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Old Settlers & Recent Inhabitants of Pleasant Township
"20th Century History of Springfield, and Clark County, Ohio"
William M. Rockel, 1908

extracted 2002 by Jane M. Whitty

Note:  The first settlements were in the Western portion of Pleasant Twp because the Eastern Portion was in "Virginia Military Land" and its settlement hindered by the question of conflicting claims (Pg. 305).  Also see notes on Thomas M. BAILEY

Note:  It is unclear who the named children belong to....Solomon SCOTT or Jonathan HUNTER, but it would appear to this extractor that they belong to Jonathan HUNTER, and I may be wrong.  Pg. 304, paragraph reads:  "Solomon SCOTT came in 1805 from Virginia, as did Jonathan HUNTER, with a large family.  The sons and daughters were named respectively William, George Jonathan, Jeremiah, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Nancy, Rachel, Sarah."

Township Officials.  Served in an official capacity in twp affairs in former history:  Samuel LAFFERTY, Joseph COFFEY, Henry DAWSON, William COFFEY, Cornelius ARBOGAST, Henry CURL, Joseph WILKINSON, Daniel MCCONKEY, and J. V. CARTMELL.

Township Officials serving at a more recent date:  D. H. RANDALL, Otho ARBOGAST, George YEAZELL, Matthew NEER, Joseph PEARSON, Jonathan PAGE, William HARDMAN, John MCCLENEN, John W. YEAZELL, Luther JONES, Enos MCCONKEY, George COFFEY, N. M. MCCONKEY, J. H. BALDWIN, John Q. SKILLMAN.

Trustees 1880-1907.  Number of years served is in parenthesis:  H. L. MCCONKEY (1), Martin MAHAR (1), F. M. SILVERS (2), Daniel Gordon (5), A. J. RUST (1), J. M. RUNYAN (3), T. W. RUNYAN (2), Enos MCCONKEY (3), W. J. BAIRD (3), J. M. YEAZELL (6), C. A. WRIGHT (3), S. P. HEDGE (6), William H. NEER (6), Jesse TARBUTTON (3), George Coffey (6), James FITZGIVENS (3), Charles MCCLENEN (4), J. H. PAGE (4), Alf. JONES (5), William NEER (3), T. M. HUNTER (2), C. H. RUNYAN Twp. clerk.

Justices of the Peace since 1871:  John SKILLMAN 1871-1874, J. W. YEAZELL 1872, Joseph BALDWIN 1875 & 1885, William JOBES 1877-1883, N. S. CONWAY 1878-1893, Eli HUNTER 1886-1892, J. M. RUNYAN 1895-1904-1908, Enos MCCONKEY 1896, Alf. JONES 1897, T. M. HUNTER 1900, Harry JONES 1903, F. H. MAHAR (elect).

List of Teachers for the coming year:  N. W. LEMEN (Superintendent); No. 1 Lottie WEST (Vernon); No. 2 Theresa L. SLAGLE (Asbury), No. 3 N. W. LEMEN (Catawba Principal), A. G. PEARSON (Catawba Intermediate), Grace Davis (Catawba Primary),. No. 4 MCCONKEY, F. M. TAVENNER, No. 5. Forest MAHAR (Pleasant Chapel), No. 6 Pleasant Hill - open, No. No. 7 Alice FENTON (National Chapel), No. 8 J. Omer HEDGES (Oak Grove), No. 9 BODKIN, J. E. RUNYAN

May 6, 1803 Joseph COFFEY wife two sons, Tatum & Joseph ; Grandson, George COFFEY lives on old homestead Came from PA>Cincinnati>Pleasant Twp.  Built 1st cabin by a white settler, L16 ft x W14 ft.  First Election in Twp was at his house, was elected Trustee
  Thomas & Jesse PIERCE     1803 living in Champaign Co, assisted Joseph COFFEY in building cabin.
  Simon KENTON     Owned a mill in 1803 located on present site of Lagonda
1803 Isaac AGMOND     Settled where Mart MAHAR now lives
1804 Archibald MCCONKEY, b. Ireland, lived until 1890 not named Alexander, Elizabeth, Daniel (from KY); Margaret, Nancy, Mary, born on family farm afterwards From KY w/wife & father-in-law, mother carried children on horseback, all others on foot, brought one cow.  Settled on farm now owned by son-in-law Mahlon NEER
1804 Samuel LAFFERTY wife (not named) Catherine with father-in-law, William HENDRICKS, joint owners of farm on Buck Creek, afterward sold to Nathan CARTMELL now called "The old CARTMELL farm".  Both were from VA.  Was elected Clerk of Twp in first election.
1804 Henry DAWSON Pg 304,Constantine, died 29 June 1805, buried near cabin home.  (Pg. 306 says Constantine d. 28 June 1805, first death in Twp.) Ellen, George, John, Richard, Harriet, Elizabeth Henry DAWSON served in Rev. War as  Lt.  Came from KY, brought Twp's first fruit trees, was the first Cooper.  Was elected treasurer of Twp. in first election.
1804 George METSKER     Lived on the farm now owned by William HUNTER, better known as "LOFLAND farm"
1805 Solomon SCOTT (See note at bottom of this page)   dau. Sarah marr Jonathan BALDWIN From VA.  Was elected Justice of the Peace in first election.
1805 Jonathan HUNTER (see note at bottom of this page)   William, George, Jonathan, Jeremiah, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Nancy, Rachel, Sarah From VA, located on Sec. 22, purchased soon after
  Sarah COFFEY, b, 29 May 1808, first female birth, pg 304 Enos NEER   Pg. 306 states birth was 28 May 1808.
  William COFFEY, b. Jan 11, 1811 (fourth son)      
  Jonathan BALDWIN Sarah SCOTT (dau. of Solomon)   married (early)
  William HUNTER Blanche HENDRICKS, marr Feb 1, 1807   Built first grist mill on Buck Creek abt. 1819.
1808-1812 Nathan CARTMELL     built mill on Buck Creek abt. 1822
1808-1812 David WREN      
1808-1812 Peter ARBOGAST     with others formed first settlement at Asbury
1808-1812 Andrew BAUMGARDNER     with others formed first settlement at Asbury
1808-1812 George, Joseph & Abraham RUNYON      
1808-1812 William CURL      
1808-1812 Edmond WEST also spelled Edmund on pg 304       Lived on farm now owned by William WALTMAN 
1808-1812 BOTKIN; George, Richard & Charles     Charles & Richard lived near each other.  Richard's cabin was where George COFFEY now lives.  Charles' cabin located short distance west of present dwelling of Armstead TAVENNER
1808-1812 Jonathan JONES      
1808-1812 W. T. HUNT      
1808-1812 Andrew HODGE     with others formed first settlement at Asbury; was elected a Twp. Trustee in first election
1808-1812 Absalom CLARK     Lived at a place a little north of Philip TUNKS, managed a distillery, house now owned by Isaac EVERHART
1808-1812 TUNKS, Thomas & Philip     Located on adjoining farms, one now owned by Henry ARBOGAST, the other by John MCCLENEN.  Philip TUNKS established a tannery on the latter.  Thomas TUNKS sold his claim to George BOTKIN in 1816. Philip sold his to Mathew SHAUL sometime later.
1808-1812 George JONES     with others formed first settlement at Asbury
Abt. 1820 David WALTMAN      
Abt. 1820 Simon ROPP     farm adjoined that of David WALLMAN.  Built a cabin on the farm now owned by Jonathan PAGE
  David WALLMAN     Farm adjoined Simon ROPP, near the residence of Samuel H. GROVE
  Abraham & Joseph RUNYAN     with others formed first settlement at Asbury
  William CURL     with others formed first settlement at Asbury
  Jeremiah CURL   Mrs. William COFFEY early settler, located on North side of Buck Creek Valley, short dist. S/W of present residence of Albert CHENEY
  Brazill HARRISON     early settler on Columbus Road, at a cabin on eastern part of farm now owned by Nelson HAMMOND
  Thomas M. BAILEY     owned large tract of land and deferred the sale of for many years, resulting in only "comparatively recent" settlement of those lands (located in Eastern portion of Twp.)
1808-1811 Samuel WEST     with others, formed the first neighborhood in eastern part of Twp
1808-1811 Henry CURL     with others, formed the first neighborhood in eastern part of Twp
1808-1811 Otho ARBOGAST     with others, formed the first neighborhood in eastern part of Twp
1808-1811 David RUNYAN     with others, formed the first neighborhood in eastern part of Twp
1808-1811 William NEER     with others, formed the first neighborhood in eastern part of Twp
1808-1811 Lemuel DAVISSON     with others, formed the first neighborhood in eastern part of Twp
1808-1811 Nicholas MCCAULEY     an earlier settler than the others, lived on farm afterward owned by S. R. DICKSON; with others, formed the first neighborhood in eastern part of Twp
1817 Amos NEER     from VA
  Cornelius PALMER     Built 1st Blacksmith shop not far from where Nathan NEER formerly resided
  George DAWSON     first saw mill, near present grist mill of J. M. RUNYAN
  William T. HUNTER     first Cabinetmaker and Undertaker, lived in log home near recent residence of S. N. CONWAY.
  Miss Ellen DAWSON John GILMORE, of Urbana   first marriage in Twp in 1805
  Jesse REESE     Taught the 1st school in 1810
  Dr. W. OWEN     first resident physician
  John COFFEY, b. 29 Jun 1805     1st White child born in Twp
  William LAFFERTY, b. 25 May 1806     2nd White child born in Twp
  Eli HUNTER, b. 24 Sep 1847 "Squire" HUNTER marr Lucinda J. MCCLINTOCK in 1876   son of Lemuel HUNTER who was born in Pleasant twp in 1814
abt. 1860 Daniel T. GORDON, b. Champaign Co. in 1835, d. 1907 Sarah E. GROVE, dau of John GROVE, marr. in 1861   son of John W. GORDON
  "Uncle Joe" PEARSON, b. London 12 Feb 1827 Marr. 1st Nancy GOLDEN in 1848, she died of Cholera the following year.  Marr. 2nd Mary S. PALMER    Came to America with father in 1832.  Resided here since the war.  Had a hotel in Catawba
  J. Milton RUNYAN, b. Catawba June 20, 1841     son of Henry RUNYAN, has resided at present place since 1856
1861 Israel EVERHARDT, b. Loudin Co, VA in 1811     Longtime resident of Twp.
  The father of Daniel MCCONKEY, b. 1805, d. 1856   Daniel, Alexander (fourth child), Nathan M., Enos (died a few years ago), Alexander (still living in Moorefield)  
  Luther NEER, b. Nov 12 1855 Molly J. LOVELESS, marr. in 1879   Descendant of Amos NEER who came to Catawba 1818
  William H. NEER, b. 1822 near Catawba marr Mary A. HUNTER, b. near Catawba; marr. (2nd?) on Dec. 29, 1874 to Anna E. CARTMELL, dau. of Nathaniel M. CARTMELL and sister of P.M. CARTMELL of Springfield.   son of Nathan NEER
  Charles F. NEER, b. S.W. of Catawba in 1856 Lida A. CONWAY, dau of N. S. CONWAY,  marr in 1882   Son of Nathaniel , brother of Alonzo W.
  Alonzo NEER     Brother of Charles F. NEER
  James M. HODGE, b. 1837, recently deceased Mary A. HUNTER in 1864, recently deceased   became possessor of "Old Jim FOLEY Farm" in Moorefield.
  William HODGE, b. Nov. 14, 1826 Dorcas H. BOTKIN in 1850    
  George W. COFFEY, b. Jul 26, 1837 Margaret A. FERGUSON in 1865   Son of William COFFEY, now lives in Catawba
1865 to Catawba Thomas WINGATE, b. 24 Jan 1827 in MD Mary LAFFERTY, marr Jan 16, 1853   conducted a General Store in Catawba
  William E. YEAZELL, b. 1829 in Moorefield Twp., d. 1906 Lydia BENNETT, marr in 1850   Became large land owner in southern part of Pleasant Twp.
  Amos SMITH, b. 16 Jun 1848 Catharine WYATT, marr Jun 25, 1872   son of Eli SMITH who was b. in Harmony 1823.  
  Samuel WEST     now living towards S.W. part of Twp.
  Aquilla WEST     recently moved to London
  W. L. Houston     prominent Land Owner, recently deceased
  M. R. HUNTER     practicing physician for more than 50 years
  Dr. STEPHENS     Presently practicing physician
  Dr. BEACH     one time resident
  Dr. BLOYER     one time resident
  CARTMELL     built a mill about 3 years later and  further west on Buck Creek than William HUNTER's grist mill built in 1819
  N. M. MCCONKEY   M. M. MCCONKEY Co-Commissioner 1870-1876; representative 1880-1882; was Superintendent of Orphans Home at time of death.
  M. M. MCCONKEY     Recorder 1891-1897. Was the son of N. M. MCCONKEY
  J. D. THOMAS     Present coroner, was resident of Pleasant Twp at time of his election
  N. M. CARTMELL     resident & now County Commissioner
  William SAYLOR     was sheriff 1826-1830
  STRANGE     early preacher at Asbury Chapel
  GODDARD     early preacher at Asbury Chapel
  Rev. M. E. ECHOLS     current pastor at Asbury Chapel
  Rev. J. DOLBY     current pastor at Methodist Episcopal Church in Catawba
  Rev. M. M. CAMPBELL     current pastor at Methodist Protestant Church in Catawba
  John DAWSON     Immediate successor to Jesse REESE, the first School teacher
  Edward WATTS     First teacher of second school built
  John HARVEY     taught school abt. 1811on place where Kemp COFFEY now resides
  Israel PUTNAM, Samuel LAFFERTY     Teachers at school built in 1815 in Asbury neighborhood