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Monroe Street Cemetery Index
Hes through Kh

CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street2191   Jul14189418118Hes, Grace 7mWF
Monroe Street343   Nov25190122071Hes, Nicholas 71yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb24188211944Hesch, Carolina 3yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec1818748756Heskel, Jas 7dWF
Monroe Street15   Dec1418634688Hespehear, Adam 40yWM
Monroe Street15   Nov1618634665Hesrot, Oskar 1yWM
Monroe Street143   Dec818686187Hess,Child of Mr2yWF
Monroe Street396   Mar5190523699Hess, Gracey 4yWF
Monroe Street3257   Feb12192027504Hess, Hattie T 32yWF
Monroe Street151   Dec1618696504Hess, John 38yWM
Monroe Street120   Aug218655291Hesse, Bertha 10mWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr3018748452Hesse, Sophie 4yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb19188211934Hesse, Walter 8yWM
Monroe Street3168   Feb11191125474Hessert, Margereth E 69yWF
Monroe Street134   Sep118675835Hessler, 1yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan9189619004Hettinger, 5dWF
Monroe Street1149   Nov26187710261Hettinger, Barb 6yW 
Monroe Street2203   Mar1189518529Hetzie,SB WF
Monroe Street2189   May29189418017Heubner, Chas 65yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct2188111738Heuer, Francis 2yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan3190222135Hewer, Maria 49yWF
Monroe Street339   Aug19190121964Hewitt,Baby WM
Monroe Street174   Jun2418727412Hewitt, Charlotte 67yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec14187810630Hewitt, Chrs R 29yW 
Monroe Street118   Apr118655202Hewitt, Edward 63yWM
Monroe Street481Apr91953Apr13195330867Hewitt, Etta 85yWF
Monroe Street3195   May15191326038Hexter, Mary A 74yWF
Monroe Street130   Dec618665669Hey, Anna Elizabeth 2yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct9189015863Hey, Ehrhard 75yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan2818769344Heyde, JacSB W 
Monroe Street1136   Nov1018769759Heyeke, Julia 9mWF
Monroe Street353   Jun19190222355Heyer, Mathias 47yWM
Monroe Street442   Feb2193929997Heym, Anna M 76yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb9192121658Hibbard, Julia 37yWF
Monroe Street263   Feb10188613569Hibbard, Mary 25yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr16190121755Hibbard, Sahra L 45yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec14187710282Hibbe, ISB W 
Monroe Street1163   Apr11187910730Hibbe, Theresia 2yW 
Monroe Street3196   Jun6191326055Hibie, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street199   Feb518748345Hichcook, Aran 64yWM
Monroe Street117   Feb518655148Hickman, Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun17189317404Hickmann, August 26yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar18188312395Hicks, C O P 48y M
Monroe Street1152   Mar7187810349Hicley, John M 7yWM
Monroe Street124   Jan418665439Hiemer, Albert 41yWM
Monroe Street3286   Nov5192428283Hiemer, Emma 65yWF
Monroe Street3211   Sep3191426351Hiemer, Ida 52yWF
Monroe Street145   Feb2518696248Hiener, Edmund 49yWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1018748388Hifferstein, M 1yW 
Monroe Street131   Mar318675726Higerson, John 18yWM
Monroe Street232   May19188312456Higgens, Charles 34yWM
Monroe Street24   Mar23188111467Higgens, Minerva 70yWF
Monroe Street283   Oct3188714226Higgins, Elizabeth 89yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb10189015493Higgins, Elizabeth Jennie 2yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb13189015500Higgins, Etna 5yWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb3189719499Higgins, Henry D 7mWM
Monroe Street18   Mar1618644785Higgins, MichelPrivate WM
Monroe Street349   Mar25190222236Higgins, Raymond 5mWM
Monroe Street233   Jun18188312484Higgins, Thomas  WM
Monroe Street3112   Jun30190624158Higgs,Baby WF
Monroe Street227   Nov15188212278Hight,3 Adults   
Monroe Street3211   Sep15191426356Higley, Elizabeth 84yWF
Monroe Street135   Sep2718675856Higley, John 1yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar19188513178Higley, Martin E 60yWM
Monroe Street154   May2018706621Higley, Wilson 1yWF
Monroe Street187   Jun3018737886Hilbert, John 1yWM
Monroe Street28   Jul25188111617Hilbert, July 9mW 
Monroe Street375   Aug7190322982Hildebrandt, Paul 41yWM
Monroe Street3203   Dec31191326191Hile,SB WF
Monroe Street2213   Oct9189518893Hilker, 4dWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct25189518913Hilkoski,SB WM
Monroe Street38   Aug4189920894Hill, 1yWM
Monroe Street320   May15190021307Hill, 6dWM
Monroe Street320   May22190021317Hill, 2dCM
Monroe Street3277   May28192328041Hill, 1dWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug16189216901Hill, Alexander 83yWM
Monroe Street37   Jun22189920835Hill, Allice M 1dWF
Monroe Street2114   Dec4188915363Hill, Carrie Maud 1yWF
Monroe Street293   Jul19188814613Hill, Chas Edward 7mWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug2118748601Hill, Christ 71yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jul718759013Hill, David 3yWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug3118759158Hill, David    
Monroe Street2158   Aug24189216920Hill, Edna May 2mWF
Monroe Street3102   Aug26190523901Hill, Edwin 5mWM
Monroe Street233   Jun28188312495Hill, Jessie 69yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec2190423580Hill, Joseph P 4dWM
Monroe Street3270   Feb23192227838Hill, Mary J 87yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb21188211939Hill, Matilda 4yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug19191125598Hill, Mildred 3yWF
Monroe Street456Aug121942Aug17194230297Hill, Minnie Ross 68yWF
Monroe Street3259   May3192027550Hill, Norman Schaffner 11yWM
Monroe Street461Mar81944Mar11194430423Hill, Samuel 73yWM
Monroe Street497Nov101964Nov13196431213Hill, Walter E 59yWM
Monroe Street3200   Oct31191326154Hill, Wm T 66yWM
Monroe Street225   Sep26188212215Hille, Anna 4m  
Monroe Street264   Mar11188613595Hille, Anna C 3mWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun24191025285Hille, Anna F 39yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb29189216614Hille, August 19yWM
Monroe Street3292   Jan12192628449Hille, Elinore M 87yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb11189518499Hille, Emma 25yWF
Monroe Street383   Feb26190423237Hille, Emma 15mWF
Monroe Street1179   Oct23188011323Hille, Flora 83yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug1418738012Hille, Fr 2yW 
Monroe Street3258   Mar27192027529Hille, Frederick 85yWM
Monroe Street248   Oct4188413007Hille, Henry 13mWM
Monroe Street138   Mar918685964Hille, Henry F 5mWM
Monroe Street3297   Dec 192628614Hille, Henry J 80yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar16188312391Hille, Jobst H 79y M
Monroe Street3182   Apr12191225745Hille, John H 71yWM
Monroe Street3287   Feb2192528310Hille, Katherine 74yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan1618706526Hille, Louisa 5yWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan21191626680Hille, Louise 56yWF
Monroe Street43   Jun30193029103Hille, Louise 79yWF
Monroe Street248   Oct20188413026Hille, Maria Elenore 39yWF
Monroe Street3309   Jan7192928910Hille, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street479Feb41952Feb13195230820Hille, Ottillie 71yWF
Monroe Street339   Aug13190121954Hiller,SB WM
Monroe Street321   Jun17190021356Hiller, August 22yWM
Monroe Street3176   Oct7191125617Hiller, August 67yWM
Monroe Street259   Aug19188513400Hiller, Clara Mina 10mWF
Monroe Street487Apr201958Apr23195831032Hiller, Elizabeth 86yWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar26189116062Hiller, Elsie 8mWF
Monroe Street2120   Mar23189015557Hiller, Henry 24yWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2718686067Hiller, John E 7mWM
Monroe Street279   Jul11188714108Hiller, Pauline 11mWF
Monroe Street376   Aug28190323008Hiller, Pauline 50yWF
Monroe Street3115   Sep3190624210Hiller, Rudolph 20mWM
Monroe Street2124   Jul2189015710Hilliard, Sam'l 79yWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul7187910821Hillner, Anna 71yWF
Monroe Street218   Mar2188211956Hillner, Fred 59yWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec3189217067Hillowski, Louisa 42yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct21189317635Hillwich, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug25189317542Hillwig, John 78yWM
Monroe Street2251   May25189820236Hilofski, John 33yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun21190523834Hilopski, Pauline 30yWF
Monroe Street3109   Mar26190424073Hilse, Christina 68yWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar12189518555Hiltbrand, Elizabeth 48yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb24189216602Hiltbrand, Samuel 44yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec1189719941Hilzter, Ernst 13mWM
Monroe Street1142   May6187710001Himil,SB WM
Monroe Street162   Mar1318716928Himmelman, Lena 68yWF
Monroe Street1133   Sep318769642Hind, Augusta 1mWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep23189317588Hindermeister, Alfred 5mWM
Monroe Street292   Jun27188814581Hindermeister, Edward 18yWM
Monroe Street335   Jun4190121827Hindermeister, Mary 48yWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb7190724340Hindermeister, Otto 21yWM
Monroe Street3149   Jul10190925009Hine, Matilda 89yWF
Monroe Street4108Sep41971Sep11197131321Hine, Myrtle   F
Monroe Street353   Jun13190222341Hiner, Macia 32yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul16189418124Hinkel, Minnie 8yWF
Monroe Street3214   Dec6191426407Hinkley,  WM
Monroe Street29   Aug11188111655Hinks, Mammie 10mWF
Monroe Street347   Feb1190222169Hinman, Delila 78yWF
Monroe Street3267   Aug10192127753Hinsdale, Fannie E 74yWF
Monroe Street2188   May26189418010Hintz,SB WM
Monroe Street29   Aug18188111670Hintz, August 38yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb20189719526Hintz, Minnie 3mWF
Monroe Street222   Jul2188212119Hintz, Otto 2y  
Monroe Street3146   Apr24190924950Hintze, Louise 70yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr12189116089Hintze, Rayola 1yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr2191325992Hintze, Wm 75yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan7190423165Hinz, Anna 46yWF
Monroe Street3302   Oct12192728732Hinz, Carl 69yWM
Monroe Street276   Mar31188713988Hinz, Christiena 61yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul28189820326Hinz, Cornelius 28yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec11190925102Hinz, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street3276   Mar27192328016Hinz, Maria 66yWF
Monroe Street3129   Nov11190724558Hinz, Martin 58yWM
Monroe Street3282   Mar15192428181Hinz, William J 30yWM
Monroe Street187   Jul218737891Hipp, Ed 11mW 
Monroe Street353   Jun26190222363Hipp, Johana 3mWF
Monroe Street29   Aug25188111680Hippel, Jacob 1yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep2418738120Hippert, Andrew 51yWM
Monroe Street234   Aug6188312537Hippler, 7mWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec12189015935Hippler, Elizabeth 65yWF
Monroe Street290   May5188814508Hippler, John 35yWM
Monroe Street1142   Apr1318779977Hippler, Jos 15yWM
Monroe Street231   Apr29188312426Hippler, L 9d  
Monroe Street2128   Oct26189015882Hippler, Louis 40yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul23189619276Hippler, Ulrich 72yWM
Monroe Street2240   Sep10189719825Hirbold, Fred 5yWM
Monroe Street2128   Oct15189015874Hirchert, Augusta 6yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul24189216839Hird, Elbert Gleason 11yWM
Monroe Street3207   May 191426290Hird, F B 76yWM
Monroe Street197   Dec1718738263Hird, George 39yWM
Monroe Street184   Feb718737744Hird, Hope R 63yW 
Monroe Street3293   Apr19192628508Hird, Maria S 88yWF
Monroe Street3264   Mar19192127696Hird, Sarah A 84yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb26188211947Hird, Thomas 74yWM
Monroe Street3274   Nov27192227954Hird, Thomas R 61yWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan29190624033Hirsch, Adolph 64yWM
Monroe Street3283   May15192428210Hirsch, Elizabeth 75yWF
Monroe Street129   Oct2118665635Hirsch, John M 70yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct20188111771Hirsch, Minna 9mWF
Monroe Street2114   Nov20188915338Hirsch, Susan 86yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan8189518448Hirsch, Wilhelmina 47yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr11190523749Hirt, Catharine 69yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct26189518916Hirt, Henry 71yWM
Monroe Street43   Jun7193029095Hirt, PhilipAKA Peter Hart60yWM
Monroe Street123   Nov1618655399Hirt, Phillip    
Monroe Street321   Jun14190021353Hirzel, Linda 2wWF
Monroe Street3162   Aug30191025341Hitch, Arden A 3mWM
Monroe Street1167   Sep17187910913Hitchcock,Mrs70yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug1318748584Hitchcock, Carol 72yW 
Monroe Street3215   Dec30191426421Hitchcock, Chas A 73yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb1918758845Hitchcock, Daisy 1yWF
Monroe Street3215   Jan12191526429Hitchcock, Olive 70yWF
Monroe Street294   Jul31188814638Hitchens, Allie 53yWF
Monroe Street3199   Sep8191326111Hitzler, 2hWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul28189418160Hlavacek, 3mWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug7189418183Hlavacek, 9dWF
Monroe Street2250   May2189820197Hlavacek, Anna 22mWF
Monroe Street2190   Jun29189418080Hlavacek, Ed 2mWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug22191727016Hlavacek, John 70yWM
Monroe Street3278   Jun21192328057Hlavacek, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street3203   Jan4191426195Hlavacek, Otto 29yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr14189518607Hlavinek, 1dWF
Monroe Street2194   Aug21189418219Hlavinek, Otilia 1yWF
Monroe Street3156   Feb22191025167Hoag,SB WM
Monroe Street15   Dec1718634690Hoag, Charles 43yWM
Monroe Street478Jul281951Jul30195130806Hoag, EthelAKA Hog67yWF
Monroe Street11   Jun2018634535Hoag, Henry 16yWM
Monroe Street484Sep151955Sep17195530946Hoag, Herbert 69yWM
Monroe Street4110Mar261972Mar30197231333Hoag, Lillian 88y F
Monroe Street2110   Sep23188915218Hoag, Margaret 7wWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr4191225735Hoag, Samual 51yWM
Monroe Street129   Oct2518665638Hobart,  W 
Monroe Street3219   Jun1191526536Hobart, Elizabeth W 97yWF
Monroe Street111   Jul2618644932Hobart, Mary Ann 12yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar4189920687Hobart, Thos 80yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug9189418187Hobat, Petronia 1yWF
Monroe Street1152   Feb28187810341Hobday, Br A 7yW 
Monroe Street1106   Sep918748639Hobert, G N 4mW 
Monroe Street2245   Jan13189820003Hobsek, Joe 1dWM
Monroe Street169   Dec1318717201Hobson, John Jos 1mWM
Monroe Street388   Jul28190423439Hobye, Wm 46yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr1189820136Hoch, BarbaraSB WF
Monroe Street473Mar221949Mar24194930676Hoch, Elizabeth 78yWF
Monroe Street3191   Jan8191325931Hoch, Geoor Hoeh49yWM
Monroe Street3159   May12191025240Hoch, Gottlieb 57yWM
Monroe Street336   Jun18190121850Hoch, Herbert 8mWM
Monroe Street291   Jun3188814544Hochstrasse, Theresa 18yWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug28189116326Hochstrasser, Fred 7yWM
Monroe Street319   May11190021301Hochstrasser, Harry 19dWM
Monroe Street320   May12190021303Hochstrasser, Henry 3wWM
Monroe Street284   Nov27188714288Hockbarth, Friederich 5yWF
Monroe Street137   Feb1718685950Hockel, Wm 13yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug4188814648Hockstrasse, Alvin J 2mWM
Monroe Street121   Aug1818655306Hodel, Emma B 2mWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec10189820523Hodel, Fred 50yWM
Monroe Street144   Jan1518696211Hodel, Michael 31yWM
Monroe Street499May181966May21196631244Hodell, Fred A 73yWM
Monroe Street415   Jan18193329369Hodell, Nellie 72yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan17189820007Hodge, 2hWM
Monroe Street2179   Dec5189317702Hodge, Alfred 61yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct20188814764Hodge, Annie 54yWF
Monroe Street125   Mar2418665485Hodgers, Charles 40yWM
Monroe Street125   Mar2418665486Hodgers, George 11yWM
Monroe Street3106   Dec25190524012Hodges, Thomas O 7yWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun4189619191Hodges, Wilbert 3yWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan24191125460Hodgson, Archibald C 24yWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan24191125461Hodgson, Edw P 31yWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan24191125459Hodgson, Henry 21yWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov29189820502Hodgson, John J 20yWM
Monroe Street3291   Dec5192528432Hodgson, Joseph 70yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov11191025395Hodgson, Josephine 3yWF
Monroe Street3261   Aug14192027597Hodgson, Margarite 66yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov4187710224Hodson, A L 1yW 
Monroe Street244   Jun7188412864Hodson, Dora 24yWF
Monroe Street318   Apr14190021256Hodson, Laura 86yWF
Monroe Street1140   Feb1318779899Hoecker, Henry 1mWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul26188915095Hoecker, Jose 5yWF
Monroe Street254   Apr21188513217Hoecker, Maria Catherine 3mWF
Monroe Street2144   Oct20189116419Hoeffner, Henry 37yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan10189015424Hoeffner, Herman 2mWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan10189015424Hoeffner, Herman 2mWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb14189619040Hoeffner, Maria 77yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan14189216519Hoeffner, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb4189518480Hoefler, 5dWM
Monroe Street339   Aug13190121955Hoefler, Wm P 1dWM
Monroe Street373   Jul4190322916Hoeflich, Mathias 60yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul2218737938Hoefliger, Herm 4yW 
Monroe Street228   Dec29188212324Hoeflinger, Pauline 18y F
Monroe Street1172   Mar7188011046Hoeg, Mary 81yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun6188011154Hoeg, Susan 59yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec20188513521Hoehn, Bernhard 63yWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep4189619334Hoehn, CarlSB WM
Monroe Street1164   Jun22187910803Hoehn, Clara 8dWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar17189719556Hoehn, Lottie 14mWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun24190523839Hoehn, Magdelena 48yWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul20189418136Hoehn, Wm 14dWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar13191526481Hoehn, Wm 65yWM
Monroe Street1179   Oct16188011316Hoelter, A M 6mW 
Monroe Street1144   Aug2187710090Hoemmel, Paul 32yWM
Monroe Street147   Jun818696327Hoenes,SB Child of Jul WF
Monroe Street131   Jan2018675699Hoenig, Johnor Meyer22yWM
Monroe Street2156   Aug6189216875Hoepfner, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street2170   May21189317339Hoepfner, Minnie 6yWF
Monroe Street337   Jul14190121901Hoepner, Carl 6mWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun22189719690Hoepner, Ida 6yWF
Monroe Street2187   Apr28189417950Hoeppmer, Wm 11mWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep9190523916Hoeppner, Rosa 11mWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug9189216893Hoerker, John 35yWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan11189216517Hoerner, August 3mWM
Monroe Street2185   Mar20189417871Hoerner, J A 35yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug30188814697Hoersch, Freddie 4mWM
Monroe Street3239   Jul19191726993Hoes, Betty J 11dWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul23189015759Hofer, Barbara 63yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep25190222509Hoff,Baby WM
Monroe Street2167   Mar30189317253Hoff, Christoph 69yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun21188513296Hoffenmeister, Decelef Carl 10mWM
Monroe Street113   Sep618645001Hoffman,SB Child of Frederick W 
Monroe Street147   Jul618696349Hoffman,SB Child of D WF
Monroe Street326   Nov16190021550Hoffman, 17dWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb5190724337Hoffman,Baby WM
Monroe Street3274   Nov7192227948Hoffman,SB WF
Monroe Street3176   Oct3191125614Hoffman, Albert 40yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar30190724393Hoffman, Anna C 75yWF
Monroe Street3243   Mar11191827130Hoffman, Anna M 79yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul5189418093Hoffman, Babara 65yWF
Monroe Street413   Dec30193229365Hoffman, Barbara 74yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul13189820301Hoffman, Bruno 30yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb24188814407Hoffman, Caroline 39yWF
Monroe Street312   Nov13189921014Hoffman, Carrie 5yWF
Monroe Street3267   Sep15192127767Hoffman, Charles 80yWM
Monroe Street124   Dec1518655422Hoffman, David 64yWM
Monroe Street2227   Oct13189619375Hoffman, David 62yWM
Monroe Street123   Nov2418655407Hoffman, David I 2yWM
Monroe Street342   Oct24190122040Hoffman, Dorice 4yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul5189216808Hoffman, Edward W 32yWM
Monroe Street148   Aug1318696399Hoffman, Elizabeth 40yWF
Monroe Street411   Apr7193229294Hoffman, Emilie 72yWF
Monroe Street1171   Feb7188011022Hoffman, Flora 6mWF
Monroe Street230   Feb27188312369Hoffman, Frank 11d M
Monroe Street455Jul31942Jul16194230286Hoffman, Frank 76yWM
Monroe Street1134   Oct518769700Hoffman, Fred 35yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar24189216647Hoffman, Fredrick 66yWM
Monroe Street3236   Mar7191726914Hoffman, Geo H 7yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar15189015548Hoffman, George Wilhelm 1yWM
Monroe Street54Jul61977Jul8197731390Hoffman, Hellen 89y F
Monroe Street2216   Dec30189518991Hoffman, Henrietta 65yWF
Monroe Street3150   Aug13190925023Hoffman, Henry 54yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep18189920942Hoffman, John 16yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr23189317299Hoffman, John B 39yWM
Monroe Street3268   Nov26192127801Hoffman, John G 62yWM
Monroe Street3144   Feb2190924886Hoffman, Lena 47yWF
Monroe Street3203   Jan14191426204Hoffman, Lillian 49yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr30191225762Hoffman, Margartha 84yWF
Monroe Street127   Jul1118665542Hoffman, Maria Bar 80yWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul30189015766Hoffman, Martin 82yWM
Monroe Street481Feb61953Feb9195330858Hoffman, Robert 69yWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr9191927348Hoffman, Robert H 60yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jul2189116213Hoffman, Rudolph 23yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun30189719705Hoffman, Sophronia 44yWF
Monroe Street3200   Oct29191326151Hoffman, Wilbert E 9mWM
Monroe Street3311   Aug16192928989Hoffman, Wilhelmina 84yWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb7190724339Hoffman, Wm G 4yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul26188513349Hoffmann, Adelein 11mWF
Monroe Street1124   Dec3118759310Hoffmann, Barb 13yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec15189317723Hoffmann, John 56yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct2188111734Hoffmeister, Dora 1yWF
Monroe Street234   Aug12188312540Hoffmeister, John Ed 6mWM
Monroe Street2138   Jul1189116212Hoffner, Tena 7mWF
Monroe Street299   Dec15188814831Hoffstaetter,SB Baby of Wm WM
Monroe Street2191   Jul5189418096Hoffstaetter, Howard C 5mWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb7189216577Hoffstaetter, John 80yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan2189618996Hoffstatter,SB WF
Monroe Street3165   Nov25191025406Hoffstatter, Loyd E 1yWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul25189317471Hoffstatter, Robert A 7mWM
Monroe Street3283   Apr15192428203Hoffsteter,SB WF
Monroe Street3147   May9190924965Hoffstetter, Magdelena 74yWF
Monroe Street270   Sep29188613798Hofler, Sadie 4mWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul16187910836Hofman, Ch 4dW 
Monroe Street28   Jul29188111626Hofstetter, Emma 1y  
Monroe Street478Jul281951Jul30195130806Hog, EthelAKA Hoag67yWF
Monroe Street3247   Sep18191827217Hogg, Grace 40yWF
Monroe Street3190   Dec23191225912Hogg, Maria Eliza 71yWF
Monroe Street2243   Dec13189719961Hogg, Thos 57yWM
Monroe Street3277   Apr12192328023Hogle, Catherine 74yWF
Monroe Street3106   Dec18190524006Hohfelder, Fredrick 67yWM
Monroe Street2132   Feb1189116001Hohlfelder, Annie 18yWF
Monroe Street3263   Dec29192027654Hohlfelder, Charlotte 77yWF
Monroe Street1166   Jul28187910856Hohlfelder, Wm 9mWM
Monroe Street47   Jul16193129210Hohman, Gloria 1yWF
Monroe Street443   Jun29193930037Hohman, Marie 67yWF
Monroe Street3257   Jan29192027490Hohman, Richard 57yWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun9191025273Hohmann, Christian 82yWM
Monroe Street432   Oct9193629806Hohmann, Emma 75yWF
Monroe Street215   Dec31188111869Hohms,SB W 
Monroe Street2105   Jun3188915024Hohnsbehn, Christian 54yWM
Monroe Street227   Nov15188212277Hohnspaehn, Wm 7y  
Monroe Street2221   May8189619161Holab, M 1yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb24189920672Holacek,SB WM
Monroe Street347   Feb22190222205Holan,SB WF
Monroe Street3211   Sep27191426366Holan, Josephine 59yWF
Monroe Street3207   May22191426294Holas,SB WM
Monroe Street2172   Jul18189317446Holasek, 13mWF
Monroe Street32   Feb22189920667Holasek, Frank 5mWM
Monroe Street281   Aug3188714153Holburg, George 57yWM
Monroe Street19   Apr1418644822Holburg, John I 2yWM
Monroe Street158   Oct918706769Holbury,Child of George SB WM
Monroe Street1180   Dec14188011372Holbury, Geo 7yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug7189820340Holbury, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street2162   Dec15189217086Holcomb, Hazel Irene 3yWF
Monroe Street271   Nov2188613845Holden, Ellen 73yWF
Monroe Street221   May23188212069Holden, Jacob 71y  
Monroe Street333   Apr16190121754Holden, Richard 42yWM
Monroe Street125   Mar1418665477Holder, Jacob 19yWM
Monroe Street321   Jun28190021367Holdschnch, Walter 10mWM
Monroe Street378   Oct7190323055Holecek,Baby WM
Monroe Street3101   Jul18190523862Holeefst, Mary 9mWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb13187910670Holgate,Mrs M85yWF
Monroe Street2187   May4189417965Holicek, Mary 3mWF
Monroe Street2179   Nov28189317691Holinok, Sophia 21dWF
Monroe Street382   Feb20190423223Holkenburg, Jos 1dWM
Monroe Street36   May31189920816Holky, John 4hWM
Monroe Street422   Jul9193429542Holl, 5dWM
Monroe Street3217   Mar12191526479Holl, Fredrick 72yWM
Monroe Street3259   May24192027558Holl, Rosina 83yWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr14189719609Holl, Theodore 13mWM
Monroe Street2137   May29189116179Holland,SB WM
Monroe Street3171   May11191125536Holland,SB WF
Monroe Street2123   Jun6189015672Holland, Chas 4mWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb9190724342Hollander, Irene 3yWF
Monroe Street181   Nov2418727662Hollberry, George H 6dWM
Monroe Street457Dec51942Dec8194230322Hollenbach, Anna 80yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul21189317457Holler, Philipp 4mWM
Monroe Street380   Dec30190323151Holliday,Baby WM
Monroe Street3128   Oct19190724539Holliday,Baby WF
Monroe Street3128   Oct19190724540Holliday,Baby WM
Monroe Street353   Jun24190222362Holliday, Owen 47yWM
Monroe Street2178   Nov2189317649Hollidy, Jennie 3yWF
Monroe Street142   Sep1818686134Holliger, Cilessa 5mWF
Monroe Street3263   Jan11192127662Holliger, Clara 39yWF
Monroe Street344   Dec16190122104Holliger, Elizabeth 82yWF
Monroe Street294   Aug8188814654Hollinger, Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street128   Sep118665596Hollinger, Otto 20dWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan26189518473Hollis,  WM
Monroe Street395   Feb24190523683Hollis, Lydia 80yWF
Monroe Street3168   Feb17191125478Hollister, Albert 50yWM
Monroe Street516Mar261990Mar29199031484Hollo, Ernest J 76y M
Monroe Street250   Dec15188413074Holly, Mary A 49yWF
Monroe Street2153   May22189216747Holm, Eliza 9mWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr10189317271Holm, Ludwig 7dWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan318769312Holman,SB W 
Monroe Street1163   Apr30187910751Holman,SB Child W 
Monroe Street298   Nov9188814792Holman, Jane 66yWF
Monroe Street3114   Aug15190624195Holmberg, Norman 5mWM
Monroe Street159   Nov1018706803Holmden, Sarah 52yWF
Monroe Street263   Feb4188613563Holmden, Thomas 68yWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep30187710167Holmes,SB W 
Monroe Street3127   Sep24190724522Holmes, 2wWM
Monroe Street3195   May16191326037Holmes,Baby WF
Monroe Street3234   Dec27191626862Holmes,Twin baby 1 WM
Monroe Street3234   Dec27191626863Holmes,Twin baby 2 WM
Monroe Street3240   Sep7191727025Holmes, 10dWM
Monroe Street454   Jan5194230237Holmes, Alice 79yWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb26191426230Holmes, Anneth 33yWF
Monroe Street485Dec211956Dec24195630986Holmes, Charles C 66y M
Monroe Street2139   Jul15189116243Holmes, Clara 7yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul2018737930Holmes, Dan De-Witt 8yWM
Monroe Street3209   Jul6191426315Holmes, Elizabeth 65yWF
Monroe Street415   Feb17193329379Holmes, Elizabeth 51yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr24190222286Holmes, Ellen R 18yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun7190322888Holmes, Harry 33yWM
Monroe Street398   Apr30190523769Holmes, Irine 6mWF
Monroe Street3278   Jul5192328061Holmes, Joseph 43yWM
Monroe Street3241   Dec11191727069Holmes, Mary J 57yWF
Monroe Street457Dec171942Dec21194230323Holmes, Myrtle 76yWF
Monroe Street454   Jan5194230236Holmes, Rial 84yWM
Monroe Street3287   Dec20192428298Holmes, Thomas 74yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul31190523879Holmeyer, 4hWF
Monroe Street232   May17188312453Holmok, Amalia 21yWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun1191025265Holms, Charles 49yWM
Monroe Street1161   Feb23187910677Holms, Mary 2mWF
Monroe Street2145   Dec14189116482Holsing, 3hW 
Monroe Street1146   Sep25187710161Holsing, A L 7yW 
Monroe Street2147   Jan14189216526Holsing, Anna Maria 31yWF
Monroe Street2162   Dec19189217089Holsing, Anna Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug13189518785Holsing, Lydia 3mWF
Monroe Street469Feb191947Feb22194730570Holsing, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul28188714140Holt, Cora 4mWF
Monroe Street138   May518685998Holt, John W 2mWM
Monroe Street214   Dec23188111857Holt, L PSB W 
Monroe Street29   Aug8188111647Holter,SB Child of Henry W 
Monroe Street413   Nov8193229351Holter, Clara A 79yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct13187710188Holter, Emma 4yWF
Monroe Street171   Mar1318727287Holter, John H 2yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep17188915207Holter, Lydie 3yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug2218727525Holter, Wm 6mWM
Monroe Street1168   Nov7187910945Holter, Wm 39yWM
Monroe Street1130   Jun2518769512Holtz,SB WF
Monroe Street2221   May19189619177Holtz, Henry 22yWM
Monroe Street2178   Nov5189317653Holtz, Ida 20mWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep22189317586Holtz, Mary 45yWF
Monroe Street224   Aug29188212189Holtz, Minna 7d  
Monroe Street3140   Oct16190824804Holub, Mary 4yWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan16189920588Holub, Rosie 6dWF
Monroe Street3260   Jun7192027567Holz, Anna 29yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb14189216589Holz, Christian 38yWM
Monroe Street259   Aug25188513406Holz, Elsie 10mWF
Monroe Street242   Apr23188412812Holz, George 8mWM
Monroe Street342   Oct30190122050Holz, Herbert H 10wWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun22189116200Holz, Johann 9yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan20188513120Holz, Johanne 15dWM
Monroe Street3271   May12192227880Holz, Joseph 84yWM
Monroe Street411   Jun3193229308Holz, Louis F 62yWM
Monroe Street3258   Mar8192027516Holz, Maria 78yWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul23189116260Holz, Rose 3yWF
Monroe Street2152   Apr19189216693Holz, Theodore 7mWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb14189216590Holz, Viona 6mWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct8187810557Holz, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street1102   Jun318748491Holze,Child of A C W 
Monroe Street329   Jan10190121619Holzek, JamesSB WM
Monroe Street1175   Jun7188011156Holzemier, Lorenz 62yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul1418727449Holzhauer, Arthur 3mWM
Monroe Street1103   Jun1418748500Holzing, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street1103   Jun1918748504Holzing, Mary 10yWF
Monroe Street3140   Oct1190824797Holzman, F H 70yWM
Monroe Street386   May16190423348Holzman, Helena E 8mWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan7189317120Holzman, Wilhelminie 55yWF
Monroe Street4103Dec121968Dec16196831291Holzmer, Mathew N 75yWM
Monroe Street54Nov191977Nov23197731395Holzmer, Myrtle 78y F
Monroe Street3191   Dec31191225924Homan,SB WF
Monroe Street3238   May2191726958Homan,SB WM
Monroe Street129   Oct718665625Homan, Carrie J 28yWF
Monroe Street3206   Apr23191426263Homan, Charles 48yWM
Monroe Street438   Feb12193829923Homan, Fred 70yWM
Monroe Street3306   Jul31192828850Homan, M D 16dWF
Monroe Street3170   Apr4191125516Homan, Martha L 67yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan31188412729Homan, Wilhelmina 45yWF
Monroe Street31   Feb8189920636Homberger, 71yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov21190624276Hommel, Christina 85yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb6189518489Hondert, Christina 10mWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun14189317384Honer, 6dWF
Monroe Street3294   May26192628534Honess, Hazel 24yWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug13189116302Honeywell, Ezra 89yWM
Monroe Street155   Jun518706630Honeywell, John 54yWM
Monroe Street120   Jul818655268Honeywell, Mary 85yWF
Monroe Street187   Jun2318737880Honi, Mary 8yWF
Monroe Street1156   Aug16187810497Honneywell, Louisa 77yW 
Monroe Street394   Jan31190523653Honous, Anna 62yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul9191025294Honsbehn, Christine 74yWF
Monroe Street161   Feb518716890Hoofman, Fredrick 38yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr21190021267Hook,Baby WF
Monroe Street2190   Jun20189418067Hook, Amey 35dWF
Monroe Street177   Aug1618727514Hook, Elisabeth 54yWF
Monroe Street180   Oct1718727619Hooker, Charles 1mWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun2318758992Hooker, Emma 26yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan318769314Hookler, Emma 6yWF
Monroe Street196   Dec318738240Hooper,SB Child of Ch W 
Monroe Street3106   Dec16190524003Hooper, Gladys 3mWF
Monroe Street119   Jun618655251Hoover,SB Child of John WM
Monroe Street3276   Feb5192327984Hoover, Evelyn 13dWF
Monroe Street3135   May28190824716Hope,Baby WM
Monroe Street3181   Mar25191225728Hope,SB WM
Monroe Street1152   Apr19187810375Hopf,SB W 
Monroe Street260   Sep24188513441Hopf, Rose Charlottle Magr 7mWF
Monroe Street171   Mar1618727293Hopkins, Jerome 80yWM
Monroe Street222   Jun20188212109Hopkins, Jerome    
Monroe Street2126   Aug9189015784Hopkins, John 64yWM
Monroe Street114   Sep2318645024Hopkins, Margret 14dWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul19189518747Hopp, 6dWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan8189819998Hopp, Jacob 38yWM
Monroe Street3180   Feb8191225701Hopp, Minnie E 23yWF
Monroe Street3236   Feb3191726896Hoppe, Adolph 59yWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct22189518907Hoppe, Chas 35yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec2189518954Hoppe, Henrietta 73yWF
Monroe Street256   Jun29188513306Hoppe, Karl 24yWM
Monroe Street3175   Sep23191125607Hoppe, Louis A 19yWM
Monroe Street3289   Jun13192528363Hoppe, Louise A 61yWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug418759100Hopper, Cath 11mWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec16189317726Hoppey, Chas 10yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan15189015432Hoppman, F W 27yWM
Monroe Street374   Jul19190322951Hoppman, Minnie 76yWF
Monroe Street2194   Aug18189418213Horacek, John 7yWM
Monroe Street2211   Sep8189518839Horacek, Marie 59yWF
Monroe Street2194   Aug15189418207Horachek, Joseph 4yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul26189619281Horaek, 18hWF
Monroe Street1137   Nov2418769796Horber, Albert 6yWM
Monroe Street442   Feb13193930003Horber, Charles G 64yWM
Monroe Street3300   Jun18192728680Horber, Martha 80yWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan20189619016Horek,SB WM
Monroe Street2169   May1189317310Horn, Bertha 9yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb3189417791Horn, Henry 48yWM
Monroe Street221   May31188212082Horn, Lizzie 5m  
Monroe Street390   Sep23190423509Horning,Baby WM
Monroe Street1112   Feb1618758840Horning, AdolphSB W 
Monroe Street2213   Oct23189518911Horning, Alice 64yWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr20189518619Horning, Catharin 65yWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul14189116242Horning, Chas 5mWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec25189820539Horning, Elmer 7mWM
Monroe Street298   Nov2188814780Horning, John 64yWM
Monroe Street298   Nov2188814780Horning, John 64yWM
Monroe Street3254   Aug14191927416Horning, JohnJr66yWM
Monroe Street2170   Jun9189317370Horning, Joseph A 64yWM
Monroe Street298   Nov16188814797Horning, Louis 23yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul1718737919Hornung, Fred 1dWM
Monroe Street358   Sep11190222490Horrigan, David 68yWM
Monroe Street133   Jul2518675798Horst,SB Child of E H WM
Monroe Street2122   May8189015629Horst, Anna 23yWF
Monroe Street3106   Dec1190523994Horst, Anna 39yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul29189216852Horst, Caroline E 2mWF
Monroe Street216   Jan21188211888Horst, Eddy 6mWM
Monroe Street1174   May2188011118Horst, Ernst 55yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan19190423177Horst, Florentine 78yWF
Monroe Street3116   Oct 190624248Horst, Fred 45yWM
Monroe Street3268   Nov21192127798Horst, John 59yWM
Monroe Street2125   Aug4189015772Horst, Lottie 9mWF
Monroe Street395   Feb25190523686Horstatt,SB WF
Monroe Street3173   Jul31191125581Horstemeier, Virginia L 9mWF
Monroe Street2170   Jun1189317355Horstemerer, Catherina 77yWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar25189518570Horstemeyer, Fred 81yWM
Monroe Street171   Feb1418727255Horton, Martha E 9mCF
Monroe Street172   Mar2118727299Horton, Wm 9yCM
Monroe Street3179   Jan16191225684Horvath,SB WM
Monroe Street3194   Apr28191326027Horvath,Baby WM
Monroe Street3259   Apr3192027532Horvath,SB WM
Monroe Street51Oct251974Oct28197431365Horvath, Elsie A 67y F
Monroe Street59Aug41982Aug7198231440Horvath, John J 73y M
Monroe Street3260   Jun28192027578Horvath, Mary 23yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar10189417855Horwarth, Mary 10mWF
Monroe Street230   Mar18188312393Hosbingh, Robert 5m M
Monroe Street3198   Aug7191326093Hose, Albert F 43yWM
Monroe Street17   Feb518644741Hose, Harmon 5yWM
Monroe Street334   May12190121800Hose, Nidine 7mWF
Monroe Street4108May41971Apr16197131317Hoselberger, George 82y M
Monroe Street218   Mar9188211965Hoshstrasser, Joseph 2yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug21190222455Hosking, Robert 2dWM
Monroe Street2219   Mar25189619091Hoskins, Maggie 3mWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec818759277Hostings, Mary 45yWF
Monroe Street43   Jul11193029105Houck,SB WF
Monroe Street1153   May1187810385Houck, Henry 30yWM
Monroe Street399   May2190523772Houck, Katharine 89yWF
Monroe Street267   Jul8188613684Houck, Michael 82yWM
Monroe Street210   Aug26188111681Hough, Janie 9mWF
Monroe Street3232   Sep5191626798Houghtaling, Lillian M 30yWF
Monroe Street312   Nov17189921024Houghtling, Bell 40yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov12189015909Houghtling, James 5mWM
Monroe Street372   Jun1190322877Houghton,Baby WM
Monroe Street326   Nov9190021545Houghton, Carl M 20mWM
Monroe Street378   Oct5190323053Houghton, Clayton L 2yWM
Monroe Street459Apr191943May15194330359Houghton, Frank B 84yWM
Monroe Street3202   Jun15191326189Houghton, Marie 53yWF
Monroe Street117   Feb518655146Houk, David 9yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb12188211920Houk, Elisb 4mW 
Monroe Street381   Jan3190423157Houle, Frank 55yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar5190523701Houle, Jesie 56yWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul24188915090Houlitshke, Gertie 14yWF
Monroe Street390   Sep4190423490Houpt, 24hWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar25189820122Hourin, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street123   Nov2318655406House,Father of Mrs A   
Monroe Street2182   Jan29189417786House, Alvin 63yWM
Monroe Street2170   Jan3189317353House, Chas E 24yWM
Monroe Street1102   May2618748482House, Ezera 78yW 
Monroe Street3142   Dec31190824864House, Julia A 78yWF
Monroe Street133   Jul1818675796House, West 35yWM
Monroe Street452   Oct7194130220Houser, Bartlin 75yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb318758824Housk, Andrew 66yWM
Monroe Street2159   Oct2189216980Houston, Robt C 28yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar17188211972Houts, Maud 8mWF
Monroe Street3167   Jan4191125447Hovath,SB WM
Monroe Street3159   May14191025242Howard,SB WF
Monroe Street3194   Apr8191326004Howard, Addie 51yWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul19189015746Howard, Ethel May 13mWF
Monroe Street349   Mar18190222231Howard, Katie 18yWF
Monroe Street2197   Nov5189418348Howard, Lenard D 2yWM
Monroe Street143   Nov2718686182Howard, Thomas G 2mWM
Monroe Street326   Nov3190021540Howardt, John 65yWM
Monroe Street291   May12188814520Howarth, Georgia 5yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep11188814717Howarth, Lee 2yWM
Monroe Street480Aug31952Aug6195230836Howatt, Anna Ruth 34yWF
Monroe Street2158   Aug31189216936Howe, Augusta 10mWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar4191025175Howe, Caroline 80yWF
Monroe Street2148   Jan26189216551Howe, Ferdinand 66yWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct30190925071Howe, Hattie 40yWF
Monroe Street121   Aug2518655314Howe, Hattie B 1yWF
Monroe Street123   Dec218655414Howe, Hattie B  W 
Monroe Street331   Mar11190121693Howe, Stanley 10wWM
Monroe Street268   Aug8188613720Howe, Wilhemia 8mWF
Monroe Street2138   Jun9189116187Howell,SB WF
Monroe Street2138   Jun26189116209Howell, Ida 21dWF
Monroe Street1139   Jan2818779882Howell, Wm 23yWM
Monroe Street3206   Apr15191426259Howell, WmAKA Chas Morris67yWM
Monroe Street354   Jul19190222398Howells,Baby WF
Monroe Street3199   Sep29191326123Howells, Erant 20yWM
Monroe Street487Feb121958May10195831035Howells, Ida 90yWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun18189317397Howk, Winnifred 18yWF
Monroe Street27   Jul12188111586Howland, Annie 5mWF
Monroe Street227   Dec12188212305Howland, J F 8y M
Monroe Street2154   Jun19189216786Howlett, Geo 67yWM
Monroe Street338   Jul29190121931Howlett, Geo 30yWM
Monroe Street1102   Jun218748490Howlett, Jane G 42yWF
Monroe Street3287   Dec24192428299Howlett, Louis R 74yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug318644947Howlett, Martha 14dWF
Monroe Street298   Nov27188814809Howorth, 2mWF
Monroe Street356   Aug24190222460Hoyer, John 4mWM
Monroe Street169   Dec1818717203Hoyt,Child of Wm2mWF
Monroe Street1152   Mar16187810355Hoyt,Children of M   
Monroe Street347   Feb12190222192Hoyt, Frank 41yWM
Monroe Street1115   May1918758961Hoyt, Henry 30dWM
Monroe Street2129   Oct29189015890Hozier, Jas 87yWM
Monroe Street3161   Jul22191025302Hrabah, Elizebeth 11dWF
Monroe Street3162   Aug26191025335Hrabak, Otto 2yWM
Monroe Street254   Apr29188513226Hrarr, LizzieSB WF
Monroe Street3239   Jul25191726997Hrdlicka, Louise S 62yWF
Monroe Street3219   May22191526531Hronek, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street2199   Dec7189418399Hrubec, A 24dWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr25189619141Hrubec, Vaclav 28yWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov14189418365Hrubes, 12hWM
Monroe Street3231   Aug28191626794Hrudka, F 3yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar6189015529Hubach, Francis 27yWF
Monroe Street258   Aug5188513368Huband, Anna 4mWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb17189015503Hubard,SB WM
Monroe Street118   Mar2918655197Hubart, Lila T 4yWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan6189115973Hubbard, Maria 87yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug11188613726Hubbel, Harriet 64yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec7188111838Hubbell, A C    
Monroe Street2231   Feb6189719507Hubbell, Effie D 20yWF
Monroe Street1142   May3187710000Hubbell, Jas 19yWM
Monroe Street2229   Dec3189619436Hubbell, Laura 3yWF
Monroe Street1131   Jul2718769558Hubbell, Maria 6mWF
Monroe Street2121   May6189015623Hubbell, Oliver C 72yWM
Monroe Street133   Aug418675807Hubbell, Sarah R 36yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep20188312595Hubbert, James 89yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb12190322718Huber,Baby WF
Monroe Street34   Apr2189920724Huber, Caroline 91yWF
Monroe Street125   Feb318665456Huber, Elizabeth 5dWF
Monroe Street478Jan231951Jan27195130782Huber, Ethel Emma 68yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct4190222522Huber, Frank 46yWM
Monroe Street1102   May1318748470Huber, Kath 81yWF
Monroe Street456Aug121942Aug15194230296Huber, Oscar L 65yWF
Monroe Street3224   Nov20191526622Hubla,Baby WM
Monroe Street1108   Nov318748709Huchings, Emma 67yWF
Monroe Street47   Jun3193129201Huddelston, Rich M 77yWM
Monroe Street2131   Dec31189015966Huddleston, Henry 32yWM
Monroe Street3293   Apr20192628510Huddleston, Lydia M 73yWF
Monroe Street1118   Aug318759097Hudson, E A 10mW 
Monroe Street1167   Aug26187910890Hudson, E G 9mW 
Monroe Street175   Jul918727435Hudson, John 45yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul9190021887Hudson, Lawrence 5mWM
Monroe Street3240   Oct18191727049Hudson, Loretta 2yWF
Monroe Street362   Dec14190222619Huebler, John 33yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul12190121892Huebner, Minnie 78yWF
Monroe Street352   May23190222317Huebner, Pauline 53yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan5190423161Huebsch, Geo 50yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec21189317735Huebsch, Margareth 38yWF
Monroe Street386   May5190423331Huegel, Peter 68yWM
Monroe Street184   Feb1118737747Hues, Henry B 1mC 
Monroe Street262   Dec6188513508Huey,SB WF
Monroe Street3153   Nov16190925089Huey, Anna D 58yWF
Monroe Street221   May18188212062Huey, Barbara 35y  
Monroe Street3193   Mar7191325972Huey, Elizabeth 51yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec24188413088Huey, Emma E 7yWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan31189719494Huey, Eva 76yWF
Monroe Street3310   Mar30192928955Huey, Michael 83yWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar28190924920Huey, Phil 66yWM
Monroe Street239   Dec26188312700Huey, Phillip H 76yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec1190021568Huff,Baby WF
Monroe Street3302   Dec19192728751Huff, Elizabeth 42yWF
Monroe Street299   Dec2188814812Huffer, Jacob 66yWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct1918748690Huffmann, Mary 61yWF
Monroe Street1113   Mar1718758888Huge, Anna 8mWF
Monroe Street459May281943Jun1194330361Huge, Anna 89yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jul9187810445Huge, Christ 53yWM
Monroe Street26   May31188111534Huge, Eda 1yWF
Monroe Street2262   Jan19189920593Huge, Fred 36yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug3018717097Huge, Gutlip 6mWM
Monroe Street246   Aug20188412950Huge, Heinrich 1yWM
Monroe Street2206   Apr26189518630Huge, Henry 44yWM
Monroe Street3168   Feb22191125481Huge, Lenora 79yWF
Monroe Street242   Apr1188412786Huge, Lydia 2yWF
Monroe Street2132   Feb3189116002Huge, Theresa 4yWF
Monroe Street254   May8188513242Huge, Wm 10mWM
Monroe Street1144   Aug1187710087Huges, 2mW 
Monroe Street1153   May28187810407Huges, Albert J 40yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1018737711Huges, M A 35yW 
Monroe Street3216   Feb15191526464Huggins, Wm H 8mWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb7189116009Hughes, 10hWF
Monroe Street431   Jul14193629781Hughes, Anna 76yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct2218769730Hughes, Anna B 60yWF
Monroe Street456Sep81942Sep11194230308Hughes, Arthur J 61yWM
Monroe Street3285   Aug15192428248Hughes, Della A 44yWF
Monroe Street3264   Mar1192127689Hughes, Eva 59yWF
Monroe Street11   Jun518634528Hughes, Hugh 76yWM
Monroe Street479Nov211951Nov24195130813Hughes, Jennie 67yWF
Monroe Street3201   Nov25191326167Hughes, John F 62yWM
Monroe Street3236   Feb7191726898Hughes, Jos D 68yWM
Monroe Street3257   Jan21192027484Hughes, Margarite 72yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jun2118758988Hughes, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street218   Mar20188211977Hughes, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street3295   Jul13192628553Hughes, Thomas 34yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun12188412867Hughes, Walter F 1yWM
Monroe Street131   Feb1818675722Hugill, Harry 1mWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct2018769727Hugler, Peter 4yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov10190824830Hugo, Louise 42yWF
Monroe Street2194   Sep3189418239Huhm, Elisabeth 3yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul3189820287Hujek, Jos 32yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul25189015762Huker, Otto 1yWM
Monroe Street1106   Aug3118748615Hulbert,Mr W 
Monroe Street1106   Aug3118748615Hulbert,Mrs W 
Monroe Street117   Feb1518655156Hulbert, Orren 66yWM
Monroe Street19   May2118644851Hulburt, Willey 2yWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar8191426238Huldeman, Thelma E 4yWF
Monroe Street362   Dec10190222611Hulec, 10dWM
Monroe Street384   Mar5190423253Hulec, Chas 4mWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr7189820154Hull,SB WF
Monroe Street1167   Sep30187910924Hull, Charles 65yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec31190925122Hull, Joseph 73yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug1418717065Hullman, Conrod 8mWM
Monroe Street139   Jun2918686030Hum, Jacob 35yWM
Monroe Street148   Aug1118696396Human, Jacob 10mWM
Monroe Street266   Jun19188613668Human, John W 7dWM
Monroe Street316   Mar13190021192Humbel, Elmer 5wWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug1189418169Humker, Maggie 8mWF
Monroe Street119   May418655230Hummal, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street456Sep211942Sep22194230312Hummel, Carl Leonard 70yWM
Monroe Street180   Nov1618727652Hummel, Caspar 65yWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr21188914978Hummel, Ida May 21yWF
Monroe Street3134   Apr28190824694Hummel, Jacob 67yWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar8189417848Hummel, Levy S 74yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr17191326015Hummel, Mary E 68yWF
Monroe Street161   Jan2318716873Hummel, Susan 1yWF
Monroe Street490May171961May20196131111Hummel, Thresa 69yWF
Monroe Street4105Jul251969Jul28196931302Hummel, Walter L 85y M
Monroe Street2162   Dec3189217068Hummell, Dora 9yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun2618644886Hummil, Martin 2yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun2518758995Humpel, Eliza 70yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb23189920671Humphrey, 1mWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov17189418369Humphrey, Forest 21mWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr218758903Humphrey, Henry 4mWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr15189417921Humphrey, Huron 3yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan1618779870Humphrey, Mary C 7mWF
Monroe Street31   Jan22189920604Humphrey, Wm 49yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr2018758929Humphries,Child of Emma WF
Monroe Street1114   Apr2018758929Humphries, Emmawith child WF
Monroe Street326   Nov20190021555Humphry, Jay W 15mWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep7189317559Hund, Bertha 11yWF
Monroe Street3139   Sep18190824790hundermark, Barbara 85yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar11190121696Hundermark, Louisa 75yWF
Monroe Street240   Feb10188412735Hundertmark,SB WM
Monroe Street188   Jul1718737918Hundertmark, Fred 46yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug24187710129Hundertmark, Ida 9yWF
Monroe Street1163   Apr11187910731Hundertmark, LSB W 
Monroe Street280   Jul21188714129Hundertmark, Ludwig 74yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan4192928906Hundertmark, Minnie 65yWF
Monroe Street130   Dec118665665Hundertmark, William 4yWM
Monroe Street16   Jan1018644720Hundredmark, Mary 5yWF
Monroe Street380   Dec2190323122Hundt, Henry 12dWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov9189015903Hundt, Martha 5yWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct16188915277Hunning, 1dWF
Monroe Street3301May281927Sep24192728721Hunsicker, Amalia 60yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jun2718758998Hunsing, George 4mWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb11189619038Hunt, Annie 2mWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep13189518851Hunt, Byron 77yWM
Monroe Street372   Jun10190322889Hunt, Elizabeth 56yWF
Monroe Street3261   Sep23192027611Hunt, Elroy M 20yWM
Monroe Street1180   Nov25188011357Hunt, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun2318644879Hunt, Enoch 51yWM
Monroe Street274   Jan9188713913Hunt, Frank 42yWM
Monroe Street3174   Aug1191125583Hunt, Herbert W 14yWM
Monroe Street234   Jul30188312530Hunt, Ira 73yWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov15192328122Hunt, IreneSB WF
Monroe Street476Mar141950Mar18195030740Hunt, Lillian L 48yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug2188714151Hunt, Lizzie 16yWF
Monroe Street3291   Oct31192528415Hunt, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street3242   Feb1191827108Hunt, Sam'l H 53yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb12188513145Hunt, William 54yWM
Monroe Street1104   Aug418748569Hunt, Willie 8dWM
Monroe Street339   Aug20190121965Hunter, Rachel 74yWF
Monroe Street128   Aug2318665587Hunting,SB Child of Wm WM
Monroe Street262   Dec12188513512Hunting,SB WF
Monroe Street1121   Sep2118759183Hunting, Alwine 3yW 
Monroe Street3311   May29192928973Hunting, Caroline 80yWF
Monroe Street249   Nov19188413048Hunting, Elma 6yWF
Monroe Street259   Sep6188513421Hunting, Henry 53yWM
Monroe Street239   Dec27188312701Hunting, JSB WM
Monroe Street187   Jul518737892Hunting, Luisa M 33yW 
Monroe Street3212   Oct16191426380Hunting, William F 85yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec11190423591Huntis,Baby WM
Monroe Street1102   May1718748476Huntly,Mrs57yWF
Monroe Street270   Oct1188613805Huntsberger,SB WM
Monroe Street2259   Dec13189820528Huntsberger, Hattie 47yWF
Monroe Street1156   Sep15187810523Hunywell, 62yW 
Monroe Street1157   Sep30187810546Hunywell,Mrs62yWF
Monroe Street1155   Aug7187810486Hurburt, Ed C 4mW 
Monroe Street2238   Aug7189719771Hurd, 15mWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul25189216841Hurd, Annie 28yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec2718748766Hurd, Emma  W 
Monroe Street3121   Mar18190724383Hurd, Geo J 54yWM
Monroe Street2122   May12189015637Hurd, George 9yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb28190322735Hurd, Hanna D 83yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan13189216524Hurd, Lui 8mWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul14189116236Hurd, Sarah A 38yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun2218769507Hurkthal, FredSB W 
Monroe Street219   Apr7188212002Hurlbert, Orrin 32yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug618706685Hurlburt, Frankie 8yWM
Monroe Street131   Jan2718675707Hurlburt, George 2yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul10190322930Hurlbut, Dewitt C 75yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar11190322755Hurlbut, F S 67yWM
Monroe Street141   Sep118686122Hurlbut, Louisa 68yWF
Monroe Street421   May12193429516Hurlbut, Mary J 93yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov23190222590Hurley,Baby WM
Monroe Street485Sep171956Sep19195630978Hurley, Alice M 75yWF
Monroe Street447   Jan23194030087Hurley, Edward 70yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar7190322745Huss, Emma B 35yWF
Monroe Street279   Jun30188714088Huston, Harry 21yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug13189418196Huston, J B 63yWM
Monroe Street3248   Dec3191827256Huston, Josephine 86yWF
Monroe Street119   Jun618655252Hutchews, William A 39yWM
Monroe Street15   Nov1018634662Hutchings,Child of I L5yWM
Monroe Street3207   May9191426282Hutchings, Geo B 56yWM
Monroe Street44   Nov3193029140Hutchings, George A 49yWM
Monroe Street3231   Aug1191626782Hutchings, Herbert D 64yWM
Monroe Street364   Jan6190322653Hutchings, John 6yWM
Monroe Street243   Apr27188412821Hutchings, Mary A 2mWF
Monroe Street129   Sep1818665614Hutchings, Susan B 36yWF
Monroe Street2163   Dec31189217110Hutchings, William 39yWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug3190824762Hutchings, Winfield S 48yWM
Monroe Street3302   Dec31192728758Hutchins, Alva E 73yWF
Monroe Street213   Nov26188111823Hutchins, E R 54yW 
Monroe Street438   Feb11193829922Hutchins, Emma 79yWF
Monroe Street447   Feb3194030093Hutchins, Margaret 62yWM
Monroe Street467Mar31946Mar5194630535Hutchins, Nellie 83yWF
Monroe Street138   Mar2418685974Hutchinson,SB Child of Wm WM
Monroe Street139   Jul918686040Hutchinson,SB Child of W WM
Monroe Street3136   Jun29190824739Hutchinson, John 34yWM
Monroe Street432   Oct6193629805Hutchinson, Margt 72yWF
Monroe Street3302   Nov18192728739Hutchinson, Martha 78yWF
Monroe Street3292   Feb6192628468Hutchison, Mary A 41yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug118644941Hutchson, Clara 6mWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov13190925085Huth, August 37yWM
Monroe Street18   Mar2918644801Huthings, John L 45yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec13191025428Hutshings, Adeline 55yWF
Monroe Street163   May2118716976Hutten, Johana 66yWF
Monroe Street3289   Jul27192528378Huttig,SB WM
Monroe Street3280   Oct31192328109Hutto, 1hWF
Monroe Street112   Aug1018644957Hutton, Louis C 8mWM
Monroe Street316   Mar7190021181Hutton, M G 69yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul2518696378Hutton, Maggie 32yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar22189920707Hutton, Maria C 61yWF
Monroe Street161   Feb2418716909Hutton, Typhena 65yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug7188915121Hutton, Walter M 85yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr9188212005Huy, Robert  WM
Monroe Street387   Jun24190423391Huyler, W E 14mWM
Monroe Street144   Feb818696233Hyatt,SB Child of Howard WF
Monroe Street1152   Apr11187810372Hyde, G 1dW 
Monroe Street323   Aug13190021438Hyer, Anna 33yWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug25189317540Hyer, Charles 2mWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr14189317276Hyer, Frank 5yWM
Monroe Street231   Apr19188312421Idefeld, Fred 58y  
Monroe Street1115   May1718758960Iffinger, G 56yW 
Monroe Street2126   Aug27189015813Ifland, Mathilda Ida  WF
Monroe Street1105   Aug918748578Igelfeld, John 76yWM
Monroe Street3216   Feb17191526465Ihde, Ernest  WM
Monroe Street394   Jan24190523643Ihle, Kate 41yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct1618769724Ihlefeld, Anna 38yWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct718769705Ihlefeld, Wilh'a 5yWF
Monroe Street477Dec11950Dec5195030776Ihlefeld, William 64yWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun19189015693Ihlenfeld,Baby W 
Monroe Street213   Nov10188111793Ihlenfeld, Amanda 1yWF
Monroe Street1166   Aug4187910871Ihlenfeld, Anna  WF
Monroe Street486Jul201957Jul24195731005Ihlenfeld, Arthur 66yWM
Monroe Street264   Mar10188613592Ihlenfeld, Caroline 70yWF
Monroe Street460Nov51943Nov8194330395Ihlenfeld, Ernestine 80yWF
Monroe Street3169   Mar28191125511Ihlenfeld, Ferdinand 90yWM
Monroe Street498Sep71965Sep10196531229Ihlenfeld, Howard 71yWF
Monroe Street432   Aug1193629786Ihlenfeld, Ida 55yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep14187710151Ihlenfeld, Joh'a 52yW 
Monroe Street1176   Jul2188011189Ihlenfeld, Louisa 3mWF
Monroe Street437   Dec6193729905Ihlenfeld, Mary Dietlein 74yWF
Monroe Street212   Oct25188111775Ihlenfeld, Wm 14d  
Monroe Street254   Apr30188513225Ihlenfeld, Wm 59yWM
Monroe Street141   Aug1018686084Ihlenfeldt, Wm F L T 5mWM
Monroe Street274   Jan19188713919Ihlfeld, Louis 27mWM
Monroe Street212   Oct12188111759Ihlonfelt, Emilia 36yWF
Monroe Street241   Feb29188412749Ihsen, Alfred 9mWM
Monroe Street390   Sep15190423503Ilchman, Edna 4mWF
Monroe Street2105   Jun10188915030Ilchmann, Gertrude 2yWF
Monroe Street223   Aug9188212163Ilg, Vincens 38y  
Monroe Street2228   Nov3189619400Ilish,baby WM
Monroe Street2143   Oct7189116391Ilk, Katharine 45yWF
Monroe Street326   Nov28190021563Illenlerger, Emilia 17mWF
Monroe Street391   Oct3190423520Illing, Ida 3yWF
Monroe Street1115   May1518758956Illingsurn, Charles 2dW 
Monroe Street45   Dec26193029155Illingworth, Lucy A 86yWF
Monroe Street42   May9193029085Illingworth, Margarite 45yWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun27189216798Illingworth, Richard  WM
Monroe Street3310   Mar23192928952Illingworth, Wm 57yWM
Monroe Street23   Mar15188111460Ilwer, Viola 55yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb2518758857Imer, Louis 9mWM
Monroe Street3306   Jul31192828851Immel, Geo W 62yWM
Monroe Street480Sep111952Sep15195230844Immel, Julia 87yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr11189317273Immel, Maria Eva 61yWF
Monroe Street418   Nov15193329454Impola, John 45yWM
Monroe Street172   Apr218727320Imschweiler, Henry 56yWM
Monroe Street18   Apr318644810Ingle, Perey 25yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec13189317714Inglehart, Margret 78yWF
Monroe Street246   Aug7188412936Inglis, Bertie 4wWM
Monroe Street171   Feb2518727268Ingram, Fanny Grace 4yWF
Monroe Street2105   May17188915008Ingram, Harvey 5wWM
Monroe Street321   Jul8190021383Ingram, James S 66yWM
Monroe Street422   Aug18193429558Ingram, Minna A 77yWF
Monroe Street3175   Sep23191125608Ingran, Caroline 76yWF
Monroe Street335   May27190121817Innis, Nora 7mWF
Monroe Street115   Dec718645091Irish,Child of Mrs1yWF
Monroe Street142   Sep1018686130Irish, Ada 4yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug2018769610Irish, C R 11yW 
Monroe Street116   Jan1518655123Irish, John 1yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2718737956Irish, S C 6mW 
Monroe Street11   May1418634516Irvin, Julia 49yWF
Monroe Street321   Jun21190021360Irwin, Allie 8mWM
Monroe Street2146   Dec19189116487Irwin, Emma M 6yWF
Monroe Street132   Mar518675728Irwin, Turanna S 6mWF
Monroe Street371   May18190322861Isaac, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street3309   Jan8192928912Ischey, Laura 64yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct4189518885Ishenfelt, Wilhelmina 73yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar16190322768Itchner, Phil 1yWM
Monroe Street3176   Oct27191125627Jack, Karlie 2yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb17188513146Jacke, John 84yWM
Monroe Street483Jan161955Jan19195530930Jackel, Bernard J 88yWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov15187710243Jackel, HSB W 
Monroe Street2174   Aug7189317513Jackel, Henry 46yWM
Monroe Street1129   Jun1018769497Jackel, Mary MariaAKA Jeckel30yWF
Monroe Street29   Aug10188111654Jackers, Belle 1yWF
Monroe Street2214   Nov14189518939Jackson,SB WM
Monroe Street3202   Dec22191326182Jackson, Bert A 1dWM
Monroe Street127   Jun2618665533Jackson, John 33yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1718738017Jackson, John S 1yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2618738179Jackson, John T    
Monroe Street281   Aug11188714172Jackson, Maria 11mWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec19189015944Jackson, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street2140   Jul28189116275Jackson, Mary 1mWF
Monroe Street119   May2818655246Jackson, Mathew 62yWM
Monroe Street19   May1518644844Jackson, Norman   M
Monroe Street2208   Jun27189518705Jackson, Stanley 5mWM
Monroe Street370   Apr30190322844Jacob, Ernst 59yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep118748617Jacob, Gottlieb 66yWM
Monroe Street451   May27194130192Jacob, Stuart 3dWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr20189619129Jacobs, 1mWF
Monroe Street326   Nov8190021544Jacobs,Baby WF
Monroe Street3129   Nov14190724560Jacobs,Baby WM
Monroe Street3129   Nov14190724561Jacobs,Baby WM
Monroe Street2222   May28189619188Jacobs, Carl 55yWM
Monroe Street3269   Dec27192127817Jacobs, Charles 47yWM
Monroe Street490Feb11961Feb6196131097Jacobs, Edward Y 66yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar14190021195Jacobs, Emili 26yWF
Monroe Street335   May30190121834Jacobs, Ernst 18yWM
Monroe Street2197   Oct26189418330Jacobs, F A 68yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec14189317721Jacobs, Fred 58yWM
Monroe Street447   Feb22194030102Jacobs, Frederick 69yWM
Monroe Street3254   Aug18191927419Jacobs, Henry 17yWM
Monroe Street3285   Sep6192428254Jacobs, Henry C 57yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec7189921048Jacobs, Herman 21yWM
Monroe Street3231   Jul1191626766Jacobs, Maria 75yWf
Monroe Street358   Sep4190222480Jacobs, Matilda 2yWF
Monroe Street1148   Oct28187710215Jacobs, Milla 7yW 
Monroe Street318   Apr18190021264Jacobs, Regina 55yWF
Monroe Street1178   Aug30188011274Jacobs, Sarah M 79yWF
Monroe Street3288   Mar21192528327Jacobs, Walter O 29yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul21189015756Jacos, Geo S 8mWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct24189518915Jacque, Henry 38yWM
Monroe Street430   Mar27193629754Jacqui, Augusta 80yWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb2188914892Jacquin, Annie 5yWF
Monroe Street342   Oct28190122046Jaeckel,Baby WF
Monroe Street3292   Feb18192628474Jaeckel, Albert 24yWM
Monroe Street490Feb271961Mar2196131101Jaeckel, Anna 82yWF
Monroe Street3202   Dec27191326187Jaeckel, Edw 3yWM
Monroe Street442   Apr4193930015Jaeckel, Gail 11yWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan7191626665Jaeckel, Henrietta 65yWF
Monroe Street470Dec171947Dec20194730607Jaeckel, hugo 72yWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug16190724492Jaeckel, Ralph 1yWM
Monroe Street2153   May11189216730Jaeckel, Theodor 16yWM
Monroe Street2156   Aug6189216876Jaegel, Laura 2yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug1189619287Jaenke, 2dWM
Monroe Street3123   May12190724433Jaenke, 3hWF
Monroe Street434   Mar2193729850Jaenke, Anna 56yWF
Monroe Street413   Dec19193229360Jaenke, August 81yWM
Monroe Street434   Mar16193729857Jaenke, Caroline 80yWF
Monroe Street476Apr201950Apr22195030750Jaenke, Gustav 76yWM
Monroe Street3270   Feb24192227839Jaenke, Herman 71yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar20191125504Jaenke, Louise 1yWF
Monroe Street3277   May11192328034Jaenke, Maria 82yWF
Monroe Street417   Sep13193329439Jaenke, Ronald 4yWM
Monroe Street3298   Jan4192728616Jaenke, Wilhelmina 77yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb2188211913Jahn, 6yW 
Monroe Street273   Dec25188613894Jahnke, Frederik 52yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr17189518614Jahnke, Mary 22yWF
Monroe Street1115   May1218758951Jahns, Martin 41yWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov8189015901Jaiser, Caroline 26yWF
Monroe Street1139   Jan1718779871Jakik, James 44yWM
Monroe Street2156   Aug1189216863Jaklewski, Alma 2mWF
Monroe Street1143   Jun19187710030Jall, Anna Eliza 31yWF
Monroe Street1128   May518769458James, 64yW 
Monroe Street1145   Aug22187710125James,SB W 
Monroe Street471Feb61948Feb9194830615James, Brook 69yWM
Monroe Street110   Jun2618644883James, Edward 22yWM
Monroe Street110   Jun2818644890James, Edward 22yWM
Monroe Street132   Apr1018675753James, Edward 3mWM
Monroe Street238   Nov6188312659James, Ellen    
Monroe Street1162   Mar7187910690James, Emma 24yWF
Monroe Street1174   Apr25188011110James, Louis 12dWM
Monroe Street1165   Jun23187910807James, Mable 6mWF
Monroe Street2144   Nov2189116431James, Mathilda 22yWF
Monroe Street3264   Mar9192127690James, Myrtle 30yWF
Monroe Street186   May1118737834James, Rob 63yW 
Monroe Street373   Jul17190322945James, Sister Mary 62yWF
Monroe Street3309   Jan16192928920James, Vera 36yWF
Monroe Street420   Jan9193429479Jamieson, Peter 73yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan2618737733Janar,SB W 
Monroe Street3163   Sep3191025348Jandt, H 45yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan11190021097Janka, 1dWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct7189418305Janka, Katie 31yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun25189015699Janke, August 13yWM
Monroe Street360   Oct23190222554Janke, Chas 7yWM
Monroe Street325   Oct3190021505Janke, Emil 1dWM
Monroe Street315   Feb20190021155Janke, Friderika 31yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar19189719562Janke, Walter 1yWM
Monroe Street3143   Jan16190924875Janke, Wilhelmina 71yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb16189417816Janke, Wm 6mWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul3191125662Jansen, August 85yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan25189820018Jansen, Caroline 69yWF
Monroe Street57Feb201980Feb23198031418Jansen, Joseph H 95y M
Monroe Street438   Jan31193829917Jansen, Myrtle E 50yWF
Monroe Street489Oct11959Oct5195931071Jansen, Wilber R 40yWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb7189820037Jansen, Wilhelmina 8dWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep1189116337Janson, August 2yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun19189116197Janson, Elisabeth 35yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan7189518445Janson, Hans 3yWM
Monroe Street358   Sep15190222494Janson, herman F 21yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug3190322976Janson, Louise 7dWF
Monroe Street2153   May15189216735Janson, Wilhelm 5yWM
Monroe Street276   Apr9188713998Jant, Henrietta 70yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun14190423377Januska, Frank 6mWM
Monroe Street385   Apr2190423286Januska, Geo R 4mWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug27190724498Janz, Clarance 6mWM
Monroe Street3241   Dec3191727065Janz, Julius 68yWM
Monroe Street41   Feb11193029049Janz, Maud Julia 47yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec23190423618Janz, Myrtle 22mWF
Monroe Street3229   Apr3191626727Jaralinek, F 5mWM
Monroe Street3262   Nov24192027637Jares, Joseph 22yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb27190121680Jares, Otto 4wWM
Monroe Street112   Aug1018644960Jargens, Louis 1yWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct6189418302Jaris, BarbaraSB WF
Monroe Street2208   Jun30189518710Jarls,SB WM
Monroe Street2207   Jun4189518683Jarnke, Ludwig 84yWM
Monroe Street3130   Dec5190724576Jarowsky, Paul 19yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan19190121633Jarvis, Adeline 10yWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul18189619268Jarvis, Alice 11mWF
Monroe Street2185   Apr1189417896Jarvis, Caroline 1yWF
Monroe Street3183   May15191225773Jarvis, John 2yWM
Monroe Street317   Apr2190021229Jarvis, Joseph H 41yWM
Monroe Street398   Apr18190523759Jarvis, Peter 20mWM
Monroe Street225   Oct13188212232Jarwaski,SB   
Monroe Street245   Jun26188412886Jarworsky,SB WM
Monroe Street516Nov151992Nov18199231491Jasen, June R 69y F
Monroe Street215   Dec30188111868Jasper, Henry 25yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr5189216673Jasper, Josie 12yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun28190322908Jaster, Augusta 68yWF
Monroe Street3279   Aug3192328072Jaster, Carl 81yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar15188914933Jaster, Waleska 18yWF
Monroe Street3127   Sep16190724516Jaworsky,Baby WF
Monroe Street321   Jun25190021364Jaworsky, Chas 8yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb2189518479Jaworsky, Eugene 21yWM
Monroe Street2206   Apr26189518628Jaworsky, Minnie 47yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec21188413084Jaworsky, Oskar 10yWM
Monroe Street322   Jul10190021389Jeakel, Elmer 2mWM
Monroe Street323   Aug14190021442Jeaudrevin, 1hWM
Monroe Street3140   Oct21190824809Jeck, Elizabeth 75yWF
Monroe Street3143   Jan28190924880Jeck, John p 81yWM
Monroe Street316   Feb23190021162Jeck, Magdelena 87yWF
Monroe Street120   Aug218655290Jeck, Peter 1yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar12189719550Jeckel,SB WM
Monroe Street438   Jan13193829913Jeckel,SB WF
Monroe Street344   Dec8190122094Jeckel, August 21yWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul11191125572Jeckel, Caroline 34yWF
Monroe Street3294   May22192628530Jeckel, Charles 63yWM
Monroe Street47   Jul21193129213Jeckel, Christine 72yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan4190423159Jeckel, Clara 63yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr19191326016Jeckel, Elmer Jor Geckel3yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jul718759015Jeckel, Emelia 4yWF
Monroe Street3255   Oct14191927445Jeckel, HenrySr78yWM
Monroe Street475Sep161949Sep19194930705Jeckel, Ida K 76yWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2718686066Jeckel, JacobJr6mWM
Monroe Street3132   Feb17190824636Jeckel, Jacob 75yWM
Monroe Street479Jan211952Jan24195230817Jeckel, John 77yWM
Monroe Street486May21957May4195730997Jeckel, Katherine 90yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun1018769497Jeckel, Mary MariaAKA Jackel30yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan7189518443Jeckel, Philabina 61yWF
Monroe Street2238   Jul28189719754Jeckel, Viola F 2yWF
Monroe Street394   Jan7190523629Jeffrey, Catharine 38yWF
Monroe Street319   Apr20190021270Jeffries, Charlotte 82yWF
Monroe Street417   Sep7193329437Jeffries, Florence 46yWF
Monroe Street3312   Aug27192928994Jeffries, Gordon 19yWM
Monroe Street3135   May8190824704Jeffries, Stella 4mWF
Monroe Street2236   Jul5189719712Jemme, Emma 10mWF
Monroe Street276   Mar29188713987Jenke, Anna 65yWF
Monroe Street1144   Jul14187710057Jenkens, Wm 57yWM
Monroe Street1149   Dec1187710270Jenkin, Maud 2yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar15189719554Jenkins,SB WM
Monroe Street2184   Mar17189417864Jenkins, Barbara 54yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun10189418044Jenkins, David 36yWM
Monroe Street385   Apr17190423310Jenkins, Dotla L B 16mWF
Monroe Street145   Mar1718696264Jenkins, James 19yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul15189719733Jenkins, John 15mWM
Monroe Street440   Oct3193829973Jenkins, Julia A 89yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec14189317717Jenkins, Kathrine 82yWF
Monroe Street3242   Feb8191827113Jenkins, Marg't E 4mWF
Monroe Street177   Aug618727497Jenkins, Nathan W 1yWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan12189216521Jenkins, Thomas 6mWM
Monroe Street1152   Feb25187810338Jenman, L    
Monroe Street1146   Oct1187710169Jenman, Lotha 1yW 
Monroe Street2234   Apr25189719629Jennie, Bertha 7mWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar23189417876Jenny, Frederick 26dWM
Monroe Street3132   Feb17190824637Jenny, Nicholal  WM
Monroe Street2107   Jul20188915081Jenrick, Emma 7mWF
Monroe Street3121   Mar10190724374Jensen,Baby WM
Monroe Street2114   Dec1188915359Jeralin, George 1yWM
Monroe Street134   Sep1018675844Jerger, Agnes 3mWF
Monroe Street135   Sep2818675857Jerger, Christian 7mWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2118686049Jerger, Edward C 6mWM
Monroe Street146   May3018696318Jerger, Mary 3mWF
Monroe Street127   Aug418665570Jerke, Charles 5mWM
Monroe Street291   May28188814539Jerki,SB WM
Monroe Street246   Aug20188412951Jerolm, Fred 3mWM
Monroe Street2233   Mar23189719570Jerosek,SB WM
Monroe Street2233   Mar23189719571Jerosek, 1dWM
Monroe Street187   Jun618737862Jerosh, Anton 1yWM
Monroe Street232   May12188312445Jerterant, Caroline 77yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec4188111834Jesk, Nicolaus 61yW 
Monroe Street3290   Sep30192528404Jesse, Anna 36yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr11189417917Jesse, Edward 5yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec15190925107Jesse, Elizabeth 75yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov9189719916Jesse, John 59yWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr21191025224Jesse, John 46yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug8189216882Jesse, Mary 7mWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar14191025184Jesse, Michel 6mWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb24191025171Jesse, Rudolfe 1yWM
Monroe Street3283   May29192428215Jesse, Rudolph 10yWM
Monroe Street2197   Nov5189418350Jesse, Wm 16mWM
Monroe Street2221   May5189619152Jesse, Wm 10mWM
Monroe Street2242   Oct30189719901Jessie, John 18mWM
Monroe Street261   Nov27188513494Jessop, Clayson E 21yWM
Monroe Street422   Jul19193429547Jessup, Edw B 74yWM
Monroe Street247   Aug26188412957Jessup, Essie J 10wWF
Monroe Street257   Jul29188513353Jessup, Horace Roland 2mWM
Monroe Street3281   Jan29192428153Jessup, Mary Jane 62yWF
Monroe Street3262   Nov15192027632Jessup, Mary Jennette 87yWF
Monroe Street152   Feb918706547Jessup, Samuel J 39yWM
Monroe Street2229   Dec11189619441Jilovic, Anna 21yWF
Monroe Street392   Nov15190423561Jime,Baby WM
Monroe Street3312   Sep27192929008Jimeney,SB WM
Monroe Street3239   Jul26191726998Jindra, Aldrich 20yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun19189418065Jindra, Frank 3yWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct28189719896Jindra, Joseph 42yWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun12191426309Jindra, PaulineSB WF
Monroe Street313   Dec30189921079Jirbeck, JosephSB WM
Monroe Street2202   Feb16189518507Jirkorski, 15mWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1418738100Joachim,Child of Julius1dW 
Monroe Street3169   Mar28191125510Joachim, Berta L 69yWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug618759105Joachim, Hedwig 11mWF
Monroe Street1131   Jul2418769552Jockers, 6mW 
Monroe Street140   Jul2418686056Joeker, Mary 11mWF
Monroe Street2179   Dec4189317701Joergens, Anna 23yWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul18189518743Joergens, Elsie 1mWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb8189417805Joergens, Richards 2mWM
Monroe Street429   Dec19193529721Joers, Dorethea 94yWF
Monroe Street472Jul41948Jul7194830636Joers, Fred T 84yWM
Monroe Street3143   Jan6190924869Joers, John 75yWM
Monroe Street483Mar71955Mar10195530935Joers, Lena 81yWF
Monroe Street3304   Mar26192828798Joers, Sophia 79yWF
Monroe Street3261   Sep21192027609Joers, William 54yWM
Monroe Street3191   Jan29191325941Joess, Joseph 76yWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul14191125577Johannes, Claudine 66yWF
Monroe Street3292   Jan30192628461Johannes, Hattie 59yWF
Monroe Street1168   Oct7187910929John, W 3mW 
Monroe Street172   Apr1018727334Johns, Clara 14dWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr22189719624Johns, George A 44yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb25189015517Johns, Lawrence 15yWM
Monroe Street172   Apr718727329Johns, Thomas 2yWM
Monroe Street131   Feb1418675719Johnson,Child of L20dWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2618717091Johnson,Child of J C3mWF
Monroe Street1141   Apr1118779971Johnson,SB Child of F D W 
Monroe Street2138   Jun11189116193Johnson,SB WF
Monroe Street2172   Jul17189317445Johnson, 6mWM
Monroe Street2250   Apr21189820179Johnson,Mrs Clifton27yWF
Monroe Street355   Jul20190222402Johnson, 9wWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov23190523983Johnson,SB WM
Monroe Street3151   Sep18190925046Johnson,Baby WF
Monroe Street3222   Sep5191526586Johnson,SB WM
Monroe Street1115   Jun818758977Johnson, A M 1yW 
Monroe Street491Apr161955Nov2196131122Johnson, Alma 62yWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr4189719591Johnson, Anna E 11yWF
Monroe Street344   Dec25190122119Johnson, Anna E 15mWF
Monroe Street2150   Mar18189216637Johnson, Anne May 4mWF
Monroe Street313   Dec30189921081Johnson, Arthur 2yWM
Monroe Street378   Oct10190323060Johnson, Catharine 19yWF
Monroe Street432   Sep19193629801Johnson, Catherine 51yWF
Monroe Street1104   Aug518748570Johnson, Charles 42yWM
Monroe Street16   Dec2818634704Johnson, Charles A 4mWM
Monroe Street2188   May22189417997Johnson, Chas 26yWM
Monroe Street147   Jun1918696337Johnson, Dav Zach 21yWM
Monroe Street291   Jun4188814547Johnson, David 36yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul30189518764Johnson, Dudley 7mWM
Monroe Street1143   May29187710016Johnson, E 36yW 
Monroe Street230   Mar19188312396Johnson, E A 46y F
Monroe Street2101   Jan18188914872Johnson, Eddie 15yWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb21189619050Johnson, Edward 21dWM
Monroe Street162   Mar218716915Johnson, Emma 16yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr3191325993Johnson, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan9189518449Johnson, Ethel 3yWF
Monroe Street394   Jan22190523639Johnson, F 15yWM
Monroe Street1121   Sep1918759179Johnson, F B 43yW 
Monroe Street494Feb121963Feb15196331162Johnson, Fred 87yWM
Monroe Street3284   Jul30192428238Johnson, Harry  WM
Monroe Street156   Jul2518706677Johnson, Henry 3dWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul25189418150Johnson, Henry L 18mWM
Monroe Street49   Dec5193129243Johnson, Hulda 67yWF
Monroe Street334   May3190121783Johnson, James 81yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov28190523992Johnson, James 40yWM
Monroe Street323   Aug2190021421Johnson, James W 10mWM
Monroe Street16   Jan1118644722Johnson, Jane 17yCF
Monroe Street3134   Apr4190824678Johnson, Jane E 83yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul14188714114Johnson, Jennie 1yWF
Monroe Street487May11958May5195831034Johnson, Jennie 88yWF
Monroe Street221   May25188212072Johnson, JohnSB   
Monroe Street2170   May16189317336Johnson, John 28yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug1189518768Johnson, John 7mWM
Monroe Street333   Apr12190121749Johnson, John F 57yWM
Monroe Street488Sep281958Oct1195831044Johnson, Joseph 75yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun10190222340Johnson, Laura 30yCF
Monroe Street340   Aug29190121979Johnson, Laura B 6mWF
Monroe Street3240   Oct8191727045Johnson, Lillie G 52yWF
Monroe Street2162   Dec12189217078Johnson, Louis H 27yWM
Monroe Street443   Jun6193930033Johnson, Martha 64yWF
Monroe Street163   Jun818716989Johnson, Martin 62yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct27188814770Johnson, Mary A 46yWF
Monroe Street460Dec61943Dec9194330399Johnson, Nettie 54yWF
Monroe Street161   Jan2218716872Johnson, Rebecca 27yWF
Monroe Street126   Jun518665523Johnson, Roderick 40yWM
Monroe Street11   Apr1718634504Johnson, Ruby 56yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov1318706806Johnson, Sarah 63yWF
Monroe Street114   Oct418645040Johnson, Stephen 23yWM
Monroe Street3241   Dec31191727081Johnson, Viola 2mWF
Monroe Street462May111944May15194430438Johnson, Willard 80yWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov6189418355Johnson, Wm A 4yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr4189820140Johnston, Glenn 8yWM
Monroe Street2207   May16189518663Johnston, James 50yWM
Monroe Street144   Jan2618696222Johnston, WinifriedMrs43yWF
Monroe Street134   Aug3018675831Joley,Mrs74yWF
Monroe Street418   Dec1193329464Jolly, Elma 69yWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan11191626667Jolly, Wm 54yWM
Monroe Street2170   Jun4189317365Jomont, Andrew 81yWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov20189217051Jonas,SB WF
Monroe Street339   Aug9190121946Jonas, Adolph 21yWM
Monroe Street2240   Oct2189719851Jonas, Joachim 76yWM
Monroe Street130   Dec2518665680Jones,SB Child of Mr WM
Monroe Street1121   Oct818759210Jones, 1yW 
Monroe Street1162   Mar5187910689Jones,Child   
Monroe Street1166   Aug14187910880Jones, 7mW 
Monroe Street1173   Mar25188011072Jones,Child W 
Monroe Street315   Feb4190021135Jones, 10dWM
Monroe Street3143   Jan17190924877Jones,Baby WM
Monroe Street3230   Jun5191626751Jones,SB WM
Monroe Street184   Mar418737765Jones, Ad 19yWF
Monroe Street158   Sep2718706759Jones, Ada maud 2yWF
Monroe Street118   Mar1918655185Jones, Albert H 15yWM
Monroe Street120   Jun2418655257Jones, Albert H    
Monroe Street2117   Jan27189015464Jones, Albert I 3mWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan18189216535Jones, Alice Augusta 4yWF
Monroe Street320   May19190021314Jones, Alice H 50yWF
Monroe Street160   Jan1918716867Jones, Alonzo H 8dWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan16189518460Jones, Anna 42yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan28190423186Jones, Anna 52yWF
Monroe Street363   Dec31190222643Jones, Arthur 4yWM
Monroe Street278   Jun14188714068Jones, Asenath 76yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug318644946Jones, Betsy 62yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan11190322664Jones, Catharine 8mWF
Monroe Street443   Jul6193930040Jones, Catherine 66yWF
Monroe Street293   Jul13188814602Jones, Chas W 20yWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug16188011259Jones, Chester L 1mWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1118675812Jones, Daniel 33yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr9190222262Jones, Edward T 48yWM
Monroe Street2166   Mar9189317219Jones, Edwin Rollin 3mWM
Monroe Street125   Mar1818665479Jones, Elizabeth 60yWF
Monroe Street153   Feb1818706555Jones, Elizabeth 69yWF
Monroe Street1117   Jul1118759023Jones, Ella M 6yWF
Monroe Street244   Jun12188412869Jones, Ella Marty    
Monroe Street284   Nov26188714286Jones, Elsie 2yWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec418759274Jones, Emielie 4yWF
Monroe Street158   Oct918706771Jones, Emma 46yWF
Monroe Street273   Dec23188613890Jones, Emma A 21mWF
Monroe Street483Dec121954Dec24195430927Jones, Eva 87yWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov17191125642Jones, Fidora 63yWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar24191325984Jones, Francis L 69yWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug12189116305Jones, Fred 9mWM
Monroe Street3271Nov61921May20192227882Jones, Geo W 65yWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar9189518547Jones, Gordon W 77dWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar618758877Jones, Hannah M 2dWF
Monroe Street335   Jun7190121832Jones, Harold S 3dWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr6189820148Jones, Howard W 4mWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr618758912Jones, J L 40yW 
Monroe Street3270   Mar14192227853Jones, James H 75yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul16189015742Jones, Jennie 30yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar518769393Jones, John 4mWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep15189820390Jones, John D 1yWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov118759242Jones, John N 21yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb11190423211Jones, John W 36yWM
Monroe Street482Oct251953Nov24195330884Jones, Katharine M 80yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun5188011152Jones, MaryAKA Bertha Eastmann18yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul4189418088Jones, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan30190222164Jones, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street166   Aug2318717086Jones, Mary E 2yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec21188714319Jones, Mary M  WF
Monroe Street162   Mar1918716933Jones, P C 64yCM
Monroe Street147   Jun2018696335Jones, P W H 1yWM
Monroe Street488Nov11 Apr13195930164Jones, Paul 88yWM
Monroe Street389   Aug28190423477Jones, Robt 53yWM
Monroe Street4103Dec131968Dec16196831292Jones, Rose 89yWF
Monroe Street3142   Dec21190824861Jones, Sadie 51yCF
Monroe Street1174   May29188011141Jones, Sarah M 48yWF
Monroe Street229   Jan17188312346Jones, TSB  F
Monroe Street269   Aug30188613753Jones, T 9dWF
Monroe Street3108   Feb22190624048Jones, Thomas 67yWM
Monroe Street3153   Nov15190925087Jones, Thos 64yWM
Monroe Street3284   Jul7192428228Jones, W Dlimb of   
Monroe Street422   Jun30193429540Jones, Walter A 59yWM
Monroe Street115   Nov1918645075Jones, Walter G 2yWM
Monroe Street161   Feb118716881Jones, William G 6mWM
Monroe Street150   Oct418696448Jones, William M 48yWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr4191025210Jones, Winnie 3dWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep14188011291Jones, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec19189518972Jones, Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan9192928914Jones, Wm D 77yWM
Monroe Street481Jul 1953Jul11195330873Joos, Wm Reinhold 81yWM
Monroe Street496Mar141964Mar17196431197Jooss, Joanna M 58yWF
Monroe Street44   Sep17193029122Jooss, Marie 54yWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul3189317420Joost, Chas 26yWM
Monroe Street177   Aug918727506Jordan,Child of F1dW 
Monroe Street1102   Jun118748488Jordan,Child of C W 
Monroe Street178   Aug2618727543Jordan, Clement 2yW 
Monroe Street255   May13188513248Jordan, Elisabeth 25yWF
Monroe Street444   Sep15193930058Jordan, Emma 75yWF
Monroe Street41   Jan4193029028Jordan, John 82yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun3018737889Jordon, ClementSB WM
Monroe Street3234   Dec5191626851Jordon, Elizabeth 64yWF
Monroe Street3110   Apr19190624097Jordon, Julia 12yWF
Monroe Street335   Jun16190121845Jordon, Kate E 9dWF
Monroe Street11   Apr1818634505Jordon, Mary E 37yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr21190222282Jordon, Olive 68yWF
Monroe Street3105   Nov10190523973Jorgensen, A 26yWM
Monroe Street3253   Jun19191927393Joseph, Charles 60yWM
Monroe Street3113   Jul14190624167Jost,Baby WM
Monroe Street2103   Apr2188914950Jost, Carl 55yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb12189920646Jost, Jacob 21dWM
Monroe Street3108   Feb5190624039Jud,Baby WM
Monroe Street396   Mar12190523713Jud, Jos  WM
Monroe Street292   Jun18188814569Judson,SB WM
Monroe Street3257   Dec31191927477Juegens,SB WM
Monroe Street354   Jul10190222384Juengling, 7hWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun8189619195Juergens,SB WM
Monroe Street3112   Jun16190624144Juergens,Baby WF
Monroe Street3156   Feb7191025152Juergens, 7dWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr5191225736Juergens,SB WM
Monroe Street3186   Aug16191225831Juergens,SB WF
Monroe Street2261   Jan12189920579Juergens, Arthur 5mWM
Monroe Street417   Jul19193329423Juergens, Bertha 65yWF
Monroe Street3269   Dec16192127812Juergens, Donald 28dWM
Monroe Street3191   Jan8191325930Juergens, Edw J 8yWM
Monroe Street440   Oct29193829979Juergens, Fred 71yWM
Monroe Street3191   Jan1191325926Juergens, Hilda A 12yWF
Monroe Street38   Aug1189920889Juergens, Martin 18yWM
Monroe Street421   Apr12193429510Juhasz, Andrew 47yWM
Monroe Street452   Aug7194130205Juhasz, Joseph 49yWM
Monroe Street498Oct131965Oct16196531231Juhasz, Julia 76yWF
Monroe Street481Feb201953Feb23195330859Juhasz, Katherine 70yWF
Monroe Street444   Aug2193930048Juhasz, Ollie 50yWF
Monroe Street2208   Jun26189518703Jumont, Elizabeth 65yWF
Monroe Street48   Sep11193129222Jumont, Eugene G 75yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep23192227928Junge, John 78yWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun12190924988Junge, Wilhelmina 57yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun28188011182Jungens, Laura 4yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun22188011176Jungens, Th 2yW 
Monroe Street2116   Jan13189015431Jungker, Elmer 5mWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr13189116093Junglass, Josephine 79yWF
Monroe Street412   Sep24193229338Jungman, Catherine 91yWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec2018769839Jungmann, Ch E 5yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan1318758795Jungmann, F EAKA Yungman4mW 
Monroe Street3231   Jul24191626779Jungmann, Jacob 86yWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun14189619202Junker, Pauline 13mWF
Monroe Street3292   Jan16192628454Juracky,SB WM
Monroe Street1134   Oct718769704Just, Albert E 2yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct1118769712Just, Charles 8yWM
Monroe Street3238   Jun11191726974Just, Maria 76yWF
Monroe Street3290   Aug15192528391Just, William 82yWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec14191225908Justice, Phil 4yWM
Monroe Street2137   May23189116171Justin, 21dWM
Monroe Street176   Aug418727493Kaase, Anna M 10mWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb25189015515Kaase, Carl 3yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec3189418395Kaase, Emil 6yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb4189719502Kaase, Ernst 8mWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec7189418400Kaase, Paul 4yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan30190121648Kaatz, 12hWM
Monroe Street289   Mar27188814454Kaatz, Bruno 4mWM
Monroe Street251   Jan20188513122Kaatz, Wilhelm 1dWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov1191225879Kaberick, Amelia 80yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug15188915143Kachel, George 18yWM
Monroe Street3203   Jan16191426207Kachel, Johanna 67yWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug5189015777Kachell, Kate 15yWF
Monroe Street2120   Apr5189015575Kachell, Philipp Aug  WM
Monroe Street3131   Jan27190824624Kacinery, Joe 15mWM
Monroe Street3171   May3191125529Kadel, Anna 66yWF
Monroe Street2152   May4189216719Kadel, Elizabeth 83yWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan2189317114Kadel, Elsie 4mWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar13189518557Kadel, Emma 21yWF
Monroe Street3173   Jul12191125575Kadel, George 68yWM
Monroe Street477Oct241950Oct27195030770Kadel, George 85yWM
Monroe Street431   May13193629765Kadel, Lillie C 53yWF
Monroe Street462May211944May24194430439Kadel, Mary A 73yWF
Monroe Street288   Mar6188814424Kadner, Ida 28yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr18190724416Kaechel, 11dWM
Monroe Street2219   Mar5189619071Kaempfer, Fred 40yWM
Monroe Street3125   Jul26190724477Kaersten, Wm 36yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun4188412862Kaerster, Ludwig 5mWM
Monroe Street1157   Oct1187810547Kaessen, Hermann 12yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep218769640Kaffee, Franka 30yW 
Monroe Street1103   Jun1618748501Kaffert, Charles 72yWM
Monroe Street273   Dec31188613898Kahl,SB WM
Monroe Street273   Dec31188613899Kahl,SB WF
Monroe Street322   Jul8190021384Kahn, August 23yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep2118738113Kahn, Barbara 23yWF
Monroe Street283   Oct27188714250Kahn, Henry 6yWM
Monroe Street150   Nov318696465Kahsnitz, Karl 36yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr14190222268Kaim,Baby WF
Monroe Street138   Apr718685986Kaiser,SB Child of John  M
Monroe Street153   Mar2218706575Kaiser,Child of Mr22yWM
Monroe Street173   May1218727371Kaiser,Children of M   
Monroe Street236   Sep20188312596Kaiser,Child1dWM
Monroe Street262   Dec26188513528Kaiser, Adolph 6yWM
Monroe Street28   Jul21188111606Kaiser, Anna 18yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep3190222481Kaiser, Anna E 74yWF
Monroe Street185   Apr618737794Kaiser, Aug 3yWM
Monroe Street2238   Aug15189719785Kaiser, Carl 9mWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb17189216592Kaiser, Eizabeth 49yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan2318758807Kaiser, Emilie 18yWF
Monroe Street332   Mar24190121723Kaiser, Evelyn 15mWF
Monroe Street3260   Jul26192027584Kaiser, George 89yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug1318769598Kaiser, J C 6mW 
Monroe Street1154   Jun18187810426Kaiser, John 53yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2518737945Kaiser, Jos 62yW 
Monroe Street155   Jun1918706641Kaiser, Netty Josephine 4yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov2418706815Kaiser, Shalatu 1yWF
Monroe Street172   Mar2918727313Kaiser, Wilhelmine R  W 
Monroe Street2239   Sep8189719823Kaiser, Wm 8mWM
Monroe Street273   Dec24188613891Kaisey, Friederika 71yWF
Monroe Street316   Mar1190021168Kalafut, Joseph 6mWM
Monroe Street1174   May28188011140Kalaupski, M 1yW 
Monroe Street272   Dec3188613876Kalb,SB WF
Monroe Street324   Sep10190021480Kalb, Ellen 68yWF
Monroe Street390   Sep18190423506Kalb, Joshua 80yWM
Monroe Street2251   May23189820233Kalbrunner, Margaret 9mWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov1118769765Kaleher,1 of 2 Children of R   
Monroe Street1136   Nov1118769765Kaleher,2 of 2 Children of R   
Monroe Street2189   Jun5189418032Kaleke, Christ 47yWM
Monroe Street412   Jul13193229319Kaleke, Wilhemina 81yWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb21190724358Kalina,Baby WM
Monroe Street1145   Aug15187710119Kalina, Barb 1yW 
Monroe Street3289   May23192528359Kalina, Elizabeth 97yWF
Monroe Street34   Apr5189920731Kalina, Geo 6wWM
Monroe Street339   Aug9190121944Kalina, Helen 18mWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov14191025399Kalina, James 37yWM
Monroe Street428   Nov25193529713Kalina, James 36yWM
Monroe Street270   Sep30188613801Kalinae, Henry KrausSB WM
Monroe Street459Jun201943Jun23194330365Kaliska, Josephine 81yWF
Monroe Street464Jan221945Jan25194530468Kalista, Frank 67yWM
Monroe Street432   Sep15193629800Kalista, Josefa 53yWF
Monroe Street3281   Jan23192428149Kalista, Joseph 23yWM
Monroe Street3264   Mar11192127691Kalista, Mary 16yWF
Monroe Street226   Oct27188212251Kallhoff, P 3y  
Monroe Street444   Aug31193930051Kallis, Christine 71yWF
Monroe Street421   Apr2193429507Kallis, John R 73yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan31190523652Kalmbach, Fred 40yWM
Monroe Street253   Apr4188513193Kamatz, Walter 1mWM
Monroe Street32   Feb18189920656Kamel,SB WM
Monroe Street388   Jul27190423437Kamick, 11dWM
Monroe Street372   Jun1190322876Kammel, Emma C 19yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar3189920683Kammel, Katherine 35yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep22189116370Kammerer, Fred 45yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep20189116364Kammerer, Mary 41yWF
Monroe Street415   Feb11193329376Kammueller, Mary 77yWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan25189719485Kampeter, Eddie 5yWM
Monroe Street323   Aug2190021420Kampeter, Emma 6mWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug3189518771Kampeter, Erwin 2mWM
Monroe Street2170   May19189317337Kampeter, Henry 9mWM
Monroe Street399   May3190523774Kamueter, Andrew 61yWM
Monroe Street3118   Dec12190624292Kamueter, Elizabeth 56yWF
Monroe Street2239   Aug23189719799Kanas, Josephine 34yWF
Monroe Street373   Jul2190322914Kane,Baby WF
Monroe Street288   Mar10188814432Kanel, Anna L 55yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov8190222576Kanel, Christian 72yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep6191326110Kania, Anna 60yWF
Monroe Street3145   Mar19190924913Kanio, Gregor 72yWM
Monroe Street1152   Apr4187810370Kanneday, Hattie 4yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul21190523869Kanner, Lorenze 75yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep18189216963Kanny, Thos 43yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun12189216774Kanther, Hannah 18yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul5188714096Kapfer, Ida 7mWF
Monroe Street373   Jul9190322929Kapfer, Ida 40yWF
Monroe Street13   Aug2718634588Kapizkey, George 60yWM
Monroe Street231   Apr15188312416Kappe, Robert 2yWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct27190523956Kaprian, John 1wWM
Monroe Street2120   Apr4189015573Kapter, John 36yWM
Monroe Street3150   Aug18190925029Karahinuz,Baby WF
Monroe Street293   Jul20188814616Karas, Mary  WF
Monroe Street2201   Jan2189518435Karbeg, Flora 1yWF
Monroe Street355   Jul30190222422Karcher, Irene 1mWF
Monroe Street38   Jul31189920887Kardow, Karl 59yWM
Monroe Street289   Mar23188814449Kargan, Catharine 67yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov17189719927Karkan, Gottfried 64yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul12189719728Karkau, Gottfried 32yWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun6190824724Karkoff, Christian 74yWM
Monroe Street41   Jan27193029036Karkoff, Emma 66yWF
Monroe Street448   Jul27194030136Karkoff, Louis J 80yWM
Monroe Street1103   Jul118748518Karl, Rudolph 41yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2618769627Karlan, John 1yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr7189417908Karls, Max 3yWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar17187910707Karn, 6mW 
Monroe Street2176   Sep15189317571Karn, Adam 73yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr20189116111Karn, Barbara 69yWF
Monroe Street3107   Jan1190624015Karn, Fred 46yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar26190624072Karn, Louisa 44yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul1018737903Karnaty, John 63yWM
Monroe Street1174   Jun1188011144Karnatz,  W 
Monroe Street266   May8188613647Karnatz,SB WF
Monroe Street220   Apr30188212040Karnatz, Charles 1y M
Monroe Street3304   Mar1192828784Karnatz, Emil 46yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan16192928919Karnatz, Frederick 78yWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug11189317523Karnatz, Fridericka 36yWF
Monroe Street1107   Sep2618748663Karnatz, Fried  W 
Monroe Street2251   May28189820245Karnatz, Henrietta 53yWF
Monroe Street220   May13188212052Karnatz, Paul    
Monroe Street3248   Nov1191827235Karnatz, Rudolph 40yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb1318706550Karnes, James 3mWM
Monroe Street1153   Jun2187810413Karns, John Th 4mWM
Monroe Street2179   Dec7189317705Karp, Ella 16mWF
Monroe Street3243   Feb15191827118Karp, Franz 76yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan25190824622Karp, Josephine 67yWF
Monroe Street386   May3190423328Karpicek, Irine 15mWF
Monroe Street384   Mar6190423255Karpicek, Plozemo 28yWF
Monroe Street3203   Jan24191426210Karpisek,SB WM
Monroe Street3148   Jun4190924982Karpisek, John 8mWM
Monroe Street2187   May4189417961Karpp, B 7mWF
Monroe Street483Dec41954Dec7195430922Karr, Alydia 74yWF
Monroe Street499May301966Jun2196631245Karr, Anna 80yWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct8191025363Karr, Edward 5yWM
Monroe Street452   Sep5194130215Karr, George 58yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun2188412856Karr, Hanna C 67yWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug1718759130Karr, henry 5mWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan4188914856Karr, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr23190724419Karr, Henry G 53yWM
Monroe Street1104   Aug618748573Karr, Jac 10mW 
Monroe Street299   Dec9188814826Karr, Jacob 41yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct11188714233Karr, John 81yWM
Monroe Street439   Jul6193829955Karr, Katherine 80yWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct15189619377Karr, Louis 45yWM
Monroe Street3308   Dec10192828889Karr, Maria Magdelina 80yWF
Monroe Street3252   Apr21191927357Karr, Otto J 42yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun15188111550Karsken, Fritz 6mWM
Monroe Street228   Dec31188212326Karsten,SB  F
Monroe Street2110   Sep14188915203Karsten, Henry 11mW 
Monroe Street1177   Aug14188011254Karstens, Emilia 1yWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul28189619284Kartman, Wm 6mWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug27189015810Kasar, Emil 5mWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1218706737Kase,Child of George F SB WM
Monroe Street185   Apr918737803Kase,SB Child of Henry W 
Monroe Street1102   Jun518748494Kase,Child of J W 
Monroe Street2224   Jul18189619272Kase, John G 73yWM
Monroe Street25   May16188111523Kash, Martin 39yWM
Monroe Street1120   Sep418759161Kashenberger, L E 8mW 
Monroe Street481Oct11953Oct6195330879Kashner, Celia 65yWF
Monroe Street428   Nov30193529716Kashner, Chester A 44yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar7189719545Kashuback, AugustSB WM
Monroe Street418   Dec23193329473Kashubeck, August 84yWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul7189418098Kashubeck, Mathilda 43yWF
Monroe Street26   Jun20188111559Kask, Cath M 7mWF
Monroe Street31   Jan31189920622Kasman, Elizabeth 36yWF
Monroe Street3206   Apr25191426265Kasnyer, Stepha 70yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep1718738109Kaspar, Barl Fr 1yW 
Monroe Street2221   May18189619175Kasper,SB WM
Monroe Street2157   Aug19189216910Kasper, Fred 6yWM
Monroe Street3217   Mar16191526484Kasper, Katharine 81yWF
Monroe Street150   Oct418696449Kass,SB Child of Geo F WM
Monroe Street158   Oct1418706776Kass, Joanna 59yWF
Monroe Street181   Dec1918727687Kassan, C M 2yW 
Monroe Street181   Nov2718727668Kassan, O H 30yW 
Monroe Street181   Dec718727674Kassan, Wm 5mWM
Monroe Street1171   Feb6188011021Kassel, John  WM
Monroe Street364   Jan5190322650Kassen, John 70yWM
Monroe Street116   Dec2918645102Kastackar, Cathorine 66yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun12190322891Kastler,Baby1dWF
Monroe Street293   Jul23188814619Kastler, Charlotte 1yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug15189619305Kastler, Christina 45yWF
Monroe Street487Mar11958Mar3195831027Kastler, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street475Dec271949Dec30194930724Kastler, George J 73yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan118779853Kastor, Fred 4mWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan25191125463Kaszas, William 1yWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov19187710248Katenmeier,SB WF
Monroe Street2156   Aug2189216868Kath, John 5mWM
Monroe Street2172   Jul12189317439Kathanneck, Gotheb 65yWM
Monroe Street229   Jan2188312329Kathe, Annie 23y F
Monroe Street2191   Jul9189418104Katiofsky, Adolph 15mWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar9189116045Katsch, Albert 1mWM
Monroe Street2124   Jul3189015711Kattanek, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street36   Jun1189920818Katteanek, Ernstina 72yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov1189719903Katuschek,SB WM
Monroe Street344   Dec7190122092Katwins, Mateg 1hWF
Monroe Street2144   Oct23189116416Katz, Eliz 2dWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2418748551Katzenberger, Fritz 7mWM
Monroe Street387   Jun1190423364Kauffung, Dorothy 83yWF
Monroe Street2188   May28189418013Kauffung, Fred 73yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov26191025410Kaufholz, Catherine B 70yWF
Monroe Street1179   Nov3188011340Kaufholz, E 75yW 
Monroe Street3169   Mar10191125494Kaufholz, John N 71yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug918706692Kaufing, Matilda 13yWM
Monroe Street2222   May21189619179Kaufman, 5mWF
Monroe Street258   Jul31188513356Kaufman, Amalia 4mWF
Monroe Street420   Jan29193429493Kaufman, Arthur W 64yWM
Monroe Street354   Jul4190222376Kaufman, Barbara 80yWF
Monroe Street3236   Mar14191726918Kaufman, Elizabeth Naegele 68yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr24191225758Kaufman, Ferdinand H 76yWM
Monroe Street28   Jul27188111622Kaufman, Hedwig 5mWF
Monroe Street2249   Apr10189820157Kaufman, Henry 3mWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar23189317244Kaufman, Julius 26yWM
Monroe Street48   Sep15193129227Kaufman, Louise 65yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov4189217027Kaufman, Robert 12yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb17188211931Kaufmann, Charles 54y  
Monroe Street2104   Apr21188914979Kaufmann, Ella N E 15dWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec2318748761Kaufmann, John 21dWM
Monroe Street259   Sep1188513414Kaufmann, Paul Otto Aug 4mWM
Monroe Street3288   Apr6192528336Kauner, Mary 74yWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr26188914988Kausenski, Lena 26yWF
Monroe Street3149   Jul2190925004Kavach,Baby WF
Monroe Street316   Mar1190021169Kawalski, Fridrich 11mWM
Monroe Street1103   Jun2118748506Kawalski, Hugo 28dWM
Monroe Street2140   Jul27189116269Kawolski, Clarence 13wWM
Monroe Street426   Apr30193529645Kay, Anna 59yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep2187710140Kay, Charles H 10yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan2518769339Kay, Grace 6dWF
Monroe Street127   Jul1618665550Kay, Ida 3mWF
Monroe Street3104   Oct15190523946Kay, James 64yWM
Monroe Street114   Sep3118645035Kay, Martha E 1yWF
Monroe Street319   May1190021287Kay, Mary E 54yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr25190121770Kazimore, Anna 49yWF
Monroe Street4101Apr161967Apr19196731260Kazimore, Ida 91yWF
Monroe Street478Jun41951Jun7195130801Kazimore, John 79yWM
Monroe Street3262   Nov23192027636Kazimore, Lucille 2mWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb18189417817Keal, O 3mWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan10189317123Kean, 4dWM
Monroe Street3271   Apr26192227874Kean,SB WM
Monroe Street3278   Jun20192328056Kean, Gertrude 1dWF
Monroe Street297   Oct2188814742Kean, Willie 15mWM
Monroe Street340   Aug31190121984Keanzig,SB WM
Monroe Street198   Jan1918748320Keast,Child of J4mW 
Monroe Street434   Jan30193729842Keating, Mary 74yWF
Monroe Street3209   Aug4191426333Keating, Patrick  WM
Monroe Street245   Jul13188412904Kebel, Minnie 1mWF
Monroe Street395   Feb8190523661Keberle, Frank 2wWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug11189216887Kechley, 4mWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2318686054Keck,Child of Mr8mWF
Monroe Street210   Sep2188111697Keck, Andr 44yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul1218665543Keck, Charles Wm 6mWM
Monroe Street133   May2818675775Keck, Ludwig 32yWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov22188915344Keck, Viole 4mWF
Monroe Street456Oct131942Oct16194230317Keck, William G 72yWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct26191025380Kecskis,SB WF
Monroe Street218   Mar4188211959Keding, Joachin 36yW 
Monroe Street191   Aug2118738033Keegan, Jos 28yWM
Monroe Street247   Sep8188412968Keegan, Mary 23yWM
Monroe Street177   Aug1618727515Keeler, Cyrus 45yWM
Monroe Street3185   Jul16191225805Keene,SB WM
Monroe Street2117   Jan25189015457Keesel, Chas 22yWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug2718759146Kehns, Jos 7mWM
Monroe Street2223   Jul8189619244Kehr, Clifford 4mWM
Monroe Street32   Feb10189920642Kehr, Michael 75yWM
Monroe Street1102   May1718748475Keidel,Child W 
Monroe Street1155   Aug12187810492Keidel,SB Child of P G C W 
Monroe Street2218   Feb20189619049Keidel, Edwin 4yWM
Monroe Street2207   May23189518673Keidel, Geo Conrad 43yWM
Monroe Street448   May4194030118Keidel, Katherine 81yWF
Monroe Street186   Apr2818737822Keidel, PhillippSB WM
Monroe Street374   Jul29190322965Keidel, Walter 24yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep10189418255Keifer, Wm J 9mWM
Monroe Street311   Jan11189920977Keiffer, Steve 79yWM
Monroe Street299   Dec8188814823Keil, Adam 34yWM
Monroe Street3238   May2191726957Keils, Julius 77yWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar6189417844Keils, Mary 52yWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan20189317137Keim, Anna 23yWF
Monroe Street44   Nov12193029142Keim, Caroline 91yWF
Monroe Street253   Mar31188513188Keim, Henry 49yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun30189719706Keinkel, Julius 18yWF
Monroe Street3105   Nov22190523984Keiper, Chas 23yWM
Monroe Street448   Jul3194030128Keiper, Emil 62yWM
Monroe Street289   Apr9188814469Keiper, Jacob 28mWM
Monroe Street283   Oct14188714237Keiper, Sophia 7wWF
Monroe Street282   Sep4188714194Keiper, Wilhemia Sophia 27yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov1188915300Keiper, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street161   Jan2918716877Keisal, Fredrick 10mWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep22189116368Keisel, Caroline 14yWF
Monroe Street384   Mar22190423276Keiser, 1dWF
Monroe Street2250   Apr24189820185Keith, Alexander B 55yWM
Monroe Street263   Jan27188613552Keith, Emma 25yWF
Monroe Street3158   Apr11191025218Kelch,SB WF
Monroe Street2214   Nov25189518948Kelch, Ada 26yWF
Monroe Street191   Aug2218738036Kelches, 9mW 
Monroe Street430   Jan8193629730Keller,SB WM
Monroe Street435   Jul24193729883Keller, 8hWM
Monroe Street2239   Sep4189719815Keller, Adolph 33yWM
Monroe Street242   Mar31188412785Keller, Eugene 2yWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul29189317484Keller, Louisa 9mWF
Monroe Street3292   Jan28192628458Keller, Pauline 68yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep7188714199Kellerman, Ella 20yWF
Monroe Street139   May2318686011Kelley,SB Child of J WF
Monroe Street2186   Apr5189417902Kelley,SB WF
Monroe Street31   Jan25189920610Kelley, 14dwM
Monroe Street393   Dec8190423589Kelley,Baby WF
Monroe Street3311   May14192928969Kelley, Alice Mariebaby WF
Monroe Street2194   Aug28189418231Kelley, Chas 49yWM
Monroe Street3288   Mar31192528332Kelley, Clara 70yWF
Monroe Street2152   Apr26189216707Kelley, Della Alde 8yWF
Monroe Street3200   Oct19191326137Kelley, Edw 34yWM
Monroe Street22   Jan20188111405Kelley, Edward 1yWM
Monroe Street3234   Dec29191626865Kelley, Fredericka 69yWF
Monroe Street341   Sep9190121993Kelley, James E 69yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct2188111736Kelley, Jane 94yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct7189015859Kelley, John 42yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug9189820342Kelley, John H 56yWM
Monroe Street439   Jun24193829949Kelley, Maggie 75yWF
Monroe Street126   Jun1218665525Kelley, Maria A 36yWF
Monroe Street3213   Nov29191426405Kelley, Raymond 10yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2618737950Kelley, ThomasSB W 
Monroe Street168   Nov1218717172Kelley, Wm 17yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct22188613838Kellock, David 5yWM
Monroe Street486Feb271957Mar2195730992Kellogg, Arthue E 78yWM
Monroe Street31   Feb8189920638Kellogg, Della 42yWF
Monroe Street252   Feb22188513157Kellogg, Gertrode 4yWF
Monroe Street449   Aug13194030142Kellogg, Isaac 83yWM
Monroe Street24   Apr2188111476Kellogg, Julius 79yWM
Monroe Street491Jul81961Jul11196131114Kellogg, Lydia 82yWF
Monroe Street3304   Apr14192828809Kellogg, Nellie 70yWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb7189317167Kellogg, Walter 5mWM
Monroe Street2227   Oct5189619366Kelly,Baby WM
Monroe Street366   Feb2190322700Kelly,Baby WM
Monroe Street3102   Aug13190523890Kelly, Chas 48yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr3190222251Kelly, Stella M 21yWF
Monroe Street477Nov301950Dec2195030772Kelso, Ella A 94yWF
Monroe Street3115   Sep4190624211Kelso, G Q 87yWM
Monroe Street364   Jan17190322676Kelso, P 77yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar31189417894Keltie, 2dWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb1318758836Kelty, Frank 3mWM
Monroe Street2251   May22189820230Kelty, Jonathan W 62yWM
Monroe Street263   Feb4188613564Kelty, Susan 45yWF
Monroe Street2243   Dec11189719957Kemeter, Philip 10yWM
Monroe Street143   Nov118686164Kemmel,SB Child of David WM
Monroe Street168   Nov2418717184Kemmel,SB Child of David WF
Monroe Street222   Jun7188212093Kemmel, Rosma 2d  
Monroe Street2247   Mar10189820088Kemp,SB WM
Monroe Street2105   May29188915022Kemp, Chas 6yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep12189418269Kemp, Chas 76yWM
Monroe Street2105   Jun9188915029Kemp, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street245   Jul23188412920Kemp, Willie 5yWM
Monroe Street2105   Jun9188915029Kemp, Willie 3yWM
Monroe Street280   Jul29188714145Kemper,SB WF
Monroe Street3148   Jun18190924993Kemper,Baby WM
Monroe Street1120   Sep718759165Kemper, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr10190222264Kemper, BarneyAKA TeKemple33yWM
Monroe Street465Jun71945Jun11194530503Kemper, Carrie D 66yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug6188613719Kemper, Frank 8mWM
Monroe Street271   Oct14188613823Kemph, 4mWM
Monroe Street367   Mar13190322761Kempine, John 32yWM
Monroe Street2137   May9189116152Kempker, William 35yWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan8191025126Kemppainer, Oskar 3dWM
Monroe Street447   Jan10194030082Kendall, Joe 72yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec23190423615Kendell, 11dWM
Monroe Street148   Aug918696393Kendrick, Hattie 7mWF
Monroe Street160   Dec2918706845Kendrick, Joseph 82yWM
Monroe Street322   Jul17190021401Kendricks, James 35yWM
Monroe Street178   Sep818727563Keneday, Sarah 77yWF
Monroe Street2105   May23188915017Kenedy, John F 60yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan10188914861Kenedy, Norman C 8mWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2818738180Kenneday, T Louis 1yWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep7187710145Kennedey, 1dW 
Monroe Street1173   Apr1188011085Kennedey,Baby W 
Monroe Street1135   Nov218769747Kennedey, Ella 6mWF
Monroe Street1133   Aug3018769636Kennedey, Wm    
Monroe Street130   Dec3118665687Kennedy,SB Child of J F WF
Monroe Street138   Apr1418685988Kennedy,SB Child of J F  F
Monroe Street146   May2818696317Kennedy,SB Child of J F  M
Monroe Street152   Feb118706540Kennedy,Child of N J6dWF
Monroe Street154   Apr1218706591Kennedy, 1mWM
Monroe Street1152   Mar8187810350Kennedy,    
Monroe Street281   Aug7188714159Kennedy, Allie 9mWM
Monroe Street2165   Feb5189317163Kennedy, Arta U 35yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan618706520Kennedy, B F  WM
Monroe Street1109   Nov2518748734Kennedy, Elisha 4yW 
Monroe Street3166   Dec10191025425Kennedy, Fred R 36yWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar28189116067Kennedy, Frederika 40yWF
Monroe Street274   Jan19188713920Kennedy, Lucy 49yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug5190021425Kennedy, Mattie A 38yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jul1189820285Kennedy, Nellie 21yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug1618686090Kennedy, R C 23yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun12188513286Kennedy, Sahra 84yWF
Monroe Street186   May218737829Kennedy, Wm 9mWM
Monroe Street3193   Mar4191325969Kennedy, WmCapt76yWM
Monroe Street378   Oct22190323070Kennelly, Earl E 21dWM
Monroe Street3270   Feb17192227837Kenney,SB WM
Monroe Street3237   Apr13191726948Kenney, Jane 65yWF
Monroe Street164   Jun2418716999Kenney, John 16yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug8189015782Kenney, John 7mWM
Monroe Street1101   May118748454Kenney, Mary 50yWF
Monroe Street3188   Oct7191225861Kennish, Ada E 1yWF
Monroe Street325   Oct7190021509Kenrick,Baby WM
Monroe Street2249   Apr19189820172Kensing,SB WM
Monroe Street337   Jul2190121875Kent, Fred 25yWM
Monroe Street515Nov271989Dec4198931481Kenyon, Irene 92y F
Monroe Street4103Feb231968Apr2196831281Kenyon, Merritt J 62yWM
Monroe Street18   Mar2418644793Keoler, Mary 57yWF
Monroe Street448   Jul9194030132Keopke, D Ed 66yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan1190523625Kepes, Susana 56yWF
Monroe Street246   Aug25188412955Kepfner, Marie 6mWF
Monroe Street362   Dec7190222603Kepke, Chas 19yWM
Monroe Street41   Jan3193029027Keppers, Anna M 54yWF
Monroe Street410   Feb23193229275Keppers, Fred B 59yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct12188714236Keppie, 2hWF
Monroe Street469Aug61947Aug9194730580Keppler, Anna 88yWF
Monroe Street278   May22188714046Keppler, Anton 39yWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov28188915353Keppler, Carl Gustav 4yWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov26188915352Keppler, John 6yWM
Monroe Street3161   Jul22191025301Keppler, John 63yWM
Monroe Street2233   Apr10189719602Kerbel, Adlai W 10wWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct19187710201Kerbel, Cath 9yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug2718769630Kerbel, Elizab 16yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct11187710182Kerbel, John 7yWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul8189418101Kerbel, Karl 49dWM
Monroe Street2160   Nov2189217024Kerber, Helmuth 17yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb24189015513Kerber, Mary 35yWF
Monroe Street384   Mar11190423264Kerberle, Jos  WM
Monroe Street156   Jul1818706670Kercher, Anna Maria 8mWF
Monroe Street164   Jun2718717003Kercher, Frederick 3dWM
Monroe Street1179   Nov9188011344Keregien, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street491Aug311961Sep5196131119Kerekes, Louis 84yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov1190523965Keresztessy,SB WF
Monroe Street388   Jul21190423429Kerker, Louis 8mWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov23191025403Kerkhoff, Christina 79yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul19188011222Kern,SB W 
Monroe Street270   Oct5188613813Kern, 5hWM
Monroe Street2187   May11189417973Kern,SB WM
Monroe Street33   Mar20189920704Kern, 6dWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug23189619317Kern, Amelia 50yWF
Monroe Street3299   Apr11192728653Kern, Anna M 81yWF
Monroe Street423   Nov5193429582Kern, Caroline 71yWF
Monroe Street34   Apr15189920741Kern, Christina 31yWF
Monroe Street56Feb51979Feb8197931410Kern, Cora 87y F
Monroe Street2140   Aug10189116298Kern, Elsie Ida 2mWF
Monroe Street233   Jun10188312476Kern, Eva 70yWF
Monroe Street493Nov231962Nov26196231154Kern, Eva Pearl 75yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct15187810569Kern, Eve M 32yWF
Monroe Street344   Dec11190122097Kern, Geo 80yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep14188915205Kern, Harry G 2wWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul25189317472Kern, Jacob 55yWM
Monroe Street361   Nov2190222566Kern, John 8wWM
Monroe Street2109   Sep3188915180Kern, Mabel 3yWF
Monroe Street53Jun231976Jun26197631384Kern, Margaret 83y F
Monroe Street116   Jan218655107Kern, Mary 5yWF
Monroe Street512Feb201985Feb23198531457Kern, Robert A 97y M
Monroe Street4105Mar61969Mar10196931295Kern, Sylvester 79y M
Monroe Street148   Aug118696385Kerner, John 48yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr718737797Kerns, J H 36yW 
Monroe Street2162   Dec25189217100Kerns, Willie 9yWM
Monroe Street39   Aug15189920908Kernspecht, Chas 45yWM
Monroe Street459Jul181943Jul20194330370Kerr, Jennie 82yWF
Monroe Street3200   Oct30191326152Kerr, Martha 86yWF
Monroe Street461Mar281944Mar30194430428Kerr, Martha 82yWF
Monroe Street42   May6193029081Kerr, Nellie 66yWF
Monroe Street229   Feb2188312358Kerr, Robert 28y M
Monroe Street285   Dec8188714299Kerr, Robt 62yWM
Monroe Street3259   May27192027562Kerr, Robt WCapt60yWM
Monroe Street3253   Jun18191927392Kershaw, Madonna 1yWF
Monroe Street28   Jul22188111611Kersten, 1mW 
Monroe Street2247   Feb28189820073Kersten,SB WM
Monroe Street385   Apr20190423314Kersten, Anna B 17yWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul16189619265Kersten, August 50yWM
Monroe Street3291   Dec24192528441Kersten, Eliz L 48yWF
Monroe Street3188   Oct9191225862Kersten, Ernestine 26yWF
Monroe Street3292   Jan30192628463Kersten, Frederick 76yWM
Monroe Street263   Jan27188613551Kersten, Henry 2wWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun11189418046Kersten, Henry 35dWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep8189619336Kersten, Herman 21yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan8189920569Kersten, Lillie 2yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan11188412715Kersten, Louisa 31yWF
Monroe Street3131   Jan21190824619Kersten, Rose 3dWF
Monroe Street344   Dec21190122116Kersten, Rudolph 3mWM
Monroe Street2227   Sep28189619360Kersten, Wm 3yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb11188513141Kerstens, Fredr 7mWM
Monroe Street223   Jul30188212143Kersting, Bertha 6m  
Monroe Street487Jan51958Jan7195831021Kerth, Elizabeth 79yWF
Monroe Street467Jan301946Feb2194630532Kerth, Philip 60yWM
Monroe Street2219   Mar7189619073Kerwin, Grace 2yWF
Monroe Street319   May10190021300Kesburg, 10mWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2318717085Keske, Louisa 1yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug22190021450Kessel, Mary 77yWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov16189116450Kesselmyer, Carl 6yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar25191927342Kessler, Adam 63yWM
Monroe Street2140   Aug8189116295Kessler, Chas Edward 1mWM
Monroe Street281   Aug13188714170Kessler, Christene 81yWF
Monroe Street291   May15188814522Kessler, Eliza 15mWF
Monroe Street133   May3118675778Kessler, Elizabeth 19yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug10189418192Kessler, Henry 74yWM
Monroe Street376   Aug28190323009Kessler, John 29yWM
Monroe Street3147   May7190924964Kessler, Katharine 17yWF
Monroe Street3267   Aug23192127760Kessler, Martin J 2yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov13188915328Kessler, Mary 9yWF
Monroe Street2122   May26189015658Kessler, Mathilda 1mWF
Monroe Street1137   Dec918769820Ketchner, L M 4dW 
Monroe Street146   May318696306Ketchum, Abeline 52yWF
Monroe Street3255   Oct17191927448Ketchum, Dexter M 1yWM
Monroe Street417   Aug11193329432AKetchum, Henry   M
Monroe Street389   Aug4190423449Ketteringham, 1hWM
Monroe Street34   Apr20189920750Ketteringham, Mary J 19yWF
Monroe Street2187   May1189417957Ketteringham, Walter 1yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec16189921058Kettinger, Luezetta 1yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct2189015856Kettinger, Peter 44yWM
Monroe Street23   Mar10188111453Keudal, 17dWF
Monroe Street361   Nov12190222583Keuehn, Henrietta 65yWF
Monroe Street2158   Sep7189216948Kewitz, Cathrinia 2mWF
Monroe Street489Oct281959Oct30195931073Kewitz, Elizabeth 84yWF
Monroe Street425   Jan11193529604Kewitz, Henry 55yWM
Monroe Street1178   Oct2188011304Keyerleber,SB W 
Monroe Street3169   Mar23191125507Keyerleber, Carl F 80yWM

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