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Old Settlers & Recent Inhabitants of Moorefield Township
"20th Century History of Springfield, and Clark County, Ohio"
William M. Rockel, 1908

extracted 2002 by Jane M. Whitty
1799 Philip JARBOW     from KY, settled along Urbana Pike
1799 William WARD wife died, married again 14 by 1st wife + 4 by 2nd wife from KY, settled along Urbana Pike
1799 Simon KENTON     from KY, settled along Urbana Pike" renowned Indian Fighter"
1799 John RICHARDS     from KY, settled along Urbana Pike
1799 William MOORE     from KY, settled along Urbana Pike
1802 Richard ROBINSON Sarah 15 children  
1802 James BISHOP Nancy 15 children  
1802 Benjamin CORNELL Rose 14 children  
1802 Jonathan and James PAIGE     from KY
1803-1805 James FOLEY, b. 1779 in VA.  d. 1864, age 84 Marr in 1808 to Mary MARSH b.1784 VA Griffith, Catherine, Susan, John & James 1st Co. Commissioner in 1818, also served Legislature, two terms
1803-1805 John WARD      
1808 Judge John R. LEMON     A Virginian
1808 David CRABILL, native of VA Barbara BEAR, native of PA   David was in War of 1812
1808 Thomas VOSS, native of VA      
1806-1808 Sylvannus TUTTLE, d. Jan. 1843, age 82 Mary BROWN, d. May 1848, age 85 Numerous...mentions those dead by 1908: Eunice, Thaddeus, Hetty, Thomas, John, Dorcas, Caleb, Zebedee, David came from VA, settled first in Champaign Co., moved to Moorefield 1808
1808 Charles BODKIN     from VA
1808 John RUNYAN     from VA
Bef 1808 Jacob RICHARDS     from VA
1811 Horatio BANES, b. VA 1791, d. 1868 Polly MILLER in 1824 9 children Parents: Evan, d. 1827; Lina, d. 1836 Had 3 sons
1811 Henry BOSART, d. 1841 Elizabeth, d. in 1817 son, T.L. BOSART, grandson Lewis W. BOSART  
1811 James CLARK, b. in VA was a Cooper Martha DAVIS, marr in VA Rebecca, John, Charles M., William, Ellen, Eliza, Johana, Wallace.  Deceased by 1908:  John, Charles M., William who were Clark Co residents Came to Coshocton Co 1806, then to Clark Co.1811, afterward moved to Champaign where they died
At an early day Seaton HEDGES Harriet MILLER, afterward remarried twice   died on his farm.
1810 Abraham YEAZELL, d. Jan 2, 1832 Mary, d. Sept 22, 1828 14 children Natives of VA, first settled in Clinton Co.
1813 Dennis COLLINS, b. VA 1771, d. 1826 Marr in VA to Mary THOMAS, b. NJ in1774, d. 1843 15 children, one of them Dr. COLLINS, Sr. of South Charleston, died by 1908 1796 moved to KY>Champaign Co 1811, settled in Moorefield in 1813
abt. 1818, d. 1837 John MARSH, b. VA 1794 Maria DYE in 1833 Nathan, Mary J. and John D., deceased by 1908  
1807 Alexander MCBETH Rachel 8 children Came from PA
Bef. 1806 MCDANIELS, d. 1808     one of the first recorded deaths
Bef. 1810 Moses HENKLE   2 daughters, several sons German descent, came from PA.  Buried in Pleasant Hill Graveyard
1812 REV. Robert MILLER, b. Prince George Co, MD Aug 19, 1767, Methodist Preacher, d. 1834 married twice 1st wife: 4 daughters, 5 sons

2nd wife: 3 boys, 1 girl

Grandparents immigrated from Scotland 1738. Father died serving in Rev. War. Moved to VA 1793> KY1797>OH 1812
1808 Judge Daniel MCKINNON   3 girls, 5 boys A Virginian
1811 Michael ARBOGAST, d. 1813   5 sons, 2 daughters

3rd son, Eli, b. 1799 m. Nancy HENKLE, in 1823, she was age 22, a Virginian, had 9 children

From Pendleton Co, VA
  Margaret WARD, b. 1801     First birth in Clark Co, dau of William. 
  Eliza FOLEY, b. 1807     was one of early births in Clark Co.
  James CLARK, b. 1838, d. 1906     son of John D. CLARK
1853 S. H. BOWLUS, b. MD 1819; d. Nov 1896   Grandson, Charles J. BOWLUS was sometime Mayor of Springfield  
1815 Thos. C. WILSON, b. KY Sept 1806.  d. 1894   James P., d. 1903  
  Nathan MARSH, b. 1833, d. 1900 Marr. 1859 to Catharine, dau of Jacob YEAZELL (she, still living in 1908)   Mentions Nathan MARSH & John MARSH, Jr. as former residents
1856 Joseph SULTZBAUGH, b. 30 Apr 1812 in York Co. PA, d. 1886     settled on Urbana Pike, died leaving a large family
1733 Mayor William T. HOUGH, b. VA 1811, d. abt. 1893   son, John T. HOUGH  
1809 William BALDWIN, b. 1834     Grandfather settled here.  William lived in Kansas, but more recently a J.P. of this township
  Frank BALDWIN, b. 1741, brother of William (above)     always resided here and a J.P. for a number of years
Abt. 1865 Abraham MUMPER, b. Miami Co 1842 Sarah HUTTON   Marr in 1868
1868 Reuben SEIFERS, b. VA 1843     1843 first located in Champaign Co.
1877 Reuben HUFFMAN, b. near Piqua 1802, d. early eighties   Oscar, son, died "recently" , had several children  
1875 R. L. HOLLMAN, b, Mass.1828      
1828 William T. HUNT, d. abt. 1870   large family, 5 boys, 6 girls.  Ralph the Eldest a Capt in Civ War.  Wm. went south and died some years later.  Robert, George, Edward died on the home farm.  Eldest dau. marr. E. B. CASSILLY, next dau. marr. Mr. TIERS, both widows. Meta (see below)
  Meta HUNT, dau. of William HUNT (above) Chandler ROBBINS Elnora, Rose, Virginia still alive on home farm  
  Jacob YEAZELL, Jr., b. 1842 (known as Jacob YEAZELL, Jr. to distinguish from an Uncle)     Grandson of Abraham & Mary YEAZELL, son of Jeremiah YEAZELL b. 1806
  Jacob YEAZELL, Sr., b. 1809 Clinton Co, OH, d. "a few years ago" age 91. was a dau. of John & Jane FOLEY, b. 1810, died age 91 7 children:  Eliza J.(still living) marr Jonathan DONNEL; Catherine W. marr Nathan MARSH, late of Champaign Co.; John A., recently died; James E., lives in Dayton; William H. of New Moorefield; Sarah E. marr Henry WEAVER; George W., resides Springfield w/family. son of Abraham, brother of John W.
  Pierce CRABILL, still living on old farm at age 84   Brother William Sr. is living in Springfield son of David
1855 Leonard KARG, b. Germany 1826   Sam  
  James FOLEY     Elected Sheriff, grandson of James FOLEY
1867 Peter ROCKEL, b. German Twp. 1831, d. 1896     Was J. P. known as "Squire Rockel"
  J. H. THOMAS, b. 1826 in MD     formerly a resident of this township, elected Recorder in 1853.  Went to Springfield after college
  Douglas RAWLINGS, b. 1843 Champaign Co., d. 1895     Father was James RAWLINGS, settled in 1823 in Urbana.  Douglas was Civil War Vet, Co. Commisioner 1882, member Gen. Assembly, State Sen.
  Samuel S. TWITCHELL, b. NY 1836 Marr 1868 Virginia HEDGES daughter of Seaton HEDGES   Co. Commissioner in 1900


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