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Calvary Cemetery
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Sturgill, Otis D.
Sturgill, Peggy L.
Sturgill, Robert
Swope, Bertha monument
Swope, Bertha
Swope, Byron T. monument
Swope, Byron T.
Swope, John S.
Swope, Johnnie closeup
Swope, Johnnie
Swope, Mary A.
Swope, Mary J.
Swope, Nelson R.
Swope, Sarah A.E.M.Thompson
Swope, Sarah Louella
Swope, W. J., MD
Sword, Jerry C.
Tatman, Mary
Taulbee, Boyd
Taulbee, Leona Rose Boots
Taylor, Aquilla
Taylor, Mary A.
Taylor, Rachel
Taylor, Steven A. closeup
Taylor, Steven A.
Terry, Flossie
Terry, Ted Roy
Terry, Terri not sure
Terwillegar, Jane
Terwilliger, Eliza
Thomas, Helen C.
Thomas, Henry D.
Thomas, Shirlie vet
Thompson, A.S.B.
Thompson, Berzelus Bosconi half of Ruhamah's stone
Thompson, David H. Colglazer
Thompson, Elizabeth wife of A.S.B.
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, George W.
Thompson, John
Thompson, Lewis Garrett
Thompson, Lucretia
Thompson, Martha J.
Thompson, Rachel A. L.
Thompson, Rebecca dau John & Sarah
Thompson, Rebecca
Thompson, Richard W.
Thompson, Ruhamah
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, W. L., Dr.
Thompson, William J., Jr.
Thompson, William. J. Rev.
Thompson, Wilson Lee
Tomlinson, Shelia
Tompkins, Florence Belle
Tompkins, Laura Jane
Tompkins, Lida May closeup
Tompkins, Lida May
Tompkins, Nackey H. closeup
Tompkins, Nackey H.
Tompkins, Nicholas W.
Trees monument
Trees, Benjamin F.
Trees, Elizabeth Stevens
Trees, J. P.
Trees, Laura
Trees, W. E.
Tucker, Dorcas
Tucker, John C.
Turner, Clementine
Turner, J. M., Rev.
Turner, Rachel G.
Turner, Rachel H.
Turner, Thomas or James A.
Turpin, Peterfield
Turton, Anna, Chase, Infant and Ralph
Turton, Anna
Turton, Chase
Turton, Infant
Turton, Ralph E.
Udry, Anne Mae
Uhlenbrock monument
Uhlenbrock, Carrie and John closeup
Uhlenbrock, Carrie
Uhlenbrock, John T.
Uhlenbrock, John
Uhlenbrock, Louise
Uhlenbrock, Wilhelmina
unknown, by Joyce Caudill
unknown, next to Joshua Poe and Marsha Snider and Randal Youtsey
Utter, Amanda
Utter, Archie
Utter, Carrie
Utter, Ellizan
Utter, Georgia Elberg
Utter, Joseph William
Vaughan, Beverly
Vaughan, Gertrude R.
Vaughan, Minnie R.
Vaughan, Robert O. vet
Vaughan, Robert O.
Vaughan, Robert Walter vet
Vaughan, Ruth Ora Cohen
Vaughan, Virgil R. vet 2
Vaughan, Virgil R. vet

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