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Monroe Street Cemetery Index
Ru through Sg

CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street226   Nov7188212259Rubber, Wm 12d  
Monroe Street1128   Apr2418769447Rubenkamm, Jacob 74yWM
Monroe Street172   Apr718727328Rubenkann, John 4yWM
Monroe Street237   Oct28188312637Rubensaal, John G 2yWM
Monroe Street225   Oct8188212225Rubinshier, Augusta 36y  
Monroe Street225   Oct8188212226Rubinski,Child   
Monroe Street220   May9188212050Rubinski, Otto 4m  
Monroe Street1168   Nov9187910946Rubinsky, Mary 3yWF
Monroe Street158   Oct918706767Ruble,Child of Lewis18dWM
Monroe Street2111   Sep30188915235Ruck,SB WM
Monroe Street290   Apr21188814481Ruck, Emelia 6wWF
Monroe Street355   Jul27190222417Ruck, Myrtle 18mWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct21189317631Ruckbrod, Herman 7mWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan26191827099Rudd, Ralph E 1dWM
Monroe Street164   Jun2118716998Ruddes,SB Child of Henry WF
Monroe Street176   Jul2318727464Rude, August 20yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar7190724371Ruden, Albert 4yWM
Monroe Street239   Dec31188312703Rudenbach, Carl 1hWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar23188914945Rudfinski, Edward 2yWF
Monroe Street3130   Dec2190724575Rudge, James 104yWM
Monroe Street316   Mar10190021187Rudil, Fred 6mWM
Monroe Street258   Aug12188513386Rudolph, Emma 10wWF
Monroe Street480Sep51952Sep8195230841Rudolph, Herman 88yWM
Monroe Street3304   Apr4192828801Rudolph, Jesse 45yWM
Monroe Street320   May20190021316Rudzinski, Martha 10mWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar10189518550Ruebakam, Jacob F 33yWM
Monroe Street3270   Mar18192227856Ruebekam, Jacob F 84yWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep18192227925Ruebekam, Margt 84yWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep11188011286Ruebensaal,Mrs32yWF
Monroe Street272   Nov30188613866Ruebensaal, Andrew 27yWM
Monroe Street3290   Aug3192528381Ruebensaal, Caroline M 81yWF
Monroe Street36   Jun1189920819Ruebensaal, Clara 74yWF
Monroe Street3311   Jul8192928984Ruebensaal, Fred J 74yWM
Monroe Street1174   May27188011138Ruebensaal, Geo 56yWM
Monroe Street133   May2218675772Ruebensaal, Helena 13yWF
Monroe Street223   Aug2188212149Ruebensahl,SB   
Monroe Street43   May24193029090Ruebensall, Wm M 53yWM
Monroe Street354   Jul17190222395Ruecke, Emil 39yWM
Monroe Street25   May18188111526Rueder, Carolina 2yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug1018738004Ruedorff, T  W 
Monroe Street1126   Feb1018769361Rueffer, W A 11dW 
Monroe Street2160   Oct29189217015Ruefley, Annetta Emma 9yWF
Monroe Street2207   May24189518672Ruefly,SB WF
Monroe Street3101   Jul21190523870Ruehrkraut, Anna 78yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug13190021440Ruess,SB WF
Monroe Street377   Sep19190323042Ruess,SB WM
Monroe Street2241   Oct6189719861Ruessler, Fred 42yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb18190523673Ruessman, Henry 51yWM
Monroe Street433   Dec9193629821Ruessman, Mary 76yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct2718675884Ruessmann, Chr F H 2mWM
Monroe Street2188   May18189417990Ruessmann, Henriette 66yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1118738090Ruessmann, Henry  W 
Monroe Street157   Sep618706730Ruetenick, Elisabeth 32yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb6189417797Rueter, 1dWF
Monroe Street3130   Dec19190724590Rueter, Anna 34yWF
Monroe Street46   Mar25193129181Rueter, Fredericka 73yWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct8189619368Rueter, Millie 18mWF
Monroe Street2106   Jul8188915064Rueter, Wm 17mWM
Monroe Street38   Jul16189920863Ruetz, William 42yWM
Monroe Street316   Feb21190021158Ruff,SB WM
Monroe Street334   May8190121793Ruff, 38dWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep25188915223Ruff, Fredy 48yWM
Monroe Street3187   Sep30191225857Ruff, Fridrika 50yWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep13189820386Ruff, Johanna 75yWF
Monroe Street430   Feb17193629744Ruff, Wm 80yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct23188915282Ruff, Wm H 63yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun20188814571Rufley, Ernst 6mWM
Monroe Street1164   May24187910779Ruhmbook, Aug 1dW 
Monroe Street2172   Jul10189317433Ruhtzhain, Brian 9mWM
Monroe Street2210   Aug7189518778Ruidenspacher, John 31yWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1718748403Ruloff, Albert 3yWM
Monroe Street288   Mar11188814435Ruloff, Alex 34yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun1118758980Rulow, Wm 45yWM
Monroe Street3285   Aug21192428250Rumbaugh,SB WM
Monroe Street347   Feb2190222171Ruminsky, Elsa A 2mWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan15189115989Rummel, Annie 6yWF
Monroe Street365   Jan24190322691Runge, Mary 29yWF
Monroe Street424   Dec4193429595Rupinske, Emil 49yWM
Monroe Street434   Jan16193729835Rupinske, Gustav 69yWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul3190824742Rupinske, Louisa 78yWF
Monroe Street3240   Oct6191727042Rupinske, Mich 78yWM
Monroe Street1159   Dec3187810619Rupinskey, Augusta 5yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr20190121761Rupinsky, Raymond 4yWM
Monroe Street296   Sep10188814711Rupinsky, Wilhelmina 34yWF
Monroe Street3299   May31192728672Rupp, Amelia 70yWF
Monroe Street3137   Jul29190824761Rupp, J C 59yWM
Monroe Street3279   Sep10192328082Ruppender, Margaret 80yWF
Monroe Street3141   Nov5190824823Ruppender, Martin 73yWM
Monroe Street179   Oct718727608Ruppert, KarlSB WM
Monroe Street2220   Apr11189619114Ruprecht,SB WM
Monroe Street2223   Jul2189619227Ruprecht,SB WM
Monroe Street2134   Apr5189116071Ruprecht, Catharine 67yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct11188613827Ruprecht, ChristSB WM
Monroe Street418   Dec29193329474Ruprecht, Edw 36yWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul7191125567Ruprecht, Elsie 17yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct11188613818Ruprecht, Franz 1dWM
Monroe Street176   Aug118727484Ruprecht, Fred 22yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep18189920946Ruprecht, Jacob 82yWM
Monroe Street2179   Nov19189317674Ruprecht, John 4yWM
Monroe Street259   Aug23188513405Ruprecht, Mary 5mWF
Monroe Street423   Sep29193429572Ruprecht, Mary 72yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan4189216505Ruprecht, Rosa 6yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr15189116098Ruprecht, Susan Margart 35yWF
Monroe Street290   Apr26188814490Ruprecht, Wilhelmlia 69yWF
Monroe Street3248   Nov7191827238Ruprecht, William 26yWM
Monroe Street421   Jun6193429532Ruprecht, William 75yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1018769761Rusacanuce, Calvin 40yWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov20189820487Ruscak, James 37yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan27189619025Rusch, John 65yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan21190423183Rusch, Sophie 71yWF
Monroe Street3230   Jun15191626756Rushi, LeroyBaby WM
Monroe Street396   Mar19190523722Russ, 12dWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov6190624262Russ, Bernhard 4mWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar30190924923Russ, Bertha 67yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr14190724406Russ, Herman 30yWM
Monroe Street3275   Dec29192227965Russ, Herman H 77yWM
Monroe Street3129   Nov18190724564Russ, Minnie 40yWF
Monroe Street435   May7193729869Russ, Raymond 33yWM
Monroe Street432   Aug10193629790Russel, Clayton R J 67yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul14189518734Russell,SB WM
Monroe Street19   May2418644852Russell, Abigal G 68yW 
Monroe Street2190   Jun22189418070Russell, Chas 52yWM
Monroe Street486May261957May29195730998Russell, Elsie 58yWF
Monroe Street166   Aug1718717071Russell, George 10dWM
Monroe Street485Apr171956Apr20195630965Russell, George 57yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec26189921071Russell, Hattie A 63yWF
Monroe Street492Aug61962Aug8196231145Russell, Kittie 95yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec13188111849Russell, M J    
Monroe Street1144   Jul31187710085Russell, Mida J 32yW 
Monroe Street148   Aug1018696394Russell, Percy 3mWM
Monroe Street173   Apr1618727343Russell, Wm 67yWM
Monroe Street416   Apr26193329397Russell, Wm Jerome 48yWM
Monroe Street467Jun91946Jun12194630544Russert, Jacob 70yWM
Monroe Street3256   Dec19191927470Russert, Katie 39yWF
Monroe Street2244   Dec22189719970Russey, John B 87yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep21189418279Russman, Fred G 30yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1818738020Russmann, Albert 3yWM
Monroe Street196   Nov2718738227Russmann, Aug 4yWM
Monroe Street1152   Mar24187810361Russmann, Aug 51yWM
Monroe Street197   Dec1418738260Russmann, Flora 14yWF
Monroe Street1122   Oct1718759223Russmann, Henry 39yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep2618738122Russmann, W  W 
Monroe Street336   Jun16190121847Russon, Altha 6mWF
Monroe Street3238   Jun13191726977Rusz, Michael 29yWM
Monroe Street1152   Mar10187810351Rutenback,SB W 
Monroe Street1134   Sep2518769680Rutenbeck, Charles 1dWM
Monroe Street222   Jul13188212126Rutenbeck, Charles    
Monroe Street2197   Nov3189418345Rutenbeck, Chas 40yWM
Monroe Street3131   Jan22190824620Rutenbeck, Chas 78yWM
Monroe Street437   Dec11193729906Rutenbeck, Chas 58yWM
Monroe Street48   Aug10193129214Rutenbeck, Louise 74yWF
Monroe Street311   Oct17189920982Rutenbeck, Maria 69yWF
Monroe Street2255   Aug23189820363Rutenberg, August 59yWM
Monroe Street2163   Dec31189217108Rutenberg, Minnie 72yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul1189216806Rutgar, Gilbert 3mWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr7189518585Rutger, Edna 3mWF
Monroe Street174   Jun2418727413Ruth, John L 6mWM
Monroe Street186   May1418737839Ruth, Kath 21yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec1188513505Ruthenberg, ChasSB WM
Monroe Street2213   Oct22189518910Ruthenberg, Emil 23yWM
Monroe Street435   May3193729868Ruthenberg, Wm 72yWM
Monroe Street24   Mar17188111462Ruthenbest,SB W 
Monroe Street3185   Jul9191225802Rutkowski, Victor 20yWM
Monroe Street110   Jun2718644888Rutledge, John 42yWM
Monroe Street418   Oct12193329448Rutter, Clarence 61yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov17188915334Rutz, George 16mWM
Monroe Street45   Dec27193029156Ryan, Bruce A 4mWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct17187710197Ryan, Delm L 4yW 
Monroe Street314   Jan11190021096Ryant, Raymond 11dWM
Monroe Street3258   Mar22192027526Ryder,SB WF
Monroe Street376   Aug30190323012Ryers, 7hWF
Monroe Street2199   Dec26189418424Ryser,SB WM
Monroe Street287   Feb17188814401Rytter, John 28yWM
Monroe Street1178   Oct3188011305Saar, Jacob 39yWM
Monroe Street272   Nov11188613852Saar, Ludwig 40yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug14190624194Saar, Ray 17yWM
Monroe Street399   May23190523796Saariniaki, 1hWM
Monroe Street3299   May31192728673Saas, Edw H 36yWM
Monroe Street27   Jul5188111576Sabina, C E 2mW 
Monroe Street2219   Mar16189619085Sable, 14dWF
Monroe Street2105   Jun12188915033Sablewski, Gottlieb 53yWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan11190724313Sablowsky, Maria C 82yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun21190423384Sabluski, Gottfried 67yWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug9189820343Sabon, S S 9mWM
Monroe Street3242   Feb5191827110Sachman, Wm G 16yWM
Monroe Street3288   Mar25192528329Sack, Ernestine 76yWF
Monroe Street140   Jul1818686046Sack, Ferdinand 29yWM
Monroe Street3181   Mar9191225718Sack, Louis A 63yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug15189418205Sackett, 4hWM
Monroe Street2234   Apr20189719618Sackett,SB WM
Monroe Street34   Apr15189920742Sackett, Claude R 22yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb18189719523Sackett, David 61yWM
Monroe Street3279   Sep20192328092Sackett, Mammie 54yWF
Monroe Street3237   Apr30191726956Sackett, Mark 74yWM
Monroe Street359   Oct14190222538Sackman, Wm 37yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep318769643Sackow, Anna  WF
Monroe Street494Jan11963Jan14196331161Sadle, Walter F 62yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb12190222185Sadler,Baby WM
Monroe Street436   Nov11193729901Sadlo, Anna 64yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan28190423185Sadlon, Vlasdeslav 6mWM
Monroe Street369   Apr13190322814Saedovske,Baby WM
Monroe Street356   Aug4190222428Saedovske, Otto 7mWM
Monroe Street160   Jan518716854Saelts, Peter 79yWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug14191727012Saeltzer, Chas 88yWM
Monroe Street459May41943May7194330358Saeltzer, Emma E 79yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec29188413096Saeltzer, Mary 1wWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul25189518757Saeltzer, Phillipina 66yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul1318737911Saergent,Child 1 W 
Monroe Street188   Jul1318737911Saergent,Child 2 W 
Monroe Street180   Nov1518727650Saffel, Alice 14yW 
Monroe Street111   Jul2818644935Saffer, Catherine 3mWF
Monroe Street153   Mar2018706572Safford, Minnie 15yWF
Monroe Street2119   Mar19189015550Sager, Wilhemia 43yWF
Monroe Street1122   Oct2718759238Sahorsky, Mina S 1yWF
Monroe Street173   Apr2918727360Saint, Minna 5mWF
Monroe Street175   Jul1018727443Saiver, Maria A 32yWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan31189719493Sakryd, Geo 21mWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct1518759221Salamon, George 20yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov24188111816Salatina, Theresia 69yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct1718769726Salebeck, Carolina 4yWF
Monroe Street42   Apr8193029069Salen, Charlotte 71yWF
Monroe Street3260   Jun12192027570Salen, Matilda J 62yWF
Monroe Street2208   Jul5189518719Salen, Peter 85yWM
Monroe Street138   Mar2218685971Salen, Philipena 2yWF
Monroe Street28   Jul25188111615Salers,2 large, 1 small baby   
Monroe Street1107   Oct1418748683Sales,Mrs50yWF
Monroe Street1107   Oct1018748678Sales, L 22yW 
Monroe Street3114   Aug23190624202Salis, Ray 1mWM
Monroe Street291   May11188814518Salisbury, Chas 25yWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep18190523923Salmen, Maria 34yWF
Monroe Street294   Aug3188814649Salmon, Jno 21yWM
Monroe Street260   Oct4188513446Salmon, Joseph 42yWM
Monroe Street334   May17190121805Salmon, Robt W 10yWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul8189418099Salmons, Chas 9mWM
Monroe Street175   Jul918727434Salmons, Henry 1mWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug5188011245Salomons, Elisa 38yWF
Monroe Street342   Oct9190122023Saloro, Doretha 73yWF
Monroe Street331   Mar1190121682Salow, Henry 71yWM
Monroe Street2114   Dec9188915372Salter, 1hWF
Monroe Street2261   Jan11189920577Salter, 1dWM
Monroe Street325   Oct3190021506Salter, Chas 3mWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul27189317476Salters, Robert G 4mWM
Monroe Street271   Oct25188613839Saltzer,SB WF
Monroe Street320   Jun6190021344Saltzer, Rudolph 30yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan27189619024Saluman,SB WM
Monroe Street3256   Dec4191927464Salzer, Albert 53yWM
Monroe Street279   Jul3188714090Salzer, Caroline 21yWF
Monroe Street3294   May11192628524Salzer, Eliz 62yWF
Monroe Street3219   May29191526537Salzer, Elizabeth F 4mWF
Monroe Street46   Jan21193129162Salzer, Frank 69yWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug28191025337Salzer, Loretta 9yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb27189015519Salzer, Louis  WM
Monroe Street3138   Aug24190824775Salzer, Maria 73yWF
Monroe Street3131   Jan1190824598Salzer, Michial 76yWM
Monroe Street2246   Jan28189820025Salzer, Wm 18mWM
Monroe Street3277   May11192328036Salzer, Wm 3dWM
Monroe Street394   Dec27190423621Salzman, Barbara 74yWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun19189216784Salzman, John G 53yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep518769646Samig, Anna 14dWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul2418759061Sampson, Scott 1yWM
Monroe Street3212   Oct25191426388Sanbee, Arthur B  WM
Monroe Street2239   Aug29189719811Sanda, Erie 52yWM
Monroe Street411   Mar25193229289Sanders, August 80yWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb1818769380Sanders, Fred'a 50yW 
Monroe Street228   Dec21188212318Sanders, J H 63y F
Monroe Street3223   Oct13191526603Sanders, JosCapt75yWM
Monroe Street489Apr291960May3196031084Sanders, Joseph H 77yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar14191125498Sanders, Sarah J 72yWF
Monroe Street258   Aug16188513390Sanders, Wm Alfred 1yWM
Monroe Street2169   May15189317325Sanders, Wm C 24yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr718737795Sanderson,Mrs59yWF
Monroe Street2120   Apr8189015578Sanderson, Margareth 59yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan15189820006Sanderson, Robt 87yWM
Monroe Street2257   Nov5189820466Sandhoff, 5hWF
Monroe Street460Dec231943Dec27194330404Sandoval, Janie 49yWF
Monroe Street3277   Apr6192328020Sands, Susanna 80yWF
Monroe Street2174   Jul30189317488Saner, L F 45yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun19189418062Saner, Samuel A 13dWM
Monroe Street2129   Oct26189015888Sanerheimer, John 5mWM
Monroe Street261   Nov5188513473Sanford, Ella    
Monroe Street167   Sep2418717135Sanford, Ellen 14yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan1218655118Sanford, George 32yWM
Monroe Street34   Apr21189920751Sanford, Maria 88yWF
Monroe Street155   Jul1718706666Sangbuish,Child of Wm5mWM
Monroe Street1127   Mar2018769413Sangerle,SB W 
Monroe Street210   Sep14188111716Sannendecker, Geo 53yWM
Monroe Street1169   Dec16187910974Sanrisker, Carry 5mW 
Monroe Street3173   Jul24191125579Santee, Irene 8mWF
Monroe Street2159   Sep26189216972Sanzler, Alma Rose 7mWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul3018759086Sappeurs, Cathariene 78yWF
Monroe Street3174   Aug12191125591Sarbu,SB WF
Monroe Street1152   Apr8187810371Sargent,Mr   
Monroe Street1152   Apr8187810371Sargent,Mrs   
Monroe Street125   Feb1318665461Sargent, Rosamund B 83yWF
Monroe Street58Nov51981Nov10198131434Sarka, Jane E 78y F
Monroe Street298   Nov17188814800Sarmherd, Rosy M 3mWF
Monroe Street112   Aug418644948Sartin, William 36yWM
Monroe Street3134   Apr27190824690Sarver, Albert 80yWM
Monroe Street386   May7190423332Sarver, Chas 10mWM
Monroe Street144   Feb718696228Sarver, David 54yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb14190423214Sarver, Grace 20yWF
Monroe Street12   Aug1018634569Sarver, Harriet 24yWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep25190523929Sarver, Mildred 4yWF
Monroe Street492Apr281962May1196231137Sasin, Lillian 73yWF
Monroe Street435   Apr12193729863Sass, Alex 62yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov26191025409Sass, Eugene 33yWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar9191025181Sass, Fred 60yWM
Monroe Street134   Sep418675837Satorer, Lorenzo W 11dWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct28189719898Sattes, Carl 11mWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar26189317248Sattis, Valentine 54yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug14188111660Sauage, Maria 52yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr4191325994Sauble, Martin 39yWM
Monroe Street1138   Dec2218769843Sauer,Child of Frank10dW 
Monroe Street244   Jun15188412874Sauer,SB W 
Monroe Street3238   Jun13191726976Sauer, Albert 48yWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1518759031Sauer, Amalia 2yWF
Monroe Street3163   Sep13191025352Sauer, August 57yWM
Monroe Street248   Oct19188413022Sauer, Barbara 45yWF
Monroe Street311   Oct13189920980Sauer, Chas S 20yWM
Monroe Street171   Feb2818727271Sauer, Emil 1yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep1318769658Sauer, Emil 21yWM
Monroe Street137   Mar518685959Sauer, Emma 3yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep2718717136Sauer, Emma 3yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep6189317558Sauer, Fred 63yWM
Monroe Street267   Jun25188613670Sauer, Frediracka 27yWF
Monroe Street3247   Oct25191827229Sauer, Fred'k 60yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul29187810477Sauer, G G 5yW 
Monroe Street379   Nov25190323107Sauer, Henry 35yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul918727432Sauer, Jakub 46yWM
Monroe Street3168   Feb18191125479Sauer, Julia 49yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun13188011160Sauer, Louis 1yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun29188915052Sauer, Lucy 8yWF
Monroe Street244   Jun16188412875Sauer, Magdalena 40yWF
Monroe Street3227   Feb3191626694Sauer, Margarett 76yWF
Monroe Street3218   Apr8191526500Sauer, Maria Christina 83yWF
Monroe Street3104   Oct10190523942Sauer, Sebastian 62yWM
Monroe Street2120   Apr8189015584Sauer, Theresa 5yWF
Monroe Street3149   Jul29190925016Sauer, Violet B 5mWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr5189619104Sauer, W F 5wWM
Monroe Street266   Jun4188613664Sauer, William 15yWM
Monroe Street264   Mar17188613600Sauer, Wm Adolph 23yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep13188915201Sauerheimer, John 4mWM
Monroe Street1154   Jun23187810432Sauermann, A 2dW 
Monroe Street2219   Mar10189619082Sauernheimer, Emma 8yWF
Monroe Street423   Nov17193429587Sauernheimer, John 74yWM
Monroe Street464Jan11945Jan4194530465Sauernheimer, Julia 87yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug10190021437Saul, Charlotte J 45yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan8189819996Saunders,SB Twin 1 WM
Monroe Street2245   Jan8189819996Saunders,SB Twin 2 WM
Monroe Street2252   Jun8189820261Saunders,SB WF
Monroe Street3200   Oct31191326150Saunders, Ellen 65yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb22189015511Saunders, Jennie 18mWF
Monroe Street3287   Dec13192428295Saunders, Margrethe 72yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct16188613826Saunders, Peter Carry 31yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug8188613724Saunders, Sidney 2yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1518738013Saur, Ernst S 1yWM
Monroe Street162   Mar818716925Saur, Gus 1yWM
Monroe Street3159   May2191025228Sausser, Ervin 49yWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun20190523233Saussler, Dorothy 79yWF
Monroe Street178   Sep418727557Sauter, Chr Fred 7yW 
Monroe Street2156   Aug2189216869Savenheimer,Baby WM
Monroe Street222   Jun7188212095Saver,2 Children of Conrad   
Monroe Street233   Jun28188312493Saver, Adelaeniell 6mWF
Monroe Street222   Jun7188212094Saver, Conrad 42y  
Monroe Street185   Apr1318737808Sawdell, Eliza A 60yW 
Monroe Street135   Oct1518675871Sawer, Joseph T 4mWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan11191726876Sawitzke, Elizabeth 86yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun18189820273Sawitzke, John 71yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug1718706706Sawtell, Ira C 26yWM
Monroe Street438   Feb4193829920Sawyer, Emma C 68yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jun5192328047Saxon,SB WM
Monroe Street230   Mar22188312397Sayer, Christina 25y F
Monroe Street3110   Apr16190624094Sayer, James 55yWM
Monroe Street2260   Dec31189820552Sayers, 2dWF
Monroe Street1173   Apr22188011106Sayers, ChSB W 
Monroe Street264   Mar7188613591Sayler, Elias 2yWM
Monroe Street270   Sep25188613791Sayler, Helen 68yWF
Monroe Street190   Aug1718738019Sayles,Dr96yW 
Monroe Street27   Jul6188111577Sayles,Mrs78yWF
Monroe Street3166   Dec17191025434Sayles, Lisie B 65yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan17191726884Sayles, Rhoda S 77yWF
Monroe Street117   Feb1518655155Sayles, S W 62yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan18189820008Scahel,SB WF
Monroe Street3179   Jan6191225677Scahel, 2hWF
Monroe Street3271   Apr22192227872Scahel, Minnie 44yWF
Monroe Street425   Feb7193529617Scahel, William E 55yWM
Monroe Street1180   Nov25188011359Scanes,  W 
Monroe Street381   Jan11190423169Scanes, Roy 27yWM
Monroe Street227   Nov21188212285Scarns,SB   
Monroe Street1141   Mar3118779959Scarr, James F    
Monroe Street125   Feb618665458Scarr, Jas F 19yWM
Monroe Street167   Sep2918717137Scarr, John 72yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun5188011151Scarr, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street1153   May15187810397Scarsci, AnnaSB WF
Monroe Street1143   Jun18187710029Sceannes, Chr 1yW 
Monroe Street359   Oct14190222535Scerba, Paul 18mWM
Monroe Street3259   Apr6192027535Schaab,Baby WM
Monroe Street2231   Feb1189719495Schaab, Herbert 6mWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct4189116385Schaaf, Bernhardt 41yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov14188111800Schaaf, Louis 2mWM
Monroe Street481Sep221953Sep25195330878Schaban, Rose 70yWF
Monroe Street142   Oct2118686158Schaber, William 11dWM
Monroe Street342   Oct11190122027Schachschneider, Henry H 6dWM
Monroe Street2120   Apr3189015571Schachtscheider, Amelia 34yWF
Monroe Street2120   Apr3189015572Schachtschneider,SB WM
Monroe Street460Nov81943Nov11194330396Schad, Flora M 48yWF
Monroe Street212   Oct26188111777Schad, Fred 40yWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar10187910694Schade, Maggie 2yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug2018769614Schader, Anna 11mWF
Monroe Street1154   Jun24187810433Schader, HenrySB WM
Monroe Street1139   Feb218779888Schaed, Rosa M 2yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar17189820102Schaefer,SB WF
Monroe Street331   Mar15190121706Schaefer, 2wWF
Monroe Street3202   Dec17191326180Schaefer,SB WF
Monroe Street3292   Feb9192628469Schaefer, 2dWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug5188915117Schaefer, A 6yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug4188814645Schaefer, Andrew 2yWM
Monroe Street233   Jun4188312471Schaefer, Anna 42yWF
Monroe Street332   Mar23190121722Schaefer, Anna 28yWF
Monroe Street228   Dec17188212314Schaefer, Aug 7y M
Monroe Street2120   Mar26189015559Schaefer, Catharine 70yWF
Monroe Street359   Oct8190222527Schaefer, Catharine 74yWF
Monroe Street216   Jan2188211871Schaefer, Christ 52yWM
Monroe Street388   Jul1190423404Schaefer, Conrad 37yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan1218748309Schaefer, Eliza 7mW 
Monroe Street371   May2190322846Schaefer, Ervin R 2mWM
Monroe Street381   Jan20190423182Schaefer, Gustav 5wWM
Monroe Street433   Nov4193629814Schaefer, Gustav 92yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan918748302Schaefer, H 6yW 
Monroe Street195   Nov818738203Schaefer, Henry  W 
Monroe Street388   Jul6190423412Schaefer, Henry J 65yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan16188814350Schaefer, John 63yWM
Monroe Street2239   Aug22189719796Schaefer, John 37yWM
Monroe Street3305   Jun9192828833Schaefer, Katherine 82yWF
Monroe Street1107   Oct218748668Schaefer, Marg  W 
Monroe Street2194   Aug16189418209Schaefer, Maria 2dWF
Monroe Street3264   Feb18192127682Schaefer, Maria 76yWF
Monroe Street47   Apr13193129190Schaefer, Mary 83yWF
Monroe Street3247   Sep26191827220Schaefer, Minnie 78yWF
Monroe Street1121   Sep1918759180Schaefer, Pauline 2yWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun22190523837Schaefer, R M 4mWF
Monroe Street3248   Nov5191827237Schaefer, William 49yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan1218748308Schaefer, Wm 3yWM
Monroe Street2134   Mar16189116054Schaeffer,SB WM
Monroe Street2153   May19189216742Schaeffer, 11dW 
Monroe Street2237   Jul22189719743Schaeffer,baby WF
Monroe Street2227   Oct10189619371Schaeffer, Carl 76yWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov4188915309Schaeffer, Clara 2yWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul19188915080Schaeffer, George 4yWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct20189217001Schaeffer, George 2yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug1188915110Schaeffer, John 7yWM
Monroe Street1164   May22187910774Schaeffer, Magd 83yWF
Monroe Street228   Dec22188212320Schaeffer, Paulina 1y F
Monroe Street198   Jan918748301Schaerf, Agatha 12yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr29189015617Schafer,SB WM
Monroe Street275   Mar11188713969Schafer, Jacob 26yWM
Monroe Street177   Aug518727496Schafer, John 9mWM
Monroe Street3207   May7191426278Schafer, John Gedeon 73yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug818706688Schafer, Katy E 24yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan2188814335Schafer, Maria 51yWF
Monroe Street156   Aug818706689Schafer, Mary H 2mWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec14189317722Schaffer, Chas A 68yWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov15187710244Schaffer, Geo 4yWM
Monroe Street3108   Feb11190624040Schaffer, Louis 60yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul19191326079Schaffner, Geo 53yWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep1190523908Schaffner, Gilbert 4wWM
Monroe Street1153   Apr22187810380Schagert, Harritte 2yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb2018748367Schaggert,Child of Henry W 
Monroe Street158   Oct718706764Schallenberg, Anna 22yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar7189719544Schaller,SB WM
Monroe Street2247   Feb27189820072Schaller,SB WM
Monroe Street2156   Jul31189216861Schalthum, Fred 11mWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov21188915343Schan,SB WF
Monroe Street238   Nov6188312658Schandron, John 17yWM
Monroe Street197   Dec2318738273Schaner, HenrySB W 
Monroe Street353   Jun8190222336Schaper, Wm 59yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct7187710178Scharcted, Jane 36yWF
Monroe Street392   Nov27190423576Scharer,Baby WM
Monroe Street2251   May30189820247Scharer, Julia 3yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun7189820257Scharer, Lillie 18mWF
Monroe Street475Dec281949Dec30194930725Scharf, August 78yWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1118748392Scharf, Dorethe 42yW 
Monroe Street391   Oct15190423540Scharf, Gottfried 76yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct1618738161Scharf, John 21yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep29190323049Scharf, Joseph 70yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep25191326118Scharf, Wm 21yWM
Monroe Street2238   Jul29189719756Scharfenberg, Marie 99yWF
Monroe Street429   Dec6193529717Scharff, Anna 65yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul6187710040Scharnack, Joseph 1yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec26188513527Scharp, Kittie 42yWF
Monroe Street3166   Dec27191025439Scharpp, Johanna 77yWF
Monroe Street1131   Aug718769582Scharps, Ethie 11mW 
Monroe Street150   Oct2718696462Scharto,Mrs WF
Monroe Street260   Oct9188513449Schat, Minnie 2yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep16188814726Schaub, Annie 4yWF
Monroe Street3145   Mar5190924904Schaub, Christina 78yWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul15189518738Schaub, Emil E 7mWM
Monroe Street2141   Aug13189116303Schaub, Wilhelm 56yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan25190222157Schauer, Geo H 9yWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug5190824765Schaufele, Fred 49yWM
Monroe Street3259   May13192027555Schaufele, George 62yWM
Monroe Street51May311974Jun3197431360Schaufele, George H 82y M
Monroe Street4101Apr241967Apr27196731262Schaufele, Grace 82yWF
Monroe Street482Aug51954Aug7195430908Schaufele, Lena 92yWF
Monroe Street455Jun171942Jun22194230278Schaufele, Matilda 83yWF
Monroe Street240   Feb9188412733Schaufer,SB WM
Monroe Street2145   Nov30189116467Schauffler,SB WM
Monroe Street361   Nov4190222573Schaufler,Baby WM
Monroe Street3120   Feb19190724355Schaufler,Twin Baby #1 WF
Monroe Street3120   Feb19190724355Schaufler,Twin Baby #2 WM
Monroe Street3244   Apr16191827154Schaufler, Fred 49yWM
Monroe Street3310   Feb26192928943Schaufler, Herman 82yWM
Monroe Street3277   Apr20192328028Schaufler, Magdalin 80yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul21188011223Schaufler, MarySB WF
Monroe Street225   Sep24188212212Schaufler, Rosa 6m  
Monroe Street3280   Nov6192328118Schaufler, Sophia 52yWF
Monroe Street427   Jun7193529660Schaum, 1dWF
Monroe Street443   Apr11193930020Schaum, Charles 66yWM
Monroe Street3310   Feb23192928941Schaum, Lydia 78yWF
Monroe Street310   Oct5189920967Schaum, Phil 20yWM
Monroe Street184   Feb2018737754Schaumburg, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street52Sep41975Sep9197531376Schdenbeck, Harry 70y M
Monroe Street36   May28189920810Scheepers, Charley 48yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct2188111735Scheermeier, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street174   Jun118727389Schegger, Henry 1dWM
Monroe Street276   Mar24188713982Scheggert, Henry 52yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan318758783Scheich, Fr 36yW 
Monroe Street188   Jul2218737935Scheidegger, Ernst 1yWM
Monroe Street187   Jul218737890Scheidegger, Friedrick 3mWM
Monroe Street1106   Sep518748624Scheidegger, J F 3mW 
Monroe Street2244   Dec31189719983Scheidegger, Jacob 77yWM
Monroe Street187   Jul518737894Scheidegger, John 2yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec28189317745Scheidegger, Maria 73yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul1818737923Scheider, Ludw 1yWM
Monroe Street3213   Nov9191426392Scheidis,Baby WF
Monroe Street347   Feb2190222172Scheier, Gerhard 11yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov1318738210Scheijer, Leonard 36yWM
Monroe Street272   Nov15188613858Scheilander, J A 67yWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1218706738Scheirbaum, Henry F 10mWM
Monroe Street279   Jul7188714103Scheller, Frank 21mWM
Monroe Street281   Aug13188714174Scheller, Fred 3yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb23190523684Scheller, John 40yWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep12187710149Scheller, John G W 1yWM
Monroe Street254   Apr14188513209Scheller, Louis Theodore Edmund 9mWM
Monroe Street3279   Sep19192328090Schellhamer, Ursula Buhrer 79yWF
Monroe Street2109   Sep1188915177Schelling, Eddie 4mWM
Monroe Street2106   Jul5188915059Schemmelphennig,SB WM
Monroe Street2228   Nov20189619420Schenck, Augusta 25yWF
Monroe Street390   Sep26190423514Schenck, Augusta 56yWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun9190523815Schenck, Carl 17yWM
Monroe Street3304   Mar24192828797Schenck, Chas O 38yWM
Monroe Street1173   Mar25188011074Schenck, E K 1yW 
Monroe Street244   Jun17188412878Schenck, Edward 1yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct22187710206Schenck, F W 3yW 
Monroe Street316   Mar1190021170Schenck, Henning 58yWM
Monroe Street2256   Sep25189820405Schenck, Minnie 22yWF
Monroe Street3296   Oct26192628584Schenck, Sophia 78yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb518748343Schendel, Emma M 3mWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun4189418029Schenermann, John G 88yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr21189317289Schenermerster, Nicklaus P A 5yWM
Monroe Street335   Jun10190121840Schenk, Anna 61yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul7190222380Schenk, Arthur 6mWM
Monroe Street3230   Jun2191626749Schenk, Claus H 65yWM
Monroe Street3287   Feb18192528316Schenk, Edward 44yWM
Monroe Street3213   Nov8191426393Schenk, Friderika 62yWF
Monroe Street373   Jul9190322926Schenk, Gertrude 6mWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar15191325979Schenk, Lillian 22yWF
Monroe Street2131   Dec28189015961Schenk, Louisa 64yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr2318758931Schenk, Peter H 1yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec14191025430Schenk, Phillip 69yWM
Monroe Street2223   Jul8189619246Schenk, Wm 37yWM
Monroe Street355   Jul23190222409Schenker, Martin 10mWM
Monroe Street390   Sep26190423513Schentzow, 2wWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan5189115968Schentzow, Wilhelmina 67yWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov15189116449Scheppa, Eda 5wWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr22189719623Scheppe, Farina 48yWF
Monroe Street3230   May2191626737Scherbarth, Johanna 70yWF
Monroe Street2250   May6189820202Scherbarth, Mary 20yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul26189820323Scherbarth, Wm 3mWM
Monroe Street359   Oct22190222549Scherber, Henry 57yWM
Monroe Street227   Nov15188212276Scherbondy, Frank 4y  
Monroe Street158   Sep2718706760Scherer, Bertha 24yWF
Monroe Street210   Sep14188111714Scherer, Henry 25yWM
Monroe Street383   Feb29190423244Scherer, John H 2yWM
Monroe Street144   Feb1418696240Scherer, William 7mWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct9189116394Scherler, Albert 4yWM
Monroe Street186   May2218737851Scherler, Anna M 1yWF
Monroe Street3267   Sep29192127774Scherler, Anna M 55yWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov1418769772Scherler, Aug 9mWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan12189417765Scherler, Clara 67yWF
Monroe Street2229   Dec15189619445Scherler, Fred 71yWM
Monroe Street420   Feb5193429495Scherler, Fred 64yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct2918769742Scherler, Henry 3yWM
Monroe Street1163   May1187910752Scherler, M E 1yW 
Monroe Street220   May3188212045Scherler, Wm H Fr 2y  
Monroe Street2101   Jan30188914888Scherman,SB WM
Monroe Street1141   Mar3118779958Schermeyer, John 6mWM
Monroe Street246   Jul27188412923Scherrer, George 52yWM
Monroe Street25   May14188111521Scherrrer, Joseph 8yWM
Monroe Street2128   Sep30189015853Schertzer, Anna B 68yWF
Monroe Street1139   Jan1618779869Scherzer, John A 54yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan2018769335Scherzer, Susana 62yWF
Monroe Street2234   May1189719640Schettick, Bertha 19yWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb11189820044Scheuck, Rose 25yWF
Monroe Street3132   Feb8190824634Scheueman, Elenora 82yWF
Monroe Street249   Oct23188413029Scheuer, Elisabeth 16yWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb20189820058Scheuer, Gretchen 41yWF
Monroe Street3291   Nov16192528422Scheuer, Jacob 74yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun2718758996Scheuer, Rud 1yW 
Monroe Street386   May6190423330Scheuer, Wm 3yWM
Monroe Street269   Aug27188613744Scheuerman, Jennie 3mWF
Monroe Street339   Aug6190121941Scheuerman, Wm Ph 27yWM
Monroe Street1156   Sep4187810512Scheuermann, Adam 64yWM
Monroe Street168   Oct1118717152Scheuermann, Charles 3yWM
Monroe Street2165   Feb7189317165Scheuffler, Minnie 16yWF
Monroe Street1104   Aug218748567Scheufler, Wm F 4mWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct23190523951Scheutzow, Paul 3wWM
Monroe Street3198   Aug18191326097Schickel, Esther R 11mWF
Monroe Street475Oct171949Oct20194930712Schidlowski, AugustaAKA Schloski82yWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep13189418270Schidlowski, George 9mWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr10189417914Schidlowski, Wilhelmina 31yWF
Monroe Street3250   Feb1191927298Schidlowsky, Emil 67yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun26189116207Schied, Philiph 29yWM
Monroe Street271   Nov1188613846Schieferstein,SB WM
Monroe Street174   May3018727388Schieler, Catharina 62yWF
Monroe Street445   Dec4193930077Schieman, Christian 72yWM
Monroe Street455May101942May13194230270Schieman, Ida 64yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov1118706804Schierbaum, Anna Mary 21dWF
Monroe Street112   Aug1418644965Schierbaum, Arrina 1yWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul16189116245Schierbaum, Catharine 85yWF
Monroe Street49   Dec1193129242Schierbaum, Clara 81yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug118644943Schierbaum, Elnora 23yWF
Monroe Street3252   Apr21191927359Schierbaum, Fred'k W 74yWM
Monroe Street325   Oct24190021526Schierbaum, Henry 60yWM
Monroe Street1178   Sep11188011287Schierbaum, J Wm 6mWM
Monroe Street112   Aug618644949Schierbaum, Joanna 15mWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov14189217042Schierbaum, John 81yWM
Monroe Street152   Jan3118706539Schierbaum, John F 3mW 
Monroe Street223   Aug3188212151Schierbaum, Mary 10m  
Monroe Street196   Nov3018738235Schierbaum, Otto 3yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct9188111752Schiermann, Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct2418675878Schiermeyer, Caspar H 1yWM
Monroe Street422   Jun30193429539Schiermeyer, Edw 33yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug5190322980Schiermeyer, Fredrick 56yWM
Monroe Street242   Apr11188412803Schifenstein, Bertha 9mWF
Monroe Street213   Nov16188111808Schiffle, George 61yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct30188714256Schigart, Paul 11yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb16192428168Schigod, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jul11192328065Schigod, William 74yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul15191326073Schigot, Hugo 33yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec16191025433Schildknecht, Jacob 58yWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul21189317456Schilke, Arthur A 1yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan12189920580Schilke, Ella 2yWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar3189619070Schilke, Elma 26yWF
Monroe Street36   May26189920806Schilke, George 2dWM
Monroe Street289   Mar28188814456Schilkosky, 2wWF
Monroe Street2220   Apr23189619136Schill, Bertha 2yWF
Monroe Street27   Jun29188111572Schill, John 23yWM
Monroe Street3310   Mar21192928951Schilleman, Herman G 82yWM
Monroe Street239   Dec13188312690Schiller, Amanda M 3yWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug1818759131Schiller, Karl 6mWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar17191927332Schilliman, Elizabeth P 53yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb17189920655Schilling, 10hWM
Monroe Street1121   Sep2018759181Schilling, Anna 57yWF
Monroe Street4113Nov171973Nov20197331351Schilling, Catherine 90y F
Monroe Street3291   Nov30192528428Schilling, Fredericka 75yWF
Monroe Street183   Jan2418737730Schilling, George 19dWM
Monroe Street375   Aug1190322968Schilling, Gottfried 53yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun29189418081Schilling, John 1yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec21189921065Schilling, John 58yWM
Monroe Street4113Oct221930Nov20197331352Schilling, Otto 49y M
Monroe Street3162   Aug20191025329Schillknecht, Clara 58yWF
Monroe Street3285   Sep10192428256Schilovsky, Augusta 59yWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar27191325986Schilovsky, John H 48yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb24189417825Schiming, Olga 1yWF
Monroe Street2243   Dec4189719949Schimke, August 35yWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct14191025368Schimke, Caroline 78yWF
Monroe Street2187   May9189417972Schimmelpfenig, George 35dWM
Monroe Street242   Mar29188412782Schimmelpfennig, 7dWM
Monroe Street255   May25188513265Schimmelpfennig,SB WF
Monroe Street240   Feb16188412740Schimmelpfennig, Fredie 7dWM
Monroe Street1161   Feb25187910679Schimmelpfennig, H 17dW 
Monroe Street22   Jan25188111416Schimmelpfennig, Louis 4yWF
Monroe Street3251   Mar12191927330Schimnosky, Mary 52yWF
Monroe Street2240   Oct1189719850Schimpke, Anna 47yWF
Monroe Street2104   Apr27188914989Schimrowski, Justina 28yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb13189920649Schinck, Wm 15yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec20189518978Schindelar, John 1mWM
Monroe Street2117   Feb2189015480Schindler, Barbara 76yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec8187810625Schindler, John 44yWM
Monroe Street276   Apr6188713995Schink, Caroline 63yWF
Monroe Street357   Aug27190222470Schinke, Catharine 70yWF
Monroe Street2243   Dec8189719955Schinneman, August 2yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan6189819989Schinning, Fred 5wWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov14189820480Schintker, Florence 3yWF
Monroe Street274   Jan10188713910Schipke,Baby WM
Monroe Street382   Feb5190423199Schipke, Fred 12yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug218769574Schipmann, Geo 2mWM
Monroe Street320   May28190021328Schirrmeister,Baby WF
Monroe Street365   Jan23190322687Schirrmeister, Amelia 28yWF
Monroe Street370   Apr29190322842Schirrmeister, Carl E 4mWM
Monroe Street3142   Dec7190824850Schirrmeister, John 42yWM
Monroe Street125   Jan2818665452Schlaeger, Fred 10mWM
Monroe Street364   Jan11190322665Schlag, Nellie 7yWF
Monroe Street180   Nov1318727648Schlager,SB Child of Fred W 
Monroe Street2179   Dec3189317697Schlager, Christina 63yWF
Monroe Street34   Apr11189920737Schlager, Fred 67yWM
Monroe Street316   Feb25190021165Schlager, Fred 38yWM
Monroe Street458Mar 1943Mar11194330344Schlager, Jacob 74yWM
Monroe Street512Feb91985Feb12198531456Schlageter, Elsie C 97y F
Monroe Street2121   Apr27189015615Schlaterbeck, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov2418748732Schlather, Fred 62yWM
Monroe Street146   May3118696320Schlather, J Georg 60yWM
Monroe Street181   Dec318727672Schlatter,Mrs67yWF
Monroe Street227   Nov20188212284Schlatter,2 Children of L   
Monroe Street25   May6188111511Schlatter, Kate 19yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct2218769731Schlatterbeck, Elisab 19yWF
Monroe Street476Mar151950Mar18195030739Schlatterbeck, John V 76yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun16188513288Schlatterbeck, Lui 64yWM
Monroe Street1140   Feb918779895Schlausner, August 4mWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan2191626658Schlechter, Caroline 74yWF
Monroe Street170   Feb418727245Schlechter, George 7yWM
Monroe Street2111   Sep29188915236Schlechter, George 51yWM
Monroe Street170   Feb1418727254Schlechter, Ida Carl 2yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov1718748723Schlee, Augusta 18yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan1818706528Schlee, Charles  WM
Monroe Street2101   Jan13188914864Schlegel, Artie 17yWM
Monroe Street1130   Jul318769522Schlegelmilch, E H 38yW 
Monroe Street38   Jul31189920882Schlegelmilch, Edward 37yWM
Monroe Street3219   May7191526525Schlegelmilch, Helen 79yWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul7189317429Schlegelmilch, Julius 70yWM
Monroe Street3280   Oct6192328099Schlegelmilch, Julius 63yWM
Monroe Street389   Aug21190423472Schlegelmilch, Theo 7yWM
Monroe Street232   May28188312468Schlenker, Anna 10yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan31191726891Schlenker, Verona 71yWF
Monroe Street311   Nov9189921004Schlenker, Wilhelmina 58yWF
Monroe Street113   Aug3118644991Schlether, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street1153   Apr22187810381Schlick,SB W 
Monroe Street2184   Feb26189417829Schlick, Almer C 9mWM
Monroe Street3204   Feb20191426224Schlick, Chars J 50yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan13189015430Schlick, Christ 21yWM
Monroe Street3294   May17192628527Schlick, Elizabeth 57yWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul23190624182Schlick, Sophia 69yWF
Monroe Street136   Dec2418675920Schlick, Victoria 2yWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec2418769845Schlicter, Henry 25yWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb17192327994Schlienga, Herman 79yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr15189518608Schlienger, Emilia 21yWF
Monroe Street426   Apr20193529642Schlienger, Hattie L 57yWF
Monroe Street158   Oct1318706775Schligilmith, Martha 72yWM
Monroe Street3188   Oct29191225876Schlinger, Kate 64yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec25187810639Schlisk, Christ 50yWM
Monroe Street1178   Sep9188011284Schlisk, Elisab 7yWF
Monroe Street461Jan111944Jan14194430412Schlitter, Albert 76yWM
Monroe Street160   Jan818716858Schlitter, August 7dWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul24189418146Schlitter, Elmer 1yWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct1189116384Schlodt, Fred 19yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul17189216822Schlofski, Wm 3mWM
Monroe Street475Oct171949Oct20194930712Schloski, AugustaAKA Schidlowski82yWF
Monroe Street434   Jan9193729833Schlosky, Albert 36yWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov2189719906Schlott,SB WF
Monroe Street3289   May4192528350Schlott, Karl 85yWM
Monroe Street3131   Dec17190824612Schlott, Sophia 68yWF
Monroe Street460Nov151943Nov18194330397Schlottenbcek, Mildred 66yWF
Monroe Street142   Oct2618686163Schlueter,SB Child of H WF
Monroe Street155   Jun1918706644Schlueter,Child of3dWM
Monroe Street392   Nov24190423571Schlueter, 1dWF
Monroe Street3265   Apr9192127706Schlueter,SB WM
Monroe Street3305   May2192828816Schlueter, Anna 82yWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan13191225683Schlueter, August 63yWM
Monroe Street214   Nov29188111829Schlueter, Christina 7yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep22188814735Schlueter, Cora 6yWF
Monroe Street475Nov231949Nov26194930717Schlueter, Edward J 42yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec11188111844Schlueter, Henry 6yWM
Monroe Street38   Jul19189920868Schlueter, Henry 72yWM
Monroe Street392   Dec19 23564Schlueter, Henry 45yWM
Monroe Street3126   Aug24190724495Schlueter, Robert 10mWM
Monroe Street3259   May26192027560Schluetter, Elizabeth 90yWF
Monroe Street216   Jan15188211885Schluetter, F 17yW 
Monroe Street217   Feb1188211912Schlutzer, Maria 15yWF
Monroe Street192   Aug3118738061Schmale, Rish Aug 11mW 
Monroe Street2133   Feb23189116027Schmehl, Maria 39yWF
Monroe Street3290   Aug12192528389Schmenkel, Albertina 66yWF
Monroe Street2254   Aug21189820359Schmenkel, Christina 87yWF
Monroe Street3289   Jul20192528376Schmenkel, Frederick 71yWM
Monroe Street428   Oct8193529692Schmenkel, Harry 45yWM
Monroe Street3170   Apr7191125518Schmenkel, William 90yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr11190021249Schmid, Mary 35yWF
Monroe Street2237   Jul17189719739Schmidke, Emma 8mWF
Monroe Street187   Jun2418737881Schmidt,SB Child of Jakob W 
Monroe Street1163   Apr30187910750Schmidt,1 of 2 children of J F   
Monroe Street1163   Apr30187910750Schmidt,2 of 2 children of J F   
Monroe Street268   Aug9188613729Schmidt,SB WM
Monroe Street2112   Oct28188915287Schmidt,  WM
Monroe Street2159   Sep26189216973Schmidt,SB WM
Monroe Street3126   Aug11190724489Schmidt,Baby WM
Monroe Street3129   Nov17190724563Schmidt, 1dWF
Monroe Street485Jul11956Jul5195630971Schmidt, Albert 82yWM
Monroe Street2154   Jun5189216766Schmidt, Alma Anna 18mWF
Monroe Street262   Dec13188513514Schmidt, Alvine 14wWF
Monroe Street226   Oct20188212244Schmidt, Ameilia 7y  
Monroe Street3104   Oct23190523952Schmidt, Amelia 80yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep16188312591Schmidt, Anna 16yWF
Monroe Street392   Nov20190423569Schmidt, Anna 40yWF
Monroe Street3201   Nov23191326166Schmidt, Anna 65yWF
Monroe Street486Jan151957Jan18195730990Schmidt, Anna 78yWF
Monroe Street174   Jun318727391Schmidt, Anna D 17yWF
Monroe Street3257   Jan3192027480Schmidt, Anna M 65yWF
Monroe Street478Dec291950Jan2195130780Schmidt, Augusta  WF
Monroe Street2231   Feb26189719534Schmidt, Bertha 29yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul20187910844Schmidt, C J M 6mW 
Monroe Street256   Jun7188513284Schmidt, Caroliene 42yWF
Monroe Street2152   Apr26189216705Schmidt, Caroline W 5mWF
Monroe Street137   Jan3118685939Schmidt, Catharine 53yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun10190724454Schmidt, Catharine 13yWF
Monroe Street126   May1318665509Schmidt, Catherine L C 9mWF
Monroe Street3221   Aug21191526577Schmidt, Charles 71yWM
Monroe Street132   Apr418675749Schmidt, Charles W 18yWM
Monroe Street253   Apr9188513200Schmidt, Charly 49yWM
Monroe Street2233   Apr11189719605Schmidt, Chas 44yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep9190121991Schmidt, Christian H 24yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov7190624263Schmidt, Christina 81yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb7190121656Schmidt, Claus 59yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul1518727454Schmidt, Coecilia 11mW 
Monroe Street293   Jul15188814605Schmidt, Elsa 1yWF
Monroe Street252   Feb27188513160Schmidt, Emma 20yWF
Monroe Street495Sep171963Sep19196331186Schmidt, Emma 80yWF
Monroe Street482Sep41954Sep8195430910Schmidt, Emmett 38yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar3189920684Schmidt, Ernst 59yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1118675809Schmidt, Florentine M 5yWF
Monroe Street2105   May16188915005Schmidt, Fred W 18yWM
Monroe Street48   Sep1193129220Schmidt, Fredericka 86yWF
Monroe Street225   Oct14188212234Schmidt, Freida 10y  
Monroe Street2231   Feb14189719519Schmidt, Geo 84yWM
Monroe Street128   Aug1718665578Schmidt, George 1yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov26190624279Schmidt, Gertrude 4yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug14189719782Schmidt, Gottlieb 56yWM
Monroe Street259   Aug18188513396Schmidt, Heinrich Friedrich 1yWM
Monroe Street178   Sep918727566Schmidt, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street1149   Nov21187710255Schmidt, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun24189418072Schmidt, Henry 53yWM
Monroe Street2251   May28189820242Schmidt, Henry 72yWM
Monroe Street448   Jun5194030125Schmidt, Henry 36yWM
Monroe Street358   Sep17190222498Schmidt, Herman 1dWM
Monroe Street3168   Feb11191125475Schmidt, Herman 30yWM
Monroe Street226   Oct20188212245Schmidt, Hermann 5y  
Monroe Street149   Aug2318696409Schmidt, J H F 1yWM
Monroe Street181   Dec518727673Schmidt, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street1114   Apr618758911Schmidt, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street218   Mar16188211971Schmidt, John 44yWM
Monroe Street476Apr261950Apr29195030753Schmidt, John C 60yWM
Monroe Street383   Feb28190423242Schmidt, John F 67yWM
Monroe Street132   Mar1718675734Schmidt, John H F 1yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun26188011180Schmidt, Julius 2dWM
Monroe Street254   Apr21188513216Schmidt, Julius 4mWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan15189015436Schmidt, Julius 27yWM
Monroe Street461Feb131944Feb15194430420Schmidt, Katherine 67yWF
Monroe Street142   Oct2018686157Schmidt, Louisa 1mWF
Monroe Street3149   Jul29190925015Schmidt, Louisa 65yWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan27191225693Schmidt, Maria 79yWF
Monroe Street150   Oct1318696453Schmidt, Maria E 25yWF
Monroe Street3171   May25191125547Schmidt, Maria H 76yWF
Monroe Street2196   Oct2189418295Schmidt, Martin H 23yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr418758906Schmidt, Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street247   Sep15188412978Schmidt, Mathilde 1yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jul31192328071Schmidt, Milton GSB WM
Monroe Street410   Jan23193229260Schmidt, Minnie 56yWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov1190925073Schmidt, Rudolph 26yWM
Monroe Street3111   May17190624117Schmidt, Sophia 97yWF
Monroe Street3166   Dec5191025419Schmidt, Sophia 84yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb6190121654Schmidt, Susanor Steinbrenner27yWF
Monroe Street22   Jan22188111410Schmidt, Susannah 75yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr15189015595Schmidt, Theodore 1yWM
Monroe Street135   Oct918675870Schmidt, W Christ 4yWF
Monroe Street426   May20193529652Schmidt, Wilbur 22yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar22189216645Schmidt, Wiliam C 73yWM
Monroe Street1142   May24187710009Schmidt, Wm 43yWM
Monroe Street270   Sep30188613803Schmidt, Wm 6wWM
Monroe Street2153   May20189216739Schmidt, Wm 28yWM
Monroe Street3188   Oct20191225869Schmidt, Wm 36yWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov10189418361Schmidtke,SB WM
Monroe Street27   Jul5188111575Schmidtt, Joseph 4mWM
Monroe Street3179   Jan21191225690Schmiedl,SB WM
Monroe Street335   Jun12190121842Schmierman, Catharine 80yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar6189417843Schmies,SB WF
Monroe Street234   Jul18188312511Schmies, F W 83yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug2188613715Schmikel, Fred 10mWM
Monroe Street3297   Dec8192628602Schminosky, Martin 66yWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct24190523954Schmith,SB WF
Monroe Street3165   Nov7191025392Schmith,SB WM
Monroe Street1103   Jun2818748513Schmith, Ch 41yWM
Monroe Street1121   Sep3018759194Schmith, Chath 88yW 
Monroe Street181   Dec218727670Schmith, Kath 45yWF
Monroe Street327   Dec10190021580Schmitt,Baby WM
Monroe Street3127   Sep9190724507Schmitt, 1hWM
Monroe Street1137   Dec318769814Schmitt, A G 4yW 
Monroe Street3102   Aug7190523886Schmitt, Alfred 11mWM
Monroe Street3263   Jan22192127665Schmitt, Alice C 37yWF
Monroe Street210   Sep10188111708Schmitt, Alwina 4mWF
Monroe Street1177   Aug4188011242Schmitt, Anna 24yWF
Monroe Street2240   Oct5189719859Schmitt, Carl 58yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb918706556Schmitt, Catharina 5yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb1418758837Schmitt, Elisabeth 59yWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov14189317663Schmitt, Florence 3yWF
Monroe Street1103   Jun1318748499Schmitt, Heinrich 5dW 
Monroe Street198   Jan1818748312Schmitt, Henry F 17yWM
Monroe Street475Sep201949Sep22194930707Schmitt, Herbert L 84yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul25188513343Schmitt, Irma 5mW 
Monroe Street2172   Jun27189317416Schmitt, J G 21yWM
Monroe Street46   Feb4193129166Schmitt, Jacob 84yWM
Monroe Street234   Jul24188312520Schmitt, Jacob N 14m  
Monroe Street255   May11188513247Schmitt, John 6mWM
Monroe Street359   Oct8190222528Schmitt, Magdalena 71yWF
Monroe Street416   Apr29193329398Schmitt, Magdalena 64yWF
Monroe Street221   Jun4188212086Schmitt, Marg 37y  
Monroe Street489Oct111959Oct13195931072Schmitt, Marie 90yWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec22191125664Schmitt, Marie C 69yWF
Monroe Street3308   Dec12192828891Schmitt, Martha L 48yWF
Monroe Street430   Jan7193629729Schmitt, Mary 90yWF
Monroe Street338   Jul24190121921Schmitt, Minnie A 4yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr1818758922Schmitt, N  W 
Monroe Street218   Mar1188211955Schmitt, Peter 51yWM
Monroe Street3123   May23190724442Schmitt, Peter 82yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul14190523858Schmitt, Willert 17mWM
Monroe Street1167   Sep24187910919Schmitt, Willie 6mWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec17189317728Schmitz, Elias 3yWM
Monroe Street3196   Jun12191326058Schmitz, Elios 52yWM
Monroe Street2103   Apr4188914953Schmitz, Ellas 3yWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan3191927276Schmitz, Jennie 23yWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov14189418366Schmitz, Ludwig 83yWM
Monroe Street2198   Nov16189418368Schmitz, Ludwig 21dWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan13189417766Schmitz, Mary 15mWF
Monroe Street23   Mar6188111449Schmmelpfennig,  W 
Monroe Street316   Feb27190021166Schmotzer, Arthur 4yWM
Monroe Street316   Feb21190021159Schmotzer, Louisa 7yWF
Monroe Street3194   Apr26191326025Schmuck, 1hWM
Monroe Street3278   Jun15192328054Schmur, Lizzie 54yWF
Monroe Street2136   May1189116145Schmutz, Theodore J 1yWM
Monroe Street23   Feb28188111445Schnapp, Anna 2dWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep718759164Schnapp, Clara 2yWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep1218759170Schnapp, Mary 4yWF
Monroe Street170   Jan318727219Schnaufer, Eliza 7mWF
Monroe Street3186   Aug11191225829Schnauffer, Fred 46yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec16191025432Schnauffer, Nellie 37yWF
Monroe Street428   Oct31193529704Schnauffer, W J 68yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug9188915128Schneberge, Elizabeth 82yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul23188011226Schneeberger, A H 7mW 
Monroe Street185   Apr818737799Schneeberger, Christinn 21yW 
Monroe Street1161   Jan25187910658Schneeberger, Edwin 1yWM
Monroe Street275   Mar11188713968Schneeberger, Fred 80yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct10187710181Schneeberger, Lena 20yWF
Monroe Street210   Sep14188111715Schneeberger, Louisa 31yWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov918769757Schneeberger, Mary 22yWM
Monroe Street1153   May3187810386Schneeberger, Mary  WF
Monroe Street1142   Apr1518779981Schneeberger, Minne 3yWF
Monroe Street1151   Jan27187810317Schneeberger, Philipp 62yWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug19189418216Schneeberger, Samuel 45yWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep13189116351Schneeberger, Simon 70yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug918737996Schnegelsberger, Charles 1yWM
Monroe Street221   Jun3188212085Schneider,SB Child of Mrs   
Monroe Street2133   Feb9189116012Schneider,SB WM
Monroe Street2164   Jan17189317133Schneider, 4mWM
Monroe Street2188   May18189417986Schneider, 1dWF
Monroe Street366   Feb6190322703Schneider,Baby WF
Monroe Street378   Oct5190323051Schneider,Baby WM
Monroe Street3277   May31192328042Schneider,SB WM
Monroe Street3305   Jun18192828836Schneider,SB WM
Monroe Street3312   Oct3192929009Schneider,SB WF
Monroe Street41   Jan27193029037Schneider,  WF
Monroe Street2214   Nov24189518947Schneider, Adolf 52yWM
Monroe Street3266   Jul9192127747Schneider, Anna M 23yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun418769491Schneider, August 1mWM
Monroe Street35   May10189920780Schneider, August 24yWM
Monroe Street269   Aug29188613750Schneider, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar918769398Schneider, C M 80yW 
Monroe Street144   Feb318696226Schneider, Carl 6mWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1018769762Schneider, Carolina 42yWF
Monroe Street2169   May12189317323Schneider, Carrie 6yWF
Monroe Street2145   Nov25189116459Schneider, Catharine 36yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr3190222252Schneider, Catharine 68yWF
Monroe Street156   Jul2818706680Schneider, Charles 21dWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr8189216677Schneider, Charles 47yWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct20191025371Schneider, CharlesAKA Sneider44yWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov21189217054Schneider, Charlotte 77yWF
Monroe Street2151   Apr18189216691Schneider, Chas 18yWM
Monroe Street2143   Oct6189116389Schneider, Christian 77yWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov26188915351Schneider, Clara 2yWF
Monroe Street1115   Jun518758974Schneider, Eliza 3mWM
Monroe Street127   Jul1918665556Schneider, Elizabeth 4yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul11189820297Schneider, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street3181   Mar31191225731Schneider, Elizabeth 70yWF
Monroe Street3287   Jan5192528303Schneider, Emil 77yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug5189418178Schneider, Flora 3yWF
Monroe Street425   Mar1193529622Schneider, Fredericka 52yWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct12189116397Schneider, Frieda 13yWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug19189317536Schneider, Geo 19yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug4189418173Schneider, George 66yWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar29189820131Schneider, Gertie 10yWF
Monroe Street175   Jul1218727446Schneider, Gottlieb 8yWM
Monroe Street2257   Oct30189820453Schneider, Harriet 35yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug14188915147Schneider, Hedwig M 2mWF
Monroe Street248   Sep25188412996Schneider, Huge 19dWM
Monroe Street1130   Jul318769520Schneider, Jacob 52yWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan31189216561Schneider, John 58yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul29189418165Schneider, John 61yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul16189719734Schneider, John 69yWM
Monroe Street1180   Nov22188011354Schneider, Kath 38yWF
Monroe Street3231   Jul13191626772Schneider, Lillian 54yWF
Monroe Street3118   Dec28190624302Schneider, Louise 65yWF
Monroe Street1103   Jul1418748530Schneider, M 1yW 
Monroe Street248   Oct9188413011Schneider, Maria Theresa 1yWF
Monroe Street152   Jan1118706522Schneider, Marie 31yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr29190523768Schneider, Martin 77yWF
Monroe Street233   Jul7188312503Schneider, Mary 3mWF
Monroe Street2111   Oct8188915251Schneider, Mary 23yWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr30189719638Schneider, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street3243   Feb23191827122Schneider, Mary 74yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr17190523757Schneider, Michial 64yWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun27190824736Schneider, Regina 55yWF
Monroe Street3269   Dec19192127814Schneider, Rosa 89yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul15190222392Schneider, Rudolph 4mWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec818748743Schneider, Sarah 53yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec26191526650Schneider, Theresa 77yWF
Monroe Street322   Jul31190021418Schneider, Victor 6mWM
Monroe Street3306   Aug31192828862Schneider, Wilhelmina 76yWF
Monroe Street48   Oct15193129232Schneider, William 72yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan11189920578Schneider, Wm 57yWM
Monroe Street232   May12188312441Schneider, Wm A H 1dWM
Monroe Street1121   Oct1018759215Schnell, Augusta 1yWF
Monroe Street1121   Sep2618759188Schnell, Bertha 6yWF
Monroe Street155   Jun2918706649Schnell, Fred 3mWM
Monroe Street3281   Jan17192428146Schnell, Fredericka 78yWF
Monroe Street3102   Aug14190523892Schnell, Frida 40yWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb26188914916Schnell, Henry 49yWM
Monroe Street168   Nov2418717185Schnell, John 1yWM
Monroe Street2176   Sep17189317574Schnell, Lena 21yWF
Monroe Street1121   Sep2618759189Schnell, Maria 4yWF
Monroe Street3276   Mar8192328007Schnening, Elizabeth 80yWF
Monroe Street3276   Feb10192327990Schnening, Joseph 76yWM
Monroe Street3296   Oct1192628577Schnette, Marie 79yWF
Monroe Street3290   Oct24192528409Schnettenberg, Caroline 38yWF
Monroe Street320   May27190021324Schnettenberg, Henry W 10yWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov17189015912Schnettrumph, Selma 1mWF
Monroe Street186   May1818737844Schnider, Bertha 11yWF
Monroe Street3264   Feb9192127677Schnitter, Donald R 4mWM
Monroe Street3297   Dec3192628601Schnittker, Maria A 66yWF
Monroe Street2105   Jun13188915032Schnuhr, Mina 20yWF
Monroe Street380   Dec4190323125Schnur,SB WM
Monroe Street473Mar251949Mar29194930679Schnur, Alfred 58yWM
Monroe Street3179   Jan4191225675Schnur, DoratheaAKA Schuor75yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul20189216824Schnur, Fred 62yWM
Monroe Street3269   Dec2192127803Schnur, John 61yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb4189417794Schnur, Minnie 7mWF
Monroe Street3237   Mar28191726935Schnur, Vannar 22yWM
Monroe Street318   Apr19190021265Schnyder, Elizabeth 59yWF
Monroe Street279   Jul10188714106Schober, Hermania 1yWF
Monroe Street3165   Nov23191025404Schoch, Raymond 2yWM
Monroe Street2184   Feb27189417831Schoch, Sophia 45yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec21190423612Schock,SB WF
Monroe Street393   Dec21190423613Schock,SB WF
Monroe Street2254   Jul31189820331Schock, Paul 15mWM
Monroe Street144   Jan218696202Schoeder, Jacob 54yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun24188412883Schoeder, Lena 72yWF
Monroe Street158   Sep2518706756Schoeflin, Fredrick 42yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug1218769592Schoelka,SB W 
Monroe Street2168   Apr14189317277Schoen, 1mWM
Monroe Street2221   May7189619157Schoen, 4hWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar23189719567Schoen,SB WF
Monroe Street313   Dec28189921074Schoen,SB WM
Monroe Street3150   Aug15190925024Schoen,Baby WM
Monroe Street3159   May4191025231Schoen,SB WM
Monroe Street3233   Nov14191626845Schoen, Barbara 69yWF
Monroe Street487Jan291958Jan30195831024Schoen, Charles 75yWM
Monroe Street421   Jun12193429533Schoen, Emma M 51yWF
Monroe Street2169   May16189317329Schoen, Lillie 14yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr14190322818Schoen, Phil 59yWM
Monroe Street427   Jul31193529671Schoen, Philip 58yWM
Monroe Street3311   Jun26192928980Schoenbeck, Charles 57yWM
Monroe Street3236   Feb17191726905Schoenbeck, Fred'k 74yWM
Monroe Street3313   Dec31192929025Schoenbeck, Marie 76yWF
Monroe Street486Jul191957Jul22195731004Schoenbeck, May E 75yWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul14189518735Schoenbeck, Wm 13yWM
Monroe Street1121   Sep3018759195Schoenberg, Bertha    
Monroe Street372   Jun14190322894Schoenberg, Otto 33yWM
Monroe Street280   Jul24188714133Schoenefeld, Henry 9mWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul20189317452Schoeneman, George 8yWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec15189015941Schoeneman, Minnie 36yWF
Monroe Street428   Nov25193529714Schoenhoff, Emma 39yWF
Monroe Street274   Jan8188713908Scholl, August 4yWM
Monroe Street422   Aug17193429556Scholl, Elizabeth 83yWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug13189116304Scholl, Maria 26yWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan3189618995Scholl, Nettie 2yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar28189417889Scholl, Phillip 3yWM
Monroe Street3105   Nov9190523972Scholl, Phillip 51yWM
Monroe Street455Jun51942Jun8194230274Scholl, Valentine 88yWM
Monroe Street246   Aug26188412956Scholl, Wilhelm 5mWM
Monroe Street2158   Aug29189216933Scholl, Willie 21dWM
Monroe Street167   Sep1218717116Scholly, Sophie Bohl 37yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul3118748564Scholte, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street384   Mar18190423279Scholthas, Henry 74yWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug28189015812Scholthers, Mary 44yWF
Monroe Street2175   Sep6189317557Scholts, August 67yWM
Monroe Street2100   Dec31188814852Scholuirn, 3dWF
Monroe Street226   Nov8188212262Scholvien, Louisa 2y  
Monroe Street170   Feb518727247Scholz, Charles 34yWM
Monroe Street3200   Oct21191326141Schomberg, Fredricka 68yWF
Monroe Street3163   Sep10191025349Schomburg, Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr12188011094Schon, H C F 41yW 
Monroe Street1121   Sep2618759187Schonebeck, Theresia 31yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun23189015698Schonewald, Franz 10yWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar11189417856Schoof, Henry 48yWM
Monroe Street232   May6188312433Schopf, George I 40y  
Monroe Street293   Jul6188814589Schopff, Catharine 74yWF
Monroe Street2203   Feb24189518522Schopff, John 85yWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov1218748718Schorenberg, Bertha 47yWF
Monroe Street2203   Mar7189518541Schornik, Vaclaf 21dWM
Monroe Street2223   Jul4189619235Schorp, Frederick 66yWM
Monroe Street171   Feb1818727258Schoster, Maria Elisa 29yWF
Monroe Street3112   Jun24190624151Schotav, Joseph 6wWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan518779856Schott, A K 71yW 
Monroe Street1167   Aug29187910895Schott, E W 1yW 
Monroe Street146   Apr1818696289Schott, Emily 1yWF
Monroe Street131   Jan618675693Schott, John 64yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan518779857Schowalter, Frank 10yWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan2018779875Schowalter, Mary 13yWF
Monroe Street1137   Dec1118769827Schowalter, Sam 2yW 
Monroe Street2236   Jul2189719707Schraegel, John 1dWM
Monroe Street3178   Dec9191125656Schraegle, John 67yWM
Monroe Street2119   Mar8189015533Schraegle, Margareth 38yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb17188211933Schraff,SB W 
Monroe Street3200   Oct8191326130Schranck, Hattie 1dWF
Monroe Street138   Mar1718685970Schrauf,SB Child of Martin WF
Monroe Street3113   Jul31190624186Schrauf, Carl 6mWM
Monroe Street3264   Mar17192127695Schrauf, Eva 79yWF
Monroe Street2159   Sep21189216966Schrauf, Hazel 3yWF
Monroe Street137   Jan518685926Schrauf, Henry 11mWM
Monroe Street1168   Oct8187910930Schrauf, Lina 2yWF
Monroe Street3211   Sep9191426354Schrauf, Martin 77yWM
Monroe Street199   Feb218748341Schrauf, Mary 1mWF
Monroe Street1169   Dec9187910971Schrauf, Monica 3mW 
Monroe Street2168   Apr12189317274Schrauf, Roy Earl 1yWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec23191225914Schrauf, Russell S 11yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec9188714298Schrauf, Wilhem 4mWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct1191025358Schreder, Henry 3mWM
Monroe Street48   Sep5193129221Schreiber, Dorothy 80yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun23190724462Schreiber, Frank 17yWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr30191927366Schreiber, Louis 72yWM
Monroe Street435   Jul12193729878Schreiber, Robert 32yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug8188111644Schreiber, Sophia 1mWF
Monroe Street412   Aug15193229325Schreiber, Thelma E 22yWF
Monroe Street294   Jul27188814631Schreider, Else Mag'd 7mWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan418758786Schreiner, Wm B 38yWM
Monroe Street236   Oct2188312608Schriber, Bertha 5yWF
Monroe Street328   Dec25190021603Schriefer, Elizabeth 72yWF
Monroe Street254   Apr30188513227Schriefer, Gerhard H 55yWM
Monroe Street1137   Nov2918769804Schriefer, H 13yW 
Monroe Street3253   May10191927373Schriefer, Lottie H M 32yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1018738087Schriefer, Martin 10mWM
Monroe Street4110Sep21972Sep6197231337Schriefer, Mathilda 88y F
Monroe Street2241   Oct11189719867Schriefer, Wm 27yWM
Monroe Street159   Nov818706800Schroapfer, Minna 19dWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr17189417925Schrod, 4dWM
Monroe Street257   Jul21188513332Schroder, Johan 5dWM
Monroe Street367   Mar17190322773Schroder, Johanna 3mWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar29189116068Schrodt, Henry 36yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb7188814390Schroeder,SB WF
Monroe Street2207   May27189518676Schroeder,SB WM
Monroe Street2255   Sep5189820380Schroeder,SB WM
Monroe Street337   Jul5190121883Schroeder, 6mWM
Monroe Street354   Jul14190222389Schroeder, 30hWF
Monroe Street223   Aug6188212156Schroeder, Albert 14d  
Monroe Street2139   Jul24189116261Schroeder, Alvina 8yWF
Monroe Street26   Jun7188111543Schroeder, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec28188915402Schroeder, Anna 63yWF
Monroe Street165   Aug618717050Schroeder, Annie 8mWF
Monroe Street246   Jul28188412925Schroeder, Annie 2yWF
Monroe Street447   Feb19194030100Schroeder, Bertha 68yWF
Monroe Street3173   Jul10191125570Schroeder, Carl 61yWM
Monroe Street3261   Sep13192027608Schroeder, Caroline 64yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug14189719783Schroeder, Carrie 29yWF
Monroe Street1122   Oct1418759219Schroeder, Charles 57yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov8188312663Schroeder, Charles 65yWM
Monroe Street2115   Dec19188915385Schroeder, Chas 41yWM
Monroe Street3195   May21191326040Schroeder, Chas 21yWM
Monroe Street1174   Apr26188011111Schroeder, Christ 4yW 
Monroe Street3201   Nov16191326162Schroeder, Christ J 78yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2718737959Schroeder, Christine 42yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep2190222479Schroeder, Dora 58yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct18187710200Schroeder, Edward 13yWM
Monroe Street281   Aug9188714160Schroeder, Edward 2yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec14189418405Schroeder, Edward 9mWM
Monroe Street349   Mar26190222241Schroeder, Edward 1yWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug1618759128Schroeder, Elisa 1yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug8190021429Schroeder, Elmer 8dWM
Monroe Street280   Jul29188714143Schroeder, Emelia 19yWF
Monroe Street3262   Nov22192027635Schroeder, Emma M 46yWF
Monroe Street3142   Dec8190824851Schroeder, Ernest 71yWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov9189719917Schroeder, Ernie 3mWM
Monroe Street1151   Jan4187810302Schroeder, F WSB W 
Monroe Street2152   Apr21189216697Schroeder, Frank 32yWM
Monroe Street1131   Jul3018769567Schroeder, Fred 9mWM
Monroe Street2239   Aug23189719798Schroeder, Fredericka 67yWF
Monroe Street343   Nov1190122052Schroeder, Friderika 55yWF
Monroe Street2122   May11189015634Schroeder, Frieda 5mWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep29189317597Schroeder, Gottlieb 67yWM
Monroe Street239   Dec27188312702Schroeder, Henrig 19yWM
Monroe Street421   Apr10193429508Schroeder, Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street46   Mar13193129179Schroeder, Henry C 67yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec4189518956Schroeder, Herman 7dWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar20189317238Schroeder, Joachin 70yWM
Monroe Street151   Dec2218696503Schroeder, Johanna J Elizabeth 8yWF
Monroe Street2167   Apr1189317257Schroeder, John 5yWM
Monroe Street3256   Dec5191927465Schroeder, JohnAKA Majewski18yWM
Monroe Street427   Jul25193529669Schroeder, John 76yWM
Monroe Street3190   Dec27191225917Schroeder, Katharine M 62yWF
Monroe Street248   Oct5188413008Schroeder, Kathrina 1yWF
Monroe Street2221   May8189619162Schroeder, L F J 49yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan8190423164Schroeder, Leona 4wWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul19188011220Schroeder, Lillie 4mWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul19188011221Schroeder, Lina 4mWF
Monroe Street1174   May18188011134Schroeder, Louis 2yWM
Monroe Street3145   Mar9190924906Schroeder, Louis H 40yWM
Monroe Street3231   Jul19191626778Schroeder, Ludwig 19yWM
Monroe Street134   Sep618675839Schroeder, Lydia 11mWF
Monroe Street3167   Jan20191125456Schroeder, Maria E 75yWF
Monroe Street3171   May20191125541Schroeder, Marie 85yWF
Monroe Street1122   Oct1918759227Schroeder, Mary 6yWF
Monroe Street2251   May17189820219Schroeder, Mary 77yWF
Monroe Street341   Sep27190122012Schroeder, Mary 26yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov2190222568Schroeder, Mary 74yWF
Monroe Street452   Oct2194130219Schroeder, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street2188   May16189417988Schroeder, Mary E 67yWF
Monroe Street14   Oct1418634644Schroeder, Mary Ellen 6mWF
Monroe Street1168   Dec2187910959Schroeder, Minna 6yWF
Monroe Street3188   Oct10191225863Schroeder, Minnie 87yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar26189417885Schroeder, Otto 17mWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2318738040Schroeder, Otto F 1yWM
Monroe Street2207   May17189518665Schroeder, Paul 34yWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug25189418227Schroeder, Peter 43yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec9190021578Schroeder, Peter 77yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec1018759281Schroeder, Sophia 6mWF
Monroe Street2140   Aug6189116292Schroeder, Walter 3yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul21189619274Schroeder, Willis 16yWM
Monroe Street1151   Feb10187810326Schroeder, Wm 51yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar26188211982Schroeder, Wm 26yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul18190322947Schroeder, Wm 31yWM
Monroe Street147   Jun2718696340Schroeher,Child of M9mWF
Monroe Street271   Oct12188613821Schroth,SB WM
Monroe Street16   Jan1418644726Schrouf,SB Child of Martin WM
Monroe Street2251   May18189820222Schrouf,SB WF
Monroe Street17   Feb1018644747Schrouf, Elizebeth 24yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov2018748730Schrunke,Child of John WF
Monroe Street141   Aug3118686121Schrupf,SB Child of Mr WM
Monroe Street325   Oct17190021521Schryer, John 53yWM
Monroe Street2240   Sep20189719835Schuauffer, Fred 3mWM
Monroe Street394   Jan19190523637Schubarth, Carl 58yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov11187810593Schubel, Frank 2mWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan21189115991Schubert, Baldasey 73yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar7190322744Schubert, Mary 78yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb5189417795Schubring, Clara 8mWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar9189417853Schubring, Cora 3mWF
Monroe Street2251   May16189820217Schubring, Harold 4yWM
Monroe Street256   Jun20188513295Schubring, JuliusSB WM
Monroe Street2214   Nov22189518946Schuchard, Ernst G 19yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep15191326113Schucher, 1hWM
Monroe Street3302   Oct13192728730Schucker, Carrie 61yWF
Monroe Street1137   Nov2218769791Schud, John C 5mWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug2518759144Schudley,SB Child of H C W 
Monroe Street1171   Jan18188011000Schue, Anna S 10dWF
Monroe Street2141   Aug21189116318Schue, Fred 6mWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan22189317140Schue, Henry 43yWM
Monroe Street257   Jul13188513315Schueberge, Barbara 67yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb918769359Schuele, Dorethea 1yWF
Monroe Street376   Aug31190323015Schueler, John 53yWM
Monroe Street232   May12188312444Schueman, Albert 6dWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct1418769719Schuemann, Anna 3yWF
Monroe Street3116   Oct4190624238Schuemeyer, Ernest 50yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct12188915265Schuenbeman, Ida 2yWF
Monroe Street2199   Dec27189418427Schueneman, Edward 5yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan16189317129Schueneman, Fred 61yWM
Monroe Street176   Aug218727491Schuenemann, Charles H 6mWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug218769572Schuenn, Anna L 10mWF
Monroe Street3162   Aug8191025320Schuerger, Elsie 9mWF
Monroe Street1128   May2118769471Schuermann, Fred 10yWM
Monroe Street1129   May2518769474Schuermann, Mary 12yWF
Monroe Street422   Aug27193429561Schuermeier, Anna 77yWF
Monroe Street3132   Feb23190824642Schuermeyer, Anna M 79yWF
Monroe Street319   May2190021296Schuermeyer, Casper H 83yWM
Monroe Street147   Jul1418696357Schuermeyer, Gustav 4mWM
Monroe Street485Aug11956Aug4195630973Schuermeyer, Lena 77yWF
Monroe Street128   Sep218665598Schuermeyer, Maria L 1yWF
Monroe Street3286   Nov19192428288Schuermeyer, Mary 62yWF
Monroe Street3245   Jun12191827187Schuermeyer, Rose A 25yWF
Monroe Street210   Aug31188111690Schuessler, John 67yWM
Monroe Street4101May151967May17196731263Schuette, Anna 93yWF
Monroe Street3263   Jan28192127669Schuette, Gerhard 78yWM
Monroe Street243   May14188412842Schuette, Mary C 41yWF
Monroe Street3166   Dec30191025444Schuette, RaymerSB WM
Monroe Street3174   Aug2191125584Schuette, Roy J 7mWM
Monroe Street396   Mar3190523696Schuette, Ruth 3wWF
Monroe Street150   Nov2218696480Schuettenberg,SB WM
Monroe Street145   Feb1618696243Schuettenberg, Anna M C 6yWF
Monroe Street3202   Dec5191326173Schuettenberg, Clara 69yWF
Monroe Street3294   Jun28192628547Schuettenberg, Henry 73yWM
Monroe Street3292   Jan14192628450Schuettenberg, Maria E 86yWF
Monroe Street138   Mar2418685972Schuettenburg, Dorothea E 1yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep26189015849Schuettoump, Agatha 36yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb19188211935Schuetz, Albert 2yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug17189216906Schuetzow, Emil 8yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul13190322935Schuetzow, Karl 86yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep20189216963Schuffer, Lizzie 30yWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec3118769852Schuffler, May 1yWF
Monroe Street1130   Jul2218769547Schuhemann, Adam 51yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2518655316Schuhmacher, George L 6mWM
Monroe Street123   Nov1418655397Schuhmacher, Margaret    
Monroe Street1156   Aug31187810508Schulasker, Christ 70yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov2118738218Schuld,SB Child of W 
Monroe Street3215   Jan8191526428Schuldt, Adam 24dWM
Monroe Street3163   Sep26191025356Schuldt, Frank 20yWM
Monroe Street337   Jul16190121906Schuldt, Friderika 67yWF
Monroe Street368   Mar30190322793Schuldt, John F 69yWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1618769776Schuler,SB W 
Monroe Street1141   Apr1118779972Schuler, Charles 9yWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug2118759138Schuler, Fred Oscar 11mWM
Monroe Street249   Oct24188413030Schull, Eliese 4yWF
Monroe Street180   Nov918727643Schulle, Fred 42yWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep11189518844Schuller, Mary E 6mWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul18189418131Schuller, Rudolph 2yWM
Monroe Street221   Jun1188212083Schullman, Maria 34y  
Monroe Street227   Nov27188212290Schullmann, Annie 8m  
Monroe Street1140   Mar618779923Schulmann, Lydia 8yWF
Monroe Street3162   Aug30191025340Schult, Frederick 46yWM
Monroe Street3310   Apr15192928963Schult, Minnie 64yWF
Monroe Street454Jan301942Feb2194230247Schulte, Clara 75yWF
Monroe Street3219   May10191526528Schulte, Elenor 80yWF
Monroe Street244   Jun10188412866Schulte, Elizabeth 58yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul13190523857Schulte, Ernst H 75yWM
Monroe Street464Feb181945Feb21194530474Schulte, Fred J 45yWM
Monroe Street233   Jul5188312501Schulte, Henry 21yWM
Monroe Street1179   Nov2188011337Schulte, Ludwig 51yWM
Monroe Street3183   May26191225778Schulte, Marie E 41yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct21188312630Schultenberg, Casper H 6yWM
Monroe Street179   Sep2618727598Schultheiss, George 13yWM
Monroe Street196   Dec518738242Schultz,SB Child of Fr W 
Monroe Street377   Sep18190323041Schultz, 1mWM
Monroe Street386   May16190423349Schultz,SB WM
Monroe Street3215   Jan4191526425Schultz, Adam 67yWM
Monroe Street2214   Nov8189518929Schultz, Adolph 33yWM
Monroe Street4101Jan51967Jan7196731256Schultz, Anna C 87yWF
Monroe Street38   Jul27189920878Schultz, Anna E 75yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun2218769508Schultz, August 1yWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun24190624152Schultz, August 75yWM
Monroe Street3264   Mar23192127699Schultz, August 96yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb11189216586Schultz, Auguste 4yWF
Monroe Street144   Jan1018696207Schultz, Carl 9mWM
Monroe Street3205   Mar6191426235Schultz, Carl 74yWM
Monroe Street3210   Aug24191426345Schultz, Carl 2yWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec7189015932Schultz, Caroline 19mWF
Monroe Street2148   Feb5189216571Schultz, Charles 17yWM
Monroe Street3236   Mar16191726922Schultz, Chas F 46yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul15190322943Schultz, Chatharine 69yWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug11189518780Schultz, Clarence 3mWM
Monroe Street477Oct101950Oct12195030768Schultz, Edward 72yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb19190222202Schultz, Elizabeth 39yWF
Monroe Street128   Sep1318665610Schultz, Emil 1yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul13189619255Schultz, Emil 4mWM
Monroe Street398   Apr6190523744Schultz, Emil 14yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep22188915213Schultz, Emma 12yWF
Monroe Street2225   Aug4189619293Schultz, Emma 5mWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar26189518573Schultz, Fred 39yWM
Monroe Street478Apr51951Apr9195130794Schultz, Fred J 83yWM
Monroe Street484Dec31955Dec7195530954Schultz, Genevieve 64yWF
Monroe Street475Sep261949Sep30194930708Schultz, George M 72yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov14190624269Schultz, Harold 3yWM
Monroe Street2156   Jul26189216849Schultz, Harry C W 6mWM
Monroe Street341   Aug3190121989Schultz, Henry 49yWM
Monroe Street47   May29193129200Schultz, HenryJr39yWM
Monroe Street260   Oct13188513452Schultz, Herman 2yWM
Monroe Street421   Apr28193429515Schultz, Jacob 68yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan20189619017Schultz, Johanna 31yWF
Monroe Street113   Aug2618644985Schultz, John 7yWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb15189820049Schultz, John 87yWM
Monroe Street374   Jul28190322961Schultz, John 83yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr6190222255Schultz, Lena 25yWF
Monroe Street3203   Jan3191426194Schultz, Louise 66yWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr13189518605Schultz, M 14wWF
Monroe Street421   Apr2193429506Schultz, Maria 86yWF
Monroe Street292   Jun18188814565Schultz, Mary 62yWF
Monroe Street3231   Jul26191626780Schultz, Mary 50yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct418675862Schultz, Mina Cath 11mWF
Monroe Street346   Jan13190222144Schultz, Minnie 7wWF
Monroe Street3207   May9191426280Schultz, Minnie 77yWF
Monroe Street475Aug301949Nov2194930714Schultz, Minnie 85yWF
Monroe Street3243   Mar11191827131Schultz, Sophia 69yWF
Monroe Street483Oct11954Oct4195430912Schultz, Sophia 1yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar3189719542Schultz, Wilhelmina 64yWF
Monroe Street3104   Oct23190523953Schultz, Wilhelmina 77yWF
Monroe Street410   Mar1193229277Schultz, William A 84yWM
Monroe Street426   Apr12193529640Schultz, William A 65yWM
Monroe Street2115   Dec26188915395Schultz, Wm 74yWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct27189719894Schultz, Wm 50yWM
Monroe Street3183   May27191225780Schultz, Wm E 3dWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep2191326108Schultz, Wm J 43yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov15187810598Schulz, 4dW 
Monroe Street1163   May3187910753Schulz,Child   
Monroe Street1167   Sep8187910904Schulz,1 of 2 children W 
Monroe Street1167   Sep8187910904Schulz,2 of 2 children W 
Monroe Street212   Oct29188111780Schulz, 4yW 
Monroe Street227   Dec9188212303Schulz,SB  F
Monroe Street241   Mar4188412754Schulz,SB WM
Monroe Street284   Nov14188714270Schulz,SB WF
Monroe Street2154   Jun13189216777Schulz,SB WF
Monroe Street3221   Jul28191526560Schulz,SB WM
Monroe Street2236   Jun5189719678Schulz, Albert 2wWM
Monroe Street34   Apr21189920752Schulz, Alex 15mWM
Monroe Street344   Dec1190122084Schulz, Amelia E 27yWF
Monroe Street179   Sep3018727604Schulz, AnnaSB WF
Monroe Street1114   Apr1218758918Schulz, Anna 3dWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb5187910662Schulz, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street229   Jan10188312334Schulz, Carl 8m M
Monroe Street280   Jul17188714118Schulz, Carl 42yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec19189317731Schulz, Cathrina 43yWF
Monroe Street255   May13188513251Schulz, Daniel 88yWM
Monroe Street23   Mar4188111447Schulz, Emma 2yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul11189015729Schulz, Ernst 9mWM
Monroe Street3220   Jun3191526541Schulz, Evelyn 9yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov14187710240Schulz, F 5yW 
Monroe Street171   Feb2118727266Schulz, Fred 19y M
Monroe Street2190   Jun16189418056Schulz, Fred 14dWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug6188915123Schulz, Friedr 7mWM
Monroe Street279   Jul7188714102Schulz, Grethan 11yWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep27187910921Schulz, Hanna 29yWF
Monroe Street478Feb131951Feb16195130784Schulz, Henry 80yWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul15189418121Schulz, Hulda 9yWF
Monroe Street2148   Jan26189216552Schulz, Joachin 86yWM
Monroe Street3176   Oct27191125628Schulz, John M 62yWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar29189317255Schulz, Louis 5mWM
Monroe Street416   Jun27193329416Schulz, Margaret 62yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul12190523853Schulz, Maria 10yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul30190523877Schulz, Maria 64yWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb12187910667Schulz, Minna 7yWF
Monroe Street2208   Jun30189518711Schulz, Otto 11dWM
Monroe Street248   Oct17188413017Schulz, Pauliene 1yWF
Monroe Street1179   Oct31188011335Schulz, Sophie 50yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr28190121775Schulz, Sophie 90yWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov20189719929Schulz, Wm 12mWM
Monroe Street1169   Dec24187910985Schulze, 1mW 
Monroe Street1169   Dec8187910968Schulze, Aug F  W 
Monroe Street1128   Apr2718769450Schulze, Liza 2yWF
Monroe Street177   Aug718727500Schulze, Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street2211   Sep2189518823Schumacher,SB WF
Monroe Street337   Jul12190121899Schumacher, 2dWM
Monroe Street3231   Jul17191626776Schumacher,SB WM
Monroe Street312   Nov16189921020Schumacher, Augusta 1dWF
Monroe Street2211   Sep2189518824Schumacher, Carl F P 10mWM
Monroe Street3216   Feb7191526452Schumacher, Catharine 88yWF
Monroe Street155   Jun2518706647Schumacher, Christian 45yWM
Monroe Street3310   Apr29192928964Schumacher, Earl J 2yWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul3190824743Schumacher, Erma 18yWF
Monroe Street469Aug41947Aug7194730578Schumacher, Fredericka 89yWF
Monroe Street3190   Dec12191225906Schumacher, Fredrich 52yWM
Monroe Street350   Apr15190222270Schumacher, Jacob 74yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov15190824837Schumacher, John 51yWM
Monroe Street244   May27188412851Schumacher, John J O 15dWM
Monroe Street437   Dec22193729910Schumacher, Magdalena C 77yWF
Monroe Street3123   May14190724435Schumacher, Wm 44yWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun12189015683Schumaker,SB WM
Monroe Street2137   Jun4189116186Schumaker,SB WM
Monroe Street2162   Dec17189217088Schumaker,Baby WM
Monroe Street2182   Jan22189417783Schumaker,SB WF
Monroe Street2160   Oct14189216991Schumaker, Elmer 1mWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun1189015669Schumaker, Rose 28yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr13190222266Schumaker, Winnie 4yWF
Monroe Street118   Mar2218655188Schuman,Child of A1mWF
Monroe Street2154   Jun19189216785Schumann, Fred 18yWM
Monroe Street2214   Nov9189518931Schumann, Fred 49yWM
Monroe Street136   Dec218675907Schumann, Kate 21dWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun10189317373Schumann, Nicholes A 35yWM
Monroe Street3238   Jun4191726971Schumm, Alma 31yWF
Monroe Street3253   May21191927379Schumm, Paul E 6yWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul10187910826Schumpf, C 5mW 
Monroe Street2133   Mar1189116035Schuneman, William F 29yWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun5188011149Schunemann, Bertha 9yWF
Monroe Street261   Oct28188513464Schuning, Augusta 14yWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan4191225675Schuor, DoratheaAKA Schnur75yWF
Monroe Street3265   Apr21192127714Schupkegel,Baby WM
Monroe Street1155   Jul25187810470Schupp, J F 11mW 
Monroe Street2254   Aug23189820362Schupsky, 20dWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep11189619344Schur, 6wWF
Monroe Street2133   Mar1189116034Schurk,Baby WM
Monroe Street2258   Nov27189820499Schurk, 1hWF
Monroe Street229   Jan30188312352Schurk, Amalia 19y F
Monroe Street310   Sep30189920961Schurk, Emma 23yWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul21190624176Schurk, Fredirich 70yWM
Monroe Street144   Feb1418696239Schurk, Fritz 1yWM
Monroe Street211   Oct9188111750Schurk, John 6yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan13188914865Schurk, John 47yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar13190523716Schurk, Lizzie 27yWF
Monroe Street438   Feb3193829918Schurk, Rickey 64yWF
Monroe Street3109   Mar9190624061Schurk, Ruth 6yWF
Monroe Street3302   Dec23192728755Schurk, Sophia 80yWF
Monroe Street481Jan291953Feb2195330856Schurk, Sophia 81yWF
Monroe Street3304   Mar15192828793Schurk, Sophia F 86yWF
Monroe Street1151   Feb17187810333Schurke, John 4dWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2718738051Schurke, Mary 7mWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb2188914895Schurman, Wilhemina 58yWF
Monroe Street453   Dec27194130231Schurndt, Henry 61yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul21187710066Schurr, Corn 42yW 
Monroe Street320   May29190021327Schurr, Henry 22yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun28189820282Schuscha,SB WM
Monroe Street268   Jul28188613710Schusenberg, Casper 51yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug218769571Schushert, Helen 1yWF
Monroe Street1152   Mar15187810354Schussler, Kath 79yWF
Monroe Street170   Feb118727243Schuster,SB Child of Henry WM
Monroe Street1176   Jul23188011225Schuster, BagSB W 
Monroe Street394   Jan31190523651Schuster, Carl 61yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep2190121987Schuster, Catharine 54yWF
Monroe Street2239   Aug31189719809Schuster, Eleonora 74yWF
Monroe Street3300   Jun28192728687Schuster, Ernest 84yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb5191927305Schuster, Geo 42yWM
Monroe Street3207   May23191426295Schuster, George W 43yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar2189920680Schuster, Henry 52yWM
Monroe Street246   Aug13188412942Schuster, Kathrine 33yWF
Monroe Street1142   May27187710012Schuster, Louise 23yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan29191726888Schuster, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug1191326084Schuster, Viola Gairing 31yWF
Monroe Street184   Feb2718737760Schuster, Willy 10mWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr14189216688Schuthelm, Frederika 52yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb9189518493Schuthelm, George 8mWM
Monroe Street3164   Oct31191025384Schuthelm, Henry 73yWM
Monroe Street234   Aug3188312534Schuts,SB W 
Monroe Street287   Feb13188814399Schutt,SB WM
Monroe Street180   Nov1118727647Schutt, GustavSB WM
Monroe Street2215   Dec18189518975Schutt, Joseph 18yWM
Monroe Street412   Jun17193229312Schutt, Sarah 66yWF
Monroe Street1155   Jul25187810471Schutte, 6yW 
Monroe Street131   Jan2118675701Schutte, Anna L 10mWF
Monroe Street122   Sep2418655356Schutte, Emilie 6mWF
Monroe Street172   Apr418727324Schutte, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street1166   Jul22187910846Schuttenberg, Aug F 8mW 
Monroe Street2148   Feb3189216568Schuttenberg, Cathriene Elsbein 72yWF
Monroe Street1131   Aug418769578Schuttenberg, Clara 2yWF
Monroe Street218   Mar24188211981Schuttenberg, D M 1yW 
Monroe Street1155   Aug16187810496Schuttenberg, E F 6yW 
Monroe Street1105   Aug2118748600Schuttenberg, Ernst 1mWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug26189418228Schuttenberg, Ernst 21yWM
Monroe Street1178   Aug27188011270Schuttenberg, Ernst H 74yWM
Monroe Street477Jun171950Jun22195030759Schuttenberg, Lydia C 71yWF
Monroe Street1155   Aug8187810487Schuttenberg, Mary 8yWF
Monroe Street4105Oct301969Nov3196931304Schuttenberg, Theodore 88y M
Monroe Street183   Jan2618737733ASchuttinger, John 27yW 
Monroe Street350   Apr17190222277Schuur, Sophie 89yWF
Monroe Street2189   Jun10189418043Schvorak, Adolph 3yWM
Monroe Street1168   Oct9187910934Schwab,Child of David W 
Monroe Street196   Nov3018738234Schwab, Charles 66yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul2218737937Schwab, Dan 8mWM
Monroe Street150   Nov2118696478Schwab, Elisa 7dWF
Monroe Street1121   Oct518759204Schwab, Elisab 6yWF
Monroe Street141   Aug1918686094Schwab, George S 3mWM
Monroe Street2165   Jan29189317153Schwab, Henry 64yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar15191125500Schwab, Jacob 67yWM
Monroe Street1155   Aug3187810483Schwab, Minna 3mWF
Monroe Street3255   Oct30191927435Schwachenwalde, Carl 66yWM
Monroe Street3254   Aug8191927414Schwachenwalde, Wilhelmina 70yWF
Monroe Street261   Nov1188513468Schwam, A 8dWM
Monroe Street431   Jun19193629775Schwan, Amanda M 78yWF
Monroe Street476Apr11950Apr4195030744Schwan, Andrew 92yWM
Monroe Street2166   Mar5189317213Schwan, Anna 15yWF
Monroe Street337   Jul2190121876Schwan, Chas 10mWM
Monroe Street240   Jan28188412725Schwan, Cora A 8mWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov4188915310Schwan, Eleanora 6wWF
Monroe Street247   Sep24188412992Schwan, Fr 59yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan11192928917Schwan, Henry G 72yWM
Monroe Street3297   Dec20192628606Schwan, Kate 73yWF
Monroe Street3169   Mar27191125509Schwan, Margarethe 82yWF
Monroe Street3113   Jul2190624159Schwan, Maria 77yWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb19189719524Schwan, Mary 31yWF
Monroe Street2137   May24189116173Schwan, Pearly  WF
Monroe Street2245   Jan24189820017Schwan, Wilhelmina 67yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct31188312648Schwand, Paulina 9yWF
Monroe Street3231   Aug9191626786Schwandt, Anna M 33yWF
Monroe Street431   Jul7193629778Schwandt, Frederick C 49yWM
Monroe Street2223   Jun30189619224Schwandt, Frieda 20yWF
Monroe Street125   Feb218665455Schwarm,SB child of Conr WM
Monroe Street1164   Jun12187910793Schwarnn, Jacob 4dWM
Monroe Street2140   Jul28189116271Schwartz, Anie 2yWF
Monroe Street39   Sep4189920928Schwartz, Augusta 23yWF
Monroe Street353   Jun1190222328Schwartz, Joachin 81yWM
Monroe Street2256   Sep29189820411Schwartz, John 56yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul14190322938Schwartz, John J 84yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb21189216599Schwartz, Maria 65yWF
Monroe Street2229   Dec19189619448Schwartz, Mila A 18yWF
Monroe Street194   Oct1818738166Schwartz, Robert 19yWM
Monroe Street2206   May14189518657Schwarz,SB WF
Monroe Street3216   Feb3191526449Schwarz,Baby WF
Monroe Street2243   Dec12189719958Schwarz, Caroline 43yWF
Monroe Street2202   Feb5189518485Schwarz, Chas 4yWM
Monroe Street465May111945May14194530495Schwarz, Lillie J 60yWF
Monroe Street3221   Aug16191526574Schwarz, Margret 89yWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug12189418195Schwarz, Otto 2dWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb5189518486Schwarz, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street140   Jul3018686071Schwarzenberg, Louis 8mWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep29189216976Schwarzer, Ernest 2yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul23189418144Schwarzer, Selma 6mWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep18188011295Schwarzkopf,Child of Henry WM
Monroe Street2180   Dec18189317730Schwarzkopf, Henry 53yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar24190021213Schwarzman, Helena 13dWF
Monroe Street3135   May25190824714Schwebka, John 76yWM
Monroe Street3252   Apr17191927356Schwebke, Caroline 84yWF
Monroe Street468Nov91946Nov12194630558Schwebke, Henry 69yWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep2189820374Schweiger,Baby WF
Monroe Street3137   Jul25190824756Schweiger, 5dWM
Monroe Street3296   Nov6192628591Schweiger, George 87yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep8190323021Schweiger, M A 56yWF
Monroe Street289   Mar22188814448Schweigert, Lottie M 3yWF
Monroe Street3234   Dec26191626859Schweikert, Jacob J 55yWM
Monroe Street3294   May25192628533Schweikert, Mary 66yWF
Monroe Street3260   Jun22192027576Schweitzer, CarlCapt23yWM
Monroe Street3270   Feb25192227840Schweitzer, Dorothy S 8yWF
Monroe Street486Feb21957Feb13195730991Schweitzer, Fred 71yWM
Monroe Street395   Feb11190523666Schweitzer, Fredrich 34yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul1118737908Schweitzer, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb24191626706Schweitzer, Jacob 65yWM
Monroe Street4108Jun191971Jun26197131318Schweitzer, Louise   F
Monroe Street1157   Oct20187810573Schweitzer, Nic 58yW 
Monroe Street433   Nov20193629817Schweizer, Barbara 77yWF
Monroe Street3254   Jul21191927405Schweizer, Christeen 69yWF
Monroe Street469Jul301947Aug2194730577Schweizer, John 95yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug15188111662Schwerin, Fred 64yWM
Monroe Street2170   Jun2189317357Schwerin, Minnie 78yWF
Monroe Street3128   Oct18190724538Schwersow, Ida 57yWF
Monroe Street2188   May20189417992Schwetzel, Walther 2yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec15189719965Schwieman, Bertha 7yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep27189820407Schwieman, Carl 5yWM
Monroe Street324   Sep4190021471Schwieman, Frank 8mWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar8192628480Schwiesow, August 75yWM
Monroe Street399   May9190523780Schwiesow, Henry 31yWM
Monroe Street2256   Oct17189820433Schwind, Catherine 64yWF
Monroe Street2238   Jul31189719757Schwind, Erwin W 5mWM
Monroe Street249   Nov23188413056Schwind, Flora 9mWF
Monroe Street344   Dec26190122121Schwind, John F 69yWM
Monroe Street3129   Nov6190724551Schwind, John G 30yWM
Monroe Street3283   May10192428209Schwind, Joseph 53yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct16188613825Schwind, Lory 14mWF
Monroe Street387   Jun22190423386Schwindt, Chas 50yWM
Monroe Street492Mar281962Mar31196231134Schwindth, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul21189317455Schwinhard, 7mWF
Monroe Street217   Feb2188211915Schworm, Frank 39yWM
Monroe Street3246   Aug31191827214Schworm, Wilhelminia 69yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep1818717125Schylander, John 11yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug1518717067Schyllander, Charley John 11yWM
Monroe Street1153   May24187810404Scipper, M A 62yW 
Monroe Street361   Nov18190222587Sckinaman,Baby WM
Monroe Street114   Oct918645047Scotlund, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street1168   Nov30187910957Scott,SB W 
Monroe Street2138   Jun12189116190Scott,SB WM
Monroe Street2207   May15189518658Scott,SB WM
Monroe Street3277   May26192328040Scott,SB WF
Monroe Street4105Dec161968Mar13196931296Scott, Blanche E   F
Monroe Street464Feb121945Feb16194530472Scott, Edmond King 23yWM
Monroe Street3312   Sep12192929001Scott, Fred Elimb of W 
Monroe Street2186   Apr8189417911Scott, Jenny 2yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov2189015894Scott, Mary A E 58yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug23187710127Scott, Minnie 11yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec24188111859Scott, Pattie 5yW 
Monroe Street217   Feb23188211943Scott, Robert 4yWM
Monroe Street3270   Mar22192227858Scott, Vivian 4dWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr20189518618Scott, W B 65yWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar26189518575Scott, W C 35yWM
Monroe Street1143   Jun11187710024Scott, Walter 16yWM
Monroe Street385   Apr18190423312Scott, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street120   Jul718655267Scovill, Olive Cary 3dWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug3189719763Scovill, Ruth 2mWF
Monroe Street323   Aug7190021427Scoville, Chas 6dWM
Monroe Street173   Apr2518727350Scoville, Maggie 7mWF
Monroe Street465Sep121945Sep15194530514Scrbon, Joseph 67yWM
Monroe Street135   Oct2418675879Scriver, Gerhard 1yWM
Monroe Street3272   Jul11192227898Scully, Iva G 38yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun10189820262Seaferd, Kate 40yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr15189015594Seafred, Laura 3yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan9190322659Seager, Allen J 11dWM
Monroe Street320   May26190021321Seager, Esther R 3yWF
Monroe Street287   Feb19188814405Seager, Flora 8mWF
Monroe Street296   Sep9188814709Seager, Maximillan 48yWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar20189719563Sealts, Lucy 62yWF
Monroe Street270   Sep27188613794Seanes, Ellen 34yWF
Monroe Street125   Mar1218665476Searles,Child of Mrs1yW 
Monroe Street432   Oct14193629809Searles, Alice 59yWF
Monroe Street3248   Dec10191827260Searles, Anna 40yWF
Monroe Street339   Aug20190121967Searles, Bertie G 1yWM
Monroe Street3264   Feb23192127684Searles, Chas A 45yWM
Monroe Street3248   Dec10191827262Searles, Edward 19yWM
Monroe Street261   Nov23188513491Searles, F MRev45y M
Monroe Street3248   Dec10191827261Searles, Glenn 14yWM
Monroe Street3265   May9192127722Searles, Irene 63yWF
Monroe Street259   Aug16188513392Sears, Clara 10yWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr29189719637Sears, Geo 26yWM
Monroe Street3211   Sep17191426357Sears, Gilmore 1yWM
Monroe Street2219   Apr2189619101Seaver, Geo L 6wWM
Monroe Street2197   Nov4189418347Sebeda,SB WM
Monroe Street2241   Oct18189719879Sebek, 7dWM
Monroe Street2255   Aug25189820366Sebek,SB WM
Monroe Street331   Mar3190121684Sechler, Jos H 17mWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov1191025387Seckel, Elizebeth 80yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr18190724402Seckel, Karl 79yWM
Monroe Street122   Sep1318655337Seckler, Maria M 72yWF
Monroe Street352   May12190222304Sedaker, David 67yWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr11190624086Sedlay, 18mWM
Monroe Street369   Apr17190322821Sedley, Frank 5yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan22188211894Seebach, Emilie 1yWF
Monroe Street368   Mar30190322794Seeberg, Carl 21yWM
Monroe Street2224   Jul11189619252Seeds, Thos A 47yWM
Monroe Street145   Feb2518696247Seeger,SB Child of Max W 
Monroe Street2232   Mar16189719555Seeger, Barbara 68yWF
Monroe Street131   Jan2718675708Seeger, Charles T 21yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar27190423280Seeger, J W 73yWM
Monroe Street3286   Oct25192428277Seeger, John 54yWM
Monroe Street125   Feb2518665470Seeger, Louisa W 28yWF
Monroe Street18   Mar3118644805Seeger, Sophia 6yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr9190121745Seegert, Marthaor Siegert14mWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct26187710212Seeholzer, Emma 4mWF
Monroe Street327   Dec3190021570Seek, Christina 69yWF
Monroe Street464Apr11945Apr4194530482Seekins, Horace 79yWM
Monroe Street278   Jun14188714067Seekow, 3dWF
Monroe Street117   Feb1918655157Seelbach, Emmy 5yWF
Monroe Street211   Sep15188111718Seelmeyer, Emil 1yWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr16191225751Seelmeyer, Gottfried H 70yWM
Monroe Street417   Jul10193329422Seelmeyer, Gustave 58yWM
Monroe Street3300   Jul15192728696Seelmeyer, Mary 85yWF
Monroe Street3241   Dec26191727077Seelmeyer, Wilhelmina 72yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep11188312583Seelmyer, E F 3mWF
Monroe Street246   Jul24188412922Seely,SB WM
Monroe Street410   Jan20193229255Seeman, Sheldon 2mWM
Monroe Street3191   Jan23191325937Sefer, G A 5dWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec918748745Seffell, Richard 8yWM
Monroe Street131   Jan618675692Seffers,Mrs34yWF
Monroe Street2205   Apr14189518606Seghar, Joseph 28yWM
Monroe Street19   May118644833Seglon, Jacob 35yWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct31188915296Seibel, Valentine 4yWM
Monroe Street2173   Jul28189317477Seiberd, Edward 6mWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct1818748687Seibert, Adolph  W 
Monroe Street364   Jan15190322671Seibert, Carl 6mWM
Monroe Street165   Jul3118717043Seibert, Chris 25yWM
Monroe Street240   Feb12188412736Seibig, Maria D 30yWF
Monroe Street3213   Nov23191426402Seidel, Eva 67yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep14188312588Seidel, Herman 41yW 
Monroe Street214   Dec11188111845Seidel, J 3yW 
Monroe Street213   Nov24188111817Seidel, Walter 1yWM
Monroe Street159   Nov1018706802Seider, Mary 49yWF
Monroe Street3127   Sep10190724509Seidman,Baby WM
Monroe Street52   Nov3197531378Seidowski, Patrick   M
Monroe Street4103Oct61968Oct10196831287Seidowsky, E Darlene 7yWF
Monroe Street456Aug151942Aug17194230298Seidowsky, MargaretSB WF
Monroe Street48   Sep15193129226Seidwoski, Otto 61yWM
Monroe Street280   Aug1188714149Seifert, 8mWM
Monroe Street289   Apr13188814476Seifert,SB WF
Monroe Street2145   Dec8189116476Seifert, Chas 6yWM
Monroe Street235   Aug29188312567Seifert, Emma 2mWF
Monroe Street2146   Dec20189116489Seifert, Emma 7mWF
Monroe Street165   Jul2218717030Seifried,Child of Benhard5dWM
Monroe Street197   Dec1818738264Seifried, George 56yWM
Monroe Street1140   Feb1818779904Seifried, Helene 1mWF
Monroe Street184   Mar2118737775Seifried, Katharina 48yWF
Monroe Street1179   Oct10188011309Seifried, Robert 5yWM
Monroe Street1124   Dec2918759307Seifried, Sophie 3yWF
Monroe Street1161   Jan20187910652Seifried, Wm  WM
Monroe Street2219   Mar18189619088Seigler, Bertha 6wWF
Monroe Street391   Oct12190423535Seiler, Edward 65yWM
Monroe Street3232   Sep9191626801Seiler, Kath 72yWF
Monroe Street157   Sep1018706734Seiphleim,Child of Charles1dWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul9190523850Seiser, Geo 69yWM
Monroe Street3177   Nov7191125635Seiser, Louise 74yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan28190423188Seiser, Lucy 26yWF
Monroe Street146   Apr818696283Seiser, Rosa 2yWF
Monroe Street3236   Feb9191726900Seitz, Charles 70yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jul5189719711Seitz, Geo 6mWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar10190824654Seitz, Mary 37yWF
Monroe Street454Jan201942Jan23194230242Seitz, Susan 10mWF
Monroe Street379   Nov17190323098Seitzer, Joseph 36yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec1189719942Sekat, Anna 28yWF
Monroe Street373   Jul1190322912Sekins, Alonzo 60yWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun9189418042Sekins, Blanch 20yWF
Monroe Street41   Feb10193029047Sekins, Elmira 80yWF
Monroe Street2143   Sep30189116381Sekins, Hugh 20yWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul13189418113Sekins, Maud L 17yWF
Monroe Street278   May24188714048Sekins, Wm 19yWM
Monroe Street129   Oct618665624Selbach,SB WF
Monroe Street291   May19188814529Selbach, Peter 6mWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar1418758884Selbash, NSB W 
Monroe Street415   Apr17193329391Selby, June 2yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov418748710Seldon, Rub C 68yW 
Monroe Street2157   Aug10189216883Sell, Elsie 2yWF
Monroe Street320   May25190021320Sell, Jacob 70yWM
Monroe Street115   Nov2918645085Sell, John F 1yWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr13191025220Sell, Marie 70yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan1188814333Sell, Martha 2yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul23189820316Sell, Mildred 3yWF
Monroe Street245   Jul14188412908Sell, Sophia H 22yWF
Monroe Street120   Jul2718655283Sell, William 8mWM
Monroe Street3156   Feb1191025143Selli,SB WF
Monroe Street249   Nov23188413057Sells, Arthur 3mWM
Monroe Street1152   Mar28187810364Sells, John 59yWM
Monroe Street290   May1188814503Selmeier, Mary 7yWF
Monroe Street313   Dec23189921069Seltsam, Elizabeth 80yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec13190423597Seltsam, Michial 82yWM
Monroe Street2205   Apr12189518602Seltzer, Bessie 6yWF
Monroe Street489Apr171960Apr19196031083Seltzer, Raymond 75yWM
Monroe Street448   Jun3194030123Seltzer, Stella 55yWF
Monroe Street17   Feb618644744Selzburger, Margret 1yWF
Monroe Street2146   Dec16189116483Selzer, Christ  WM
Monroe Street356   Aug16190222447Selzer, John 33yWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar3189417839Semann, Paul 11yWM
Monroe Street155   Jul1618706662Semke, Auguste 3mWF
Monroe Street124   Jan1818665447Sender, Francis Sara 1mWF
Monroe Street499Jun71966Jun10196631246Senft, Emil 87yWM
Monroe Street480Aug51952Aug8195230837Senft, Emma 65yWF
Monroe Street197   Dec1918738265Senghas, Kath K 46yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul4190222373Senz, Elizabeth 8mWF
Monroe Street481Apr61953Apr9195330866Seres, Charles 77yWM
Monroe Street448   Aug12194030138Seres, Joseph 31yWM
Monroe Street459Aug81943Aug11194330373Seres, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street293   Jul11188814597Serferts, George 4mWM
Monroe Street2208   Jul8189518723Serles, 5dWF
Monroe Street1144   Jul26187710075Serrett, 56yW 
Monroe Street296   Sep22188814736Seruise, John 39yWM
Monroe Street137   Feb2118685953Service, Thomas 1yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul11189719723Setny, Frances 9mWF
Monroe Street2233   Apr4189719592Setny, Frank 23yWM
Monroe Street134   Sep618675840Seubert, William 1yW 
Monroe Street140   Aug118686075Seuel, Cecelia 70yWF
Monroe Street239   Dec22188312695Seuk, Geo 5mWM
Monroe Street129   Nov718665649Sevel, Cacilia 30yWF
Monroe Street2158   Sep5189216944Severence, Else 4mWF
Monroe Street314   Jan24190021117Severson,SB WM
Monroe Street259   Aug23188513403Sevranz, Dora 65yWF
Monroe Street2246   Feb5189820036Seward, Helen M 75yWF
Monroe Street430   Jan29193629736Sewell, Alonzo 59yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun17189418058Sexaner, Carl 8yWM
Monroe Street18   Apr118644807Sexton, E N 68yWF
Monroe Street2169   Apr25189317309Seyhak,SB WF
Monroe Street2203   Feb28189518528Seyhak, Joseph 7dWM
Monroe Street2203   Mar5189518538Seyhak, Julia 20dWF
Monroe Street323   Aug19190021448Seymones, John 1dWM
Monroe Street19   May1218644841Seymore, Catherine 2mWF
Monroe Street214   Dec13188111848Seymour,child of B   
Monroe Street258   Aug9188513374Seymour, Arden 56yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan22188914877Seymour, Belden 62yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep1818769668Seymour, Kathie 6yWF
Monroe Street133   Jun718675780Seymour, Mary W 60yWF
Monroe Street175   Jul318727426Seymoure, Albert 3mW 
Monroe Street284   Nov25188714281Sezikwitz, Paul 6mWM

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