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Cleveland District Round Table

Monroe Street Cemetery Index
Ki through Lav

CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street331   Mar15190121707Kichlan, Viola 8wWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar8189518546Kick, Amelia 4yWF
Monroe Street191   Aug2518738044Kick, Andrew 4yWM
Monroe Street467Dec311945Jan3194630527Kick, Andrew 65yWM
Monroe Street141   Aug1118686085Kick, Carl H 8mWM
Monroe Street167   Sep2118717131Kick, Carolina 1mWF
Monroe Street1140   Feb1618779901Kick, Carolina 2yWF
Monroe Street3197   Jul4191326068Kick, Caroline 70yWF
Monroe Street1113   Mar818758879Kick, Ch H    
Monroe Street189   Jul2518737948Kick, Dan 8mWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec5189820514Kick, David 66yWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug2218759139Kick, Elisa 1yW 
Monroe Street2215   Dec23189518983Kick, Elizabeth 25yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec2191526630Kick, Elizabeth 73yWF
Monroe Street3250   Feb24191927317Kick, Ellen J 36yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug318737982Kick, George 2y M
Monroe Street3284   Jul17192428231Kick, George F 85yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep26191326119Kick, Helen C 9hWF
Monroe Street161   Feb1918716904Kick, John 2yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul1418727450Kick, John 38yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug1118759119Kick, John 3yWM
Monroe Street2105   May19188915012Kick, Louise 4mWF
Monroe Street1168   Nov26187910954Kick, M A 72yW 
Monroe Street1115   May1718758957Kick, Michael 35yWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar31187910721Kick, Minna 3yWF
Monroe Street436   Sep27193729890Kick, Wm F 68yWM
Monroe Street417   Aug10193329431Kidd,SB WM
Monroe Street379   Nov21190323103Kidd, Albert H 7wWM
Monroe Street317   Mar30190021224Kidd, Edward S 2y6mWM
Monroe Street3198   Aug27191326106Kidd, Fredrick S 59yWM
Monroe Street1102   May1718748474Kiedel, E H 43yW 
Monroe Street2251   May23189820231Kiedeman, Carolina 72yWF
Monroe Street131   Feb2718675725Kiefer, Catharine 10yWF
Monroe Street425   Jan5193529600Kiefer, Charles 75yWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov3192328115Kiefer, Elizabeth 63yWF
Monroe Street3295   Aug21192628566Kiefer, Fred J 34yWM
Monroe Street3264   Feb18192127681Kiefer, Jacob 56yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug2918675829Kiefer, John 39yWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov2192328114Kiefer, John 65yWM
Monroe Street37   Jul13189920859Kiefer, Mary E 4mWF
Monroe Street466Nov81945Nov12194530521Kiefer, Mary M 77yWF
Monroe Street2109   Aug27188915170Kiefer, Nora 11mWF
Monroe Street33   Mar2189920681Kieffer, Ella 5mWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan17189216533Kieffer, Florence 18mWF
Monroe Street3302   Dec7192728745Kienbaum, Mary Fuhrman 78yWF
Monroe Street3215   Jan9191526430Kieper, Henry G 66yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct15187710191Kiesel, Albert 3yWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep20187710156Kiesel, Bertha 5yWF
Monroe Street129   Sep2618665618Kiesel, Catharine 1yWF
Monroe Street273   Dec26188613896Kiesel, Fred 21yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul25188915094Kiesel, Fred 60yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec21190925113Kiesel, Margaretta 66yWF
Monroe Street180   Oct1318727616Kiesel, N 49yW 
Monroe Street1146   Sep23187710159Kiesel, Olhilia 9yW 
Monroe Street25   May11188111518Kieser, Mary 9mWF
Monroe Street15   Nov718634661Kieser, Phillipp 1mWM
Monroe Street192   Sep1218738094Kiesh, George J 49yWM
Monroe Street1166   Jul29187910861Kiewell, John 53yWM
Monroe Street1125   Feb418769351Kiler, Joseph 49yWM
Monroe Street125   Feb1918665466Kilfetter, Frank 29yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan16189920585Kilijan, Rudolph 5wWM
Monroe Street2184   Feb28189417834Killer, John 48yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan26190021119Killinger, John 57yWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun26189317409Killins, Frieda 7yWF
Monroe Street3253   May5191927370Killip, Anna 16yWF
Monroe Street3143   Dec31190824866Killius, Jacob 63yWM
Monroe Street261   Nov17188513484Killius, Otto 11yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug13189015792Kimball,SB WF
Monroe Street2159   Sep29189216978Kimball,SB WM
Monroe Street342   Oct28190122048Kimball, Anna 41yWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb5191526448Kimball, Eliza Jane 71yWF
Monroe Street171   Feb2018727261Kimball, Leonard 64yWM
Monroe Street2214   Nov16189518941Kimball, Mary M 81yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec21188714320Kimball, Rose 3wWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1818769332Kimberley, Elisabeth 50yWM
Monroe Street3222   Sep26191526591Kimberley, Wm T 55yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul20188513330Kimberly, Alexander 57yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar14188914930Kimberly, Waldo 21yWM
Monroe Street278   Jun5188714061Kimble, Alov 9mWM
Monroe Street3243   Feb25191827123Kimbro, 8hWF
Monroe Street315   Jan28190021126Kimich, Andrew 75yWM
Monroe Street125   Feb418665457Kimmel, Lina 36yWF
Monroe Street2229   Dec21189619451Kimmich, Arthur 2yWM
Monroe Street2187   May2189417959Kimmich, Augusta 37yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug31191225844Kimmich, Clinton 13yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug15189015795Kimmich, Louisa 15yWF
Monroe Street2140   Aug4189116289Kimmich, Mathilda 2mWF
Monroe Street3220   Jun29191526551Kinchner, Florence 10mWF
Monroe Street270   Sep25188613792Kindler, Buddie 7yWM
Monroe Street1140   Mar718779925Kindler, Dina 62yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb12189417812Kindler, Fredrick G 72yWM
Monroe Street277   May15188714040Kindler, Horace 2yWM
Monroe Street197   Dec3018738292Kindler, Ida W 7yWF
Monroe Street3259   May18192027556Kindler, John 90yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr14190021258Kindler, Lizetta 56yWF
Monroe Street395   Feb5190523657Kinehan, Jos N 3yWM
Monroe Street2197   Nov3189418343King,Baby WF
Monroe Street3105   Nov18190523977King,SB WM
Monroe Street3220   Jun21191526545King,SB WM
Monroe Street3237   Apr3191726942King,Baby WM
Monroe Street3254   Aug14191927417King, Albert JSB WM
Monroe Street2217   Jan1189618992King, Augusta 32yWF
Monroe Street186   Jun318737860King, Carrie L 9mWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep12187910910King, Ch 8mW 
Monroe Street1136   Nov1418769771King, Ch C 2yW 
Monroe Street169   Dec2418717208King, Eliza 1yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep18188714211King, Elmer W 10yWM
Monroe Street22   Jan24188111413King, Fred 10dWM
Monroe Street14   Sep2018634625King, George 3yWM
Monroe Street2214   Nov16189518942King, George 49yWM
Monroe Street280   Jul26188714137King, John 6mWM
Monroe Street318   Apr4190021235King, John 61yWM
Monroe Street3213   Nov11191426397King, John 2yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar17189719558King, Lulu 19yWF
Monroe Street3151   Sep24190925049King, Martha 54yWF
Monroe Street111   Jul1518644912King, Mary 45yWF
Monroe Street490May241961May26196131112King, Mary E 85yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun17190724457King, Oliver 61yWM
Monroe Street3311   Jun1192928974King, Priscilla H 78yWF
Monroe Street3303   Jan23192828769King, William 83yWM
Monroe Street110   Jun1418644873Kingler, Henry  WM
Monroe Street1126   Feb2218769385Kingman, 2yW 
Monroe Street320   May15190021309Kingsborough, Marshall 52yWM
Monroe Street370   Apr27190322839Kingsley,Baby WF
Monroe Street1113   Feb2818758860Kingsly,Mrs49yWF
Monroe Street3180   Feb8191225708Kinley, Elizabeth 82yWF
Monroe Street242   Apr6188412798Kinley, John Werley 23yWM
Monroe Street245   Jul11188412903Kinley, Robert 14yWM
Monroe Street3159   May21191025255Kinley, Tomas 86yWM
Monroe Street19   May3118644855Kinley, Wm J 1yWM
Monroe Street184   Mar1018737766Kinner, LorenzSB W 
Monroe Street171   Mar1018727280Kinney, 2mWF
Monroe Street3239   Aug7191727008Kinney, Averill 4yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul5188814590Kinney, Edward 42yWM
Monroe Street282   Sep13188714204Kinney, Geo 70yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar16190624066Kinney, Hariett C 58yWF
Monroe Street142   Sep518686126Kinney, John 60yWM
Monroe Street3129   Nov2190724549Kinney, Mary L P 89yWF
Monroe Street2140   Aug5189116290Kinserowski, Fred 19dWM
Monroe Street119   Apr2618655227Kintler, Ellen 1yWF
Monroe Street119   May1718655239Kintler, Fredric 4yWM
Monroe Street2227   Oct22189619388Kintzel, Chas M 38yWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar14189417859Kintzel, Fred 62yWM
Monroe Street3245   May28191827180Kintzel, Johanna 53yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug5189418176Kintzel, Lille 9mWF
Monroe Street387   Jun1190423365Kintzel, Sophia 72yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep27188714222Kintzel, Willie 2yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec1918759289Kinzel, Mary 16yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar27189820127Kinzelman,Baby WF
Monroe Street2239   Aug23189719797Kinzelman, Mabel 14mWF
Monroe Street322   Jul21190021404Kinzelman, Wm 28yWM
Monroe Street1141   Mar1618779934Kinzelmann, Carol 1yWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb26187910682Kinzelmann, Gottlieb 40yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug2318644980Kipenburger, Wm 5mWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep29189216977Kiplein, Caroline 78yWF
Monroe Street127   Jul2518665563Kirby,Child of B D5dWM
Monroe Street1174   May7188011124Kirby,    
Monroe Street3172   Jun24191125558Kirby,Baby WF
Monroe Street191   Aug2218738037Kirby, Bina 4yW 
Monroe Street184   Mar2418737780Kirby, Bine 25yW 
Monroe Street121   Aug2318655312Kirby, Chas Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street127   Aug318665568Kirby, Elizabeth 28yWF
Monroe Street121   Aug718655300Kirby, F David 4yWM
Monroe Street14   Oct1118634641Kirby, James 54yWM
Monroe Street385   Apr12190423301Kirby, Joseph 61yWM
Monroe Street3288   Apr27192528346Kirchgessner, Barbara Anna 64yWF
Monroe Street477Oct201950Oct20195030769Kirchgessner, Elizabeth 66yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr9189417913Kirchgessner, Hedwig 3mWF
Monroe Street2247   Mar6189820083Kirchgessuer, Karl 35yWM
Monroe Street3297   Dec 192628612Kirchhofer, Rosina 66yWF
Monroe Street1139   Jan1418779865Kirchner, F 3dW 
Monroe Street210   Sep5188111702Kirckdale, Benj 83yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov3188915307Kirk, Hugh A 21mWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan24190824621Kirk, Jos F 2mWM
Monroe Street3224   Nov30191526629Kirk, Margarett 63yWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar22192227860Kirk, William 70yWM
Monroe Street2221   Apr30189619147Kirkenbauer, Otto 2mWM
Monroe Street222   Jun25188212114Kirkendale, A E    
Monroe Street2254   Aug10189820344Kirkendall, 4dWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct7189518892Kirkendall, Priscilla 55yWF
Monroe Street2109   Aug26188915162Kirkendall, Susan 39yWF
Monroe Street2228   Nov6189619407Kirkendall, Van 60yWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep3189619333Kirkhofer, Adolph 41yWM
Monroe Street2219   Mar1189619066Kirkland, Catherine M 53yWF
Monroe Street472Aug151944Aug9194830645Kirkpatrick, Howard  WM
Monroe Street4109Dec131971Dec16197131327Kirkpatrick, Jane 90y F
Monroe Street151   Dec518696492Kirkpatrick, John 50yWM
Monroe Street487Jan141958Jan17195831022Kirkpatrick, Walter J 77yWM
Monroe Street58May11981May4198131425Kirkwood, Elizabeth 81y F
Monroe Street3148   Jun14190925003Kirkwood, Isabelle  WF
Monroe Street127   Jul1518665548Kirsch, Amy 6mWF
Monroe Street455Jun241942Jun27194230280Kirsch, Arthur 75yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun26189216794Kirsch, Catherine 72yWF
Monroe Street3110   Apr12190624089Kirsch, Chas H 56yWM
Monroe Street386   May11190423339Kirsch, Christina 76yWF
Monroe Street1177   Jul28188011232Kirsch, Dan 24yWM
Monroe Street1177   Jul20188011236Kirsch, Dan    
Monroe Street1116   Jun2818759000Kirsch, Ed 19yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul23187711070Kirsch, Eddy 8yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar6189015530Kirsch, George 27yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul1518665547Kirsch, Jennie 6mWF
Monroe Street15   Dec1418634689Kirsch, John  WM
Monroe Street2254   Aug1189820333Kirsch, John E 45yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb5189015485Kirsch, Lydia 16yWF
Monroe Street482Feb271954Mar2195430892Kirsch, Mary E 83yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct618675864Kirsch, Peter 52yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb17190121674Kirsch, Philip 81yWM
Monroe Street284   Nov6188714262Kirsch, Wm 63yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun6188814554Kirschbach, Julius 45yWM
Monroe Street3275   Jan13192327974Kirschner,SB WM
Monroe Street2166   Feb25189317199Kirschner, henry 3mWM
Monroe Street1168   Dec5187910964Kirseh, Geo 8dWM
Monroe Street188   Jul2118737933Kirshner, Bertha 6mWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep5187910901Kirshner, W H 5mW 
Monroe Street382   Feb8190423205Kirstein, Edward 51yWM
Monroe Street3236   Feb6191726897Kirvai,SB Twin 2 WM
Monroe Street3236   Feb6191726897Kirvai,SB Twins 1 WM
Monroe Street2261   Jan14189920582Kisek, Julia 3yWF
Monroe Street3141   Nov8190824828Kisk, James P 25yWM
Monroe Street152   Jan1918706529Kispart, Jacob 33yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug19190624197Kiss, Irine 16mWF
Monroe Street394   Jan17190523636Kiss, Sam 40yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar7188312379Kissell, W 22y M
Monroe Street157   Sep218706725Kisstenmaker, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street1179   Oct23188011324Kistemacker, Flose 3yW 
Monroe Street191   Aug3018738059Kistemaker, 1yW 
Monroe Street3134   Apr30190824695Kistemaker, Anthony 78yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun18189820272Kistemaker, Jennie 66yWF
Monroe Street1141   Mar1818779937Kistemaker, John Ch 3mWM
Monroe Street137   Feb1018685943Kitchley, Joseph 65yWM
Monroe Street1157   Oct15187810568Kiteraus, John 1yW 
Monroe Street2129   Oct29189015889Kitsteimer, Leonhardt 71yWM
Monroe Street312   Nov26189921033Kitsteiner, 2dWM
Monroe Street3288   Mar28192528331Kitsteiner, Francis R 68yWF
Monroe Street3189   Nov18191225890Kitsteiner, Henry B 56yWM
Monroe Street116   Jan418655111Kitsteiner, John 40yWM
Monroe Street3171   May20191125542Kitsteiner, Wm C 9mWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr16189820166Kitsteiner, Wm J 8yWM
Monroe Street2170   Jun7189317366Kittelberger,SB WM
Monroe Street436   Nov8193729898Kittinger, Cassie L 69yWF
Monroe Street2203   Feb24189518520Kittinger, Chas 3yWM
Monroe Street3168   Feb21191125480Kittinger, J B 44yWM
Monroe Street2203   Feb20189518515Kittinger, Orin 7mWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb16189518505Kittinger, Roy B 5yWM
Monroe Street3240   Sep21191727033Kittle, Chas GJr SB WM
Monroe Street3162   Aug31191025345Kittler, Frederika 45yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul28188714141Kittsteiner, Elizabeth 60yWF
Monroe Street291   May31188814542Kittsteiner, Fred 30yWM
Monroe Street3113   Jul4190624161Kitzerow,Baby WF
Monroe Street3155   Jan5191025125Kitzerow, Carrie 40yWF
Monroe Street3279   Aug30192328079Kitzerow, Charles H 71yWM
Monroe Street421   May17193429519Kitzerow, Dora 85yWF
Monroe Street2244   Dec25189719977Kitzerow, Edna 20mWF
Monroe Street3158   Apr9191025216Kitzerow, Edwin 2yWM
Monroe Street1172   Mar11188011052Kitzerow, Elisabeth 70yWF
Monroe Street3259   Apr23192027543Kitzerow, Elmer G 22yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jul10189518727Kitzerow, Emil 20yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr16188212012Kitzerow, George 9mWM
Monroe Street3200   Oct10191326133Kitzerow, Henry 43yWM
Monroe Street3257   Feb12192027505Kitzerow, John 73yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan13189015429Kitzerow, Lillie 6yWF
Monroe Street483Dec61954Dec9195430923Kitzerow, Mary K  WF
Monroe Street355   Jul25190222412Klaasen,Baby WM
Monroe Street2112   Oct8188915264Klabunde, H F W 2mWM
Monroe Street3238   May31191726968Klabunde, Harry  WM
Monroe Street2115   Dec27188915397Klabunde, Richard 2mWM
Monroe Street12   Aug1418634575Klach, Albert L 7mWM
Monroe Street46   Feb2193129164Klaiban, Helen 31yWF
Monroe Street3299   May17192728667Klamm, Mary 67yWF
Monroe Street412   Jul13193229320Klamm, William C 73yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov17191225891Klan, Chasor Klau51yWM
Monroe Street475Dec231949Dec24194930722Klanac,SB WM
Monroe Street2201   Jan23189518470Klane, Adelhaide 64yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul11189015728Klane, L A 39yWM
Monroe Street3118   Dec5190624289Klar, J F 20mWM
Monroe Street477Dec11950Dec4195030774Klassen, Anna 74yWF
Monroe Street434   Jan18193729837Klassen, Henry J 20yWM
Monroe Street412   Sep22193229337Klassen, Julius 58yWM
Monroe Street437   Dec13193729908Klassen, Walter J 32yWM
Monroe Street251   Jan15188513109Klath, Matilde 32yWF
Monroe Street288   Mar1188814420Klatt, Christina 63yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr10191326005Klatt, James 2dWM
Monroe Street286   Jan22188814365Klatt, Wilhelm 71yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov13188915322Klatzbach, Ernest 27yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb14189015499Klatzbach, John 4yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov17191225891Klau, Chasor Klan51yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2018769611Klaue, Edith 7yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec11187810628Klaus,SB Child of H W 
Monroe Street168   Nov1718717176Klaus, Georsy F 47yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar2218769415Klaus, H 8mW 
Monroe Street181   Dec1018727677Klaus, Lena 9yW 
Monroe Street1158   Nov15187810599Klaus, Lissie  W 
Monroe Street111   Jul2818644937Klaus, Thekla 8mWF
Monroe Street311   Oct24189920987Klauser, Maria 31yWF
Monroe Street36   May21189920798Klaustermeier, Emma 7mWF
Monroe Street1122   Nov1118759252Klebe, August 4yWM
Monroe Street124   Dec1818655424Klee,SB Child of Jacob WM
Monroe Street1139   Jan2018779874Klee,SB W 
Monroe Street225   Sep16188212205Klee,SB   
Monroe Street2177   Oct3189317603Klee,SB WF
Monroe Street2197   Oct18189418320Klee, 23hWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul17189719738Klee, 7mWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar30187910719Klee, Albina 11mW 
Monroe Street1179   Oct4188011308Klee, Anna 3mWF
Monroe Street3251   Mar25191927341Klee, Anna 84yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr4191225737Klee, Arthur 6yWM
Monroe Street3275   Jan3192327967Klee, Barbara 76yWF
Monroe Street3192   Feb7191325947Klee, Carrie 34yWF
Monroe Street493Nov131962Nov15196231153Klee, Dora C 86yWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr12189619116Klee, E H 4mWM
Monroe Street177   Aug2118727522Klee, Emma 9mW 
Monroe Street2246   Feb13189820046Klee, Jacob 71yWM
Monroe Street177   Aug1818727518Klee, John 9mWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov13187810597Klee, John 27yW 
Monroe Street3224   Nov14191526617Klee, John 37yWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct16189216992Klee, Louisa Barbara 18yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug1318686086Klee, Nettie 1yWF
Monroe Street3245   May17191827174Klee, Philip J 78yWM
Monroe Street449   Oct12194030152Klee, William 69yWM
Monroe Street232   May27188312466Kleeman, Henrietta 60yWF
Monroe Street140   Aug918686082Kleemann, Franz E  WM
Monroe Street39   Aug14189920905Klein,SB WM
Monroe Street349   Mar25190222235Klein,Baby WM
Monroe Street369   Apr3190322802Klein,Baby WM
Monroe Street380   Dec27190323145Klein, 4hWM
Monroe Street380   Dec27190323146Klein, 1hWM
Monroe Street380   Dec27190323147Klein, 1hWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct27190624254Klein, 11hWF
Monroe Street3246   Jul17191827202Klein,SB WM
Monroe Street2198   Nov22189418377Klein, Anna 48yWF
Monroe Street3188   Oct18191225867Klein, Anna 58yWF
Monroe Street259   Sep5188513418Klein, Arnold Phillip 3yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul24189418148Klein, August 10dWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec6191225901Klein, Augusta 72yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan16190021102Klein, Auguste 24yWF
Monroe Street3246   Aug8191827206Klein, Barbara 66yWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov16189116452Klein, Carl 49yWM
Monroe Street363   Dec28190222637Klein, Catharine 19yWF
Monroe Street319   Apr26190021278Klein, Clara E 22yWF
Monroe Street29   Aug7188111641Klein, Edward 9mWM
Monroe Street278   Jun8188714062Klein, Elizabeth 75yWF
Monroe Street455May191942May22194230273Klein, Elizabeth 57yWF
Monroe Street1140   Mar1218779930Klein, Ernst 11mWM
Monroe Street1159   Dec3187810618Klein, Ernst 8yWM
Monroe Street3177   Nov22191125645Klein, Ernst 75yWM
Monroe Street131   Jan1618675697Klein, F J R 4mW 
Monroe Street286   Jan17188814354Klein, Frank 5hWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct7189418304Klein, Frederich 21yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan2189518436Klein, George 6yWM
Monroe Street131   Jan2418675704Klein, H C A 1yWM
Monroe Street2250   May5189820201Klein, H K 14dWM
Monroe Street1141   Apr518779965Klein, Henry 54yWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan5190624018Klein, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street3294   Jun3192628537Klein, Henry G 39yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan8189518437Klein, Herman 2yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec1918759288Klein, J 65yW 
Monroe Street23   Mar3188111446Klein, John 2yWM
Monroe Street225   Sep25188212214Klein, John 52y  
Monroe Street278   Jun2188714055Klein, John 20mWM
Monroe Street2211   Sep5189518829Klein, John 2mWM
Monroe Street321   Jun22190021363Klein, John 44yWM
Monroe Street142   Sep718686127Klein, John PSB WM
Monroe Street2235   May11189719652Klein, Kattie 17yWF
Monroe Street487Apr201958Apr23195831033Klein, Mabel 66yWF
Monroe Street1155   Jul21187810461Klein, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street278   May18188714044Klein, Mary 7mWF
Monroe Street321   Jul1190021369Klein, Mary 5mWF
Monroe Street327   Dec10190021583Klein, Nettie 9yWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun14189317385Klein, Otto 14yWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar24192628495Klein, Paul F 59yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep9189418252Klein, Pearl 7mWF
Monroe Street2196   Oct9189418307Klein, Peter 74yWM
Monroe Street3207   May4191426273Klein, Peter 62yWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep10187810517Klein, Peter M 4mWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar10190724373Klein, Phillip 44yWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov10189015907Klein, Phillipine 62yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jul11187810448Klein, Rich 66yWM
Monroe Street3312   Sep3192928996Klein, Wilhelmina 87yWF
Monroe Street142   Oct2518686162Klein, William 1yWM
Monroe Street3180   Feb14191225706Klein, William 47yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug11189820347Klein, Wm 70yWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov618748711Klein, Wm J 30yWM
Monroe Street35   May3189920770Kleinach, Otto 1dWM
Monroe Street1149   Dec8187710278Kleinbihl, PeterSB W 
Monroe Street2149   Feb19189216596Kleincke, Norman 4yWM
Monroe Street3202   Dec14191326178Kleinecke,SB WM
Monroe Street3298   Feb14192728628Kleinecke, George A 76yWM
Monroe Street433   Dec12193629825Kleineke, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street3262   Nov13192027629Kleinert, Flora 40yWF
Monroe Street479Apr61952Apr9195230827Kleinert, Fred 76yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan8189417762Kleineweber, Wm 33yWM
Monroe Street321   Jul2190021372Kleinfelt, Carl 4mWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar10189216625Kleinke, Amanda 2yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan14189216528Kleinow, August 40yWM
Monroe Street383   Feb27190423239Kleinow, Carl 19yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul16189518741Kleinow, Gusta Rehmus 68yWF
Monroe Street363   Dec28190222636Kleinow, Martha 21yWF
Monroe Street434   Mar23193729859Kleinpel, Hartman 82yWM
Monroe Street3203   Jan9191426199Kleinpell, Anna E 56yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan3188814339Kleinpell, Josia 2yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan5188814342Kleinpell, Tillie 3yWF
Monroe Street2117   Feb1189015477Kleinscmidt, 1yWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan12189015428Kleinscmidt, Otto A 27yWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov21188915342Kleinscmidt, Susan 6mWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun23189619209Kleinweber, 7wWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan24189216546Kleinweber, Casper Heinrich 29yWM
Monroe Street2188   May16189417984Kleist, August 41yWM
Monroe Street447   Mar8194030104Kleist, Chas 58yWM
Monroe Street4110Mar271972Mar29197231332Kleist, Grace M 79y F
Monroe Street2223   Jul3189619232Kleist, Johanna 43yWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar17189619087Klemboehl, John 52yWM
Monroe Street316   Mar10190021189Klement, Bessie 11wWF
Monroe Street318   Apr9190021244Klement, Edw 8yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr5191325996Klement, Emily 5mWM
Monroe Street344   Dec17190122105Klemich, Andrew 1yWM
Monroe Street3223   Oct9191526598Klemintiss,Baby WF
Monroe Street2128   Oct11189015867Klemm,SB WF
Monroe Street3145   Mar4190924903Klemm, Alvina 37yWF
Monroe Street172   Apr418727325Klemm, Arnold 4mWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb27189619063Klemm, Carl 14mWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1118706736Klemm, Edward 2yWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep21189317585Klemm, Flora 8yWF
Monroe Street213   Nov11188111798Klemm, Fred 25yWM
Monroe Street119   Jun218655248Klemm, Fredrick 3yWM
Monroe Street223   Aug6188212157Klemm, J F 28y  
Monroe Street442   Feb11193930002Klemm, Jacob 73yWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov2318748731Klemm, John 47yWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun6189015673Klemm, John 55yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun20189216787Klemm, John 3yWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct2190624235Klemm, Louisa 80yWF
Monroe Street2122   May25189015655Klemm, Wm 29yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec29188714329Klenpel, Willie 4yWM
Monroe Street474Apr201949Apr23194930683Klepar, Andrew 85yWM
Monroe Street3187   Sep14191225852Klepar, Rose 41yWF
Monroe Street124   Dec2318655431Klepper,SB Child of Philipp WM
Monroe Street3186   Aug24191225835Klevin, Amalia 84yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr3190724398Klima, 9dWF
Monroe Street3170   Apr10191125519Klima, Anna 62yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct19190222542Klima, Elsie 3yWF
Monroe Street3137   Jul28190824758Klima, Francis 63yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul26191025308Klima, Gertrude 5mWF
Monroe Street353   Jun7190222335Klima, James 49yWM
Monroe Street490Feb101961Feb14196131098Klima, James 70yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar15190624065Klima, Lad 20yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar11190121694Klimack, Florence 11hWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun19190523829Klimak,Baby WM
Monroe Street325   Sep26190021500Klime, Joseph 52yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan6190824603Kliment, 2dWF
Monroe Street3129   Nov28190724573Kliment, Anna 38yWF
Monroe Street3237   Apr27191726954Kliment, FrankSr56yWM
Monroe Street431   Jun3193629772Kliment, Frank 48yWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct25189719887Kliment, Oldick 2dWM
Monroe Street3290   Aug4192528382Kliment, RaymondSB WM
Monroe Street3165   Nov14191025396Kliment, Rosa 47yWF
Monroe Street324   Sep8190021475Kliment, Rose 2yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov2018706811Kline, John P 3mWM
Monroe Street180   Oct1818727622Kling,SB Child of Joseph W 
Monroe Street3216   Feb21191526469Kling,Baby WM
Monroe Street2170   Jun6189317367Kling, Elizabeth 33yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun22190423385Kling, Joseph 63yWM
Monroe Street1149   Dec16187710285Kling, Mich 70yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar15189216631Kling, Peter 72yWM
Monroe Street430   Feb5193629740Kling, Rosa 85yWF
Monroe Street3137   Jul17190824749Klingbeutel, Flora 2mWF
Monroe Street2158   Sep7189216950Klingenberg, Hethue 2wWM
Monroe Street264   Feb21188613579Klink, Christina 67yWF
Monroe Street2229   Dec6189619437Klinnp,SB WF
Monroe Street335   Jun2190121824Klipper, Phil 76yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov27190523989Klipper, Phil 35yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct25188814769Kloch, Sylvia 57yWF
Monroe Street124   Dec1218655421Klock,Child 1 of E W 
Monroe Street124   Dec1218655421Klock,Child 2 of E W 
Monroe Street260   Sep14188513429Klock, Efram 58yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar7190523704Klohn, John A 3yWM
Monroe Street443   May2193930025Klokow, Amelia 78yWF
Monroe Street3308   Dec17192828894Klokow, Edward 67yWM
Monroe Street1123   Nov2518759264Klootz, Anna 4yWF
Monroe Street3151   Sep9190925041Klopp, Friderika 87yWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan12189115983Klosterman,SB WF
Monroe Street2178   Oct30189317644Klosterman, Cathrina 2yWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct31188915297Klostermeier, Fred 3yWM
Monroe Street263   Feb1188613561Klostermeier, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan21188814362Klotzbach, Wilhemia 21yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun2189820252Klotzbach, Wm 25yWM
Monroe Street250   Dec22188413085Kluever, Justus 14mWM
Monroe Street3246   Aug13191827210Klug, Alfred J 12dWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul24188915091Klug, Arthur 2mWM
Monroe Street2121   May5189015622Kluge, Thilda 21wWF
Monroe Street3301   Sep6192728710Kluth, 3hWF
Monroe Street339   Aug21190121969Kluth, Augusta 54yWF
Monroe Street2140   Jul29189116276Knack, Annie 7mWF
Monroe Street253   Mar24188513184Knack, Lizzie 14yWF
Monroe Street2145   Dec11189116479Knack, Mary 2dWF
Monroe Street2145   Dec11189116480Knack, Mary 23yWF
Monroe Street115   Dec2618645100Knaff,SB Child of Christian WM
Monroe Street1158   Nov10187810592Knap, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct17188915279Knap, Jno P 6mWM
Monroe Street2203   Mar5189518539Knapp, Andrew 5yWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb6189719508Knapp, Brittania E 68yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2218748546Knapp, Charles 4mWM
Monroe Street212   Oct10188111754Knapp, Clinton 4mWM
Monroe Street195   Nov718738202Knapp, Elis 11mW 
Monroe Street1164   Jun12187910792Knapp, Henry  WM
Monroe Street3256   Nov14191927457Knapp, Jno 56yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul12190322933Knapp, John 89yWM
Monroe Street2206   Mar17189518640Knapp, Julia D 61yWF
Monroe Street11   Jun1618634532Knapp, Mike 37yWM
Monroe Street119   Apr2218655223Knapp, Sarah M 45yWF
Monroe Street322   Jul13190021396Knappe, Sophie 45yWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov10189418360Knaus, Gertie 15mWF
Monroe Street3247   Oct24191827228Knaus, Michael 91yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb20189719528Knauss,SB WM
Monroe Street2244   Dec27189719980Knauss,SB WM
Monroe Street381   Jan28190423187Knauss, Jacobine 63yWF
Monroe Street2239   Sep10189719824Kneffer,SB WM
Monroe Street2169   May5189317313Knehne, Clyde 2yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec18190021592Kneller, 3wWM
Monroe Street353   Jun28190222367Kneller, Adam 41yWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan19191827095Kneller, Henry 32yWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb1218769367Knerem, Elisab 1mWF
Monroe Street3295   Jul23192628557Knerem, Minnie 50yWF
Monroe Street324   Sep3190021470Knerr, Jacob 43yWM
Monroe Street2165   Feb15189317176Knidler, Louise 57yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan5190322651Knieling, AugustAKA Nieling70yWM
Monroe Street413   Nov11193229352Knieling, Margaret 93yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jun22187810431Knieriehm,SB W 
Monroe Street1106   Sep1318748645Knieriem, George 1yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep418738139Knierim, Conrad 2yWM
Monroe Street1143   Jul2187710035Knierim, Conrad 6dWM
Monroe Street2144   Nov4189116436Knierum, Edward 9mWM
Monroe Street2219   Mar30189619097Knig, Fred L 43yWM
Monroe Street3221   Jul2191526554Knight,Baby WF
Monroe Street444   Sep16193930059Knight, Ada 75yWF
Monroe Street15   Dec1818634691Knight, Ann 53yWF
Monroe Street121   Sep1118655336Knight, Ann E 1yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul11188714107Knight, Arthur 14mWM
Monroe Street126   Jun318665520Knight, Carrie Ella 2yWF
Monroe Street2105   May31188915023AKnight, Cecelia 4yWF
Monroe Street2162   Dec6189217071Knight, Chas E 3yWM
Monroe Street3176   Oct9191125619Knight, Eleanor 45yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov618706799Knight, Elisabeth Louisa 4mWF
Monroe Street291   May11188814519Knight, Florence 10wWF
Monroe Street356   Aug15190222439Knight, Florence 8mWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul2189317419Knight, Francisca 1yWM
Monroe Street2235   May30189719668Knight, Gabriel W 63yWM
Monroe Street476Apr241950Apr27195030752Knight, George G 78yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep11190323027Knight, Hariett 63yWF
Monroe Street3268   Oct15192127781Knight, John C 47yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jun15189518697Knight, Leon A 16mWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov10189217037Knight, Lillie 2yWF
Monroe Street3136   Jun5190824723Knight, Lydia 30yWF
Monroe Street232   May12188312438Knight, Mattie 2mWF
Monroe Street2122   May31189015665Knight, Maud 2dWF
Monroe Street3139   Sep3190824781Knight, Naptha 74yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep23188915221Knight, Ollie 2yWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul20189015748Knight, Richard 8mWM
Monroe Street439   Jul5193829954Knight, Thomas 62yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb3189015481Knight, Wm 84yWM
Monroe Street1151   Feb12187810329Knipenburg,SB Child of Fred W 
Monroe Street2180   Dec16189317725Knipp, 14dWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan31191827106Knippenberg, 14dWF
Monroe Street278   Jun23188714076Knippenberg, Alma 2yWF
Monroe Street452   Jun6194130200Knippenberg, Arthur 61yWM
Monroe Street484Dec191955Dec22195530958Knippenberg, Bertha 78yWF
Monroe Street41   Jan13193029030Knippenberg, Edward 66yWM
Monroe Street129   Sep1418665612Knippenberg, Emilia K 1yWF
Monroe Street38   Aug2189920891Knippenberg, Ernest H 68yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan1189317113Knippenberg, Fred 45yWM
Monroe Street1151   Jan13187810307Knippenberg, L 1yW 
Monroe Street2140   Jul28189116270Knippenberg, Maria 76yWF
Monroe Street3133   Mar13190824658Knippenberg, Maria C 69yWF
Monroe Street3280   Oct24192328103Knippenberg, Maria K 76yWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan28187810318Knippenberg, Mary 7yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct5189015858Knippenberg, Ralph 16mWM
Monroe Street34   Apr18189920749Knippenberg, Theresa 16yWF
Monroe Street3162   Aug30191025342Knisely, 3mWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec27190925116Knitten, Louise M 32yWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep21189619356Kniz, Willie 9mWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep10188915192Knob, Christ 61yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan25190121641Knobelsdorf, Hattie M 3yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct2189317601Knoblauch, 2dWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan21189216541Knoblauch, Selma 2yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar16190322771Knoblauch, Willie 7yWM
Monroe Street3310   Feb25192928942Knoch, Wm 56yWM
Monroe Street226   Oct21188212246Knock, Fred'a 13y  
Monroe Street243   May2188412828Knodler, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street2190   Jun29189418079Knoedler, Fred G 17mWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb2218758850Knoettel, JSB W 
Monroe Street2222   Jun19189619207Knoll, Conrad 57yWM
Monroe Street3312   Sep7192928998Knoll, Elizabeth Meyers 65yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar15190121708Knoll, Gertrude 18yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul27189820325Knoll, John N 73yWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar18192628489Knoll, Julia 74yWF
Monroe Street2196   Oct16189418315Knoll, Margaretha 65yWF
Monroe Street2106   Jun28188915051Knoll, Walter 3dWM
Monroe Street150   Oct2218696457Knopf,SB child of Henry WM
Monroe Street364   Jan9190322662Knopf, 2hWF
Monroe Street145   Mar1518696262Knopf, Georg Carl 1mWM
Monroe Street121   Sep118655325Knopf, Henry 11mWM
Monroe Street2250   May5189820200Knopp, Chas 72yWM
Monroe Street2131   Dec30189015963Knopp, Christian 60yWF
Monroe Street3293   Apr6192628505Knopp, Friedericka 81yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan4189518439Knopp, Henry 59yWM
Monroe Street13   Sep118634597Knopp, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street317   Mar25190021214Knopp, Mary 72yWF
Monroe Street3144   Feb16190924892Knost, Edw 16yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan3192928903Knost, henry 83yWM
Monroe Street3228   Mar8191626714Knost, Louise 68yWF
Monroe Street3283   Mar25192428195Knowles, Charles 49yWM
Monroe Street48   Oct26193129233Knowles, Hattie W 64yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep25188714220Knowles, Henry 42yWM
Monroe Street146   Apr2518696295Knowles, Henry S 14dWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr10190924935Knowles, Martin B 69yWM
Monroe Street189   Aug318737979Knowles, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street3266   Jun3192127733Knowles, Mary A 74yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug10189216884Knowles, Paul F  WM
Monroe Street144   Feb218696224Knox, Robert 1yWM
Monroe Street157   Sep418706727Knpff,Child of Henry SB WM
Monroe Street2142   Sep2189116340Knudsen, Alger 7mWM
Monroe Street238   Nov7188312661Knukemeier, Bertha M    
Monroe Street238   Nov7188312660Knukemeier, H 3y M
Monroe Street2259   Dec10189820521Kobar, Barbara 56yWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun7191025271Kobar, JohnAKA Kovar69yWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct4189820417Kober, Joseph 38yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb7189216578Koblenzer, 1dWM
Monroe Street1120   Sep318759160Koblenzer, FredSB W 
Monroe Street2199   Dec5189418397Koblenzer, J F 71yWM
Monroe Street2221   May9189619164Koblenzer, Katharin 61yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar1618769408Koblenzer, Wm 5mWM
Monroe Street472Sep221948Sep23194830650Kobs, Kenneth 1dWM
Monroe Street463Dec201944Dec23194430462Kobs, Matilda 56yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul21189317453Kobs, Robert 14dWM
Monroe Street349   Mar17190222230Kocab, Jos 60yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr17188212018Koch,SB W 
Monroe Street2212   Sep18189518859Koch,SB WM
Monroe Street2234   Apr15189719610Koch,SB WM
Monroe Street3144   Feb20190924900Koch,Baby WM
Monroe Street310   Sep11189920936Koch, Adelheil 8yWM
Monroe Street1178   Sep13188011288Koch, Amalia 2yWF
Monroe Street334   May1190121780Koch, Anna 30yWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec8191125653Koch, Armaenia 28yWF
Monroe Street270   Oct5188613811Koch, Bertha 13mWF
Monroe Street2178   Oct21189317636Koch, Carl 2yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr13189820162Koch, Cath Eliza 67yWF
Monroe Street239   Dec17188312694Koch, Charles 49yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun16188915037Koch, Christina 44yWF
Monroe Street3214   Dec28191426419Koch, David G 43yWM
Monroe Street233   Jun20188312486Koch, Doris Dorthea 37yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar1718769411Koch, Eda Barb 64yWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun1191025264Koch, Edw W 20yWM
Monroe Street2214   Nov26189518949Koch, Eleonora 67yWF
Monroe Street3296   Nov6192628590Koch, Ellen L 46yWF
Monroe Street490Apr301961May3196131110Koch, Emma H 75yWF
Monroe Street153   Mar2218706577Koch, Ernst 30yWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan12190624021Koch, Estella 21yWF
Monroe Street2218   Feb18189619045Koch, Frank 7yWM
Monroe Street47   Apr23193129192Koch, Frank 68yWM
Monroe Street352   May9190222302Koch, Fred 10wWM
Monroe Street3293   Apr26192628512Koch, Fred 48yWM
Monroe Street3127   Sep16190724515Koch, Friderich 79yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul29187710081Koch, G 25yW 
Monroe Street3169   Mar27191125508Koch, George F 88yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun8189216769Koch, Helena 19yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug1418748588Koch, Henry 5mWM
Monroe Street2233   Mar28189719581Koch, Henry 27yWM
Monroe Street2187   May3189417963Koch, Hermann 7yWM
Monroe Street3176   Oct31191125629Koch, Jacob 69yWM
Monroe Street438   Apr12193829932Koch, Jacob 61yWF
Monroe Street2136   May1189116140Koch, Johanna 62yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan15190423173Koch, Johanna 63yWF
Monroe Street2185   Apr3189417900Koch, Lotty 1mWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul19189317451Koch, Margaretha 38yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar23189417881Koch, Maria 20yWF
Monroe Street3297   Dec18192628605Koch, Maria E 70yWF
Monroe Street145   Mar1018696257Koch, Sophia 15yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan5188814343Koch, Wilhem 6yWM
Monroe Street489Jul231959Jul27195931068Koch, William M 80yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun23188814573Koch, Willie 6mWM
Monroe Street242   Apr1188412788Kochenberger,SB WM
Monroe Street3217   Mar6191526475Kochenberger, Anna 78yWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec2189820508Kochenberger, Lorenz 68yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun23188915046Kochg, Carolina 8yWF
Monroe Street127   Jul2318665562Kochund, AdolphSB WM
Monroe Street326   Nov2190021539Kocian, Geo 2mWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug4190724482Kocian, Lawrence 30mWM
Monroe Street3302   Nov28192728744Kock, John D 78yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr24189417938Kocklaim, Carl 19mWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug8188011247Kocklaner, 2yW 
Monroe Street385   Apr27190423321Kocklann, Clamer 55yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec23189317739Kocklanner, Fred 14yWM
Monroe Street24   Apr19188111495Kocklaun, Lillie  WF
Monroe Street2149   Feb8189216579Kocklaun, Louis 7yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan12188211884Kocklauner, Edward 4yWM
Monroe Street484Nov291955Dec2195530953Kocsis, Florian 84yWM
Monroe Street478Feb221951Feb26195130786Kocsis, Julia 73yWF
Monroe Street448   Apr23194030114Kocsis, Sfidona 65yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun27190724466Kodada, Jacob 53yWM
Monroe Street339   Aug24190121973Kodada, Jamesor Kudada1yWM
Monroe Street39   Aug22189920915Kodada, Julia 2yWF
Monroe Street125   Mar318665471Koddes, Anna Marie 1mWF
Monroe Street149   Sep2118696439Koddes, Maria C E 1yWF
Monroe Street3141   Nov17190824840Kodea, Dan 6yWM
Monroe Street334   May10190121795Koduda, Rosa 41yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov13187710236Koebe, Aug 26yWM
Monroe Street34   Mar29189920720Koechel, August 66yWM
Monroe Street3305   May17192828822Koechel, Frank 63yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov21190523982Koechel, John 40yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr5191827142Koechel, Margaret 83yWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun25190523841Koechel, Wm 31yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct27188111778Koecher, Geo 21yWM
Monroe Street136   Dec1818675916Koehler,SB Child of Rud WM
Monroe Street143   Dec1618686191Koehler,SB Child of R WF
Monroe Street151   Nov2918696488Koehler,SB Child of R WF
Monroe Street165   Aug1018717058Koehler,Child of Rudolf1dWM
Monroe Street277   May12188714037Koehler,SB WM
Monroe Street2171   Jun11189317377Koehler, Erwine 5mWM
Monroe Street2253   Jul12189820299Koehler, Geo 43yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug14189418201Koehler, Herbert 1mWM
Monroe Street3237   Apr21191726951Koehler, Lillian 30yWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul17189418128Koehler, Minnie 34yWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2418686055Koehler, William 9mWM
Monroe Street2134   Apr5189116072Koehler, Wm H 2mWM
Monroe Street31   Jan25189920611Koehn, 5mWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr18189317282Koehn, Ernst 3yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec22189518982Koehn, Fred 49yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jul2189518715Koehn, John 67yWM
Monroe Street423   Nov16193429586Koehn, Louisa 68yWF
Monroe Street3293   Mar29192628501Koehn, Mary 68yWF
Monroe Street1178   Aug24188011267Koehn, Paulina 25yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct14190222536Koehn, Sophie 70yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug6187710101Koehn, W F 1mW 
Monroe Street3191   Dec30191225921Koehn, Wm 26yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul1018727444Koelges, Frd 6mW 
Monroe Street262   Dec13188513515Koelges, Magaret 84yWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug17189015796Koelle, August 13yWM
Monroe Street440   Aug27193829966Koelle, Dorethea 88yWF
Monroe Street432   Aug13193629793Koelle, Ernst A 60yWM
Monroe Street3263   Jan31192127672Koelle, Herman 72yWM
Monroe Street2235   May29189719667Koelliker, Mabel 1wWF
Monroe Street2256   Oct14189820429Koelling, Edna 2mWF
Monroe Street439   Jul5193829953Koelling, Fred 87yWM
Monroe Street254   May3188513241Koelling, Henry Fredrich 3yWM
Monroe Street425   Feb13193529618Koelling, Mary 81yWF
Monroe Street2227   Sep28189619359Koelling, Richard 1yWM
Monroe Street455Jun171942Jun20194230276Koelling, Walter 55yWM
Monroe Street2114   Dec5188915364Koener, Allie 18mWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug24189518799Koenig, 14dWF
Monroe Street448   Jul19194030133Koenig, Adolph 71yWM
Monroe Street2172   Jul16189317442Koenig, Clara 1yWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar18192227854Koenig, Clara 76yWF
Monroe Street4108Oct301971Nov3197131325Koenig, Elsie 77y F
Monroe Street2108   Aug8188915124Koenig, Euginia C A 6mWF
Monroe Street3220   Jun6191526542Koenig, Lena 31yWF
Monroe Street2166   Mar5189317212Koenig, Louisa 32yWF
Monroe Street284   Nov26188714283Koenig, Mary 7yWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov7191125634Koenig, Paul C 43yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb18189920659Koenig, Pauline 32yWF
Monroe Street4101Mar301967Apr21196731261Koenig, Robert 48yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr19189820171Koenig, Robt 57yWM
Monroe Street480Sep231952Sep25195230845Koenig, Wm F 62yWM
Monroe Street1180   Nov13188011349Koening,Child of John8mW 
Monroe Street1179   Nov9188011342Koening, H FSB W 
Monroe Street2151   Apr2189216661Koenke, Cerline 5mWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan9187810304Koenker, Henry 14dWM
Monroe Street224   Sep2188212193Koenker, Henry 1y  
Monroe Street132   May618675762Koepcke, John 53yWM
Monroe Street431   May5193629763Koepke, Carrie 54yWF
Monroe Street442   Mar11193930010Koepke, Charles 60yWM
Monroe Street48   Nov14193129239Koepke, Christina 88yWF
Monroe Street42   May12193029086Koepke, Daniel F 51yWM
Monroe Street443   May17193930029Koepke, Gustave 83yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug10188714163Koepke, Henry 45yWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct4189820418Koepke, J E 28yWM
Monroe Street3198   Aug26191326104Koepke, JohnSr69yWM
Monroe Street421   May22193429525Koepke, John 49yWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar10191225720Koepke, Kenneth 1yWF
Monroe Street142   Oct2318686160Koepke, Lina 51yWM
Monroe Street427   Jun17193529663Koepke, Louis C 53yWM
Monroe Street2140   Jul30189116279Koepke, Louisa E 17yWF
Monroe Street3306   Jul10192828843Koepke, Ludwig 79yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan4188814340Koepke, Margareth 44yWF
Monroe Street143   Nov818686170Koepke, Maria 22yWF
Monroe Street488Mar281959Mar31195930160Koepke, Samuel 87yWM
Monroe Street460Dec81943Dec11194330401Koeppe, Carl 95yWM
Monroe Street461Mar261944Mar29194430427Koeppe, Wilhelmina 85yWF
Monroe Street232   May3188312431Koeppe, Willie 4m  
Monroe Street361   Nov25190222591Koeppel, Jennie 11yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jun7187710021Koeppel, Wilh'a 4mWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov22189217055Koeppert, Christian 36yWM
Monroe Street359   Oct21190222548Koepplin, Herman 39yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar7190322747Koerper, Elizabeth 76yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan8190423166Koerper, Peter 79yWM
Monroe Street263   Feb7188613566Koescher, Lizzie 23yWF
Monroe Street3135   May29190824719Koester, Albert 17yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul25188814624Koester, Carl 6mWM
Monroe Street2156   Aug7189216877Koester, Clamor 25yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul25188915089Koester, Doris 62yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun2189418022Koester, Edward 7mWM
Monroe Street330   Feb1190121650Koester, Fred 66yWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb13189116016Koester, John 58yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug1318769594Koester, Louisa 5mWF
Monroe Street135   Oct1618675872Koester, Maria E 1mWF
Monroe Street185   Apr1818737815Koester, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street4110Mar31972Mar6197231331Koestle, Alfred C 68y M
Monroe Street442   Apr5193930016Koestle, Augusta 72yWF
Monroe Street3211   Sep18191426362Koestle, Caroline R 50yWF
Monroe Street2129   Oct26189015887Koestle, Elizabeth 59yWF
Monroe Street316   Mar4190021177Koestle, Elizabeth 68yWF
Monroe Street3142   Dec12190824855Koestle, Ferdinand 78yWM
Monroe Street3273   Aug1192227909Koestle, Ferdinand 62yWM
Monroe Street279   Jun25188714082Koestle, GeoSB WF
Monroe Street1131   Jul2918769563Koestle, Joseph 48yWM
Monroe Street3218   Apr26191526515Koestle, Julius J 56yWM
Monroe Street458Apr81943Apr10194330351Koestle, Karl 82yWM
Monroe Street123   Dec418655416Koestle, Louis 4yWM
Monroe Street3240   Sep7191727026Koestle, Otto A 48yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan14188814347Koestner,SB WM
Monroe Street2248   Mar14189820097Koetliker,SB WM
Monroe Street479Apr161952Apr19195230829Kogler, Steve 73yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul2190523847Kohen, Chas 4mWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar1518769406Kohl,SB Child of John W 
Monroe Street3136   Jun19190824729Kohl, 1dWM
Monroe Street321   Jun22190021361Kohl, August J 8dWM
Monroe Street148   Aug918696392Kohl, Catharina 80yWF
Monroe Street452   Aug12194130208Kohl, Elmer 33yWM
Monroe Street3139   Sep17190824787Kohl, Ida M 35yWF
Monroe Street3253   May22191927380Kohl, Margarite 53yWF
Monroe Street269   Aug30188613751Kohlbach, Maria 6wWF
Monroe Street1102   May118748455Kohlbrunn, BrunoSB W 
Monroe Street1104   Jul1818748536Kohler,SB Child of R W 
Monroe Street173   Apr2818727357Kohler, A Maria    
Monroe Street317   Mar26190021218Kohler, Albert 55yWM
Monroe Street487Jun31958Jun6195831038Kohler, Bertha 83yWF
Monroe Street3272   Jul27192227904Kohler, Christian 75yWM
Monroe Street2234   Apr12189719607Kohler, Fred 72yWM
Monroe Street467Jul201946Jul23194630547Kohler, Fred 69yWM
Monroe Street2185   Mar26189417887Kohler, Fred A 17yWM
Monroe Street3254   Aug15191927420Kohler, Friedericka 71yWF
Monroe Street170   Feb618727248Kohler, George 47yWM
Monroe Street411   Mar25193229290Kohler, Louis 60yWM
Monroe Street434   Jan18193729836Kohler, Louisa F 87yWF
Monroe Street3213   Nov3191426391Kohler, Louise 86yWF
Monroe Street173   Apr2818727356Kohler, Magd    
Monroe Street413   Sep27193229339Kohler, Wm 50yWM
Monroe Street3209   Jul14191426319Kohlhaas, Henry C 41yWM
Monroe Street372   Jun21190322901Kohlhaas, John G 34yWM
Monroe Street1152   Feb28187810340Kohlhas, John 36yWM
Monroe Street149   Aug2418696412Kohlman, Louis 35yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan17189920591Kohlman, Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec2018748758Kohlmann, 6yW 
Monroe Street238   Nov30188312681Kohlmann, Emma E 18yWF
Monroe Street3111   May2190624108Kohlmann, Mary E 62yWF
Monroe Street3118   Dec20190624296Kohls, Albert 20mWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul23188915088Koinber, ErnstSB WM
Monroe Street3182   Apr15191225750Koiz, JohnAKA Kviz62yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct2218769728Koklaenner, H Wm 6yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar2190624054Koklaunder,Baby WF
Monroe Street3253   May31191927385Koklauner, 6hWM
Monroe Street415   Feb16193329378Koklauner, Anna 81yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar31191025204Koklauner, Augus H 42yWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan24191025134Koklauner, August H 42yWM
Monroe Street468Dec71946Dec10194630560Koklauner, Caroline 72yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb17190121673Koklauner, Clara 72yWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov8191125636Koklauner, Frederick 59yWM
Monroe Street3177   Nov23191125646Koklauner, Jost 84yWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar20190824662Kolar, 6wWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct4188915246Kolbenschlag, Henry 43yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug8190523887Kolberg, Ethel 6mWF
Monroe Street371   May20190322865Kolberg, Myrtle 7mWF
Monroe Street421   Jun12193429534Kolbert, John 63yWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug12191025323Kolbow,SB WF
Monroe Street3182   Apr30191225763Kolbow, Elmer A 24yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun22188513298Kolbow, George 2mWM
Monroe Street3221   Aug21191526578Kolbow, Henry 54yWM
Monroe Street31   Feb7189920634Kolbow, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec23188714323Kolbow, Rose 6yWF
Monroe Street468Nov181946Nov21194630559Kolbow, Sophia Fredericka 80yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr19190322824Kolesar, Emma 2mWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun26189015703Kolhans, Chas 24yWM
Monroe Street415   Mar28193329388Kollar, Viola 28yWF
Monroe Street178   Sep618727559Koller, Charles 5mWM
Monroe Street468Oct71946Oct21194630556Kolmsee, Emma Augusta 65yWF
Monroe Street55Aug131974May19197831401Kolmsee, John J 92y M
Monroe Street3137   Jul3190824741Kolos, Maria 3mWF
Monroe Street3233   Nov25191626849Kolteryahn, Theo 71yWM
Monroe Street226   Oct31188212255Kolthoff, WmSB   
Monroe Street2172   Jul9189317432Kolzon,SB WM
Monroe Street2173   Jul23189317467Kolzow, 14dWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul31188915107Komber, Anna M 30yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug15190423466Konarth, John 31yWM
Monroe Street2207   May29189518678Konas, 9mWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar31190824674Konas, Jos 48yWM
Monroe Street2169   May18189317335Konker,SB WF
Monroe Street3131   Jan29190824627Konker, John H 69yWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan24191827096Konkol,SB WF
Monroe Street3242   Jan24191827097Konkol,SB WF
Monroe Street3293   Mar27192628499Konnoy, WilliamAKA Konopatski45yWM
Monroe Street355   Jul30190222420Konopatski, Fred 47yWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar27192628499Konopatski, WilliamAKA Konnoy45yWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug3188011241Kontz,Child of   
Monroe Street174   Jun1618727407Kontz, L M 2yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul16190523860Konyi,Baby WF
Monroe Street2158   Aug25189216924Koobs, Richard 10mWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun8189015678Kook, Elizabeth 50yWF
Monroe Street1140   Feb2818779915Koontz, Annie L 38yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug8189619299Koopman, 1mWF
Monroe Street2237   Jul8189719717Koopman, 1dWF
Monroe Street322   Jul29190021416Koopman, 10mWF
Monroe Street2223   Jul7189619240Koopman, Akke 5mWF
Monroe Street2247   Mar12189820093Koopman, Garrett 62yWM
Monroe Street319   Apr26190021275Koopman, Gertie 24yWF
Monroe Street2190   Jun14189418054Koopmans, Sybrich 15mWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug13189619304Koosin, Chas 4mWM
Monroe Street2207   Jun2189518682Kopas, Michial 54yWM
Monroe Street447   Mar30194030109Kopfer, Agnes 69yWF
Monroe Street2170   Jun4189317362Kopley, 1mWM
Monroe Street2246   Jan31189820034Kopman, Henry 53yWM
Monroe Street196   Dec218738237Kopp, Henry 1dW 
Monroe Street3131   Jan3190824599Kopp, Lillian 2yWF
Monroe Street3117   Nov13190624268Koppman, Lena 53yWF
Monroe Street479Feb41952Feb8195230819Koproncel, Steve 70yWM
Monroe Street174   Jun2118727409Kopsch, Lydia J J 5mWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct20189820437Koptis, Rose 7mWF
Monroe Street2257   Nov5189820467Koran, Marie 14dWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov13191125640Korb, Lizetta 41yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun22189015697Korbich, Otto Carl 7dWM
Monroe Street176   Jul2418727468Kordmaier, Hermann 6mW 
Monroe Street148   Jul2518696377Kordmeier, Anna Louisa 2mWF
Monroe Street1102   May1218748467Kordmeier, Henry 1mWM
Monroe Street1102   May618748461Kordmeier, Maria 39yWF
Monroe Street2236   Jun23189719692Kordmeyer, Anna 80yWF
Monroe Street2196   Sep28189418289Kordmeyer, Edward 13yWM
Monroe Street2211   Sep10189518841Kordmeyer, John 16yWM
Monroe Street149   Sep918696430Kordres, John H 1yWM
Monroe Street2221   Apr29189619146Korecky, Plarburn 55yWM
Monroe Street144   Jan1318696208Korel, Magdalena 48yWF
Monroe Street3125   Jul30190724480Korell, John 9dWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec2191025417Korell, John J 7mWM
Monroe Street416   May1193329399Korgenson, Peter 74yWM
Monroe Street3240   Oct10191727046Korom, Andrew 15yWM
Monroe Street492Jun91962Jun12196231140Korom, Rose 82yWF
Monroe Street486Mar21957Apr6195730995Koron, Joseph 80yWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug28190824777Korrell, Elizabeth 55yWF
Monroe Street231   May2188312429Korrell, Jacob 67y  
Monroe Street3139   Sep8190824784Kort, Edeta 15mWF
Monroe Street393   Dec9190423588Kortan, James 1yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan4189618998Korth, Emma 6yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan12188412717Kortholz, August 6dWM
Monroe Street242   Apr20188412810Kortler, Maria 28yWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan28189015466Kortmeier, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street2114   Dec4188915362Kortmeyer, Annie 13yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb13189015495Kortmeyer, Gustav 7yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct9188714231Kortmeyer, Henry 45yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar12189015543Kortmeyer, Louisa 5yWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan7189317119Kortmyer, Minnie 13yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep21189518868Kortrba, James 21dWM
Monroe Street1121   Oct718759207Kortsweil, Clara 28yWF
Monroe Street247   Sep17188412981Korttmeyer, Maria 27yWF
Monroe Street3205   Mar17191426241Kosakowski, Stepans 2yWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct5190523938Kosell, 36hWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun11189418049Kosh, John 45yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug22187710126Koshenberger, 2mW 
Monroe Street340   Aug26190121977Koski, 4dWF
Monroe Street321   Jun20190021358Koski, Vina 4dWM
Monroe Street410   Jan21193229256Koslowski, Gottlieb 63yWM
Monroe Street254   May4188513234Kosman, Julia 6yWF
Monroe Street418   Dec19193329469Kosower, Jas SRev64yWM
Monroe Street4103Jun21968Jun5196831284Kosowur, Hannah 95yWF
Monroe Street1117   Jul1318759029Koster,1 of 3 children of H   
Monroe Street1117   Jul1318759029Koster,2 of 3 children of H   
Monroe Street1117   Jul1318759029Koster,3 of 3 children of H   
Monroe Street217   Feb15188211923Koster, August 2yWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct14189418312Koster, Bertha 14yWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul22190624180Koster, Herman H 62yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun1918758986Koster, Sophie 2yWF
Monroe Street35   Apr30189920765Kostik, Veronica 45yWF
Monroe Street2122   May28189015664Kostmeier, Elisa 3dWF
Monroe Street339   Aug20190121968Kot,SB WM
Monroe Street336   Jun30190121870Kotalick, Edw 8yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug13187710113Kotcian, Josephine 1mWF
Monroe Street2211   Aug29189518814Kotrba,SB WM
Monroe Street2240   Sep29189719842Kotrba, Peter 21yWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr25191927364Koudelka, Arthur T 8mWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul18188915076Kousensky, Bertha 3mWF
Monroe Street420   Jan17193429484Kovach, Bella 38yWM
Monroe Street461Feb281944Mar23194430426Kovach, John CJr31yWM
Monroe Street455Apr261942Apr29194230266Kovach, Julia 66yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar12190121697Kovach, Julius 2yWM
Monroe Street52Dec131975Dec17197531379Kovach, Margaret 79y F
Monroe Street52Jan241975Jan27197531368Kovacs, Barbera 89y F
Monroe Street470Sep281947Oct1194730589Kovacs, John 72yWM
Monroe Street495Oct171963Oct19196331187Kovacs, John 80yWM
Monroe Street478Mar151951Mar19195130789Kovacs, Mary Maria 75yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug18191125595Kovar,SB WM
Monroe Street3160   Jun7191025271Kovar, JohnAKA Kobar69yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep19189920944Kovar, Mary 8mWF
Monroe Street2251   May21189820228Kovarz, Joseph 49yWM
Monroe Street477Dec41950Dec7195030777Kovatch, S Alxander 74yWM
Monroe Street431   Apr11193629757Kovi, Victoria 3mWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul15190523856Kovocis, Mary 4wWF
Monroe Street2136   May5189116146Kowalski, 21dW 
Monroe Street2228   Nov22189619423Kowalski,SB WF
Monroe Street2228   Nov24189619427Kowalski, Bertha 36yWF
Monroe Street2138   Jun12189116189Kowalski, Eliz 35yWF
Monroe Street2239   Aug21189719792Kowalski, Harold 2wWM
Monroe Street496Aug251964Aug27196431206Kowalski, Mary 84yWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep21189619357Kowalski, Milton 2mWM
Monroe Street3111   May31190624134Kowalski, Otto 6mWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb20190724357Kowalsky, 5wWF
Monroe Street377   Sep9190323022Kowalsky, Mary 34yWF
Monroe Street3305   Jun16192828834Kowatch, MarieSB WF
Monroe Street28   Jul22188111609Koweilski, Alfred 6mWM
Monroe Street235   Aug16188312551Kowsliky, Ludwig 6yWM
Monroe Street338   Jul22190121917Kozdera, Otelia 16mWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul3018759083Krackow, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street2255   Aug24189820365Kraemer, Fred 16mWM
Monroe Street2206   May7189518646Kraemer, Frederich 27yWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug10189619302Kraemer, Jesse F 1yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb11189518498Kraemer, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul24189216837Kraemer, Rudy 11dWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep1189015820Kraemer, Walter 19mWM
Monroe Street325   Oct9190021513Kraft, August 32yWM
Monroe Street3228   Mar6191626712Kraft, Edw 82yWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov13187710237Kraft, Friedrikie 53yW 
Monroe Street2237   Jul23189719745Kraft, Mary 74yWF
Monroe Street1152   Mar20187810357Krais, John 50yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov14190021548Krajci, John 2yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug1618748596Krako, Mary 11mWF
Monroe Street365   Jan27190322697Krakovsky,Baby WM
Monroe Street281   Aug6188714156Krakow, Anna 5mWF
Monroe Street387   Jun30190423402Kral, 9mWF
Monroe Street352   May30190222326Kral, Antonia 26yWF
Monroe Street3243   Feb20191827120Kral, Clara 14dWF
Monroe Street2251   May20189820224Kral, Jaroslav 5mWM
Monroe Street321   Jul2190021371Kral, Lillie 1yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov18190222586Kral, Maria 4yWF
Monroe Street340   Aug31190121981Kral, Rose 13mWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun22191025283Kral, Rosie 1yWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep30187710165Krall, Emma 5mWF
Monroe Street336   Jun23190121856Krall, Rose 30yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug1189418168Kramer,SB WF
Monroe Street37   Jul6189920846Kramer, 1yWF
Monroe Street3263   Dec8192027649Kramer,SB WM
Monroe Street284   Dec6188714295Kramer, Anna 74yWF
Monroe Street2223   Jul6189619239Kramer, Carl 10mWM
Monroe Street1153   May18187810399Kramer, Carn's 21yW 
Monroe Street2212   Sep29189518877Kramer, Chas 3dWM
Monroe Street3274   Nov28192227955Kramer, Don C 7dWM
Monroe Street2207   Jun11189518692Kramer, Eddie 6yWM
Monroe Street2240   Oct2189719849Kramer, Gracie 6wWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul11190624165Kramer, Henry 78yWM
Monroe Street2240   Oct1189719848Kramer, Ida 6wWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul18189015743Kramer, Joseph 56yWM
Monroe Street173   Apr1218727336Kramer, Michael 67yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul5190121882Kramer, Sylvia 7mWF
Monroe Street3132   Feb22190824641Kramm, Wm 77yWM
Monroe Street2136   May2189116142Kramp,SB WM
Monroe Street358   Sep13190222492Kramp, 4wWF
Monroe Street190   Aug1018738005Kramp, Albertine 34yWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul2618759070Kramp, Ed 8mWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1718738018Kramp, Edwin 1mWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar23189116059Kramp, Ella 3yWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov14191025398Kramp, John 76yWM
Monroe Street274   Jan10188713911Kramp, Lena 2yWF
Monroe Street3245   May14191827171Kramp, Louisa 73yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep22189518869Kramp, Robert 5mWM
Monroe Street343   Nov20190122069Krampan, Hans 92yWM
Monroe Street268   Jul27188613708Krampene, Chas 1yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul28188915097Kramper, Charlotta 80yWF
Monroe Street2166   Feb23189317196Krampier, Martha 7yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug1188613712Krampin, Alviene 15mWF
Monroe Street386   May11190423341Krampine, Ernst 39yWM
Monroe Street2257   Oct26189820442Kramps, 24hWF
Monroe Street461Jan111944Jan14194430411Kranskopf, Barbara 87yWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec25189820538Kranskopf, Charles 14yWM
Monroe Street176   Jul2118727460Kransteuber, Henry 11mWM
Monroe Street313   Dec28189921076Kransteuber, Maria E 72yWF
Monroe Street3276   Feb10192327991Kranter, Christian 90yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan12191626672Kranter, Edw 42yWM
Monroe Street3266   Jul9192127746Kranter, Wilhelmina 81yWF
Monroe Street413   Oct27193229347Krase, Johanna 74yWF
Monroe Street173   Apr3018727361Krath, Anna W A 9mWF
Monroe Street3219   May9191526527Kratt, Harry F 40yWM
Monroe Street3175   Sep21191125606Kratt, Harry G 1mWM
Monroe Street3285   Aug11192428245Kratt, Margaret M 18yWF
Monroe Street1148   Oct31187710217Kratzer, Fr 4yW 
Monroe Street396   Mar1190523691Kratzer, Louis 64yWM
Monroe Street1148      10220Kratzser, FrSee Int No 10217   
Monroe Street2164   Jan29189317150Kraus, Catherine 63yWF
Monroe Street347   Feb2190222173Kraus, Chas 33yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan31189015471Kraus, John 32yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan1818748317Krause,Child of Chr W 
Monroe Street282   Sep18188714213Krause,SB WF
Monroe Street222   Jun17188212104Krause, Anna 1y  
Monroe Street2259   Dec12189820527Krause, August 46yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr18189619127Krause, Augusta 32yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug18188714179Krause, Auguste 20yWM
Monroe Street2117   Feb1189015476Krause, C 72yWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep23190523926Krause, Christian 76yWM
Monroe Street289   Apr14188814474Krause, Edward 6mWM
Monroe Street2238   Aug12189719779Krause, Emelia 50yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul1418717017Krause, George 19yWM
Monroe Street2221   May5189619155Krause, Grover 21dWM
Monroe Street274   Jan29188713929Krause, Henry 12dWM
Monroe Street2221   May6189619156Krause, Herbert 21dWM
Monroe Street369   Apr23190322831Krause, Julius M 36yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug8189317515Krause, Maggie B 3mWF
Monroe Street2109   Aug30188915175Krause, Mary 88yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep18188714212Krause, Wilhemia Sophia 32yWF
Monroe Street2221   May4189619154Krause, Wm 21dWM
Monroe Street3288   Mar5192528319Krauskopf, Gottlieb 76yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep718748628Krauss, Ad 10yWM
Monroe Street465May221945May25194530498Krauss, Anna E 79yWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb10190724346Krauss, Fred 35yWM
Monroe Street361   Nov10190222580Krauss, Hazel 5yWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb3189820035Krauss, Ida 13yWF
Monroe Street318   Apr5190021236Krauss, John 53yWM
Monroe Street3214   Dec8191426408Krauss, Justina 75yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun10188011157Krauss, Mary 13yWF
Monroe Street2247   Mar12189820090Krauss, Michael 73yWM
Monroe Street2211   Sep1189518822Krausteuber, Fred 1dWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug1318748587Kraut, HenrySB W 
Monroe Street234   Jul25188312521Kraut, Henry 9mWM
Monroe Street233   Jun12188312477Kraut, Karl 8mWM
Monroe Street148   Aug418696388Krauter,SB Child of C W 
Monroe Street1127   Mar718769396Krauter, Barb 2dWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2618686063Krauter, Fredericka 34yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug1318686087Krauter, Fredericka 1mWF
Monroe Street129   Oct1818665632Krauter, John F 1yWM
Monroe Street471May301948Jun2194830630Krauter, William C 83yWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug2518759143Krauth,SB Child of J W 
Monroe Street235   Aug29188312565Krauth, Anna 31yWF
Monroe Street3123   May23190724440Krauth, Henry 58yWM
Monroe Street475Nov301949Dec3194930719Krauth, Henry 62yWM
Monroe Street4105Nov81969Nov10196931305Krauth, Lillie 83y F
Monroe Street298   Nov14188814796Krauth, Sophia 33yWF
Monroe Street328   Dec24190021602Kray, Lena 62yWF
Monroe Street298   Nov20188814802Kray, Louis 51yWM
Monroe Street27   Jul12188111585Kreager, E H 1yW 
Monroe Street152   Feb618706545Krebs, Almah 1yWF
Monroe Street483Nov21954Nov5195430918Krebs, Louise O 87yWF
Monroe Street160   Dec1518706832Krecher, Margreta 52yWF
Monroe Street3285   Aug9192428243Kredeman, Charles 82yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun18189418059Kredo, August 4dWM
Monroe Street2179   Nov21189317676Kredo, Minnie 2yWF
Monroe Street233   Jul1188312499Kreger, Carl W 7dWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep9187710146Kreger, Eda R 14dW 
Monroe Street291   May16188814525Kreig, Lillie 6dWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb1191426217Kreikenbohm, Elizabeth 55yWF
Monroe Street484Aug31955Aug6195530944Kreikenbohm, Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street489Dec81959Dec10195931077Kreikenbohm, Mary E 63yWF
Monroe Street46   Mar9193129177Kreikenbohn, Henry 76yWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar29190924922Kreiner,Baby WM
Monroe Street2110   Sep10188915193Kreitz, Robert 28yWM
Monroe Street3233   Oct9191626824Kreitz, Susanna F 73yWF
Monroe Street2236   Jun24189719693Krejci, 16dWM
Monroe Street331   Mar22190121720Krejci, 7dWF
Monroe Street3298   Jan31192728624Krejci,SB WF
Monroe Street392   Nov2190423553Krejci, Anna 15yWF
Monroe Street3298   Feb7192728627Krejci, Anna 77yWF
Monroe Street499Oct251966Oct28196631249Krejci, Emma Louise 83yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr11190121747Krejci, John 67yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug7189518775Krejci, Joseph 2yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun7189719679Krejci, LilaSB WF
Monroe Street3240   Sep20191727032Krekel, Christina 72yWF
Monroe Street341   Sep16190122002Krekel, Edward 62yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul2018737926Krekel, Ernst 1yWM
Monroe Street132   Mar3118675744Krekel, Wilhelmina 46yWF
Monroe Street3282   Mar15192428182Krell, Anthony P 65yWM
Monroe Street3291   Dec3192528431Krell, Isabella 69yWF
Monroe Street2188   May24189418001Krempien, Pearl 9mWF
Monroe Street2251   May20189820226Krempin,SB WF
Monroe Street323   Aug15190021445Krempin, 4mWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr15189619122Krempin, Anna 12yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep22189820402Krempin, Arthur 9mWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov4189619404Krempin, Chas 43yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun24190523838Krempin, Edw 5yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan6189719464Krempin, Effie 6yWF
Monroe Street42   May3193029078Krempin, Johanna 56yWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec2189015927Krempin, Willie 22mWM
Monroe Street388   Jul22190423430Krempine, Alfred 6mWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct19190624249Kreneck, John 45yWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct7189820423Krenek, Mary 35yWF
Monroe Street3189   Oct13190025882Krenke, Lizzie 3yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul22189216833Krenkell, Elizabeth 59yWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan19189619015Krenz, 2hWF
Monroe Street384   Mar25190423278Kreps,Baby WM
Monroe Street178   Aug2618727540Kreps, A 9mW 
Monroe Street27   Jul18188111601Krers,Child of Herman   
Monroe Street480Sep21952Sep4195230840Kress,SB WM
Monroe Street122   Oct1518655372Kress, Catharine 1yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb20189417818Kress, Lizzie 39yWF
Monroe Street125   Mar718665473Kress, Louisa 1dWF
Monroe Street270   Oct3188613806Kressell, Mary 67yWF
Monroe Street3154   Dec18190925108Krestel, 1mWF
Monroe Street327   Dec10190021579Krestle, Hannah 4mWF
Monroe Street361   Nov14190222584Krestle, Wm 1mWM
Monroe Street3134   Apr7190824682Krestler,Baby WM
Monroe Street398   Apr15190523755Krestner, Julius 10dWM
Monroe Street2115   Dec23188915393Krestschnar, 7dWM
Monroe Street338   Jul23190121918Kretchmar,SB WF
Monroe Street2195   Sep14189418266Kretchmar, Clement 6mWM
Monroe Street3262   Oct22192027620Kretchmar, Elinore 65yWF
Monroe Street49   Dec24193129250Kretchmar, Robert 84yWM
Monroe Street1101   Apr1718748434Krether, Bernhard 62yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr14188011100Krethmann, ChrSB W 
Monroe Street297   Oct19188814760Kretzgmann, Max 1dWM
Monroe Street234   Jul29188312528Kretzman, Julias O 11mW 
Monroe Street2188   May23189418000Kreukel, Hattie 1yWF
Monroe Street230   Mar5188312376Kreutzer,SB  F
Monroe Street2184   Mar2189417837Krieg, Frederick 1dWM
Monroe Street410   Feb13193229271Krieg, John 73yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb28188513162Krieg, JosephSB WM
Monroe Street3257   Jan22192027486Krieg, Mary 62yWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec1189820507Krieg, Walter 2yWM
Monroe Street54Sep291977Sep30197731393Krieg, William   M
Monroe Street2197   Oct29189418333Krieger, 5dWF
Monroe Street191   Aug2318738039Krieger, Charles 43yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul1190322913Krieger, Chas 75yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar23189719569Krieger, Johanna E 66yWF
Monroe Street196   Dec818738250Krieger, Louis 11mWM
Monroe Street231   Mar28188312402Krieger, Lydia 3y F
Monroe Street282   Sep20188714215Krieger, Paul 16yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun2918737885Krieger, Robert 10mWM
Monroe Street276   Apr3188713993Krieitzer, John 31yWM
Monroe Street439   Jul11193829958Krienke, Amelia 81yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug6188714157Krienke, Auguste  WF
Monroe Street3184   Jun17191225793Krienke, David 61yWM
Monroe Street282   Sep1188714190Krienke, Eva Auguste 11wWF
Monroe Street16   Jan818644716Kriest, Adam 24yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov16188111809Krimuich, Reka 23yW 
Monroe Street1100   Mar1918748406Krindemann, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street454Jan131942Jan26194230243Krippendorf, Maude 71yWF
Monroe Street454Jan131942Jan26194230244Krippendorf, William 71yWM
Monroe Street250   Dec27188413094Krist, Geertrinda 1yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan20188513119Krist, Jakobye 3yWF
Monroe Street371   May10190322851Kristofen, 4mWM
Monroe Street487Nov221957Nov25195731018Kritzel, Anna 87yWF
Monroe Street410   Mar14193229282Kritzel, Herman C 62yWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun28191426312Krivanek, 1dWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug8189418185Krivanek, Alvina 2yWF
Monroe Street435   May24193729871Krivanek, Edward 54yWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun19190925000Krivanek, Mary 57yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan14190021101Kriz, 1dWM
Monroe Street3185   Jul16191225806Kriz, 60yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar23189719568Kriz, Clara 9yWF
Monroe Street316   Mar10190021185Kriz, John 11yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan19190021109Kriz, Julia 33yWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan8189719467Krnanek, John 48yWM
Monroe Street359   Oct13190222533Kroeger, Alvin 22yWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec6191225900Kroeger, Anna Maria 77yWF
Monroe Street164   Jun2418717000Kroeger, Annie 1yWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov30191025415Kroeger, Arline S 6dWF
Monroe Street142   Sep2718686146Kroeger, Clara Louisa 11mWM
Monroe Street3204   Mar5191426233Kroeger, Fred Paul 4yWM
Monroe Street3263   Dec4192027642Kroeger, Frederick J 84yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct11188111756Kroeger, Henry 16yWM
Monroe Street2152   Apr26189216702Kroeger, Mary 42yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan1718706527Kroen,SB Child of J WM
Monroe Street3146   Apr7190924934Kroffke, Emil 47yWM
Monroe Street411   May10193229305Kroffke, Emilie 64yWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug18189518792Kroggel, Carl G 4mWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul12189418108Kroggel, Frieda 10mWF
Monroe Street335   May25190121813Kroll, Caroline 65yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug8188613722Kroll, Gertrude 37yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug20188613740Kroll, Gertrude  WF
Monroe Street1152   Apr1187810365Kroll, Maria 22yWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb20191526467Kromfusz, Johanna 68yWF
Monroe Street3246   Aug10191827207Kronfusz, George 71yWM
Monroe Street17   Feb1818644753Krose,SB Child of Henry WF
Monroe Street2210   Aug17189518789Kroufues, Mina 12yWF
Monroe Street114   Oct518645043Krous, Conrad 2yWM
Monroe Street399   May24190523798Krouse, John 3dWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep1189619329Krowartz, Frieda 2yWF
Monroe Street3228   Mar27191626722Krowarz, Edward 35yWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul22189317466Krowarz, Elmer 13mWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug21189619315Krowarz, Elsie 21yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar13189920696Krowarz, Julia 42yWF
Monroe Street473Jan271949Jan29194930671Krowarz, Julia 69yWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct16188915269Krowatz, Annie 32yWF
Monroe Street423   Nov7193429584Kruck, Florence 26yWF
Monroe Street352   May2190222297Kruck, John 35yWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul6191125566Kruck, Lillian 9mWF
Monroe Street513Mar111986Mar18198631463Krueck, Anna 105y F
Monroe Street3286   Nov5192428282Krueck, Caroline 60yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug7191125585Krueck, Conrad A 23yWM
Monroe Street291   Jun5188814550Krueger,SB WF
Monroe Street258   Aug2188513364Krueger, Alviene 15mWM
Monroe Street256   Jun10188513285Krueger, AugSB WM
Monroe Street36   Jun3189920820Krueger, Bertha 17mWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec1218769831Krueger, Carl 34yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov4188312655Krueger, Carolina 2yWF
Monroe Street379   Nov1190323082Krueger, Catharine 73yWF
Monroe Street151   Nov2818696486Krueger, Frederick 36yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul31189518766Krueger, Friedericka 84yWF
Monroe Street394   Jan3190523626Krueger, Louisa 67yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct15188312622Krueger, Louisa H 7yWF
Monroe Street2152   May4189216720Krueger, Martin 73yWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan29189015469Krueger, Mary 10mWF
Monroe Street391   Oct9190423531Krueger, Minnie 72yWF
Monroe Street274   Jan16188713915Krueger, Rosalia 85yWF
Monroe Street37   Jul14189920861Krueger, Ruth 3yWF
Monroe Street3264   Mar241921 Kruezkamp, Julia P    
Monroe Street46   Mar28193129183Kruezkamp, Julia P 63yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec31188513535Kruger,Infant WM
Monroe Street2142   Sep19189116361Kruger, 1mWF
Monroe Street2166   Mar4189317211Kruger, Frank 7hWM
Monroe Street3178   Dec8191125655Kruger, Henrietta 58yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul4188714091Kruger, John 8mWM
Monroe Street3279   Aug17192328076Krugman, Charlotte 66yWF
Monroe Street235   Aug21188312556Krukemeyer, Bertha Marie 1yWF
Monroe Street3196   Jun1191326052Krull,Baby WM
Monroe Street2134   Mar7189116043Krullert, Mary 2mWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar22192227859Krum, Christina 84yWF
Monroe Street3140   Oct1190824798Krumberger, Minnie 42yWF
Monroe Street299   Dec26188814844Krumhar, Anuenda 1yWF
Monroe Street2251   May20189820225Krumhar, Fred 20mWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov7188915314Krumhar, Henrietta 18yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr21189015603Krumhar, Robert 5yWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr7191025215Krumheuer, Ruth 1yWF
Monroe Street2179   Dec7189317706Krumm, Friedericka 91yWF
Monroe Street210   Sep2188111696Krummhaar, 4mW 
Monroe Street1120   Aug2718759147Krump, Wilh'a 28yW 
Monroe Street1133   Sep1118769655Krupka, Barbara 1yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan27190222160Krupka, Effie 3mWF
Monroe Street320   May21190021315Krupke, Josephine 3yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun28190423399Kruppke, Wm 8yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb2518706562Kruse,SB Child of H WF
Monroe Street2233   Apr1189719584Kruse, 14hWF
Monroe Street252   Feb11188513142Kruse, Anna Elseba 74yWF
Monroe Street223   Aug8188212161Kruse, Aug 14y  
Monroe Street350   Apr1190222247Kruse, Bernhard 64yWM
Monroe Street1143   Jun13187710025Kruse, C A J 11yW 
Monroe Street217   Feb26188211948Kruse, Charles 18yWM
Monroe Street266   Jun24188613669Kruse, Flora 1yWF
Monroe Street236   Oct6188312612Kruse, Fred 5yWM
Monroe Street472Oct261948Oct29194830657Kruse, Fred August 68yWM
Monroe Street1134   Oct118769691Kruse, Geo 6yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug9188714161Kruse, Henry 36yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan2189920559Kruse, Henry 67yWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug6191727006Kruse, Johanna 72yWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan18189619014Kruse, John C 74yWM
Monroe Street3271   Apr8192227868Kruse, Katherine M 66yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan1918655129Kruse, Mary 7yWF
Monroe Street2194   Sep2189418234Kruse, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street4100Dec231966Dec27196631255Kruse, Matilda 87yWF
Monroe Street3203   Jan21191426209Kruse, Minnie 84yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep29188312604Kruse, Wille 1yWM
Monroe Street2103   Apr11188914963Kruse, William 15yWM
Monroe Street3272   Jul26192227903Krusen, Caroline 60yWF
Monroe Street411   Mar29193229292Krusen, Wm C 82yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr20189317292Kubach,SB WF
Monroe Street2218   Feb20189619048Kubach,Baby WF
Monroe Street2148   Jan31189216562Kubach, William B 8mWM
Monroe Street39   Aug18189920910Kubanek, Geo 41yWM
Monroe Street3277   May22192328039Kubes,SB WF
Monroe Street184   Feb2318737757Kuble, Gottlieb 5dWM
Monroe Street396   Mar15190523719Kubusuki,Baby WF
Monroe Street194   Oct2518738175Kuch, George 68yWM
Monroe Street449   Oct30194030159Kuch, GeorgeAKA Cook74yWM
Monroe Street136   Nov2318675902Kuch, Juliane 65yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul11188714109Kuchenbecker,SB WM
Monroe Street149   Sep318696421Kuchenburger, Charles 1mWM
Monroe Street120   Aug318655293Kuchenburger, Samuel 2mWM
Monroe Street134   Sep118675834Kuchenburgu, Lawrence 14dWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov13187710238Kuchle, Elisabeth    
Monroe Street268   Aug22188613741Kuckenbecker, Herman 13dWM
Monroe Street339   Aug24190121973Kudada, Jamesor Kodada1yWM
Monroe Street259   Aug27188513410Kuddea, EdwardSB WM
Monroe Street193   Oct118738134Kuddes, henry Wm 11mWM
Monroe Street2219   Apr1189619099Kuderlicka, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street312   Nov12189921007Kuebler, Jacob 78yWM
Monroe Street1131   Jul2618769557Kuechele, Elisab 4mWF
Monroe Street3173   Jul15191125578Kueffer, Anna 22yWF
Monroe Street447   Jan2194030081Kueffer, Charles 77yWM
Monroe Street461Feb221944Feb25194430421Kueffer, Elizabeth 84yWF
Monroe Street3117   Nov10190624265Kueffer, Emma 14yWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan13191927284Kueffer, John 32yWM
Monroe Street312   Nov26189921034Kueffer, Karl 16yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug12187710110Kuehle, Edward 18yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct718738148Kuehle, G H A 4yW 
Monroe Street15   Dec618634684Kuehle, Lewis 8mWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar31189518580Kuehle, Louis 78yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb1191927300Kuehle, Margaret 90yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul5189015713Kuehn,Baby WM
Monroe Street2217   Jan15189619012Kuehn,SB WM
Monroe Street2237   Jul16189719735Kuehn, 4mWF
Monroe Street3114   Aug23190624203Kuehn,Baby WM
Monroe Street274   Jan30188713933AKuehn, Albert 6yWM
Monroe Street274   Jan30188713933Kuehn, Amelia 6yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul26188513347Kuehn, Hedwig 6mWF
Monroe Street3205   Mar21191426244Kuehn, Jacob 52yWM
Monroe Street473Feb121949Feb15194930673Kuehn, Pauline 79yWF
Monroe Street2203   Mar1189518532Kuehnert, Richard 4yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul13190121898Kueller, Dolly 8mWF
Monroe Street39   Sep8189920934Kueller, Earl 5mWM
Monroe Street14   Oct3118634655Kuents, Theodore 1yWM
Monroe Street3192   Feb22191325962Kuentz, 1dWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun17189015689Kuentz, Anton 7dWM
Monroe Street3299   May7192728662Kuentz, Chas F 64yWM
Monroe Street352   May15190222307Kuentz, Elizabeth 87yWF
Monroe Street3202   Dec2191326172Kuentz, Francis 69yWF
Monroe Street130   Nov2718665661Kuentz, Frank F 7mWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1618675819Kuentz, Fred Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street467Jan251946Jan29194630531Kuentz, Geo Otto 70yWM
Monroe Street136   Nov2818675905Kuentz, George 21yWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug15191727014Kuentz, Helen 13yWF
Monroe Street3215   Jan26191526443Kuentz, Henry 45yWM
Monroe Street119   May1718655238Kuentz, I G 3dWF
Monroe Street3152   Oct11190925059Kuentz, John F 70yWM
Monroe Street2102   Mar3188914918Kuentz, Karl 75yWM
Monroe Street461Mar301944Apr1194430429Kuentz, Margaret 79yWF
Monroe Street4108Feb151971Feb18197131313Kuentz, Minnie 92y F
Monroe Street211   Oct2188111737Kuenz, Bath 40yW 
Monroe Street221   May15188212057Kuenz, Ida 4y  
Monroe Street140   Aug1018686083Kuester,SB Child of Fr WF
Monroe Street2230   Jan3189719460Kuhert, E J 3dWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb8189820039Kuhert, Elizabeth 85yWF
Monroe Street2244   Dec26189719978Kuhl, Olga 10mWF
Monroe Street2122   May12189015636Kuhler, Christian 2mWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct7189418303Kuhlman, 4dWM
Monroe Street318   Apr13190021255Kuhlman, Augusta 82yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar22190121718Kuhlman, Ethel 9mWF
Monroe Street2106   Jul2188915054Kuhlman, George 6yWM
Monroe Street2207   Jun6189518686Kuhlman, Henry 75yWM
Monroe Street2160   Nov1189217020Kuhlman, Mathila 10mWF
Monroe Street262   Dec13188513513Kuhlman, Philip 21yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr5189820145Kuhlman, Raymond 2yWM
Monroe Street2102   Feb25188914913Kuhlmann, Eliz 86yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb12189920647Kuhlmayer, Theo 5yWM
Monroe Street265   Apr7188613627Kuhlmeier, 2dWF
Monroe Street265   Apr7188613628Kuhlmeier, 2dWF
Monroe Street2194   Sep3189418240Kuhlmeier, 14dWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep8189619337Kuhlmeier, Eleanore 68yWF
Monroe Street38   Aug10189920898Kuhlmeier, Ernst W 3mWM
Monroe Street3106   Dec9190523999Kuhlmeier, J F 72yWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar19189820112Kuhlmeier, Meta 73yWF
Monroe Street334   May21190121809Kuhlmeier, Walter 2yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb3189719500Kuhlmeyer, 8dWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar8189619077Kuhlmeyer, Hattie 3yWF
Monroe Street3238   May31191726969Kuhm, Carolina 81yWF
Monroe Street3133   Mar21190824666Kuhn, 4wWM
Monroe Street452   Aug18194130212Kuhn, Caroline 79yWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr2918779995Kuhn, Christ 35yWM
Monroe Street51Dec111974Dec13197431366Kuhn, Edward F 66y M
Monroe Street2186   Apr6189417903Kuhn, Gertrude 4mWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun27189015704Kuhn, H N 2yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov16191225888Kuhn, John 74yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun21188915044Kuhn, Paul 6yWM
Monroe Street1152   Apr16187810373Kuhn, Sophia    
Monroe Street3154   Dec21190925112Kuhn, Wm 51yWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb10190724345Kuhns, Ada 26yWF
Monroe Street229   Jan14188312343Kuhns, Delia 32y F
Monroe Street3306   Jul13192828846Kuhns, John A 55yWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep19189619354Kuhre, Leonard 3dWM
Monroe Street496Mar101964Mar13196431196Kuhrt, Caroline 86yWF
Monroe Street349   Mar7190222216Kuhrt, Elmer 3yWM
Monroe Street387   Jun24190423390Kuhrt, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street2170   May24189317343Kuhschmieder, Lizzie 2yWF
Monroe Street11   Jun518634529Kuk, M A 15yWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov3191125631Kukelscik, Hellen 3yWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan13190724316Kuks, Carl 70yWM
Monroe Street3159   May28191025261Kuks, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street173   May1118727370Kuks, Ricke 15yWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb21187910675Kuks, Wm'a Ja 5yW 
Monroe Street210   Sep4188111700Kulbensehlag, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep10189619343Kulbow, Fred 82yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec19189418414Kulhanek, Caroline 6yWF
Monroe Street34   Apr4189920728Kulhoney, Caroline 9wWF
Monroe Street338   Jul28190121930Kulhovey, Josephine 10mWF
Monroe Street3131   Jan6190824602Kullman, Barbara 77yWF
Monroe Street3145   Mar2190924902Kullman, Barbara 47yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug8191125587Kullman, Christina 81yWF
Monroe Street3227   Feb16191626704Kullman, Clarance 22yWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep8190523913Kullman, Conrad 75yWM
Monroe Street438   Feb3193829919Kullman, Ella C 71yWF
Monroe Street3274   Nov4192227944Kullman, Henry 64yWM
Monroe Street3214   Dec30191426420Kullman, Henry C 22yWM
Monroe Street3263   Dec27192027652Kullman, Jacob 53yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul20191326078Kullman, Jacob Charlie 6yWM
Monroe Street35   May4189920773Kullman, John 73yWM
Monroe Street454Apr91942Apr13194230263Kullman, Walter 45yWM
Monroe Street220   Apr28188212035Kullmann, Albert 1y  
Monroe Street178   Aug2618727541Kullmann, Caroline 5mWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb13187910668Kullmann, Eddy 5mWM
Monroe Street181   Dec1018727676Kullmann, Elisa 16yW 
Monroe Street3128   Oct21190724542Kulm, Mathias 82yWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug24189116321Kulman, Carl John 5mWM
Monroe Street145   Mar1818696266Kulow, Frederick  WM
Monroe Street246   Aug6188412938Kulow, John 39yWM
Monroe Street387   Jun14190423376Kultus,SB WF
Monroe Street4107Nov111970Nov16197031311Kumler, Florence 80y F
Monroe Street2230   Jan8189719466Kummer,SB WM
Monroe Street23   Feb13188111433Kummer, Ernst 1yWM
Monroe Street1146   Aug29187710135Kummer, Fred 64yWM
Monroe Street128   Sep618665604Kummer, Robert 23yWM
Monroe Street3268   Nov16192127795Kummer, Robert 53yWM
Monroe Street3295   Jul7192628551Kunath,SB WM
Monroe Street451   Feb17194130178Kunath, Amelia 86yWF
Monroe Street3256   Nov10191927455Kunath, Edw G 1yWM
Monroe Street411   Apr9193229297Kunath, Ernst 77yWM
Monroe Street516Oct81989Feb5199031482Kunath, Martha Hemietta 97y F
Monroe Street127   Jun2918665536Kundert, John T 7mWM
Monroe Street428   Nov25193529712Kundmueller, Fredericka 77yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr4190322801Kundtz,Baby WF
Monroe Street3237   Mar27191726932Kundtz, Agnes 63yWF
Monroe Street3147   May25190924975Kundtz, Frank 69yWM
Monroe Street447   Feb9194030095Kundtz, Leokadia 70yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb2218769384Kuner, B 1yW 
Monroe Street454Mar121942Mar16194230253Kunes, Frank 42yWM
Monroe Street342   Oct28190122047Kunes, Joe 40yWM
Monroe Street38   Jul17189920865Kunkel, Otto 40yWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar17191426242Kuntz, Anna 32yWF
Monroe Street485Jun161956Jun19195630968Kuntz, Bernice F 49yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov1818706810Kuntz, Charles 71yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan2318748325Kuntz, Henriette 65yWF
Monroe Street126   May718665506Kuntz, John 22yWM
Monroe Street4113Aug91973Aug13197331347Kuntz, Louis 89y M
Monroe Street15   Nov1118634663Kuntz, Louisa 4yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan13189518455Kunz, Phil 2yWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun18190924994Kurell, Geo V 61yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul17189719737Kurka, C 1yWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep18189518860Kurka, Edward 6mWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep18189116360Kursten,  WF
Monroe Street164   Jun1218716993Kurth, John 57yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr13188011097Kurtz,Child of W 
Monroe Street2139   Jul11189116224Kurtz,SB WF
Monroe Street346   Jan23190222152Kurtz, Barbara 84yWF
Monroe Street3207   May15191426289Kurtz, Catharine 79yWF
Monroe Street37   Jun19189920832Kurtz, Edher 4mWF
Monroe Street390   Sep2190423487Kurtz, Fred 48yWM
Monroe Street12   Jul2218634549Kurtz, Frederick 17yWM
Monroe Street2148   Feb4189216570Kurtz, Frieda 1mWF
Monroe Street2158   Aug28189216931Kurtz, Jacob 67yWM
Monroe Street3311   May13192928967Kurtz, Michael 70yWM
Monroe Street251   Feb4188513134Kurz, Anita L 8mWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr15190724411Kurz, Casper 52yWM
Monroe Street122   Oct618655363Kurz, Charles Peter 3yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec7189820518Kurz, Elizabeth 68yWF
Monroe Street222   Jul6188212123Kurz, Ferd    
Monroe Street1180   Nov16188011353Kurz, Ferdin 41yW 
Monroe Street1172   Mar14188011057Kurz, Frank M 6yWM
Monroe Street1152   Mar10187810352Kurz, G H 1yW 
Monroe Street242   Apr23188412811Kurz, George Jacob 2yWM
Monroe Street1108   Oct2718748696Kurz, Jac 47yW 
Monroe Street321   Jun15190021354Kurz, John 69yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov2190824818Kurz, John 42yWM
Monroe Street42   Apr25193029072Kurz, Minnie 71yWF
Monroe Street2223   Jun30189619225Kurz, Otto 14yWM
Monroe Street122   Sep2218655354Kurz, Pauline 4yWF
Monroe Street2150   Mar18189216634Kurz, Pauline 68yWF
Monroe Street492Jul261962Jul30196231142Kurzenberger, Hattie F 74yWF
Monroe Street473Nov71948Nov10194830659Kurzenberger, William C 71yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan21190121637Kus, Geo 43yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec2190222595Kuschner, Mary 56yWF
Monroe Street1168   Nov12187910947Kuse,SB W 
Monroe Street199   Feb1818748361Kush, Charles 36yWM
Monroe Street1102   May2518748481Kush, Charles 17yWM
Monroe Street169   Dec318717194Kush, Christina 29yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug21190423471Kushinsky, Ella 3mWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul16189518740Kushner, John 23yWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct24189518914Kushner, Paul 20yWM
Monroe Street167   Oct1018717149Kusster, Ludwig 21dWM
Monroe Street162   Mar2618716939Kuths, Fred 8dWM
Monroe Street213   Nov14188111801Kutler, Ch Fr 8yWM
Monroe Street266   Jun14188613666Kutler, Christian 69yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct18189317623Kutler, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street2215   Dec21189518979Kutler, Mary A 41yWF
Monroe Street3303   Feb20192828781Kutrz, Jacob 78yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug5189418177Kuttler, 10hWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul25189619278Kuttler,baby WM
Monroe Street392   Nov17190423562Kuttler,Baby WF
Monroe Street3257   Feb11192027503Kuttler,SB WM
Monroe Street2217   Jan14189619010Kuttler, Caroline L 62yWF
Monroe Street311   Oct18189920985Kuttler, Christina 70yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug418737983Kuttler, Christina E 2mWF
Monroe Street491Jan181962Jan22196231130Kuttler, Fannie S 92yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul13190423418Kuttler, Fred 1wWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan14191125454Kuttler, Frederika J 86yWF
Monroe Street318   Apr12190021251Kuttler, Geo 76y M
Monroe Street2104   Apr30188914991Kuttler, George 38yWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan23190724327Kuttler, Gottlieb 74yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan23190021118Kuttler, Helen 2yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb2018748366Kuttler, J G 3dW 
Monroe Street137   Jan3118685938Kuttler, Jacob 10yWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct22189719883Kuttler, Jacob J 69yWM
Monroe Street120   Aug418655294Kuttler, Johanna F 8yWF
Monroe Street1113   Mar718758878Kuttler, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street139   Jun2918686032Kuttler, John G 1mWM
Monroe Street440   Oct15193829975Kuttler, John H 89yWM
Monroe Street3289   May5192528352Kuttler, John J 59yWM
Monroe Street141   Aug2018686096Kuttler, John Jacob 5yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun5188513279Kuttler, Karl Friedrich    
Monroe Street123   Nov1618655398Kuttler, Louisa K    
Monroe Street3305Jul191926May22192828824Kuttler, Maggie 64yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug6189418180Kuttler, Robt C 11mWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan22190724326Kuttler, Walter J 13yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug10189317516Kutzki, Ida 7mWF
Monroe Street388   Jul28190423441Kvis, Caroline 19yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun16189820270Kviz, Geo 13mWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr15191225750Kviz, JohnAKA Koiz62yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug13190624193Kviz, Joseph 35yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug14190322988Kviz, Mary 55yWF
Monroe Street3150   Aug30190925037Kviz, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street312   Nov25189921030Kviz, Michial 83yWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan2190724310Kyle, Emeline 79yWF
Monroe Street171   Feb2718727270Kys, Wm 62yWM
Monroe Street13   Aug2518634587Kyser, Julia 22yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec17188714312Laabs, Theresa 15mWF
Monroe Street2174   Aug6189317510Laas, August 49yWM
Monroe Street3257   Jan31192027491Laas, Friedericka 74yWF
Monroe Street315   Feb19190021153Labitz, Ethil 5yWF
Monroe Street227   Dec2188212292Lachele, 6d M
Monroe Street2120   Mar19189015554Lachle, Ludwig 7mWM
Monroe Street480Oct291952Sep2195230839Lackman, Minnie 79yWF
Monroe Street126   May1118665508Lacy, Edwin 4yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan8189115978Lacy, Elmor 77yWM
Monroe Street16   Dec2918634707Lacy, Isabella 6yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug17189216903Lade, Frida 7mWF
Monroe Street378   Oct11190323061Lade, Gerhard 3hWM
Monroe Street281   Aug19188714180Laechele, Jacob 5wWM
Monroe Street210   Sep4188111698Laechele, Louis 3mWM
Monroe Street336   May24190121866Lafenier, Louis 74yWM
Monroe Street168   Oct2018717158Laffell, Christiana 42yWF
Monroe Street239   Dec31188312704Laffenier, Loeinder 64yWF
Monroe Street174   Jun1118727402Laffrinier, Ira 55yWF
Monroe Street413   Nov19193229354Lafriner, Adlaide 82yWF
Monroe Street425   Feb21193529620Lafrinier, John H 89yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb25192428171La Frinier, Sarah C 97yWF
Monroe Street2166   Mar2189317208Lahde, Alma 2yWF
Monroe Street2197   Oct23189418326Lahde, Walter 8mWM
Monroe Street146   May618696304Lahl,SB Child of John WM
Monroe Street160   Dec2918706844Lahl, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street1129   May2518769473Lahl, Fred 35yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar7191125492Lahl, Fred 45yWM
Monroe Street3175   Sep26191125611Lahl, Fredrick 70yWM
Monroe Street223   Jul20188212132Lahl, Ludwig 36y  
Monroe Street3254   Jul24191927407Lahl, Sophia 76yWF
Monroe Street197   Dec2418738276Lahr, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun818644863Lainberry, Fridrich  W 
Monroe Street285   Dec21188714315Lair, Otto F 1yWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct13190523943Lairitz, 2dWF
Monroe Street2197   Nov4189418346Laisey, Henry I 33yWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb26190724363Lakato,Baby WM
Monroe Street233   Jun26188312489Lake, Elisabeth 78yWF
Monroe Street2240   Sep27189719838Lakoski,SB WM
Monroe Street3138   Aug17190824772LaMarcha, John 11mWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr18188914969LaMarche, Fredr 18yWM
Monroe Street149   Aug2818696417Lamarche, Henry 13yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep17189116357LaMarche, Philipine 56yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun21190724465LaMarsche, Frank C 77yWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct10191025364LaMarsh, Catherine 35yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar28191025197LaMarsh, Ester Geny 1yWF
Monroe Street3168   Feb4191125471LaMarsh, Helen 4mWF
Monroe Street368   Mar20190322776Lamarsh, M E 8mWF
Monroe Street1103   Jun2518748512Lamashe, Th 11mW 
Monroe Street2111   Oct9188915257Lamb,SB WF
Monroe Street222   Jul3188212120Lamb, Carina 24y  
Monroe Street2204   Mar16189518558Lamb, Geo H 44yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb10189719511Lamb, Jas H 52yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb26189920674Lamb, Lucile 19mWF
Monroe Street163   May1018716970Lambarter, Gottlieb 7yWM
Monroe Street146   Apr2118696290Lambinus,Child of W4dWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct11187810563Lambinus, Anna 11yWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb11191526459Lambinus, Catharine 84yWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb6191426221Lambrecht, Louisa 80yWF
Monroe Street16   Jan318644713Lamlinus, WmSB WM
Monroe Street1118   Aug118759092Lamlow, Florence 1yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug19189619310Lamm, Josephine 6wWF
Monroe Street11   May1418634517Lamp,Child of Christopher4dWF
Monroe Street2153   May11189216731Lamp, 1dWM
Monroe Street149   Aug2318696410Lamp, Boe F C 1mWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2118686051Lamp, Christoph 2mWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan31191125469Lamp, Florence N 34yWF
Monroe Street119   May1018655233Lamp, Frederick Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr15190724409Lamp, G 38yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2218738171Lamp, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug7190423455Lamp, Ralph 1yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2218738172Lamp, Wm 43yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan3118769346Lampe, Dorethea 30yWF
Monroe Street46   Mar10193129178Lampe, Edward 38yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug4189418174Lampe, Erwin 3mWM
Monroe Street246   Aug2188412931Lampe, Karl 1yWM
Monroe Street247   Sep13188412976Lampe, Rosa 2mWF
Monroe Street354   Jul14190222391Lampe, Theo 52yWM
Monroe Street431   Jun11193629774Lampert, Anna Bell 62yWF
Monroe Street431   Jun29193629777Lampert, Doretta 82yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug818737994Lamphen, George  WM
Monroe Street388   Jul14190423419Lampher,Baby WM
Monroe Street1109   Dec2818748771Lamphin,SB Child of Geo W 
Monroe Street3159   May24191025257Lampi,SB WM
Monroe Street3262   Nov11192027627Lamprecht, John 81yWM
Monroe Street150   Oct1218696452Lamson,Child of Dav14dWM
Monroe Street176   Jul1918727457Lamson, Eddy 1yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug11189418194Lan,SB WM
Monroe Street2194   Aug18189418214Lan, Louise 34yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar23189820118Lance, Burd C 24yWM
Monroe Street47   Apr27193129194Lance, Ettie C 67yWF
Monroe Street3275   Jan2192327966Lance, James A 73yWM
Monroe Street34   Apr18189920748Lancku, 2yWF
Monroe Street428   Sep30193529688Lancto, Isabelle 88yWF
Monroe Street261   Nov6188513478Land, Mary 11yWF
Monroe Street422   Aug15193429554Land, Mary L 81yWF
Monroe Street3241   Nov26191727063Land, Thomas 76yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov18190624275Landberg, 1wWF
Monroe Street2153   May12189216732Landberg, Philip 10dWM
Monroe Street1163   May11187910761Landeberg, Ch A 1yW 
Monroe Street2238   Aug17189719786Lander, Martin 26yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan13189417768Landers,SB WM
Monroe Street3301   Sep10192728713Landers,SB twin 1 WM
Monroe Street3301   Sep10192728714Landers,SB twin 2 WM
Monroe Street2148   Jan26189216554Landery, John B 50yWM
Monroe Street3134   Apr7190824681Landfield, Jerome 1yWM
Monroe Street243   May4188412830Landgroesber, Wilhelm 21yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul31188915109Landieth, Eliz 38yWF
Monroe Street3260   Jul10192027580Landman, Abraham 76yWM
Monroe Street233   Jun20188312485Landman, Annie 68yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1218738096Landman, Carolina 1yW 
Monroe Street2179   Nov28189317692Landman, Christ 57yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug27191225842Landman, Cornelius 35yWM
Monroe Street299   Dec31188814850Landman, Rolph 41yW 
Monroe Street430   Jan21193629734Landreth, Charles C 76yWM
Monroe Street180   Nov718727641Landreth, Cora M 6mWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct27189820446Landreth, Elizabeth 84yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov13189217043Landreth, Ellsworth 30yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan19189015449Landreth, Henry 80yWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun23190924997Landreth, John 68yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan11191626668Landreth, Josephine 76yWF
Monroe Street242   Apr19188412807Landy, James N    
Monroe Street335   May25190121815Lane, Rachel 78yWF
Monroe Street338   Jul30190121934Lanek, Eddie 1yWM
Monroe Street2206   Apr22189518622Lanek, Starm 7dWM
Monroe Street2166   Mar3189317209Laner, Albert F 2yWM
Monroe Street267   Jul11188613692Lanfert, Fred 5mWM
Monroe Street218   Mar21188211978Lang,SB W 
Monroe Street2224   Jul19189619271Lang,baby WM
Monroe Street2259   Dec5189820513Lang,SB WM
Monroe Street333   Apr4190121740Lang,Baby WM
Monroe Street380   Dec20190323141Lang, 12dWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct17188915276Lang, Agnes 2yWF
Monroe Street483Jan201955Mar12195530937Lang, Albert 85yWM
Monroe Street2240   Sep19189719833Lang, Barbara 71yWF
Monroe Street3104   Oct14190523944Lang, Barbara 21yWF
Monroe Street2103   Mar23188914942Lang, Caroline 61yWF
Monroe Street3296   Oct22192628583Lang, Catherine W 76yWF
Monroe Street420   Jan26193429490Lang, Chas F 62yWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar4191025178Lang, Christina 77yWF
Monroe Street448   May20194030121Lang, Elizabeth 46yWF
Monroe Street38   Aug2189920890Lang, Elsia M 10dWF
Monroe Street1108   Oct2618748695Lang, Emma 66yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr2018748437Lang, Eugen 27yW 
Monroe Street135   Oct818675867Lang, Frank 5yWM
Monroe Street137   Feb2418685955Lang, Frank 2yWM
Monroe Street181   Nov2618727666Lang, Frank 4dWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec618748740Lang, Frank 7mWM
Monroe Street417   Aug8193329428Lang, Frank 57yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug18190222449Lang, Gladys 1yWF
Monroe Street120   Jul1818655279Lang, Henry George 3mWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep11189619345Lang, Irvin 4mWM
Monroe Street139   Jul1518686042Lang, J George 7mWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul12189518730Lang, Jacob 1yWM
Monroe Street2188   May15189417980Lang, John 64yWM
Monroe Street328   Dec30190021612Lang, John 70yWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan23191125457Lang, Joseph 78yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug20188915155Lang, M Christian 51yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar9190322750Lang, Maria 9mWF
Monroe Street3292   Jan12192628448Lang, Mary 67yWF
Monroe Street3256   Dec26191927474Lang, Mathias 56yWM
Monroe Street474Jul291949Aug1194930700Lang, Michael 66yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb20189719527Lang, Paul 5mWM
Monroe Street3140   Oct30190824816Lang, Solomon 28yWM
Monroe Street483Nov241950Mar12195530938Lang, Wally 73yWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec15189217085Langborne, James 77yWM
Monroe Street1168   Oct5187910927Langbush, Willie 3mWM
Monroe Street1166   Jul28187910855Langbush, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street146   May3018696319Lange,SB Child of Eckart  M
Monroe Street1140   Mar518779922Lange, Anna E 2yWF
Monroe Street127   Jul1718665552Lange, Anna Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov11189719921Lange, Annie 36yWF
Monroe Street24   Mar29188111471Lange, Augusts 39yWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan25189317147Lange, C H 59yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul9189216814Lange, Caroline 60yWF
Monroe Street132   Apr418675748Lange, Catharine M E 7mWF
Monroe Street245   Jul14188412909Lange, Charlie 10dWM
Monroe Street132   May318675760Lange, EckardtSB WM
Monroe Street128   Aug1218665572Lange, Elizabeth 1yWF
Monroe Street260   Oct14188513457Lange, Emilie 23mWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct7189116390Lange, Fred 3yWM
Monroe Street258   Aug6188513370Lange, Friedrich 19mWM
Monroe Street2165   Feb20189317187Lange, Gerhard 46yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan12190523633Lange, Henry 48yWM
Monroe Street499Mar121966Mar15196631238Lange, Henry 75yWM
Monroe Street2120   Apr10189015588Lange, John D 63yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1918675823Lange, John F W 41yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb25188513159Lange, Joseph 23yWM
Monroe Street290   Apr28188814495Lange, Louisa Rosiena 12dWF
Monroe Street1168   Oct12187910937Lange, M M 1yW 
Monroe Street265   Mar31188613622Lange, MaeSB WF
Monroe Street226   Nov11188212271Lange, MariaSB   
Monroe Street1145   Aug9187710104Lange, MautSB W 
Monroe Street254   Apr20188513215Lange, MaxSB WF
Monroe Street269   Aug29188613747Lange, Sophia 30yWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan9188010992Lange, Wm 21yWM
Monroe Street159   Nov918706801Langell,Child of S F1dWM
Monroe Street181   Dec1918727688Langell,Child of P F2dW 
Monroe Street3296   Nov9192628593Langell, Alma 80yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan2189216502Langell, Catherine 59yWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan13187810306Langell, Ida 23yWF
Monroe Street146   May2018696315Langell, Josie 6yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul11190322931Langell, Stephan 74yWM
Monroe Street158   Sep2218706755Langell, Susannah C 84yWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar1718748402Langell, Wm 6yWM
Monroe Street3300   Jun22192728685Langell, Wm N 83yWM
Monroe Street137   Jan1818685931Langenbrand, John 2mWM
Monroe Street223   Jul25188212137Langenbush, George 4m  
Monroe Street2179   Nov19189317673Langh, Dora 1yWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep20190523925Langh, Fredrich 56yWM
Monroe Street236   Sep14188312586Langhorn, John 79yWM
Monroe Street1129   Jun1718769502Langhorn, Rish 24yW 
Monroe Street311   Oct10189920973Langhorne, Elizabeth 84yWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul5189317422Langhrin, Florence H 8mWF
Monroe Street2199   Dec20189418416Langkabel, 14dWF
Monroe Street2114   Nov30188915355Langkabel, Carl 5yWM
Monroe Street398   Apr21190523761Langkabel, Florence 8mWF
Monroe Street2235   May28189719665Langkabel, Wilhelmenia 43yWF
Monroe Street2133   Mar2189116037Langlatz, Wm 3mWM
Monroe Street2156   Aug3189216870Langlatz, Wm L 2mWM
Monroe Street34   Apr3189920725Langlotz, Ernst 12dWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug25190724496Langwald, Minnie 1hWF
Monroe Street2179   Dec3189317699Langwald, Peter 4mWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb19189116023Lanin, Barbara 38yWF
Monroe Street3232   Sep27191626816Lanka, Barbara 48yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr2190523742Lanka, John 51yWM
Monroe Street245   Jul17188412912Lanke,SB WM
Monroe Street1128   May1718769468Lanke, Jacob 5mWM
Monroe Street246   Aug3188412933Lankester, Alford JSB WF
Monroe Street174   Jun2318727411Lannendecker, Kath 73yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul30189216854Lanning, Myrtle 2mWF
Monroe Street184   Feb1918737752Lanser, Sophia 30yW 
Monroe Street126   Jun1918665529Lansing,Mrs27yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan29190222161Lansing, 3dWM
Monroe Street115   Nov618645064Lantzer, George  WM
Monroe Street2114   Dec8188915367Lapham, Enima L 2yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep12189518846Lapham, Simon 1mWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul20188915079Lapham, Willard 2yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug8188111645Laphand, Meatie 5mW 
Monroe Street497May211965May24196531224Lapp, Andrew 83yWM
Monroe Street178   Aug2518727538Lapp, Apolonia El 1mW 
Monroe Street1151   Jan22187810315Lapp, Clara 26yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jul418759012Lapp, Edward 1yWM
Monroe Street1138   Dec3118769851Lapp, George 1yWM
Monroe Street494Apr41963Apr8196331168Lapp, Hannah 77yWF
Monroe Street135   Sep1818675851Lapp, Henry 10yWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov23189015919Lapp, Henry 63yWM
Monroe Street478Apr121951apr14195130796Lapp, Henry 84yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jun16189518698Lapp, Katie 51yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug1518748591Lapp, Lina 3yW 
Monroe Street2113   Nov18188915335Lapp, Louis 7yWM
Monroe Street443   May24193930031Lapp, Margaret R 82yWF
Monroe Street3185   Jul21191225809Lapp, Maria 84yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep1018717112Lapp, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street299   Dec18188814833Lappe, Christ 65yWM
Monroe Street3179   Jan4191225674Lards, Carl 19yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep2018769670Lards, Christina 48yWF
Monroe Street159   Dec1018706827Lards, Frank 2yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr15189619123Lards, John 11mWM
Monroe Street2256   Sep29189820410Lards, John 39yWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar28187910717Laren, W Albina 2yW 
Monroe Street398   Apr2190523740Large, Grace 3mWF
Monroe Street244   Jun10188412865Larisch,SB WM
Monroe Street2224   Jul25189619279Larisch, Alvin 24yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar17189216633Larisch, Augusta 6mWF
Monroe Street250   Dec25188413091Larisch, Auguste 38yWF
Monroe Street365   Jan25190322692Larisch, Christina 93yWF
Monroe Street347   Feb13190222187Larisch, Herman 57yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov17188312670Larisch, Ida 10yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug26187710131Lariseh, Frank 8yW 
Monroe Street395   Feb13190523667Larish, Emma 28yWF
Monroe Street3257   Feb19192027509Larke, Annie J 68yWF
Monroe Street485Nov21956Nov5195630981Larks, Mabel A 85y F
Monroe Street290   Apr21188814484Larkworthy, Rosie 1yWF
Monroe Street133   May2618675774Larned, H S 60yWM
Monroe Street195   Oct3018738182Laroschki, 1yW 
Monroe Street471Mar221948Mar24194830620Larry, Karen 3mWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul14189820304Larsen, Arthur 5mWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr4189619103Larsen, Calia 6mWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr20189317290Larsen, Fred Louie 3mWM
Monroe Street256   Jun21188513297Larsen, Norman OSB WM
Monroe Street2261   Jan1189920553Larsen, Olaf W 4yWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec24189015952Larson, Andrew 36yWM
Monroe Street242   Apr1188412787Larten, Hayl E 3mWF
Monroe Street3240   Oct6191727043Laschinske, Margaret 48yWF
Monroe Street299   Dec5188814818Laskey, Mary Ann  W 
Monroe Street2126   Aug22189015804Laskofski, Paul 10mWM
Monroe Street2188   May20189417995Laskosfski, Anna 7mWF
Monroe Street2188   May16189417983Laskosfski, Emma 7mWF
Monroe Street281   Aug11188714171Laskowsky, Otto 1yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb15188211927Lassinski, Fred 47yWM
Monroe Street177   Aug2218727530Lassmaier, Anna 4mWF
Monroe Street137   Jan1218685929Lassman,SB Child of B WM
Monroe Street152   Jan1018706521Lassman,SB Child of B WM
Monroe Street145   Mar2618696272Lassmann,SB Child of B WM
Monroe Street197   Dec1918738266Lassner, Wm 9yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep29190323048Lates, Henrietta 75yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jun1192328044Lathrop,SB WF
Monroe Street159   Nov1218706805Lathrop, Allice R 4yWF
Monroe Street3230   Jun28191626764Lattemer, Martha 77yWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan19189719480Lau, John 52yWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar10189116046Laub, 1mWF
Monroe Street348   Feb26190222211Laub, John C 57yWM
Monroe Street3106   Dec18190524007Laudberg, Frieda 3yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun26190322905Lauderer, 5wWM
Monroe Street2166   Feb23189317195Lauer, Edward 4yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug12188714173Lauer, H1 Adult 4 Children W 
Monroe Street155   Jul718706654Lauer, Harry  WM
Monroe Street1177   Jul25188011228Lauer, JacobSB WM
Monroe Street138   Mar2918685976Lauer, Mary 41yWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul3018759081Lauer, Peter 16yWM
Monroe Street1130   Jul1918769538Lauer, Thos Frank 2yWM
Monroe Street3159   May9191025237Laufer, Louis 2mWM
Monroe Street2235   May29189719666Laugh, Wm 11yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug2190322973Laughren, Alvin 3mWM
Monroe Street186   May2218737849Laugli, Henry 30yW 
Monroe Street471May51948May17194830625Laurence, Harry Charles 76yWM
Monroe Street2158   Aug27189216928Laurence, Sahrah 57yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug718748575Laurie, Herold 3mWM
Monroe Street1180   Dec23188011380Laurin, 2dW 
Monroe Street3261   Aug3192027591Lauterer, Barbara 73yWF
Monroe Street3266   Jun18192127738Lauterer, Chas O 76yWM
Monroe Street31   Jan27189920615Lauterer, Otto 27yWM
Monroe Street224   Aug12188212167Lauterer, Sophia 7m  
Monroe Street334   May6190121792Lauviston, 16mWF
Monroe Street1177   Aug1188011239Lauz, Elisab Cath 85yWF
Monroe Street252   Mar3188513166Lavall, Chathrine 78yWF
Monroe Street161   Jan3018716879Lavall, Peter 68yWM
Monroe Street386   May31190423363Lavella, Sarah 39yWF
Monroe Street3280   Nov2192328113Lavelle,SB WF
Monroe Street389   Aug13190423462Lavelle, Elmer 3mWM
Monroe Street2115   Dec13188915377Lavelle, John 65yWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov918759250Lavey, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street48   Aug19193129218LaVound, Frederick 58yWM
Monroe Street436   Nov10193729900LaVound, Mary 66yWF

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