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Calvary Cemetery
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Wood, W. Guy
Wood, W. Harvey
Wrigglesworth, Alice C.
Wrigglesworth, Carr
Wrigglesworth, Dora D.
Wrigglesworth, John and Minnie
Wrigglesworth, John
Wrigglesworth, Minnie
Wrigglesworth, Rachel
Wrigglesworth, William H.
Wyatt, Bessie H.
Wyatt, Beve J.
Wyatt, Harriett
Wyatt, Jane
Wylie, Candace Renee
Young, Audrey J.
Young, Clayton Russ
Young, Sherry closeup
Young, Sherry monument
Young, Sherry
Youngman, Bessie L.
Youngman, Mildred
Youngman, Robert F.
Youngman, Sallie F.
Youngman, Wallace R.
Youtsey, Randall Gene vet

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