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extracted by Linda Moeller, 1997 from Second Election, Antrim's History of Champaign & Logan counties, 1872                     

Name Township Designation
Allen, Alexander Urbana elector
Ambrose, Frederick Urbana elector
Arney, Jacob Urbana elector
Askin, James Urbana elector
Ayers, Joseph Sr. Urbana elector
Bacon, Henry Urbana elector
Baggs, William Mad River elector
Baggs, John Mad River elector
Baggs, James Mad River elector
Baker, Daniel Union elector
Ballinger, John Wayne elector
Barrett, John Wayne elector
Barritt, Abner Union elector
Bayles, John Mad River elector
Bayles, David Mad River judge
Beaty, John Mad River elector
Beaty, David Mad River elector
Berry, John S. Mad River elector
Black, John Wayne elector
Blaney, Robert Concord elector
Boswell, Henry Mad River elector
Boswell, George Mad River elector
Bowen, Jeremiah Salem elector
Bowlman, John Wayne elector
Bowlman, John Sr. Wayne elector
Briant, Gabriel Union elector
Bridge, William Urbana elector
Brown, John Mad River elector
Brown, Alexander Mad River elector
Brown, Jonathan Union elector
Brown, James Salem elector
Brown, David Salem elector
Bruner, Peter Mad River elector
Bruner, Peter Mad River judge
Carbus, Richard Union elector
Carpenter, Nicholas Urbana elector
Cheney, Ebenezer Union elector
Cheney, William Union elector
Cheney, Benjamin Union elector
Cheney, Benjamin Union clerk
Clark, John Union elector
Clark, Marcus Concord elector
Clemons, Job Urbana elector
Clifton, Samuel Urbana elector
Coamer, Philip Concord elector
Conklin, Jacob Mad River elector
Coon, Bernard Salem elector
Cotteral, Hiram Mad River elector
Cummons, Joseph Union elector
Curry, Hiram Union elector
Custor, Abraham Concord elector
Custor, William Concord elector
Custor, Isaac Concord elector
Dallas, James Urbana elector
Daniel, Thomas Concord elector
Darnall, Nathan Mad River elector
Darnall, Boswell Mad River elector
Darnall, Nathan Mad River judge
Davidson, James Urbana elector
Davis, Daniel Mad River elector
Davis, Elija T. Concord elector
Davis, John Salem elector
Davis, Henry Salem elector
Davis, Thomas Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Davis, William Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Davis, Thomas Zane (now Logan Co.) clerk
Davis, Anderson Jr. Mad River elector
Davis, Andrew Sr. Mad River elector
Dayles, David Mad River elector
Devoore, John Wayne elector
Dilts, Joseph Mad River elector
Doolittle, Benjamin Urbana elector
Duncan, Joseph Salem elector
Edmonds, Sanford Urbana elector
Elefrits, John Union elector
Euans, Joseph Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Euans, Joseph Zane (now Logan Co.) clerk
Fagan, William Wayne elector
Faulkner, George Concord elector
Fitch, Nathan Urbana elector
Fitcher, John Urbana elector
Fithian, George Urbana elector
Fithian, James Urbana elector
Ford, Joseph Urbana elector
Ford, John Urbana elector
Ford, Tolson Urbana elector
Ford, Thomas Urbana elector
Frazel, John Urbana elector
Fuson, Joel Concord elector
Fyffe, William H. Urbana elector
Galent, Allen Salem elector
Galent, John Salem elector
Gard, Job Urbana elector
Gard, Gershom Mad River elector
Garwood, Daniel Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Garwood, Daniel Zane (now Logan Co.) judge
Gary, Gray Wayne elector
Gibbs, Hugh Urbana elector
Gibbs, Samuel Salem elector
Giffert ,Timothy Urbana elector
Gillespy, Miller Mad River elector
Gilmore, John Urbana elector
Glass, George Mad River elector
Glenn, William Urbana elector
Glenn, John Urbana elector
Glenn, William Urbana judge
Gordon, Joseph Urbana elector
Grafton, Thomas Mad River elector
Grafton, James Mad River elector
Grubbs, Andrew Wayne elector
Gutridge, Jesse Union elector
Gutridge, Moses Union elector
Gutridge, John Union judge
Gutridge, John Sr. Union elector
Harr, Daniel Urbana elector
Harrison, Charles Union elector
Hathaway, Wesley Union elector
Hedges, Joseph Urbana elector
Hedges, Joseph Urbana clerk
Helmick, Daniel Urbana elector
Helmick, Daniel Urbana elector
Hill, Joseph Concord elector
Hill, Joseph Concord judge
Hoge, Samuel Urbana elector
Huffman, Philip Salem elector
Hughes, Abraham Wayne elector
Hughes, Isaac Wayne elector
Hughes, Wesley Wayne elector
Hughes, Wesley Wayne clerk
Hughes, Abraham Wayne judge
Hunter, George Urbana elector
Hurings, Joseph Concord elector
Huston, John Urbana elector
Huston, Paul Union elector
Instine, Michael Salem elector
Jackson, Daniel Concord elector
Johnson, Otho Wayne elector
Johnston, Silas Concord elector
Johnston, James Concord elector
Johnston, Walker Concord elector
Johnston, Daniel Concord clerk
Johnston, Jesse Salem elector
Jones, David Mad River elector
Jones, Daniel Union elector
Jones, Justus Union elector
Jones, Joshua Wayne elector
Kain, John Mad River elector
Kelly, Sampson Mad River elector
Kelly, John Union elector
Kelly, William Union elector
Kenton, Simon Urbana elector
Kenton, Philip C. Concord elector
Kenton, Mark Concord elector
Kenton, Thomas Concord elector
Kenton, William Jr. Concord elector
Lafferty, John Union elector
Landsdale, Isaac Mad River elector
Largent, William Urbana elector
Largent, John Urbana elector
Largent, Daniel Urbana elector
Largent, Randle Salem elector
Lee, Benjamin Wayne elector
Leonard, Jacob Salem elector
Leonard, George Salem elector
Line, Benjamin Concord elector
Logan, John Jr. Mad River elector
Long, Jonathan Salem elector
Lovett, Britton Urbana elector
Lowry, James Union elector
Luce, Zephaniah Urbana elector
Luce, Zephaniah Urbana judge
Marmon, Richmond Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Marmon, Edmond Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Marmon, John Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Marmon, Robert Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Marmon, David Jr. Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Marmon, David Sr. Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Marsh, David Union elector
Marsh, Israel Union elector
Martin, Job Salem elector
Maryfield, James Union elector
Maryfield, Emmanuel Union elector
McAdams, John Salem elector
McAdams, John Salem judge
McColloch, William Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
McColloch, Solomon Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
McColloch, George Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
McColloch, Solomon Zane (now Logan Co.) judge
McCord, Samuel Urbana elector
McCord, John Urbana elector
McCorkle, Alexander Union elector
McCoy, John Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
McCumpsey, Alexander Urbana elector
McFarland, Robert Salem elector
McGill, James Urbana elector
McGrew, Mathew Concord elector
McGrew, Archibald Sr. Concord elector
McKinley, Archibald Mad River elector
McLain, Joseph Union elector
McLain, James Union elector
McLain, Joseph Union judge
McLaughlin, James Concord elector
McNeal, William A. Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
McSherry, Reuben Mad River elector
Miller, Philip Union elector
Miller, Adam Union elector
Minturn, Jacob Union elector
Minturn, Barton Union elector
Minturn, Allen Union elector
Minturn, Jacob Union judge
Mitchel, James Union elector
Mitchell, James Concord elector
Mitchell, Samuel Sr. Concord elector
Monroe, James Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Montgomery, James Mad River elector
Montgomery, Jas. Mad River clerk
Moody, David Urbana elector
Moore, Thomas Urbana elector
Moots, Conrad Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Moots, Charles Zane (now Logan Co.) elector
Morrow, Nathaniel Urbana elector
Myers, Isaac Mad River elector