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GENEALOGY SHELF LIST of champaign county library, urbana, oh
FAMILY, SURNAME & HOW-TO BOOKS contributed by champaign county reference librarians, Gloria Malone & Kay Schenkel, dec 1997

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Ref 285/H Hooker, Malcolm D. The History of Presbyterianism in Champaign Co. 1802-1953 Author 1953
Ref 287.83/C Clay, Sheila J. Farmer A Brief History of St. Paul A.M.E. Church . 1987
Ref 287/U . United Methodist Church History of the Urbana United Methodist Church from 1804-1981 . 1982
Ref 29/3 Garber Garber, Allan G. The Descendants of Christian S. and Anna Garber of Lan… Barber Hist. Assoc. 1985
Ref 292.2/Clem/D Moore, Denise K. Mahan The Descendants of Johann Davidt Klemm Author 1979
Ref 338.7676/O . Ohio Strawboard Co. . .
Ref 366.1/Ben Benson, Edgar D. 150 Years of Harmony: History of 1st 150 yrs. Harmony Lodge .
Ref 370.97714/C Curry, E. W. B. A Story of the Curry Institute, Urbana, Ohio . .
Ref 370.97714/De DeRemer, Bernard R. Johnson St. Paris Schools: a Pictorial History Johnson-St. Paris . 1988
Ref 370.97714/Ear Ed Ridder Early Schools of Champaign County, Ohio Champ. Co. Gen. Soc. 1997
Ref 371.9/Law . Lawnview School And Adult Workshop . 1979
Ref 373.05 . Urbana High School Annual 1911 . 1911
Ref 373.05/Cor . Corona . 1915
Ref 373.05/Qui . The Quietus 1902 . 1902
Ref 373.05/Tow . The Tower Various . .
Ref 373.05/Urb . The Urbanite June 1910 . 1910
Ref 373.05/Urb . The Urbalion 1957 - 59 .
Ref 621.33/Kee Keenan, Jack The Uncertain Trolley… Cam-Tech Pub. 1992
Ref 720.97714/S Smith, Judith Borst Lost & Found & Lost Smith Photography . 1991
Ref 741.09/M Major, Mike Drawings from Champaign County, Ohio Miller Printing 1975
Ref 810.8/H . The Hesperian Tree: A Souvenir of the Ohio Valley John Scott & Co. 1900
Ref 811.5/R Rust, Orton G. The Mad River Country & the Old Skating Pond United Brethern 1915
Ref 811/B Bowers, M Poems . .
Ref 812/J James, Alice Archer The Torch: A Pageant of Light, from Early History of Urbana Gaumer Pub. 1922
Ref 813/W Whitlock, Brand Brand Whitlock's The Buckeyes OH Univ. Press 1977
Ref 906/Dir . Directory of Historical Organizations in Ohio, 1988 OH Hist. Society 1988
Ref 910.3/K Kane, Joseph Nathan The American Counties Scarecrow Press 1960
Ref 910/C . Champaign County Farm and Business Directory Rural Directories 1951, 1954, 1956 . .
Ref 910/C . Clevenger's Directory of Clark and Champaign Counties Clevenger 1921-22
Ref 910/F . Farm Journal Illustrated Rural Directory of Champaign County 1918-1923 . .
Ref 910/R . Robinson;s Champaign County, Ohio Rural Directory Robinson Various
Ref 910/S . Williams' Springfield & Urbana Directory C.S. Williams 1859-60
Ref 910/Te . Telephone Directory for Urbana and Terre Haute 1963 Champ. Telephone 1963
Ref 910/Ur . Urbana, Ohio, City Directories Polk Various
Ref 910/Urb . Urbana & Bellefontaine Criss-Cross 1994 Dickman 1994
Ref 910/Wig . Wiggins & McKillop's Directory for Champaign County Wiggins & McKillop 1878-9
Ref 912.771465/P . Plat Book of Champaign County, Ohio W.W. Hixson .
Ref 912.771465/U . Urbana Chamber of Com Champaign County, Ohio Plat Book 1991 Mercury Pub. 1991
Ref 917.8/S Swisher, James How I Know: or Sixteen Years Eventful Experience Author 1880
Ref 929.1/Anc . Ancestry's Red Book Ancestry Pub. Co. 1989
Ref 929.1/B Baxter, Angus In Search of Your British & Irish Roots Morrow 1982
Ref 929.1/B Baxter, Angus In Search of Your European Roots Genealogical Pub. 1985
Ref 929.1/B Black, J. Anderson Your Irish Ancestors Paddington Press 1974
Ref 929.1/Bax Baxter, Angus In Search of Your European Roots Genealogical Pub. 1994
Ref 929.1/Ben Bentley, Elizabeth The Genealogist's Address Book Genealogical Pub. 1991
Ref 929.1/Bre Bremer, Ronald A. Compendium of Historical Sources Butterfly Pub. 1983
Ref 929.1/C Cerny, Johni Ancestry's Guide to Research Ancestry Pub. Co. 1985
Ref 929.1/Cro Crowe, Elizabeth Genealogy Onlin McGraw Hill 1996
Ref 929.1/D Dern, John Philip London Churchbooks and the German emigration of 1709 Heimtstelle Pfalz 1968
Ref 929.1/Ev Everton, George B. The Handy Book of Genealogists Everton Pub. 1971
Ref 929.1/F Faust, Albert Bernhardt Lists of Swiss emigrants in the 18th century to Amer. colonies Genealogical Pub. 1968
Ref 929.1/G Greenwood, Val D. The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy Genealogical Pub. 1973
Ref 929.1/Har . Harvest of History 1987 Miami Valley Council 1987
Ref 929.1/I . United States Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals National Archives 1983
Ref 929.1/J Jones, Hank The Palatine Families of New York H.Z. Jones 1985
Ref 929.1/K Knittle, Walter Allen Early 18th century Palatine Emigration Genealogical Pub. 1970
Ref 929.1/K Krebs, Friedrich Emigrants from the Palatinate to the American Colonies PA German 1953
Ref 929.1/L Lancour, Harold A Bibliography of Ship Passenger Lists, 1538-1825 NY Public Library 1963
Ref 929.1/L . The Library:A Guide to the LDS Family History Library Ancestry Pub. Co. 1988
Ref 929.1/O Olsson, Nils Willima Tracing your Swedish Ancestry Ministry for Foreign 1985
Ref 929.1/Ref . Register: Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution Ohio Society 1928
Ref 929.1/S . The Source: A guidebook of American Genealogy Ancestry Pub. Co. 1984
Ref 929.1/Un . United States Genealogical & Biographical Research: Nat. Archives Microfilm National Archives 1983
Ref 929.1465/A Antrim , Joshua The History of Champaign and Logan Counties Press Printing 1872
Ref 929.1465/A . United States Urbana and Champaign county Gaumer Pub. 1942
Ref 929.2/A . American & English Genealogies in the Library of Congress Genealogical Pub. 1967
Ref 929.2/B Boles, Harold W. Some Earlier Americans: Boles and Bowers Relatives, 1700.. H.W. Boles 1983
Ref 929.2/Ba . Ball Family Records . .
Ref 929.2/Baker Seaver, J. Montgomery Baker Family Records American Historical 1929
Ref 929.2/Balliet Balliet, Stephen Clay The Balliet, Balliett, Balliette, Balyeat, Bolyard and allied fam. . 1968
Ref 929.2/Baumgardner Beatty, Winifred The Baumgardner Family Adams Press 1972
Ref 929.2/Beard/A Asterino, Virginia Beard A Beard Mosaic; David Beard and his Descendants . 1973
Ref 929.2/Beaver Moore, Denise K. Mahan The Beaver Family History Author 1978
Ref 929.2/Bender Marino, Joseph Linn Bender-Bainter-Painter-Smith and Allied Families Marino Gene. trust 1994
Ref 929.2/Blaw Blue, William H. Descendants of John Blaw (Blue) National Blue Fam 1990
Ref 929.2/Blue/S Strickland, Jack V. The Descendants of Jacob W. Blue/Blew Author 1982
Ref 929.2/Boone . Boone Pioneer Echoes from Boone Family Research Boone Family Res. .
Ref 929.2/Bowman Wayland, John Walter The Bowmans: A Pioneering Family in Virgina, Kentucky… C.J. Carrier 1974
Ref 929.2/Bra Bradshaw, J. Douglas The Family of Michael Curren & Sarah Crawford of …. Dietz Press 1989
Ref 929.2/Bruner Fisher, Anita Fay Genealogy of the Bruner Family, 1728-1967 Author .
Ref 929.2/Bruner Osborn, Donald Lewis Knowing the Bruners . 1968
Ref 929.2/Butcher Butcher, Nancy The History of my Family . .
Ref 929.2/C Core, Bruce Fromme The Ancestors & Descendants of Grant Victor Fromme … Author 1985
Ref 929.2/C . Champaign County, Ohio, Pioneer Families:… . 1983
Ref 929.2/C . The Family of William Cowan and Anna Wilson Cowan . 1973
Ref 929.2/Carson Carson, Beatrice Genealogy, Descendants of William Carson B. Carson 1964
Ref 929.2/Chambers Moore, Denise K. Mahan Some Chambers Notes Author 1980
Ref 929.2/Chaney McCourt, Delma Chaney Some Chaney Families, Southeast Ohio . .
Ref 929.2/Clark/F French, Grace Clark Descendants of Ambrose Clark of Berkeley and Morgan Co.VA . 1974
Ref 929.2/Coffman Coffman, Joseph Diary of a School Teacher, 1855-1867 Geraldine Edwards 1979
Ref 929.2/Comegys Moss, Ernestine Parke Cornelius Comegys of Kent County, Maryland E.P. Moss 1982
Ref 929.2/Cou . County by County in Ohio genealogy Library . 1992
Ref 929.2/Cow . Cowan Clan United Magazine .
Ref 929.2/Cowan Cowan, Zachary S. Cowan Family History 1958
Ref 929.2/Cowan . Cowan Clan United Surname Index .
Ref 929.2/Cushman Evans, Helen Owen Descendants of James Harvey Cushman . 1994
Ref 929.2/Des . Descendents of Susannah Custer . .
Ref 929.2/Dove Hardy, Whitney Dove The Families of Theodore Clark Dove and Juanita Yantis . 1992
Ref 929.2/Ewell Ewell, James H. The Ewells in America and some allied Families Author 1990
Ref 929.2/Fidler Kendall, Hazel M. Fidler Lore . 1958
Ref 929.2/Fitch Small, Deborah K. Henry Fitch of Maryland D.K. Small 1984
Ref 929.2/Franken Coyle, William The Frankenstein Family in Springfield Clark Co. Hist. 1967
Ref 929.2/French French, Robert Hughes The Family of David French Gateway Press 1982
Ref 929.2/Fuson Ferguson, Sylvia The Virginia-Ohio Fusons Oxford Press 1939
Ref 929.2/G Genther, Clara Sesler Ancestors and Descendants of Taylor & Hager Families… C.S. Genther 1984
Ref 929.2/Genning Saxbe, William Bart Johann Genning, 1818-1898 and his descendants Gateway Press 1988
Ref 929.2/Goddard Harms, John W. The Goddard Book Gateway Press 1984
Ref 929.2/Graham Graham, Albert B. The Story of Joseph A. Graham's Life . .
Ref 929.2/Hac Hackley, Woodford B. Notes on Some Members of the Hackley Family . .
Ref 929.2/Harbour . Memoirs and Letters of the Harbour-Harbor-Harber Family . .
Ref 929.2/Hare Hare, Richard Jacob's sons and Daughters Richard C. Hare . 1990
Ref 929.2/Hayden Hayden, Rosalie My Ancestry . .
Ref 929.2/Hoef Seebach, Beth Hefelbower Hoefelbauer, Hefelbower, Heflebower, Heffelbower . 1974
Ref 929.2/Hosteter Garber, Allan G. Yea, We have a Goodly Heritage: The Family Record… Author 1986
Ref 929.2/Humble . Humble, Henry Humble Family Genealogy Author 1993
Ref 929.2/Hupp Hupp, Timothy A. Hupps from the Shenandoah Valley, VA after the American… Author 1986
Ref 929.2/Idle DeRemer, Bernard R. In Memoriam: Walter Weaver Idle 1892-1964, Ruey D…. Author 1969
Ref 929.2/K Kemp, Louise Genealogy and Miscellaneous Papers of the Pearce-Barrit… Author 1987
Ref 929.2/Kenton Moore, Denise K. Mahan The Kenton-Kinton Family History Author 1977
Ref 929.2/Kirby Kirby, John Sherwood An Autobiography Author 1977
Ref 929.2/L Lee, Percy Maxim Family Reunion:An incomplete account of Maxim-Lee history P.M. Lee 1971
Ref 929.2/L Lincicome, Glen A. My Mother's People G.A. Lincicome 1986
Ref 929.2/L Little, Lawrence H. A Record of Descendents of Moses Tullis, Sr. and Thomas … Author 1972
Ref 929.2/Lincicome Lincicome, Glen A. My Lincicome Heritage: Lincicome, Conner, McKee… Author 1987
Ref 929.2/M Craig, Marion Stark My Byers-Bonar-Shannon and allied Families Craig 1976
Ref 929.2/M Moore, Denise K. Mahan Schnepff (Snapp) and Apfel (Apple) Families Author 1986
Ref 929.2/M Moore, Denise K. Mahan They Came Across the Waters: The Ancestors of Vergie… Author 1987
Ref 929.2/Marks Peters, Evelyn The Marks Family, 1808-1986 . 1986
Ref 929.2/
McAdams, Joe F. Sons of Adam: The History of the McAdams Families McAdams Hist. 1986
Ref 929.2/ McAdams/M . McAdams Family Digest Sept. 1980 Author 1980
Ref 929.2/Morris Morris, Elsie O. Morris Family Records Author 1941
Ref 929.2/Mossb Humble, Henry Mossbarger Family Genealogy Author 1993
Ref 929.2/Nitchman Nitchman, Paul E. Nitchmans in America Author 1979
Ref 929.2/Owens Owens, David Hatfield Owens Family of Virginia D. H. Owens 1991
Ref 929.2/Parke Moss, Ernestine Parke Thomas Parke and Rebecca Hooper of Chester, County PA E.P. Moss 1982
Ref 929.2/Pearce Matthews, James Pearce, Bartlett, Matthews, Smart and Allied Families Lucille Pearce 1983
Ref 929.2/Pearce . The Pearce Record Back to the Year 1663 . .
Ref 929.2/Pence Carson, Beatrice Pence Family Genealogy: Descendants of Henry,… Author 1967
Ref 929.2/Pence Carson, Beatrice Pence Family Genealogy: Descendants of Henry,… Janice C. Beatley 1986
Ref 929.2/Pence Malott, Eva Digging our roots Gateway Press 1977
Ref 929.2/Pence Pascoe, Patty Dahm Christ & Anna, Descendants of Anton Bach, Jacob Damm… Gateway Press 1980
Ref 929.2/Pence Pence, Kingsley The History of Judge John Pence and Descendants born… Author 1912
Ref 929.2/Pence Pence, Monroe Conger A History of Pence Place Names and Early Pences … Author 1961
Ref 929.2/Pence Pence, Richard Allen A guide to the Pence Families of America Author 1982
Ref 929.2/Phegar Phlegar, Beulah My Writing of this and that . 1989
Ref 929.2/Piatt Boysel, David The Adopted Children of Elizabeth & Benjamin Piatt Author 1986
Ref 929.2/Pooler Pooler, Marjorie Russell Zelotes Pooler and his Descendants B.P. Driever 1983
Ref 929.2/Pullins Sauner, Candace Ann Arvy A. Pullins and Eliza E. Spencer Pullins… Author 1992
Ref 929.2/Ransb Bradley, Wendell Ramsbottom/Ransbottom Emerson 1986
Ref 929.2/Rec . Records of Mrs. J. B. Runyan, Eaton Ohio . .
Ref 929.2/Rhodes . The John Rhodes Family . 1986
Ref 929.2/Rudolph Blum, Willetta Baylis The Rudolph Family of Virginia Author 1962
Ref 929.2/Runyan . The Runyan Family . .
Ref 929.2/Russe Pooler, Marjorie Russell Valentine Russell and his Descendants M.R. Pooler 1983
Ref 929.2/Russell Russell, J. Edwin The History and Genealogy of the Russell Family Gaumer Pub. 1922
Ref 929.2/S Swisher, Bob Early Swisher and Switzer families in Virginia and WV B. Swisher 1979
Ref 929.2/S . The Salkeld Family of Pennsylvania . 1867
Ref 929.2/Saxbe Saxbe, William Bart Thomas Saxbe (1810-1860) and his Descendants Gateway Press 1980
Ref 929.2/Saxbe Saxbe, William Bart Seems Like Yesterday . .
Ref 929.2/Seaman Seaman, Mary Thomas The Seaman Family in America Tobias A. Wright 1928
Ref 929.2/Sharpe Arthur, Lucille Sharpe These Things I Remember . .
Ref 929.2/Shaul Bonne, Virginia Gorton The Shaul Family History 1773-1993 Genealogical Pub. 1992
Ref 929.2/Simmon Skelton, Dorothy The Squire Simmons Family 1746-1986 D.G.S. Skelton 1986
Ref 929.2/Slaughter Slaughter, Raymond Slaughter and Price Genealogy R.D. Slaughter 1990
Ref 929.2/Smith Daley, Betty Smith Papers . .
Ref 929.2/Spain Tower, Virginia Spain The Family of Captain John Spain, Sr. . 1989
Ref 929.2/Spry/D Davis, Elsie Spry Some Descendants of John and Anne (Elbert) Spry Author 1977
Ref 929.2/Stanton Stanton, William Henry A Book Called our Ancestors the Stantons . 1922
Ref 929.2/Steph Main, Frances Steve Stephenson-Stevenson: Family Record Author 1966
Ref 929.2/Stillgess Clay, Sheila J. Farmer The Stillgess-Chavers Family Genealogy Author 1993
Ref 929.2/Stockton Stockton, Richard The Stockton Family in Champaign County, Ohio Author 1984
Ref 929.2/Stokes Stokes, John M. Stokes Author 1984
Ref 929.2/Strick Strickler, Abigail Stricklers of Pennsylvania Strickler Reunion 1942
Ref 929.2/Swisher Pittman, Mildred Swisher The Palatine Migration and the Swishers Author 1981
Ref 929.2/Tisdale Tisdale, Rosa D. Meet the Tisdales: Descendants of John Tisdale Gateway Press 1981
Ref 929.2/Twe . Twelve Unforgettable People of Champaign County, Ohio . .
Ref 929.2/Van VanHoose, John See Van Hoose & Gullett Descendents & Ancestors Gregath Co. 1990
Ref 929.2/W Wilkins, Harold F. Two Centuries of Mid-American Influence… Author 1978
Ref 929.2/Ward Boysel, David Colonel William Ward and the Urbana He Knew Author 1983
Ref 929.2/Warten Ford, Mary Esther Wartenbe Genealogy Gateway Press 1987
Ref 929.2/Whi White, Barbara J The Simon Kenton Memorial Book . .
Ref 929.2/Wi Wilson, Kenneth Neal History of the James and Polly Wilson Family Author 1992
Ref 929.2/Wi Wilson, Leland E. "Dear John" A family History fo the Following Families… MEM Publishers 1988
Ref 929.2/Wi . The Willis Family of Virginia . .
Ref 929.2/Wiant Campbell, Keith Pictures and History of the Wiant & Largent Families . 1987
Ref 929.2/Wiant Prather, Rena Wiant Wiant Family Genealogy, 1782-1970 Author 1970
Ref 929.2/Wiant Prather, Rena Wiant Wiant Wiant Album Author .
Ref 929.2/Wiant . Wiant Family Records and memorabilia . .
Ref 929.2/Wiant/P Prather, Rena Wiant Book of Wiant Biographies . 1969
Ref 929.2/Wierman Moss, Ernestine Parke Wiliam Weyerman (Wierman) of Adams County, PA E.P. Moss 1983
Ref 929.2/William Bean, Mabel Williams Williams-Enoch Genealogy with Allied Families Mabel Williams Bean 1953
Ref 929.2/Wilson Wilson, Leland E. The Family Name "The Wilsons" of Champaign, Clark, … Author 1977
Ref 929.2/Winget Buchanan, Emily B. Susan's Stone Emily B. Buchanan . .
Ref 929.2/Wingfield Wingfield, Edwin B. The Record of My Ancestry: Edwin A. Wingfield Family Heirloom Pub. 1982
Ref 929.2/Zirkle Jilka, Wanda Zirkle Zirkle Branches Jilka 1978
Ref 929.2/Zirkle . Zirkle Family Hist. Newsletter Association 1983-
Ref 929.20973/May . Mayflower Families Through Five Generations . 1975
Ref 929.2411/H Hanna, James Arthur Hanna of Castle Sorbie, Scotland and Descendants Edwards Bros. 1959


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