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Cleveland District Round Table

Monroe Street Cemetery Index
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CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street2102   Feb7188914902Michael, Grace M 1yWF
Monroe Street496Apr51964Apr8196431199Michael, Louise 83yWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun3191025268Michael, Marie 75yWF
Monroe Street335   May30190121836Michael, Otto 18ywM
Monroe Street1161   Feb5187910661Michael, Wilhelmina 27yWF
Monroe Street127   Jun2618665534Michaelsen, Maria 4mWF
Monroe Street3272   Jun3192227885Michalske, WalterSB WM
Monroe Street3129   Nov9190724555Michalski,Baby WM
Monroe Street275   Mar13188713970Michalsky, Bertha 17yWF
Monroe Street289   Mar31188814459Michalsky, Carolina 15mWF
Monroe Street190   Aug918737999Michalsky, Wm 1yW 
Monroe Street2237   Jul18189719725Michaski,SB WF
Monroe Street2193   Aug10189418190Michel,Mrs45yWF
Monroe Street360   Oct23190222556Michel,  WF
Monroe Street3129   Nov2190724547Michial, Louisa 66yWF
Monroe Street338   Jul27190121928Michial, Maria 81yWF
Monroe Street3282   Mar17192428184Micholas,SB WM
Monroe Street196   Nov2518738225Mickeal, George 48yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul3190121880Mickel, 2hWM
Monroe Street2166   Feb28189317204Mickey, Zade L 24yWF
Monroe Street3139   Sep4190824782Micklish, Henry 83yWM
Monroe Street256   Jul11188513314Micklish, Mary 56yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul518717011Middleton, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun4189820256Midnight, 9dWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb2018758847Midnight, Joan 13yWM
Monroe Street386   May21190423354Miehl, Maria 45yWF
Monroe Street3190   Dec9191225903Mielke, Edw 50yWM
Monroe Street442   Jan9193929991Mielke, Frederick 58yWM
Monroe Street3296   Oct30192628586Mielke, Irene 1yWF
Monroe Street3140   Oct25190824813Mielke, Margreth 40yWF
Monroe Street3117   Nov28190624282Mien, Mary 3mWF
Monroe Street287   Feb9188814393Mierke, Wilhelm 3yWM
Monroe Street119   Apr1718655219Miilton, AnthonySB WM
Monroe Street123   Oct2818655384Mikowsky, Emanuel 2mWM
Monroe Street281   Aug21188714184Milbrand,SB WM
Monroe Street2118   Feb13189015496Milbrandt,Baby WM
Monroe Street1178   Sep1188011277Milbrandt, Angnes 1yW 
Monroe Street268   Aug1188613714Milbrandt, Charley 11mWM
Monroe Street1111   Feb118758819Milbrandt, Louis 14dWM
Monroe Street238   Nov5188312656Milbrandt, Otto 1yWM
Monroe Street291   May25188814533Milbrandt, Rosie 4yWF
Monroe Street3250   Feb21191927315Milbrodt, Valentine 45yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul11189216816Milde, William 2yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep17190122003Miles, 3hWM
Monroe Street454Jan291942Feb2194230248Miles, Archie 65yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug16190222444Miles, Daisy 2yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan18189417775Miles, Estella 7yWF
Monroe Street3230   Jun14191626755Miles, Hernando 64yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb13189920648Miles, Jessie D 8yWF
Monroe Street430   Feb24193629746Miles, Walter 38yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb10190523664Miles, Wm 44yWM
Monroe Street3151   Sep27190925051Milgate,SB WF
Monroe Street3236   Mar15191726920Milke, Magdaline B 5dWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct3118769743Mill, PeterSB W 
Monroe Street2212   Sep27189518876Millard, Mary 57yWF
Monroe Street1128   May1018769460Millard, R R 3yW 
Monroe Street2190   Jun19189418064Millberg, Bengt O 8mWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun2318758989Millbrandt, Friederika 5yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun11189418048Millburg, Chas 3yWM
Monroe Street445   Nov15193930072Millegan, Robert 57yWM
Monroe Street421   Jun15193429535Millegan, William 53yWM
Monroe Street133   Aug318675805Milleman, Marx 7mWM
Monroe Street17   Feb518644742Miller,SB Child of F L WM
Monroe Street144   Jan2618696221Miller,Child of Mr2mWF
Monroe Street151   Dec2818696509Miller,  W 
Monroe Street172   Apr218727319Miller,SB Child of Edward WM
Monroe Street1101   Apr2718748447Miller,SB Child of Charles W 
Monroe Street1128   Apr2718769448Miller, 2dW 
Monroe Street1157   Sep28187810542Miller,SB W 
Monroe Street221   May15188212058Miller,SB   
Monroe Street233   Jun30188312494Miller,SB W 
Monroe Street242   Apr18188412806Miller, 1dWM
Monroe Street263   Jan27188613554Miller,SB WM
Monroe Street272   Dec16188613884Miller,SB WM
Monroe Street2174   Aug5189317507Miller,SB Babies WM
Monroe Street2201   Jan1189518434Miller,SB WM
Monroe Street333   Apr27190121773Miller,Baby WM
Monroe Street362   Dec20190222625Miller, 2dWF
Monroe Street3188   Oct23191225870Miller,SB WM
Monroe Street3279   Aug11192328074Miller, 5dWM
Monroe Street390   Sep22190423508Miller, Abraham 49yWM
Monroe Street3254   Aug26191927422Miller, Albert E 24yWM
Monroe Street2200   Dec30189418431Miller, Amelia 19yWF
Monroe Street352   May2190222294Miller, Anna 24yWF
Monroe Street375   Aug27190323007Miller, Anna 30yWF
Monroe Street129   Oct1218665628Miller, August 25yWM
Monroe Street228   Dec14188212309Miller, August 6y  
Monroe Street3113   Jul11190624166Miller, August 81yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul2318665561Miller, Augusta 1yWF
Monroe Street473Mar221949Mar25194930677Miller, Augusta 82yWF
Monroe Street3268   Nov14192127793Miller, Barbara 80yWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct7191025361Miller, Bertie 26yWF
Monroe Street14   Sep2118634628Miller, C 9mWM
Monroe Street228   Dec14188212310Miller, C 2y M
Monroe Street58Dec281981Dec30198131436Miller, Carl K 91y M
Monroe Street3255   Oct17191927447Miller, Carrie 62yWF
Monroe Street3268   Nov16192127796Miller, Carrie 67yWF
Monroe Street325   Sep25190021498Miller, Catharine 61yWF
Monroe Street198   Jan1018748303Miller, Charles 22dWM
Monroe Street484Dec71955Dec10195530955Miller, Charles 66yWM
Monroe Street3175   Sep25191125609Miller, Charlott C 10yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul26191025306Miller, Chas F 39yWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2918686068Miller, Christ Cath 11mWF
Monroe Street240   Jan1188412706Miller, Christian 47yWM
Monroe Street58May221981May26198131427Miller, Delia 95y F
Monroe Street3290   Aug21192528394Miller, Dorothy J 6mWF
Monroe Street229   Jan2188312328Miller, Ed 3y M
Monroe Street26   Jun1188111536Miller, Eddie 1yWM
Monroe Street439   May23193829942Miller, Eleanora 79yWF
Monroe Street22   Jan29188111421Miller, Elenara 4yWF
Monroe Street137   Feb2218685954Miller, Eliza 13yWF
Monroe Street113   Sep618645000Miller, Eliza R 1yWF
Monroe Street457Dec251942Dec28194230326Miller, Elizabeth 70yWF
Monroe Street318   Apr14190021257Miller, Elsie 37yWF
Monroe Street2114   Nov22188915347Miller, Emelie 5yWF
Monroe Street469Aug131947Aug15194730583Miller, Emily S 83yWF
Monroe Street2207   Jun5189518684Miller, Emma 4yWF
Monroe Street227   Nov17188212279Miller, Emmilia 76y  
Monroe Street118   Apr218655207Miller, Emmy 4mWF
Monroe Street34   Apr23189920755Miller, Ferdinand 76yWM
Monroe Street14   Sep2418634630Miller, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street232   May27188312467Miller, Frank 10mWM
Monroe Street241   Mar24188412770Miller, Frank 6hWM
Monroe Street3305   May25192828826Miller, Frank 73yWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan3191827084Miller, Frank P 30yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov11190624266Miller, Frank T 71yWM
Monroe Street3218   Apr13191526503Miller, Fred 67yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug2218644979Miller, Frederick 2yWM
Monroe Street11   May1518634518Miller, Frederick W 4yWM
Monroe Street42   Mar13193029061Miller, Fredrick  WM
Monroe Street221   May28188212075Miller, George 1y  
Monroe Street293   Jul24188814621Miller, Gustav 2yWM
Monroe Street3141   Feb19190824825Miller, Gustav 29yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan2018758804Miller, H 3dW 
Monroe Street2236   Jun22189719689Miller, Harry 49yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug4189317499Miller, Harry A 2yWM
Monroe Street458Feb181943Feb22194330337Miller, Hattie 90yWF
Monroe Street476Jan181950Jan21195030732Miller, Hattie E 71yWF
Monroe Street3176   Oct6191125616Miller, HelenSB WF
Monroe Street490   Oct8196031092Miller, Helen T 69yWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan11189417757Miller, Henry C 62yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar12189719552Miller, Henry P 60yWM
Monroe Street430   Jan25193629735Miller, Hilda 36yWF
Monroe Street3280   Oct24192328102Miller, Honora E 83yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug14189418203Miller, I H 66yWM
Monroe Street264   Feb18188613575Miller, Ida 4yWF
Monroe Street158   Oct918706770Miller, Isabella 60yCF
Monroe Street199   Feb918748354Miller, J 1yW 
Monroe Street225   Sep19188212209Miller, J Chr 46y  
Monroe Street198   Jan1818748318Miller, J R 1yW 
Monroe Street3205   Mar25191426250Miller, Jacob F 40yWM
Monroe Street490Apr31961Apr6196131105Miller, James R 76yWM
Monroe Street13   Sep418634608Miller, Jane 24yWF
Monroe Street3311   Jun13192928977Miller, Jane B 84yWF
Monroe Street4101Jul11967Jul5196731265Miller, Jane Honora 93yWF
Monroe Street13   Aug1218634617Miller, John 1dWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct6187710173Miller, John 61yWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep23189317587Miller, John 50yWM
Monroe Street344   Dec3190122086Miller, John 57yWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb10191025155Miller, John 58yWM
Monroe Street3188   Oct28191225874Miller, John 34yWM
Monroe Street3218   Apr5191526499Miller, John H 40yWM
Monroe Street447   Jan10194030083Miller, John H 78yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb11190121661Miller, John J 79yWM
Monroe Street154   Apr2118706603Miller, Joseph 5mWM
Monroe Street466Oct21945Oct5194530517Miller, Josephine I 67yWM
Monroe Street4105Mar241969Mar26196931297Miller, Karl W 84y M
Monroe Street478Jun221951Jun25195130803Miller, Katherine 90yWF
Monroe Street3166   Dec13191025427Miller, KatieSB WF
Monroe Street2221   May5189619153Miller, Lester H 7mWM
Monroe Street317   Mar20190021205Miller, Lillie 23yWF
Monroe Street149   Aug2818696416Miller, Lily 14dWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul21189317458Miller, Loretta 8mWF
Monroe Street361   Nov12190222582Miller, Louis 42yWM
Monroe Street275   Mar8188713966Miller, M R 8mWM
Monroe Street3304   Apr14192828808Miller, Mamie 37yWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb14188914906Miller, Margaret L 4yWF
Monroe Street1121   Sep2418759186Miller, MariaMrs23yWF
Monroe Street459Jun151943Jun18194330362Miller, Marie 68yWF
Monroe Street317   Mar18190021202Miller, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec27191526647Miller, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street422   Aug15193429553Miller, Mary 76yWF
Monroe Street3280   Oct17192328101Miller, Mary C 73yWF
Monroe Street474Apr81949Apr16194930682Miller, Mary C 82yWF
Monroe Street411   May16193229307Miller, Mary L 72yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep21189820400Miller, Mary M 79yWF
Monroe Street3197   Jul16191326072Miller, Mary M 77yWF
Monroe Street3171   May24191125546Miller, Mike 61yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep9189116346Miller, Oscar 18mWM
Monroe Street23   Feb5188111429Miller, Paulina 41yWF
Monroe Street2158   Aug28189216930Miller, Phillip 17yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul15190121903Miller, Ralph 10mWM
Monroe Street2239   Sep2189719813Miller, Rosa 34yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar18189820111Miller, Rosa 3yWF
Monroe Street3290   Sep19192528400Miller, Rose 71yWF
Monroe Street2122   May7189015627Miller, Sarah 57yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun12190322892Miller, Sarah 84yWF
Monroe Street11   Jun1018634530Miller, Tobohina 67yWF
Monroe Street317   Mar30190021223Miller, Urban 79yWM
Monroe Street342   Oct9190122022Miller, Walter 13mWM
Monroe Street379   Nov25190323108Miller, Wilhelmina 55yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun25189015701Miller, William 12yWM
Monroe Street2122   May24189015654Miller, Willie 6mWM
Monroe Street2156   Jul26189216847Miller, Willie 9mWM
Monroe Street2188   May27189418011Miller, Wm 22yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb11190523665Miller, Wm 65yWM
Monroe Street43   May28193029092Miller, Wm H 67yWM
Monroe Street3242   Feb13191827115Miller, Wm J 79yWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr23191225757Miller, Wm Jacob 77yWM
Monroe Street267   Jun22188613671Miller, Zola 16m  
Monroe Street273   Dec29188613897Millerman, Gertie 2mWF
Monroe Street283   Oct16188714240Millerman, Mary 87yWF
Monroe Street14   Oct718634638Millerman, Rosa 3mWF
Monroe Street261   Nov29188513496Millermann, John 9dWM
Monroe Street3266   Jun21192127739Millet,SB WF
Monroe Street3239   Aug17191727015Millet, Dorothy C 7mWF
Monroe Street3266   Jul21192127750Millet, Gertrude P 38yWF
Monroe Street3279   Sep20192328091Millett, Alva 64yWM
Monroe Street3104   Feb22190523964Millett, Mary E 45yWF
Monroe Street3281   Jan26192428152Milligan, Mary Jane 83yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec19191526642Milligan, Thos 36yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep30190122015Milliman, Clements 2mWM
Monroe Street32   Feb12189920645Milliner,SB WF
Monroe Street32   Feb19189920660Millner, Stella B 34yWF
Monroe Street3111   May28190624131Mills,Baby WF
Monroe Street3149   Jul16190925012Mills,Baby WF
Monroe Street3192   Feb3191325945Mills,Baby WF
Monroe Street3110   Apr10190624084Mills, Althia 78yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug2188915111Mills, Anna Mary 82yWF
Monroe Street355   Jul30190222423Mills, C F 59yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep23192227930Mills, Elizabeth 86yWF
Monroe Street137   Jan2718685935Mills, FB 1yWM
Monroe Street1140   Feb818779893Mills, G 6yW 
Monroe Street3271   May27192227884Mills, Geo B 90yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug1018706695Mills, George 3yWM
Monroe Street1137   Dec218769811Mills, Gert 2mW 
Monroe Street154   Jun518706629Mills, Harry James  WM
Monroe Street2240   Sep9189719826Mills, John 62yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep1018769653Mills, Lillie M 4yWF
Monroe Street35   May13189920785Mills, Mary A 59yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan3018758814Mills, Melchoir 67yW 
Monroe Street297   Oct18188814761Mills, Susan 7mWF
Monroe Street436   Oct23193729896Mills, Susan A 89yWF
Monroe Street11   Apr1518634501Mills, Thoms 60yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan27188211903Milly, Wm 5mWM
Monroe Street1151   Feb14187810330Milner, 4yW 
Monroe Street2122   May10189015632Milner, Geo 2yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar2818769425Milner, John F 3mWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr12190924936Milner, Rubin W 61yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul31190523878Milota, John 11mWM
Monroe Street337   Jul16190121905Milota, Otto 14mWM
Monroe Street348   Feb28190222212Milter, John 52yWM
Monroe Street2121   May4189015621Minard, Giles C 60yWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar518758874Minch, Charles 8mWM
Monroe Street142   Oct2418686161Miner,Child of B N4dWM
Monroe Street413   Nov28193229356Miner, Chas A 65yWM
Monroe Street311   Oct25189920990Miner, Malcolm 6mWF
Monroe Street470Dec71947Dec10194730605Miner, Minnie 80yWF
Monroe Street124   Dec2718655435Minius, Edward 11mWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan27188914891Minke, Willie 5dWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb16190724351Minke, Wm 77yWM
Monroe Street263   Jan22188613548Minneman, Lizzie 27yWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec11188915376Minnet, Fred J 62yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan7189719465Minninch, Gottfried 43yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar8191125493Minninges, Martin 43yWM
Monroe Street410   Jan23193229261Minninges, Sara 70yWF
Monroe Street1124   Dec2818759306Minor, Anna 54yWF
Monroe Street356   Aug12190222437Minor, Clarence 4mWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep18187810527Minor, Elish 88yW 
Monroe Street481Oct251953Oct29195330883Minut, Alfred 60yWM
Monroe Street491Jul171961Jul20196131116Minut, Ethel 63yWF
Monroe Street474May221949May25194930688Minut, Hanry C 82yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov10191225885Minut, John 50yWM
Monroe Street146   Apr1718696288Minut, Mary 41yWF
Monroe Street3251   Mar29191927344Minute, Roland E 22dWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2618738047Mire, Gustav Hem 9yWM
Monroe Street1171   Feb4188011016Mireau, Hammer M 8mW 
Monroe Street299   Dec8188814824Mirki, Wm BaoysSB WM
Monroe Street3228   Mar28191626723Mirn, EthelSB WF
Monroe Street289   Mar24188814452Mishki, Rosie 33yWM
Monroe Street421   May19193429520Miske, Gertrude 70yWF
Monroe Street2188   May26189418008Miskofski, 1yWM
Monroe Street3185   Jul24191225813Miskolczy, Mary 20yWF
Monroe Street2145   Dec2189116468Mitchel, Fred 43yWM
Monroe Street480Sep61952Sep10195230842Mitchel, Mamie Marie 68yWF
Monroe Street3307   Nov8192828877Mitchell,SB CF
Monroe Street3123   May17190724437Mitchell, Anna M 61yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr2191225734Mitchell, Augusta 80yWF
Monroe Street2105   May13188915002Mitchell, Charles B 6yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct1918645054Mitchell, Ellice I 3yWF
Monroe Street2240   Oct4189719858Mitchell, Geo J 20yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan15189115986Mitchell, John 40yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec29189418430Mitchell, John Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street516Mar51991Mar12199131488Mitchell, Marcia 100y F
Monroe Street34   Apr22189920754Mitchell, Phoebe 64yWF
Monroe Street159   Oct3118706790Mitchell, Thomas 81yWM
Monroe Street3292   Jan4192628444Mitchell, William G 45yWM
Monroe Street3300   Jun3192728675Mitchem,SB WF
Monroe Street2223   Jul7189619241Mitchkofsky, M 11mWF
Monroe Street416   May8193329404Mitchner,SB BF
Monroe Street269   Sep9188613767Mitschele, Friedericka 1yWF
Monroe Street1102   Jun118748489Mity, WmSB W 
Monroe Street1133   Aug3018769634Mitz, Geo 1yWM
Monroe Street468Sep81946Sep11194630551Mitz, John A 69yWM
Monroe Street3305   May1192828814Mitz, Katharina 79yWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec20189820533Mitz, Wm 53yWM
Monroe Street321   Jul7190021382Mix, August 26yWM
Monroe Street3153   Nov19190925091Mlchovsky,SB WF
Monroe Street360   Oct22190222551Mlckovsky,Baby WF
Monroe Street3130   Dec18190724586Mock, E 21wWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar8191025180Modler, Herbert 8mWM
Monroe Street149   Aug1618696402Moehring,SB Child of H WM
Monroe Street294   Jul30188814634Moehring, 12dWF
Monroe Street3257   Jan2192027478Moehring, 13hWM
Monroe Street3216   Feb12191526461Moehring, Chas 36yWM
Monroe Street3222   Sep28191526592Moehring, Edw 32yWM
Monroe Street3254   Jul19191927404Moehring, Emma 77yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr2018748436Moehring, HermSB WM
Monroe Street3203   Jan4191426196Moehring, Herman 70yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan2218769336Moelk, John 11mWM
Monroe Street3298   Feb23192728633Moell, 2mWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun22190824732Moell, John 42yWM
Monroe Street41   Jan2193029026Moell, Katherine 62yWF
Monroe Street128   Aug1318665574Moellembrock, Maria 3yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan6190322655Moeller,Baby WF
Monroe Street387   Jun11190423373Moeller,SB WM
Monroe Street367   Mar5190322742Moeller, Adam 56yWM
Monroe Street361   Nov26190222592Moeller, Albert M 3yWM
Monroe Street122   Sep1718655343Moeller, Anna M D 3yWF
Monroe Street3154   Dec11190925101Moeller, Conrad 66yWM
Monroe Street220   Apr30188212042Moeller, Helena 6y  
Monroe Street3230   May17191626744Moeller, Hellena 66yWF
Monroe Street173   Apr1418727338Moeller, Henry LAKA Moller1mWM
Monroe Street346   Jan1190222130Moeller, John H 2hWM
Monroe Street211   Sep15188111719Moeller, Lillie 1yWF
Monroe Street122   Oct918655367Moeller, Maria Elenore 65yWF
Monroe Street4103Oct91968Dec9196831290Moeller, Sandor J 16yWM
Monroe Street233   Jul1188312498Moeller, Sophia 39yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug9189418188Moellering, Henry 33yWM
Monroe Street2246   Jan31189820031Moelling, Mildred 5yWF
Monroe Street2246   Jan30189820030Moelling, Peter A 79yWM
Monroe Street3185   Jul8191225800Moenich,SB WF
Monroe Street1103   Jun718748496Moenke, Carl Fr 65yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan20190824618Moersch, Adam 52yWM
Monroe Street2211   Aug27189518810Moersch, Fred 75yWM
Monroe Street259   Sep7188513422Moersch, Maggie 63yWF
Monroe Street2144   Oct30189116429Moersch, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street181   Dec2218727690Moesley, Nelly 2yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar27187910716Moeter, Jacob 5mWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug15189216898Moeves, Louisa 4mWF
Monroe Street41   Feb3193029039Moews, Irene P 31yWF
Monroe Street44   Oct18193029134Moews, Jacob 69yWM
Monroe Street25   May2188111506Moffet, D M 4yW 
Monroe Street126   Apr1618665494Moffitt, Harriet 2yWF
Monroe Street311   Nov8189921001Moffitt, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street128   Aug1718665577Moffitt, Sarah Jane 23yWF
Monroe Street25   May4188111509Moffott,  W 
Monroe Street3101   Jul15190523859Moga, Elizabeth 3yWF
Monroe Street2221   May18189619173Mohr, Gertrude 42hWF
Monroe Street376   Aug30190323014Mohr, Henryor Meha64yWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr20190924944Mohring,Baby WM
Monroe Street3310   Feb28192928944Mohrman, Augusta 94yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun4190423369Mohrman, Herman 73yWM
Monroe Street448   Jul8194030131Mohrman, Louise 84yWF
Monroe Street435   Jun1193729873Mohrman, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep30190523931Moi, Michial 12hWM
Monroe Street142   Sep2718686145Moje, Brose 1yWM
Monroe Street131   Jan2218675703Molberg, Peter 24yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec8190021577Molder, Margaret 19yWF
Monroe Street413   Nov18193229353Molinari, Amelia 72yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jun18192328055Molinari, John 55yWM
Monroe Street121   Sep918655334Moll, Andrew 7mWM
Monroe Street111   Jul2518644929Moll, Catherine 1yWF
Monroe Street3155   Jan9191025127Moll, Geo 55yWM
Monroe Street311   Nov8189921002Moll, Hattie M 15dWF
Monroe Street3176   Oct24191125626Moll, Margareth 54yWF
Monroe Street121   Sep218655326Moll, William 7mWM
Monroe Street162   Apr418716948Mollen, Anna M 7yWF
Monroe Street167   Oct718717146Mollen, Katharine 85yWF
Monroe Street1140   Mar118779916Mollen, N H 6yW 
Monroe Street171   Mar118727272Moller, AdamSB WM
Monroe Street2112   Oct30188915288Moller, Ernst F 83yWM
Monroe Street173   Apr1418727338Moller, Henry LAKA Moeller1mWM
Monroe Street176   Jul2418727467Moller, Henry L 2y  
Monroe Street191   Aug2418738041Moller, Maria 13dWF
Monroe Street3259   May13192027554Molnar,SB WM
Monroe Street439   May28193829943Molnar, Katherine 67yWF
Monroe Street3268   Nov28192127802Molnar, Sophia 56yWF
Monroe Street447   Apr9194030112Molner, John 65yWM
Monroe Street1102   May718748463Molten, ThoSB W 
Monroe Street429   Dec31193529726Molter, Fredericka 81yWF
Monroe Street380   Dec4190323126Molter, Jacob 10mWM
Monroe Street3287   Feb13192528315Molter, Jacob 75yWM
Monroe Street249   Nov4188413038Molter, Julia 5yWF
Monroe Street3221   Aug21191526575Molznik, Ernest 1yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul12190523851Monarr, Pauline 6dWF
Monroe Street1143   Jun2187710018Moneck, Maria 9mWF
Monroe Street148   Jul1718696364Monell, Birney  WM
Monroe Street148   Jul2218696372Monell, Josephine 20y F
Monroe Street1152   Mar10187810353Mongold, John D 74yWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug4187910870Moniesmith, Binnie 1yW 
Monroe Street24   Apr3188111479Monka, Emma 36yWF
Monroe Street176   Jul1918727459Monke, Wm F 6mWM
Monroe Street147   Jul1418696356Monkman, Elizabeth 1mWF
Monroe Street377   Sep17190323039Monkman, Elizabeth 58yWF
Monroe Street129   Oct2518665637Monkman, Hannah 5yWF
Monroe Street163   May2418716982Monkman, Hannah 9mWF
Monroe Street269   Sep8188613768Monkman, James 29yWM
Monroe Street138   May918686001Monkman, John 2mWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2118686052Monkman, Thom 4mWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug10187710106Monohann, John 30yWM
Monroe Street290   Apr24188814487Monroe,Mrs V48yWF
Monroe Street474May211949Aug11194930702Monroe, Franke E 72yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan26189820019Monroe, Jerome 61yWM
Monroe Street474Jun191945Aug3194930701Monroe, John B 73yWM
Monroe Street3179   Jan28191225695Monsees, Fred J 33yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug2818748612Montay, Elisa 2yW 
Monroe Street3257   Feb25192027512Montei, Henrietta 78yWF
Monroe Street2159   Sep17189216962Montgomery,Baby WF
Monroe Street386   May29190423361Montgomery,SB WM
Monroe Street3106   Dec14190524002Montgomery, J M 36hWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug29189418232Montia, Wm 49yWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec1518748752Monts, Gustav 74yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb8189015492Montzelman,SB WF
Monroe Street2157   Aug14189216896Moody, Lily 7dWF
Monroe Street154   Apr1218706592Moore,SB Child of John WF
Monroe Street220   Apr21188212027Moore,Child   
Monroe Street220   Apr21188212027Moore,Mr   
Monroe Street220   Apr29188212037Moore,    
Monroe Street3242   Jan29191827103Moore, 2dWM
Monroe Street354   Jul12190222386Moore, Addison 56yWM
Monroe Street440   Oct29193829978Moore, Chas W 65yWM
Monroe Street3245   Jun17191827189Moore, Gerald M 27dWM
Monroe Street19   Apr2318644830Moore, Hiram  WM
Monroe Street254   May1188513228Moore, Isack 49yWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb20191025165Moore, JuliaSister29yWF
Monroe Street3236   Mar6191726913Moore, Julia B 71yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan3190021085Moore, Lloyd 10mWM
Monroe Street1143   Jul10187710048Moore, Louis 1yWM
Monroe Street1169   Dec21187910979Moore, Mary Anna 32yWF
Monroe Street216   Jan25188211899Moore, Sam 63y  
Monroe Street220   Apr21188212027Moore, Sarah    
Monroe Street131   Jan2918675700Moore, Walter B 1yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar1188312371Moores, A H 36y M
Monroe Street2147   Jan4189216507Moores, James A 24yWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug11189116300Moorman, Beker 67yWF
Monroe Street3210   Aug26191426347Moose,Baby2dWF
Monroe Street170   Jan818727223Moran, Anthony 46yWM
Monroe Street274   Jan31188713932Moran, Jos P 26yWM
Monroe Street483Oct231954Oct23195430915Moran, Rose Anna 75yWF
Monroe Street17   Mar118644760Morand, Demonee  WM
Monroe Street321   Jul6190021380Morawick, Fredrich J 4mWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan28191626686Morawick, Lydia 38yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul1718717021More, Johnor Move52yCM
Monroe Street17   Mar318644765More, Sarah 81yWF
Monroe Street1118   Aug118759089Morehead, Furgus 20yW 
Monroe Street2214   Nov30189518951Morel, Nicholas E 88yWM
Monroe Street1168   Nov4187910943Moreley, Christine 47yWF
Monroe Street144   Jan1918696223Morey, Alfred R 38yWM
Monroe Street491Jan261962Jan30196231131Morey, Arthur E 58yWM
Monroe Street14   Sep2018634624Morey, Augustus  WM
Monroe Street436   Nov26193729904Morey, Edith L 71yWF
Monroe Street2101   Jan18188914873Morey, Else 3mWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul14189116234Morey, Frank 4mWM
Monroe Street444   Sep13193930057Morey, Marcus 74yWM
Monroe Street477Oct31950Oct6195030767Morey, Tom L 54yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar26189920713Morgan, 4dWM
Monroe Street3127   Sep8190724505Morgan,Baby WF
Monroe Street3192   Feb18191325956Morgan, 1dWM
Monroe Street427   Sep28193529687Morgan, Charles H 19yWM
Monroe Street2144   Oct24189116413Morgan, Chas 9wWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug1189619289Morgan, David 21yWM
Monroe Street252   Mar1188513164Morgan, Edith E 2mWF
Monroe Street2103   Apr8188914956Morgan, Elmma E 40yWF
Monroe Street3265   Apr6192127704Morgan, Elsie E 39yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul1018717013Morgan, Ervin F 51yWM
Monroe Street1107   Sep2518748662Morgan, Ervine 8yW 
Monroe Street1119   Aug1218759122Morgan, Ervine F 38yWM
Monroe Street3200   Oct14191326135Morgan, Francis 4yWM
Monroe Street227   Dec5188212294Morgan, Frank 4y M
Monroe Street434   Jan28193729841Morgan, Grant U 60yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun13189820264Morgan, H C 78yWM
Monroe Street3221   Aug4191526567Morgan, Homer C 65yWM
Monroe Street3295   Sep11192628572Morgan, Irwin F 74yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb13189518500Morgan, James K P 50yWM
Monroe Street421   Apr23193429513Morgan, Louise J 79yWF
Monroe Street1101   Mar3118748421Morgan, Martin 35yWM
Monroe Street3258   Mar11192027518Morgan, Mary 62yWF
Monroe Street486Jul121957Jul15195731002Morgan, Mary Ann 79yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep16189518857Morgan, Myra E 3mWF
Monroe Street2106   Jun15188915043Morgan, Myrtle 1yWF
Monroe Street436   Sep28193729891Morgan, Stella 61yWF
Monroe Street489Jul111959Jul14195931067Morgan, Thomas J 72yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan16189115990Morgan, WillieAKA W J Bunker22yWM
Monroe Street3307   Oct17192828872Morgan, Wm D 71yWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb16189116021Morganthaler, Martha 6mWF
Monroe Street3159   May7191025235Morgen, Grant L 10yWM
Monroe Street240   Jan21188412721Morgen, Mina Eliza 3dWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep3188915187Morgenthaler, 9mWF
Monroe Street1180   Dec6188011368Morgon, A J 37yW 
Monroe Street39   Aug23189920917Moriarty, 14dWF
Monroe Street2130   Nov21189015924Moritz, 2hWM
Monroe Street2175   Aug30189317548Moritz, Alma 2yWF
Monroe Street3282   Feb4192428158Moritz, Augusta 77yWF
Monroe Street3162   Aug29191025339Moritz, Bieler 74yWM
Monroe Street424   Dec24193429599Moritz, Ernestine 82yWF
Monroe Street3258   Feb28192027514Moritz, Frederick 85yWM
Monroe Street476Jan101950Jan13195030730Moritz, Gustav 85yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr22189417935Moritz, Margarite Gertie 16mWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep7189015831Moritz, Robert 16yWM
Monroe Street129   Sep2918665621Morley,  WF
Monroe Street3144   Feb1190924884Morley, Amos 50yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug5190624189Morley, Arthur 2mWM
Monroe Street456Sep301942Oct3194230314Morley, Harriett 84yWM
Monroe Street3159   May27191025258Morley, John 1yWM
Monroe Street3240   Sep21191727034Morley, Ruby E 3mWF
Monroe Street33   Mar3189920686Morley, S W 75yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul1518665549Morley, Sarah Ann 33yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec8188111839Morlock, John 3yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul25188814625Mormann, Jno Henry 3mWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun29190523844Mormelia, Mary 72yWF
Monroe Street2109   Sep3188915182Mornsfield, Otto 3yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug818759111Morrell, John B 35yWM
Monroe Street139   Jun918686021Morris,SB Child of S C WF
Monroe Street128   Aug2818665590Morris, Byron Bennett 1yWM
Monroe Street3206   Apr15191426259Morris, ChasAKA Wm Howell67yWM
Monroe Street4105Aug221969Aug25196931303Morris, Dorothy 51y F
Monroe Street2139   Jul14189116237Morris, Earl 6mWM
Monroe Street3229   Apr8191626729Morris, Elenor 65yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec16187710286Morris, Eliza 35yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar13187910700Morris, Geo H 7yWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct2818759239Morris, George 2yWM
Monroe Street464Apr131945Apr17194530487Morris, Gilbert C 56yWM
Monroe Street516Nov181990Nov20199031487Morris, Irene E 96y F
Monroe Street2137   Jun1189116181Morris, John 2mWM
Monroe Street3233   Oct30191626833Morris, Ray 1mWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov1018759251Morris, Sarah 4yWM
Monroe Street224   Aug17188212179Morrison, Anna M 24y  
Monroe Street1133   Aug3018769633Morrison, Biene 7mW 
Monroe Street142   Oct718686152Morrison, Charlotte C 59yWF
Monroe Street138   Apr1318685987Morrison, David 69yWM
Monroe Street156   Jul2018706672Morrison, Isabella 79yWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug13189015789Morrison, Kate 42yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug18188915149Morrison, Paul J 4mWM
Monroe Street486   Jul19195731003Morrison, Sophia R 89yWF
Monroe Street465Mar231943Aug30194530512Morrison, William Thomas 83yWM
Monroe Street2169   Apr28189317306Morriss, Elfina 9yWM
Monroe Street390   Sep15190423504Morritz, Maria 68yWF
Monroe Street2170   Jun1189317364Morrow, Jerome W 41yWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr18188914974Morse, Gladys Strahlen 12yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul2188011190Morsh, Mary 10mWF
Monroe Street188   Jul2318737941Morss, Lora 8mW 
Monroe Street380   Dec8190323129Mortiz,Baby WF
Monroe Street3141   Nov3190824819Morton, John M 77yWM
Monroe Street1115   May1218758950Morton, Jos 31yWM
Monroe Street3179   Jan27191225692Morton, Louisa 75yWF
Monroe Street134   Aug3018675832Morton, Margt F 3mWF
Monroe Street311   Nov1189920999Morton, Sahra 65yWF
Monroe Street17   Mar118644762Morton, Sennet P 26yWF
Monroe Street2136   May7189116149Morton, Susan 82yWF
Monroe Street1157   Sep27187810541Morton, T D 34yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1018769760Morus, W H 2yW 
Monroe Street366   Feb16190322723Morwick, Fred 53yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr10189518592Morzfeld,SB WF
Monroe Street3182   Apr 191225743Mosat, Jos 2mWM
Monroe Street319   Apr30190021281Moser, August 75yWM
Monroe Street288   Mar8188814430Moses, Katharina 63yWF
Monroe Street288   Feb26188814412Moses, Sophia 24yWM
Monroe Street3229   Apr22191626733Mosher, 29dWM
Monroe Street417   Jul7193329421Moskoske, Ludwig 57yWM
Monroe Street1171   Jan16188010999Mosley, Geo 4yWM
Monroe Street167   Oct318717140Moss, Emilia Elisa 7dWF
Monroe Street3300   Jul11192728692Moste,SB WM
Monroe Street2177   Oct12189317617Motschkofski,SB WF
Monroe Street2203   Feb24189518521Mott,SB WF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2118748545Mott, Harry 9mWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug3118759157Mott, Mary    
Monroe Street396   Mar7190523703Mott, Mary A 1yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr7191325999Mott, Walter M 55yWM
Monroe Street137   Feb1218685945Motter,SB Child of George WF
Monroe Street3281   Dec20192328138Motznick, Louis 49yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr24191827161Motznik, Daniel 79yWM
Monroe Street3219   May25191526533Motznik, Elsa Maria 7yWF
Monroe Street3214   Dec24191426417Motznik, Martin D 3yWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug16191025327Motznik, Susana 61yWF
Monroe Street161   Jan3118716880Mouts, Charles 21yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug1118759118Moutz, Gustave 1yWM
Monroe Street164   Jul1718717021Move, Johnor More52yCM
Monroe Street2228   Nov11189619413Mowatt, Jas 18yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun17189216781Mowes, Anna 27yWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan20191927289Moynihon, Agnes VAKA Sister M Veronica29yWF
Monroe Street3282   Mar18192428185Mracek, Anna 60yWF
Monroe Street2111   Oct7188915252Muchler, Annie 9yWF
Monroe Street456Aug161942Aug19194230299Mucho, Fred 68yWM
Monroe Street2229   Dec14189619444Muegge, Albert 10mWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr10191927352Muehlhaeusler, Carlos 14yWM
Monroe Street3283   Apr9192428201Muehlhaeusler, Edith E 52yWF
Monroe Street3253   May8191927372Muehlhaeusler, Jacob F 42yWM
Monroe Street424   Dec12193429596Muehlhaeusler, William 63yWM
Monroe Street258   Aug10188513377Muehlhauser, Christian 81yWM
Monroe Street491Nov91961Nov11196131124Muehlhauser, Fred J 91yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep518738076Muehlhauser, Gottfried  W 
Monroe Street3247   Oct2191827222Muehlhausler, Caroline 72yWF
Monroe Street3245   May3191827166Muehlhausler, Florence 37yWF
Monroe Street3133   Mar13190824659Muehlhausler, Gottfried 64yWM
Monroe Street1161   Mar1187910685Muellen, Elise 3yW 
Monroe Street125   Feb1418665463Mueller,SB Child of Christ WM
Monroe Street128   Sep318665600Mueller,SB Child of John WF
Monroe Street1135   Oct1118769711Mueller,SB W 
Monroe Street1163   Apr23187910743Mueller,Child of Herm   
Monroe Street212   Oct12188111758Mueller,SB W 
Monroe Street248   Oct15188413021Mueller,SB Child of WM
Monroe Street2115   Dec19188915382Mueller,SB WF
Monroe Street2145   Dec3189116472Mueller,SB WM
Monroe Street3188   Oct9191225865Mueller,SB WM
Monroe Street255   Jun4188513276Mueller, A Gustav 37yWM
Monroe Street25   May27188111531Mueller, A OSB W 
Monroe Street3138   Aug16190824771Mueller, Adolph 42yWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun1190624141Mueller, Amelia 22mWF
Monroe Street1122   Nov718759246Mueller, Anna 3yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun6189015675Mueller, Annie 22mWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul23189015758Mueller, Annie 38yWF
Monroe Street3154   Dec2190925098Mueller, Aug D 66yWM
Monroe Street491Jul121961Jul14196131115Mueller, Augusta 81yWF
Monroe Street1117   Jul1918759049Mueller, Carl 10mWM
Monroe Street3144   Feb2190924885Mueller, Carl 70yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr1418737813Mueller, Carl F 17dWM
Monroe Street320   Jun6190021345Mueller, Casper H 77yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov1188915299Mueller, Catherine 84yWF
Monroe Street2247   Feb25189820070Mueller, Catherine 5mWF
Monroe Street358   Sep16190222497Mueller, Catherine 80yWF
Monroe Street289   Mar29188814458Mueller, Charlotte 21yWF
Monroe Street295   Aug12188814666Mueller, Doratha 65yWF
Monroe Street137   Feb2818685957Mueller, Eliza 14yWF
Monroe Street292   Jun21188814572Mueller, Emil 6dWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun21190523835Mueller, Emil 32yWM
Monroe Street3238   Jun9191726973Mueller, Emilia M 75yWF
Monroe Street133   May2118675769Mueller, Eugene 6mWM
Monroe Street143   Nov2718686180Mueller, Eva 27yWF
Monroe Street386   May27190423359Mueller, F 56yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug1518748593Mueller, Fred 7mWM
Monroe Street327   Dec5190021572Mueller, Fred 45yWM
Monroe Street2144   Oct28189116426Mueller, Fred W 7mWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan19190624029Mueller, Geo 29yWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct2918759240Mueller, George 21yWM
Monroe Street123   Nov3018655413Mueller, Gottlieb E 34yWM
Monroe Street1171   Jan11188010994Mueller, Hattie 4yWF
Monroe Street481Apr121953Apr15195330868Mueller, Helen E 65yWF
Monroe Street3288   Apr16192528342Mueller, Helena 57yWF
Monroe Street447   Feb15194030099Mueller, Henrietta 89yWF
Monroe Street149   Sep918696429Mueller, Henry 9yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1018738001AMueller, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street369   Apr17190322823Mueller, Henry 51yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1118737713Mueller, Hermann 25dWM
Monroe Street3225   Dec12191526635Mueller, Irving A 19yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov7188111789Mueller, J H 3yW 
Monroe Street234   Jul28188312526Mueller, Jno 2mWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug24189418225Mueller, Johanna 68yWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct918769709Mueller, John 10yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug14188714175Mueller, John 1yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul19188814610Mueller, John 10mWM
Monroe Street329   Jan17190121631Mueller, John 43yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug29190523904Mueller, John 15yWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep1190523910Mueller, John 35yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov7190523985Mueller, John 60yWM
Monroe Street48   Nov17193129240Mueller, John 34yWM
Monroe Street3265   Apr27192127719Mueller, John E 31yWM
Monroe Street3104   Dec29190423934Mueller, John F C 46yWM
Monroe Street3177   Nov29191125649Mueller, Justine 66yWF
Monroe Street3307   Oct20192828873Mueller, Karl 68yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct5189317608Mueller, Katie 11mWF
Monroe Street212   Oct31188111782Mueller, Leanhard 8y  
Monroe Street153   Feb2418706559Mueller, Leonhard 73yWM
Monroe Street2145   Dec6189116473Mueller, Louisa 48yWF
Monroe Street3106   Dec24190524010Mueller, Louisa 52yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr13190523752Mueller, Margarett 74yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan22189820014Mueller, Maria 76yWF
Monroe Street259   Sep4188513415Mueller, Mary 9mWF
Monroe Street155   Jun1918706642Mueller, Minna 29yWF
Monroe Street2247   Mar12189820091Mueller, Minnie 6yWF
Monroe Street227   Dec12188212306Mueller, Otto 7y M
Monroe Street271   Oct28188613842Mueller, Peter 67yWM
Monroe Street372   Jun1190322878Mueller, Peter 83yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan1118758794Mueller, Philipp 74yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct30188915289Mueller, Rosina 70yWF
Monroe Street3304   Mar13192828790Mueller, Sara C 35yWF
Monroe Street322   Jul25190021410Mueller, Sophie 1yWF
Monroe Street439   May2193829936Mueller, Stella  WF
Monroe Street1116   Jun2318758990Mueller, Theodor 31yWM
Monroe Street1129   May2618769477Mueller, Theodore    
Monroe Street155   Jun1418706638Mueller, William 1yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug12188915139Mueller, Willie 11mWM
Monroe Street126   May2018665513Mueller, Wm H 10dWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug20188011262Mueller, Wm'a 4mWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan17189920592Muelling, Charles 65yWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov27191827254Muelling, Fridka' 78yWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun26189216796Muench,Baby WM
Monroe Street490Dec131960Dec15196031094Muench, Barbara 85yWF
Monroe Street4103Apr21968Apr4196831282Muench, Flora 90yWF
Monroe Street3136   Jun24190824734Muench, Frank 35yWM
Monroe Street3278   Jun22192328058Muench, J Adam 80yWM
Monroe Street485Aug181956Aug22195630974Muench, Kathryn 70yWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar14191325978Muench, Leopold 58yWM
Monroe Street3281   Jan23192428150Muench, Susan 77yWF
Monroe Street210   Sep10188111709Muenich, John 4mWM
Monroe Street371   May16190322859Muennich, Gottfried 82yWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr22190924947Muenzenmayer, 2dWM
Monroe Street3236   Feb16191726904Muenzenmayer, 1dWM
Monroe Street138   May218685996Mues, William H 10mWM
Monroe Street233   Jul8188312505Muese, Analia 10mWF
Monroe Street317   Mar30190021222Muetchler, Karl 9mWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb8189116010Muetzel, Christina 7mWF
Monroe Street2254   Aug15189820351Muetzel, Geo M 4mWM
Monroe Street480Aug21952Aug4195230835Muetzel, George 80yWM
Monroe Street482Oct21953Dec17195330885Muetzel, Marie C 82yWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar3189619068Muetzel, Mary 38yWF
Monroe Street3150   Aug23190925034Muetzel, Phil 68yWM
Monroe Street167   Sep2018717128Muhlemann, Catharina 32yWF
Monroe Street194   Oct1618738162Muhlhausen, Phillippina 72yWF
Monroe Street130   Nov3018665662Muhlhauser, William 29yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov1518738212Muhlsmann, Anna 3yWF
Monroe Street160   Dec2718706842Muler, Mary L 2yWF
Monroe Street3288   Mar23192528328Mullen, Odelia 58yWF
Monroe Street3159   May14191025246Mulleny,SB WF
Monroe Street2190   Jul2189418084Muller, Anna M 4mWF
Monroe Street2177   Sep30189317598Muller, Elsa 10mWF
Monroe Street222   Jun29188212117Muller, John 9m  
Monroe Street2175   Sep2189317551Muller, Katie 29yWF
Monroe Street1135   Nov118769744Mulligan, 5dW 
Monroe Street4103Jan271968Jan30196831278Mullins, Fred J 26yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug3018748614Mullins, Jane E 11mWF
Monroe Street335   May24190121812Mumford, Harry 31yWM
Monroe Street37   Jul11189920851Mumford, Sylvester 5mWM
Monroe Street2185   Mar28189417888Mumma, Reka C 1yWF
Monroe Street464Mar211945Mar24194530481Mundinger, Catherine 70yWF
Monroe Street3244   Apr12191827148Mundinger, Henry C 43yWM
Monroe Street499May141966May17196631243Mundinger, Herbert C 65yWM
Monroe Street55Feb91978Mar11197831398Mundinger, Mabel G 76y F
Monroe Street1118   Jul3118759087Munger, Carrie 7mWF
Monroe Street189   Aug218737974Munger, Maria  WF
Monroe Street112   Aug1918644973Mungle, Cathrine 3yWF
Monroe Street278   Jun16188714071Munke, Ernest 6mWM
Monroe Street197   Dec2418738278Munlep,SB W 
Monroe Street3104   Oct6190523940Munn, Hiram H 69yWM
Monroe Street488Feb191959Feb23195931054Munro, Alex 73yWM
Monroe Street442   Feb25193930006Munro, Elizabeth 50yWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov4187810583Munsh, Amalia 2yWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep1318748648Munsh, Anna 3yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec1118748747Munsh, Ch 3yWM
Monroe Street2235   May12189719654Munshall, Wm H 4mWM
Monroe Street2211   Aug30189518818Munshow, Allen N 9mWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan918779863Munson, Jane 53yWF
Monroe Street448   Apr16194030113Muntaugh, Martha 64yWF
Monroe Street3231   Aug8191626785Munz, Fredericka 73yWF
Monroe Street3260   Jun8192027568Munz, John F 85yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb1190222167Mural, Ella 6yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun21190322900Mural, Mary 10yWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb9191426223Murar, Ethel 2yWF
Monroe Street38   Jul29189920881Murausch, Albert 44yWM
Monroe Street3231   Jul8191626768Muray, Regina F 70yWF
Monroe Street2146   Dec18189116484Murch, Eunice 30yWF
Monroe Street3255   Oct9191927441Murch, Frank S 22yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun29188011184Murch, Ida 19yWF
Monroe Street131   Jan2918675710Murch, Sarah E 29yWF
Monroe Street3245   Jun24191827191Murch, Wm F 58yWM
Monroe Street35   May15189920788Murdoch, Ellen 39yWF
Monroe Street38   Aug7189920897Murdoch, Jennie 4mWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan21191927291Murdock,SB WM
Monroe Street3260   Jul27192027586Murdock,SB WF
Monroe Street3289   May18192528357Murdock, 1dWF
Monroe Street451   May31194130194Murdock, Lottie 65yWF
Monroe Street2254   Jul31189820332Murphy, 1mWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov1190624258Murphy, 30hWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan30191025142Murphy,SB WM
Monroe Street3224   Nov18191526620Murphy,Baby WM
Monroe Street492Mar81962Mar12196231132Murphy, Andrew J 66yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug21189216917Murphy, Bertha 1mWF
Monroe Street2206   May9189518647Murphy, Bertha 20yWF
Monroe Street2158   Aug25189216925Murphy, Burton 7wWM
Monroe Street254   Apr17188513210Murphy, Daniel 1yWM
Monroe Street146   May218696301Murphy, Maria E 27yWF
Monroe Street514Jun261987Jun29198731471Murphy, Maudeen 90y F
Monroe Street3298   Feb3192728626Murphy, Susanna 64yWF
Monroe Street386   May23190423356Murphy, Thomas 69yWM
Monroe Street3198   Aug18191326099Murphy, Wm MSB WM
Monroe Street128   Aug3018665595Murray,SB Child of James  M
Monroe Street3304   Apr17192828810Murray, Alice 79yWF
Monroe Street472Jul91948Jul13194830638Murray, Allice 79yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb718748349Murray, Anna 55yWF
Monroe Street189   Jul2618737953Murray, Bertha 28yWF
Monroe Street196   Dec518738243Murray, Ch 2mW 
Monroe Street2251   May26189820239Murray, Christina 65yWF
Monroe Street3304   Mar12192828789Murray, Harvey W 90yWM
Monroe Street3275   Jan9192327970Murray, John D 76yWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2618686061Murray, Mary 11mWF
Monroe Street1149   Nov24187710260Murray, Mary 3yWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec1618748753Murray, Nellie 1yWF
Monroe Street132   May118675759Murray, Owen 30yW 
Monroe Street442   Feb28193930008Murray, Philip J 71yWM
Monroe Street23   Feb1188111426Murray, Robert 16yWM
Monroe Street399   May5190523777Murray, Wm J 40yWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr1190724397Murry, Ellen 65yWF
Monroe Street3281   Jan30192428155Murtaugh, Edward F 18yWM
Monroe Street3195   May30191326047Murtaugh, Luceile M 4yWF
Monroe Street2196   Oct14189418313Musal, Anna 4yWF
Monroe Street2197   Oct19189418319Musal, Christina 8yWF
Monroe Street2196   Oct16189418314Musal, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov28191025413Musat, AnnaAKA Muchat1mWF
Monroe Street227   Nov29188212291Muse, Fred 3y  
Monroe Street396   Mar13190523715Musier, 11dWM
Monroe Street426   Mar29193529634Musier, Emma 77yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun27190423398Musier, Fredrick 43yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb9189518495Musier, Helena 21dWF
Monroe Street2207   May18189518667Musier, Margareth 3yWM
Monroe Street3274   Oct19192227939Musone,SB WM
Monroe Street317   Mar21190021210Mutchler, Anna 24yWF
Monroe Street434   Feb20193729847Mutchler, Josephine 87yWF
Monroe Street2159   Oct11189216989Mutchler, Lillie May 4yWF
Monroe Street2169   May3189317315Mutehler, Helena 50yWF
Monroe Street3288   Apr28192528348Muth, Elizabeth 78yWF
Monroe Street213   Nov22188111815Muth, George 71yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov1190624259Muth, Mary D 68yWF
Monroe Street165   Jul2318717034Muth, Mathias 27yWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar17189518560Mutschler, Wm 39yWM
Monroe Street282   Sep9188714201Mutte, Walter 2yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec19190222624Mutti, Christian 65yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul20190523866Mutti, Elizabeth 57yWF
Monroe Street34   Apr1189920722Mutti, Emil 25yWM
Monroe Street3113   Jul21190624178Mutti, Paul S 28yWM
Monroe Street168   Nov818717168Mutz,SB Child of Philipp WM
Monroe Street1107   Oct118748665Mutz,Child of Philipp W 
Monroe Street2196   Oct2189418292Mutz, Louise 42yWF
Monroe Street163   Apr2018716955Mutz, Max 8dWM
Monroe Street390   Sep1190423486Mutz, Phillip 57yWM
Monroe Street25   Apr27188111502Mutz, Robbey 2yWM
Monroe Street2244   Dec23189719974Mutzdorf, Fredericka 45yWF
Monroe Street341   Sep1190121985Muzl,SB WM
Monroe Street1141   Apr218779961Myer,SB Child of John W 
Monroe Street156   Aug218706683Myers,Child of Marin8dWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan1189719457Myers, 4dWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul25189719748Myers, 3wWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec9187710281Myers, Carl W 4yWM
Monroe Street140   Jul2018686048Myers, Eliza 2dWF
Monroe Street198   Jan1518748311Myers, Emma C 1dWF
Monroe Street449   Sep30194030149Myers, Freda 76yWF
Monroe Street428   Oct7193529691Myers, George W 68yWM
Monroe Street412   Aug1193229322Myers, Harry 36yWM
Monroe Street136   Dec1518675914Myers, Hattie 3yW 
Monroe Street125   Feb2318665468Myers, Lewis B 4yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan26188211901Myers, Nancy 72yWF
Monroe Street513Dec151986Dec19198631468Myers, Walter A 69y M
Monroe Street114   Sep2718645029Myre, Fredrick C 1yWM
Monroe Street159   Nov2118706813Myres,Child of Clara1mWM
Monroe Street163   May318716961Myres,SB Child of Paul WM
Monroe Street157   Sep318706726Myres, George 8yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2518717090Myres, John 45yWM
Monroe Street1161   Jan14187910650Myrick, Ellen M 48yWF
Monroe Street3267   Sep19192127769Myrick, Mary D 88yWF
Monroe Street180   Oct2218727626Myriek, Joseph D 67yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec15190423600Mzek, Lillie 5mWF
Monroe Street387   Jun30190423401Mzek, W 1dWM
Monroe Street362   Dec20190222628Mzik, Frank 40yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec16191025431Naber, Jos 45yWM
Monroe Street36   May19189920794Nabring, Clara M 78yWF
Monroe Street1131   Jul2618769555Nabring, Fred 14yWM
Monroe Street179   Sep2018727587Nademuyer, F Wm 10mW 
Monroe Street1149   Nov28187710267Nadler, August 12yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan26189015461Nadler, August 62yWM
Monroe Street2214   Nov9189518930Nadler, Augusta 70yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan31190222165Nadler, Elmer 6mWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar8189015536Nadler, Ludwig 1mWM
Monroe Street3159   May6191025232Nadler, Minna 58yWF
Monroe Street392   Nov28190423579Nadler, Oscar 26yWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr21190624100Nadler, Oskar 55yWM
Monroe Street117   Feb1418655154Naegele,Child of George1yWM
Monroe Street133   Jun1418675783Naegele,SB Child of Geo WF
Monroe Street152   Jan718706518Naegele,SB Child of Jac WM
Monroe Street1118   Jul2518759067Naegele,SB W 
Monroe Street1114   Apr1318758920Naegele, Annie 11mWF
Monroe Street190   Aug418737984Naegele, Barbara 8dWF
Monroe Street167   Oct518717145Naegele, Charles 11dWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr11190624085Naegele, Frank 40yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar11190322756Naegele, Geo M 80yWM
Monroe Street132   Apr1618675755Naegele, Johannes 15yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar17190724380Naegele, Margarett 74yWF
Monroe Street125   Apr718665490Naegle, Louisa 3mWF
Monroe Street144   Jan2618696220Nagel,SB Child of Val WF
Monroe Street153   Mar1718706571Nagel,SB Child of Val W 
Monroe Street214   Dec25188111862Nagel,SB W 
Monroe Street356   Aug6190222432Nagel, Caroline 30yWF
Monroe Street162   Mar2218716935Nagel, Catharine 7yWF
Monroe Street37   Jul10189920855Nagel, Eva Maria 60yWF
Monroe Street162   Mar2218716934Nagel, Henry 8yWM
Monroe Street251   Jan15188513111Nagel, John 7yWM
Monroe Street223   Jul17188212130Nagel, Karl L 1y  
Monroe Street338   Jul24190121920Nagel, Lillie 7mWF
Monroe Street399   May3190523773Nagel, Lona 13mWF
Monroe Street240   Jan9188412712Nagel, Louisa 40yWF
Monroe Street151   Dec1318696498Nagel, Mathilda 23yWF
Monroe Street462Jun181944Jun20194430441Nagel, Rickie A 77yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov12190222581Nagel, Valentine 63yWM
Monroe Street118   Mar1418655177Nageler, Magdelena 29yWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct14189116402Nagger, Johanna 8yWF
Monroe Street3236   Mar23191726925Nagy, Charlie 3yWM
Monroe Street3261   Aug17192027599Nagy, Chas 33yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug16189518787Nagy, Elizabeth 29yWF
Monroe Street3145   Mar22190924914Nagygol,Baby WM
Monroe Street1147   Oct25187710209Naheus, Eugen 6yW 
Monroe Street3259   Apr26192027546Nahnis, Minnie 81yWF
Monroe Street3224   Nov5191526614Nahuis, A John 75yWM
Monroe Street3203   Jan15191426205Naismith, John D 27yWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug4189619295Nanvering, Alvena 12dWF
Monroe Street386   May11190423340Napp, Elizabeth 82yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec2818748773Napp, Wm 64yWM
Monroe Street161   Feb2218716908Narrow, Caroline 31yWF
Monroe Street137   Jan3018685937Narrow, Charles 1yWM
Monroe Street116   Jan118655106Narrow, Lewis 48yWM
Monroe Street137   Jan218685925Narrow, Maggie 46yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul26188513348Narrows, Frankie 4mWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar24188914944Nash, 5dWF
Monroe Street337   Jul9190121895Nash, Geo W 45yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb19190121676Nash, Pearl 2yWF
Monroe Street327   Dec21190021596Nast, 1dWM
Monroe Street262   Dec26188513530Naterman, Thonton    
Monroe Street354   Jul18190222397Natterer, Emma 6mWF
Monroe Street358   Sep2190222478Natterer, Hilda 7mWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep23189418282Natterer, Wm 7mWM
Monroe Street318   Apr10190021247Nau, Arthur E 6wWM
Monroe Street365   Jan26190322694Naumann, EmmaAKA Neuman23yWF
Monroe Street3195   May14191326036Naylor, John  WM
Monroe Street223   Jul31188212145NcNabb, Bessie 2m  
Monroe Street1151   Jan17187810310Neaf, LewisSB W 
Monroe Street24   Mar19188111464Neagle, Leppy 44yWF
Monroe Street2187   May7189417969Near, Chas 48yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr8189619110Near, Mary M 18yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun1018644866Neasia, Adam 23yWM
Monroe Street1158   Dec1187810616Neason, Wm 39yWM
Monroe Street323   Aug9190021433Neate, John 50yWM
Monroe Street3277   Apr14192328025Neate, Rhoda 81yWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep8189619339Nechuting, Frank 49yWM
Monroe Street372   Jun7190322887Necvosil, Rudolph 2yWM
Monroe Street3184   Jun29191225796Nedela, Bertha 4dWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr6189518584Nedela, Joseph 8yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2018738024Nedelig, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street174   May2818727387Neeson,SB Child of Wm WM
Monroe Street3104   Oct3190523935Neeson, Ann J 57yWF
Monroe Street420   Jan18193429485Neeson, Emilie Caroline 73yWF
Monroe Street45   Dec11193029148Neeson, James J 73yWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov6189619406Neeson, Maggie 19yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan1518758797Neff, Elisa 57yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr19189317287Neff, Vernie 4mWF
Monroe Street13   Sep318634602Negel, Nicholas 1yWM
Monroe Street378   Oct6190323054Negus, 1dWF
Monroe Street3233   Oct14191626825Nehrenz, Christopher 71yWM
Monroe Street2166   Feb21189317190Nehrenz, Friederika 44yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug9189216880Nehring, Gustav 7yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul12191025298Neichel, Mary 83yWF
Monroe Street3125   Jul16190724470Neidlander, Mary 39yWF
Monroe Street157   Aug2018706712Neiglo, Frank 8mWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov8189719911Neilson,SB WM
Monroe Street3266   Jun27192127741Neilson, C W 5mWM
Monroe Street1165   Jun29187910811Neilson, Christ 42yWM
Monroe Street47   Jul3193129207Neiman, Charles 48yWM
Monroe Street115   Nov2518645084Neimire,SB Girl of Fred WF
Monroe Street18   Apr618644814Neimire, Garret H 1yWM
Monroe Street16   Dec2718634703Neimire, Mary 5yWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr10189518594Neitlingshoefer, John 57yWM
Monroe Street3255   Sep4191927425Nejdeller,SB WM
Monroe Street31   Feb8189920637Nekoosil, John 12dWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2318655311Nelson,Son of L W1dWM
Monroe Street3196   Jun4191326054Nelson, 2hWM
Monroe Street158   Sep2618706757Nelson, Abner 78yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug1518759126Nelson, Angelina 8mWF
Monroe Street128   Sep418665601Nelson, Catharine 76yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug13189216892Nelson, Christian 11mWM
Monroe Street388   Jul27190423436Nelson, Clara M 17yWF
Monroe Street390   Sep4190423489Nelson, Edw 19mWM
Monroe Street427   Aug19193529674Nelson, Florence 45yWF
Monroe Street1164   Jun6187910787Nelson, Fred'k 1yW 
Monroe Street350   Apr18190222279Nelson, G P 72yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep24188915219Nelson, Geo E 3mWM
Monroe Street255   May12188513250Nelson, George 6wWF
Monroe Street3105   Nov27190523988Nelson, Harry R 1yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep28191326121Nelson, Herbert 5yWM
Monroe Street3239   Jul30191727000Nelson, Julia 94yWF
Monroe Street211   Oct5188111743Nelson, L N 60yW 
Monroe Street220   May4188212047Nelson, Lausen    
Monroe Street24   Apr17188111492Nelson, Louisa 58yWF
Monroe Street3290   Aug10192528388Nelson, Mark W 70yWM
Monroe Street3229   Apr6191626728Nelson, Mary A 81yWF
Monroe Street220   May4188212047Nelson, Nellie    
Monroe Street2191   Jul5189418092Nelson, Nellie C 11mWF
Monroe Street162   Mar2718716940Nelson, Nellie M 7yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb28189216609Nelson, Peter Irving 20yWM
Monroe Street220   May4188212047Nelson, S    
Monroe Street2179   Nov28189317693Nelson, Sumner S 11yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr11189116084Nelson, W F 64yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun29189719702Nelson, Wallace 71yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct1618645050Nelson, Willia Porter 3yWM
Monroe Street491Nov141961Nov17196131125Nemecsek, Anna 83yWF
Monroe Street58Nov131981Dec5198131435Nemes, Louis 73y M
Monroe Street516Nov131990May2199031435Nemes, Louis 73y M
Monroe Street3122   Apr28190724424Nemety, John 32yWM
Monroe Street3294   May6192628518Nemitz,baby WF
Monroe Street489Jun11960Jun4196031086Nemitz, Anna 88yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar4189417840Nenendorf, Alma 2mWF
Monroe Street515Dec251988Aug1198931479Nenman, Henry T 97y M
Monroe Street229   Feb9188312360Nepart, Pauline 3y F
Monroe Street2172   Jul5189317423Neps, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug21189216913Nernberg, 10mWM
Monroe Street2158   Aug25189216923Nernberg, Lillie 10wWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul9189015723Nero, PhilipAKA New8mWM
Monroe Street3183   May11191225770Nesbit, James 45yWM
Monroe Street3201   Nov25191326168Nesi,SB WM
Monroe Street1156   Sep5187810514Neskel, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec6188111836Netsch, C E 34yW 
Monroe Street3283   Apr18192428204Nettgen, Frieda 39yWF
Monroe Street3253   Jun25191927400Nettgen, Laverne 10yWF
Monroe Street267   Jul25188613705Neu, Catherine 9mWF
Monroe Street292   Jun23188814576Neu, F W 4mWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb2192327982Neu, Louisa 64yWF
Monroe Street269   Sep5188613759Neu, PhilipSB WF
Monroe Street365   Jan23190322686Neubauer, Frank 48yWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr17191225752Neubauer, Franz 84yWM
Monroe Street170   Jan2218727235Neubauer, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec22188111855Neubauer, Louisa 22yWF
Monroe Street161   Jan2218716870Neubauer, William 1yWM
Monroe Street471May161948May19194830627Neubeck, Martha 68yWF
Monroe Street494Jul21963Jul5196331178Neubeck, Theodore 98yWM
Monroe Street1104   Jul2918748560Neubecker, Carolina 6yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2918748561Neubecker, F Wm 3yWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec818748742Neubecker, Susanna 1yWF
Monroe Street1140   Feb1718779902Neubecker, T G 1yW 
Monroe Street210   Aug29188111685Neubert, Willie 1yWM
Monroe Street324   Aug30190021464Neuendorf, Frank 4mWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul23189518752Neuenfeld,SB WM
Monroe Street2236   Jun24189719696Neuenfeld, Wm 46yWM
Monroe Street3225   Dec23191526648Neuenfeldt, Ernstina 63yWF
Monroe Street3312   Nov25192929015Neuenfeldt, Paul 53yWM
Monroe Street145   Mar1518696261Neula,Child of Maria C1mWF
Monroe Street1165   Jun25187910809Neuland, TinaSB W 
Monroe Street190   Aug618737991Neuleg, Wm 5mWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan24189317145Neuman,Baby WM
Monroe Street3207   May25191426297Neuman, 1dWM
Monroe Street341   Sep21190122008Neuman, Adam 55yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan7192928908Neuman, Amelia 76yWF
Monroe Street3155   Jan26191025137Neuman, Anna Maria 27yWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug27189116324Neuman, Annie 5mWF
Monroe Street364   Jan18190322681Neuman, Bertha 11yWF
Monroe Street3223   Oct8191526599Neuman, Caroline 77yWF
Monroe Street53Aug221976Aug25197631385Neuman, Cecilia 73y F
Monroe Street319   Apr22190021272Neuman, Christina 50yWF
Monroe Street365   Jan26190322694Neuman, EmmaAKA Naumann23yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun12189015682Neuman, Fred 6mWM
Monroe Street33   Mar13189920697Neuman, Frederick 37yWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan20190724324Neuman, John 75yWM
Monroe Street46   Mar18193129180Neuman, John D 49yWM
Monroe Street483Feb131955Feb16195530933Neuman, Julia 67yWF
Monroe Street3233   Nov1191626837Neuman, Justina 66yWF
Monroe Street4110Nov261972Nov29197231340Neuman, Martha A 76y F
Monroe Street3209   Jul27191426328Neuman, P R 6dWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug8189518777Neuman, Walter 13mWM
Monroe Street3230   Jun16191626757Neuman, Wilhelmina 53yWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug5189015775Neuman, Wm 7yWM
Monroe Street349   Mar25190222239Neuman, Wm 7mWM
Monroe Street3262   Nov19192027633Neuman, Wm C 29yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul28191326081Neumann,Baby WM
Monroe Street3260   Jul23192027583Neumann, Arnold H 5mWM
Monroe Street1172   Mar10188011048Neumann, August 2mWM
Monroe Street421   Apr23193429514Neumann, August 72yWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov1518759256Neumann, Bertha 18yWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec27188915403Neumann, Bertha 34yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb918748351Neumann, Carl 47yWM
Monroe Street422   Jun25193429538Neumann, David V 80yWM
Monroe Street52Apr231975Apr26197531370Neumann, Emma   F
Monroe Street1145   Aug12187710108Neumann, Gustav 2mWM
Monroe Street247   Sep15188412977Neumann, Helene 54yWF
Monroe Street344   Dec9190122095Neumann, Herman J 8yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar6189216621Neumann, John 69yWM
Monroe Street425   Feb6193529615Neumann, Justine 77yWF
Monroe Street449   Dec30194030170Neumann, Katarina 81yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan718769317Neumann, Maragretha 70yWF
Monroe Street3241   Dec27191727078Neumann, Minnie 44yWF
Monroe Street451   Mar13194130183Neumann, Otto 75yWM
Monroe Street42   May3193029076Neumann, Thomas 69yWM
Monroe Street3178   Dec16191125661Neumann, William 70yWM
Monroe Street230   Feb28188312370Neumann, WmSB  M
Monroe Street3183   May14191225771Neumann, Wm CSB WM
Monroe Street3117   Nov14190624270Neumann, Wm H S 12yWM
Monroe Street3170   Apr5191125517Neumeister, Anna 17yWF
Monroe Street335   May27190121816Neumeister, Sophie F 43yWM
Monroe Street319   Apr22190021274Neumon, Johana S 72yWF
Monroe Street373   Jul8190322925Neupert, Carolina 82yWF
Monroe Street370   Apr30190322843Neupert, John 81yWM
Monroe Street2111   Sep27188915227Neupert, Ralph 8dWM
Monroe Street248   Sep27188412997Neuschwand,SB WF
Monroe Street1153   May17187810398Neven, FredSB WM
Monroe Street2136   Apr22189116116Nevenschwander, Fred 16yWM
Monroe Street290   Apr26188814494Neville, Geo 66yWM
Monroe Street133   Jul618675790Neville, Harriet M 41yWF
Monroe Street182   Dec2918727696Neville, Smith 39yWM
Monroe Street120   Jul1518655274Nevins, Hannah 74yWF
Monroe Street115   Dec618645090Nevins, John 77yWM
Monroe Street459Sep141943Sep16194330379Nevins, Mathilda 68yWF
Monroe Street3239   Aug30191727018New, Anna M 73yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul9189015723New, PhilipAKA Nero8mWM
Monroe Street3291   Oct31192528416New, Phillip 65yWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr27189015614Newbauer, Vernokia 61yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec29187810644Newberry, James 44yWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb17190724353Newbury, Alice 38yWF
Monroe Street3144   Feb18190924895Newcomb, 7dWM
Monroe Street338   Jul29190121933Newcomb, Arthur 17yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan2818758811Newcomb, D M 1yW 
Monroe Street362   Dec6190222601Newcomb, Fred 52yWM
Monroe Street13   Aug2718634592Newcomb, Frederick 1yWM
Monroe Street34   Apr11189920738Newcomb, John 36yWM
Monroe Street315   Feb18190021151Newcomb, Julia A 31yWF
Monroe Street3134   Apr23190824688Newcomb, Nathen L 75yWM
Monroe Street110   Jul118644894Newcumb, Samuel 35yWM
Monroe Street1174   May10188011127Newell, Ch    
Monroe Street139   Jun1118686023Newell, Charles  WM
Monroe Street2262   Jan21189920599Newell, Eerl 18mWM
Monroe Street3115   Apr27190624234Newell, Frank R 50yWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov30188915357Newell, Gracie 1yWF
Monroe Street3257   Jan12192027482Newell, Perry 1yWM
Monroe Street3213   Nov15191426398Newland, Mary 68yWF
Monroe Street16   Dec2918634710Newman,Mrs WF
Monroe Street278   Jun9188714066Newman, 2yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr19189317284Newman,SB WM
Monroe Street297   Oct6188814745Newman, Alvnie 5mWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb16189317178Newman, Anna 84yWF
Monroe Street474Jul271949Jul30194930698Newman, Arthur E  WM
Monroe Street3185   Jul9191225801Newman, August 62yWM
Monroe Street16   Dec2918634708Newman, Christ  WM
Monroe Street1115   Jun618758975Newman, Eddie 3m M
Monroe Street1113   Mar1918758890Newman, Elize 19yW 
Monroe Street2249   Apr20189820175Newman, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street488Dec291958Dec31195831048Newman, Florence 63yWF
Monroe Street3292   Jan20192628455Newman, Helen 3mWF
Monroe Street272   Nov26188613864Newman, Herman 15yWM
Monroe Street138   Apr118685980Newman, Ida M L 8mWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul25191025304Newman, Jacob 81yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug8188814657Newman, Katie 13mWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct14189116401Newman, Leonard A 2mWM
Monroe Street2144   Nov10189116444Newman, Mary 105yWF
Monroe Street245   Jul14188412907Newman, Mary M 65yWF
Monroe Street416   Jun14193329412Newman, Milly 52yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb25189216604Newman, Minnie 1yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug14190021443Newman, Rose 10mWF
Monroe Street391   Oct6190423527Newman, Virtue A 76yWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct18189619383Newman, Walter 3yWM
Monroe Street343   Nov3190122054Newman, Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug9187910877Newmann,  W 
Monroe Street2173   Jul18189317448Newmann, Caroline 42yWF
Monroe Street3254   Jul22191927406Newmann, Lillian V 20yWF
Monroe Street1115   May618758943Newmann, Mich 49yWM
Monroe Street417   Aug2193329426Newmann, Walter 42yWM
Monroe Street494Jun281963Jul1196331176Newmann, Wm T 67yWM
Monroe Street298   Nov10188814790Newnan, Lora 4wWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug12189015787Newport, Edward J 40yWM
Monroe Street34Dec31898Apr18189920740Newton, Edward 58yWM
Monroe Street183   Feb318737739Newton, Eliza 53yWF
Monroe Street3118   Dec9190624291Newton, Eliza 29yWF
Monroe Street434   Jan13193729834Newton, Ernest M 51yWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan1190624014Newton, Isaac 53yWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep4189820379Newton, John 84yWM
Monroe Street431   Jun6193629773Newton, Usher S 50yWF
Monroe Street3127   Sep13190724512Newton, Vera A 8mWF
Monroe Street361   Nov9190222578Nezbeda,Baby WF
Monroe Street315   Feb7190021142Nezbeth, Wm 50yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug30188814694Nichol, Jas 19mWM
Monroe Street324   Sep9190021478Nichol, Vernon 4yWM
Monroe Street3292   Jan5192628445Nichols,SB WF
Monroe Street3266   Jul5192127745Nichols, Emely 70yWF
Monroe Street2215   Dec9189518962Nichols, Frank 55yWM
Monroe Street288   Mar11188814434Nichols, Frank W 55yWM
Monroe Street2233   Apr7189719595Nichols, Orion E 26yWM
Monroe Street399   May3190523775Nichols, Robt 35yWM
Monroe Street126   Apr2918665503Nicholson, Anna L 6mWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun28189216800Nicholson, D PCapt83yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug20189820357Nicholson, John B 9yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan11190121620Nicholson, John H 13mWM
Monroe Street112   Aug2018644976Nick, Henry  WM
Monroe Street246   Jul24188412921Nickel, Anna 5mWF
Monroe Street295   Aug22188814685Nickel, Arthur 6yWM
Monroe Street4103Jun161968Jul22196831285Nickel, Blanche L 86yWF
Monroe Street42   Mar12193029059Nickel, Charles 79yWM
Monroe Street491Jan151962Jan17196231129Nickel, Charlotte 83yWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar18189518562Nickel, Chas 6mWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb4189518481Nickel, Edward 16yWM
Monroe Street3286   Nov17192428285Nickel, Elizabeth 73yWF
Monroe Street189   Aug118737969Nickel, Emma 10mWF
Monroe Street198   Jan1218748306Nickel, Flora 4mWF
Monroe Street3186   Aug22191225834Nickel, Herman C 32yWM
Monroe Street179   Sep1718727583Nickel, Ida 21yWF
Monroe Street171   Mar1118727282Nickel, Jakob 3dWM
Monroe Street3294   May15192628526Nickel, John 77yWM
Monroe Street468Dec151946Dec18194630563Nickel, Lee Ohren 66yWM
Monroe Street147   Jun418696325Nickel, Leonhard 16yWM
Monroe Street288   Mar7188814426Nickel, Mary C 69yWF
Monroe Street433   Dec30193629831Nickel, Susanna 88yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul30189216859Nickell, 1mWF
Monroe Street426   May29193529656Nickels, Ida C 81yWF
Monroe Street442   Mar21193930012Nickerson, Mary E 89yWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun15191025280Nickerson, Vincent D 66yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec13189317713Nickle, George 21dWM
Monroe Street24   Apr10188111485Nicklson, Dave 21dWM
Monroe Street2146   Dec19189116486Nickol, 1mWM
Monroe Street2196   Oct5189418300Nickoleisen, Bertha 49dWF
Monroe Street2196   Sep30189418291Nickoleisen, G K 1mWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb26192428173Nickols,SB WM
Monroe Street3231   Aug21191626790Nickulas, Louis 1dWM
Monroe Street122   Oct318655362Nicol, Adam 52yWM
Monroe Street2229   Nov30189619433Nicol, Geo 1yWM
Monroe Street2229   Dec1189619434Nicol, James 4yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr29191326028Nicolay, A CAKA A C Nixon41yWM
Monroe Street2233   Apr4189719593Nicolay, Alfred 8mWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec8189217076Nicolersen, Henry 67yWM
Monroe Street117   Mar1118655174Nicols, Caroline 2yWF
Monroe Street292   Jun12188814557Niebel, Wm 40yWM
Monroe Street171   Mar1418727289Nieber, H H Fred 10dWM
Monroe Street2189   May30189418019Niederlander,Baby WM
Monroe Street2176   Sep20189317582Niederlander, Gladys 4mWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct8189015862Niederlander, Kate 29yWF
Monroe Street3188   Oct12191225864Niederlander, Louis 51yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug16188613737Niederlander, Roy 4mWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan1189417752Niedermeier, Wm 15mWM
Monroe Street16   Jan2218644731Niehous,SB Child of John WM
Monroe Street2103   Mar24188914943Niekamp, 1dWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr16189417924Nielhanson, 1dWF
Monroe Street364   Jan5190322651Nieling, AugustAKA Knieling70yWM
Monroe Street344   Dec16190122102Nieman,Baby WF
Monroe Street3310   Apr15192928962Nieman, Anna 60yWF
Monroe Street243   May4188412829Nieman, Chas 54yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep22189216967Niemann, Chas 53yWM
Monroe Street1151   Feb19187810334Niemann, Walter 1yWM
Monroe Street1129   Jun1918769505Niemeyer, Fred 42yWM
Monroe Street150   Nov218696464Niemeyer, H H 1dWM
Monroe Street149   Aug2818696418Niemeyer, Maria S 1yWF
Monroe Street24   Apr3188111478Niemier, Clara 46yWM
Monroe Street3276   Mar10192328012Niepert, Clara 72yWF
Monroe Street3188   Oct22191225871Niepert, Ernst A 78yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan2118748324Niepert, Louise 39yWF
Monroe Street293   Jul20188814614Niepert, Maria Clara 2yWF
Monroe Street261   Nov15188513483Niepert, Sophia 2yWF
Monroe Street125   Mar1918665480Nieracher, Rosa 37yWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep10189418256Nierenberg,SB WF
Monroe Street156   Aug1018706696Nierhof, August H 3mWM
Monroe Street1179   Oct12188011310Nierhoff, Clara 45yWF
Monroe Street175   Jun2918727422Nierhoff, Emma 6yWF
Monroe Street261   Nov4188513471Nierhoff, H A 63yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun618737863Nierhoff, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street173   Apr1518727340Nierhoff, Maria 4dWF
Monroe Street175   Jun2618727418Nierhoff, Maria M 4yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan3118769350Nierhoff, Mary 11yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep2018717129Nierike, Theresia 2yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan3118769349Nieriker, A E 1yW 
Monroe Street261   Nov3188513470Nieriker, William 7yWM
Monroe Street3178   Dec26191125666Niermaier, Michael 75yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan4189920562Nierman, Eleonore 71yWF
Monroe Street3275   Dec4192227958Nierman, Fredericka W 69yWF
Monroe Street3291   Nov3192528419Nierman, William 72yWM
Monroe Street247   Sep29188412987Niermann, Else 14mWF
Monroe Street4108Feb141971Feb17197131312Niermann, Emma E 84y F
Monroe Street232   May24188312464Niermann, John 60yWM
Monroe Street352   May24190222316Niesen, Mary 8yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct2218769729Niesser, Mich 4yW 
Monroe Street3173   Jul5191125564Nieugle,SB WF
Monroe Street12   Aug118634559Nigal, William 4mWM
Monroe Street114   Oct2018645057Night, Anna E 24yWF
Monroe Street212   Oct21188111776Night, Louis 4yWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct18189216997Nightingale, Elizabeth 40yWF
Monroe Street489Jan111960Jan14196031079Nightingale, Ellen 89yWF
Monroe Street3295   Aug3192628560Nightingale, William H 79yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug14187710117Nightingale, Wm 9mWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul16189619260Nigue, Chas 29yWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct6189820421Nigue, Mary 26yWF
Monroe Street223   Jul30188212142Nilson, Anna 6m  
Monroe Street3270   Feb13192227833Nink, Hartwig 85yWM
Monroe Street344   Dec19190122112Ninmer, Wilhelmina 36yWF
Monroe Street134   Aug2918675830Nippel,Child of M5dWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun5189619193Nipper,SB WF
Monroe Street491Aug231961Aug25196131117Nipps, Agnes 86yWF
Monroe Street449   Oct26194030157Nippss, John 71yWM
Monroe Street1137   Nov2618769797Niricker, FrankSB W 
Monroe Street194   Oct1718738164Niriker, Cath 11dW 
Monroe Street3134   Apr4190824677Nirmeyer, Susana 73yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov5187710228Nisbet, Robert 7yWM
Monroe Street261   Nov6188513475Nisins, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct17189317622Nisius, Elisabeth 29yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul2118737931Niskel, Henry 10mWM
Monroe Street352   May29190222324Nissen, Maria 45yWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul12189317436Nissen, Nic 42yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug818706687Nitschke,Child of Chas3mWF
Monroe Street174   May1718727379Nitschke, E 3mW 
Monroe Street436   Sep8193729887Nitschke, Louise 80yWF
Monroe Street3303   Jan21192828768Nitschke, Paul G 75yWM
Monroe Street3221   Jul30191526563Nitschkowski, Carl 70yWM
Monroe Street3237   Mar31191726937Nitschkowski, Justina 70yWF
Monroe Street311   Nov3189921000Nitschkowski, Louis 16yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug1188814640Nix, Gust A 37yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb12188814398Nix, Jacobiene 72yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr29191326028Nixon, AlfredAKA A C Nicolay41yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan19192928929Nixon, Andrew 80yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr15191827152Nixon, Bernice S 5yWF
Monroe Street359   Sep30190222518Nixon, Florence 14yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jun2192328045Nixon, Mattie D 71yWF
Monroe Street125   Jan3018665453Noake, Michael 1yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr9189317268Nobis, Fred 48yWM
Monroe Street316   Mar13190021193Noble, Emil M 7wWM
Monroe Street248   Oct2188413005Nock, Margreth 5mWF
Monroe Street163   Jun618716986Nodenick, Joseph 1yWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan23189216544Noehlke, Willie 10mWM
Monroe Street3253   Jun23191927397Noel, Gertrude 26yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr26190523765Noge, 10mWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul2187910814Nohouse, Lara 3mW 
Monroe Street2253   Jul16189820306Nolan, Hannah W 59yWF
Monroe Street3172   Jun15191125551Nolan, Nona V 2yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb14190121665Nolff, Karl G 14mWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug14187710116Nolis,  W 
Monroe Street14   Oct418634636Nolta, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street140   Jul2018686047Nolte, Anna 10mWF
Monroe Street289   Apr17188814479Nolte, Annie M 57yWF
Monroe Street128   Sep418665603Nolte, Emma Clara E 1mWF
Monroe Street248   Oct1188413002Nolte, Friedr H 23yWM
Monroe Street120   Jul1718655276Nolte, Henry F W 1mWM
Monroe Street428   Oct4193529690Nolte, Theodore A 66yWM
Monroe Street385   Apr23190423318Noone, 17dWF
Monroe Street3102   Aug30190523905Nordahl,Baby WF
Monroe Street1140   Feb1318779900Norman, Emma 26yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan26188412724Norris, 1mWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul20189015753Norris, 2hWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov20187710252Norris, Bertie 15yW 
Monroe Street2206   Apr22189518623Norsworthy, Albert 6mWM
Monroe Street146   Apr1318696286North, Alfred 44yWM
Monroe Street325   Oct8190021511North, Florence 3wWF
Monroe Street1180   Dec2188011366Northerd, Lillie 2mWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug9189719775Northrup, 3mWM
Monroe Street256   Jun28188513303Northrup, W S 49yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul1618696363Norton,Child of Chas5mW 
Monroe Street1156   Aug24187810503Norton, Charles T 5mWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun8189216773Norton, Chas T 58yWM
Monroe Street145   Feb2818696251Norton, Sarah J 19yWF
Monroe Street261   Nov23188513490Norton, Wm 1dWM
Monroe Street2137   May29189116177Notte, John H 61yWM
Monroe Street3192   Feb20191325958Nova,Baby WF
Monroe Street56Apr241979Apr27197931411Novak, Alex 66y M
Monroe Street336   Jun23190121858Novak, Rose 36yWF
Monroe Street3273   Aug16192227914Novodvorsky,SB WF
Monroe Street158   Sep2018706752Novy, Mina 10mWF
Monroe Street329   Jan13190121623Noyes, A M 80yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct2018645055Noys, Idia L 9yWF
Monroe Street14   Sep2418634629Nulty, Frederick 51yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun12188814562Numrick, Henry 30yWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb15189116019Nunkinf, Caroline 67yWF
Monroe Street1113   Mar1318758882Nunn, Karolina 39yWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar13189116050Nurenberg,SB WM
Monroe Street2122   May13189015640Nurenberg, Herman 1mW 
Monroe Street2102   Feb2188914894Nurremberg,SB WF
Monroe Street463Nov141944Nov17194430455Nusbaum, Augusta 74yWF
Monroe Street1122   Nov518759244Nusbaum, John 46yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar618769394Nussbaunn, Wm 4mWM
Monroe Street380   Dec31190323152Nussen, Christian 20mWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep15189015839Nusser, Catharine 11mWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep30190523932Nyako, Geo 28yWM
Monroe Street431   Apr21193629759Nydegger, Lena S 83yWF
Monroe Street325   May24190021502Nydegger, Lousa 26yWF
Monroe Street3139   Aug18190824789Nydegger, Rudolph 45yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec19188714314Nye, Louis H 44yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar13188312389Nykamp, Dare 30y F
Monroe Street52Oct51975Oct8197531377Nykamp, Dora   F
Monroe Street472Oct51948Oct8194830652Nykamp, Ellen 89yWF
Monroe Street416   May3193329403Nykamp, Herman 83yWM
Monroe Street488Apr71959Apr10195930163Nyland, Albert 84yWM
Monroe Street116   Jan318655109Nyland, Christepher T 3yWM
Monroe Street493Nov251962Nov28196231155Nyland, Christine 84yWF
Monroe Street3252   Apr30191927367Nyland, Christopher 90yWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun23190824733Nyland, Esther 12yWF
Monroe Street3219   May11191526529Nyland, Fryntge 81yWF
Monroe Street488Dec131958Dec16195831047Nyland, Henry T 87yWM
Monroe Street494May11963May3196331171Nyland, Mary 88yWF
Monroe Street13   Sep218634601Oaks, Elmore M 2yWM
Monroe Street146   May218696302Oaks, Goldner 26yWM
Monroe Street1134   Sep2218769674Obebrand, George 2yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug11188915133Obeig, Chas 13yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun27189216797Obenauer,SB WM
Monroe Street353   Jun6190222333Obenauer,Baby WF
Monroe Street3122   Apr22190724426Obenauer, Geo 57yWM
Monroe Street483Nov301954Dec2195430921Obenauer, Katie 74yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar11190322760Obenauer, Minnie 17yWF
Monroe Street368   Mar20190322777Obenauer, Philippina 18yWF
Monroe Street181   Dec1918727686Oberdick, Anna M 10mWF
Monroe Street179   Sep1618727582Oberdick, Maria E 8yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr29190924954Obergfell, Barbara 89yWF
Monroe Street1103   Jun2318748511Obergfell, Wm 22yWM
Monroe Street3134   Apr3190824676Obergsell, Geo 88yWM
Monroe Street3216   Feb9191526455Oberle, Chas Louis 74yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul20187810458Oberle, Ellen 3mWF
Monroe Street282   Sep14188714208Oberle, Ernest 1yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jul8189116222Oberle, Ethel 4mWF
Monroe Street153   Mar2918706581Oberle, John T 1yWM
Monroe Street456Aug311942Sep3194230303Oberle, Louis 70yWM
Monroe Street349   Mar8190222218Oberle, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street3309   Jan22192928932Oberle, Mary L 76yWF
Monroe Street29   Aug19188111673Oberle, Theastar 4dW 
Monroe Street2191   Jul10189418106Oberle, Theo 49yWM
Monroe Street1178   Aug27188011269Oberle, Wm 6yWM
Monroe Street181   Dec1218727679Oberley, C L 67yW 
Monroe Street231   Apr15188312415Oberley, Elisab 76y F
Monroe Street259   Aug17188513394Oberley, Gustav Julius 7mWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul28188915099Oberley, Lillie Frederica 9mWF
Monroe Street192   Aug3118738062Oberley, Luisa 21dWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct16189619380Obermeier, Barbara 54yWF
Monroe Street1177   Jul27188011230Oberock, Anna 9mWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug14189015794Oberrath,Baby WM
Monroe Street196   Dec218738238Oberre, Henry 21yWM
Monroe Street211   Sep14188111717Oberrosk, Herman 3hyWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug12188915135Obert, Ida 6mWF
Monroe Street2109   Sep5188915184Obert, Leonhard A 5yWM
Monroe Street1120   Sep618759163Obert, Wilh'a 10mW 
Monroe Street2115   Dec13188915379Obnaner, Walter 1yWM
Monroe Street1177   Jul29188011235Oborn, Mary    
Monroe Street178   Aug2818727546Oborn, Samula 50yWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug13189518783Obracht, Albert 46yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan2018737727O'Brein, Mary 70yW 
Monroe Street145   Mar2218696269O'Brian, Patrick  WM
Monroe Street213   Nov25188111822O'Brien, Elisa 59yW 
Monroe Street3283   May6192428208O'Brien, Wm Mlimb of   
Monroe Street2135   Apr17189116099Obrocht, Edwing 3yWM
Monroe Street443   Jun19193930035Obrock, Fred 77yWM
Monroe Street436   Sep25193729889Obrock, Maria J 90yWF
Monroe Street447   Mar21194030106Ochme, Cecelia 70yWF
Monroe Street1134   Sep2918769685Ochse, Henry 35yWM
Monroe Street120   Jul1218655273Ochse, Ludwig F 5yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun29188011185Ochsenauer, Fred 4mWM
Monroe Street116   Jan2718655135Ochsle, Thersia 32yWF
Monroe Street3295   Sep7192628569O'Connor, 1dWF
Monroe Street14   Sep2918634632O'Da, James 5mWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct13189116398Odee, Thomas 55yWM
Monroe Street184   Feb1118737746Odell, Bessie 18yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr618758910Odell, Ed C 27yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug518706684Odell, Emma C 24yWF
Monroe Street284   Nov25188714284Odell, Lillie 10yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan1618706525Oden,Child of D1dWM
Monroe Street329   Jan28190121646Oden, Catharine 25yWF
Monroe Street2189   May30189418020Oden, Daniel 4yWM
Monroe Street3108   Feb3190624037Oden, Elizabeth 66yWF
Monroe Street3207   May15191426286Oden, Fredrick C 1yWM
Monroe Street428   Nov15193529708Oden, Harold 26yWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct22190925066Oden, Katharine 32yWF
Monroe Street372   Jun6190322884Oden, Phil C 1yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr9190021242Odon, Anna 3wWF
Monroe Street490Feb251961Feb27196131100Odon, Christian 84yWM
Monroe Street235   Aug19188312555Odon, Philipp 38yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan27189619026O'Donnell,SB WM
Monroe Street3203   Jan26191426213O'Donnell,SB WM
Monroe Street1132   Aug1318769596Ody, Gertrude 8mWF
Monroe Street2260   Dec31189820550Oebkar, Paul 3yWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov28189217061Oebker, William 3yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan9192928913Oehme, Wm F 61yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec13189518967Oelschlager, Ludwig 1yWM
Monroe Street4113May221973May25197331345Oeshselmann, Barbara 92y F
Monroe Street2143   Oct20189116410Oesterich, Dorothe 68yWF
Monroe Street3139   Sep18190824788Oestrich, 2hWF
Monroe Street117   Feb118655143Oetly, Fredrick 10mWM
Monroe Street380   Dec17190323135Oeze, 10mWF
Monroe Street355   Jul22190222413Offerman, Anna 84yWF
Monroe Street113   Sep418644998Offermiller, Louiza 1mWF
Monroe Street128   Aug3018665594Ofisch, John Geo 61yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun20189116198Ohl, J 59yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov1188915298Ohl, Louisa 77yWF
Monroe Street324   Sep14190021486Ohle, Geo C 4mWM
Monroe Street356   Aug22190222457Ohlfsen, Chas 64yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar20189216639Ohlfsen, Henry 24yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan418748297Ohlfson, Nittie 3yW 
Monroe Street345   Dec30190122127Ohlrich,Baby WF
Monroe Street2201   Jan5189518441Ohlrich, Anna 33yWF
Monroe Street288   Feb29188814418Ohlrich, Carrie 2yWF
Monroe Street2199   Dec2189418394Ohlrich, Emma 3yWF
Monroe Street163   Jun718716987Ohlrich, Fredrickika 1yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan15190222148Ohlrich, Louisa 22yWF
Monroe Street3275   Dec1192227957Ohlrich, Maria 84yWF
Monroe Street1168   Nov23187910953Ohlrich, Ralph 11mW 
Monroe Street2218   Feb19189619046Ohlsen, Emma 24yWF
Monroe Street212   Nov2188111784Ohlsen, Gustav 1yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec21188111853Ohm, Carl Frederick 67yWM
Monroe Street249   Nov30188413064Ohmann, John Alfred 2yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar24191927339Ohrich, Carl 32yWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun18189317400Ohrlich, Wm 35yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov5190624261Ojalo, Jacob 10mWM
Monroe Street59Dec41981Apr23198231438Olah, Edward 87y M
Monroe Street46   Mar7193129175Olah, Emery 41yWM
Monroe Street59   Jun1198231439Olah, Emma 66y F
Monroe Street3165   Nov25191025405Olah, Sleir Steve 28yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul17189518742Olchvary,SB WF
Monroe Street2249   Apr14189820164Oldach, Henrietta 17mWF
Monroe Street1131   Aug218769573Oldach, Henry 2mWM
Monroe Street3283   May26192428213Oldag,SB WM
Monroe Street51Jul281974Jul31197431363Oldag, Augusta 75y F
Monroe Street3226   Jan14191626676Oldag, Chas 71yWM
Monroe Street467Mar11946Mar5194630534Oldag, Chas Edward 65yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov13190824832Oldag, Friderika 51yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec2188513498Oldag, Friedericka 28yWF
Monroe Street268   Aug9188613725Oldag, Herman 10mWM
Monroe Street482Jun291954Jul2195430904Oldag, Louise 63yWF
Monroe Street476Apr11950Apr5195030745Oldag, William 51yWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr25190924953Olday, Margaretta 3dWF
Monroe Street3147   May3190924960Olday, Marshall  WM
Monroe Street122   Sep2218655353Olden, Willie 1yWM
Monroe Street1104   Jul2418748550Oldenberg, Albert 1yWM
Monroe Street1180   Nov13188011348Oldenburg,SB W 
Monroe Street3256   Dec27191927475Oldenburg, Alan CDr23yWM
Monroe Street212   Nov3188111785Oldenburg, Cardl 72yWM
Monroe Street236   Oct3188312609Oldenburg, Caroline 29yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2118748544Oldenburg, F W 4mW 
Monroe Street1123   Dec918759279Oldenburg, FredSB W 
Monroe Street1135   Oct1718769725Oldenburg, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street411   Apr25193229302Oldenburg, Fred 84yWM
Monroe Street3211   Sep17191426358Oldenburg, Louisa I 58yWF
Monroe Street240   Jan22188412723Oldenburg, Oscar 19mWM
Monroe Street2178   Oct25189317640Oldenburg, Walter 13mWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan8189317121Oldendorf, August 50yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar14191125497Oldendorf, Eliza 69yWF
Monroe Street378   May20190323068Olderman, Meta 73yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov2190222567Olderman, Theo 82yWM
Monroe Street311   Oct30189920998Olderman, Wm 44yWM
Monroe Street189   Aug318737978Oldermann, Albert 7dWM
Monroe Street133   Jun1818675785Oldermann, Hermann 4yWM
Monroe Street3292   Feb24192628475Oldham, Elsie 31yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun13188011159Oldmann, Metta 2yW 
Monroe Street29   Aug9188111649Oliver,Mrs42yWF
Monroe Street3114   Aug29190624208Oliver, Alfred 59yWM
Monroe Street392   Nov17190423565Oliver, Elizabeth 67yWF
Monroe Street2250   May1189820194Oliver, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov18189116454Olivet, Beatrice 3yWF
Monroe Street349   Mar7189822217Olm, Florence 3mWF
Monroe Street173   Apr2218727348Olrich, CharlesAKA Ulrich6mWM
Monroe Street3265   May24192127729Olsen,SB WM
Monroe Street3200   Oct26191326148Olsen, Carling 4yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jul7189518721Olsen, Oscar M 13mWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar22189216646Olson, Arvid 44yWM
Monroe Street2114   Dec12188915373Olson, Blanch E 3yWF
Monroe Street441   Dec19193829987Olson, Lena Pfalzgraf 65yWF
Monroe Street325   Oct9190021512Olsson, Agnes 11mWF
Monroe Street272   Dec4188613875O'Malia, Peter 54yWM
Monroe Street478Feb271951Mar2195130787O'Malley, John 70yWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov23189719931O'Meara, 1hWF
Monroe Street382   Feb6190423201Omonsky, Anna 46yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr10191225741Omonsky, Lucil M 3dWF
Monroe Street3307   Nov21192828882Omonsky, Oskar 74yWM
Monroe Street120   Jun2918655262Omrod, Lawrence 9mWF
Monroe Street459Jul171943Jul19194330369Ondrosko, Jacob 70yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul29191326082Ondrusko, Milton J 4mWM
Monroe Street3306   Jul20192828848Ondrusko, Susanna 56yWF
Monroe Street380   Dec7190323128O'Neal, Mabel A 25yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct1318769718O'Niel, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street4110May131971Apr11197231334Oniel, Louise Taylor 56y F
Monroe Street458Apr191943Apr22194330354Onody, Esther 54yWF
Monroe Street3288   Mar12192528323Onody, Geza 8mWM
Monroe Street451   Apr9194130185Onody, Steve 27yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug26190523902Onuska, Michial 36yWM
Monroe Street162   Mar418716917Opheber, Louisa 9mWF
Monroe Street213   Nov24188111819Oppman,    
Monroe Street221   May18188212061Oppman,3 Children of Wm   
Monroe Street3309   Jan9192928915Oppman, George 89yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun3190523808Oppman, Laura P 5mWF
Monroe Street213   Nov24188111818Oppmann,    
Monroe Street185   Mar3118737784Oppmann, Anna 16dW 
Monroe Street3171   May12191125537Oppmann, Dorathea 66yWF
Monroe Street1131   Jul2518769554Oppmann, George 8dWM
Monroe Street3221   Aug26191526581Orasz, Louise B 11mWM
Monroe Street480Sep241952Sep27195230846Oravetz, Jos 66yWM
Monroe Street4113Sep61973Sep20197331350Oregel, Henry C 91y M
Monroe Street396   Mar4190523698Orgel, Chas 43yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul3018737963Orgel, Karoline 8mWF
Monroe Street56Jun161979Jun5197931412Orgel, Minnie C 95y F
Monroe Street44   Oct7193029129Orgil, Lena 69yWF
Monroe Street257   Jul18188513324Orh, Herman 3mWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar17189719557Orient, Frank 38yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun23189116203Orient, John 11mWM
Monroe Street151   Dec2618696507Orland, Harry 3yWM
Monroe Street448   Apr25194030116Ormandy, Julius 38yWM
Monroe Street173   Apr1418727337Ormrod, Alla 32yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug2518686102Ormrod, Thomas 10mWM
Monroe Street157   Sep118706724Ormrod, William 23yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug17189015799Ornes, Clarence E 7mWM
Monroe Street362   Dec25190222632Orosh, MariaAKA Orosz7wWF
Monroe Street3268   Nov14192127792Orosz, Lillian 1yWF
Monroe Street362   Dec25190222632Orosz, MariaAKA Orosh7wWF
Monroe Street43   Jun10193029097Orr, JosephSB WM
Monroe Street129   Oct1718665631Orteli, Mary 10mWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug17187710122Orth,1 of Children of Friedolin   
Monroe Street1145   Aug17187710122Orth,2 of Children of Friedolin   
Monroe Street255   Jun4188513277Orth,SB WM
Monroe Street137   Feb2618685956Orth, Barbara 44yWF
Monroe Street3155   Jan10191025128Orth, Chas 64yWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb18189820056Orth, D 80yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec1189418393Orth, Elizabeth 69yWF
Monroe Street147   Jul1418696358Orth, Hariet H 8mWF
Monroe Street174   May1718727378Orth, Hattie 8yW 
Monroe Street165   Jul2718717040Orth, Henry D 18yWM
Monroe Street278   Jun5188714059Orth, Herman 64yWM
Monroe Street174   May1518727376Orth, Hermann 26yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct21189317632Orth, Jacob 1mWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan2018769334Orth, S A 25yW 
Monroe Street2151   Mar29189216658Ortmann, Alfred 2mWM
Monroe Street3273   Aug19192227915Ortolof, Chas JJr SB WM
Monroe Street3103   Sep19190523924Orwerz, FrankSB WM
Monroe Street399   May18190523788Osack, 1hWF
Monroe Street359   Oct6190222523Osborn, 6mWF
Monroe Street2236   Jun12189719680Osborn, Nelson 56yWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug27189619323Osborn, Robt 55yWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar8191426236Osborne, Mary A 43yWF
Monroe Street1166   Aug2187910865Osmann, Elis 53yW 
Monroe Street440   Oct23193829977Osselman, Rose 46yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun22190724461Ossing, E M 9dWF
Monroe Street417   Sep11193329438Ossman, Carrie 66yWF
Monroe Street3233   Oct21191626830Ossman, Chas 50yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb4189719501Ossman, Emma 3yWF
Monroe Street3268   Oct14192127780Ossman, Jacob 61yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan2318779878Ossmann, A H 9yW 
Monroe Street454Apr51942Apr8194230261Ossmann, Amalia 86yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan3118769348Ossmann, Jac 49yWM
Monroe Street171   Mar1518727292Ost, Charlotte Jane 3mWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul22190523872Ost, Lewis 50yWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar918769397Osterhold, S B 88yW 
Monroe Street124   Dec1918655425Osterhold, Sybilla B 14yWF
Monroe Street347   Feb15190222193Osterland, Elmer 8mWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb22191025168Osterland, Elmer 4dWM
Monroe Street382   Feb7190423203Osterland, Lilly 6yWF
Monroe Street273   Dec24188613895Osterland, Lizzie  WF
Monroe Street2113   Nov14188915327Osterland, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct23189619389Osterland, Theodore 53yWM
Monroe Street3161   Jul27191025309Osterland, Willemine 70yWF
Monroe Street258   Aug10188513381Ostrich,  WM
Monroe Street249   Nov14188413045Ostrich, Eliese 1mWF
Monroe Street449   Oct21194030155Ostro, Eva 67yWF
Monroe Street474Apr251949Apr29194930684Ostro, John 71yWM
Monroe Street3229   Apr10191626730Osvath,Baby WF
Monroe Street498Dec191965Dec27196531233Osvath, Joseph 76yWM
Monroe Street511Apr31984Apr5198431451Osvath, Rose 93y F
Monroe Street14   Sep2918634633Oswalt, John 1dWM
Monroe Street13   Sep1018634614Othhouse, John F 1yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug1518717068Otillia, Augusta A 5dWF
Monroe Street420   Jan27193429491Otis, John    
Monroe Street483Nov181954Nov22195430920Otis, John M 72yWM
Monroe Street497May121965May15196531222Otis, Rose  WF
Monroe Street248   Sep29188413001Ott, Anna 71yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct10189015864Ott, Barbara 45yWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug17189317532Ott, Herman 2mWM
Monroe Street257   Jul14188513317Ott, Johan George 14yWM
Monroe Street255   Jun5188513278Ott, Johannes 11mWM
Monroe Street356   Aug14190222442Ott, John 45yWM
Monroe Street3129   Nov10190724557Ott, John M 75yWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep7187710144Otta, Julius 1mWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar418758872Ottas, N 2dW 
Monroe Street3157   Mar19191025189Otter, Elizabeth 87yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar19191025188Otter, J 80yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb16189417814Otto, Addy 36yWM
Monroe Street1102   May418748459Otto, Amalia 2mWF
Monroe Street29   Aug7188111643Otto, August 53yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug19188111672Otto, Augusta 21yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb5188513135Otto, Auguste 63yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul23189820318Otto, Chas 28yWM
Monroe Street3185   Jul25191225816Otto, Christina 76yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep12190222491Otto, Fridrich 65yWM
Monroe Street3175   Sep9191125604Otto, Hilda 14yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov23189217065Otto, Richard 36yWM
Monroe Street494Mar151963Apr1196331167Otto, Victor C 63yWM
Monroe Street288   Mar16188814438Ouell, Wilhem 5dWM
Monroe Street124   Jan1218665442Outele, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb8189619034Overfeld, Katie 5mWF
Monroe Street219   Apr18188212019Overkimmer, Mellie 3yW 
Monroe Street3136   Jun30190824740Owen,Baby WF
Monroe Street2178   Nov16189317667Pabenroth, Gotfried 31yWM
Monroe Street255   May18188513257Pablowsky, Maria 62yWF
Monroe Street2212   Sep20189518865Pachel, Chas Leo 4mWM
Monroe Street139   Jun3018686033Pachen, Emma 8mWF
Monroe Street3205   Mar20191426243Packer, 1dWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr30190924957Padden, Catharine 78yWF
Monroe Street224   Aug13188212169Padding, Marg L 19y  
Monroe Street3286   Oct10192428272Paden,SB WF
Monroe Street2183   Feb3189417790Padleska, Frank 70yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb7189518490Pae, Purves 80yWM
Monroe Street231   Apr24188312424Paerott, Ch 2y  
Monroe Street211   Oct3188111740Paffman, 10mW 
Monroe Street360   Oct28190222562Pagel, 2dWM
Monroe Street384   Mar3190423248Pagel, Arthur H 2mWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec20189217093Pagel, Chas 55yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct20188613834Pagel, Christina 56yWF
Monroe Street2122   May17189015643Pagel, Edward 5mWM
Monroe Street422   Jul23193429548Pagel, Fred 64yWM
Monroe Street413   Oct17193229344Pagel, Fredrick 52yWM
Monroe Street169   Dec2718717213Pagel, George 2mWM
Monroe Street416   Apr25193329395Pagel, John Martin 82yWM
Monroe Street3247   Sep21191827218Pagel, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street315   Feb19190021152Pagel, Wm 25yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan29189015467Paggell, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct11188111757Pagol, Mary 57yWF
Monroe Street3299   May31192728671Pahl,SB WF
Monroe Street163   May2418716981Pahler,SB Child of Sebastian WM
Monroe Street1103   Jun1318748498Paisemann, Charles 38yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2518655313Paiton, Charlotte S 1yWF
Monroe Street23   Feb5188111428Pake, Frank 20yWM
Monroe Street3240   Oct24191727053Pake, Mellisa 77yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb518748346Pake, Thom 39yWM
Monroe Street219   Mar31188211991Pallack, David 73yWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug3190724486Palmer,Baby WM
Monroe Street3186   Aug31191225845Palmer, 1hWF
Monroe Street166   Sep418717101Palmer, Charles 45yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul14189216820Palmer, Edward 1mWM
Monroe Street16   Jan1018644721Palmer, George F 47yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1518675817Palmer, Henry 5mWM
Monroe Street227   Dec6188212298Palmer, J B 82y M
Monroe Street44   Oct4193029125Palmer, John M 53yWM
Monroe Street179   Oct818727609Palmer, Julia 67yW 
Monroe Street3296   May4192228580Palmer, Lucy Hubbel 88yWF
Monroe Street1115   May1518758954Palmer, Ma Eliz 58yWF
Monroe Street260   Oct16188513456Palmer, Mirene S    
Monroe Street3209   Jul12191426318Palmer, Nellie 35yWF
Monroe Street3304   Apr24192828812Palombara, AngelineSB WF
Monroe Street1120   Sep218759159Palter, N 1yW 
Monroe Street279   Jul4188714093Palutza, Chas 2mWM
Monroe Street1180   Dec17188011374Pampel, EmiliaSB WM
Monroe Street155   Jun1218706634Pamplit, Gabriel 70yWM
Monroe Street3296   Nov29192628598Paner, Karl 86yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct17188714241Panknin, Bertha  WF
Monroe Street320   May26190021323Pannebaker, Sahra 34yW 
Monroe Street2154   Jun11189216772Panther, Anna 8mWF
Monroe Street2133   Feb7189116008Panther, Elmer 6mWM
Monroe Street24   Apr15188111491Panther, Fred  WM
Monroe Street331   Mar17190121712Panther, Minnie 44yWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun21189216788Panther, William 8mWM
Monroe Street443   Jul11193930041Panzer, Blacnhe 54yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul24190423431Papits,Baby WF
Monroe Street3269   Dec29192127818Papoi,SB WM
Monroe Street371   May21190322866Papp, Emma 14mWF
Monroe Street335   Jun3190121825Papp, John 2mWM
Monroe Street46   Mar27193129182Parcel, Edwin T 62yWM
Monroe Street479Sep131951Sep15195130811Parcell, Emma Lehr 79yWF
Monroe Street131   Jan2218675702Parcell, Jane 56yW 
Monroe Street425   Mar2193529623Parcell, Ortha J 88yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jun15187810422Parish, Mary 5dWF
Monroe Street1174   May17188011132Parish, S A 73yW 
Monroe Street3233   Oct14191626826Parker,SB WM
Monroe Street3289   Jun20192528366Parker, Alice 60yWF
Monroe Street24   Apr5188111481Parker, Andrew 67yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb14190423217Parker, Catharine 88yWF
Monroe Street123   Nov1718655402Parker, Charlotte 55yWF
Monroe Street3300   Jun13192728678Parker, Harry 67yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan2818737736Parker, James 57yWF
Monroe Street2109   Aug18188915151Parker, John 76yWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul818759018Parker, Mary 10mWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr6189619107Parker, Mildred 6mWF
Monroe Street3223   Oct16191526607Parker, Minnie 53yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr1118758915Parker, Nathan 26yWM
Monroe Street3245   May13191827169Parker, Oliver 63yWM
Monroe Street3289   Jun16192528365Parker, William S 55yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb4189518482Parkin, Benjamin 78yWM
Monroe Street169   Nov3018717192Parkin, John 42y  
Monroe Street1165   Jul19187910842Parkin, L J 8mW 
Monroe Street210   Sep11188111711Parkins,SB W 
Monroe Street2178   Nov8189317656Parkins, Elisabeth 76yWF
Monroe Street114   Oct518645042Parkins, John2d3yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan11191626671Parkratz, Maria 78yWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb5188914898Parks,SB WM
Monroe Street1127   Mar2618769421Parks, Fred S 60yWM
Monroe Street261   Nov5188513473AParks, Fredrich    
Monroe Street160   Jan1818716866Parks, Warham 74yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr1518758921Parlmelee, John 48yWM
Monroe Street368   Mar25190322786Parmalee, Milton 73yWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan14191827089Parmelee, Esther E 79yWF
Monroe Street194   Oct818738151Parmelee, Mary A 38yWM
Monroe Street19   May818644839Parmelle, L 63yWM
Monroe Street166   Sep418717102Parmely, Eugine W 1yWM
Monroe Street27   Jul10188111581Parmely, John 43yWM
Monroe Street161   Feb718716893Parmely, Libby 24yWF
Monroe Street3277   May19192328038Parmenter, August J 74yWF
Monroe Street3169   Mar4191125489Parmenter, Austin W 86yWM
Monroe Street481Jan301953Feb2195330855Parmenter, Grace H 94yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct17188613831Parmenter, Sarah 61yWF
Monroe Street14   Oct2218634649Parmer,SB Boy of Capt I WM
Monroe Street13   Sep718634611Parmeter, Daniel 65yWM
Monroe Street2250   May1189820195Parms, Henry 28yWM
Monroe Street352   May2190222296Parms, Nellie J 22yCF
Monroe Street332   Mar24190121724Parraue, 16dWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul22187810465Parrish, CRvd73yW 
Monroe Street280   Jul24188714134Parschen, Chas 11mWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar27191426251Parschen, John 27yWM
Monroe Street3132   Jan19190824638Parshen, Viola 18mWF
Monroe Street1149   Nov26187710263Parshridge, Stephen 7dWM
Monroe Street11   May2218634521Parsons,Child of Edward4dWM
Monroe Street272   Nov17188613856Parsons,SB WM
Monroe Street2176   Sep18189317575Parsons, Ann T 11mWF
Monroe Street11   May918634514Parsons, Cora M 9mWF
Monroe Street160   Dec2518706841Parsons, Emery S 5mWM
Monroe Street284   Nov20188714279Parsons, Emma J 39yWF
Monroe Street165   Aug618717051Parsons, Mary Heber 1mWF
Monroe Street2174   Jul31189317489Parsons, Mary N 10mWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul15189619256Parsons, Thos 15mWM
Monroe Street387   Jun13190423374Parsson, Chas H 5yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar6191927324Parsson, Clarance S 23yWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov18187710247Partridge, Ed 4yW 
Monroe Street2139   Jul16189116247Paschen, Elsie 3yWF
Monroe Street3167   Jan31191125470Paschen, John 74yWM
Monroe Street266   May21188613657Paschen, Ludwig 23yWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct15190624246Pasehl, J F 73yWM
Monroe Street2235   May8189719647Pashal, Dorothea 63yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec26187710292Pashen, Mina 7yW 
Monroe Street3134   Apr11190824684Pashen, Sophia 73yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul8187710045Pasker, Martin 4yW 
Monroe Street319   May1190021294Paskey, Ferdinand 76yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug22189216916Passon, Ulrich H 4mWF
Monroe Street2196   Sep29189418286Passow,SB WM
Monroe Street2222   Jun10189619198Passow, 1hWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan8189015417Passow, Minnie M 2yWF
Monroe Street3195   May30191326046Pastor, James 2mWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul25189216842Patch, August 1mWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul28187710080Pate, Horance V 5mW 
Monroe Street2179   Nov22189317680Paterson,SB WM
Monroe Street498Dec291965Dec31196531235Patmore, Christiana 95yWF
Monroe Street3110   Apr4190624080Patmore, Harry 33yWM
Monroe Street3261   Sep30192027614Patterson, 2dWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov2190624260Patterson, Augustine 78yWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan16190624024Patterson, Francis W 70yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep21188814733Patterson, Kno 69yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb9189518494Patterson, Mary 56yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep15189116355Patterson, Peter 43yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct8188814753Patterson, Sadie 30yWF
Monroe Street123   Nov318655388Patterson, William 62yWM
Monroe Street144   Feb318696225Patterson, William 62yWM
Monroe Street291   Jun6188814551Patting, Maria E 29yWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan26189015463Patzian, Alma 2yWF
Monroe Street3147   May30190924979Pauer, Carl 2yWM
Monroe Street3183   May13191225772Pauer, Carolina 68yWF
Monroe Street383   Feb24190423234Paul, Catharine M 75yWF
Monroe Street138   Apr2518685994Paul, Honora Ellen 3yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun2918644893Paul, Jane 78yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan818769318Paul, R C 49yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2118655309Paulett, David 35yWM
Monroe Street3263   Jan17192127664Paulick, Dora 78yWF
Monroe Street3224   Nov21191526623Paulick, John 72yWM
Monroe Street2105   May17188915007Pauline, Franz 22yWM
Monroe Street3146   Apr4190924929Pauline, Julian 37yWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun29190925001Paulisky, Chas 13mWM
Monroe Street362   Dec14190222618Paulisky, Emil 6wWM
Monroe Street3295   Sep11192628571Paulitzky, Arthur 4yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb11190121662Paulsen, Ernest 25yWM
Monroe Street1115   May1118758948Paulson, John 7mWM
Monroe Street197   Dec2018738268Paulus,Mrs53yWF
Monroe Street3132   Feb1190824629Paulus,Baby WM
Monroe Street3246   Aug20191827212Pavlovsky, Frank 63yWM
Monroe Street344   Dec22190122118Pavlovsky, Ottie 5yWF
Monroe Street179   Oct1218727615Pay, Margret 57yW 
Monroe Street3198   Aug6191326088Payel, Hermina 83yWF
Monroe Street1128   Apr1618769439Payne,  W 
Monroe Street1132   Aug2018769612Payne, 1yW 
Monroe Street224   Sep11188212199Payne,SB   
Monroe Street2113   Nov13188915326Payne,SB WF
Monroe Street282   Sep3188714192Payne, Carrie 2yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug1418769599Payne, Charlotte 3mWF
Monroe Street312   Nov14189921016Payne, Edgar L 1yWM
Monroe Street1171   Feb6188011020Payne, H H 2yW 
Monroe Street2119   Mar19189015553Payne, Jas 70yWM
Monroe Street342   Oct28190122049Payne, John G 58yWM
Monroe Street3304   Mar2192828785Payne, Lillie M 70yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug2618769628Payne, Mary 5yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan218706511Payne, Mary E 29yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug918748577Payne, Sarah 58yWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul21189116255Payne, Walter 15mWM
Monroe Street312   Nov14189921015Payne, Walter 44yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec10190222610Payne, Wm C 8yWM

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