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Cleveland District Round Table

Monroe Street Cemetery Index
Sh through Sz

CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street19   May1618644847Shaderakel, Mary  W 
Monroe Street11   Jun2618634538Shaderker, Mary 1mWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar818748383Shadwell, Wm John 1yWM
Monroe Street2157   Aug12189216889Shafer, Christina 68yWF
Monroe Street119   Jun2018655255Shafer, Mary A 40yWM
Monroe Street158   Sep2218706754Shafer, Willie 1yWM
Monroe Street144   Jan2118696215Shan, Charls Fred 19yWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep20187710157Shane,Child of W 
Monroe Street463Nov141944Nov17194430456Shane, Bertha 91yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr15191225749Shane, Burt N 38yWM
Monroe Street1146   Sep16187710153Shane, E L 1yW 
Monroe Street2203   Feb22189518518Shane, Emilia 79yWF
Monroe Street159   Nov3018706819Shane, John 11mWM
Monroe Street329   Jan12190121621Shane, Marion A 55yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec22188513526Shane, Noah 75yWM
Monroe Street3302   Dec16192728749Shane, Richard M 79yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr2718758935Shaner, Anna WAKA Shauer5dWF
Monroe Street253   Mar6188513172Shanko, David 78yWM
Monroe Street1151   Feb12187810328Shanks, Cath 79yWF
Monroe Street239   Dec7188312689Shanks, Henry 78yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb4190121653Shannon,SB WM
Monroe Street2204   Mar17189518559Shannon, George 4mWM
Monroe Street32   Feb18189920657Sharp, Edward N 6mWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul15188915073Sharp, Ethel 2mWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug12189216886Sharp, Ina 14mWF
Monroe Street185   Apr918737805Sharp, Robert 28yW 
Monroe Street2257   Nov8189820470Sharp, Wm 48yWM
Monroe Street3307   Nov20192828881Sharping, 18hWM
Monroe Street1172   Mar17188011064Sharpley, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street336   Jun26190121861Shattuck, 2mWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr2718758935Shauer, Anna WAKA Shaner5dWF
Monroe Street315   Feb8190021145Shaum, Phil 56yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr22190121765Shav, John J 57yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2118769615Shaw,SB Twin 1 of Geo W 
Monroe Street1132   Aug2118769615Shaw,SB Twin 2 of Geo W 
Monroe Street314   Jan22190021114Shaw, Anna 6yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar30189820132Shaw, Edwin 56yWM
Monroe Street1164   Jun8187910788Shaw, Elmer 4yWM
Monroe Street2251   May13189820212Shaw, Emily 50yWF
Monroe Street2240   Sep29189719841Shaw, Fred 2wWM
Monroe Street2194   Sep2189418236Shaw, James 2yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul16191326076Shaw, James 9mWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan7190624020Shaw, Lilian 3yWF
Monroe Street178   Aug2418727537Shaw, Margaretha 26yWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep10188915195Shaw, R D 6mWM
Monroe Street2187   Apr29189417952Shaw, Robert M 3yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug13190523891Shaw, Sarah 3mWF
Monroe Street243   Apr24188412813Shaw, Walter 2mWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr4191025208Shaw, Winslow G 61yWM
Monroe Street335   May24190121811Shaw, Wm H 67yWM
Monroe Street390   Sep22190423507Shay, John 57yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb12190322716Shay, Sylvia A 12wWF
Monroe Street333   Apr4190121742Shean, Mary 34yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan14190423170Sheffield, 3mWF
Monroe Street386   May31190423362Sheffield,SB WM
Monroe Street399   May9190523781Sheffield, Harry 2yWM
Monroe Street3101   Jul14190523855Sheffield, Violet 4yWF
Monroe Street269   Sep7188613760Sheggart, Jennecken 47yWF
Monroe Street28   Jul22188111608Sheggert, H 1yW 
Monroe Street3196   Jun21191326064Shelaski, AugustLimb of   
Monroe Street129   Sep2418665616Sheldon, Almira 34yWF
Monroe Street335   Jun6190121833Sheldon, Cordelia H 82yWF
Monroe Street226   Oct26188212249Sheldon, D B 79y  
Monroe Street362   Dec21190222629Sheldon, Ellen B 63yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1018738089Sheldon, Ephia 11mW 
Monroe Street160   Dec2918706847Sheldon, Lucy B 22yWF
Monroe Street246   Jul30188412926Sheldon, Seth H 71yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct17187710199Sheller,SB W 
Monroe Street143   Dec1718686192Shepard, Abel 87yWM
Monroe Street311   Nov11189921006Shepard, Dan C 82yWM
Monroe Street222   Jun12188212101Shepard, Henry 81y  
Monroe Street172   Apr718727330Shepard, Joseph 59yWM
Monroe Street2201   Jan22189518466Shepard, Margareth 82yWF
Monroe Street128   Sep1318665609Shepard, Mary 7mWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul28189418161Shepard, Mary E 69yWF
Monroe Street252   Feb22188513156Shepard, Phsbeat  WF
Monroe Street111   Jul2618644931Shepley, Edward 5mWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul4189418089Sheppe, Ida 1mWF
Monroe Street3118   Dec1190624288Shepperd,Baby WM
Monroe Street458Mar211943Mar24194330349Sherbarth, Herman  WM
Monroe Street3290   Oct28192528412Sherbondy, Rebecca A 72yWF
Monroe Street3214   Dec23191426415Sherbondy, Wilder W 76yWM
Monroe Street461Apr111944Apr13194430431Sherboudy, Maude 63yWF
Monroe Street3296   Oct6192628579Shere, Caroline 82yWF
Monroe Street46   Mar4193129174Shere, George 62yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct18189317624Shere, Wm 28yWM
Monroe Street2166   Feb24189317198Shere, Wm F 9dWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun2189418025Shere, Wm G 6mWM
Monroe Street150   Nov818696469 ASherer, Jac  W 
Monroe Street138   May518685999Sherer, Jacob 68yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb23190322734Sherf, Caroline 73yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug2118769619Sherfort, Henry 13dWM
Monroe Street3286   Nov4192428281Sheridan, Donald 20yWM
Monroe Street456Sep221942Sep24194230313Sheridan, Thomas P 63yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun18188915041Sheriden, Wm 38yWM
Monroe Street279   Jul13188714110Sherman, 3wWM
Monroe Street287   Feb9188814394Sherman,SB WF
Monroe Street192   Sep618738077Sherman, Ada T 7dW 
Monroe Street2190   Jul1189418083Sherman, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street266   May12188613649Sherman, Charles 66yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul2318696375Sherman, Chas R 4mWM
Monroe Street134   Aug1518675816Sherman, Hattie May 4yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep618738078Sherman, J    
Monroe Street280   Jul26188714136Sherman, John 4mWM
Monroe Street289   Apr12188814471Sherman, Mary E 65yWF
Monroe Street168   Nov1318717174Sherman, Tliss 25yWF
Monroe Street2136   May3189116143Sherman, Walter 1mWM
Monroe Street296   Sep21188814732Sherwin, Fred Geo 1yWM
Monroe Street3283   Apr26192428206Shewring, Warren 3yWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug26189619322Shibley, Wm 28yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug1418717064Shiermeister, Charles 47yWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov28188915354Shilke, Lena 1yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug19191326100Shilling, Margrett 2dWF
Monroe Street349   Mar11190222222Shilling, Ralph 2yWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep22189518879Shipard,SB WM
Monroe Street2106   Jun14188915036Shipman, Chas 19yWM
Monroe Street149   Aug2818696415Shipman, Eddie 2mWM
Monroe Street162   Mar1418716929Shippey, Mary Ann 31yWF
Monroe Street18   Mar2218644790Shireman, Margret 54yWF
Monroe Street34   Apr2189920723Shirkey, Elizabeth 3mWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep18189015844Shittick, Annie 17yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb17188211932Shleigh, Wm 65yWM
Monroe Street3124   Jun5190724450Shoaf, 15dWF
Monroe Street3234   Dec26191626860Shoars, Raymond 8yWM
Monroe Street1172   Mar13188011053Shocton, Effie  WF
Monroe Street18   Mar1418644781Shoemaker, Adolf 1mWM
Monroe Street19   Apr2118644828Shoeman, Frederick 19mWM
Monroe Street111   Jul1518644913Shoeman, Leanor 4yWF
Monroe Street3282   Feb4192428159Sholtes, And 1hWM
Monroe Street18   Apr518644812Sholts, Mary 74yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep1190222477Sholts, Mary 2wWF
Monroe Street3223   Oct6191526597Shores, W H 72yWM
Monroe Street182   Dec3018727701Shorne, Ella 1dWF
Monroe Street117   Jan3018655139Shotter,Child of Minnie G5yWF
Monroe Street3301   Sep22192728718Shotter, Emily A 74yWF
Monroe Street160   Dec1918706837Shotter, Grace 8mWF
Monroe Street2257   Nov7189820469Shotter, John F 36yWM
Monroe Street3260   Jun5192027564Shotter, Mary 89yWF
Monroe Street159   Dec1218706829Shotter, Spencer L 44yWM
Monroe Street1139   Feb318779890Showalter, Henry 35yWM
Monroe Street189   Aug118737971Showalter, Henry Jos 2yWM
Monroe Street297   Oct29188814773Shrauf, george 3yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug318717047Shreder, Emma 9mWF
Monroe Street146   Apr2718696297Shubb,SB Child of Mr WF
Monroe Street3175   Sep8191125603Shubb, Matilda 85yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun2618644884Shuelen, Robt G 13yWM
Monroe Street110   Jun2718644889Shuesten, Annie 3yWF
Monroe Street161   Feb918716894Shuester, John 1mWM
Monroe Street14   Sep1418634622Shuettee, Eliza 11mWF
Monroe Street1120   Sep1518759176Shuhmann, Emma 10yWF
Monroe Street3303   Jan3192828760Shults, 22hWF
Monroe Street2122   May27189015660Shultz, Sophia 2mWF
Monroe Street233   Jun6188312474Shulz, Christoff 43yWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul19189015747Shulz, Geo 5mWM
Monroe Street3248   Nov11191827241Shum, Geo H 39yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun20190222356Shum, Jennie 42yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan27189820023Shupe, Maggie 55yWF
Monroe Street111   Jul2418644927Shupe, Wm 10mWM
Monroe Street333   Apr8190121743Shupeky, Jacob 10mWM
Monroe Street398   Apr6190523745Shupson, Catharine 14yWF
Monroe Street3295   Jul17192628556Shurbick,SB WF
Monroe Street114   Oct1018645048Shuster, Fredrick 49yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar22188914939Sianson, Rosa H 1yWF
Monroe Street3272   Jul28192227906Sianta, Emil C 30yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug918644955Sibett, Sophia 3yWF
Monroe Street384   Mar22190423273Sibicaeu, John 6wWM
Monroe Street3305   Jun8192828832Sichan, Jean 3hWF
Monroe Street2166   Feb28189317206Sick, Lena 23yWF
Monroe Street353   May26190222343Sickels, Charlotte 69yWF
Monroe Street3285   Sep23192428262Sickels, Lester L 73yWM
Monroe Street2165   Feb19189317183Sickles, G W 63yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb10189216585Siddall, Charles 82yWM
Monroe Street3161   Jul11191025295Sidmore,SB WF
Monroe Street2236   Jul4189719708Sidowski, Lena 55yWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug1218759123Siebenhaar, Christ 81yWM
Monroe Street3129   Nov21190724565Sieberch, 1dWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr17191827155Siebert, Amelia 70yWF
Monroe Street3230   Jun20191626759Siebert, Anna 42yWF
Monroe Street2197   Oct25189418328Siebert, Carl 50yWM
Monroe Street3293   Apr17192628507Siebert, George 83yWM
Monroe Street3305   May2192828815Siebert, Olga 33yWF
Monroe Street3298   Mar5192728641Siebert, Wilhelmina 85yWF
Monroe Street1171   Feb6188011019Siedle, Otto 1yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar30190724392Siefert,Baby WM
Monroe Street318   Apr9190021245Siefert, Bertha 32yWF
Monroe Street3224   Nov22191526624Siefert, Edw 6mWM
Monroe Street435   Jul24193729884Siefert, John 69yWM
Monroe Street440   Aug9193829962Siefert, Mary 64yWF
Monroe Street282   Sep11188714202Sieg, Fredrick 14mWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun15190924990Siegel,SB WM
Monroe Street170   Feb118727244Siegel, Albert 3mWM
Monroe Street1107   Sep2318748660Siegel, Hm F 1yW 
Monroe Street333   Apr9190121745Siegert, Marthaor Seegert14mWF
Monroe Street149   Aug1818696406Siegler, Max 1yWM
Monroe Street150   Nov318696467Siegrist,Child of C J3yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb15190121666Siegrist, 2dWM
Monroe Street2223   Jun29189619222Siegut, Katie 2mWF
Monroe Street2125   Jul22189015754Siemoniet, Wm 31yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug3188814644Siemson, Katherine 4mWF
Monroe Street176   Aug418727494Siers, Ida 1yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2318748547Siess, Ellisa 1yW 
Monroe Street3258   Mar13192027520Sietz, Fredericka 67yWF
Monroe Street324   Aug31190021466Sievert, August 27yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar20190021207Sievert, Catharine 23yWF
Monroe Street343   Nov14190122064Sievert, John 6yWM
Monroe Street3232   Sep7191626800Sieving, Chas 51yWM
Monroe Street274   Jan23188713924Sigelkow, Sophia 72yWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul2818759075Siker, Mary 10mWF
Monroe Street1130   Jul518769523Silberg,SB Child of Fred W 
Monroe Street2140   Aug5189116291Silberg, 14mWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun15188011164Silberg, Cath 77yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov218738187Silberg, Christoph 72yWM
Monroe Street298   Nov17188814799Silberg, Fredr Cap 84yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec29189921077Siler, Clarence C 17mWM
Monroe Street2234   Apr25189719631Sill, Fred 26yWM
Monroe Street259   Aug19188513398Siller, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan26190021120Siller, Wilhelmina 46yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr12189116088Sillik, Mary B 38yWF
Monroe Street1173   Apr14188011098Silverhorn,SB W 
Monroe Street193   Sep1518738102Simeling, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street167   Sep1918717126Simmeling, Johanna W 1yWF
Monroe Street3122   Apr17190724413Simmelink, Albertjen 77yWF
Monroe Street3311   Jul5192928983Simmelink, Egbert 75yWM
Monroe Street468Dec221946Dec26194630564Simmelink, Frederick 87yWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan13190624022Simmelink, Geo A 20yWM
Monroe Street3302   Oct12192728729Simmelink, Jennie 66yWF
Monroe Street1149   Nov27187710265Simmelink, Joh'a 2yWF
Monroe Street3294   May24192628532Simmelink, Ludina 68yWF
Monroe Street499Sep191966Sep22196631248Simmer, Lottie May 76yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jun1218758981Simmes, Charles 56yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan16189920584Simmilink, Lawrence 1mWM
Monroe Street3207   May31191426300Simmilink, Walter 86yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug3190523881Simmons, Alex 14mWM
Monroe Street478Jul201951Jul21195130805Simmons, Cornelia 79yWF
Monroe Street24   Apr12188111488Simmons, Ellen 46yWF
Monroe Street3296   Oct5192628578Simmons, Freeman W 67yWF
Monroe Street3104   Oct25190523955Simmons, Sarah B 63yWF
Monroe Street392   Nov8190423557Simokka, 8yWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep8189619338Simon,baby WF
Monroe Street2241   Oct27189719891Simon, 6hWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct27189719892Simon, 5hWF
Monroe Street287   Feb19188814402Simon, Agnes May 11mWF
Monroe Street2240   Oct2189719852Simon, Carl 73yWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb2218769386Simon, Ch 1mWM
Monroe Street464Feb271945Mar1194530477Simon, Chas J 81yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug10188111652Simon, Christina 56yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar2418769419Simon, Elisa 63yWF
Monroe Street39   Aug11189920902Simon, Eliza 10yWF
Monroe Street3251   Mar22191927337Simon, Emma 46yWF
Monroe Street3104   Oct21190523950Simon, J 4mWM
Monroe Street258   Aug10188513380Simon, J GSB WM
Monroe Street2196   Oct2189418296Simon, Lacy J 22yWF
Monroe Street175   Jul1018727442Simon, Mary 2mWF
Monroe Street3141   Nov16190824838Simon, Stephan 3yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar15191125501Simonka, Margaret VSB WF
Monroe Street1116   Jul418759010Simons, Emilia 60yW 
Monroe Street1114   Apr418758905Simons, Frank 1yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec418759273Simpson,Mrs WF
Monroe Street279   Jul6188714100Simpson,Children of David   
Monroe Street2207   May26189518675Simpson,SB WM
Monroe Street323   Aug4190021423Simpson, Adelbert 1yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep318769641Simpson, Ch 4yWM
Monroe Street2156   Jul31189216860Simpson, Cora 31yWF
Monroe Street3144   Feb7190924888Simpson, David G 73yWM
Monroe Street278   Jun17188714070Simpson, Edwin  WM
Monroe Street3269   Jan23192227824Simpson, Hester DSr WF
Monroe Street3191   Jan25191325939Simpson, John 48yWM
Monroe Street428   Oct12193529698Simpson, John 68yWM
Monroe Street1178   Oct3188011306Simpson, Lewis 4yWM
Monroe Street2222   Jun11189619199Simpson, Sallie W 58yWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug20189216912Simpson, Stephan 24dWM
Monroe Street227   Nov19188212283Simpson, Thomas 6y  
Monroe Street1137   Dec118769809Sims, CMrs66yWF
Monroe Street253   Apr7188513198Sims, EliasCaptain71yWM
Monroe Street1167   Sep10187910906Sims, Ida 17yW 
Monroe Street392   Nov4190423555Sims, Jennie L 54yWF
Monroe Street1152   Mar18187810356Sims, Nora M 3yWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec24189015950Simson, William 10mWM
Monroe Street394   Jan13190523635Sinclair,Baby WM
Monroe Street3183   May10191225767Sinclair, 5mWF
Monroe Street43   Jul22193029108Sinclair,SB WM
Monroe Street126   Jun1218665526Sinclair, James 6yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar13190121702Sinclair, James 15yWM
Monroe Street181   Dec1118727678Sinclair, PeterSB WF
Monroe Street36   Jun5189920823Sindelar, Baby 1mWF
Monroe Street37   Jun11189920829Sindelar, Barbara 39yWF
Monroe Street41   Feb22193029054Sindelar, Frank 74yWM
Monroe Street469Aug161947Aug19194730584Sindeler, Joseph 65yWM
Monroe Street2239   Aug20189719790Sindelur,SB WM
Monroe Street2171   Jun12189317376Sinderlai, 6dWM
Monroe Street391   Oct22190423545Sindskoz, Olaf 36yWM
Monroe Street288   Mar19188814442Singer, Catharine 28yWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul29189418162Singer, Emma 11yWF
Monroe Street117   Mar918655173Singer, John 42yWM
Monroe Street2247   Mar8189820086Singer, Julius 2mWM
Monroe Street293   Jul12188814600Singer, Louisa 3mWF
Monroe Street3262   Oct5192027615Singleton,Baby WM
Monroe Street3271   Apr17192227870Sinkovitec,SB WM
Monroe Street156   Aug1718706704Sionell, Annie 1dWF
Monroe Street392   Nov8190423558Sirl, Carrie 31yWF
Monroe Street3255   Sep5191927426Sirola,SB WM
Monroe Street251   Jan17188513114Sister, Clara E 43yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr20190322827Sister, Phelomea M 49yWF
Monroe Street346   Jan12190222142Sitch, Edward 29yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan5189015412Sixth,Baby WF
Monroe Street119   May418655229Skellinger, George 32yWM
Monroe Street243   Apr29188412822Skinner, Amelia    
Monroe Street487Dec101957Dec12195731020Skinner, Clara 85yWF
Monroe Street3120   Feb21190724360Skinner, Frank 44yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug7190624190Skinner, G W 80yWM
Monroe Street243   Apr29188412823Skinner, Garrett    
Monroe Street126   Apr2918665501Skinner, George WSB WM
Monroe Street2144   Oct25189116424Skinner, Howard B 33yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb6189719506Skinner, John 70yWM
Monroe Street180   Nov318727639Skinner, Josephine 19yW 
Monroe Street1103   Jul1418748532Skinner, Larish 67yW 
Monroe Street2151   Apr6189216671Skinner, Mary A 76yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul15188011213Skinner, Milo 48yWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan25190724331Skinner, Permelia 79yWF
Monroe Street249   Nov13188413043Skinner, Sophie 37yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct20187710202Skinner, Thomas 84yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug3189317496Skinner, Thomas 45yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1518737718Skinner, Tillie M 76yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb3188211916Skins, ESB W 
Monroe Street1147   Oct24187710207Skirritt, Eddie 11yWM
Monroe Street3263   Jan3192127656Skrdla, Edward 31yWM
Monroe Street3261   Aug6192027593Skrdla, James 64yWM
Monroe Street3279   Sep22192328093Slack, 1dWM
Monroe Street3108   Feb21190624046Slade, Mary 72yWF
Monroe Street426   May29193529655Slade, Mary E 74yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr17189417926Slade, Robert 72yWM
Monroe Street2103   Apr11188914961Slaght, Edgar 77yWM
Monroe Street2260   Dec29189820547Slaght, Maria 84yWF
Monroe Street319   Apr20190021271Slapnicka, Alasta 14yWF
Monroe Street333   Apr16190121753Slater,Baby WF
Monroe Street2227   Oct7189619367Slaton, Eva 20mWF
Monroe Street15   Nov1218634664Slator, Hannah 1yWF
Monroe Street336   Jun29190121867Slawote, John 35yWM
Monroe Street451   Jan20194139173Slega, John 64yWM
Monroe Street174   Jun518727397Sleigh, Elisa K 54yWF
Monroe Street485Oct241956Oct27195630979Sliga, Mary 78y F
Monroe Street2253   Jul19189820310Sloght, Geo E 62yWM
Monroe Street3209   Jul19191426323Slopak, Joe 4mWM
Monroe Street3273   Sep5192227920Slota, Raymond 12dWM
Monroe Street1148   Nov3187710223Slovinsky, Amalia 1yWF
Monroe Street3307   Nov30192828884Sluhan, ChasAKA Zluhan53yWM
Monroe Street2189   Jun13189418051Slupnicka, Emma 20mWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct15189719875Sly, Barbara 74yCF
Monroe Street25   May27188111530Smalheer, Willie 8mWM
Monroe Street246   Aug22188412952Smalhere, Kornelia 6mWF
Monroe Street247   Sep3188412967Smalhere, Wilhelmine 7mWF
Monroe Street323   Aug8190021432Smalley, John 75yWM
Monroe Street1169   Dec24187910984Smallgauge, Peter 57yWM
Monroe Street1168   Dec5187910963Smallgauge, Tamie 52yW 
Monroe Street1118   Jul2918759077Smallheer, Antonie 16dW 
Monroe Street2210   Aug17189518788Smallheer, Cornelius 1mWM
Monroe Street39   Aug23189920916Smallheer, Cornelius 3mWM
Monroe Street322   Jul24190021408Smallheer, Cornelius 7mWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul25189719750Smallheer, Martin 3mWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul30189015765Smallheer, Wilhelmena 7mWF
Monroe Street283   Oct25188714249Smallhere, Wilhemia 47yWF
Monroe Street259   Aug19188513397Smart, Raechel 79yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct17188312627Smead,3 children of F H   
Monroe Street3278   Jun25192328059Smell,SB WM
Monroe Street166   Sep418717100Smidt,Child of John14dWM
Monroe Street3262   Nov1192027622Smidt,SB WF
Monroe Street232   May23188312462Smidt, Anni M 5mWF
Monroe Street1166   Jul28187910857Smies, Clara 51yWF
Monroe Street2194   Aug16189418210Smies, John 64yWM
Monroe Street211   Sep25188111725Smiess, Richard 9mWM
Monroe Street3249   Dec30191827273Smiley,Baby WM
Monroe Street16   Jan718644715Smith,SB Child of Jacob W 
Monroe Street146   Apr1618696287Smith,Mr49yWM
Monroe Street148   Aug718696390Smith,SB Child of C E WF
Monroe Street157   Sep818706732Smith,Child of C A1mWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov1218748719Smith,SB Child of John W 
Monroe Street1116   Jun3018759006Smith,child of Wm   
Monroe Street216   Jan22188211890Smith,SB Child of Geo W 
Monroe Street240   Feb9188412734Smith,SB Child of R WM
Monroe Street274   Jan4188713903Smith, 3dWF
Monroe Street2159   Oct5189216983Smith, 7dWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov15189217047Smith,Baby WM
Monroe Street2205   Apr10189518591Smith, 21dWM
Monroe Street2212   Sep19189518861Smith,SB WF
Monroe Street2212   Sep27189518874Smith, 3dWM
Monroe Street2216   Dec27189518987Smith,SB WM
Monroe Street2217   Jan8189619003Smith,SB WM
Monroe Street2219   Mar16189619086Smith, 12hWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan25189719484Smith,SB WF
Monroe Street2235   Jun3189719675Smith,SB WM
Monroe Street2240   Sep20189719834Smith,Baby WM
Monroe Street319   May5190021295Smith, 1wWF
Monroe Street366   Feb26190322733Smith, 6mWF
Monroe Street496Sep91964Sep11196431208Smith, 81yWF
Monroe Street193   Sep2618738123Smith, A 20yW 
Monroe Street160   Jan1118716860Smith, Allice A 22yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep30187710168Smith, Amy C 80yW 
Monroe Street494Jan81963Jan10196331160Smith, Anna 85yWF
Monroe Street283   Oct17188714242Smith, Annie 8mWF
Monroe Street2136   May7189116150Smith, Anson 96yWM
Monroe Street418   Nov21193329455Smith, Archie 45yWM
Monroe Street36   May30189920814Smith, Arthur 3mWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec27189317743Smith, Arthur F 5yWM
Monroe Street373   Jul6190322922Smith, August 51yWM
Monroe Street226   Oct31188212253Smith, Bedsy 72y  
Monroe Street2238   Aug2189719759Smith, Belle 38yWF
Monroe Street163   May1718716975Smith, Caroline M 1yWF
Monroe Street274   Jan31188713934Smith, Carrie 17mWF
Monroe Street382   Feb12190423212Smith, Catharine 53yWF
Monroe Street3124   Jun5190724449Smith, Catharine 89yWF
Monroe Street420   Jan9193429478Smith, Charles 65yWM
Monroe Street3112   Jun17190624147Smith, Chas 61yWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec4189015929Smith, Chas A 10dWM
Monroe Street452   Jun3194130196Smith, Chas F 71yWM
Monroe Street2202   Jan29189518477Smith, Clover 21dWM
Monroe Street3255   Sep6191927427Smith, Daniel 79yWM
Monroe Street1104   Aug618748574Smith, Eddy 6mWM
Monroe Street2160   Nov3189217026Smith, Edith 7wWF
Monroe Street355   Jul21190222405Smith, Edw L 10dWM
Monroe Street126   Jun418665521Smith, Elizabeth 14dWF
Monroe Street278   May31188714053Smith, Elizabeth 32yWF
Monroe Street2228   Nov23189619426Smith, Elizabeth 70yWF
Monroe Street115   Nov2018645078Smith, Elizebeth 9yWF
Monroe Street469Apr61947Apr8194730572Smith, Emma 71yWF
Monroe Street158   Oct1218706773Smith, Emma Katharine 19yWF
Monroe Street480May281952May31195230831Smith, Evelyn B 55yWF
Monroe Street3295   Sep22192628574Smith, Florence E 62yWF
Monroe Street2211   Aug31189518821Smith, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street411   Mar23193229288Smith, Frederick J 60yWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar31189518581Smith, Geo 73yWM
Monroe Street3192   Feb15191325953Smith, Geo 59yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug1118655302Smith, George 6yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2018717082Smith, George 9mWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov118748704Smith, Harrittie 35yWF
Monroe Street371   May31190322874Smith, Henry 63yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar10191927329Smith, Honorah W 53yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug10189719777Smith, Ida 23yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr22190523762Smith, Ida 44yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul6190222381Smith, Ida B 2yWF
Monroe Street39   Aug30189920923Smith, Irene R 4yWF
Monroe Street119   May518655231Smith, Jacob 2yWM
Monroe Street2102   Feb5188914899Smith, Jacob 45yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct30188714254Smith, Jas 60yWM
Monroe Street122   Oct818655366Smith, Jennie 2dWF
Monroe Street18   Apr218644808Smith, John 87yWM
Monroe Street177   Aug1418727513Smith, John 18yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan28192928936Smith, John 67yWM
Monroe Street332   Mar31190121737Smith, John F 47yWM
Monroe Street111   Jul2118644923Smith, John H 1yWM
Monroe Street164   Jun3018717007Smith, John H 4yWM
Monroe Street13   Aug2318634586Smith, John R 24yWM
Monroe Street389   Aug18190423468Smith, Joseph 4mWM
Monroe Street282   Sep20188714217Smith, Katherine 65yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug8188714162Smith, Kathrine 29yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr17190924941Smith, Kennerd W 34yWM
Monroe Street1134   Oct318769693Smith, Lillie 7yWF
Monroe Street483Feb41955Feb7195530931Smith, Lillie H 88yWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov13187810596Smith, Maggie V 21yWF
Monroe Street118   Apr218655205Smith, Marey 4mWF
Monroe Street133   Aug318675804Smith, Margaret 26yWF
Monroe Street1108   Nov218748707Smith, Mary 56yWF
Monroe Street2164   Jan23189317143Smith, Mary 1mWF
Monroe Street2223   Jul5189619237Smith, Mary 2wWF
Monroe Street448   May11194030119Smith, Mary 76yWF
Monroe Street3283   Apr2192428197Smith, Mary A 77yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr24190322832Smith, Mary E 37yWF
Monroe Street178   Sep418727558Smith, Mary Eva 1yWF
Monroe Street3310   Mar20192928950Smith, Mary L 82yWF
Monroe Street341   Aug7190121990Smith, Mary M 60yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar15191526483Smith, Mathias 70yWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr28189116129Smith, Michael 49yWM
Monroe Street3160   Jun1191025267Smith, Millard 50yWM
Monroe Street372   Jun13190322893Smith, Millas 2yWM
Monroe Street468Sep81946Sep11194630550Smith, Minnie A 71yWF
Monroe Street144   Jan1918696214Smith, Patrick 86yWM
Monroe Street3123   May22190724439Smith, Paul  WM
Monroe Street2230   Jan28189719490Smith, Queen 22yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec1618748754Smith, Robert 17yWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun18189015690Smith, Robert 50yWM
Monroe Street3251   Mar18191927335Smith, Robert 58yWM
Monroe Street479Mar151952Mar19195230824Smith, Robert 62yWM
Monroe Street3310   Mar8192928949Smith, Robert C 55yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar16190021197Smith, Robt 5wWM
Monroe Street3201   Nov5191326159Smith, Sadie E 45yWF
Monroe Street186   May1018737833Smith, Sam 80yWM
Monroe Street140   Jul3018686072Smith, Samuel 60yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan2018748322Smith, Sarah 86yWF
Monroe Street3218   Apr27191526518Smith, Sarah J 81yWF
Monroe Street2215   Nov30189518952Smith, Sidney J 44yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar2190523693Smith, Sophia 65yWF
Monroe Street431   Apr10193629756Smith, Sophia 74yWF
Monroe Street1118   Jul3018759085Smith, Thomas 40yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan5188914857Smith, Thomas 77yWM
Monroe Street147   Jul1018696351Smith, W H 26yWM
Monroe Street269   Sep7188613761Smith, Walter 6wWM
Monroe Street112   Aug118644942Smith, Warren A 48yWM
Monroe Street3264   Feb8192127676Smith, Warren E 70yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep1918645017Smith, William 7mWM
Monroe Street149   Sep618696427Smith, William J 5mWM
Monroe Street2121   Apr22189015607Smith, Wm C 20yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan11189719470Smith, Wm C 41yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan1189819984Smith, Wm F 9wWM
Monroe Street334   May1190121782Smith, Wm F 34yWM
Monroe Street449   Nov13194030162Smith, Wm H 72yWM
Monroe Street490Apr251961Apr28196131107Smyth, David 83yWM
Monroe Street480Dec171952Dec20195230852Smyth, Minnie 68yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jun1187710017Snaider, BenSB WM
Monroe Street1153   May20187810400Sneider, BenSB WM
Monroe Street159   Nov418706794Sneider, Carl  WM
Monroe Street3164   Oct20191025371Sneider, CharlesAKA Schneider44yWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct1318748682Sneider, Wm 28yWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec26189217102Snell, Alma 1yWF
Monroe Street122   Sep1618655340Snell, Elizabeth R 41yWF
Monroe Street172   Apr318727322Snider, Joseph 76yWM
Monroe Street3258   Mar10192027517Sniff,SB WM
Monroe Street3141   Nov4190824821Snoma,Baby WM
Monroe Street280   Jul17188714121Snow,SB WM
Monroe Street2208   Jul6189518722Snow, Emily J 73yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jun11192328051Snow, James 59yWM
Monroe Street234   Jul20188312514Snow, Mandie M 3yWF
Monroe Street47   May6193129195Snow, Mary E 84yWF
Monroe Street3264   Feb22192127683Snow, Mary Eliz 55yWF
Monroe Street265   Apr28188613639Snow, Silas 80yWM
Monroe Street1140   Feb2618779912Snow, Susan 77yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug918644956Snowbaker, Charles 8mWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec5189518957Snowden, Caledonia F 35yWF
Monroe Street2223   Jul3189619229Snowden, Gilliard 7mWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan1418779866Snutte, Geo N 6mWM
Monroe Street130   Dec2518665681Snyder,SB Child of Jacob WM
Monroe Street2163   Dec30189217111Snyder,SB WF
Monroe Street3238   May23191726965Snyder, Emma 28yWF
Monroe Street1121   Oct118759196Snyder, Louisa 1yWF
Monroe Street2122   May25189015656Snyder, Mathilda 83yWF
Monroe Street442   Jan11193929994Snyder, Neva 53yWF
Monroe Street3291   Dec7192528434Sobzzyk,SB WF
Monroe Street223   Jul23188212135Sochtwachner, A 52y  
Monroe Street280   Jul19188714122Sodeman, Carl 27yWM
Monroe Street2247   Mar3189820077Sodeman, Marie 35yWF
Monroe Street3211   Sep27191426365Sodeman, Theodore  WM
Monroe Street3101   Jul20190523867Soderberg, Christina 23yWF
Monroe Street341   Sep3190121988Soderberg, J L 24yWM
Monroe Street3303   Feb15192828778Soderberg, John 80yWM
Monroe Street3275   Jan18192327975Soderbery, Maria H 68yWF
Monroe Street294   Aug4188814647Soderman, Louisa 5mWF
Monroe Street384   Mar21190423272Soderman, Lydia 14yWF
Monroe Street3272   Jul8192227896Soderman, Susanna 72yWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun12189317378Sodermann, Annie 16mWF
Monroe Street213   Nov14188111803Soeans, L 4dW 
Monroe Street2102   Feb3188914896Sohalowske, Gustave 7dWM
Monroe Street143   Nov2618686179Sohn, August F 24yWM
Monroe Street3154   Dec9190925100Sohn, Dorothy 5yWF
Monroe Street129   Sep1918665615Sohn, Elmer 1yWM
Monroe Street2227   Oct15189619378Sohn, Mary E 57yWF
Monroe Street3287   Jan10192528305Sohr, John 61yWM
Monroe Street157   Aug2618706720Soifried,Child of Berhnael SB WM
Monroe Street3146   Apr30190924956Sojeba, Wm 30yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan22190021113Sojka,Baby WF
Monroe Street485Aug311956Sep4195630976Sokol, Josefa 75yWF
Monroe Street3299   Apr19192728657Sokol, Vaclav 49yWM
Monroe Street3255   Oct1191927437Sokol, Vlasta Jos 6mWF
Monroe Street3221   Jul17191526557Solberg, 2dWF
Monroe Street3240   Sep6191727022Solberg, 10hWF
Monroe Street3240   Sep6191727023Solberg, 1dWF
Monroe Street3262   Nov5192027623Solberg,Baby WF
Monroe Street3274   Nov2192227942Solberg, 1dWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec26189418425Soldat, James 8yWM
Monroe Street2187   Apr24189417941Soldat, Josephine 42dWF
Monroe Street480May221952May24195230830Sole, Ronald John 2hWM
Monroe Street22   Jan10188111397Solle, Lilly May 1yWF
Monroe Street12   Jul2518634553Solloway, Collip 5mWM
Monroe Street35   May2189920769Sombotty, Stephen 28yWM
Monroe Street291   May9188814517Sombrisky, Jno 63yWM
Monroe Street2122   May12189015638Somerville, Andrew  WM
Monroe Street2128   Oct3189015855Somerville, Andrew 24yWM
Monroe Street225   Sep11188212201Somitz, Charles 7y  
Monroe Street190   Aug1218738008Sommer,1 of 2 children of John W 
Monroe Street190   Aug1218738008Sommer,2 of 2 children of John W 
Monroe Street1103   Jul1218748528Sommer,SB Child of Aug W 
Monroe Street344   Dec12190122096Sommer, August 49yWM
Monroe Street2153   May20189216738Sommer, Carrie 25yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec8191526632Sommer, Chas 35yWM
Monroe Street179   Sep1818727586Sommer, Christian 1yW 
Monroe Street3179   Jan25191225691Sommer, Christina 68yWF
Monroe Street51May11974Jun13197431362Sommer, Elva 81y F
Monroe Street1152   Mar24187810360Sommer, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street56Jan281979Sep11197931413Sommer, George D 79y M
Monroe Street149   Sep418696424Sommer, Henrietta C 11mWF
Monroe Street190   Aug1218738007Sommer, Henry 7mW 
Monroe Street2162   Dec13189217083Sommer, Herbert G 4yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep21190624227Sommer, J 74yWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul22190824754Sommer, John Andy 43yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan2189317112Sommer, John L H 55yWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct18190925064Sommer, John T 74yWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr6190624081Sommer, Lorenz 74yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug818737995Sommer, Marg 51yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov16189015911Sommer, Margaretha 58yWF
Monroe Street233   Jul6188312502Sommer, Mary B 72yWF
Monroe Street3244   Apr8191827144Sommer, Minnie 64yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul13188011205Sommer, Rosa 6yWF
Monroe Street220   May8188212049Sommer, Willie 3d  
Monroe Street413   Oct10193229342Sommer, Wm 56yWM
Monroe Street255   May15188513253Sommermeier, George 26yWM
Monroe Street37   Jul12189920857Sommers,SB WM
Monroe Street369   Apr25190322835Sommers, Anna 60yWF
Monroe Street3148   Jun21190924996Sommers, Caroline 62yWF
Monroe Street256   Jun18188513290Sommers, Hattz 35yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1018738001Sommers, Henry 7mWM
Monroe Street278   May24188714050Sommers, Willie 3mWM
Monroe Street1151   Jan29187810319Sommerville, `Child of Wm W 
Monroe Street1113   Mar318758870Sommerville, Nathanael 3mWM
Monroe Street237   Oct19188312628Somnetz, Hennrietta  WF
Monroe Street284   Nov15188714272Somnitz, Carl 82yWM
Monroe Street3271   May18192227881Somnitz, Henrietta 70yWF
Monroe Street1172   Feb23188011034Somnitz, Otto 2yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan23190021116Sonderman,SB WF
Monroe Street3301   Sep10192728712Sonfis, 2dWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2118738032Sonnemann, Lud 11mW 
Monroe Street179   Sep1218727576Sonnemann, Luissa 24yWF
Monroe Street3101   Jul20190523868Sonnendecker, Elizabeth 81yWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan1190724309Sonnendecker, Geo 49yWM
Monroe Street460Oct41943Oct7194330386Sonnendecker, George E 49yWM
Monroe Street474May 1949May6194930686Sonnendecker, Jesse  WF
Monroe Street2183   Feb11189417807Sonnendecker, John 38yWM
Monroe Street420   Jan6193429477Sonnendecker, Louisa 71yWF
Monroe Street434   Feb22193729848Sonnendecker, Mary E 77yWF
Monroe Street4107Feb101970Feb13197031306Sonnendecker, Ruth M 78y F
Monroe Street192   Sep1118738092Sonntag, Fr Hm 9mW 
Monroe Street2179   Dec3189317698Sonntag, Otillia 3yWF
Monroe Street365   Jan25190322693Sontag, Edwin 6mWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug2518748608Sontag, Josephine  WF
Monroe Street220   Apr29188212036Sontag, M 2y  
Monroe Street2106   Jun16188915038Sontag, Miss 8yWF
Monroe Street230   Mar10188312385Soor, Paul F 19y M
Monroe Street149   Sep1618696436Soper,Child of J W1mWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct218748666Soper, M J 38yW 
Monroe Street439   Jul6193829956Soracin, Mary 45yWF
Monroe Street2188   May24189418005Sorge, Erich 3yWM
Monroe Street141   Aug3018686116Sorge, Jenny E 9mWF
Monroe Street37   Jun12189920830Sorger, Jacob 62yWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec23189217092Sounendecker, Michael 69yWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul12191125573Soussele, Cristian G 86yWM
Monroe Street154   Apr1218706594Southack, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street138   Mar2418685973Southack, Robert 5mWM
Monroe Street3233   Oct15191626827Southerland,SB WF
Monroe Street371   May27190322871Southerland, Jennie 45yWF
Monroe Street3196   Jun13191326060Southgate, Wm R 4dWM
Monroe Street1112   Feb2218758851Southworth, Dennis 81yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun14189418053Southworth, Frank 5yWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov918759249Southworth, Jacob 86yWM
Monroe Street263   Jan2188613537Southworth, John 51yWM
Monroe Street125   Mar2618665487Southworth, John B 5mWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul11187910827Southworth, Martha 45yWF
Monroe Street115   Nov1318645068Sowder, Henryeta 4yWF
Monroe Street168   Nov418717165Sowinsky, Carolina 21dWF
Monroe Street110   Jul218644896Spade, Lewis 1yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan18189115992Spaerker,SB WM
Monroe Street134   Aug1618675820Spaeth,Child of Mrs1yWM
Monroe Street326   Nov27190021561Spaeth, Bertha 13yWF
Monroe Street272   Nov28188613865Spaeth, Hattie 2yWF
Monroe Street2243   Dec13189719962Spaeth, Lizzie 30yWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec2518769848Spahler, Geo 37yWM
Monroe Street383   Feb28190423243Spahn, Arthur 51yWM
Monroe Street3185   Jul23191225812Spalenka, Frank 1dWM
Monroe Street459May41943May7194330357Spalin, Anna 78yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar9187910692Spaller,SB W 
Monroe Street229   Jan12188312339Spaller, Christ 67y M
Monroe Street1131   Aug618769580Spaller, Elisab 1yWF
Monroe Street3246   Aug31191827213Spaller, Friederika 66yWF
Monroe Street166   Sep718717109Spaller, Henrietta 1yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar8190322749Spaller, Ida 52yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug2518748607Spaller, John 9mWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov1918748724Spaller, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street1126   Mar518769391Spaller, JohnSB W 
Monroe Street3290   Oct24192528410Spaller, John 79yWM
Monroe Street3103   Sep15190523920Spaller, Maria 90yWF
Monroe Street1144   Jul17187710060Spaller, Mina 14dWF
Monroe Street211   Oct4188111742Spaller, Tresh 30yW 
Monroe Street2211   Aug27189518808Spalm, John 75yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug14187710115Spangler, Paulina 1yWF
Monroe Street479Aug151951Aug18195130809Sparke, Louise D 79yWF
Monroe Street3251   Mar7191927328Sparks, Pauline D 4mWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep1418748652Sparrow,SB W 
Monroe Street269   Aug31188613752Spath, Cora 3mWF
Monroe Street123   Dec318655415Spath, John G 45yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug16190322989Spath, Laura L 33yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun17189015688Speak, Isabella 17mWF
Monroe Street3147   May24190924973Spear, Augusta 34yWF
Monroe Street3172   Jun23191125555Spear, Chas R 4dWM
Monroe Street3204   Feb10191426222Spear, Chas R 8mWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug26189619321Spear, Ira 75yWM
Monroe Street2247   Mar5189820078Spears, James 49yWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct10189317619Specht, Adam 69yWM
Monroe Street449   Dec12194030166Specht, Andrew 87yWM
Monroe Street3265   Apr18192127712Specht, Augusta 63yWF
Monroe Street443   Jul11193930042Specht, Caroline 82yWF
Monroe Street216   Jan24188211896Specht, George 5yWM
Monroe Street387   Jun26190423393Specht, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street253   Apr1188513190Speck, Cathrine 41yWF
Monroe Street1117   Jul1718759041Speck, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street379   Nov8190323091Speck, Jennie 5mWF
Monroe Street223   Aug7188212160Speck, Jos 1y  
Monroe Street213   Nov11188111799Speckt, Cath 52yWF
Monroe Street246   Aug1188412929Speitel, Mary 7mWF
Monroe Street178   Aug2618727542Speiyer, Maria 1mWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov21189719930Spejm, Frank 53yWM
Monroe Street13   Sep618634610Spencer, 46yWM
Monroe Street155   Jul1818706669Spencer,Child of R T SB WM
Monroe Street2128   Oct24189015879Spencer, 1dWF
Monroe Street3230   May16191626743Spencer, 2wWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun818758978Spencer, A M 35yW 
Monroe Street1154   Jun18187810425Spencer, Ellen 32yWF
Monroe Street26   Jun15188111553Spencer, J A 55yW 
Monroe Street1165   Jul12187910830Spencer, Jannie 2mW 
Monroe Street2124   Jul1189015708Spencer, Laura 63yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct6187710175Spencer, Nellie 7mWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct3187810550Spencer, R S 53yW 
Monroe Street339   Aug11190121951Spengel, Catharine 78yWF
Monroe Street244   Jun23188412882Spengler, AugustSB WM
Monroe Street118   Mar1818655183Spenser, Jennie C 6mWF
Monroe Street2170   Jun7189317368Speorke, 7dWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan14189417769Sperber, A Mary 75yWF
Monroe Street276   Mar22188713980Sperber, Anna 68yWF
Monroe Street360   Oct24190222557Sperber, Elizabeth 25yWF
Monroe Street3267   Aug15192127758Sperber, Elizabeth 72yWF
Monroe Street3135   May25190824711Sperber, Elsie 5yWF
Monroe Street147   Jun1318696330Sperber, John 39yWM
Monroe Street3207   May15191426288Sperber, John 66yWM
Monroe Street472Jul161948Jul19194830639Sperber, John 74yWM
Monroe Street499Jul311966Aug3196631247Sperber, Katherine 92yWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan30189015470Sperber, Lillie 7yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct16187710195Sperber, Rosa 5yWF
Monroe Street1149   Dec2187710272Sperber, Rosa    
Monroe Street297   Oct7188814751Sperka, FrederickaAKA Erke80yWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct17189820435Sperke,SB WM
Monroe Street2165   Jan30189317156Sperry, Edith 6mWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec26191125667Sperry, Emily J 57yWF
Monroe Street188   Jul1318737913Spesk, Emma 9mWF
Monroe Street3310   Feb18192928939Speta, Helen 2hWF
Monroe Street113   Sep518644999Spever, John 1yWM
Monroe Street147   Jul1518696360Spicer, Francis 4mWM
Monroe Street19   Jun418644860Spicer, Hariet 22yWF
Monroe Street181   Dec1918727689Spicer, Sarah P 37yWF
Monroe Street142   Sep2018686136Spies, Henrietta 10mWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul16189619266Spilkar, Lizzie 46yWF
Monroe Street166   Aug1918717075Spilker,SB Child of Fred  M
Monroe Street251   Jan20188513117Spilker,SB WF
Monroe Street2154   Jun16189216779Spilker, Adolph 4mWM
Monroe Street3283   May31192428214Spilker, Anna 51yWF
Monroe Street265   Apr14188613633Spilker, Carry 23yWF
Monroe Street1107   Oct1518748684Spilker, Ch 1dW 
Monroe Street445   Nov6193930070Spilker, Charlotte 80yWF
Monroe Street459Sep111943Sep14194330378Spilker, Chas 75yWM
Monroe Street3269   Dec7192127807Spilker, Florence E 40yWF
Monroe Street3186   Aug6191225827Spilker, Geo L 4yWM
Monroe Street3278   Jul30192328070Spilker, George 59yWM
Monroe Street3178   Dec21191125663Spilker, George H 28yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jun19188915040Spilker, H 61yWM
Monroe Street227   Dec8188212302Spilker, H G 18y M
Monroe Street258   Aug9188513376Spilker, Heinrich Ludwig 8mWM
Monroe Street3254   Aug2191927410Spilker, Henry A 73yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug24188111678Spilker, Lizzie 1yWF
Monroe Street285   Dec31188714331Spilker, Louise 7mWM
Monroe Street162   Mar518716919Spilker, Mary Dorathea 2mWF
Monroe Street3112   Jun16190624146Spilker, Meta 19yWF
Monroe Street3201   Nov18191326163Spilker, Rose 59yWF
Monroe Street165   Aug1218717060Spilker, Wedeum L W 68yWF
Monroe Street410   Mar5193229279Spilker, Wm A 73yWM
Monroe Street187   Jun1918737878Spiller, E M 28yW 
Monroe Street180   Nov818727642Spiller, Oskar 5mWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan9189015419Spingler, August 4yWM
Monroe Street3270   Feb7192227831Spingler, August 79yWM
Monroe Street3275   Jan26192327979Spingler, Christina 80yWF
Monroe Street1134   Oct518769699Spinks, Anna 55yWF
Monroe Street185   Apr1318737811Spiser, A 5mW 
Monroe Street255   May13188513252Spissmann, Fredrich 2dWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun12190523818Spitler, Ralph 21mWM
Monroe Street1134   Oct618769703Spitler, Susanna 82yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep5189015827Spitz, Alvina 17mWF
Monroe Street238   Nov19188312672Splate, Annie 8yWF
Monroe Street3139   Sep20190824792Splete, Carrie 41yWF
Monroe Street3270   Mar6192227847Splete, Elwood R 9yWM
Monroe Street494Apr101963Apr12196331170Splete, John 74yWM
Monroe Street492Aug31962Aug6196231144Spoerke, Alfred 60yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug17188814677Spoerke, Elizabeth 2yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul27190423438Spoerke, Ervin 6mWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb3191626693Spoerke, Fridrika 86yWF
Monroe Street3279   Sep12192328087Spoerke, Gustav 49yWM
Monroe Street272   Dec14188613881Spoerke, John 65yWM
Monroe Street2191   Jul15189418119Spoerke, Lizzie 16mWF
Monroe Street246   Aug9188412940Spoerke, William 11mWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug8189015781Spoerke, William 4mWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec21189217090Spoerko, Louisa 9yWF
Monroe Street3222   Sep1191526584Spohn, Fridrika 86yWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr25189719628Spohn, John G 78yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb2192428157Spohn, John G 70yWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov13189217044Spohn, Martha A 2yWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep28188011301Sporke, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street44   Oct6193029126Sposit, 8hWM
Monroe Street3302   Dec20192728753Sprague, Grace A 58yWF
Monroe Street1181   Dec31188011388Sprague, Martha 38yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep19190222500Sprankel, 1dWF
Monroe Street186   May2118737847Sprankel, John 3yWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan8189920568Sprankel, Margaret 4mWF
Monroe Street255   May20188513258Sprankel, Mary 39yWF
Monroe Street236   Sep 188312582Sprankle, Chas J  W 
Monroe Street3275   Dec15192227962Sprankle, John 83yWM
Monroe Street3313   Dec10192929021Sprankle, Louisa 74yWF
Monroe Street17   Feb1118644748Sprecker, Petter 4mWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan3118758817Sprenger, Elisab 14yWF
Monroe Street1166   Aug8187910875Sprenger, Fred 3yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul1818696366Sprenkel, Charles 10m M
Monroe Street1104   Jul2418748552Sprenkle, Lulie 1yW 
Monroe Street348   Feb25190222208Spring, Chas 6wWM
Monroe Street378   Oct29190323079Springate, James 71yWM
Monroe Street458Mar161943Mar23194330348Springate, James 73yWM
Monroe Street2246   Feb15189820051Springate, Jennie 40yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr24189417939Springate, Mary A 62yWF
Monroe Street1172   Feb17188011030Springel, Elma 2yWF
Monroe Street1180   Dec8188011369Springer, Anna 12yWF
Monroe Street2138   Jun23189116205Springer, Annie 33yWF
Monroe Street3240   Sep15191727030Springer, Geo W 83yWM
Monroe Street196   Nov2218738221Springer, George 37yWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan31191125468Springer, John 24yWM
Monroe Street3120   Feb12190724349Springer, Margaret 69yWF
Monroe Street3284   Jun2192428218Springstead, Anna 47yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb16189015501Sprk, Harman 9mWM
Monroe Street2254   Aug10189820345Sprosty, James 1wWM
Monroe Street3284   Jul25192428236Sprosty, James 24dWM
Monroe Street398   Apr7190523746Sprosty, John 30yWM
Monroe Street433   Dec2193629819Sprosty, John R 31yWM
Monroe Street2254   Jul29189820328Sprosty, Mary 15mWF
Monroe Street339   Aug22190121971Sprosty, Silvia 7mWF
Monroe Street3121   Mar12190724375Sproul, Chas B 44yWM
Monroe Street3210   Aug18191426343Sproul, Dellaphine 54yWF
Monroe Street3312   Nov15192929014Sproul, Elizabeth 72yWF
Monroe Street3258   Mar15192027521Sproul, Lydia 87yWF
Monroe Street1151   Feb10187810327Sprowl, Rufus 56yWM
Monroe Street2203   Feb26189518527Spruhler, Jacob 46yWM
Monroe Street170   Jan118727215Spuhle, Hermann 4mWM
Monroe Street160   Jan718716855Spuhler, Jacob 2yWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan20189216537Squires,SB WM
Monroe Street35   May3189920771Squires, Ellen G 45yWF
Monroe Street2123   Jun15189015685Squires, Geo B 33yWM
Monroe Street123   Nov318655389Squires, Meriam O 32yWF
Monroe Street23   Mar15188111459Squires, P N 55yWF
Monroe Street2114   Nov21188915341Squires, Willie 5yWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec12189820524Staas, Caroline 48yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct21188312629Staas, Clara E 4yWF
Monroe Street512Aug51985Aug7198531460Staas, Emma 99y F
Monroe Street3100   Jun3190523809Staas, F 58yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul19189418133Staas, Fred 29yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb19192428170Staas, Fredk H 46yWM
Monroe Street1101   Apr2518748445Stabener, John 6yWM
Monroe Street111   Jul3118644940Stabler, Mary Helen 9yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec10187810627Stabler, S 49yW 
Monroe Street2114   Nov29188915356Staby, Chas 73yWM
Monroe Street187   Jul718737899Stacey, Francis 3yW 
Monroe Street226   Oct20188212243Stacey, Jos L 8y  
Monroe Street2114   Nov22188915348Stachener, Ida 9yWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar27189619093Stack, F W 2hWM
Monroe Street12   Aug1518634576Stackhouse, Chathaum L 14dWF
Monroe Street12   Aug1218634572Stackhouse, Mary 23yWF
Monroe Street16   Jan2818644735Stackhouse, Meriah H 33yWF
Monroe Street3265   Apr30192127720Stade, Chas F 67yWM
Monroe Street3311   Jul24192928987Stade, Louise 69yWF
Monroe Street1141   Mar2418779949Stadler,1 of 2 Children of L   
Monroe Street1141   Mar2418779949Stadler,2 of 2 Children of L   
Monroe Street126   Jun1318665527Stadler, Johanna 7yWF
Monroe Street3290   Aug6192528386Stadtler, Christina 83yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr10189116085Staebler,Baby WM
Monroe Street3151   Sep18190925045Staebler,Baby WF
Monroe Street344   Dec25190122120Staebler, Agatha 76yWF
Monroe Street3178   Dec11191125658Staebler, Anna B 79yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug24190021452Staebler, Eva 39yWF
Monroe Street371   May19190322863Staebler, Geo 75yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul21189518750Staebler, Henry 64yWM
Monroe Street134   Aug2618675825Staebler, Jac Fred 6yWM
Monroe Street438   Feb28193829927Staebler, Margaret 79yWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr28189015616Staebner,SB WM
Monroe Street3284   Jul24192428235Staedding, Catherine 92yWF
Monroe Street3246   Aug10191827208Staedding, Martin 80yWM
Monroe Street192   Sep218738066Staever, Jane 77yWF
Monroe Street119   Apr1618655217Staff, Peter 12yWM
Monroe Street28   Jul30188111628Stage, Nancy 31yWF
Monroe Street160   Jan318716852Stahl, Charles 1yWM
Monroe Street175   Jul718727430Stahl, Emma 3mWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep14189820391Stahl, Geo C 62yWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun15189317389Stahl, Jacob 37yWM
Monroe Street3289   Jun29192528368Stahl, Marie 85yWF
Monroe Street1124   Dec2418759298Stahlmann, H 1yW 
Monroe Street138   Mar1218685965Stahls,SB Child of Carl WM
Monroe Street2158   Sep5189216943Staley, 5wWF
Monroe Street2159   Oct3189216982Staley, Florence 32yWF
Monroe Street3148   Jun11190924987Staley, Geo 51yWM
Monroe Street2205   Feb2189518596Staley, Robt 13yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct6187710176Stalka, Jas A 3mWM
Monroe Street2112   Oct14188915272Stall,SB WM
Monroe Street191   Aug2018738023Stall, Albert 1yWM
Monroe Street233   Jun26188312490Stall, Herbert 2mWM
Monroe Street224   Aug14188212171Stamler, E C 77y  
Monroe Street1136   Nov718769755Stammeyer, Edward 3yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct2318769734Stammeyer, Emma 7yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug1318769593Stammeyer, Ernst 49yWF
Monroe Street3239   Aug9191727009Stammler, Eva C 74yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct9188814754Stammler, John G 78yWM
Monroe Street3159   May18191025250Stampo, Ida 1mWF
Monroe Street4102Dec81967Dec11196731274Standart, Bertha B 95yWF
Monroe Street140   Aug218686078Standart, Eliza W 68yWF
Monroe Street136   Dec718675910Standart, Frank M 1yWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan4191927277Standart, Henry N 51yWM
Monroe Street1141   Mar2518779952Standart, Julia 38yWF
Monroe Street281   Aug11188714168Standart, Myra 56yWF
Monroe Street3298   Mar8192728642Stander, Anna 57yWF
Monroe Street143   Dec418686185Staney, Ann R 73yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul17188011215Stanfestiger, FredSB W 
Monroe Street130   Nov2518665660Stanfield, Catharine 9mWF
Monroe Street377   Sep13190323033Stanfield, Geo 76yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb7190222182Stang, Anna 44yWF
Monroe Street2137   May24189116174Stanhope, John 38yWM
Monroe Street230   Mar11188312386Stanhope, Lottie 4y F
Monroe Street3242   Feb14191827116Stankewitz, A M 4hWF
Monroe Street385   Apr4190423292Stankey, Rudolph 40yWM
Monroe Street2223   Jul5189619236Stankowitz, Elizabeth 6mWF
Monroe Street2152   May2189216716Stankowitz, M A 4yWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug1718759129Stanley, Percy 13dWM
Monroe Street1122   Nov618759245Stanling, George 41yWM
Monroe Street390   Aug30190423485Stannard, Stephan E 5dWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec618748741Stantard, N M 77yW 
Monroe Street156   Aug718706686Stantnick,Child of Lutrick1yWM
Monroe Street1131   Jul3018769566Star, Wm 9mWM
Monroe Street39   Aug12189920904Starek, Rosy 2wWF
Monroe Street373   Jul19190322949Starek, Vlasta 2yWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov7189418357Stark,SB WM
Monroe Street1180   Dec23188011381Stark, Cath 56yWF
Monroe Street2213   Oct19189518904Stark, Emil 22yWM
Monroe Street224   Aug18188212181Stark, Emma 1y  
Monroe Street377   Sep3190323016Stark, Florence 2mWF
Monroe Street2237   Jul22189719742Stark, Helena 3mWM
Monroe Street292   Jun12188814560Stark, Louise 67yWF
Monroe Street321   Jun12190021351Stark, Lousa 29yWF
Monroe Street2169   May4189317314Stark, Minnie 43yWF
Monroe Street2257   Oct31189820457Stark, Sophia 51yWF
Monroe Street3254   Aug4191927412Stark, William 75yWM
Monroe Street178   Aug2818727548Stark, Wilson J 8mWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar19187910708Starke, August 29yWM
Monroe Street3241   Nov14191727060Starkey, Albert W 53yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan26190523646Starkey, Theo 32yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar11190523710Starkey, Wm 62yWM
Monroe Street35   Apr27189920760Starkwell, Fred J 35yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb16189920654Starkwell, Herbert 18mWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul24191326080Starkwell, W C 20yWM
Monroe Street245   Jul13188412905Starkwether, Oliva 2mWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul10187710049Starr, Wm  WM
Monroe Street2254   Aug16189820353Stater, Allen 1dWF
Monroe Street1129   May2618769475Statina, Barb 6mWF
Monroe Street342   Oct10190122024Staub, Regina 72yWF
Monroe Street2138   Jul3189116217Staubin, Mabel 19mWF
Monroe Street3248   Dec5191827257Stauffer, Elizabeth 67yWF
Monroe Street3253   May16191927376Stauffer, Louisa L 59yWF
Monroe Street2240   Sep19189719832Staupfwitz, Jacob 38yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2018738031Stavy, Jeremius 7mWM
Monroe Street136   Dec718675911St Clair, E 28yWM
Monroe Street16   Jan118644712St Clair, Samuel 28yWM
Monroe Street111   Jul2018644921Steaber, Charles 1yWM
Monroe Street320   Jun6190021342Stearn, Rose 19yWF
Monroe Street2233   Mar30189719582Stearns, Chas W 25yWM
Monroe Street3173   Jul5191125565Stearns, Edward 36yWM
Monroe Street488Jun201958Jun23195831042Stearns, Louis 67yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan15191626678Stearns, Margarett 71yWF
Monroe Street3157   Mar4191025174Stearns, Samuel 59yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep1418645011Stears,SB Child of Henry WM
Monroe Street1130   Jun2718769514Stearsy, Frank 1mWM
Monroe Street295   Aug20188814681Stecker, August 10yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun13188412872Stecker, Louis 6dWM
Monroe Street2158   Aug31189216935Stecker, Minnie 4mWF
Monroe Street1173   Mar26188011078Stedman,Child W 
Monroe Street481Aug161953Aug19195330874Stedman, Ida Theresa 74yWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug1718769603Stedman, John W 11yWM
Monroe Street193   Sep2518738121Steel, John H 47yWM
Monroe Street2114   Dec7188915365Steenstra, Janke 7yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug28190423479Steenstra, John 55yWM
Monroe Street114   Sep2818645032Steer, Fredrick 14dWM
Monroe Street41   Jan8193029029Stefanek,SB WM
Monroe Street3230   May23191626746Stefani, AgnesPB WF
Monroe Street191   Aug2018738027Steffen,Child of W 
Monroe Street191   Aug2018738026Steffen, Kath 23dWF
Monroe Street272   Dec16188613883Steffy, Sam'l 75yWM
Monroe Street176   Jul2518727470Stegemann, Charles 5mWM
Monroe Street174   Jun1518727404Stegemann, Mathilde 27yWF
Monroe Street3159   May16191025249Stegkamper, Louise 54yWF
Monroe Street2116   Jan17189015438Stegkemper, Henry 64yWM
Monroe Street3298   Jan31192728623Stegkemper, John F 71yWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov11189820474Stehn,SB WF
Monroe Street264   Mar20188613604Steibler, John 48yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep15189418268Steif, 14dWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul14189418114Steif, Eddie 4mWM
Monroe Street280   Jul30188714146Steig, Chas 10mWM
Monroe Street333   Apr15190121752Steig, Gertrude 9mWF
Monroe Street1166   Aug17187910882Steiger, Adam 7mWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug5187710096Steiger, Ed H 10yW 
Monroe Street462Jun221944Jun24194430443Steiger, Fredericka 75yWF
Monroe Street3185   Jul22191225811Steiger, Geo 49yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul29189518761Steiger, GeorgeJr1mWM
Monroe Street276   Apr1188713990Stein,SB WF
Monroe Street2185   Mar31189417895Stein, 13mWF
Monroe Street399   May1190523770Stein, A 7mWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan17189317131Stein, Anna 80yWF
Monroe Street3312   Aug26192928993Stein, Anna 82yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr23190924949Stein, Catharine 9mWF
Monroe Street3256   Nov21191927460Stein, Eleanor 69yWF
Monroe Street3270   Feb1192227827Stein, Harry H 22yWM
Monroe Street488Mar71959Mar11195930158Stein, Helen 88yWF
Monroe Street3203   Jan20191426208Stein, John J 66yWM
Monroe Street2248   Mar26189820123Stein, Laura 8yWF
Monroe Street339   Aug8190121943Stein, Martha 45yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr718758914Stein, Martin 2mWM
Monroe Street265   Mar27188613615Stein, Michael 75yWM
Monroe Street3249   Jan27191927296Stein, Michael 72yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb2190322701Stein, Wm 25yWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov4189719909Steinbach, Helen 78yWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct11187810562Steinbrenner, El 12yW 
Monroe Street196   Dec718738247Steinbrenner, John 3yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec11188111846Steinbrenner, John 3yWM
Monroe Street330   Feb6190121654Steinbrenner, Susanor Schmidt27yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar28189317254Steiner, 1dWM
Monroe Street158   Oct218706762Steinhart, Andrew 47yWM
Monroe Street2221   May8189619159Steinhauer,SB WM
Monroe Street2172   Jul13189317437Steinhauer, Maud E 19mWF
Monroe Street211   Sep29188111730Steinheimer, Henry 29yWM
Monroe Street369   Apr1190322797Steinich, John 2yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2918737961Steinke, Charles 33yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug26188915164Steinke, Willie 1yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug1018769588Steinmeier, P 1yW 
Monroe Street394   Jan5190523628Steinmetz, A 32yWM
Monroe Street379   Nov7190323089Steinmetz, Andrew 75yWM
Monroe Street3291   Nov13192528421Steinmetz, Charles J 57yWM
Monroe Street465May21945May5194530491Steinmetz, George 70yWM
Monroe Street3256   Dec11191927467Steinmetz, Julia F 71yWF
Monroe Street117   Feb118655144Steinmetz, Kate B 22yWF
Monroe Street487Mar211958Mar24195831028Steinmetz, Mary 88yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan1518655122Steinnertz, Andrew 7dWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov10191025394Steller, Christian D 65yWM
Monroe Street111   Jul718644903Steller, Francis W 1mWM
Monroe Street39   Aug14189920907Steller, Fridrich 9mWM
Monroe Street120   Jul3118655287Steller, Henry W 4mWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov20189820489Steller, Minnie 26yWF
Monroe Street2126   Aug28189015814Steltzer, John 38yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar17190724379Stemler,Baby WM
Monroe Street3212   Oct2191426369Stemler, Anna 7dWF
Monroe Street471May101948May13194830624Stemler, Otto 55yWM
Monroe Street349   Mar12190222225Stemler, Paul 3mWM
Monroe Street3220   Jun27191526550Stemles, Wm 59yWF
Monroe Street3208   Jun11191426308Stemmeyer, Chas 47yWM
Monroe Street3260   Jun24192027577Stemmeyer, Elizabeth 92yWF
Monroe Street143   Dec2118686194Stempel, Kate 1mWF
Monroe Street3104   Oct29190523958Stempl,SB WF
Monroe Street391   Oct5190423526Stempl, Helen 1wWF
Monroe Street445   Nov4193930069Stender, Clara 63yWF
Monroe Street2105   May22188915015Stengel, Carl W 5mWM
Monroe Street315   Feb5190021137Stengel, Fred 5yWM
Monroe Street465Aug31945Aug21194530510Stengel, William 55yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov27190624281Stengel, Wm 45yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan23188814367Stengin, 1mWM
Monroe Street51Jan311974Feb2197431356Stengle, Charlotte L 68y F
Monroe Street132   Apr618675751Stephan,SB Child of George WM
Monroe Street2204   Mar10189518551Stephan, 15mWM
Monroe Street4107Apr271970Apr30197031308Stephan, Adolph 93y M
Monroe Street434   Feb3193729843Stephan, Anna Bell 51yWF
Monroe Street3287   Jan12192528306Stephan, Eliz 92yWF
Monroe Street138   Apr618685982Stephan, GeorgSB Child of Georg WM
Monroe Street435   Apr29193729866Stephan, George 58yWM
Monroe Street1109   Dec1818748755Stephan, John 3mWM
Monroe Street2124   Jul11189015732Stephan, Louis 7yWM
Monroe Street3104   Oct15190523947Stephan, Minerva 70yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug8190423456Stephan, Nellie 6mWF
Monroe Street138   Apr818685985Stephan, Ottilie 36yWF
Monroe Street364   Jan7190322657Stephan, Sister 56yWF
Monroe Street466Dec161945Dec19194530524Stephan, Val 73yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar3190121683Stephen, Robert 1yWM
Monroe Street2217   Jan14189619009Stephens, Chas C  WM
Monroe Street333   Apr25190121769Stephens, Geo L 49yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun12188412868Stephens, Harvey 65yWM
Monroe Street32   Feb20189920663Stephens, Mary 76yWF
Monroe Street3290   Sep23192528401Steppenbacher, Susanna 69yWF
Monroe Street454Jan261942Jan29194230245Steppenback, Casper 79yWM
Monroe Street516Feb151990Feb20199031483Steppenbacker, Rosalie 89y F
Monroe Street481Aug241953Aug27195330875Steppenbacker, Walter O 58yWM
Monroe Street38   Aug1189920888Sterba, John 1yWM
Monroe Street2235   May3189719642Sterba, Mary 1mWF
Monroe Street111   Jul1718644917Sterdervant, Frederick 2mWM
Monroe Street2177   Oct20189317626Sternad, 7mWF
Monroe Street2222   May22189619180Sternad,SB WM
Monroe Street1144   Jul16187710058Sterne, 5mW 
Monroe Street1169   Dec16187910973Sternhagen, Anna 24yWF
Monroe Street129   Nov318665642Sternhagen, Christ 10dWM
Monroe Street334   May20190121808Sternhagen, Christ 67yWM
Monroe Street128   Aug2718665589Sternhagen, Mary 4yWF
Monroe Street2239   Aug24189719801Sternhagen, Sophia 69yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep14187710150Sternhagen, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street17   Feb2618644756Stervant, Jacob 6yWM
Monroe Street3280   Nov19192328124Stetina,SB WF
Monroe Street199   Feb1018748356Steton, C OMrs46yWF
Monroe Street3121   Mar17190724381Steuben, Christian 78yWM
Monroe Street51Jun61974Jun8197431361Steuck, John 73y M
Monroe Street3245   May24191827179Steudel,SB WF
Monroe Street24   Mar22188111466Steufer, Jno W 74yWM
Monroe Street3167   Jan7191125448Steuhr, Harold 5yWM
Monroe Street186   May2218737850Stevanson, George 35yWM
Monroe Street224   Aug14188212172Steveans, Ida F 2y  
Monroe Street139   Jun2918686031Stevens,Child of S B6mWM
Monroe Street162   Mar3118716943Stevens,Child of Charles R10dWF
Monroe Street386   May21190423353Stevens, 1dWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov26190824843Stevens, Andrew 43yWM
Monroe Street2111   Sep28188915228Stevens, Arthur 18yWM
Monroe Street447   Jan12194030085Stevens, Caroline 91yWF
Monroe Street3281   Dec12192328132Stevens, Charles 78yWM
Monroe Street133   Jul2118675797Stevens, Charlie 10mWM
Monroe Street396   Mar25190523728Stevens, Clotilda 3mWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug7187710102Stevens, D 8yW 
Monroe Street2230   Jan12189719471Stevens, Fannie M 24yWF
Monroe Street185   Apr418737792Stevens, Frank 6mW 
Monroe Street3266   Jun1192127732Stevens, Frank 70yWM
Monroe Street431   Jul13193629780Stevens, Frank 57yWM
Monroe Street3301   Aug29192728709Stevens, George 61yWM
Monroe Street467Feb181946Feb20194630533Stevens, George 60yWM
Monroe Street120   Aug118655289Stevens, John W 2yWM
Monroe Street39   Aug21189920913Stevens, Joshud 52yWM
Monroe Street355   Jul21190222406Stevens, Lloyd L 2yWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov7189015897Stevens, Mary A 74yWF
Monroe Street2236   Jun13189719682Stevens, Sadie 22yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec30189317747Stevens, Sahra 73yWF
Monroe Street2170   May21189317340Stevens, Samuel 71yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb2418706560Stevens, Sarah 1yCF
Monroe Street353   Jun18190222352Stevens, Sarah 38yWF
Monroe Street118   Mar2218655187Stevens, Sophia 2yWF
Monroe Street130   Nov1818665655Stevens, Spencer B 1yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan27189317148Stevens, Spencer B 69yWM
Monroe Street146   Jun118696321Stevenson, Andrew 45yWM
Monroe Street2242   Nov10189719918Stevenson, Anna E 40yWF
Monroe Street287   Feb12188814396Stevenson, Elizabeth 57yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr13190222267Stevenson, Geo A 48yWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan30191827104Stevenson, Mary E 43yWF
Monroe Street3160   Jun25191025287Stevenson, Mary J 54yWF
Monroe Street11   May2318634522Stevenson, Philip 6yWM
Monroe Street3291   Dec30192528442Stevenson, Susanna 84yWF
Monroe Street129   Sep2818665620Stever, Silas 67yWM
Monroe Street2111   Sep29188915233Steward, Douglass 2wWM
Monroe Street188   Jul1018737907Steward, E M 25yW 
Monroe Street299   Dec15188814830Steward, Peter 2yWM
Monroe Street3222   Sep13191526589Stewart,  WM
Monroe Street3301   Aug20192728706Stewart,SB WF
Monroe Street3302   Nov26192728743Stewart,SB WM
Monroe Street3276   Mar10192328011Stewart, Anna 1dWF
Monroe Street128   Aug2018665581Stewart, Clarence R 8mWM
Monroe Street462Oct221944Oct25194430453Stewart, Isabel L 46yWF
Monroe Street183   Feb518737741Stewart, John L 29yWM
Monroe Street2241   Oct12189719872Stewart, Julia 4mWF
Monroe Street311   Nov9189921005Stewart, Marie 73yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul1718717020Sthephan, Henry Fredrick 11mWM
Monroe Street465Aug191945Aug21194530509Stickney, Fred 84yWM
Monroe Street478Jul151951Jul17195130804Stickney, Nettie A 87yWF
Monroe Street3302   Nov26192728742Stieg, Augusta 62yWF
Monroe Street246   Jul31188412928Stieg, Elise 9dWF
Monroe Street418   Nov28193329462Stieg, Herman 74yWM
Monroe Street3265   May16192127726Stiegler, Sophia 70yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec13191526636Stientker, Mary 76yWF
Monroe Street26   Jun6188111541Stierer, Jacob 3yWM
Monroe Street46   Mar2193129173Stierer, Jacob 7yWM
Monroe Street3220   Jun12191526543Stierer, Louise G 63yWF
Monroe Street32   Feb24189920673Stieringer, Erwin W 4yWM
Monroe Street2208   Jul8189518725Stieringer, Irene 1yWF
Monroe Street2211   Sep4189518827Stieulker, Henry 57yWM
Monroe Street2171   Jun19189317396Stillwell, Keith 5mWM
Monroe Street160   Jan818716857Stilwell, Nomie M 20yWF
Monroe Street1166   Aug9187910878Stinchcowles,  W 
Monroe Street2254   Aug20189820356Stitt,SB WM
Monroe Street3213   Nov21191426401Stoch, Chas 54yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug7188814653Stock, Sophia 35yWF
Monroe Street3277   Mar29192328018Stocker, Barthlomy 90yWM
Monroe Street3236   Mar13191726916Stocker, Lilliam K 35yWF
Monroe Street46   Jan9193129159Stocker, Mary 82yWF
Monroe Street3249   Dec30191827274Stockhans, Fred EJr49yWM
Monroe Street3238   Jun1191726970Stockhans, Frederick E 85yWM
Monroe Street3243   Feb22191827121Stockhouse, Elinore 82yWF
Monroe Street11   Jun1818634534Stockhouse, Ernest F 70yWM
Monroe Street3272   Jun26192227891Stocks, Elmer 23yWM
Monroe Street3110   Apr4190624079Stoddard,Baby WM
Monroe Street14   Oct718634639Stoddard, Geo W 1yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun5188412863Stoesner, Charles 3mWM
Monroe Street3200   Oct21191326142Stoessner, Carl F 66yWM
Monroe Street42   Apr22193029071Stoessner, Mary 70yWF
Monroe Street3142   Dec5190824848Stofer, David G 81yWM
Monroe Street172   Apr518727326Stofer, James 3yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan15191726882Stofer, Lois 74yWF
Monroe Street311   Oct26189920991Stofer, Mabel 6yWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep6189820381Stofer, Sarah 50yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar23189417877Stoffel, 7dWF
Monroe Street3180   Feb12191225712Stoffel, 7hWF
Monroe Street442   Jan25193929995Stoffel, Alpha M 75yWF
Monroe Street124   Jan2818665451Stoffel, Catherine 7yWF
Monroe Street3156   Feb15191025159Stoffel, Elizabeth 78yWF
Monroe Street432   Jul16193629784Stoffel, Frank S 45yWM
Monroe Street3248   Dec16191827266Stoffel, Fred 54yWM
Monroe Street477Nov291950Dec2195030773Stoffel, George 87yWM
Monroe Street3230   Jun27191626761Stoffel, Henry 60yWM
Monroe Street3196   Jun12191326059Stoffel, Henry W 83yWM
Monroe Street3128   Oct7190724527Stoffel, Ida 38yWF
Monroe Street423   Oct24193429581Stoffel, Mary 65yWF
Monroe Street3283   Mar27192428196Stoffel, William 63yWM
Monroe Street276   Mar25188713983Stoffell,SB WM
Monroe Street2136   Apr30189116133Stoffell, 1mWM
Monroe Street2113   Nov14188915331Stoffell, Herman 6wWM
Monroe Street147   Jul118696345Stoffell, Maria 8mWF
Monroe Street251   Jan17188513113Stoffers, Maria C 22yWF
Monroe Street242   Apr15188412805Stohlman, Hayl E  WM
Monroe Street3200   Oct1191326125Stojanovitz, Bertha 8mWF
Monroe Street277   May16188714042Stokes, Annie V 32yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar15190322763Stokes, Arthur 32yWM
Monroe Street197   Dec2518738279Stokhaus, H F 3yW 
Monroe Street2202   Feb15189518503Stolder, Andrew 64yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr25190121768Stolder, Elizabeth 71yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul6190423411Stoldt, Anna 52yWF
Monroe Street3191   Jan2191325928Stoldt, Elsie 19yWF
Monroe Street3159   May20191025253Stoldt, Herman 62yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep218769639Stoll,    
Monroe Street2197   Nov6189418352Stoll, Anna 21yWF
Monroe Street3292Jan311926Feb5192628467Stoll, Charles F 73yWM
Monroe Street3292   Feb3192628465Stoll, Dorethy 8mWF
Monroe Street3247   Oct14191827224Stoll, Edw 4mWM
Monroe Street3184   Jun25191225795Stoll, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street3234   Dec30191626866Stoll, Emma 54yWF
Monroe Street479Mar201952Mar22195230826Stoll, George Edward 62yWM
Monroe Street1133   Sep118769638Stoll, H Wm 9yWM
Monroe Street3260   Jun5192027565Stoll, Henry C 80yWM
Monroe Street3165   Nov26191025408Stoll, John 68yWM
Monroe Street2165   Feb17189317181Stoll, Julia Mary 5wWF
Monroe Street313   Dec28189921075Stoll, Karl 72yWM
Monroe Street327   Dec6190021574Stoll, Lulu E 4yWF
Monroe Street3222   Sep30191526593Stoll, Maria 66yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul16190423421Stoll, Rose 4mWF
Monroe Street2144   Nov9189116440Stoll, Sophia 68yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct3118675885Stoll, Theodore 48yWM
Monroe Street126   Apr1718665495Stollenmeyer,Child 1 W 
Monroe Street126   Apr1718665495Stollenmeyer,Child 2 W 
Monroe Street122   Oct1018655368Stollenmeyer, Carl Gust 4yWM
Monroe Street122   Oct1818655375Stollenmeyer, Eberhard G 11yWM
Monroe Street143   Nov1618686174Stollenmeyer, John 44yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar20188412763Stollman, Wm 25yWM
Monroe Street29   Aug18188111668Stollsteimer, Dora M 5mWF
Monroe Street219   Apr7188212003Stollte, H 7yW 
Monroe Street421   Jun6193429531Stollte, Henry F 41yWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul6187910818Stollte, John 64yWM
Monroe Street219   Apr7188212004Stollte, Lena 3yWF
Monroe Street1159   Dec4187810620Stollte, Louis 2mWM
Monroe Street411   Mar15193229285Stollte, Theo A 24yWM
Monroe Street3253   Jun24191927399Stollte, Wm F 49yWM
Monroe Street180   Nov518727640Stollze, Fredrika 26yW 
Monroe Street32   Feb14189920650Stolp, Caroline 78yWF
Monroe Street3284   Jun9192428219Stolp, Gustav 70yWM
Monroe Street3245   May24191827178Stolp, Henrietta 61yWF
Monroe Street1129   Jun2418769511Stolp, William 4mWM
Monroe Street136   Nov1518675897Stolt, Maria Elonore 1yWF
Monroe Street1116   Jun2918759002Stolte,SB W 
Monroe Street2208   Jul6189518720Stolte, 1mWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2618738178Stolte, Anna L 1yWF
Monroe Street179   Sep2218727590Stolte, Anna Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street3290   Sep10192528397Stolte, Catherine 77yWF
Monroe Street343   Nov28190122080Stolte, Charlotte E 65yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec23191526649Stolte, Christina 74yWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan23191626682Stolte, David 72yWM
Monroe Street234   Aug10188312539Stolte, Elen 6mWF
Monroe Street268   Jul26188613706Stolte, Eliza 11mWF
Monroe Street2190   Jun26189418075Stolte, Ernst D 24yWM
Monroe Street3305   Jun28192828839Stolte, Frank W 17yWM
Monroe Street194   Oct2518738177Stolte, Fred 3yW 
Monroe Street161   Feb1818716902Stolte, Frederick 3yWM
Monroe Street359   Sep29190222516Stolte, George 4wWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb26189619060Stolte, Helen 7mWF
Monroe Street1102   May1218748468Stolte, Henry 17yWM
Monroe Street3188   Oct31191225877Stolte, Henry J 64yWM
Monroe Street325   Oct25190021529Stolte, Henry W 5yWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar1191125486Stolte, Henry W 40yWM
Monroe Street369   Apr25190322834Stolte, Herman 62yWM
Monroe Street354   Jun29190222368Stolte, herman F 27yWM
Monroe Street278   Jun20188714073Stolte, John 37yWM
Monroe Street429   Dec28193529725Stolte, John 67yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov27188111825Stolte, Louisa M 1mWF
Monroe Street426   May4193529646Stolte, Louise 67yWF
Monroe Street45   Dec10193029147Stolte, Oscar 26yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep3191326107Stoltes,SB WM
Monroe Street189   Jul2718737955Stoltor, Christ 9mWM
Monroe Street291   Jun6188814552Stolz, Elizabeth 43yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct9189015866Stone,SB WM
Monroe Street3169   Mar20191125503Stone, A L O 90yWF
Monroe Street374   Jul19190322952Stone, Chas 56yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul1818696367Stone, Dwight 34yWM
Monroe Street3122   Apr17190724414Stone, Ernst J 2mWM
Monroe Street2133   Feb19189116024Stone, Geo W 8mWM
Monroe Street3155   Jan27191025138Stone, Howard I 1yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov418738193Stone, Ida Florence 21dWF
Monroe Street133   Jun2618675788Stone, Joel 67yW 
Monroe Street1165   Jul13187910831Stone, Lillie 4mWF
Monroe Street227   Nov14188212274Stone, S 2y  
Monroe Street296   Sep16188814725Stone, Samuel 6dWM
Monroe Street1121   Oct718759205Stone, Sarah A 8yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec1188111830Stonebraker, Marg 67yWF
Monroe Street460Dec271943Dec30194330407Stoney, Ida 72yWF
Monroe Street131   Feb118675712Stoney, John  WM
Monroe Street2182   Jan11189417764Stoney, John T 70yWM
Monroe Street211   Sep27188111727Stoney, Mary L 56yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan15191726880Stoney, Minnie B 51yWF
Monroe Street2177   Oct8189317611Stoney, Sarah A 43yWF
Monroe Street253   Apr4188513192Stoney, Thomas Clifford 3yWM
Monroe Street3262   Nov11192027626St Onge, Amass J 62yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr22191326021Stonka, Rose  WF
Monroe Street2129   Nov3189015895Stoogard, Niels 25yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec13188513516Stopper,SB WM
Monroe Street2113   Nov18188915337Storch,SB WM
Monroe Street2130   Dec6189015930Storch,SB WM
Monroe Street248   Oct7188413009Storch, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb15189216591Storch, H F 1mW 
Monroe Street281   Aug28188714187Storch, Henry 5wWM
Monroe Street258   Aug8188513373Storch, Willie 3mWM
Monroe Street1164   May22187910773Storck, Henry 64yWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug1188011240Storck, Sophie 11mWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug2189719761Storer, Earl M 5mWM
Monroe Street222   Jul11188212125Storey, Robert 4y  
Monroe Street3128   Oct23190724543Storgaart, Martin S 77yWM
Monroe Street244   Jun2188412857Storgard, Martin E 1yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul25189418151Storik,SB WF
Monroe Street161   Feb518716889Storm, Henry 5yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec2118759293Storsh, A HSB W 
Monroe Street1149   Dec15187710283Storsh, Louisa 1yWF
Monroe Street420   Mar10193429502Stosh, Caroline 71yWF
Monroe Street366   Feb25190322732Stotler,Baby WM
Monroe Street315   Feb9190021144Stotler, J F 36hWM
Monroe Street1161   Feb11187910666Stowe, Abbrey 42yW 
Monroe Street2213   Oct6189518891Stowe, Joseph M 68yWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar13190724376Strack, A  WM
Monroe Street17   Mar1318644778Stradeer,SB Boy of Charles WM
Monroe Street172   Mar2518727304Stradmann, Luisa 2dWF
Monroe Street367   Mar9190322752Straebel, John 83yWM
Monroe Street336   Jun17190121848Straebel, Magdelena 79yWF
Monroe Street260   Sep18188513435Straffen, Francis 65yWF
Monroe Street2151   Apr8189216676Straffin, Thomas 34yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug29188814692Straffner, Sarah 5mWF
Monroe Street214   Dec7188111837Straign, Enoch 48yWM
Monroe Street138   Mar1418685966Straign, Erminie 1yWF
Monroe Street3293   Mar15192628488Straley, Anna 77yWF
Monroe Street1146   Sep26187710162Strandt, Henry 2mWM
Monroe Street291   May27188814538Strandt, Henry 66yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug6188915119Stranhan,SB WM
Monroe Street1135   Oct2318769735Strass, H M 62yW 
Monroe Street2209   Jul23189518753Strassmeier, Henry 36yWM
Monroe Street3263   Jan8192127660Stratton, 5dWF
Monroe Street245   Jul4188412893Straub, Anton 55yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar15188513174Straub, Joste 59yWF
Monroe Street1180   Dec26188011383Straub, Julia 16yWF
Monroe Street3110   Apr16190624093Straudt, Wilhemina 65yWF
Monroe Street245   Jul5188412894Straufen, Katie 7mWF
Monroe Street374   Jul29190322964Strdla, Lizzie 45yWF
Monroe Street160   Jan1318716862Strdlfr, Fred 3yWM
Monroe Street1177   Aug14188011252Strebel, John 5mWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan2518779881Strebel, Julius 20yWM
Monroe Street117   Mar318655169Strebel, Robert 10mWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr21189417934Streenstra, Jeltze 44yWF
Monroe Street2208   Jul5189518718Streenstra, Martin 2yWM
Monroe Street158   Oct2218706780Streghan, John 68yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb22188513158Strehla,SB WM
Monroe Street265   Apr12188613631Strehla,SB WF
Monroe Street2173   Jul29189317486Streich, Elmer 4mWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul15189518737Streich, Erwin 4mWM
Monroe Street420   Jan13193429481Streidle, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan30190423191Streit, 1dWM
Monroe Street3301   Sep16192728716Streit, Carl 45yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb12189417809Streit, Emil 1yWM
Monroe Street432   Oct13193629808Streit, Julius 79yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb4190423196Streit, Kate 40yWF
Monroe Street476Dec291949Jan3195030727Streit, Louis G 62yWM
Monroe Street47   Jun19193129205Streit, Marie K 82yWF
Monroe Street3137   Jul7190824745Streit, Reinhold 56yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul1918665555Streitel, Jacob 46yWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar21189317239Strelan, Bertha 8dWF
Monroe Street1131   Jul3118769569Strelars, FredSB W 
Monroe Street1161   Feb19187910673Strelau, Henry 1yWM
Monroe Street2169   May8189317317Strempel,SB WM
Monroe Street2189   Jun8189418037Strenstra, Nellie 2yWM
Monroe Street1129   May2818769483Stribinger, Christine 62yWF
Monroe Street163   Apr1018716951Stridel,Child of Rachel1dW 
Monroe Street1112   Feb2318758855Striebinger, Ph J 61yWM
Monroe Street341   Sep15190122000Strif, Josephine 12yWF
Monroe Street158   Sep1918706750Stritmater,Child of J M SB WM
Monroe Street458Feb221943Feb25194330339Stritmatter, Emil J 82yWM
Monroe Street398   Apr24190523764Strittmater, Adolph 49yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar8190523705Strittmatter, Barbara 76yWF
Monroe Street269   Aug24188613743Strittmatter, Estella 3yWF
Monroe Street222   Jun18188212107Strittmatter, John 53y  
Monroe Street476Mar251950Mar27195030742Strittmatter, Mary 79yWF
Monroe Street166   Aug2718717092Strittmatter, Robert 5yWM
Monroe Street58Oct11981Oct3198131432Strmac, John J 75y M
Monroe Street514Oct161987Oct20198731473Strmac, Theresa 81y F
Monroe Street373   Jul14190322937Strnad, James 2yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan26191726887Strobola, Mary AngelaSister52yWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan18191827093Strobridge, Geo M 76yWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar2418758892Stroebel, Mary 45yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb24189417823Stroemer, Fred 38yWM
Monroe Street2138   Jul6189116220Stroemer, Paul 3yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun25188111566Stroffter,SB W 
Monroe Street153   Mar918706568Strohm, Christian 17dWM
Monroe Street146   Apr2918696298Strom,SB Child of L WF
Monroe Street23   Mar7188111450Strong, A P 55yWM
Monroe Street245   Jul22188412917Strong, Homer 77yWM
Monroe Street378   Oct12190323063Strong, J W 2mWM
Monroe Street267   Jul10188613689Strong, Laura A 85yWF
Monroe Street265   Mar24188613614Strong, Leelan 10dWF
Monroe Street3276   Feb5192327986Stroup,SB WM
Monroe Street44   Sep3193029118Stroup,SB WM
Monroe Street417   Aug8193329430Strowbridge, Anna   F
Monroe Street291   May12188814521Struck, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street216   Jan24188211897Struebing, Mary 8yWF
Monroe Street150   Nov318696466Strunge, Simon 35yWM
Monroe Street3285   Sep29192428265Strunk,SB WM
Monroe Street156   Aug118706682Strutz,Child of Fredrick5mWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan14191626675Stuart,Baby WF
Monroe Street2231   Feb1189719496Stuart, F E 29yWM
Monroe Street1144   Aug1187710086Stucking, James P 1yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug6188915118Stud, Laura 20dWF
Monroe Street3257   Feb4192027497Studd, Anne 90yWF
Monroe Street179   Oct518727606Studd, Elizabeth 8yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug1318748586Studd, Wm 7mWM
Monroe Street2225   Aug5189619296Studd, Wm B 61yWM
Monroe Street3294   May22192628531Studer, 1dWF
Monroe Street118   Mar3118655200Studer, Eliza 27yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov14188915332Stuebe, Augusta 3yWF
Monroe Street145   Feb1618696242Stueber, Barbara Eliz 1yWF
Monroe Street1149   Nov21187710254Stueber, Carrie 4yWF
Monroe Street394   Jan28190523647Stueber, Genevieve 71yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov14187710239Stueber, L 7yW 
Monroe Street1149   Nov21187710253Stueber, Martha 9yWF
Monroe Street122   Sep1818655345Stueber, William 4yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar4190322740Stuehr, Cerelda 3wWF
Monroe Street320   Jun8190021347Stuehr, Cora 13yWF
Monroe Street3159   May28191025260Stuehr, Edward 49yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul8188814592Stuehr, Fred 56yWM
Monroe Street180   Oct1718727621Stuehr, HenryAKA Stuhr54yWM
Monroe Street432   Jul24193629785Stuehr, Katherine 66yWF
Monroe Street3240   Oct20191727051Stuehr, Louis 52yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep14191326112Stuehr, Maria 72yWF
Monroe Street3228   Mar3191626711Stuehr, Maria E 89yWF
Monroe Street348   Feb23190222207Stuehr, Ralph 4yWM
Monroe Street464Jan111945Jan13194530466Stuehr, Robert C 45yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul1218737910Stuehr, Rosa 1yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb6189015489Stuehr, Viola 3wWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep10189116347Stuetz, Bertha 54yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul20189216832Stuetz, Joseph 43yWM
Monroe Street245   Jul7188412897Stueve,SB WM
Monroe Street299   Dec31188814851Stueve,  WF
Monroe Street2126   Aug13189015791Stueve,Baby WM
Monroe Street2157   Aug10189216885Stueve, Bertha 28yW 
Monroe Street214   Dec13188111847Stueve, Mathilda 2yWF
Monroe Street252   Mar4188513168Stuever, Eda WilhelmieneSB WF
Monroe Street1154   Jul2187810438Stuher, Fred W 8mWM
Monroe Street1172   Mar15188011058Stuhr, Augusta 74yWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan19188011001Stuhr, C F 80yW 
Monroe Street180   Oct1718727621Stuhr, HenryAKA Stuehr54yWM
Monroe Street139   Jul618686038Stuhr, Mathilde 25yWF
Monroe Street279   Jun24188714079Stuive, August 11hWM
Monroe Street13   Sep118634599Stumberge, James  WM
Monroe Street3123   May10190724432Stump,Baby WM
Monroe Street272   Nov15188613855Stumpp, Balzer 66yWM
Monroe Street3272   Jun10192227886Stumpp, Katherine 97yWF
Monroe Street269   Sep9188613765Sturck, Robert 21yWM
Monroe Street2103   Mar21188914938Sturgard, Anna 29yWF
Monroe Street122   Sep2118655349Sturm, Andrew 20dWM
Monroe Street1101   Mar2718748417Sturm, Anna 4yWF
Monroe Street129   Nov618665647Sturm, Anna B 6dWF
Monroe Street175   Jul918727436Sturm, Anna B 4yWF
Monroe Street255   May31188513270Sturm, Anna Barbara 48yWF
Monroe Street2187   May5189417966Sturm, C 4yWM
Monroe Street438   Apr2193829929Sturm, Eva 84yWF
Monroe Street383   Feb25190423235Sturm, Frank 35yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan21189317138Sturm, Fred 10mWM
Monroe Street468Sep211946Sep25194630554Sturm, Jennie 58yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan19190021108Sturm, John 73yWM
Monroe Street22   Jan2188111390Sturm, Lissie 1yWM
Monroe Street280   Jul24188714131Sturm, Maria 7mWF
Monroe Street2162   Dec7189217075Sturm, Nellie 20yWF
Monroe Street2101   Jan6188914859Sturm, Sophia 53yWF
Monroe Street221   May20188212066Sturtevant,Child   
Monroe Street130   Dec118665664Sturtevant, Everett C 14yWM
Monroe Street1125   Jan2618769341Stuter, UraneSB W 
Monroe Street2175   Sep5189317556Stuve, Mildred 5mWF
Monroe Street115   Dec118645087Styles, Charles 3dWM
Monroe Street452   Aug12194130206Subalm, Ferdinand 77yWF
Monroe Street3213   Nov11191426396Suchert, Minnie 29yWF
Monroe Street3189   Nov2191225880Suchert, Wilhelmina 62yWF
Monroe Street3275   Jan5192327969Suchert, William 76yWM
Monroe Street296   Sep13188814721Suckow, Auguste 12yWF
Monroe Street1173   Mar18188011067Suckow, Ida 6mWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep26189317594Suckow, Martin 77yWM
Monroe Street294   Aug2188814641Suckow, Ralph 3wWM
Monroe Street2203   Mar1189518530Suckow, Wm 9mWM
Monroe Street24   Apr18188111493Sucoff, Chs 21dWM
Monroe Street2208   Jul3189518716Sudwischer, Louis 9mWM
Monroe Street2261   Jan16189920586Sudwisher, Wm 1mWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan13188914866Suehnn, Herman 15mWM
Monroe Street2215   Nov30189518953Suenkins, Snenko 40yWM
Monroe Street1102   May3118748487Suess, Jakob 67yWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr29189116134Suesse, 4mWM
Monroe Street2190   Jul3189418086Suesse, Wm 5yWM
Monroe Street272   Dec1188613868Suesz, Margareta 8yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep19188814731Suesz, Robert 18mWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan27189820021Suffert, Chas E 33yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr618758908Sukom, Wm 21yWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan17189216532Sukow, Wilhelmine 76yWF
Monroe Street388   Jul27190423435Sullivan, 2mWF
Monroe Street291   May27188814537Sullivan, George 11mWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2718655319Summermeyer, Henry 43yWM
Monroe Street15   Dec2218634696Summermier, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street15   Dec2018634694Summermire, Catharin 8yWF
Monroe Street36   Jun3189920821Summers, 7dWF
Monroe Street3304   Mar7192828786Summers, 7hWF
Monroe Street1133   Sep1218769656Summerville,SB W 
Monroe Street331   Mar18190121713Sumner, Anna 50yWF
Monroe Street2143   Oct13189116399Sumner, James 1dWM
Monroe Street313   Dec15189921057Sumner, James 29yWM
Monroe Street2106   Jul10188915066Sunberg, Edith 1yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar23191526493Sundown, Chas Ruben 24yWM
Monroe Street113   Aug2818644989Sutherlan, Ira J 12yWM
Monroe Street122   Oct118655361Suthers, Ida V 2yWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct7189719862Sutter, 3dWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec1189015926Sutter, Carl 64yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2018769613Sutter, Karl 11yWM
Monroe Street247   Aug27188412961Sutter, Karl    
Monroe Street247   Aug27188412962Sutter, Lena    
Monroe Street213   Nov28188111828Sutter, Lina 31yWF
Monroe Street113   Sep1118645009Sutter, Phillip 1yWM
Monroe Street326   Oct27190021534Sutton, 5wWF
Monroe Street3255   Oct6191927440Sutton,SB WM
Monroe Street2226   Sep1189619330Sutton, Alfred 19mWM
Monroe Street1180   Dec19188011376Sutton, Elisa 53yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul27189317479Sutton, Glades 13mWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan6191626663Sutton, Sarah 64yWF
Monroe Street3119   Jan18190724322Svata, Harry 8dWM
Monroe Street350   Apr22190222284Svec, Mike 28yWM
Monroe Street382   Feb12190423210Svitag, 3wWF
Monroe Street3141   Nov13190824835Svoboda, Anna 69yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul8189820293Svoboda, Mary 48yWF
Monroe Street3302   Dec7192728746Svonava,SB WM
Monroe Street3133   Mar11190824656Swaffield, Hariett 88yWF
Monroe Street136   Nov1718675900Swaffield, Susannah 77yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep28189317595Swaffield, Wm 77yWM
Monroe Street471Feb171948Feb20194830616Swager, William Warren 85yWM
Monroe Street3125   Jul1190724467Swan,Baby WM
Monroe Street3165   Nov4191025390Swan, Otis W 1mWM
Monroe Street413   Dec30193229363Swanker, Chas W 65yWM
Monroe Street461Jan141944Jan17194430414Swanker, Emma 67yWF
Monroe Street442   Jan4193929990Swanker, George E 70yWM
Monroe Street3182   Apr27191225761Swanker, John 42yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug20191225833Swanker, Lewis 74yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan10188814346Swanker, Mary 46yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov12188915321Swanson, Otto 17yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul26189518756Swanson, Paul 3mWM
Monroe Street14   Sep2118634626Swarm, Conrad 8mWM
Monroe Street385   Apr21190423316Swartwood, 8dWM
Monroe Street3121   Mar22190724386Swartwood, Elizabeth 62yWF
Monroe Street3147   May27190924978Swartwood, Josial 80yWM
Monroe Street2251   May26189820237Swayer,SB WM
Monroe Street474May311949Jun3194930692Swayer, Amelia 82yWM
Monroe Street481   Mar28195330865Swayer, Arthur 52yWM
Monroe Street2236   Jun30189719704Swayer, Eliza 69yWF
Monroe Street438   Apr8193829931Swayer, Hattie M 72yWF
Monroe Street3302   Oct3192728726Swayer, James G 57yWM
Monroe Street3214   Dec11191426412Swayer, John 66yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb11189518496Swayer, Nellie 40yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep25189820404Swayer, Warren Y 77yWM
Monroe Street17   Mar118644759Sweat,SB Boy of Isaac WM
Monroe Street349   Mar12190222224Sweeney, Elizabeth Condell 67yWF
Monroe Street27   Jul10188111582Sweeney, M 19yW 
Monroe Street185   Apr318737788Sweeny, Goodrich 8mW 
Monroe Street145   Mar218696254Sweeny, Samuel K D 8mWM
Monroe Street147   Jun1518696331Sweet,SB Child of Isaac  F
Monroe Street3128   Oct18190724535Sweet,Baby WM
Monroe Street3215   Jan23191526442Sweet,Baby WF
Monroe Street125   Mar2018665481Sweet, Agnes  WF
Monroe Street16   Jan2718644732Sweet, Amma L 2yWF
Monroe Street25   Apr24188111499Sweet, Anna 55yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar9189719548Sweet, B G 85yWM
Monroe Street1102   May2818748484Sweet, Betsey 81yWF
Monroe Street2235   May27189719663Sweet, G W 55yWM
Monroe Street2229   Dec7189619438Sweet, Isaac H 72yWM
Monroe Street2153   May22189216744Sweger, Annie 55yWF
Monroe Street132   Mar1718675735Swift, Rufus 76yWM
Monroe Street189   Aug118737970Swind, Benjamin L 10mWM
Monroe Street3135   May12190824707Swindell,Baby WF
Monroe Street2173   Jul26189317473Swinhard, 1mWF
Monroe Street385   Apr27190423320Swinton,SB WF
Monroe Street2177   Oct20189317628Swinton, Ann D 10yWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov20189418374Swinton, James C 1mWM
Monroe Street434   Jan4193729832Swinton, Mary 74yWF
Monroe Street443   May9193930027Swinton, Thomas 78yWM
Monroe Street1162   Mar28187910718Switzer, Dorah 56yW 
Monroe Street1174   May16188011131Switzer, Ellen 19yWF
Monroe Street249   Nov10188413041Switzer, Harry 2mWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov8189820471Switzer, Mary Ann 69yWF
Monroe Street36   May22189920800Swogger, 1dWF
Monroe Street2122   May19189015644Sykes, Allie 40yWF
Monroe Street2124   Jul13189015733Sykes, Myrtle 11mWF
Monroe Street465Jun61945Jun8194530500Szaba, Joseph M 63yWM
Monroe Street3197   Jul15191326075Szabados, Lydia 44yWF
Monroe Street3171   May1191125527Szabo,SB WF
Monroe Street420   Jan22193429487Szabo, Anna 69yWF
Monroe Street3238   Jun13191726978Szabo, Frank 57yWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun15190924991Szabo, Laszlo 1dWM
Monroe Street3148   Jun15190924992Szabo, Louis 1dWM
Monroe Street3206   Apr6191426252Szany, Veron 7dWF
Monroe Street3281   Jan4192428143Szanyi,SB WM
Monroe Street4110Sep221972Sep26197231339Szekeras, Ethel 75y F
Monroe Street452   Oct30194130223Szekerees, Frank 55yWM
Monroe Street458Mar161943Mar19194330346Szigati, Frank 78yWM
Monroe Street449   Oct28194030158Szigeti, Roza 72yWM
Monroe Street3236   Mar24191726929Szojak, E 3mWF
Monroe Street3154   Dec2190925097Szucs,SB WM
Monroe Street495Aug221963Aug26196331184Szucs, Anna 80yWF
Monroe Street462May81944May12194430437Szucs, George 71yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb24191927318Szuhanek, Joseph 25yWM

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