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Scranton Road Cemetery Index
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CemeteryVolPage #Death IntermentNameTitles and TermsAgeColorSex
Scranton Road177Jul41894    Abraham, Emil 1y10mWM
Scranton Road177May131894    Abraham, Wm 2yWM
Scranton Road176Feb21894    Abram, Anna 2dWF
Scranton Road310   Feb201923 Achman,SB   
Scranton Road315   Jan111925 Ackel, Andrew 84y  
Scranton Road12Oct11840    Ackley, Clarissa 60y F
Scranton Road14May71853    Ackley, Martin R  WM
Scranton Road12Apr181827    Ackley, Sophia 16y F
Scranton Road196Mar301905    Adivonsky, John 23yWM
Scranton Road186Sep221898    Agenbrecht, Wm 31yWM
Scranton Road224   Jun111913 Ahrendt, Fred    
Scranton Road168May61891    Ahrens, August 59yWM
Scranton Road166Sep31890    Ahrens, Emma 21dWF
Scranton Road199Oct251906    Ahrens, Fredericka 79y  
Scranton Road163Feb241890   549Ahrens, Fritz 8mWM
Scranton Road13Mar241852    Aikins,Child of Hiram W 
Scranton Road234   Sep271915 Albaugh,SB   
Scranton Road175Sep31893    Albers, George    
Scranton Road151Aug31886    Albert, 29dWM
Scranton Road323   Dec111928 Albert,SB   
Scranton Road325   Feb111930 Albert, 3h  
Scranton Road329   Aug11931 Albert, 5h  
Scranton Road1100Jan251907    Alderman, 4dWF
Scranton Road315   Feb41925 Alensworth,SB   
Scranton Road16   Jan91879 Alexander, Margaret 74y  
Scranton Road13Aug311850    Allen, Rachel 9mWF
Scranton Road28   May161910 Altenburg, Russell J    
Scranton Road167Feb91891    Altoon,Baby WF
Scranton Road180Aug21895    Altpeter, Roda 47yWF
Scranton Road181Sep151895    Altwood, Hamilton P 5mWM
Scranton Road249   Feb71919 Andce, Dorathy 50y  
Scranton Road218   Jan161912 Anderhoutt, Edith    
Scranton Road330   Jun131932 Anderson,SB   
Scranton Road310   Dec11922 Andrews, Jacob 35y  
Scranton Road16   Apr151879 Annis, Emelia 2d  
Scranton Road151Jul271886    Ans, Augusta 2mWF
Scranton Road242   Apr91917 Anschuetz, Hugo 18y  
Scranton Road229   Aug191914 Ansden,Baby   
Scranton Road151Aug271886    Antesberger, Fred 47yWM
Scranton Road176Oct241892    Antisberger, Margaret 45yWF
Scranton Road314   Mar261924 Apel, Caroline 77y  
Scranton Road180Aug241895    Arden, Reubin 76yWM
Scranton Road323   Nov221928 Arendt, 12h  
Scranton Road167Jan211891    Arndt, Elsie Frida 8dWF
Scranton Road166Nov201890    Arndt, H C 2yWM
Scranton Road177Jun201894    Arndt, Rosa 5wWF
Scranton Road37   Nov231921 Ashman,SB   
Scranton Road239   Sep201916 Asttand, Frank 45y  
Scranton Road320   Jan261927 Austin, Mary Janeor Eustin39y  
Scranton Road172Oct241892    Autesberger, Margaret 45yWF
Scranton Road176Aug271886    Autisberger, Ferdinand 47yWM
Scranton Road219   Apr191912 Avenmarg, Edna    
Scranton Road195Jul201904    Avonian, Alfred 15yWM
Scranton Road165Jul281890    Axup, 3mWM
Scranton Road160Jul121889   461Axup, R H 5mWM
Scranton Road1103Apr271908    Baach, Enori 7mWM
Scranton Road218   Jan181912 Baack, Adolphine    
Scranton Road32   Oct91919 Babitsky, Edward 5m  
Scranton Road322   May171928 Backer, Annie 70y  
Scranton Road185Jan291898    Bading, Otto  WM
Scranton Road183Jan291897    Bading, Otto F  WM
Scranton Road185Dec311897    Bading, Rutherford 1wWM
Scranton Road185Dec311897    Bading, Rutherford    
Scranton Road324   Jun31929 Bagley,SB   
Scranton Road182Jul61896    Bahr, 5mWF
Scranton Road191Nov111902    Bahr, August 66yWF
Scranton Road159May181889   443Baier, Charles 6mWM
Scranton Road247   Jun291918 Balietzke, Paul 1y  
Scranton Road312   Nov121923 Balinski,Baby   
Scranton Road192Nov171902    Balke, Fred 57yWM
Scranton Road316   Mar121925 Balke, Fredricka 71y  
Scranton Road190May241901    Balke, Herman 10yWM
Scranton Road189Aug131900    Balke, Hermine 22yWF
Scranton Road332   Sep161933 Balke, Louis 83y  
Scranton Road44Jan201957Jan231957 Balke, Louis 73yWM
Scranton Road198Dec91905    Balke, Margaret 6dWF
Scranton Road228   Jun21914 Balke, Wilhelmina 66y  
Scranton Road150May171886    Ball, Sasan 46yWF
Scranton Road243   Jul211917 Balogh, Allyn F 1m  
Scranton Road194Jan311904    Balz, Albert H 38yWM
Scranton Road325   Dec221929 Balz, Fannie 64y  
Scranton Road170Jan171892    Balz, Lillian M 4yWF
Scranton Road39   May311922 Baneke, Wm EJr3d  
Scranton Road151Aug291886    Baness, W  WF
Scranton Road332   Jan181934 Bannon, Essie 68y  
Scranton Road150Jul281886    Bappel, 25dWM
Scranton Road314   May301924 Barendowski, Michal 77y  
Scranton Road172Dec261892    Barhoff,Infant WM
Scranton Road181Nov271895    Barhoff,Infant WM
Scranton Road38   Apr221922 Barhoff, Christina 72y  
Scranton Road313   Dec221923 Barhoff, Fredrick W 84y  
Scranton Road170Mar131892    Barhs, Maude M 6mWF
Scranton Road189Nov201900    Barlet, Frederick 52yWM
Scranton Road193Feb31903    Barnett, 3dWM
Scranton Road224   Jul241913 Barr, Theodore 11m  
Scranton Road329   Aug11931 Bartch, Fred 66y  
Scranton Road176Apr71894    Bartel,Infant WM
Scranton Road181Nov151895    Bartel,Infant WM
Scranton Road182Jun241896    Bartel, John 78yWM
Scranton Road193Jun81903    Bartel, Rickie 76yWF
Scranton Road182Sep161896    Bartel, Wm 17mWM
Scranton Road155Feb31888   317Bartels,Baby12dWM
Scranton Road36   Aug21921 Bartet, Christian    
Scranton Road222   Nov31912 Barth, Schalota 5w  
Scranton Road194Feb291904    Barthol, Hellen 6mW 
Scranton Road19Oct211879    Bartlett, OW 57y M
Scranton Road245   Nov51917 Bash,Baby   
Scranton Road1102Apr 1908    Bashman, Heinrich 62yWM
Scranton Road156Mar311888   330Bastian,  WF
Scranton Road240   Oct311916 Bastifell,Baby   
Scranton Road181Mar201896    Bath,Infant WM
Scranton Road154Nov151887   292Bath, C 27yWF
Scranton Road186Dec71898    Bath, Mildred 5mWF
Scranton Road181Oct111958    Bauer, 3hWF
Scranton Road190Apr241901    Bauer, Ida 1yWF
Scranton Road184Aug121897    Bauer, Mabel E 8mWF
Scranton Road166Nov81890    Bauerle,Baby WM
Scranton Road316   Mar231925 Bauman,Baby   
Scranton Road316   Mar231925 Bauman, Olga 23y  
Scranton Road213   Mar311911 Baumbaum, Fred    
Scranton Road226   Nov291913 Baumeister, Elizabeth 47y  
Scranton Road1103Jul 1908    Baumeister, George 22yWM
Scranton Road181Dec21895    Baumeister, K 66yWF
Scranton Road190Mar101901    Baumeister, Michael 78yWM
Scranton Road198Dec101905    Bealek,Infant WM
Scranton Road235   Nov141915 Beaves, Mathilda 80y  
Scranton Road29   Jul291910 Beaves, Wm    
Scranton Road14May221854    Beavis, Benjamin 56y1m3dWM
Scranton Road14Dec251868    Beavis, Elizabeth 72yWF
Scranton Road170Apr251892    Bech, Frederick 10dWM
Scranton Road225   Oct11913 Bech, Lucy J    
Scranton Road334   Mar271935 Bechler, Wilhelmina 76y  
Scranton Road158Nov281888   399Beck,Baby WF
Scranton Road170Apr301892    Beck, Charles 10dWM
Scranton Road188Apr101900    Beck, Lucy J 39yWF
Scranton Road195Jul181904    Becker, Minne 18dWF
Scranton Road170May41892    Beckwith, 6dWF
Scranton Road333   May121934 Behrends, Augusta 64y  
Scranton Road312   Oct241923 Behrendt, Elizabeth 85y  
Scranton Road44Jun301957Jul31957 Behrendt, Helena 94yWF
Scranton Road326   May241930 Behrendt, John 57y  
Scranton Road24   Jun81909 Behrendt, T    
Scranton Road195Jun51904    Behrendt, Victoria 45yWF
Scranton Road166Oct61890    Behrens,Baby WM
Scranton Road178Jul271894    Behrens,Infant WF
Scranton Road220   Jul121912 Behrens, Elizabeth 16m  
Scranton Road153Jun301887   246Behrens, Fred 6mWM
Scranton Road239   Aug181916 Behrens, Fred 65y  
Scranton Road172Nov51892    Behrens, Herman 11mWM
Scranton Road183Feb161897    Behrndt, Elisa 85yWF
Scranton Road187Oct11899    Beier, Charles 47yWM
Scranton Road33   Mar11920 Beier, Charles    
Scranton Road197Sep101905    Beier, Harry 62yWM
Scranton Road33   Mar11920 Beier, Henrietta    
Scranton Road34   Oct131920 Beier, Henry 62y  
Scranton Road150Feb121886    Beitz, Maria 41yWF
Scranton Road174May91893    Bell,Baby WM
Scranton Road315   Dec81924 Bell, Arher C 64y  
Scranton Road311   Aug221923 Bell, Eliza 85y  
Scranton Road185Mar311898    Bell, Louisa 34yWF
Scranton Road192Sep161902    Bell, Robt 16mWM
Scranton Road160Aug41889   467Benditz, Ella 17dWF
Scranton Road317   Sep221925 Benditz, Mira 75y  
Scranton Road328   Feb211931 Benditz, WmSr85y  
Scranton Road315   Oct131924 Benesh,Baby   
Scranton Road156May41888   339Benford,Baby WM
Scranton Road163Jan231890   543Benke, Mary 57yWF
Scranton Road226   Nov31913 Bensen, Johanna 78y  
Scranton Road317   Nov31925 Bensky, Martin 58y  
Scranton Road148Dec71885   432Bepple, J 4dWM
Scranton Road157Aug101888   373Berchtold,Baby5mWF
Scranton Road326   Mar11930 Berends, Carl 64y  
Scranton Road29   Jun151910 Beressen, Wm    
Scranton Road214   Jul121911 Berg,Baby   
Scranton Road220   Apr231912 Berg,Infant   
Scranton Road220   Jul191912 Berg, Eddie 3d  
Scranton Road312   Nov271923 Berg, Minnie 58y  
Scranton Road325   Oct171929 Bergen,Baby   
Scranton Road195Sep301904    Berger, Baby 6wWF
Scranton Road188Feb171900    Bergholz, Chas 3y6mWM
Scranton Road332   Jan41934 Bergholz, Earl 84y  
Scranton Road170Jan301892    Bergmann,Baby WF
Scranton Road170Feb41892    Bergmann,Infant 1 of 2 WF
Scranton Road170Feb41892    Bergmann,Infant 2 of 2 WF
Scranton Road324   Apr201929 Berkholz, Charlotte 79y  
Scranton Road176Feb281894    Berkholz, Emilie 2mWF
Scranton Road158Nov181888   397Berlin, Fred 2y6mWM
Scranton Road175Aug41893    Berlin, Wm 9mWM
Scranton Road180Jul191895    Berringer, John 84yWM
Scranton Road249   Feb131919 Berry, A J 37y  
Scranton Road229   Nov11914 Bersiech, Anna 60y  
Scranton Road322   Feb71928 Bersieck, Henry 71y  
Scranton Road244   Oct21917 Bertsche, Rudolph 11w  
Scranton Road239   Aug231916 Bertschi,Baby   
Scranton Road182Jul251896    Beth, Alma 5mWF
Scranton Road176Jan291894    Beth, Fritz 63yWM
Scranton Road194Sep231903    Beth, Mary 73yWF
Scranton Road192Sep151902    Beumeister, Geo 37yWM
Scranton Road196Jan91905    Beustead, 2dWM
Scranton Road216   Sep251911 Beyer, Frank    
Scranton Road196Nov81904    Bieber, Barbara 82yWF
Scranton Road19  1877    Bieber, J 1y1m  
Scranton Road180Jul171895    Bieber, Jacob 72yWM
Scranton Road187Nov281899    Bieber, Mary 43yWF
Scranton Road313   Jan101924 Bierley, Wilbert 6y  
Scranton Road235   Nov181915 Bildstein,Baby   
Scranton Road247   Oct151918 Bimmer,SB   
Scranton Road170Dec241891    Birk, Philip 76yWM
Scranton Road181Sep171895    Birkholz, 2dWM
Scranton Road181May211896    Birth, Emma 3mWF
Scranton Road218   Dec91911 Bishop, Andrew    
Scranton Road180Jul171895    Bishop, Charles N 21yWM
Scranton Road189Dec131900    Bishop, Oliva 90yWF
Scranton Road13Dec91850    Bishop, Rosamond 1y3mWF
Scranton Road13Nov71849    Bishop, Susan Maria 1y6mWF
Scranton Road32   Jul71919 Black,Baby   
Scranton Road36   Jun271921 Blair, Francis E 1d  
Scranton Road190Jul11901    Blank, Ella 21dWF
Scranton Road150Mar201886    Blaum, Arther 13mWM
Scranton Road156Mar161888   327Bliegert,Babie WF
Scranton Road152Feb111887    Bligert, Annie 7mWF
Scranton Road185Jun241898    Bluechert, Baby  WM
Scranton Road247   Oct151918 Bluem, Anna 69y  
Scranton Road33   Feb121920 Bluem, John 80y  
Scranton Road179Nov301894    Bluem, Katherina 57yWF
Scranton Road332   Jun121933 Bluhm, Charlotte 71y  
Scranton Road23   Jan31909 Bluhm, Emelie    
Scranton Road1103Jan31909    Bluhm, Emlie 12yWF
Scranton Road168Jul141891    Bluhm, Jacob 5y8mWM
Scranton Road241   Feb61917 Bluhm, Jacob 59y  
Scranton Road241   Mar21917 Blumental, Carolina 57y  
Scranton Road332   Dec161933 Blumenthal, Christ 76y  
Scranton Road193May271903    Blumenthal, Henriette 8yWF
Scranton Road318   Mar161926 Blumenthal, Otto F 10m24d  
Scranton Road215   Aug231911 Blumman, L    
Scranton Road217   Oct281911 Blumman, L    
Scranton Road184Aug121897    Bly, Corell A 7mWM
Scranton Road318   Jan41926 Bly, Mary 89y  
Scranton Road185Jun251898    Bly, Wm 74yWM
Scranton Road193Mar71903    Boack, Arther 3mWM
Scranton Road324   May271929 Bochin,SB   
Scranton Road332   Jul191933 Bodziak,SB   
Scranton Road315   Nov11924 Boedeker, Albet 60y  
Scranton Road159Mar191889   430Boehm,Baby WM
Scranton Road228   Jun241914 Boehm, Elsie 30m  
Scranton Road158Dec131888   405Boehm, Henry 20mWM
Scranton Road157Oct11888   382Boek,Baby WM
Scranton Road160Oct141889   483Boepple, 7dWF
Scranton Road180Aug21895    Boepple, Baby 3dWM
Scranton Road37   Sep61921 Boes,Baby   
Scranton Road232   Jul11915 Boes, Ely G 15d  
Scranton Road179Dec291894    Boest,Baby WM
Scranton Road39   Nov21922 Boheschuk,Baby   
Scranton Road1102Dec311907    Bohley, 1dWM
Scranton Road188Feb251900    Bohlig,Infant WM
Scranton Road150Apr121886    Boltz, Elise 11mWF
Scranton Road237   Feb111916 Boltz, Wesley R 16y  
Scranton Road335   May261936 Bombalicki, Annette 8h  
Scranton Road244   Oct51917 Bomberg, Christena 87y  
Scranton Road334   Feb251935 Bonness, Marjoire 49y  
Scranton Road151Sep91886    Booth, A 42yWF
Scranton Road157Jul231888   361Booth, E 80y6m23dWM
Scranton Road229   Oct261914 Booth, Paul 1d  
Scranton Road27   Dec281909 Borchert, Edward    
Scranton Road27   Dec281909 Borchert, Louis    
Scranton Road181Mar51896    Borehut, 1hWF
Scranton Road246   Jan171918 Borek,Baby   
Scranton Road185Jun41898    Borgis,Infant WF
Scranton Road157Oct91888   384Borguis, Wm 16dWF
Scranton Road235   Dec41915 Borkowski,Baby   
Scranton Road318   Apr41926 Borowski, Wilhemia 50y  
Scranton Road42Sep121949Sep151949 Borowski, Wm Fred 75yWM
Scranton Road151Sep281886    Bosson, Ludwig 1mWM
Scranton Road181Jan301896    Bost,Baby WF
Scranton Road317   Nov31925 Bosworth, Martha 88y  
Scranton Road19Mar 1877    Botty, John    
Scranton Road234   Aug261915 Bowers,SB   
Scranton Road239   Aug101916 Bowles, Camil 29y  
Scranton Road323   Dec11928 Bowman, Edith 4m  
Scranton Road165Jul311890    Brachenwagen, Anna 7mWM
Scranton Road14Oct 1853    Brainard,Child   
Scranton Road13Aug281851    Brainard, Arthur 2yWM
Scranton Road13Nov211851    Brainard, Eugenia 1y11mWF
Scranton Road218   Dec261911 Branch,Infant   
Scranton Road12Sep61829    Branch, Jane 14y F
Scranton Road12Jul171837    Branch, John T 31y M
Scranton Road12Oct131827    Branch, Lucy E 20y F
Scranton Road11   Jul311848 Branch, Rachael 65yW 
Scranton Road12Jul301848    Branch, Rachel 65y F
Scranton Road12Aug111825    Branch, Seth 46y M
Scranton Road12Sep201822    Branch, Susan M 12y F
Scranton Road327   Oct91930 Brandeburg, Fredericka 3y  
Scranton Road193       Brandenburg,Baby   
Scranton Road177May161894    Brandenburg, Arthur 12dWM
Scranton Road332   Aug81933 Brandenburg, Fredericka 63y  
Scranton Road38   Dec291921 Brandenburg, Fredricka 85y  
Scranton Road336   Oct311936 Brandon, Robert 80y  
Scranton Road160Jun11889   455Brandt,    
Scranton Road163Jan141890   535Brandt, August 25yWM
Scranton Road197Jun171905    Brandt, Carl 15mWM
Scranton Road162Nov61889   508Brandt, Emor 2yWF
Scranton Road168Jul171891    Brandt, Ida 5yWF
Scranton Road197May241905    Brandt, W 85yWF
Scranton Road34   Oct251920 Braun,Baby   
Scranton Road1100Dec131906    Braun, Car Whittman 56yWF
Scranton Road166Nov111890    Braun, Carolina 57yWF
Scranton Road166Oct141890    Braun, Eddie 7yWM
Scranton Road166Oct171890    Braun, Fredy 4dWM
Scranton Road1101Apr291907    Braun, Gustav 46yWM
Scranton Road171Jul171892    Braun, Minnie 1m14dWF
Scranton Road178Aug61894    Braun, Nelson 3dWM
Scranton Road154Oct231887   284Breekel, Agutha 31yWF
Scranton Road25   Jul61909 Breining, Friederick    
Scranton Road31   Apr211919 Breman, thos 70y  
Scranton Road36   Jul181921 Brendzer,Baby   
Scranton Road216   Oct91911 Brierley,Baby   
Scranton Road166Oct261890    Brining, Annie 10yWF
Scranton Road160Jun181889   456Brining, Christian 53yWM
Scranton Road182Jul11896    Brinle, Johnnie 9wWM
Scranton Road154Nov61887   286Brinning, Rosa 20y6mWF
Scranton Road43Feb111954Feb131954 Brodde, Augusta 85yWF
Scranton Road35   Dec11920 Brodde, Carl 57y  
Scranton Road324   Apr241929 Brodde, Chas 32y  
Scranton Road43Aug111952Aug141952 Brodde, Edw Henry 52yWM
Scranton Road 9       Brodde, Edward Henry   M
Scranton Road46Sep231961Sep261961 Brodde, Katherine 63y F
Scranton Road330   Jun21932 Brodziak,SB   
Scranton Road217   Nov181911 Broech, Gottlieb    
Scranton Road227   Feb231914 Broege, Sherman 57y  
Scranton Road185Mar281898    Bromborg, Christina 87yWF
Scranton Road39   Nov41922 Bronson, Henry 44y  
Scranton Road38   Apr171922 Broughton, James 75y  
Scranton Road223   Feb241913 Browe,Infant   
Scranton Road318   Dec211925 Brown,SB   
Scranton Road216   Oct201911 Brown, Bertha 49y  
Scranton Road176Apr41894    Brown, Charles 2yWM
Scranton Road321   Dec221927 Brown, David Louis 10m  
Scranton Road231   Feb161915 Brown, Elinore 4m  
Scranton Road215   Aug171911 Brown, Ella    
Scranton Road241   Feb121917 Brown, Frederick 86y  
Scranton Road175Nov171893    Brown, Geo 11yWM
Scranton Road166Oct171890    Broze,Baby WM
Scranton Road39   Jul171922 Bruce, Edith 21y  
Scranton Road327   Nov81930 Bruce, Fredericka 63y  
Scranton Road153Apr291887   236Bruhn,Baby WF
Scranton Road177May91894    Bruker, A 69yWF
Scranton Road153Jul301887   253Brun, Otto 7wWM
Scranton Road165Jun51890    Brunrich,Baby WF
Scranton Road154Oct71887   280Brusetk, W 3wWF
Scranton Road176Mar41894    Buchholtz, Edwin 3yWM
Scranton Road187Oct281899    Buck,Infant WM
Scranton Road150Mar231886    Buck, Anne 1yWF
Scranton Road1103Aug221908    Buck, Christian 76yWM
Scranton Road1102Apr271908    Buck, Erwin 7mWM
Scranton Road322   Jan301928 Buck, Fred C 91y  
Scranton Road172Jan211893    Buck, Friederika 57yWF
Scranton Road171Aug81892    Buck, Mary 57yWF
Scranton Road170Jan111892    Buck, Minnie 13yWF
Scranton Road235   Oct131915 Buechler, Gottfired 52y  
Scranton Road159May241889   446Buelow, Edward 1mWM
Scranton Road157Oct131888   385Buesch,Baby WM
Scranton Road156Apr51888   331Buesch, August 79yWM
Scranton Road326   Jun101930 Buesch, August 79y  
Scranton Road185Jun81898    Buesch, Augusta 52yWF
Scranton Road326   Jun101930 Buesch, Augusta 52y  
Scranton Road326   Jun101930 Buesch, Maria 72y  
Scranton Road210   Aug181910 Buesh, Bertha    
Scranton Road169Dec181891    Buess, John 3mWM
Scranton Road336   Jul101936 Bugala,SB   
Scranton Road155Dec51887   297Bunn, Harry 4yWM
Scranton Road174Feb271893    Burgen,Infant WM
Scranton Road243   Mar81917 Burke, Marie 32y  
Scranton Road330   Jul131932 Burkett, Berryman 30y  
Scranton Road232   Apr271915 Burkhardt,Baby   
Scranton Road242       Burkhardt, Mary 42y  
Scranton Road185Jun81898    Burkhardt, Philippina 77yWF
Scranton Road241   Feb121917 Burkhart, Mary 42y  
Scranton Road315   Oct171924 Burky,Baby   
Scranton Road1100Mar21907    Burmeister, H 1dWM
Scranton Road329   Sep31931 Burmeister, Herman 64y  
Scranton Road198Oct11905    Burmeister, Infant 2hWF
Scranton Road331   Oct131932 Burns, Esther 36y  
Scranton Road42Nov261948Nov301948 Burns, Harry 64yWM
Scranton Road44   Jan61958 Busch, Edward M  WM
Scranton Road44Aug171956Aug211956 Busch, Emma Ida 73yWF
Scranton Road44Jan181957Jan211956 Busch, Wm A 54yWM
Scranton Road231   Mar21915 Busche, Wilhelm 71y  
Scranton Road1103Sep201908    Buschow, Anna 45yWF
Scranton Road318   May61926 Buschow, Anna 46y  
Scranton Road332   Nov201933 Buschow, Threse 94y  
Scranton Road175Aug151893    Bussian, Remata 11m F
Scranton Road247   Jul221918 Butslaw, Augusta    
Scranton Road42Oct111949Oct141949 Buyer, Elmer 41yWM
Scranton Road186Jun101899    Buyholey, Clarence 15mWM
Scranton Road310   Jan271923 Bycjek,Baby   
Scranton Road1103Jan51909    Byer, Christina 82yWF
Scranton Road23   Jan51909 Byer, Christina    
Scranton Road167Dec291890    Byer, Glural 2yWM
Scranton Road19  1887    Byer, Henry 6y  
Scranton Road19Nov251878    Byer, John 51y  
Scranton Road19  1877    Byer, Presagen 4y  
Scranton Road1100Nov51906    Cacker, John Nuohen 52yWM
Scranton Road317   Aug181925 Cady,Baby   
Scranton Road11   Jul221848 Cannock, John 52yWM
Scranton Road158Dec171888   403Capel, Mary 56yWF
Scranton Road1102Dec271907    Cardo, Fredericka 65yWF
Scranton Road190Jun201901    Cardo, John 63yWM
Scranton Road181Feb131896    Cardow, 7wWF
Scranton Road325   Dec141929 Carman, Mabel 30y  
Scranton Road197May231905    Carren, Emma 40yWF
Scranton Road13Aug221851    Caulkins, Caroline S 4mWF
Scranton Road13Feb31850    Caulkins, George Wilber 5wWM
Scranton Road330   May141932 Cavanaugh, John 55y  
Scranton Road327   Jun281930 Cavanough, Mary 40y  
Scranton Road220   Jul11912 Cepp, Catherine 60y  
Scranton Road335   May91936 Chapman, Barbara 68y  
Scranton Road36   Jul261921 Cheply, Edward T    
Scranton Road42Jul271948Jul301948 Chilson, Cummins F 72yWM
Scranton Road313   Jan41924 Chisholm, Robt H    
Scranton Road223   Mar101913 Chor, Barbara 75y  
Scranton Road36   Jun71921 Christ, 2h  
Scranton Road36   Jul61921 Christ, Elsie M 30y  
Scranton Road150Mar241886    Christann,Baby WF
Scranton Road186Mar51899    Christlieb, Ella 14wWF
Scranton Road323   Dec121928 Christlieb, Lena 69y  
Scranton Road321   Jan31928 Christon,SB   
Scranton Road192Sep21902    Church, Elisa 36yWF
Scranton Road165Jun41890    Cirkan, F 6hWM
Scranton Road311   Apr171923 Claine, Meredith 3m  
Scranton Road176Dec141893    Claremarr, Ambross 70yWM
Scranton Road176Mar301894    Clarmore, Olive 62yWF
Scranton Road33   Jun 1920 Claus, Anna 56y  
Scranton Road1100Feb 1907    Claus, Julia 71yWF
Scranton Road324   Jan241929 Clurs, JohnAKA Paul John Gliessen40y  
Scranton Road215   Aug111911 Coffee, Wilber 3 m  
Scranton Road154Aug121887   262Colkler, AC 4mWF
Scranton Road311   Aug31923 Conners, Chas 15y  
Scranton Road34   Jun191920 Conrad,Baby   
Scranton Road169Sep91891    Conrad, Leonard 40yWM
Scranton Road326   Feb121930 Conroy, Thomas 50y  
Scranton Road175Sep61893    Cook,Infant   
Scranton Road334   Apr101935 Cook, Fred M 66y  
Scranton Road325   Aug121929 Cook, Mary M 37y  
Scranton Road333   Nov231934 Copik, FrankSee Kopik53y  
Scranton Road154Nov171887   289Corley,  WF
Scranton Road36   Aug11921 Corrie, Edward    
Scranton Road167Mar161891    Cosser, Benjamin 6dWM
Scranton Road29   Jul231910 Coustanius, Ray    
Scranton Road189Dec251900    Cramp, Ray 2m2wWM
Scranton Road1101Sep161907    Crills, Wm 42yWM
Scranton Road333   Jun41934 Cross,SB   
Scranton Road112       Cross, Georg 11y  
Scranton Road226   Nov211913 Cslapczinski, Roch 29y  
Scranton Road320   Mar21927 Cuj, Pauline 20d  
Scranton Road245   Dec291917 Curron, James 44y  
Scranton Road36   May131921 Curtis, Richard 3d  
Scranton Road332   Apr31934 Cyran,SB   
Scranton Road234   Aug261915 Czarny,SB Baby   
Scranton Road163Jan151890   538Dabelstin, Helena 2dWF
Scranton Road163Mar141890   554Dangel, Albert 1yWM
Scranton Road163Mar101890   552Dangel, Eddie 1yWM
Scranton Road183Oct271896    Daniel, 3dWM
Scranton Road325   Oct211929 Daniels, Herman H 35y  
Scranton Road184May61897    Daniels, Joshia R 68yWM
Scranton Road180Jun191895    Daniels, Maggie C 54yWF
Scranton Road172Feb101893    Daso,Baby WF
Scranton Road25   Jul31909 Davidson, Nelson    
Scranton Road316   Feb281925 DeBarr,Baby   
Scranton Road320   May51927 DeBarr,SB   
Scranton Road43Jun91953Jun121953 DeBarr, Anna 77yWF
Scranton Road163Jan231890   541Deckels, Frank 2yWM
Scranton Road157Jul281888   364Degen,Baby WF
Scranton Road329   May291931 Dehlberg, Amanda R    
Scranton Road214   Jun171911 Dehrberg, Clarence Q    
Scranton Road329   May291931 Dehrberg, Frank E 63y  
Scranton Road171Jun131892    Dehrling, 6hWF
Scranton Road159Mar261889   432Deiss, Mamie 4mWF
Scranton Road165Apr271890    Delzeit,Baby WM
Scranton Road37   Nov211921 Delzeit, Fredricka J    
Scranton Road159May251889   447Delziet, Geltie 10yWF
Scranton Road43Mar251954Mar291954 Demsey, Bertha 68yWF
Scranton Road178Jul241894    Denitze, L 3mWF
Scranton Road176Jan121894    Dennis,Baby WM
Scranton Road180Jun71895    Dennis, Bertha 5mWF
Scranton Road29   Jun231910 Dennis, Louise    
Scranton Road183Mar31897    Dennis, Orleutus 43yWM
Scranton Road218   Feb101912 Deuring, Wm 55y  
Scranton Road220   May301912 Deursky, Wilhelmine 66y  
Scranton Road319   May121926 Dever, Viola 34y  
Scranton Road197Jul241905    Diecha, Anna 14mWF
Scranton Road186Sep201898    Dietrich, Lydia 2mWF
Scranton Road44Nov291955Dec21955 Dietz, Marie Helen 51yWF
Scranton Road28   Apr161910 Dinse,SB   
Scranton Road199Aug281906    Dinty,SB   
Scranton Road151Jul311886    Direkman,  WM
Scranton Road179Dec141894    Disch, 8wWM
Scranton Road13Apr71851    Diskson, Sarah Maria 3wWF
Scranton Road195Jul211904    Dittman, Dora 79yWF
Scranton Road194Feb201904    Diver, John 84yWM
Scranton Road176Feb221894    Divers, Elizabeth 71yWF
Scranton Road316   Feb251925 Divor, Elizabeth 63y  
Scranton Road230   Jan41915 Doehring, Johanna 56y  
Scranton Road230   Dec51914 Doerfert,Baby1d  
Scranton Road226   Jan271914 Doerfut,Infant   
Scranton Road212   Feb211911 Doering, G H    
Scranton Road171Jun51892    Doll, Louisa 85yWF
Scranton Road168May311891    Donerfeldt,Baby WF
Scranton Road35   Dec141920 Doris, John E 3d  
Scranton Road184Jul51897    Dornbrock, George 6mWM
Scranton Road232   Apr291915 Dorsey,Baby   
Scranton Road225   Oct151913 Doty, Thomas K 80y  
Scranton Road42Oct21950Oct201950 Doull, Mary 74yWF
Scranton Road166Aug101890    Dowe, Adolph 5mWM
Scranton Road239   Aug41916 Doy, 1d  
Scranton Road219   Mar261912 Doyle, Effie W    
Scranton Road41Oct31947Oct71947 Draa, Albert 60yWM
Scranton Road190Feb191901    Draudt, Loreine 11mWF
Scranton Road214   Jun171911 Dreber, August    
Scranton Road230   Nov171914 Dreger, Mathilda 21y  
Scranton Road229   Nov171914 Dreger, Wilhemina    
Scranton Road248   Dec21918 Dreher, 1d  
Scranton Road165Apr281890    Dreier,Baby WM
Scranton Road246   Feb231918 Drews, Emilie 8y  
Scranton Road244   Sep171917 Drews, Ester 1d  
Scranton Road36   Jul91921 Drews, John    
Scranton Road159Mar241889   431Dreyer,Baby WF
Scranton Road323   Jun151928 Drobst, 3h  
Scranton Road221   Oct191912 Droege, Parmand E 10d  
Scranton Road37   Sep91921 Droege, Rudolph    
Scranton Road151Aug121886    Drumholtz,Baby WF
Scranton Road321   Dec21927 Duall, Earl 48y  
Scranton Road218   Dec161911 Dubbs,Baby   
Scranton Road28   Apr291910 Dubbs, Jacob    
Scranton Road328   Feb261931 Dubbs, Mary E 75y  
Scranton Road176Dec121893    Dubes, Albert 14yWM
Scranton Road115       Dubs, 11m  
Scranton Road163Mar301890   558Dubs,Baby WM
Scranton Road153May231887   237Dubs, Adam  WM
Scranton Road177Apr241894    Dubs, Carl 13mWM
Scranton Road244   Aug141917 Duda,Baby   
Scranton Road195Jun141904    Duebel, Kaitie 32yWF
Scranton Road327   Jul221930 Duffield, Gerhart 10y  
Scranton Road163Feb41890   547Duler,  WF
Scranton Road231   Feb241915 Dumfee,Baby   
Scranton Road246   Jan161918 Dunhomer, 1d  
Scranton Road1101Jun81907    Dunter, Clarence 2yWM
Scranton Road32   Jul171919 Duntza, Herbert 2m  
Scranton Road25   Aug21909 Duntze,Baby   
Scranton Road35   Oct311920 Durbin, Mary 3y  
Scranton Road115       Durnildenger, 1d  
Scranton Road167Dec261890    Durve, Albert Wm 3mWM
Scranton Road249   Jan291919 Dust, Geo    
Scranton Road171Aug221892    Duwe, Edward 3mWM
Scranton Road331   Apr181933 Dverkan, Elizabeth 92y  
Scranton Road159Feb181889   422Eame, John 55yWM
Scranton Road25   Jul191909 Ebeling, Thomas    
Scranton Road331   Oct281932 Eben, Albert 65y  
Scranton Road26   Nov261909 Ebenhoch,Infant   
Scranton Road183Dec301896    Eberold,Baby WF
Scranton Road328   Mar301931 Ebersold, Jacob 80y  
Scranton Road195Sep71904    Ebersold, John 58yWM
Scranton Road318   Feb101926 Edmonson, Donna 1y  
Scranton Road118       Edson, Charles 27y  
Scranton Road22   May121918 Edson, John S 87y  
Scranton Road118       Edson, Margaret A 26d  
Scranton Road118       Edson, Margaret C 69y10m  
Scranton Road29   Jul81910 Edwards,Baby   
Scranton Road312   Dec141923 Edwards, Frank 48y  
Scranton Road329   Sep81931 Edwards, Geo W 27y  
Scranton Road31   Mar171919 Edwards, Howard 1y  
Scranton Road195May61904    Eger, Fred 45yWM
Scranton Road244   Oct51917 Eggebrecht, Wm 31y  
Scranton Road189Nov171900    Egger,Infant WM
Scranton Road165Aug31890    Eggert, Albert 2mWM
Scranton Road152Mar211887    Eggert, Anna 9mWF
Scranton Road178Jul201894    Eggert, Wilhelm 2wWM
Scranton Road170Apr121892    Egget, 4mWM
Scranton Road37   Sep141921 Eiben, Geo 16y  
Scranton Road320   Jan261927 Eich, August M 57y  
Scranton Road199Aug251906    Eich, Eliz 61yWF
Scranton Road246   Feb81918 Eich, Martin P 70y  
Scranton Road163Jan211890   539Eickhorn, George 3mWM
Scranton Road163Feb21890   546Eierman, Katie 62yW 
Scranton Road222   Feb171913 Eirich, Anna    
Scranton Road183Jan241897    Eitelmann, Helena 79yWF
Scranton Road182Jul21896    Eitelmann, Michael 74yWM
Scranton Road187Dec151899    Elerdea, Louse 53yWF
Scranton Road159Mar281889   433Ellenbast, 9mWF
Scranton Road150Feb31886    Elsise, Sofia 67yWF
Scranton Road1100Feb151907    Elsosser, Chris 77yWM
Scranton Road118       Emberly, Josephine 2m  
Scranton Road189Sep31900    Emerling, Erna 3yWF
Scranton Road310   Jan251923 Emmel, Mary E 78y  
Scranton Road47Jan31964Jan61964 Engel, Burt E 61y M
Scranton Road41Sep61945Aug81945 Engel, Frieda 74yWF
Scranton Road49Mar301975Apr21975 Engel, Ida E 67y F
Scranton Road160Sep71889   474Engelhardt, Augusta 34yWF
Scranton Road175Aug191893    Epner, Caroline 5m  
Scranton Road319   Oct121926 Epp, Charles 79y  
Scranton Road312   Oct201923 Epp, Justina 76y  
Scranton Road249   Jan171919 Epp, Thresa 29y  
Scranton Road217   Nov91911 Erb, Carl    
Scranton Road165Jul51890    Erdman,Baby WM
Scranton Road189Aug201900    Erdmann, Caroline 68yWF
Scranton Road181Apr301896    Erdmann, Fred 69yWM
Scranton Road317   Nov171925 Erickson, Tom 37y  
Scranton Road118       Erman, Frederick 1y  
Scranton Road154Sep281887   277Ernst, Anna 1yWF
Scranton Road155Feb51888   318Eschenfelder, John 2mWM
Scranton Road245   Oct291917 Eschenfelder, John 58y  
Scranton Road320   Jan141927 Eschenfelder, Phillipina 76y  
Scranton Road180Jul291895    Eshenfelder, Philipine 71y6mWF
Scranton Road226   Nov281913 Etliner, Grace 6d  
Scranton Road151Sep141886    Eust,  WM
Scranton Road152Feb251887    Everden, M Louis  W 
Scranton Road315   Jan241925 Eyerdam, Jacob 77y  
Scranton Road183Apr141897    Eynon,Infant WF
Scranton Road320   Jun231927 Eynski,SB   
Scranton Road41Aug 1945Aug61945 Faber, August 85yWM
Scranton Road32   Jun301919 Faber, Margaret 8m  
Scranton Road321   Aug281927 Faber, Richard 14m  
Scranton Road24   Mar121909 Fabers, Martha    
Scranton Road29   May311910 Fachurich, Albert    
Scranton Road314   Aug181924 Faflik,Baby   
Scranton Road43Dec301950Jan21951 Fairbrother, Laura Eliz 72yWF
Scranton Road31   Apr191919 Faler, Minnie 67y  
Scranton Road233   Aug31915 Falkenburg,SB   
Scranton Road315   Dec81924 Fallus, Fredrick F 49y  
Scranton Road154Sep151887   274Famien, Geo 15wWM
Scranton Road316   Jul221925 Fancek, Donald 8m  
Scranton Road320   Dec231926 Fanckhauser, Albert 54y  
Scranton Road324   Feb251929 Fanckhauser, Ed W 65y  
Scranton Road310   Feb191923 Fankhauser, Julia 50y  
Scranton Road189Nov301900    Faribel, Barbara 67yWF
Scranton Road186Sep161899    Fartlagel, Lydia 6mWF
Scranton Road153Aug81887   257Fast, F 13mWM
Scranton Road313   Jan91924 Faust, Irene 3m  
Scranton Road310   Jan261923 Feharenbach, Martha 74y  
Scranton Road316   Jun61925 Fehrenbach, Ferdinand 78y  
Scranton Road47Jan151964Jan171964 Feight, Helen 80y F
Scranton Road192Nov201902    Felgenhauer, Annie 4yWF
Scranton Road193Dec11902    Felgenhauer, Carl 12yWM
Scranton Road144Oct41885   425Felgenhauer, Fred 73yWM
Scranton Road148Oct41885   425Felgenhauer, Fred 73yWM
Scranton Road163Jan261890   544Felgenhauer, Fred 67yWM
Scranton Road336   Apr231937 Felgenhauer, Henry 65y  
Scranton Road183Mar311897    Felgenhauer, Joachim 79yWM
Scranton Road163Jan171890   536Felgenhauer, Maria 68yWF
Scranton Road326   Apr21930 Felgenhauer, Mary 79y  
Scranton Road162Nov61889   509Felgenhauer, Minnie 1yWF
Scranton Road34   Aug231920 Felgenhauer, Wm 70y  
Scranton Road212   Feb211911 Felgenhaur, Sophia    
Scranton Road159Jun31889   450Feltz, Albert 5wWM
Scranton Road45Jun271959Jun301959 Feltz, Charles 59yWM
Scranton Road335   Dec131935 Feltz, WilliamAKA Voeltz71y  
Scranton Road156May291888   346Fenriek, J 10mWF
Scranton Road150Mar121886    Feord,Baby3mWM
Scranton Road183Apr21897    Fergson, Wm 43yWM
Scranton Road198Oct171905    Fern, Eric 26yWM
Scranton Road249   Feb41919 Fern, Henrietta 65y  
Scranton Road195Jun191904    Fern, John 61yWM
Scranton Road196Dec271904    Fern, Norla 2yWF
Scranton Road29   Jun151910 Fern, Val    
Scranton Road316   Mar101925 Fieming, Elsie M 37y  
Scranton Road188Feb261900    Fieuk,Infant WM
Scranton Road41Jan191948Jan221948 Filler, Ferdinand A 79yWM
Scranton Road1102Feb241908    Fillmer, Karl 66yWM
Scranton Road186Jan51899    Fink,Infant WM
Scranton Road174Apr241893    Fischer, 1mWM
Scranton Road158Dec121888   404Fischer, Carl  WM
Scranton Road330   Aug111932 Fischer, Minnie 75y  
Scranton Road175Jul241893    Fisher,Infant WF
Scranton Road177Jun301894    Fisher,Baby WF
Scranton Road157Oct231888   387Fisher, Emma 6dWF
Scranton Road219   Mar261912 Fisher, Fred    
Scranton Road184May261897    Fisher, Friedericke 69yWF
Scranton Road236   Feb111916 Fisher, Friedricka 74y  
Scranton Road328   Jan101931 Fisher, John 89y  
Scranton Road32   Jun301919 Fisher, Margaret 8m  
Scranton Road39   Jun231922 Fisher, Wm 67y  
Scranton Road34   Sep281920 Fiter, Michal 65y  
Scranton Road22   Jun101918 Fitsch, 38h  
Scranton Road31   May141919 Fitz, 8h  
Scranton Road1102Oct101907    Flaefele, Fredericke 68yWF
Scranton Road151Jul231886    Fleck, Fred 3dWM
Scranton Road324   Jun141929 Fleck, John 86y  
Scranton Road325   Dec111929 Fleck, Maria 78y  
Scranton Road325   Dec211929 Fleck, Martin 60y  
Scranton Road336   Jul241936 Fletcher, Dorothea 19y  
Scranton Road311   May161923 Flick, Elmer 17y  
Scranton Road191Nov61902    Foeltz, Henry 11yWM
Scranton Road159Feb191889   423Fogekang,Baby WM
Scranton Road1101Oct211907    Fohman, Evao 67yWF
Scranton Road172Nov81892    Fohrmann, Eva 67yWF
Scranton Road229   Aug81914 Folconer,Baby   
Scranton Road121       Ford, Charles    
Scranton Road235   Nov61915 Forester,Baby   
Scranton Road13Jun301852    Forgason, Edward Clark 5y7m28dWM
Scranton Road13Sep121852    Forgason, Franklin Erastus 10m13dWM
Scranton Road333   Sep191934 Formanek, Jospeh 5h  
Scranton Road155Jan301888   311Formelker,Baby WF
Scranton Road42Aug61948Aug91948 Forness, Cliford 41yWM
Scranton Road199Jun51906    Fornough, Ruth 22y11m6dWF
Scranton Road326   May151930 Forsythe, Joseph 70y  
Scranton Road166Sep161890    Fortlage, Liddy 6mWF
Scranton Road233   Jun291915 Fosnaugh, Lucy A 54y  
Scranton Road220   Jul221912 Foster, Robert    
Scranton Road157Nov61888   389Frank,Baby WM
Scranton Road199Apr211906    Frank, 1hWM
Scranton Road37   Oct251921 Frank, Alvin 20y  
Scranton Road220   May231912 Frank, Anna K 50y  
Scranton Road35   Apr81921 Frank, Johanna    
Scranton Road199Aug221906    Frank, John 82yWM
Scranton Road167Jan211891    Frank, Lizzie N 9yWF
Scranton Road331   Oct281932 Frank, Martin 76y  
Scranton Road331   Dec51932 Frantz, Edward 38y  
Scranton Road178Jul231894    Franz,Infant WM
Scranton Road336   Oct271936 Franz, 18h  
Scranton Road328   Mar111931 Frate, Paul 53y  
Scranton Road155Dec131887   302Fredecker,Baby WM
Scranton Road214   May41911 Fredecker,Baby   
Scranton Road222   Nov201912 Frederick, Caroline 31y  
Scranton Road195Aug261904    French, M A 22yWF
Scranton Road186Aug111898    Fretter, Charles 6dWM
Scranton Road193Dec151902    Fretter, Emma 3yWF
Scranton Road170Mar61892    Fretter, Heinrich 3mWM
Scranton Road193Jan41903    Fretter, Mary 3mWF
Scranton Road181Oct241895    Fretter, Wilhelmina 6dWF
Scranton Road188May231900    Frey, Eleanore 55yWF
Scranton Road121       Frey, Leopold 55y  
Scranton Road226   Dec261913 Frey, Martin 71y  
Scranton Road312   Nov271923 Frey, Sophie 78y  
Scranton Road29   Jun231910 Friedbawd,Baby   
Scranton Road153Apr111887   232Friedrich,  WF
Scranton Road229   Nov161914 Friedrick, John    
Scranton Road238   May261916 Frieg, Martha 33y  
Scranton Road315   Feb201925 Friese, Anna    
Scranton Road243   Jun191917 Friesel, Frieda 76y  
Scranton Road151Sep181886    Fritag, Crist 30yWM
Scranton Road217   Nov221911 Fritch,Baby   
Scranton Road310   Feb201923 Fritch, Herman 66y  
Scranton Road225   Sep261913 Fritch, Wm 55y  
Scranton Road155Oct121887   301Fritcsh, F 12dWM
Scranton Road181Sep101895    Fritsch, 1dWF
Scranton Road334   Apr161935 Fritsch, Albertina 75y  
Scranton Road316   Jun161925 Fritsch, Arthur 32y  
Scranton Road35   Dec271920 Fritsch, Edna 27y  
Scranton Road180Aug141895    Fritsch, Ferdinad 72yWM
Scranton Road45Mar31959Mar61959 Fritsch, Herman 78yWM
Scranton Road43Jan161954Mar291954 Fritsch, Otis 74yWM
Scranton Road241   Jan151917 Fritsch, WmJr1d  
Scranton Road186Mar291899    Fritsh, Elmer 10mWM
Scranton Road232   Apr141915 Fritsh, Leonard Wm 4d  
Scranton Road33   Feb181920 Fritz, AlfredPB   
Scranton Road191Oct121901Oct151901 Fritz, Louisa 23yWM
Scranton Road325   Sep41929 Fruth, John 52y  
Scranton Road194Mar271904    Fruth, Susanna 2yWF
Scranton Road160Aug141889   471Fuchs, Chas 21d  
Scranton Road172Feb181893    Funk, 2dWF
Scranton Road172Feb181893    Funk, 2hWF
Scranton Road171May101892    Funk, Ida 4mWF
Scranton Road197Apr161905    Funke, Marg 6yWF
Scranton Road14Oct201853    Furnace,Mrs  F
Scranton Road153Jul41887   247Furstenburger, 6mWM
Scranton Road310   Mar81923 Fuzius,SB   
Scranton Road248   Nov91918 Gable, Anna 35y  
Scranton Road33   Feb191920 Gabrowski, Katherine 55y  
Scranton Road23   Jan71909 Gagewsko, Oscar    
Scranton Road178Sep91894    Gaischke, Wm 9wWM
Scranton Road314   Jul101924 Gajewski, Pauline 67y  
Scranton Road231   Feb211915 Gajewski, Wilber 10y  
Scranton Road319   Jul161926 Galewski,SB   
Scranton Road191Nov191901    Galitz, Christina 74yWF
Scranton Road156Jul181888   358Gamber, Ferdinand 6mWM
Scranton Road192Jul211902    Garbonski, August 43yWM
Scranton Road311   Aug161923 Garborski, Edmuth 74y  
Scranton Road328   Apr41931 Garbowske, John P 84y  
Scranton Road334   Jun211935 Gardeweg, AnnaAKA Glassier Gassner64y  
Scranton Road199May131906    Gartach, Minnie 32yWF
Scranton Road39   Sep301922 Gartman, Gottlieb 45y  
Scranton Road37   Oct61921 Gasckle, E C 83y  
Scranton Road334   Jun211935 Gassner, AnnaAKA Gardeweb Gassner64y  
Scranton Road193Aug211903    Gault, Grace 34yWF
Scranton Road332   Jun71933 Gavel,SB   
Scranton Road244   Oct241917 Gawel, Adam    
Scranton Road244   Oct241917 Gawel, Peter    
Scranton Road210   Aug301910 Gayeoski, F    
Scranton Road34   Jun291920 Gbur,Baby   
Scranton Road188Feb111900    Gebinsky, Annie 18yWF
Scranton Road32   Feb41920 Gebinsky, Elizabeth 4y  
Scranton Road159Mar311889   436Gedeon, Herbert 7mWM
Scranton Road151Sep31886    Gedleon, Geo 2mWM
Scranton Road326   May161930 Gee,SB   
Scranton Road154Aug151887   264Gegenski, Anna 4mWF
Scranton Road159May131889   440Gegerske, Aug 9mWM
Scranton Road180Aug41895    Gehlke,Infant WM
Scranton Road156Apr181888   336Gehlke, George 6mWM
Scranton Road148Dec231885    Gehrke,  WM
Scranton Road317   Nov91925 Geib, Jacob L 50y  
Scranton Road177Apr271894    Geiger,Mrs75yWF
Scranton Road187Dec131899    Geiger,Infant WF
Scranton Road137Aug201885   418Geiger, Anna 26y9mWF
Scranton Road137Aug201885   419Geiger, Baby  WM
Scranton Road160Jun131889   453Geiger, Barbara 8yWF
Scranton Road171Jun141892    Geiger, Ellen 1yWF
Scranton Road324   Feb201929 Geiger, Frederick 74y1m16d  
Scranton Road124       Geiger, Julia 2m  
Scranton Road187Dec221899    Geiger, Leuce 23yWF
Scranton Road150Jun141886    Geiger, Louisa 28dWF
Scranton Road323   Nov61928 Geiger, Louise 71y  
Scranton Road172Nov271892    Geisler, Albert 23yWM
Scranton Road180May101895    Geiss,Infant WF
Scranton Road188Feb91900    Geissler, George 32yWM
Scranton Road32   Oct301919 Geitz,Baby   
Scranton Road320   Jan281927 Geitz, Augusta 71y  
Scranton Road187Jul251899    Geitz, Barbara 73yW 
Scranton Road174May101893    Geitz, Eddie 10yWM
Scranton Road154Aug261887   266Geitz, John  WF
Scranton Road311   Aug251923 Geitz, John 69y  
Scranton Road32   Oct201919 Geitz, Lena W    
Scranton Road165Jul81890    Geitz, Leonard 66yWM
Scranton Road168Jun191891    Geitz, Matilda 30y  
Scranton Road198Oct121905    Geitz, Wm 37yWM
Scranton Road124       Gensman, Almina 4m  
Scranton Road124       Gensman, Christina 65y  
Scranton Road160Aug61889   468Gensmann, Carl 87yWM
Scranton Road159Jun111889   452Gensmann, Maria 74yWF
Scranton Road181Mar301896    Gerber,Infant WF
Scranton Road185Apr41898    Gerber,Baby WM
Scranton Road240   Dec131916 Gerbrand,Baby   
Scranton Road45Apr141958Apr161958 Gerbrand, Charles E 85yWM
Scranton Road33   Feb131920 Gerbrandt, Evelyn    
Scranton Road319   Dec221926 Gerbrandt, Geo 2d  
Scranton Road228   May171914 Gerding, John 27y  
Scranton Road165Apr281890    Gerland, August  WM
Scranton Road152Mar211887    Gerschinck, Berthold  WF
Scranton Road195Jul261904    Gerschke, 4mWM
Scranton Road248   Nov211918 Gertack, Peter 55y  
Scranton Road192Oct101902    Gertag, Charles 9dWM
Scranton Road144Sep231885   424Gessen, Carl  WM
Scranton Road148Sep231885   424Gessen, Carl  WM
Scranton Road191Jan221902    Gezinsky, Marin 62yWM
Scranton Road199Sep141906    Gibson,Infant WF
Scranton Road1103Dec101908    Gibson, 10dWF
Scranton Road229   Jul241914 Gibson,Baby   
Scranton Road240       Gibson,Baby   
Scranton Road240       Gibson,Baby   
Scranton Road240       Gibson,Baby   
Scranton Road234   Sep201915 Gidding, James 9m  
Scranton Road163Feb101890   548Giese, August 1dWM
Scranton Road124       Giesen, Lena 1y6m  
Scranton Road319   Aug31926 Giesser,SB   
Scranton Road322   Feb291928 Giesser,SB   
Scranton Road38   Apr131922 Giesser, Gilbert 4m  
Scranton Road26   Oct141909 Giessler, Geo    
Scranton Road144Aug201885   418Giger, Alma 26y9mWF
Scranton Road192Apr41902    Gilchrist, Eugene 80yWM
Scranton Road176Feb271894    Gilchrist, James 83yWM
Scranton Road172Sep301892    Gilckrist, Chester 9yWM
Scranton Road172Oct71892    Gilckrist, Meyra Mirtle 5yWF
Scranton Road12Nov151843    Gillet, Mary H 25y F
Scranton Road124       Gillett, HH    
Scranton Road124       Gilling, Sarah 48y  
Scranton Road23   Feb121909 Gindra, Julia    
Scranton Road329   Apr131931 Girard, Frank 60y  
Scranton Road169Oct311891    Giss,Baby WF
Scranton Road151Aug311886    Glamak, Dora 14mWF
Scranton Road1100Feb41907    Glanzer, Dan 6hWM
Scranton Road153Apr61887   230Glanzer, Josephina 2mWF
Scranton Road190Feb201901    Glanzer, Nickolas 34yWM
Scranton Road334   Jun211935 Glassier, AnnaAKA Gardeweg Gassner64y  
Scranton Road333   Apr161934 Gleich,SB   
Scranton Road189Oct201900    Glenzer, Frank 25yWM
Scranton Road192Apr61902    Glenzer, Sarah 55yWF
Scranton Road324   Jan241929 Gliessen, Paul JohnAKA John Clurs40y  
Scranton Road224   May91913 Glitstein, Marie    
Scranton Road313   Dec221923 Glitzenstein, Augusta 66y  
Scranton Road322   Apr91928 Glitzenstein, Carl 72y  
Scranton Road165Jun71890    Glitzenstein, Emma 1y9mWF
Scranton Road169Nov41891    Glitzenstein, Frida 5yWF
Scranton Road179Mar151895    Glitzenstein, Rosa 7mWF
Scranton Road177May91894    Glitzenstein, Wm 11mWM
Scranton Road210   Sep171910 Goeckle, E C    
Scranton Road180Aug11895    Goedtke, Wm 2yWM
Scranton Road44Nov31955Nov71955 Goetz, Bertha Martha 79yWF
Scranton Road238   May81916 Goetz, Chas H 41y  
Scranton Road37   Oct191921 Goetz, Henry 78y  
Scranton Road211   Dec61910 Goetz, Sophia    
Scranton Road221   Oct211912 Going,Baby   
Scranton Road165Jul301890    Goldenbogen,Baby WF
Scranton Road236   Feb21916 Goldenbogen, Fredrick 77y  
Scranton Road153May221887   238Goldenbogen, G 8mWM
Scranton Road45Jul241958Jul261958 Goldenbogen, Harry 69yWM
Scranton Road323   Jul91928 Goldenbogen, Louise M 73y  
Scranton Road183Apr161897    Goldenbogen, Sophia 84yWF
Scranton Road27   Jan51910 Goldowski, Anna K    
Scranton Road156Apr171888   335Gollewitzer,Baby2mWF
Scranton Road124       Gollwitzer, Anna 42y  
Scranton Road323   Oct21928 Gollwitzer, Eliz E 71y  
Scranton Road319   Jul221926 Gollwitzer, Frank 42y  
Scranton Road45Dec51959Dec81959 Gollwitzer, Fred G 81yWM
Scranton Road174Jul21893    Golyoliet, 4dWF
Scranton Road245   Nov51917 Gonaski,Baby   
Scranton Road156Jun201888   347Gonder, Augusta 3mW 
Scranton Road190Aug201901    Gorden,Baby WF
Scranton Road187Sep51899    Gordon, Lester 3m2wWM
Scranton Road312   Dec41923 Goshnick, Louis 35y  
Scranton Road153May141887   235Gotteshalk,  WM
Scranton Road14Mar91853    Gould, Armenia 24yWF
Scranton Road151Oct61886    Grabner, Ellienora 18mWF
Scranton Road37   Nov221921 Grabowski, Elisabeth    
Scranton Road313   Feb231924 Grade, Clarence 7m  
Scranton Road35   Feb281921 Grade, Herman 61y  
Scranton Road171Sep151892    Grader, Fred 59yWM
Scranton Road331   Aug311932 Grader, Fredericka 86y  
Scranton Road198Nov241905    Graebner, Sophia 87yWF
Scranton Road191Oct301901    Graef, Caroline 78yWF
Scranton Road248   Nov71918 Graening, Wm 35y  
Scranton Road160Aug81889   470Graff, Baby 4wWF
Scranton Road327   Aug191930 Grahl, Fredericka 79y  
Scranton Road180Aug211895    Grahl, John 49yWM
Scranton Road152Feb31887    Graining, J 78yWM
Scranton Road192Apr151902    Graining, Minnie 54yWM
Scranton Road1100Oct281906    Graining, William 35yWM
Scranton Road181Oct61895    Gramm, Baby 9wWF
Scranton Road162Nov161889   516Gramm, Margaretha 44yWF
Scranton Road175Aug301893    Gramm, Theodore 57yWM
Scranton Road222   Jan181913 Grandy, Albert S 61y  
Scranton Road42Feb261949Mar21949 Graning, Fred 69yWM
Scranton Road192Jun61902    Grave, FritzMr70yWM
Scranton Road39   Jun51922 Green, Helen G 22y  
Scranton Road330   Dec151931 Greenalch, Jack 1m  
Scranton Road319   Jul161926 Greenalch, Robert 3m  
Scranton Road175Aug41893    Greive, Rosa 6mWF
Scranton Road37   Oct171921 Greve,SB   
Scranton Road311   May111923 Greve,Baby   
Scranton Road175Jul181893    Greve, Erna 5m F
Scranton Road188Jan141900    Grey, Delia 4mWF
Scranton Road155Feb21888   315Griesa, John 12hWF
Scranton Road322   Mar221928 Grieshaber, Barbara 82y  
Scranton Road39   Jun191922 Grieshaber, Conrad 74y  
Scranton Road183Nov291896    Grigoleid, Fred 9wWM
Scranton Road310   Jan251923 Grittner, Catherine M 78y  
Scranton Road328   Mar41931 Grittner, Julius 83y  
Scranton Road166Aug31890    Griva, Charles 3wWM
Scranton Road160Oct11889   481Grobovski, George 11mWM
Scranton Road324   Dec311928 Groening, David 72y  
Scranton Road248   Nov261918 Grosenbaugh, Delbert 1y  
Scranton Road313   Mar141924 Grossbaught, Robt A 2m  
Scranton Road234   Aug201915 Grossman, Florence 14y  
Scranton Road223   Mar41913 Grossman, Fred    
Scranton Road233   Jul101915 Grossman, Margaret 79y  
Scranton Road223   Mar291913 Grossmyer, Louis    
Scranton Road137Aug151885   417Gruellner, Alvina 10yWF
Scranton Road144Aug151885   417Gruellner, Alvina 10yWF
Scranton Road43Jul261952Jul301952 Grugle, William J 72yWM
Scranton Road211   Dec261910 Grundies, John    
Scranton Road233   Jul61915 Grundies, Wilhelmina 69y  
Scranton Road162Nov221889   519Grundmann,Baby5dWF
Scranton Road151Nov91886    Gueble, Anna 76yWM
Scranton Road175Oct271893    Guenther, Fred 11dWM
Scranton Road187Sep51899    Guetchow, Fred 75yWM
Scranton Road187Sep271899    Guetchow, Louisa 17yWF
Scranton Road182Jul21896    Guetschan, Hanah 37yWF
Scranton Road182Jul128196    Guetschen, Edna 8mWF
Scranton Road170Feb211892    Guetschow, Baby  WM
Scranton Road172Jan51893    Guntzler, Susanna 74y F
Scranton Road179Dec121894    Guse,Infant WM
Scranton Road189Dec151900    Guse,Infant WF
Scranton Road315   Feb131925 Guse, Florentine 83y  
Scranton Road31   May51919 Guse, John 77y  
Scranton Road124       Gusman, Chris 2y  
Scranton Road162Oct301889   506Guthmann, John 2mWM
Scranton Road168May301891    Guthschmidt, Herman 5mWM
Scranton Road237   Apr171916 Gutschmidt, Carl Wm 84y  
Scranton Road175Sep51893    Gutschmidt, Eddie    
Scranton Road197Aug281905    Gutschmidt, F 72yWF
Scranton Road211   Nov181910 Gutschmidt, F    
Scranton Road184Jul171897    Gutschmidt, Joachim 79y  
Scranton Road321   Dec221927 Gutschow, Betty Jane 6y  
Scranton Road315   Nov281924 Gutschow, Wm 71y  
Scranton Road226   Oct281913 Gutscow, Wm F    
Scranton Road152Feb71887    Gwele, A 2y6mWF
Scranton Road332   Jun131933 Haag, Blanka 76y  
Scranton Road150Mar41886    Haase, Wm 72yWM
Scranton Road158Dec241888   408Haay, Huya 2mWM
Scranton Road189Dec111900    Hackbusch, Henry 61yWM
Scranton Road33   May171920 Hackbush, Carolina 68y  
Scranton Road224   Jun181913 Hackbush, Edward 21d  
Scranton Road228   May221914 Hahn,Baby   
Scranton Road169Sep131891    Hahn, Erich 18m M
Scranton Road170Jan151892    Hahn, Paula 8dWF
Scranton Road182Oct11896Nov11896 Haller, Cathrien 70yWF
Scranton Road188Feb71900    Haller, Martin 46yWM
Scranton Road37   Dec121921 Hallis, John Chas 8y  
Scranton Road213   Mar281911 Hamilton, James    
Scranton Road153Aug81887   258Hammermeister, H 4mWM
Scranton Road127       Hammeter, J S 20y  
Scranton Road324   Jun131929 Hanchett, Hazel M 16y  
Scranton Road174Feb251893    Hanisemann, Walter 4mWM
Scranton Road336   Jun271936 Hanna, Annie 87y  
Scranton Road335   Mar311936 Hanna, James F 79y  
Scranton Road328   Mar31931 Hansen, Walter 40y  
Scranton Road313   Jan181924 Hanson,Baby   
Scranton Road193Aug181903    Hanth, Henry 59y M
Scranton Road1103Sep231908    Harberg, 48hWM
Scranton Road37   Sep91921 Harper, Fred 84y  
Scranton Road13Jul311850    Harris,Child of Stephen WM
Scranton Road216   Sep51911 Harris,Baby   
Scranton Road336   Mar191937 Harrish, Ablin 49y  
Scranton Road330   Mar231932 Hart, Chas 45y  
Scranton Road324   Jan281929 Hart, Vivian 1m  
Scranton Road153Jun231887   245Harter, Mary 14mWF
Scranton Road34   Jun251920 Harting, Edward 4d  
Scranton Road127       Hartness, Mattie 6w  
Scranton Road242   Mar211917 Hartwig, Geo F 19d  
Scranton Road162Nov291889   520Hartwig, Minnie 4dWF
Scranton Road165Jul301890    Harusen,Baby WM
Scranton Road151Aug41886    Hauber,Baby9mWM
Scranton Road180Jul101895    Haufbauer, Helena 91yWF
Scranton Road159Jun111889   451Hauk, Beartha 20mWF
Scranton Road324   Jun151929 Haunerman, John 82y  
Scranton Road238   May81916 Hausser, Edw H 34y  
Scranton Road1101Sep11907    Haut, Fred 74yWF
Scranton Road22   May311918 Hauth, Caroline 68y  
Scranton Road152Nov131886    Hauth, Wm 62yWM
Scranton Road189Jan41901    Hayes, Adam 41yWM
Scranton Road42Mar41949Mar71949 Hebebrand, Elizabeth 69yWF
Scranton Road188Apr81900    Heim, Christina 2yWF
Scranton Road127Jan2     Heimberger, 14y  
Scranton Road192Jul221902    Heimberger, Johanna 79yWF
Scranton Road127Feb4     Heimberger, John    
Scranton Road185May131898    Heimberger, John 75yWM
Scranton Road127       Heimberger, Kate 36y  
Scranton Road127       Heimberger, Ruthford 1y  
Scranton Road179Nov171894    Heimer,Infant WM
Scranton Road177Jun51894    Hein, Fred W 8mWM
Scranton Road199Sep171906    Hein, John 48yWM
Scranton Road189Jul131900    Hein, Wm 9mWM
Scranton Road160Sep91889   476Heine,Baby WF
Scranton Road175Nov91893    Heine, Emma A 3dWF
Scranton Road38   Apr31922 Heine, RuthSB   
Scranton Road144Feb181885   426Heineman, 2hWF
Scranton Road148Oct181885   426Heineman, 2hWM
Scranton Road41Nov31947Nov51947 Heinemann, Caroline 72yWF
Scranton Road183Apr91897    Heinemann, Henry 50yWM
Scranton Road46Sep111962Sep141962 Heinemann, Sophia 78y F
Scranton Road192Jul271902    Heinrer, Lena 2yWF
Scranton Road187Aug141899    Heinz, Wm 67yWM
Scranton Road196Feb241905    Heirner, Minnie 38yWF
Scranton Road323   Aug41928 Heise, DorothySB   
Scranton Road32   Jun101919 Heise, Ruth    
Scranton Road238   Jun151916 Hellick,Baby   
Scranton Road238   Jun151916 Hellick,Baby   
Scranton Road221   Aug131912 Hellman, Anna    
Scranton Road36   Jun111921 Hellman, Anna 86y  
Scranton Road242   Mar261917 Helman, Fred 44y  
Scranton Road236   Jan221916 Helms,Infant   
Scranton Road31   Mar81919 Helms, 5h  
Scranton Road158Feb51889   417Helz, Fred 68yWM
Scranton Road158Dec311888   410Hemmeter,Baby WM
Scranton Road227   Feb171914 Hendricks, Catherine 21y  
Scranton Road331   Jan121933 Hendriksen, Dorothy Roth Gertrude 8m  
Scranton Road188Jun181900    Henke, Elsie 10dWF
Scranton Road156Jun211888   348Henke, Wm 7mWM
Scranton Road318   Jan191926 Hennie, 3h  
Scranton Road323   Nov261928 Hennie,SB   
Scranton Road325   Oct31929 Hennie,SB   
Scranton Road325   Oct31929 Hennie, 3h  
Scranton Road185Jun181898    Hennis, christ 56yWM
Scranton Road127       Heppard, Edward    
Scranton Road38   Dec271921 Herbel, Fred 56y  
Scranton Road230   Nov171914 Herbst, Ottalia 34y  
Scranton Road158Nov111888   395Herman, Carl 1hWM
Scranton Road172Feb121893    Hermann,Infant WF
Scranton Road158Dec171888   407Hermann, Wm 1dWM
Scranton Road226   Nov141913 Herns, Vadick 2y  
Scranton Road1103Aug111908    Herper, Carolina 66yWF
Scranton Road155Feb261888   322Herper, M 4yWF
Scranton Road170Feb141892    Herr,Mrs   
Scranton Road170Jan141892    Herr, Barbra 78yWF
Scranton Road31   Apr241919 Heuer, Marie 95y  
Scranton Road329   Nov161931 Heym, Katherine 67y  
Scranton Road222   Dec51912 Heym, Wm L 52y  
Scranton Road233   Jun61915 Heynenger,Baby   
Scranton Road174Mar241893    Hickley, Elizabeth 51yWF
Scranton Road172Jan151893    Hickmann, Lizzie 16mWF
Scranton Road169Aug201891    Hiemer, 12dWF
Scranton Road196Jan271905    Hiemer, Chath 71yWF
Scranton Road186Dec171898    Hiemer, Harold 9dWM
Scranton Road318   May141926 High, Faith 3m  
Scranton Road321   Nov251927 High, Genevieve M 17y  
Scranton Road244   Aug251917 High, Wm 1y  
Scranton Road239   Jul81916 Higley,Infant   
Scranton Road175Jul271893    Hildebrandt, Wm 9mWM
Scranton Road179Jan71895    Hildebrandt, Wm N 8mWM
Scranton Road335   Feb101936 Hillyer, Clinton 70y  
Scranton Road172Nov 1892    Hilofski,Baby   
Scranton Road155Jan101888   305Hiltike, John 8dWM
Scranton Road315   Dec21924 Hinger, Jacob J 70y  
Scranton Road242   Apr261917 Hintz, Mary 81y  
Scranton Road160Sep291889   480Hirchert, Wm 3m  
Scranton Road163Jan231890   540Hirchet, Otto 2y6mWM
Scranton Road165Jul141890    Hirchut, Mary 9mWF
Scranton Road165Jul241890    Hirman, Louisa 20yWF
Scranton Road168Apr221891    Hirt, Edward 8mWM
Scranton Road153May211887   236Hirt, Ella 17mWF
Scranton Road175Nov291893    Hoag, Margared 63yWF
Scranton Road243   Jun301917 Hoalehan,Infant   
Scranton Road48  1967Feb91967 Hobart, Ermine   F
Scranton Road45May251959Jul161959 Hobart, George H 84yWM
Scranton Road150Jan201886    Hochenuth, 38yWM
Scranton Road162Dec151889   524Hoelderrson, Leo 1y4mWM
Scranton Road127       Hoenig, Clara 6w  
Scranton Road127       Hoens, Elizabeth 1y  
Scranton Road160Oct51889   482Hoff,Baby WF
Scranton Road41Nov221945Nov271945 Hoff,Baby W 
Scranton Road157Jul211888   360Hoff, Chas 14mWM
Scranton Road162Dec151889   523Hoffman,Baby10dWF
Scranton Road210   Aug171910 Hoffman,Baby   
Scranton Road199Aug261906    Hoffman, Christ 60yWM
Scranton Road224   Jul21913 Hoffman, John 58y  
Scranton Road39   Oct311922 Hoffman, Lena 72y  
Scranton Road165May211890    Hoffman, Myrtle 9mWF
Scranton Road1100  1870    Hohlfelder, Katie 9mWF
Scranton Road330   Apr41932 Holliger, Jacob H 80y  
Scranton Road310   Feb21923 Hollmer, Hans 51y  
Scranton Road223   Mar211913 Hollmer, John 62y  
Scranton Road127       Hollof, Christina 48y  
Scranton Road155Nov61888   308Holmden, E A 13yWM
Scranton Road177Apr211894    Holmden, Grace Clarmore 9yWF
Scranton Road249   Jan241919 Holmden, Henry C 71y  
Scranton Road318   Mar301926 Holmden, Mary 76y  
Scranton Road26   Oct51909 Holmer, H H    
Scranton Road334   Mar91935 Holmstein, Arthur 53y  
Scranton Road187Jun291899    Holscher, Johanna  WF
Scranton Road163Mar91890   551Holz, Katie 3yWF
Scranton Road127       Homken, William 67y  
Scranton Road315   Nov31924 Homuth, Marie 73y  
Scranton Road320   May191927 Hoprath, Philip John 14d  
Scranton Road194Oct241903    Horault, Thos 86yWM
Scranton Road326   Mar61930 Horn, 14h  
Scranton Road186Jul291898    Horn, Ernst 68yWM
Scranton Road320   Jul261927 Horn, Frieda 95y  
Scranton Road172Jan181893    Horsch, Emelia 28yWF
Scranton Road193Jan181903    Horsch, Emilia  WF
Scranton Road175Aug281893    Horsch, Lizzie 26yWF
Scranton Road193Aug281903    Horsch, Lizzie 21yWF
Scranton Road242   Apr271917 Houts, Oscar W Caliste 42y  
Scranton Road320   Jun251927 Howe, Elizabeth 71y  
Scranton Road321   Aug261927 Howe, Elizabeth 71y  
Scranton Road321   Jun251927 Howe, Elizabeth 71y  
Scranton Road34   Jul61920 Howe, Wm 57y  
Scranton Road14Sep271853    Hoyt, Maryella 1y11m27dWF
Scranton Road185Apr41898    Hrenice, Wm C 37yWM
Scranton Road1101Jun151907    Huaach, Herman 5yWM
Scranton Road127       Humel,Mr48y M
Scranton Road231   Mar241915 Humphrey, Jack 1d  
Scranton Road162Nov61889   510Hunt, Annie 6dWF
Scranton Road179Feb241895    Ierson, Augusta 30yWF
Scranton Road222   Dec261912 Ireson, Ann 77y  
Scranton Road332   Jul171933 Ireson, W E 66y  
Scranton Road328   Mar271931 Irwin, Flossie 19y  
Scranton Road167Apr61891    Isaac, Mathilda E 57yWF
Scranton Road167Jan91891    Isaac, Wathilda A 7mWF
Scranton Road211   Oct281910 Isitt, Thomas G    
Scranton Road318   Mar231926 Isitt, Thos 79y  
Scranton Road178Oct31894    Jahnke,Infant WF
Scranton Road163Apr241890   562Jaisre, 2dWM
Scranton Road311   Mar291923 Jakym,SB   
Scranton Road316   Jun91925 James, Emily 46y  
Scranton Road336   Dec241936 James, Margaret A 74y  
Scranton Road310   Jan131923 James, Richard 74y  
Scranton Road239   Sep61916 Jancjyk,Baby   
Scranton Road180Jul301895    Janke,Infant WM
Scranton Road157Aug241888   380Janke, Minnie 8mWF
Scranton Road238   Jun11916 Jarres, Thelma Lucile 13h  
Scranton Road150Mar201886    Jarter, Matilda 19mWF
Scranton Road26   Nov151909 Jarvis,    
Scranton Road48Oct261966Oct281965 Jehrenbach, Emma V 87y  
Scranton Road212   Feb141911 Jensey, Fred    
Scranton Road324   Apr111929 Jevas,SB   
Scranton Road248   Dec21918 Jewett, Emrett 8m  
Scranton Road189Jan221901    Jockel, Elizabeth 78yWF
Scranton Road334   May81935 Johanni, Godfrey 9m  
Scranton Road171Aug311892    Johnson,Baby WF
Scranton Road22   Apr261918 Johnson, John 52y  
Scranton Road22   Apr151918 Johnston,Infant   
Scranton Road246   Jan101918 Johnston, Adam 10m  
Scranton Road240   Jan91917 Johnston, Lillian    
Scranton Road1101Apr101907    Jones, Delbert 10mWM
Scranton Road193Jan201903    Jones, Mary 64yWF
Scranton Road228   May261914 Jones, William    
Scranton Road38   Feb271922 Jopolski,SB   
Scranton Road148Dec151885    Judson, Berry 6mWM
Scranton Road171Aug211892    Judson, Isaac 96yWM
Scranton Road186Feb131899    Juengling,Infant WF
Scranton Road189Dec311900    Juengling,Infant WF
Scranton Road191Oct111901    Juengling,Baby WF
Scranton Road155Dec71887   299Juengling, ? 80y6mWM
Scranton Road159May271889   448Juengling, Chas 20yWM
Scranton Road334   Oct311935 Juhasz, Peter 44y  
Scranton Road154Aug141887   263Jukolouski, F 10mWF
Scranton Road185Mar131898    Jungling,Baby WM
Scranton Road328   Feb231931 Juras,SB   
Scranton Road154Sep61887   270Kacken, Fred 1yWM
Scranton Road196Mar141905    Kadow, 9dWM
Scranton Road199May91906    Kadow, Charles 2dWM
Scranton Road168May101891    Kadow, Lena 20yWF
Scranton Road311   Sep151923 Kaehn, Charles H 65y  
Scranton Road219   Apr81912 Kaempfer, Christ    
Scranton Road224   Jun241913 Kaempfert, Lena    
Scranton Road156May191888   340Kaiser, Emma 5wWF
Scranton Road160Aug261889   466Kalbreiner, 17dWM
Scranton Road215   Aug151911 Kalzen, Walter    
Scranton Road212   Jan211911 Kamenberg, Emma    
Scranton Road211   Dec151910 Kammenberg,Baby   
Scranton Road211   Dec151910 Kammenberg,Baby   
Scranton Road47May161963May201963 Kamp, Bertha 83y F
Scranton Road41Feb41947Feb81947 Kamp, Elizabeth 78yWF
Scranton Road41Feb41947Feb81947 Kamp, Elizabeth 78yWF
Scranton Road156Apr161888   334Karbary, Friedrich 7wWM
Scranton Road249   Jan241919 Karberg, Chas 63y  
Scranton Road22   Jun101918 Karberg, Sophie 75y  
Scranton Road318   May81926 Karbert, Caroline 69y  
Scranton Road333   Jun61934 Karken,SB   
Scranton Road31   Feb141919 Karls, Robt 33y  
Scranton Road317   Oct91925 Karpenski, CarrieAKA Cornie39y  
Scranton Road317   Oct91925 Karpenski, CornieAKA Carrie39y  
Scranton Road152Dec181886    Karuny, Lena 2dWF
Scranton Road198Nov281905    Kasten, Karl 60yWM
Scranton Road336   Dec211936 Kasten, Sophie 89y  
Scranton Road238   May111916 Kastnar, Mary 72y  
Scranton Road152Mar31887    Kaufmann, Adam 76yWM
Scranton Road182Oct201896    Kaufmann, Chatarina 67yWF
Scranton Road170Jan291892    Kaunn, Emilie 12dWF
Scranton Road157Jul281888   363Kay,Baby14dWM
Scranton Road13May281850    Kay, William Duaine 8mWM
Scranton Road166Oct161890    Kaye, Franki 4y4m2wWM
Scranton Road194Jan201904    Keatt, F 80yWM
Scranton Road42Aug151950Aug181950 Keck, Edward 67yWM
Scranton Road335   Mar251936 Keehn, Pauline 76y  
Scranton Road188Dec291899    Kehl, Harry 10mWM
Scranton Road166Sep141890    Keiser, Wm 8mWM
Scranton Road155Jan171888   309Keller,Baby51y6mWF
Scranton Road193Jan151897    Keller,Infant WM
Scranton Road167Jan201891    Keller, Frank 1y8mWM
Scranton Road177May91894    Keller, Martha 10mWF
Scranton Road13Aug291849    Kellog, Horace 26yWM
Scranton Road224   Jul171913 Kelza, Peter 29y  
Scranton Road190Aug241901    Kemp,Baby WF
Scranton Road314   Sep21924 Kemp, William 52y  
Scranton Road24   May11909 Keney, Harold    
Scranton Road178Sep131894    Kensuin, Ida 9m F
Scranton Road328   Feb211931 Kepke, Hannah 84y  
Scranton Road229   Sep141914 Keppernck, Christian 70y  
Scranton Road331   Jan111933 Keppernick, Dorothea 90y  
Scranton Road239   Jun161916 Kern,Baby   
Scranton Road150Mar281886    Kernspult, 49dWM
Scranton Road39   May271922 Kerwin, Frank 21y  
Scranton Road310   Mar51923 Kestner, Adam 80y  
Scranton Road190May31901    Keting, Sophia 77yWF
Scranton Road197Aug301905    Kettendorf, Cluut 71yWM
Scranton Road316   Apr101925 Kettig,Baby   
Scranton Road177May231894    Keunerow, Auguste 2yWF
Scranton Road217   Nov151911 Kewitz, Katharina 75y  
Scranton Road31   Mar121919 Kewitz, Peter 69y  
Scranton Road167Feb211891    Kiefer, Jacob 7mWM
Scranton Road320   Jun91927 Killmer, Gustav C 54y  
Scranton Road34   Jul61920 King, 5h  
Scranton Road197May231905    Kinkel, E 80yWF
Scranton Road190Sep211901    Kinserofski, 6dWM
Scranton Road179Mar131895    Kinserowski, Anna 6wWF
Scranton Road170Jan171892    Kintzel,Baby WM
Scranton Road153Jul191887   252Kintzel, Frank 7mWM
Scranton Road234   Sep201915 Kirchbaum, Frank 38y  
Scranton Road33   Apr241920 Kirkwood, Ruth 2m  
Scranton Road213   Apr151911 Kish, Joe    
Scranton Road172Oct31892    Kissel, 1hWF
Scranton Road198Nov71905    Kittendorf, Mary 83yWF
Scranton Road179Nov181894    Klamin, Michael 65yWM
Scranton Road1101Apr181907    Klatt, Ida 1yWF
Scranton Road216   Sep81911 Klaum, Caroline 74y  
Scranton Road192Aug161902    Klein,Baby WM
Scranton Road28   Mar191910 Klein,SB   
Scranton Road28   Mar211910 Klein, E D    
Scranton Road49   Jul251969 Klein, Emma 89y F
Scranton Road41Oct191945Oct221945 Klein, John 74yWM
Scranton Road195Jul271904    Klein, Ruby 2dWM
Scranton Road167Apr81891    Kleinan,Baby WF
Scranton Road181Sep71895    Kleinschmidt,Infant WM
Scranton Road198Oct251905    Klekner, Barbra 31yWF
Scranton Road1101May51907    Klien,Baby WM
Scranton Road182Jul61896    Klinenan, Fred 7wWM
Scranton Road168May161891    Kling, Anna M 4m16dWF
Scranton Road42Feb31950Feb61950 Kling, John F 62yWM
Scranton Road42Jan251950Jan281950 Kling, Peter Joel 93yWM
Scranton Road31   Apr171919 Kling, Wm 34y  
Scranton Road177Apr271894    Klinger, Hedwig 5mWF
Scranton Road192Apr291902    Klinn, Esther 7mWF
Scranton Road230   Jan221915 Kloepper, Wm    
Scranton Road318   Dec161925 Knapp,SB   
Scranton Road327   Oct91930 Knauber, Geo M 77y  
Scranton Road33   Feb241920 Knauber, Ida 65y  
Scranton Road247   Sep281918 Knauber, Ida C 65y  
Scranton Road46Aug121961Aug161961 Knauber, Louise 95y F
Scranton Road182Oct141896    Knauber, Magdelena 68yWF
Scranton Road1102Dec151907    Knaus, George 77yWM
Scranton Road148Dec131885   434Knaus, Mary 64yWF
Scranton Road1103Sep101908    Knopf, Rubby 10dWF
Scranton Road336   Mar171937 Knyszek,SB   
Scranton Road159May181889   444Koblin, Maria 3y7mWF
Scranton Road243   Jul171917 Kobs, Auguste 58y  
Scranton Road214   Jun31911 Kobs, George    
Scranton Road336   Feb111937 Kobs, Herman 51y  
Scranton Road178Jul141894    Kobs, Ludwig 7mWM
Scranton Road155Mar161888   325Koch,Baby WF
Scranton Road185Mar151898    Koch,Infant WM
Scranton Road194Oct91903    Koch,SB WF
Scranton Road213   Apr31911 Koch, Amonda    
Scranton Road159Mar51889   427Koch, Baby  WF
Scranton Road1102May201908    Koch, Chas 44yWM
Scranton Road227   Feb241914 Koch, Friedrich 20y  
Scranton Road237   Feb111916 Koch, John 88y  
Scranton Road236   Jan41916 Koch, Maria E 82y  
Scranton Road178Oct81894    Kock,Infant Twin 1 WF
Scranton Road178Oct81894    Kock,Infant Twin 2 WF
Scranton Road165May41890    Kock, Elsie 9hWF
Scranton Road167Apr91891    Koebig,Baby WF
Scranton Road211   Dec311910 Koehlke,Infant   
Scranton Road189Dec191900    Koehlke, Anna 23yWF
Scranton Road190Apr121901    Koehlke, Frederick 62yWM
Scranton Road193Dec241902    Koehlke, Herbert W 3mWM
Scranton Road314   Sep221924 Koehlke, Minnie 82y  
Scranton Road187Aug31899    Koehlke, Regina 16mWF
Scranton Road222   Oct261912 Koehn, August 82y  
Scranton Road227   Mar231914 Koehn, Carolina 89y  
Scranton Road42Mar91949Mar121949 Koehn, Henry 93yWM
Scranton Road218   Jan161912 Koehn, Louise    
Scranton Road178Jul141894    Koenig, Erma 5mWF
Scranton Road316   Mar51925 Koenig, Ernestine 83y  
Scranton Road174Jul141893    Koenig, Louise 6mWF
Scranton Road335   Mar301936 Koenig, Maria S 86y  
Scranton Road1101Apr141907    Koenig, Otto 20yWM
Scranton Road178Sep81894    Koepke, Aurthur 8y14dWM
Scranton Road156May301888   345Koepkes,Baby WM
Scranton Road197Jul111905    Koester, Grace 9yWF
Scranton Road34   Aug21920 Kogert,SB   
Scranton Road157Oct311888   388Kohen, Carl 9yWM
Scranton Road191Feb201902    Kohl, Anna M 64yWF
Scranton Road154Oct51887   279Kohl, Conrad 60yWM
Scranton Road171Jun211892    Kohlberg,Baby WM
Scranton Road314   Sep51924 Kohler, Carrie 37y  
Scranton Road182Aug271896    Kohler, Fred 37yWM
Scranton Road188Apr71900    Kohler, Ricki 47yWF
Scranton Road153Aug31887   256Kohler, Willie 1yWM
Scranton Road42Sep261950Sep281950 Kohls, Bertha 91yWF
Scranton Road324   Dec241928 Kohls, Frederich 66y  
Scranton Road177May231894    Kohstan, Mary 1m24dWF
Scranton Road184Jul171897    Kolb, 85y  
Scranton Road178Aug221894    Kolb, Clara 4mWF
Scranton Road32   Sep51919 Kolberg, Anna 53y  
Scranton Road1101Aug161907    Kolberg, George 1y6mWM
Scranton Road328   Mar41931 Kolberg, Richard 58y  
Scranton Road136       Konig, Eleterm    
Scranton Road136       Konig, Lizzie 5m  
Scranton Road186Sep301898    Konig, PaulinaMrs43yWF
Scranton Road28   Apr221910 Konz, Barbara    
Scranton Road195Sep31904    Konz, Fredrich 75yWM
Scranton Road185May231898    Konz, Mabel 24dWF
Scranton Road333   Nov231934 Kopik, FrankSee Copik53y  
Scranton Road189Nov161900    Koplin, Edna 8mWM
Scranton Road163Mar171890   555Kopp, August 5mWM
Scranton Road36   Jun11921 Korash, Anna 18d  
Scranton Road249   Jan71919 Koren, Thomas C 1d  
Scranton Road166Oct101890    Kort,Baby WF
Scranton Road324   Apr221929 Kosikowski, 3d  
Scranton Road196Sep91897    Koskofsky, O 15mWM
Scranton Road241   Jan221917 Kostbar, Herbert 3m  
Scranton Road165May141890    Kounde, Henry 3dWM
Scranton Road328   Feb131931 Kovach, MichaelJr1d  
Scranton Road37   Sep141921 Kowalewski, Gertrude 14y  
Scranton Road44Jan151958Jan181958 Kozulla, David James 1yWM
Scranton Road195Jul111904    Krabarg, Fred 57yWM
Scranton Road28   Apr131910 Krabb, Mary    
Scranton Road216   Oct91911 Krabbe, Fred    
Scranton Road198Feb11906    Kraemer, Phil 78yWF
Scranton Road162Jan21890   528Krammer, Mary 4y6mWF
Scranton Road162Nov101889   512Kramp,Baby4hWF
Scranton Road185Jul91898    Kramp, Edwin 5mWM
Scranton Road231   Feb161915 Kramp, Heinrich 64y  
Scranton Road325   Jun201929 Kramp, Theresa 77y  
Scranton Road170Apr21892    Krampf,Infant WM
Scranton Road197May291905    Kranuf,Infant WM
Scranton Road170Feb101892    Kratt, Mary 68yWF
Scranton Road246   Jan221918 Kraus,Baby   
Scranton Road225   Oct291913 Kraus, August    
Scranton Road241   Jan181917 Kraus, Geo 53y  
Scranton Road1100Feb141907    Kraus, Mick 52yWM
Scranton Road168Apr91891    Krause, Anna 4y10mWF
Scranton Road184Apr261897    Krause, Frank C 37yWM
Scranton Road1102Apr221908    Krause, Fred 72yWM
Scranton Road160Oct211889   485Krause, John 4yWM
Scranton Road197Jun11905    Krause, Sophia 75yWF
Scranton Road168May101891    Kreckel, Christian  WM
Scranton Road327   Dec81930 Kregenbrink, Lena 73y  
Scranton Road198Feb81906    Krehenbring, Minnie 43yWF
Scranton Road241   Jan131917 Kreinbring, Chas 49y  
Scranton Road235   Oct141915 Kreinbrink, Caroline 80y  
Scranton Road192Aug111902    Kreiss, 2dWM
Scranton Road36   May231921 Kreling, Donald J 3y  
Scranton Road178Oct221894    Krempin, 8hWM
Scranton Road178Jul151894    Krempin, Ernst 11mWM
Scranton Road174Jul151893    Krempin, Minnie 8mWF
Scranton Road331   Oct261932 Kresin, August 74y  
Scranton Road136       Kretzel, Parsham 67y  
Scranton Road177May111894    Kreuger, Gertrud 1y6mWF
Scranton Road169Jul191891    Kreuger, Louisa 43yWF
Scranton Road32   Sep21919 Kreuse, Magdalene 75y  
Scranton Road321   Oct111927 Kriedeman, Jean 6m  
Scranton Road167Apr21891    Kriedemann,Baby WF
Scranton Road197Apr171905    Kriedman, 3dWF
Scranton Road213   Mar251911 Kriedman, Ruth    
Scranton Road227   Mar241914 Kriehlan, Henry 63y  
Scranton Road31   May51919 Kriesen,Baby   
Scranton Road232   Jun211915 Kriews, Frederick 71y  
Scranton Road41Dec21946Dec51946 Kriews, Minnie 71yWF
Scranton Road160Sep101889   477Kriews, Wm 16mWM
Scranton Road247   Aug221918 Krimpin, Wm 60y  
Scranton Road37   Nov51921 Kritzel, Carolina 79y  
Scranton Road225   Jul261913 Kritzel, Wm 75y  
Scranton Road248   Nov91918 Kritzel, WmJr41y  
Scranton Road198Mar251906    Krnauber, Ludwig 61yWM
Scranton Road174Feb201893    Krueger, Alma 2yWF
Scranton Road318   Jan81926 Krueger, August 88y  
Scranton Road243   Jun81917 Krueger, Carl 26y  
Scranton Road174Mar231893    Krueger, Clara 3y6mWF
Scranton Road314   Jun241924 Krueger, Dorathea 88y  
Scranton Road229   Jul211914 Krueger, Fredricka 77y  
Scranton Road157Sep241888   378Krueger, Frieda 21yWF
Scranton Road169Dec131891    Krueger, Henry 4yWM
Scranton Road186Jan31899    Krueger, Herbert 6dWM
Scranton Road169Dec31891    Krueger, Ida 8yWF
Scranton Road157Oct151888   386Krueger, M 7mWF
Scranton Road186Dec251898    Krueger, Ruth 5mWF
Scranton Road185Apr301898    Krueger, Wilford 3y6mWM
Scranton Road171Aug131892    Krueger, Wm 1y6mWM
Scranton Road215   Jul271911 Kruger, Louisa    
Scranton Road194Mar111904    Kruggel, 1hWM
Scranton Road196Dec221904    Kruggel, 1dWF
Scranton Road311   Apr301923 Kruggel,Baby   
Scranton Road23   Jan221909 Kruggel, David    
Scranton Road233   Aug61915 Kruggel, Florintina 74y  
Scranton Road225   Oct241913 Kruhm,Infant   
Scranton Road181Apr251896    Krumpin, 5dWM
Scranton Road172Dec291892    Kruse,Infant WF
Scranton Road174Jul51893    Kruse, 1dWM
Scranton Road177May171894    Kruse, Infant 4dWM
Scranton Road183Dec211896    Kruse, Johanna 51yWF
Scranton Road169Nov11891    Kruse, Lena 16yWF
Scranton Road319   Jun51926 Kubitz,SB   
Scranton Road230   Dec211914 Kubitz, Emily 2m  
Scranton Road318   Apr261926 Kubitz, Marie 4y  
Scranton Road247   Aug271918 Kuckenbacher, Pauline 60y  
Scranton Road158Feb21889   416Kuebel, Fred 39yWM
Scranton Road312   Nov31923 Kuehn, August 73y  
Scranton Road153Jul311887   254Kuelle, Anna 6mWF
Scranton Road171Sep41892    Kueller, 2hWF
Scranton Road189Aug111900    Kuenzer, Caroline 61yWF
Scranton Road183Nov61896    Kuenzer, Chas 63yWM
Scranton Road24   Mar231909 Kuenzer, Fred    
Scranton Road223   Feb221913 Kugler, Henry 47y  
Scranton Road189Dec271900    Kuhlman, Gust 26yWM
Scranton Road158Jan71889   413Kuhmieder, Lottie 3yWF
Scranton Road189Dec221900    Kuhrt,Infant WF
Scranton Road193Nov261902    Kuhrt, Ernst 27yWM
Scranton Road217   Nov41911 Kuikow, Margeruite    
Scranton Road191Jan181902    Kulb, W G 10y11mWM
Scranton Road319   Nov141926 Kulczycki,SB   
Scranton Road184Jul108197    Kulow, Carrie 39yWF
Scranton Road1100Mar21907    Kulow, Freiderika 82yWF
Scranton Road188Apr81900    Kunger, Ruth 8mWF
Scranton Road136       Kuntzer,SB   
Scranton Road219       Kurfes, Albert    
Scranton Road156Jul61888   353Kurfes, BabyBaby WM
Scranton Road219       Kurfes, Thos    
Scranton Road183Dec221896    Kurfis, Thomas 61yWM
Scranton Road159Feb231889   425Kusnzer, Baby 17mWM
Scranton Road37   Sep151921 Kuta,Baby   
Scranton Road313   Feb231924 Lack, Anna 8y  
Scranton Road212   Mar41911 Lackman, J    
Scranton Road178Oct51894    Ladhardt,Infant WF
Scranton Road197Aug141905    Laevey, Arurlia 84yWF
Scranton Road197Jul31905    Laich, Jacob 46yWM
Scranton Road190Mar111901    Laisch, Erwin 3yWM
Scranton Road235   Dec11915 Laisey, Henry    
Scranton Road150Mar111886    Laisy, Henry 50y10mWM
Scranton Road183Oct261896    Laivey, C L 81yWM
Scranton Road327   Jul291930 Lamb, Mary 42y  
Scranton Road327   Jul231930 Lamb, Mary 42y  
Scranton Road218   Jan161912 Lampus, Theodor    
Scranton Road39   Aug291922 Lance, Clarence 32y  
Scranton Road36   Apr281921 Landsberg, Harriett    
Scranton Road233   Jul81915 Landsberg, Jane R 77y  
Scranton Road139Mar10     Landsburg, Lula    
Scranton Road168Jun211891    Lang,Baby WF
Scranton Road198Oct31905    Lang, Agnes 5mWF
Scranton Road166Aug191890    Lang, Ernst 56yWM
Scranton Road29   Jul41910 Lang, Florence    
Scranton Road234   Sep41915 Lang, Geo 11y  
Scranton Road158Feb51889   419Lang, Henry 32yWM
Scranton Road231   Mar51915 Lange, John H 83y  
Scranton Road190Aug131901    Lange, Mary 67yWF
Scranton Road176Mar151894    Lange, Wm A 22yWM
Scranton Road241   Feb211917 Lansberg, John 60y  
Scranton Road11   Jul 1848 Lapp,Mrs WF
Scranton Road197Aug141905    Lapp, 12dWM
Scranton Road182Oct171896    Lapp, Andrew 85yWM
Scranton Road152Mar151887    Lapp, E 16mWM
Scranton Road329   Nov101931 Larcus,SB   
Scranton Road1102   Mar11908 Lards,1 of 6 Bodies   
Scranton Road1102   Mar11908 Lards,2 of 6 Bodies   
Scranton Road1102   Mar11908 Lards,3 of 6 Bodies   
Scranton Road1102   Mar11908 Lards,4 of 6 Bodies   
Scranton Road1102   Mar11908 Lards,5 of 6 Bodies   
Scranton Road1102   Mar11908 Lards,6 of 6 Bodies   
Scranton Road245   Dec261917 Laroton, Alfred 30y  
Scranton Road221   Sep21912 Larsen, Nils 28y  
Scranton Road249   Jan81919 Larsen, Wm 28y  
Scranton Road223   Feb241913 Larson, Ruth Margarette    
Scranton Road236   Jan131916 Laskowski, Wm A 59y  
Scranton Road185Jun41898    Lazaroff, Mary 75yWF
Scranton Road313   Mar171924 LeFevre, Edgar L 17y  
Scranton Road228   Jun81914 Lehman, 3y  
Scranton Road139       Lehman, Charlotte 4y6m  
Scranton Road237   Apr111916 Lehman, Florence 1d  
Scranton Road196Mar151905    Lehman, H 18mWM
Scranton Road168Apr111891    Lehman, Henry 59yWM
Scranton Road245   Nov11917 Lehman, Henry 2d  
Scranton Road240   Jan21917 Lehman, Roy J    
Scranton Road222   Jan71913 Lehman, Stella 6y  
Scranton Road152Nov151886    Lehrke, Emil 2dWM
Scranton Road193Aug81903    Lehrker, Anna 3yWF
Scranton Road32   Sep101919 Leibly, Carolina 63y  
Scranton Road193Nov281902    Leiwner,Infant WF
Scranton Road161      497Lelern, William Peter 6y  
Scranton Road177Jun141894    Lemke, Alma 1y6mWF
Scranton Road23   Jan151909 Lemke, Joe    
Scranton Road179Mar131895    Lempke,Infant WF
Scranton Road335   Nov111935 Lengvarsky, FrancisSB   
Scranton Road334   May41935 Lenhagen, Chas 82y  
Scranton Road174Jul91893    Lenz, George 74yWM
Scranton Road23   Jan151909 Lenz, George    
Scranton Road243   Jun221917 Lenz, Johanna 93y  
Scranton Road152Feb41887    Lenzke, Fred 6wWM
Scranton Road33   Feb141920 Lepp, Louie 38y  
Scranton Road168May241891    Lerandofsky,Baby WF
Scranton Road37   Sep21921 Lessing,Baby   
Scranton Road211   Dec161910 Leucht, Ethel    
Scranton Road213   Mar141911 Leucht, John    
Scranton Road315   Dec261924 Leucke, Edward Aor Leweke1m  
Scranton Road185Dec261897    Leuzke, Clarence 11mWM
Scranton Road172Feb161893    Leverenz, 3dWM
Scranton Road221   Sep301912 Levins, Percy L 28y  
Scranton Road36   Jun221921 Levy,Baby   
Scranton Road315   Dec261924 Leweke, Edward ASee Leucke1m  
Scranton Road327   Jul71930 Lewis, Luella 53y  
Scranton Road314   Aug171924 Lewis, Theodore 50y  
Scranton Road311   Apr241923 Lewton,Baby   
Scranton Road235   Dec241915 Lewton, Robt W 2m  
Scranton Road181Mar121896    Lex, 2mWM
Scranton Road32   Oct231919 Lieber, Ruth 80y  
Scranton Road212   Mar21911 Lieblein, E    
Scranton Road332   Sep61933 Liepert, Mary 46y  
Scranton Road41Oct181946Oct211946 Lietz, Anna 81yWF
Scranton Road317   Oct291925 Lietz, August 67y  
Scranton Road139       Liffing, Augustus 19y  
Scranton Road191Dec191901    Linde, Margreth 2hWF
Scranton Road186Apr61899    Lindhorst, 2yWM
Scranton Road188Jun281900    Lindhorst,Baby WF
Scranton Road31   Mar31919 Lindhorst, Clara 29y  
Scranton Road184May171897    Lindhorst, George 3y6mWM
Scranton Road33   May311920 Lindhorst, Wm 29y  
Scranton Road249   Jan291919 Lindie, Justina 83y  
Scranton Road194Dec161903    Lindus, 4dWF
Scranton Road234   Aug251915 Lindus, Ellen 72y  
Scranton Road179Nov61894    Ling,Mr37yWM
Scranton Road179Dec181894    Ling, Eva 31yWF
Scranton Road155Jan311888   312Lingg, Lousia 32yWF
Scranton Road312   Nov261923 Lingg, Marie 65y  
Scranton Road316   Mar171925 Lingg, William 64y  
Scranton Road232   Jun81915 Livingston, Mary A 84y  
Scranton Road336   Feb81937 Lock, Mary 53y  
Scranton Road163Apr91890   561Loebig,Baby WM
Scranton Road25   Jul21909 Loeblein,    
Scranton Road159Apr71889   438Loeblein, M 63yWF
Scranton Road312   Nov111923 Loeblein, Roland 4d  
Scranton Road155Jan291888   303Loeblin, Wm 4yWM
Scranton Road1102Mar271908    Loebs, 1mWM
Scranton Road178Aug191894    Loempert, Infant 1wWM
Scranton Road184Jul61897    Loescher, Grace 7mWF
Scranton Road36   Jul111921 Loewner, John 58y  
Scranton Road198Nov231905    Loewner, Johorna 71yWM
Scranton Road168Apr141891    Loewner, William 7wWM
Scranton Road166Sep81890    Lohmeyer, Henry 79yWM
Scranton Road26   Sep281909 Londberg, Lily    
Scranton Road212   Mar71911 Long, O    
Scranton Road235   Nov291915 Lonkowski, John 29y  
Scranton Road13Aug131851    Loper, Edwin A 32y3mWM
Scranton Road13Sep71852    Loper, John W 46yWM
Scranton Road13Feb281852    Loper, SmyrnaMrs68y7mWF
Scranton Road193Apr271903    Lorde, Elisabeth 17yWF
Scranton Road170Mar191892    Lorenz,Baby WM
Scranton Road330   Jan81932 Lorenz, Otto 50y  
Scranton Road185Apr11898    Lorndsbergs, Henry 62yWM
Scranton Road11   Jul 1848 Low,  WM
Scranton Road42Aug281949Aug311949 Lowner, Elizabeth M 85yWF
Scranton Road192Nov141902    Lucas,Infant WM
Scranton Road198Dec301905    Lucas, Adam 10dWM
Scranton Road191Nov61902    Lucas, Carolina 74yWF
Scranton Road177Mar61894    Lucas, Elmer 6yWM
Scranton Road184Aug131897    Lucas, Harry 10mWM
Scranton Road137Sep111885   422Lucas, Jacob 58yWM
Scranton Road144Sep111885   422Lucas, Jacob 58yWM
Scranton Road155Feb261888   321Lucas, Jacob 26yWM
Scranton Road174Feb271893    Lucas, Margaretha 30yWF
Scranton Road1103Dec71908    Lucas, Margaretha 76yWF
Scranton Road193Apr251903    Lucas, Martin 72yWM
Scranton Road175Aug271893    Lucas, Valentine 56yWM
Scranton Road187Aug291899    Lucas, Vernon C 3mWM
Scranton Road235   Dec21915 Lucas, Wm E 8m  
Scranton Road186Aug271898    Luce,Infant WM
Scranton Road217   Dec41911 Lucor, Katharine    
Scranton Road46Nov141962Nov171962 Lucus, Emma 85y F
Scranton Road177May211894    Ludwig, 3dWF
Scranton Road244   Sep111917 Ludwig, Adolph 79y  
Scranton Road38   Jan301922 Ludwig, Anna 74y  
Scranton Road172Sep191892    Ludwig, Barbetta 3mWF
Scranton Road150Mar181886    Ludwig, Maria 13yWF
Scranton Road239   Jul31916 Ludwig, William 38y  
Scranton Road333   Jun51934 Luecht, Caroline 72y  
Scranton Road316   Apr271925 Luecht, Chas W 65y  
Scranton Road189Aug281900    Luecht, Edna 10mWF
Scranton Road193Mar181903    Luecht, F 80yWF
Scranton Road327   Nov281930 Luecht, Herman 66y  
Scranton Road44Mar311958Apr31958 Luecht, Herman C 68yWF
Scranton Road328   Dec201930 Luecht, Louisa 68y  
Scranton Road41Mar161948Mar181948 Luecht, Minnie 81yWF
Scranton Road181Jun11896    Luecht, Willie 7y  
Scranton Road313   Apr91924 Luecht, WmJr67y  
Scranton Road230   Jan271915 Luehr,Baby   
Scranton Road156Jul41888   352Luigg, Walther L 5mWM
Scranton Road180Aug311895    Lukas, May 6m F
Scranton Road322   Mar121928 Lumley, John H 70y  
Scranton Road336   Dec211936 Lundstorm, Chas 60y  
Scranton Road240   Sep251916 Lusse,Infant   
Scranton Road238   Jun151916 Luther,Baby   
Scranton Road174Mar81893    Lutze, 5dWM
Scranton Road150Jan161886    Luzius, P 9mWM
Scranton Road210   Sep11910 Lyon, H    
Scranton Road320   Mar121927 MacBain, Marie E 79y  
Scranton Road175Oct191893    Macey, Wm 33yWM
Scranton Road192Jul41902    Macho, Elisabeth 86yWF
Scranton Road192Aug231902    Mack,Baby WM
Scranton Road327   Sep21930 Macko, Gladys 1y  
Scranton Road162Jan51890   530Maeller,Baby WF
Scranton Road143Jul181875    Magurtha, Julia 1y  
Scranton Road171Aug221892    Maibauer, Eddie 11mWM
Scranton Road191Nov61901    Maibaum, John H 71yWM
Scranton Road226   Jan161914 Maibichner, Johanna 73y  
Scranton Road157Aug131888   376Maibur, Wm 5mWM
Scranton Road168Jun81891    Maier,Baby WF
Scranton Road167Dec231890    Mailler, Henry 58yWM
Scranton Road315   Nov11924 Majewski,Baby   
Scranton Road335   Apr281936 Mallet, Kitty 52y  
Scranton Road330   Jan301932 Mallise, Frederick 78y  
Scranton Road143       Maltin, Lula 11y  
Scranton Road179Nov251894    Mandley,Baby WF
Scranton Road333   Aug241934 Mandock, Wayne Alton 2d  
Scranton Road187Aug201899    Manning, Geo 43yWM
Scranton Road165May281890    Marbus, Fritz 7mWM
Scranton Road324   Apr41929 Marcus,SB   
Scranton Road329   Sep241931 Marcus,SB   
Scranton Road326   Jun81930 Marens,SB   
Scranton Road178Oct61894    Markhoff, Carl 87yWM
Scranton Road26   Nov141909 Markof, Augusta    
Scranton Road331   Feb141933 Markowicz,SB   
Scranton Road171Jun281892    Markwardt,Baby WM
Scranton Road313   Jan91924 Marlin, Rebecca 71y  
Scranton Road191Jan231902    Marlitz,Baby WM
Scranton Road32   Jul151919 Marlitz, Dorathy June 22m  
Scranton Road174Feb261893    Marquardt,Baby WF
Scranton Road174Mar251893    Marquardt,Infant WF
Scranton Road244   Oct201917 Marquardt,Baby   
Scranton Road249   Jan201919 Marquardt,Baby   
Scranton Road326   Mar 1930 Marquardt, 5h  
Scranton Road319   Nov11926 Marquardt, Anna 83y  
Scranton Road314   Jun141924 Marquardt, Edward 50y  
Scranton Road181Oct31895    Marse, Anna M 43yWF
Scranton Road332   May181933 Marski,SB   
Scranton Road330   Mar141932 Marstowicz,SB   
Scranton Road197Jun301905    Martens, Mar 54yWF
Scranton Road170Apr191892    Martin, Mary 19yWF
Scranton Road158Nov251888   400Martin, Mary Ann 77yWF
Scranton Road331   Oct31932 Martula,SB   
Scranton Road328   Mar311931 Masa, Mary 2y  
Scranton Road331   Apr121933 Masa, Mary Irene 2y  
Scranton Road34   Jun151920 Mathern, Mary 62y  
Scranton Road169Sep201891    Mattarer, Elsa 10wWF
Scranton Road41Aug301946Sep31946 Mattern, Arthur 64yWM
Scranton Road335   Dec311935 Mattern, George 87y  
Scranton Road157Jul231888   359Mattison, John 71yWM
Scranton Road189Jul11900    Mattison, Webke 87yWF
Scranton Road172Oct91892    Matzskofski,Baby WM
Scranton Road143Jan181875    May, Delia 6m  
Scranton Road319   May241926 Mayer, Betty 2y  
Scranton Road318   Feb181926 Mayer, Donald 1y  
Scranton Road328   Dec181930 Mayle,SB   
Scranton Road232   Apr21915 Mayll, Myra 21y  
Scranton Road157Jul241888   362McAthur, D 3dWF
Scranton Road1101Aug21907    McFadden, Paul 6yWM
Scranton Road191Nov101901    McGee, Jane 29yWF
Scranton Road332   Mar121934 McGreal, Ida K 43y  
Scranton Road313   Jan211924 McKay, George M 16y  
Scranton Road216   Aug281911 McLain, Frederick E 11m  
Scranton Road330   Feb101932 McMahon, Katherine 54y  
Scranton Road331   Apr271933 McMahon, Sarah A 86y  
Scranton Road43Feb161955Feb191955 McMahron, Frank A 72yWM
Scranton Road322   Jan311928 Meel, Frieda 53y  
Scranton Road237   Feb121916 Meese, John C 43y  
Scranton Road27   Feb161910 Meese, Otto H    
Scranton Road160Sep211889   478Mehlke,Baby WM
Scranton Road248   Nov191918 Mehls, Aug 27y  
Scranton Road336   Dec11936 Mehls, Ernest 50y  
Scranton Road180Jun301895    Meibauer, John 4mWM
Scranton Road163Mar41890   556Meiche, Elizabeth 1yWF
Scranton Road238   May241916 Meimer, Henry 63y  
Scranton Road233   Aug61915 Meinke, Fred 57y  
Scranton Road330   Jan261932 Meinke, Johanna 78y  
Scranton Road151Nov11886    Meinke, Otto 28dWM
Scranton Road320   Mar301927 Meister, Albert 58y  
Scranton Road38   Jan41922 Meister, Kathleen 9y  
Scranton Road327   Dec151930 Melcher, Cora Bell 40y  
Scranton Road25   Aug201909 Melcher, Geo    
Scranton Road321   Dec271927 Melcher, John B 67y  
Scranton Road41May41946May81946 Melcher, Mary Ann 84yWF
Scranton Road42Apr121948Apr141948 Mell, Gustav 79yWM
Scranton Road35   Dec151920 Melmik,Baby   
Scranton Road32   Jul211919 Melom,Baby   
Scranton Road165Jun71890    Melti, 36hWM
Scranton Road232   Jun51915 Melvin, Newel 9y  
Scranton Road225   Aug151913 Menzel, Edward 42y  
Scranton Road197Jul281905    Mere, August 62yWM
Scranton Road329   Jul241931 Merk, Lorenz 70y  
Scranton Road321   Nov101927 Merritt, Dora E 7y  
Scranton Road194Apr121904    Merz, Christina 51yWF
Scranton Road45May171958May291958 Merz, Fred 73yWM
Scranton Road156Jul111888   354Messe, -  WF
Scranton Road1102Feb41908    Metzger, E C 9yWM
Scranton Road25   Aug41909 Metzger, Wm    
Scranton Road176Mar281894    Meyer, 1dWM
Scranton Road235   Dec141915 Meyer, 2d  
Scranton Road13Aug31849    Meyer, Elizabeth 44yWF
Scranton Road24   May241909 Meyer, Elize    
Scranton Road13Aug151851    Meyer, Russina 1y6mWF
Scranton Road198Oct171905    Meyer, Wm 62yWM
Scranton Road325   Oct261929 Meyers, Eliza 81y  
Scranton Road153May231887   239Meyers, Emma 13mWF
Scranton Road36   Jun71921 Meyers, JohnBaby   
Scranton Road46May111962May141962 Michael, Frank Karl 82y M
Scranton Road334   May181935 Michael, Fredericke 75y  
Scranton Road332   Nov161933 Michael, Wm 85y  
Scranton Road174Mar231893    Michaels, Fred 56yWM
Scranton Road1103Jun61908    Michal, Kathren 82yWF
Scranton Road155Dec71887   300Michel, Wm 1y8mWM
Scranton Road32   Sep171919 Miehl, John 92y  
Scranton Road176Jan41894    Mielke,Infant WM
Scranton Road197Sep11905    Mielke, 17dWM
Scranton Road186Jul231898    Milke,Infant WF
Scranton Road223   Apr151913 Milke, Arthur 11y  
Scranton Road323   Dec121928 Milkey, Christina 53y  
Scranton Road151Oct131886    Miller, 6dWF
Scranton Road167Dec121890    Miller, 3dWM
Scranton Road219   Feb211912 Miller,Baby   
Scranton Road234   Aug121915 Miller,Baby   
Scranton Road238   Jun61916 Miller, Ann 25y  
Scranton Road196Dec41904    Miller, Edward 28yWM
Scranton Road143  1872    Miller, Eva 35y  
Scranton Road329   Oct11931 Miller, Fred 68y  
Scranton Road311   May251923 Miller, George E    
Scranton Road1102Feb191908    Miller, Gustav 29yWM
Scranton Road1103Feb191908    Miller, Gustav 29yWM
Scranton Road1101Jul151907    Miller, Herman 5mWM
Scranton Road143Oct201872    Miller, J 61y  
Scranton Road218   Jan61912 Miller, John    
Scranton Road317   Jul251925 Miller, John 18y  
Scranton Road315   Nov171924 Miller, Louis 53y  
Scranton Road151Sep241886    Miller, Lousi 2mWF
Scranton Road183Dec251896    Miller, Mary 6mWF
Scranton Road313   Feb241924 Miller, Walter    
Scranton Road197Jul121905    Miller, Wilhemina 16mWF
Scranton Road39   Sep51922 Milter, August 70y  
Scranton Road22   Jun251918 Milter, Helena 70y  
Scranton Road316   May281925 Milter, Michael 70y  
Scranton Road152Feb21887    Miltz, J 2mWF
Scranton Road192Apr111902    Minkse, 3dWF
Scranton Road181Nov21895    Mirlock, Friedericka 64yWF
Scranton Road172Feb71893    Mitchel, Alrander J 69yWM
Scranton Road155Jan291888   304Mock, Johanna 9yWF
Scranton Road137Aug121885   416Mock, John 2m21dWM
Scranton Road144Aug121885   416Mock, John 2m24dWM
Scranton Road166Sep61890    Mock, Minnie 16yWF
Scranton Road170Feb131892    Moeller,Baby WM
Scranton Road329   Apr201931 Moeller, 22h  
Scranton Road170Feb131892    Moeller, Anna M 32yWF
Scranton Road317   Dec141925 Moeller, Chas 4y  
Scranton Road1103Aug161908    Moeller, Christine 78yWF
Scranton Road25   Aug211909 Moeller, Esther    
Scranton Road321   Sep81927 Moeller, Herman 72y  
Scranton Road26   Nov41909 Mohl, Lena    
Scranton Road189Nov201900    Moll, Johann 72yWM
Scranton Road239   Jul21916 Mollet, Raymond 15y  
Scranton Road38   May11922 Molornski,Baby   
Scranton Road222   Oct291912 Monis,Baby   
Scranton Road185May181898    Montoro, Ruth 13dWF
Scranton Road34   Sep71920 Moore, 4y6m  
Scranton Road247   Aug131918 Moorman, Arnold 30y  
Scranton Road46Mar81962Mar121962 Moorman, Augusta 72y F
Scranton Road244   Sep191917 Morgan, Hazel Nadine 10m  
Scranton Road44Nov111955Nov141955 Morgan, Kenneth Lee 2mWM
Scranton Road331   Aug261932 Morgan, Lawrence 24y  
Scranton Road153Apr201887   233Morgen, Arthur 39yWM
Scranton Road333   Apr301934 Moritz, Fred W 77y  
Scranton Road41Feb261948Feb281948 Moritz, Margaret 81yWF
Scranton Road36   May21921 Moritz, Otto 1m  
Scranton Road328   Mar141931 Morizakis,SB   
Scranton Road222   Dec121912 Morlock, John 57y  
Scranton Road154Sep51887   271Morse, Willie 15yWM
Scranton Road229   Nov121914 Moss, Ames 81y  
Scranton Road27   Jan191910 Moss, Eliza    
Scranton Road187Dec241899    Moss, Jsiah 39yWF
Scranton Road199May121906    Moybe, C 22yWF
Scranton Road32   Jul211919 Mreitzkowski, Henry    
Scranton Road323   Dec41928 Mucho, Louisa Maria 76y  
Scranton Road174Mar21893    Muchow, 8mWF
Scranton Road183Nov271896    Muchow, Wm 52yWM
Scranton Road322   Mar231928 Mudenbach, Conrad 56y  
Scranton Road229   Sep141914 Muehl, Mary 79y  
Scranton Road177Jun291894    Muehler, Henry 4mWM
Scranton Road179Feb251895    Mueller,Baby WM
Scranton Road187Dec231899    Mueller,Baby WM
Scranton Road189     1900 Mueller,1 of 2 boddies   
Scranton Road189     1900 Mueller,2 of 2 boddies   
Scranton Road184Apr241897    Mueller, Albert 2yWM
Scranton Road335   May211936 Mueller, Augustine 77y  
Scranton Road176Jan51894    Mueller, Daniel 79yW 
Scranton Road169Sep131891    Mueller, Edward 3mWM
Scranton Road171Aug101892    Mueller, Edward 1y3mWM
Scranton Road187Nov261899    Mueller, Friederika 82yWF
Scranton Road1102May251908    Mueller, Johann 66yWM
Scranton Road31   Apr81919 Mueller, John 69y  
Scranton Road190Jun31901    Mueller, Marie 83yWF
Scranton Road160Jul161889   462Mueller, Martha 9mWF
Scranton Road150Jun241886    Mueller, Wm 6wWM
Scranton Road167Feb261891    Mughler, John 66yWM
Scranton Road148Oct281885   427Muglar, John 31yWM
Scranton Road194Feb211904    Mugler, Christiana 74yWF
Scranton Road144Oct281885   427Mugler, John 31yWM
Scranton Road168Apr121891    Muller, Carl 15mWM
Scranton Road158Jan11889   411Muller, Ernst 22y6mWM
Scranton Road315   Dec121924 Murdocke, Maude E 53y  
Scranton Road31   Mar291919 Murlitz, Norman S 1d  
Scranton Road179Feb231895    Muths, Arthur W 6mWM
Scranton Road230   Dec221914 Myer, MattieSB   
Scranton Road213   May31911 Mykalesryn,Infant   
Scranton Road214   Jun191911 Nadewsk, Vincence    
Scranton Road158Nov271888   398Naegele, Barbara 14yWF
Scranton Road245   Nov251917 Naegele, Dorothy    
Scranton Road38   Mar301922 Naegele, Louis 73y  
Scranton Road41Mar251947Mar291947 Naegele, Marie 96yWF
Scranton Road41Mar251947Mar251947 Naegele, Marie 96yWF
Scranton Road151Oct211886    Naegele, W 22yWM
Scranton Road154Nov201887   293Naegle, Jack 15yWM
Scranton Road154Aug271887   267Naegle, Mary 19yWF
Scranton Road184May81897    Nagel, Minnie 31yWF
Scranton Road179Jan291895    Naigle, Rosa 3mWF
Scranton Road171Jul271892    Nash, Dereton E 1yWM
Scranton Road38   Mar61922 Nash, Harry L 72y  
Scranton Road171Aug251892    Neagele, Georg 6mWM
Scranton Road34   Oct201920 Neal, Mary O 42y  
Scranton Road216   Oct21911 Needham, Elroy 94y  
Scranton Road195Aug161904    Neel, Robert 58yWM
Scranton Road1100Dec161906    Nehls, Adolf 75yWM
Scranton Road1100Jan41907    Nehls, Louis 38yWM
Scranton Road156Jun231888   350Nehranz, Christ 68yWM
Scranton Road192Apr201902    Nehrenz, Christina 43yWF
Scranton Road159Feb71889   420Nehrenz, Mary 70yWF
Scranton Road323   Dec111928 Nehrenz, Wm 74y  
Scranton Road211   Jan21911 Neienbergh,Infant   
Scranton Road211   Jan21911 Neienbergh,Infant   
Scranton Road162Jan81890   534Neil,Baby15mWM
Scranton Road159Mar81889   428Neile, May 5y6mWF
Scranton Road336   Jan41937 Neitheimer, Lydia 58y  
Scranton Road153Jun11887   241Nekapke,SB Baby WM
Scranton Road153Jun11887   242Nekapke,SB Baby WF
Scranton Road153Jun11887    Nekapke, Baby  WM
Scranton Road331   Oct201932 Nestle, 1h  
Scranton Road193Nov221902    Neubauer, Andreas 57yWM
Scranton Road152Dec301886    Neubauer, E 6mWF
Scranton Road330   May41932 Neubauer, Matilda 77y  
Scranton Road178Sep251894    Neubauer, Otto 8mWM
Scranton Road1103Nov91908    Neubert, Flora 55yWF
Scranton Road323   Nov261928 Neubert, Florentine 55y  
Scranton Road172Feb121893    Neude, 3dWF
Scranton Road175Nov131893    Neuenfeld,Baby WM
Scranton Road1102Mar71908    Neuman, Carl 79yWM
Scranton Road214   Jun31911 Neuman, Ernestine    
Scranton Road175Nov91893    Neumann,Mrs69yWF
Scranton Road178Aug241894    Neumann, 1dWF
Scranton Road323   Aug211928 Neumann, Anna 58y  
Scranton Road169Sep91891    Neumann, Annie 9mWF
Scranton Road169Aug231891    Neumann, Frida 8mWF
Scranton Road192May291902    Neville,Baby WM
Scranton Road179Mar201895    Neville, Charlotte 8mWF
Scranton Road184Jun141897    Neville, Effie 29yWF
Scranton Road190Mar191901    Neville, Smith 3mWM
Scranton Road196Dec181872    Neville, Smith 37yWM
Scranton Road154Oct131887   281Neville, Willie C 21yWM
Scranton Road196Oct131887    Neville, Wm 21yWM
Scranton Road42Oct231948Oct261948 Nevosad, Joseph 70yWM
Scranton Road167Feb271891    Newbert, Henry 8dWM
Scranton Road153Jun171887   244Newman, Freddy 3mWM
Scranton Road181Mar131896    Newman, George 3wWM
Scranton Road39   Sep51922 Newman, Rita S 6y  
Scranton Road315   Jan81925 Newmann, Wm 22y  
Scranton Road154Nov161887   291Newrath, C 1y0m0dWM
Scranton Road150Apr171886    Nichael, 7mWF
Scranton Road1102Dec251907    Nickel, August 34yWM
Scranton Road1100Jan311907    Nickel, John 47yWM
Scranton Road39   Oct241922 Nickel, John 47y  
Scranton Road28   Mar291910 Nickel, Minnie    
Scranton Road221   Oct31912 Nickel, Wm 66y  
Scranton Road317   Sep11925 Nickel, Wm 50y  
Scranton Road181Jan111896    Nickhausen,Infant WM
Scranton Road35   Feb281921 Nickle, Henrietta 70y  
Scranton Road48Feb251965Feb271965 Nieman, August 83y  
Scranton Road314   Sep91924 Nieman, Fredricka 70y  
Scranton Road326   Apr121930 Nieman, Veronica 1d  
Scranton Road334   Mar141935 Niemann, William 78y  
Scranton Road160Sep251889   479Nikel, Henry 1y5mWM
Scranton Road191Oct151901    Nitschke,Baby WF
Scranton Road219   Apr31912 Nitt, Bernhardt H    
Scranton Road218   Feb151912 Nitt, Chester    
Scranton Road171Jun211892    Noakes,Baby WM
Scranton Road144Nov251885    Nobis,SB WM
Scranton Road148Nov251885   430Nobis,  WM
Scranton Road179Jan101895    Noderer, Baby 3dWF
Scranton Road176Jan41894    Nodler,Baby WF
Scranton Road240   Nov201916 Noike, Wm P 39y  
Scranton Road13Oct111850    Not, Franklin 1y7mWM
Scranton Road44Oct141955Oct101955 Novak, Edith 68yWF
Scranton Road149       Oblander, Henry 4y  
Scranton Road152Nov231886    Ockel, O 46yWF
Scranton Road1102Jan51908    Ode, Harry 12yWM
Scranton Road1101Apr41907    Odromski,  WM
Scranton Road41Nov301946Dec31946 Ody, Augusta 74yWF
Scranton Road327   Aug191930 Ody, Eugene 11y  
Scranton Road198Nov31905    Ody, Florence 11yWF
Scranton Road230   Dec111914 Ody, Harry 47y  
Scranton Road176Jan281894    Oehlstrom,Baby WM
Scranton Road190Feb241901    Oehlstrom, Dora 74yWF
Scranton Road180Mar211895    Oehlstrom, Herbert 4wWM
Scranton Road311   May211923 Oelmke, Henry 41y  
Scranton Road181Sep161895    Oelstrom,Infant WM
Scranton Road188May131900    Oelstrom,Infant WF
Scranton Road191Jan71902    Oelstrom,Baby WF
Scranton Road148Dec251885    Oet, Albert 17mWM
Scranton Road177Jul11894    Oldach, Augusta 61yWF
Scranton Road174May281893    Oldach, Edward H 6mWM
Scranton Road170Mar111892    Oldach, Herman 33yWM
Scranton Road172Dec101892    Oldach, John 18yWM
Scranton Road169Sep301891    Oldach, Mina 65y F
Scranton Road154Sep241887   276Oldach, T 59yWM
Scranton Road148Dec241885    Oldack, Wm 16yWM
Scranton Road186Feb101899    Oldag, Anna A 42yWF
Scranton Road310   Jan231923 Oldag, Christian 85y  
Scranton Road159Mar291889   435Olin, Ernst 2yWM
Scranton Road172Oct51892    Olson, Emma 5mWF
Scranton Road166Oct101890    Olson, Pearl 2mWM
Scranton Road221   Aug71912 Olstrowski, Florentine 85y  
Scranton Road179Mar181895    Orgel,Infant WM
Scranton Road175Aug11893    Orgel, Chas F 11dWM
Scranton Road148Aug61866    Orthie, Maggie    
Scranton Road240   Nov181916 Ortli, Josua 94y  
Scranton Road156Mar201888   328Osterland,Babie   
Scranton Road158Dec161888   406Osterland,Baby WM
Scranton Road159Mar61889   429Osterland,Baby5wWM
Scranton Road174Jun61893    Osterland,Baby WM
Scranton Road179Dec151894    Osterland,Baby WM
Scranton Road188Apr241900    Osterland,Baby WF
Scranton Road152Dec131886    Osterland, Annie 2y6mWF
Scranton Road316   Jun21925 Osterland, August 70y  
Scranton Road311   Apr21923 Osterland, Augusta 68y  
Scranton Road321   Nov291927 Osterland, Carl L 71y  
Scranton Road1103Sep191908    Osterland, Charlotte 78yWF
Scranton Road186Jan181899    Osterland, Chas 75yWM
Scranton Road26   Aug231909 Osterland, Christ    
Scranton Road154Sep61887   272Osterland, E 7yWF
Scranton Road169Dec51891    Osterland, Eddie 26yWM
Scranton Road155Feb291888   323Osterland, F 4yWM
Scranton Road186Feb161899    Osterland, Fred 71yWM
Scranton Road154Sep71887   273Osterland, H 1y10mWM
Scranton Road228   May191914 Osterland, Henry C 47y  
Scranton Road328   Mar201931 Osterland, Henry C 47y  
Scranton Road213   May51911 Osterland, John    
Scranton Road316   Feb241925 Osterland, John E 57y  
Scranton Road317   Dec141925 Osterland, Marie 64y  
Scranton Road149Nov71878    Osterland, Marie F 55y  
Scranton Road27   Feb151910 Osterland, Sophia    
Scranton Road191Jan71902    Osterland, Stella 5dWF
Scranton Road192May291902    Osterland, Wilhlemene 66yWF
Scranton Road213   Apr201911 Osterland, Wm    
Scranton Road231       Ott, Albert 17m  
Scranton Road231       Ott, Edward 3m  
Scranton Road210   Sep121910 Oughton,Baby   
Scranton Road214   Jul151911 Pagel, Fred    
Scranton Road194Dec201903    Pahil,SB Child of Mr WM
Scranton Road311   Apr91923 Palmer, Bernice 1m  
Scranton Road156Jun231888   349Palmgren, Baby 60dWM
Scranton Road233   Jul81915 Pamperin, Mary 47y  
Scranton Road240   Dec131916 Pamprin, Chas    
Scranton Road238   Jun11916 Panik,SB   
Scranton Road163Mar301890   557Panther, Fred 10mWM
Scranton Road166Oct11890    Panther, Lena 4y6mWF
Scranton Road183Jan181897    Parchen, W 69yWM
Scranton Road151Nov51886    Parehen, Christian 67yWF
Scranton Road36   May141921 Parker, Robert 19d  
Scranton Road31   Jun91919 Parnwell, Thom 65y  
Scranton Road35   Dec201920 Parobek, Julia 1y  
Scranton Road335   Apr61936 Parrish, Robert 26d  
Scranton Road334   Jun31935 Pasek, Christine 47y  
Scranton Road159Mar31889   426Passon, Baby  WM
Scranton Road183Nov91896    Patchutchus, Emma 7yWF
Scranton Road32   Jun301919 Patka,Baby   
Scranton Road321   Sep231927 Pattlson, 2d  
Scranton Road331   Nov151932 Paul, Thomas 46y  
Scranton Road151Nov111886    Paulez, Carl 3dWM
Scranton Road227   Apr61914 Paulsen, Fredrick 58y  
Scranton Road167Jan71891    Paulsen, Friedrick 76yWM
Scranton Road162Jan61890   532Paulsen, Margaretha 67yWM
Scranton Road33   Mar191920 Pease, Rose F 64y  
Scranton Road148Nov181885   429Peiew, Adeline 50yWF
Scranton Road1101Oct211907    Penger,Baby WM
Scranton Road169Sep71891    Pennrich,Baby WM
Scranton Road144Nov181885    Peren, Adeline 50yWF
Scranton Road333   Aug41934 Perkins, Minnie 58y  
Scranton Road167Apr101891    Perleberg, 2hWM
Scranton Road168Apr161891    Perlelery, Myerath 8dWF
Scranton Road334   Oct151935 Perry, Lois Sylvia 1y  
Scranton Road248   Dec81918 Pesak, Clara 9m  
Scranton Road151Sep81886    Pest, Carl 19dWM
Scranton Road41Apr121946Apr151946 Peters, Elizabeth A 79yWF
Scranton Road332   Jan201934 Peters, Elizabeth R 25y  
Scranton Road248   Nov151918 Peters, Fred 29y  
Scranton Road213   Apr101911 Peters, Fredrick A    
Scranton Road176Feb91894    Peters, Herman 51yWM
Scranton Road150Mar251886    Peters, John 42yWM
Scranton Road193May271903    Peters, Lawrence 9mWM
Scranton Road155Jan311888   313Peters, Lotty E 5m6dWF
Scranton Road191Nov231901    Peters, Minnie 12dWF
Scranton Road195May91904    Peters, Rudolph 5mWM
Scranton Road184Dec11897    Peters, Sophia 84yWF
Scranton Road319   Nov261926 Peters, Walter August 36y  
Scranton Road220   Jul221912 Petersen, Christian T    
Scranton Road227   Mar181914 Petersen, Erwin F 20y  
Scranton Road191Dec151901    Peterson, Mary 49yWF
Scranton Road216   Aug261911 Petho, 5m  
Scranton Road39   Aug141922 Petrasz,SB   
Scranton Road326   Feb171930 Petricka,SB   
Scranton Road35   Dec201920 Petry, Catherine 82y  
Scranton Road194Oct291903    Petry, Clara 77yWF
Scranton Road34   Jun41920 Petry, Conrad 85y  
Scranton Road167Dec311890    Pfeiffer, Maggie 5mWF
Scranton Road327   Jul211930 Phelps, Harry B 43y  
Scranton Road185Mar81898    Piechler, Henry 80yWM
Scranton Road188Feb241900    Pieler, Rosina 76yWF
Scranton Road317   Oct91925 Pieske,SB twin   
Scranton Road317   Oct91925 Pieske,SB twin   
Scranton Road31   May61919 Pietrowski,Baby   
Scranton Road24   Apr191909 Pietsch, Carl    
Scranton Road22   Jun201918 Piotrowski,SB   
Scranton Road326   May61930 Pithecott, 1d  
Scranton Road317   Dec151925 Plau, Fred 82y  
Scranton Road223   Apr21913 Plau, Friederike 69y  
Scranton Road181Jun11896    Plau, John 83y  
Scranton Road178Jul141894    Plau, Maria 77yWF
Scranton Road233   Jul91915 Pleepra,Baby   
Scranton Road167Nov271890    Ploetz, Chas 44yWM
Scranton Road150Feb71886    Ploetz, Martha 4yWF
Scranton Road152Feb281905    Poesa, Andrew 2m  
Scranton Road162Jan51890   529Poese, Henry 56yWM
Scranton Road155Jan111888   306Poese, Irma 6mWF
Scranton Road314   May91924 Poese, Louise 89y  
Scranton Road1100Mar311907    Pohnak,Baby W 
Scranton Road1101Mar311907    Pohnak, Jos 31yWF
Scranton Road328   Mar231931 Polmsky,SB   
Scranton Road14Oct 1853    Pomeroy,Child   
Scranton Road168Apr111891    Pomperin,Baby WM
Scranton Road155Dec51887   296Pomperin, Henry 2yWM
Scranton Road1100Nov281906    Pomprin, Dorothy 2wWF
Scranton Road320   Jan211927 Pope, Emma 38y  
Scranton Road327   Jul121930 Porch, Mary 72y  
Scranton Road22   Apr181918 Porsch, John 66y  
Scranton Road42Jan21949Jan51949 Potter, Fred J 76yWM
Scranton Road160Jun261889   457Pouthes, Louise C 21dWF
Scranton Road336   Jul181936 Powell, Dolores 13d  
Scranton Road237   Apr191916 Prahst, Ernest W 69y  
Scranton Road324   May91929 Prahst, Wm 53y  
Scranton Road189Jan161901    Pries, Ida 28yWF
Scranton Road321   Dec51927 Pritchard, Bertha 55y  
Scranton Road325   Jul21929 Pritchard, Eliza 83y  
Scranton Road314   Jun21924 Pritchard, John 57y  
Scranton Road314   Jun231924 Pritchard, Joseph 81y  
Scranton Road334   Apr41935 Pritchard, Stephanie 33y  
Scranton Road330   Feb231932 Pritchard, Wm J 40y  
Scranton Road150Jun141886    Priuss?, Karl 16mWM
Scranton Road323   Jun81928 Prochaska, Joe 75y  
Scranton Road227   Jan271914 Prohst, Sophie 63y  
Scranton Road1103Nov31908    Prucs, Christ 81yWF
Scranton Road194Nov201903    Prues, Albert F 13yWM
Scranton Road150Mar131886    Ptchers, Laulu 8mWF
Scranton Road155  1887   295Quenter, F 14w  
Scranton Road27   Jan261910 Rach, Emelie    
Scranton Road237   Apr211916 Rachors, Chas 1d  
Scranton Road158  1864   390Racklander, Emma 7y  
Scranton Road194Feb221904    Raddas, Christian 67yWM
Scranton Road310   Jan21923 Radloff,SB   
Scranton Road156Jul141888   355Radloff, Annie 4mWF
Scranton Road41Mar231947Mar241947 Radloff, Fred 86yWM
Scranton Road41Mar231947Mar241947 Radloff, Fred 86yWM
Scranton Road329   Apr201931 Radloff, Fredericka 71y  
Scranton Road31   Feb251919 Raimer, Mary 85y  
Scranton Road155Jan81888   307Rainke,  WF
Scranton Road187Aug221899    Randlow, Fred 90yWM
Scranton Road182Sep71896    Rankiw, Dorathea 81yWF
Scranton Road184Oct161897    Rannacher, Francis 79yWM
Scranton Road160Jul41889   459Rannacker, Chath 67yWF
Scranton Road162Nov181889   517Rath, Fritz 10mWM
Scranton Road152Feb141887    Rath, S 90yWF
Scranton Road317   Oct261925 Rathman, Nellie 54y  
Scranton Road39   Oct201922 Ream,SB   
Scranton Road37   Dec171921 Rean,Baby   
Scranton Road314   Jun231924 Reddick,Baby   
Scranton Road49Oct271973Oct301973 Redmond, Alma L 79y F
Scranton Road159Mar281889   434Reed, Bessie ER 8y3mWF
Scranton Road159Feb221889   424Reed, William A 3wWM
Scranton Road187Dec11899    Rehlaender, Carl 85yWM
Scranton Road181Sep251895    Rehlander, Charles 52yWM
Scranton Road190Aug171901    Rehlender, Sophia 73yWF
Scranton Road165Aug21890    Rehnut, Albert 6mWM
Scranton Road160Jul241889   465Reibler,Baby WM
Scranton Road156Apr211888   337Reich, John 72yWM
Scranton Road168Jun201891    Reichardt, Freidika 79yWF
Scranton Road230   Nov261914 Reichert, Ernest 79y  
Scranton Road242   May211917 Reichert, Valentine 59y  
Scranton Road326   Apr291930 Reichow,SB   
Scranton Road178Sep71894    Reif, 2dWM
Scranton Road178Sep181894    Reiley, Eugene W 24yWM
Scranton Road192Apr171902    Reimann, Richard 34yWM
Scranton Road180Aug241895    Reimer, Albert 6dWM
Scranton Road43Jun141951Jun161951 Reimer, Albert W 73yWM
Scranton Road160Jul111889   460Reimer, Carl 48yWM
Scranton Road247   Oct181918 Reimer, Caroline 72y  
Scranton Road219   Mar101912 Reimer, Elizabeth 35y  
Scranton Road186Jun41899    Reimer, Elmer 7mWM
Scranton Road210   Sep81910 Reimer, Frederich    
Scranton Road236   Feb101916 Reimer, John 65y  
Scranton Road183Feb161897    Reimer, Mary 70yWF
Scranton Road330   Mar191932 Reimer, Mary 67y  
Scranton Road334   Sep131935 Reimer, Mary 76y  
Scranton Road230   Dec241914 Reimer, Sophia 66y  
Scranton Road33   Feb141920 Reimer, Wm 46y  
Scranton Road333   Aug31934 Reimer, Wm 69y  
Scranton Road223   Apr171913 Reimtsma, Bernhard    
Scranton Road216   Aug281911 Reinbold, Caroline 57y  
Scranton Road323   Jun211928 Reinbold, Franz P 83y  
Scranton Road34   Oct201920 Reinboldt, Fredrick 44y  
Scranton Road1101Apr291907    Reinert,Infant WF
Scranton Road243   Jun291917 Reinert, Agusta 48y  
Scranton Road193May171903    Reinhart,Infant WM
Scranton Road331   Mar91933 Reinhold, Helena 51y  
Scranton Road318   Mar181926 Reinhold, Wm 42y  
Scranton Road159Apr41889   437Reinkus, Anna Gustina 1mWF
Scranton Road166Nov21890    Reipshlaeger, Christ 86yWM
Scranton Road160Oct161889   484Reis, Minnie 4y6mWF
Scranton Road228   Apr131914 Reisinger,Baby   
Scranton Road174Jul101893    Reiss,Infant WF
Scranton Road217   Nov61911 Rekittke, Henry    
Scranton Road189Jul81900    Remkise, Wm  WM
Scranton Road153Jul71887   249Remus, Ida 4mWM
Scranton Road43Aug41951Aug71951 Renftle, Eleanor 73yWF
Scranton Road43Aug41954Aug71954 Renftle, George 76yWM
Scranton Road34   Jun291920 Renkel, Alfred 29y  
Scranton Road31     1919 Renski, Carl 85y  
Scranton Road327   Aug301930 Repschlager, George 45y  
Scranton Road318   Apr121926 Repschlager, Johanna 78y  
Scranton Road238   May101916 Repschlager, Minnie 33y  
Scranton Road234   Aug271915 Repschlager, Wm 66y  
Scranton Road245   Jan41918 Repschlager, Wm 40y  
Scranton Road199May11906    Repschleger,Infant WF
Scranton Road46May131962May151962 Reschke, August 82y M
Scranton Road184Jun31897    Reschke, Caroline 84yWF
Scranton Road172Sep191892    Reschke, Gotfried 77yWM
Scranton Road314   Jul121924 Reschoak,SB   
Scranton Road160Sep71889   475Rettick,Baby WF
Scranton Road169Aug31891    Rettick, Baby  WM
Scranton Road175Aug161893    Rettig, Olga 1y F
Scranton Road158Jan11864   391Reyer, Herme K 1y  
Scranton Road241   Jan201917 Reynolds, Elizabeth B 79y  
Scranton Road236   Jan291916 Reynolds, James 76y  
Scranton Road316   Feb281925 Reynolds, Jerry 37y  
Scranton Road43Nov261952Mar191953 Rhode, George 66yWM
Scranton Road218   Jan121912 Rhode, Marie    
Scranton Road333   Nov211934 Rhodes, Martha 52y  
Scranton Road327   Jul231930 Rhodes, Thomas 43y  
Scranton Road157Aug191888   370Rice, 6mWM
Scranton Road239   Jun271916 Rice, Martha I 11m  
Scranton Road167Mar201891    Rich, Augusta 7mWF
Scranton Road199May211906    Richardson, Alice 6wWW
Scranton Road312   Dec101923 Richardson, Frank R 10y  
Scranton Road320   Apr61927 Richert, Mina 88y  
Scranton Road329   Jun231931 Rickert, Emelie 63y  
Scranton Road195Jul261904    Rickert, John 67yWM
Scranton Road178Sep181894    Rickert, Walter 4yWM
Scranton Road332   Nov131933 Rickert, Wm F 68y  
Scranton Road181Jan271896    Riech, Marila 76yWF
Scranton Road326   Apr111930 Riegler, Elsie 29y  
Scranton Road221   Oct31912 Rieley, Jno B 34y  
Scranton Road224   May141913 Rieley, Regina    
Scranton Road316   Jul61925 Riemer, Anna 30y  
Scranton Road191Mar11902    Rierner, Mollie 20yWF
Scranton Road163Mar301890   559Riewel, Adam 73yWM
Scranton Road221   Oct31912 Riley, Eugene W 24y  
Scranton Road158Dec71888   401Rimer, John 5dWM
Scranton Road192Oct221902    Ring, Fred 78yWM
Scranton Road247   Oct211918 Ring, Mildred 2y  
Scranton Road193Jan291903    Ring, Sarak 87yWF
Scranton Road184May61897    Ring, Sophinie 36yWF
Scranton Road180Jul201895    Ringe, Fred 39yWM
Scranton Road157Aug101888   374Ringe, Sophia 70yWF
Scranton Road330   Aug21932 Ringer, Edward 72y  
Scranton Road179Nov61894    Ringer, George 3yWM
Scranton Road179Nov71894    Ringer, Herman 5yWM
Scranton Road249   Feb21919 Ringer, Mildred E 2y  
Scranton Road1100Nov261906    Rinkel, Fredrich 47yWM
Scranton Road169Sep91891    Rinkus, Gustav 4mWM
Scranton Road194Oct221903    Rinkus, Martha 14yWF
Scranton Road186Oct11898    Rinkus, Minnie 9mWF
Scranton Road197Sep181905    Rippe, Sophia 71yWF
Scranton Road319   Jul311926 Risebrook,SB   
Scranton Road158Jan91889   414Ritter, Emiel 2y6mWM
Scranton Road243   Jun171917 Ritter, Otto 32y  
Scranton Road174Feb241893    Rluth, Elsie 1yWF
Scranton Road245   Nov101917 Roberts, Edith 1y  
Scranton Road38   Feb21922 Robinson, Calvin 40y  
Scranton Road240   Oct271916 Rock, Johanna D 79y  
Scranton Road148Dec41885   431Rode, Carrie 76yWF
Scranton Road157Sep221888   377Rode, Hermann 8wWM
Scranton Road197May21905    Rode, Wm 59yWM
Scranton Road160Aug81889   469Rodhs, 5dWM
Scranton Road165Jul271890    Roehl, Clara 6mWF
Scranton Road167Feb221891    Roehl, Dietrich 73yWM
Scranton Road192Apr21902    Roehl, Eddie 16yWM
Scranton Road150Jul111886    Roehl, Fred 3mWM
Scranton Road183Mar291897    Roehl, Fred 48yWM
Scranton Road156May81888   342Roehl, Lizie 1m12d F
Scranton Road1103Aug21908    Roehl, Minnie 56yWF
Scranton Road152Nov131886    Roehl, Sophia 72yWF
Scranton Road228   Apr151914 Roehl, William 73y  
Scranton Road176Apr11894    Roesh, Wallie 5mWM
Scranton Road178Jul271894    Roesinger, John 3yWM
Scranton Road324   Feb271929 Rogers, Everett 41y  
Scranton Road183Feb211897    Rohde, August 35yWM
Scranton Road237   Feb161916 Rohde, Fredricka J 84y  
Scranton Road25   Jun181909 Rohde, John    
Scranton Road329   Jul231931 Rohrbeck, Chas Fred 84y  
Scranton Road319   Nov161926 Rohrbeck, Marie 78y  
Scranton Road32   Feb91920 Rohrbeck, Minnie 41y  
Scranton Road198Dec241905    Rohrbuck, Fred 16yWM
Scranton Road190Jul11901    Rok, John 62yWM
Scranton Road158Aug101865   394Rolef, Julia 5m  
Scranton Road156Jul141888   356Rolf, Emma 27yWF
Scranton Road176Apr191894    Roloff, Chas 62yWM
Scranton Road199Apr281906    Roloff, Chas 45yWM
Scranton Road199May61906    Roloff, Frank 38yWM
Scranton Road215   Jul291911 Romig, AugusteMrs   
Scranton Road228   May251914 Romig, Chas 57y  
Scranton Road336   Feb31937 Ronschke, Mathilda 90y  
Scranton Road43Aug81955Aug111955 Ronsky, William 49yWM
Scranton Road335   May131936 Ronsky, WmJr6y  
Scranton Road165Jun161890    Rose, Henry 4mWM
Scranton Road192Jun71902    Rose, Joseph 54yWM
Scranton Road190Jul 1901    Rose, Mary 49yWF
Scranton Road1103May291908    Rose, Minni 21yWF
Scranton Road148Nov121885   428Rosson, John  WM
Scranton Road144Nov121885   428Rossow, John  WM
Scranton Road214   May51911 Royer,Baby   
Scranton Road38   May41922 Rudolph, Wolst 58y  
Scranton Road246   Jan161918 Ruetz, Fred 76y  
Scranton Road199Apr291906    Ruetz, Maria 75yWF
Scranton Road178Jul241894    Ruge, Ricke 2wWF
Scranton Road1100Nov211906    Ruloff,Mrs75yWF
Scranton Road172Oct71892    Runge, Anna 9wWF
Scranton Road187Oct301899    Runge, Herman 7wWM
Scranton Road42Feb131949Feb171949 Runge, Herman 82yWM
Scranton Road184Oct101897    Runge, Rosy 3mWF
Scranton Road175Nov241893    Runkus, William 4wWM
Scranton Road170Mar161892    Ruppender, Ardia 2wWM
Scranton Road231   Feb41915 Ruppender, Christiana 82y  
Scranton Road172Dec91892    Ruppender, Frank 24yWM
Scranton Road22   Mar41918 Ruppender, Frank 76y  
Scranton Road158Feb51889   418Ruppender, Jacob 81yWM
Scranton Road187Jul251899    Ruppender, John F 27yWM
Scranton Road319   Aug191926 Ruppender, Mary 81y  
Scranton Road194Dec11903    Ruppender, Peter 70yWM
Scranton Road158  1864   393Ruppenter, Fredericke 36y  
Scranton Road158  1864   392Ruppenter, Henry 3w  
Scranton Road32   Oct241919 Ryrykanah,Baby   
Scranton Road210   Aug231910 Sackmann, Katharin    
Scranton Road219   Apr201912 Sackmann, Ralph T K    
Scranton Road329   May191931 Sacks, Anna    
Scranton Road176Feb31894    Sadlier, Henry Leroy 5mWM
Scranton Road240   Nov91916 Sajkowski,Baby   
Scranton Road234   Aug141915 Salinski, Annie    
Scranton Road195Oct61904    Saltsman, Welb 4mWF
Scranton Road317   Sep71925 Samchurch, MurielSB   
Scranton Road169Aug31891    Sammerfeld, Mary 22yWF
Scranton Road195Sep201904    Sandberg, C 18yWM
Scranton Road310   Nov291922 Sarkowski, Pauline 66y  
Scranton Road222   Jan181913 Sauer, AllenSB   
Scranton Road155Mar141888   324Sauer, Carl 11wWM
Scranton Road235   Oct231915 Sauer, Geo 48y  
Scranton Road39   Jun301922 Sauer, Hellen 48y  
Scranton Road322   May241928 Sauer, Raymond P 25y  
Scranton Road221   Aug101912 Sauer, Sylvia 8y  
Scranton Road42Mar101950Mar131950 Sauer, Vincent 75yWM
Scranton Road315   Dec201924 Saunders, John S 67y  
Scranton Road157Aug71888   367Saussberg, C 1mWF
Scranton Road237   Mar61916 Sawitzke, Amilia    
Scranton Road244   Oct11917 Sawitzke, John 60y  
Scranton Road150Jul101886    Sbolz, Elisabelz 3mWF
Scranton Road168Apr141891    Scanlon, J N  WF
Scranton Road161      488Schaar, Carl 2m  
Scranton Road171Sep121892    Schachtschneider,Baby WF
Scranton Road178Sep131894    Schachtshneider, Mary 6wWF
Scranton Road170Feb41892    Schacktshnieder, Carl 4dWM
Scranton Road163Mar21890   550Schad,Baby WF
Scranton Road1103Sep131908    Schaefer, Elisabeth 81yWF
Scranton Road248   Dec241918 Schaefer, Elisabeth 74y  
Scranton Road161      492Schaefer, Eva 74y  
Scranton Road33   May271920 Schaefer, Fred 61y  
Scranton Road191Nov61901    Schaefer, George 75yWM
Scranton Road160Jul241889   463Schaefer, Lena 48yWF
Scranton Road231   Mar221915 Schaefer, Louis 76y  
Scranton Road196Mar51905    Schaefer, Ph 35yWM
Scranton Road161      501Schaeffer, Maggilen 1y6m  
Scranton Road193Mar71903    Schaffer, Catherine 73yWF
Scranton Road167Jan51891    Schan, Mary 6yWM
Scranton Road1102Jan71908    Scharf, 12hWF
Scranton Road226   Jan91914 Scharf,Infant   
Scranton Road169Sep141891    Scharf, Annie 15mWF
Scranton Road192Jul211902    Scharf, Dasy 4dWF
Scranton Road192Jul211902    Scharf, Erwin 10dWM
Scranton Road176Apr21894    Scharf, Herman 2wWM
Scranton Road228   Jun261914 Scharf, Ricka 59y  
Scranton Road180May301895    Scharra,Infant WF
Scranton Road182Jun261896    Schasuhof, Henry C 9mWM
Scranton Road174Jul51893    Schatschnieder, Henry 12hWM
Scranton Road166Nov191890    Schauer, Wm 20dWM
Scranton Road175Sep61893    Schavel, Gottlieb    
Scranton Road322   Jan131928 Scheck, Emma D 64y  
Scranton Road320   Aug161927 Scheck, John Paul 68y  
Scranton Road161      503Scheck, Kate 2y  
Scranton Road177May191894    Scheck, Katherine 53yWF
Scranton Road41Mar111948Mar131948 Scheck, Louise P 78yWF
Scranton Road43Jun91955Jun111955 Scheck, Olga A 70yWF
Scranton Road325   Sep181929 Scheck, Otto W    
Scranton Road156May 1888   344Schelke,Baby   
Scranton Road38   Jan301922 Schelosky,SB   
Scranton Road37   Dec161921 Scherbarth, Gustav 71y  
Scranton Road314   Oct61924 Scherbarth, Ida 37y  
Scranton Road330   Jan81932 Scherbarth, Wilhelmina 77y  
Scranton Road185Apr131898    Scherber, 9dWF
Scranton Road185May291898    Scherer, Mabel 2mWF
Scranton Road152Mar201887    Scherrer,Baby WM
Scranton Road178Oct11894    Scheukelberger,Infant WM
Scranton Road157Jul301888   365Scheutzow,  WF
Scranton Road217   Nov171911 Scheutzow,Baby   
Scranton Road325   Nov71929 Scheutzow,SB   
Scranton Road34   Aug231920 Scheutzow, Dorothy 3y  
Scranton Road214   Jul211911 Scheutzow, Herbert    
Scranton Road35   Nov11920 Scheutzow, Mary 1d  
Scranton Road35   Nov11920 Scheutzow, Wm 1d  
Scranton Road175Jul241893    Schick, Paul 58yWM
Scranton Road183Dec241896    Schiebert, Augusta 22yWF
Scranton Road150May141886    Schielke, Willie 4mWM
Scranton Road154Aug281887   294Schieneman, Albert 14dWM
Scranton Road183Dec71896    Schier, Clarence 2yWM
Scranton Road179Nov71894    Schier, Eddie 2yWM
Scranton Road311   Sep71923 Schieve,Baby   
Scranton Road216   Sep11911 Schieve, Bernice 9d  
Scranton Road42Oct151949Oct171949 Schieve, Pauline 86yWF
Scranton Road35   Dec81920 Schiewe, Wm 68y  
Scranton Road190Aug101901    Schilke,Infant WF
Scranton Road313   Dec241923 Schilke, Caroline 77y  
Scranton Road191Oct201901    Schilke, Christian 61yWM
Scranton Road1102Apr11908    Schilke, Gottfried 79yWM
Scranton Road35   Feb101921 Schilke, Wilhelmina 76y  
Scranton Road162Dec101889   522Schinkelberger,Baby WF
Scranton Road319   Jun121926 Schlagel,SB twin   
Scranton Road319   Jun121926 Schlagel,SB twin   
Scranton Road197May51905    Schlee,Baby WM
Scranton Road182Sep231896    Schlee, Eddie 4yWM
Scranton Road199Aug191906    Schlee, Fred 84yWF
Scranton Road186Apr161899    Schlee, Ludwig 76yWM
Scranton Road162Nov71889   511Schlichting, John  WM
Scranton Road182Jul191896    Schlott, 4dWM
Scranton Road184Sep201897    Schlott,Infant WF
Scranton Road314   Apr251924 Schlott, August 79y  
Scranton Road26   Sep121909 Schlott, Jennette    
Scranton Road192Jul141902    Schlott, John 60yWM
Scranton Road212   Feb251911 Schlott, Karl    
Scranton Road195May101904    Schlott, Maria 83yWF
Scranton Road327   Jul151930 Schlott, Minnie 59y  
Scranton Road192Jul81902    Schlott, Rheinhold 2mWM
Scranton Road236   Jan171916 Schlott, Sophia 74y  
Scranton Road43Sep101952Sep 1952 Schlott, William 76yWM
Scranton Road190Jul111901    Schlott, Wm 52yWM
Scranton Road29   Aug11910 Schmidke, E    
Scranton Road150Jun181886    Schmidt,Baby WM
Scranton Road187Oct241899    Schmidt,Infant WF
Scranton Road1101Apr51907    Schmidt,Baby WM
Scranton Road212   Feb211911 Schmidt,Baby   
Scranton Road1103Sep221908    Schmidt, Albert  WM
Scranton Road152Jan181887    Schmidt, August 3dWM
Scranton Road310   Dec111922 Schmidt, Augusta 63y  
Scranton Road227   Mar91914 Schmidt, Bertha 26y  
Scranton Road313   Feb221924 Schmidt, Carl 78y  
Scranton Road199May71906    Schmidt, Elisabeth 74yWF
Scranton Road186Nov51898    Schmidt, Elmer 2yWM
Scranton Road176Jan91894    Schmidt, Emil 1y8mWM
Scranton Road182Jul41896    Schmidt, Fridarika 47yWF
Scranton Road183Dec281896    Schmidt, Hattie 14mWF
Scranton Road144Aug291885   420Schmidt, Louise 9mWF
Scranton Road228   May191914 Schmidt, Wilhelmina 76y  
Scranton Road167Feb261891    Schmidt, Willie 1y14dWM
Scranton Road162Jan21890   527Schmidt, Wm 1y10mWM
Scranton Road185May221898    Schmidt, Wm 61yWM
Scranton Road1102Jan141908    Schmitt, 2dWM
Scranton Road176Mar221894    Schmock,Infant WM
Scranton Road180Apr231895    Schmock, 1dWM
Scranton Road180Jul81895    Schmock, Elsie 3yWM
Scranton Road151Oct231886    Schneberger, M 67yWM
Scranton Road161      493Schneckenberger, John    
Scranton Road320   Feb231927 Schneebeger, Henry 79y  
Scranton Road161      486Schneeberger, B 34y  
Scranton Road197Apr141905    Schneeberger, Helena 78yWF
Scranton Road178Oct41894    Schneeberger, Philipp 47yWM
Scranton Road161Mar23    496Schneeberger, PS    
Scranton Road188Apr81900    Schneider, Alice G 6wWF
Scranton Road188Feb81900    Schneider, Catharine 52yWF
Scranton Road184May291897    Schneider, Wm  WM
Scranton Road47Sep161964Sep181964 Schnell, Benjamin L 88y M
Scranton Road325   Aug81929 Schnell, Ernestine 74y  
Scranton Road197Jul291905    Schnell, Fred 67yWM
Scranton Road161      498Schnell, Henry    
Scranton Road1102May261908    Schnell, John 67yWM
Scranton Road187Dec41899    Schnell, Minnie 57yWF
Scranton Road150Apr221886    Schnell, Rosie 20mWF
Scranton Road1102Mar61908    Schnell, Sophia 62yWF
Scranton Road322   May251928 Schnell, Wm 84y  
Scranton Road192Aug241902    Schnieder, Geroge 8mWM
Scranton Road151Aug41886    Schoeder, Fred 14yWM
Scranton Road312   Nov211923 Schoen, Arthur 27y  
Scranton Road42Mar131949Mar161949 Schoen, Phillip 83yWM
Scranton Road189Sep201900    Schoenhoff,Infant WM
Scranton Road175Jul221893    Schoenhoff, Hadriek 5mWF
Scranton Road185Mar151898    Schoenhoff, Henry  WM
Scranton Road171Sep171892    Schoenhoff, Selina 5m F
Scranton Road325   Jul301929 Scholott, Dorothy 85y  
Scranton Road27   Feb151910 Schrarf,SB   
Scranton Road154Oct271887   285Schroeder,Baby WM
Scranton Road162Dec91889   521Schroeder,Baby WF
Scranton Road165Jun221890    Schroeder, 3hWM
Scranton Road321   Dec101927 Schroeder, Albertine 80y  
Scranton Road188Jun201900    Schroeder, Ed 10wWM
Scranton Road199       Schroeder, Fred    
Scranton Road199       Schroeder, Frida    
Scranton Road177May111894    Schroeder, George 4y6mWM
Scranton Road184Nov251897    Schroeder, Margie 8mWF
Scranton Road199       Schroeder, Minnie    
Scranton Road193Dec11902    Schroeder, Sophie 71yWF
Scranton Road176Mar151894    Schrump, Flora 5mWF
Scranton Road183Feb241897    Schuellse, Otto  WM
Scranton Road171May191892    Schueneaman, Ida 3mWF
Scranton Road185Apr111898    Schuett, Christeen 78yWF
Scranton Road161Oct201877   487Schulal, JMrs   
Scranton Road335   Mar111936 Schullingski, Maria 71y  
Scranton Road162Jan51890   531Schultz,Baby5dWM
Scranton Road312   Dec141923 Schultz,Baby   
Scranton Road162Jan11890   525Schultz, Amelia 19mWF
Scranton Road182Jul201896    Schultz, Amelia 1yWF
Scranton Road174Apr241893    Schultz, Augusta 2yWF
Scranton Road319   Oct261926 Schultz, Augusta 38y  
Scranton Road323   Oct181928 Schultz, Bertha 49y  
Scranton Road194Sep131903    Schultz, Delea 75yWF
Scranton Road312   Oct111923 Schultz, Elizabeth 50y  
Scranton Road42Mar31950Mar61950 Schultz, Frank F 65yWM
Scranton Road167Jan211891    Schultz, Fred 10dWM
Scranton Road37   Sep291921 Schultz, Fred    
Scranton Road195Jul101904    Schultz, Fredricke 66yWF
Scranton Road331   Jan251933 Schultz, Gloria May 4m  
Scranton Road181Oct251895    Schultz, Harry 14dWF
Scranton Road318   May101926 Schultz, Harvey 6m  
Scranton Road144Sep181885   423Schultz, Henry 2dWM
Scranton Road148Sep181885   423Schultz, Henry 2dWM
Scranton Road191Feb191902    Schultz, Herman 2yWM
Scranton Road192Sep221902    Schultz, Joachien 76yWM
Scranton Road194Feb111904    Schultz, John 73yWM
Scranton Road215   Aug191911 Schultz, John    
Scranton Road34   Oct231920 Schultz, John 70y  
Scranton Road34   Sep211920 Schultz, John 52y  
Scranton Road174Apr171893    Schultz, Louisa 5yWF
Scranton Road191Jan131902    Schultz, Louisa 76yWF
Scranton Road189Aug71900    Schultz, Mary 79yWF
Scranton Road336   Feb131937 Schultz, Mary 47y  
Scranton Road45Nov251959Nov281959 Schultz, Mary 87yWF
Scranton Road315   Dec311924 Schultz, Mollie 68y  
Scranton Road33   Apr91920 Schultz, William 62y  
Scranton Road155Feb201888   319Schultz, Wm 8yWM
Scranton Road156Mar221888   329Schulz, August 3d M
Scranton Road329   Jun271931 Schulz, Fred W 69y  
Scranton Road157Aug231888   371Schulz, Gustav 7wWM
Scranton Road331   Nov151932 Schulz, Helen 72y  
Scranton Road1100Dec261906    Schulz, Nettie 51yWF
Scranton Road179Jan171895    Schuman, Amelia 21yWF
Scranton Road182Aug101896    Schuman, Carlotte 62yWF
Scranton Road172Oct151892    Schupple, Henry 14yWM
Scranton Road311   Apr41923 Schupple, John 68y  
Scranton Road28   May21910 Schuster,Baby   
Scranton Road332   Jul141933 Schuster, John 78y  
Scranton Road36   Aug101921 Schutz, Gottlieb    
Scranton Road198Nov161905    Schutz, Hen 16yWF
Scranton Road184Jul111897    Schwan,Infant WM
Scranton Road180Jul161895    Schwan, Wm TO 3wWM
Scranton Road155Jan291888   316Schwanels, Ather 42dWM
Scranton Road186Jan181899    Schwann,Baby WM
Scranton Road171Aug91892    Schwant, Flora 5mWF
Scranton Road187Aug281899    Schwartz, 2dWF
Scranton Road1103Oct81908    Schwartz,Mrs C A30yWF
Scranton Road42Dec191942    Schwartz, Mary   F
Scranton Road185Dec311897    Schwartz, Tracy 3dWF
Scranton Road333   Dec61934 Schwarz, Gustav 73y  
Scranton Road321   Sep141927 Schwarz, Jennie 3h  
Scranton Road320   Mar111927 Schwebke, Chas S 83y  
Scranton Road159Jun11889   449Schwebke, Emma 7mWF
Scranton Road195Apr171904    Schwebke, Mary 85yWF
Scranton Road175Sep181878    Schweitzer, Geo 25y  
Scranton Road151Sep131886    Schwielezki, E 16mWF
Scranton Road180Aug291895    Scmhidt, Henry 59yWM
Scranton Road313   Jan101924 Seabeck,Baby   
Scranton Road210   Sep71910 Searles, C    
Scranton Road237   Feb181916 Searles, Emma 1y  
Scranton Road334   Mar91935 Searles, Rhea Jan 3d  
Scranton Road333   Oct191934 Sears, John O 57y  
Scranton Road333   May151934 Sears, Kathryn 54y  
Scranton Road195Jun141904    Sedgebeer, J 74yWM
Scranton Road1101Apr141907    Sedgebeer, Lucy 73yWF
Scranton Road229   Sep151914 Sedic,Infant   
Scranton Road190Apr271901    Seelbach, 1dWM
Scranton Road247   Oct161918 Seelbach, Cristina 80y  
Scranton Road328   Mar211931 Seelbach, Peter 92y  
Scranton Road327   Aug231930 Sefcovic, Chester 2m  
Scranton Road182Oct201896    Segrove, 3dWF
Scranton Road26   Oct41909 Seibert, Phillip    
Scranton Road187Dec41899    Seidel, Elmer 11dWM
Scranton Road153Apr71887   231Seidle, Joseph 43yWM
Scranton Road197Jun221905    Seidoroski, T 35yWF
Scranton Road174Mar281893    Seigert,Infant WF
Scranton Road194Mar191904    Seigert, Gottlieb 93yWM
Scranton Road187Aug221899    Seigert, Minnie 78yWF
Scranton Road174Jun101893    Seim, Laurie 29yWF
Scranton Road152Nov271886    Seindorf,Baby WM
Scranton Road325   Jul221929 Seitz,SB   
Scranton Road45   Apr81959 Seitz, Carl T 53yWM
Scranton Road331   Nov261932 Seitz, Henry 56y  
Scranton Road44Oct161955Oct191955 Seitz, Katherine 76yWF
Scranton Road233   Jul51915 Selman,Baby   
Scranton Road180Jul281895    Separd,Baby WM
Scranton Road310   Feb261923 Service, Honorah 88y  
Scranton Road168May111891    Service, Thomas 62yWM
Scranton Road48Feb211965Feb251965 Sewell, Caroline 85y F
Scranton Road159May181889   442Sezinski, Anna 1y2mWM
Scranton Road225   Oct21913 Shalkhan, Wm F    
Scranton Road245   Dec271917 Shannon, Dennis 66y  
Scranton Road188Apr251900    Shannon, Flora B 10yWF
Scranton Road319   Dec111926 Shannon, Margaret 65y  
Scranton Road1100Mar81907    Sharf, Esther 6wWF
Scranton Road34   Sep101920 Sharsky, Hanna 37y  
Scranton Road213   Apr111911 Shaw, Caroline    
Scranton Road162Nov111889   514Shelke,Baby WF
Scranton Road43Jun71953Jun91953 Shelley, Ellen 82yWF
Scranton Road49Dec311970Jan31971 Shelley, Hiram Earl 69y M
Scranton Road43   Jun11951 Shelley, James W 60yWM
Scranton Road43Feb31955Feb51955 Shelley, Violet A 52yWF
Scranton Road196Dec291904    Shepard, J S 82yWM
Scranton Road189Jan231901    Shepard, Rebecca 74yWF
Scranton Road177Jun51894    Sheppard,Baby WM
Scranton Road329   Apr141931 Sherman, Mary L 71y  
Scranton Road323   Dec281928 Sherman, Ozra 76y  
Scranton Road161      491Sherwood, Ella 2y6m  
Scranton Road14Apr11854    Sherwood, L  WM
Scranton Road336   Mar301937 Shields, Elizabeth 74y  
Scranton Road137Aug291885   420Shmidt, Louise 9mWF
Scranton Road241   Mar51917 Shosfoh,Infant   
Scranton Road315   Feb31925 Shostag, Peter 43y  
Scranton Road32   Aug111919 Shostak, Victoria 8m  
Scranton Road137Sep51885   421Shroeder,Baby WF
Scranton Road144Sep51885   421Shroeder,Baby WM
Scranton Road231       Shroeder, Alvina 4y  
Scranton Road230   Jan41915 Shuelecke, Louise    
Scranton Road161      495Shull, Annie 43y  
Scranton Road186Sep11898    Shultz, 5mWM
Scranton Road185Dec81897    Shupple, Lizzie 22yWF
Scranton Road224   May231913 Sidle,Baby   
Scranton Road1100Jan291907    Sieber, Jacob 79yWM
Scranton Road161      502Siedel, Anna    
Scranton Road238   May81916 Siefert, Ama Marie 71y  
Scranton Road175Nov221893    Sieker, Fred 55yWM
Scranton Road157Aug71888   368Sietlow, Carl 10hWM
Scranton Road25   Jun291909 Sigelkow, Clara    
Scranton Road1103Jul131908    Siggelkow,Baby WF
Scranton Road316   May251925 Siggelkow, Frank 48y  
Scranton Road187Sep231899    Siggelkow, John 54yWM
Scranton Road241   Jan101917 Siggelkow, Maria 71y  
Scranton Road170Feb61892    Silberhorn, William 21yWM
Scranton Road187Sep161899    Silberling, John 70yWM
Scranton Road171May131892    Silbern,1 of 3 Children   
Scranton Road171May131892    Silbern,2 of 3 Children   
Scranton Road171May131892    Silbern,3 of 3 Children   
Scranton Road188Feb61900    Silvelthorn, Herold 5mWM
Scranton Road154Oct141887   282Simon, Arthur 2y6mWM
Scranton Road154Oct191887   283Simon, Smoard 70yWM
Scranton Road334   Sep61935 Simpson, Carl 25y  
Scranton Road242   Jun71917 Singer,Baby   
Scranton Road161      504Singl, 50y  
Scranton Road44Sep261956Sep281956 Sinney, Mary Koester 86yWF
Scranton Road333   Jun161934 Sitko, 1h  
Scranton Road220   May11912 Siueguf,Infant   
Scranton Road318   May11926 Skeeiski, John 1h  
Scranton Road213   Mar241911 Skuboroius,Baby   
Scranton Road218   Jan161912 Skubowruis,Baby   
Scranton Road188Jun51900    Smallwood, 3dBF
Scranton Road33   May41920 Smart, Richard 25y  
Scranton Road188Jun231900    Smid, John 78yWM
Scranton Road165Apr281890    Smidt, 3mWF
Scranton Road151Jul301886    Smith,  WF
Scranton Road1100Dec271906    Smith,Infant WM
Scranton Road192Apr141902    Smith, Anna 40yWF
Scranton Road332   Jul111933 Smith, Caroline 76y  
Scranton Road314   Aug91924 Smith, Eva M 47y  
Scranton Road22   Mar111918 Smith, J N 40y  
Scranton Road236   Jan121916 Smith, John W 59y  
Scranton Road161      490Smith, Joseph 45y  
Scranton Road310   Nov221922 Smith, Mary J 33y  
Scranton Road1101Sep141907    Smitra, Cleman 3wWM
Scranton Road336   Feb61937 Smolar, Julius 7m  
Scranton Road27   Dec271909 Smyth, Dorothy    
Scranton Road329   May261931 Snyder, Rose 71y  
Scranton Road34   Aug181920 Soeblein, Russel 1y  
Scranton Road160Sep31889   472Soff, Mary 68yWF
Scranton Road327   Jul11930 Sohl, 1h  
Scranton Road177May11894    Sommer, 2wWF
Scranton Road183Feb211897    Sommer,Infant WM
Scranton Road187Oct281899    Sommer,Infant WF
Scranton Road245   Nov231917 Sommer, Ernestina 84y  
Scranton Road176Dec121893    Sommerfeld, Christine 72yWF
Scranton Road174May91893    Sommerfeld, John 72yWM
Scranton Road161      500Sommers, John 2y  
Scranton Road150Jun191886    Sonntag,  WF
Scranton Road162Nov131889   515Sonntag,Baby6mWF
Scranton Road162Nov181889   518Sonntag,Baby3yWF
Scranton Road177Jul11894    Sonntag,Baby WF
Scranton Road182Jun251896    Sonntag, 3mWF
Scranton Road159May231889   445Sontag, Chas 6mWM
Scranton Road331   Jan261933 Sorge, Fred 85y  
Scranton Road215   Jul271911 Sorge, Otto    
Scranton Road48Nov141958Nov161968 Sorge, Rose 73y F
Scranton Road153Jun41887   240Sotting,  WM
Scranton Road160Jun301889   458Sotting, Paley 6mWF
Scranton Road212   Feb271911 Soultery,Baby   
Scranton Road186Oct311898    Spaller, Chas 56yWM
Scranton Road188May161900    Spaller, Friederika 55yWF
Scranton Road193Feb171903    Spike, Eddie C 6dWM
Scranton Road242   Jun61917 Spilker,Baby   
Scranton Road166Nov211890    Spindel, George 7wWM
Scranton Road329   Apr271931 Spohn, Albert 71y  
Scranton Road43Mar21953Mar51953 Spohn, Minnie 89yWF
Scranton Road226   Dec11913 Spooler, David 50y  
Scranton Road161      489Spooler, G 32y  
Scranton Road161      494Spooler, Jacob 42y  
Scranton Road161      499Spooler, Louisa 7m  
Scranton Road246   Feb171918 Spracoka,Baby   
Scranton Road330   Apr51932 Spring, Michael 72y  
Scranton Road190Jun301901    Springboru,Mrs74yWF
Scranton Road313   Mar31924 Springstubbe, 6d  
Scranton Road184May111897    Spuhler, Julia 4y6mWF
Scranton Road184May221897    Spuhler, Meta 2yWF
Scranton Road232   Apr301915 Spuler, Philip 61y  
Scranton Road322   May291928 Sroka, MarcusSB   
Scranton Road176Jan281894    Staas, Louise 22yWF
Scranton Road314   Jun111924 Stackney, Arthur 46y  
Scranton Road47Feb81964Feb111964 Staebener, William 78y M
Scranton Road247   Sep281918 Staebke, Mary 34y  
Scranton Road322   May51928 Staebner,SB   
Scranton Road22   Mar221918 Staebner, Augusta 58y  
Scranton Road322   Apr271928 Staebner, Ida 9y  
Scranton Road220   May221912 Staebner, Johanna 82y  
Scranton Road217   Dec41911 Stahl,Baby   
Scranton Road322   May151928 Stahr, Albert 57y  
Scranton Road333   Sep111934 Stahr, Fredericka 89y  
Scranton Road246   Feb221918 Staiger, Ivan 8y  
Scranton Road152Jan211887    Stakes,Baby12dWF
Scranton Road153Aug31887   255Stakes, Rosa 2y6mWF
Scranton Road184Aug51897    Stakwitz, Helena 2mWF
Scranton Road219   Apr81912 Stalm,Infant   
Scranton Road336   Feb181937 Stanberry,SB   
Scranton Road35   Mar41921 Stankewitz, Anna    
Scranton Road31   Apr301919 Stankewitz, Annie 18y  
Scranton Road170Mar151892    Stankewitz, George 3yWM
Scranton Road156Apr111888   332Stark,  WM
Scranton Road162Jan41890   526Stark,Baby W 
Scranton Road321   Oct111927 States, Mary Alice 15y  
Scranton Road13Aug251851    Stebbins, John K 4yWF
Scranton Road230   Dec241914 Stebener, Aug 71y  
Scranton Road237   Apr171916 Stebner,Baby   
Scranton Road27   Jan121910 Steef,    
Scranton Road246   Jan251918 Steiger, Harry 40y  
Scranton Road155Feb231888   320Stein,Baby WM
Scranton Road321   Sep21927 Stein,SB   
Scranton Road168Jul21891    Stein, Carolina 1m21dWF
Scranton Road322   May281928 Stein, Dorothy Rose 10d  
Scranton Road156Jul21888   351Stein, Frank 5dWM
Scranton Road326   Mar71930 Stein, Minnie 78y  
Scranton Road168Jun181891    Steinbrenner, William 10mWM
Scranton Road31   Apr81919 Steinicke, Catherine 95y  
Scranton Road317   Aug221925 Steinicke, Christine 65y  
Scranton Road312   Oct221923 Steinicke, Jacob C 73y  
Scranton Road194Mar161904    Steitz, Karl 3mWM
Scranton Road169Sep21891    Stendel, Walter 12wWM
Scranton Road167Apr31891    Steninche, Elsie 8mWF
Scranton Road312   Nov141923 Stephen,Baby   
Scranton Road312   Nov141923 Stephen,Baby   
Scranton Road153Jul121887   251Stern, Fred 3dWM
Scranton Road168Apr251891    Sternhoyen, Alma 3mWF
Scranton Road217   Nov221911 Stett, Agnes 43y  
Scranton Road320   Mar161927 Steubke, Herman J 43y  
Scranton Road176Feb171894    Steuder, Henry 7dWM
Scranton Road163Jan251890   542Steuetel, W  WM
Scranton Road317   Aug131925 Stewart, Ethel 34y  
Scranton Road319   May101926 Sticher, Augusta 49y  
Scranton Road43May61951May101951 Sticker, Frank 71yWM
Scranton Road157Aug81888   366Stikes, Lillie 9mWF
Scranton Road197Jun21905    Stoebenner, A 54yWM
Scranton Road220   Jun281912 Stohr, heinrich 88y  
Scranton Road180Jul131895    Stoll,Infant WM
Scranton Road188Dec311899    Stoll, Louise 76yWF
Scranton Road223   Apr281913 Stolliger, Anna    
Scranton Road150May271886    Stranibel,Baby WM
Scranton Road181Jan161896    Strass, Chas 56yWM
Scranton Road224   Jul221913 Strass, Fredricka 75y  
Scranton Road183Jan41897    Strass, Henry 18yWM
Scranton Road310   Jan81923 Strass, John 78y  
Scranton Road232   May301915 Strass, Marie 67y  
Scranton Road168   Jun 1891 Strebel,Mrs Fred   
Scranton Road185Feb141898    Stribing, Doeathea 59yWF
Scranton Road171Aug51892    Stricker, Elisa 1yWF
Scranton Road169Aug31891    Stricker, Maria 10dWF
Scranton Road232   May71915 Striebin, John 79y  
Scranton Road189Dec41900    Striebring,Baby WM
Scranton Road1103Jul151908    Striebring, Dorothy 70yWF
Scranton Road154Sep21887   269Strinicke, Charles 65yWM
Scranton Road214   Jun211911 Stromer, Ester    
Scranton Road215   Jul291911 Stromer, Leslie    
Scranton Road194Aug221903    Struebing, Christ 65yWM
Scranton Road335   Nov61935 Struebing, John 70y  
Scranton Road321   Sep91927 Strunk, Augusta 69y  
Scranton Road335   Apr41936 Strunk, Bruce E 7m  
Scranton Road326   Feb241930 Strunk, HerbertJr2m  
Scranton Road156May251888   341Stuebe,  W 
Scranton Road315   Oct241924 Stuebe, Louis    
Scranton Road245   Nov131917 Stuebke, Otto 66y  
Scranton Road33   Apr281920 Stuebke, Otto 32y  
Scranton Road13Aug261849    Such, Caroline Elizabeth 29yWF
Scranton Road13Aug201849    Such, Mary Elizabeth 1y6mWF
Scranton Road249   Jan181919 Sudan,Baby   
Scranton Road151Sep201886    Suedle, Baby  WM
Scranton Road165May301890    Sukr,Baby WM
Scranton Road248   Jan121919 Sullivan, Mary A 62y  
Scranton Road44Mar21957Mar51957 Sullivan, William R 85yWM
Scranton Road248   Jan141919 Sullivan, Wm 74y  
Scranton Road177Jun91894    Sund, Addison 3dWM
Scranton Road175Sep141893    Sund, Maria 71yWF
Scranton Road153May301887   243Sunhagen, Caroline 36yWF
Scranton Road325   Aug261929 Suns,Baby7h  
Scranton Road154Sep251887   275Suzuroff, S 79yWF
Scranton Road35   Mar31921 Swanson, Hayne 1d  
Scranton Road32   Jul51919 Swanson, Jack    
Scranton Road324   May171929 Swanto, Fred 18y  
Scranton Road1102Feb101908    Swartwood, Ira 69yWM
Scranton Road317   Jul311925 Swathell, Wilber 87y  
Scranton Road42Feb121949Feb151949 Switzer, Ervin F 59yWM
Scranton Road35   Feb151921 Switzer, Eunice J 12y  
Scranton Road48Oct121968Oct161968 Switzer, Irene E 70y F
Scranton Road311   Apr181923 Swobodyn,Baby   
Scranton Road26   Aug241909 Szasz, Elizabeth    
Scranton Road233   Jul291915 Szlovick, Elenora 8w  
Scranton Road24   Apr121909 Tabers, Ethel    
Scranton Road34   Aug91920 Tank, Anna 39y  
Scranton Road177Jun291894    Tapslaf, Emma 8mWF
Scranton Road225   Jul301913 Tasanen, Franz 31y  
Scranton Road36   Jun201921 Tate,Baby   
Scranton Road164Nov41865    Tatie, Ellen Bertha 8m  
Scranton Road242   Apr161917 Tavenier, Michael 64y  
Scranton Road159May31889   441Taylor, I 63yWM
Scranton Road335   Dec141935 Taylor, James W 79y  
Scranton Road39   Nov111922 Teckemeier, Anna    
Scranton Road320   Feb81927 Teckemeier, Maria A 82y  
Scranton Road198Mar251906    Teckemieir, J 58yWM
Scranton Road155Mar91888   326Tekemeier, Carl 1y10mWM
Scranton Road324   Jan301929 Templeton, Eugenia 21y  
Scranton Road243   Aug61917 Ternow, Arthar W 3y  
Scranton Road153Jul91887   250Tesmer, M 3m14dWF
Scranton Road38   May91922 Tessewitz, Fredrick 76y  
Scranton Road314   Sep81924 Tessewitz, Fredricka 72y  
Scranton Road165Jun271890    Teubner,Baby WF
Scranton Road317   Oct301925 Teubner, Caroline 71y  
Scranton Road184May121897    Teufel, Chatarina 63yWF
Scranton Road180Jun191895    Teytor, 6dWF
Scranton Road214   Jun21911 Theis, ReginaBaby   
Scranton Road188Feb131900    Thieb, Fred 70yWM
Scranton Road187Jul121899    Thiel, 13mWM
Scranton Road190Feb21901    Thiel, Baby  WM
Scranton Road181May141896    Thiel, Eddie 7mWM
Scranton Road182Oct41896    Thiel, Friedericke 54yWF
Scranton Road326   Apr141930 Thiel, John 67y  
Scranton Road312   Oct61923 Thiemske, Henry 65y  
Scranton Road157Aug111888   369Thieret, Geo 7mWM
Scranton Road151Oct91886    Thiesen, Geo 4mWM
Scranton Road171May81892    Thirl, Wilhelmina 9mWF
Scranton Road219   Mar301912 Thomas,Infant   
Scranton Road14Aug221853    Thomas, IsabellaMrs26yWF
Scranton Road221   Aug291912 Thomas, Robert 2y  
Scranton Road1103Sep201908    Thompson, Hannah 91yWF
Scranton Road13Dec261851    Thompson, Henry Denile 2w1dWM
Scranton Road13Feb211852    Thomson, Ordelia CMrs47y5mWF
Scranton Road157Aug91888   372Thornett, Lucy 65yWF
Scranton Road32   Oct271919 Thornwaldsen,Baby4y  
Scranton Road240   Dec301916 Thorwaldsen,Baby   
Scranton Road35   Jan291921 Thorwalson, 9h  
Scranton Road39   Jun71922 Thorwalson,Baby4h  
Scranton Road236   Jan91916 Tilton, Alfred 57y  
Scranton Road198Mar231906    Tilton, Harvey 18yWM
Scranton Road163Mar311890   560Tilton, Ida 5mWF
Scranton Road164Jun221866    Tilton, John 1y1m  
Scranton Road164Dec231865    Tilton, John    
Scranton Road28   May171910 Tilton, Lester    
Scranton Road336   Jun291936 Tilton, Lizzie 74y  
Scranton Road164Nov41865    Tilton, Sarah 67y  
Scranton Road182Oct161896    Tilton, Virginia 21dWF
Scranton Road196Nov201904    Timm, John 78yWM
Scranton Road162Nov81890   533Timm, Karl 36yWM
Scranton Road24   May251909 Timm, S C    
Scranton Road227   Feb231914 Timm, Sohia 83y  
Scranton Road168Jun221891    Timmerman, Otto 4mWM
Scranton Road164Feb 1872    Timms, David 57y  
Scranton Road248   Dec51918 Tober, Emma 33y  
Scranton Road220   Jul231912 Toll, Christ    
Scranton Road22   May171918 Toll, Friedrica 73y  
Scranton Road310   Dec291922 Toll, Louis W 46y  
Scranton Road199Sep301906    Toll, Wm 38yWM
Scranton Road211   Nov261910 Tom,Baby   
Scranton Road11   Mar11849 Tom, Wm Andrew 39y2mWM
Scranton Road38   May91922 Tonski, Elizabeth 70y  
Scranton Road41Dec181947Dec221947 Torna, Amelie 78yWF
Scranton Road152Dec301886    Tornath, Wage 35yWM
Scranton Road198Nov91905    Torno, Karl 5yWM
Scranton Road36   Apr181921 Torno, William E 25y  
Scranton Road316   May191925 Tornow, ena 74y  
Scranton Road216   Aug311911 Tornow, Friedrich 61y  
Scranton Road1100Dec91906    Tornow, Ida 17yWF
Scranton Road334   Feb61935 Tornow, Sophie 79y  
Scranton Road229   Sep91914 Tower, Ellen F 70y  
Scranton Road313   Mar61924 Tresch, Jacob    
Scranton Road193Dec101902    Triesel, Walter 2yWM
Scranton Road211   Dec21910 Triesel, Wm    
Scranton Road212   Jan181911 Troop, Arthur    
Scranton Road48Sep121968Sep141968 Troop, Pearl S 88y F
Scranton Road333   Dec121934 Troop, Wm Earl 56y  
Scranton Road164  1865    Trowbridge, Lizzie    
Scranton Road190Feb111901    Tubbs, Polly 78yWF
Scranton Road158Dec101888   402Tubbs, Roswell 70yWM
Scranton Road194Oct21903    Tubbs, Wm 50yWM
Scranton Road211   Oct291910 Tuefel, Martin    
Scranton Road199May181906    Tunow, Fred 54yWM
Scranton Road335   Dec281935 Turner, Annettie 58y  
Scranton Road216   Sep61911 Turner, Thomas 5y  
Scranton Road193Jan181903    Turnow, Julius 32yWM
Scranton Road334   Feb71935 Twardzik,SB   
Scranton Road1103Jul121908    Ulesse, Frank 16yWM
Scranton Road335   Nov81935 Umland, Augusta L 72y  
Scranton Road168Apr221891    Unker, Willie 2y6mWM
Scranton Road159Feb101889   421Upson,Baby WF
Scranton Road37   Aug221921 Urban,Baby   
Scranton Road152Mar51887    Urban, Elisabeth 80y9mWF
Scranton Road313   Feb211924 Urban, Stanislau 1h  
Scranton Road151Aug251886    Valdutin, Robert 7mWM
Scranton Road188Jun71900    Valentin, Friedrike 78yWF
Scranton Road162Nov21889   507Valentine,Baby2dWF
Scranton Road223   May31913 Vallandingham, Chas 32y  
Scranton Road39   May291922 Vandrow, Carl 85y  
Scranton Road166Aug101890    Van Etta,Baby WM
Scranton Road13Jun211852    Vanhoesen, EllenMrs70yWF
Scranton Road13Aug131852    Vanhoesen, Esther Anna 14dWF
Scranton Road13Aug131852    Vanhoesen, John 13dWM
Scranton Road322   Mar211928 Vassa,SB   
Scranton Road312   Oct311923 Vassel,Baby   
Scranton Road153Aug111887   261Vatterer, L 4yWF
Scranton Road28   Mar71910 Veltz, Hannah    
Scranton Road333   Apr191934 Veselenik, George 58y  
Scranton Road1103Aug141908    Vessel, Dorotha 101yWF
Scranton Road311   Oct11923 Villan,Baby   
Scranton Road158Nov111888   396Voelker, Baby  WM
Scranton Road24   May101909 Voelker, Caraline    
Scranton Road334   Oct261935 Voelker, Frederick 81y  
Scranton Road236   Jan61916 Voeltz, Karl 83y  
Scranton Road335   Dec131935 Voeltz, WilliamAKA Feltz71y  
Scranton Road182Jul168196    Vogelsang, Fred 42yWM
Scranton Road218   Dec301911 Vonderau,Infant   
Scranton Road38   Apr71922 Vonderau, Christina 74y  
Scranton Road182Sep211896    Vonderau, John 28yWM
Scranton Road195Sep61904    Vonderau, John 2y6mWM
Scranton Road43Nov281951Dec11951 Vonderau, Minnie 83yWF
Scranton Road198Jan191906    Vonderau, Peter 62yWM
Scranton Road334   Jun261935 Vonderau, Peter 60y  
Scranton Road217   Nov201911 Vonderau, Philip 34y  
Scranton Road25   Jul121909 Vondereau,    
Scranton Road35   Jan51921 Vondrow, Ernestine 84y  
Scranton Road169Aug201891    Vormelcher, Albert 28yWM
Scranton Road165Jul201890    Vormelcher, Willie 5dWM
Scranton Road322   Jan241928 Voss, Ida H 43y  
Scranton Road333   Apr161934 Voss, Joseph F 54y  
Scranton Road328   Dec311930 Wagemaker, Adrine E 62y  
Scranton Road198Feb111906    Wagemaker, Henry 7yWM
Scranton Road41Sep271946Sep301946 Wagemaker, Jennie 64yWF
Scranton Road1101Sep241907    Wagemaker, Louise 23mWF
Scranton Road173       Wagner, Dorth F 56y  
Scranton Road173       Wagner, John 16d  
Scranton Road236   Feb51916 Wagrocki,Baby   
Scranton Road190Apr301901    Wahl,Baby WM
Scranton Road317   Dec81925 Wahl, Augusta 71y  
Scranton Road43Jul211955Jul251955 Wahl, Emily 90yWF
Scranton Road198Nov221905    Wahl, Joach 71yWM
Scranton Road322   Mar151928 Wahl, John 73y  
Scranton Road170Feb111892    Wahl, Lina 1y9mWF
Scranton Road156Apr261888   338Wahl, Minnie 32yWF
Scranton Road1100Jan111907    Wahl, William 4mWM
Scranton Road215   Aug61911 Wahl, William    
Scranton Road188Feb81900    Wahl, Willie 7yWM
Scranton Road318   Jan251926 Walcosko, Regina 77y  
Scranton Road154Nov51887   287Walf,Baby1y6mWF
Scranton Road154Nov61887   288Walf, C 3yWF
Scranton Road226   Dec61913 Walsh, Cora E 45y  
Scranton Road323   Aug81928 Walsh, Wm J 60y  
Scranton Road188Feb 1900    Walter, Baby 10dWF
Scranton Road43Sep261953Sep291953 Walter, Marie  WF
Scranton Road151Sep11886    Wand, August 6yWM
Scranton Road153Mar301887   229Wandrich, Rika 68yWF
Scranton Road158Dec311888   409Wandrick, Fred 64yWM
Scranton Road182Jul208196    Wandrow, Emma 16dWF
Scranton Road227   Mar271914 Wandrow, Ferdinand F 52y  
Scranton Road325   Jan121930 Wandrow, Lena 70y  
Scranton Road184Apr221897    Wandt,Infant WF
Scranton Road179Feb241895    Wandt, Frank 2wWM
Scranton Road157Sep251888   379Wandt, Geo 10dWM
Scranton Road222   Jan201913 Warapshy,Baby   
Scranton Road178Oct81894    Ward, Edith 7yWF
Scranton Road25   Jul301909 Warin, Christina    
Scranton Road33   Apr231920 Warman, Fredrick 2y  
Scranton Road174Jun151893    Warnicke,Baby WF
Scranton Road171Jun41892    Warnicke, Hilda 11wWF
Scranton Road172Nov51892    Warnicke, John 64yWM
Scranton Road153Aug101887   260Warnicke, L 28dWF
Scranton Road174Jun211893    Warnicke, Mablel 6dWF
Scranton Road1102   Mar11908 Warnike,1 of 2 Bodies   
Scranton Road1102   Mar11908 Warnike,2 of 2 Bodies   
Scranton Road166Aug291890    Warnish, 2dWM
Scranton Road160Jul221889   464Wassman, Herman 8mWM
Scranton Road188Dec311899    Watts, True 68yWF
Scranton Road166Aug31890    Wease, August 12mWM
Scranton Road215   Aug21911 Weber,Baby   
Scranton Road221   Oct221912 Weber,Baby   
Scranton Road37   Sep91921 Weber, Christina 87y  
Scranton Road311   Mar231923 Weber, Daisey 16y  
Scranton Road335   May201936 Weber, Jacob 74y  
Scranton Road334   Jul181935 Weber, John 78y  
Scranton Road36   Jul301921 Weber, June    
Scranton Road1100Mar161907    Wedig, Gottlieb 29yWM
Scranton Road194Feb291904    Wedig, Wm 79yWM
Scranton Road1102Dec81907    Weeler, Chas 32yWM
Scranton Road38   May161922 Weger, Dora 84y  
Scranton Road155Jan201888   310Wegfdrth, EE 8y5mWF
Scranton Road227   Feb111914 Weher,Baby   
Scranton Road232   Apr161915 Wehls, Mary 85y  
Scranton Road158Jan161889   415Wehrem, Wm 6dWM
Scranton Road152Jan61887    Weible, S 26yWF
Scranton Road246   Feb231918 Weidham, ThomasJr   
Scranton Road33   May291920 Weiler, August 81y  
Scranton Road152Feb61887    Weiler, Louisa 16yWF
Scranton Road38   Mar71922 Weill, Mary 66y  
Scranton Road232   Jun111915 Weill, Wm O 41y  
Scranton Road242   Apr181917 Wein, Anna 6m  
Scranton Road223   Apr11913 Weinbrandt, Anna 67y  
Scranton Road321   Nov221927 Weinbrandt, Fred 27y  
Scranton Road186Jan261899    Weinbrandt, Theresa 5yWF
Scranton Road166Aug191890    Weisheimer,Baby WM
Scranton Road153Jul71887   248Weisheimer, Edwin 5mWM
Scranton Road156Apr111888   333Weiss, M 65yWF
Scranton Road160Jun141889   454Welf,Baby WF
Scranton Road188Feb111900    Welling, Catharine 59yWF
Scranton Road311   Aug311923 Welsh,Baby   
Scranton Road187Sep231899    Welty, Sadie 4yWF
Scranton Road173       Welz, Willie R 4m  
Scranton Road170Dec291891    Welzer,Baby WM
Scranton Road190Aug161901    Wendel, Conrad 65yWM
Scranton Road210   Sep101910 Wendel, Elizabeth    
Scranton Road1101Jul261907    Wendt, Frank 7yWM
Scranton Road322   May151928 Wendt, Fred M 31y  
Scranton Road246   Jan301918 Wendt, Ruth A 1d  
Scranton Road178Aug21894    Went, Karl 1yWM
Scranton Road28   Mar101910 Wentling,Infant   
Scranton Road231   Feb51915 Wentz, Elizabeth B 76y  
Scranton Road220   Jun11912 Wenz, Henry 69y  
Scranton Road1101Apr131907    Wenz, Minni 31yWF
Scranton Road171May251892    Wenzel, Willie 13wWM
Scranton Road183Mar311897    Weona, 12hWF
Scranton Road27   Jan151910 Werner,    
Scranton Road330   Jul231932 Werner, Adam 59y  
Scranton Road187Jul291899    Werner, Fred 4mWM
Scranton Road329   Jul91931 Werner, Justina 69y  
Scranton Road242   Apr231917 Weschmeyer,Baby   
Scranton Road236   Jan131916 Weslowski, John 62y  
Scranton Road150Jun241886    Wessel, Carl  WF
Scranton Road152Feb191887    Weth,  WF
Scranton Road184Jun211897    Wetzel, Henrietta 86yWF
Scranton Road175Sep181893    Wetzke, Emma 11mWF
Scranton Road195May211904    Weyer, Chas 69yWM
Scranton Road330   Jan251932 Whaley, Blanche 59y  
Scranton Road313   Feb181924 Wheeler, Susie 42y  
Scranton Road13Nov291849    Whislon,Child of Wm WM
Scranton Road157Oct101888   383White, Charles 22yWM
Scranton Road336   Feb271937 White, Loretta 5m  
Scranton Road186Aug161898    White, Mary 28yWF
Scranton Road42Oct231950Oct271950 Whitney, Albert 72yWM
Scranton Road39   Oct311922 Whitney, Augustus 85y  
Scranton Road237   Apr51916 Whitney, Edgar A 2m  
Scranton Road311   Mar161923 Whitney, Eugene O 4y  
Scranton Road173       Whitney, John 4m  
Scranton Road324   Jan101929 Whitney, Mary E 85y  
Scranton Road33   Feb191920 Whitney, Pearl 12y  
Scranton Road212   Mar41911 Whitney, Wallace    
Scranton Road199Aug141906    Whitting, Emil 44yWM
Scranton Road313   Jan311924 Wichman, John 71y  
Scranton Road156May91888   343Wichmann, John 14mWM
Scranton Road335   Nov201935 Wickman, Wilhelmina 78y  
Scranton Road175Aug151893    Widow, John 72yWM
Scranton Road177May191894    Wiebranz, Baby 4mWM
Scranton Road165May91890    Wiederruf, Friedrich 61yWM
Scranton Road186Nov41898    Wiedoeft, Anna 88yWF
Scranton Road175Oct81893    Wiedow, Mary 66yWF
Scranton Road189Jan31901    Wiedowski, Fred 4yWM
Scranton Road156Jul171888   357Wiedrand, Anna 10mWF
Scranton Road327   Dec21930 Wiel, Olaf L 60y  
Scranton Road188Jun141900    Wienbrandt,Infant WM
Scranton Road190Apr21901    Wienbrandt,Infant WF
Scranton Road190Apr31901    Wienbrandt, 1dWF
Scranton Road43May311951Oct311951 Wienbrandt, Anton 72yWM
Scranton Road193Feb261903    Wienbrandt, Edwad 3mWM
Scranton Road194Apr31904    Wienbrandt, Fredrick 38yWM
Scranton Road166Oct71890    Wienbrandt, Friedrich 6mWM
Scranton Road171May281892    Wienbrandt, John 10wWM
Scranton Road182Jul311896    Wienbrandt, Lena 6mWF
Scranton Road181Sep191895    Wierly, John 43yWM
Scranton Road32   Jan161920 Wierman, Chas 77y  
Scranton Road321   Oct81927 Wilber, Alvina 72y  
Scranton Road323   Nov201928 Wilber, Edwin Bruce 78y  
Scranton Road199Sep141906    Wilber, Minerva 82yWF
Scranton Road319   Jun261926 Wilbraham,SB   
Scranton Road29   Jul11910 Wilbrodt, Mary    
Scranton Road190Sep241901    Wilhelm, Luella 7yWF
Scranton Road176Feb191894    Wilhelmy,Infant WM
Scranton Road199May31906    Wilkens, Pearl 1mWF
Scranton Road244   Sep11917 William, Vern 43y  
Scranton Road323   Jul161928 Williams, Catherine 52y  
Scranton Road234   Aug271915 Williams, Ed 42y  
Scranton Road311   Jun191923 Williams, George 55y  
Scranton Road13Aug61849    Williams, Margaret 1y4mWF
Scranton Road325   Feb81930 Williams, Mary A 68y  
Scranton Road332   May31933 Willmouth, James 60y  
Scranton Road228   Jun81914 Willmouth, Lena 36y  
Scranton Road210   Oct171910 Wilson, Grace    
Scranton Road175Jul291893    Winbrandt, Mary 4m F
Scranton Road312   Nov161923 Winfield,Baby   
Scranton Road318   Dec151925 Winfield,SB   
Scranton Road46Aug211962Aug241962 Winkler, Clamor 81y M
Scranton Road310   Feb141923 Winkler, Johana 82y  
Scranton Road190Feb261901    Winkler, Paul 70yWM
Scranton Road331   Sep161932 Winkler, Rinetta 41y  
Scranton Road35   Feb251921 Winold, Myron B 19y  
Scranton Road320   Jun91927 Winton, Lester 38y  
Scranton Road159Apr101889   439Wishman, M 6wWF
Scranton Road224   Jun51913 Wiskala,Baby   
Scranton Road155Dec51887   298Wisman, Fred 15yWM
Scranton Road151Aug301886    Wismar, Ise 3yWF
Scranton Road197Sep11905    Wismar, Myrtle 10mWF
Scranton Road225   Aug251913 Wismer,Infant   
Scranton Road180Mar231895    Wisotzki, Lina 5m  
Scranton Road196Nov291904    Witt, Gustave 24yWM
Scranton Road170Dec311891    Witt, John 15mWM
Scranton Road188Jan191900    Witt, Minnie 2dWF
Scranton Road174Feb231893    Wittenborn, Arthur 2yWM
Scranton Road186Nov241898    Wittenborn, Friedrich 24yWM
Scranton Road318   Feb261926 Wittenborn, John 79y  
Scranton Road184May51897    Wittenborn, Lena 18yWF
Scranton Road179Jan111895    Wittenborn, Mary 22yWF
Scranton Road210   Sep231910 Wittenborn, Sop    
Scranton Road33   Mar161920 Witting,SB   
Scranton Road35   Feb271921 Witting,Baby   
Scranton Road239   Aug211916 Witting, Augusta 88y  
Scranton Road185Dec261897    Witting, John 69yWM
Scranton Road181Jun81896    Witzki, 1d  
Scranton Road325   Aug311929 Wixson, Percy 37y  
Scranton Road184Sep141897    Wohlfeil, Otto 2wWM
Scranton Road310   Dec141922 Woike, Andrew    
Scranton Road324   Apr41929 Woike, John 85y  
Scranton Road336   Jul171936 Woike, Regina 92y  
Scranton Road333   Jun11934 Woike, Rosa 65y  
Scranton Road226   Dec31913 Woikey, Rebecca 31y  
Scranton Road320   Jun221927 Wojton,SB   
Scranton Road157Aug131888   375Wolf,Baby WM
Scranton Road179Nov221894    Wolf,Baby WM
Scranton Road1101Jul81907    Wolf, Catherine 52yWF
Scranton Road154Nov131887   290Wolf, E 3y6mWM
Scranton Road227   Jan301914 Wolf, Howard R 1y  
Scranton Road151Sep301886    Wolf, W 7dWM
Scranton Road182Jul11896    Wolff, Willie 9yWM
Scranton Road329   Sep291931 Wolff, Wm J 74y  
Scranton Road240   Sep251916 Wolkley, Harold    
Scranton Road153Aug91887   259Wollin, Eliza 4mWF
Scranton Road163Mar121890   553Wollrmann, Anna Halana 14dWF
Scranton Road186Nov101898    Wollshager, Fredrick 81yWM
Scranton Road150Feb81886    Wolzien, August 6mWM
Scranton Road158Jan11889   412Woods, Eward  WM
Scranton Road35   Jan151921 Woodyard, 7h  
Scranton Road37   Sep171921 Woolf,Baby   
Scranton Road169Sep81891    Wooller, Lotta 7wWF
Scranton Road41Mar81946Mar111946 Worden, Moe B 80yWF
Scranton Road184Sep111897    Workofski, Ottilie 15mWF
Scranton Road316   Jul161925 Wotton, Fairman L 50y  
Scranton Road163Jan111890   537Wrall, Arthur 11mWM
Scranton Road179May171895    Wrama, 12hWF
Scranton Road167Mar21891    Wuchow, Wm 4yWM
Scranton Road148Dec281885    Wueke,  WF
Scranton Road242   Apr201917 Wulf, Carl J 58y  
Scranton Road221   Jul261912 Wulf, Elmer    
Scranton Road168Jul161891    Wusthaff, Alma 3mWF
Scranton Road320   Mar251927 Wych,SB   
Scranton Road329   May221931 Wynch, Joseph 44y  
Scranton Road330   Mar181932 Yeager, Pauline 74y  
Scranton Road183Nov201896    Yost,Baby WF
Scranton Road1102Jan161908    Young, Chatherin 76yWF
Scranton Road319   Oct201926 Young, Helen 45y  
Scranton Road241   Feb211917 Young, Henry 67y  
Scranton Road157Sep251888   381Young, Jacob 21yWM
Scranton Road1101Aug101907    Young, Jacob 74yWM
Scranton Road12Nov21827    Young, Lyman 27y M
Scranton Road333   Jun141934 Young, Nellie 74y  
Scranton Road335   May291936 Young, Philip 78y  
Scranton Road233   Aug101915 Young, Wm J 3y  
Scranton Road328   Mar111931 Youngman, Effie 50y  
Scranton Road219   Mar181912 Youngman, Loyd    
Scranton Road238   May201916 Youngman, May 11m  
Scranton Road326   Mar71930 Yuzoa, Francis 11m  
Scranton Road38   Mar141922 Yuzva, Wm 6m  
Scranton Road169Sep231891    Zacharias, John 1mWM
Scranton Road171Jun161892    Zacharias, Silvia C 12hWF
Scranton Road1100Dec121906    Zahn, Christina 68yWF
Scranton Road163Feb11890   545Zahn, Richard 63yWM
Scranton Road41Dec251946Jan111947 Zaklowski, Jacob 48yWM
Scranton Road41Dec251946Jan111947 Zaklowski, Jacob 48yWM
Scranton Road231   Feb51915 Zart, Andrew 29y  
Scranton Road182Aug151896    Zart, Fred 11mWM
Scranton Road198Jan101906    Zart, John 23yWM
Scranton Road215   Aug101911 Zart, John    
Scranton Road324   Jan51929 Zech, Edward 77y  
Scranton Road335   Jan151936 Zech, Johanna 84y  
Scranton Road172Sep211892    Zeck, John 54yWM
Scranton Road212   Feb141911 Zeck, Loui    
Scranton Road185Jul81898    Zecke, August 20yWM
Scranton Road150Feb111886    Zecks,Baby4dWF
Scranton Road182Jan181865Jan181865 Zehn, Elizabeth 1y  
Scranton Road152Mar191887    Zeich, A 1y6mWF
Scranton Road189     1900 Zeidlow,1 of 4 Infants   
Scranton Road189     1900 Zeidlow,2 of 4 Infants   
Scranton Road189     1900 Zeidlow,3 of 4 Infants   
Scranton Road189     1900 Zeidlow,4 of 4 Infants   
Scranton Road171Jul301892    Zellers, Lotty 4dWF
Scranton Road48Jul151965Jul191965 Zempke, Edward C 75y  
Scranton Road41Aug161947Aug191947 Zempke, Minnie 77yWF
Scranton Road42Mar211949Mar241949 Zempke, Minnie Clara 56yWF
Scranton Road186Aug161898    Zepp,Baby WF
Scranton Road160Sep71889   473Zepp, George 54yWM
Scranton Road182Sep71889    Zepp, George 54yWM
Scranton Road247   Aug251918 Zeuch, Minnie 52y  
Scranton Road193Mar131903    Ziegler, Chas 60yWM
Scranton Road154Aug271887   268Ziegler, Elisabeth 64yWF
Scranton Road162Oct301889   505Zierke, Julius 2mWM
Scranton Road35   Nov281920 Zifft,Baby   
Scranton Road239   Sep191916 Zillmer, Minnie 61y  
Scranton Road31   Jun41919 Zimmer, FredSB   
Scranton Road23   Dec291908 Zimmeraman, Marie M    
Scranton Road154Sep251887   278Zimmerman,  WF
Scranton Road246   Feb281918 Zimmerman,Baby   
Scranton Road237   Feb251916 Zimmerman, Harold 7y  
Scranton Road1103Dec291908    Zimmerman, Maria 45yWF
Scranton Road193Feb121903    Zimmerman, Walter 7yWM
Scranton Road179Dec101894    Zimmermann, Sarah 14mWF
Scranton Road168May21891    Zimmers, Herman 4wWM
Scranton Road1102May121908    Zine, Elizabeth 99yWF
Scranton Road167Nov301890    Zinsmeister,  WF
Scranton Road166Oct181890    Ziss, Wilhelm 5mWM
Scranton Road154Aug221887   265Zitlow,Baby WM
Scranton Road245   Oct251917 Zitlow, Carl 70y  
Scranton Road179Jan151895    Zivich, Charles L 51yWM
Scranton Road332   Mar71934 Zoklowski, Helen 74y  
Scranton Road321   Sep211927 Zoklowski, Michael 78y  
Scranton Road181Feb241896    Zorarow,Twin 1 WF
Scranton Road181Feb241896    Zorarow,Twin 2 WM
Scranton Road217   Dec91911 Zorn, Frederick    
Scranton Road189Aug51900    Zorn, John 72yWM
Scranton Road243   Jul131917 Zornaw, Christian 76y  
Scranton Road31   Mar31919 Zornow, Cristina 70y  
Scranton Road177May191894    Zornow, Elaine 2yWF
Scranton Road31   Mar311919 Zornow, Lenard 22y  
Scranton Road177May251894    Zornow, Sallie 4y6m F
Scranton Road162Nov111889   513Zucker, Emilie 19mWM
Scranton Road180Apr61895    Zunlla,Baby WM
Scranton Road322   Jun21928 Zurek,SB   
Scranton Road178Oct181894    Zutlow,  WF
Scranton Road243   Aug31917 Zwick, Jacob 66y  
Scranton Road330   Feb191932 Zychowski,SB   
Scranton Road14Apr131853       W 
Scranton Road148Dec121885   433   WM
Scranton Road191Nov121901     Infant WF

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