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Green Plain Cemetery #2

Selma Pike, Selma, Clark County, Ohio

As transcribed by Julie Noble October 1, 2002

This is a very old cemetery and some of the markers have deteriorated and are very hard to read. There are many that are completely worn and not readable at all, and there are many burials with no markers as of this day. This listing is a combination of two things: actual cemetery records given to me by Mr. & Mrs. Allen Battin ( lifetime Selma residents and members of the Society of Friends) and a physical cemetery reading by myself. Anything written in quotation marks is from the marker itself (inscriptions) and any family notations written in parentheses are from the cemetery records. Full dates (dd/mm/yy) in parenthesis are from the cemetery records, single dates (x) or (xx) are questionable dates from the markers themselves. The dates could be either one or the other…the marker is difficult to read.

History of this cemetery: This cemetery is behind the meeting house of the Green Plain Society of Friends which was built in 1871. The establishment of the cemetery itself is unknown to this author, however it is known that this is not the original cemetery. It equals approximately one and a half acres in size.

Directions to the cemetery: On Selma Pike about one half mile south of Rte 42 on the north side of the road. It can be recognized by the large red brick Church which is now abandoned. The cemetery sits to the left and behind the church.

Name Birth Death Lifespan Additional Information
Atkinson, "Catharine his wife" b. 1844 d. 1915   wife of Levi G (same marker)
Atkinson, Cephas   d. 3/21/1865 26y 4m 7d “son of Isaac & Nancy Atkinson”
Atkinson, Charles F.   d. 5/11/1864 1y 4m 1d “son of Levi & Mary B. Atkinson
Atkinson, Isaac (b. 9/16/1816) d. 1/9/1888 71y 3m 23d (s/o Levi & Mary B. Atkinson)
Atkinson, Jehu F. b. 1/9/1845 d. 11/20/1899    
Atkinson, Joseph B. b. 1853 d. 1910   “son of Isaac & Nancy Atkinson”
Atkinson, Levi G. b. 1840 d. 1914   (hus of Catharine, s/o Isaac & Nancy Atkinson)
Atkinson, Levi (b. 12/5/1818) d. 2/5/1881 62y 2m (s/o Cephus & Abigail (Orin) Atkinson)
Atkinson, Louisa J. (Wiseman) b. 5/3/1849 d. 3/17/1886   “wife of Jehu F. Atkinson”
Atkinson, Mary Angeline   d. 10/18/1880 24y4m22d “dau of Isaac & Nancy Atkinson”
Atkinson, Nancy   d. 3/9/1862 47y 9m 7d “wife of Isaac Atkinson”
Atkinson, Anna b. 1880 d. 1943   (no marker)
Bennett, George "sen"   d. 12/21/1861 92y 2m 19d  
Bennett, Mary (Holloway)   d. 8/25/1853 77y 2m 4d “wife of George Bennett sen”
Blake, Sarah J. (b. 1/23/1849) d. 6/3/1888(9)   “wife of J.T.(or E.) Blake”
Bowdle, Verne or Ernie A b. 8/27/1902 d. 2/12/1974   “Oh Corp US Army WWII”
Bowdle, Mildred C. b. 1911 d. 1912    
Bowdle, Sarah C. b. 1872 d. 1952   w/o William A. (same marker)
Bowdle, William A. b. 1877 d. 1946   h/o Sarah C
Bowdle, Ruth   d. 1921    
Gano, Rose   d. 1917    
Bowdle, Rose   d. 1919    
Bush, Anna   d. 6/12/1879(8)   dau of Thos & Martha (same mrkr)
Bush, Gertrude   d. 8/11/1881 15y 1m 7d dau of Thos & Martha (same mrkr)
Bush, Martha   d. 12/24/1889 56y 7m 14d “Mother”
Bush, Thomas W.   d. 4/20/1878 48y 1m 30d “Father”
Calvert, (Anna) Ethel Kirk b. 4/4/1860 d. 2/6/1941   wife of Reece Garrett (d/o Charles & Rachel Kirk)
Calvert, Cecil Kirk b. 8/3/1886 d. 4/19/1948   hus of Agnes Hunt (s/o Reece & Anna)
Calvert, Agnes Hunt b. 6/14/1887 d. 2/19/1954   wife of Cecil Kirk (same marker)
Calvert, Reece Garrett b. 1/21/1857 d. 9/3/1931   hus of Ethel Kirk (s/o Thomas L. & Elizabeth (Paist) Calvert)
Cantrell, Edward b. 8/1/1900 d. 2/8/1984   h/o Lois E. (same marker)
Cantrell, Lois E. b. 12/14/1900 d. 10/18/1984   w/o Edward (same marker)
Casrey, Frank N.   d. 6/30/1870 9m 1d “son of J D & A N Casrey”
Chapman, Caroline b. 1861 d. 1936   wife of Silas M (same marker) (maiden name Gano)
Chapman, Clara Belle (Little) b. 1864 d. 1933   wife of Clarence M (Clara is Josephine Chapman's sister)
Chapman, Clarence M. b. 1860 d. 1950   hus of Clara Belle (same marker)
Chapman, Dorothy D. b. 1900 d. 1967   “Sister “ (of Samuel G…same marker)
Chapman, Frances b. 1852 d. 1901   (buried with the Parks)
Chapman, Howell b. 2/9/1885 d. 12/11/1955   (bur beside Dorothy and Samuel)
Chapman, Josephine (Little) b. 1880 d. 1929   (w/o Jesse, (bro to Sam, Howell & Dorothy) (Jesse not bur here) )
Chapman? "S.C"   d. 6/2/1884   (buried with Chapmans)
Chapman, Samuel G. b. 1890 d. 1963   “Brother” ( of Dorothy D…same marker)
Chapman, Silas M. b. 1858 d. 1914   hus of Caroline (same marker)
Chapman, Stella R. b. 1883 d. 1886    
Chapman, W. M. (or W.) b. 1855 d. 1917    
Childs, Martha W.(or N)   d. 12/21/1875 74y (buried beside Sarah Hannah)
Confer, Anna Atkinson b. 1880 d. 1943    
Confer, Bertha May b. 1878 d. 1956   (w/o Harry)
Confer, Harry Irvin b. 1882 d. 1959    
Cook, Anna B.   d. 10/13/1878 26y “Our Sister” (buried with the Smiths…may be Esther (Cook) Smith's sister)
Crosman, Winifred A. Wildman b. 5/7/1899 d. 11/5/1990    
Edmiston, Louie C. (Chapman) b. 1902 d. 1988   w/o Ray, (d/o Clarence Chapman)
Edmiston, Ray L. (Leo) b. 1901 d. 1968   h/o Louie (same marker)
Elder, Rachel T. W. (ThornWildman) b. (10/5/1867) d. (3/19/1924)   (d/o Wm & Eliza (Harrison) Wildman)
Elder, Robert b. 1/16/1872 d. 8/14/1853    
Evans, Ann   d.3/28/1860 41y 8m 17d “dau of J & J Evans”
Faudree, Forest Earl b. 1/14/1907 d. 5/28/1907   (s/o Plunkett & Minnie)
Faudree, Minnie Bowdle b. 1878 d. 1908   wife of Plunkett (sis/o Wm Bowdle)
Faudree, Plunkett T. b. 1873 d. 1949   hus of Minnie (same marker)
Florence, Eleanor M. b. 1828 d. 1912   “wife of Obed Florence”
Foster, James   d. 11/25/1846    
Freeman, Rhoda V. b. 1858 d. 1930    
Gano, Henry E.   no dates   "Co C 60 O V I"
Gort, Robert   d. 9/1840   (no marker)
Grant, Eva B. b. 1860 d. 1932   (1st w/o Wm C)
Grant, Rolana K. (Kyle) b. 1883 d. 1970   (2nd w/o Wm C)
Grant, William C. b. 1861 d. 1947    
Griffith, Thomas W. (b. 1863) (d. 1948)   (no marker)
Hadley, Mary B. b. 4/22/1827 d. 9/29/1901   (buried beside Levi Atkinson)
Hannah, Jane Atkinson b. 1829 d. 1909   (d/o Cephus & Abigail (Orin) Atkinson)
Hannah, Sarah   d. 2/10/185? 4y “dau of ?” (d/o Jane & (?) Atkinson?) (beside Jane)
Harrison, Elizabeth Paist (b. 12/15/1801) d. 5/1/1886 84y 4m 16d “wife of John Fairlamb Harrison” (d/o James & Eliz (Dunn) Paist)
Harrison, John Fairlamb b. 2(1)/ 2/1804 d. 11/26/1875 71y 10m 24d (s/o Joshua & Elizabeth (Pancoast) Harrison)
Hider, Isaiah   d. 8/13/1859 4m 13d “son of E & A Hider”
Holloway, Phebe   d. 9/19/1839 58y 8m 1d  
Holloway, William   d. 4/10/1840 66y 7m 11d  
Hough, Sarah T ( S. I. Thorne Jones) (b. 1/29/1821) d. 12/28/1874 53y 10m 29d “wife of Hiram Hough” (2nd w) (d/o Wm & Rachel Thorne)(2w/o Samuel Jones also)
Howell, Deborah S. ( D. Ann Steer) b. 7/22/1839 d. 12/28/1922   (2nd w/o Samuel Howell)(d/o Amos & Ann (Maule) Steer)
Howell, Harriett S. b. 6/14/1880 d. 12/5/1903   (d/o Samuel & Deborah Howell)
Howell, Lucy W.   d. 6/2/1884 12y 10m 16d “dau of S G & R T Howell”
Howell, Rachel T (Thorne)   d. 12/16/1873 28y 4m 5(8)d “wife of Samuel C. Howell” (1st wife)(d/o Thomas & Ruth (Green) Thorne)
Howell, Lt Samuel G. (has 2 stones) b. 1/26/1826 d. 10/24/1914 “Co D 44 O V I” (s/o Samuel & Hannah (Janney) Howell)
Howell, Samuel b. 11/30/1882 d. 1/7/1955   (s/o Samuel & Deborah Howell) (He never married)
Humphrey, John H. b. 1/7/1855 d. 4/12/1922   (bro/o Mary (Humphrey) Norris)
Hunt, Isaiah   d. 1/9/1877 78y 9m  
Hunt, Rebecca   d. 4/2/1870 73y 9m (w/o Isaiah)
Kelso, Akins       no known dates and no marker in cemetery
Killen, Hannah A. b. 8/9/1845 d. 5/22/1875   “wife of J W Killen”
Killen, J.W. no dates     Simply reads "J.W." (beside Hannah)
Kizer, Eli   d. 6/7/1889 61y  
Lake, Elizabeth   d. 7/1/1868 79(29)y 7m 23d “wife of Henry Lake”
Lake, Henry   d. 8/18/1834 74y 2m  
Lake, Sarah W.   d. 8/1876 45y  
Lippencott, Eleanor Wildman   d. 8/24/1909    
Little, Hezekiah b. 1842 d. 1907   hus of Mary E. (same marker)
Little, Mary E. b. 1846 d. 1902   wife of Hezekiah
Littler, Mary S. (Smith) b. 1/8/1788 d. 5/31/1874 86y 4m 23d (w/o David Littler; d/o Seth & Elizabeth (Littler) Smith)
Lumley, A.P.   d. 10/3/1855    
Massey, Evelyn b. 1908 d. 1934   (bur with Faudree’s and Bowdles)
McDorman, Anna Louise Thorne b. 12/20/1892 d. 4/7/1977   (w/o Louis Homer McDorman; d/o Isaac & Emmaline (Kitchen) Thorne)
McDorman, Estella Paullin b. 1859 d. 1929   (w/o William A.)
McDorman, Louis H. (Homer) b. 6/21/1891 d. 2/7/1944   (s/o Wm & Estella McDorman)
McDorman, James Thorne b. 4/27/1916 d. 7/5/1973   (h/o Miriam; s/o Louis & Anna McDorman)
McDorman, Miriam S. (Schlub) b. 2/28/1918     (w/o James Thorne McDorman)
McDorman, W. (William) Homer b. 3/26/1913 d. 9/26/1964   (s/o Louis & Anna McDorman)
McDorman, William Allen b. 1856 d. 1930   (h/o Estella)
Murphy, Oliver   d. 2/8/1861 5y “son of Theo S. & S.A. Murphy”
Negus, Joseph   d. 6/12/1865 75y 6m 22d (no marker)
Newcombe, Laura M.   d. 6/13/1860 19y 8m 25d “dau of I (or L) M & M J Newcombe”
Newcombe, Lina E.   d. 3/22/1864 21(11)y 5m 10d “dau of I (or L) M & M J Newcombe”
Newcombe, Mary J.   d. 7/25/1860 10y 7m 3d “dau of I (or L) M & M J Newcombe”
Nickerson, Abigail (P. Harrison) (b. 12/5/1838) d. 5/20/1871 32y 5m 15d “wife of D A Nickerson” (d/o J.F. & E. Harrison)
Norris, David H. b. 1859 d. 1947    
Norris, Mary R. ("Molly" Humphrey) b. 1861 d. 1926   (w/o David Norris)
Norton, Collins G.   d. 5/8/1874 68y “My Husband” (h/o Mary)
Norton, Mary A. Nelson b. 10/11/1820 d. 9/20/1884   “wife of CG Norton” "Mother"
Odom, Jane   d. 1919    
Parks, Branson b. 1883 d. 1966   hus of Charlotte (same marker)
Parks, Charlotte (Chapman) b. 1884 d. 1950   w/o Branson (d/o Clarence Chapman)
Parks, infant   d. 8 / 4 / 08 (sic)   (child of Charlotte & Branson)
Parks, Terry   d. 4/16/1958   (s/o Daniel, grs/o Delmer, grgrs/o Branson)
Patterson, Amanda E. b. 6/18/1844 d. 10/30/1919    
Patterson, Thomas A. b. 10/29/1837 d. 7/31/1907   may have been born 10/25/1837
Pennington, Anna M "his wife" b. 1851 d. 1924   “Mother” (same marker w/ Chas B)
Pennington, Charles B. b. 1843 d. 1908   “Father” h/o Anna M
Peterson, Edna Eliza Wildman (b. 2(5)/30/1892) (d. 8/21/1957)   (d/o Alvin & Anna Wildman)
Peterson, Harold Hill (b. 10/16/1893) (d. 1/2/1977)   (h/o Edna. His ashes are burried here)
Plumley, A.   (d. 10/3/1855) 21y 5m 3d (no marker)
Reid, C. Ray b. 9/19/1885 d. 7/18/1968    
Reid, Jennie A. b. 1/1/1886 d. 3/21/1933   w/o C. Ray (same marker)
Rhoades, Anna Mary b. 1881 d. 1965   wife of Otto David (same marker)
Rhoades, Annabelle b. 1922 d. 1923   (buried betw Sharpins and John H Humphrey)
Rhoades, Otto David b. 1880 d. 1954   hus of Anna Mary (same marker)
Rogers, Celia J. b. 1/8/1860 d. 5/14/1894   (bur with Chapmans)
Sharpin, Irene V. b. 1909 d. 2001   wife of Thos H (same marker)
Sharpin, John b. 1871 d. 1953    
Sharpin, Mary J b. 1875 d. 1940   “wife of John Sharpin” "Mother"
Sharpin, Rebecca F. b. 1837 d. 1925   "Mother" (m/o John)
Sharpin, Rebecca b. 1868 d. 1947   “Sister”
Sharpin, Thomas H. b. 1907 d. 1967   hus of Irene V. (s/o John)
Sleeper, Jacob b. 12/30/1808 d. 3/30/1810   (s/o Samuel & Patience (Burrough) Sleeper)
Smith, Anna Ethel (b. 8/31/1872) (d. 7/9/1876) 9y (d/o Samuel & Esther Smith) (no marker in cemetery)
Smith, Deborah (Wildman) (b. 1/28/1801) d. 1/2/1858 56y 11m 4d (w/o Seth (jr))(d/o John & Elizabeth (Bond) Wildman)
Smith, Elizabeth Littler (b. 4(5)/ 9/1769) (d. 7/7/1842) 73y 2m 28d (d/o Samuel & Elizabeth (Mosely) Littler; w/o Seth Smith sen)
Smith, Esther J (Jane Cook) (b. 1/24/1846) d. 9/28/1885 39y 8m 10d “wife of Samuel Smith” (d/o Marcellus & Harriett (Whitaker) Cook)
Smith, Floy M. (McDorman) b. 1879 (d. 12/11/1918)   (w/o Wm. M Smith; d/o Wm & Estella (Paullin) McDorman)
Smith, Harold (b. 1/20/1906) (d. 1/20/1906)   “infant son of Wm. M & Floy Smith"
Smith, Howard S. b. 9/17/1870 d. 7/5/1963   (s/o Samuel & Esther Smith)
Smith, Levi   d. 9/5/1845 30y 4m (s/o Geo. & Sarah (Wright) Smith)
Smith, Luella B. (Branson) b. 2/1/1869 d. 1/21/1937   (1st w/o Howard; d/o Nathan & Anna (Swain) Branson)
Smith, Martha S.   d. 6/24/1871 32y (buried with the Wrights)
Smith, Samuel (b. 12/30/1827) (d. 2/24/1901)   “Father” (s/o Seth & Deborah)
Smith, Seth sen (b. 5/19/1761) d. 4/1/1837 76y 1m (s/o Joseph & Mary (Beals) Smith)
Smith, Seth (b. 7/11/1798) d. 5/7/1876 77y 9m 26d (s/o Seth & Elizabeth)
Smith, William M. (b. 3/22/1875) (d. 6/27/1925)   (s/o Samuel & Esther Smith)
Thomas, Cassa D.   d. 2/11/1855 10m 21d “dau of W & J Thomas“
Thomas, D.L. (b. 1853) (d. 1912)   (no marker)
Thomas, Fanny .   d. 8/6/1868 26y “wife of Stephen H. Thomas”
Thomas, Little Alfred   d. 7/21/1868   (written on the bottom of Fanny's marker)
Thomas, Lucy   d. 3/16/1869 “about 91 years” “dau of Steven Thomas”
Thomas, Presley   d. 10/3/1874 56y  
Thomas, T.W. b. 12/12/1858 d. 2/1/1890    
Thomas, William H.   d. 2/18/1867 45y “husband of Jane”
Thorne, Alfred B. (b. 9/7/1855) d. 3/4/1882 26y 5m 27d (s/o Wm & N.M. Thorne)
Thorne, Beulah   (d. 2/7/1899) 83y (possible w/o Elihu Thorne) (no marker in cemetery)
Thorne, Elijah (b. 5/14/1816) (d. 2/7/1899) 83y “Father” (s/o Wm & Rachel Thorne; h/o Mary Thorne)
Thorne, Elizabeth H. (Harvey) (b. 3/6/1835) d. 1/5/1874 38y 10m 5d “wife of Wm Thorne dau of I & S Harvey” (Wm's 2nd wife)
Thorne, Elizabeth ("Lizzy" Lewis) b. 1/30/1836 d. 11/30/1919   “wife of William Thorne” (Wm's 3rd w) (d/o Jesse & Hannah (Harvey) Lewis)
Thorne, Ella   d. 11/5/1865 17y “dau of L & H Thorne”
Thorne, (Emmaline) "Emma" (Kitchen) b. 11/29/1863 d. 7/8/1955   (w/o Isaac H.) (same marker)
Thorne, Esther b. 10/22/1812 d. 1/14/1883 70y 3m 12d (d/o Wm & Rachel Thorne) (mentally handicapped)
Thorne, Isaac H. (Harvey) b. 12/30/1859 d. 9/29/1931   (s/o Wm & Elizabeth Thorne; h/o Emma K)
Thorne, Isaac G. b. 8/18/1814 d. 8/15/1849   (s/o Wm & Rachel Thorne; h/o Hannah W. Smith)
Thorne, Maria A. (b. 10/15/1864) (d. 11/20/1864) 10y (d/o Wm & Elizabeth Thorne) (no marker in cemetery)
Thorne, Mary R. (b. 9/23/1865) d. 11/21/1874 9y 2m “child of W & E.H. Thorne”
Thorne, Mary Charles, "his wife" b. 1825 (d. 9/11/1908)   “Mother” (w/o Elijah Thorne)
Thorne, Mary H. (b. 7/6/1894) d. 9/10/1894 2m 4d “twin child of Isaac H. & Emma K. Thorne”
Thorne, Nancy (Maria Batty) (b. 5/19/1828) d. 2/15/1856 27y 8m 26d (1st w/o William Thorne)
Thorne, Rachel (Embree) (b. 8/25/1786) d. 4/9/1874 87y 7m 14d (w/o William Thorne; d/o Thomas & Esther (Coulson) Embree)
Thorne, Ruth (Green) (b. 8/23/1807) d. 10/11/1879 72y 1m 18d “wife of Thomas Thorne”
Thorne, Sarah R. (b. 8/11/1868) d. 1/17/1875 6y 5m 6d “child of W & E.H. Thorne”
Thorne, Sarah E. (Emma) (b. 1/11/1852) d. 8/18/1853 1y 7m 7d “dau of Wm & N.M. Thorne”
Thorne, Sylvester (Embree) (b. 10/5/1853) d. 6/12/1859 5y 8m 7d “son of Wm & N.M. Thorne”
Thorne, Thomas E. (b. 12/31/1861) d. 11/30/1882 20y 11m (s/o of Wm & Elizabeth Thorne)
Thorne, Thomas (b. 9/3/1809) d. 3/17/1865 55y 6m 14d (s/o Wm & Rachel Thorne)
Thorne, William K. (Kitchen) (b. 7/6/1894) d. 9/24/1894 2m 18d “twin child of Isaac H. & Emma K. Thorne”
Thorne, William (b. 10/4/1816) d. 10/4/1860 44y (s/o Thomas & Ann (Gumery) Thorne: grs/o Isaac & Hannah Thorne)
Thorne, William P. (b. 9/6/1838) (d. 3/4/1839)   (s/o Thomas & Ruth Thorne)
Thorne, William (b. 3/4/1823) d. 6/29/1914 91y 3m 25d (s/o Wm & Rachel Thorne; h/o Nancy Maria Batty)
Thorne, William (b. 4/30/1781) d. 9/20/1853 72y 5m (h/o Rachel Embree; s/o Isaac & Hannah Thorne)
Turner, Esther S. (Esther Jane Smith) b. 1/22/1907 d. 3/4/1999   (w/o Malcolm; d/o Wm & Floy Smith) (same marker w/ Malcolm)
Turner, Malcolm b. 11/20/1905 d. 3/22/1968   (s/o John Turner; h/o Esther S.)
Umphries, William H. b. 1849 d. 1927    
Unknown…..reads “L.A.”   no dates   buried beside Sarah Hough
Unknown….reads “L.S.W.”   no dates   (buried between the Pattersons and Louis McDorman)
Unknown….reads “M.W.”   no dates   (buried between James Foster and Henry Lake)
Unknown….reads “W.H.”   no dates   (buried between the Pattersons and Louis McDorman)
Ward, Delilah   d. 5/12/1880 26y 3m 12d  
Warner, Rebecca P (Harrison) b. 7/31/1842 d. 1921   (w/o Simeon Warner; d/o John F. & Elizabeth Harrison)
Wildman, Alvin Austin (b. 4/14/1907) (d. 11/4/1947)   (s/o Alvin & Anna Wildman) (no marker in cemetery)
Wildman, Alvin E. (Edward) b. 3/21/1864 d. 12/23/1940   (s/o Wm & Eliza Wildman)
Wildman, Anna W. (White) b. 4/24/1866 d. 6/23/1933   (w/o Alvin Edward; d/o Edm. & E. J. (Woodard) White)
Wildman, Arthur E. (Edward) (b. 8/10/1869) (d. 3/3/1937)   hus of Clara W. (s/o Marion & Elizabeth)
Wildman, Benjamin (b. 3/17/1808) d. 2/11/1842 33y 10m 24d (s/o John & Elizabeth Wildman)
Wildman, Clara W. (C.Augusta White) b. 1875 d. 1962   (w/o Arthur E.; d/o James & Jemima D. (Henley) White)
Wildman, Edith (Ann) Edwards (b. 5/6/1890) d. 1960   (1st w/o Ernest Atkins Wildman)
Wildman, Edward G. (Greenawalt) b. 4/2/1934 d. 12/5/1943   (s/o Wm Wendell Wildman)
Wildman, Edward (b. 7/29/1806) d. 8/25/1871 64y 1m 16d (s/o John & Elizabeth Wildman; h/o Hannah)
Wildman, Eliza H. (Harrison) b. 11/25/1834 d. 4/27/1907   (w/o William; d/o J F & E Harrison)
Wildman, Elizabeth (Walton) (b. 11/1842) d. 5/28/1884 41y 6m “wife of Marion” (1st wife)
Wildman, Ernest Atkins (b. 7/2/1889) (d. 9/20/1966)   (s/o Walter & Cora (Atkins) Wildman; grs/o Wm & Eliza Wildman)
Wildman, Ethel D. (b. 9/6/1881) (d. 8/4/1965)   (d/o Marion & Elizabeth Wildman; she never married)
Wildman, Hannah (Thorn) (b. 1/7/1811) d. 2/27/1889 78y 11m 29d (w/o Edward Wildman; d/o Wm & Rachel (Embry) Thorn)
Wildman, Howard b. 1867 d. 1945   (s/o Marion & Elizabeth; h/o Anna Confer)
Wildman, John   d. 10/5/1840 62y 6m 20d (h/o M. Fox & E. Bond; s/o Wm & Ann Wildman)
Wildman, John (b. 5/19/1835(6)) d. 12/13(19)/1881 46y 6m 24d (s/o Edward & Hannah Wildman; h/o Mary T. Pugh)
Wildman, Louis H. (Harrison) (b.9/13/1865) (d. 2/23/1899)   (s/o Wm & Eliza Wildman)
Wildman, Marguerite G. b. 9/16/1898 d. 6/11/1982   (buried beside William Wendell Wildman)
Wildman, Marion (White) (b. 1/4/1907) (d. 9/29/1973)   (h/o Mildred B.; s/o Arthur & Clara)
Wildman, Marion (b.11/23/1838) (d. 2/18/1901)   (s/o Edw & Hannah)
Wildman, Mary H. (b. 1/16/1874) (d. 8/28/1908)   (d/o Marion & Elizabeth Wildman)
Wildman, Mary S. b. 5/5/1908 d. 11/29/1999   “SP2 USN”
Wildman, Mary Stewart b. 3/8/1905 d. 3/31/1981    
Wildman, Mary T. (Taylor Pugh) b. 1840 d. 1922   “wife of John Wildman” (d/o Achillas & Anna M. (Davis) Pugh)
Wildman, Mary b. 11/14/1814 d. 9/7/1893   (d/o John & Elizabeth Wildman)
Wildman, Margaret   d. 2/19/1860 83y 2m 16d (2nd w/o John Wildman)
Wildman, Mildred B. (Buchanan) (b. 6/14/1909) (d. 1/11/1958)   (1st w/o Marion White Wildman)
Wildman, Philip E. (Embree) b. 10/26/1903 d. 3/25/1971   (s/o Alvin & Anna Wildman)
Wildman, Robert Paul (b. 10/12/1963) d. 10/12/1963   “son of Wm W & Mary R. Wildman”
Wildman, Robert Robt. (sic)   d. 9/1810   “About 40 years”
Wildman, W. (William) Wendell b. 10/24/1893 d. 5(9)/7/1965   (s/o Alvin & Anna Wildman)
Wildman, Walter Edmund b. 7/7/1895 d. 11/19/1972   (s/o Alvin & Anna Wildman)
Wildman, William Ernest b. 5/11/1876 d. 2/3/1889   “son of Wm & Eliza Wildman”
Wildman, William W. b. 2/5/1931 d. 11/22/1981    
Wildman, William b. 6/19/1833 d. 12/2/1914   (s/o Edw & Hannah; h/o Eliza H.)
Wilson, Dr. J. S. (Jesse Scott) Wilson b. 9/24/1799 d. 1/7/1881   (Physician in Selma, Oh)
Wilson, Elizabeth Foster Richards (b. 4/12/1802) (d. 8/29/1893)   (w/o Jesse Scott Wilson) (Elizabeth named Selma, Ohio)
Wilson, Elsie b. 10/5/1871 d. 6/7/1933   (d/o Geo & Susan Wilson)
Wilson, Florence Peyton b. 12/7/1852 d. 5/16/1932   (d/o Geo & Susan Wilson) (Florence never married)
Wilson, George S. (Stephen) b. 7/25/1830 d. 4/13/1916   (s/o Jesse S & Elizabeth Wilson)(h/o Sue F.)
Wilson, Gertrude (Grace) b. 5/14/1891 d. 9/12/1961 (never married) (d/o Walter Harrison & Grace (McMillan) Wilson; grd/o Geo & Sue Wilson)
Wilson, Jesse Clyde (b. 1/15/1863) d. 9/14/1864 1y 8m “son of GS & Sue Wilson”
Wilson, Maude S. (Stella) (b. 5/27/1865) d. 7/14/1935   (d/o Geo & Susan Wilson)
Wilson, Susan "Sue" F. (Harrison) b. 7/20/1831 d. 1/4/1906   (d/o Seth & Sarah (Fawkes) Harrison; w/o Geo S Wilson)
Wise, Joseph N.   d. 1/10/1879 7y 15d "s/o J.K. & B. Wise" (no marker)
Wise, Joseph M.   d. 1/10/1873 43y "s/o J.K. & K. Wise" (no marker)
Wiseman, Unknown same type marker as Olive & Alma’s;copper name & date plate on top is missing. It sits between Olive and Alma's.
Wiseman, Alma E. b. 1927 d. 1935    
Wiseman, Olive E. b. 1930 d. 1931    
Wright, Levi S. (b. 7/17/1817) (d. 9/13/1848) 31y 8m 15d (s/o Richard & Rachel (Smith) Wright)
Wright, Mary Jane (b. 4/16/1813) d. 1847 33y "In Memory of M.J.W." (d/o Richard & Rachel (Smith) Wright)
Wright, Noah H. b. 1848 d. 1935   (s/o Levi & Mary Jane Wright) (married Clara Unknown)
Wright, Richard   d. 1/12/1864 77y 1m 13d (s/o Jonathan & Hannah (Ridgeway) Wright; h/o Rachel Smith)
Wright? "N.H.W."   d. 1845 22y Simply reads “In memory of N.H.W.” (beside the Wrights)
Wright? "R.W."   d. 1844 50y Simply reads “In memory of R. W.” (beside the Wrights)
Wright, Mary Jane   d. 1910 90yrs (w/o Levi S. Wright)

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