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CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street1153   May30187810408Goaniu, Jane 7mWF
Monroe Street2103   Mar29188914949Gobeille, Addie Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street3156   Feb22191025169Gobeille, Eliza 86yWF
Monroe Street3255   Sep23191927432Gobeille, Joseph 86yWM
Monroe Street438   Jan21193829915Gobeille, Nettie L 68yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec11191526634Goblensky, Gladys 2yWF
Monroe Street2137   Jun6189116185Gobrielski, 6dWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov15189418367Gockel, Ester 32dWF
Monroe Street3112   Jun14190624143Gockerall, Elanora 7wWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan30188011008Goddart, Aellice 27yWF
Monroe Street436   Sep2193729885Godfray, Anna E 83yWF
Monroe Street427   Aug21193529676Godfray, Clement 80yWM
Monroe Street380   Dec12190323132Godfrey, Clemun W 19yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan7189920566Goebel,SB WM
Monroe Street2216   Dec30189518990Goebel, Lillie 8yWF
Monroe Street3238   Jun7191726972Goebels, Wm A 32yWM
Monroe Street2251   May31189820250Goebl, August 6yWM
Monroe Street354   Jul14190222388Goebl, August 34yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb27189920676Goehner, Caroline 79yWF
Monroe Street3212   Oct9191426376Goehner, Eberhard F 54yWM
Monroe Street3296   Nov8192628592Goehner, Edmond 27yWM
Monroe Street3245   May31191827183Goehner, Harry F 23yWM
Monroe Street420   Mar6193429501Goehner, Sarah 80yWF
Monroe Street22   Jan16188111400Goehring, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street160   Dec2218706839Goeking, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street128   Aug1218665573Goeking, John H F 10mWM
Monroe Street398   Apr1190523738Goellnitz, Henry 19yWM
Monroe Street3113   Jul17190624173Goellnitz, John 53yWM
Monroe Street332   Mar24190121726Goellnitz, Sophie 45yWF
Monroe Street248   Oct10188413012Goelnitz, Erdine 4wWF
Monroe Street248   Oct22188413027Goelnitz, Marie 6mWF
Monroe Street380   Dec2190323123Goerke, Elizabeth 27yWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec15191125660Goertz, Emma 35yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun2189418024Goertz, John 71yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep30190122014Goertz, Violet 1yWF
Monroe Street247   Sep27188412990Goerz, Henre 10dWM
Monroe Street235   Aug16188312547Goeslitz, Anna 3mWF
Monroe Street333   Apr19190121758Goetke, Chas 76yWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov1192328110Goetsch, Otto 57yWM
Monroe Street360   Oct24190222555Goetz, 3wWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul13188011206Goetz, A E 1yW 
Monroe Street1166   Jul29187910860Goetz, Barbara 74yWF
Monroe Street3250   Feb27191927320Goetz, Charles 46yWM
Monroe Street223   Aug6188212158Goetz, Conr 9m  
Monroe Street175   Jul1518727453Goetz, Conrad 1yWM
Monroe Street24   Mar27188111468Goetz, Conrad 81yWM
Monroe Street23   Feb2188111427Goetz, Edward C 28dWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar10187910697Goetz, Elisah 77yW 
Monroe Street283   Oct9188714232Goetz, Elizabeth 72yWF
Monroe Street360   Oct28190222561Goetz, Fred 36yWM
Monroe Street490Sep11960Sep3196031089Goetz, Fred  WM
Monroe Street291   May28188814536Goetz, Henry 24yWM
Monroe Street3207   May22191426296Goetz, Henry J 44yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug1189418167Goetz, Howard 6mWM
Monroe Street22   Jan30188111422Goetz, Johanna 41yWF
Monroe Street2122   May17189015645Goetz, Johanna 70yWF
Monroe Street418   Dec4193329466Goetz, Joseph 51yWM
Monroe Street344   Dec17190122106Goetz, Mabel 4mWF
Monroe Street1152   Feb24187810337Goetz, Martin 74yWM
Monroe Street3236   Feb23191726906Goetz, MartinAKA Gates73yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug13187710112Goetz, Mary 39yWF
Monroe Street3128   Oct2190724525Goetz, Minnie 48yWF
Monroe Street3272   Jul19192227901Goetz, Raymond R 32yWM
Monroe Street3134   Apr4190824679Goetz, Regina 55yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan1618758800Goetz, Teenne 3mW 
Monroe Street490Mar71961Mar10196131102Goetz, William 77yWM
Monroe Street1179   Nov1188011336Goffett, E B 48yW 
Monroe Street1153   May24187810402Goffing, Ch 61yW 
Monroe Street2210   Aug11189518779Goffnig, Christian 68yWM
Monroe Street452   Aug18194130210Gogany, Elizabeth 38yWF
Monroe Street488Feb281959Mar4195931056Gogany, Helen 72yWF
Monroe Street452   Aug16194130209Gogany, Jos L 22yWM
Monroe Street483Jan81955Jan11195530929Gogany, Joseph 78yWM
Monroe Street452   Aug18194130211Gogany, Margaret 22yWF
Monroe Street424   Dec24193429598Gogerat, Dinie 69yWF
Monroe Street456Oct61942Oct8194230316Gogerat, Wm D 78yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep20190323043Gohde, 18hWF
Monroe Street252   Feb10188513140Gohr, CharlesSB WF
Monroe Street239   Dec16188312693Gohr, Emma 14mWF
Monroe Street275   Mar6188713962Gohr, George 3yWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct26190925069Gold,SB WM
Monroe Street216   Jan12188211883Goldenberger, C 39yWF
Monroe Street216   Jan22188211895Goldenberger, Hermann 2dWM
Monroe Street239   Dec24188312699Golder, Catharina 41yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul22188513337Golder, Joan 16yW 
Monroe Street121   Aug1818655305Golder, John C 3mWM
Monroe Street186   May2518737854Goldner, Annason 3mW 
Monroe Street412   Jul7193229317Goldowski, Bernard 29yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov30190824844Goldowski, Lawrence 8yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun24189719697Goldschmidt, John 23yWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr27189116130Goldsell,SB WM
Monroe Street292   Jun27188814583Goldsmith, Herman 17mWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov19192328125Goldstein, Edith D 3yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec24187810636Goldworth, Jane 23yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec28191526652Gollnitz, Fridrika 62yWF
Monroe Street3156   Feb3191025148Gollwitzer, Christian 54yWM
Monroe Street3259   Apr8192027536Gollwitzer, Henry 75yWM
Monroe Street225   Oct8188212224Gollwtzer, Rosina 28y  
Monroe Street3271   Apr29192227875Goltz, Bertha 63yWF
Monroe Street3156   Feb18191025162Goltz, Carl Phil  WM
Monroe Street219   Mar31188211992Golwitzer, A Marg 8mW 
Monroe Street3253   Jun14191927390Golwitzer, Caroline 79yWF
Monroe Street3152   Oct27190925070Golwitzer, Mamie 32yWF
Monroe Street270   Oct5188613810Golwitzer, Mary 28yWF
Monroe Street479Nov151951Nov17195130812Gombos, George 74yWM
Monroe Street3209   Jul6191426317Gombos, Gicella 5yWF
Monroe Street1155   Aug11187810491Good,Child of August5yW 
Monroe Street1164   Jun12187910794Good, ChrAKA Gut68yW 
Monroe Street29   Aug11188111656Goodfellow, Eliza 6yWM
Monroe Street2257   Oct24189820441Goodfellow, Margaret 53yWF
Monroe Street386   May13190423344Goodman, AlfredAKA Guttmann8mWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec218759271Goodmann, Thurman 2yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1118769764Goodrich,1 of 2 Children of R   
Monroe Street1136   Nov1118769764Goodrich,2 of 2 Children of R   
Monroe Street1103   Jul218748521Goodrich, A L 38yW 
Monroe Street172   Apr518727327Goodrich, Charles Wm 3mWM
Monroe Street199   Feb2818748373Goodrich, Josy  W 
Monroe Street1106   Sep418748622Goodrich, Maud E 7mWF
Monroe Street1134   Sep2718769682Goodrich, Ralph 4mWM
Monroe Street260   Oct7188513448Goodsmith, Lizzie 2mWF
Monroe Street174   Jun1618727405Goodwich, Jessey 1yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov9189217038Goodwill, Nancy 92yWF
Monroe Street3135   May9190824705Goodwin, Archibald C 78yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul2518696379Goodwin, Belle 1yWF
Monroe Street179   Sep1718727584Goodwin, Charles E 15yWM
Monroe Street2166   Feb22189317191Goodwin, ChasCapt54yWM
Monroe Street117   Feb2118655160Goodwin, Ira C 64yWM
Monroe Street3140   Oct7190824801Goodwin, Martha 75yWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec2118759291Goodwinn, Sophie 3yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul22188513339Gorden,Infant WM
Monroe Street18   Apr718644815Gorden, Ann S 54yWF
Monroe Street18   Mar1618644783Gorden, Sarah A 30yWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec28189820544Gordon, 7dWM
Monroe Street32   Feb28189920677Gordon, 1dWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr2518779988Gordon, Carol 36yW 
Monroe Street3245   May1191827165Gordon, Carolina 56yWF
Monroe Street120   Jul2918655284Gordon, Clara B 1yWF
Monroe Street254   Apr27188513222Gordon, George E 3yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug16189216902Gordon, Grace 6dWF
Monroe Street3259   Apr12192027538Gordon, Henrietta S 61yWF
Monroe Street3275   Jan24192327978Gordon, Henry S 67yWM
Monroe Street3128   Oct10190724529Gordon, Joseph 50yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr21189619133Gordon, Leonard 4mWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov20187710251Gordon, Lilla 20yW 
Monroe Street363   Dec26190222634Gordon, Lilly 22yWF
Monroe Street162   Feb2818716913Gordon, R H 35yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr2188011087Gordon, R H 71yW 
Monroe Street154   May2918706626Gordon, Teressa 16yWF
Monroe Street3292   Feb16192628472Gore,SB WM
Monroe Street461Feb291944Mar3194430422Gore, George C 50yWM
Monroe Street445   Nov1193930067Gore, George H 81yWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov18189719928Gore, Harry 7mWM
Monroe Street178   Sep1018727569Gore, Henry 2dW 
Monroe Street4101Aug131967Aug15196731267Gore, Louise 78yWF
Monroe Street3293   Mar9192628482Gore, Sarah 66yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct19189317625Gore, Sophia 1yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan19190021107Gorman, Anna 47yWF
Monroe Street2215   Dec25189518984Gorman, Chas 1yWM
Monroe Street263   Jan13188613542Gorman, Ellen 25yWF
Monroe Street3184   Jun20191225794Gorman, Isabelle 58yWF
Monroe Street3243   Mar14191827132Gornbec,SB WM
Monroe Street320   May23190021318Gorndt, May E 1yWF
Monroe Street495Nov161963Nov20196331189Goromboly, MaryAKA Grombal87yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec25188714326Gorsch, Henry 61yWM
Monroe Street2124   Jul7189015719Gorsch, Justina 76yWF
Monroe Street248   Oct19188413023Gorsch, Otto 10yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan8188814344Gorsline, Hattie 23yWF
Monroe Street277   May16188714041Gorton,SB WF
Monroe Street1144   Jul14187710056Gorvin,Baby of J W 
Monroe Street2148   Feb3189216569Goschnick, 1dWM
Monroe Street313   Dec26189921072Goss, Allice G 12yWF
Monroe Street158   Oct718706765Gossin, Albert John 3yWM
Monroe Street352   May8190222301Gossman, Elizabeth 80yWF
Monroe Street3232   Sep26191626814Gossman, Peter 54yWM
Monroe Street2179   Dec7189317704Gotsch,Baby WM
Monroe Street163   Jun718716988Gotterer, Margreta 10mWF
Monroe Street3149   Jul7190925006Gottfried, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street449   Sep7194030145Gottfried, Mary 62yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov2018748726Gottfried, MishSB W 
Monroe Street3201   Nov30191326171Gottsch, Chas Ph 15dWM
Monroe Street2211   Sep5189518831Gottshardt, Helena 4mWF
Monroe Street1173   Apr19188011105Gottwald, CaroSB W 
Monroe Street458Feb51943Feb9194330330Goudreau, Alfred 61yWM
Monroe Street3212   Oct21191426385Goudreau, Donald N 1mWM
Monroe Street4100Dec171966Dec21196631254Goudreau, Gertrude J 85yWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb25188914915Gough,SB WF
Monroe Street180   Oct1318727618Gouglier, Lillie 1yWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct27189820445Gould, 4mWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb12191526462Gould, Bert E 40yWM
Monroe Street167   Sep1018717111Gould, Cora 1yWF
Monroe Street142   Sep2118686139Gould, Florence M 10mWF
Monroe Street386   May10190423337Gould, Franklin 63yWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr23189015609Gould, Goldie Pearl 6yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr12190322813Gould, Jane 93yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jul818759017Gould, John 5mWM
Monroe Street469Jul21947Jul5194730576Gould, John F 70yWM
Monroe Street181   Nov2118727660Gould, Kate 79yWF
Monroe Street223   Jul23188212134Gould, L 8m  
Monroe Street3209   Jul26191426327Gould, Martha A 71yWF
Monroe Street2159   Sep18189216965Gould, Orin B 63yWM
Monroe Street334   May13190121801Gould, Richard 26yWM
Monroe Street1115   May818758946Gould, Th A 3mWM
Monroe Street243   May23188412847Gould, William 80yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul21187810464Govio, F W 9yW 
Monroe Street3238   Jun14191726982Graab, Andrew 88yWM
Monroe Street421   Apr14193429511Graab, Anna 70yWF
Monroe Street3117   Nov26190624280Graab, Geo 47yWM
Monroe Street164   Jul1318717014Graab, GeorgeAKA Grap38yWM
Monroe Street57Feb161980Feb28198031419Graab, Gertrude 92y F
Monroe Street434   Jan20193729840Graab, Lydia 81yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan25190222156Grab,SB WF
Monroe Street174   Jun1618727406Grab, L  WM
Monroe Street393   Dec14190423599Graban, Walter 53yWM
Monroe Street312   Nov28189921037Grabb,SB WF
Monroe Street3181   Mar26191225729Grace, E A 2dWM
Monroe Street375   Aug11190322986Grade, Carolina 74yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep22190222506Grade, Karl 73yWM
Monroe Street173   May218727363Grader, Sophia 39yWF
Monroe Street31   Jan25189920613Grady, Patrick 38yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun24188111563Graether, Ena 69yWF
Monroe Street185   Apr1218737807Graetzinger, George 1dW 
Monroe Street180   Nov118727637Graewe, Hermann 4yWM
Monroe Street149   Sep318696422Graf,Child of George4dWF
Monroe Street3280   Nov22192328129Graf, Albert S 63yWM
Monroe Street3232   Sep28191626818Graf, Charlotte 4yWF
Monroe Street3151   Sep9190925043Graf, Elenor 2yWF
Monroe Street467Mar281946Apr1194630536Graf, Elizabeth 71yWF
Monroe Street146   May1718696312Graf, Johnny 4yWM
Monroe Street2188   May29189418015Graf, Louise 28yWM
Monroe Street146   May1718696313Graf, Mary 5yWF
Monroe Street2178   Oct31189317645Graff,SB WF
Monroe Street3141   Nov11190824831Graff,Baby WF
Monroe Street3217   Mar19191526587Graff, Ahline 9mWF
Monroe Street2258   Nov20189820485Graff, Auslina 53yWF
Monroe Street2188   May23189417998Graff, Francis W 54yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul4190222375Graff, Howard W 4mWM
Monroe Street390   Sep30190423517Graff, Jacob 74yWM
Monroe Street470Oct151947Oct21194730593Graff, Lydia 79yWF
Monroe Street3252   Apr28191927365Graff, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov2189317647Graff, Otto J 21yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan19192928928Graff, Wm D 59yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar21189719565Grafton, Caroline 60yWF
Monroe Street410   Mar1193229278Grafton, Edward J 78yWM
Monroe Street460Oct291943Nov2194330392Grafton, Hattie 86yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb1718769379Graham, Andrew 28yWM
Monroe Street159   Nov2918706818Graham, Daniel M 34yWM
Monroe Street219   Mar30188211990Graham, Elizab 75yWF
Monroe Street444   Aug25193930050Graham, Esther 85yWF
Monroe Street465Mar91945Jun14194530504Graham, Eva E 83yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov1218748720Graham, Finylah 54yW 
Monroe Street193   Sep2818738128Graham, H h 30yW 
Monroe Street2134   Mar28189116065Graham, Jas 43yWM
Monroe Street184   Mar1618737772Graham, L ZMrs WF
Monroe Street2252   Jun3189820254Graham, Patrick 51yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug18188111669Graham, Sam 42yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan18192928927Graher, Harriet Holden 65yWF
Monroe Street266   Jun11188613665Grain, Mathias 72yWM
Monroe Street256   Jul6188513312Grainger, Robert  W 
Monroe Street192   Sep118738065Graiss, Caroline 45yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul20190523876Grall, Carl 21yWM
Monroe Street473Jan41949Jan7194930667Grall, Caroline G C 93yWF
Monroe Street434   Mar9193729855Grall, Chas F 83yWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct16189216994Grall, Edna Eva 4yWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan9189920572Grambo,SB WF
Monroe Street3212   Oct5191426371Grammes, Anna 74yWF
Monroe Street1121   Oct118759197Grammes, Caroline 73yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug3118686120Grammes, Emma Jane 1yWF
Monroe Street1178   Aug30188011273Grammes, Jacob 28yWM
Monroe Street161   Feb1718716901Grammes, Philip 71yWM
Monroe Street174   Jun318727392Grammes, Philipp 44yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr22189619135Graniss, Newton J 44yWM
Monroe Street3118   Dec21190624297Grannis, Eva 48yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec1218748749Grant,  W 
Monroe Street353   Jun7190222334Grant,Baby WF
Monroe Street388   Jul3190423405Grant,SB WF
Monroe Street159   Nov318706793Grant, Alonzo A 38yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jul10189518726Grant, Austin 5yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug19188613739Grant, G W 64yWM
Monroe Street119   May1918655242Grant, Georgeann 1yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan19190322682Grant, Jennie M 7yWF
Monroe Street2158   Aug31189216937Grant, Robert L 8mWM
Monroe Street17   Mar418644767Grant, Walter A 8mWM
Monroe Street164   Jul1318717014Grap, GeorgeAKA Graab38yWM
Monroe Street357   Aug30190222473Graschnik, Martha 5mWF
Monroe Street342   Oct12190122028Grashuck, Martha 18yWF
Monroe Street3181   Mar14191225722Graske,SB WM
Monroe Street471Jan101948Jan13194830611Graske, 8hWM
Monroe Street3291   Dec22192528439Graske, AugustAKA Greaske75yWM
Monroe Street3239   Jul24191726996Graske, Chas 30yWM
Monroe Street465Jul231945Jul24194530506Graske, MarilynSB WF
Monroe Street3259   Apr27192027547Graske, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street473Jan51949Jan6194930666Graske, Richard 13dWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug19189015802Grasnik, Annie 75yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan10189417763Grasnik, Frederick 82yWM
Monroe Street115   Nov718645065Grass, John 46yWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan9191125450Grassen, Theodore 3mWM
Monroe Street395   Feb28190523688Grasser, 12hWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul20189619273Grassnek, Sophia 53yWF
Monroe Street3112   Jun15190624145Grassnik, Fredrick 63yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul19190523864Grassow, 5dWF
Monroe Street1181   Dec29188011387Grate, Elizza 36yWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec918759278Grather, Mary 8mWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov8187810589Gratzinger,1 of 2 Children of Mrs G   
Monroe Street1158   Nov8187810589Gratzinger,2 of 2 Children of Mrs G   
Monroe Street2126   Aug12189015786Grau, Jacob 43yWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun10190824726Graul, Eliza 89yWF
Monroe Street295   Aug16188814675Graul, Ernst 72yWM
Monroe Street2221   Apr26189619142Graul, Frank 46yWM
Monroe Street3312   Sep24192929007Graul, Mary 66yWF
Monroe Street3184   Jun4191225784Graussan, Theo 26yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun29189116211Gravell,SB WF
Monroe Street183   Jan2618737732Graves,Mrs56yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr4190724399Graves,Baby WF
Monroe Street3239   Jul18191726992Graves, James A 53yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr19190021266Graves, Jane 54yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug4190423447Graves, John 64yWM
Monroe Street3223   Oct9191526601Graves, Mabel 19yWF
Monroe Street175   Jul118727424Gray, And John 5mWM
Monroe Street373   Jul11190322932Gray, Bernard C 62yWM
Monroe Street443   Apr19193930021Gray, Charles J 54yWM
Monroe Street3301   Sep24192728720Gray, Chas  WM
Monroe Street318   Apr3190021232Gray, Chas B 23yWM
Monroe Street3274   Nov18192227953Gray, Elizabeth 68yWF
Monroe Street294   Jul31188814635Gray, Frank 6mWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr17189820169Gray, Fred E 12yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2618655317Gray, James W 8mWM
Monroe Street413   Oct26193229346Gray, John C 50yWM
Monroe Street3284   Jul18192428232Gray, Loftus 86yWM
Monroe Street3216   Feb27191526471Gray, Louisa 72yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul5187710039Gray, Lowry 52yWM
Monroe Street180   Oct3118727635Gray, Maggie 3yWF
Monroe Street3195   May31191326049Gray, Margarett 70yWF
Monroe Street377   Sep4190323018Gray, Owen J 54yWM
Monroe Street413   Oct3193229341Gray, Pauline 72yWF
Monroe Street356   Aug9190222436Grazing, Frank 14yWM
Monroe Street17   Mar418644766Greannes, Daniel 32yWM
Monroe Street2137   May15189116161Greanoff, Florence 8dWF
Monroe Street3291   Dec22192528439Greaske, AugustAKA Graske75yWM
Monroe Street1128   May518769457Grebele, Mary 3yWF
Monroe Street1128   Apr1818769441Greble, Charles 6yWM
Monroe Street41   Feb6193029044Greco, Vera 24yWF
Monroe Street2122   May8189015630Gredeman,Baby WM
Monroe Street1146   Sep7187710143Greehan, Jos'e 6mW 
Monroe Street219   Apr4188211996Greeley,Child   
Monroe Street219   Apr4188211995Greeley, Jane 40y F
Monroe Street23   Feb14188111434Greely, Mary Jane 17yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan7189417761Green,SB WM
Monroe Street3167   Jan25191125464Green,SB WF
Monroe Street3293   Mar13192628487Green, 2dWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec23189317738Green, Adam 2dWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov14189820478Green, Alfred 6mWM
Monroe Street379   Nov29190323116Green, Barbara 51yWF
Monroe Street2203   Mar5189518537Green, Cameron H 5yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar1518769407Green, Drinitha D 68yW 
Monroe Street464Feb11945Feb5194530469Green, Elija 79yWM
Monroe Street453   Nov21194130226Green, Elizabeth 79yWF
Monroe Street2162   Dec23189217097Green, Emma 5dWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct20189719880Green, Fred W 40yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec25188111861Green, Geo 5yWM
Monroe Street457Dec211942Dec24194230325Green, George A 65yWM
Monroe Street130   Nov2118665656Green, James 25yWM
Monroe Street3265   May28192127731Green, John 75yWM
Monroe Street38   Jul24189920874Green, Lilian E 4yWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct15188915274Green, Mary 1mWF
Monroe Street250   Dec25188413093Green, Mary A 63yWF
Monroe Street22   Jan27188111417Green, R 82yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun26190222364Green, Ruth 9mWF
Monroe Street368   Mar22190322780Green, Ruth E 9mWF
Monroe Street22   Jan9188111396Green, Stephan 95yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov20188111814Green, Thomas 17yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug1018644959Green, William 41yWM
Monroe Street124   Jan318665437Green, Wm 47yWM
Monroe Street3257   Feb3192027496Greenawalt, Angeline 71yWF
Monroe Street3288   Mar9192528321Greenawalt, Henry H 80yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb8192428163Greenbreier, George H 68yWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep8190523914Greenbreier, Mary 56yWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov7190925077Greenbreier, Sidney 62yWM
Monroe Street159   Nov2518706816Greenbrier,Child of John D1dWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug1618769601Greenbrier,Child of John7mW 
Monroe Street317   Mar25190021215Greenbrier, Albert H 54yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun20188814570Greenbrier, Alfred 84yWM
Monroe Street34   Apr11189920735Greenbrier, Ianza 83yWF
Monroe Street335   May23190121810Greenburg, Lilian 36yWF
Monroe Street263   Feb7188613567Greene, Harry L 14mWM
Monroe Street474May21949May27194930690Greenfield, Laster 62yWM
Monroe Street154   May3118706625Greenfrier, Sarah C 27yCF
Monroe Street379   Nov30190323117Greenland,Baby WM
Monroe Street3118   Dec16190624295Greenland,Baby WM
Monroe Street3153   Nov5190925075Greenland, Ray 8mWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar26189216652Greenslade, 7dWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov21189418376Greenslade, 10mWF
Monroe Street1179   Oct17188011317Greenstreet,SB W 
Monroe Street214   Dec11188111843Greenstreet,SB W 
Monroe Street231   Apr17188312419Greenstreet,Mr & Mrs   
Monroe Street3128   Oct25190724545Greenstreet, Edw 50yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb1018758833Greenstreet, Elisab 2yWF
Monroe Street230   Feb25188312368Greenstreet, Walter E 54y M
Monroe Street2165   Jan29189317152Greenwald, Orlow J 21yWM
Monroe Street464Feb191945Feb22194530475Greenwell, Ida 80yWF
Monroe Street1137   Dec218769812Greenwell, L M 2yW 
Monroe Street2227   Oct9189619369Greenwell, Wm C 12yWM
Monroe Street42   Mar27193029064Greenwell, Wm C 67yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan918779864Greer, J J 37yW 
Monroe Street242   Mar30188412783Greer, John 60yWM
Monroe Street1133   Aug2718769631Greeri, Lina 5yW 
Monroe Street1133   Sep518769645Greeri, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street231   Apr10188312411Greesbach, Richard 5y M
Monroe Street1164   May23187910776Greffith, C J 4yW 
Monroe Street329   Jan3190121615Greger, Ellen 72yWF
Monroe Street248   Oct7188413010Greger, Saldine  WF
Monroe Street219   Apr17188212017Gregerson, Albert 5yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul21187810463Gregerson, Annie 80yWF
Monroe Street219   Apr1188211993Gregerson, Arthur 11mWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul18189317449Gregerson, Christ 52yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb318758825Gregerson, E  W 
Monroe Street2261   Jan16189920587Gregerson, Edith 22yWF
Monroe Street3251   Mar18191927334Gregerson, Ellen H 82yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb318758825Gregerson, H  W 
Monroe Street3265   Apr20192127713Gregerson, Henrietta F 70yWF
Monroe Street255   May28188513268Gregery, Louisa A 32yWF
Monroe Street194   Oct818738150Greggeson, Edward 2yWM
Monroe Street13   Sep1318634618Gregory, Barbara 9mWF
Monroe Street46   Feb25193129171Gregory, Edwin J 57yWM
Monroe Street177   Aug1318727511Gregory, James 64yWM
Monroe Street3298   Feb15192728630Gregory, Julia 53yWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec8189820519Gregory, Mary 87yWF
Monroe Street1137   Dec1018769823Gregory, W A 3yWM
Monroe Street2103   Apr8188914957Greide, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street242   Apr7188412800Greiner,SB WF
Monroe Street27   Jul20188111603Greiner, Charles 45yWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug12189317524Greiner, Elma 7yWF
Monroe Street185   Apr418737790Greiner, Emma 3yWF
Monroe Street4101Sep231967Sep25196731269Greiner, Fred J 82yWM
Monroe Street298   Nov15188814795Greiner, Heinrich 52yWF
Monroe Street3162   Aug13191025324Greiner, Jakol 59yWM
Monroe Street3213   Dec3191426406Greiner, John C 61yWM
Monroe Street325   Oct15190021520Greiner, Margaret 38yWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec28191125669Greinert, Maria A 63yWF
Monroe Street175   Jun2518727415Grelner, Ernst 9mWM
Monroe Street237   Oct28188312636Grenee, Emma A 6yWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct21188915281Grenert, August 39yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1918737723Grening, Fredricka 66yW 
Monroe Street3120   Feb18190724354Gresch, Alvina 50yWF
Monroe Street3121   Mar30190724394Gresch, Elizabeth 71yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep22189820401Gresch, Fred 46yWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug1187910866Grese, John 9mWM
Monroe Street390   Sep5190423491Greski, Christina 53yWF
Monroe Street2174   Aug7189317514Grewe, Louise 7yWF
Monroe Street253   Apr5188513195Grewe, Minnie 10mWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov1318769770Grey, Albert 6yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1318769769Grey, Ch 7yW 
Monroe Street226   Oct30188212252Grey, Ed 47y  
Monroe Street1136   Nov1318769768Grey, Jesse 3yW 
Monroe Street233   Jun29188312496Greyer, Carl W 7dWM
Monroe Street165   Jul2318717033Gribble, Richard 22yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2718738050Griebe, Ernst GSB W 
Monroe Street191   Aug2718738050Griebe, GerharstSB W 
Monroe Street2130   Nov29189015922Griebel, Emil 11wWM
Monroe Street134   Sep618675838Grieben, George 1yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun15190222348Grieder, Margarett 53yWF
Monroe Street172   Apr118727316Griesse, Anna 3mWF
Monroe Street238   Nov5188312657Griffin, Emma L 7dWF
Monroe Street2214   Nov11189518935Griffin, John 40yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug16187710120Griffith, Dan 85yW 
Monroe Street153   Mar2518706580Griffith, Daniel 3yWM
Monroe Street342   Oct30190122051Griffith, Gerald 3yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan25190523645Griffith, John 69yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan31189417787Griffith, John T 4mWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan28191025139Griffith, Loraine P 68yWF
Monroe Street153   Mar2318706579Griffith, Thomas H 4mWM
Monroe Street380   Dec21190323142Grigger, Adam 1dWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr27190624103Grigsbie, 8dWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct24190925068Grigsby,SB WM
Monroe Street496Aug311964Sep3196431207Grimes, Elsie 70yWF
Monroe Street319   Apr30190021282Grimly, Sahra 68yWF
Monroe Street2262   Jan19189920594Grimm, 14dWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep718748628-AGrimm, Alex 1yWM
Monroe Street3221   Jul10191526555Grimm, Barbara H 74yWF
Monroe Street294   Aug5188814650Grimm, Carl 9mWM
Monroe Street3183   May11191225769Grimm, Carl 39yWM
Monroe Street3262   Oct28192027621Grimm, Catherine 74yWF
Monroe Street334   May5190121790Grimm, Conrad 76yWM
Monroe Street3146      24940Grimm, Frank 50yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct9188111748Grimm, Fransiska 2yW 
Monroe Street3257   Jan26192027488Grimm, Geo C 44yWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar918748384Grimm, George 55yWM
Monroe Street1115   May2418758966Grimm, George 20yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb29192428175Grimm, Henry M 53yWM
Monroe Street431   May25193629769Grimm, John C 60yWM
Monroe Street3218   Apr12191526502Grimm, John Martin 74yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul12189719726Grimm, KarlSB WM
Monroe Street388   Jul5190423410Grimm, Margarett 81yWF
Monroe Street3102   Aug24190523899Grimm, Maria 9hWF
Monroe Street451   Mar11194130182Grimm, Martha 77yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct11189518894Grimm, Paul C 1yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb29189216615Grimm, Richard 6mWM
Monroe Street3203   Jan13191426203Grimm, Rosina 77yWF
Monroe Street3241   Dec20191727075Grimm, Samuel 88yWM
Monroe Street1140   Feb1118779897Grimm, Willie 7yWM
Monroe Street2203   Feb22189518519Grimme, Fred L 41yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep1318748646Grindel, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan2718769343Grip, Maria 32yWF
Monroe Street3312   Nov30192929016Griswold, Charles 83yWM
Monroe Street480Jun31952Jun6195230832Griswold, Chas Elmer 53yWM
Monroe Street490Jan301961Feb2196131096Griswold, Gladys E 60yWF
Monroe Street3247   Sep7191827215Griswold, John 3hWM
Monroe Street432   Oct15193629810Griswold, Minnie 85yWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep1518759175Gritner, R 1yW 
Monroe Street2174   Aug4189317500Griwatsch, Martha 1mWF
Monroe Street3302   Dec15192728747Grob, Arnold 59yWM
Monroe Street298   Nov18188814801Grob, Jacob 84yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr14188212009Grob, Maria 66yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct25189518912Groene,SB WF
Monroe Street135   Sep2318675853Groene, Anna Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct21189518906Groene, Eleonora 71yWF
Monroe Street3227   Feb27191626709Groene, Henry 63yWM
Monroe Street3172   Jun20191125553Groene, Leonhard W 21yWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec2718748770Groene, Maria 22yWF
Monroe Street2106   Jul7188915062Groener, John F 69yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun5189216767Groenfle, Catherine 65yWF
Monroe Street35   Apr30189920764.1Groesch, Frederick 79yWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun1190624136Groeschel, Conrad 35yWM
Monroe Street280   Jul18188714123Groeschel, Fred  W 
Monroe Street3254   Aug6191927413Groeschel, Margaretha 80yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar22189417875Groeschel, Peter 16yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar3190523697Groeschel, Peter 76yWM
Monroe Street1174   Apr25188011109Groesehel, Fred 3yWM
Monroe Street315   Feb16190021150Groff, Cascesua 82yWF
Monroe Street2169   May4189317312Groff, John D 39yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec13190222616Groff, Mildred 5mWF
Monroe Street154   Jun318706628Grogerson,SB Child of C WF
Monroe Street2193   Aug7189418182Grohsman,SB WM
Monroe Street1153   May11187810395Grolhe, Calh 50yW 
Monroe Street1152   Apr1187810366Groll,Child of H   
Monroe Street2158   Sep4189216941Groll, Elizabeth 7mWF
Monroe Street3262   Nov20192027634Grombol, Andrew 50yWM
Monroe Street495Nov161963Nov20196331189Grombol, MaryAKA Goromboly87yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun24190322903Gronow, Alice 10mWF
Monroe Street1179   Nov9188011343Groose, Edward 71yWM
Monroe Street3308   Dec17192828895Gropp, Theresa Kessenberg 71yWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr11189518601Grosmehr, Johanna 39yWF
Monroe Street3287   Dec2192428293Grosmehr, John H 75yWM
Monroe Street3230   Jun27191626762Gross,SB WM
Monroe Street3296   Oct15192628582Gross,SB WF
Monroe Street2101   Jan6188914858Gross, Fred 34yWM
Monroe Street2172   Jul18189317447Gross, Harry C 5mWM
Monroe Street2169   May16189317327Gross, John M 2yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr23189317297Gross, John Mitchell 2yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul17189619267Gross, Lionel 10mWM
Monroe Street197   Dec2818738287Gross, Rosie 6yWF
Monroe Street397   Mar30190523736Grosse, 2dWM
Monroe Street173   Apr2718727353Grosse, Gottlieb 40yWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun7189418034Grosse, Grace B 6mWF
Monroe Street243   May12188412840Grosse, Mary 48yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar18189417865Grosse, Mary 82yWF
Monroe Street320   Jun7190021346Grosser, Artemisia 40yWF
Monroe Street3295   Sep18192628573Grosser, Flora 49yWF
Monroe Street344   Dec14190122099Grossklaus, Jacob 89yWM
Monroe Street291   May27188814534Grossman,SB WM
Monroe Street2237   Jul19189719740Grossman, Arthur 3wWM
Monroe Street321   Jun11190021349Grossman, August 10wWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug25191225841Grossman, August 37yWM
Monroe Street3211   Sep18191426361Grossman, August 67yWM
Monroe Street275   Mar9188713967Grossman, Clara 5mWF
Monroe Street3244   Apr4191827141Grossman, Elizabeth 72yWF
Monroe Street1113   Mar318758871Grossman, Ferdinand 5yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan10189920573Grossman, Henry 15yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul28189015764Grossman, Johanna 3mWF
Monroe Street399   May8190523783Grossman, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street3271   Apr22192227873Grossman, Otto H 33yWM
Monroe Street3285   Sep4192428252Grosz, Joseph 17yWM
Monroe Street387   Jun29190423400Grosz, Robt 29yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr17189417927Grotenrath, Clarence F 5yWM
Monroe Street2206   May11189518652Grotenrath, Wm H 27yWM
Monroe Street164   Jul2018717027Groth,SB Child of Peter WM
Monroe Street19   Apr2818644832Groth, Henry 4mWM
Monroe Street151   Dec2518696506Grothe,SB Child of Peter WM
Monroe Street158   Oct1518706778Grothe,Child of Edward5dWM
Monroe Street1103   Jun2218748508Grothe, Aug  WM
Monroe Street2206   Apr28189518633Grothe, August 28yWM
Monroe Street3264   Feb18192127680Grothe, Barbara 81yWF
Monroe Street3205   Mar23191426246Grothe, Catharine 71yWF
Monroe Street327   Dec16190021589Grothe, Chas 34yWM
Monroe Street36   Jun7189920826Grothe, Edward 70yWM
Monroe Street476Jan131950Jan18195030731Grothe, Fred 75yWM
Monroe Street3245   May6191827167Grothe, Henry 87yWM
Monroe Street423   Sep21193429567Grothe, Henry 82yWM
Monroe Street1153   May8187810392Grothe, Jos'a 84yW 
Monroe Street37   Jun18189920831Grothe, Julius F 75yWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1018759021Grothe, Ludwig 4yWM
Monroe Street3143   Jan29190924881Grothe, Mary 77yWF
Monroe Street422   Aug7193429552Grothe, Mary 59yWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec25189820536Grothe, Peter 43yWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan24191927294Grothe, Petro 83yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov24190523987Grothe, Wilhelmina 46yWF
Monroe Street3270   Feb14192227834Grothe, William 53yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug29188814690Grothe, Wm Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul818759020Grothenrath, Amalia 1yWF
Monroe Street196   Nov2318738222Grothenrath, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street318   Apr11190021250Grothenrath, Catharine 6yWF
Monroe Street1149   Nov27187710264Grothenrath, Christ 38yWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug30190724502Grothenrath, Elizabeth 72yWF
Monroe Street477Jun161950Jun19195030758Grothenrath, Henry 87yWM
Monroe Street4110Sep141972Sep18197231338Grothenrath, Lena 106y F
Monroe Street1157   Oct13187810565Grothenrath, Ph 33yW 
Monroe Street2186   Apr20189417932Grotzinger, 4dWM
Monroe Street1143   Jul9187710046Grotzinger, Cordelia 1yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jun29187810436Grotzinger, George 29yWM
Monroe Street2178   Nov15189317665Grotzinger, John 62yWM
Monroe Street334   May19190121807Grotzinger, Wm 43yWM
Monroe Street466Nov151945Nov19194530523Groul, John C 85yWM
Monroe Street1102   May2318748480Grove, HenrySB W 
Monroe Street2135   Apr11189116086Grover, Lizzie 51yWF
Monroe Street339   Aug4190121939Grubb,SB WM
Monroe Street339   Aug15190121957Grubb, 11dWM
Monroe Street366   Feb9190322713Grubb, 4mWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr15190924939Grubb, Estella 9yWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr3189719589Grubb, Frank 4yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jul1189820286Grubb, Geo 1yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb20190322728Grubb, Geo M 51yWM
Monroe Street3207   May24191426298Grubb, Grace 10yWF
Monroe Street2188   May18189417989Grube, Walther 10mWM
Monroe Street3306   Aug29192828861Grube, William 50yWM
Monroe Street3292   Jan16192628453Gruber, Pauline  WF
Monroe Street2144   Oct25189116422Gruder, Jacob 49yWM
Monroe Street449   Oct11194030151Gruebele, Albert 50yWM
Monroe Street3259   May27192027561Gruebele, Johanna 72yWF
Monroe Street2146   Dec20189116488Gruebele, John 57yWM
Monroe Street142   Oct2118686159Gruen, Eleonara 19yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul22189317460Gruening, A 1yWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep6189418245Gruening, Bertha 6dWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep6189418246Gruening, Emilia 6dWF
Monroe Street380   Dec1190323118Gruether, W F 2wWM
Monroe Street27   Jun28188111569Gruetter, Minna 2yW 
Monroe Street1151   Jan9187810303Gruff, Louis 38yWM
Monroe Street3209   Jul31191426332Grugle, Mable C 36yWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov28191025412Grull,SB WF
Monroe Street3154   Dec30190925115Grull, Leonard 5yWM
Monroe Street425   Mar22193529631Grull, Mary 62yWF
Monroe Street3238   Jun14191726981Grummitt, Wm 40yWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan29189216558Grunan, Eddie 2yWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct6189518890Grundis, Frank 40yWM
Monroe Street3256   Dec22191927471Grundman, Hubert P 4dWM
Monroe Street276   Mar27188713985Grunnow, Herman 22yWM
Monroe Street258   Aug2188513363Grust, Charles M 3mWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul10189216815Grutte, Rudolph 40yWM
Monroe Street466Dec261945Dec29194530526Gschwandtner, Julia 64yWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb6191526451Gubics, Frank 29yWM
Monroe Street3289   Jun10192528362Gubics, Margarete 14yWF
Monroe Street3268   Nov9192127789Gubics, Steve 33yWM
Monroe Street174   Jun818727400Guddes, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr24189417940Gudschow, Otto 2mWM
Monroe Street311   Oct25189920989Gueldner, 1dWF
Monroe Street368   Mar25190322784Guembel,Baby WF
Monroe Street3161   Jul5191025291Guembel, Julius 54yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb9190322712Guembel, Theo 22yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul21189518749Guembell, 3hWF
Monroe Street2169   Apr23189317300Guembell, Edward 22mWM
Monroe Street1164   Jun23187910805Guenrler, 1dW 
Monroe Street269   Sep4188613757Guenter, Sophia 4mWF
Monroe Street3206   Apr18191426261Guenther,SB WM
Monroe Street249   Nov14188413044Guenther, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street34   Apr4189920729Guenther, Anna 2wWF
Monroe Street3294   May21192628528Guenther, Aug 62yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr24190222285Guenther, Aug W 7mWM
Monroe Street2239   Sep8189719820Guenther, Fred 57yWM
Monroe Street3130   Dec19190724589Guenther, Fred 86yWM
Monroe Street439   Jun2193829944Guenther, Frederika 67yWF
Monroe Street3297   Dec21192628608Guenther, Joan 15dWF
Monroe Street392   Nov25190423573Guenther, Olga 26yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov1188915302Guenther, Wm 2wWM
Monroe Street368   Mar30190322791Guenthler, Natalie 37yWF
Monroe Street290   Apr26188814492Guentritz, Mary 66yWF
Monroe Street122   Sep1818655347Guentzler, August 6mWM
Monroe Street366   Feb6190322705Guentzler, Clara 64yWF
Monroe Street133   Jul3018675802Guentzler, Emma O 3yWF
Monroe Street160   Dec1718706835Guentzler, Genetta 6yWF
Monroe Street15   Dec2318634699Guentzler, Mina 4mWF
Monroe Street158   Oct2318706782Guentzler, Sarah Ann Elisabeth 27yWF
Monroe Street120   Jul1718655277Guentzler, Sarah E 1mWF
Monroe Street3244   Apr9191827146Guerman, Matilda 69yWF
Monroe Street295   Aug19188814678Guerney, Albert C 19yWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr12189015590Guest, 1dWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun10191025274Guest, 18dWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec23189217094Guest, Chas D 53yWM
Monroe Street3281   Dec19192328135Guest, Elizabeth 81yWF
Monroe Street3154   Dec22190925117Guest, Jennie 65yWF
Monroe Street264   Mar18188613602Guest, W H 1dWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov15189217048Guest, Walter 2yWM
Monroe Street163   May1218716972Guest, Wm A 6yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan13191726878Guest, Wm H 74yWM
Monroe Street159   Nov1718706809Guile, Henry 56yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep15190323034Gula, John 18yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul11189216817Guldschmid, Ernst 21yWM
Monroe Street3200   Oct13191326134Gullwer,SB WF
Monroe Street1162   Mar23187910712Gumilick, Charlotte 64yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct12189015868Gumlich, Chas 69yWM
Monroe Street299   Dec3188814815Gumlich, Louis 33yWM
Monroe Street2172   Jun27189317412Gunder, Emil 19mWM
Monroe Street2140   Jul25189116266Gunder, Ernst 9mWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct7190523939Gundlach, 8dWM
Monroe Street382   Feb23190423229Gundlach, Lilly 8mWF
Monroe Street456Jul241941Sep10194230307Gundlack, Katherine 61yWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug18189116310Guning, Elizabeth 36yWM
Monroe Street2120   Apr7189015577Gunlznsan, 5dWF
Monroe Street2133   Feb22189116026Gunschi, Minnie 24yWF
Monroe Street2166   Feb22189317193Gunschki, August 2hWM
Monroe Street241   Mar21188412765Gunther, August 29yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul29188513354Gunz,SB WM
Monroe Street247   Aug27188412959Gunzel, Gottfried 65yWM
Monroe Street1124   Dec2918759308Gunzenhauser, Jac 41yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb22189216601Gura, John 17yWM
Monroe Street3108   Feb22190624049Gurney, Albert N 65yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan8189015415Gurney, Russell A 16yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct2318645058Gurton, Sosena Cristlina 2yWF
Monroe Street365   Jan26190322695Guschnick, Amelia 46yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar22189317240Guse, Adolph 1yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar2188412750Gusman, Mary 23mWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar20189820116Gust, Emelie 63yWF
Monroe Street2229   Dec13189619442Gust, F W 56yWM
Monroe Street224   Aug15188212175Gut, Anna 2y  
Monroe Street1164   Jun12187910794Gut, ChrAKA Good68yW 
Monroe Street3286   Oct17192428274Gut, Henry A 74yWM
Monroe Street44   Sep16193029120Gut, Lena 75yWF
Monroe Street278   May22188714047Gut, Paulina 74yWF
Monroe Street280   Aug1188714150Gut, Pauline 9mWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct29191025382Gute,SB WF
Monroe Street38   Jul17189920864Gutendorf, Florie 2wWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan10189920574Gutendorf, J C 75yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan17190021103Gutendorf, Lena 26yWF
Monroe Street3117   Nov24190624278Gutendorf, Maria 79yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun3189418026Gutschmidt, 10mWF
Monroe Street2156   Aug2189216867Gutschmidt, William  WM
Monroe Street2104   Apr26188914987Gutschmindt, Mary Magd 1yWF
Monroe Street3125   Jul22190724475Guttman, Milton H 6mWM
Monroe Street386   May13190423344Guttmann, AlfredAKA Goodman8mWM
Monroe Street2247   Mar12189820092Guttschmidt, Lena 2wWF
Monroe Street2208   Jul1189518713Gutzky, Nettie 5mWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug15189317530Gutzmann, Maria 5mWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov12190925081Gymn, Martha J 72yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr5191325997Gynn, Arthur J 41yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2518737949Gynn, Math 10dW 
Monroe Street142   Oct418686148Gynn, Mathew James 7mWM
Monroe Street3210   Aug30191426348Gynn, Samual 78yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb20190423222Gyssler, Frank X 80yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug7188613721Haager, Louis 7mWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct12189317618Haak, Frank 56dWM
Monroe Street257   Jul16188513320Haake, Louis 22yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug21188714182Haaring, Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar6189920688Haas,SB WM
Monroe Street3191   Dec31191225925Haas, 1dWM
Monroe Street499Jan131966Jan17196631236Haas, Anton 79yWM
Monroe Street3257   Feb7192027499Haas, Eliz 30yWF
Monroe Street494May11963May6196331172Haas, Elizabeth 47yWF
Monroe Street3176   Oct9191125618Haas, Frederick 62yWM
Monroe Street463Nov211944Nov25194430459Haas, Fredericka 64yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar16189015549Haas, John 65yWM
Monroe Street443   Jun30193930038Haas, Joseph 59yWM
Monroe Street442   Feb4193929998Haas, Katherine 83yWM
Monroe Street443   Jul3193930039Haas, Lydia 59yWF
Monroe Street442   Mar6193930009Haas, Margaret 36yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun1818769503Haas, Sophia 22yWF
Monroe Street3310   Mar4192928945Haas, Vernonbaby WM
Monroe Street3116   Oct10190624243Haase, Carl J 86yWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan17189216534Haase, Catherine 78yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr9191225739Haase, Dorothea 90yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov27189217062Haaske, Theresa 3yWF
Monroe Street2105   Jun4188915026Habach,SB WM
Monroe Street346   Jan14190222145Habart,SB WM
Monroe Street2102   Feb13188914907Haber,SB WF
Monroe Street482Feb201954Feb24195430891Haber, Charles D 68yWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb6191626697Haber, Ellen 51yWF
Monroe Street167   Oct818717148Haber, John F 18yWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun2189418023Haber, Robert 1dWM
Monroe Street346   Jan5190222137Haberkern, Johana L 16yWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov20187810602Haberle, A 3yW 
Monroe Street371   May7190322849Haberle, Hazel 5yWF
Monroe Street1166   Jul29187910862Haberle, James 1dWM
Monroe Street24   Mar20188111465Haberle, John 34yWM
Monroe Street22   Jan4188111391Haberle, Mary 5mWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec1318748751Haberley, J K 14dW 
Monroe Street2245   Jan6189819994Haberley, Minnie 46yWF
Monroe Street431   Jun29193629776Haberly, Louise 60yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec20189317733Hacha, Jos 19yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec3189921043Hacha, Leonora 5yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul26189317474Hack, 6wWM
Monroe Street284   Dec1188714292Hackbarth, Armanda 6yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec10188714301Hackbarth, William 3yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar18190523721Hackbusch, 48hWM
Monroe Street3271   Mar27192227865Hackbusch, John W 54yWM
Monroe Street3253   May23191927382Hackbusch, Wilhelmina 78yWF
Monroe Street2162   Dec27189217105Hackbusch, Wm 60yWM
Monroe Street3118   Dec1190624287Hackbush, Helen R  WF
Monroe Street297   Oct16188814757Hackenjoos, John GSB WM
Monroe Street270   Sep28188613797Hackerman, Walter 2mWM
Monroe Street23   Mar12188111457Hackett, Geo F 10mWM
Monroe Street14   Sep1418634621Hackett, Mary F 2yWF
Monroe Street2207   Jun7189518689Hadcehr, Wm  WM
Monroe Street187   Jun1018737873Hadde, Ernst F 23yW 
Monroe Street1120   Aug3018759154Hadde, Erst 65yW 
Monroe Street177   Aug718727503Hadde, Gerhard 1yW 
Monroe Street1103   Jun1818748503Hadde, John 30yWM
Monroe Street2137   May21189116166Haddleston, Richard 69yWM
Monroe Street2179   Nov25189317686Haddy, Regina 6yWF
Monroe Street176   Jul2218727462Haderle, John 1dWM
Monroe Street2185   Apr3189417899Hados, Wm 5mWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec22189418418Hadrich, Maria  WF
Monroe Street25   Apr29188111504Haeberle,4 Children of John   
Monroe Street3180   Feb7191225700Haeberle, John K 69yWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr30190624104Haeffner, Michial 81yWM
Monroe Street253   Apr5188513194Haeffner, Sophia 57yWF
Monroe Street320   May17190021312Haeflinger, Henry 1dWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan25190724330Haeflinger, Henry 65yWM
Monroe Street3263   Jan22192127667Haeflinger, Mary 84yWF
Monroe Street193   Sep1518738104Haeflinger, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec9189719956Haefner, Fred 54yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar25189920709Haefner, Minnie 5yWF
Monroe Street3297   Dec 192628615Haefner, William 79yWM
Monroe Street2194   Sep2189418235Haege, Grace 3yWF
Monroe Street338   Jul22190121916Haener, Maria 20yWF
Monroe Street334   May1190121779Haener, Maria E 4wWF
Monroe Street338   Jul31190121935Haeney, Jacob 69yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep1118748644Haeni, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street4103Dec261968Dec28196831293Haenner, Jeanne M 73yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct4188814744Haering, Chas  W 
Monroe Street2102   Feb6188914900Haering, Martin 61yWM
Monroe Street168   Nov2718717186Haettele, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street162   Mar718716921Haettrle, Caroline 32yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul7191025292Hafermaltz, Oscar 36yWM
Monroe Street422   Aug28193429562Hafermalz, Caroline 86yWF
Monroe Street261   Nov19188513486Haffner, Anna 15yWF
Monroe Street379   Nov10190323094Haffner, Margrett 63yWF
Monroe Street1115   May2518758968Hafley, Clara Am  WF
Monroe Street1174   May2188011120Hafliger,SB W 
Monroe Street229   Jan25188312349Haflinger,SB  M
Monroe Street2258   Nov15189820481Hafner, Henry 73yWM
Monroe Street19   Apr1318644821Hafner, Sophia 1yWF
Monroe Street395   Feb4190523655Hagadorn, John F 48yWM
Monroe Street3230   May1191626736Hagan,SB WM
Monroe Street3285   Aug4192428240Hagan,SB WF
Monroe Street2109   Sep5188915183Hagar,SB WM
Monroe Street239   Dec23188312698Hagedorn, Amalia 9yWF
Monroe Street239   Dec23188312697Hagedorn, Anie 28yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov13188915325Hagedorn, Elesnere 6yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jul17187810454Hagedorn, Gust 2yW 
Monroe Street2150   Mar1189216618Hagedorn, Henry 42yWM
Monroe Street171   Feb1618727257Hagedorn, John H 6mWM
Monroe Street1167   Sep19187910914Hagedorn, Martin 1yWM
Monroe Street158   Sep1918706751Hagedorn, Mary E 2yWF
Monroe Street242   Apr1188412789Hagedorn, Max 4yWM
Monroe Street46   Mar30193129186Hageman,SB WF
Monroe Street314   Jan7190021092Hageman, Chas 71yWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr20189015600Hageman, Chas A 1yWM
Monroe Street46   Mar30193129185Hageman, Clara 32yWF
Monroe Street3275   Jan31192327980Hageman, Elizabeth 65yWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct1191025359Hageman, Frederike 72yWF
Monroe Street470Oct131947Oct15194730592Hageman, William 56yWM
Monroe Street3261   Aug26192027600Hagemann, Chas S 65yWM
Monroe Street38   Jul29189920880Hagen,SB WM
Monroe Street3274   Nov6192227945Hagen,SB WF
Monroe Street391   Oct15190423539Hagen, Arthur 14mWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul30188915101Hagen, Eliz B 54yWF
Monroe Street324   Sep3190021469Hagen, Frank 3wWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar13189015545Hagen, Frank P 48yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct28188714253Hagen, Herman 6yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec10188111842Hagenfield,Child of Mrs   
Monroe Street214   Dec10188111842Hagenfield,Mrs with child   
Monroe Street238   Nov23188312676Hagens, Bertha 7yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar10187910693Hagenstein, Alex 7yWM
Monroe Street322   Jul23190021406Hager, 3mWF
Monroe Street2105   May15188915006Hagermann, Fredr 70yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul24190523873Hagerty, Karl 11wWM
Monroe Street166   Aug3018717096Hagesfield, Mary Ann 8mWF
Monroe Street1120   Aug2818759151Haghter, Charles 20yWM
Monroe Street220   Apr23188212031Hagi, Wm 5m  
Monroe Street384   Mar27190423281Hagman, Matilda 38yWF
Monroe Street19   May518644835Hagt,Mrs D O75yWF
Monroe Street230   Mar10188312384Hague, George C 43y M
Monroe Street295   Aug27188814688Hahn, 12dWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr10189719603Hahn,SB WM
Monroe Street2248   Mar23189820120Hahn,SB WM
Monroe Street411   May2193229303Hahn,Baby WF
Monroe Street3183   May20191225774Hahn, Anna M 82yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan2618769342Hahn, Aug 30yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan1618769326Hahn, Augusta 4yWF
Monroe Street2133   Feb13189116017Hahn, Caroline 11yWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov29189418387Hahn, Chas 5yWM
Monroe Street39   Aug20189920911Hahn, Conrad C 76yWM
Monroe Street38   Jul31189920884Hahn, Elizabeth 77yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul5189418091Hahn, Erich 1yWM
Monroe Street299   Dec23188814843Hahn, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar29189518578Hahn, Gotfried 20yWM
Monroe Street315   Jan27190021123Hahn, Hazel 6mWF
Monroe Street263   Jan2188613540Hahn, Henry 47yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug27188915169Hahn, Herman 5yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct1518769720Hahn, John C 3yWM
Monroe Street3124   Jun15190724455Hahn, Julia 62yWF
Monroe Street294   Aug4188814643Hahn, Katherine 4mWF
Monroe Street3261   Aug5192027592Hahn, Loretta 15yWF
Monroe Street42   Mar31193029067Hahn, Louis 53yWM
Monroe Street223   Jul26188212139Hahn, Lud 1y  
Monroe Street235   Aug13188312543Hahn, Ludwig 9mWM
Monroe Street264   Feb28188613584Hahn, Ludwig 7mWM
Monroe Street3306   Jul19192828847Hahn, Minnie C 51yWF
Monroe Street2258   Nov25189820494Hahn, Orlando 3yWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb23189116028Hahn, Peter 34yWM
Monroe Street339   Aug24190121975Hahn, Robt 11wWM
Monroe Street374   Jul22190322955Hahn, Wm 15yWM
Monroe Street3176   Oct13191125620Hahner, Chas 25dWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec20189217096Hahner, Louis 41yWM
Monroe Street3232   Sep28191626817Hahner, Ruth 1yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1718769329Hahnsbehn, F D 1yW 
Monroe Street294   Aug7188814652Haibs, Martin 48yWM
Monroe Street128   Aug2918665592Haig, Jane 4mWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec418759275Haigal, George 36yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep9189216956Haige, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr2518779990Hail, Frank 22yWM
Monroe Street311   Oct23189920986Hain, Dorsey 8yWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec9189015934Haist, William 29yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun14189820266Hajek,SB WM
Monroe Street2234   Apr23189719626Hajek, JosephSB WM
Monroe Street473Jan21949Jan5194930665Hajek, Marie 85yWF
Monroe Street163   May2618716983Hakbusch, Mary 4yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug12189216888Haky, William 10mWM
Monroe Street379   Nov6190323087Halada, 9dWF
Monroe Street3292   Jan2192628443Halada, Anna 73yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar18189417866Halada, Joseph 12yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul8190121886Halada, Mary 9mWF
Monroe Street144   Feb1418696238Hale, Charles S 25dWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan23189216545Haleger, Selma 9yWF
Monroe Street3234   Dec29191626864Haley, Joseph  WM
Monroe Street3280   Nov1192328112Halfpapp, 12hWF
Monroe Street2148   Jan30189216559Haliger, Margaret 10yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr15190222272Halkey, Anna M 2hWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul23189518751Halky, Anthony 1yWM
Monroe Street253   Apr10188513204Hall, Calvin 72yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar2191125487Hall, Edward 1yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun11188814558Hall, Ellen 43yWF
Monroe Street170   Jan2618727237Hall, Elmira 57yWF
Monroe Street3192   Feb22191325961Hall, Emily  WF
Monroe Street1119   Aug1018759114Hall, Frank 12yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug10188111650Hall, Harry 8mWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb8191626699Hall, Harry 48yWM
Monroe Street36   Jun4189920822Hall, Hattie M 33yWF
Monroe Street488Oct21958Oct4195831045Hall, Helen  WF
Monroe Street241   Mar3188412753Hall, John A 30yWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar9191225717Hall, JosephSB WM
Monroe Street442   Mar30193930014Hall, Laura Anne 74yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan23190222154Hall, Lyman 83yWM
Monroe Street410   Mar8193229281Hall, Mary E 83yWF
Monroe Street2240   Oct2189719853Hall, Nellie 36yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul1318717015Hall, Richard 6dWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar618758875Hall, Robert 71yWM
Monroe Street2253   Jul24189820319Hall, S P 11mWM
Monroe Street412   Jun28193229315Hall, Stevan 62yWM
Monroe Street328   Dec27190021607Hall, Susan 71yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug12191125593Hall, Wilbur G 2mWM
Monroe Street3269   Jan13192227821Hall, William A 88yWM
Monroe Street143   Dec2518686196Hall, Willie Edgar 5mWM
Monroe Street1154   Jul16187810453Hall, Wm 60yWM
Monroe Street3207   May8191426279Hall, Wm 45yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb19189719525Hallaner, Barbara 54yWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec518759276Halle, Mary 17yWF
Monroe Street415   Mar20193329386Hallenbach, John 74yWM
Monroe Street294   Jul30188814636Haller, 6mWF
Monroe Street257   Jul22188513335Haller, Ama 87yWF
Monroe Street464Mar131945Mar16194530479Haller, George 82yWM
Monroe Street159   Dec218706821Haller, John 20yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun818737865Haller, John 84yWM
Monroe Street3201   Nov15191326161Haller, Martin 78yWM
Monroe Street455Jun221942Jun24194230279Haller, Nellie 75yWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec27188915399Haller, Sophia 62yWF
Monroe Street35   Apr29189920763Haller, Walter 10mWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr20189518616Hallewer, Emil 24yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep1318738098Halliger, Augusta 1yW 
Monroe Street1138   Dec3018769850Hallman, Henry 2mWF
Monroe Street367   Mar13190322759Hallna,Baby WF
Monroe Street135   Oct2418675881Halmer,SB Child of Jul WM
Monroe Street235   Aug25188312561Halmmann,SB WM
Monroe Street2199   Dec17189418410Halosek, Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct19190222541Halpin, Rose 6wWF
Monroe Street165   Aug718717054Halsey, Almira 1yWF
Monroe Street3276   Mar2192328004Halsey, Anna 87yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul18188513323Halsey, B LSB WF
Monroe Street1106   Sep318748621Halsey, G H 40yW 
Monroe Street2192   Jul26189418152Halsey, George 2yWM
Monroe Street189   Aug218737976Halsey, Henry 8dWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb8189417803Halsey, Joel A 55yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan2818779883Halsey, Mathilda 43yWF
Monroe Street130   Dec2118665676Halsey, R B 2yWM
Monroe Street170   Jan518727221Halsey, R B 2yWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar4189116040Halter, Bertha Louisa 5dWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun1818769504Halter, Frank 49yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep29190624232Halter, Helen R 2yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul1189216803Halter, John 37yWM
Monroe Street3276   Mar19192328014Halter, Rosa G 47yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec7188413069Halz, Sophie 74yWF
Monroe Street210   Aug28188111683Halz, Tillie 7mWF
Monroe Street3128   Oct16190724534Ham,Baby WM
Monroe Street175   Jul618727429Ham, H 21dW 
Monroe Street171   Mar1018727281Ham, Henry 12dWM
Monroe Street364   Jan15190322671Haman, Byron 16mWM
Monroe Street395   Feb4190523656Haman, Fred 73yWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1518748399Hamann, Arabella 20yWF
Monroe Street3171   May17191125539Hamann, Dorathea 68yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul1918748538Hamann, Elisabeth 4mWF
Monroe Street321   Jun17190021357Hamberger, Maria 32yWF
Monroe Street113   Sep1518645013Hambler, MalisSB WM
Monroe Street269   Sep8188613763Hambleton, George 8mWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep29189317596Hameister, Dorathea 79yWF
Monroe Street164   Jun2718717004Hamerle, Frederick 6mWM
Monroe Street337   Jul1190121874Hamerly, Emma 7mWF
Monroe Street234   Jul23188312518Hamermeister, Elisa 5mWF
Monroe Street411   Mar15193229284Hamil, Mary 67yWF
Monroe Street485Dec21956Dec5195630984Hamilton, Agnes 90y M
Monroe Street1131   Jul2918769564Hamilton, Elisab 49yWF
Monroe Street154   Apr1718706596Hamm, C Ludw 4yWM
Monroe Street152   Jan3018706537Hamm, Caniel 4yWM
Monroe Street114   Sep2818645030Hamm, Elisa 64yWF
Monroe Street371   May13190322855Hamm, Geo 38yWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov2187710221Hamm, H F    
Monroe Street180   Oct1718727620Hamm, Lorenz 75yW 
Monroe Street124   Dec1218655419Hamm, William 26yWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb2118769383Hammand, Maria 44yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr11189820159Hammeister, Esther 3yWF
Monroe Street2235   May13189719655Hammeister, Joachin 47yWM
Monroe Street142   Sep2018686137Hammel,Child of Mrs3yWF
Monroe Street260   Sep20188513437Hammel, Benneth 7mWM
Monroe Street1103   Jul1418748531Hammel, Casper 2yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar14190724377Hammel, Howard 4yWM
Monroe Street147   Jun818696328Hammell, Catharina 42yWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar8189619076Hammer, Anna H 5wWF
Monroe Street3175   Sep13191125605Hammerle, Christian J 46yWM
Monroe Street426   May8193529649Hammerle, Ferdinand 73yWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan25189216549Hammerle, George Jacob 63yWM
Monroe Street425   Jan24193529611Hammerle, Hannah M 60yWF
Monroe Street235   Sep6188312578Hammerle, Louisa 3mWF
Monroe Street314   Jan20190021110Hammerle, Magdelena 68yWF
Monroe Street47   Apr10193129189Hammerle, Mattie 65yWF
Monroe Street229   Jan14188312342Hammerle, Wm 26y M
Monroe Street216   Jan29188211905Hammermann, Ch 29yWM
Monroe Street35   May4189920772Hammill, 2mWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov13187710235Hamming, Arthur 3yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan10189317122Hammon, Sophia 83yWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul28189418159Hammond, Anna 71yWF
Monroe Street31   Feb1189920627Hammond, Esther 83yWF
Monroe Street2170   Jun5189317363Hammond, Florence 1mWF
Monroe Street120   Jul818655269Hampsen, Maria 3mWF
Monroe Street193   Sep2818738125Hampson, Ch 24yWM
Monroe Street182   Dec3018727700Hampson, Kate 1mWF
Monroe Street194   Oct618738145Hampson, Kate  W 
Monroe Street2178   Nov16189317666Hanchett, Jerome B 68yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan2189819986Hanchett, Margaret C 69yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar2218769416Hand, Thomas 1mWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr20191326018Handreich, John 39yWM
Monroe Street3188   Oct2191225859Handreigh, Joseph 41yWM
Monroe Street319   May9190021299Handrich, Barbara 49yWF
Monroe Street157   Aug2218706713Handy,Child of John SB WF
Monroe Street170   Feb1118727251Handy,Mrs Erastus59yWF
Monroe Street160   Dec3018706849Handy, George 10yWM
Monroe Street316   Feb23190021161Handy, Wm 78yWM
Monroe Street2170   May31189317354Haner, Caroline 62yWM
Monroe Street13   Sep1118634616Hanes, John S 11mWM
Monroe Street297   Oct8188814752Haney, Addie 27yWF
Monroe Street3139   Sep20190824793Haney, Christina 86yWF
Monroe Street2251   May19189820223Hang, Alma 11mWF
Monroe Street278   May17188714043Hang, Gustav 9wWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul13189116232Hang, Minnie 21dWF
Monroe Street1116   Jul218759008Hanky, Adolf 3yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug14189015793Hanlitschke, 1mWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct118769692Hanna, Alex 38yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan19189518462Hanna, Norman 6mWM
Monroe Street350   Apr15190222273Hannamann, Bertha 26yWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec1818769834Hanncy, 1dW 
Monroe Street319   Apr22190021273Hanneman,SB WM
Monroe Street3295   Aug3192628559Hanneman, Louisa 52yWF
Monroe Street3206   Apr16191426260Hanneman, Wilmer 1mWM
Monroe Street3124   Jun28190724464Hanneman, Wm  WM
Monroe Street3168   Feb27191125484Hannemann, Maria 76yWF
Monroe Street3237   Apr7191726945Hanner, E 11dWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul21190624177Hanner, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street2243   Dec7189719952Hannerman, Mary 37yWF
Monroe Street456Sep61942Sep9194230305Hannermann, Alex 69yWM
Monroe Street2243   Nov30189719940Hannon,SB WM
Monroe Street3281   Jan23192428151Hanrin, Frederick 82yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun23189820279Hanrin, Friedricka 59yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct4189317607Hanrin, George 3yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug24189518800Hanrin, John 4mWM
Monroe Street261   Oct29188513466Hanry, Joseph 2dWM
Monroe Street150   Oct2118696455Hansbehn,SB Child of C WF
Monroe Street142   Oct1918686156Hansbehn, Dorothea S 24yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan2518769340Hansbehn, Johanna 3yWF
Monroe Street35   May11189920781Hanselman, Gottlieb 58yWM
Monroe Street249   Nov23188413055Hanselman, Rosiene B 66yWF
Monroe Street222   Jun11188212099Hanselmann, Fred 34y  
Monroe Street222   Jul2188212118Hanselmann, Fred 58y  
Monroe Street389   Aug6190423452Hansen,Baby WF
Monroe Street3103   Sep18190523922Hansen, 10mWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb5190724336Hansen, 2wWF
Monroe Street322   Jul18190021402Hansen, Alfred 14mWM
Monroe Street432   Sep30193629803Hansen, Caroline F 81yWF
Monroe Street357   Aug29190222468Hansen, Clara 1dWF
Monroe Street3256   Nov22191927461Hansen, ConradSB WM
Monroe Street432   Sep7193629797Hansen, Elsie F 39yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar17190322772Hansen, Hans P C 16mWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan12189015444Hansen, Magdalen 45yWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct31189820454Hanser, Anna 3yWF
Monroe Street3277   May11192328037Hansler, Dorethy 6yWF
Monroe Street119   May1818655241Hanson,Child of Charles14mWF
Monroe Street2103   Apr4188914952Hanson, 2yWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar15189820101Hanson,SB WF
Monroe Street3293   Apr22192628511Hanson,SB WM
Monroe Street2148   Feb1189216565Hanson, Arthur 19mWM
Monroe Street323   Aug3190021422Hanson, Bertha 4mWF
Monroe Street317   Apr1190021227Hanson, Carrie H 5mWF
Monroe Street491Aug311961Sep2196131118Hanson, Florence 81yWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb13189719515Hanson, Hans M 9wWM
Monroe Street313   Dec3189921044Hanson, John 40yWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep16187810524Hanson, Louisa 48yWF
Monroe Street2215   Dec21189518980Hanson, Mary 3mWF
Monroe Street37   Jul8189920849Hanson, Mary 3mWF
Monroe Street2228   Nov10189619410Hanson, Ruth 14mWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar21189820115Hansson,SB WM
Monroe Street377   Sep17190323036Hanus, Julius 75yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep118738064Hanzelmann, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street1121   Oct918759212Haper, Ch Tho 6mWM
Monroe Street233   Jun22188312487Hapner, Jacob 6mWM
Monroe Street121   Aug3118655324Harbaugh, A 7yWM
Monroe Street3310   Feb19192928940Harbeitner, Joseph 81yWM
Monroe Street319   May7190021298Harbentner, Johanna 52yWF
Monroe Street193   Sep2218738115Harbison, George H 1dWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar16187910704Hard, J Hiram H 2mW 
Monroe Street3160   Jun16191025281Harder, Albert 50yWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb8189820038Harding, 7hWF
Monroe Street37   Jul6189920845Harding, 3mWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun29188011183Harding, Anna 17dWF
Monroe Street423   Oct9193429576Harding, Henry 63yWM
Monroe Street323   Aug26190021455Harding, Howard 5mWM
Monroe Street474Apr21949Apr6194930680Harding, Kate 85yWF
Monroe Street316   Feb23190021164Harding, Louisa 3yWF
Monroe Street3265   Apr15192127711Harding, Otto F 34yWM
Monroe Street36   May25189920804Hardy, Wm 43yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul24189418149Harek, Josie 2yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug11189820346Harford,SB WM
Monroe Street147   Jul118696343Hargrave,Child of J WM
Monroe Street155   Jun2918706650Hargraves, James 1dWM
Monroe Street17   Feb2218644754Hargrove, William E 5yWM
Monroe Street3234   Dec23191626858Harholdt, Wilber 6yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan22189619019Harke,SB WM
Monroe Street458Mar261943Mar27194330350Harlan, Dolores 3mWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan15189015434Harlan, Oliver B 1mWM
Monroe Street276   Apr12188714005Harm, Carrie 13mWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar21189518566Harm, J Fred 37yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun13189719681Harm, Louisa 9yWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct26191025386Harm, Wm H  WM
Monroe Street184   Feb1718737750Harman, Wm 42yWM
Monroe Street432   Aug6193629789Harman, Wm J 59yWM
Monroe Street2158   Sep9189216953Harmon, Anna Margaretha 34yWF
Monroe Street254   Apr20188513213Harmon, Anne Herriette 1yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan17188412720Harmon, C H 30yWM
Monroe Street3299   May28192728670Harmon, Elenora 48yWF
Monroe Street3211   Sep21191426363Harms, Albertine 76yWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar17189518561Harmson, Wilhelmina 36yWF
Monroe Street3209   Jul24191426325Harnes, Chas 89yWM
Monroe Street1120   Sep1618759177Harper, Amalia 25yWF
Monroe Street179   Sep1618727581Harper, Barbara 67yWF
Monroe Street244   Jun12188412871Harper, Carrie    
Monroe Street2140   Jul24189116265Harper, Joseph 7mWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan16189216531Harper, Joseph  WF
Monroe Street244   Jun12188412870Harper, P J    
Monroe Street2132   Jan20189115994Harring, Annie M 63yWF
Monroe Street260   Oct13188513454Harrington,child of Harvey   
Monroe Street2151   Apr10189216683Harrington, Dan'l 41yWM
Monroe Street260   Oct13188513454Harrington, Harvey    
Monroe Street179   Sep2318727593Harrington, Mary 2dWF
Monroe Street261   Nov24188513488Harrington, Myrtle 21yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr21191225755Harris, Chas 54yWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug31189317549Harris, E Maud 12yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul16190222394Harris, Edwin W 77yWM
Monroe Street1103   Jun2218748507Harris, Elisah R 50yW 
Monroe Street1111   Jan2918758812Harris, Elisha 39yW 
Monroe Street2122   May20189015647Harris, Geo E 4yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec26189418426Harris, George 67yWM
Monroe Street1140   Mar718779924Harris, I H 9yW 
Monroe Street163   May1518716974Harris, John 36yWM
Monroe Street3258   Mar19192027524Harris, John W 70yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan6191726871Harris, K 17dWM
Monroe Street3302   Nov3192728734Harris, Margaretta 68yWF
Monroe Street458Feb191943Feb22194330338Harris, Mary Esther 72yWF
Monroe Street3185   Jul29191225820Harris, May 52yWF
Monroe Street3260   Jun7192027566Harris, Wm E 2mWM
Monroe Street3312   Sep24192929006Harrison, 12hWF
Monroe Street43   Aug18193029113Harrison, 13dWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan30189015472Harrison, Ada 18yWF
Monroe Street3183   May24191225775Harrison, Dora BAKA Dorris D7yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep11188714203Harrison, Julia 67yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep8190222485Harrison, Mark 92yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul5189719714Harrison, Mary 47yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan7189518444Harrison, Nellie 1mWF
Monroe Street2237   Jul6189719715Harrison, Ruth 4mWF
Monroe Street2254   Aug3189820335Hart, 3hWM
Monroe Street36   May29189920812Hart,SB WF
Monroe Street379   Nov27190323109Hart,SB WM
Monroe Street389   Aug28190423480Hart, Fred 54yWM
Monroe Street2197   Nov5189418351Hart, Hazel 2yWF
Monroe Street2152   Apr21189216696Hart, Herman 1yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct20188814765Hart, John G 69yWM
Monroe Street2122   May23189015653Hart, Lottie 2yWF
Monroe Street2136   Apr21189116117Hart, Martha 3dWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov4189719920Hart, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan26191827101Hart, Minnie Davis 54yWF
Monroe Street3298   Mar22192728648Hart, Orsino W 72yWM
Monroe Street249   Oct26188413031Hart, Paul Edward 7mWM
Monroe Street43   Jun7193029095Hart, PeterAKA Philip Hirt60yWM
Monroe Street31   Jan31189920621Hart, Richard 6mWM
Monroe Street319   May1190021286Hartig, Mary 2mWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov5189217031Hartman,SB WM
Monroe Street2220   Apr25189619140Hartman,SB WM
Monroe Street3195   May27191326045Hartman,Baby WM
Monroe Street16   Jan2818644734Hartman, Bertha H 1yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul9189418105Hartman, Christ 81yWM
Monroe Street515Jan141989Jan19198931476Hartman, Clara 82y F
Monroe Street396   Mar23190523727Hartman, Elsie 21yWF
Monroe Street114   Oct418645038Hartman, Emely 3yWF
Monroe Street465May121945May15194530496Hartman, George F 52yWM
Monroe Street11   Apr1818634506Hartman, John 35yWM
Monroe Street2144   Nov2189116432Hartman, John 39yWM
Monroe Street2120   Mar26189015563Hartman, Joseph  WM
Monroe Street34   Apr4189920730Hartman, Maria 85yWF
Monroe Street117   Jan3018655138Hartman, Mary 37yWF
Monroe Street424   Dec3193429593Hartman, Samuel 72yWM
Monroe Street3231   Aug12191626789Hartman, Wilhelmina 63yWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov28191025414Hartman, William 33yWM
Monroe Street220   Apr23188212030Hartmann, Fred 1y  
Monroe Street269   Sep3188613756Hartmann, Fred 29yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr16188212013Hartmann, Marg 26y  
Monroe Street220   Apr23188212028Hartmann, Sam 3y  
Monroe Street2177   Oct11189317616Hartnagel, Louisa 8yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun12189418050Hartnagel, Rose 3mWF
Monroe Street12   Jul2818634555Hartness, George W 24yWM
Monroe Street482Apr231954Apr27195430898Hartong, Effie 64yWF
Monroe Street486Mar131957Mar15195730993Hartong, Elizabeth P 52yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug3018686117Hartsell, Julia E 4mWF
Monroe Street323   Aug1190021419Hartsell, Phil 18yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov4190824822Hartshom, John S 69yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr14191326008Hartshorn, Harriett 69yWF
Monroe Street288   Mar14188814436Hartung, Anna 13yWF
Monroe Street263   Feb5188613562Hartung, Elizabeth 13yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb2418758856Hartwell, JSB W 
Monroe Street366   Feb7190322706Hartwick, Viola 3yWF
Monroe Street399   may19190523789Hartwig, 6hWF
Monroe Street3129   Nov13190724559Hartwig,Baby WF
Monroe Street261   Oct28188513463Hartwig, Albert 7mWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr14190924938Hartwig, Chas 8mWM
Monroe Street235   Sep3188312569Hartwig, Christian 3mWM
Monroe Street2145   Nov26189116460Hartwig, Ferdinand 45yWM
Monroe Street385   Apr27190423323Hartwig, Richard 1yWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct28190523959Hartwig, Tina C 5mWF
Monroe Street37   Jun8189920828Hartz, 4mWF
Monroe Street154   Apr2618706607Hartzell, Azriel L 23yWM
Monroe Street1137   Dec1018769824Hartzell, Mary 5yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jun25187910810Hartzell, Mary  W 
Monroe Street160   Dec1818706836Hartzell, Mary E 31yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jun25187910810Hartzell, Wm  W 
Monroe Street1138   Dec2018769838Hartzell, Wm A 1yWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb28192328003Harvardt, Theodore 72yWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep22189518871Harvay, Edward 33yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar18188914936Harvey,Baby WM
Monroe Street332   Mar31190121736Harvey,Baby WM
Monroe Street262   Dec3188513506Harvey, Ellis 17yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec9188513511Harvey, Kennard 7mWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug26188915166Harvey, Wm 26yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun23190423388Harwardt, Lena 53yWF
Monroe Street284   Dec5188714296Harwardt, Lizitta 38yWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov4191125632Harzeg,Baby WF
Monroe Street1168   Oct8187910931Hasbrook,Child of   
Monroe Street171   Mar1318727285Hasbrouch, E Gertrude 3yWF
Monroe Street2246   Jan30189820027Hasek, Othelia 9dWF
Monroe Street31   Feb6189920631Haselberger, Anna 8yWF
Monroe Street476Apr201950Apr22195030749Haselberger, Frieda 84yWF
Monroe Street36   May26189920807Haselbush, AugustSB WM
Monroe Street3120   Feb27190724364Hasenmueller, Martin 19yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep718738081Haserot, J G 4yW 
Monroe Street3200   Oct6191326128Hasey, 10dWF
Monroe Street152   Jan2918706535Hasfa, Fritz 23yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov25187810610Hashstrasser, Gus 1yWM
Monroe Street3241   Nov6191727057Haska, Caroline 70yWF
Monroe Street3268   Oct5192127777Haska, Fred 75yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct1418738157Haskell, JohnAKA Haslarls WM
Monroe Street2114   Nov22188915346Haski, Emma 4yWF
Monroe Street2103   Mar13188914932Haskins,SB WF
Monroe Street258   Aug7188513372Haskins, Charly S 7mWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug10189116301Haskins, F C 24yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct1418738157Haslarls, JohnAKA Haskell WM
Monroe Street31   Jan31189920623Hasloch, Anna 57yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug518737986Haslow, Anton  WM
Monroe Street289   Mar23188814450Hass, Herman 5wWM
Monroe Street330   Feb23190121678Hass, Juliana 80yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct18188613830Hassale, Maria 33yWF
Monroe Street160   Dec1718706834Hasse, Henry 1dWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar23189820119Hasselbush, Edwin 8mWM
Monroe Street2251   May27189820241Hasselbush, Karl 3yWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar8192628481Hasselman, Elizabeth 41yWF
Monroe Street2174   Aug4189317497Hasselo, 1dWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul7189418095Hasselo, 14dWM
Monroe Street273   Dec24188613893Hasselo, Albert 8mWM
Monroe Street270   Sep30188613802Hasselo, Anthony 5mWM
Monroe Street2221   Apr28189619143Hasselo, Anthony 44yWM
Monroe Street443   Jun10193930034Hasselo, Estelle 54yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar23191025192Hasselo, Gertrude 88yWF
Monroe Street4113Feb241973Feb27197331342Hasselo, Harry W 89y M
Monroe Street2144   Nov6189116438Hasselo, Hattie 8yWF
Monroe Street470Nov21947Nov5194730595Hasselo, Herman 73yWM
Monroe Street52Aug81975Aug11197531375Hasselo, James 20y M
Monroe Street1177   Jul24188011227Hasselo, Jane 1yWF
Monroe Street2188   May28189418012Hasselo, Lena 3yWF
Monroe Street3286   Nov15192428284Hasselo, Marvin W 13yWM
Monroe Street422   Jul25193429549Hasselo, Mary A 73yWF
Monroe Street3292   Feb3192628466Hasselo, William 66yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar27188211984Hassels, Anthony 8mWM
Monroe Street3289   Jun26192528367Hassenmiler, John BAKA Richards9yWM
Monroe Street513Mar41986Mar26198631464Hasses, Mary 63y F
Monroe Street245   Jul6188412895Hassett,SB WM
Monroe Street242   Apr3188412790Hassett, Flora 10mWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov12189116447Hassett, Mary 32yWF
Monroe Street317   Mar29190021221Hassloch,SB WF
Monroe Street269   Sep12188613771Hasted, Henry 20yWM
Monroe Street247   Sep9188412969Hasting, J T 11mWF
Monroe Street226   Nov8188212264Hastings, Harriett 37y  
Monroe Street138   Mar3118685979Hastings, James 80yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul9191326070Hastings, James L 78yWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep30190523933Hastings, Mary C 62yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug26191326105Hatch, Dienna E 89yWF
Monroe Street385   Apr4190423290Hatch, Hattie 49yWF
Monroe Street427   Sep18193529685Hatch, Laura 60yWF
Monroe Street1113   Mar618758876Hatch, N C 65yW 
Monroe Street3199   Sep28191326122Hatchcock, Emmet 1mWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug24189015806Hatfield, Alma Gay  WF
Monroe Street146   May918696307Hathaway,Child of Mr11mW 
Monroe Street3286   Nov22192428290Hathaway,SB WF
Monroe Street294   Jul27188814629Hatt, 8hWM
Monroe Street114   Oct2718645059Hattersely, Isaacor Israel22yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct2718645059Hattersely, Israelor Isaac22yWM
Monroe Street221   Jun4188212087Hattersley, Henry 38y  
Monroe Street2236   Jun19189719684Hattersley, Joe 82yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul12188513316Hattersley, John 77yWM
Monroe Street125   Feb1818665464Hattersley, Rebecca 53yWF
Monroe Street131   Feb1718675721Hattersley, Richard 54yWM
Monroe Street1128   Apr1618769440Hattersley, Richard  W 
Monroe Street2112   Oct20188915280Hattersley, Sarah C 67yWF
Monroe Street322   Jul10190021390Hattie, Maria 85yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan918655116Hattlesy, Elizebeth 16yWF
Monroe Street1123   Nov3018759268Hatz, St 9yW 
Monroe Street2137   May7189116153Hatze, U C    
Monroe Street2235   May31189719672Hauber, Clara 20yWF
Monroe Street3108   Feb25190624051Hauberger, Charlotte 75yWF
Monroe Street3107   Jan18190624028Hauer, Tilly 15mWF
Monroe Street233   Jun12188312478Haughey, James 47yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul20189015749Hauk, Eliza 4mWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug2218769622Hauk, Eugene 48yW 
Monroe Street1161   Jan23187910657Hauk, Jane  WF
Monroe Street2216   Dec27189518989Hauk, John 10yWM
Monroe Street11   May618634512Haur, James 8yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb19188814404Hauren, Rosie 1yWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov21187810604Haurie, H J 9yW 
Monroe Street3147   May25190924974Haurin,Baby WF
Monroe Street459Sep161943Sep20194330383Haurin, Anna 73yWF
Monroe Street3132   Feb24190824643Haurin, Clara 9yWF
Monroe Street459Aug71943Aug11194330374Haurin, Edward 54yWM
Monroe Street415   Apr18193329393Haurin, Frederick 67yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug13190624192Haurin, Maria M 63yWF
Monroe Street439   May18193829940Haurin, Wm 45yWF
Monroe Street288   Mar6188814423Hauring, Chas 1yWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug21189116316Hauring, Chas L 23yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun2318758991Haury,SB Child of Fred W 
Monroe Street1124   Dec2618759301Hauschild,SB Child of C W 
Monroe Street1154   Jul14187810450Hauser, Anna J 3mWF
Monroe Street3159   May3191025230Hauser, Bartlin 77yWM
Monroe Street422   Jul14193429545Hauser, Christina 85yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jul3187810439Hauser, J F 2mW 
Monroe Street3228   Mar15191626719Hauser, Jacob 58yWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar2018758891Hauser, Martha 7mWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr2191225733Hauser, Mary M 51yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan19188513116Hauser, Samuel Friedrich 14mWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug17189418211Hauser, Wanda 2yWF
Monroe Street3298   Mar2192728638Hausler, Caroline 77yWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov6189418356Hausler, Edward 20yWM
Monroe Street3171   May10191125533Hausler, Frank 35yWM
Monroe Street3238   Jun14191726980Hausler, John G 64yWM
Monroe Street196   Nov2518738224Hausler, Mary 18yWF
Monroe Street156   Jul2318706676Hausler, Mathilda 1yWF
Monroe Street329   Jan17190121629Hauslik, Anna 5yWF
Monroe Street184   Mar1518737771Hausmann,SB Child of J C W 
Monroe Street155   Jul1018706658Haussler, Frank 43yWM
Monroe Street447   Apr1194030110Haussler, Robert 79yWM
Monroe Street3123   May24190724441Havalec,Baby WF
Monroe Street3238   May22191726964Havalec, Agnes  WF
Monroe Street3209   Jul15191426320Havelec, Agnes 3dWF
Monroe Street3144   Feb8190924890Havelec, Vaclav 4mWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb12191025156Havelec, Vaclav 3dWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar4190624055Havelic, James 2mWM
Monroe Street443   May8193930026Haver, Frances I 82yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jun12192328052Haver, John S 70yWM
Monroe Street124   Dec518655417Haver, John W 59yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb16190121670Haver, Julia M 75yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov6189719910Havorka,SB WM
Monroe Street1141   Mar2118779945Haw, Martha 1yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar16190121711Hawertt, Gustine 41yWF
Monroe Street123   Nov2818655412Hawkins,Child of Mrs W 
Monroe Street378   Oct12190323064Hawkins, Albert B 57yWM
Monroe Street2187   May13189417976Hawkins, Ethel 2yWF
Monroe Street412   Sep19193229335Hawkins, Fannie 84yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar19191526490Hawkins, James 83yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep1118645007Hawkins, John 2mWM
Monroe Street3143   Jan8190924871Hawkins, Joseph 72yWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug25190724497Hawkins, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street2152   Apr27189216711Hawley, Augustus 61yWM
Monroe Street3267   Aug23192127761Hawley, Clara 64yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun19190322898Hawley, Mildred 3mWF
Monroe Street298   Nov1188814779Haworth, Ellen 60yWM
Monroe Street298   Nov1188814779Haworth, Ellen 60yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar27190624074Hawver, 12hWF
Monroe Street367   Mar18190322775Hay, Margarett 71yWF
Monroe Street312   Nov15189921019Hayden, Emma 48yWF
Monroe Street3172   Jun27191125561Hayden, Luther P 78yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jul3189116216Hayer, Anna 8mWF
Monroe Street2151   Apr4189216669Hayer, William 7dWM
Monroe Street299   Dec4188814819Hayes,SB WM
Monroe Street493Dec211962Dec26196231158Hayes, Emily L 82yWF
Monroe Street219   Apr6188211999Hayes, Fanny 1yWF
Monroe Street115   Nov918645066Hayes, George 11yWM
Monroe Street4103   Dec5196831289Hayes, Helen  WF
Monroe Street3142   Dec10190824853Hayes, James S 81yWM
Monroe Street122   Sep1518655339Hayes, John 56yWM
Monroe Street3163   Sep19191025354Hayes, Leone Mary 1mWF
Monroe Street3239   Jul5191726989Hayes, Mary Jane 80yWF
Monroe Street343   Nov15190122065Hayman, John 27yWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul13189116235Hayner, Geo W 14dWM
Monroe Street2208   Jun26189518704Haynes, Jennie 3yWF
Monroe Street2122   May6189015626Haynes, Leon 6wWM
Monroe Street2172   Jul7189317430Hazelberger, Jacob 33yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun818737866Hazen,Child of   
Monroe Street3140   Oct3190824799Hazen, A M 76yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug4187710094Hazen, Alonzo 70yWM
Monroe Street181   Dec2318727693Hazen, C F 5dW 
Monroe Street16   Jan1318644724Hazen, Francis 32yWM
Monroe Street231   Mar30188312405Hazen, Frem 63y M
Monroe Street1113   Mar1518758885Hazen, Ida H 15yWF
Monroe Street211   Oct5188111744Hazen, Julia  WF
Monroe Street1114   Apr2618758934Hazen, Olive 70yWF
Monroe Street118   Apr818655213Hazerott, Caroline 1yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan1718655126Hazerott, George 9yWM
Monroe Street118   Apr818655212Hazerott, George 9yWM
Monroe Street118   Apr818655214Hazerott, Osker  WM
Monroe Street312   Nov12189921011Hazzard, Mildred 4yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan618655112Hea, WmJr26yWM
Monroe Street167   Oct418717143Hea, Wm 61yWM
Monroe Street343   Nov29190122081Head, Ann 71yWF
Monroe Street368   Mar27190322788Head, Elizabeth 42yWF
Monroe Street1153   May30187810409Heakmann, Adam 4yWM
Monroe Street1104   Jul2018748542Hear, Ch  W 
Monroe Street194   Oct818738152Hearns,Mrs60yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr19189116110Hearns, George 36yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep2418738119Hearns, James  W 
Monroe Street3120   Feb8190724343Hearns, James 83yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar2318769418Hearth,SB W 
Monroe Street1141   Mar2918779955Heath, Hattie 10yWF
Monroe Street2258   Nov14189820479Heath, Stella 16mWF
Monroe Street1143   Jun29187710032Heath, Wm R 31yWM
Monroe Street3257   Jan6192027481Heaton, 2dWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar23192227861Heaton, 1dWM
Monroe Street1151   Jan24187810316Hebebrand, Annie 16yWF
Monroe Street278   Jun8188714063Hebebrand, Martha 52yWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan16187810309Hebebrandt, Anna 5mWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr28190724425Hebebrandt, Geo 81yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jul218759009Hebebrandt, Louisa 4yW 
Monroe Street3122   Apr24190724422Hebenstreit, Louis 54yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1418737716Heberle, CasparSB WM
Monroe Street1104   Jul2718748557Heberle, Ed 11mWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov24187810608Heberle, F 1yW 
Monroe Street26   Jun14188111548Hechman, A    
Monroe Street339   Aug12190121952Heck, Amalia 11mWF
Monroe Street2153   May19189216737Heck, Jacob 1yWM
Monroe Street2172   Jul16189317443Heck, Magdalena 35yWF
Monroe Street3286   Oct2192428268Heckel,SB WM
Monroe Street2138   Jul8189116221Heckel, Barbara 55yWF
Monroe Street241   Mar3188412752Heckenreiter, Adam 51yWM
Monroe Street1180   Dec21188011378Hecker, Hermann 32yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct1218738153Hecker, John L 5mWM
Monroe Street1156   Aug22187810502Heckerling, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street3272   Jul29192227907Heckerman, Maria E 77yWF
Monroe Street113   Sep2018645020Heckerman, Matlany 1yWF
Monroe Street144   Jan1818696213Heckermann, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul26190423433Heckman, Adam 70yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan10190824606Heckman, Catharine 72yWF
Monroe Street318   Apr12190021253Heckman, J P 32yWM
Monroe Street447   Feb6194030094Heckman, Minnie 79yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan2318748326Heckmann, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug18189619308Hedin,SB WM
Monroe Street1152   Mar3187810345Hedinger, Martin 38yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar4191125488Heege, Anna 74yWF
Monroe Street161   Feb1418716896Heel, Mack 5mWM
Monroe Street411   Apr13193229300Heeman, Louis H 70yWM
Monroe Street471Feb181948Feb21194830617Heeman, Louise 81yWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr15189619121Heer, Frank 73yWM
Monroe Street153   Apr618706584Hefener, Sazetta 4yWF
Monroe Street2221   May1189619148Heffner, 9dWM
Monroe Street358   Sep25190222510Heffner, Anna 50yWF
Monroe Street294   Aug8188814659Heffner, Annie 3mWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug24189518803Heffner, Christian 46yWM
Monroe Street2104   May7188914996Heffner, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street141   Aug2518686105Heffner, Henry W 5mWM
Monroe Street3215   Jan9191526431Heffner, John H 92yWM
Monroe Street143   Nov2718686181Heffner, Joseph 14dWM
Monroe Street385   Apr5190423294Heffron, Bertha 23yWF
Monroe Street335   Jun9190121838Heffron, Erma 9mWF
Monroe Street364   Jan2190322648Heffron, Gertrude 7mWF
Monroe Street3199   Sep30191326124Hefle, Wm 46yWM
Monroe Street129   Nov718665648Hefner,SB Child of J WM
Monroe Street167   Sep1418717118Hefner, Edward 8yWM
Monroe Street151   Dec118696489Hefner, Mary 22yWF
Monroe Street35   Apr30189920764Hefs, Edmund 5mWM
Monroe Street346   Jan26190222159Hefter, Bruno 8mWM
Monroe Street429   Dec7193529718Hefter, Freda Gallun 64yWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr10189619112Hegel, Chas 5mWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug7187710103Heger, Jacob 41yWM
Monroe Street2244   Dec22189719972Heger, Wm 2mWM
Monroe Street39   Aug26189920922Hegerling, Catharine 50yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec16187710287Hegerling, Ga    
Monroe Street1147   Oct25187710210Hegerling, Geo A 6yWM
Monroe Street3128   Oct16190724533Hegerling, Helen 7yWF
Monroe Street415   Jan9193329367Hegerling, Louisa 70yWF
Monroe Street416   May1193329400Hegerling, Robert H 71yWM
Monroe Street447   Feb13194030098Hegerling, Rupert 64yWM
Monroe Street176   Jul2218727463Hegersfield, Maria A 28yWF
Monroe Street2152   May8189216726Heggerling, Adaline 3mWF
Monroe Street2153   May28189216754Hegy, 1hWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan4189115970Hehir, Catharine 4yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar14189417861Hehir, Cyral 7mWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan8190824604Hehir, James 18yWM
Monroe Street3178   Dec8191125654Hehl, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov9189015902Hehl, Peter 52yWM
Monroe Street133   Jul1018675792Hehne, Augusta M 1yWF
Monroe Street256   Jun25188513300Heichenritter, Lizzie Anna 3wWF
Monroe Street399   May21190523793Heid, August 37yWM
Monroe Street2206   May10189518650Heid, Clara A 50yWF
Monroe Street22   Jan6188111393Heid, Jacob 42yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb9189920640Heideloff, Ruth 2y6mWF
Monroe Street349   Mar25190222237Heidenblut, Lorenz 4mWM
Monroe Street163   May2118716977Heidenreich, Amelia 13yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb15189518502Heidenreich, Elizabeth 67yWF
Monroe Street162   Mar2818716941Heidenreich, Matilda 4yWF
Monroe Street3265   Apr9192127707Heidenreich, Mina 59yWF
Monroe Street234   Jul12188312508Heidenrick, John 57yWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar518748380Heidreich,Child 1 of 2   
Monroe Street1100   Mar518748380Heidreich,Child 2 of 2   
Monroe Street3237   Apr2191726940Heiduck, 1dWM
Monroe Street3215   Jan5191526426Heifner, 3hWF
Monroe Street298   Nov24188814804Heiher, Edward J 3dWM
Monroe Street199   Jan3118748338Heil, Anna 4yWF
Monroe Street484Aug31955Aug5195530943Heil, Antoinette E 87yWF
Monroe Street2131   Dec26189015956Heil, Casper H 76yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr1918758926Heil, Ch    
Monroe Street3294   May10192628522Heil, Charlotte 77yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug19190021449Heil, Chas H 43yWM
Monroe Street23   Feb1188111425Heil, E W 20yWM
Monroe Street2221   May5189619150Heil, Elizabeth 66yWF
Monroe Street219   Apr17188212016Heil, Forentine 2yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov1718738214Heil, Henry 17yWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar27190824670Heil, Henry 84yWM
Monroe Street3129   Nov5190724550Heil, J Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan2618748330Heil, Liza 2yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar14189317225Heil, Lottie 20mWF
Monroe Street3267   Sep15192127768Heil, Louise 91yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul28189216853Heil, Willie 17yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov7187810588Heil, Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street133   Jul3018675801Heilemeyer, Simon 2mWM
Monroe Street256   Jun27188513302Heiligemann, Gottlieb 1dWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan16189015441Heill, Engel 77yWM
Monroe Street3275   Jan22192327977Heilman, Christina 52yWF
Monroe Street290   Apr29188814498Heilman, F 56yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec16189820529Heilman, Fred 34yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan23189619021Heilman, John 36yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb13189719513Heilman, Louisa 10yWF
Monroe Street2243   Dec4189719948Heilman, Rosa 68yWF
Monroe Street1171   Feb4188011015Heilmeer, Rosa 1dW 
Monroe Street155   Jun1918706643Heilmeier,Child of S SB WM
Monroe Street157   Sep1418706742Heilmeier,Child of Henry SB WM
Monroe Street196   Nov2318738223Heilmeier, 3dW 
Monroe Street1153   May22187810401Heilmeier,  W 
Monroe Street217   Feb16188211928Heilmeier, Mad 41yW 
Monroe Street1171   Feb4188011014Heilmeier, Pauline 31yWF
Monroe Street1135   Nov318769748Heilmeir, 1dW 
Monroe Street1175   Jun30188011186Heilmeyer, 7mW 
Monroe Street1180   Nov30188011365Heilmeyer, Fred  WM
Monroe Street29   Aug10188111653Heilmeyer, Fred 3mWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar1018769401Heilmeyer, John 3mWM
Monroe Street163   May818716969Heilmier,SB Child of Simon WM
Monroe Street193   Oct218738136Heim,Child of Philipp8dW 
Monroe Street154   May1718706619Heim, Anna 2mWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb26189015518Heim, Chas 5yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun7189216770Heim, Chas 45yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov9191225884Heim, Fred 43yWM
Monroe Street3295   Aug19192628565Heim, Fredericka 92yWF
Monroe Street172   Mar1918727297Heim, George 9mWM
Monroe Street344   Dec5190122088Heim, Margaretta 51yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct24189015878Heim, Phillip 49yWM
Monroe Street171   Mar1518727290Heim, Wm 11mWM
Monroe Street3313   Dec24192929024Heimberger, Frank F 31yWM
Monroe Street3257   Feb9192027500Heimberger, George 34yWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun25190624153Heimberger, Jacob 53yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan218779854Heimberger, John 15yWM
Monroe Street3289   Jun29192528369Heimberger, Julia 67yWF
Monroe Street211   Oct8188111747Heimburger, Cath 1yWF
Monroe Street422   Aug1193429550Heimburger, Chas 57yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug30188814693Heimburger, Elsie 9mWF
Monroe Street2223   Jun26189619215Heimburger, Hilda 4mWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul22189116259Heimer, Caroline 70yWF
Monroe Street161   Feb1918716903Heimerdinger, Mary 9mWF
Monroe Street125   Mar2618665488Heimers, Magnus 77yWM
Monroe Street130   Dec3018665686Heimers, Maria Elizab 69yWF
Monroe Street448   Jul22194030135Heimes, Margaret 71yWF
Monroe Street3191   Jan30191325943Heimmerdinger, Katharine 75yWF
Monroe Street1131   Aug318769575Heims, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street189   Aug318737981Heims, Maria K 2mWF
Monroe Street1156   Aug19187810499Hein, Carlo 4mWM
Monroe Street434   Mar24193729860Hein, Caroline 79yWF
Monroe Street3250   Feb12191927309Hein, Esther J 10mWF
Monroe Street2144   Oct25189116423Hein, Fred 11mWM
Monroe Street374   Jul25190322956Hein, Fred 55yWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct18189116405Hein, Martha 3yWF
Monroe Street220   May15188212055Heinberger,    
Monroe Street220   May15188212056Heinberger,    
Monroe Street2254   Jul30189820330Heinberger,SB WM
Monroe Street2177   Sep30189317599Heine,SB WF
Monroe Street3227   Feb13191626703Heine,Baby WM
Monroe Street3263   Jan3192127655Heine, Albert 1yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2418737943Heine, Caroline 9mW 
Monroe Street2212   Sep11189518849Heine, Emil 26yWM
Monroe Street3299   May24192728668Heine, Herman 50yWM
Monroe Street139   Jul218686036Heine, Wilhelmine 10mWF
Monroe Street192   Sep918738084Heine, Wm 6mWM
Monroe Street220   Apr18188212023Heini, Alex    
Monroe Street287   Feb8188814392Heinke, Lena 3dWF
Monroe Street3205   Mar24191426249Heinkel, Chas A 44yWM
Monroe Street2124   Jul8189015718Heinkel, Christian 72yWM
Monroe Street3150   Aug17190925025Heinkel, Pauline 64yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan13190322669Heinlein, Anna B 82yWF
Monroe Street227   Nov21188212286Heinlein, Aud 32y  
Monroe Street221   May26188212074Heinlein, Barbara 2y  
Monroe Street382   Feb3190423195Heinlein, John 56yWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct1189116382Heinlein, John G 21yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb16190222195Heinlein, Lenhard 78yWM
Monroe Street2240   Sep24189719837Heinlein, Phoebe 25yWF
Monroe Street221   Jun5188212089Heinlein, Willie 6y  
Monroe Street3140   Oct27190824814Heinrich, Maria E 85yWF
Monroe Street377   Sep14190323031Heinrich, Phil 29yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct31188111783Heinrichs, Reuih 1yW 
Monroe Street248   Sep27188412999Heinschs, Carl 5wWM
Monroe Street3230   May23191626747Heintzelman,SB WM
Monroe Street3167   Jan17191125455Heinz, Frank 36yWM
Monroe Street2153   Jun3189216761Heire, Wilbur 4mWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug4189015776Heise, August 11mWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul28189418158Heise, Mattie 3mWF
Monroe Street311   Oct26189920992Heise, Nettie 25yWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr4189719590Heisey, Wm 38yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul31189619286Heitch, Carl 21mWM
Monroe Street421   May19193429521Heitch, Fred 68yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan28190121644Heitch, Margarett 7wWF
Monroe Street143   Nov2218686177Heitman, Herbert L H 1yWM
Monroe Street3231   Jul17191626775Hejna, Frank 1dWM
Monroe Street362   Dec8190222605Hejna, Steve 9yWM
Monroe Street1108   Oct2818748698Helbring, Henrietta 6mWF
Monroe Street255   May11188513249Held,Children of W 
Monroe Street1128   May418769456Held, Auguste 1yWF
Monroe Street216   Jan8188211876Held, John 36yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug1418717066Held, Maria 2yWF
Monroe Street395   Feb22190523678Helg, Joseph 18yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep618769649Heling, Ch F 1yWM
Monroe Street1167   Sep4187910899Heling, Christina 31dWF
Monroe Street116   Jan1818655128Heller,SB Child of Martin WM
Monroe Street2228   Nov4189619403Heller,baby WM
Monroe Street2242   Nov13189719923Heller, Ernst 76yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr818737798Heller, H Wm A 11yWM
Monroe Street3292   Jan16192628452Heller, Henry G 62yWM
Monroe Street282   Sep16188714210Heller, Maria Elmore 62yWF
Monroe Street3192   Feb6191325949Heller, Minnie M 41yWF
Monroe Street122   Oct118655360Hellfritz, Louisa 7mWF
Monroe Street116   Jan2118655131Hellie, Christian 2dWF
Monroe Street3115   Sep21190624228Hellman, Mary 84yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr1018748430Hellmann, Casper 9yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb12192428164Hellwig,SB WM
Monroe Street3280   Oct27192328106Hellwig, Helena 75yWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar4192227845Hellwig, Joachim 74yWM
Monroe Street2134   Apr6189116073Helman, John 68yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun19189418063Helman, Milldred 11mWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov818748714Helman, Sarah 11dWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep10187910907Helmann, John 20yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun5188111539Helmer, 8dW 
Monroe Street183   Jan1718737721Helmer, AnnaSB W 
Monroe Street224   Aug13188212170Helmer, Henry 11d  
Monroe Street183   Jan1718737721Helmer, IdaSB W 
Monroe Street183   Jan1718737720Helmer, Julia 28yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep3189015823Helmer, Lorenz 76yWM
Monroe Street2102   Feb20188914908Helmer, Losina 74yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2418717088Helmers, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street167   Oct318717141Helmers, Ira 3dWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul22189216828Helminik, Matina 4mWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul24189418147Helmink, Adraiana 2mWF
Monroe Street2236   Jul5189719710Helmink, Adriana 68yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov29189217064Helmink, Anthony 14mWM
Monroe Street3256   Nov15191927459Helmink, Christina 59yWF
Monroe Street373   Jul14190322936Helmink, Everett 3mWM
Monroe Street353   Jun19190222357Helmink, Matina J 5mWF
Monroe Street43   May31193029094Helmink, Peter J 66yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun16188011166Helmink, Stephen 62yW 
Monroe Street2171   Jun11189317375Helms, Albert 4mWM
Monroe Street251   Feb2188513132Helms, Carl 8mWM
Monroe Street150   Oct418696447Helms, Clara M 23yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug6188915122Helms, Else 9mWF
Monroe Street175   Jul918727433Helms, Henry 10mWM
Monroe Street1151   Jan3187810298Helms, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street49   Dec23193129249Helms, Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep7189015832Helms, Louisa 48yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr1218748431Helms, Maria E 7mWF
Monroe Street3304   Apr11192828807Helms, Minnie 75yWF
Monroe Street1155   Aug15187810494Helms, Otto G 3yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug11188613728Helms, Wm 5mWM
Monroe Street213   Nov8188111791Helmstadt, Jacob 74yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2218738035Helmstadter, Jakob 1yW 
Monroe Street3158   Apr2191025207Helmstaetter, Anna 70yWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep22189418277Helmstaetter, John 27yWM
Monroe Street28   Jul23188111612Helmstatter, Catherina 71yWF
Monroe Street2240   Oct3189719854Helmstetter, Adam 59yWM
Monroe Street37   Jul8189920848Helmstetter, Gottlieb 65yWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar118758866Helner, Fredrika 51yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2718748556Helt, Charlott 2mWF
Monroe Street321   Jul4190021374Helt, Clarance 3yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct20188613835Helwich, Caroline 1yWF
Monroe Street353   Jun20190222358Helwig, Catharine 2yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun26190322906Helwig, Chas 20yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct11187710184Helwig, Fred W 1dW 
Monroe Street362   Dec7190222604Helwig, John 26yWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul18187910841Helzle, Rod 8mW 
Monroe Street125   Feb1418665462Heman, August D 5mWM
Monroe Street2153   May23189216749Heman, Fred 23yWM
Monroe Street3294   May21192628529Heman, H C 65yWM
Monroe Street267   Jul14188613695Heman, John 52yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan16189115988Heman, Wilbert 4mWM
Monroe Street180   Nov1518727651Hemann, Cath L 9mWF
Monroe Street4108Aug31971Aug4197131319Hemann, Katherine 106y F
Monroe Street1104   Jul1718748535Hemann, M R 2yW 
Monroe Street198   Jan1918748319Hembe, John M 73yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul2218696374Hemelman, John L 16dWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov2189719902Hemenway, Arthur 81yWM
Monroe Street269   Aug28188613746Hemenway, Coraline 67yWF
Monroe Street2196   Oct13189418311Hemenway, Mary C 33yWF
Monroe Street117   Feb318655145Heminway, Carrie 7yWF
Monroe Street140   Jul3018686070Hemkey, Maria Elizab 14dWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep23189518870Hemme, Walter 1yWM
Monroe Street3243   Mar2191827128Hemming, Christian 75yWM
Monroe Street28   Aug3188111635Hemming, Henry 9mWM
Monroe Street216   Jan22188211892Hemming, Mathilda 35yWF
Monroe Street1153   May5187810391Hemminger, Alfred 9mWM
Monroe Street1118   Jul2518759064Hemminger, Fr EAKA Henninger9mW 
Monroe Street1161   Jan27187910659Hemminger, Wm 1mWM
Monroe Street3291   Nov30192528429Hemmita,baby WM
Monroe Street248   Oct9188413014Hemmodnell, Pfilip 1yWF
Monroe Street219   Apr17188212014Hempe, Amalie 3yWF
Monroe Street1172   Feb28188011038Hempe, Anna M 7yWF
Monroe Street3273   Aug21192227916Hempe, Elizabeth 67yWF
Monroe Street1168   Oct17187910938Hempe, Henry 31yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr17188212015Hempe, Julie 3yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jun21187810429Hempe, Otto 3yWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun14189619201Hemsath, Gustav 8mWM
Monroe Street393   Dec17190423603Hemsath, Hilda 7mWF
Monroe Street112   Aug1018644958Henagan, H  WM
Monroe Street356   Aug18190222450Henck, Bertie 8mWF
Monroe Street151   Nov2418696482Henck, Louis 43yWM
Monroe Street154   May118706611Hencke, 2yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec1018748746Hencke, Cath 71yWF
Monroe Street267   Jul23188613702Hendelein, John 35yWM
Monroe Street2153   Jun2189216759Hendermeister, Bertha 5yWF
Monroe Street269   Aug28188613745Hendershot, Amy 87yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan20188513118Henderson, Jennet 4mW 
Monroe Street3142   Dec6190824849Henderson, Jennie 51yWF
Monroe Street143   Nov2018686175Henderson, Rhoda 1mWF
Monroe Street255   Jun3188513272Hendrichs, Z R 63yWM
Monroe Street485Oct281956Oct31195630980Hendrieks, Mary 81y F
Monroe Street2154   Jun29189216801Hendryn, Willie E 34yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan21189820013Hendryx, Charlotte 71yWF
Monroe Street485Jan41956Jan10195630960Hendryx, Clyde G 74yWM
Monroe Street1174   May15188011130Heneckes, F W 1yW 
Monroe Street1172   Mar1188011040Heneke,SB W 
Monroe Street212   Oct10188111753Hener,  W 
Monroe Street3260   Jun19192027575Hener, John F 70yWM
Monroe Street1174   May26188011137Heney, Franklin 1yWM
Monroe Street478Feb101951Feb13195130783Henge, Charles Henry 62yWM
Monroe Street173   May618727365Hengst, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street28   Aug3188111634Henike, Ch 3mWM
Monroe Street153   Mar2218706578Hening, Eva Barbara 37yWF
Monroe Street154   Apr1318706593Hening, Margaretha 1mWF
Monroe Street442   Mar20193930011Heninger, Frank 53yWM
Monroe Street145   Apr218696279Heninway,Child of Mrs W 
Monroe Street375   Aug10190322984Henk, Geo 7yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan8190021093Henk, Maria 65yWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb7189317166Henk, William 56yWM
Monroe Street320   May27190021325Henke, Anna Maria 75yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug6187710100Henke, Carl 6mWM
Monroe Street120   Aug218655292Henke, Catherine M 2yWF
Monroe Street424   Dec13193429597Henke, Emma 45yWF
Monroe Street3116   Oct28190624255Henke, Franz 82yWM
Monroe Street16   Jan1418644727Henke, John F 6yWM
Monroe Street2179   Nov22189317678Henke, Julia 3yWF
Monroe Street3264   Mar15192127694Henke, Mamie 20yWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr1518779980Henke, Mary 18yWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan18187810311Henke, Nicolaus 74yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov2191025388Henkel, Carl 75yWM
Monroe Street3245   Jun1191827185Henkel, Chas 54yWM
Monroe Street44   Oct7193029128Henkel, Elsie 32yWF
Monroe Street2190   Jul3189418085Henkel, Louis 3yWM
Monroe Street3257   Feb2192027494Henkel, Lucille 12yWF
Monroe Street3246   Jul17191827201Henkel, Minnie 50yWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct13188915268Henkel, Wilhelmina 55yWF
Monroe Street3212   Oct20191426384Henn,Baby WM
Monroe Street3219   May28191526535Henn,SB WM
Monroe Street334   May1190121781Henna, Dora 25yWF
Monroe Street38   Aug5189920895Henna, Lillian 18mWF
Monroe Street296   Sep11188814719Henna, Maggie 11mWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul3018748563Hennemann, N A 11mW 
Monroe Street243   Apr25188412815Hennes, Dora 34yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct28188814772Hennes, Mary A T 3yWF
Monroe Street3294   May11192628523Hennesey, B M 10dWF
Monroe Street1172   Mar17188011065Henness, Frank 3yWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb13191025157Hennessy,SB WM
Monroe Street1121   Sep2318759184Henney,SB W 
Monroe Street1139   Jan3018779886Henney, Flora J 2yWF
Monroe Street336   Jun20190121853Henning, Chas 70yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan17189417773Henning, Clarence 13dWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun9189619197Henning, Edward L 3yWM
Monroe Street3282   Mar22192428192Henning, Elizabeth 83yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan6189819992Henning, Elmer 9mWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr3189317260Henning, Ruth 10dWF
Monroe Street439   Jul22193829959Henning, Wm F 67yWM
Monroe Street234   Jul15188312509Henninger,SB WM
Monroe Street451   Feb13194130177Henninger, Carrie 84yWF
Monroe Street53   Feb25197631381Henninger, Ella   F
Monroe Street1118   Jul2518759064Henninger, Fr EAKA Hemminger9mW 
Monroe Street181   Nov2418727663Henninger, John 62yWM
Monroe Street228   Dec14188212311Henninger, John 18d M
Monroe Street3279   Sep17192328088Henninger, LaVerne C 10yWF
Monroe Street294   Jul31188814639Henninger, Maria 62yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar5189417842Henninger, Nick 39yWM
Monroe Street2128   Oct24189015880Hennings,SB WM
Monroe Street2166   Mar7189317217Hennings,SB WF
Monroe Street3110   Apr26190624102Hennings, 1dWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan12190724314Hennings, 3hWF
Monroe Street3152   Oct21190925065Hennings, 10hWM
Monroe Street475Oct161949Oct19194930711Hennings, Arnold 90yWM
Monroe Street428   Nov22193529709Hennings, Arthur J 20yWM
Monroe Street2153   May26189216751Hennings, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street489Sep71959Sep10195931069Hennings, Catherine 35yWF
Monroe Street43   May28193029091Hennings, Edward 42yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb28190121681Hennings, Elizabeth 47yWF
Monroe Street3222   Sep16191526590Hennings, George 16yWM
Monroe Street4107Mar211970Mar24197031307Hennings, John A 86y M
Monroe Street3180   Feb9191225702Hennings, Mary 48yWF
Monroe Street447   Feb2194030091Hennings, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street368   Mar23190322781Henningson, 10hWF
Monroe Street3144   Feb19190924897Hennington, 30hWM
Monroe Street262   Dec31188513533Hennis, Alfred 5yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar15188513175Hennis, Mary 2mWF
Monroe Street272   Dec16188613882Hennrichs, C F 65yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct6188111745Hennrisks, Joh'a 4yW 
Monroe Street2232   Mar9189719547Henny, 3wWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb8189317170Henreys, Annie E 30yWF
Monroe Street2102   Mar5188914925Henrichs,SB WF
Monroe Street124   Jan418665438Henrichs, Elisa M 1yWF
Monroe Street229   Jan3188312330Henrichs, Erst 36y F
Monroe Street2113   Nov13188915323Henrichs, Henry 6mWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug12188915134Henricks, Maria 4wWF
Monroe Street380   Dec29190323149Henricle, Fredrick 31yWM
Monroe Street1130   Jul918769532Henrigs,SB   
Monroe Street139   May1218686004Henry, A Josiah 18yWM
Monroe Street3290   Sep14192528399Henry, Chas 12dWM
Monroe Street11   Jun1118634531Henry, Helen M 45yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug1918644972Henry, Joanna 1yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov418706797Henry, Joel 1yWM
Monroe Street110   Jul218644897Henry, Johan 8mWF
Monroe Street123   Oct2518655381Henry, John 52yWM
Monroe Street169   Nov2918717190Henry, John 3mWM
Monroe Street486Aug111957Aug15195731007Henry, Leonore J 79yWF
Monroe Street1102   Jun418748493Henry, Martha 64yWF
Monroe Street1122   Nov1218759253Henry, Martha    
Monroe Street486Oct31957Oct5195731012Henry, Myra 76yWF
Monroe Street267   Jul17188613699Henry, William 73yWM
Monroe Street1146   Oct2187710171Hensche, Mary 27yWF
Monroe Street2197   Nov2189418340Hensel, Mathilda 21yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan19188814359Hensen,SB WM
Monroe Street3221   Aug6191526568Hensinger,SB WM
Monroe Street3159   May6191025234Henty,SB W 
Monroe Street214   Dec14188111850Hentze, Wm 14dWM
Monroe Street491Jun91961Jun12196131113Henze, Florence 73yWF
Monroe Street3200   Oct26191326149Henzel, Florentine 80yWF
Monroe Street222   Jul14188212127Henzle,Baby   
Monroe Street2250   May11189820208Hepfner, Elizabeth 77yWF
Monroe Street2133   Feb4189116004Hepkema, 2dWM
Monroe Street41   Feb3193029041Hepker,SB WM
Monroe Street3245   May16191827173Hepner, Carl 75yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb15190322721Hepp, 2dWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan27188914885Heppfner, Mary 6yWF
Monroe Street2137   May16189116163Heppiner, Rika 24yWF
Monroe Street3254   Aug14191927415Heppner, Regina 76yWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul16189116244Herbel, Emma 10mWF
Monroe Street3129   Oct6190624568Herbel, Ida 4dWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep15189418271Herbel, Mary 23yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul4189820291Herbert, 3hWM
Monroe Street264   Feb19188613577Herbert, Fred 6mWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar518769392Herbert, Lizzie 6mWF
Monroe Street224   Aug22188212183Herbison, Hallie 7m  
Monroe Street2108   Aug17188915146Herbold, Antonietta 3yWF
Monroe Street2140   Aug4189116287Herbold, Edward L 9mWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug21188915156Herbold, George 1yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jul4189719709Herbold, Wilhelmina 32yWF
Monroe Street12   Jul518634542Herbzsick, Frederick 50yWM
Monroe Street27   Jul14188111590Herd, Fred 1mWM
Monroe Street16   Jan1718644729Herest, Margret 4yWF
Monroe Street351   Apr30190222292Herge, John J 63yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb2618758858Hergenroether, A A 3mW 
Monroe Street1137   Dec1018769825Hergenroether, Emma 6yWF
Monroe Street2151   Apr5189216670Herget, Catherine 41yWF
Monroe Street25   May9188111515Herhold, Augusta 56yWF
Monroe Street1167   Aug29187910896Herhold, Wm 21dWM
Monroe Street265   Mar21188613608Herhut, Charles 6mWM
Monroe Street1179   Oct26188011330Hering, Barbara 24yWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct22189820440Hering, Catherine 74yWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan14187810308Herling, Jacob 66yWM
Monroe Street261   Nov19188513485Herlng, Mabell 7mWF
Monroe Street193   Oct218738135Herma, Coezilia 33yW 
Monroe Street2167   Mar20189317237Herman,SB WF
Monroe Street346   Jan23190222153Herman, 1hWM
Monroe Street452   Aug21194130213Herman,SB WF
Monroe Street240   Jan12188412716Herman, Bertha 14dWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan13189619008Herman, Chas 40yWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan20191927290Herman, Christ 58yWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr13191225747Herman, Elizabeth 82yWF
Monroe Street482Jul161954Jul19195430907Herman, Elizabeth M 77yWF
Monroe Street465Jun61945Jun9194530502Herman, Frank 61yWM
Monroe Street2165   Jan30189317154Herman, Fred 5yWM
Monroe Street2235   May14189719656Herman, Fred 38yWM
Monroe Street131   Jan918675694Herman, George 22yWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct5189116386Herman, George 3mWM
Monroe Street55Nov51978Nov8197831406Herman, Harold W 76y M
Monroe Street2141   Aug30189116331Herman, Howard 15mWM
Monroe Street354   Jul6190222379Herman, Hulda 12yWF
Monroe Street56   Jan12197931408Herman, Lillian 78y F
Monroe Street44   Oct15193029132Herman, Louis 44yWM
Monroe Street22   Jan23188111412Herman, M O 4mWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan24189317144Herman, Maude 8yWF
Monroe Street485Mar281956Mar31195630964Herman, Minnie 95yWF
Monroe Street2122   May26189015659Herman, Minnie M 4mWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr13189719608Herman, Ralph 10mWM
Monroe Street359   Oct3190222520Herman, Wm 25yWM
Monroe Street1157   Sep26187810539Hermann, Anna 4mW 
Monroe Street173   Apr1118727335Hermann, Christina 55yWF
Monroe Street2203   Mar7189518545Hermann, Clara 63yWF
Monroe Street1151   Feb4187810323Hermann, Geo 46yWM
Monroe Street1172   Mar16188011061Hermann, Ida 4mWF
Monroe Street231   Apr30188312427Hermann, John 67y  
Monroe Street1135   Oct1518769722Hermann, Julia C 18yWF
Monroe Street1180   Dec19188011375Hermann, Mary 33yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul9191025293Hermann, Oscar 35yWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar10189518549Hermann, Robt 6mWM
Monroe Street266   May24188613659Hermendinger, Jacob 25yWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr18189015599Herner, Wm Oscar 6mWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb27189619061Hernsath, John W 4mWM
Monroe Street393   Dec12190423596Herodes, James 48yWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun20190624149Herpeon, Joe 7mWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct10189418308Herr, Charles 40yWM
Monroe Street163   May218716960Herrick,Child of J E5dWM
Monroe Street1104   Jul2018748541Herrick,Mrs95yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun1190423367Herrick, Hellen M 2mWF
Monroe Street166   Aug1918717077Herrick, Stephen 70yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug8189418184Herring, Jacob 69yWM
Monroe Street127   Aug118665566Herrins, Edward 2yWM
Monroe Street129   Oct1218665627Herrins, Jane 36yWF
Monroe Street484Dec121955Dec21195530957Herris, Louise C 72yWF
Monroe Street221   Jun7188212092Herrlott, Frank 1m  
Monroe Street3277   Apr9192328022Herrman, Amelia 64yWF
Monroe Street316   Mar4190021178Herrman, Eve 72yWF
Monroe Street3285   Aug8192428242Herrman, George 64yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul29189518760Herrmann, Anna 65yWF
Monroe Street417   Jul31193329425Herrmann, Christian 65yWM
Monroe Street452   Jun12194130202Herrmann, Frieda 76yWF
Monroe Street143   Nov918686172Herrmann, George M 48yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar9190523708Herrmann, Lena 1yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan18189417776Herron, Arthur 11mWM
Monroe Street2221   Apr28189619144Herron, Walter Roy 7mWM
Monroe Street27   Jul1188111573Herry,Child of J W 
Monroe Street369   Apr15190322822Hersching, Chas 56yWM
Monroe Street253   Apr12188513206Hershert, Henry 3yWM
Monroe Street3306   Jul7192828842Herster, Rose 32yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep218738070Hertel,SB Child of Fred W 
Monroe Street220   Apr25188212033Hertel, Ferdinand 62y  
Monroe Street1100   Mar1618748401Herter, Charles 4mWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov21189217058Hertz,SB WF
Monroe Street2154   Jun2189216764Hertz, Henry 21yWM
Monroe Street3279   Sep22192328095Hertzer, Emma 53yWF
Monroe Street3301   Aug23192728707Herzberger, Dorethy 5yWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan5191827086Herzberger, Madeline 2mWF
Monroe Street3250   Feb20191927313Herzberger, Ruth 6dWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov2218769789Herzog, Fred 38yWM
Monroe Street123   Oct2818655383Herzog, John 23yWM

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