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First Green Plain Friends Burial Ground

Battin - Howell Rd, Madison Twp., Selma, Ohio

as transcribed by Julie Noble October 13, 2002

History of this cemetery

This burial place was the first to be used by the Green Plain Monthly Meeting ( Friends ) in Madison Township. History eludes to the fact that the land itself belonged to Amaziah Beeson, and the first burial was that of Sarah Vickers in 1811.

The last man laid to rest in this burial place was William Hartwell who died in 1885, and his was the last marker visible as of a reading done in July 1988 by Mr. Roger Boone. It has been said recently that this marker too has disappeared. It is unknown as to whether or not this was the first cemetery in Selma. This cemetery sits on private property, and it is NOT accessible to the public. It appears today only as an overgrown grassy patch of land in the middle of the field.

All of the following entries are transcribed from a copy of the cemetery records given to me by Mr. & Mrs. R. Allen Battin, life time residents of Selma and members of the Green Plain Monthly Meeting (Friends). As of 1988, these records were deemed accurate to the best of their knowledge.

Name Birth Death LifeSpan Additional Information
Beeson, Amaziah 5/23/1766 9/4/1820   (gave land for meeting house and
Friends Burial Ground)
Brown no dates     no other names
Cook no dates     no other names
Embree, Esther   8/11/1830 77y 11m 30d (w/o Thomas)
Embree, Thomas   7/30/1833 77y 11m 20d  
Hartwell, William 2/15/1811 10/9/1885   last marker visible as of 1998
Hatten no dates     no other names
Johnson, Horace   9/5/1829 10y (s/o Jeptha & Ruth)
Johnson, Milton   8/9/1834 8y (s/o Jeptha & Ruth)
Johnson, Ruth 3/20/1794 5/13/1827   (w/o Jeptha Johnson; d/o Seth & Elizabeth Smith)
Little no dates     no other names
Paist, James 3/31/1817 1/22/1822   (s/o Chas & Abigail (Perkins) Paist
Paist, Lydia 8/18/1819 9/1/1819   (d/o Chas & Abigail (Perkins) Paist
Smith, Elizabeth 8/12/1833 8/3/1835   (d/o Seth Jr & Deborah (Wildman) Smith)
Smith, John 12/30/1824 7/18/1828   (s/o Seth Jr & Deborah (Wildman) Smith)
Smith, Mahlon   11/6/1849 24y 7m 9d body removed and re-interred at
present Hicksite FBG
Smith, Seth, Sr. 5/19/1761 4/1/1837 76y 1m body removed and re-interred at
Green Plain FBG (cemetery) #2 (s/o Joseph & Rachel (Beals) Smith)
Vickers, Richard   12/6/1822 54y 7m 21d  
Vickers, Sarah 10/12/1810 4/5/1811   (d/o Richard and Celia Vickers)
Williams, William 2/7/1818 11/22/1822 4y 9m 22d (s/o Peter & Nancy (Willis) Williams)
Willis, Levi 6/22/1810 no death date   (s/o Wm & Henrietta (Chance) Willis)

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