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1834 Clark County Signers

Submitted by Marilyn Hansen  September, 2002

This is a list of Clark County, Ohio signers to a petition. We dont know why they signed in opposition or what controversary was with the Closure of the Bank of United States. It was entered into the Congressional Record and was a list of farmers from Clark County who were detailing the difficult conditions that they were encountering while trying to farm. For some reason, they wanted the public money restored to the bank of the United States. This file was found in Salt Lake City, UT. If you know why they signed it please contact the county coordinator And we will add it to this document. The Names of the Clark County signers are at the bottom of this file. For additional information the Bank, go to this link on "Why the United States Bank was Closed".

The Almanac of American History by Arthur Schlesinger shows

March 2, 1833

With backing from Calhoun and Clay, a resolution in the House of Representatives states that the Bank of the United States can continue as a safe place of deposit for government funds. Jackson, however, wants the funds withdrawn and feels his re-election is an indication that American agree with him. On March 19, Jackson consults his cabinet members on the matter, and on April 3 his attorney general Roger B. Taney supports the legal basis for removing deposits and distributing them to selected state banks. Not all cabinet members agree with Jackson.

June 1, 1833

Because his cabinet cannot agree over the removal of government deposits in the Bank of the United States, President Jackson reorganized the cabinet. But when Jackson instructs William Duane, Secretary of the Treasury, to remove the deposits, he too is reluctant. On July 10, Duane write to Jackson opposing such a move.

September 10, 1833

Presiden Jackson announces to his cabinet that on October 1, the government will no longer use the Bank of the United States for its deposits. Some, including the Secretary of the Treasury, refuse to agree with the plan September 18, 1833 President Jackson submits to the cainet a document drafted by Attorney General Roger Taney which lists reasons for removing government deposits from the Bank. In doin so, Jackson indicates that the role of the cabinet is to be his personal organ.

September 23, 1833

When Secretary of the Treasury Duane persists in refusing to carry out the removal of government funds from the Bank of the United States, President Jackson replaces him with Roger Taney.

September 26, 1833

Roger Taney ordes the first removal of government funds from the Bank of the United States, to be placed in the Girard Bank of Philadelphia by transfer. During the next few months, funds are transfered to 23 other state banks.

December 3, 1833

President Jackson makes his anual message to Congres and assumes the responsibility fo removing government deposits from the Bank of the United States. He claims he was justified in this action because the Bank took a partisan position during the election of 1832.

December 26, 1833

Henry Clay introduces two resolutions in the Senate. The first censures the Treasury and Taney's "unsatisfactory and insufficient" explanation for removing deposits from the Bank of the United States. The second censusre President Jackson for assuming authority and power beyond what the Constitution allows him.

March 28, 1834

The Senate adopts the two resolutions introduced by Henry Clay on December 26, 1833 to censure President Jackson and the Treasury after the removal of government funds from the Bank of the United States.

April 4, 1834

Jackson's supporters in the Senate push through their own resolutions to sustain the administrations bank policy.

April 14, 1834

The name "Whig" is formally a dopted for a new US politcal party. Among those anti-Jackson forces are those Democrats who disagree with Jackson over the Bank of the United States

April 15, 1834

Presiden Jackson formatlly protests the Senaltes approval of Clay's censure resolution. Jackson claims that the Senate as charged him with an offense that might bright about impeachment, yet he has has not been given an opportunity to do defend his actions. Not until January 16, 1837, will the resolution of censure be expunged from the Senate Journal.

February 15, 1836

The Bank of the United States obtains a state charter in Pennsylvania because it hs failed to secrue a renewed charter as a national bank. On march 1, it officially become the Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania.

Feb 15, 1836

The Bank of the United States obtains a state charter in Pennsylvania because it has failed to secure a renewed charter as a national bank. On March 1, it officially becomes the Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania.

23rd Congress 1st Session House of Reps. Doc No 453

Memorial of Inhabitants of Clark county, In favor of restoring the Public Deposites, and rechartering the Bank of the United States May 19 1834. Read and laid upon the table.

"To the honorable the Senate and House of Representatives In Congress assembled:

Deeply impressed with the present distressed state of the country, and cherishing the belief that the distress can only be relieved by the representatives of the people, and recognising the privilege of the people to be heard by petition and memorial in matters which concern their liberties, guaranteed to them by the constitution and the laws, your fellow citizens of Clark county, in the State of Ohio, ask permission to lay before you their views in relation to their own condition at home, as affected by the unwise measure of the Secretary of the Treasury, in causing the removal of the public moneys from the Bank of the United States.

To strangers unacquainted with its peculiar locality, it will not be deemed out of place to remark that the wealth of our county consists almost entirely in its agricultural productions, the principal part of it soil being devoted to the cultivation of wheat, which article may justly be considered the staple of the county. The soil, climate, and other natural causes, combine to render this section of the County peculiarly favorable for the production of wheat of a good quality. The fine streams which flow thorough our valley, have as yet, been converted to no other purpose than the manufacturing of our wheat into flour, thus affording to the farmer a constant and ready market for the chief production of his farm. Thus much we have thought it necessary to preface, in order to show the source of the little wealth we possess. By these preliminary remarks, it will at once be perceived how peculiarly dependent we are upon the proper regulation of the inland trade; how closely allied to domestic industry and enterprise; and how immediately we are affected by any thing which tends to weaken or check the healthful operation of that system which has been to us a source of continued and increasing prosperity. But the blight and the mildew have fallen upon us, and threaten to overwhelm us, and all with whom we are connected, in one general ruin.

The poor man who a few short months since deemed himself secure from all danger, inasmuch as, with the produce of his few acres of wheat, he had that which rendered him independent of the world, will now with a heavy heart tell you, that, to save his all, he cannot raise a few dollars to pay a needy creditor, because that in which he placed his sole dependence, that which was laid up in store to wipe out old scores, and to replenish his stock of family stores for the ensuing season, has failed him; his wheat is at the mill, but the miller cannot buy; his wheat has been manufactured into flour, but the flour will not pay for the producing, and manufacturing, and hauling to a market already glutted with an unsaleable article. In truth, he could tell you, that the old saying indicative of the pecuniary responsibility of a man, 'he is as good as wheat at the mill," is no longer true; for wheat is no longer the standard of wealth.

If day after day, petitions from quarters of the country heretofore supposed to possess wealth, solid wealth, are presented to you, praying a redress of those grievances under which they groan, how much more sad and wretched must be our condition, whose only weatlh consists in th soil and it productions, deprived of that stimulus to industry, and that incentive to enterprise, which a brisk and constant market always affords to the honest laborer.

The distress, commencing with the agricultural part of the community, upon which all others in the interior of this country depend, is now most severely felt by all classes. We have anxiously waited, in hope that a brighter day might come, and disperse the gloom which surrounds us. We still hope that there exists sufficient patriotism, that there still remains enough of the spirit of our sires among the representatives of the people of this Union, to peril all in snatching from the grasp of arbitrary power the constitiution and the laws.

We pray, therefore, that the public moneys of the United States be restored to the safe keeping of the Bank of the United States; and that Congress do extend the resent charter of the Bank of the United States, to such term of time and with such modification, as may seem wise and expedient in view of the general good of our common country. "

Alphabetical Listing

John Hunt Joseph H. Harrison Lewis Wood George Kitt Cyrus D. McLaughlin
Jesse Ellsworth John McClintick Zadok D. Moore John Hunt Peter Murrray
Nelson Weston Saul Henkle J. M. Gallagher B. N. Peck Francis Harri
Wm. Nichols O. B. Nichols J. R. Tonge Oswald Warrington J. R. Crain
William Patterson D. J. Smith Thomas Kizer David Cowan D. J. Cory
Adam Sellers Benjamin Holaway J. D. Carrick Wm. F. Campbell Lonson W, Morson
Alonzo Stanford Reuben Miller Lesley Hutton John Osborn Howard Slipman
Francis H. Cary Phips Morland G. W. P. Harding Jacob Ernst Henry Bennet
John McKenney Joseph Robinson Joseph Dolphin Jesse Meek David Marquart
John W. Hunter Henry Gram [Illegiblel James C. Beall William Martim
John Craig

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Henry Buzzard Nathl. Morris Rufus Sprague William Nicholson Walter Turner
Henry Rouzer William H Harding Joseph Coffin John Varvel William Bynearson
James Hutton Henry Bretney Wm. Rasser Thomas D. Stewart James Thornton, sen.
M. D. Pugh Samuel Steel Isaac N Weidman John A. Albin Hance Petermick Jack
John Reed Valentine Hoffman Nelson Miller Levi Jenkins John Melvin
John Goudy Nathan Yeamans Burzillar Bunnell Peter L. Bumyardner Daniel Bruner
David Berry Thomas Crabb Robert Craig Adam Alt Benjamin Brendle
Christopher Thompson Wm. W. Climer William Moore John Spence Robert Layne
Samuel Henderson Jacob Odewalt John Shipman Giles Gordin Richard W. Crain
George Albin Israel Shipman James S. Sims John Kingore J. H. Shipman
Wiliam Eby James Shipman Jacob Miller Willing Grierd Isaac Cory
James Tuttle John Minnich Charles Callison Samuel Neher (illegible.]
W S. Frair Isaac Thomas, Jr. Isaac Thomas, sen. Joseph Underwood Abraham Thomas
David Frantz Peter Bower George Welchans Jonathan Lambert Robert Boice
Pressly Ross Solomon Saya Benjamin Underwood Wm. Baird W. Nothutt
James 0. Hamsell Mason Nicholls Gershom Gard Henry Clifton S. Runyon
John Ebersole Wm. Miller Samuel Smith Philip Killinger Peter Sourz
Reuben Fergerwood John Miller Wm. Overpack John Winn Elijah Morris
James Calvin Hebron Rollison George Kemp Joseph Widows John Morris
Joseph Morris Archibald McKinley Benjamin Turman Samuel Turman Peter Bruner
Abraham Hupp Wesley Rector Samuel Humel T. J. Mitchell Hiram. Baeles
Julis Smith. Thomas Kizer John Beamer Oliver H. Armstrong John Domer
John Bea'ry William Arthur C. Birchall E. H. Cummings Benjamin Brubacher
John Cook Morton Cary J. R. Robinson Lewis Hill John Newlove
C. C. McCormick J. R. Benson Samuel Parsons James Lowry John Householder
W. V. H. Cushing Anthony Leffel Wm. Winright Henry Brubacher Richard L. Clark
Thomas Arnett James Johnston John Reid (Springfield) R. W. Kills Samuel McCord
Nelson Mitchell Clem. Kenny Adam Reid Pelatiah Thompson John L. Berry
Ira Paige James R. Berry James Lee Tunis Miller George Keifer
Thomas Green Samuel Baker J. C. Robnett James Reid Joseph Rinojel
Daniel Leffel Freeman Vicary Patrick Wiseley James P. Leffel John Adams

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Wm. E. Kurtz John Hatfield G. W Hopkins Robert Rodgers Cyrus Armstrong
Henry S. Williamson James Kelly Ansel Hammmond G. Hendershott S. Clark
Thomas Warren James Thornton Benjamin F. Nourse Wm. Coles Frederick Fraley
Samuel Martin Robert Landon Wm. Stacy Wm. Mather Laybourn Newlove
John Hooper George Mortimer Wm. McClure Dickison S. Barratt Henry Diffenderffer
A. Carleton Newman Scarlett Silas S. Whitaker Martin Kershner Wm. L. Fisher
James Bishop Elisha Labourne Nathan Trotter Henry Nelson John A. Crain
J. W. Spencer Jesse Christie George G. Mulholland Granville Moody Nathan Chapman
Joseph T. Thorpe J. C. Fletcher Robert Lowe Isaac Cowgill David Toland
James Shipman John J. Berry Greenfleld Dooley James West James S. Dudley
Wm. Berry John Ludlow Maddox W Fisher Martin T. Bishop John R. Fisher
Matthew Trotter Wm. Steele, M. D. Wm. Kirk Samuel Eells R. W. Hunt
Jerome B.. Wertz John Bacon Henry O'Neal Lindsey J. McCorkle John McBeth
John Thompson Amos Kingore Jacob Shawner James S. Halsey H. Hedrick
R. Christie Asahel Ingham James A Wood David Petticrew Benjamin Edwards
John Marvin Isaac Ward John Stewart Richard Gorden Daniel Killinger
Jolin Tomlinson John G. Nattingar Joln G. Wood Moses M. Baker David Miller
David Crabill Timothy L. Bosort Rufus A. Pierce James H. Plum Christian Rohrer
J. W. Elliott Lucius Muzzy Absalom Foley William McJimpsey Thomas Randolph
Andrew Goudy John G. Hays Isaiah Hunt Geo H. Benson G. W. Gordon
John D. Jenkins E. G. Taylor Thomas Starkey Aaron Morehouse John S. Morehouse
Reuben Wallace Abraham Bennett Joseph Keiser Abraham Smith Archibald W. Steele
Abraham. Cook Pleasant Moorman John Youngs Elias Tracy John Crain
Richard Jones John Natter David Sewer John B. Duffield [Illegible]
Jacob Bower Michael Taylor John Garver William D.Neeley William Hay
Peter Apgar Moses Wallace John A. Hay Jacob Plants Joseph Pumphrey
A. McPherson B. H. Rogers E. Parker John Martin John R. Baker
0. Read William Vauhan John Sindledecker John Bothen John Cirkle
Wm. Britton Andrew Hefferd Jacob Hullinger David C. Skillman Henry Ester
Ephraim McNiller Charles Catraw Israel J. Rockhill James G. Ford John Ritter
R. B. Hubbell Daniel Bowser Prolen Stewart Joseph Wilkison John Erter
Aquila Donovan

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William Donovan D. D. Bayley Obadiah R. Harrison G. W. Green M. Mereness
Thos. Laird Matthew Laird Henry Hawken Thomas Best Jacob Prichet
Thomas Jones John Dahl Francis Lewis George Spested Thomas H. Moore
Jacob Isenberger Hamilton Busbey Aaron H. Flowers John Felix William Willoughby
James C. Page Henry Norgely Silas V. Byrd Lewis Nichols John Driscoe
James Johnston Thomas Hall Edward Fairchild Jacob Harvey George Icenburger
Edward Phillips Abraham D. Mereness 'William Best Harvey Mereness Thomas Woods
Andrew Thompson Nottey Thacker Daniel Kienborts Isaac Kershner Zibah Winchester
Richard D. Anderson Henry Hair John Tate Wm. A. Kills John McLarin
Jacob M. Kills Willard Smith John Conklin Daniel Wysingcr Peter Moodey
(Illegible) John Gram Burnet Vanhorn Asahel Rice John Woodrow
Wrn. M. Harris John A. Warder Samuel Fox John McCally George Brame
Henry Crider David Devon Alden Besse John Peterson Jacob Martin
John Brown Stephen Shaper Jacob Nawman Alfred Seley Archibald Yozel
Jonathan Steelman William Steelman Abram Hair Joseph Powers Franklin Shaffer
Robert Strain John Cozier Alexander Ramsey Caleb Barratt Charles W. Butler
Benjamin Lyon John F. James Wm. Hall Reuben Baker Jonathan Jones
David Hattin Joseph Whittredge, Jr.-. George Jones Josephi Hutton Benj. P. Southworth
Herbert H. Byrd E. Mayne Anthony Byrd Joseph Snodgrass Wm. L. Reynold, 2d
Thomas S. Wood John B. McDonald Joseph Morris Isaac L. Nason Darius Sprague
Jeremiah Smith Stephen H. Chamberlin John McDaniel George C. Chamberlin James Campbell
Isaac Chamberlin Amos Laybourn Isaac Hull Putnam Gaffeld James Reid
Benj. Hathaway Charles Smith Amos Wright Richard Creamer Wm. Osborn
Abraham Aldrich Wm. Hawkins B. Fawcett Silvester Bennett Christopher Laybourn
S. H. Killough Thomas Rathbun Enoch M. Sarjent Wm. Henry John Rathbun
John Judy, Jr.. Edward Rice James McDaniel Wm. McDaniel Johnson Henry
Richard Horner Jonathan Henry Clark Rathbun George N. Clark Richird Hawkins
Daniel Ellis Harrison Horn Samuel Mc.Millin James Nephew John Hopping
Clernent Anderson James Parks Stephen Herriman Thomas Gaffield Samuel Judy
W m. Gaffield Isaac Harris Amos Dunham Jehu Corson Daniel Jones
John Munger Wm. Goldin Richard James Ephraim Hampton Samuel Turner
Solomon Weaver

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Hamilton Henry James Bowman B. K. Cozier Wm. Allen Benjamin White
Mahlon Hutchinson Elias Gilbert John Hall Peter C. Baird Wm. Golden, Jr..
Paschal Pinneo Wm. Flack James L. Wilson Andrew Nidrelson Gilkey Wallingsford
Benj. Henry David Jones Daniel Hammond Wm. Jones James H. Cory
Joseph Moore S. E. Stafford E. Wilson Chancey Moore Jacob Shallenbarger
A. J. H. Kephart Hersen Cittoni J. W. Burgess Richard Fielding W. Boyle
Robert D. Adams James P. Wallace H. H. Cory Absalom G. Coelman John Watson
Robert McKinney S. B. Kyle J. S. Muzzy Daniel Harr L. E. H. Houghton
G. M. Hughes John Sadler Joseph Morrison Henry H. May F. P. Tatman
U. Hory E. Porter Martin L. Overton Wm. Clark Wm. Metcalf
S.A. Kenhart H. Brown A. C. Arnott John S. Porter Elias Gharst
Eliliu H. Hopkins James McKee Caleb R. Quich T.W. Smallwood J. B. Single
David B. Matliis Harvey Landis, Jr.. William Middlebrook John Rcy John Humphreys, sen.
W. Weaver John Sliipman [Illegible] J. R. Blount J. W. Sliipman
H.Humphreys Thomas Jett J. W. Shipman Jacob Miller F. Elliott
Gavin J. Todd J. S. Conklin Adams Stewart Benjamin Morris Joshua Engle
B. H. Bennett A. H. Curtoy Curtis Dunn Hiram Hullinger J. H. Bechtle
Eliot Folwell M. M. Henkee William Saunders John Alban John Hedrick
Peter Welchhaus William Turner John Turner Hosea Lord Daniel Cullins
George A. Warder Robert Miller George Zinn Wailes Aldrich, Jr.. Thomas Sands
Whitson B. Sands Lewis Rickard James Owen Lorenzo D. Woodard David Kizer
Daniel Heiskell Robert J. Clark Seth Slieldon W. A. Needham Jonas Harman
P.A. Sprigman L. Bancroft Henry S. Conklin James Taylor John Latimer
Cyrus Ward James Stewart William Franklin Asa Stewart James Todd
John Rouzer James E. Caldwell Samson Hubbell John Reid James Watson
J. M. Shinn Joseph Perrin A. Rosegrant P. R. Hawkins John Lurty
Solomon Kemp David Magert Anthony Caplinger Henry Cryder Middleton M'Cormick
Solomon Scott Hiram Poole Silas Arbogast George Layton Griffith Foot
Thomas Mills George Arbogast John Hartman C. Cavileer Wm. Houchans
James Wallace James Wallace, Jr.. Geo. Snyder John C. Leffel Jno. D. Burnett
Emery C. Ross A. G. Burnett Samuel Slater William Tomlinson Geo. Souer
John Eversole

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Wailes Aldrich John Aldrich Geo. Carter J. B. Blum Abraham Cruts
George Delert David Baker S. G. Moler Abraham Rust Natlian Adamson
John Swan Wm. Coulter, 2nd John Foley John R. Lemen Wm. Rodgers
Wm. N. McKinnon Horatio Banes C. Goodlow Lawrence Hodnett Philip S. Wilson
Adam Stine James Humphreys Andrew Coulter C. Ward Wm. Fenton
Samuel Lowmon Silas Henkle Michael Kiser Jonathan Pane Jacob T. Henkel
Godfrey Breendle Israel Plum James McMoway Gabriel H. Banes Calahee Plummer
Eli Arbogast Gawn Maxwell John Harrison George Anderson James Stout
Wm. W. McLaughlin Samuel Guyton Wm. Cantrall John R. Piper E. Arbogast
Wm. Rote Richard Kitchen Joshua Rinker Jacob B. Catron Hiram Reser
Jacob S. Vanmeter Jacob Reser Daniel Fraley Ebenezer Wheeler Wm. Hedges
Jesse Juett E. H. Crow J. Hurtt James Smith H. Pool
J. Spencer John Mayers John Lardner W. M. Spencer Jacob Dougherty
J. F. Spencer Charles Hout B. B. Gordon A. D. Nicholson Timothy Stratton
Wm. Inlow Marvin Stewart Lewis B. Hunt R. S. Spencer Wm. McIntire
Benjamin Carter Leonard Wain Wm. Armstrong Odediah Davisson Algernon S. Griggs
Joseph Baldwin John Bickham Thomas Fisher Andrew Johnston A Johnston
John Cullen James C. Beall Jacob Elsworth David Cumpton James Sykes
Hugh Degent Samuel M Custer Mathias Smith M. W Fisher Jeremiah Yeazel
James Yeazel Jacob Yeazel Madison Thompson Ebenezer Bennett George Yeazel
Wm. Sailor Jacob Smith Valentine Hulinger Wm. Cowan Josiah McKinnon
Joseph T. Perrin Wm. Foley Hezekiah Thatcher Aaron Dunham John Dugan
Wm.. Coulter Wm. Estle Adam Mayn J. H.Rathbun James Foley
Isaac C. Wood Samuel D. Haney Wm. Weaver Nathan Marsh John Marsh
J. P. Phillips James W. Lewis Jeremiah Comton Samuel Baird Alex. McBeth, -sen.
Alex. McBeth, Jr.. John. McBeth Andrew McBeth Daniel McKinnon, Jr.. Peter Critz
John Goodfellow John Whiteley Allen Mead Andrew Whiteley Abner- Whiteley
James Carter A. C. Mills Henry Oxtoby James Ryan Andrew Ryan
James Price Charles Thompson John Ryan Enoch King James 'I'urner
Lemuel Brooks Henry Heaton Levi Osborn Robert Turner Wm. Foreman
Robert Stephens Thomas. Hutchinson Thomas Chenoweth Abel Laybourn James Donnel
John Flenny

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James H. Ryan Nathan Hammond James Hatfield John Thomas John M Reynolds
Abraham Bothin Aquilla Elles Wm. Goodfellow John Heaton Richard Wallingsford
Asa Gaffield George W. Herrinar John Watson Wm. Baird Lambert Tiramons
Morris Johnson Isaac Davis Washington Wilson Joseph Robison Wm. G. Kennady
James B. Marvin Nelson Norton Samuel Lafferty Alexander McConkey T. Norton
Silas McMelvin C. Arbogast Wm. Ferguson Samuel Conway Isaac Ellsworth
George Botkin Jacob V. Cartmell Henry Cur Martin Letzer Wm. Ellsworth
James Hunt; sen. John Wingfield George W. Taylor John Runyan John Ashe
Enos Neer Wm. Gibson Wm. B. Tunyard James L. Smith Benjamin Moore
Jno. H. Cartmell Wm. Roberts John Davdson Isaac H. Vanmeter Thomas J. Cartmell
David Ropp S. T. Littleton Hiram Neer J. H. Lofland John Coffey
Daniel McConkey Jeremiah Shaul Andrew Ward Zebina Bardwell Lemuel Hadder
Richard Bodkin George Runyan Wm. Pitman Israel Marsh Wm. T. Hunt
James P. Pierce Isaac Lafferty Jonathan Hunter Wm. Hunter John W. Hunter
Alexander Hunter John M. Lafferty

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