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Monroe Street Cemetery Index
We through Z & Unnamed

CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Monroe Street16   Jan2118644730Wead, George W 15yWM
Monroe Street315   Feb20190021156Wearway, John 45yWM
Monroe Street288   Mar18188814443Weaser, Catharine 35yWF
Monroe Street121   Aug1018655301Weatherden, J Florence 1yWM
Monroe Street1146   Aug30187710138Weatherhead, Charles 36yWM
Monroe Street2202   Feb14189518501Weatherhead, Fay 12yWF
Monroe Street2187   May6189417968Weatherhead, Margareth 20mWF
Monroe Street1180   Nov11188011347Weatherhead, Martha 59yWF
Monroe Street187   Jun1518737876Weathy, Martha 42yWF
Monroe Street16   Jan1418644725Weaver, Jacob 9mWM
Monroe Street113   Sep918645003Weaver, John P 8mWM
Monroe Street2104   Apr18188914970Weaver, Julia N 60yWF
Monroe Street153   Apr718706585Weaver, Mary 12yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul17187910838Weaver, Peter 4mWM
Monroe Street3237   Apr30191726955Weaver, Phila C 63yWM
Monroe Street3228   Mar7191626713Weaver, Sarah 86yWF
Monroe Street1163   May6187910756Weaver, Stephen 2yWM
Monroe Street315   Feb19190021154Weaver, Thomas 69yWM
Monroe Street1124   Dec2718759305Weaver, WSB W 
Monroe Street160   Jan118716851Webb, Agnes J 4yWF
Monroe Street2179   Nov26189317689Webb, Edward A 52yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar13189216628Webb, John 58yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan30191726889Webb, Joseph 75yWM
Monroe Street3206   Apr13191426257Webb, Lloyd Deloss 12dWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct31190925072Webb, Mary Ann 77yWF
Monroe Street2178   Nov5189317652Webb, Mary C 42yWF
Monroe Street118   Mar1918655184Webber, Henry W 8mWM
Monroe Street161   Jan2718716876Webber, John H 1dWM
Monroe Street234   Jul26188312522Webber, LSB WM
Monroe Street343   Nov7190122056Webber, Maria 10mWF
Monroe Street118   Mar2618655195Webber, Mary E 9mWF
Monroe Street118   Mar2118655186Webber, Mary L 3yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan1718655125Webber, Mary M 6mWF
Monroe Street113   Sep1718645015Webber, Nichlos 41yWM
Monroe Street476Mar11950Mar4195030735Webber, Otto F 79yWM
Monroe Street136   Nov2418675904Weber, 1mWF
Monroe Street147   Jun2318696338Weber,Mrs. Chr40yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb1318769370Weber,child of Herm6dW 
Monroe Street1127   Apr818769430Weber,SB Child of E W 
Monroe Street1142   Apr1418779979Weber,SB Child of Hermann W 
Monroe Street260   Oct22188513461Weber,SB WF
Monroe Street3111   May31190624132Weber, 1dWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug12187710111Weber, Alex 8mWM
Monroe Street52Dec241975Dec27197531380Weber, Alma 77y F
Monroe Street123   Oct2218655379Weber, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec20189317736Weber, Anna 65yWF
Monroe Street157   Sep1118706735Weber, Annie Mary 2yWF
Monroe Street198   Jan2018748321Weber, August 79yWM
Monroe Street218   Mar6188211960Weber, Augusta 76yWF
Monroe Street225   Sep13188212204Weber, Augusta 6y  
Monroe Street3311   May24192928971Weber, Barbara 61yWF
Monroe Street488Jan151959Jan19195931050Weber, Barbara E 74yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep20189317581Weber, Carl 65yWM
Monroe Street196   Nov2818738231Weber, Catharine 3yWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul16187910835Weber, Ch 1mW 
Monroe Street3292   Feb17192628473Weber, Charles 61yWM
Monroe Street3150   Aug17190925027Weber, Chas 62yWM
Monroe Street2185   Mar20189417872Weber, Chas E 28yWM
Monroe Street123   Nov2618655409Weber, Christian 12yWM
Monroe Street1123   Dec2218759295Weber, Ch's 21dWM
Monroe Street2218   Feb4189619031Weber, Clara 79yWF
Monroe Street3276   Feb5192327987Weber, Clara E 82yWF
Monroe Street189   Jul3118737967Weber, Clara W S 1yWF
Monroe Street512Apr101985Apr13198531459Weber, Clarence C 93y M
Monroe Street479Mar181952Mar21195230825Weber, Dora Lozier 80yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr2718748450Weber, E  W 
Monroe Street278   Jun17188714072Weber, Effey 29yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug10189719776Weber, Elizabeth 23yWF
Monroe Street334   May5190121789Weber, Ella E 15yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep1318738097Weber, Emma 4yWF
Monroe Street1174   Apr29188011113Weber, Emma 38yW 
Monroe Street25   May13188111520Weber, Emma 6yWF
Monroe Street3129   Nov21190724567Weber, Ernest 70yWM
Monroe Street278   Jun9188714065Weber, Ernst 8yWM
Monroe Street1161   Jan17187910651Weber, Ernstina 8dW 
Monroe Street1117   Jul1618759035Weber, Fr M 75yW 
Monroe Street1172   Mar8188011047Weber, Frank 67yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan26189115999Weber, Fred 32yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr17190121757Weber, Fredie 3mWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun16189820271Weber, Gellert 13mWM
Monroe Street2130   Dec24189015953Weber, George 27yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr19189116108Weber, George 24yWM
Monroe Street368   Mar25190322785Weber, Gertrude 71yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr2718748449Weber, H  W 
Monroe Street220   May2188212044Weber, Henry 2y  
Monroe Street250   Dec24188413092Weber, HenrySB WM
Monroe Street2185   Mar21189417874Weber, Henry 54yWM
Monroe Street324   Sep6190021474Weber, Henry 28yWM
Monroe Street388   Jul7190423414Weber, Henry 51yWM
Monroe Street3301   Sep30192728725Weber, Henry 69yWM
Monroe Street171   Feb2318727267Weber, HermannSB WM
Monroe Street184   Mar418737764Weber, HermannSB WM
Monroe Street250   Dec15188413075Weber, J A 72yWM
Monroe Street43   Jun12193029098Weber, Jacob 68yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1518737717Weber, Jakub 46yW 
Monroe Street25   May11188111517Weber, John 3yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar3190523695Weber, John 16yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug2018738025Weber, John Fr 11mWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1318738010Weber, John S 1yWM
Monroe Street249   Nov1188413036Weber, Josepfiene 2yWF
Monroe Street480Jun301952Jul18195230834Weber, Justina 73yWF
Monroe Street2247   Feb23189820063Weber, Karl 18mWM
Monroe Street3157   Mar30191025202Weber, Lizie 48yWF
Monroe Street3274   Oct4192227936Weber, Louis E 88yWM
Monroe Street2145   Nov27189116461Weber, Louise 23mWF
Monroe Street168   Nov218717164Weber, Luisse 54yWF
Monroe Street187   Jul818737901Weber, M H 3mWM
Monroe Street1139   Jan718779858Weber, Magdalena 93yWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar26189619094Weber, Margaret 38yWF
Monroe Street2229   Nov28189619432Weber, Margaret 39yWF
Monroe Street3133   Mar4190824647Weber, Margarett 3wWF
Monroe Street178   Aug3018727549Weber, Maria 9mWF
Monroe Street1180   Dec5188011367Weber, Maria 30yWF
Monroe Street3275   Dec7192227960Weber, Maria 83yWF
Monroe Street123   Nov818655393Weber, Maria Charlotte 32yWF
Monroe Street136   Nov2418675903Weber, Maria Louisa 1yWF
Monroe Street492Apr201962Apr23196231136Weber, Martin E 87yWM
Monroe Street184   Mar2518737781Weber, Mary 31yWF
Monroe Street298   Nov6188814784Weber, Mary 79yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb28189216612Weber, Mary 31yWF
Monroe Street2167   Mar29189317252Weber, Mary 52yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun7190423371Weber, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street426   Jun3193529658Weber, Mary 69yWF
Monroe Street3251   Mar1191927322Weber, Mary E 43yWF
Monroe Street1177   Aug13188011251Weber, Mathild 3yWF
Monroe Street254   Apr19188513211Weber, Mathilda 6yWF
Monroe Street37   Jun21189920833Weber, Matilda 30yWF
Monroe Street197   Dec2418738275Weber, Minna 3yWF
Monroe Street472Jul211948Jul24194830641Weber, Minnie C 78yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb29189216613Weber, Richard 4mWM
Monroe Street3266   Jul5192127744Weber, Susan 84yWF
Monroe Street2150   Mar27189216654Weber, Susana 32yWF
Monroe Street3296   Nov22192628596Weber, Wilhelm 74yWM
Monroe Street120   Jul3118655288Weber, William 20yWM
Monroe Street168   Oct1618717156Weber, William 6dWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep20189116367Weber, William 3yWM
Monroe Street4103Jan161968Feb26196831280Weber, William Albert 87yWM
Monroe Street3269   Jan6192227819Weber, William F 87yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul25189719747Weber, Willie 6mWM
Monroe Street126   Apr2818665500Weber, Wm  W 
Monroe Street126   May1618665510Webquish, Wm S 11mWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct318748670Webster, Arp 32yW 
Monroe Street233   Jun12188312479Wecker, Jacob 55yWM
Monroe Street1157   Oct2187810548Wecker, Theresia 7yW 
Monroe Street2108   Aug8188915127Weckerfield, N H 3yWM
Monroe Street3111   May17190624120Weckmiller, Adolph 56yWM
Monroe Street336   Jun26190121863Weddel, John 65yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2318717087Wedel, Elize 34yWF
Monroe Street298   Nov8188814786Wedel, Fred 27yWM
Monroe Street3244   Apr16191827153Wedel, George 82yWM
Monroe Street3241   Nov17191727061Wedel, Margarite 77yWF
Monroe Street113   Aug2818644988Wedlake, Sarah Ann 1yWF
Monroe Street2156   Jul30189216855Weed, Clarence N 3mWM
Monroe Street242   Mar28188412778Weed, D M    
Monroe Street242   Mar28188412780Weed, G W    
Monroe Street242   Mar28188412779Weed, Mary Ann    
Monroe Street3277   Apr17192328026Weed, Mary Ann 90yWF
Monroe Street395   Feb24190523682Weed, Mildred G 7wWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov6187710230Weed, Nellie J 8yWF
Monroe Street377   Sep7190323020Weed, Nestel J 72yWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul21189116258Weed, Pearly E 11dWF
Monroe Street31   Jan22189920603Weegner, Chas 12hWM
Monroe Street3136   Jun1190824720Weeks, Jos A 63yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug6189317512Wegner,SB WF
Monroe Street2212   Sep19189518862Wehagan, Kate 22yWF
Monroe Street147   Jul318696346Wehage, Anna S 3mWF
Monroe Street2243   Nov23189719933Wehagen, 24hWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug1218769591Wehagen, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street264   Mar7188613590Wehagen, Henry 3yWM
Monroe Street2135   Apr14189116094Wehr, Annie M 65yWF
Monroe Street149   Sep2118696440Wehr, Charles 44yWM
Monroe Street150   Nov1818696477Wehr, John G 24yWM
Monroe Street2156   Jul30189216856Wehring, Ida 12yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb3189015482Wehrman, Edmund 1yWM
Monroe Street271   Oct21188613836Wehrmann, Geo 9yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug19190523897Wehtro, Milton 5mWF
Monroe Street3195   May2191326032Weibar,Baby WM
Monroe Street1179   Oct15188011315Weibel, Emma 1yWF
Monroe Street1142   May218779999Weiber,Child of W 
Monroe Street123   Nov1618655400Weiber, Jacob F    
Monroe Street341   Sep11190121997Weibuhr, Edna 2wWF
Monroe Street2119   Feb28189015521Weid, Geo  W 
Monroe Street481Feb21953Feb5195330857Weideleng, Kate 91yWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb19189317185Weidelich, Florence 5mWF
Monroe Street2221   May7189619160Weideman, Clarence 5yWM
Monroe Street3309   Jan7192928907Weideman, Della 70yWF
Monroe Street385   Apr13190423304Weideman, Elizabeth 77yWF
Monroe Street31   Jan26189920612Weideman, Flora 33yWF
Monroe Street126   Apr2718665499Weideman, Hannah D 74yWF
Monroe Street3289   Jul16192528374Weideman, Henry C 68yWM
Monroe Street1114   Apr1918758925Weideman, J Ch    
Monroe Street2134   Mar11189116048Weideman, John J 68yWM
Monroe Street3260   Jun17192027574Weideman, Minnie 72yWF
Monroe Street1114   Apr1918758925Weideman, O    
Monroe Street3225   Dec17191526640Weideman, Stephan 67yWM
Monroe Street196   Dec718738246Weidemann, Charles 19yWM
Monroe Street1174   May2188011119Weidemann, Ida 20yWF
Monroe Street214   Dec4188111833Weidemann, J C 80yW 
Monroe Street199   Feb518748347Weidemann, Licabeth 46yWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct12187710187Weidemann, Luzia 43yW 
Monroe Street1125   Jan1318769322Weidemann, Wm C 23yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul27187810473Weidemeier, Aug 5yW 
Monroe Street1119   Aug2018759133Weidemeier, Fred 6mWM
Monroe Street327   Dec20190021597Weidemeier, Mary 50yWF
Monroe Street2208   Jul2189518714Weidenkopf, Jacob 23yWM
Monroe Street2185   Mar24189417883Weidenthal, Robert 2mWM
Monroe Street250   Dec7188413070Weiderruf, Cathrine 53yWF
Monroe Street252   Feb15188513147Weidle, George 10mWM
Monroe Street1157   Sep30187810545Weidling, Charles 10mWM
Monroe Street396   Mar25190523729Weidling, Chas 68yWM
Monroe Street3124   Jun25190724463Weidling, Elizabeth 64yWF
Monroe Street191   Aug2618738049Weidner,SB Child of Ph W 
Monroe Street126   May1818665512Weidner, Adam 11mWM
Monroe Street1126   Mar118769389Weidner, Fr 9mWM
Monroe Street44   Nov29193029143Weidner, Jacob W 61yWM
Monroe Street3303   Jan13192828766Weidner, Jane A 68yWF
Monroe Street423   Nov26193429590Weidner, John 72yWM
Monroe Street3239   Aug3191727002Weidner, Maria 86yWF
Monroe Street3154   Dec27190925121Weidner, Phil 82yWM
Monroe Street2179   Nov25189317685Weigard,SB WM
Monroe Street326   Nov28190021562Weigard,Baby WF
Monroe Street1126   Feb1318769371Weigenhard, Henry 58yWM
Monroe Street2262   Jan22189920602Weiher, Arthur 1yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb23190322730Weiher, Leonard 2mWM
Monroe Street343   Nov16190122066Weiher, Viola 21mWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep11190523918Weihl, Valentine 73yWM
Monroe Street3307   Nov10192828878Weihmiller, Elizabeth 87yWF
Monroe Street484Oct41955Oct7195530949Weihmiller, Fred 66yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar1190624053Weihmmueller, Hattie 20yWF
Monroe Street3171   May23191125543Weihnmueller, John 55yWM
Monroe Street3293   Mar22192628492Weil, Charlotte 70yWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar22189518567Weil, Freddie 2yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul29187810476Weil, J  W 
Monroe Street465Jun211945Jun23194530505Weil, John 81yWM
Monroe Street2184   Feb28189417832Weil, Maria 76yWF
Monroe Street2175   Sep3189317552Weilacher, Anna 46yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan22189518467Weilacher, Carrie 27yWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov4190925076Weilacher, Louis 38yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug9190624191Weilacher, Ludwig 65yWM
Monroe Street166   Aug2018717080Weiland,SB Child of Gotleab WF
Monroe Street133   Jul2618675799Weilbrenner,Child of F2mWF
Monroe Street141   Aug1918686095Weilbrenner,SB Child of F WM
Monroe Street142   Sep418686128Weilbrenner, Mary  W 
Monroe Street1178   Sep3188011280Weilbrenner, Rhoda 11yWF
Monroe Street1107   Sep1618748655Weiler,SB Child of Johann W 
Monroe Street491Jan111962Jan16196231128Weiler, Anna N 73yWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul13189116238Weiler, Bertha M 4yWF
Monroe Street3298   Mar4192728640Weiler, Charles G 61yWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct1188915237Weiler, Christ 31yWM
Monroe Street487Nov181957Nov21195731017Weiler, Edward 61yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan19189820010Weiler, Elizabeth 41yWF
Monroe Street367   Mar8190322748Weiler, Elizabeth 83yWF
Monroe Street58May91981May12198131426Weiler, Florence I 81y F
Monroe Street269   Sep9188613764Weiler, Fred 78yWM
Monroe Street22   Jan20188111404Weiler, George  WM
Monroe Street290   Apr26188814491Weiler, John 14mWM
Monroe Street329   Jan18190121632Weiler, John 75yWM
Monroe Street3257   Feb9192027501Weiler, John H 57yWM
Monroe Street33   Mar1189920679Weiler, Kate A 35yWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep26188915224Weiler, Lillie 6mWF
Monroe Street295   Aug19188814679Weiler, Louisa 63yWF
Monroe Street2141   Sep1189116333Weiler, Mary 60yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb5188211917Weiler, Nellie 25dWF
Monroe Street475Oct71949Oct10194930710Weiler, Theodore E 89yWM
Monroe Street3144   Feb3190924887Weiler, Wendelin 63yWM
Monroe Street226   Oct26188212250Weils, Oliv 1y  
Monroe Street162   Mar518716918Weimann, Leonard 32yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep22189418281Weinberg, August 67yWM
Monroe Street2214   Nov10189518933Weinberg, Regina 60yWF
Monroe Street1180   Nov15188011351Weingaertner, Wm 1dWM
Monroe Street250   Dec6188413068Weingant, Maria Eliesabeth 64yWF
Monroe Street313   Dec30189921080Weingart, Henry 79yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep218644996Weingarth, Nickla 87yWM
Monroe Street3297   Dec 192628613Weingartner, Clara 72yWF
Monroe Street238   Nov7188312662Weingartner, Fred 7yWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1018738002Weingartner, Gust H F 5mWM
Monroe Street229   Jan11188312336Weingartner, Henry 5y M
Monroe Street3240   Oct4191727041Weingartner, Louis 1mWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1018738003Weingartner, M L  W 
Monroe Street175   Jul118727423Weingartner, Maria L 4mWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr418748425Weingartner, Mary 8yWF
Monroe Street1103   Jul518748524Weingartner, Mary 31yWF
Monroe Street259   Aug23188513404Weingartner, Theo Heinrich 1yWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct23189217005Weingartner, William 44yWM
Monroe Street246   Jul31188412935Weinhard, Jacob J 28yWM
Monroe Street1173   Mar29188011083Weinhard, John 57yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb7189216576Weinhardt, Christina M 68yWF
Monroe Street234   Jul26188312524Weinhardt, Linda 20mWF
Monroe Street2254   Aug20189820358Weinrich, Ella 15mWF
Monroe Street2251   May13189820213Weinrich, Wm 26yWM
Monroe Street347   Feb19190222200Weinstein, 2dWM
Monroe Street315   Feb4190021136Weinstein, Barbara 72yWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct26191025379Weinstein, Georg 79yWM
Monroe Street430   Jan11193629731Weinstein, Magdalene 69yWF
Monroe Street37   Jul15189920862Weinstein, Minnie 1yWF
Monroe Street143   Nov2618686178Weinstein, Sally 3mWF
Monroe Street3264   Feb24192127685Weir, Mabel M 1mWF
Monroe Street1100   Mar2418748412Weirth, Louisa 1yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar2518769420Weis,SB Child of Jos W 
Monroe Street258   Aug13188513387Weis, Anna 21yWF
Monroe Street2108   Aug10188915129Weis, Carl 67yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov30188312679Weis, Catharina 1dWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb7188914901Weis, Catherine 27yWF
Monroe Street1125   Jan1818769331Weis, Frank 3yWM
Monroe Street1145   Aug26187710132Weis, Jacob  WM
Monroe Street1115   May1118758949Weis, Louisa 5mWF
Monroe Street194   Oct2218738170Weis, Theresia 24yWF
Monroe Street2236   Jun30189719703Weisbarth, Robt 8yWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul15190824748Weise, Catharine 78yWF
Monroe Street1174   Apr30188011117Weise, F W 14yW 
Monroe Street172   Apr318727323Weisemuller, John 3yWM
Monroe Street171   Feb2018727260Weisenbach, Maria 37yWF
Monroe Street2199   Dec17189418408Weisenback, 10mWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug818759112Weisenbarn, Bertha 2yWF
Monroe Street229   Jan11188312335Weisenbarn, Fred 6m M
Monroe Street1124   Dec2718759302Weisenbaum, Ed 1yWM
Monroe Street241   Mar24188412769Weisenbern, 4hWF
Monroe Street1165   Jul13187910832Weisenborn, 8mW 
Monroe Street1112   Feb1218758834Weisenborn, Carl 5mWM
Monroe Street246   Aug8188412939Weisenborn, Dorathea 62yWF
Monroe Street479Apr61952Apr9195230828Weiser, Katherine 91yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar17189820108Weisman, Edwin 4yWM
Monroe Street129   Oct1518665630Weiss,SB Child of Geo WM
Monroe Street3150   Aug21190925031Weiss, 4hWM
Monroe Street3233   Nov6191626840Weiss, Agnes 57yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep2418717133Weiss, Arthur A 21dWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun19190523830Weiss, August 35yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep19189015846Weiss, Bertha 10yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct24189217008Weiss, Carl L 30yWM
Monroe Street2209   Jul28189518759Weiss, E G 5mWM
Monroe Street2128   Sep30189015852Weiss, Fred 9yWM
Monroe Street3276   Feb22192327997Weiss, Fredericka 68yWF
Monroe Street2223   Jul3189619233Weiss, Geo 68yWM
Monroe Street267   Jun30188613675Weiss, George 24yWM
Monroe Street137   Mar518685960Weiss, George F 44yWM
Monroe Street264   Feb18188613576Weiss, Henry 27yWM
Monroe Street3237   Apr2191726938Weiss, Henry 36yWM
Monroe Street3264   Feb15192127679Weiss, Jacob 70yWM
Monroe Street2168   Apr4189317263Weiss, John 9mWM
Monroe Street2133   Mar1189116036Weiss, John F 30yWM
Monroe Street344   Dec21190122115Weiss, Joseph 48yWM
Monroe Street486Aug201957Aug22195731008Weiss, Rose 74yWF
Monroe Street181   Dec2218727692Weiss, Rosina 46yWF
Monroe Street471Dec131944Apr24194830621Weiss, Russell K  WM
Monroe Street3285   Aug12192428246Weiss, Sophia 55yWF
Monroe Street135   Oct2318675877Weiss, Susan 11mWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr6189317264Weiss, Wilhelmina 23yWF
Monroe Street468Sep91946Sep11194630549Weiss, William 63yWM
Monroe Street147   Jul1618696361Weissenbach, Emma 7mWF
Monroe Street137   Feb718685940Weissenbach, John 7yWM
Monroe Street1135   Oct1118769715Weistrigh, Frank 2dWM
Monroe Street246   Aug22188412953Weisz, Mary L 4mWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan24189820016Weitz, Catherine 64yWF
Monroe Street430   Mar10193629748Weitz, Catherine H 78yWF
Monroe Street112   Aug1818644969Weitz, John 1yWM
Monroe Street3116   Oct30190624257Weitz, John 40yWM
Monroe Street423   Oct20193429579Weitz, Louisa 73yWF
Monroe Street313   Dec9189921050Weitz, Paulina 41yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep21189820399Weitzel,SB WF
Monroe Street413   Oct27193229348Weitzel, Anna 62yWF
Monroe Street3105   Nov3190523966Weitzel, Wm 37yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec14189719963Weitzman, Fred W 64yWM
Monroe Street474Apr141949Apr16194930681Weitzman, Herbert 63yWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug4190824763Weitzman, Margarett 59yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2818748558Weitzmann, Mar 6mW 
Monroe Street1109   Dec2818748769Weiz, George 50yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun20189820275Wekmeister, Christina 39yWF
Monroe Street2161   Nov5189217030Welch, Regina Agnes 1mWF
Monroe Street13   Sep218634600Welch, Robert  WM
Monroe Street236   Oct6188312613Welcher, H 52yWM
Monroe Street11   Apr1718634503Welcher, Henry 4dWM
Monroe Street399   May2190523771Welcher, Sarah 76yWF
Monroe Street3168   Feb22191125482Welchly, Mary 90yWF
Monroe Street2153   May10189216729Weldon, Fred 36yWM
Monroe Street130   Dec518665667Weldrick,SB Child of Wm H WM
Monroe Street134   Aug2218675824Weldrick,Mrs36yWF
Monroe Street1154   Jun26187810435Weldy, John 41yWM
Monroe Street471Jan301948Feb2194830614Welkemeyer, William 59yWM
Monroe Street245   Jul6188412896Welker, Carrie 6mWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr318748424Well, Wm 2yWM
Monroe Street3298   Mar8192728643Wellet, Laura J 85yWF
Monroe Street3103   Sep2190523911Wellet, Otto 27yWM
Monroe Street3206   Apr19191426262Wellett, Luke A 68yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct6187710174Wellmann, Aug 12yWM
Monroe Street1165   Jul9187910822Wells, Ezra 42yWM
Monroe Street353   Jun26190222366Wells, John J 55yWM
Monroe Street352   May27190222325Wells, Sam 73yWM
Monroe Street112   Aug1218644963Welman, Louisa 1yWF
Monroe Street470Dec221947Dec 194730608Welsch, Lora Estella 66yWF
Monroe Street3261   Sep13192027605Welti,SB WM
Monroe Street1105   Aug918748581Welti, Emma 9mWF
Monroe Street2206   Apr29189518632Weltzer, Clara 2mWF
Monroe Street2219   Mar15189619084Weltzer, Elfrida 2mWF
Monroe Street352   May29190222323Weltzer, Harry 11yWM
Monroe Street2164   Jan15189317128Weltzer, Ida 3mWF
Monroe Street475Dec61949Dec9194930721Weltzer, Minnie 80yWF
Monroe Street48   Nov5193129237Weltzer, Otto W 72yWM
Monroe Street128   Aug1818665579Welzin, Amalie 36yWF
Monroe Street128   Aug2118665585Welzin, Henry 44yWM
Monroe Street144   Jan318696203Wenban, John 60yWM
Monroe Street234   Aug4188312536Wendel, Wilhelm 10mWM
Monroe Street295   Aug14188814671Wendland, Herman Johanna 42yWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr12189719606Wendland, Wilhelmina 76yWF
Monroe Street2152   Apr29189216713Wendlandt, Otto 32yWM
Monroe Street3299   Apr18192728656Wendling, Caroline 63yWF
Monroe Street3250   Feb22191927316Wendling, Harold W 4mWM
Monroe Street3248   Dec13191827265Wendling, Henry 54yWM
Monroe Street296   Sep24188814737Wendolz, Elsie 6wWF
Monroe Street1138   Dec2118769841Wendorf, Augusta 20yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr30190924958Wendorf, Christine 85yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep25189317592Wendorf, Jessie 3yWF
Monroe Street279   Jun28188714085Wendorf, Martin 7yWM
Monroe Street1163   Apr13187910732Wendorff, 8mW 
Monroe Street3265   May9192127723Wendorff, Chas A 66yWM
Monroe Street3177   Nov21191125644Wendorff, Chas C 36yWM
Monroe Street3158   Apr19191025223Wendorff, Margereth J 60yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug13187710114Wendorff, Martha 1yWF
Monroe Street478Apr81951Apr11195130795Wendt, Anna 66yWF
Monroe Street286   Jan3188814338Wendt, August 6yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar20190624067Wendt, Catharine 53yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb6190121655Wendt, Chas 61yWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan17190624025Wendt, Henry 58yWM
Monroe Street2129   Nov29189015921Wendt, Jacob 38yWM
Monroe Street467Jun271946Jun29194630545Wendt, John C 67yWM
Monroe Street174   May1818727380Wendt, John Fr 73yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar6188513171Wengatz, Else 9mWF
Monroe Street154   Apr2218706604Wenger,  W 
Monroe Street2165   Feb5189317164Wenger, 4dWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug4189317498Wenger, 14dWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug5189518773Wenger, 2mWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr22189719621Wenger,SB WM
Monroe Street2251   May26189820238Wenger, 1yWM
Monroe Street283   Oct29188714252Wenger, Arthur C 5yWM
Monroe Street2237   Jul14189719732Wenger, Chas 10mWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul2218759055Wenger, Edward J 4mWM
Monroe Street279   Jun28188714083Wenger, Girard 66yWM
Monroe Street1163   May6187910757Wenger, Henry 10yWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar27189317249Wengert, John 26yWM
Monroe Street2107   Jul23188915086Wenndorf, Christ 73yWM
Monroe Street259   Aug25188513407Wenndorff, Albert 31yWM
Monroe Street141   Aug2718686107Wenner,SB Child of Peter   
Monroe Street2225   Aug1189619288Wenner, 4hWF
Monroe Street197   Dec2518738281Wenner, Anna 7yWF
Monroe Street273   Dec20188613888Wenner, Anna 7mWF
Monroe Street298   Nov21188814803Wenner, Anna C 27yWF
Monroe Street288   Feb24188814410Wenner, Arthur 22yWM
Monroe Street197   Dec1618738261Wenner, Caro 2yWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb26187910680Wenner, Cath 3mWF
Monroe Street18   Mar2618644795Wenner, Catharine 50yWF
Monroe Street3161   Jul28191025310Wenner, Daniel E 3mWM
Monroe Street3135   May2190824697Wenner, Frank 14yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar9190423259Wenner, Geo 7yWM
Monroe Street2180   Dec23189317740Wenner, George 7yWM
Monroe Street196   Dec1218738256Wenner, George Petroe 4yWM
Monroe Street2178   Nov10189317659Wenner, Henry 44yWM
Monroe Street2257   Oct21189820438Wenner, Ida 3yWF
Monroe Street211   Oct9188111749Wenner, L F 4yW 
Monroe Street299   Dec6188814821Wenner, Ljulius 7mWM
Monroe Street249   Oct28188413033Wenner, Maria 35yWF
Monroe Street2103   Apr7188914955Wenner, Minnie 51yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr9189317269Wenner, Peter 56yWM
Monroe Street1101   Apr118748422Wenner, Sophia 1yWF
Monroe Street250   Dec21188413083Wenner, Viola 9mWF
Monroe Street348   Feb27190222209Wenner, Wm 3mWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov21189619421Wensko, Edward 3yWM
Monroe Street3256   Nov3191927454Wensko, Ethel 20yWF
Monroe Street290   Apr22188814483Wensko, John 8mWM
Monroe Street3236   Mar23191726926Wensko, Michael 60yWM
Monroe Street481Jan91953Jan12195330853Wensko, Rose 88yWF
Monroe Street2104   May8188914999Went,SB WF
Monroe Street2138   Jun15189116194Wentlund, Mary 10mWF
Monroe Street2115   Dec26188915396Wentz, Chas 83yWM
Monroe Street1172   Feb29188011039Wentz, Geo 6yWM
Monroe Street179   Sep3018727603Weny, Elenora 3yW 
Monroe Street37   Jun24189920836Wenz,SB WF
Monroe Street1154   Jul9187810444Wenz, Anna 1yWF
Monroe Street1175   Jun3188011148Wenz, Charlotta 6yWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun6190523811Wenz, Frank 51yWM
Monroe Street212   Oct16188111762Wenz, Fred 45yWM
Monroe Street352   May13190222306Wenz, Fred 81yWM
Monroe Street198   Jan118748295Wenz, Henry 2mWM
Monroe Street181   Dec1818727684Wenz, Hermann 1yW 
Monroe Street237   Oct10188312618Wenz, Jacob 62yWM
Monroe Street2252   Jun13189820265Wenz, Kate 2yWF
Monroe Street219   Apr18188212020Wenz, Theobald 77yWM
Monroe Street3194   Apr29191326029Wenzel, Wm 34yWM
Monroe Street329   Jan19190121634Wenzloff, 4dWM
Monroe Street3300   Jul19192728699Werbecki, Edna 27yWF
Monroe Street498Sep211965Sep23196531230Werbecki, Frank 74yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec1189719943Werdel, Louisa 77yWF
Monroe Street460Oct131943Oct16194330389Werfield, Arnold 5yWM
Monroe Street440   Nov29193829984Werfield, Helen 26yWF
Monroe Street116   Jan1618655124Werhmeir, Eliza 36yWF
Monroe Street3299   May25192728669Werk, Emma 80yWF
Monroe Street294   Aug7188814656Werkmeister, Chas 67yWM
Monroe Street2182   Jan19189417777Werkmeister, Friedericka 72yWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul27188915096Werkmeister, Luis 1yWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb6189015488Werman, Emil 4yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan30189015473Werman, Lena 6yWF
Monroe Street138   Mar1618685969Wermerskirchen, Eva C 48yWF
Monroe Street3309   Jan24192928934Wernan, Emma 72yWF
Monroe Street3217   Mar4191526474Wernan, Gust 55yWM
Monroe Street217   Feb1188211909Wernen, Frank 5mWM
Monroe Street1163   Apr19187910739Werner,  W 
Monroe Street2138   Jun22189116202Werner,SB WF
Monroe Street2144   Nov9189116446Werner,SB WF
Monroe Street2161   Nov17189217050Werner,SB WM
Monroe Street3129   Nov8190724552Werner,Baby WF
Monroe Street1128   May1618769463Werner, An 28yW 
Monroe Street3251   Mar6191927325Werner, Clara M 27yWF
Monroe Street142   Oct818686153Werner, Edward 1mWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug518769579Werner, Eva 72yWF
Monroe Street310   Sep25189920954Werner, Frida 5yWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug15187710118Werner, George 78yWM
Monroe Street334   May3190121786Werner, Hazel 9mWF
Monroe Street282   Sep25188714219Werner, Hulda 1yWF
Monroe Street121   Aug618655299Werner, John 45yWM
Monroe Street1142   May15187710006Werner, M C 48yW 
Monroe Street1179   Oct24188011326Werner, M I 7mW 
Monroe Street238   Nov8188312665Werner, Marie E 74yWF
Monroe Street496Jan61964Jan9196431193Werner, Matilda 92yWF
Monroe Street1173   Apr11188011093Werner, Olga 19yWF
Monroe Street358   Sep19190222502Werner, Otto 12yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep25189920955Werner, Rudolph 6yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep13188915200Wernke, Lena 6wWF
Monroe Street2251   May17189820218Werth, Catherine 73yWF
Monroe Street3235   Jan8191726873Werth, John 90yWM
Monroe Street155   Jul1618706665Werth, John Charles 3yWF
Monroe Street3281   Dec26192328140Werth, Maria Viets 86yWF
Monroe Street3225   Dec20191526641Wertland, Elmer  WM
Monroe Street495Jul251963Jul26196331181Wertz,SB WM
Monroe Street457Dec281942Dec31194230327Wertz, Boyd P 45yWM
Monroe Street516Oct221992Oct22199231490Wertz, Ester 97y F
Monroe Street396   Mar9190523709Werwig, Tracy 15yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct2318769732Werwige, Wm G 4yWM
Monroe Street413   Nov2193229349Werz, Ella 79yWF
Monroe Street1106   Sep618748627Wesmer, Maria 9mWF
Monroe Street3100   Jun9190523814Wessel, Carl 66yWM
Monroe Street2211   Sep8189518840Wessel, Elsie 7mWF
Monroe Street3164   Oct13191025367Wessel, Elvin 2mWM
Monroe Street2232   Mar2189719540Wessel, Lina 42yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec23190423614Wessel, Walter 2wWM
Monroe Street3202   Dec26191326183Wessling, 1dWF
Monroe Street4108Aug191971Aug23197131320West, Anna J 99y F
Monroe Street476May221950May24195030754West, Emma R 90yWF
Monroe Street17   Feb2718644757West, Franky 2yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec26188111864West, George 10yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan10188211879West, Harold 4yWM
Monroe Street363   Dec29190222640West, James 21yWM
Monroe Street1155   Aug5187810484West, Rashel 4mWF
Monroe Street179   Sep1318727577Westerfeld, Clamor H 1yW 
Monroe Street224   Aug18188212180Westerfeld, John 36y  
Monroe Street1173   Apr2188011088Westerfield,SB Child of H W 
Monroe Street164   Jun1618716995Westerkamp, WilliamAKA Wisticum31yWM
Monroe Street170   Jan2718727238Westfield, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street2262   Jan20189920597Westinghausen, Anna 91yWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul15189619257Westley, 1dWM
Monroe Street3289   Jul13192528373Westor,SB WM
Monroe Street245   Jun26188412885Westphal, Ida 4mWF
Monroe Street447   Apr3194030111Westrofield, Fred 61yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun11188814559Weth, Mary 3yWF
Monroe Street117   Mar818655172Wethenbee,Child of Siras1dWM
Monroe Street3217   Mar16191526485Wettlinger, Christina 82yWF
Monroe Street310   Oct8189920970Wetzel, Anna M 46yWF
Monroe Street3119   Dec31190624307Wetzel, Catharine 62yWF
Monroe Street3242   Jan2191827083Wetzel, Christian 71yWM
Monroe Street3226   Jan6191626664Wetzel, Christina 69yWF
Monroe Street298   Nov13188814794Wetzel, Fred 5yWM
Monroe Street433   Nov12193629816Wetzel, Hattie B 56yWF
Monroe Street2179   Dec2189317696Wetzel, Jacob 56yWM
Monroe Street1147   Oct21187710204Wetzel, Katy 2yWF
Monroe Street3258   Mar25192027528Wetzel, Lena 67yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep8189116343Wetzel, M E 4yWM
Monroe Street3124   Jun2190724448Wetzel, Margareth 70yWF
Monroe Street3144   Feb16190924893Wetzel, Margarett H 6wWF
Monroe Street1147   Oct21187710203Wetzel, Mary 13yWF
Monroe Street391   Mar18190323518Wetzel, Peter 63yWM
Monroe Street426   Apr23193529643Wetzel, Tresser 74yWF
Monroe Street469Sep41947Sep6194730585Wetzell, Emily 68yWF
Monroe Street2132   Jan15189115987Weyand, Louis 10mWM
Monroe Street2253   Jul4189820290Whaley, Sarah 94yWF
Monroe Street127   Jul618665540Whaples, George R 35yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec23190222631Wharton, Catharine 32yWF
Monroe Street3186   Aug6191225826What,AKA Watt2dWM
Monroe Street163   Apr1118716952Wheat, L O 57yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan18189820009Wheatonhaver,SB WM
Monroe Street2105   Jun14188915035Wheeler, Clara C 3yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb6189417800Wheeler, Grace 17mWF
Monroe Street1152   Mar3187810344Wheeler, Hannah E 39yWF
Monroe Street385   Apr17190423311Wheeler, Julia M 89yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov9189015906Wheeler, Laurence A 7mWM
Monroe Street162   Mar2518716938Wheeler, Mary Lizzie 10dWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar30187910720Wheeler, Sam 44yWM
Monroe Street377   Sep26190323046Whetro, 1dWF
Monroe Street3190   Dec19191225911Whetro, Dora 2yWF
Monroe Street1177   Jul26188011229While, Mill 2yW 
Monroe Street15   Dec718634686Whilling, GeorgeSB WM
Monroe Street126   May2018665514Whitaker, JohnSB WM
Monroe Street151   Dec1318696499Whitaker, Mary 48yWF
Monroe Street1153   Jun2187810412Whitaker, Nelly 4mW 
Monroe Street350   Apr12190222265Whitcomb,Baby WF
Monroe Street459Jun161943Jun22194330364Whitcomb, Louisa 76yWF
Monroe Street3256   Dec16191927469Whitcomb, Lynn 62yWM
Monroe Street114   Oct1718645052White,Girl of Wm14dWF
Monroe Street139   Jun1018686022White, 6mW 
Monroe Street2179   Nov18189317672White,SB WM
Monroe Street2228   Nov2189619399White,baby WM
Monroe Street3239   Jul3191726988White, Ann C 69yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar12187910698White, Anna 6mWF
Monroe Street128   Aug1418665575White, Annis 74yWF
Monroe Street251   Jan1188513099White, Armiene 13mWF
Monroe Street271   Oct10188613819White, Arthur 22yWM
Monroe Street3233   Oct30191626834White, Barbara 77yWF
Monroe Street338   Jul23190121919White, Bertha 37yWF
Monroe Street1167   Sep19187910915White, Ch G 2mW 
Monroe Street2103   Mar21188914940White, Charles  W 
Monroe Street1141   Apr1018779969White, Cora 3yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb1518769374White, Cyrus 28yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep8189015834White, Danny 4yWM
Monroe Street1111   Jan3118758816White, David 41yWM
Monroe Street463Dec141944Dec18194430461White, Edna Jones 62yWF
Monroe Street175   Jun2518727417White, Eliza 69yWF
Monroe Street129   Sep2518665617White, Elmer 2mWM
Monroe Street3137   Jul27190824757White, Ely 78yWM
Monroe Street1142   May15187710004White, Emeline T   F
Monroe Street261   Nov13188513481White, Henry 60yWM
Monroe Street2228   Nov15189619417White, James 4yWM
Monroe Street394   Dec28190423622White, John 55yWM
Monroe Street310   Sep16189920938White, Leander 54yWM
Monroe Street172   Mar2618727307White, Leon 14dWF
Monroe Street178   Sep1018727571White, Lillia G 14yWF
Monroe Street1173   Mar20188011069White, Linden 26yW 
Monroe Street1161   Feb25187910678White, Livina 73yW 
Monroe Street3180   Feb5191225698White, Lizzie 46yWF
Monroe Street149   Aug2118696407White, Lottie 5mWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov12187810594White, Lyman 74yWM
Monroe Street1113   Mar218758868White, Mantay 1yW 
Monroe Street510Jan311983Feb3198331444White, Margaret N 71y F
Monroe Street2205   Apr16189518612White, Minnie 11yWF
Monroe Street1109   Dec1118748748White, Otto 1yWM
Monroe Street223   Jul30188212141White, R H 4m  
Monroe Street433   Nov25193629818White, Thomas S 37yWM
Monroe Street223   Aug3188212150White, Walter 4m  
Monroe Street1144   Jul13187710053Whitefield, Jonathan 11mWM
Monroe Street1153   Apr30187810384Whitefield, Sarah Jane 5dWF
Monroe Street178   Sep918727567Whitehead, Theresise 3yW 
Monroe Street1109   Nov2718748737Whitehead, W L 24yW 
Monroe Street186   May2718737856Whitehead, Wm 39yWM
Monroe Street233   Jun4188312472Whitehouse, RobertSB WM
Monroe Street2184   Mar1189417860Whitell, Clarence W 10dWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul21189015752Whiteman,SB WF
Monroe Street3253   Jun11191927389Whiteside, Wm E 41yWM
Monroe Street1164   Jun18187910797Whitfield, David 2yWM
Monroe Street1146   Oct3187710172Whitfield, George 21dW 
Monroe Street2201   Jan24189518471Whitfield, Mathilda 42yWF
Monroe Street361   Nov9190222579Whitfield, Wm S 19yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov4190824820Whitford, 10dWM
Monroe Street3227   Feb9191626701Whitford, Susan E 41yWF
Monroe Street2207   May16189518662Whitlam, Ralph 11mWM
Monroe Street130   Dec2318665679Whitman, Henry L 51yWM
Monroe Street1158   Nov21187810605Whitman, Sarah 60yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr2190222248Whitmere, Hiram 30yWM
Monroe Street12   Aug1318634573Whitney,Child of Moses3mWF
Monroe Street226   Nov9188212268Whitney,    
Monroe Street148   Aug1218696397Whitney, Amy 4mWF
Monroe Street255   May11188513246Whitney, Andrew J 58yWM
Monroe Street18   Apr1118644817Whitney, Charles R 8mWM
Monroe Street263   Jan23188613549Whitney, Ellen  WF
Monroe Street2223   Jun28189619221Whitney, Francis 52yWM
Monroe Street1171   Jan28188011006Whitney, H A 6mW 
Monroe Street131   Feb1518675720Whitney, Ida 2mWF
Monroe Street1173   Mar18188011068Whitney, Jane 46yWF
Monroe Street393   Dec17190423604Whitney, Julia 48yWF
Monroe Street3147   May17190924970Whitney, Louis B 76yWM
Monroe Street260   Sep18188513434Whitney, Mark S 29yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec14189921055Whitney, Moses 82yWM
Monroe Street3142   Dec18190824858Whitney, Nancy 84yWF
Monroe Street2185   Mar26189417886Whitney, Sahra 55yWF
Monroe Street271   Oct6188613814Whits, Caroline 24yCF
Monroe Street24   Mar19188111463Whittaker, E L 1mWM
Monroe Street2118   Feb17189015502Whittaker, Richard 71yWM
Monroe Street443   May26193930032Whitty, George 73yWM
Monroe Street423   Sep20193429566Whitty, Martha H 78yWF
Monroe Street3276   Feb15192327992Whitworth, Anna S 70yWF
Monroe Street243   May23188412846Whyler,SB WF
Monroe Street278   Jun1188714058Whyler,SB WM
Monroe Street2165   Feb14189317174Whyler, 6dWF
Monroe Street379   Nov5190323085Whyler,SB WF
Monroe Street2195   Sep14189418265Whyler, Chas BJr3mWM
Monroe Street3169   Mar21191125506Whyler, Francis C 72yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct13188814756Whyler, Hazel 5mWF
Monroe Street2120   Apr10189015589Whyler, Myrtle 11mWF
Monroe Street2103   Apr9188914959Wiber, Hans 11dWM
Monroe Street19   May618644838Wichmire, Mary 66yWF
Monroe Street351   Apr29190222290Wicht, Gertrude 14yWF
Monroe Street33   Mar27189920716Wick, Franciska 75yWF
Monroe Street231   Mar25188312400Wickham, Lizzie C 21y F
Monroe Street157   Aug1818706710Wicklian, Delos O 6mWM
Monroe Street472Aug121948Aug16194830646Wickmiller, Emma 91yWF
Monroe Street196   Dec118738236Widdelsbacher, Kath 1yWF
Monroe Street2135   Apr17189116103Widdows, Jennie 28yWF
Monroe Street163   May718716965Widdows, Sarah 49yWF
Monroe Street265   Apr28188613638Widemann, Frank 41yWM
Monroe Street188   Jul2218737936Widgers, John J 6yWM
Monroe Street3196   Jun1191326053Widlebacher, August 77yWM
Monroe Street368   Mar28190322790Widlebacher, Carolina 66yWF
Monroe Street2233   Mar27189719576Widman, Anna 69yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun7189820260Widman, Gust 30yWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug31190824780Widman, John 66yWM
Monroe Street313   Dec13189921056Widman, Maria 30yWF
Monroe Street187   Jul618737895Widmer, Eliza 1yW 
Monroe Street17   Feb1518644751Widner, Anna C 1dWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb1318769369Widows, Wm 55yWM
Monroe Street2151   Apr16189216689Widowski, Maria 28yWF
Monroe Street153   Mar2018706573Wieber, Jacob B 35yWM
Monroe Street165   Aug918717055Wieber, William 10mWM
Monroe Street258   Jul31188513357Wiedemann, Anna Maria 13mWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar21187910710Wiedemann, Ch 1mW 
Monroe Street2213   Oct29189518918Wiedenkopf, Katherine 61yWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb24189417824Wiedenmann, Fred 4yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec29191025442Wiederkehr,SB WF
Monroe Street176   Jul2518727469Wiederruf, George 8dWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb1518769372Wiedhoff, Henry 55yWM
Monroe Street2150   Mar14189216630Wiedhoff, Maria 87yWF
Monroe Street145   Feb1818696244Wiedman,SB Child of F WM
Monroe Street3160   Jun8191025272Wiedmann, Leinard 45yWM
Monroe Street2166   Feb22189317192Wiegand, 8dWM
Monroe Street286   Jan24188814368Wiegand, Andrew 42yWM
Monroe Street268   Aug11188613732Wiegand, Anna 9mWF
Monroe Street279   Jul6188714098Wiegand, Anna 3wWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov29189015920Wiegand, Anne 2mWF
Monroe Street296   Sep18188814728Wiegand, Catherine L 3mWF
Monroe Street248   Oct16188413020Wiegand, Edward 35yWM
Monroe Street511Mar161984Oct10198431454Wiegand, Edward A 76y M
Monroe Street2201   Jan19189518461Wiegand, Fr W 6dWM
Monroe Street190   Aug618737993Wiegand, Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street2150   Mar3189216619Wiegand, Maria 1mWF
Monroe Street2257   Nov2189820464Wiegand, Rudolf 38yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug418769577Wiegand, W    
Monroe Street1174   May3188011121Wiegerl,SB W 
Monroe Street313   Dec3189921042Wielacher, Edward 34yWM
Monroe Street1126   Feb1718769377Wieland,    
Monroe Street1179   Oct23188011325Wieland,SB W 
Monroe Street1179   Oct22188011322Wieland, Annie 1yWF
Monroe Street1120   Aug2718759149Wieland, G    
Monroe Street3182   Apr13191225746Wieland, Gottlieb 66yWM
Monroe Street1120   Aug2718759148Wieland, L 3yW 
Monroe Street3299   Apr20192728659Wieland, Louisa 80yWF
Monroe Street442   Apr5193930017Wienck, Augusta 87yWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep12189418259Wiersma, Henry 2yWM
Monroe Street2117   Jan21189015451Wiersman, Jacob 14yWM
Monroe Street2172   Jul5189317425Wiesenborn, August 48yWM
Monroe Street1166   Aug6187910874Wieser,SB W 
Monroe Street349   Mar26190222242Wieser, Mable 28yWF
Monroe Street456Aug181942Aug21194230300Wieser, Mathias 80yWM
Monroe Street236   Oct1188312607Wigand, Casper 71yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug23188915160Wigand, Fred 2wWM
Monroe Street367   Mar1190322736Wigand, Irene 1yWF
Monroe Street232   May12188312440Wigemd, Albert 14mWM
Monroe Street2120   Apr5189015574Wiggers, Albert  WM
Monroe Street1159   Dec7187810624Wiggins, Geo 2yWM
Monroe Street3286   Nov19192428287Wight, Grant 60yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr19189820174Wight, James M 63yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan18189719479Wight, Margaret 54yWF
Monroe Street184   Mar1118737769Wight, Mary 74yWF
Monroe Street381   Jan8190423167Wight, Roland 28yWM
Monroe Street2215   Dec11189518965Wight, Russel W 2yWM
Monroe Street137   Jan518685927Wights, Jenny 10yWF
Monroe Street2140   Jul25189116264Wilbrandt,SB WF
Monroe Street177   Aug718727499Wilbus, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street12   Jul2418634552Wilcox,Child of M7mWM
Monroe Street277   May11188714035Wilcox, 4dWM
Monroe Street2120   Mar27189015565Wilcox,SB WM
Monroe Street466Dec231945Dec23194530525Wilcox, Hattie 81yWF
Monroe Street2136   Apr30189116132Wilcox, John A 67yWM
Monroe Street3310   Feb17192928937Wilcox, Lew E 63yWM
Monroe Street449   Oct17194030154Wilcox, Lloyd 52yWM
Monroe Street3202   Dec13191326179Wilcox, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street11   Jun2618634539Wilcox, Wm H 45yWM
Monroe Street2195   Sep15189418267Wild,SB WM
Monroe Street456Aug271942Aug31194230302Wild, Albert P 43yWM
Monroe Street2193   Aug14189418202Wild, Anna 1mWF
Monroe Street2226   Sep7189619335Wild, Homer 16yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan21189115995Wild, John G 69yWM
Monroe Street2240   Sep30189719845Wild, Katherine 64yWF
Monroe Street389   Aug10190423459Wild, Margarett 67yWF
Monroe Street3306   Aug9192828855Wild, Mathilda 62yWF
Monroe Street3278   Jul10192328064Wild, Paul 52yWM
Monroe Street470Nov121947Nov15194730596Wild, Paul A 51yWM
Monroe Street1167   Sep14187910911Wilde, Henry W 36yWM
Monroe Street2187   Apr25189417945Wilder, Rhoda A 70yWF
Monroe Street128   Sep318665599Wilderson, Levina 1yWF
Monroe Street110   Jun2318644880Wilds, Wm 64yWM
Monroe Street3282   Feb7192428161Wiley, Alexander 83yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec16188714311Wiley, Alma 47yWF
Monroe Street435   Apr1193729861Wiley, Rose A 64yWF
Monroe Street223   Aug5188212155Wilford,Mrs   
Monroe Street255   May22188513264Wilgus, Lucy F 63yWF
Monroe Street2186   Apr12189417919Wilgus, Lucy Standart 29yWF
Monroe Street123   Nov1918655405Wilgus, Mathilda 38yW 
Monroe Street123   Nov818655392Wilgus, Reuben 3mWM
Monroe Street132   Mar2618675740Wilgus, Rosalia 18yWF
Monroe Street160   Dec1418706831Wilheilm, Fredrick 1yWM
Monroe Street1114   Mar3018758901Wilhelm, Emma  WF
Monroe Street245   Jul22188412916Wilhelm, Flora 1yWF
Monroe Street459Jul41943Jul7194330367Wilhelm, Herman 65yWM
Monroe Street464Feb121945Feb15194530471Wilhelm, Ida 66yWF
Monroe Street1163   Apr27187910749Wilhelm, Mary 28yWF
Monroe Street428   Nov23193529711Wilhelm, Minnie 63yWF
Monroe Street345   Dec28190122123Wilhelmy,Baby WF
Monroe Street327   Dec13190021586Wilk, A W 54yWM
Monroe Street122   Oct1818655376Wilke, Phebe 3mWF
Monroe Street2192   Jul17189418129Wilkenson, John A 38yWM
Monroe Street2183   Feb3189417792Wilkenson, Mabel M 5yWF
Monroe Street233   Jun13188312483Wilker, Helena 21mWF
Monroe Street262   Dec4188513502Wilker, John 41yWM
Monroe Street122   Oct618655364Wilkes, Elizabeth 38yWF
Monroe Street1143   May28187710015Wilkes, Ema 8mW 
Monroe Street2218   Feb16189619041Wilkins, 3dWM
Monroe Street289   Apr13188814475Wilkins, Bessie 15yWF
Monroe Street1104   Jul2318748549Wilkinson, Anna 11yWF
Monroe Street297   Oct4188814749Wilkinson, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street174   May2518727386Wilkonson,Child of Fred2mWF
Monroe Street2139   Jul15189116246Wilks,Baby WM
Monroe Street2195   Sep19189418276Wilks,SB WF
Monroe Street3101   Jul21190523871Wilks, Geo 30yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar19190523723Wilks, Lelia B 3yWF
Monroe Street3271   May5192227876Wilks, Louise 72yWF
Monroe Street197   Dec2918738288Wilkus, James 62yWM
Monroe Street2243   Dec14189719964Will, Christopher 75yWM
Monroe Street421   May21193429522Will, Emily 53yWF
Monroe Street3307   Sep8192828867Will, Lena 73yWF
Monroe Street215   Dec30188111867Willard, Anna 3y  
Monroe Street1129   May2718769478Willard, Charles    
Monroe Street1120   Aug3118759155Willard, Charles A 4yWM
Monroe Street3151   Sep15190925044Willard, Chas R 69yWM
Monroe Street161   Feb718716892Willard, Emmie E 24yWF
Monroe Street28   Jul25188111618Willard, Fallon B 11m  
Monroe Street216   Jan1188211870Willard, Flora 6yWF
Monroe Street165   Aug1218717061Willard, Gracie 1yW 
Monroe Street465May91945May12194530493Willard, Harry M 71yWM
Monroe Street1155   Jul30187810479Willard, Huld A 35yWF
Monroe Street210   Aug28188111684Willbrandt, George 6mWM
Monroe Street190   Aug1318738009Willbrenner,SB Child of F W 
Monroe Street1102   Jun318748492Willcott, Emanuel 48yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul318665537Willems, Margaret 65yWF
Monroe Street186   May1418737838Willenbring, Bernhardt 7yWM
Monroe Street219   Mar29188211987Willenbring, Frank 60yWM
Monroe Street267   Jul4188613679Willenbrink, Kate 2mWF
Monroe Street436   Sep29193729892Willer, E G 62yWM
Monroe Street3271   May6192227877Willer, Jennie H 53yWF
Monroe Street3279   Aug6192328073Willert, 1dWM
Monroe Street47   Jun17193129204Willert, Clara J 47yWF
Monroe Street3211   Sep17191426359Willert, Gustav 61yWM
Monroe Street3236   Mar14191726917Willert, May C 6mWF
Monroe Street133   May3018675777Willert, PhilipSB  M
Monroe Street2127   Sep24189015847Willert, Sophia 36yWF
Monroe Street2128   Oct14189015872Willert, Sophia 20dWF
Monroe Street3288   Mar9192528320Willert, Wilhelmina 73yWF
Monroe Street3292   Jan15192628451Willes,SB CF
Monroe Street265   Apr30188613643Willey, RMrs   
Monroe Street1128   Apr2718769451Willey, Rhoda 75yWF
Monroe Street268   Jul26188613707Willey, Wm 16mWM
Monroe Street1175   Jun22188011175Willhelmy,  W 
Monroe Street1173   Mar31188011084Williamms, 1mW 
Monroe Street113   Sep618645002Williams,SB Child of John W 
Monroe Street116   Dec2718645101Williams,SB Son of Cirus WM
Monroe Street1108   Nov218748706Williams,SB Child of Wm W 
Monroe Street245   Jul23188412918Williams,Mr W 
Monroe Street245   Jul23188412918Williams,Wife of Mr W 
Monroe Street2251   May31189820249Williams,SB WF
Monroe Street372   Jun29190322910Williams,Baby WM
Monroe Street3147   May19190924971Williams,Baby WM
Monroe Street272   Dec2188613873Williams, Albert 20yWM
Monroe Street3294   May3192628516Williams, Alfred J 59yWM
Monroe Street157   Sep1518706747Williams, Ann 1mWF
Monroe Street1140   Mar718779926Williams, C F 77yW 
Monroe Street1124   Dec2618759300Williams, Ch A 5mWM
Monroe Street344   Dec6190122091Williams, Chas 70yWM
Monroe Street2178   Nov13189317662Williams, Clarence 11yWM
Monroe Street136   Nov718675890Williams, Commodore 45yWM
Monroe Street158   Oct2718706785Williams, Comodore  WM
Monroe Street222   Jul7188212124Williams, David 7d  
Monroe Street2133   Feb4189116005Williams, David 61yWM
Monroe Street184   Mar2318737776Williams, E B 66yW 
Monroe Street3162   Aug19191025328Williams, Elizebeth 79yWF
Monroe Street31   Jan31189920624Williams, Estella 2yWF
Monroe Street2256   Sep29189820413Williams, Eva 16yWF
Monroe Street438   Apr19193829933Williams, Eva 56yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan12189820002Williams, Floyd 11mWM
Monroe Street227   Nov14188212275Williams, Fred 6m  
Monroe Street3130   Dec6190724578Williams, Fred 24yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun28188111568Williams, Geo 42yWM
Monroe Street392   Nov5190423556Williams, Geo D 73yWM
Monroe Street213   Nov16188111806Williams, George    
Monroe Street268   Aug4188613718Williams, George 14mWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug1518759127Williams, Georgia 7yWF
Monroe Street3259   Apr24192027545Williams, Gwendalyn 14yWF
Monroe Street284   Nov26188714287Williams, Harriet 43yWF
Monroe Street2153   May15189216734Williams, Hattie B 56yWF
Monroe Street199   Feb1318748359Williams, Henry 4yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun2618759004Williams, James Th 3dWM
Monroe Street2138   Jun13189116191Williams, Jennie Fridden 2mWF
Monroe Street333   Apr28190121774Williams, John W 13dWM
Monroe Street135   Sep2218675852Williams, Justus 50yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul27189418154Williams, Lillie 6mWF
Monroe Street111   Jul1318644909Williams, Mabel A 3mWF
Monroe Street12   Aug1318634574Williams, Motine 1yWF
Monroe Street148   Jul2618696380Williams, Nancy  CM
Monroe Street158   Oct2718706786Williams, Nancy  WF
Monroe Street225   Sep16188212206Williams, Naron 53y  
Monroe Street2210   Aug3189518772Williams, Samuel 69yWM
Monroe Street2159   Sep27189216974Williams, Susy 51yWF
Monroe Street133   Jun918675781Williams, Willie C 18dWM
Monroe Street3119   Jan14190724319Williams, Wm 45yWM
Monroe Street3310   Apr8192928959Williams, Wm 53yWM
Monroe Street1174   May18188011133Williamson,SB W 
Monroe Street171   Mar718727276Williamson, Betsey 46yWF
Monroe Street1176   Jul5188011195Williamson, James 6dWM
Monroe Street2259   Dec16189820530Williamson, James 80yWM
Monroe Street210   Sep11188111712Williken, John 44yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar5190121685Willilams, Alfred F 7mWM
Monroe Street310   Oct5189920968Williman, Harvey 9yWM
Monroe Street42   May12193029087Willis, 2dWM
Monroe Street1149   Nov30187710269Willis, George H 39yWM
Monroe Street26   Jun15188111554Willis, John 23yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec17188111851Willis, John    
Monroe Street425   Mar2193529624Williston, Maud S 28yWF
Monroe Street3233   Oct25191626832Willman, Anna 79yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr17190222278Willman, Joseph 78yWM
Monroe Street286   Jan21188814361Wills, Willie 2yWM
Monroe Street121   Aug2918655321Willsden, Willie 4mWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov12190624267Willse, Esther E 82yWF
Monroe Street43   Aug29193029116Willsey,SB WF
Monroe Street166   Aug2718717093Willson, Ellen A  WF
Monroe Street293   Jul22188814618Willsworth, 2dWM
Monroe Street112   Aug1118644961Wilman, Sopha 6mWF
Monroe Street1132   Aug1718769604Wilmering, Hermann 1yWM
Monroe Street3311   Jul2192928982Wilmerink,SB WF
Monroe Street235   Sep4188312575Wilmerink, H 2yWM
Monroe Street469Sep51947Sep8194730586Wilmerink, Jennie 91yWF
Monroe Street3269   Dec5192127806Wilmerink, John W 75yWM
Monroe Street436   Sep18193729888Wilmernik, Martin 43yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug28188915174Wilsdon, Chas D 8mWM
Monroe Street2206   May7189518645Wilsdon, Eliza 87yWF
Monroe Street1178   Aug25188011268Wilsdon, Jos 22yW 
Monroe Street293   Jul11188814598Wilsdon, Thos S 41yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec12188714305Wilsdon, Wm 46yWM
Monroe Street316   Mar4190021179Wilsdon, Wm E 25yWM
Monroe Street3153   Nov22190925092Wilsen, Cecelia A C 3mWF
Monroe Street126   May1718665511Wilson,SB Child of John WF
Monroe Street263   Feb6188613565Wilson, 8dWM
Monroe Street2126   Aug18189015801Wilson, 3mWM
Monroe Street3294   Jun21192628544Wilson, Anna S 74yWF
Monroe Street1127   Mar2018769414Wilson, Arthur 29yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb20189216597Wilson, Benjamin B 13yWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr24189116123Wilson, Catharine D 70yWF
Monroe Street3255   Oct20191927449Wilson, Doris L 5dWF
Monroe Street1128   May218769454Wilson, E 83yW 
Monroe Street445   Dec19193930080Wilson, Ella Grant 85yWF
Monroe Street470Nov171947Nov20194730599Wilson, Elmer Leo 80yWM
Monroe Street485Jan61956Jan12195630961Wilson, Elsie 49yWF
Monroe Street477Jun81950Sep18195030766Wilson, Ernest G 85yWM
Monroe Street3240   Oct29191727055Wilson, Frank B 16yWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul18189116250Wilson, Geo 1dWF
Monroe Street1158   Nov22187810606Wilson, Helen 45yWF
Monroe Street3266   Jul21192127751Wilson, Jos E 39yWM
Monroe Street3212   Oct28191426389Wilson, Lafayette 34yWM
Monroe Street3305   May5192828818Wilson, Laura M 57yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov16187710245Wilson, Maggie 4yWF
Monroe Street187   Jul618737897Wilson, Martha 57yWF
Monroe Street154   May2018706622Wilson, Mary  WF
Monroe Street220   Apr21188212026Wilson, Mary    
Monroe Street3294   May14192628525Wilson, Mary 86yWF
Monroe Street3270   Feb14192227835Wilson, Mary E 56yWF
Monroe Street2227   Oct27189619393Wilson, Nellie 6yWF
Monroe Street220   Apr21188212026Wilson, RannyMrs   
Monroe Street3247   Oct21191827226Wilson, Teresa M 31yWF
Monroe Street238   Nov20188312673Wilson, Thomas 68yWM
Monroe Street153   Feb2718706564Wilson, W W 44yWM
Monroe Street1105   Aug2718748609Wilson, Willie 9mWM
Monroe Street164   Jun2818717005Wilsons,SB Child of William WF
Monroe Street54Mar101977Mar28197731388Winans, Hellen 74y F
Monroe Street55Mar221978Mar25197831400Winbigler, Lester T 80y M
Monroe Street4113Nov241973Nov29197331353Winbigler, Sylvia 73y F
Monroe Street334   May16190121802Winchester,Baby WM
Monroe Street389   Aug8190423458Winchester, Allen 4mWF
Monroe Street316   Mar10190021186Winchester, Rose E 9wWF
Monroe Street3241   Nov13191727059Winchester, Verna S 11mWF
Monroe Street2193   Aug14189418204Wind, Hattie 20yWF
Monroe Street225   Sep12188212202Windelsecht, Gottfried 68y  
Monroe Street135   Oct2718675883Windelspach, Rosa 10mWM
Monroe Street143   Nov818686169Windelspecht, 4mWF
Monroe Street141   Aug2618686106Windelspecht, John 8mWM
Monroe Street211   Sep18188111721Windfield, Jessie 1yWF
Monroe Street250   Nov30188413065Windorff, Anne 5yWF
Monroe Street317   Mar20190021206Wineland, Pearlyett 45yWF
Monroe Street233   Jun13188312481Winfield, Etta 24yWF
Monroe Street2127   Sep12189015835Wing, Alva 56yWM
Monroe Street36   May31189920815Wing, Mary 61yWF
Monroe Street213   Nov10188111794Wing, Ora L 1yWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec7189217074Wing, Otto J 57yWM
Monroe Street1116   Jun1518758983Wing, Ruben 49yWM
Monroe Street1153   May9187810393Winger, 4dW 
Monroe Street3154   Dec14190925105Winger,SB WF
Monroe Street3154   Dec14190925106Winger,SB WF
Monroe Street123   Nov518655391Winger, Christian 54yWM
Monroe Street2139   Jul12189116231Winger, Frieda 14dWF
Monroe Street1156   Sep4187810513Winisken, Pastor    
Monroe Street1171   Jan13188010996Wink, Elenora 31yWF
Monroe Street127   Jul418665538Winkel, Andrew 49yWM
Monroe Street139   May1818686007Winkler,SB Child of J WF
Monroe Street3103   Sep11190523917Winkler, Barney 72yWM
Monroe Street315   Feb9190021143Winkler, BernhardSB WM
Monroe Street426   May24193529654Winkler, Charlotte 78yWF
Monroe Street234   Jul29188312527Winkler, Christopher 43yWM
Monroe Street2207   May17189518666Winkler, Clara 3yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar16187910702Winkler, Elisab 78yW 
Monroe Street1148   Nov7187710231Winkler, Emma 4yWF
Monroe Street322   Jul15190021398Winkler, Lena P 19yWF
Monroe Street179   Sep2518727596Winkler, Luisa 2yW 
Monroe Street36   May20189920797Winkler, Margrete 69yWF
Monroe Street420   Jan3193429476Winkler, Norbert 29yWM
Monroe Street262   Dec20188513520Winkler, Wilhemia 56yWF
Monroe Street14   Nov318634659Winkley, William 6yWM
Monroe Street18   Mar2318644791Winkly, Christ 59yWM
Monroe Street344   Dec20190122114Winslow, Alex 68yWM
Monroe Street176   Jul2818727477Winslow, Ch 76yW 
Monroe Street3109   Mar31190624078Winslow, Roy 11yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug22190322991Winsor,Baby WM
Monroe Street36   May20189920795Wint, Gerhard 6yWM
Monroe Street319   Apr26190021276Wint, Henrietta 6wWF
Monroe Street346   Jan13190222143Wint, John 2wWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct2018748693Winter,Mrs59yWF
Monroe Street2248   Mar21189820113Winter,SB WM
Monroe Street31   Jan30189920619Winter,SB WF
Monroe Street3267   Sep6192127764Winter, Albert 28yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec14188714309Winter, Anna 4yWF
Monroe Street226   Nov13188212272Winter, Charles 5d  
Monroe Street285   Dec13188714308Winter, Chas 18mWM
Monroe Street1118   Jul2718759072Winter, Daniel 1yWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun6190523812Winter, Emely 22yWF
Monroe Street3102   Aug31190523906Winter, Emil 5yWM
Monroe Street3259   May5192027551Winter, Gotfried 54yWM
Monroe Street454Jan111942Jan14194230239Winter, Josephine 79yWF
Monroe Street1172   Mar14188011056Winter, Laura 21yWF
Monroe Street296   Sep11188814713Winter, Lillian 7mWF
Monroe Street195   Nov218738188Winter, Louis 72yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb10188513139Winter, Luois 39yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul25188814626Winter, Martha 10wWF
Monroe Street199   Feb1118748357Winter, Mary 30yWF
Monroe Street314   Jan20190021111Winter, Minnie A 24yWF
Monroe Street1107   Sep2418748661Winter, Samuel 2yWM
Monroe Street489Mar291960Apr1196031081Winter, Theodore 51yWM
Monroe Street284   Nov15188714271Winter, Willie 13yWM
Monroe Street375   Aug12190322987Winters,Baby WM
Monroe Street163   Apr2818716959Wintrich, Charles 4mWM
Monroe Street288   Mar1188814419Winzer, Annie 72yWF
Monroe Street2144   Oct30189116430Wirley, Mable 6mWF
Monroe Street1157   Oct15187810567Wirt, Adda 6yW 
Monroe Street1171   Feb15188011026Wirt, F A  W 
Monroe Street467Jun41946Jun7194630543Wirt, Frederick H 81yWM
Monroe Street1157   Oct15187810566Wirt, Jenney 10yWF
Monroe Street481Jun51953Jun8195330869Wirt, Maude J 87yWF
Monroe Street3307   Sep5192828865Wirth, Julia 61yWF
Monroe Street274   Jan18188713918Wirtschock, Samuel 73yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul3189216807Wirtz,SB WM
Monroe Street439   Jun23193829948Wirzoch, Charles 47yWM
Monroe Street433   Oct17193629811Wirzoch, Ernestina 76yWF
Monroe Street432   Oct12193629807Wirzoch, Gottlieb 75yWM
Monroe Street292   Jun7188814556Wischmeier,SB WF
Monroe Street3236   Feb9191726901Wischmeier, Elenore 79yWF
Monroe Street276   Apr12188714002Wischmeier, Ernst 58yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan30188914887Wischmeier, Fred 21yWM
Monroe Street167   Sep818717110Wischmeier, Jose 70yWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr23189116121Wischmeier, Maria 62yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct27189217010Wischmeier, Maria 56yWF
Monroe Street3106   Dec17190524005Wischmeyer, Ernest 45yWM
Monroe Street144   Feb818696231Wischmeyer, Henry W 6mWM
Monroe Street155   Jun918706632Wise,Child of M1dWF
Monroe Street4108Mar251971Apr16197131316Wise, Clara E 69y F
Monroe Street3248   Nov20191827249Wise, Edw 8yWM
Monroe Street1159   Dec20187810632Wise, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street3311   Aug15192928988Wise, Helena 69yWF
Monroe Street3247   Oct26191827230Wise, JohnAKA Wizosake32yWM
Monroe Street486Sep171957Sep20195731011Wise, William 59yWM
Monroe Street255   May22188513259Wishmeier, Friedrich 4mWM
Monroe Street1104   Jul2018748540Wishmeier, Julia FSB W 
Monroe Street193   Sep2318738117Wishmeier, Martin H 4yWM
Monroe Street3306   Aug4192828854Wisler,SB WM
Monroe Street22   Jan25188111415Wismar, Geo Wm 4yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec17189418407Wisotzki, 49dWM
Monroe Street2128   Oct10189015865Wisotzki, Heinrich 5dWM
Monroe Street2204   Mar23189518569Wisotzki, Lina 5mWF
Monroe Street3216   Feb8191526453Wisotzki, Norman 11mWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct2188915242Wisotzkie, Lottie 14mWF
Monroe Street164   Jun1618716995Wisticum, WilliamAKA Westerkamp31yWM
Monroe Street241   Feb24188412743Wistinghan, Fred 16mWM
Monroe Street120   Jun2818655260Wistinghausen, Henrietta 12yWF
Monroe Street292   Jun6188814553Wisutzka, Paul 5yWM
Monroe Street299   Dec19188814834Withing,SB WM
Monroe Street235   Aug16188312550Witig, Paul 48yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan19190021106Witowski, John 41yWM
Monroe Street3152   Oct10190925058Witt, Anna 76yWF
Monroe Street237   Oct15188312625Witt, Charles 24yWM
Monroe Street389   Aug17190423467Witt, Francis 6mWM
Monroe Street432   Aug13193629792Witt, Fredrick 78yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan818737709Witt, George 13dWM
Monroe Street151   Nov2418696483Witt, Helena 22yWF
Monroe Street291   Jun2188814543Witt, Herman 19yWM
Monroe Street342   Oct3190122019Witt, Joachin 80yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb28189216608Witt, Louisa 25yWF
Monroe Street137   Mar618685961Witt, Mary 3yWF
Monroe Street380   Dec28190323148Witt, Mary 77yWF
Monroe Street3264   Mar28192127701Witteber, Herman 75yWM
Monroe Street2161   Nov6189217032Witteber, Paulina 45yWF
Monroe Street1148   Nov5187710227Wittelsbacher, Aug 3mWM
Monroe Street1128   Apr2918769452Witter, Septimas 79yW 
Monroe Street1130   Jul1818769534Witthaus, John 42yWM
Monroe Street3135   May21190824710Wittich,Baby WM
Monroe Street2165   Feb12189317172Wittich, Andrew 31yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan11190021095Wittich, F W 32yWM
Monroe Street319   May2190021289Wittich, Maud 26yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul4189418090Witting, Geo 2yWM
Monroe Street1177   Jul31188011238Wittlager, Catharina 1yWF
Monroe Street155   Jul1718706668Wittlinger, Anna Maria 1yWF
Monroe Street1111   Jan418758784Wittlinger, Anna Mary 6dWF
Monroe Street2121   Apr23189015608Wittlinger, George 52yWM
Monroe Street216   Jan5188211873Wittlinger, Gottllieb 31yWM
Monroe Street2172   Jun30189317417Wittlinger, Jacob 46yWM
Monroe Street1101   Apr2918748451Wittlinger, Jak 8mWM
Monroe Street1100   Mar1118748390Wittlinger, MarySB W 
Monroe Street278   May25188714051Wittman, Paulina 18mWF
Monroe Street1119   Aug418759101Wittmann, Frank 3dWM
Monroe Street256   Jun17188513289Wittmann, Frederich 9mWM
Monroe Street248   Oct15188413018Wittmann, Mary 42yWF
Monroe Street349   Mar6190222215Wittmer, Fred 9wWM
Monroe Street2169   May16189317332Wittmess, Lena 10yWF
Monroe Street149   Sep2318696441Witzel, Christina 69yWF
Monroe Street3247   Oct26191827230Wizosake, JohnAKA Wise32yWM
Monroe Street2114   Dec2188915360Wlceke, Alma 6yWF
Monroe Street315   Feb6190021141Wlecke, Alfred 8yWM
Monroe Street493Oct251962Oct29196231150Wlecke, Edward O 83yWM
Monroe Street2187   May11189417974Wlecke, Elwood E 4yWM
Monroe Street486Nov41957Nov6195731014Wlecke, Emma 76yWF
Monroe Street3135   May6190824701Wlecke, Friderika Pfahl 82yWF
Monroe Street2196   Oct13189418310Wlecke, Harry 7yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar8190121689Wlecke, Henrietta 87yWF
Monroe Street3204   Feb24191426227Wlecke, Henry 63yWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan20188914876Wlecke, John 75yWM
Monroe Street3291   Oct30192528414Wlecke, John H 84yWM
Monroe Street238   Nov17188312668Wlecke, Julia J 3yWF
Monroe Street245   Jul23188412919Wlecke, Mana 76yWF
Monroe Street243   Apr29188412825Wlecke, Mathilde 9mWF
Monroe Street1145   Aug3187710093Wleske, H F 67yW 
Monroe Street251   Jan24188513124Wllzien, Pearl R 4dWF
Monroe Street465Sep81945Sep11194530513Wochman, Louise C 84yWF
Monroe Street1136   Nov2018769780Wocjeck, John 1yWM
Monroe Street148   Jul2018696370Wodawa, Jos 1m M
Monroe Street2170   May25189317342Wodelinog,SB WM
Monroe Street148   Jul1618696362Wodowa, John 21dWM
Monroe Street3184   Jun16191225792Woehman, Anna C 89yWF
Monroe Street59Sep301982Oct4198231441Woehrman, Anna L 81y F
Monroe Street289   Apr18188814480Woehrman, Ernst Henry 31yWM
Monroe Street340   Aug29190121980Woehrman, Fred 68yWM
Monroe Street459Aug81943Aug11194330372Woehrman, Fred 84yWM
Monroe Street2231   Feb5189719504Woehrman, Hanna 66yWF
Monroe Street4102Dec241967Dec28196731276Woehrman, Henry F 69yWM
Monroe Street441   Dec1193829985Woehrman, Louise C 70yWF
Monroe Street461Apr241944Apr27194430433Woehrman, Marie 80yWF
Monroe Street2158   Sep9189216954Woehrmann, Fred H 26yWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct1718748686Woelfe,Mrs54yWF
Monroe Street1169   Dec15187910972Woelfle,SB W 
Monroe Street1156   Sep11187810518Woelfle, Jac 51yW 
Monroe Street25   May21188111528Woelfle, Jas 25yWM
Monroe Street2170   May27189317346Woelfle, Ruth 4yWF
Monroe Street377   Sep30190323050Woerman,Baby WF
Monroe Street2231   Feb1189719497Woerman, Franz 78yWM
Monroe Street352   May22190222315Woerman, Maria E 78yWF
Monroe Street3166   Dec12191025426Woerner, ThomasSB WM
Monroe Street2102   Mar5188914921Woesner, Carl 19yWM
Monroe Street3198   Aug5191326087Woesner, F W 42yWM
Monroe Street233   Jun6188312475Woesner, Maria 35yWF
Monroe Street325   Sep30190021501Woesner, Martin 37yWM
Monroe Street439   May20193829941Woesner, Minnie 90yWF
Monroe Street3266   Jul11192127748Woesner, PaulineSr82yWF
Monroe Street3293   Mar29192628500Woesner, Pauline 58yWF
Monroe Street354   Jul15190222393Woesner, Simon 65yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar19188513177Woessner, Natheas 81yWM
Monroe Street3282   Mar20192428190Wohlatz, Augusta 55yWF
Monroe Street456Jul291942Aug1194230294Wohlatz, William  WM
Monroe Street2119   Mar11189015544Wohlers, Herman 36yWM
Monroe Street2165   Jan31189317157Wohlfeil, Anna 5dWF
Monroe Street2195   Sep11189418257Wohlfeil, Christina M 8mWF
Monroe Street2182   Jan29189417785Wohlfeil, Theresa 26yWF
Monroe Street2140   Jul30189116280Wohlfeld, Louise Emilie 12dWF
Monroe Street2105   May28188915021Wohlgast, Dora C 66yWF
Monroe Street470Nov241947Nov26194730601Wohlgemuth, Carl F 81yWM
Monroe Street3263   Dec13192027650Wohlgemuth, Louisa 51yWF
Monroe Street398   Apr19190523760Wohrmann, F Wm 82yWM
Monroe Street394   Jan21190523638Woike, Helena 81yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr6190222256Woikey, Andrew 84yWM
Monroe Street2145   Nov21189116455Woikey, John 25yWM
Monroe Street389   Aug20190423470Woitschofsky, John 21yWM
Monroe Street3162   Aug16191025326Woitsshofsky, Stanley 10mWM
Monroe Street1174   Apr30188011116Wolf,SB W 
Monroe Street1179   Oct26188011331Wolf,SB Child of W 
Monroe Street228   Dec19188212316Wolf,SB  F
Monroe Street2218   Feb22189619051Wolf, 2dWF
Monroe Street2234   Apr16189719612Wolf, 3wWF
Monroe Street3134   Apr18190824686Wolf, 6wWF
Monroe Street3156   Feb2191025145Wolf,SB WM
Monroe Street3185   Jul25191225815Wolf,SB WM
Monroe Street2234   Apr29189719636Wolf, Alma 3yWF
Monroe Street44   Nov5193029141Wolf, Anna 51yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb1718769376Wolf, Aug'a 4yW 
Monroe Street27   Jul16188111596Wolf, Augusta 8mWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar9191325974Wolf, Augusta 32yWF
Monroe Street488Mar101959Mar12195930159Wolf, Caroline 82yWF
Monroe Street350   Apr9190222261Wolf, Clara 3mWF
Monroe Street341   Sep19190122005Wolf, Conrad 8mWM
Monroe Street388   Jul28190423440Wolf, Dora 51yWF
Monroe Street1171   Jan24188011004Wolf, Eddy 4yWM
Monroe Street2194   Aug18189418215Wolf, Elisabeth 2yWF
Monroe Street42   Mar5193029058Wolf, Eliza 79yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec3188513500Wolf, Elizabeth 78yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep20189116365Wolf, Elizabeth 10yWF
Monroe Street2147   Jan6189216512Wolf, Emelia 4mWF
Monroe Street346   Jan19190222151Wolf, Emil 50yWM
Monroe Street354   Jul6190222377Wolf, Fred 4mWM
Monroe Street2104   May6188914994Wolf, Friech 54yWM
Monroe Street3265   Apr25192127718Wolf, Friedericka 52yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr7189317266Wolf, Friederika 43yWF
Monroe Street387   Jun20190423383Wolf, Fritz 58yWM
Monroe Street389   Aug15190423464Wolf, Gertrude 4mWF
Monroe Street3156   Feb4191025150Wolf, Gustave 2dWM
Monroe Street3107   Jan20190624030Wolf, Henry 57yWM
Monroe Street3166   Dec23191025438Wolf, Henry 71yWM
Monroe Street1166   Jul30187910864Wolf, J Chr 65yW 
Monroe Street272   Nov26188613863Wolf, Johanna 11yWF
Monroe Street136   Dec1718675915Wolf, John 1dWM
Monroe Street313   Dec22189921068Wolf, Joseph 36yWM
Monroe Street1151   Jan30187810321Wolf, Loplise 5dW 
Monroe Street1168   Oct9187910932Wolf, Louisa 1dWF
Monroe Street22   Jan2188111389Wolf, Mammie 9yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar18189719559Wolf, Meta 3yWF
Monroe Street210   Sep6188111703Wolf, Peter L 1yWM
Monroe Street195   Nov218738189Wolf, Wm 10mWM
Monroe Street3221   Aug8191526569Wolfe,SB WF
Monroe Street3251   Mar14191927331Wolfe, Harry B 36yWM
Monroe Street416   May31193329406Wolfe, John H 73yWM
Monroe Street3305   May19192828823Wolfe, Minnie 75yWF
Monroe Street418   Oct6193329446Wolfe, PonaSB WF
Monroe Street1153   May4187810388Wolfeil, Arnold 58yWM
Monroe Street2184   Mar15189417862Wolfenberger,SB WM
Monroe Street213   Nov10188111795Wolfes, Herman 5yWM
Monroe Street3106   Dec8190523998Wolff, Chas 6mWM
Monroe Street339   Aug22190121972Wolff, Geo 11mWM
Monroe Street349   Mar14190222229Wolff, Paul 10dWM
Monroe Street1176   Jul11188011202Wolfkammer, M W 61yW 
Monroe Street439   Jun28193829950Wolfle, Emma 78yWF
Monroe Street150   Oct2718696460Wolfman, Maria 41yWF
Monroe Street145   Feb2818696253Wolfmann, Louisa 2yWF
Monroe Street2109   Sep2188915179Wolfmann, Pearly 10mWF
Monroe Street2157   Aug9189216881Wolfram, Ernst 17mWM
Monroe Street3272   Jul14192227900Wolfs, A M 75yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar9190423260Wolfs, Dieng 18yWF
Monroe Street3146   Apr2190924927Wolfs, Doras C 18dWF
Monroe Street168   Nov2718717187Wolfs, Fredr 32yWM
Monroe Street438   Apr22193829935Wolfs, Hedwig H 64yWF
Monroe Street435   Apr28193729865Wolfs, Henrieka 90yWF
Monroe Street3218   Apr26191526513Wolfs, James A 2yWM
Monroe Street164   Jun2018717002Wolfs, William 6mWM
Monroe Street482Dec271953Jan30195430889Wolfs, William 81yWM
Monroe Street2149   Feb9189216581Wolfschlaeger, Jacob 59yWM
Monroe Street1131   Aug318769576Wolklaker, Helena 2yWF
Monroe Street268   Jul28188613709Wollen, Fred 1yWM
Monroe Street2110   Sep13188915202Wollenzier, Caroline 39yWF
Monroe Street2118   Feb14189015497Wollenzier, Fred 5mWM
Monroe Street2114   Nov26188915350Wollenzier, George 2yWM
Monroe Street2137   May24189116175Wollerman,SB WM
Monroe Street241   Mar23188412768Wollerman, Louisa 8mWF
Monroe Street490   Oct1196031091Wollf, Martin F  WM
Monroe Street2180   Dec15189317719Wollin, Albert 1yWM
Monroe Street12   Aug318634561Wolman, Frederick 14dWM
Monroe Street3299   Apr30192728661Wolperding, Barbara  WF
Monroe Street465Jun61944May29194530499Wolperding, Fred G 76yWM
Monroe Street183   Jan1218737714Wonderish, CharlesSB WM
Monroe Street372   Jun3190322879Wonnell,Baby WM
Monroe Street2248   Mar14189820099Wonnell, Maynard 5mWM
Monroe Street3300   Jul15192728695Woo, CharlesAKA Lee Ting55yWM
Monroe Street3300   Jul15192728695Woo, Lee TingAKA Charles55yWM
Monroe Street369   Apr26190322836Wood,Baby WM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2718769629Wood, Alice M M 3mW 
Monroe Street2212   Sep12189518847Wood, Amanda C 89yWF
Monroe Street178   Sep318727555Wood, Auguste 3mW 
Monroe Street14   Oct318634635Wood, Celia 4mWF
Monroe Street119   May1218655235Wood, George 12yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar30190021225Wood, Harvey K 70yWM
Monroe Street127   Jul2718665564Wood, James 4mWM
Monroe Street118   Apr218655208Wood, John 5yWM
Monroe Street3279   Aug22192328077Wood, JohnSr71yWM
Monroe Street3277   May31192328043Wood, John EJr34yWM
Monroe Street2233   Mar31189719583Wood, Minnie 28yWF
Monroe Street3291   Dec11192528436Wood, Sarah A 73yWF
Monroe Street2201   Jan22189518465Woodard, 3mWM
Monroe Street391   Oct24190423547Woodard, Geo 11yWM
Monroe Street114   Nov118645060Woodard, Hellen 28yWF
Monroe Street195   Nov1518738213Woodard, John 54yWM
Monroe Street196   Dec618738245Woodard, Philena 19yW 
Monroe Street1172   Mar16188011063Woodart, James 7mWM
Monroe Street1117   Jul1618759036Woodburn, F 1yW 
Monroe Street123   Oct2418655380Woodburn, John 52yWM
Monroe Street3290   Aug6192528385Woodburn, Mary E 89yWF
Monroe Street2149   Feb13189216587Woodburn, Nancy 77yWF
Monroe Street2250   Apr20189820176Woodbury, Edith 2mWF
Monroe Street425   Jan5193529602Woodbury, Effie 79yWF
Monroe Street2232   Mar18189719560Woodbury, Louisa 77yWF
Monroe Street2184   Jan26189417851Woodbury, Manley H 82yWM
Monroe Street3141   Nov1190824817Woodcock, Allice M 35yWF
Monroe Street2233   Mar24189719572Woodford, Matilda 34yWF
Monroe Street170   Jan1718727229Woodford, Orre 85yWF
Monroe Street1126   Feb918769357Woodford, S 47yW 
Monroe Street165   Aug918717056Woodham,SB Child of William WF
Monroe Street222   Jun17188212105Woodham, Wm 45y  
Monroe Street2237   Jul25189719746Woodhams, Edward 2mWM
Monroe Street2101   Jan11188914862Woodhams, Eliz 21yWF
Monroe Street3259   Apr23192027544Woodhams, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street1115   May2318758964Woodhams, Fred 5mWM
Monroe Street2125   Jul18189015745Woodhans, Geo 8mWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun7191426306Woodman, Dana 45yWM
Monroe Street1163   May7187910759Woodman, Grace 7yWF
Monroe Street3265   Apr22192127715Woodman, Myra C 29yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar10187910696Woodmann, Ch 7yW 
Monroe Street1155   Aug1187810480Woodmann, D JSB W 
Monroe Street1162   Mar10187910695Woodmann, Rob 50yW 
Monroe Street1103   Jul718748525Woodon, H 4mW 
Monroe Street2234   May1189719641Woodrich, Lena 3mWF
Monroe Street16   Jan1018644719Woodrieff,SB Child of Joseph WF
Monroe Street353   Jun4190222332Woodring, Anna 26yWF
Monroe Street2142   Sep2189116339Woodruff, 1dWM
Monroe Street121   Sep418655330Woods,SB Child of B F WM
Monroe Street286   Jan11188814345Woods, Charles A 33yWM
Monroe Street444   Sep20193930060Woods, Edward J 28yWM
Monroe Street3179   Jan18191225686Woods, EllenAKA Sister Ignatius67yWF
Monroe Street3294   Jun29192628549Woods, Frank 65yWM
Monroe Street452   Oct11194130221Woods, James 74yWM
Monroe Street2222   May29189619187Woods, Jennie 11dWF
Monroe Street343   Nov27190122076Woods, John 49yWM
Monroe Street3209   Jul30191426331Woods, Margaret 73yWF
Monroe Street343   Nov30190122079Woods, Mary 39yWF
Monroe Street391   Oct10190423533Woods, Sarah 76yWF
Monroe Street487Mar251958Mar28195831029Woods, Sophia 87yWF
Monroe Street254   Apr14188513208Woods, Wm E 18yWM
Monroe Street390   Sep15190423502Woodward, A W  WM
Monroe Street3100   Jun10190523817Woodworth, Chas E 68yWM
Monroe Street235   Aug14188312544Wooler, Ada 7mWF
Monroe Street2172   Jul16189317444Wooley, Cora 9yWF
Monroe Street1141   Mar2118779942Wooltz, Aug 72yWM
Monroe Street318   Dec25190021268Wordon, A S 48yWM
Monroe Street369   Apr11190322810Worman,Baby WM
Monroe Street295   Sep2188814700Wormington, Catherine 80yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul15188714115Worsch, Carl 10mWM
Monroe Street267   Jul11188613691Worsdall, Lillie 11mWF
Monroe Street125   Mar2218665484Worth, Elizabeth 18yWF
Monroe Street1143   Jul11187710052Worth, Frank 5dWM
Monroe Street2170   May20189317341Worth, Martha  WF
Monroe Street132   Mar1018675731Worth, William H 53yWM
Monroe Street1129   Jun118769487Worthmann, Kate 64yWF
Monroe Street170   Feb418727246Wortmann, Henry 63yWM
Monroe Street1143   Jul1187710034Wosinsky, Frank 2mWM
Monroe Street347   Feb4190222177Wragg,SB WF
Monroe Street380   Dec17190323136Wragg,SB WM
Monroe Street2111   Oct11188915256Wragg, Emma E 1yWF
Monroe Street497Mar121965Mar15196531218Wragg, Harry 77yWM
Monroe Street484Sep201955Sep23195530948Wragg, Sadie 67yWF
Monroe Street167   Sep1118717115Wrase, Carl 9mWM
Monroe Street1108   Oct2618748694Wrasse, Otto E A 4yWM
Monroe Street143   Nov918686171Wredroba, Mary 1yWF
Monroe Street192   Sep818738083Wreese, Hermann 1yWM
Monroe Street147   Jul418696348Wright,Child of F2mW 
Monroe Street1102   May2918748485Wright,Child of M Wright   
Monroe Street378   Oct27190323078Wright,SB WF
Monroe Street28   Jul31188111630Wright, A 84yW 
Monroe Street3207   May19191426291Wright, Anna 70yWF
Monroe Street3189   Nov2191225878Wright, Daisy H 34yWF
Monroe Street3135   May3190824698Wright, Frank 62yWM
Monroe Street128   Sep1118665607Wright, Irving T 6yWM
Monroe Street1102   May2918748485Wright, Mwith Child   
Monroe Street183   Jan218737703Wright, Mary E 24yW 
Monroe Street3172   Jun20191125554Wright, Ruth M 9dWF
Monroe Street339   Aug19190121963Wright, Sheldon 51yWM
Monroe Street2155   Jul7189216811Wrobel, William 57yWM
Monroe Street2245   Jan5189819991Wrubbel, Fred 44yWM
Monroe Street2235   May6189719644Wrubel, Anna 4yWF
Monroe Street2109   Aug20188915154Wrubel, Wm 6yWM
Monroe Street2255   Aug30189820371Wudzinski, John 7wWM
Monroe Street2255   Sep14189820388Wueir, John 22mWM
Monroe Street323   Aug15190021444Wueist, Chas 5yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug18189317518Wuenache, Louis 2mWM
Monroe Street359   Oct20190222544Wuenzel, Hermina 7yWF
Monroe Street3257   Feb2192027495Wuertz, Anna 53yWF
Monroe Street462May11944May3194430434Wuertz, Caroline 81yWF
Monroe Street465Sep211945Sep24194530515Wuertz, Jacob 80yWM
Monroe Street438   Jan15193829914Wuertz, Louis 77yWM
Monroe Street3280   Oct4192328097Wuertz, Louisa 57yWF
Monroe Street3215   Jan19191526441Wuertz, Magdelena 77yWF
Monroe Street3123   May3190724427Wuertz, Phillip 28yWM
Monroe Street1102   May2018748479Wuest, Anna 75yWF
Monroe Street1105   Aug1618748595Wuest, Finna 39yW 
Monroe Street217   Feb1188211910Wuest, John 14dWM
Monroe Street2170   Jun2189317358Wuesthof, Herman 5yWM
Monroe Street346   Jan18190222149Wulcansen,SB WF
Monroe Street412   Aug16193229326Wulf, Anna 56yWF
Monroe Street2180   Dec17189317729Wulf, Chas 23yWM
Monroe Street366   Feb16190322724Wulf, Dorothy 69yWF
Monroe Street2198   Nov26189418388Wulf, Edward 51yWM
Monroe Street3199   Sep19191326115Wulf, Henriett 14dWF
Monroe Street495Oct241963Oct26196331188Wulf, Karl H 79yWM
Monroe Street3271   Mar27192227864Wulf, Rosa 48yWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan30191225696Wulf, Sophia 63yWF
Monroe Street121   Aug518655297Wulfer, Frank 16yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep11189015838Wulff, Peter Jacob 43yWM
Monroe Street2116   Jan5189015408Wulfkammer, Henry 69yWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr22189116115Wulfman, J H 61yWM
Monroe Street3111   May20190624122Wulfman, Theo 2yWM
Monroe Street2174   Aug2189317494Wulfmann, Henry 10mWM
Monroe Street2258   Nov27189820497Wulfschlager, Anna 65yWF
Monroe Street2102   Feb2188914893Wull, MargSB WF
Monroe Street3287   Jan17192528308Wunder, Anna 83yWF
Monroe Street238   Nov4188312653Wunder, Marie 2yWF
Monroe Street3179   Jan23191225688Wunder, Wm 68yWM
Monroe Street270   Oct3188613808Wunderlich, Anna 11mWF
Monroe Street354   Jul6190222378Wunkowski,Baby WF
Monroe Street2130   Dec15189015945Wunn,SB WM
Monroe Street2213   Oct29189518917Wunsch, Eddie 7mWM
Monroe Street342   Oct1190122016Wurch, Elmer 14mWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec14189217084Wurst, Fred 33yWM
Monroe Street2167   Mar17189317231Wurst, George F 7mWM
Monroe Street274   Jan26188713928Wurthoff, Wilhemia 13dWF
Monroe Street43   Jul9193029104Wurtz,SB WM
Monroe Street3276   Mar5192328006Wyant, Carlyle 32yWF
Monroe Street2204   Mar11189518553Wyler, Leonard 74yWM
Monroe Street1128   May1618769462Wyncken, Pastre 64yW 
Monroe Street2138   Jul1189116214Wynecken, Sophia 67yWF
Monroe Street2165   Feb16189317177Wyre, George 6wWM
Monroe Street476Mar311950Apr3195030743Yachman, John 77yWM
Monroe Street3281   Dec20192328139Yahn, GeorgeAKA Young58yWM
Monroe Street415   Feb6193329372Yahnke, Carl 64yWM
Monroe Street3102   Aug31190523907Yako, Geo  WM
Monroe Street3152   Oct7190925056Yanke, Christina 76yWF
Monroe Street369   Apr9190322808Yanke, Herbert 7mWM
Monroe Street3257   Feb6192027498Yankee, Glenn N 2yWM
Monroe Street3111   May13190624114Yeager, Mary M 28yWF
Monroe Street2130   Dec23189015948Yeck, Annie M 25yWF
Monroe Street145   Mar1818696265Yerger, Frank 1mWM
Monroe Street113   Aug2518644983Yesberger, Anna 2yWF
Monroe Street16   Feb118644737Yesberger, Edward 11mWM
Monroe Street138   Mar2918685977Yesberger, Jenny 2mWF
Monroe Street397   Mar28190523732Yeske, Wm 2dWM
Monroe Street1128   Apr2718769449Yetter, Gchild   
Monroe Street2150   Mar10189216624Yoblinski, Gotlieb 60yWM
Monroe Street3129   Nov8190724554Yochman, Elsie Rose 5yWF
Monroe Street3289   Jul8192528372Yochman, Hilda A 15yWF
Monroe Street423   Sep28193429570Yochmann, Rose 57yWF
Monroe Street291   May17188814524Yocon, William 25yWM
Monroe Street3133   Mar3190824648Yocum, Wm 23yWM
Monroe Street3138   Aug10190824769Yonda, John 10wWM
Monroe Street362   Dec12190222613Yones, Anna 5yWF
Monroe Street362   Dec11190222612Yones, Martha 10yWF
Monroe Street255   May10188513245Yong, Henry 11yWM
Monroe Street290   May1188814502Yonker, Mead 2yWF
Monroe Street3210   Aug17191426341Yoost, Elizabeth 74yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug13190021439Yost, Nellie 1yWF
Monroe Street2251   May29189820246Yost, Wm 58yWM
Monroe Street2166   Mar9189317220Young, 4dWF
Monroe Street334   May18190121806Young, 11dWF
Monroe Street3171   May6191125531Young, 7mWF
Monroe Street2231   Feb6189719505Young, Abraham 66yWM
Monroe Street396   Mar23190523726Young, Albert 23yWM
Monroe Street1107   Oct218748669Young, Alfr 7yW 
Monroe Street390   Sep17190423505Young, Anna 17yWF
Monroe Street3148   Jun24190924998Young, Anna 48yWF
Monroe Street143   Dec418686186Young, Anne 26yWF
Monroe Street1120   Aug2518759142Young, Annie 5mWF
Monroe Street331   Mar19190121715Young, Arabella 49yWF
Monroe Street3127   Sep9190724508Young, Charlotte 75yWF
Monroe Street3272   Jul10192227897Young, Chas E M 70yWM
Monroe Street2219   Mar8189619079Young, Christina 64yWF
Monroe Street453   Nov15194130225Young, Edith M 73yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb15188211924Young, Elisab 73yWF
Monroe Street2168   Apr20189317293Young, Eva 1yWF
Monroe Street3232   Sep2191626797Young, Evelyn M 53yWF
Monroe Street3193   Mar4191325966Young, Frank 40yWM
Monroe Street381   Jan31190423193Young, Fred 53yWM
Monroe Street371   May21190322867Young, Friderike 69yWF
Monroe Street2187   May3189417964Young, GeoCapt67yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug24190624204Young, Geo 61yWM
Monroe Street3153   Nov17190925088Young, Geo W H 78yWM
Monroe Street3178   Dec1191125650Young, George 46yWM
Monroe Street3281   Dec20192328139Young, GeorgeAKA Yahn58yWM
Monroe Street2246   Jan30189820029Young, Harriette E 42yWF
Monroe Street1101   Apr818748428Young, Jenni 2yWF
Monroe Street235   Aug18188312552Young, Jenny 1mWF
Monroe Street18   Apr1218644820Young, John 7yWM
Monroe Street1144   Jul19187710064Young, John 7yWM
Monroe Street2247   Feb28189820074Young, John 74yWM
Monroe Street130   Nov2418665659Young, Joseph 66yWM
Monroe Street253   Mar16188513176Young, Joseph 51yWM
Monroe Street393   Dec5190423584Young, Joseph 39yWM
Monroe Street2190   Jun17189418057Young, Julia A 88yWF
Monroe Street411   Apr4193229293Young, Lena K 55yWF
Monroe Street3286   Nov18192428286Young, Louisa 83yWF
Monroe Street458Feb81943Feb11194330332Young, Manus 60yWM
Monroe Street2109   Aug18188915152Young, Marg 5mWF
Monroe Street250   Dec11188413072Young, Mary 24yWF
Monroe Street425   Jan25193529612Young, Mary 80yWF
Monroe Street384   Mar4190423252Young, Mary E 61yWF
Monroe Street371   May17190322860Young, Mary H 70yWF
Monroe Street266   Jun15188613667Young, Pearl 4yWF
Monroe Street3226   Jan13191626673Young, Valeria 3mWF
Monroe Street2110   Sep11188915196Young, William 79yWM
Monroe Street231   Apr2188312407Young, Willie 3m M
Monroe Street2259   Dec12189820526Young, Wm 18yWM
Monroe Street371   May10190322852Young, Wm D 43yWM
Monroe Street34   Apr17189920747Youngcourt, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street3249   Jan2191927275Youngcourt, Mary 54yWF
Monroe Street410   Jan25193229262Youngcourt, William E 88yWM
Monroe Street235   Aug15188312546Youngelas, John 74yWM
Monroe Street243   Apr27188412818Youngman, 13dWF
Monroe Street3153   Nov8190925080Youngman,SB WM
Monroe Street3182   Apr25191225759Youngman, AdolphSB WM
Monroe Street2130   Dec8189015933Youngman, Jacob 22yWM
Monroe Street117   Feb1318655152Youngs, Jacob 8yWM
Monroe Street2186   Apr19189417930Younker, Aug 33yWM
Monroe Street2123   Jun4189015670Younker, Philip 32yWM
Monroe Street156   Aug1018706693Youst, Wilmenia 11dWF
Monroe Street477Dec91950Dec13195030778Yuhasz, Anna 90yWF
Monroe Street280   Jul15188714116Yungman, Emma  WF
Monroe Street1111   Jan1318758795Yungman, F EAKA Jungman4mW 
Monroe Street272   Nov24188613862Yungman, Kate 26yWF
Monroe Street2184   Mar2189417836Yunicher, 2dWM
Monroe Street1119   Aug718759107Yunker, John 7mWM
Monroe Street3113   Jul7190624162Yunker, Wm 10mWM
Monroe Street381   Jan1190423153Yust, 1dWM
Monroe Street3130   Dec8190724580Yust,Baby WF
Monroe Street1102   May718748462Zabina, Henry 8yWM
Monroe Street293   Jul17188814606Zach, Karl 4mWM
Monroe Street299   Dec23188814842Zacharias,SB WM
Monroe Street2147   Jan2189216503Zacharias,SB WM
Monroe Street2222   Jun22189619208Zacharias, Clara 4mWF
Monroe Street272   Nov13188613854Zacharias, Fred 3yWM
Monroe Street271   Nov7188613848Zacharias, Henry 22yWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec28189418429Zacharias, Herman 10yWM
Monroe Street2233   Mar28189719580Zacharias, Mary 6wWF
Monroe Street1156   Sep3187810510Zaengele, Geo 1yWM
Monroe Street228   Dec15188212312Zaengerle,SB  F
Monroe Street141   Aug2118686099Zaengerle, Annie C 1yWF
Monroe Street2251   May14189820215Zaesser, Martha 28yWF
Monroe Street258   Aug6188513371Zahno, WSB WF
Monroe Street3308   Dec29192828901Zahnow, Carl 77yWM
Monroe Street260   Oct11188513450Zahnow, Elsa 10mWF
Monroe Street385   Apr20190423313Zahrnow, Albert 24yWM
Monroe Street460Oct21943Oct16194330388Zaite, Sandy 38yWM
Monroe Street489Dec61959Dec9195931076Zaite, Yrace 87yWF
Monroe Street323   Aug7190021428Zajicek,SB WF
Monroe Street2217   Jan4189618997Zak,SB WM
Monroe Street32   Feb15189920651Zak,SB WM
Monroe Street2245   Jan6189819990Zak, Stephen 10dWM
Monroe Street1102   May3118748486Zalino, Lina 5yW 
Monroe Street318   Apr11190021248Zaludek,Baby WM
Monroe Street219   Apr11188212008Zam,    
Monroe Street3244   Apr13191827149Zander,SB WM
Monroe Street3201   Nov19191326164Zander, Christina 88yWF
Monroe Street2165   Jan31189317159Zander, Fred 2dWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec18189418411Zander, Martha 49dWF
Monroe Street2224   Jul16189619262Zanders, Wm 45yWM
Monroe Street287   Feb4188814388Zangerle, 2mWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul20189418135Zangerle, 4dWF
Monroe Street2242   Nov12189719922Zangerle, 2dWF
Monroe Street196   Dec1418738258Zangerle, Casper 56yWM
Monroe Street447   Jan25194030089Zangerle, Florence 48yWF
Monroe Street2117   Jan31189015475Zangirle, 3dWM
Monroe Street2160   Oct27189217014Zans, Margareth 10yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct23189217006Zans, Otto 6yWM
Monroe Street3302   Oct31192728733Zapf, Anna 94yWF
Monroe Street471Jan191948Jan26194830613Zapf, Elizabeth Marie 84yWF
Monroe Street472Aug301948Sep1194830647Zapf, John G 77yWM
Monroe Street295   Aug16188814674Zarbock, Chas 11mWM
Monroe Street269   Sep15188613775Zarbock, Elsia 11wWF
Monroe Street2171   Jun18189317401Zarbock, Herman 30yWM
Monroe Street2127   Sep7189015833Zarbock, Louisa 6yWF
Monroe Street1161   Feb5187910663Zarn, Emil A 1dW 
Monroe Street3196   Jun8191326057Zarn, Fred 13yWM
Monroe Street455May51942May8194230268Zarn, Fred 69yWM
Monroe Street3242   Jan19191827094Zarn, Friedericka 66yWF
Monroe Street2176   Sep16189317573Zarn, Henry J 17yWM
Monroe Street3186   Aug5191225824Zarn, John J 68yWM
Monroe Street3188   Oct4191225860Zarn, Lydia 39yWF
Monroe Street2144   Nov9189116442Zarnow, Charley 17yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan4190021087Zarnow, Maria 59yWF
Monroe Street427   Jul13193529667Zaruba, Anna M 72yWF
Monroe Street31   Jan25189920608Zaruba, John 39yWM
Monroe Street444   Sep2193930052Zatkovich, Pauline 55yWF
Monroe Street2217   Jan2189618993Zattman, Guy F 33yWM
Monroe Street149   Sep1618696437Zattman, Olron L 1yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar19190021204Zaugg, Fred 48yWM
Monroe Street331   Mar11190121695Zaugg, Maria 45yWF
Monroe Street338   Jul26190121925Zaus, Adam 8mWM
Monroe Street293   Jul13188814603Zaus, Conrad 5mWM
Monroe Street410   Mar15193229283Zauss, Conrad 81yWM
Monroe Street415   Mar7193329383Zauss, Margareta 72yWF
Monroe Street2222   Jun18189619206Zavisky, Lidmilia 1yWF
Monroe Street3248   Nov16191827245Zealor, EvelinBaby WF
Monroe Street3121   Mar25190724388Zebell, Wilbur 3yWM
Monroe Street229   Jan12188312337Zechmeister,SB  F
Monroe Street3289   Jun13192528364Zeh, Charlotte 60yWF
Monroe Street2134   Mar22189116058Zeigler, Carl Edward 3yWM
Monroe Street2165   Feb3189317162Zeiher, Fred 5dWM
Monroe Street2142   Sep9189116348Zeir,  WM
Monroe Street439   May11193829938Zeisel, Elizabeth 70yWF
Monroe Street3224   Nov6191526615Zeisel, Henry 49yWM
Monroe Street3235   Jan23191726886Zeisel, Louis 45yWM
Monroe Street3206   Apr29191426270Zeisel, Louise 77yWF
Monroe Street392   Nov26190423575Zeisser, Julius 34yWM
Monroe Street356   Aug3190222427Zeisser, RobertAKA Geisser5yWM
Monroe Street333   Apr28190121776Zelder, Rose 58yWF
Monroe Street2238   Aug8189719772Zelenka, A 1yWM
Monroe Street3208   Jun5191426305Zelenka, Chas 24yWM
Monroe Street427   Aug20193529675Zelenka, Estelle 29yWF
Monroe Street3212   Oct1191426368Zelenka, Frank 29yWM
Monroe Street2255   Aug31189820373Zelenka, Josef  WM
Monroe Street470Dec11947Dec5194730603Zelenka, Jospeh 61yWM
Monroe Street3153   Nov18190925090Zelenka, Mildred 7mWF
Monroe Street432   Sep10193629798Zelenka, Stanley 45yWM
Monroe Street354   Jul17190222396Zeleny, Joseph 7yWM
Monroe Street3184   Jun15191225790Zelinek, Wm 42yWM
Monroe Street185   Apr918737802Zeller, Anna Kath 41yWF
Monroe Street378   Oct29190323080Zeller, Christina 75yWF
Monroe Street2253   Jul3189820288Zeller, Jacob 76yWM
Monroe Street1178   Sep30188011303Zeller, L Jacob 70yWM
Monroe Street357   Aug27190222466Zeller, Louise 27yWF
Monroe Street1148   Oct31187710219Zeller, Mary    
Monroe Street1149   Nov22187710257Zeller, Mary K 19yWF
Monroe Street128   Aug2118665584Zelll, Bertha 1yWF
Monroe Street3253   Jun9191927388Zellmer, Otto 50yWM
Monroe Street494May311963Jun3196331174Zembre, Bertha 80yWF
Monroe Street462Aug281944Aug29194430450Zembre, Peter 67yWM
Monroe Street384   Mar6190423254Zemko, 2dWF
Monroe Street276   Mar22188713981Zempke, Chas 59yWM
Monroe Street251   Feb2188513131Zempke, Hedwig 2yWF
Monroe Street1178   Sep10188011285Zempke, Laurisa 58yWF
Monroe Street283   Oct3188714227Zempke, Otto 8dWM
Monroe Street1134   Sep2418769677Zempke, Wm 2mWM
Monroe Street2197   Oct28189418331Zengerle,SB WF
Monroe Street2198   Nov12189418364Zengerle,SB WM
Monroe Street426   May15193529650Zengerle, Eliza 78yWF
Monroe Street334   May16190121804Zengerle, John W 23yWM
Monroe Street113   Sep1018645006Zengerle, Margrett 45yWF
Monroe Street3230   May29191626748Zengerle, Wm 63yWM
Monroe Street367   Mar2190322738Zenke, Frank 25yWM
Monroe Street2249   Apr17189820167Zentner, Alexander 3mWM
Monroe Street297   Oct23188814767Zepp, Kathe 5yWF
Monroe Street2173   Jul26189317475Zepp, Louisa 4mWF
Monroe Street313   Dec16189921060Zerwis, Amelia 1hWF
Monroe Street373   Jul15190322940Zettler, Friderika 24yWF
Monroe Street1112   Feb1918758846Zibera, Peter 24dWM
Monroe Street471Jan91948Jan12194830610Zickler, Fred 68yWM
Monroe Street420   Jan10193429480Zickler, Geo C 49yWM
Monroe Street191   Aug3118738060Zickler, George 1yWM
Monroe Street214   Dec23188111856Zickler, Henrich 7yWM
Monroe Street458Feb271943Mar3194330340Zickler, John 60yWM
Monroe Street178   Sep1018727572Zickler, Maria C 2yWF
Monroe Street497Jan291965Feb1196531216Zickler, Minnie H 93yWF
Monroe Street2111   Oct2188915239Zickler, Otto 13yWM
Monroe Street413   Dec29193229362Zickler, Wilhelmina 88yWF
Monroe Street2113   Nov8188915317Ziebell, Albert 2yWM
Monroe Street3223   Oct11191526602Ziechler, CarlAKA Fishler75yWM
Monroe Street3223   Oct11191526602Ziechler, CarlAKA Zeichler75yWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct3188915244Zieglar,SB WF
Monroe Street1158   Nov29187810614Ziegler,Child of Jacob   
Monroe Street2234   Apr28189719634Ziegler, 1mWM
Monroe Street320   May19190021313Ziegler,Baby WM
Monroe Street49   Dec15193129247Ziegler, Anna 78yWF
Monroe Street3231   Aug21191626792Ziegler, Chas A 27yWM
Monroe Street1158   Dec1187810615Ziegler, Chath 64yWF
Monroe Street3221   Aug11191526570Ziegler, Elaine A 2yWF
Monroe Street49   Dec9193129244Ziegler, Elizabeth 67yWF
Monroe Street262   Dec29188513531Ziegler, Emma Bertha 7wWF
Monroe Street3288   Mar26192528330Ziegler, Frank C 76yWM
Monroe Street3161   Jul15191025299Ziegler, Gertrude 29yWF
Monroe Street417   Sep18193329442Ziegler, Harry E 55yWM
Monroe Street3189   Nov16191225887Ziegler, Henry E 67yWM
Monroe Street180   Oct2118727625Ziegler, J  W 
Monroe Street127   Jul1818665554Ziegler, Jacab 47yWM
Monroe Street3109   Mar10190624063Ziegler, Jacob 55yWM
Monroe Street248   Oct19188413024Ziegler, Johan Friedrick 2mWM
Monroe Street3259   May5192027552Ziegler, John 58yWM
Monroe Street3305   May31192828829Ziegler, Martha 40yWF
Monroe Street155   Jun1218706635Ziegler, Ottila 48yWM
Monroe Street1154   Jun12187810417Ziegler, R A 1yW 
Monroe Street456Sep111942Sep14194230309Ziegler, Walter 43yWM
Monroe Street199   Feb818748350Ziegler, Wm 1yWM
Monroe Street477Dec21950Dec5195030775Ziehm, Albertine 81yWF
Monroe Street441   Dec27193829988Ziehm, Herman 71yWM
Monroe Street2148   Jan22189216543Ziehm, Hermann 2yWM
Monroe Street288   Feb26188814414Zielke, Alfred 8yWM
Monroe Street1122   Oct1918759228Ziemer, 2yW 
Monroe Street1161   Mar1187910684Ziemer,SB W 
Monroe Street36   May19189920792Ziemer,SB WF
Monroe Street46   Feb2193129163Ziemer, Albert C 59yWM
Monroe Street1115   May118758938Ziemer, August 13dWM
Monroe Street1108   Nov2018748727Ziemer, Chas 1yWM
Monroe Street1173   Apr17188011102Ziemer, Dora 6yWF
Monroe Street1135   Oct1518769721Ziemer, GustSB W 
Monroe Street2230   Jan26189719486Ziemer, Lisette 55yWF
Monroe Street2255   Sep15189820392Ziemer, Louis 34yWM
Monroe Street362   Dec3190222599Zienner, Gust 60yWM
Monroe Street153   Mar2118706574Zier, Anna Maria 17yWF
Monroe Street1137   Nov3018769807Zier, Mary 53yWM
Monroe Street3114   Aug21190624199Zietlow, August 57yWM
Monroe Street2136   Apr26189116126Zietlow, Charlotte 57yWF
Monroe Street3262   Nov15192027630Zietlow, Louisa 68yWF
Monroe Street2237   Jul12189719727Zietolow,SB WM
Monroe Street2190   Jun16189418055Zigka, James 9mWM
Monroe Street2199   Dec3189418396Zigler,SB WF
Monroe Street2111   Oct6188915250Zikup, Otto 3yWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct8188915255Zikur, Chas 4yWM
Monroe Street2111   Oct8188915254Zikur, Lena 1yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul12189418109Zilch, Christopher 7mWM
Monroe Street33   Mar25189920710Zilch, Ruth 2mWF
Monroe Street2132   Feb1189116000Zilig, Otto 17dWM
Monroe Street1136   Nov1418769773Zillmer, Barb 3mWF
Monroe Street2112   Oct14188915270Zillmer, Barbara 46yWF
Monroe Street3276   Feb21192327996Zillmer, Eliza 73yWF
Monroe Street164   Jul918717012Zillmer, Emma 3mWF
Monroe Street195   Oct3118738185Zillmer, Emma    
Monroe Street353   Jun9190222338Zillmer, Fred 65yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug3188915112Zilz, Edward 4yWM
Monroe Street1141   Mar2318779948Zimbres, Anna 8yWF
Monroe Street318   Apr9190021243Zimdars, August 62yWM
Monroe Street399   May5190523778Zimko, Mary 2wWF
Monroe Street219   Mar29188211985Zimmer,Baby W 
Monroe Street412   Jun22193229314Zimmer, Anna Eliz 90yWF
Monroe Street2211   Sep5189518835Zimmer, Barbara 46yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov28189015918Zimmer, Hattie 17yWF
Monroe Street2223   Jun29189619223Zimmer, John R 73yWM
Monroe Street3125   Jul7190724468Zimmer, Lena 39yWF
Monroe Street424   Dec3193429594Zimmer, Louis 49yWM
Monroe Street265   Mar27188613616Zimmerman, 1wWF
Monroe Street2259   Dec29189820546Zimmerman, 4wWM
Monroe Street3100   Jun22190523836Zimmerman, 6dWM
Monroe Street3142   Dec19190824859Zimmerman,Baby WF
Monroe Street3240   Sep18191727031Zimmerman, Adolph 53yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug13188915141Zimmerman, Agnes 3yWF
Monroe Street2230   Jan4189719461Zimmerman, Chas 22yWM
Monroe Street2162   Dec5189217072Zimmerman, Christian 72yWM
Monroe Street3174   Aug18191125596Zimmerman, Christina 91yWF
Monroe Street2155   Jul5189216809Zimmerman, Edward 1mWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug4188915114Zimmerman, Elmor 4yWM
Monroe Street282   Sep14188714205Zimmerman, Johanna 41yWF
Monroe Street2203   Feb21189518517Zimmerman, Katie 13dWF
Monroe Street31   Jan23189920605Zimmerman, Louisa 49yWF
Monroe Street343   Nov20190122068Zimmerman, Martin 72yWM
Monroe Street47   May18193129197Zimmerman, Mary 63yWF
Monroe Street2209   Jul31189518767Zimmerman, Michial 2mWM
Monroe Street2203   Feb21189518516Zimmerman, Rose 18yWF
Monroe Street3233   Nov21191626847Zimmerman, Wm 69yWM
Monroe Street252   Feb5188513136Zimmermann, Charly 32yWM
Monroe Street1133   Aug3018769635Zimmermann, Christ 63yWM
Monroe Street2187   Apr25189417946Zimmermann, Henriette 58yWF
Monroe Street217   Feb17188211930Zimmermann, Maria 4yWF
Monroe Street26   Jun25188111565Zinabus, Wm 10yWM
Monroe Street35   May2189920768Zindars, Mary 20yWF
Monroe Street2200   Dec31189418432Zindars, Wilhelima 59yWM
Monroe Street3295   Aug11192628562Zingelman,SB WM
Monroe Street3128   Oct15190724532Zink,Baby WM
Monroe Street3155   Jan17191025132Zink, 8dWM
Monroe Street170   Jan218727217Zink, Frank 10mWM
Monroe Street173   Apr2818727358Zink, Joseph    
Monroe Street246   Aug1188412930Zink, Karl Gustave 1yWM
Monroe Street2230   Jan4189719462Zink, Lucile 2yWF
Monroe Street3186   Aug26191225838Zink, Magdelina 42yWF
Monroe Street248   Sep29188413000Zink, Martin E 8dWM
Monroe Street3151   Sep8190925042Zinke, August 65yWM
Monroe Street41   Feb3193029040Zinke, Carolina 86yWF
Monroe Street3246   Jul15191827198Zinser, Glenn C 4yWM
Monroe Street459Sep131943Sep16194330380Zinser, Rose 65yWF
Monroe Street3140   Oct10190824802Zinser, Ward A 4mWM
Monroe Street2211   Aug28189518811Zinsmeister, 21dWF
Monroe Street2211   Aug29189518812Zinsmeister, 21dWF
Monroe Street382   Feb10190423207Zinsmeister, Elizabeth 45yWF
Monroe Street2187   Apr30189417953Zinsmeister, Fred 2yWM
Monroe Street3192   Feb8191325948Zinsmeister, Geo P J 2yWM
Monroe Street386   May28190423360Zinsmeister, Henry 45yWM
Monroe Street189   Jul2518737946Zipe, Magat 6mW 
Monroe Street3233   Oct7191626823Zipf, Arthur 7yWM
Monroe Street449   Aug19194030144Zipf, Arthur 62yWM
Monroe Street152   Feb618706544Zipf, Catharine 53yWF
Monroe Street498Oct281965Oct30196531232Zipf, Elinor Joan 47yWF
Monroe Street2245   Jan9189819999Zipf, Frederick 38yWM
Monroe Street325   Oct6190021507Zipf, George 42yWM
Monroe Street3269   Dec13192127809Zipf, Julia A 43yWF
Monroe Street376   Aug30190323013Zipf, Magdalena 65yWF
Monroe Street2252   Jun30189820283Zipfel, Chas 69yWM
Monroe Street3237   Apr3191726941Zipfel, Christina 73yWF
Monroe Street3111   May28190624130Zipfel, Melba 5yWF
Monroe Street2160   Oct24189217007Ziph, Frederick 62yWM
Monroe Street285   Dec26188714328Ziph, Katharina 89yWF
Monroe Street2138   Jul2189116215Zipp,Baby WF
Monroe Street415   Feb6193329373Zipp, Ethel Ruth 23yWF
Monroe Street2210   Aug23189518796Zipple, Lorine 5mWF
Monroe Street375   Aug6190322981Ziska,Baby WM
Monroe Street3129   Nov28190724570Ziska,Baby WF
Monroe Street3129   Nov28190724571Ziska,Baby WF
Monroe Street192   Sep418738074Zismar,SB Child of W 
Monroe Street265   Mar28188613617Zismar, Richard 11yWM
Monroe Street1132   Aug2218769621Zismer, Kath 8dWF
Monroe Street2122   May23189015651Zitzelman, Johanna 39yWM
Monroe Street364   Jan10190322663Zizka, Joseph 2yWM
Monroe Street232   May14188312447Zlahan,SB W 
Monroe Street3130   Dec26190724595Zluhan, Augusta 48yWF
Monroe Street3307   Nov30192828884Zluhan, ChasAKA Sluhan53yWM
Monroe Street2192   Jul31189418166Zocklowski, Arthur 4mWM
Monroe Street145   Feb2018696246Zoeller, Fredericke 85yWF
Monroe Street1162   Mar5187910687Zoener, Wm 21dWM
Monroe Street2257   Oct31189820458Zohn, Martha L 53yWF
Monroe Street299   Dec7188814822Zokwlowsky, Minnie A 48yWF
Monroe Street418   Dec14193329467Zoller, James J 69yWM
Monroe Street317   Mar21190021208Zollers, Minnie 33yWF
Monroe Street3182   Apr12191225744Zornow, Augusta 44yWF
Monroe Street2175   Aug19189317535Zornow, Elsy 6mWF
Monroe Street388   Jul1190423403Zornow, Fred 10yWM
Monroe Street3115   Sep15190624221Zornow, Mary 10yWF
Monroe Street399   May19190523790Zornow, Wm 68yWM
Monroe Street124   Jan218665436Zrin, Mina 1yWF
Monroe Street472Jul281948Jul30194830644Zsatkovics, John 69yWM
Monroe Street3250   Feb5191927304Zsengeller,Baby WF
Monroe Street3250   Feb5191927303Zsengeller, Helen 27yWF
Monroe Street330   Feb13190121664Zsuzsa, Albert 1hWM
Monroe Street41   Feb21193029053Zuber, Louisa 33yWF
Monroe Street425   Mar22193529630Zuber, Ottmar 78yWM
Monroe Street389   Aug1190423442Zuboh, 6mWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul22188915083Zuck, Clara 3yWF
Monroe Street385   Apr10190423297Zuck, Laura E 24yWF
Monroe Street2129   Nov22189015914Zuck, Oscar 1mWM
Monroe Street2147   Jan19189216536Zuck, Wilhelmine 41yWF
Monroe Street3117   Nov28190624283Zucker, Maryor Zuter68yWF
Monroe Street2229   Nov24189619430Zudor, Amalia 80yWF
Monroe Street2107   Jul18188915078Zuek, Chas 2yWM
Monroe Street2132   Jan7189115974Zuellig, Edward 22yWM
Monroe Street3278   Jul21192328068Zuelling, Herman F 53yWM
Monroe Street179   Sep2418727595Zuerfle, Jacob 57yWM
Monroe Street2108   Aug10188915132Zukowitz, CSB WM
Monroe Street2119   Mar19189015551Zulke, Edella 3yWF
Monroe Street2191   Jul14189418117Zurnba, 7dWM
Monroe Street263   Jan31188613555Zutavern, George 19yWM
Monroe Street2220   Apr13189619118Zutaveru, Henry 71yWM
Monroe Street379   Oct31190323110Zuter, John C 63yWM
Monroe Street3117   Nov28190624283Zuter, Maryor Zucher68yWF
Monroe Street2214   Nov5189518923Zutervan, Mary 71yWF
Monroe Street3198   Aug6191326089Zwaegert,SB WF
Monroe Street2145   Nov19189116453Zwek, Fritz 43yWM
Monroe Street314   Jan4190021086Zwellig, Jacob 60yWM
Monroe Street449   Oct23194030156Zwick, Wilhelmina 88yWF
Monroe Street342   Oct21190122037Zwicker, Gladys 16mWF
Monroe Street2183   Feb11189417806Zwicker, Katie 6mWF
Monroe Street2241   Oct10189719866Zwilling,SB WF
Monroe Street11   Apr1818634507 Stranger died on cars WM
Monroe Street13   Aug2818634594 Stranger35yWM
Monroe Street13   Sep318634603 Boy2yWM
Monroe Street14   Oct1218634643     
Monroe Street14   Oct1518634646   WM
Monroe Street14   Oct2218634648  2yWF
Monroe Street15   Dec218634678  1mW 
Monroe Street16   Jan1018644718 German Boy2yWM
Monroe Street17   Feb818644746 Child of Soldier   
Monroe Street17   Feb1218644749   WF
Monroe Street17   Feb2418644755 City Poor Child14dW 
Monroe Street17   Mar1118644775 Soldier WM
Monroe Street18   Mar2718644796 Stranger WM
Monroe Street18   Apr1118644818 Infant Child drowned W 
Monroe Street110   Jun1418644872 Stranger WF
Monroe Street110   Jun1518644876 Strange Child W 
Monroe Street110   Jun2418644882 Strange Woman found in Lake WF
Monroe Street110   Jun2618644887 Child   
Monroe Street111   Jul1518644915 Man WM
Monroe Street111   Jul1818644920 Man WM
Monroe Street112   Aug2018644975 Child W 
Monroe Street113   Aug3118644993 Child Drowned  M
Monroe Street114   Oct718645045 Stranger   
Monroe Street115   Dec818645093 Stranger WM
Monroe Street117   Feb618655150 SB WF
Monroe Street117   Feb2818655167   W 
Monroe Street126   May218665504 A  23yWM
Monroe Street129   Oct3018665641 SB WM
Monroe Street141   Aug2718686109     
Monroe Street146      6299 See Int 6318   
Monroe Street146      6300 See Int 6319   
Monroe Street150   Oct2518696459   WM
Monroe Street156   Jul 18706671 See Int 6669   
Monroe Street172      7310 See Interment 7305   
Monroe Street195   Oct2918738181 Stranger W 
Monroe Street196      8223A Stranger3mW 
Monroe Street1101   Apr618748426   W 
Monroe Street1105   Aug2718748611 SB W 
Monroe Street1112   Feb1718758841 SB W 
Monroe Street1115   May2918758971 SB Twin 1 W 
Monroe Street1115   May2918758971 SB Twin 2 of Anna W 
Monroe Street1116   Jul718759016 SB W 
Monroe Street1123   Dec2118759292 SB W 
Monroe Street1128   Apr2418769446 SB W 
Monroe Street1130   Jul618769526 SB W 
Monroe Street1134   Sep2118769672  25yW 
Monroe Street1140   Feb2018779906  2dW 
Monroe Street1146   Oct1187710170 SB W 
Monroe Street1149   Nov26187710262 SB WF
Monroe Street1155   Aug1187810481   WF
Monroe Street1156   Sep18187810526 SB W 
Monroe Street1168      10944     
Monroe Street1168   Dec3187910962 SB W 
Monroe Street1175   Jun16188011165   W 
Monroe Street1175   Jun22188011174   W 
Monroe Street1175   Jun24188011177   W 
Monroe Street1175   Jun27188011181   W 
Monroe Street1180      11379     
Monroe Street28   Jul26188111620   W 
Monroe Street218   Feb28188211953 SB W 
Monroe Street221   May18188212059 10 persons in 3 large & 2 small graves   
Monroe Street249      13050     
Monroe Street266   Apr30188613643A     
Monroe Street3148   Jun4190924983 SB WM

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