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So You Want to Volunteer but don't know what/how to submit

First I want to thank all past and present volunteers who have submitted databases since 1997.  Thank you to Dorene Carse, Marcia Givens Dudley, and Willi Waltrip. These databases has helped thousands connect with their families and found their missing link.  Help on these databases is always a welcome and I have set up this page for those who are interested in giving back to the system and want to volunteer.  No matter how small the file, it will be accepted. So here are some guidelines/helpful hints to get you started.

1.  Contact me and tell me your desire to help! I would love to hear from you. My email is

2.  Tell me your computer experience is.  I use the following programs: Excel 97, Word  97, FrontPage 2000, html and text. I do have Microsoft Access 97, but I have limited knowledge of this program.

3.  Tell me what kind of data you want to transcribe.  Some people can do census records really well, while others like to do marriage records. It helps if you have access to the LDS church and their Family History Centers (FHC). There you will find a vast supply of microfilm. I can not send you microfilm or books.

That is it! If you are transcribing records, occasionally please keep me posted on your progress. I give but cyber hugs and pats on the back. I also can help with some problems that might occur.

Okay you are probably asking, "what kind of records can I submit?"  Well, the skies the limit! - almost. You can't submit copyrighted material. Period.  But you can submit public records. Researchers like those records. Here is "wish list" I have started on records are needed to be done.

Probate Records This can either be an index of a particular year or transcribing actual probate records. Wills & Estates, power of atty.
Cemetery Records Cemeteries need transcribing, just check out the cemetery page and see what is needed.
Vital Records Death Records  1868-1900
Vital Records Birth Records Years through 1872 -1886, 1890 -1895
City Directories If you have an old city directory for any of the towns in Clark Co. please contact me or Linda Moeller we are interested in starting building a "county-wide" index
High School High School Graduation Lists

Okay now that we got that taken care of, here are some volunteers that are currently working on some projects at this time:


who is doing it


Census 1820 Clark County, OH - Index

Sara Greer



1830 Clark County, OH and Index

Shelley Edwards

Census 1850 Clark County, OH  and Index

Janie Whitty


High School

Plattsburg High School 1903 - 1952

Betsy Earley

Vital Records

Marriage Records - Vol. 2

Sara Greer

Vital Records

Marriage Records - Vol. 18

Beckie Vaughan

Vital Records Marriage Records - Vol. 18

Jan Therkildsen

Cemetery Brighton Cemetery in Harmony Twp.

Betsy Earley

Cemetery Lisbon Cemetery in Harmony Twp.

Betsy Earley 

Cemetery South Vienna Cemetery in Harmony Twp.

Amber Snell

Cemetery Plattsburg Cemetery in Harmony Twp.

Amber Snell

Cemetery Enon Cemetery in Mad River Twp.  Jan Therkildsen
Cemetery Ferncliff Cemetery in Springfield Twp. *

David Voorhees

Cemetery Ebeneezer Cemetery in Green Twp. Shelley Edwards

   *  Because Ferncliff is so big, transcribing is a nightmare, so If you have anybody interred at Ferncliff and want them to be included in this database, please contact David and he will add it to his list.