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Old Settlers & Recent Inhabitants of Madison Township
"20th Century History of Springfield, and Clark County, Ohio"
William M. Rockel, 1908

extracted 2002 by Jane M. Whitty
1807 George BUFFENBERGER   raised a large family of children was a Virginian, located on the head-waters of the Little Miami River
A little before S.  Charleston was laid out Christopher LIGHTFOOT     A Scotsman, settled where William WATSON now lives, south of the Little Miami depot.  A school teacher and surveyor.  
  Elijah PRATT     a practicing physician as early as 1818, lived N.E. of S. Charleston, was from New England.
  John KOLSO   reared a large family, all of whom are non-residents of this Twp. early Justice of the Peace, lived on Jamestown Rd. on land now owned by PAULLIN's heirs
  William HOLLOWAY     early settler near Selma on the MCDORMAN farm, A Quaker and a Justice of the Peace for many years
  William WILLIS     A Quaker, kept a hotel 2 mi. W of S. Charleston where Caleb HARRISON formerly lived on State Rd. from Xenia to Columbus.
1817 Mungo MURRAY, d. in Aug, 1830, age 55   James, George, Peter (Peter built the MURRAY House of Springfield) A Scotsman, located on Sec. 12
1814 John MCCOLLUM, d. 1848, age 73 twice married, wife died Dec. 1871, age 87 Children of 2nd marr: Rebecca, Henry, John, Alvira, Evaline, Minerva, Seth O., Russel B. Native of VA, settled on the farm now owned by D. V. PRINGLE
1808 or 1809 David VANCE   Sons: Ephraim, John, Daniel, Joseph, Elijah, Elisha (last two were twins) A Kentuckian, settled 1 mi. W of S. Charleston on farm now owned by James PRINGLE.  Was a cousin of Joseph VANCE, 10th Gov. of  OH
1812 James PRINGLE, Sr., d. Aug 1867, age 84 Wife was a VANCE A large family.  Sons were: Thomas, David, William, & James Came from KY, settled on Sec. 16, formerly owned by D. O. HEISKELL
Abt. 1810 Isaac DAVISSON, Jr. marr. Sarah CURL in 1808, she still living at age past 90 Large family, 12 of whom lived to marry:  William, Obadiah, Lemuel, Mary, Elizabeth, Nancy, Sarah J., Margaret, Julia Ann, Maria, James G., Daniel His father, Isaac DAVISSON, Sr. was an early settler of Warren Co. (Todd's Fork).  They spent 1st 3 years in Pleasant Twp.>Madison Twp., were Methodists - services conducted at his house from 1814 to several years after 1821.
1811 Philip HEDRICK, a Kentuckian, died 1838 Wife (FOLEY), a Virginian, married in KY, died 1825 Samuel, Lewis, David, Isaac, Henry, Joseph, Anna, Mahala, Rebecca (5 children b. in KY) Settled on north bank of Little Miami on farm now owned by K. P. TRUITT, bought 600 acres.  Assisted to lay out S. Charleston in 1815
1815 Charles PAIST, d. 1858, age 60 Abigail PERKINS of Wilmington, OH; d. 1859, age 58 Isaac, William, Charles, Mary (Mrs. D. O. HEISKELL) Native of Delaware Co, PA, settled on Massie's Creek on Columbus & Xenia Rd.  First merchant of Twp., moved to S. Charleston 1824.  Served 1 term as Assoc. Judge, Court of Common Pleas; Abolitionist, Quaker, made first anti-slavery address in S. Charleston, 
at Age 12, with parents Robert HOUSTON, b. Scott Co, KY Apr 11, 1800, d. Champaign Co, Illinois, Jul 11, 1872, age 72 Eliza PEARCE, marr Nov. 25, 1822 12 children Began Practice of Medicine at S. Charleston July, 1821.  1865 moved to Champaign Co, Illinois.  Whig, Republican, Methodist
Abt. 1814 Samuel THOMAS, b. 1785, d. 1867 Mary STJOHN, b. 1783 a native of NY, marr. in Warren Co, OH; d. 1871 9 children, eldest was John now residing in Twp age 72. Native of Delaware
  John RANKIN, b. Dec 16, 1811 in MD, d. abt 1903 Charity A. FULLERTON marr in 1855 sons:  Stacy B., James F., continued the Bank of S. Charleston 1845 opened Dry Goods store with brother, Albert.  1863 organized 1st Nat'l Bank of S. Charleston. 1877 reorganized as Bank of S. Charleston
  Stacy B. RANKIN, b. S. Charleston Fanny KEMPER marr in 1897   Was elected member of legislature, sec. OH Banker's Assn since 1891, Cashier of Bank of S. Charleston since 1882.  Ohio's commissioner at St. Louis Exhibition.  A member of the House 1897-1901
  James F. RANKIN, b. 1861 in S. Charleston Netty KEMPER marr in 1894   Connected with brother in banking bus.
  L. H. HOUSTON     Brother, E.D. HOUSTON conduct Gen. Store in S. Charleston.  Younger brother, Foster B.L.H. HOUSTON
  Foster B. L. H. HOUSTON     Pres. of Citizen's Bank, 1 term as Co. Commissioner in 1890, and on City Board of Equalization
  Leonard B. SPRAGUE, deceased probably 10 years     active in Stock raising & fine horses, agriculture.  Was sec. of Clark Co. Society
  Dr. E. T. COLLINS, deceased within past 10 yrs, native of Moorefield Twp, b. Jan. 12, 1818 Sarah L. HOUSTON marr in 1845 Dr. Milton COLLINS (only sister d. 1905 fatal accident on Springfield & Charleston traction line) began practice of medicine in S. Charleston 1841, continued until time of death.
  Michael WAY, d. abt. 1890   John, d. 1906, also served in numerous capacities in Twp affairs Prominent in Twp affairs from 1868 until death
  Seymore HAROLD, native of Madison Co.     longtime resident of Twp.
  David T. COLVIN, b. Frederick Co, VA Feb. 18, 1829, d. 1886 Maria LARKIN marr in 1853   Farmer
  Henry BATEMAN     is living in S. Charleston 
  Amos & Charles BRIGGS     were natives of Twp, resided in S. Charleston
  CALVERT     Prominent in village of Selma
  WILDMAN     Prominent in village of Selma
  E. H. & William FLORENCE     had part in welfare of Twp.
  A. F. TAFT, now deceased     had part in welfare of Twp.
  Alfred A. BOWEN     had part in welfare of Twp.
  Edward MERRITT, deceased   Charles Co. Commissioner 1876-1879
  COMRIES     had part in welfare of Twp.
  L. W. HAUGHEY, now deceased     long time engaged in banking bus. S. Charleston
Abt. 1880 to S. Charleston Almon BRADFORD, b. 1830 in NY     Still lives at age 77 in Cedarville
  Benjamin WOOSLEY, b. Oct. 30, 1815; d. 1887     Large land owner
1874 S. R. BATTIN, b. Columbiana Co.  Mar 3, 1829     Still survives.  Is pres. of Clark Co. Farmer's Ins. Assoc.
  Col. Milton CHENEY     Lives S. Charleston.   Co. Commissioner 1895-1901
  Alexander WADDLE, Sr.     House of Rep 1838-1840; State Senate 1840-1842
  Alexander WADDLE, Jr.     State Senate 1874-1876
  Thomas J. PRINGLE     State Senate 1880-1882 and 1886-1888
  D. O. HEISKEL     Co. Commissioner 1857-1863
  L. B. SPRAGUE     Co. Commissioner 1864-1866, may have been resident of Harmony Twp at that time.
  Leon H. HOUSTON     Co. Commissioner 1879-1882. Member State Brd of Equalization 1890
  Thomas L. CALVERT     Present sec. of State Board of Agriculture
  Absalom MATTOX     Was County Clerk prior to 1873, may have been one-time resident of Twp.
  William IRWIN and Jonathan MITCHELL     Were invited in 1814 to preach (Methodis) at Isaac DAVISSON's house 
  Rev. Moses TRAITOR     Said to have been 1st Methodist preacher in 1821 when S. Charleston was placed on Paint Creek Circuit.  Services conducted at Isaac DAVISSON's house for several years.
  Rev. W. T. SNOW     Organized first Meth. Episcopal Sabbath sch. 1830
  Rev. S. B. SMITH     1881 Pastor of South Charleston Meth. Episcopal congregation
  Rev. G. W. VORIS     Present pastor of Meth. Episcopal Congreg. in S. Charleston
  Rev. William DICKEY     In charge of Presbyterian society when organized in 1822
  Rev. John S. GALLOWAY     Presbyterian Minister 1835-1844
  James PEALAN     Presbyterian Minister 1844-1849
  W. EDWARDS     Presbyterian Minister 1849-1851
  Dr. HAIGHT     came to Presb. church 1859 under whose leadership large brick church was built
  Rev. H. S. SMITH     Became pastor of Presb. Church, succeeded by: Rev. S. JEWETT, afterwards, S. M. SHOWFIELD, Rev. KELSEY, Rev. James S. KEMPER (in 1876)
  Rev. J. K. GIBSON     Present Pastor, Presb. Church
  Samuel C. HOWELL     Residence located 3/4 mi. NE of Selma....Friends Soc. organized 1822 worshiped near there.
  James WILDMAN     1828 Orthodox branch of Friends Soc. met at his house, 1 mi. E of Selma, after split with Hicksites branch
  Hannah SMITH     Minister of Orthodox Friends Soc. (present)
  Thomas MERRITT, Joshua HARRISON, Isaac WARDNER, Thomas BRANSON     Helped build Hicksites Friends Soc. Church (conservative branch) in 1844 (?) - misprint in book says 1544.  Follows split of Hicksites in 1843 over slavery question.
  Rev. William COLEMAN     1895 first pastor of colored Baptist church in S. Charleston
  FAIRCHILD     abt. 1816 teacher at 1st schoolhouse built south of village of S. Charleston near Little Miami R.R.
  Mr. LANFIELD     teacher at 2nd schoolhouse built abt. 1 mi. N.E. of town
  Moses PIERCE     taught at 3rd schoolhouse built west of town near PRINGLE residence

Township Officials 1816-1855 served in official capacity in Twp affairs:  William HOLLOWAY, Robert PHARES, Isaac VANDEVENTER, Adam PETERS, Thomas GREEN, P. SELLERS, John KELSO, James WILSON, Charles T. ARTHUR, Simon ARMSTRONG, John MITTON, Rees ELLIS, James WOOSLEY, William SMITH, Enoch WILKINS, Calvin HALE, John CURTICE, Robert F. EVANS, P. HEDRICK, Francis CRISPIN, Gilbert PIERCE, Clement SHOCKEY, Samuel BRIGGS, Joseph BRIGGS, Isaac DALYRIMPLE, Jesse ELLSWORTH, William BEAUCHAMP, John REED, Rowland BROWN, Seth SAINTJOHN, David WILSON, Eulass BALL, Isaiah HUNT, Jesse GRIFFITH, William L. WARNER, Greenfield DOOLEY, Christopher FOX, John B. MADDEN, Absalom MATTOX, E. H. BROADBURY, John PACKER, Gregory BLOXSOM, Cephas ATKINSON, Matthew CRISPIN, George BENNETT, John W. JOHNSON, Charles PAIST, David MORGAN, Epaminondas HUTTON, G. W. JONES, Jacob CRITZ, George HEMPLEMAN, Jefferson NAGLEY, D. V. PRINGLE, Joshua D. TRUITT, Griffith F. SWEET, T. F. HOUSTON, Calderwood HILL, John RANKIN, Washington BUFFENBARGER

Township Trustees since 1881:  A. G. PRATT, Milton CHENEY, M. H. COLLINS, William FLORENCE (present officer), John HEISKELL, E. H. FLORENCE (present officer), W. H. BROWN, Thomas L. CALVERT, W. H. LOTT, E. H. BUSH, Howard S. SMITH (present officer)

Township Clerks since 1881:  Michael WAY, W. J. HUDSON, W. H. ROWE, E. P. FLYNN, F. G. NORTON, and John S. BROWN (present officer).

Justices of the Peace since 1871:  Thomas P. Miller 1871, A. F. TAFT 1871-1877 and 1881, William H. LOTT 1872-1875, Washington BUFFENBARGER 1876,  Michael WAY 1877-1880, Webster BARRETT 1878, Lawrence HEISKELL 1883, Almon BRADFORD 1883 and 1892, William J. HUDSON 1884-1890, E. S. STEINMAN 1886 and 1896, A. C. SCANLAND 1887-1890, William CHENEY 1895-1901, Henry SCHICKENDANTZ 1897-1900, I. H. THORNE 1903, William WARRINGTON 1904, John B. ALLEN 1905

Methodist Episcopal, S. Charleston congregation Ministers:  Revs. FINLAY, ROBERTS, GATCH, John COLLINS, RUSSEL, BIGLOW, W. H. RAPER, Dr. TAYLOR, Frank WILSON, Dr. MCCANN, Jonathan E. CHAPLIN

1847 Contributors to erection of Wesley Chapel:  William H. HARRIS, Absalom FOLEY, Henry SHUGH, David HAYWARD, C. MOLER, and others

Catholic Church, S. Charleston:  First Mass 1850 Father HOWARD (in Hotel).  1858 Father BLAKE arranged to get old Presb. Church.  Cornerstone of present church dedicated 1866 by J. B. PURSELL. Rev. John KENNEDY pastor in 1873, Rev. William GRENNEN pastor in 1874. Rev. C. M. LEARDING pastor in 1877.  Rev. J. M. KEELY, present pastor.

Gravel Church built 1855, Selma (Methodist)  pastors:  Revs. Levi WHITE, John BLACK, William SIMMONS, Andrew MURPHY, Joseph NEWSON, Allen W. TIBBETTS, J. VERITY, J. B. ELLSWORTH, David WHITMER, Stephen F. KONEY,  H. STOKES, M. P. ZINC, J. L. GREGG, W. Q. SHANNON, Rev. G. W. VORIS is present pastor. 

African (colored) Methodist Episcopal, vicinity of Selma, org. 1870, built church 1875.  Pastors who have served:  William JOHNSON, Edward TAYLOR, James ROSS, Benjamin COMBASH, John HAMMOND

Teachers in Madison Twp. school  district for 1907-1908:  C. M. KISSELL (Superintendent), S. B. JACKSON (Music Supervisor), No. 1 Copeland, Miss Ella CURRY, No. 2 Briggs, Fanny WESTLAKE, No. 3 Pierce, J. E. RUNYAN, No. 4, Oak Grove, Vinton BUSLER, No. 5, Thorpe, Bessie SEVERS, No. 7, Carthage, C. M. KISSELL

Teachers in S. Charleston  school  district for 1907-1908: Harry PAXTON (Superintendent), Mrs. E. W. BRADLEY (high school principal), Lena KNOTT (high school assistant), Helen BLACK (sixth grade), Anna LUDEN (seventh grade), Jane MARTIN (fifth grade), Pearl HEIZER (third grade), Catharine SCANLAN (second grade), Elizabeth VANMETER (first grade), W. H. LEWIS (music).  Note:  fourth grade does not appear in this list. 

Teachers in Selma  school  district for 1907-1908:  Edward BRANTNER (Superintendent), Henry LAFFERTY (asst.high school teacher), Edith WILSON (grammar grades), Frances GUGENHEIM (intermediate grades), Lametta MILLS (primary)