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Concord M.E. Church Cemetery Inscriptions
Briley Catharine wife of Samuel Briley, died Mar 29, 1839, aged 45y
Briley Samuel died Aug 6, 1851, aged 65y 2m (stone missing)
Buchanan child died May 31, 1859, aged 6y 5m 18d (stone missing)
Buchanan Mary J. dau of GW & Sarah Buchanan, died Oct 13, 1852, aged 6y 2m 2d half of stone missing
Buchanan Sarah wife of G. W. Buchanan, died Jul 15, 1860, aged 46y 8m 10d
C JC footstone
Carson Elvira died Sep 2, 1843, aged 23y 1m 15d (stone missing)
Carson Sarah died May 3, 1845, aged 23y 4m 26d (stone missing)
Cook John A. born Aug 22, 1776, died Nov 29, 1851
Cook Priscilla wife of John A. Cook, died Apr 26, 1868, aged 87y 5m 4d
Crager Caroline dau of William and Catharine Creager, died Aug 4, 1839, aged 22y 8m 15ds
Cramer Mary wife of John G. Cramer, died Sep 30, 1841, aged 79y 5m 11ds
Creager Catharine wife of William Creager, died Jun 17, 1853, aged 63y 8m 3ds
Creager John died Aug 30, 1839, aged 30y 4m 24d
Creager William born Aug 10, 1781, died Apr 1, 1850, aged 68y 7m 21ds
Crooks Henry Homer (son of Henry and Martha Crooks) died Dec 6, 1856, aged 9 mos
Crooks Martha died Dec 7, 1857, aged 32 (maybe)
F TF footstone (maybe Thomas Fitzwater)
Fawley Albert Lewis son of R & ME Hawley, died Feb 19, 1865, aged 10m 19d (stone missing)
Fitzwater Charley died Mar 23, 1863 (stone missing)
Fitzwater illegible died Dec 12, 1856, aged 33y 9m 30d (stone missing)
Fitzwater John, Dr. died May 2, 1854, aged 24y 3m 17ds
Fitzwater Mark son of Geo and Zilpha Fitzwater, died Jan 5, 1849, aged 5y 2m 2d (stone missing)
Fitzwater Ruth dau of T & A Fitzwater, died Apr 24, 1843, aged 11y 2m 24d (stone missing)
Fitzwater Thomas died Dec 30, 1839, aged 73y 10d
Frazee David died Apr 8, 1865, (about 75)
Frazee Nancy wife of David Frazee, aged 60 something
Gill John F. son of HS & Charlott P. Gill, died Aug 26, 1845, aged 11m 13ds
Gilliam Hartwell born Jul 4, 1794, died Aug 17, 1885
Gillum John died Apr 25, 1858, aged 36y 2m 17d (stone missing)
Hannars Cornelia dau of James and Nancy Hannars, born Jun 26, 1849, died Jul 7, 1853
Hannars William died Sep 17, 1845, aged 45y 8m 15d (stone missing)
Hawley Joel died Sep 4, 1855, aged 60y 2m 22d
Hawley Sarah wife of J. Hawley, died Sep 5, 1859, aged 31y 11m 23d
Henwood Anne wife of J. Henwood, died Sep 28, 1846, aged 36y (stone missing)
Herrel Frances wife of Enoch Herrel, died Aug 19, 1841, aged 61y
Hutchinson Ann wife of Joseph, died Jan 8, 1844, aged 55y 10ms
Hutchinson Ann Bigam wife of Joseph Hutchinson, died Jan 8, 1844, aged 55y 10m
Hutchinson Joseph died Sep 5, 1847, aged 53y 5m 5d
Hutchinson Joseph died Jun 28, 1853, aged 71y 7m 14ds
Hutchinson Keziah wife of Joseph Hutchinson, died Oct 1, 1842, aged 91y 4m 1d
Hutchinson Keziah R. dau of Joseph and Ann Hutchinson, died Aug 11,1843, aged 22y 2m 25d
Hutchinson William H., Dr. died Jan 29, 1855, aged 30y 3m 12ds
Leever Adale dau of Adam A. & Lizzie Leever, died Sep 27, 1855, aged 2y 1m 27d
Leever Lizzie A. wife of AA Leever, died Sep 15, 1857, aged 28y 1m
Leever Margaret dau of Henry W. and Mary Ann Leever (rest broke)
Lefeber Electra wife of William Lefeber, died Mar 12, 1860, aged 41y 5m 12d (stone missing)
Lefeber William died Jun 9, 1873, aged 64y 2m
McDonough Elizabeth died Jul 15, 1844, aged 25y 9m
McDonough William son of George and Eve, died Nov 14, 1849, aged 1y 17ds
McGarvey Henry died Jun 30, 1855, aged 26y 1m 23d
Motsinger Felix born Sep 15, 1791, died May 8, 1858
Motsinger Mary wife of Felix Motsinger, born Jan 11, 1792, died Mar 18, 1866
Nelson Polly Ann wife of Edwin Nelson, died Feb 13, 1847, aged 26y
Newlove Angeline dau of EW & BA Newlove, died Sep 7, 1855, 30days (stone missing)
Newlove Elizabeth wife of DW Newlove, died Sep 29, 1855, aged 31y 10d
Newlove William P. son of J & R Newlove, died Jul 21, 1849, aged 25y 2m 10d
Orr Sanders son of William and Sarah Orr, born Jun 9, 1846, died Jun 22, 1872, aged 26y & 13d
Orr William died Jul 3, 1865, aged 69y or 63y
Parker Infant Son Infant son of WH & Mary Parker, XXX 30, 1849
Parker J. R. son of WH & Mary Parker, born Jun 5, 1847, died Jan 23, 1848
Pickitt Mary wife of Joseph Pickitt, died Jun 7, 1842, aged 21y 9m 14ds --pieces of stone only
Pollock Guye son of James and Lucinda, died Sep 1, 1848, aged 6m 24d
Potts John son of Samuel and Mary Potts, born Nov 2, 1829, died Aug 8, 1844
Potts Richard son of Samuel and Mary Potts, born Jun 1, 1838 died Mar 12, 1845
Potts Samuel died Oct 6, 1863, aged 72y 10m 7d
Potts Thomas son of Samuel and Mary Potts, born Mar 16, 1832, died Aug 12, 1844 (stone missing)
Price Catherine wife of John S. Price, died Aug 2, 1846, aged 22y 10m 15d
Ramsey Nancy consort of William Ramsey, died Jul 17, 1849 (stone missing)
Redding Rachel wife of R. Redding, died Mar 8, 1864, aged 84y 4m
Riggs William died Nov 20, 1863, aged 66y 22d
Robinson Malinda wife of Moses F. Robinson, died Sep 21, 1858, aged 35y 10m 26d
Sanders Frances dau of Merry Arter and Nancy Sanders, born Mar 23, 1806, died Oct 21, 1838 (stone missing)
Sanders Merry A. born Dec 5, 1779, died Sep 25, 1856, aged 76y 9m 20d
Sanders Nancy born Nov 4, 1787, died Jun 3, 1875, aged 87y 6m 29d
Schuyler Adam enlisted Aug 21, 1861, Co K 27 Reg OVI - died at Prospect, Tennessee Mar 5, 1864, aged 28y 6m 3ds
Simonton Courtland son of Hiram and Elizabeth Simonton, died May 8, 1841. aged 2m 15d (stone missing)
Simonton Ennis son of Hiram and Elizabeth Simonton, died Aug 2, 1846, aged 4y 1m 19d
Stump Lydia dau of J & Nancy Stump, born Sep 30, 1846, died Feb 24, 1849 (stone missing)
Thompson Blonden T. son of J & M Thompson, died Apr 19, 1863, aged 15y 1m 24ds
Thompson Elizabeth 2nd wife of Jacob Thompson, born Apr 11, 1806, died Mar 16, 1845
Thompson Margaret S. dau of Jacob and Elizabeth Thompson, born Aug 14, 1844, died Feb 2, 1847
Thompson Mary 1st wife of Jacob Thompson, born May 13, 1790, died Sep 17, 1838
Tigar Nicholas born Nov 11, 1794, died Oct 22, 1841 (stone missing)
Young Lucy wife of William Young, died Jul 16, 1842, aged 46y 7m 20ds