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MAPS of CLARK COUNTY; to help in your research  

These maps are big in size, they will take a bit of time to read them but they are worth the wait. The bigger the file the more detail.  If the maps got any smaller than they currently are, you would not be able to read them.

 Clark County Map
E. Moorefield Twp.
W. Moorefield Twp.
E. Pleasant  Twp.  
W. Pleasant Twp.  
E. Harmony Twp.
W. Harmony Twp.
Green Twp.
Mad River Twp.
German Twp
Bethel Twp.
Pike Twp.
Springfield Twp.

Key to reading these Maps.  Most of Clark County lies in the Between the Miami Rivers Survey (MRS). The northeastern and southeastern parts lie in the Virginia Military Survey. For the northeastern part, that is everything east of the Ludlow line, and for the southeastern part it is everything south of the Little Miami River. In the Miami Rivers Survey the townships and ranges are reversed from the normal rectangular survey in the rest of the state, and in the United States as established by the survey of the first Seven Ranges in eastern Ohio. The Miami Rivers Survey was done as a continuation of the Symmes Survey (near Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio) begun about 1787 or 1788.
In the 1870 atlas, the township and range numbers are shown in Roman numerals at the edges of the map. The section numbers are shown in the center of the section in Arabic numerals. Arabic numerals in the Virginia Military Survey area are the original survey (and usually patent) numbers. In both surveys roads are double lines; single lines represent township, range, and/or property lines in the MRS; dotted lines and thin solid lines represent property lines in the VMS with the survey line being the heavier solid line. The acreage of each property is also shown if there was enough room for it. A small dot indicates the location of a residence. 

Original Ohio Land Subdivisions, Vol. III, page 71 of the Final Report by C. E. Sherman, C. E. published by the State of Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Printed in 1925, Reprinted in 1991. For more information you can visit their web site at Ohio Geological Survey.  Some information about this map - The surveyed township, range and section always remained the legal description regardless of what county the land lay in at the time the deed was drawn. So although the deed may show the land was in Hamilton Co. in 1799, looking at this map shows you the land now lies in Greene Co. or Clark Co. This has been very useful any researcher in running down records of land purchased before Clark Co. was formed.


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