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Calvary Cemetery
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Vaughan, Virgil R., Jr.
Vaughan, Virgil R., Sr.
Vogt, Jason Richard
Wade, William monument
Wade, William
Walls, Felisha A.
Warden, Carl E. vet
Warden, Charles T.
Warden, Helen E.
Warden, James R.
Warden, James Robert vet
Warden, James W.
Warden, Mary L. born 1914
Warden, Mary L.
Warden, Ruth A.
Warden, William M.
Ware, Larry D.
Ware, Nancy L.
Ware, Ressie S. vet
Ware, Ressie S.
Ware, Vera K.
Watson, Ada E.
Watson, Dana E.
Watson, Delores M.
Watson, J. L.
Watson, K. V.
Watson, Kevan Lee, vet
Watson, Kevan Lee
Watson, Warren
Watson, William E.
Watson, William Edward vet
Wear, Betty L.
Wear, Junior L.
Wedding, Ann Richards
Wedding, Margaret E.
Wedding, Mary M.
Wedding, Sarah J.
Weding, John
Weimer, Audrey Utter
Welch, Anna
Wells, Emma L.
Wells, William P.
Wells, William Palmer vet
Welsh, Albert
Welsh, Andrew B.
Welsh, George P.
Welsh, Jane
White, Gerald P.
White, Gerald Paul vet
White, John M.
White, John Matthew vet
Wiggins, Ada Friend
Wiley, Amy J. closeup
Wiley, Amy J.
Wiley, Elizabeth closeup
Wiley, Elizabeth
Wiley, J. R.
Wiley, Maggie E. closeup
Wiley, Maggie E.
Wiley, Mary Richards closeup
Wiley, Mary Richards
Wiley, Othe K. closeup
Wiley, Othe K.
Wiley, Sammie closeup
Wiley, Sammie
Wiley, Samuel P. closeup
Wiley, Samuel P.
Wiley, Samuel W. closeup
Wiley, Samuel W.
Wilfert, Bertha E.
Wilfert, Mollie
Wilfert, William F.
Williams, Carl C.
Williams, Mattie S.
Willis, William A.
Wilson, Ida T.
Wilson, Lela L.
Wilson, Morton W.
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Stanley
Windsor, Charles W. IV
Windsor, Charlie W., II
Windsor, Charlie W., III
Winston, Vevia
Winston, Wilbur J.
Winters, Edward Lee
Wolf, Andrea Ellan
Wolf, Hazel S.
Wolf, James E. (2)
Wolf, James E.
Wolf, James, under tree
Wolf, Joseph E.
Wolf, Joshua James
Wood, B. G.
Wood, David
Wood, Dowty Lee
Wood, Howard E.
Wood, Jane rubbing
Wood, Jane, rubbing 2
Wood, Jane
Wood, Joseph H.
Wood, Laura B. Abrams
Wood, Leannah
Wood, Lydia F. McGohan
Wood, Mary Day

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