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                                                                   CLARK COUNTY Federal Census                                                                     

Partial 1830 Federal Census Index
for Clark County, Ohio

submitted by M.G. Dudley, 1999

A-D   E-G   H-K  L-M   N-R   S-Z

Surname Head of Household Page Township
ADAMS Eli 95 Madison Township
ADAMS John 82 Mad River Township
ADAMS John 99 Madison Township
ADAMSON Elisha 114 Springfield Township
ADARE Andrew 158 Moorefield Township
ADARE Sarah 158 Moorefield Township
AGER William 146 German Township
AIKIN Anna 120 Springfield Township
AKINS James 101 Harmony Township
AKINS John 103 Harmony Township
ALBIN John 118 Springfield Township
ALBIN William 87 Green Township
ALDRIDGE Wales, Sr. 105 Harmony Township
ALDRIDGE Wales, Sr. 105 Harmony Township
ALDRIGE Abraham 104 Harmony Township
ALEXANDER Hackley 89 Green Township
ALEXANDER John A. 85 Mad River Township
ALEXANDER Nathaniel 84 Mad River Township
ALLEN Elijah 96 Madison Township
ALLEN Honier 110 Springfield Township
ALLEN Jackson 89 Green Township
ALLEN James 80 Mad River Township
ALLEN Joseph 132 Bethel Township
ALLEN Margaret 105 Harmony Township
ALT Jacob P. 106 Harmony Township
AMBLER John 111 Springfield Township
AMES Asa 100 Harmony Township
AMPHLET William 105 Harmony Township
ANDERSON Alen 97 Madison Township
ANDERSON Elijah 93 Madison Township
ANDERSON George 157 Moorefield Township
ANDERSON James 87 Green Township
ANDERSON James 93 Madison Township
ANDERSON James, Jr. 93 Madison Township
ANDERSON John 137 Bethel Township
ANDERSON John 87 Green Township
ANDERSON John 97 Madison Township
ANDERSON Major 94 Madison Township
ANDERSON Reuben 94 Madison Township
ANDERSON Robert 115 Springfield Township
ANDERSON Samuel 155 Moorefield Township
ANDERSON Samuel 117 Springfield Township
ANDREW Henry 93 Madison Township
ANDREWS Harrison 96 Madison Township
ANSEL Rosanna 158 Moorefield Township
ANSY John 114 Springfield Township
ANTHONY Charles 113 Springfield Township
ARBAGARST William 160 Moorefield Township
ARBOGARST Cornelius 163 Pleasant Township
ARBOGARST David 160 Moorefield Township
ARBOGAST Eli 155 Moorefield Township
ARBOGAST Henry 164 Pleasant Township
ARBOGAST Isaac H. 164 Pleasant Township
ARBOGAST Otho 164 Pleasant Township
ARBOGAST Peter 162 Pleasant Township
ARBOGAST Silas 155 Moorefield Township
ARMSTRONG John 129 Bethel Township
ARMSTRONG Oliver 121 Springfield Township
ARMSTRONG Oliver H. 151 German Township
ARNET Thomas 111 Springfield Township
ARTHUR Joseph C. 84 Mad River Township
ARTHUR Samuel 96 Mad River Township
ATHEY Henry 110 Springfield Township
ATKINSON Cephus 94 Madison Township
ATKINSON Robert 94 Madison Township
ATKINSON Thomas 94 Madison Township
AUTT* Adam 157 Moorefield Township
AYERS Caleb 140 Pike Township
AYERS John 155 Moorefield Township
BABCOCK Hiram 121 Springfield Township
BABCOCK Jacob 143 Pike Township
BABCOCK Joel 80 Mad River Township
BABCOCK John 80 Mad River Township
BABCOCK Simeon 142 Pike Township
BABY Michael 125 Springfield Township
BACON John 113 Springfield Township
BAGLEY Daniel D. 110 Springfield Township
BAGS Abraham 155 Moorefield Township
BAILY Charles 138 Pike Township
BAIRD John 107 Harmony Township
BAIRD Peter 106 Harmony Township
BAIRD Samuel 114 Springfield Township
BAIRD William 106 Harmony Township
BAKER Adam 147 German Township
BAKER Benjamin 83 Mad River Township
BAKER Daniel 149 German Township
BAKER Daniel 83 Mad River Township
BAKER David 147 German Township
BAKER Elias 83 Mad River Township
BAKER Elizabeth 153 German Township
BAKER Ezra S.* 79 Mad River Township
BAKER George 153 German Township
BAKER Henry 147 German Township
BAKER Henry 147 German Township
BAKER Henry 153 German Township
BAKER Jacob 153 German Township
BAKER Jacob 153 German Township
BAKER John 149 German Township
BAKER John 150 German Township
BAKER John 153 German Township
BAKER Johnathan 83 Mad River Township
BAKER Malyne 83 Mad River Township
BAKER Malyne 83 Mad River Township
BAKER Martin 153 German Township
BAKER Martin 153 German Township
BAKER Matthia 140 Pike Township
BAKER Samuel 150 German Township
BAKER Samuel 153 German Township
BAKER Silas 121 Springfield Township
BAKER William 117 Springfield Township
BAKIN Joseph G. 92 Madison Township
BALDWIN David 90 Green Township
BALDWIN Ezeliel 127 Bethel Township
BALDWIN Joseph 156 Moorefield Township
BALIS Richard 104 Harmony Township
BALL Samuel 111 Springfield Township
BANE Gabriel 156 Moorefield Township
BANE Horatio 156 Moorefield Township
BARBER George W. 149 German Township
BARBER Robert 131 Bethel Township
BARDWELL Simeon 162 Pleasant Township
BARNET Jesu 114 Springfield Township
BARNET Philip 105 Harmony Township
BARNET Richard 121 Springfield Township
BARNET Smith 97 Madison Township
BARNS Alen 87 Green Township
BARNS David 87 Green Township
BARNS Jane 87 Green Township
BARNS Thomas 87 Green Township
BARRAT Hiram 114 Springfield Township
BARRET Call 97 Madison Township
BARRET Daniel 103 Harmony Township
BARRET David 124 Springfield Township
BARRET Dickinson S. 103 Harmony Township
BARRY John 86 Green Township
BARTLESON Peter 93 Madison Township
BARTON Thomas 80 Mad River Township
BASINGER Henry 143 Pike Township
BASINGER Peter 139 Pike Township
BASINGER Peter 143 Pike Township
BATE Charles 90 Green Township
BATE Elizabeth 90 Green Township
BAYLEY Mrs. 112 Springfield Township
BEALLE James E. 86 Green Township
BEALLE Jonathan 86 Green Township
BEARDSLEY Elijah H. 136 Bethel Township
BEASLEY Elizabeth 157 Moorefield Township
BEASLEY Paul 124 Springfield Township
BEAUCHOCK John 92 Madison Township
BEAUCHOMP William 29 Madison Township
BECHTLE Henry 124 Springfield Township
BEEMER John 149 German Township
BEETZ William B. 90 Green Township
BELL Darios 104 Harmony Township
BELL John 160 Moorefield Township
BELL Lewis 129 Bethel Township
BENCROFT Lewis 109 Springfield Township
BENNET Abraham 128 Bethel Township
BENNET Enoch 92 Madison Township
BENNET James 98 Madison Township
BENNETT Ebenezer 104 Harmony Township
BENNETT George 92 Madison Township
BENNETT Thomas 93 Madison Township
BENSON George 123 Springfield Township
BERRY David 117 Springfield Township
BERRY James B. 111 Springfield Township
BERRY John 114 Springfield Township
BERRY John I. 115 Springfield Township
BERT* Rosanna 118 Springfield Township
BEST Thomas 111 Springfield Township
BIDWELL Benjamin 159 Moorefield Township
BIRD Anthony 123 Springfield Township
BIRD Elizabeth 123 Springfield Township
BISHOP Edward H. 120 Springfield Township
BISHOP James 158 Moorefield Township
BISHOP John 160 Moorefield Township
BISHOP Sarah 159 Moorefield Township
BISHOP William 158 Moorefield Township
BITTENGER Abraham 84 Mad River Township
BITTENGER Nicholas 82 Mad River Township
BITTENGER Peter 82 Mad River Township
BLACK Agnes 141 Pike Township
BLACK Andrew 141 Pike Township
BLACK James 140 Pike Township
BLACK James R. 82 Mad River Township
BLACK John 141 Pike Township
BLACK John Jr. 141 Pike Township
BLACK Samuel 141 Pike Township
BLACK William 140 Pike Township
BLACK William 141 Pike Township
BLACK William P. 140 Pike Township
BLACKBURN Margaret 106 Harmony Township
BLACKFORD John 107 Harmony Township
BLACKMORE Robert D. 136 Bethel Township
BLONOM Gideon 90 Green Township
BLONOM Gregory 91 Madison Township
BLUE Lemuel 103 Harmony Township
BLUE Zacariah 98 Madison Township
BOGLE James 86 Green Township
BOICE Charles 81 Mad River Township
BOICE Elizabeth 112 Springfield Township
BOICE Leonard 81 Mad River Township
BOICE Robert 150 German Township
BOMGARDNER David 162 Pleasant Township
BOMGARNER Tabittro 160 Pleasant Township
BOND Daniel 129 Bethel Township
BOND Edward 91 Green Township
BOND Nancy 119 Springfield Township
BOOK John 133 Bethel Township
BOOTZ Adam 89 Green Township
BOOTZ Joel 89 Green Township
BORDERS John 82 Mad River Township
BOSWELL John 146 German Township
BOTKIN Charles 131 Bethel Township
BOTKIN Charles 141 Pike Township
BOTKIN Charles 163 Pleasant Township
BOTKIN George 161 Pleasant Township
BOTKIN Jeremiah 95 Madison Township
BOTKIN Joshua 131 Bethel Township
BOTKIN Richard 163 Pleasant Township
BOTKIN William 133 Bethel Township
BOTKIN William 140 Pike Township
BOTKINS Mary 131 Bethel Township
BOUGHTON Nathan 84 Mad River Township
BOWDRY Mary 101 Harmony Township
BOWER William 116 Springfield Township
BOWERS Jacob 142 Pike Township
BOWMAN James 107 Harmony Township
BOYD Abraham 128 Bethel Township
BOZZLE Ralph 135 Bethel Township
BRADFORD Charles 108 Harmony Township
BRAIN George 114 Springfield Township
BRANDENBERG Henry 131 Bethel Township
BRANDENBURG Samuel 141 Pike Township
BRANDENBURGH Aaron 135 Bethel Township
BRANDENBURGH William 135 Bethel Township
BRANDON George M. 129 Bethel Township
BRANSTELLER Christ. 152 German Township
BRANSTELLER Daniel 154 German Township
BRANSTELLER Henry 152 German Township
BRANSTELLER John 152 German Township
BREINER John 151 German Township
BREWBACKER Henry 122 Springfield Township
BRIANT Garner 95 Madison Township
BRICE George 138 Pike Township
BRIDGESS James 152 German Township
BRIGGS Eli 94 Madison Township
BRIGGS John 93 Madison Township
BRIGGS Joseph 93 Madison Township
BRIGGS Samuel 93 Madison Township
BRIGHT John 144 Pike Township
BRITNE Henry 109 Springfield Township
BRODLEY Robert 115 Springfield Township
BROODSTONE Leonard 125 Springfield Township
BROOKS Samuel 109 Harmony Township
BROUGHTON Gundon 127 Bethel Township
BROWN Daniel 140 Pike Township
BROWN David 87 Green Township
BROWN Ezekiel 140 Pike Township
BROWN Josiah W. 191 Madison Township
BROWN Rowland 98 Madison Township
BROWN Samuel 118 Springfield Township
BRUBAKER Benjamin 113 Springfield Township
BRUCE William 154 German Township
BRUINTON Noah 96 Madison Township
BRUNER Joseph 80 Mad River Township
BUCKLER Abraham 96 Madison Township
BUCKLEY David B. 123 Springfield Township
BUD John 87 Green Township
BUFFINBARGER George 97 Madison Township
BUNN Lewis 135 Bethel Township
BUNNEL Isaac 155 Moorefield Township
BUNNEL Joseph 156 Moorefield Township
BUNNELL Nathaniel 156 Moorefield Township
BURGESS John W. 136 Bethel Township
BURGESS Thomas 136 Bethel Township
BURNS Joseph 82 Mad River Township
BUSHY Hamilton 102 Harmony Township
BUTLER Jane 99 Harmony Township
BUTLER Joel 104 Harmony Township
BUTLER Zimri 119 Springfield Township
BUTTLE* John 119 Springfield Township
BUZZARD Henry 157 Moorefield Township
CAIN James 94 Madison Township
CAIN William 141 Pike Township
CAIRY Martin 112 Springfield Township
CAITZ * Jacob 94 Madison Township
CALHOUN Chamborn 99 Harmony Township
CAMMA James 127 Bethel Township
CAMPBELL James 103 Harmony Township
CAMPBELL Ruth 127 Bethel Township
CAMPBELL William 148 German Township
CAMPBELL William F. 124 Springfield Township
CAMRON William A. 114 Springfield Township
CANADA Samuel H. 119 Springfield Township
CANTRAL Joshua 156 Moorefield Township
CANTRAL Zebulon G. 156 Moorefield Township
CARLETON Allden 99 Harmony Township
CARLETON Amos 106 Harmony Township
CARLTON Amos C. 99 Madison Township
CARMAN Benjamin 139 Pike Township
CARMAN John 139 Pike Township
CARMAN Lewis 139 Pike Township
CARN Peter 152 German Township
CARTER Rhoda 105 Harmony Township
CARTIN Elizabeth 121 Springfield Township
CARTMEL John H. 165 Pleasant Township
CARTMEL Joseph 161 Pleasant Township
CARTMEL Nathaniel 165 Pleasant Township
CARTMEL Thomas J. 165 Pleasant Township
CASE George 149 German Township
CASEY Jacob 83 Mad River Township
CASEY John 94 Madison Township
CATRO Charles 106 Harmony Township
CAVALIER Charles 114 Springfield Township
CENTERS Edward 153 German Township
CHAMBERLAIN Isaac H. 99 Harmony Township
CHAMBERLIN Judah 104 Harmony Township
CHANCE Samuel 165 Pleasant Township
CHANCELER Jesse 134 Bethel Township
CHATMAN William 125 Springfield Township
CHEIRY Abraham 123 Springfield Township
CHESNUT David 141 Pike Township
CHESNUT Joseph 141 Pike Township
CHEW Joseph 90 Green Township
CHINEWITH Thomas 100 Harmony Township
CHINEWITH Thomas 101 Harmony Township
CHINEWITH William 101 Harmony Township
CHINNEWITH Nancy 155 Moorefield Township
CHINNEWITH William 156 Moorefield Township
CHRISTO James 112 Springfield Township
CIRCLE Abraham 150 German Township
CIRCLE Adrew* 149 German Township
CIRCLE Emanuel 153 German Township
CIRCLE John 149 German Township
CIRCLE Michael 126 Bethel Township
CLABAUGH John 81 Mad River Township
CLARK James 101 Harmony Township
CLARK James 158 Moorefield Township
CLARK Joseph 138 Pike Township
CLARK Robert 94 Madison Township
CLARK William 108 Harmony Township
DALRYMPLE George 102 Harmony Township
DALRYMPLE Isaac H. 102 Harmony Township
DANIELS Hannah 101 Harmony Township
DANIELS Reuben 101 Harmony Township
DANNELS Margaret 108 Harmony Township
DAUGHERTY Mary 157 Moorefield Township
DAVIDSON Isaac H. 96 Madison Township
DAVIS Cornelius 140 Pike Township
DAVIS Jacob 141 Pike Township
DAVIS Jeptha 126 Bethel Township
DAVIS John 138 Pike Township
DAVIS John 143 Pike Township
DAVIS Joseph C. 128 Bethel Township
DAVIS Joseph C. 140 Pike Township
DAVIS Joshua 96 Madison Township
DAVIS Lewis 138 Pike Township
DAVIS Peter 138 Pike Township
DAVIS Robert 88 Green Township
DAVIS Samuel 80 Mad River Township
DAVIS Stephen 142 Pike Township
DAVIS Zeba J. 140 Pike Township
DAVISON James 98 Madison Township
DAVISON John 163 Pleasant Township
DAWSON George 161 Pleasant Township
DEAM* Gredk 124 Springfield Township
DEATON Susannah 144 Pike Township
DEMORY John 165 Pleasant Township
DEMORY Peter 161 Pleasant Township
DEMORY William 165 Pleasant Township
DENNY John 100 Harmony Township
DEPUE Elizabeth 104 Harmony Township
DEVABAUGH Jacob 149 German Township
DIBERT John 150 German Township
DICKSON Francis 158 Moorefield Township
DILLEN Richard 102 Harmony Township
DILLIN Isaac H. 103 Harmony Township
DILLINGER Thomas 129 Bethel Township


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