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Cleveland District Round Table

Monroe Street Cemetery Index
Law through Mh

CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street259   Aug19188513399Law,SB WF
Monroe Street228   Dec30188212325Law, Carl 12d M
Monroe Street2234   Apr17189719613Law, Hazel F 8mWF
Monroe Street163   Apr2618716957Law, John E 4yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr1191325991Lawler, Martha 84yWF
Monroe Street176   Aug218727489Lawlow, John B H 1yWM
Monroe Street179   Oct918727610Lawrance, Gorge O 1yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct21189317630Lawrence,SB WM
Monroe Street41   Feb18193029050Lawrence, Amelia 61yWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan6191927279Lawrence, Anna L 78yWF
Monroe Street133   Jun2318675786Lawrence, Charles 4yWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul11189116225Lawrence, Edward 2mWM
Monroe Street2169   May16189317331Lawrence, Emil 7dWM
Monroe Street129   Nov418665643Lawrence, Francis 5yWF
Monroe Street473Feb51949Feb8194930672Lawrence, Harry E 46yWM
Monroe Street3218   Apr13191526504Lawrence, Hiram B 79yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep24189116374Lawrence, Walter 5mWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct8189116393Lawrence, Wesley 1mWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul20187910843Lawrence, Wm 4mWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec19189518977Lawrenz, Louisa 37yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun22189820278Lawson, Charlotte 63yWF
Monroe Street451   Jan17194130172Lawson, Harry 74yWM
Monroe Street476Jan51950Jan9195030729Lawson, Harry J 61yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr21191326019Lawson, John W 65yWM
Monroe Street1168   Nov18187910949Lawsor,Child of John5yW 
Monroe Street139   May2518686013Lawtey, Eliza 57yWF
Monroe Street132   Apr218675746Lawtey, Whilmine Philip 76yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb21189216600Lawton,Baby WF
Monroe Street2172   Jul3189317427Lawton, Edwin 3mWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep18190624226Layar, Maria 18dWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep24187710160Layer, Anna 6mWF
Monroe Street176   Aug218727486Layer, Henry 4mWM
Monroe Street1104   Jul1818748537Layer, Mary 11mWF
Monroe Street217   Feb16188211929Layman, John 70yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct1118769716Laypald, Ch 35yWM
Monroe Street264   Mar1188613587Laysy, Jacob 57yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug2318748606Laysy, Sophie 35yWF
Monroe Street475Sep61949Sep8194930703Lazaroff, Nellie 86yWF
Monroe Street159   Dec118706820Leack, William S 7mWM
Monroe Street319   May2190021290Leahy, Florence 5wWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct29191025381Leahy, Melvin 2yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec21188714317Leask, Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street19   May2518644853Leathsop, Alice 7yWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb2189719498Lebeda, B 6mWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan4189216508Leber,Baby WM
Monroe Street258   Aug11188513384Leber, John 9mWM
Monroe Street253   Mar22188513180Leber, John G 2yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar14188312390Leber, RSB WM
Monroe Street420   Feb24193429499LeBlanc, Blanche 54yWF
Monroe Street482Jul81954Jul10195430905Leblanc, Edward 79yWM
Monroe Street179   Sep1318727578Lebowky, Mary 3yWF
Monroe Street134   Sep318675836Lebowsky, John 12dWM
Monroe Street2144   Oct28189116427Lechler, Oscar 38yWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar21189116057Lechner, Elisa 8mWF
Monroe Street312   Nov25189921029Lechner, Wm 8dWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct3189820416Lechnie, Bohomel 2wWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr1918758927Leder, Clausen 2yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun14190222347Lederer,Baby WF
Monroe Street160   Jan1818716865Ledius, Mary 63yWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec7191125652Ledvina, Charles 21yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar10190423261Ledvina, Jos  WM
Monroe Street32   Feb28189920678Ledvina, Joseph 21yWM
Monroe Street324   Sep8190021477Ledvina, Lorenz 54yWM
Monroe Street3177   Nov16191125641Ledvina, Rose 65yWF
Monroe Street327   Jun27189121567Ledvine, John 10yWM
Monroe Street251   Jan14188513106Lee, A M  WF
Monroe Street226   Nov5188212258Lee, Arthur 1y  
Monroe Street145   Apr618696280Lee, E  W 
Monroe Street132   Mar3118675745Lee, Edward 21yWM
Monroe Street1134   Oct118769690Lee, Edward 5yWM
Monroe Street2159   Oct13189216990Lee, Emma E 8yWF
Monroe Street2215   Dec7189518959Lee, Eunice 2yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct2189518881Lee, Fanny 7yWF
Monroe Street1130   Jun3018769518Lee, Katy 1yWF
Monroe Street2247   Mar6189820082Lee, Myrtle A 1yWF
Monroe Street3311   May25192928972Leece, Alfred H 79yWM
Monroe Street131   Feb118675711Leece, Jos 53yWM
Monroe Street334   May11190121797Leece, Marcia M 77yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov3189015896Leeker, Sophia 63yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr618748427Leer, John Pool 84yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr718758913Lees, G A 58yW 
Monroe Street293   Jul10188814594Leeseberg, 12dWM
Monroe Street167   Sep1618717121Leffer, Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street374   Jul28190322960Leffingwell, Wm 16mWM
Monroe Street234   Aug3188312533Leffler, 4dWF
Monroe Street135   Sep2518675855Leger, Anna Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul24189518754Legge, 12hWM
Monroe Street118   Mar2518655189Leher, Elizabeth 5yWF
Monroe Street38   Jul25189920876Lehman, Carolina 83yWF
Monroe Street322   Jul8190021387Lehman, Emeli 3yWF
Monroe Street453   Dec6194130228Lehman, Emma 56yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug17189619307Lehman, Fred 1mWM
Monroe Street381   Jan3190423158Lehman, Fred 35yWM
Monroe Street2256   Sep24189820403Lehman, Jacob 80yWM
Monroe Street490Nov191960Nov23196031093Lehman, Louis C 78yWM
Monroe Street3273   Aug3192227910Lehman, Mary 73yWF
Monroe Street3296   Nov20192628595Lehman, Philip 76yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug17189015798Lehman, Ray 6yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul19189619270Lehner, M 9dWF
Monroe Street1118   Aug218759095Lehr,SB W 
Monroe Street294   Aug3188814642Lehr, Anna 36yWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct9189719864Lehr, Arthur 20yWM
Monroe Street3230   May1191626735Lehr, Caroline 75yWF
Monroe Street1118   Aug118759094Lehr, Charles 2yWM
Monroe Street222   Jul5188212122Lehr, Christina 57y  
Monroe Street292   Jun21188814575Lehr, Dorothea 60yWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep19188915212Lehr, Edwin H 1yWM
Monroe Street496Dec301963Apr9196431200Lehr, Elmer  WM
Monroe Street263   Jan1188613536Lehr, Emma 18yWF
Monroe Street3104   Oct20190523949Lehr, Geo 83yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan12188211882Lehr, George 47yWM
Monroe Street3284   Jul22192428233Lehr, Helena 88yWF
Monroe Street473Dec91948Dec13194830661Lehr, Helena 85yWF
Monroe Street224   Aug29188212187Lehr, Henry 3y  
Monroe Street166   Sep318717099Lehr, Henry M 1yWM
Monroe Street220   Apr30188212041Lehr, Jakob 51y  
Monroe Street117   Feb1918655158Lehr, John 37yWM
Monroe Street2234   Apr25189719630Lehr, John F 61yWM
Monroe Street1166   Jul25187910853Lehr, Kate 1yWF
Monroe Street440   Nov8193829980Lehr, Katherine 85yWF
Monroe Street250   Nov28188413066Lehr, Linda 2yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan4189518438Lehr, Margareth 84yWF
Monroe Street154   Apr1718706597Lehr, Maria 53yWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr3118779997Lehr, Martin   M
Monroe Street1139   Feb218779887Lehr, Martin J 7mWM
Monroe Street491Jul271961Nov3196131123Lehr, Meta K 69yWF
Monroe Street252   Feb27188513161Lehr, Netty 4yWF
Monroe Street332   Mar29190121734Lehr, Nicholas 82yWM
Monroe Street3295   Aug11192628561Lehr, Philip 76yWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar13190924907Lehr, Sophie 59yWF
Monroe Street3202   Dec18191326181Lehr, Susana 76yWF
Monroe Street459Sep161943Sep18194330381Lehr, William 77yWM
Monroe Street243   May14188412841Lehr, Wm 21yWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug28189317544Lehr, Wm 57yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan1818748313Lehre, Louisa W 2yWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug27189015811Lehrke, Arthur 1yWM
Monroe Street394   Dec24190423620Lehrke, Chas 24yWM
Monroe Street412   Aug17193229327Lehrke, Emil 74yWM
Monroe Street454Mar281942Mar31194230260Lehrke, Henrietta 76yWF
Monroe Street289   Apr10188814470Leibach, Pauliena 33yWF
Monroe Street2145   Dec7189116475Leibholz, Zedwig 36yWF
Monroe Street180   Oct2118727623Leibold, Hermann M 1mWM
Monroe Street124   Dec2618655433Leichele, Caspar 3yWM
Monroe Street264   Feb24188613582Leichle, F 9wWF
Monroe Street2148   Jan30189216556Leichle, Maria 74yWF
Monroe Street120   Jun2918655263Leichle, Rudolph  W 
Monroe Street118   Mar2818655196Leick, Angelike 6yWF
Monroe Street153   Mar518706566Leick, Margaret 50yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec25187810640Leidenfrost, Albert 41yWM
Monroe Street35   May4189920774Leidenfrost, Eva 49yWF
Monroe Street156   Jul2118706674Leidenfrost, Helena 2yWF
Monroe Street119   Apr2218655221Leik, Eugeane 10yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan17189719477Leimbsdier, Jacob 61yWM
Monroe Street2206   May2189518638Leimknehler, John 25yWM
Monroe Street120   Jun2818655261Leimkuehler, Anna 5yWF
Monroe Street139   Jun3018686034Leimkuehler, August 3yWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun24191025286Leimkuehler, Elizebeth 56yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr21191225756Leimkuehler, Henry 62yWM
Monroe Street265   Mar29188613619Leimkueler, Henry 64yWM
Monroe Street231   Apr4188312409Leimkueller, Elisab 59yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct19189216996Leimkueller, Fred M 6yWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar19189317233Leimkuikler, Anna M E 25yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar2818769424Leising, Eg 26yW 
Monroe Street231   Apr13188312412Leiter, John 64y M
Monroe Street396   Mar26190523730Leiter, Russel H  WM
Monroe Street3183   May6191225765Leitz, Albert 32yWM
Monroe Street440   Nov18193829982Leitz, Wm 60yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep15189015840Lekfield, Rose 11mWF
Monroe Street499Apr21966Apr5196631239Lekich, Dushan 74yWM
Monroe Street4101Jun301967Jul3196731264Lekich, Elizabeth 86yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct20189216999Leland, 21dWM
Monroe Street2178   Nov1189317646Leland, 6dWF
Monroe Street281   Aug3188714154Leland, Adrina 31yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep15188714209ALeland, Adrina  W 
Monroe Street238   Dec1188312682Leland, Carie 6yWF
Monroe Street478Mar181951Mar22195130790Leland, Ida M 81yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr19190322826Leland, Joseph H 59yWM
Monroe Street2211   Aug30189511819Leman, Clara 3mWF
Monroe Street113   Sep2018645019Lemback, Cathorine 2yWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep11189820383Lemke, Chas 45yWM
Monroe Street3213   Nov19191426400Lemke, Emma 33yWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec24189015951Lemke, Herman 40yWM
Monroe Street259   Aug20188513401Lemke, John 43yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar28190624075Lemke, Maria 4mWF
Monroe Street2214   Nov11189518936Lemke, Mary 42yWF
Monroe Street440   Nov9193829981Lemke, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street42   Mar25193029063Lemmerman, Anna 85yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr21191225754Lemmerman, Henry 69yWM
Monroe Street3298   Jan12192728618Lemmerman, John 87yWM
Monroe Street3284   Jul9192428229Lemmerman, Karl 39yWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov8189719912Lemmerman, Lissor 7hWM
Monroe Street337   Jul7190121885Lemmerman, Louisa 25yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov8189719913Lemmerman, Ludwig 7hWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan9191125451Lemmerman, Martin D 35yWM
Monroe Street3302   Nov14192728738Lemmerman, Mary 81yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul12190222387Lemmerman, W 4mWM
Monroe Street114   Oct118645036Lemmerman, William 20yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan2718748333Lemmermann, A  W 
Monroe Street231   Apr14188312413Lemmermann, Anna 3y F
Monroe Street1164   Jun13187910795Lemmermann, Anna L 5yWF
Monroe Street22   Jan7188111394Lemmermann, Claus 39yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan2718748332Lemmermann, Ernst H 4yWM
Monroe Street174   May1718727377Lemmermann, Fred 1dWM
Monroe Street196   Nov2818738230Lemmermann, John 11yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep1518738103Lemmermann, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul18188814609Lemmon, Bruce  WM
Monroe Street264   Feb16188613573Lemmon, Hayden 2yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan16189719474Lempke, Johanna 75yWF
Monroe Street362   Dec23190222630Lenc,Baby WF
Monroe Street3166   Dec22191025437Lendvay,SB WF
Monroe Street280   Jul17188714119Lenenberger, Fred 28yWM
Monroe Street2255   Aug25189820367Lenge, Christina 76yWF
Monroe Street2197   Nov3189418344Lenhard, Gliessa 22yWF
Monroe Street396   Mar11190523712Lenn, Caroline Pauline 39yWF
Monroe Street1171   Feb2188011012Lenn, Cora 29yWF
Monroe Street1113   Feb2818758863Lenn, Elizab 75yWF
Monroe Street3308   Dec6192828886Lenn, John H 63yWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun17190624148Lenn, Thos 63yWM
Monroe Street454Jan111942Jan14194230240Lenn, Wm F 72yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec14189518974Lennk, John 56yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul8190322924Lens, Elizabeth 75yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr14189015593Lenske, Annie 11mWF
Monroe Street280   Jul31188714147Lensky, Louise 20yWF
Monroe Street18   Mar2918644800Lenson, Harriet 42yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep17188814727Lenthe,SB WM
Monroe Street385   Apr21190423315Lenthe, Luceile 1yWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar2192227843Lenthier, Francis E 32yWF
Monroe Street3242   Feb6191827111Lenthier, Marie 67yWF
Monroe Street3118   Dec23190624299Lenz, Bertha  WF
Monroe Street2101   Jan24188914881Lenz, Charlotte 66yWF
Monroe Street1128   Apr2418769445Lenz, Elise 53yW 
Monroe Street2245   Jan8189819997Lenzki, Florence 4yWF
Monroe Street3296   Nov3192628587Leonard,SB WF
Monroe Street3133   Mar4190824651Leonard, Arline 12yWF
Monroe Street4102Oct41967Oct9196731270Leonard, Carl T 47yWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar16187910703Leonard, F H 27yW 
Monroe Street3133   Mar4190824649Leonard, Herbert 8yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb3190121652Leonard, Jacob  WM
Monroe Street3133   Mar4190824650Leonard, Lena 10yWF
Monroe Street187   Jun918737868Leonhard, Ch 14yW 
Monroe Street2258   Nov27189820498Leonhardt, 2yWM
Monroe Street3176   Oct5191125615Leonhardt, Anna 52yWF
Monroe Street3270   Feb17192227836Leonhardt, Dorethy 2yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec19188413078Leonhardt, Elisabeth 51yWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan17190724323Leonhardt, Louis 19yWM
Monroe Street41   Feb20193029051Leonhardt, Theophil 45yWM
Monroe Street229   Jan10188312333Leopold,SB  M
Monroe Street2117   Jan31189015474Leopold,Baby WF
Monroe Street2220   Apr21189619132Leopold,SB WM
Monroe Street3273   Sep5192227921Leopold,SB WM
Monroe Street310   Sep17189920940Leopold, Clarence 2yWM
Monroe Street2262   Jan20189920598Leopold, Eleonora 66yWF
Monroe Street435   May22193729870Leopold, Elizabeth 76yWF
Monroe Street17   Mar1118644773Leopold, Elnora 43yWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov28189418386Leopold, Frieda 64yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jun24187910808Leopold, HenrySB WM
Monroe Street236   Sep12188312585Leopold, John 65yWM
Monroe Street433   Dec28193629829Leopold, John H 77yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec11190925103Leopold, Lillian R 2dWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct15189116400Leopold, Ludwig 62yWM
Monroe Street169   Nov2918717191Leopold, Margaretha 16yWF
Monroe Street131   Jan2718675709Leopold, Maria Cath 3mWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar20189518564Leopold, Walter 7dWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr3189216666Leopoldt, Elmer 2yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep3018738131Leopolo, Lud 8yW 
Monroe Street2253   Jul15189820305Leowner, Ed 7mWM
Monroe Street195   Nov518738196LePellcey, Nic L 4yW 
Monroe Street190   Aug618737989Le-Pelley, Wm G 4mWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov6187810586Lepelluer,son of   
Monroe Street1158   Nov6187810586Lepelluer,with son   
Monroe Street287   Feb5188814389Lepka, Bernhardt 16mWM
Monroe Street215   Dec29188111866Lepold, H L    
Monroe Street1130   Jul218769519Lepold, Mary 6dWF
Monroe Street122   Oct1418655370Leppey, Maria 48yWF
Monroe Street137   Feb1718685952Leppler, Emily F 7mWF
Monroe Street417   Jul5193329420Leppoldt, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street3183   May7191225766Lerbahln, Caroline 81yWF
Monroe Street2194   Aug22189418220Lerch, Sophia 27yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug1118727509Lergiebel, Henry 9mWM
Monroe Street18   Mar1518644782Leroy,SB Boy of Thomas WM
Monroe Street1144   Jul25187710074Leseberg, Chrs 9mW 
Monroe Street1179   Nov11188011346Leseberg, Nellie 2yWF
Monroe Street289   Mar22188814451Leslie,SB WM
Monroe Street2235   May30189719671Leslie, Nellie 21yWF
Monroe Street2178   Oct24189317639Leslie, Wm 30yWM
Monroe Street1180   Nov29188011364Lesy, Marie 33yWF
Monroe Street52Jun281975Jun30197531373Lett, Evelyn 79y F
Monroe Street233   Jun13188312480Letty, Maggie 27yWF
Monroe Street233   Jun23188312488Letty, Maggie 27yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun20188011169Letzius,SB W 
Monroe Street191   Aug2618738045Leucht, Caroline 33yWF
Monroe Street223   Jul20188212133Leuchtle, H H 69y  
Monroe Street11   May218634509Leuden, Elizabeth 3mWF
Monroe Street1162   Apr1187910722Leuk, 2dW 
Monroe Street455Jun151942Jun18194230275Leunk, Garrit J 66yWM
Monroe Street3266   Jun16192127736Leunk, Hendrika 81yWF
Monroe Street460Dec31943Dec7194330398Leunk, Marennes 65yWM
Monroe Street3224   Nov23191526625Leus, Jacob 86yWM
Monroe Street325   Oct11190021517Leutheer, Herman 55yWM
Monroe Street143   Dec1118686189Leutz, Lily May 1mWF
Monroe Street322   Jul17190021400Levere, Thomas 11yWM
Monroe Street1178   Sep28188011300Leverentz, Albert 6yWM
Monroe Street245   Jul19188412914Levin,SB WF
Monroe Street1171   Jan6188010989Lewerenz, 19dWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun5188011150Lewis,  W 
Monroe Street349   Mar27190222245Lewis, 2dWF
Monroe Street3112   Jun7190624139Lewis,Baby WF
Monroe Street3150   Aug28190925036Lewis,Baby WM
Monroe Street3212   Oct13191426377Lewis,Baby WM
Monroe Street267   Jul2188613677Lewis, Arlington 2yWM
Monroe Street390   Sep15190423501Lewis, Arlington 64yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec9189518961Lewis, Carrie M 37yWF
Monroe Street1173   Mar26188011079Lewis, Ch  W 
Monroe Street266   May17188613653Lewis, Chittenden 86yWM
Monroe Street145   Mar218696255Lewis, Cynthia 89yWF
Monroe Street1158   Oct26187810578Lewis, E Ham 49yW 
Monroe Street2255   Sep2189820376Lewis, Esther 5mWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul17189216821Lewis, Frank A 31yWM
Monroe Street455Jul171942Jul20194230289Lewis, Fred B 72yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr2190121728Lewis, Geo 2wWM
Monroe Street33   Mar12189920695Lewis, Geraldine T 10wWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb1818758843Lewis, Harriett 79yWF
Monroe Street3282   Mar17192428183Lewis, Harris D 18yWM
Monroe Street429   Dec13193529719Lewis, Hattie S 79yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr118758902Lewis, J 30dW 
Monroe Street3240   Oct17191727048Lewis, John 14yWM
Monroe Street428   Oct18193529701Lewis, Joshua GDr90yWM
Monroe Street434   Jan19193729839Lewis, Lillian 51yWF
Monroe Street451   Mar6194130181Lewis, Martha 58yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan19191726885Lewis, Mary A 76yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug14191326094Lewis, Muriel E 12yWF
Monroe Street3154   Dec25190925120Lewis, Rose C 33yWF
Monroe Street315   Feb1190021128Lewis, Sadie 9yWF
Monroe Street3126   Aug6190724485Lewis, Sarah 89yWF
Monroe Street227   Nov13188212273Lewis, W 82y  
Monroe Street1167   Sep1187910897Ley, Albert 10dWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb1118769365Ley, G D 1yW 
Monroe Street346   Jan9190222141Ley, Geo 55yWM
Monroe Street422   Aug23193429560Leypldt, Gustav A 57yWM
Monroe Street226   Nov8188212261Leypold, George 1y  
Monroe Street3300   Jun21192728683Leypoldt,SB W 
Monroe Street416   Jun27193329417Leypoldt, Catherine 52yWF
Monroe Street3291   Oct31192528417Leypoldt, Herman F 77yWM
Monroe Street3213   Nov16191426399Leypoldt, Mary    
Monroe Street388   Jul10190423416Leyritz, Wilhelm 1dWM
Monroe Street1159   Dec5187810622Liard, Thom 5mW 
Monroe Street1173   Apr7188011091Liblain, L ISB W 
Monroe Street192   Sep918738085Libreny, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan15190222147Lichtenberg, Anna 63yWF
Monroe Street3298   Feb28192728637Lichtenberg, Frank 53yWM
Monroe Street3123   May7190724429Lichtenberg, James 5yWM
Monroe Street2194   Sep1189418233Lichtenberg, Tony 16yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep18189116359Lichtfeld, Harry 9mWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar28191025199Lieber, Mary E 48yWF
Monroe Street254   May4188513237Liebhard, Gay 13yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar22188513181Liebhard, John A 41yWM
Monroe Street423   Nov7193429583Liebig,SB WM
Monroe Street366   Feb12190322717Lieblein,Baby WF
Monroe Street425   Jan22193529610Lieblein, Amy Ellen 37yWF
Monroe Street454Apr101942Apr13194230264Lieblein, Bertha 80yWF
Monroe Street422   Aug22193429559Lieblein, Estella 64yWF
Monroe Street3240   Sep10191727027Lieblein, Frank P 61yWM
Monroe Street454Jan161942Jan19194230241Lieblein, George 73yWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun14191025278Liedtke, Gertrude 3mWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar418748377Lief, John 39yWM
Monroe Street269   Sep8188613762Liehr, Henrietta  WF
Monroe Street3195   May13191326034Liehr, Henriette 72yWF
Monroe Street2203   Mar1189518534Liehr, Henry 73yWM
Monroe Street3237   Apr20191726950Liehr, Leonard 49yWM
Monroe Street2160   Nov3189217022Liehr, Rudolph 52yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec1189719944Liehr, Vernon 4yWM
Monroe Street3224   Nov28191526627Lienerth, Michial 31yWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar2218748410Liep, John    
Monroe Street1107   Oct1318748681Ligget, Minnie  WF
Monroe Street1108   Oct3118748701Liggitt, Minnie    
Monroe Street372   Jun10190322890Lillie,Baby5hWM
Monroe Street3202   Dec26191326186Lillie, Chas 4yWM
Monroe Street1137   Nov2618769800Limkuehler, F M 18dW 
Monroe Street3301   Sep26192728723Limm, Rosa 57yWF
Monroe Street124   Jan1718665445Limmer, George 2yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2518769626Lincoln, C R 5mW 
Monroe Street2127   Sep6189015830Lind,SB WM
Monroe Street1175   Jun21188011172Linda, Albert 11yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun21188011171Linda, Mary 6yWF
Monroe Street223   Aug4188212154Lindarr, AugSB   
Monroe Street158   Oct2318706781Lindeman, John 2yWM
Monroe Street398   Apr2190523741Lindeman, John J 78yWM
Monroe Street3177   Nov6191125633Lindeman, Louise 51yWF
Monroe Street3244   Apr25191827162Lindemann, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep15189820389Linden,SB WM
Monroe Street1149   Dec1187710271Linden, Albert 1yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct12188814755Linden, Albert 38yWM
Monroe Street392   Nov14190423560Linden, Chas 6mWM
Monroe Street212   Oct16188111763Linden, Elisab 30yWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan3189920560Linden, Howard 5mWM
Monroe Street143   Nov118686166Linden, John 68yWM
Monroe Street319   Aug11186021285Linden, Joseph A  WM
Monroe Street319   May19185721284Linden, Sophie K  WF
Monroe Street2258   Nov23189820492Lindener, Ernst 52yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep218738069Lindenstrath, John 46yWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar6192628479Lindenstrouth, Bertha P 75yWF
Monroe Street485Aug231956Aug27195630975Lindenstruth, Bertha 67yWF
Monroe Street22   Jan24188111414Lindenstruth, Chr 6mW 
Monroe Street1119   Aug1118759120Lindenstruth, Clara 11mWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun17189216780Lindenstruth, Eva Cora 65yWF
Monroe Street3192   Feb28191325964Lindenstruth, Geo A 41yWM
Monroe Street3237   Apr6191726944Lindenstruth, Geo A 86yWM
Monroe Street3127   Sep15190724514Lindenstruth, John 30yWM
Monroe Street265   Mar31188613623Lindenstruth, Wm 10dWM
Monroe Street229   Jan17188312347Lindestruth, Waldo 8m M
Monroe Street2167   Mar23189317246Lindner,SB WM
Monroe Street314   Jan13190021100Lindroos, Karl 35yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr918737804Lindsay, Allie 29yW 
Monroe Street252   Mar1188513163Lindsay, Chathrine Jane 12mWF
Monroe Street250   Dec23188413087Lindsay, Elieza 67yWF
Monroe Street1158   Oct24187810577Lindsay, Jesie 7yW 
Monroe Street276   Apr13188714006Lindsay, Thomas 45yWM
Monroe Street149   Sep1318696434Lindsey,Child of T S1mWM
Monroe Street213   Nov9188111792Lindsley, Slyvester    
Monroe Street1112   Feb218758822Lindus, Ruth  WF
Monroe Street373   Jul19190322950Linek, Frank 5yWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct29189217016Linge,SB WF
Monroe Street435   Jul12193729879Linge, Eliza K 80yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr22190924946Lingenfelder, John 61yWM
Monroe Street163   May2118716978Lingrin, Maria 64yW 
Monroe Street3255   Oct6191927439Link, Fred'k C 75yWM
Monroe Street226   Oct18188212240Link, John 3y  
Monroe Street2105   May19188915010Link, Louise 29yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr17190924942Link, Mary 57yWF
Monroe Street162   Mar3018716942Linkenstein, Jacob 56yWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec11191225904Linkist, 1dWM
Monroe Street474May261949May31194930691Linn, Carl A 48yWM
Monroe Street272   Dec2188613872Linn, Hattie 58yWM
Monroe Street264   Feb20188613578Linn, Hedwig 3wWF
Monroe Street344   Dec14190122100Linsenman, Dora 8mWF
Monroe Street266   May2188613645Linsmann, JSB WM
Monroe Street41   Jan20193029032Linz,SB WM
Monroe Street3194   Apr14191326014Lipiscomb, Delia A 55yWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep25190523928Lippert, Leslie 2yWM
Monroe Street2228   Oct29189619396Lippman, 3hWM
Monroe Street2251   May30189820248Lippman, Wm 3mWM
Monroe Street2187   Apr26189417947Lipps, Ina L 25yWF
Monroe Street2240   Sep16189719828Lipscomb, Eugene P 15yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug4189317503Lipscomb, Maud 9mWF
Monroe Street393   Dec7190423586Lisantry, Lillie 22yWF
Monroe Street2144   Nov3189116434Liscak, Karl 46yWM
Monroe Street1134   Sep2318769676Liskamsky, Michael 53yWM
Monroe Street19   May1718644849Lisle, Casper 1yWM
Monroe Street491Sep101961Sep12196131120Lissner, Auguste 89yWF
Monroe Street416   Jun28193329418Lissner, Julius 76yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar9188513173List,SB WM
Monroe Street3203   Jan10191426201List, Alfred 69yWM
Monroe Street3210   Aug4191426336List, Emma M 74yWF
Monroe Street1177   Jul28188011231List, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar2189920682List, Thos J 86yWM
Monroe Street355   Jul30190222421Lister, Herald 8mWM
Monroe Street3171   May8191125532Lister, James 26yWM
Monroe Street3171   May24191125545Lister, Nellie 61yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug8191125588Literaty, Julius 51yWM
Monroe Street480Dec161952Dec19195230851Literaty, Julius Z 70yWM
Monroe Street460Oct191943Oct22194330391Litsko, George 88yWM
Monroe Street15   Dec718634685Little, G H 3yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug618717052Little, James B 51yWM
Monroe Street169   Dec2118717206Little, Joseph 69yWM
Monroe Street1138   Dec2218769844Little, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan11189518451Littlejohn, Julius 36hWM
Monroe Street199   Feb918748352Littleton, Julian 9mWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr19191225753Litzko, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street3288   Apr8192528338Litzko, Roman 44yWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov22188915345Liverenz, Freddie 8yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar1189216617Livett, Arthur 35yWM
Monroe Street265   Mar22188613611Livett, Bertha 6mWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar22189619089Livett, Chas W 23yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar21190624069Livett, Walter 56yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb22190523680Livette, Julia 52yWF
Monroe Street3296   Oct11192628581Livic, 1dWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug2118759136Living, Paul 1yWM
Monroe Street1134   Oct418769696Livingston, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan1518758798Livingstone, E H 4yW 
Monroe Street1111   Jan918758793Livingstone, John 10yWM
Monroe Street3178   Dec27191125668Lloyd, David 69yWM
Monroe Street292   Jul5188814588Lloyd, Edward 2yWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar5189417841Lloyd, Elvin O 37yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov30191025416Lloyd, Jane 61yWF
Monroe Street344   Dec18190122109Lloyd, Rees F 31yWM
Monroe Street511Aug71984Aug10198431452Lobaugh, Ford 89y M
Monroe Street515Jan301989Feb1198931477Lobaugh, Leona 87y F
Monroe Street3293   Apr28192628514Lockett, Edw T 39yWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb418769352Lockhard, Ch 3mWM
Monroe Street122   Sep2218655355Lockhart, Margaret 11mWF
Monroe Street3290   Aug15192528390Lockwood,SB WM
Monroe Street325   Oct6190021508Locuoco, Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street325   Oct8190021510Locuoco, Mike 4yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb2118706557Loeber, Louis 3mWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan22188914880Loebs,SB Child of T WF
Monroe Street1162   Mar9187910691Loebs, Am M 2yW 
Monroe Street1165   Jul21187910845Loebs, Babe 1dW 
Monroe Street3274   Oct16192227938Loebs, Conrad 81yWM
Monroe Street436   Oct8193729893Loebs, Loretta 48yWF
Monroe Street3281   Jan2192428142Loebs, Wilhelmina 78yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug1918686093Loeffler, Ferdinand 38yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb2218758849Loeffler, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street244   May29188412855Loeffler, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street244   May27188412850Loeffler, Theresa 56yWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec14189015939Loeffler, W 35yWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar118758867Loeffler, Wilhelminie 26yWF
Monroe Street2104   May7188914997Loeflaar, Anna 3yW 
Monroe Street188   Jul1818737921Loefler, Kate 11mWF
Monroe Street111   Jul818644905Loehr, Andrew 42yWM
Monroe Street31   Feb6189920632Loeioner, Wilhelmina 14mWF
Monroe Street3264   Feb7192127675Loesch, Gertrude 84yWF
Monroe Street473Jan181949Jan20194930670Loesch, Gertrude M 81yWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb19189317182Loesch, T F 59yWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep20187810530Loetz, Adam 37yWM
Monroe Street163   May2318716980Loewe, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug27190021458Loewnich, Fred 53yWM
Monroe Street12   Jul2718634554Lof, Charley 8yWM
Monroe Street316   Mar10190021188Loff,  WF
Monroe Street333   Apr26190121771Loff,Baby WM
Monroe Street1167   Sep21187910916Loffelbein, August 62yWM
Monroe Street1101   Apr2018748435Loffler, Christ 1dWM
Monroe Street171   Mar1718727294Lofracy, Homer 27yWM
Monroe Street3259   Apr21192027542Logan, Anna E 77yWF
Monroe Street3269   Dec3192127804Logan, Frank 14dWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2518686059Logan, James 8dWM
Monroe Street3172   Jun23191125556Logan, Jas 76yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb21188513154Logan, Mary A 83yWF
Monroe Street2208   Jun13189518696Logan, Walter 3yWM
Monroe Street14   Oct1118634642Loggat, Esther 2yWF
Monroe Street3254   Aug2191927411Logie, Isabella 85yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul1518717018Logie, Maggie P 4mWF
Monroe Street2229   Dec27189619456Logie, Wm 67yWM
Monroe Street2144   Oct23189116418Lohden, Cath 60yWF
Monroe Street291   Jun4188814549Lohden, Frederick 62yWM
Monroe Street1157   Oct20187810570Lohl, Fred 1dWM
Monroe Street231   Mar24188312399Lohmann, Sophie 3d F
Monroe Street166   Aug2918717095Lohmanna,SB Child of O F WF
Monroe Street1159   Dec29187810643Lohmeyer, Edward 6mWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul16187910837Lohr,  W 
Monroe Street3293   Apr10192628506Lohrer, Ethel M 25yWF
Monroe Street3291   Nov22192528426Lohrer, Wm 5yWM
Monroe Street284   Nov20188714278Lohrke, August 3yWM
Monroe Street2206   Apr27189518631Lohrke, Chas 47yWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb20191025164Lohrke, Ulricke 57yWF
Monroe Street189   Jul2418737944Lohrmann, Gye 4mW 
Monroe Street412   Aug24193229330Lohse, Anna A 86yWF
Monroe Street496Jan211964May22196431204Lohse, Elizabeth 97yWF
Monroe Street459Feb261943May25194330360Lohse, Herman W 75yWM
Monroe Street2152   May5189216722Lohse, Julius 44yWM
Monroe Street484Sep181955Sep20195530947Lohse, Olga M 75yWF
Monroe Street469Apr221947Apr24194730573Lojero, Julia 78yWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct23189619390Lombinns, Wm 71yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov2018769783Lomence, Clara 1yWF
Monroe Street3192   Feb27191325963Lomsa, Peraska 8mWF
Monroe Street3263   Jan3192127657Long,SB WF
Monroe Street3284   Jul7192428227Long,SB WM
Monroe Street1147   Oct21187710205Long, Dorethea 77yWF
Monroe Street12   Jul1218634545Long, Drusilla 18yWF
Monroe Street11   Jun218634527Long, EckhartSB WM
Monroe Street483Oct31954Oct5195430913Long, Madgalene 79yWF
Monroe Street1163   May16187910763Long, Mathilda 3yWF
Monroe Street469May111947May14194730574Long, Pauline 69yWF
Monroe Street2159   Sep13189216957Longhead,Baby WM
Monroe Street2171   Jun23189317403Lonyo, Barney 1mWM
Monroe Street388   Jul26190423434Lonzer,Baby WM
Monroe Street488Jan181959Jan21195931051Lonzo, Jannie 60yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep11187710148Loony, Emelina 40yWF
Monroe Street2174   Aug1189317493Loose, 4mWM
Monroe Street254   Apr22188513218Loose, Johanna C 56yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan5189216509Loose, Max 64yWM
Monroe Street386   May3190423327Loper, Frank 9mWM
Monroe Street483Oct151954Oct19195430914Lorah, Wm H 77yWM
Monroe Street420   Mar20193429504Lorainy, Joseph 55yWM
Monroe Street489Apr91960Apr12196031082Lorainy, Laura 71yWF
Monroe Street222   Jun24188212112Lorause, Joan 21d  
Monroe Street1109   Dec2418748762Lorch, Hermann 2yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb3188814385Lorch, Kathrine 43yWM
Monroe Street168   Nov218717163Lord, Anna 79yWF
Monroe Street249   Nov12188413042Lord, Ellen 81yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul30189216857Lord, Thos 87yWM
Monroe Street220   May3188212046Lords, Adam    
Monroe Street1127   Mar1418769404Loree, Rob 78yWM
Monroe Street2105   May14188915004Lorenz, Herman 32yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr15189216690Lorenz, Paul 19yWM
Monroe Street284   Dec4188714293Lorenz, Philipina 79yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec18188111852Lorenz, Samuel 4yWM
Monroe Street284   Nov17188714274Lorhke, Bertha 11yWF
Monroe Street236   Oct1188312606Lorke, A 4yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan10188412714Lorke, Heriette 65yWF
Monroe Street1122   Oct2518759232Lorke, Wm Ed 1yWM
Monroe Street388   Jul20190423427Lorman,Baby WF
Monroe Street1130   Jun2718769513Lorsh, John 10dWM
Monroe Street129   Nov618665646Lottridge, Esther 96yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec6188513507Loughlin, Mary 67yWM
Monroe Street3174   Aug12191125592Loughren,SB WM
Monroe Street282   Sep14188714209Loughren, Jas 18mWM
Monroe Street293   Jul19188814612Loughren, Minnie 7mW 
Monroe Street164   Jul1918717025Lour, William 2dWM
Monroe Street155   Jul218706653Lourie, George 20yWM
Monroe Street1140   Feb2618779910Louweser, Cath 80yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan1190322647Love, 3wWM
Monroe Street1141   Apr818779968Love, Ch'a 4yW 
Monroe Street14   Oct2318634651Love, Malcolm 35yWM
Monroe Street161   Jan2718716875Love, Samuel 1yWM
Monroe Street135   Nov118675886Lovejoy, J M 2mWM
Monroe Street170   Jan318727218Lovejoy, Louisa 10yWF
Monroe Street1126   Mar318769390Loveland, Helen B 1yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar15190322764Lovell,Baby WF
Monroe Street362   Dec9190222606Lowe, 15mWM
Monroe Street385   Apr6190423295Lowe,SB WF
Monroe Street333   Apr10190121746Lowe, Adelbert 6mWM
Monroe Street1121   Oct318759200Lowe, Cath 33yWF
Monroe Street1139   Jan218779855Lowe, John 72yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug8188111646Lowe, Lepfin 10mW 
Monroe Street1151   Feb16187810332Lowe, Rebekah 71yWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul3018759082Lowe, Robert 8mWM
Monroe Street3217   Mar19191526588Lower,Baby WM
Monroe Street272   Nov16188613857Lowery, Ethel M 3yWM
Monroe Street254   May6188513235Lowis, William 69yWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct21191025373Lowlow, John 69yWM
Monroe Street390   Sep10190423498Lowria, Robt  WM
Monroe Street183   Feb218737738Lowrie, Francis 1yW 
Monroe Street1161   Jan23187910656Lowrie, Jennie 33yWF
Monroe Street3236   Mar24191726927Lowrie, John 68yWM
Monroe Street3276   Mar9192328008Lowrie, William 74yWM
Monroe Street1179   Oct30188011333Lowthrask, Mary 49yWF
Monroe Street3290   Oct20192528408Lubahn, Albert 60yWM
Monroe Street444   Sep2193930053Lubalin, Minnie 81yWF
Monroe Street263   Jan20188613547Lubon, Wm 3wWM
Monroe Street1108   Oct2718748697Lucas, Adam 41yWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug5187910873Lucas, Binnie 9mW 
Monroe Street132   Mar1018675730Lucas, Charles F 22yWM
Monroe Street2140   Aug5189116286Lucas, Elizabeth 79yWF
Monroe Street466Oct181945Oct25194530520Lucas, George 66yWM
Monroe Street1102   May1318748471Lucas, H 12dW 
Monroe Street1102   May418748460Lucas, Mary 27yWF
Monroe Street3283   May31192428217Lucey, R 15hWM
Monroe Street2153   Jun3189216762Luchert, William 7mWM
Monroe Street238   Nov29188312678Lucht, 1dWF
Monroe Street2105   May24188915018Lucht,SB WM
Monroe Street187   Jun918737872Lucht, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr10189719604Lucht, Edna 1yWF
Monroe Street2223   Jul2189619228Lucht, Elisa 1yWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan21189115993Lucht, Gustav 5mWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct17189418316Lucht, Pauline 1yWF
Monroe Street2249   Apr4189820142Lucht, Ruth 8mWF
Monroe Street2158   Sep5189216942Lucht, Walter 1yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar13190322758Lucis,Baby WF
Monroe Street330   Feb21190121677Lucius, Jacob 65yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug8188613723Lucius, Jennie 17mWF
Monroe Street222   Jun17188212106Luck, C A 54y  
Monroe Street228   Dec28188212323Luck, Ch H   F
Monroe Street2124   Jul11189015731Luck, Geo 18yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec4189820511Luck, Grace 6yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb4189015484Luck, Henry 37yWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar16189317229Luck, Herman 51yWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb12189116015Luck, Louisa 25yWF
Monroe Street233   Jun27188312492Luck, Maria F 23yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep14188312587Lucke, Grace 3mWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug30189116328Luckers, Martin 1yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun24189216791Luckle, Andrew 70yWM
Monroe Street288   Feb27188814417Luckley, Pearly 9yWF
Monroe Street516May291990May31199031486Luderitz, Marie H 88y F
Monroe Street1141   Mar2118779944Ludington, Lillie 21yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct7188814747Ludke, Adolph 5wWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan27189015465Ludke, Bertha I 8yWF
Monroe Street1123   Dec1018759280Ludlemann, M 49yW 
Monroe Street153   Apr818706586Ludwig,SB Child of Chas WM
Monroe Street170   Jan118727216Ludwig,SB WM
Monroe Street2249   Apr10189820158Ludwig, 1mWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec2518769847Ludwig, A L 1mW 
Monroe Street2162   Dec6189217073Ludwig, Anna 24yWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep8188915190Ludwig, Annie 1mWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar1018748386Ludwig, August 12yWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug20190824774Ludwig, Catharine 55yWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar26189619092Ludwig, Edna 3mWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul3189820289Ludwig, Edwin 26yWM
Monroe Street23   Feb27188111443Ludwig, Emma 4yWF
Monroe Street259   Aug16188513391Ludwig, Emma 4mWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2918686069Ludwig, Goerge Martin 1yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep15189418272Ludwig, Lena 19yWF
Monroe Street3224   Nov5191526613Ludwig, Margarett 77yWF
Monroe Street353   Jun14190222346Ludwig, Nettie 28yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar1189719539Ludwig, Olga 6mWF
Monroe Street267   Jul8188613687Ludwig, Sizzel 3mWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep21189116366Luecht, Conrad 13mWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan8192928911Luecke, Ella 53yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct1618675874Luecke, Elonore E 10yWF
Monroe Street468Sep141946Sep17194630553Luecke, William 76yWM
Monroe Street447   Feb21194030101Lueckel, Adam 83yWM
Monroe Street454Feb211942Feb26194230252Lueckel, Marie 87yWF
Monroe Street270   Sep20188613784Lueder, Carl 9mWM
Monroe Street269   Sep2188613754Lueder, Johannes 12wWM
Monroe Street254   Apr23188513219Lueder, John 58yWM
Monroe Street2211   Sep10189518842Lueder, Karl 6mWM
Monroe Street1123   Nov2518759266Lueders, Clara 8mWF
Monroe Street369   Apr19190322825Lueders, Wilhelmina 74yWF
Monroe Street4105Jul71967Feb11196931294Luedtke, Minnie 81y F
Monroe Street2183   Feb26189417828Luehrs, Nellie M 22yWF
Monroe Street412   Sep16193229334Lueke, Caroline 67yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jul5187810442Luekens, Aug 7yW 
Monroe Street181   Nov2118727659Luekens, Emma 3yWF
Monroe Street230   Mar8188312381Luekens, L C 58y M
Monroe Street188   Jul1018737904Luekens, Th L 4mW 
Monroe Street3313   Dec7192929017Luempert,SB WM
Monroe Street2223   Jul6189619238Luepka, Flora 10mWF
Monroe Street323   Aug26190021456Luepke, Ferdinand 3mWM
Monroe Street295   Aug13188814669Lueters, Minnie 40yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul3188714092Lueth, Alex 23wWM
Monroe Street2152   Apr30189216715Luethe,SB WM
Monroe Street245   Jul11188412901Luethe, Berth 14mW 
Monroe Street245   Jul10188412900Luethe, Jacob 2mWM
Monroe Street251   Jan14188513107Luethe, Rose 6mWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul21189116257Luethe, Rudolph 11yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug20189518793Luethi, Martha 14dWF
Monroe Street362   Dec3190222598Luethy, Frida 10mWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan22189115996Luetke, Henry 6yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan9189115979Luetke, Julius 36yWM
Monroe Street1180   Nov28188011362Lug, Henry 6mWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1918675822Luhr, John Michael 31yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan1318769323Luidus, Aldred 43yWM
Monroe Street2250   May12189820211Luigenfelder, 10dWM
Monroe Street221   May24188212070Luimdels, Aug C W 15y  
Monroe Street1149   Nov23187710258Luk,SB Child of Karl W 
Monroe Street194   Oct1518738158Luke,Child of Henry W 
Monroe Street216   Jan7188211875Luke, Adolf 1yWM
Monroe Street134   Sep1018675845Luke, Anna L 6mWF
Monroe Street265   Mar21188613609Luke, Charley 1mWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr20190724418Luke, Elizabeth 63yWF
Monroe Street148   Jul2718696381Luke, Elize 2mWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep718748632Luke, George 5mWM
Monroe Street3212   Oct19191426383Luke, Henry 75yWM
Monroe Street138   Apr518685981Luke, Leonore M 1yWF
Monroe Street2179   Nov30189317695Luke, Lizzie 16yWF
Monroe Street2158   Sep1189216938Lukner,SB WF
Monroe Street164   Jul518717010Lumberson, George 3mWM
Monroe Street298   Nov15188814798Lund, Louis 48yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr2418758932Lundy, James M 65yWM
Monroe Street2207   Jun7189518688Lunt, Amanda 2yWF
Monroe Street3207   May18191426292Lunte, Anna M 78yWF
Monroe Street415   Feb15193329377Lunte, Caroline 71yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul19190222399Lunte, Edw 17yWM
Monroe Street437   Dec28193729912Lunte, Frank H 80yWM
Monroe Street439   Jul7193829957Lunte, Frank H 49yWM
Monroe Street358   Sep22190222507Lunte, Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street468Dec131946Dec16194630562Lunte, Henry E 87yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec12189820525Lunte, Robert 2yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun23189216790Lunte, Rose F 1yWF
Monroe Street1164   Jun21187910801Luntzler, Griswald  W 
Monroe Street387   Jun15190423380Lupastke, Nicholas 13hWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan818758792Luphart, Annie 25yWF
Monroe Street197   Dec2918738289Lurain, 14yW 
Monroe Street1179   Oct18188011318Lursh, Kathr 36yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan1818758802Luse, Maud 4mWF
Monroe Street231   Apr27188312425Luske, Henry 60y  
Monroe Street169   Dec1718717202Luslers,SB Child of Henry WM
Monroe Street318   Apr16190021259Lust, Albert 40yWM
Monroe Street180   Oct2218727628Luter, Franziska 8yW 
Monroe Street223   Jul18188212131Luthe, Anna 6m  
Monroe Street2248   Mar27189820126Luther, Alfred 20mWM
Monroe Street337   Jul17190121907Luther, Elenor 9mWF
Monroe Street178   Aug2418727536Luther, Jakob 1dWM
Monroe Street12   Aug718634565Luther, Mary Jane 1yWF
Monroe Street1113   Mar2218758891ALuthi,  W 
Monroe Street417   Aug21193329434Luthi, John 72yWM
Monroe Street3307   Oct23192828874Luthi, Magdaline 69yWF
Monroe Street326   Nov5190021542Luthy, Fride 3mWF
Monroe Street440   Aug30193829967Luthy, Ray 2dWM
Monroe Street3239   Jul20191726994Luthy, Rosina 66yWF
Monroe Street46   Jan2193129158Luthy, Rudolph 74yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar28188513186Luthzohn, Anna Maria 2yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec2718748767Lutridge, John B 58yWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct24190624251Lutsch, Geo 54yWM
Monroe Street3159   May20191025254Lutsch, Katie 50yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb2218769387Lutz,SB Child of A W 
Monroe Street2167   Mar20189317236Lutz,SB WM
Monroe Street2183   Feb11189417808Lutz,SB WF
Monroe Street2209   Jul24189518755Lutz,SB WM
Monroe Street3103   Sep2190523909Lutz,SB WM
Monroe Street2153   May21189216741Lutz, August 3mWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug20187910883Lutz, Babe 3mW 
Monroe Street2133   Feb23189116032Lutz, Bertha 6dWF
Monroe Street129   Oct1518665629Lutz, Charles 9dWM
Monroe Street224   Aug15188212174Lutz, Charles 54y  
Monroe Street3205   Mar24191426247Lutz, Charlotte 28yWF
Monroe Street224   Sep2188212192Lutz, Cora 8m  
Monroe Street2113   Nov5188915312Lutz, Eddie 12dWM
Monroe Street2102   Mar5188914924Lutz, Edward 5mWM
Monroe Street2222   May27189619185Lutz, Edward 20yWM
Monroe Street3254   Jul2191927402Lutz, Howard E 25yWM
Monroe Street1161   Jan22187910655Lutz, JennieSB WF
Monroe Street3103   Sep6190523912Lutz, John 26yWM
Monroe Street276   Apr5188713997Lutz, Joseph 40yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar17188914935Lutz, Lizzie 5mWF
Monroe Street41   Jan22193029034Lutz, Mollie 69yWF
Monroe Street3200   Oct7191326129Lutz, Nicholas 54yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug12188714169Lutz, Sahra 33yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug31188714188Lutz, Willie 5mWM
Monroe Street293   Jul20188814611Lutz, Willie 3wWM
Monroe Street41   Feb26193029056Luzat, Frank 58yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov10187810590Luzius,SB W 
Monroe Street2169   Apr28189317307Luzius, Bertha 18yWF
Monroe Street174   Jun218727390Luzius, Catharina 33yWF
Monroe Street2140   Aug6189116293Luzius, Emma 2mWF
Monroe Street171   Mar918727278Luzius, Jakob 1mWM
Monroe Street187   Jul618737898Luzius, Luisa 68yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep30189820414Luzius, Mary 24yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb13189216588Luzius, Wilhelm 2yWM
Monroe Street27   Jul18188111600Lveht, Alice 1yWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov24187810607LyBold, Henry  WM
Monroe Street112   Aug2018644977Lyel, Ellen 1yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar25187910714Lymonds,1 of 2 children of Charles W 
Monroe Street1162   Mar25187910714Lymonds,2 of 2 children of Charles W 
Monroe Street1159   Dec26187810641Lymonds, Howard B 5yWM
Monroe Street332   Mar27190121730Lynberger, Wm 44yWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul19190824751Lynch, 1hWM
Monroe Street160   Jan1518716864Lynde, Arthur A 1yWM
Monroe Street174   May1918727383Lynde, Carrie 31yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb23188211942Lynde, Carrie 22y F
Monroe Street178   Sep418727556Lynde, Leonard 4mW 
Monroe Street3238   May3191726959Lynn, Eliza 65yWF
Monroe Street318   Apr8190021238Lynn, Sahra 60yWF
Monroe Street3116   Oct24190624253Lynn, Thomas 53yWM
Monroe Street3206   Apr23191426264Lyon,SB WM
Monroe Street3177   Nov11191125638Lyons,SB WM
Monroe Street1107   Oct718748675Lyoslter, Gerh H 7dW 
Monroe Street1113   Mar318758869Lyre, John  W 
Monroe Street37   Jun22189920834Maag, Elizabeth 61yWF
Monroe Street423   Oct8193429574Maahs, Adolph F 51yWM
Monroe Street4113Dec251973Dec27197331355Maahs, Lena 91y F
Monroe Street2183   Feb24189417826Maase, Rudolph 34yWM
Monroe Street3261   Sep13192027606MacDowell, Margaret 84yWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr9189719601Mace, Della J 42yWF
Monroe Street3187   Sep27191225856Mace, Wm C 55yWM
Monroe Street513Feb161986Feb19198631462Macey, Rose K 81y F
Monroe Street56Jan121979Jan17197931409Macey, Rose L 50y F
Monroe Street47   Jul11193129209MacFadden, Hugh A 59yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec17189820531Macha, Joseph 43yWM
Monroe Street2228   Oct31189619397Machat, 2mWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov28191025413Machat, AnnaAKA Musat1mWF
Monroe Street1166   Jul28187910858Machnip, Ida 1yWF
Monroe Street3305   Jun5192828831MacIber,SB WM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1218759026Mack,SB W 
Monroe Street255   May25188513266Mack,2 Children of Cathr   
Monroe Street3267   Sep8192127765Mack,SB WM
Monroe Street3280   Oct25192328104Mack, 8dWF
Monroe Street331   Mar16190121710Mack, Caroline 83yWF
Monroe Street235   Aug21188312557Mack, Charles 7yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr6189216672Mack, Charles J 38yWM
Monroe Street3253   Jun27191927401Mack, Dorethy H 2yWF
Monroe Street3215   Jan10191526434Mack, Elizabeth 80yWF
Monroe Street374   Jul31190322966Mack, Geo 1yWM
Monroe Street25   Apr30188111505Mack, Henrich David 10mWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug3187910868Mack, J Chr 66yW 
Monroe Street2178   Oct27189317642Mack, John M 27yWM
Monroe Street24   Apr10188111487Mack, John Martin 2yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan15189518457Mack, John W 21yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep518748625Mack, M 2dW 
Monroe Street3274   Nov4192227943Mack, Ruth 2mWF
Monroe Street3285   Sep22192428260MacKay, John 33yWM
Monroe Street53Sep181976Sep20197631386Mackay, Selma 82y F
Monroe Street443   Apr21193930022Mackay, Wm H 71yWM
Monroe Street434   Mar6193729853MacKeigan, Angus 72yWM
Monroe Street482Mar281954Mar30195430895MacKeigan, Nellie S 85yWF
Monroe Street146   May318696303Mackinson, S Ann 1yWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar10189116047Macklenberg, Bertha 20yWF
Monroe Street134   Aug1518675818Macklenburg, Henry 1mWM
Monroe Street38   Aug3189920893Macklenburg, Henry 18yWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar15191426240Mackrall, Olive M 7dWF
Monroe Street3272   Jun12192227887Mackrell, MargtSB WF
Monroe Street3258   Mar29192027530MacLennan, D S 1mWM
Monroe Street3286   Oct30192428279MacMiller, Geo W 58yWM
Monroe Street1176   Jul14188011208Macomber, Geo 18dWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar24191927340MacPherson, Eliz 25yWF
Monroe Street391   Oct24190423546Macrow, Joseph 72yWM
Monroe Street481Mar131953Mar21195330863Mactaggert, William 82yWM
Monroe Street3289   May13192528354MacWatters, Henrietta F 60yWF
Monroe Street3293   Mar22192628493MacWatters, Ida E 40yWF
Monroe Street3293   Mar20192628491MacWatters, William 68yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr218737787Madden, H 39yW 
Monroe Street3139   Sep13190824785Maddon, Edna 53yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan3188412707Maddox, Lilly 15dWF
Monroe Street3269   Dec16192127811Maddox, William 72yWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun16189317391Mader, John 79yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr15189518610Mader, Louise 79yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug10188613731Madison,SB WM
Monroe Street2253   Jul18189820308Madison, 2mWM
Monroe Street3196   Jun17191326062Madison, Allice 45yWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug518759103Madison, Anna L 2mWF
Monroe Street224   Sep5188212196Madison, Benny 7y  
Monroe Street282   Sep2188714191Madison, Jas 73yWM
Monroe Street2229   Dec20189619450Madison, Sarah E 72yWF
Monroe Street2237   Jul27189719752Madison, Walter 5mWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug17188011261Madison, Wm L 11mWM
Monroe Street3151   Sep25190925048Madock,Baby WM
Monroe Street318   Apr8190021239Maeck, Michial 70yWM
Monroe Street184   Feb2018737753Maehring, HermannSB WM
Monroe Street152   Jan918706519Maeke,Mrs75yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul20190423426Maerkel, 1dWM
Monroe Street3147   May5190924981Maerkle, Elizabeth 73yWF
Monroe Street3268   Oct26192127785Maerkle, Frederick 89yWM
Monroe Street210   Aug29188111686Maeuer,SB AKA Meyer W 
Monroe Street29   Aug9188111648Maffitt, 6yW 
Monroe Street379   Nov23190323105Mager, 6wWM
Monroe Street2207   Jun8189518690Magin, Ida 20yWF
Monroe Street3135   May28190824717Mago,Baby WM
Monroe Street3138   Aug9190824767Maguire, Sarah J 58yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan7188513102Maguyre,Mrs79yWF
Monroe Street3222   Sep2191526585Magyar,SB WM
Monroe Street320   Jun6190021343Magyar, Michial 77yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar6190121688Maher,SB WF
Monroe Street3292   Jan30192628462Maher,SB WM
Monroe Street134   Sep1618675847Mahler,SB Child of Peter WM
Monroe Street144   Jan918696206Mahler,SB Child of B WF
Monroe Street253   Mar23188513183Mahler, Benedick 60yWM
Monroe Street3241   Nov12191727058Mahler, Christina 92yWF
Monroe Street122   Sep1818655346Mahler, Elizabeth 6mWF
Monroe Street448   Jul22194030134Mahler, Henry 80yWM
Monroe Street23   Mar8188111451Mahler, Katie 18yWF
Monroe Street477Dec171950Dec19195030779Mahler, Lena 87yWF
Monroe Street232   May13188312446Mahler, Michael 42yWM
Monroe Street483Dec191954Dec21195430925Mahler, Sophia 89yWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan28191626687Mahn, Caroline 80yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr20190322828Mahnke, 2dWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun29190824738Mahnke, Christ 64yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar6190724369Mahnke, Herman 11wWM
Monroe Street1172   Feb21188011031Mahr, Lizze 1yWF
Monroe Street138   Apr1418685990Mahuler, Rosekrans 6yWM
Monroe Street3159   May14191025243Mai, Augusta 73yWF
Monroe Street232   May23188312461Mai, Joseph 14yW 
Monroe Street473Dec281948Dec31194830662Maibauer, Charles 52yWM
Monroe Street4108Oct41971Oct6197131322Maibauer, Elenore 87y F
Monroe Street3290   Sep28192528403Maibauer, Frederich 66yWM
Monroe Street3302   Dec29192728757Maibauer, Mary 63yWF
Monroe Street58Sep91981Sep14198131431Maibayer, Edgar 74y M
Monroe Street2223   Jun28189619219Maibnauer, Walter 4mWM
Monroe Street25   Apr25188111500Maier,SB W 
Monroe Street2123   Jun27189015705Maier,SB WM
Monroe Street2152   May9189216727Maier,SB WF
Monroe Street2211   Aug31189518820Maier,SB WF
Monroe Street497Sep101964Sep12196431209Maier, Anna 83yWF
Monroe Street3205   Mar8191426237Maier, Carl 35yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug5189317504Maier, Caroline 36yWF
Monroe Street189   Jul2718737958Maier, DoryAKA Dorothy Mayer76yW 
Monroe Street3264   Mar14192127693Maier, Ernst F 52yWM
Monroe Street226   Oct20188212242Maier, Frank 11m  
Monroe Street459Aug191943Aug23194330376Maier, Gottlieb 86yWM
Monroe Street179   Sep2818727602Maier, Henry 3mWM
Monroe Street178   Sep118727552Maier, Henry A 5yW 
Monroe Street1101   Apr2218748441Maier, Jacob 87yWM
Monroe Street170   Jan1618727228Maier, Johanna 21dWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep4189015826Maier, John 70yWF
Monroe Street436   Nov18193729903Maier, Josephine 78yWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep2188011279Maier, Louisa 61yWF
Monroe Street436   Sep3193729886Maier, Margarete R 82yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep14189015842Maier, Michael 39yWM
Monroe Street487Nov91957Nov13195731016Maier, Otto 70yWM
Monroe Street178   Aug2718727544Maier, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1718769778Maierhoefer, L    
Monroe Street1113   Mar918758880Maierhoefer, Lorenz 85yWM
Monroe Street1131   Jul2718769560Maile, John 5mWM
Monroe Street271   Oct9188613816Maile, Wilhemia 6yWF
Monroe Street272   Dec10188613879Main, Henry 45yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul3191326067Mainland, Christine 73yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar23189317245Mainland, James 70yWM
Monroe Street176   Jul2118727461Maipherson, Milton H 10dWM
Monroe Street128   Sep1318665608Maisch, John H 1yWM
Monroe Street3231   Aug9191626787Maitland, Jos 72yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan30188211906Maitz, Ch 7yWM
Monroe Street3256   Dec5191927465Majewski, JohnAKA Schroeder18yWM
Monroe Street430   Jan2193629727Majewski, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec3191526631Majewski, Walter 16yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul3190121879Majo, Blanch B 17yWF
Monroe Street336   Jun27190121865Majo, Chas A 9dWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct6190925055Majo, Freeman 70yWM
Monroe Street2250   Apr26189820187Majo, Martha 20yWF
Monroe Street3105   Nov20190523979Majo, Martha 66yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar20191526489Major,Baby WF
Monroe Street176   Jul1918727458Major, Joseph 62yWM
Monroe Street443   Apr29193930024Major, Karl 75yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec7191025421Maki, Acili E 1yWF
Monroe Street166   Sep518717106Makin, Betsy 16yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul2018717028Makin, Sarah Ann 1mWF
Monroe Street280   Jul31188714148Malak,SB WM
Monroe Street183   Jan2418737731Malaman, James 12yW 
Monroe Street1123   Dec1518759286Malaron, Stephen 62yWM
Monroe Street1140   Mar318779920Malash, JohnSB Child W 
Monroe Street1106   Sep1018748643Maley, R WDr55yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun16190222349Maling, James 11wWM
Monroe Street296   Sep7188814706Mallenbrook, Ester 3mWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan2189216501Mallery, Daniel 90yWM
Monroe Street1137   Nov2718769801Mallett, H M 3yW 
Monroe Street1137   Dec218769813Mallett, J 63yW 
Monroe Street386   May8190423335Malling, Wm H 9dWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr19189619128Mallion, Clyde 2mWM
Monroe Street353   Jun23190222359Mallion, Jennie 9mWF
Monroe Street217   Feb10188211919Malloff, Karl 3yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan15190121625Mallory, Bernice 10yWF
Monroe Street290   Apr30188814500Mallory, Jane 76yWF
Monroe Street3111   May23190624124Mallory, John 65yWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul16189418125Malloy, Florence 1yWF
Monroe Street3263   Jan10192127661Mampel, Carrie L 52yWF
Monroe Street3223   Oct20191526608Mampel, Chas F 51yWM
Monroe Street448   May1194030117Man, Flora 66yWF
Monroe Street2190   Jul3189418087Man, Harry 5yWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr6190924933Man, Harry 1yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan2318758808Man, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street1172   Mar10188011049Manchester, Wm  WM
Monroe Street2186   Apr5189417901Mandelko,SB WF
Monroe Street1177   Jul28188011233Mandelkow, Chr 21dW 
Monroe Street1176   Jul18188011218Mandelkow, Emma 27yWF
Monroe Street3272   Jun12192227889Mandelkow, Martin 78yWM
Monroe Street485Jun291956Jul2195630970Mandelkow, Matilda 78yWF
Monroe Street1180   Nov15188011352Mandelkow, Wm 47yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov29190523991Mandle, Mary 57yWF
Monroe Street2188   May17189417985Mandsley, 3mWM
Monroe Street286   Jan15188814348Manfold, Susanna 76yWF
Monroe Street187   Jun1118737874Mangman, George 7mWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun22189015696Manill, Lizzie 2mWF
Monroe Street162   Mar818716922Manke,Child of Christian3dWF
Monroe Street170   Jan2418727236Manke, Augusta 22yWF
Monroe Street235   Aug28188312563Manke, Fred 42yWM
Monroe Street25   Apr23188111498Mankman,4 Children of Wm   
Monroe Street23   Feb20188111438Mankman, Wm 53yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug918769587Mann, Bertha R 1yWF
Monroe Street359   Sep30190222517Mann, Catharine 9mWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov8189217035Mann, Chas F 44yWM
Monroe Street324   Aug30190021463Mann, Ferdinand 46yWM
Monroe Street48   Oct3193129230Mann, Martha 66yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug15190423465Manning,Baby WF
Monroe Street388   Jul18190423424Manning, Calvin 75yWM
Monroe Street14   Oct2518634652Manning, Charles H 2yWM
Monroe Street236   Sep28188312601Manning, Ed R 2mWM
Monroe Street2206   May1189518636Manning, Jennie 33yWF
Monroe Street114   Sep3018645034Manning, Mary 71yWF
Monroe Street3130   Dec14190724584Manning, Nancy 71yWF
Monroe Street3187   Sep6191225848Manning, Norman 5mWM
Monroe Street318   Apr8190021237Mannke, Etta 11mWF
Monroe Street1131   Jul2318769551Manodkow, Wm 3yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug2118759137Mansfield, 29yW 
Monroe Street17   Mar718644770Mansfield, Giel 5yWM
Monroe Street1129   Jun2018769506Mansfield, Sarah 81yWF
Monroe Street123   Nov1118655396Mansfield, Sobrina 66yWF
Monroe Street3307   Oct16192828871Mansolf, 1hWM
Monroe Street257   Jul17188513321Manthey, Paul 8mWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug29189317546Mantia, Rudolph 1yWM
Monroe Street2233   Apr8189719596Manwell, Christina 9wWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2518686058Manz, Jok David 3mWM
Monroe Street180   Oct2218727627Manz, Maria C 1yWF
Monroe Street397   Mar29190523733Manzke, Chas 55yWM
Monroe Street1168   Oct26187910940Mapel, 1dW 
Monroe Street3279   Sep1192328080Maradits, Elizabeth 42yWF
Monroe Street44   Oct10193029131Maradits, John 51yWM
Monroe Street1130   Jul1918769539Maratzki, Maria 10mWF
Monroe Street289   Apr12188814472Marawitsch, Julius 1wWM
Monroe Street24   Mar28188111469Marbaum, Fred 14yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec11189317712Marble, A G 63yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan1190021082Marble, Caroline 66yWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep6188011282Marble, H E 2mW 
Monroe Street1178   Sep15188011292Marble, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street1115   May1718758958Marble, Lewis 4yWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec25189217099Marceaun, Percy 6mWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct2189418294Marceaux, Emilia 51yWF
Monroe Street421   May28193429528Marceaux, Helen W 78yWF
Monroe Street1137   Nov2718769802March, M A 3mW 
Monroe Street2134   Mar15189116052March, Sam'l A 10yWM
Monroe Street1156   Aug21187810500Mardin, Henry 83yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun20188011168Mareau, Hannah 37yWF
Monroe Street2249   Apr5189820144Marek, Anna 11dWF
Monroe Street356   Aug19190222451Marek, Anna 8mWF
Monroe Street367   Mar12190322757Marek, Josephine 6dWF
Monroe Street2250   Apr20189820178Marek, Lillie 3wWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan10189920575Marer, Kunignude 70yWF
Monroe Street2256   Oct15189820431Mares, John 67yWM
Monroe Street379   Nov5190323084Maresh,SB WM
Monroe Street390   Sep8190423494Maresh,Baby WF
Monroe Street1106   Sep1518748653Maretzka, Marie 1yWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec26191125665Margraff, Chas 59yWM
Monroe Street461Apr31944Apr5194430430Margraff, Clara 66yWF
Monroe Street47   May29193129199Margraff, Emma 71yWF
Monroe Street1117   Jul1718759039Margraff, Henry 49yWM
Monroe Street246   Aug18188412947Margraff, John 17mWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar9190724372Margraff, Wm 47yWM
Monroe Street481Sep11953Sep5195330877Margraft, Ella 66yWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan6189015410Margrat, Elizabeth 57yWF
Monroe Street515May61988May18198831474Marguard, Mildred 90y F
Monroe Street282   Sep5188714197Marguardt, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street514Sep51987Sep15198731472Margward, Herbert A 92y M
Monroe Street157   Aug2418706717Marhart, Louis 1yWM
Monroe Street2105   May24188915020Marhed,SB Child of John WM
Monroe Street266   May12188613650Marhtz, Geo Henry 2dWM
Monroe Street326   Nov30190021565Marik,Baby WF
Monroe Street344   Dec6190122089Marik,Baby WM
Monroe Street318   Apr17190021261Marison,Baby WF
Monroe Street2167   Mar26189317247Marker, Amerlia 48yWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb12191426225Marker, John 71yWM
Monroe Street279   Jul6188714099Markey,SB WM
Monroe Street165   Aug1518717069Markle, George F 4mW 
Monroe Street1104   Aug618748572Markle, Henry 11mWM
Monroe Street421   May22193429523Markle, Margaret  WF
Monroe Street363   Dec31190222644Markley, Agnes 77yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep14189116354Marks,SB WF
Monroe Street385   Apr16190423307Marks,SB WF
Monroe Street323   Aug27190021457Marks, Abe 23yWM
Monroe Street173   Apr2718727351Marks, Wm 11yWM
Monroe Street2152   Apr27189216710Markush, August 55yWM
Monroe Street3303   Jan14192828767Marlitz, 80yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jul19187810456Marlitz, Anna 3mWF
Monroe Street385   Apr12190423300Marlitz, Caroline 19yWF
Monroe Street3280   Nov26192328130Marlitz, ESB WF
Monroe Street2196   Sep27189418288Marlitz, Gottlieb 67yWM
Monroe Street3265   May18192127727Marlitz, Henry 67yWM
Monroe Street3229   Apr12191626732Marlitz, Henry F 1mWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan13191025130Marlitz, Maria 84yWF
Monroe Street3197   Jul14191326071Marlitz, Myrtle R 9mWF
Monroe Street247   Aug27188412958Marlitz, Nelli Frederika 8dWF
Monroe Street25   May8188111514Marlyn, James 44yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar11190121699Marmann, Ida P 25yWF
Monroe Street460Dec261943Dec30194330406Marmann, Matilda 69yWF
Monroe Street1118   Aug118759091Marnetz, August 7mWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar15191225723Marquard, Ferdinand 83yWM
Monroe Street3218   Apr13191526506Marquardt, Christina 81yWF
Monroe Street41   Feb28193029057Marquardt, Henry 81yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar15190021198Marquars, Anna 51yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun6190322885Marquart, August F 31yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug1189317491Marquart, Frederick 55yWM
Monroe Street3134   Apr11190824683Marquart, Johana 70yWF
Monroe Street169   Dec1018717199Marquart, John 62yWM
Monroe Street36   Jun6189920824Marquart, Lena 35yWF
Monroe Street1146   Aug30187710137Marquart, Louis 1yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun28189719699Marquette, Eva 10dWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct24189619391Marquette, Ralph 7wWM
Monroe Street1180   Dec27188011386Marrick, Emmie 1dWF
Monroe Street135   Sep1618675849Marriott, Martha 29yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug818644953Marriott, William 10mWM
Monroe Street142   Sep1918686135Marriott, Willie Clough 1yWM
Monroe Street31   Feb1189920626Marsch, Henry 8yWM
Monroe Street1174   May5188011122Marschall, Elisab 87yWF
Monroe Street2121   May6189015625Marsh,SB WF
Monroe Street2106   Jun27188915049Marshal, Edgar H 56yWM
Monroe Street2197   Oct23189418325Marshal, Emilia 62yWF
Monroe Street1168   Oct9187910935Marshall,2 children of Edgar   
Monroe Street2166   Feb25189317201Marshall,SB WF
Monroe Street3121   Mar3190724366Marshall, Allen 50yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan9189015416Marshall, Amy 77yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul11191025296Marshall, Andrew 62yWM
Monroe Street31   Jan25189920609Marshall, Ann 82yWF
Monroe Street1113   Feb2818758861Marshall, Annie 40yWF
Monroe Street178   Sep1018727570Marshall, Cath A 5yWF
Monroe Street1168   Oct5187910928Marshall, Geo 45yWM
Monroe Street116   Jan1018655117Marshall, Ida A 2mWF
Monroe Street2166   Feb25189317200Marshall, James 75yWM
Monroe Street1151   Feb23187810336Marshall, Jane B 23yWF
Monroe Street243   May8188412833Marshall, John 30yWM
Monroe Street27   Jul7188111579Marshall, Law 11yWM
Monroe Street399   May21190523794Marshall, Libby 72yWF
Monroe Street1120   Aug3118759156Marshall, Sarah H 11mWF
Monroe Street146   May2818696316Marshall, Theodore 67yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb15190523670Marshall, Troy 48yWM
Monroe Street468Dec281946Dec31194630567Marsiczky, Louis 73yWM
Monroe Street481Oct211953Oct23195330881Marsiczky, Rose 73yWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct13188915266Marsters, Elizabeth 84yWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr19189719617Martelock, Martin 85yWM
Monroe Street151   Dec418696491Marten,SB Child of P WM
Monroe Street252   Feb16188513148Marten, 3mWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar24190624071Marten,Baby WM
Monroe Street271   Nov7188613849Marten, Wm 8yWM
Monroe Street270   Sep27188613795Martens, Anna 8mWF
Monroe Street418   Dec21193329472Martens, Ernest 63yWM
Monroe Street2255   Aug29189820369Martens, Johanna 77yWF
Monroe Street186   May1218737836Martin,    
Monroe Street274   Jan29188713930Martin, 1dWM
Monroe Street279   Jun27188714084Martin,SB WM
Monroe Street268   Aug19188613738Martin, Anna Maria 34yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug618759104Martin, Barbara 38yWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan13190724317Martin, Caroline 71yWF
Monroe Street283   Oct24188714247Martin, Chas 11yWM
Monroe Street1161   Feb9187910665Martin, Chrs 24yW 
Monroe Street54   Oct3197731394Martin, Clara   F
Monroe Street1123   Nov1718759258Martin, Emma 17yWF
Monroe Street264   Feb27188613583Martin, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul26190624185Martin, Frances Kelty 44yWF
Monroe Street126   Apr2918665504Martin, Francis 1yWM
Monroe Street118   Apr1618655216Martin, Fred 44yWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr20188914977Martin, Fred 36yWM
Monroe Street2234   Apr24189719627Martin, Gustav 48yWM
Monroe Street11   Jun2418634537Martin, Jennie W 1yWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug12189116306Martin, John 1mWM
Monroe Street270   Sep22188613787Martin, Joseph 31yWM
Monroe Street229   Jan13188312340Martin, Lorene 21d F
Monroe Street451   Mar3194130179Martine, Flora 71yWF
Monroe Street3127   Sep7190724506Martinetz, Geo 8mWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun17188915039Martinex, Frederick 70yWM
Monroe Street3272   Jul26192227902Martins, Adolph 62yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr21189116113Martins, Alice 3mWF
Monroe Street3238   Jun14191726979Martins, Emma C  WF
Monroe Street395   Feb28190523689Martins, Ervin O 3dWM
Monroe Street384   Mar10190423263Martins, Geo 2yWM
Monroe Street126   Apr1618665493Martins, Joseph 60yWM
Monroe Street476Apr221950Apr25195030751Martins, Mattie M 75yWF
Monroe Street3170   Apr24191125523Martisak, Julius 1hWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun9189418040Martz, Frank 5yWM
Monroe Street2234   Apr23189719625Marx, Ludwig 6wWM
Monroe Street1171   Feb2188011010Mary, J W 5dW 
Monroe Street189   Jul2718737958Maryer, DorothyAKA Dory Maier76yW 
Monroe Street2218   Feb18189619044Marzkowski,SB WM
Monroe Street1136   Nov2118769787Marzlen, Lewis 3mWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar30189116069Maschmeier, Girard 46yWM
Monroe Street1109   Nov2718748736Masehafsky, Anna 19yWF
Monroe Street2187   Apr25189417942Masek, 1dWM
Monroe Street370   Apr26190322837Masek,Baby WF
Monroe Street221   May24188212071Maske, Martha D 10d  
Monroe Street332   Mar3190121732Maskell, David 77yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan20188914875Maskell, Mary 27yWF
Monroe Street3242   Feb11191827114Maskell, Sarah C 95yWF
Monroe Street3109   Mar4190624056Maskereil, Clarance F 20dWM
Monroe Street3263   Dec7192027645Maskoske, Emilia E 44yWF
Monroe Street3282   Mar20192428189Maskoske, Frieda 4mWF
Monroe Street478Apr241951Apr28195130797Masny, Rosanna 80yWF
Monroe Street2228   Nov9189619409Mason, 1dWM
Monroe Street343   Nov14190122062Mason, 1hWF
Monroe Street377   Sep20190323044Mason, 2dWF
Monroe Street3141   Nov6190824826Mason, Amelia 64yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug918737998Mason, Florence E L 1yWF
Monroe Street191   Aug3018738057Mason, Frank Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street3258   Mar30192027531Mason, Geo S 74yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar12190121698Mason, Ida G 6wWF
Monroe Street12   Aug818634567Mason, John C 18yWM
Monroe Street3230   May4191626739Mason, Lydia 82yWF
Monroe Street2214   Nov17189518944Mason, Oliver S 3dWM
Monroe Street346   Jan2190222132Mason, Ruby I 1yWF
Monroe Street1134   Sep3018769688Mason, Willis    
Monroe Street3196   Jun18191326063Masony, 5dWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan23191927292Masoros, 5dWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar3191325968Mass, Jenneatt M 27yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep1718717122Massich, James 23yWM
Monroe Street173   Apr1918727345Master, Hattie A 17yWF
Monroe Street123   Nov1818655404Masters, Irvine U  WM
Monroe Street2148   Jan24189216548Masters, Thomas D 89yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb20189719529Masterson,SB WF
Monroe Street384   Mar13190423266Masterson, Georgia 12hWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug4189518776Matejha, John 14mWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct11189317615Matejho, 1yWM
Monroe Street339   Aug4190121938Matejka, Jerry 11dWM
Monroe Street385   Apr4190423288Matejka, Jerry 10mWM
Monroe Street322   Jul15190021397Matejka, Joseph 9dWM
Monroe Street146   Apr2218696293Matheis, Jenny Rucker 76yWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr7190724401Mathen, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul19188714126Mather, E A  WM
Monroe Street141   Aug1618686089Mathes, Frederick 45yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2018717083Matheu, George Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street123   Nov918655394Mathew, Charles W 3mWM
Monroe Street2221   Apr29189619145Mathews,SB WM
Monroe Street3112   Jun29190624156Mathews, Edwin 39yWM
Monroe Street2148   Feb2189216567Mathews, Mary 55yWF
Monroe Street3132   Feb3190824631Mathews, Michial 73yWM
Monroe Street25   May17188111524Mathews, Wm H 39yWM
Monroe Street1129   Jun518769494Mathka, John 22yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar9190121690Matousek, John 67yWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar29190824672Mattern, Edith 8mWF
Monroe Street3177   Nov2191125630Mattern, Loyed 1yWM
Monroe Street335   May31190121821Matthews, Edgar C H 56yWM
Monroe Street3238   May9191726961Matthews, Fredericka 58yWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct26189820443Matthien, Claus 24yWM
Monroe Street3233   Nov1191626838Matthiew, Conrad 90yWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov21192328127Mattice, 5hWM
Monroe Street1103   Jun3018748516Mattie, Crislay 6yW 
Monroe Street3110   Apr9190624083Matznik,Baby WF
Monroe Street1121   Oct118759198Mau, Charles 3yWM
Monroe Street2156   Aug5189216873Mau, Elsie 2mWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug2118748603Mau, Mary 24yWF
Monroe Street2114   Dec1188915358Maucher, Creszena 75yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul1190222371Maucher, John 79yWM
Monroe Street3175   Sep26191125610Maucher, Maria 71yWF
Monroe Street17   Mar318644764Mauer,Girl of Henry21dWF
Monroe Street217   Feb2188211914Mauer, F 1mW 
Monroe Street261   Nov22188513487Mauer, Henry 65yWM
Monroe Street12   Jul1318634547Mauer, John 3mWM
Monroe Street1144   Aug3187710091Mauer, Mary 2mWF
Monroe Street3159   May10191025239Mauerer, Michael D 4mWM
Monroe Street177   Aug1218727510Maulbergen, John GSB W 
Monroe Street1102   May2718748483Maulberger,Mrs47yWF
Monroe Street226   Oct22188212247Maulberger, Anna 55y  
Monroe Street22   Jan23188111411Maulberger, Fred 21yW 
Monroe Street2175   Aug14189317529Maulberger, George 68yWM
Monroe Street164   Jun1518716994Maulberger, John G 11yWM
Monroe Street458Jan161943Mar12194330345Maule, William 61yWM
Monroe Street428   Oct30193529703Maullin, Belle 69yWF
Monroe Street2247   Feb27189820071Maurath,SB WF
Monroe Street149   Sep518696425Maurer,Child of F1yWM
Monroe Street157   Aug3018706723Maurer,Child of Leonard13dWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov27189418383Maurer,SB WF
Monroe Street2237   Jul9189719719Maurer, 1mWM
Monroe Street369   Apr2190322798Maurer,Baby WF
Monroe Street3132   Feb4190824632Maurer,Baby WM
Monroe Street116   Jan618655113Maurer, Andrew 1yWM
Monroe Street154   Apr1618706595Maurer, Andrew 2mWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb18189216595Maurer, Andrew 81yWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug30189116329Maurer, Anna 85yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar7189920690Maurer, Arthur J 3yWM
Monroe Street3272   Jul28192227905Maurer, Barbara 71yWF
Monroe Street41   Jan31193029038Maurer, Charles 63yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb13189719517Maurer, Chas 13yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan30191626690Maurer, David 69yWM
Monroe Street1171   Jan6188010990Maurer, Elisab 42yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul13187910833Maurer, Elizabeth 4yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep4189015822Maurer, Elizabeth 25yWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov22189116457Maurer, Frederick 5mWM
Monroe Street3254   Aug28191927424Maurer, Frederick 82yWM
Monroe Street399   May22190523795Maurer, George 26yWM
Monroe Street229   Jan15188312344Maurer, Gottlieb 2m M
Monroe Street243   Apr24188412814Maurer, Henry 2mWM
Monroe Street2165   Jan31189317155Maurer, Henry 36yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct22188814768Maurer, Jacob 80yWM
Monroe Street328   Dec30190021609Maurer, John 5wWM
Monroe Street3161   Jul11191025297Maurer, John 38yWM
Monroe Street3285   Sep5192428253Maurer, John 65yWM
Monroe Street2172   Jul1189317418Maurer, Karl 7dWM
Monroe Street258   Aug9188513375Maurer, Leonhard 46yWM
Monroe Street170   Feb1118727252Maurer, Louisa 15dWF
Monroe Street473Apr291948Nov13194830660Maurer, Lydia 61yWF
Monroe Street2250   May7189820203Maurer, Otto 6mWM
Monroe Street24   Apr13188111490Maurer, Sarah 68yWF
Monroe Street328   Dec29190021608Maurer, Stephan 5wWM
Monroe Street228   Dec27188212322Maurer, Susanna 32y F
Monroe Street387   Jun14190423379Maurer, Susanna 60yWF
Monroe Street115   Dec1018645094Maurer, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun22189719691Maurr, Solome 75yWF
Monroe Street3199   Sep23191326116Mauser,SB WF
Monroe Street2214   Nov4189518922Mawrise, Antony 48yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep19192227926Maxfield, Eugene A 81yWM
Monroe Street454Jan271942Jan30194230246Maxfield, Howard 61yWM
Monroe Street4102Nov161967Nov20196731272Maxfield, Lillian 80yWF
Monroe Street3262   Oct18192027619Maxfield, Marg 67yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb26189417827Maxon, James W 27yWM
Monroe Street3240   Oct3191727040Maxon, Sophia C 89yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug1718769602Maxon, Willie A 24yWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct17189820434Maxon, Wm M 71yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar14189015546Maxson, Eliza 84yWF
Monroe Street3255   Oct30191927451Maxwell, Evelyn 22yWF
Monroe Street293   Jul27188814628May, 6mWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug30190624209May,Baby WM
Monroe Street3304   Apr6192828804May,SB WM
Monroe Street45   Dec20193029150May,SB WF
Monroe Street2235   May7189719645May, Andrew 90yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep818748638May, Bertha 9mWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep17189619352May, Bertha C 14yWF
Monroe Street510Mar141983Mar15198331446May, Celia M 97y F
Monroe Street369   Apr5190322803May, Chas F 25yWM
Monroe Street3256   Dec23191927472May, Chas O 6mWM
Monroe Street3303   Feb9192828775May, Christina 72yWF
Monroe Street3108   Feb23190624050May, Geo 56yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb8191927307May, Geo W 39yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun18189418060May, Harry 6mWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar29191225730May, John 8dWM
Monroe Street22   Jan20188111408May, Louisa 2yWF
Monroe Street238   Nov4188312654May, Maria 37yWF
Monroe Street3196   Jun9191326056May, Michial 70yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun10190523821May, Minnie 31yWF
Monroe Street2207   Jun6189518685May, Peter 41yWM
Monroe Street253   Apr6188513196May, Philip 47yWM
Monroe Street410   Feb9193229268May, Robert 2dWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb2018758848May, Simon 28yWM
Monroe Street3258   Mar19192027525May, W GBaby4mWM
Monroe Street3118   Dec29190624305May, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb1188211911Mayan, Katie 3yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul12189820298Maybauer,Baby WF
Monroe Street481Aug301953Sep4195330876Maybee, Joe 75yWM
Monroe Street1176   Jul9188011199Mayer, 4yW 
Monroe Street289   Mar29188814460Mayer,SB WM
Monroe Street2133   Feb7189116007Mayer,Baby WF
Monroe Street3145   Mar10190924905Mayer, 2dWM
Monroe Street31   Jan30189920620Mayer, August 18yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan1118748304Mayer, Augusta 3yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov1518748721Mayer, Augusta 68yWF
Monroe Street2156   Aug1189216865Mayer, Chas 2mWM
Monroe Street233   Jun4188312473Mayer, Child  W 
Monroe Street349   Mar26190222238Mayer, Clara M 3mWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul19189216825Mayer, Edward August 11mWM
Monroe Street27   Jul17188111597Mayer, Elisa 6mWF
Monroe Street3293   Mar26192628497Mayer, Ernst 59yWM
Monroe Street2253   Jul13189820302Mayer, Geo 4yWM
Monroe Street230   Feb25188312367Mayer, George 4y M
Monroe Street418   Nov25193329459Mayer, Henry 88yWM
Monroe Street3292   Jan30192628460Mayer, Irma 55yWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan23189619020Mayer, John 1mWM
Monroe Street1115   May618758944Mayer, Louisa 17dWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul22189317464Mayer, Mary 6dWF
Monroe Street384   Mar3190423247Mayer, Mary 45yWF
Monroe Street3150   Aug30190925038Mayer, Mary 58yWF
Monroe Street1164   Jun22187910804Mayer, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street18   Apr318644811Mayhear, S O 9mWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep6189418247Mayle, Christina 46yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct14188613822Mayle, Geo 5mWM
Monroe Street325   Sep24190021496Mayle, John 64yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan26188211900Mayn, H J 11mW 
Monroe Street216   Jan30188211907Mayn, Louis 5yWM
Monroe Street1173   Mar25188011075Mayo,  W 
Monroe Street157   Aug2418706716Mazo,Child of Jerry3mWM
Monroe Street1123   Nov2118759261McAdams, Mary 17yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun14189820268McAndrews, 2dWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug12187910879McArthur, 6mW 
Monroe Street422   Aug17193429557McArthur, Bert Edw 58yWM
Monroe Street456Aug231942Aug25194230301McArthur, Celia 92yWF
Monroe Street422   Jul12193429544McArthur, Chas H 78yWM
Monroe Street3265   May25192127730McArthur, Elizabeth 75yWF
Monroe Street3281   Jan10192428145McArthur, Herman 70yWM
Monroe Street418   Nov28193329460McArthur, Jennie 69yWF
Monroe Street3116   Oct23190624250McArthur, Peter 65yWM
Monroe Street1167   Aug28187910893McArthur, Th G 7mW 
Monroe Street1112   Feb2218758853McAuley, Isabella 28yWF
Monroe Street3288   Apr6192528337McAuley, James 83yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun12190523819McAuley, Robt J 47yWM
Monroe Street182   Dec2918727698McAulley, A T 19yWF
Monroe Street180   Oct2718727632McAvoy, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street18   Mar2418644794McBride, Ella May 2yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun6190724451McBride, J M 73yWM
Monroe Street171   Mar1318727288McBride, Lewis 2yWM
Monroe Street3123   May28190724444McBride, Lurana 69yWF
Monroe Street3265   May11192127725McCaleb, Anna 74yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep14189317569McCaleb, Chas E 20yWM
Monroe Street412   Jun15193229311McCaleb, Harry E 62yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr4191325995McCaleb, Wilton R 67yWM
Monroe Street3265   Apr12192127709McCall,SB WM
Monroe Street132   Mar1018675732McCannon, Alex 1dWM
Monroe Street3168   Feb8191125472McCardy, James E 54yWM
Monroe Street1164   May26187910781McCarthy,Child of Hattie   
Monroe Street318   Apr18190021263McCarthy,Baby WM
Monroe Street3238   Jun12191726975McCarthy,SB WF
Monroe Street2257   Oct20189820455McCarthy, Bernard 32yWM
Monroe Street364   Jan8190322658McCarthy, Lilian 7mWF
Monroe Street167   Sep1518717120McCarty, Josephine 2mWF
Monroe Street295   Aug20188814683McCaskey, Wm Henry 13mWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr22189116118McCaulley, Martha 80yWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr2518779989McClane, Olive P M 54yW 
Monroe Street193   Oct118738132McClane, Thomas 48yWM
Monroe Street440   Sep29193829972McClelland, Kenneth 67yWM
Monroe Street250   Dec5188413067McClennen, Mary 6mWF
Monroe Street2262   Jan21189920600McClod, Geo 9mWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb20189820057McClumming, Chas D 78yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan4189317115McClumming, Mary 67yWF
Monroe Street2179   Dec4189317700McCollister, Jennie 15yWF
Monroe Street3170   Apr24191125522McCollough, James 1yWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan13189216523McCollum, Arthur 2yWM
Monroe Street139   Jun418686018McCooley, Helen 26yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec10188413071McCormack,SB WF
Monroe Street2192   Jul23189418141McCormack, Nellie 34yWF
Monroe Street13   Aug2718634590McCormick, James 3yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun17188814566McCormick, Lillie 6mWF
Monroe Street28   Jul28188111624McCoy, Allen M 5m M
Monroe Street3207   May3191426272McCoy, EllaSister Anselin53yWF
Monroe Street1141   Mar2918779954McCoy, Fany 63yW 
Monroe Street3201   Nov25191326165McCoy, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb9189216584McCray, Franklin 61yWM
Monroe Street428   Oct11193529697McCreary, Bernie 59yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr12189116090McCreary, Cora 29yWF
Monroe Street46   Jan16193129160McCreary, Emily 90yWF
Monroe Street178   Aug3018727550McCreary, Fanny 1yWF
Monroe Street2232   Feb27189719535McCreary, James 59yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep7189418250McCreary, Larcinda 83yWF
Monroe Street145   Mar1418696259McCreery,Child of James1mWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec2718748768McCrery, Rich 70yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec22191025436McCullough, Alberta 14dWF
Monroe Street469Mar71947Mar10194730571McCurady, Harry M 79yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar12188914931McCurdy, 1dWM
Monroe Street310   Sep25189920956McCurdy, David 73yWM
Monroe Street3278   Jun4192328046McCurdy, Mary A 89yWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct20189116408McCurdy, Milton 62yWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr20190624098McCurdy, Sarah E 87yWF
Monroe Street1169   Dec21187910980McDiarmid, MaudAKA McDiarmid3yWF
Monroe Street3219   May4191526521McDole, Esther 94yWF
Monroe Street264   Mar11188613594McDole, N K 71yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun7188513282McDonald, 5yWF
Monroe Street2153   May26189216752McDonald,Baby WM
Monroe Street3267   Sep19192127771McDonald,SB WM
Monroe Street130   Dec2118665677McDonald, Alonson 2yWM
Monroe Street1167   Sep7187910902McDonald, B 1yW 
Monroe Street455May151942May18194230272McDonald, Chester 58yWM
Monroe Street454Jan91942Jan12194230238McDonald, Christine 40yWF
Monroe Street12   Jul518634544McDonald, Edward 35yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan26189719487McDonald, Eliza 64yWF
Monroe Street179   Oct1118727614McDonald, Francis 47yW 
Monroe Street1164   May21187910771McDonald, Hattie M 2yWF
Monroe Street2145   Dec3189116470McDonald, Henry 30yWM
Monroe Street25   May10188111516McDonald, Hugh 19yWM
Monroe Street239   Dec23188312696McDonald, James 55yWM
Monroe Street38   Jul31189920883McDonald, Maria 44yWF
Monroe Street3299   Apr12192728654McDonald, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan4189216506McDonald, Rubina 42yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr20190222281McDonald, Wm 51yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug818769586McDonald, Wm F 1yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov23190021558McDonnell, Denial 54yWM
Monroe Street127   Aug418665569McDonnell, Isaac N 8mWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct15189518897McDowell, 1dWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb14189719516McDowell,SB WF
Monroe Street35   Apr26189920758McDowell, Jacob 65yWM
Monroe Street479Dec131951Dec15195130815McDowell, St Onge Ella 91yWF
Monroe Street1155   Aug15187810495McDowle, Geo 18yWM
Monroe Street1121   Sep2318759185McEachran, Hugh 11mWM
Monroe Street3312   Oct12192929011McEachren, Alex M 62yWF
Monroe Street488   May22195930165McEachren, Florence 96yWF
Monroe Street256   Jul1188513308McEachren, H B 55yWM
Monroe Street3298   Jan13192728620McEachren, Jennie 57yWF
Monroe Street3309   Jan3192928904McEachren, Margt F 90yWF
Monroe Street357   Aug28190222467McElhaney, Raymond 8mWM
Monroe Street162   Mar1118716927McElroy, Anna 5mWF
Monroe Street178   Sep718727561McEuen, Robert 1mWM
Monroe Street126   Jun2218665530McFarland, Lizzie 22yWF
Monroe Street27   Jul3188111574McGaghy, Flora 4mWF
Monroe Street18   Apr518644813McGahen, Patrick 60yWM
Monroe Street2158   Sep2189216939McGarrity, Alfred 8yWM
Monroe Street232   May21188312457McGarthey, Sylvester 10dWF
Monroe Street120   Jul2118655280McGarty, Robert 64yWM
Monroe Street3290   Aug27192528395McGathey, William 70yWM
Monroe Street334   May3190121784McGee, Adeline 5mWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb15189820048McGee, Florence L 9wWF
Monroe Street369   Apr5190322804McGee, Margarett 8mWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan3018769345McGee, Sam 38yWM
Monroe Street229   Jan9188312332McGeeham, Mary 74y F
Monroe Street242   Apr20188412809McGeehan, Edward 47yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun2188412859McGeehan, Edward 79yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul19188513325McGeehan, Erwin Alva 15yWM
Monroe Street122   Oct1818655374McGeihy, William 34yWM
Monroe Street177   Aug2218727529McGeohan, George F 2yWM
Monroe Street1171   Feb8188011023McGethey, Margreat 48yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep27189518875McGill, Christina 32yWF
Monroe Street3274   Nov6192227947McGill, James 60yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep7189418249McGill, Robt C 4yWM
Monroe Street1128   May1718769466McGillet, L 11mW 
Monroe Street1173   Mar25188011073McGinnes, 3yW 
Monroe Street369   Apr14190322815McGinness, 18hWM
Monroe Street364   Jan22190322684McGlinn, 5wWM
Monroe Street320   May15190021308McGlinn, Lillian 5mWF
Monroe Street3261   Aug27192027601McGonagle, Wm J 49yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul2190121877McGovern, Owen 38yWM
Monroe Street3285   Sep18192428259McGregor, Edith E 38yWF
Monroe Street155   Jun1218706633McGuire,Child of Alex2mWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep12189116350McGuire, Alexander 58yWM
Monroe Street3253   May2191927368McGuire, Eliza 78yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb118758821McGuire, James 1yWM
Monroe Street222   Jun15188212103McGuire, Jane 19y  
Monroe Street482Jun221954Jun25195430903McGuire, Katherine 77yWF
Monroe Street391   Oct20190423544McGuire, Nettie 49yWF
Monroe Street1128   May218769455McGuire, Wm 57yWM
Monroe Street220   Apr30188212043McGuire, Wm    
Monroe Street1121   Sep2018759182McGulian, Joh'a 37yWM
Monroe Street167   Sep1818717123McGun, WmSB  M
Monroe Street26   Jun5188111540McIntosh, Allen 86yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2018717079McIntosh, Ellen 1mWF
Monroe Street1122   Oct2218759230McIntosh, Fred 22yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul818727431McIntosh, Wm 32yW 
Monroe Street337   Jul12190121896McIver, Angus 18yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug22190423473McKay, Angus 40yWM
Monroe Street17   Mar118644761McKay, Elizabeth 20yWF
Monroe Street165   Jul2218717031McKay, Jane 6mWF
Monroe Street3209   Jul21191426324McKay, Maria M 45yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov2218706814McKay, Minerva 15yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr11190121748McKay, Robert 36yWM
Monroe Street170   Jan1918727233McKee, Clina Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street169   Dec818717197McKee, John 4yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul1718665551McKennon, Hektor D 8mWM
Monroe Street128   Aug2918665593McKentzie, Charles 18yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug1118759117McKindly, M M 26dW 
Monroe Street3304   Mar17192828796McKinley,SB WM
Monroe Street143   Dec3018686200McKinney,SB Child of D W  F
Monroe Street3244   Apr24191827160McKinney, Joe 3dWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan30191626689McKinnon, Emma 72yWF
Monroe Street164   Jun2118716997McKinnon, Rachel 24yWF
Monroe Street3301   Aug8192728704McKinnon, William 84yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug118717045McKinnon, Wm Neil 6mWM
Monroe Street3264   Feb7192127673McKinsey, Leroy 9dWM
Monroe Street1123   Nov1818759259McKinzee, D G 48yW 
Monroe Street316   Mar9190021184McKissock, Geo D 5mWM
Monroe Street35   May7189920777McKissock, Thos 16mWM
Monroe Street3132   Feb28190824646McKitrich, Helen 78yWF
Monroe Street3284   Jun13192428221McKitrick, Mary 73yWF
Monroe Street162   Apr318716947McKnight,SB Child of William W 
Monroe Street166   Aug1718717072McKnight, William C 6mWM
Monroe Street3261   Aug14192027598McLachlan, Archie 50yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec9188111840McLaine, R J 26yW 
Monroe Street1116   Jun2418758993McLane, Alex 56yWM
Monroe Street1174   May11188011128McLane, Alex 30yW 
Monroe Street115   Nov1018645067McLane, John 56yWM
Monroe Street222   Jun25188212113McLean, 1d  
Monroe Street2248   Mar14189820098McLean, David 65yWM
Monroe Street478Mar231951Mar24195130791McLean, Effie Helena 91yWF
Monroe Street344   Dec5190122090McLean, Elizabeth 83yWF
Monroe Street3307   Sep13192828868McLean, Fred W 68yWM
Monroe Street269   Sep1188613755McLean, John 57yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug9188814661McLean, Mable 4yWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan3187810299McLeane,Baby W 
Monroe Street2188   May18189417987McLennan, Donald 6mWM
Monroe Street1179   Oct25188011329McMahan, Arthur 49yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar15190121705McMahen, 12hWF
Monroe Street2138   Jun22189116204McMahon,SB WM
Monroe Street14   Sep2418634631McMahon, Samuel D 1yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep818769651McManara, Liman 1dW 
Monroe Street323   Aug23190021451McMann, Ruth 8mWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar2218748409McMay, Anna 5mWF
Monroe Street3279   Sep4192328081McMillan,SB WM
Monroe Street3306   Jul3192828840McMillen, Archibald 81yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar14191125499McMillen, Chas P 1yWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov1192328111McMillen, Eliz T 70yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar17187910705McMillen, N 22yW 
Monroe Street26   Jun11188111545McMillian, Eugenia Jane 2yWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan16188010998McMunagle, 1dWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr16189619124McMurchey, 2mWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct2318769736McNaemaree, Thomas 1mWM
Monroe Street187   Jun2418737882McNamera, DSB W 
Monroe Street45   Dec23193029153McNeal, Albert 79yWM
Monroe Street3283   Apr3192428198McNeal, Emogene 4yWF
Monroe Street186   May2018737846McNeil, Jos 19yWM
Monroe Street113   Aug2718644986McNeil, Wm D 20yWM
Monroe Street261   Nov6188513474McNeill, Martha J 18yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan14188513108McNelley, Wm W 20mWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug918748579McNiel, Ch 2yWM
Monroe Street225   Oct9188212228McOmber, Edna 1y  
Monroe Street1104   Jul2818748559McOmber, MMrs37yWF
Monroe Street495Jul221963Jul25196331180McPeck, Anna 79yWF
Monroe Street160   Jan418716853McPhlaum,SB Child of WM
Monroe Street1137   Dec118769810McPunes, John 1dW 
Monroe Street1142   Apr1118779973McQuire, John 40yWM
Monroe Street154   Apr2818706609McRae, Mary M 3mWF
Monroe Street45   Dec2193029144McSorley,SB WF
Monroe Street152   Jan2818706534McTaggart, Isabella 14yWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep9190523915McTaggart, Maria 77yWF
Monroe Street2199   Dec11189418403McTaggart, Robt 69yWM
Monroe Street145   Mar2218696268McVeigh, Wm Francis 3mWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct1218748680McVey, Agnes 6mWF
Monroe Street313   Dec19189921063McVey, Elizabeth 68yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr20189317288McVey, John 82yWM
Monroe Street115   Dec1818645097McVey, Mary G 14yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb13188211922McVicar,SB W 
Monroe Street2120   Mar24189015558McVicar, Duncan 24yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug23189518798McVicar, Duncan 63yWM
Monroe Street2166   Mar1189317207McVicar, Jennie 20yWF
Monroe Street2237   Jul11189719722McVicar, Mary J 53yWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep118748618McVicker, 3mW 
Monroe Street3252   Apr8191927347McWayne, 7dWF
Monroe Street3285   Aug28192428251McWayne, Florence 27yWF
Monroe Street3282   Mar21192428191McWayne, Herbert 33yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug1818644970McWicker, Mary D 45yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun22189015695Meach, Hattie 41yWF
Monroe Street1121   Oct818759208Meader, L S 27yW 
Monroe Street1113   Mar418758873Meak, Eddie 1yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug22189518794Meard, 7dWM
Monroe Street2247   Feb24189820066Mears, Ella A 42yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul1918737925Mears, Maria L 22yWF
Monroe Street290   Apr29188814499Mears, Thomas E 17dWM
Monroe Street116   Jan1718655127Meaurear,SB Child of Henry WF
Monroe Street111   Jul1318644910Mechanic,SB W 
Monroe Street252   Mar4188513167Mechell, Henry 53yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb19188513152Mechell, July 15yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec7188714297Meckelburg, Charlie 47yWM
Monroe Street265   Apr25188613637Meckelburger, Fred 56yWM
Monroe Street1163   Apr11187910729Meckes, Hedwig 1yWF
Monroe Street225   Oct11188212231Mecklenburg,2 Children of Charles   
Monroe Street3127   Sep3190724504Mecklenburg, Fredrich 37yWM
Monroe Street3216   Feb10191526456Mecklenburg, Fridrica 82yWF
Monroe Street2211   Aug29189518815Mecklenburg, Geo F 6mWM
Monroe Street3127   Sep10190724510Mecklenburg, Henrietta 63yWF
Monroe Street2214   Nov16189518940Mecklenburg, Henry W 35yWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun8190624140Mecklenburg, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street225   Oct6188212223Mecklenburg, Wm 8y  
Monroe Street3110   Apr12190624091Mecklish, John H 58yWM
Monroe Street1110   Dec3118748779Meckofsky, Maria 22yW 
Monroe Street1169   Dec21187910980Medarnit, MaudAKA Medarnit3yWF
Monroe Street366   Feb20190322727Meder, Ernst 4wWM
Monroe Street1166   Jul24187910849Medinger, Helen 1mWF
Monroe Street262   Dec1188513499Medvwed,SB WM
Monroe Street236   Sep10188312581Meech, Helena 8mWF
Monroe Street169   Dec1918717204Meeks, E F R 3mW 
Monroe Street358   Sep15190222495Meese,Baby WM
Monroe Street387   Jun14190423378Meese, Delbert H 1yWM
Monroe Street11   May2118634519Meese, Elizabeth 52yWF
Monroe Street510Jul81983Jul27198331448Meese, Helen 99y F
Monroe Street48   Aug14193129216Meese, Mary Clara 67yWF
Monroe Street475Nov51949Nov8194930715Megathey, Ellen 93yWF
Monroe Street3261   Sep7192027604Megyeri, Emerick 46yWM
Monroe Street376   Aug30190323014Meha, Henryor Mohr64yWM
Monroe Street4100Dec101966Dec13196631252Mehl, Frank J 79yWM
Monroe Street515Sep61989Sep8198931480Mehl, Juanita 88y M
Monroe Street2168   Apr9189317267Mehls, Wilhelmimia 19yWF
Monroe Street3304   Mar15192828794Mehrbrodty,SB WM
Monroe Street153   Apr1118706588Meibolt,SB Child of F WM
Monroe Street365   Jan31190322698Meibuhr, 1dWM
Monroe Street1172   Mar5188011044Meidenger, Am 2yW 
Monroe Street152   Jan1218706524Meier,SB Child of E WM
Monroe Street373   Jul9190322927Meier,Baby WM
Monroe Street2111   Oct10188915258Meier, Adolph 3yWM
Monroe Street3265   May21192127728Meier, Alfred 61yWM
Monroe Street316   Mar3190021175Meier, Anna 39yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul27189216851Meier, Annie 4mWF
Monroe Street259   Aug20188513402Meier, August 81yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar4190423251Meier, Caroline 33yWF
Monroe Street222   Jun14188212102Meier, Clara 2y  
Monroe Street365   Jan24190322690Meier, Edwin 3yWM
Monroe Street1124   Dec2718759303Meier, FredAKA Meyer1yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar25188412771Meier, Fred 9mWM
Monroe Street259   Aug28188513412Meier, FriedrichSB WM
Monroe Street258   Aug13188513388Meier, George 5dWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun24189317407Meier, GeorgeAKA Meyer4mWM
Monroe Street250   Dec21188413082Meier, Heinrich 2yWM
Monroe Street3286   Oct30192428280Meier, Henrietta 72yWF
Monroe Street2159   Sep16189216961Meier, Henry 10mWM
Monroe Street3230   Jun10191626753Meier, John 70yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr11189216681Meier, Karl 77yWM
Monroe Street136   Dec1218675912Meier, Kurt 1mWM
Monroe Street2196   Sep26189418284Meier, Laura 8yWF
Monroe Street276   Apr2188713992Meier, Lizzie 21yWF
Monroe Street326   Oct31190021538Meier, Louisa 52yWF
Monroe Street3220   Jun14191526544Meier, Margaret 3yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan22188814363Meier, MaryAKA Meyer3mWF
Monroe Street2174   Aug4189317502Meier, Mary 77yWF
Monroe Street355   Jul21190222404Meier, R J 5mWM
Monroe Street421   Jun16193429536Meierhoefer, Margaret 78yWF
Monroe Street3298   Feb2192728625Meierhoefer, Michael 77yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov11188312667Meierhofer,SB WM
Monroe Street238   Nov1188312650Meierhofer, John 52yWM
Monroe Street453   Dec31194130233Meifert, Rynald 52yWM
Monroe Street2144   Oct23189116417Meifert, Wm 42yWM
Monroe Street2181   Dec31189317750Meil, Rebecca 38yWF
Monroe Street224   Sep3188212194Meilde, Herman 8m  
Monroe Street374   Jul28190322962Meinhardt, Ella 3mWF
Monroe Street256   Jun20188513294Meinke, Clara 21yWF
Monroe Street3131   Jan12190824607Meinke, Clara 33yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec24189317742Meinke, Elsie 3yWF
Monroe Street270   Sep16188613778Meinke, Emil Edward 6wWM
Monroe Street3218   Apr3191526498Meinke, Friderika 69yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct21189317634Meinke, Fritz 5yWM
Monroe Street2204   Aug 188418576Meinke, Joachim 37yWM
Monroe Street260   Sep14188513428Meir, Paul 5yWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb1518758839Meisler, HenrySB W 
Monroe Street1164   May21187910770Meisler, Henry 7mWM
Monroe Street347   Feb17190222196Meister, Chas 34yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec10190021582Meister, John 1dWM
Monroe Street37   Jul8189920850Meister, Karl U 7mWM
Monroe Street318   Apr12190021254Meitz, Carl 64yWM
Monroe Street243   May23188412845Meixel,SB WF
Monroe Street2258   Nov26189820496Meiyer, Frank 39yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug118717044Meiyer, Sophy 1yWF
Monroe Street3246   Jul25191827203Mekalowska, JohnJr SB WM
Monroe Street18   Mar2518644792Mekina, Ama 2yWF
Monroe Street3239   Aug23191727017Melbrodt, Elizabeth 48yWF
Monroe Street2102   Mar9188914927Melcher,SB WF
Monroe Street2114   Nov20188915340Melcher, Frank 9mWM
Monroe Street3299   Apr12192728655Meldo,SB WF
Monroe Street337   Jul6190121884Melick, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov4187810585Mell, Minne 10yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec13189317720Mell, Simon D 60yWM
Monroe Street1109   Nov2518748735Mell, Willie 2yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep13189015836Mellenbrook, Raymond L 5mWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1018737712Melleng,SB Child of Peter W 
Monroe Street3304   Mar16192828795Mellert,SB WM
Monroe Street1148   Nov19187710249Mellick, Anna 46yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov19187710250Mellick, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street3287   Feb13192528314Mellinger, Margaret 8yWF
Monroe Street1142   Apr2418779986Mellitt, Maud  W 
Monroe Street328   Dec28190021606Melliu, Vernon  WM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2118769616Mellrow, SSB W 
Monroe Street335   Jun1190121822Mellwood, Catharine 6wWF
Monroe Street375   Aug11190322985Melser, Anna 13yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan18190322680Melser, Kate 3yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug2189619290Meltzer, Adolph 2yWM
Monroe Street4110Jul241972Jul29197231336Memdlik, Robert C 70y M
Monroe Street3261   Sep25192027612Menard, John 70yWM
Monroe Street48   Aug11193129215Menard, Martha 73yWF
Monroe Street378   Oct22190323072Mencer, Sylvia 4yWF
Monroe Street260   Sep18188513433Mencke, Arthur 2yWM
Monroe Street2233   Mar27189719575Mencke, Hattie 1yWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep13189418262Mencke, W Fred 20mWM
Monroe Street3193   Mar29191325987Mende,Baby WM
Monroe Street3262   Nov26192027638Mende,Baby WF
Monroe Street487Jun61958Jun9195831039Mendelkow, Julius 82yWM
Monroe Street484Dec141955Dec17195530956Mendlick, Anna 80yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun1189820251Mendlik,SB WM
Monroe Street3120   Feb6190724338Mendlik,Baby WF
Monroe Street3240   Sep6191727021Mendlik, Jos 45yWM
Monroe Street263   Feb11188613570Menecke, Minnie 3yWF
Monroe Street337   Jul4190121881Meneke, Elmer 7mWM
Monroe Street395   Feb23190523681Meng, Louis 6dWM
Monroe Street322   Jul25190021411Meng, Phillip 9mWM
Monroe Street476Jan251950Jan30195030734Menge, Anna 69yWF
Monroe Street433   Oct28193629813Menge, Charles 54yWM
Monroe Street3277   May7192328033Menge, R 9mWM
Monroe Street324   Sep10190021479Mengerink, Ellen 60yWF
Monroe Street3281   Dec20192328137Mengerink, Gerrett W 51yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec21188513524Mengerink, HSB WF
Monroe Street3240   Sep6191727024Mengerink, Henry 68yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec26188513529Mengerink, Lena 37yWF
Monroe Street3213   Nov2191426390Mengerink, Mary 62yWF
Monroe Street118   Mar2918655199Mengolt, Jacob 25yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct4188814743Menka, Henry 3mWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug12189015788Menke, Ernst 21dWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec20188915387Menke, Fred 9dWM
Monroe Street285   Dec11188714303Menke, Louise 6yWF
Monroe Street2152   May6189216723Mennard,SB WM
Monroe Street1105   Aug1818748597Menroe, Charles 7mWM
Monroe Street2213   Oct14189518896Mensch, Henry 1mWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul15189418120Mensch, John 1yWM
Monroe Street2239   Aug26189719805Mente, Emma 22mWF
Monroe Street3222   Sep5191526587Mentschik, Sophia 54yWF
Monroe Street1121   Sep1618759178Menzer, CSB W 
Monroe Street311   Oct30189920997Menzer, Conrad 60yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec20190222627Menzer, Mable L 7mWF
Monroe Street269   Sep8188613766Meper,SB WF
Monroe Street1174   May5188011123Meponople, Nellie 5yWF
Monroe Street3166   Dec3191025418Mercer,SB WF
Monroe Street2184   Mar8189417847Merchant, Wilbur 7mWM
Monroe Street115   Nov618645062Meriam, Wm 33yWM
Monroe Street147   Jun2718696341Meriams, Mary A 32yWF
Monroe Street15   Dec2418634700Merising, Henry 7mWM
Monroe Street474Jul281949Aug1194930699Merk, Anton 75yWM
Monroe Street462Jul281944Jul31194430446Merk, Hannah 68yWF
Monroe Street175   Jul1318727448Merk, Vinzenz 4yW 
Monroe Street2142   Sep19189116362Merka, William  WM
Monroe Street145   Mar1718696263Merkel, Heinrich 59yWM
Monroe Street1163   Apr9187910728Merkell, Math 50yW 
Monroe Street3278   Jul13192328066Merkle,SB WM
Monroe Street3232   Sep19191626811Merkle, Christina F 90yWF
Monroe Street3293   Mar11192628484Merkle, Geo J 71yWM
Monroe Street476Jan41950Jan7195030728Merkle, Laura 55yWF
Monroe Street299   Dec30188814847Merkle, Louis 64yWM
Monroe Street431   Apr15193629758Merkle, Louis 77yWM
Monroe Street2186   Mar26189417904Merkle, Philipina 38yWF
Monroe Street48   Sep23193129229Merkt, Gottlieb 81yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug1190322971Merkt, John 40yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec10189820520Merkt, Judith 74yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb22188211941Merkt, Wensilaus 68yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct218645037Merman, Jacob 3yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov18191025402Merret, Anna 61yWF
Monroe Street13   Sep518634609Merrian, Francis 10mWF
Monroe Street167   Sep1518717119Merrich, Hubert 9mWF
Monroe Street145   Feb2818696252Merrick,Child of Thom1mWF
Monroe Street124   Jan1818665446Merrick, A U 64yWM
Monroe Street233   Jul8188312504Merrick, Besse 8mWF
Monroe Street229   Jan30188312355Merrick, C E 8d M
Monroe Street174   Jun2218727410Merrick, E  WF
Monroe Street1106   Sep818748634Merrick, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1618738014Merrick, Herbert A 4mWM
Monroe Street18   Mar1918644788Merrick, Ida 1yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep30188714223Merrick, J Warren 21yWM
Monroe Street37   Jul8189920852Merrill, Herman W 69yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan16189015440Mertel, Frieda 18mWF
Monroe Street27   Jul12188111588Mertens, Karl 53yWM
Monroe Street146   May1818696314Merton, Catharine 94yWF
Monroe Street317   Apr1190021228Mertz, Wilfred 6mWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb25189619057Mess, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep26189518872Mess, Marie 1dWF
Monroe Street351   Apr29190222289Messaver, Julia 21yWF
Monroe Street219   Apr5188211997Messer,SB   
Monroe Street185   Apr1318737810Messer, Joseph 1dWM
Monroe Street433   Dec3193629820Messer, Joseph 90yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep7190624216Messer, Maria 59yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr6189417906Messerknecht, Henry 17yWM
Monroe Street3241   Dec15191727072Messerknecht, Wilhelmina 82yWF
Monroe Street267   Jul25188613704Messerling, Rudolph 28yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb19189920661Meszner, Karl 50yWM
Monroe Street251   Jan22188513123Metcalf, Arling 2mWM
Monroe Street322   Jul12190021393Metejka, John 6dWM
Monroe Street39   Aug11189920903Metelik, Joseph 62yWM
Monroe Street2128   Oct26189015883Mettal, Henry 42yWM
Monroe Street440   Aug20193829964Mettel, Bertha 89yWF
Monroe Street3275   Dec22192227963Mettel, Harry 37yWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep618748626Mettel, henry 1yWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul28190824760Mettel, Susana 41yWF
Monroe Street289   Mar22188814447Mettler, Annie 27yWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr11189518595Metz, 7hWM
Monroe Street42   May21193029088Metz,  WM
Monroe Street146   Apr1018696284Metzger,Child of F9dWM
Monroe Street2243   Nov25189719934Metzger, Apolonia 50yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan7189216511Metzger, August 45yWM
Monroe Street2235   May24189719662Metzger, Chas G 54yWM
Monroe Street1143   Jun15187710027Metzger, Christina 73yWF
Monroe Street3292   Feb26192628477Metzger, Ernst W 80yWM
Monroe Street3174   Aug14191125594Metzger, Frank 39yW 
Monroe Street3119   Jan24190724329Metzger, Fred 74yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug2189317495Metzger, G 61yWM
Monroe Street369   Apr15190322819Metzger, Henretta 8yWF
Monroe Street353   Jun24190222361Metzger, John 21yWM
Monroe Street135   Sep2918675858Metzger, Minnie 1yWF
Monroe Street2250   Apr20189820180Metzger, Rebecca 47yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar17189820109Metzger, Ruth 3mWF
Monroe Street334   May4190121788Metzger, Viola 6wWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug28189317545Meuller, Augusta 6mWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug1189418171Meunch, Elsie E 63yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct12187710185Meurer, George 7dWM
Monroe Street15   Nov2518634672Meuser,SB Child of Mrs W 
Monroe Street223   Jul26188212138Meuth, Catherine 74y  
Monroe Street2171   Jun14189317388Meutzel, Margaret 46yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan2218706530Meyer, 24yWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov1018769763Meyer,Child of Henry   
Monroe Street1156   Sep22187810532Meyer,SB W 
Monroe Street210   Aug29188111686Meyer,SB AKA Maeuer W 
Monroe Street220   Apr18188212022Meyer,  W 
Monroe Street263   Feb1188613559Meyer,Child   
Monroe Street2102   Feb7188914903Meyer, 3dWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep13189015837Meyer, 13dWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar9189417849Meyer, 3dWF
Monroe Street2244   Dec24189719975Meyer,SB WM
Monroe Street341   Sep17190122004Meyer, 7wWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct17190624247Meyer,Baby WM
Monroe Street3196   Jun24191326065Meyer,Baby WM
Monroe Street3270   Mar22192227857Meyer,SB WF
Monroe Street3279   Sep26192328096Meyer, 1dWM
Monroe Street3238   May12191726962Meyer, Albert 65yWM
Monroe Street457Nov301942Dec3194230320Meyer, Albert 72yWM
Monroe Street489Jun281959Jul1195930166Meyer, Alline 83yWF
Monroe Street228   Dec21188212319Meyer, Anna 1y F
Monroe Street2126   Aug24189015807Meyer, Anna B 69yWF
Monroe Street461Dec301943Jan3194430408Meyer, Anna C 58yWF
Monroe Street150   Nov1818696476Meyer, Anna Maria 42yWF
Monroe Street154   May3018706624Meyer, Barbara 38yWF
Monroe Street3258   Mar19192027523Meyer, Carl 79yWM
Monroe Street425   Feb2193529614Meyer, Charles Carl 58yWM
Monroe Street235   Aug23188312559Meyer, Charles W 7mWM
Monroe Street267   Jul7188613682Meyer, Charley 6yWM
Monroe Street3221   Aug31191526583Meyer, Charlotte 66yWF
Monroe Street3243   Feb25191827124Meyer, Chas 44yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb10191927308Meyer, Chas 59yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep12190323028Meyer, Chas J 21yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb20189920662Meyer, Christ 15yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr20189518620Meyer, Christopher 83yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul1918696369Meyer, Clara 2mWF
Monroe Street1115   May2318758963Meyer, Clara 1yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec23188111858Meyer, ConradSB W 
Monroe Street3226   Jan14191626674Meyer, Conrad 85yWM
Monroe Street1172   Mar5188011043Meyer, Coro 9yW 
Monroe Street484Nov191955Nov22195530952Meyer, Daisy 78yWF
Monroe Street418   Dec1193329463Meyer, Edw 39yWM
Monroe Street264   Feb10188613572Meyer, Edward 8wWM
Monroe Street199   Feb1918748365Meyer, Eliza 3mW 
Monroe Street42   May5193029079Meyer, Ella M 69yWF
Monroe Street288   Mar20188814444Meyer, Elsa 8mWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul27188915098Meyer, Emiel 14dWM
Monroe Street289   Apr16188814478Meyer, Emiele 15yWF
Monroe Street396   Mar22190523725Meyer, Emilia 21yWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan5190724312Meyer, Emma Claus 48yWF
Monroe Street418   Nov23193329456Meyer, Ernest 35yWM
Monroe Street445   Nov3193930068Meyer, Ernestina 88yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct7190222526Meyer, Florence M 24yWF
Monroe Street3268   Oct5192127776Meyer, Florentine C 83yWF
Monroe Street1124   Dec2718759303Meyer, FredAKA Meier1yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul13189518733Meyer, Fred W 64yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan11189015423Meyer, Fredenich 60yWM
Monroe Street443   Jun29193930036Meyer, Fredericka 71yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr5191225738Meyer, Fredrick 84yWM
Monroe Street440   Sep24193829970Meyer, Fredrick 83yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug18188915153Meyer, Frieda 3mWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun24189317407Meyer, GeorgeAKA Meier4mWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec18189518971Meyer, George 71yWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep3187810511Meyer, Gust 6mW 
Monroe Street267   Jul24188613703Meyer, H M 5wWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug2189518770Meyer, Hans 9mWM
Monroe Street146   May1718696311Meyer, Henrietta 65yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr2618758933Meyer, Henry 25yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct1118769713Meyer, Henry 7yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan22189015453Meyer, Henry 30yWM
Monroe Street449   Sep21194030146Meyer, Henry 86yWM
Monroe Street3123   May19190724438Meyer, Herbert C 4mWM
Monroe Street270   Oct1188613804Meyer, Herman 7mWM
Monroe Street323   Aug26190021454Meyer, Herman 21yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar10190423262Meyer, Ida 49yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar13189820096Meyer, Irene 16mWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun27189317411Meyer, Jacob 66yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan31191726893Meyer, Jacob 55yWM
Monroe Street431   May22193629768Meyer, Jennie 58yWF
Monroe Street131   Jan2018675699Meyer, Johnor Hoenig22yWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug16188011258Meyer, John  WM
Monroe Street2134   Mar15189116051Meyer, John 38yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep10190323026Meyer, John 20yWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct31190523962Meyer, John 17yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct1188814741Meyer, John G 67yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr19189116107Meyer, Josephin 13yWF
Monroe Street3253   Jun23191927398Meyer, Karl H 43yWM
Monroe Street2226   Sep15189619349Meyer, Kate 43yWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct4189619365Meyer, Kate 6mWF
Monroe Street2190   Jun18189418061Meyer, Katie 2yWF
Monroe Street3163   Sep2191025347Meyer, Katie 26yWF
Monroe Street265   Mar24188613613Meyer, Leo 4wWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb10189015494Meyer, Lizzie Lena 2yWF
Monroe Street2174   Aug10189317520Meyer, Louis 41yWM
Monroe Street385   Apr4190423289Meyer, Louis 51yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr2718758936Meyer, Louisa 23yWF
Monroe Street3267   Aug20192127759Meyer, Louisa R 31yWF
Monroe Street470Dec31947Dec6194730604Meyer, Louise 66yWF
Monroe Street1128   May1718769464Meyer, Ludwig 1mWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr15189116105Meyer, Margarth 33yWF
Monroe Street129   Sep1418665611Meyer, Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street1152   Apr3187810368Meyer, Maria 29yWF
Monroe Street3290   Aug4192528383Meyer, Maria 75yWF
Monroe Street3263   Dec8192027647Meyer, Maria B 66yWF
Monroe Street153   Mar918706567Meyer, Maria C E 3mWF
Monroe Street154   Apr1418706598Meyer, Maria L S 4mWF
Monroe Street467Jun11946Jun3194630542Meyer, Marie 67yWF
Monroe Street412   Sep21193229336Meyer, Marie E 87yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan22188814363Meyer, MaryAKA Meier3mWF
Monroe Street2190   Jun20189418066Meyer, Mary 71yWF
Monroe Street2258   Nov27189820500Meyer, Michael 44yWM
Monroe Street263   Jan14188613541Meyer, Minnie 3yWF
Monroe Street360   Oct23190222553Meyer, Minnie M 18yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jul4187810441Meyer, Mori 7mW 
Monroe Street1115   May318758939Meyer, Otto 7yWM
Monroe Street264   Mar14188613597Meyer, Otto 3wWM
Monroe Street364   Jan5190322652Meyer, Peter 59yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul23189619277Meyer, Raymond G 5mWM
Monroe Street296   Sep26188814738Meyer, Ricka 26yW 
Monroe Street352   May24190222320Meyer, Rudolph 26yWM
Monroe Street311   Oct19189920984Meyer, Sophie 61yWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul17189015741Meyer, Wilhelmina 3mWM
Monroe Street3236   Mar15191726919Meyer, Wilhelmina 73yWF
Monroe Street3239   Aug14191727011Meyer, Wilhelmina 65yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul31189216862Meyer, William 2dWM
Monroe Street2208   Jul11189518729Meyer, William 56yWM
Monroe Street3159   May31191025263Meyer, William F 55yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan2188914853Meyer, Wm 36yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar12189216627Meyers,Baby WM
Monroe Street2151   Apr7189216675Meyers, 1mWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb3189417793Meyers, 28dWM
Monroe Street32   Feb20189920664Meyers,SB WM
Monroe Street3132   Feb28190824645Meyers, Anna 79yWF
Monroe Street3184   Jun29191225797Meyers, August 35yWM
Monroe Street3245   May17191827175Meyers, Bently 11yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct15187710194Meyers, Carline 6yW 
Monroe Street499Apr121966Apr14196631241Meyers, Charlotte 76yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar12191526480Meyers, Edw 43yWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan8191927280Meyers, Edward 56yWM
Monroe Street3215   Jan14191526438Meyers, Elmer A 14dWM
Monroe Street493Oct31962Oct6196231147Meyers, Elmer L 62yWM
Monroe Street2152   Apr24189216703Meyers, Frank 38yWM
Monroe Street454Feb221942Feb25194230250Meyers, Gladys 41yWF
Monroe Street259   Sep13188513426Meyers, Heinrich 10mWM
Monroe Street230   Mar9188312383Meyers, Henry 7y M
Monroe Street3218   Apr26191526516Meyers, Henry 76yWM
Monroe Street495Dec171963Dec19196331190Meyers, Henry F 83yWM
Monroe Street472Jul31948Jul7194830635Meyers, Ida C 72yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul24188513341Meyers, Jakob 29yWM
Monroe Street2148   Feb7189216575Meyers, John M 5mWM
Monroe Street443   Jul13193930043Meyers, Katy 73yWF
Monroe Street487Jun31958Jun5195831037Meyers, Margareth 98yWF
Monroe Street336   Jun23190121859Meyers, Maria 65yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul22188513336Meyers, Percy  WM
Monroe Street494Nov31962May27196331173Meyers, Sylvester 57yWM
Monroe Street440   Nov21193829983Meyers, Theodore 63yWM
Monroe Street172   Apr218727321Meyn, Katharina 23yWF

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