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Calvary Cemetery

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Lemar, Clara E.
Lemar, Granville
Lemar, Herbert K.
Lemar, James
Lemar, Jeannette
Lemar, Lewa J.
Lemar, Rachel G.
Lemar, Robert K. vet
Lemar, Robert K.
Leslie, Aydelotte
Leslie, Esther A.
Levi, Eliza J.
Liebich, C. F. (Charlie) and Elizabeth monument
Liebich, Charlie (C.F.)
Liebich, Elizabeth
Liebich, Martin
Liming, Roy Franklin
Littleton, Catherine
Littleton, Thomas
Logan, Charles R. vet
Logan, Charles R.
Logan, Inez M.
Lowe, Julia E.
Lowe, Palmer K.
Luck, Fannie M.
Luck, Ferdinand Ernest
Luck, John W.
Luck, Maggie E.
Luck, Sarah F.
Luck, William
Lumpkins, Victoria Ida Mae
M., J. died Jy 17, 1810
M., J
Manning, Augusta
Manning, Charity stone
Manning, Charity
Manning, George G.
Manning, Gerald R.
Manning, Josephine Irwin
Manning, Marsail
Manning, Mary Helen
Manning, Mary
Manning, Nathan single grave
Manning, Nathan
Manning, Oscar J.
Manning, Rachel
Manning, Squire and Rachel, Mother and Father Inscript
Manning, Squire
Manning, William S.
Mappes, Henry
Mappes, Katie
Mappes, Mikle, Jr.
Mappes, Mikle, Sr.
Marsh, Mary
Marsh, Thomas L.
Martis, Adophus M.
Martis, Callie Ruth Dunbar
Martis, James Edward
Mathews, Hazel
Mathews, Walter
Matthews, Mary F.
Matthews, Samuel G.
May, Florence
May, Glenn
May, Harry L.
May, Harry Lee vet
May, Rosella L. Boone
McCalla, Myrtle M.
McCane, Claude T.
McCane, Lela
McCarter, Amelia
McCarter, George W.
McCarter, Henry
McCarter, James H.
McCarter, Robert
McCullough, Emelyne Abrams
McCullough, Emma K.
McCullough, Frances Whiteside
McCullough, George F.
McCullough, Georgie
McCullough, John A.
McCullough, John E.
McCullough, Mary A.
McCullough, Milton W., Dr.
McCullough, Milton W.vet
McCullough, Rachele
McCullough, Stanley
McCullough, William W.
McDulin, Charles
McDulin, Clara and George
McDulin, Clara B.
McDulin, Elizabeth
McDulin, George W.
McDulin, William
McKibben, Richard A.
McKibben, Roberta Helton
McKinley, Benjamin
McKinney, Isaac
McKown, Christopher
McMatch, Anna E. Grimes
McMath, Charles monument
McMath, Charles
McMath, Ethet G.
McMath, Mary K.
McMullen, Edward

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