Condon, Edward 75yWM
Monroe Street482Dec191953Jan22195430888Condron, Benj Franklin 84yWM
Monroe Street467May171946May20194630541Condron, Lydia 76yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul318717009Cone, Willie 2mWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb4189015491Cone, Zacharia 6yWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar20192628490Confer,SB WF
Monroe Street298   Nov24188814806Confeski, Fred 20yWM
Monroe Street497Dec201964Dec23196431214Congden, Hildaguard 80yWF
Monroe Street483Dec191954Dec23195430926Congdon, Harvey C 78yWM
Monroe Street349   Mar18190222232Congdon, Jane 85yWF
Monroe Street2159   Oct11189216987Congdon, WilliamJr41yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec13190423598Congdon, Wm 92yWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1718759040Congton, Wm 7mWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan19189820011Conkey, May B 24yWF
Monroe Street385   Dec25190323324Conklin, Nancy 84yWF
Monroe Street130   Dec1518665674Conklin, Slonora 84yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul3118748565Conkling, Charles J  WM
Monroe Street2145   Nov26189116462Conley, John 23yWM
Monroe Street380   Dec1190323119Connell, 2wWM
Monroe Street339   Aug18190121961Connell, Mary 12mWF
Monroe Street310   Sep27189920957Connelly, Frank 15yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan2189417753Connely, Anna 7yWF
Monroe Street267   Jul19188613701Conners, B W 8yWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul21189317454Connley, Glen C 10mWM
Monroe Street2196   Sep26189418285Connolly, Ester 5mWF
Monroe Street298   Nov2188814781Connor,SB WF
Monroe Street298   Nov2188814781Connor,SB WF
Monroe Street2128   Oct3189015857Connor, Hugh 5yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct20189317629Connor, Percy 2yWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct6189518889Connor, Sarah 70yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct1189518880Connor, Wm 49yWM
Monroe Street3265   Apr6192127705Connors,SB WM
Monroe Street364   Jan15190322672Connors, Thomas 76yWM
Monroe Street116   Jan1318655120Conrad,Mr WM
Monroe Street3189   Nov27191225894Conrad, Barbara 91yWF
Monroe Street155   Jun2118706646Conrad, Emma 14yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun1218769499Conrad, Jacob 47yWM
Monroe Street2250   Apr29189820192Conrad, Jerry 79yWM
Monroe Street256   Jul1188513307Conrad, Joseph 55yWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct11188915260Conrad, Joseph 67yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb11189518497Conrad, Maline 70yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul3187910816Conrad, Marie 5mWF
Monroe Street3237   Apr24191726952Conrad, Mary 71yWF
Monroe Street123   Oct3018655385Conrad, William 5yWM
Monroe Street221   May19188212065Conrestky, John 1y  
Monroe Street112   Aug1818644971Conter, Michiel 1yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb5189719503Conway, Frank 3mWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov26189418379Conway, John W 3yWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar20190824663Conway, Peter 62yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug14191225830Conway, Thomas 76yWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr23188914981Cook,SB WM
Monroe Street2180   Dec20189317732Cook,SB WM
Monroe Street2245   Jan23189820015Cook,SB WM
Monroe Street347   Feb16190222194Cook, 1dWF
Monroe Street362   Dec12190222614Cook,Baby WF
Monroe Street3149   Jul21190925013Cook,Baby WF
Monroe Street3294   Jun25192628546Cook,SB WF
Monroe Street3309   Jan10192928916Cook,SB WM
Monroe Street2189   Jun6189418033Cook, Adam 55yWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb21190724359Cook, Alice 7mWF
Monroe Street399   May13190523784Cook, Andrew 48yWM
Monroe Street482Dec271953Jan13195430887Cook, Barbara E 89yWF
Monroe Street1137   Dec518769816Cook, Ch 7yW 
Monroe Street122   Sep1718655341Cook, Charles 4yWM
Monroe Street2170   May20189317338Cook, Eddie 15mWM
Monroe Street389   Aug22190423476Cook, Edwin J 10yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov4187810584Cook, Elisa 4yW 
Monroe Street281   Aug10188714165Cook, Florence D 29yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan21188412722Cook, Frank 44yWM
Monroe Street449   Oct30194030159Cook, GeorgeAKA Kuch74yWM
Monroe Street1131   Jul2618769556Cook, Harriott 10mW 
Monroe Street2249   Apr19189820173Cook, Helen H 1yWF
Monroe Street1107   Oct618748674Cook, Henry  WM
Monroe Street362   Dec2190222596Cook, Henry 59yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb23190222206Cook, James 42yWM
Monroe Street155   Jul1718706667Cook, Jane 7mWF
Monroe Street310   Sep22189920950Cook, John A 6mWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep15187810522Cook, Joseph 4yWM
Monroe Street260   Sep25188513444Cook, Julia 4mWF
Monroe Street227   Nov18188212280Cook, Lutia 87y  
Monroe Street2144   Nov8189116441Cook, Nathan E 63yWM
Monroe Street269   Sep15188613773Cook, Nelly 6yWF
Monroe Street186   May1818737843Cook, Netty 19yWF
Monroe Street165   Aug918717057Cook, Nick 1yWM
Monroe Street1118   Aug118759088Cook, Ph 9dW 
Monroe Street150   Nov118696468Cook, Phil  W 
Monroe Street287   Jan29188814380Cook, Philip 2mWM
Monroe Street312   Dec12189921008Cook, Ralph 4mWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr10189820156Cook, Richard R 21mWM
Monroe Street3216   Feb11191526460Cook, Sidney V 23yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun11188814564Cook, Thomas 18mWM
Monroe Street3311   Aug24192928990Cook, Vernon 17yWM
Monroe Street339   Aug24190121974Cook, Vernon J 16mWM
Monroe Street1114   Mar2818758900Cook, Wm 3dWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr11189619113Cooke, 6wWM
Monroe Street247   Sep15188412980Cooke, Martha Webster Percival 40yWF
Monroe Street374   Jul31190322967Cookea, James W 5mWM
Monroe Street239   Dec4188312686Cooks,Mrs W F38yWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan13191927285Cooley, Abigail T 82yWF
Monroe Street140   Aug218686077Cooley, Charles 10mW 
Monroe Street377   Sep9190323023Cooley, Chas E 72yWM
Monroe Street3302   Nov9192728736Cooley, Henry E 69yWM
Monroe Street3287   Feb10192528313Cooley, Margaret H 60yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul10187910824Cooly, 3mW 
Monroe Street2254   Aug3189820336Coombes,SB WF
Monroe Street353   Jun13190222342Coombes, David 21yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar7189719546Coombes, John 31yWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep14189317570Coombes, Lydia 1yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct3187810549Coombes, Mesh 65yW 
Monroe Street49   Nov18193129241Coombes, Robt J 73yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov25191025407Coombes, WilliamSr54yWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug19189116312Coombs, Essie 2yWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul15188915072Coombs, Ethel 9mWF
Monroe Street1141   Mar2518779953Coombs, Fr 56yW 
Monroe Street320   May15190021310Cooms, Lola G 11mWF
Monroe Street152   Feb1218706549Cooper,  W 
Monroe Street3247   Sep30191827221Cooper,PB WF
Monroe Street415   Jan3193329366Cooper, Albie 46yWF
Monroe Street3107   Jan21190624031Cooper, Anthony 5mWM
Monroe Street234   Jul9188312507Cooper, Frank 4dWM
Monroe Street24   Apr3188111480Cooper, Geo 1yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug5188915116Cooper, Henry James 5mWM
Monroe Street193   Sep2718738124Cooper, James 1yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec5189820512Cooper, James 67yWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar27189116066Cooper, Jas H 26yWM
Monroe Street114   Sep2418645026Cooper, John H 4yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul31188915106Cooper, Luis 9wWM
Monroe Street115   Nov2218645080Cooper, Mallilda 43yWF
Monroe Street26   May31188111535Cooper, Martha 3yWF
Monroe Street3172   Jun7191125549Cooper, Martin V 70yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov23190021559Cooper, Mary Ann 62yWF
Monroe Street3199   Sep24191326117Cooper, Melvina S 65yWF
Monroe Street3108   Feb22190624047Cooper, Wm 80yWM
Monroe Street3150   Aug23190925033Cooper, Wm C 6mWM
Monroe Street42   May6193029080Copeland,  WM
Monroe Street168   Nov618717166Copple,Mrs Wm39yWF
Monroe Street269   Sep15188613776Copsky, Lena 6wWF
Monroe Street272   Dec5188613877Corby, Lula E 2mW 
Monroe Street3252   Apr22191927361Corcoran, ElizSister40yWF
Monroe Street44   Oct9193029130Corcoran, Mary 66yWF
Monroe Street120   Jun2518655259Cordes, Alber C  W 
Monroe Street259   Aug18188513395Cordes, Alfred 8mWM
Monroe Street3308   Dec8192828887Cordes, Arnold 89yWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr14191927355Cordes, Chas F 34yWM
Monroe Street3207   May13191426284Cordes, Edw C 34yWM
Monroe Street3237   Apr26191726953Cordes, H A 72yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun8188814555Cordes, Hermiene 75yWF
Monroe Street120   Jun2518655258Cordes, Hermine H 10mWF
Monroe Street1130   Jul2118769544Cordes, Ida 1yWF
Monroe Street235   Aug29188312566Cordes, Louisa 21yWF
Monroe Street3268   Oct31192127787Cordes, Louise C 65yWF
Monroe Street232   May18188312455Cordes, Marg 35yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jul30192328069Cordes, Margaret 84yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan18188513115Cordes, Mary 28yWF
Monroe Street452   Sep13194130216Cordes, Mary E 58yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct7187810556Cordes, Mina 8yWF
Monroe Street444   Oct26193930066Cordes, Oscar L 60yWM
Monroe Street452   Aug27194130214Cordes, Robert 59yWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov5189619405Cordes, Robt M 46yWM
Monroe Street2203   Mar3189518535Corl, Femigin 61yWM
Monroe Street385   Apr12190423303Corlett, Catharine 26yWF
Monroe Street148   Aug118696384Corlett, Willie F 2mWM
Monroe Street1103   Jul218748519Corlive, Katie 40yWF
Monroe Street292   Jul4188814587Corn, Bernhardt 13mWM
Monroe Street1155   Aug11187810490Corn, CathSB WF
Monroe Street2253   Jul13189820303Cornell, Chas J 23yWM
Monroe Street438   Feb14193829924Corney, Frieda 57yWF
Monroe Street1134   Sep3018769687Cornish, Murst 4yW 
Monroe Street2243   Dec12189719959Corpe, Eugene 4yWM
Monroe Street365   Jan27190322696Corpe, John W 78yWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr22190624101Corpe, Orice A 49yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr15190221751Correll, Catharine 81yWF
Monroe Street139   May1418686006Corse, Henry F A 10mWM
Monroe Street1172   Feb25188011035Cortes, NSB W 
Monroe Street15   Dec218634679Corts, 44yWM
Monroe Street15   Dec2018634693Corts, 7yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct13189015871Corwin, Harry 13mWM
Monroe Street240   Feb8188412732Cosman,SB WM
Monroe Street36   May23189920801Costello,SB WF
Monroe Street48   Sep14193129224Cothey,SB WM
Monroe Street3292   Jan22192628456Cothey, Frank 58yWM
Monroe Street455Jul21942Jul6194230283Cottle, Elsie 57yWF
Monroe Street160   Dec2818706843Cough, Sarah 69yWF
Monroe Street162   Mar918716926Coughley, David Lewis 6mWM
Monroe Street3289   May1192528349Coughlin, Florence 70yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun25189015702Coughlin, Thomas 33yWM
Monroe Street2247   Mar9189820087Coulter, Shirley 6yWF
Monroe Street386   May8190423333Courtney, Martha MarySister66yWF
Monroe Street163   May718716964Couse,Child of Henry W 
Monroe Street283   Oct22188714245Cousins, Kitty 29yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug2318686101Cousland,Mrs45yCF
Monroe Street372   Jun25190322904Covyass, Lizzie 8yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr618758909Cowan,SB Child of H A W 
Monroe Street2176   Sep8189317560Cowan,SB WF
Monroe Street1101   Apr2718748448Cowan, Edith 9mW 
Monroe Street432   Aug14193629794Cowan, Myra O 45yWF
Monroe Street2187   May6189417967Cowann, Mary A 20mWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec12189015937Cowans,SB Twin 1 WM
Monroe Street2130   Dec12189015937Cowans,SB Twin 2 WM
Monroe Street265   Apr1188613624Cowell,SB WF
Monroe Street220   May11188212051Cowell, E J 23y  
Monroe Street145   Feb2518696249Cowell, Ellen 33yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep12189317567Cowell, Lillie 18dWF
Monroe Street1179   Oct30188011334Cowle, Henry F    
Monroe Street128   Sep618665605Cowle, Henry John 4yWM
Monroe Street3233   Oct2191626820Cowles, Chas O 56yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar2189719541Cowley, Wm H 52yWM
Monroe Street3123   May25190724443Cowlyn, Fred 3yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar22189920706Cox,SB WF
Monroe Street3107   Jan31190624035Cox,Baby WM
Monroe Street3206   Apr30191426269Cox, Estella 34yWF
Monroe Street3288   Apr13192528341Cox, Pauline 77yWF
Monroe Street245   Jul19188412913Cox, Robert 38yWM
Monroe Street3207   May16191426287Cox, Thos N 40yWM
Monroe Street237   Oct30188312647Cox, Wm    
Monroe Street429   Dec24193529723Craddock, Emma 72yWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec20188915389Craft,Baby WF
Monroe Street33   Mar10189920693Craig, 1dWM
Monroe Street3307   Nov27192828883Craig, Anna 86yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr11189417916Craig, James 76yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan14189820005Craig, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street27   Jul14188111592Craig, Sarah 73yWF
Monroe Street148   Aug1518696401Craig, William 39yWM
Monroe Street154   May1318706617Craig, William 69yWM
Monroe Street3187   Sep21191225854Craig, Wm 67yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr21189317295Crain, Adella 26yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug9191326091Crain, Orlando 92yWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar19190924910Crain, Rich L 3wWM
Monroe Street185   Apr718737796Craine, Lucind 32yWF
Monroe Street320   May13190021305Crains, Hulda A 67yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb1818748364Crale, Annie 1yWF
Monroe Street3228   Mar11191626716Crall, Elenor 59yWF
Monroe Street425   Jan12193529606Crall, Frank 75yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul19189518746Crall, G W R 18yWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep16189820393Cram, Louisa 83yWF
Monroe Street18   Mar1718644786Cramer, Charles 4yWM
Monroe Street16   Feb218644738Cramer, Henry 2mWM
Monroe Street19   Apr1718644824Crapser, J W 19yWM
Monroe Street118   Mar2918655198Crapser, Michel 46yWM
Monroe Street123   Nov1618655401Crapser, Timothy 73yWM
Monroe Street299   Dec12188814828Crates, Mary Ann 1yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan1318655119Crauf, John 50yWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb8189820040Craver, Elmira R 58yWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr23188914980Craver, Harry 19yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug18189015800Cravers, Wm H 18yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul1018727441Crawford, Elisa 1yW 
Monroe Street2194   Aug21189418217Crawford, Howard J 12mWM
Monroe Street129   Oct2318665636Crawford, James 57yWM
Monroe Street135   Oct518675863Crawford, Jane 56yWF
Monroe Street2214   Oct31189518920Crawford, John W 36yWM
Monroe Street3118   Dec2190624290Crawford, Lavina 50yWF
Monroe Street3219   May31191526539Crawford, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov2189719905Crawford, Mildred 37yWF
Monroe Street3158   Apr15191025221Crawford, Mildred 26yWF
Monroe Street3206   Apr17191426258Crawford, Norman B 24yWM
Monroe Street185   Mar2818737782Crawford, Robert 14yWM
Monroe Street3258   Mar13192027519Crawford, Susan 80yWF
Monroe Street185   Apr2218737817Crawford, Wm J 2mWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug1518748592Crawford, Wm J 5mWM
Monroe Street1167   Oct1187910925Crawl,2 children of   
Monroe Street1165   Jun30187910812Crawl, L H 60yW 
Monroe Street3194   Apr13191326010Crawley,Baby WM
Monroe Street2228   Nov22189619424Crawshaw, James 46yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec18190423607Crawshaw, John 51yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jul10188915069Creed, Haidi E 3mWF
Monroe Street352   May23190222319Creed, Johanna 75yWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb10190724344Creed, Robt 40yWM
Monroe Street324   Sep11190021481Creed, Wm S 72yWM
Monroe Street1178   Sep5188011281Creiss, Justina 3yWF
Monroe Street295   Aug14188814672Crew,SB WM
Monroe Street229   Feb1188312357Crewell, Almenva 74y F
Monroe Street3170   Apr11191125520Cristofori, Elizabeth 65yWF
Monroe Street3129   Nov24190724569Croaker, Irine 5mWF
Monroe Street375   Aug10190322983Croft, J W 27yWM
Monroe Street1146   Aug28187710134Croft, John G 1yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov718738201Croley, H JAKA Bradley8yWM
Monroe Street1174   Jun2188011146Croll, Amalia 10mWF
Monroe Street139   May2318686010Cromack, Joseph 57yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar22190121719Cromack, Maiha 77yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov1618748722Cromell, John 27yWM
Monroe Street276   Apr4188713994Cronenberger, Oscar 7yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar27188412774Cronin, Byron 17mWM
Monroe Street1121   Oct318759202Cronk, Hannah 68yWF
Monroe Street3245   Jun1191827184Crook, M 3dWM
Monroe Street413   Nov8193229350Crooks, Arlene 6yWF
Monroe Street3239   Jul13191726990Crooks, Kent K 12mWM
Monroe Street3263   Jan22192127666Crooks, W H 2yWM
Monroe Street3198   Aug4191326086Crosby, Francis 14yWF
Monroe Street133   Jun1218675782Cross, George 38yWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb518769355Cross, Hudue 8mW 
Monroe Street198   Jan2318748327Crossley, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street392   Oct26190423550Crossman, Henry 26yWM
Monroe Street115   Nov2018645077Crossman, Martha 6yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun1018769498Crow, Wm 78yWM
Monroe Street392   Oct12190423554Crowel, Leticia M 64yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan9189518452Crowell, Geo W 61yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct1188111733Crowell, Henry 80yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct31188613844Crowell, Mary J 43yWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep21187910918Crowford, Robert 47yW 
Monroe Street1178   Sep14188011289Crowl, Albert 23yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov16191025401Crowl, Albert M H 47yWM
Monroe Street3311   May14192928968Crowl, Alfred 57yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec14189418406Crowl, Almira R 79yWF
Monroe Street378   Oct11190323062Crowl, David 63yWM
Monroe Street2197   Nov3189418342Crowl, Edward 40yWM
Monroe Street47   Jul6193129208Crowl, Georgianna F 74yWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov8189317657Crowl, Harriett 74yWF
Monroe Street3305   May23192828825Crowl, Harry B 61yWM
Monroe Street3185   Jul25191225818Crowl, Jennie J 66yWF
Monroe Street493Dec61962Dec10196231156Crowl, John 86yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul25189216836Crowl, Joseph 27yWM
Monroe Street2158   Sep9189216952Crowl, Julia E 22yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct2818769740Crowl, Mamie 5yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan718758790Crowl, Martha 5yWF
Monroe Street2158   Sep8189216951Crowl, William H 50yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan14190222146Crowl, Willis A 24dWM
Monroe Street3294   Jun11192628540Croxford, Edw K 1mWM
Monroe Street382   Feb19190423221Cruite, Clarice 19mWF
Monroe Street199   Feb918748353Crull,Child of Herm2dW 
Monroe Street3110   Apr12190624088Crull, Emognee 15mWF
Monroe Street3145   Mar22190924915Crull, Herman 8mWM
Monroe Street1103   Jun2218748509Crumb, H    
Monroe Street2257   Oct20189820436Crurckshank,SB WM
Monroe Street3240   Sep28191727036Csaki,SB WF
Monroe Street3253   May23191927381Csaki,SB W 
Monroe Street3218   Apr18191526508Csaki, EvaAKA Caki40yWF
Monroe Street3283   Mar25192428194Csaky, Olga 27yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan4191726869Csergeri,SB WF
Monroe Street420   Mar23193429505Cserniczky, Louis 55yWM
Monroe Street497Oct121964Oct15196431211Csernizky, Fanny 85yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct19189216998Csichelska, Augusta 24yWF
Monroe Street444   Oct7193930064Csoltko, Alex 15yWM
Monroe Street56Sep231979Sep26197931414Csoltko, John 87y M
Monroe Street2204   Mar25189518572Cuckey, Eliza Auhsey 52yWF
Monroe Street3187   Sep29191225858Cucksey, John 73yWM
Monroe Street1101   Apr2518748444Cuhn, Sophie 6yWF
Monroe Street2152   Apr30189216706Culley, Henry G 63yWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct5189418299Culp, Ethel 11yWF
Monroe Street235   Aug23188312558Culver, Kiram 3yWM
Monroe Street258   Jul31188513360Culver, Stephan G 14yWM
Monroe Street3238   Jun27191726986Cumming, Adeline S 73yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun2318769509Cumming, Ist 12yW 
Monroe Street1124   Dec3118759309Cumming, Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street216   Jan4188211872Cumming, Sam 2yWM
Monroe Street220   Apr27188212034Cumming, Stephan 21y  
Monroe Street2249   Apr8189820152Cummings, 9wWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan20189015448Cummings, A E 52yWM
Monroe Street249   Nov21188413049Cummings, Alexander E 18yWM
Monroe Street246   Aug15188412945Cummings, Alfred 7mWM
Monroe Street179   Sep2218727591Cummings, Annetta 2yWF
Monroe Street291   May29188814540Cummings, Blanch 6yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul11187910829Cummings, David 43yW 
Monroe Street213   Nov28188111827Cummings, David 19yWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun30191426313Cummings, Delia 53yWM
Monroe Street210   Sep4188111699Cummings, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street291   Jun3188814545Cummings, Eva 18mWF
Monroe Street163   May1218716971Cummings, Fred 20yWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar12191426239Cummings, Hamilton 87yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul1818737922Cummings, Harvy G 9mWM
Monroe Street132   Mar2418675738Cummings, Jane 7yWF
Monroe Street3264   Mar26192127700Cummings, John 49yWM
Monroe Street164   Jul1418717016Cummings, Roselta B 29yWF
Monroe Street189   Jul2618737952Cummings, Rosette 69yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul1818717024Cummings, Willie 2mWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar14187910701Cummings, Wm 8yWM
Monroe Street3163   Sep12191025350Cummings, Wm H 51yWM
Monroe Street133   Aug218675803Cummins, Ernest A 6mWM
Monroe Street168   Nov1618717175Cummins, Ivorie R 5mWF
Monroe Street3133   Mar14190824660Cummiskey, Elnora 3yWF
Monroe Street3291   Dec3192528430Cunningham,SB WM
Monroe Street488Apr41959Apr7195930162Cunningham, Carie 72yWF
Monroe Street3281   Dec14192328133Cunningham, Chas A 38yWM
Monroe Street3298   Feb24192728636Cunningham, Henrietta 51yWF
Monroe Street58Jan91981Jan13198131420Cunningham, Leroy 95y M
Monroe Street3183   May24191225776Cunningham, Margarett 15yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug418737985Cunningham, Mary A 33yW 
Monroe Street356   Aug4190222430Cunnings, WmCaptain61yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar1718769409Cunz, C Th 1yWM
Monroe Street1161   Jan22187910653Curann,Mrs E39yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar15190322765Curens, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street2140   Jul28189116268Cureton, Bessy 8yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr26189015613Cureton, Chas L 11yWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug26189317543Cureton, Elisabeth 87yWF
Monroe Street3150   Aug7190925020Curran, AgnesAKA Sister M Florence31yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul7189015720Curtis,SB WF
Monroe Street377   Sep12190323025Curtis, 3dWF
Monroe Street412   Aug23193229329Curtis,SB WF
Monroe Street425   Mar2193529625Curtis,SB WM
Monroe Street2259   Dec7189820517Curtis, Joel H 73yWM
Monroe Street412   Jul11193229318Curtis, Laura E 56yWF
Monroe Street468Dec91946Dec12194630561Curtis, May 63yWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug14190724491Curtis, Nancy 73yWF
Monroe Street2215   Dec20189518973Curtis, Neil D 3mWM
Monroe Street324   Sep12190021484Curtis, Norman 1yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan25188211898Curtis, Sarah 68yWF
Monroe Street151   Dec1218696497Curtis, Susie C 25yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr3190121739Curtis, Thornton 3yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec11190423592Curtis, W H 76yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug5189820338Curtiss, Laura 2yWF
Monroe Street3203   Jan26191426214Curton, Henry 65yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr12190021252Curton, Mary Ann 75yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1218738093Cushman, Robert 1yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep14190624219Custer, Emma J 3yWF
Monroe Street139   Jun1218686024Cutler, Edward A 3yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug22188111677Cutler, Willie 1yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb24188211945Cuttler, L M 11mW 
Monroe Street3286   Nov29192428292Czakoly, Nickolas 36yWM
Monroe Street3233   Nov11191626842Czdik, CSB WF
Monroe Street3173   Jul10191125571Czedik, AnnaSB WF
Monroe Street3161   Jul23191025303Czedik, Katie 4mWF
Monroe Street464Apr111945Apr19194530488Czenczek, Frank 57yWM
Monroe Street320   Jun3190021341Czinger, Frank 32yWM
Monroe Street4113Aug291973Sep1197331348Czoltko, Theresa 79y F
Monroe Street2235   Jun3189719674Dache,SB WM
Monroe Street2141   Aug30189116330Dachter, Carl 1mWM
Monroe Street2211   Sep5189518828Dachtler, Earl 7dWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec11191225905Dachtler, Ella 37yWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar11191325975Dachtler, Henry 44yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb3190121651Dachtler, Ida 20yWF
Monroe Street3277   Mar29192328017Dachtler, John 50yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec31188513534Dadd, Thomas 10mWM
Monroe Street1157   Oct11187810561Daehn, Henrey 1yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan2418758810Dahlberg, Christ 8dWM
Monroe Street135   Sep2318675854Dahler,Child of Louis1yWM
Monroe Street431   Jul15193629782Dahler, Albert H 49yWM
Monroe Street3295   Jul15192628554Dahler, Amelia 58yWF
Monroe Street3139   Sep29190824796Dahler, Anna 47yWF
Monroe Street2197   Oct29189418334Dahler, Arthur 2yWM
Monroe Street121   Sep618655333Dahler, Carl L 6mWM
Monroe Street140   Jul1718686045Dahler, Chas W 7mWM
Monroe Street3200   Oct5191326126Dahler, Eleanor 12yWF
Monroe Street3215   Jan9191526433Dahler, Elizabeth 76yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov318748708Dahler, Jacob 45yWM
Monroe Street465Aug11945Aug4194530507Dahler, Jacob 85yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep1018769654Dahler, John 8yWM
Monroe Street1130   Jul2318769550Dahler, Louis 46yWM
Monroe Street133   May2918675776Dahler, Louisa 10mWF
Monroe Street173   Apr2818727355Dahler, Louisa 4yWF
Monroe Street168   Oct1318717154Dahler, Maria 71yWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar31189116070Dahler, Michael 50yWM
Monroe Street3257   Feb10192027502Dahler, Michael 42yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep19191326114Dahler, Mike E 9yWM
Monroe Street3311   Jul19192928986Dahler, Wm 68yWM
Monroe Street227   Dec5188212296Dahlheimer,SB   
Monroe Street1167   Sep11187910909Dahlke, Ad 3mW 
Monroe Street133   Jul1618675795Dahlner, Carolina 7mWF
Monroe Street1133   Sep1618769665Dahman, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan2718706533Dahrow, Jacob M 22yWM
Monroe Street481Jun171953Jun20195330870Daiber, Anna 94yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun418769492Dailey, Charles 44yWM
Monroe Street349   Mar6190222214Dailey, Elizabeth 6mWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep7189116344Daily, Carrie 44yWF
Monroe Street172   Mar1918727298Dalamater, Eddie H 4yWM
Monroe Street2207   May16189518664Dallman, Carl 58yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul23188915087Dallwight, Louisa 62yWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul7190624163Dalski, Martha 31yWF
Monroe Street1115   Jun718758976Dalton, Chrisie Jane 8dWF
Monroe Street2140   Aug2189116284Dalton, Sam'l 10mWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan1191626657Dalya, Martin 47yWM
Monroe Street171   Feb1518727256Dambach, Elisa 2mWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug11189317522Damel, Adam 48yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep1018645005Dames, Elizabeth 92yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1418769325Damino, Mary 4yWF
Monroe Street169   Dec218717192ADaminy, Magie    
Monroe Street3179   Jan24191225687Damm, Charles 70yWM
Monroe Street1164   May26187910780Dammhauser,SB W 
Monroe Street184   Feb2718737761Damy, August 8d  
Monroe Street188   Jul1018737906Dan, James A 2mW 
Monroe Street3112   Jun28190624154Dan, Letitia 5mWF
Monroe Street2244   Dec22189719971Danenhauer, Herbert 6yWM
Monroe Street111   Jul2018644922Daner, William 4mWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep8189619340Daneuhauer, Caroline 43yWF
Monroe Street298   Nov10188814791Dang, Fred C 81yWM
Monroe Street371   May15190322857Dangel, 3mWF
Monroe Street399   May29190523803Danials, Anna 8dWF
Monroe Street176   Jul3118727482Daniel, Elenora 1yWF
Monroe Street1141   Mar1418779933Danielowski, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street333   Apr27190121772Daning, Carl 2wWM
Monroe Street395   Feb17190523672Dann, John 10wWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar15189015547Danner, Louis 2mWM
Monroe Street250   Dec29188413097Dannerly,SB WM
Monroe Street24   Apr8188111483Dansi, H 3yW 
Monroe Street2144   Oct22189116412Danulowski, Dorathea 53yWF
Monroe Street230   Mar8188312380Danz, Christina 58y F
Monroe Street2123   Jun13189015684Dapnerman, Katie 26yWF
Monroe Street3254   Aug18191927418Darabaur,SB WF
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211954Dare, Sarah   F
Monroe Street156   Aug1118706697Daringstatter, Henry 24yWM
Monroe Street14   Oct2818634654Darling,Mr45yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul19188513328Darling, H J 10mWM
Monroe Street274   Jan23188713927Darling, Jetty 31yWF
Monroe Street3219   May29191526538Darmstadler, Anna M 92yWF
Monroe Street492Sep41962Sep7196231146Darmstadt, Edward G 77yWM
Monroe Street415   Mar17193329385Darmstadt, Lawrence 75yWM
Monroe Street319   May3190021293Darmstadt, Theresa 17yWF
Monroe Street1131   Jul3118769570Darmstaetter, A M 5mW 
Monroe Street2115   Dec15188915380Darmstatter, Anton 34yWM
Monroe Street415   Mar2193329381Darmstatter, Philip 81yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan1190423154Darmstatter, Wm 52yWM
Monroe Street240   Jan7188412713Darmsteidler, Minie 13yWF
Monroe Street3307   Nov14192828879Darnell, 8hWM
Monroe Street183   Jan518737707Darnstadter, Gabriel 58yWM
Monroe Street2136   May3189116144Darragh, Duncan 55yWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct11189719871Darrah, Olida J 3yWF
Monroe Street172   Mar1718727295Darrow, Leonore 32yWF
Monroe Street129   Nov418665644Darrow, Sarah 64yWF
Monroe Street138   Mar3118685978Dartenbach, Charles 48yWM
Monroe Street3233   Oct30191626836Dascomb, Thomas 48yWM
Monroe Street173   May1318727372Dase,SB Child of J A WF
Monroe Street234   Jul18188312512Dasso, Frank E 10mWM
Monroe Street318   Dec30190021269Date, Mary 75yWM
Monroe Street145   Mar2818696273Date, William 55yWM
Monroe Street1164   Jun19187910798Dattmor, Mary 4mWF
Monroe Street281   Aug7188714158Dauber, Chas 22yWM
Monroe Street2253   Jul23189820317Dauber, Chas 10yWM
Monroe Street2203   Feb26189518526Dauber, Fred 56yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec24190925119Dauber, Kath 75yWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec3018769849Daubert, FredSB W 
Monroe Street241   Feb26188412748Dauenhauer,Child   
Monroe Street3291   Dec10192528435Dauenhauer, Edwin J 42yWM
Monroe Street3259   Apr5192027534Dauenhauer, Eliz 7mWF
Monroe Street420   Jan13193429482Dauenhauer, Waldo G 44yWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep17189518858Dauner, Conrad 38yWM
Monroe Street279   Jul10188714105Dauner, Leonhard 9mWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct10190624242Daunhauer, Eliza E 39yWF
Monroe Street3192   Feb19191325959Daunhauer, Peter 61yWM
Monroe Street232   May27188312465Davenhauer, Oscar H F 7yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun1518758984Davettetle, Rachel 6yW 
Monroe Street2142   Sep20189116363Davia, Louisa 4mWF
Monroe Street124   Dec2218655430Davider,SB Child of Henry W 
Monroe Street2235   May10189719651Davider, Grace 2yWF
Monroe Street143   Dec3118686201Davidson,Child of Mrs W 
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211954Davidson,Infant   
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211954Davidson,Mr   
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211954Davidson,Mrs   
Monroe Street143   Dec2318686195Davidson, Daniel  WM
Monroe Street1140   Mar1318779932Davidson, Fred J 1yWM
Monroe Street250   Dec30188413098Davidson, Fredrick W  WM
Monroe Street391   Oct9190423532Davidson, Mark E 2yWM
Monroe Street139   Jun318686017Davidson, Sarah E 41yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr17189116101Davidson, Wm 25yWM
Monroe Street3280   Oct29192328107Davies, 1hWF
Monroe Street2158   Aug23189216921Davies, Elmore 10mWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug7189015780Davies, Geo 74yWM
Monroe Street3300   Jun7192728677Davies, James 83yWM
Monroe Street399   May30190523804Davies, Mary J 57yWF
Monroe Street114   Oct2018645056Davis,Old Mrs24yWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep1118759169Davis, 2dW 
Monroe Street1172   Mar5188011045Davis,Mrs71yWF
Monroe Street371   May4190322847Davis, 2dWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec5190925099Davis, 2hWM
Monroe Street3183   May31191225782Davis,SB WM
Monroe Street176   Jul2918727479Davis, A H 1yW 
Monroe Street291   May27188814535Davis, Albert A 79yWM
Monroe Street3276   Mar5192328005Davis, Albert G 49yWM
Monroe Street482Feb81954Feb12195430890Davis, Alice 82yWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul6189317428Davis, Batsey 77yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec3188513501Davis, Captain 71yWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr25188914986Davis, Carolina Seymour 70yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug718644952Davis, Charles A 1yWM
Monroe Street1115   May2318758965Davis, David 1yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep26189216970Davis, Elizabeth 53yWF
Monroe Street3262   Oct9192027616Davis, Emma J 80yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb21188211940Davis, Flora 10yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug1318727512Davis, Frank 10mWM
Monroe Street1161   Feb27187910683Davis, Fred NSB WM
Monroe Street3187   Sep13191225851Davis, Fredrich W 60yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul10190121891Davis, Geo 35yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan7189518446Davis, Geo W 27yWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr12190624090Davis, Harry W 42yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2718737957Davis, Hattie 8mW 
Monroe Street1172   Mar14188011055Davis, Henry 34yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug13189418200Davis, Holland W 58yWM
Monroe Street58Feb131981Feb17198131423Davis, Holland W 78y M
Monroe Street399   May25190523800Davis, Judith F 93yWM
Monroe Street438   Feb16193829925Davis, Julia Grace 60yWF
Monroe Street178   Sep918727568Davis, Kate 1yWF
Monroe Street482Aug61954Aug9195430909Davis, Kittie Belle 87yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep9188312580Davis, L G 71yWM
Monroe Street4113Sep11973Sep5197331349Davis, Lora 65y F
Monroe Street1131   Aug818769584Davis, M N 68yW 
Monroe Street3270   Mar4192227846Davis, Marsella D 71yWF
Monroe Street4101Jul221967Jul25196731266Davis, Mary J 90yWF
Monroe Street347   Feb12190222186Davis, Minnie K 58yWF
Monroe Street3214   Dec12191426410Davis, Pauline 46yWF
Monroe Street284   Nov9188714266Davis, Ralph 11mWM
Monroe Street342   Oct20190122036Davis, Sam'l 12dWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr13190724405Davis, Samual 70yWM
Monroe Street168   Nov2418717183Davis, Sarah 25yWF
Monroe Street28   Aug4188111638Davis, Th A 3dW 
Monroe Street379   Nov8190323092Davis, Thomas 64yWM
Monroe Street158   Sep2018706753Davis, William 77yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct4188714228Davis, William 52yWM
Monroe Street1140   Feb2818779913Davis, WmChild   
Monroe Street184   Mar2318737779Davis, Wm F 3yWM
Monroe Street3234   Dec12191626854Davis, Wm H 49yWM
Monroe Street449   Dec16194030167Davis, Zodia 75yWF
Monroe Street395   Feb24190523685Dawson, Abraham 15yWM
Monroe Street2207   Jun11189518693Dawson, Harriet 19yWF
Monroe Street272   Dec7188613878Dawson, Ida 35yWF
Monroe Street3115   Sep16190624222Dawson, James 4mWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar2618758895Dawson, Mary 51yWF
Monroe Street3255   Oct14191927444Dawson, Raymond E 8mWM
Monroe Street496Jan51964Jan7196431191Dawson, Richard 2dWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan28191827102Dawson, Thos 57yWM
Monroe Street23   Feb28188111444Dawson, Wm 68yWM
Monroe Street372   Jun17190322896Dawson, Wm F 49yWM
Monroe Street336   Jun20190121852Day, Elizabeth 73yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr12189116091Day, George 63yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug1518644966Dayler, John M 11mW 
Monroe Street2244   Dec27189719981Dayton, Clancy D 9mWM
Monroe Street281   Aug21188714185Dea, Patrick 30yWM
Monroe Street426   Apr1193529636Dean, Frank T 5mWM
Monroe Street298   Nov26188814810Dean, Geo RAKA Dern63yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug29188915176Dean, Harper Cecil 4mWM
Monroe Street312   Nov12189921013Dearing, Louisa 65yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul19189820312Dearling, Wm 59yWM
Monroe Street181   Nov2018727657Deas,Child of Robert7dWM
Monroe Street3225   Dec22191526644Deas, Chatharine 67yWF
Monroe Street175   Jul1418727451Deas, John 1yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan2018779873Deas, Mary 1dWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan2218769337Deas, Robert 1mWM
Monroe Street274   Jan23188713925Deats, Fred 36yWM
Monroe Street3290   Aug8192528387DeBari,SB WF
Monroe Street2215   Dec7189518960Decain, Philipp 35yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar6191927326Dechant, Fred A 39yWM
Monroe Street42   May22193029089Dechant, George 86yWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov30189116466Dechant, Hannah 36yWF
Monroe Street172   Mar2618727308Dechsheimer, Ida 4mWF
Monroe Street1139   Jan1918779872Deckant, Barb 67yWF
Monroe Street223   Aug6188212159Decker, Adelina 11m  
Monroe Street2249   Apr9189820155Decker, Alice 27yWM
Monroe Street3288   Apr8192528339Decker, Anna S 70yWF
Monroe Street211   Sep23188111724Decker, Charles 1yWM
Monroe Street258   Aug5188513369Decker, Fred 2mWM
Monroe Street415   Feb25193329380Decker, John 79yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep11190624218Decker, Maria 82yWF
Monroe Street158   Oct2718706784Decker, Mina 1mWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct26189217012Decker, Stella C 2yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec6190423585DeClergue, Chas 60yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan15191626677DeClergue, Katharine 80yWF
Monroe Street3230   Jun27191626763DeConcezio, SSB WM
Monroe Street187   Jul718737900Decumbe, A L 4mW 
Monroe Street2251   May17189820220Decumbe, Anna M 66yWF
Monroe Street16   Dec2618634701Decumbe, Charles 10yWM
Monroe Street236   Sep25188312598DeCumbe, John 59yWM
Monroe Street3303   Jan11192828765Dedinsky, Daniel 68yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr4191827140Dedinsky, Louis 24yWM
Monroe Street3311   May20192928970Dedinsky, Nellie  WF
Monroe Street267   Jul4188613680Dedow, Maria 2mWF
Monroe Street1144   Jul19187710063Dedow, Pauline 2yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan20189518464Dedraux, 35dWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov16189317668Dedrena, 21dWF
Monroe Street2106   Jul3188915056DeDrieze, Martenies 77yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct17188111765Deege,child of Henry   
Monroe Street212   Oct17188111766Deege, Henry 1yW 
Monroe Street423   Nov27193429591Deeke, Catherine L 77yWF
Monroe Street31   Jan24189920607Deeke, Ernst 20yWM
Monroe Street440   Oct5193829974Deeke, Ernst 89yWM
Monroe Street3223   Oct15191526605Deeke, Henry 75yWM
Monroe Street358   Sep9190222487Deeke, Maria E 61yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul3187910817Deeke, Mina 1yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr25190924952DeeLevenhagen, Mildred 5yWF
Monroe Street378   Oct24190323077Deering, Michial 59yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr23189417936Deertz, Dina 3yWF
Monroe Street289   Mar21188814445Deertz, Selma 3mWF
Monroe Street1168   Dec2187910960Defarr, 3dW 
Monroe Street2248   Mar21189820114Deffenbarker, 1hWM
Monroe Street267   Jul14188613696Defore, Ralph 2yWM
Monroe Street1149   Nov29187710268Degenan, Sarah 30yWF
Monroe Street2170   May26189317351Degnan, 10hWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb24189116030Degner, W Elmer 6mWM
Monroe Street1153   May27187810406Degnon, Frank D 1yW 
Monroe Street151   Nov2918696487Degnon, John 59yWM
Monroe Street1154   Jun12187810419Degnor,Mr   
Monroe Street1154   Jun12187810419Degnor,Mrs   
Monroe Street2250   May11189820210DeGroat, Rebecca 77yWF
Monroe Street3197   Jul7191326069Dehler, Geo J 44yWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr16191025222Dehn, Sophie 68yWF
Monroe Street3147   May5190924961Dehn, W 66yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun918737870Dehn, Wm 8mW 
Monroe Street193   Sep1518738105Dehn, Wm Fr 14dWM
Monroe Street227   Dec7188212301DeHoff, Anna 11y F
Monroe Street3243   Feb27191827126Dehoff, Elizabeth 71yWF
Monroe Street3282   Feb5192428160Dehoff, John 89yWM
Monroe Street2144   Nov2189116433Dehoff, John E 11yWM
Monroe Street2232   Feb27189719536Deiber, August 47yWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep23189317589Deick, Greta 1yWF
Monroe Street294   Jul29188814633Deik, Chas 67yWM
Monroe Street2228   Oct31189619398Deike, Caroline 47yWF
Monroe Street168   Nov1718717177Deikemeier, Henry 29yWM
Monroe Street1156   Aug16187810498Deile, Anna 72yW 
Monroe Street135   Oct2118675875Deile, John G 58yWM
Monroe Street1148   Oct27187710213Deis, Faske 1yW 
Monroe Street3302   Dec15192728748Deisch, Mathias 61yWM
Monroe Street237   Oct15188312623Deisz, Lena 2mWF
Monroe Street299   Dec16188814832Deitlop, Richard 49yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug13188814665Deiz, Gracy 2yWF
Monroe Street3185   Jul16191225804DeJane, Bridget BurnsAKA Sister M Francis80yWF
Monroe Street3185   Jul18191225807DeJane, Carmen 5mWF
Monroe Street322   Jul18190021403DeJane, Pearl 2yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug10190021436DeJane, Wm 22yWM
Monroe Street2203   Feb24189518523DeJean, Chas 5yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug15189216899DeJourney, Delia 6mWF
Monroe Street3303   Feb17192828779DeKalb, Ella Burlison 73yWF
Monroe Street431   May15193629766DeKalb, Eva B 62yWF
Monroe Street3280   Oct5192328098DeKalb, Joshua 65yWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug25190824776DeKalb, Samuel 46yWM
Monroe Street3285   Aug15192428247DeKant,SB WM
Monroe Street3255   Sep12191927428Delamater, Cassie V 43yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul3187710036Delamater, Daisy 13yWF
Monroe Street230   Mar3188312374Delamater, E D 64y M
Monroe Street453   Dec29194130232Delamater, Edwrad 85ywM
Monroe Street458Feb141943Feb16194330335Delamater, Grace 71yWF
Monroe Street224   Aug15188212176DeLamater, Mary 53y  
Monroe Street481Jun221953Jun24195330872Delaney, Matilda 82yWF
Monroe Street375   Aug2190322972Delaney, S J 38yWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug23188011266DeLang, Mary A 31yWF
Monroe Street467May31946May6194630539Delany, Catherine 84yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb418748342Delany, ElbrinySB W 
Monroe Street434   Feb10193729844Delany, Henry J 83yWM
Monroe Street173   May818727367Delany, Mary 60yWM
Monroe Street2188   May28189418014Delfs, Clara 13mWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar28189820130Delfs, Wm 7yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun918737869Delle, Carrie 1dWF
Monroe Street199   Feb2118748368Dellnan,SB Child of M W 
Monroe Street364   Jan1190322646Dellwigk, Ethel 4yWF
Monroe Street157   Sep518706728Delong,Child of E S  F
Monroe Street2225   Aug25189619320DeLong, Cromb 76yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul25189619280Delong, Parvin L 86yWM
Monroe Street12   Jul2818634556Delsher, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street2113   Nov2188915303Delzeit, Philip 35yWM
Monroe Street423   Oct8193429575Dem, Abraham 86yWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb27192328001Dem, Adriana 75yWF
Monroe Street31   Jan31189920625De Mellet, Alfonso 33yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar7188211963DeMesa, Wm A 2yWM
Monroe Street2103   Apr11188914962Demeza, Magreth A  WF
Monroe Street251   Jan12188513105Demeza, W HSB WM
Monroe Street469Aug51947Aug8194730579Demian, Lydia 83yWF
Monroe Street3294   May8192628520Deming,SB WM
Monroe Street2126   Aug6189015778Deming, Christoph 44yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug15189418206Deming, Earl 1hWM
Monroe Street37   Jul3189920842Demming, 4mWM
Monroe Street355   Jul29190222419Demming, Anna 40yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug19189216909Demming, Edna 5mWF
Monroe Street3241   Dec19191727073Demming, Frank L 65yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr12189116092Demming, Geo 7mWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun14190523822DenBlaanoen,Baby WF
Monroe Street3100   Jun14190523823DenBlaanoen,Baby WF
Monroe Street3287   Jan14192528307DenBlaauwen, Geo A 41yWM
Monroe Street323   Aug9190021430DenBlaauwen, Gertrude 3mWF
Monroe Street3201   Nov27191326170DenBlaauwen, Martin 84yWM
Monroe Street3263   Jan29192127670Dendorf,Baby WM
Monroe Street473Feb211949Feb24194930674Dengler, Albert 69yWM
Monroe Street481Jun211953Jun24195330871Dengler, Eugene 75yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep17189418275Dengler, Herman 11yWM
Monroe Street398   Apr15190523754Dengler, John 59yWM
Monroe Street435   May1193729867Dengler, Louise 82yWF
Monroe Street355   Jul23190222410Denheimer, Ellen 33yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul15188915074Denike,SB WF
Monroe Street111   Jul318644901Denison,Mrs22yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jun2918759001Denison, Dan    
Monroe Street110   Jul218644898Denison, Danill 53yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec23190423619Denker, Anna Hattie 20mWF
Monroe Street43   Jul11193029107Denker, Lena 53yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr25190523767Denman, Florence 32yWF
Monroe Street3301   Aug24192728708Denne, Isreal J 70yWM
Monroe Street455Jun181942Jun22194230277Denne, Martha 85yWF
Monroe Street483Oct201954Oct25195430916Denne, Roy Searle 74yWM
Monroe Street358   Sep4190222482Dennee, Edisor 11wWM
Monroe Street342   Oct19190122035Denner, Fred 4yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug3118675833Dennerle,SB Child of M WM
Monroe Street2110   Sep11188915198Dennerle,SB WM
Monroe Street3277   Apr25192328029Dennerle, Elizabeth 92yWF
Monroe Street3236   Mar12191726915Dennerle, John H 57yWM
Monroe Street3217   Mar26191526495Dennerle, Katharine 86yWF
Monroe Street2257   Nov6189820468Dennerle, Lorenz 61yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun1190523806Dennerle, Marcus 79yWM
Monroe Street426   May6193529648Dennerle, Peter 66yWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar31189820135Denning, Harold 3mWM
Monroe Street138   Mar1518685967Dennis,Mrs43yWF
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211954Dennis,Infant   
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211954Dennis,Mrs   
Monroe Street120   Jul118655264Dennison, Daniel 78yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1918737724Dennison, E A 60yW 
Monroe Street154   Apr2018706602Dennison, Emma M 24yWF
Monroe Street155   Jul1418706661Dennison, Lilly 4mWF
Monroe Street3208   Jun8191426307Dennison, Louise 67yWF
Monroe Street3162   Aug15191025325Dennison, William M 74yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr13189619119Denny, Annie 40yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep3188814703Denny, Lothe Droege 3mWF
Monroe Street3306   Aug2192828857Denny, Margt H 1mWF
Monroe Street3264   Mar23192127698Dent,Baby WM
Monroe Street2226   Sep15189619348Depew, Ida 7yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug24189619319Deprew, Samuel 11yWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr13188914964Derby, Elmira 64yWF
Monroe Street2258   Nov24189820493Derehs,SB WM
Monroe Street2152   May7189216725Dering, WilliamSB WM
Monroe Street264   Mar6188613589Derke, Madelin A 17mWF
Monroe Street3273   Sep15192227924Derkin, 4dWF
Monroe Street3131   Jan13190824608Derksen, Herman 18yWM
Monroe Street3268   Nov9192127790Derksen, Matilda 58yWF
Monroe Street3180   Feb9191225704Dermica, Sister 39yWF
Monroe Street298   Nov26188814810Dern, Geo RAKA Dean63yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug618737987Derndinger, Minna 7mWF
Monroe Street189   Aug218737973Derndinyer, Mauda 7mWF
Monroe Street3129   Nov9190724556Derner, Adolph 30yWM
Monroe Street180   Nov2018727655Derr, Augusta 10mW 
Monroe Street342   Oct8190122021Derrer, Conrad 97yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr20190121764Derrer, Geo C 17yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan18188914870Derrer, Jacob 76yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar26188412773Derrer, John 68yWM
Monroe Street3294   May28192628535Derrer, Lena 63yWF
Monroe Street3201   Nov3191326158Derrer, Margarette 83yWF
Monroe Street1107   Oct1618748685Derrer, Mary 18yWF
Monroe Street1107   Oct1918748691Derrer, Rose 54y  
Monroe Street265   Apr22188613636Dertinger,SB WM
Monroe Street2151   Apr15189216686Dertinger, Wilhemie 70yWF
Monroe Street270   Sep29188613800Derussy, Allen 21yWM
Monroe Street3130   Dec10190724581DeRussy, Sarah 81yWF
Monroe Street17   Feb1318644750Deset,Child of T K7dWM
Monroe Street231   May2188312430Deshtelmueller, Ernst 2m  
Monroe Street383   Feb26190423238Dethloff, John 61yWM
Monroe Street3245   Jun4191827186Dethloff, Louise 72yWF
Monroe Street2120   Mar26189015561Deto, Gustav 40yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr3190222249Detreun, Martha M 32yWF
Monroe Street322   Jul26190021413Detreux, Ruth 15mWF
Monroe Street283   Oct7188714230Dets, Fred 6yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep118748616Deubel, Barb 62yWF
Monroe Street3115   Sep24190624230Deubel, Chas 70yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan6188211874Deubel, Conrad 38yWM
Monroe Street1134   Oct818769707Deubel, Elisab 27yWF
Monroe Street425   Feb6193529616Deubel, Fred C 57yWM
Monroe Street360   Oct25190222559Deubel, Hanna Barbara 65yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov1189719904Deubel, Henry 53yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar17190724382Deubel, Henry J 37yWM
Monroe Street126   Apr2718665498Deubel, Philip  W 
Monroe Street3306   Aug20192828858Deubel, Veronica 78yWF
Monroe Street176   Aug518727495Deuble, Willie 1yWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun4189418028Deucker, John P 82yWM
Monroe Street418   Dec4193329465Deunk, Anna C 58yWF
Monroe Street3148   Jun14190924989Deunk, Anthony J 9yWM
Monroe Street445   Nov21193930073Deunk, John A 70yWM
Monroe Street3288   Apr28192528347Deunk, John G 88yWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb17191025161Deunk, Wilhelmina 69yWF
Monroe Street3183   May27191225781Deuring, Friderika Strengel 47yWF
Monroe Street3259   May1192027549Deutsch,SB WM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1618759038Deutsch, Elisa 24yW 
Monroe Street247   Sep8188412970Devenney, E A 4mWM
Monroe Street27   Jul17188111599Devitt, 63yW 
Monroe Street43   Jul11193029106Devoe, Anna K 60yWF
Monroe Street325   Oct10190021514Dewey, Norman C 2y6mWM
Monroe Street116   Jan2118655132Dewhiest, Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2818655320Dewhist, Martha 51yWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr24189619137Dewitt, Geo B 46yWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb2192327983DeWitt, Margaret 78yWF
Monroe Street462Aug131944Aug15194430448Dexheimer, Christine 75yWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov14190925086Dexheimer, Edward L 36yWM
Monroe Street4101Feb161967Feb20196731258Dexheimer, Elizabeth M 89yWF
Monroe Street265   Mar28188613618Dexter, Arellie 11yWF
Monroe Street159   Dec1118706828Dhan, Minne 2yWF
Monroe Street114   Sep2218645023Diabol, Philop 3yWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov18191827247Diamond, Evelin 1mWF
Monroe Street2206   May11189518651Diamond, Minnie 26yWF
Monroe Street39   Sep7189920932Diamond, William 2yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep22188915215Diar, Annie 41yWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep9188915191Diar, Hugo Austin 3mW 
Monroe Street280   Jul15188714117Diar, Jas 3mWM
Monroe Street254   May7188513240Diar, L S 2wWM
Monroe Street3230   Jun2191626750Dick,SB WF
Monroe Street192   Sep1218738095Dick, Ellen 39yW 
Monroe Street2140   Jul27189116272Dick, Paul 4mWM
Monroe Street29   Aug7188111642Dickason,Dr45yW 
Monroe Street211   Sep17188111720Dickerson, D 1yWF
Monroe Street2250   Apr19189820177Dickerson, Mamie 3yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul19188714127Dickinson, Vincent 11mWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun8189015677Dickman, Rudolph 15mWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct2918769741Dickson, ESB W 
Monroe Street171   Feb2018727263Dictelmuller, Magd 59yWF
Monroe Street3231   Jul17191626774Didonna,SB WF
Monroe Street33   Mar19189920702Dieckman, C H 66yWM
Monroe Street2131   Dec25189015958Dieckman, Lizzie 11mWF
Monroe Street299   Dec4188814814Dieckmann, C F 28yWM
Monroe Street3237   Mar28191726934Dieckmann, Elizabeth 88yWF
Monroe Street3296   Nov26192628597Dieckmann, Henry 65yWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan28191025140Diedrich, Julia Maria 51yWF
Monroe Street315   Feb12190021147Diedrich, Maria 9wWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan14191927287Diedrichs, Carl J 66yWM
Monroe Street423   Oct15193429578Diedrichs, Janis B 10yWF
Monroe Street3189   Nov30191225897Diefenbach, Catharine E 5dWF
Monroe Street395   Feb5190523659Diefenbacher, Lillie 8mWF
Monroe Street38   Jul18189920867Diefenbacher, Maria 20dWF
Monroe Street410   Jan21193229257Dieffenbach, Fred 48yWM
Monroe Street498Aug291965Sep1196531228Dieffenbach, Gertrude 81yWM
Monroe Street3135   Sep19190024703Diehl, Barbara 66yWF
Monroe Street3135   May21190124702Diehl, Carrie 49yWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep718748630Diehl, Cath 67yWF
Monroe Street3263   Jan4192127658Diehl, Chas P 48yWM
Monroe Street3231   Jul8191626769Diehl, Emil 57yWM
Monroe Street475Sep111949Sep20194930706Diehl, Katherine 86yWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb21189719530Diehl, Ludwig 91yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct16188613828Diehl, Peter 61yWM
Monroe Street328   Dec29190021614Diekmeyer, Fred 2wWM
Monroe Street1164   May27187910782Dieling, Frank 34yWM
Monroe Street3277   Apr7192328021Dieling, Fred D 47yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep27190624231Dieling, Maria 55yWF
Monroe Street198   Jan1418748310Diemer, Emilie 62yWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun22189317402Diener, Christ 63yWM
Monroe Street3210   Aug16191426340Diener, Fred 1dWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb25189619059Diener, Louisa 55yWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec21188915390Dienhart,Baby WM
Monroe Street333   Apr16190121756Diermeier, Louisa 37yWF
Monroe Street3131   Jan27190824625Diermeyer, Harvey 19yWM
Monroe Street3282   Mar10192428177Diermeyer, John B 60yWM
Monroe Street1130   Jul2118769545Dies, Chas 5mWM
Monroe Street3198   Aug2191326085Diesterfelt, Julius 62yWM
Monroe Street322   Jul22190021405Diesterhefft, Wm 23yWM
Monroe Street434   Feb17193729846Diesterheft, Henrietta 80yWF
Monroe Street484   Apr26195530939Diesterheft, John 71yWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov5191827236Dieter, Anna H 30yWF
Monroe Street3266   Jul25192127752Dieter, Elizabeth K 80yWF
Monroe Street415   Apr1193329390Dieter, Geo J 67yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul2190121873Dieter, Louis G 28yWM
Monroe Street3281   Jan22192428148Dieter, Lydia 59yWF
Monroe Street3229   Apr24191626734Dieter, Michael 75yWM
Monroe Street227   Nov22188212288Dieterbeck, A 26y  
Monroe Street2242   Nov14189719924Dietrich, 4dWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug13189418199Dietrich, Emma 15mWF
Monroe Street322   Jul26190021412Dietrich, Geo 6yWM
Monroe Street2158   Aug30189216934Dietz, August 4yWM
Monroe Street43   Jun20193029100Dietz, August N 65yWM
Monroe Street153   Mar2218706576Dietz, Carlos 6dWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep22187710158Dietz, E G 9yW 
Monroe Street321   Jul7190021381Dietz, Emma 8mWF
Monroe Street449   Nov30194030165Dietz, Emma 69yWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb16189719521Dietz, Franz 40yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec14190021588Dietz, Geo 78yWM
Monroe Street2179   Dec7189317707Dietz, Henry 55yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug2018759134Dietz, Julia 3yWF
Monroe Street3266   Jun25192127740Dietz, Louisa 81yWF
Monroe Street3219   May4191526524Dietzel, Amalia 63yWF
Monroe Street3206   Apr25191426267Dietzel, Herman 71yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb5189015487Dietzel, Mathlda 45yWF
Monroe Street3256   Nov15191927458Dietzel, Robt 8mWM
Monroe Street160   Jan1118716861Digmire, Gusta 1yWF
Monroe Street4102Dec41967Dec7196731273Dignan, Alice 73yWF
Monroe Street491Jan101962Jan13196231127Dignan, Charles 92yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar4190423249Dignan, Chas L 9mWM
Monroe Street455Jun261942Jun29194230281Dignan, Lillian 70yWF
Monroe Street186   May318737830Dihs, Albert 6mWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr27189116128Dillon,SB WF
Monroe Street2136   Apr27189116127Dillon, Anna L 24yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr18189015598Dillon, Gertrude G 2mWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct15189518899Dillon, Michial 46yWM
Monroe Street399   May13190523782Dinda,Baby WF
Monroe Street2258   Nov20189820488Dingeldein, Ann Maria 72yWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep24190523927Dingeldin, Louis 76yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov18190021552Dingman, Desdimonia 74yWF
Monroe Street2258   Nov21189820490Dingwald, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street147   Jun1618696332Dion,SB Child of Robert WM
Monroe Street3144   Feb8190924889Dirmeyer, Viola 17yWF
Monroe Street2119   Mar11189015542Dirmges, Clide 3yWM
Monroe Street326   Oct27190021535Dirtliu, Casper 42yWM
Monroe Street154   Jun118706627Disbro,SB Child of W J WF
Monroe Street3162   Aug31191025344Disbro, Alice 15dWF
Monroe Street3102   Aug24190523900Disch, Barbara 6mWF
Monroe Street3269   Dec15192127810Disch, Christina 80yWF
Monroe Street278   Jun14188714069Disch, Simon 11yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr4190121741Disch, Simon 62yWM
Monroe Street1142   May9187710003Disdale, Juline 64yW 
Monroe Street2239   Aug25189719803Dish, Anna 7mWF
Monroe Street364   Jan12190322668Dish, Christina 6mWF
Monroe Street3126   Aug21190724494Dish, Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street110   Jun2618644885Disher, Geo 16yWF
Monroe Street339   Aug5190121940Disk, Julia 4wWF
Monroe Street25   May21188111527Dister,Child of A   
Monroe Street417   Aug12193329432Dister, Fred 66yWM
Monroe Street2250   Apr30189820193Dister, Helen 67yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan6189819993Dister, Leslie 2yWM
Monroe Street289   Mar30188814461Dister, Louisa 18yWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep15188011293Dister, Math 54yW 
Monroe Street2198   Nov18189418370Dittebrand, A 3yWM
Monroe Street3289   Jul3192528370Dittebrand, Frederick W 63yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec6189719950Dittebrand, John 3yWM
Monroe Street3308   Dec10192828888Dittebrand, Louisa 60yWF
Monroe Street421   Apr11193429509Dittebraud, Eugene 10mWM
Monroe Street421   Apr23193429512Dittebraud, Richard E 1yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb24190423233Dittener, Edw 20yWM
Monroe Street3289   Jul31192528379Dittman, Caroline 79yWF
Monroe Street412   Jun20193229313Dittmer, Minna 80yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul12190523852Dittrich, Viola 7mWF
Monroe Street326   Oct26190021531Divis, Franz 67yWM
Monroe Street1138   Dec2118769842Divis, Gamaz 2mW 
Monroe Street3115   Sep22190624229Divis, Ignatz 46yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr5188011089Dixon,SB Child of W 
Monroe Street2204   Mar9189518548Dixon, Anna M 81yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug1618644968Dixon, Charlot 6mW 
Monroe Street234   Aug8188312538Dixon, George H    
Monroe Street1110   Dec2918748774Dixon, Humphrey 24yW 
Monroe Street1129   Jun2318769510Dixon, John 3dWM
Monroe Street38   Jul23189920873Dixon, Ralph 1yWM
Monroe Street429   Dec14193529720Dixon, Vashti L 82yWF
Monroe Street316   Mar12190021191Dixon, W H 84yWM
Monroe Street454Feb231942Feb26194230251Dlmean, Edward 69yWM
Monroe Street176   Aug218727490Dobbie, John 1mWM
Monroe Street1131   Jul2518769553Dobbie, John 2dWM
Monroe Street452   Jun9194130201Dobbins, Alice 53yWF
Monroe Street46   Feb25193129170Dobscha, Albert 51yWM
Monroe Street16   Feb318644740Dodds, William 66yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1418675814Dode, Henry 10mWM
Monroe Street129   Sep1518665613Dodel,SB Child of Wm WM
Monroe Street143   Dec1118686188Dodel,Mrs40yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan2518706532Dodel,SB WM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1218748393Dodge, 86yW 
Monroe Street3153   Nov27190925094Dodge, John 76yWM
Monroe Street2253   Jul8189820294Dodson, Albert H 1yWM
Monroe Street2250   Apr27189820190Dodson, Sarah J 14yWF
Monroe Street3206   Apr24191426266Dodson, Wm 57yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan8191726872Doeberling,SB WM
Monroe Street3260   Jul31192027590Doeberling,Baby WM
Monroe Street3146   Apr18190924943Doeike, August 22yWM
Monroe Street299   Dec19188814836Doelker,Twin 1 WF
Monroe Street299   Dec19188814836Doelker,Twin 2 WF
Monroe Street2234   Apr22189719622Doelker, Herman 5yWM
Monroe Street323   Aug6190021426Doerge, Fred 39yWM
Monroe Street3233   Nov13191626843Doerge, Mildred F 3yWF
Monroe Street258   Aug1188513362Doering, David 12yWM
Monroe Street255   May23188513260Doering, Jakob 11wWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar12191225721Doering, Rosa 68yWF
Monroe Street252   Feb17188513149Doerner,SB WM
Monroe Street3265   Apr11192127708Doerner, Jacob 55yWM
Monroe Street142   Oct718686150Doerrer, Fr Wm 2mWM
Monroe Street2145   Dec10189116477Doertenbach, Caroline 62yWF
Monroe Street229   Jan1188312327Doertenback, Ch H 34y M
Monroe Street3268   Oct1192127775Doertenback, Emma 69yWF
Monroe Street2207   May31189518680Doerwald, 14dWM
Monroe Street2140   Jul30189116278Dogunke, 10mWF
Monroe Street391   Oct17190423541Dohmke,Baby WM
Monroe Street1142   Apr1518779982Dohn, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street316   Mar7190021182Dohring, Christ 45yWM
Monroe Street3308   Dec27192828898Dolan, Anna M 58yWF
Monroe Street3155   Jan26191025136Dolan, Catharine E 36yWF
Monroe Street3109   Mar7190624058Dolan, Ida 28yWF
Monroe Street1164   Jun8187910790Dolan, Mary Fr 31yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb11189920643Dolan, Wm 53yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul25189015761Dolch, John 24yWM
Monroe Street199   Feb2718748372Doleschall, J 48yW 
Monroe Street377   Sep16190323035Dolezal, Doorothy 1yWF
Monroe Street3263   Dec29192027653Dolezal, Joseph 39yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug29188814696Dolick, Minnie 7yWF
Monroe Street241   Mar10188412756Doll,SB WM
Monroe Street42   Mar19193029062Doll,SB WM
Monroe Street358   Sep21190222504Doll, Christina 25yWF
Monroe Street477Jun91950Jun12195030756Doll, Herman J 76yWM
Monroe Street358   Sep25190222514Doll, Herold 6mWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr25188914984Doll, John 45yWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug4191727005Doll, Wilhelmina 77yWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar2418748414Dolleschall,    
Monroe Street168   Nov1218717173Dollinger, Adam 49yWM
Monroe Street399   May27190523801Dollinger, Geo 49yWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug4191025316Dollinger, Geo A 26yWM
Monroe Street2169   Apr26189317305Dollinger, George 11yWM
Monroe Street1128   Apr1318769436Dollinger, Mary A 44yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr13191326011Dolzal,Baby WM
Monroe Street2125   Jul27189015763Dombroski, Michael 30yWM
Monroe Street294   Jul29188814632Dombrosky, Henry 3mWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun27191025288Dombrowski, Andreas 42yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep14190323032Dombrowski, Anna 3mWF
Monroe Street322   Jul13190021395Dombrowski, Herbert 3mWM
Monroe Street2158   Sep6189216946Dombrowski, Yustine 62yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug1818769607Dombrowsky, Emma 8mWF
Monroe Street132   Mar518675729Domeck, James 6mWM
Monroe Street3304   Apr4192828802Dominick, Hattie M 39yWF
Monroe Street478Mar301951Apr2195130793Dominick, Joseph  WM
Monroe Street3248   Nov23191827251Dommick, John 40yWM
Monroe Street3303   Feb18192828780DonBlaauwen, Ellen 78yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov28189217063Done, Thomas 57yWM
Monroe Street116   Jan2418655134Doner, George  WM
Monroe Street1145   Aug5187710099Donnas, Gert 9mWF
Monroe Street11   Jun1718634533Donor, John 2yWM
Monroe Street436   Nov17193729902Donovan, Melva 30yWF
Monroe Street238   Nov21188312675Dopmayer, E H    
Monroe Street194   Oct718738146Dopmeyer, Ernst H 1yWM
Monroe Street34   Apr3189920726Dopmeyer, J H 58yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan4189317118Doran, Agnes 4yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan1618758799Doran, Carolina 42yWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan3189317117Doran, David 6yWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb24192328000Doran, FrankSB WM
Monroe Street452   Aug12194130207Dormstadt, Adeline 79yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct20190222546Dornbrock, ChasAKA Dunbrock75yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb17190222198Dornbrook, Wilhelminaor Dunbrock72yWF
Monroe Street3130   Dec7190724577Dorner,Baby WF
Monroe Street164   Jun918716990Dorner, Caroline Mary 4yWF
Monroe Street17   Mar1418644779Dorner, Ellen Nora 3yWF
Monroe Street27   Jul10188111584Dorner, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street3253   May23191927383Dorner, Eva B 82yWF
Monroe Street3262   Nov11192027628Dorner, Maria 61yWF
Monroe Street485Jun61956Jun12195630967Dorner, Oskar G 80yWM
Monroe Street17   Mar318644763Dorner, William 7yWM
Monroe Street399   May15190523785Dorner, Wm 72yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb11188513144Doroo, Wilhelmiene 24yWF
Monroe Street3274   Oct9192227937Dorow, Albert 66yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan10189518450Dorow, Alfred 15mWM
Monroe Street459Jul251943Jul28194330371Dorow, Anna 80yWF
Monroe Street3288   Apr16192528343Dorow, Elmer E 28yWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar22189518568Dorow, Fred 78yWM
Monroe Street386   May25190423358Dorow, Minnie 38yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan5189518440Dorow, Oscar 3yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep1718769667Dorpfield, Edith L 5yWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul8189317431Dorr, Alvah 5mWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct1818748688Dorran, Emelie 3yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb618758827Dorsey, Cath 35yWF
Monroe Street1103   Jun3018748517Dorsy, Thomas 22yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan2418748328Dort,Child of John W 
Monroe Street261   Nov24188513492Dort,SB WM
Monroe Street290   May3188814507Dort, 6mWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct28189719899Dort, Anna 45yWF
Monroe Street483Nov281916Mar12195530936Dort, Balzer 62yWM
Monroe Street492Mar311962May1196231138Dort, Fred J 69yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr17190021262Dort, John 48yWM
Monroe Street3303   Feb10192828777Dort, Martha 67yWF
Monroe Street247   Sep9188412971Dort, Wilhelm 7mWM
Monroe Street3153   Nov29190925096Dost, W 61yWM
Monroe Street2179   Nov23189317681Dotterweich, Susan 51yWF
Monroe Street1163   May3187910754Doty,Mrs  F
Monroe Street1164   May29187910783Doty,Mrs WF
Monroe Street172   Mar2318727301Doty, Luzia Anna 60yWF
Monroe Street1163   Apr16187910736Doty, Maria 15yW 
Monroe Street375   Aug3190322974Dougan, Verena 3mWF
Monroe Street375   Aug26190323001Dougherty, Clayton W 3yWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct4189518888Dougherty, Robt 76yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep10190121996Douglas, Eliza 61yWF
Monroe Street510Jan21983Jan4198331443Douglas, Elizabeth 92y F
Monroe Street3239   Aug11191727010Douglas, Francis B 78yWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar16191025186Douglas, George 75yWM
Monroe Street3142   Dec4190824847Douglas, Margaret W 76yWF
Monroe Street3114   Aug26190624206Douglas, Mary E 79yWF
Monroe Street3282   Feb7192428162Douglass, Daisy M 45yWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan30191827105Douglass, Ella Louise 47yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug2518686103Douglass, Hattie 1yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar8189417852Douglass, John 70yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb2318758854Douglass, Rub 2yW 
Monroe Street32   Feb21189920665Douglass, Stella 12yWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr17188914971Dow, 3dWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr14190724408Dow, 3wWF
Monroe Street435   Apr9193729862Dow, Anna 75yWF
Monroe Street189   Jul3018737962Dowling, Alfred C 4yWM
Monroe Street312   Nov15189921018Down,SB WM
Monroe Street1105   Aug2118748602Downer,  W 
Monroe Street1136   Nov2118769784Downer, Albert 5yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov17188312669Downer, Henrich L 70yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun17190222351Downer, Margarett 81yWF
Monroe Street37   Jun28189920841Downer, Mary 56yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep2189015824Downing, Mary 17mWF
Monroe Street1137   Nov2818769803Doxter, Ch 5yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan27190824626Doxter, Fred 26yWM
Monroe Street223   Jul31188212148Doyle,Child of T F   
Monroe Street286   Jan24188814370Doyle, 10hWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov28190925095Doyle,SB WM
Monroe Street3170   Apr1191125515Doyle, Amelia 53yWF
Monroe Street235   Sep8188312577Doyle, David 7yWM
Monroe Street1164   May30187910784Doyle, E M 2yW 
Monroe Street260   Oct15188513455Doyle, Elizabeth 58yWF
Monroe Street3300   Jul19192728698Doyle, Ellen N 82yWF
Monroe Street3247   Oct26191827231Doyle, Frank 40yWM
Monroe Street2144   Nov9189116443Doyle, Franklin 23yWM
Monroe Street2128   Oct19189015876Doyle, Herbert 4yWM
Monroe Street235   Aug16188312548Doyle, John 11mWM
Monroe Street284   Nov12188714265Doyle, John 1yWM
Monroe Street392   Nov22190423570Doyle, John J 43yWM
Monroe Street179   Oct918727612Doyle, LeRoy 1yWM
Monroe Street22   Jan13188111398Doyle, Lilly 6mWF
Monroe Street345   Dec29190122125Doyle, Lydia 4yWF
Monroe Street3236   Mar24191726928Doyle, Mary 49yWF
Monroe Street2174   Aug6189317508Doyle, Thomas F 47yWM
Monroe Street229   Jan31188312356Doyle, Vinnie 2y M
Monroe Street2192   Jul23189418143Doyle, Walter 11yWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar9191225719Doyle, William 30yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec23190423617Drackett, Mary 67yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun1518644875Drackett, Mary M 4yWF
Monroe Street3282   Feb28192428174Draega, Julia 11hWF
Monroe Street4101Mar121967Mar15196731259Draeger, Julia 62yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec14189317718Drake, Everett H 1yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun3188412860Drake, Frances M 27yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun20190322899Drake, Frank 47yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug6189015779Drake, James E 3yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2618737951Drake, L L 9mW 
Monroe Street180   Nov1118727646Drake, Maggie 18yWF
Monroe Street3240   Oct3191727038Drake, Ralph L 45yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar20190423271Drake, Roy 19yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb18190322725Drake, Solomon S 58yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar15190021196Dran, Mary 3mCF
Monroe Street2229   Dec2189619435Drandt, 2mWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep4189820378Drandt, 1dWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct28189719897Drandt, Adelia 2yWF
Monroe Street459Apr301943May3194330356Drandt, George 82yWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep17189820395Drandt, John G 68yWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar12192628486Drandt, Josephine 64yWF
Monroe Street3247   Sep24191827219Drandt, Louisa 83yWF
Monroe Street46   Feb18193129168Drandt, Maude 59yWF
Monroe Street349   Mar14190222228Drandt, Ruth M 16mWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr6189015591Drandt, Wilhemia K 11yWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb20189820059Drase, Robt 53yWM
Monroe Street1134   Sep2818769684Draudt, Kathie 2yWF
Monroe Street37   Jul11189920856Dray, Allice H 2mWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan31189619030Dray, Ethel 3mWF
Monroe Street283   Oct11188714234Dray, George 6yWM
Monroe Street222   Jun8188212097Draz,Child   
Monroe Street222   Jun8188212096Draz, Louisa    
Monroe Street3225   Dec23191526645Drazdik, Ludwig 18yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul23189418145Drazik, Alois 5mWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov24189619428Drda,Baby WM
Monroe Street3129   Nov3190724548Drda, Caroline 8mWF
Monroe Street382   Feb8190423204Drda, John 54yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep8192227922Drda, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street329   Jan28190121645Drebus, Jacob 25yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan15190824610Drees,Baby WM
Monroe Street33   Mar11189920694Drees, G H 76yWM
Monroe Street184   Feb2018737755Drees, H Wm 15yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan9188211877Dreess, Emil 54yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug15188714177Dreher,Mrs42yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep6189116342Dreher, Arthur 1yWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar8189116044Dreher, Christopher 37yWM
Monroe Street39   Sep6189920931Dreher, Hulda L 18yWF
Monroe Street454Mar131942Mar17194230255Dreher, Minnie 83yWF
Monroe Street322   Jul10190021391Dreher, Rumar 71yWM
Monroe Street425   Mar20193529629Drehs, Elenor 93yWF
Monroe Street460Dec221943Dec28194330405Drehs, Ernst 70yWM
Monroe Street434   Mar4193729851Drehs, Mary L 65yWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul29188915103Drehsler, Wm 32yWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr30189015619Dreier, Emelie 31yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jun1118758979Dreier, Joseph 11mWM
Monroe Street3174   Aug11191125590Dreks, Fred 75yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug10188714167Drenkhahn, Henry 5yWM
Monroe Street139   May1318686005Dres,SB Child of E W 
Monroe Street124   Dec1018655418Dres, Ernest H 1yWM
Monroe Street360   Oct29190222563Dresang, Wm 80yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb19189216593Drescher, Anna 26yWF
Monroe Street43   Jun17193029099Drescher, Christina 82yWF
Monroe Street411   May3193229304Drescher, John 63yWM
Monroe Street2203   Mar7189518543Drescher, Louis M 1mWF
Monroe Street2153   May25189216750Drescher, Philip 52yWM
Monroe Street150   Nov1618696474Dresden, Henry T 56yWM
Monroe Street3224   Nov20191526618Dresher, Adie 40yWF
Monroe Street370   Apr27190322840Dresher, Phil 26yWM
Monroe Street3215   Jan12191526436Drespling,Baby WM
Monroe Street170   Jan2918727240Dress,SB Child of Henry WF
Monroe Street1179   Nov2188011338Dress,Child of Fred   
Monroe Street218   Feb27188211950Dress, Anna M 3yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan28188513125Dress, Anna M 22yWF
Monroe Street1123   Nov2018759260Dress, Charlottie 6dWF
Monroe Street219   Apr6188212001Dress, Clara 3yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep4189015825Dress, Clara 57yWF
Monroe Street210   Aug31188111691Dress, Clausen 23yW 
Monroe Street2111   Sep29188915231Dress, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street251   Feb1188513127Dress, Ernst Fr 29yWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov25189217060Dress, Gerhard 73yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug14189216894Dress, Gertruda 78yWF
Monroe Street1113   Feb2818758864Dress, Heinrich 31yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun19188513293Dress, Heinrich Harry 5mWM
Monroe Street2115   Dec19188915383Dress, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street289   Apr8188814466Dress, Henry Chas 80yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug11187710107Dress, Ida 2mWF
Monroe Street249   Nov27188413062Dress, Johan Heinrich 19yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2518738174Dress, John H 3yWM
Monroe Street227   Nov18188212281Dress, Lidia 3m  
Monroe Street1100   Mar1918748405Dress, Lizzie 14yWF
Monroe Street1171   Feb3188011013Dress, M C 40yW 
Monroe Street1121   Oct318759203Dress, M E 7yW 
Monroe Street194   Oct1618738160Dress, Maria 17yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct10187710180Dress, Martin 2yWM
Monroe Street2144   Nov10189116445Dress, Mary W 44yWF
Monroe Street3227   Feb21191626705Dressher, Wm 39yWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov718759247Dressi, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov11190021547Dressler, Archie 18yWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun11190924986Dressler, Elizabeth 56yWF
Monroe Street2257   Nov2189820463Dressler, Henry 47yWM
Monroe Street391   Oct16190423542Dressler, John H 27yWM
Monroe Street2197   Nov2189418341Drew, Alice 36yWF
Monroe Street342   Oct25190122043Drewett, Wm 52yWM
Monroe Street117   Mar518655170Drews,Child of William5yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul9190222383Drews, Lillie 3mWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov23189217059Dreyer, Albert 10mWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul18189116252Dreyer, Amelia 4yWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan7189115976Dreyer, Emilia 63yWF
Monroe Street218   Mar7188211961Dreyer, Fred 53yW 
Monroe Street299   Dec30188814848Dreyer, Henry 13dWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct6189820420Driesang, Rosalie 75yWF
Monroe Street25   May18188111525Driffield,Child   
Monroe Street166   Aug2018717078Dring, Elenor 63yWF
Monroe Street463Nov151944Nov18194430457Driskell, Winifred 61yWF
Monroe Street464Apr21945Apr6194530483Driskill, Emmett 62yWM
Monroe Street480Sep91952Sep12195230843Droege, Adolph 85yWM
Monroe Street460Dec181943Dec20194330402Droege, Anna B 83yWF
Monroe Street48   Aug31193129219Droege, Anna C 54yWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct1018769710Droege, Charles 11yWM
Monroe Street312   Nov12189921012Droege, Chas H 8mWM
Monroe Street3253   May21191927378Droege, F A 60yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul15188915075Droege, Fred 31yWM
Monroe Street3265   Apr13192127710Droege, Frederick 92yWM
Monroe Street143   Dec1318686190Droege, Heinrich 50yWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun23191025284Droege, Magdelena 76yWF
Monroe Street2122   May15189015642Droege, Maria Clara 47yWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan29187810320Droege, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug17189216904Droege, W Freddie 9yWM
Monroe Street125   Mar1518665478Droege, William 78yWM
Monroe Street17   Mar618644768Droeger, Charles 2yWM
Monroe Street420   Jan22193429488Droese, Louis 50yWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov9191827239Dronant,SB WM
Monroe Street2146   Dec18189116485Drosch, Arthur 16mWM
Monroe Street240   Feb4188412730Drose, Albert 42yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb28189015520Drosh, John 15mWM
Monroe Street260   Sep13188513427Drost, JohnSB WF
Monroe Street2165   Feb19189317184Drost, John 31yWM
Monroe Street269   Aug23188613742Droste, Henry 13mWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar9189417854Droste, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct24187710208Droudt, Gustav Adolph 1yWM
Monroe Street1166   Jul24187910848Droz, 1yW 
Monroe Street154   May1818706620Droz, Louisa 49yWF
Monroe Street169   Dec3018717214Droze, Edward 42yWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov1318759254Drubel, Christine 64yW 
Monroe Street298   Nov9188814787Druckett, John 7mWM
Monroe Street3105   Jan12186923993Drummonds, PMrs42yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul14188011209Druss, F Henry 6yWM
Monroe Street3195   May13191326035Dryer, Catharine 79yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep4188814705Dryer, F 29yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep1118738091Dryer, Fr 20yW 
Monroe Street3200   Oct27191326147Drzewieska, Helen 11mWF
Monroe Street3201   Nov4191326157Drzewieska, Janina 3yWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb17189317180Dubber, George 30yWM
Monroe Street280   Jul25188714135Dubber, Henry 9mWM
Monroe Street2122   May14189015641Dubber, Lizzie 11mWF
Monroe Street2189   May30189418018Dubber, Lora 20mWF
Monroe Street1169   Dec17187910976Dubber, Mary 1mWF
Monroe Street296   Sep10188814714Dubber, Minnie 2yWF
Monroe Street1174   Apr29188011114Dubber, Wm Ch 2yWM
Monroe Street2235   May7189719646Dubers, Louisa 65yWF
Monroe Street149   Sep1918696438Dubois, Daniel 27yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov518738195Dubois, Emma 6yWF
Monroe Street274   Jan16188713916Dubriw, Wm 9mWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun5189418031Dubrow, Baby 1yWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul25189015760Dubs, Geo D 14dWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep718748631Dubs, Helena 32yWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep20189820398Duckett, 8mWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan19189317135Duckwitz, Frederick 65yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec26189820540Duenk, Aaltjen 70yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul19188513329Duhse, Florantine 1yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan418758785Duket, Joseph 1mWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug20189116315Dukwitz, Chas 6mWM
Monroe Street2170   May31189317352Dummer, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street3207   May22191426293Dumont, Silas 61yWM
Monroe Street2170   May28189317349Dumpy, Henry 8mWM
Monroe Street1128   Apr1418769437Dunbar,    
Monroe Street4103Jan 1968Jan17196831277Dunbar, Janet M 10yWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan24189015458Dunbar, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct20190222546Dunbrock, ChasAKA Dornbrock75yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb17190222198Dunbrock, Wilhelminaor Dornbrook72yWF
Monroe Street3199   Sep27191326120Dunbrook, Anna M 27yWF
Monroe Street2137   May15189116160Dunbrook, Geo 78yWM
Monroe Street31   Jan28189920617Duncan, Fred 68yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan30189619029Duncan, Jane 52yWF
Monroe Street385   Apr15190423308Duncan, Maria 81yWF
Monroe Street3191   Jan22191325938Duncan, Robert 66yWM
Monroe Street2233   Mar25189719573Duncan, Ruth 2yWF
Monroe Street255   May18188513263Dunham, Ada    
Monroe Street497May271965May29196531225Dunhase, Arthur 58yWM
Monroe Street58Aug241981Aug27198131429Dunkhase, Emma E 71y F
Monroe Street2162   Dec3189217069Dunklee,Baby WF
Monroe Street3159   May16191025247Dunlap, Andrew 89yWM
Monroe Street482Apr21954Apr6195430896Dunlap, James 80yWM
Monroe Street1129   May2818769481Dunlap, John 24yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan25190824623Dunlap, Maria 82yWF
Monroe Street3289   Jul7192528371Dunlap, Sadie M 23yWF
Monroe Street3308   Dec24192828897Dunninbg, Seena 73yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun1118644868Dunning, Ella 19yW 
Monroe Street2168   Apr18189317283Dunning, Lena 7yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar20191526491Dunning, Richard 76yWM
Monroe Street13   Aug1718634581Dunton, Andrew  WM
Monroe Street2180   Dec15189317724Dupea, Ada A 15mWF
Monroe Street482Jun191954Jun22195430902Dupea, Amelia 84yWF
Monroe Street3285   Sep15192428257Dupea, Jean M 7mWF
Monroe Street412   Aug27193229331Dupea, John J 67yWM
Monroe Street489Nov21959Nov5195931074Dupea, Margareth A 62yWF
Monroe Street4101Sep151967Sep21196731268Dupea, Prospere Y 69yWM
Monroe Street1162   Apr5187910725Duppie,1 of 2 children of James W 
Monroe Street1162   Apr5187910725Duppie,2 of 2 children of James W 
Monroe Street2214   Nov7189518927Durant,SB WF
Monroe Street3230   May9191626740Durchschlag, Fridericka 96yWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb6191426220Durchschlay, Christian 85yWM
Monroe Street427   Sep3193529679Durdee, Della 85yWF
Monroe Street186   May418737831Durdsehlag, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street1142   Apr1618779985Durell,Child of M WM
Monroe Street356   Aug25190222458Durell, Anna 65yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct24189015881Durell, Phillip 58yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep1718769666Durell, Wm C 10yWM
Monroe Street226   Oct31188212254Durham, Lelinda 84y  
Monroe Street3294   May5192628517Durling, Ada S 24yWF
Monroe Street455Jul161942Jul18194230287Durr, Joseph 59yWM
Monroe Street482May141954May18195430900Durschlag, Christian  WM
Monroe Street2116   Jan5189015409Durschlag, John 67yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec29188513532Durschlag, Margarethe 21mWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr18188914975Durst,SB WM
Monroe Street2154   Jun29189216802Durst,SB WF
Monroe Street2189   Jun9189418038Durst,SB WM
Monroe Street389   Aug13190423461Durst,Baby WF
Monroe Street391   Oct7190423528Durst, Anna 40yWF
Monroe Street440   Oct24193829976Durst, Clara Louise 68yWF
Monroe Street3313   Dec9192929020Durst, Ernstine Maria 71yWF
Monroe Street498Jul201965Jul23196531227Durst, Ethel 75yWM
Monroe Street3268   Oct26192127786Durst, Florence T 26yWF
Monroe Street471Apr251948Apr28194830623Durst, Geo Jacob 90yWM
Monroe Street490Sep191960Sep22196031090Durst, George 70yWM
Monroe Street495Sep41963Sep9196331185Durst, Helen 68yWF
Monroe Street431   May28193629771Durst, John A 69yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov30190624286Durst, John J 83yWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar31189820134Durst, Kate 35yWF
Monroe Street287   Feb1188814383Durst, Mary 59yWM
Monroe Street433   Dec9193629822Durst, Walter N 35yWM
Monroe Street1149   Dec26187710291Dusenburg, M E 1yW 
Monroe Street2120   Apr11189015579Dusse, Frank  W 
Monroe Street1142   May6187710002Dutmeyer, Emma 14dWF
Monroe Street165   Aug1218717059Dutton,Child of Charles H1dWF
Monroe Street121   Sep518655332Dutton, Freddy 1yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr2191827139Duvie, Elizabeth 63yWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul18189518744Dvarak, John 4mWM
Monroe Street3298   Mar11192728646Dvorak, Anna 70yWF
Monroe Street3272   Jul8192227895Dvorak, Frank 68yWM
Monroe Street442   Jan11193929993Dvorak, Frank 47yWM
Monroe Street2203   Mar4189518536Dvorak, John 16yWM
Monroe Street2104   May5188914993Dyckes, Eliza 76yWF
Monroe Street170   Jan1418727226Dyer,Child of Charles14dWM
Monroe Street197   Dec2018738269Dyer,SB W 
Monroe Street1141   Mar3118779957Dyer, Cath 6yWF
Monroe Street180   Oct2118727624Dyer, WmSB W 
Monroe Street3202   Dec7191326174Dyke, Fred 64yWM
Monroe Street3270   Mar18192227855Dykes, Alice O 78yWF
Monroe Street199   Jan3018748337Dykes, Elenora 86yWF
Monroe Street347   Feb13190222189Dykes, Geo W 28yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar14190523718Dykes, Henry 65yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb17190523671Dyle,SB WF
Monroe Street1152   Apr3187810369Eager,SB W 
Monroe Street111   Jul1318644908Eager, Cora J 4yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun24188011179Eager, Namie 4mW 
Monroe Street1153   Apr23187810382Eagor, F W 18yW 
Monroe Street324   Sep11190021482Ealeas,Baby WF
Monroe Street325   Oct1190021503Ealeas, Louisa M 19dWF
Monroe Street145   Mar1118696258Earl, Oscar 34yWM
Monroe Street2146   Dec26189116495Earl, Rachel 67yWF
Monroe Street3243   Mar21191827136Earley,SB WM
Monroe Street1122   Nov718759248Easgterley, G M 5yW 
Monroe Street2187   May8189417970East, Neal 5mWM
Monroe Street29   Aug16188111664Eastman, 14dW 
Monroe Street168   Oct1718717157Eastman, John 92yWM
Monroe Street245   Jul8188412898Eastman, L N 64yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun5188011152Eastmann, BerthaAKA Mary Jones18yWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep20188011298Eastmann, Cady 56yW 
Monroe Street313   Dec18189921062Easton, Clara 43yWF
Monroe Street120   Jul3018655286Easton, Sam'l W 1yWM
Monroe Street1172   Feb22188011033Eastwood, 6yW 
Monroe Street1172   Mar10188011050Eastwood, 3yW 
Monroe Street1133   Sep118769637Eastwood, Elisab 6yWF
Monroe Street191   Aug2518738043Eastwood, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street118   Apr118655201Easyley,Miss David54yWF
Monroe Street3184   Jun7191225786Eaton,SB WF
Monroe Street2239   Aug31189719810Eaton, Carrie 52yWF
Monroe Street342   Oct23190122041Eaton, Geo 60yWM
Monroe Street172   Mar2418727303Eaton, H W 6mWM
Monroe Street448   Apr23194030115Eaton, Harry 68yWM
Monroe Street461Dec311943Jan3194430409Eaton, Laura 69yWF
Monroe Street1163   May6187910758Eaton, Olive 4yWF
Monroe Street120   Aug418655296Eaton, Sam'l W  WM
Monroe Street442   Jan10193929992Eaton, Samuel W 69yWM
Monroe Street151   Dec518696493Eaton, Susan 44yWF
Monroe Street182   Dec2918727699Eaton, T W 56yW 
Monroe Street2109   Aug23188915161Ebbell,SB WF
Monroe Street282   Sep13188714207Ebbert, Christoph 48yWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1918759050Ebbinger, Benjamin 10mWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug2718759150Ebbinger, Jos 10mWM
Monroe Street2239   Aug19189719789Ebel, Hazel 7hWF
Monroe Street1153   May27187810405Ebel, JoachimSB W 
Monroe Street2135   Apr21189116112Ebel, John 25yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep29192227934Ebel, Lena 59yWF
Monroe Street2179   Dec6189317703Ebel, Walter 6dWM
Monroe Street423   Oct23193429580Ebel, William 75yWM
Monroe Street232   May30188312469Ebenhardt, Julius 1yWM
Monroe Street3231   Aug21191626791Ebenhoh, Hatie 18dWF
Monroe Street3209   Jul30191426330Ebenhoh, Lena M 6mWF
Monroe Street3242   Feb8191827112Ebenhoh, Lizzie 6mWF
Monroe Street256   Jun19188513291Eberhard, 3mWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr12189317275Eberhard, Chas 21yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan14189015433Eberhard, John 68yWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep16189820394Eberhard, Kate 45yWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar518748378Eberhard, Maria 11yWF
Monroe Street2134   Apr6189116074Eberhardt, John 42yWM
Monroe Street2223   Jun26189619216Eberle, Chas 25yWM
Monroe Street2247   Feb24189820067Eberle, Margaret 57yWF
Monroe Street3109   Mar29190624077Eberle, Michial 68yWM
Monroe Street471May171948May19194830626Eberly, Carrie 71yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul12188011204Ebersberger, John  WM
Monroe Street2261   Jan7189920565Ebersold, 8dWM
Monroe Street3111   May8190624111Ebert, Carl 74yWM
Monroe Street3273   Aug7192227911Ebert, Charles 55yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov21190021557Ebert, Chas 14yWM
Monroe Street288   Mar10188814433Ebert, Katharine 5yWF
Monroe Street456Sep41942Sep8194230304Ebert, Lizzetta 73yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul15189015736Ebert, Wilhelmina 52yWF
Monroe Street142   Sep418686125Eberts, Phillip 1yWM
Monroe Street174   Jun718727398Ebinger, Dorothea 17yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug918706690Eble, 11mWM
Monroe Street192   Sep718738080Eble, Anna G 6mWF
Monroe Street3261   Aug30192027603Eble, Charles F 60yWM
Monroe Street128   Aug2918665591Eble, Geo Fred 5mWM
Monroe Street295   Aug28188814689Eble, George 64yWM
Monroe Street251   Jan11188513104Eble, Gerthe 63yWF
Monroe Street338   Jul25190121924Eble, John 66yWM
Monroe Street315   Feb13190021149Eble, Margarett 71yWF
Monroe Street312   Nov25189921031Eble, Solomon 76yWF
Monroe Street167   Oct118717138Ebner, Andrew 1dWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1118748391Ebner, TustSB W 
Monroe Street253   Apr11188513205Ebrock, Eliese 80yWF
Monroe Street1141   Mar1818779936Echermann, Rosanna 64yWF
Monroe Street124   Jan118665435Eckardt, Eliza B C 2dWF
Monroe Street153   Mar3118706583Eckart, Henry C 11mWM
Monroe Street282   Sep19188714214Ecke, Harry 7wWM
Monroe Street241   Mar9188412755Ecke, Wanda 2yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov12187710234Eckenrode, Iona 3yW 
Monroe Street1127   Mar2918769427Eckenrode, Milla 21yWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep5187910900Ecker, Emma 4mWF
Monroe Street395   Feb14190523668Eckerfield, Antony 2hWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov9188915319Eckerfield, Wm 37yWM
Monroe Street152   Feb1018706548Eckerman,SB Child of W C WF
Monroe Street115   Nov1718645071Eckerman, Charles 19yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul8190322923Eckerman, Hazel 6mWF
Monroe Street381   Jan2190423156Eckerman, Mary 77yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb618748348Eckermann,SB Child of W C W 
Monroe Street1114   Apr2018758924Eckermann,SB W 
Monroe Street180   Oct2918727633Eckermann, Elisab 13yWF
Monroe Street259   Sep4188513416Eckermann, Ludwig 80yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct28188111779Eckermann, Math 13yW 
Monroe Street134   Sep818675841Eckermann, Susanne 1yWF
Monroe Street3118   Dec16190624294Eckert, Anna 63yWF
Monroe Street119   Jun418655249Eckert, Johanna W 20yWF
Monroe Street34   Mar29189920719Eckert, Kate 6yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb15189518504Eckhard, Katie 64yWF
Monroe Street41   Jan21193029033Eckhardt, August F 68yWM
Monroe Street455Jul211942Jul24194230290Eckhardt, Fredericka 76yWF
Monroe Street3249   Dec28191827272Eckhardt, Fred'k W 30yWM
Monroe Street212   Nov6188111788Eckhardt, Henry 56yWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov1518759255Eckhardt, Philipp 49yWM
Monroe Street263   Jan2188613539Eckhardt, Phill Cany 2mWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar15189417863Eckhart, Arthur 35dWM
Monroe Street174   May1918727382Eckhart, Henry G W 6mWM
Monroe Street129   Oct1918665634Ecumb, R C 43yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec24188714324Ede, Carl 15yWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov3189719908Ede, Carl 63yWM
Monroe Street438   Apr6193829930Ede, Maria 93yWF
Monroe Street3274   Oct26192227941Edel, Edw C 13dWM
Monroe Street163   Jun218716985Edelmann, John M 53yWM
Monroe Street3123   May31190724447Eden, 7hWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb14189820050Eden, Earl 11mWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov4190523967Eden, Mary  WF
Monroe Street1159   Dec9187810626Edison, Ch K 27yW 
Monroe Street438   Mar23193829928Edmonds, Frank A 86yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec7190021575Edmonds, Leslie F 3mWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar27189820128Edmunds,SB WM
Monroe Street210   Sep6188111704Edmunds, Fannie 22yWF
Monroe Street3291Nov111925Nov17192528424Edmunds, Martha 70yWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb23187910676Edson, Mary 59yWF
Monroe Street131   Feb1018675723Edson, Maurilla 53yWF
Monroe Street310   Oct2189920964Edwards, 3mWF
Monroe Street3184   Jun7191225787Edwards,SB WM
Monroe Street1177   Jul31188011237Edwards, Elisabeth 57yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug1418748589Edwards, Eva 41yWF
Monroe Street3238   Jun19191726984Edwards, H J 10mWM
Monroe Street185   Apr818737801Edwards, Jac 15yW 
Monroe Street3284   Jul15192428230Edwards, John 64yWM
Monroe Street326   Oct29190021536Edwards, John F 6mWM
Monroe Street131   Mar418675727Edwards, John George 21yWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun19191426311Edwards, Louise 58yWF
Monroe Street337   Jul3190121878Edwards, Mildred 4wWF
Monroe Street183   Jan1618737719Edwards, Wm 94yWM
Monroe Street27   Jul17188111598Effeningen, 7mW 
Monroe Street2218   Feb29189619065Effinger, Rose 79yWF
Monroe Street284   Dec4188714294Egeler,SB WM
Monroe Street3114   Aug19190624198Egeler,Baby WF
Monroe Street476Mar221950Mar24195030741Egeler, Barbara 78yWF
Monroe Street484Aug311955Sep2195530945Egeler, Charles 81yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar6191125490Egeler, George 31yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep218738067Egeler, Henriette 2yWF
Monroe Street249   Nov17188413047Egeler, John 46yW 
Monroe Street3257   Feb14192027507Egeler, John 43yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug22188915158Egeler, Katherine 49yWF
Monroe Street2243   Nov29189719938Egeler, Katie 13yWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb16190724352Egeler, Margaret 65yWF
Monroe Street2133   Feb21189116025Egeler, Martha 7yWF
Monroe Street3111   May13190624115Egeler, Mary 90yWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov14191025397Eger, Isabelle 4yWF
Monroe Street182   Dec2918727697Egert, John 45yW 
Monroe Street3248   Nov12191827243Egety,SB WF
Monroe Street3248   Nov12191827242Egety, Emily 23yWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul28189418157Eggebrecht, Pauline 10yWF
Monroe Street181   Dec2218727691Eggebrecht, Robert 1yW 
Monroe Street218   Mar8188211964Eggelston, Eunice    
Monroe Street216   Jan17188211887Eggelton, B C 68yW 
Monroe Street2131   Dec28189015962Eggerding, Lorenee 13mWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep21189116369Eggert,SB WM
Monroe Street2172   Jul13189317440Eggert, 3mWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct3189317604Eggert,SB WM
Monroe Street3126   Aug6190724484Eggert,Baby WF
Monroe Street2173   Jul27189317482Eggert, Anna 46yWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun19190523831Eggert, Anna 35yWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul16189015740Eggert, Auguste 33yWF
Monroe Street3252   Apr3191927345Eggert, Carl Alfred 1yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar12188412759Eggert, Christ 28yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan2191626662Eggert, Elizabeth 63yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul18189216823Eggert, Elsa 10mWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan14188010997Eggert, F Jos 11dWM
Monroe Street447   Mar2194030103Eggert, Ferdinand 84yWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun13189317380Eggert, Gotlieb 18yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun25188513299Eggert, John 44yWM
Monroe Street1171   Feb2188011011Eggert, L 1mW 
Monroe Street367   Mar9190322751Eggert, Louis 50yWM
Monroe Street284   Nov14188714269Eggert, Louisa 66yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar2818769423Eggert, M M 1yW 
Monroe Street3246   Aug8191827204Eggert, Mable 9mWF
Monroe Street2187   Apr28189417949Eggert, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul10190423415Eggert, Mary 46yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar4190322741Eggert, Mildred 5yWF
Monroe Street122   Oct1318655369Eggert, William 46yWM
Monroe Street1102   May318748457Eggler, Mary 9mWF
Monroe Street3261   Sep23192027610Eggleston, Helen T 86yWF
Monroe Street2150   Mar24189216650Egler, Arnold 12dWM
Monroe Street3291   Nov2192528418Egler, Christofer 54yWM
Monroe Street433   Dec12193629824Egler, Christopher 83yWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct10188915259Egler, Clarence 3dWM
Monroe Street280   Jul18188714120Egler, Elsie 8mWF
Monroe Street265   Apr3188613626Egler, Emlia 3wWF
Monroe Street3126   Aug31190724503Egler, Gottlieb 59yWM
Monroe Street3271   Mar29192227866Egler, Julia 73yWF
Monroe Street426   May15193529651Egler, Katherine 77yWF
Monroe Street2239   Aug21189719794Egler, Marie 6mWF
Monroe Street368   Mar24190322783Egner, Albert 8mWM
Monroe Street341   Sep2190121986Egner, Carl For Anger13dWM
Monroe Street218   Mar8188211964Egrert,    
Monroe Street2210   Aug24189518802Egsler, Christian 82yWF
Monroe Street3175   Sep26191125612Ehde, Mina 52yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar22191526492Ehepman, Alma 15yWF
Monroe Street472Jul191948Jul22194830640Ehle, Fred 84yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov14190624271Ehlenfeld, Edw 28yWM
Monroe Street3275   Jan11192327971Ehlenfeld, Louis 70yWM
Monroe Street125   Feb2218665467Ehler, Erdman 2mWM
Monroe Street285   Dec26188714327Ehlert,SB WF
Monroe Street3142   Dec28190824863Ehlert,Baby WM
Monroe Street2249   Apr4189820141Ehlert, Anna 23yWF
Monroe Street290   Apr27188814493Ehlert, Chas 48yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar19188211975Ehlert, Fred G 63yWM
Monroe Street155   Jul1618706664Ehlert, Frederika 70yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar19189417869Ehlert, Henry 34yWM
Monroe Street390   Sep12190423499Ehlert, Henry 33yWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct3188915248Ehlert, John 3yWM
Monroe Street261   Oct30188513465Ehlert, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street131   Jan218675691Ehlert, Peter 42yWM
Monroe Street154   May918706615Ehlert, Theodore 1mWM
Monroe Street274   Jan9188713914Ehlert, Wilhelm 14mWM
Monroe Street1137   Nov2318769792Ehre, John  W 
Monroe Street2170   Jun9189317369Ehrenfeld, Friederick G 7mWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan3189719459Ehrenfelt, Albert 1wWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov26191827253Ehrenfrield, Florence MAKA Sister Angela26yWF
Monroe Street266   May17188613652Ehrket, Albert F 1dWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov11191827240Eibel, Henry M 18yWM
Monroe Street47   Jun25193129206Eibel, Ida A 67yWF
Monroe Street452   Jun6194130199Eibel, Martin 74yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr4190021233Eiben, Gottfried 38yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug17190624196Eiben, Katie 5mWF
Monroe Street141   Sep218686123Eiber, Alfin Herman 8mWM
Monroe Street342   Oct15190122031Eichele, Arthur 2yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun12188814561Eichele, Edwin 3wWM
Monroe Street334   May10190121796Eichele, Elizabeth 71yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug29191125601Eichele, Frederick 77yWM
Monroe Street3310   Mar26192928953Eichele, Gottlieb 67yWM
Monroe Street173   May1018727369Eichele, Jacob 29yWM
Monroe Street171   Feb2118727264Eichele, Jakob 1mWM
Monroe Street175   Jul1018727440Eichele, John 1mWM
Monroe Street451   May21194130190Eichele, Minnie 82yWF
Monroe Street312   Nov17189921023Eichemiller, Chas A 2yWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2718686065Eichenberger, Daniel 5mWM
Monroe Street392   Nov28190423578Eichenberger, Ella 24yWF
Monroe Street3171   May6191125530Eichenmiller, Conrad 45yWM
Monroe Street3256   Nov10191927456Eichenmiller, Gertrude W 24yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct28188312638Eichenmiller, Martin 28yWM
Monroe Street3256   Dec30191927476Eichenmiller, Wm O 5mWM
Monroe Street1151   Jan20187810312Eichenmueller, Fred 52yWM
Monroe Street1140   Mar1118779929Eichenmueller, John 24yWM
Monroe Street284   Nov29188714291Eichenmuller, Anna 58yWF
Monroe Street342   Oct12190122026Eichhorn,Baby WM
Monroe Street366   Feb16190322722Eichhorn,Baby WF
Monroe Street1161   Jan5187910647Eichhorn, Alfred M 5mWM
Monroe Street250   Dec20188413081Eichhorn, Clara E 3mWF
Monroe Street177   Aug1018727508Eichhorn, Jakob 8dWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr22189116119Eichhorn, Lewis M 20mWM
Monroe Street134   Aug2818675828Eichhorn, Margt Helen 1mWF
Monroe Street314   Jan5190021089Eichhorn, Wm 23yWM
Monroe Street274   Jan18188713917Eichinger, Henrietta 41yWF
Monroe Street2133   Mar2189116038Eichler, Carl 3mWM
Monroe Street3195   May22191326043Eichler, Catharine 73yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar25191025194Eichler, Edward 48yWM
Monroe Street2247   Mar7189820085Eichler, Ernst 6mWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun16189317387Eichler, Lena 3yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb5189518484Eichler, Maria 4mWF
Monroe Street386   May18190423351Eichler, Peter 70yWM
Monroe Street276   Apr12188714003Eichorn, Caroline 75yWF
Monroe Street34   Apr16189920744Eichorn, Florence 3yWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep13189418263Eichorn, Freddie 6mWF
Monroe Street144   Jan218696209Eichorn, MargaretMrs25yWF
Monroe Street428   Oct10193529696Eierdam, Lillian 84yWF
Monroe Street1156   Sep18187810528Eigler, Leonhard 9mWM
Monroe Street2125   Aug1189015770Eilbergen, Margatue Her 52yWF
Monroe Street161   Feb1618716899Eiler, Mary E 33yWF
Monroe Street138   Mar1618685968Eilers, Maria C 6mWF
Monroe Street369   Apr14190322816Eilert, 1dWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan23189015456Einheit,Baby WM
Monroe Street1141   Mar1818779939Einheit, Christ G 57yWM
Monroe Street144   Jan1418696210Einheit, Frank 3yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov2188312652Einheit, H 24yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct18188814758Einheit, Herm 5yWF
Monroe Street125   Apr518665489Einheit, Louis 4yWM
Monroe Street298   Nov25188814807Einheit, Sopha 7yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul14188513318Einhert, Carl 5dWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb8189619036Einhert, Henrietta 69yWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar25189116060Einhert, Herman 40yWM
Monroe Street278   May20188714045Eirdam, Secile 66yWF
Monroe Street1173   Apr15188011101Eirdann, C M 7yW 
Monroe Street377   Sep18190323037Eiseben, Florence 1mWF
Monroe Street232   May14188312450Eisele,SB WM
Monroe Street343   Nov23190122070Eisele, 9dWM
Monroe Street3193   Mar4191325970Eisele, Carl H 18yWM
Monroe Street462Jun201944Jun23194430442Eisele, Elise 79yWF
Monroe Street334   May12190121799Eisele, Jacob 40yWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec7191225902Eisele, John 74yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec14191025429Eisele, Katerine 83yWF
Monroe Street3285   Sep30192428266Eisenbeis,SB WF
Monroe Street222   Jun11188212098Eisenbeis, Anna M 53y  
Monroe Street283   Oct2188714225Eisenbeis, Frederick 76yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun28189418078Eisenbeis, George 4yWM
Monroe Street439   Jul22193829960Eisenbeis, John 76yWM
Monroe Street456Sep151942Sep18194230311Eisenbeis, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street3300   Jul11192728693Eisenbeis, Pauline 8mWF
Monroe Street3223   Oct3191526594Eisenbeis, Wm E 23yWM
Monroe Street2235   May30189719669Eisenhart,SB WM
Monroe Street2252   Jun14189820267Eisenhart,SB Twin 1 WM
Monroe Street2252   Jun14189820267Eisenhart,SB Twin 2 WM
Monroe Street2199   Dec12189418404Eisenhauer, Daniel 56yWM
Monroe Street3257   Jan31192027493Eisenhut, Emelia 59yWF
Monroe Street2156   Aug3189216872Eisenman, Otto 5mWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug5189317505Eisenmann, Emma 2mWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar29191025200Eisinbeis, Mary Anna 24yWF
Monroe Street379   Nov27190323112Eising, Chas 35yWM
Monroe Street143   Nov418686167Eitelmann, Louisa A 24yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul2118737932Eitelmann, Rosa 1yWF
Monroe Street3111   May24190624125Elak,Baby WF
Monroe Street291   May15188814526Elchlepp,SB WM
Monroe Street3126   Aug29190724501Elchman, Martha 22yWF
Monroe Street3191   Jan12191325934Elder,SB WM
Monroe Street210   Sep4188111701Eldred, Henry 1yW 
Monroe Street330   Feb9190121657Eldred, Sahra A 76yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr14191326013Eldredge, Herbert C 31yWM
Monroe Street3294   May3192628515Eldredge, Hiram C 73yWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb10189116013Eldridge, Elonzo 73yWM
Monroe Street447   Feb2194030092Eldridge, Frances 87yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug6188915120Eldridge, Julia 57yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan118655104Eldridge, Mary Jane 34yWF
Monroe Street1167   Aug27187910891Elennmano, D M 34yW 
Monroe Street389   Aug3190423445Elert, Henry 6wWM
Monroe Street236   Sep15188312590Eliott, Albert    
Monroe Street3131   Jan18190824613Eliott, John 76yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan3118769347Eliott, R A 7yW 
Monroe Street389   Aug4190423448Elish, F 2wWM
Monroe Street57Jan91980Jan12198031416Elizabeth, Jesse 66y F
Monroe Street3181   Mar22191225727Ellcote,SB WM
Monroe Street176   Jul2818727478Ellenfeld, Frd 6mW 
Monroe Street113   Sep1518645012Eller, Frank 8mWF
Monroe Street186   May118737828Eller, HenrySB WM
Monroe Street164   Jun2118716996Ellicott, William N 7mWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2418769625Elliget, Hariett 1mWF
Monroe Street126   Apr2918665502Elliot, Daniel Delos 24yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct1188111732Elliot, Wellington 3yW 
Monroe Street257   Jul23188513340Elliott,Twin 2 of Daniel2mWM
Monroe Street257   Jul23188513340Elliott,Twin1 of Daniel2mWM
Monroe Street2102   Mar6188914926Elliott,SB WF
Monroe Street2238   Aug13189719781Elliott,SB WM
Monroe Street216   Jan22188211893Elliott, Albers 1yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep2318738118Elliott, Allott 4dW 
Monroe Street236   Sep15188312589Elliott, Annie 12yW 
Monroe Street2124   Jul7189015715Elliott, Elmar 7wWM
Monroe Street365   Jan31190322699Elliott, Elnora M 2yWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov2218769790Elliott, Frank 29yWM
Monroe Street236   Oct5188312610Elliott, George H 40yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan20188814360Elliott, Grover 2yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul21188513334Elliott, H J 45yWF
Monroe Street3290   Aug4192528384Elliott, Helen Zipf 62yWF
Monroe Street365   Jan24190322688Elliott, Henry 7mWM
Monroe Street418   Oct28193329451Elliott, Henry J 82yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec20190423610Elliott, Jane 80yWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov15189317670Elliott, Leslie T 2yWM
Monroe Street1141   Apr1018779970Elliott, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street287   Jan27188814375Elliott, Maud 4yWF
Monroe Street377   Sep28190323047Ellis, Alice R 2mWF
Monroe Street187   Jun918737871Ellis, Eliza 53yC 
Monroe Street43   Jul30193029110Ellis, Evaline 66yWF
Monroe Street2111   Oct10188915261Ellis, Harriet 75yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov2188915304Ellis, Palmer 74yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul2218696373Ellis, Robert 60yCM
Monroe Street382   Feb5190423198Ellis, Seldon 20yWM
Monroe Street1137   Dec518769817Ellivatt, Charlott 36yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov10189217039Ellsasser, Charles 1yWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov21189217052Ellsasser, Frederick 4yWM
Monroe Street439   Jun9193829945Ellsasser, Lena Krenzer 77yWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan31190724334Ellsworth, A H 75yWM
Monroe Street222   Jul15188212128Ellwanger,SB   
Monroe Street180   Nov1018727644Ellwell, Henry 21yWM
Monroe Street2197   Oct20189418321Elmer, Benj 39yWM
Monroe Street264   Mar14188613598Elmer, Charles 4wWM
Monroe Street461Jan131944Jan15194430413Elmer, Frank 28yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan13189518456Elmer, Laura 30yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec318748738Elmer, Ottilie  W 
Monroe Street2124   Jul14189015735Elmer, Percy 8mWM
Monroe Street247   Sep23188412991Elmer, Walter W 19yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct21188814766Elsaesser, Elizabeth 36yWF
Monroe Street153   Mar1518706570Elsaesser, Friedrich 1yWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug3187910869Elsaser, L 4mW 
Monroe Street26   Jun1188111537Elsasser,Child of Wm   
Monroe Street3217   Mar10191526476Elsasser, August 67yWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug17189317533Elshlegel, Louis 12yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb14189417813Elstob, Mary Ann 3yWF
Monroe Street3298   Mar19192728647Elsworth, Geo S 69yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan818758791Elsworth, Harriett 43yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct15189317621Elsworth, Retta 34yWF
Monroe Street2247   Mar5189820079Eltzer, Barbara 75yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct15188312621Elule,SB WM
Monroe Street241   Feb22188412741Elwell, Noah 57yWM
Monroe Street324   Sep18190021492Elworth, Myrtle 9mWF
Monroe Street430   Feb8193629741Elworthy, Anna E 93yWF
Monroe Street274   Jan4188713902Elworthy, Henry 7yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb27190523687Ely, Eliza 72yWF
Monroe Street147   Jun2918696342Ely, James  WM
Monroe Street293   Jul17188814608Elyle, Henry 6mWM

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