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Cemetery Inscriptions
D TD footstone, maybe a Donham
Donham Elizabeth wife of John Donham, died Aug 22, 1878, aged 85y 10m 12d
Donham Infant son of Nathaniel and Mary Donham, died Jun 4, 1833
Donham John son of John and Elizabeth, died May 4, 1848, aged 20y 11m 9ds
Donham Lewis son of John and Sarah Donham, died Dec 1801, aged 3yr
Donham Robert son of Isaac and Mary Donham, born Jun 10, 1837, died Mar 4, 1854, aged 16y 8m 25ds
Donham Sarah wife of John Donham, died Aug 1808, aged 32 years
Fagin Elisha died Jun 24, 1848, aged 43y 7m 23d
Fagin Sarah wife of Elisha Fagin, died Jul 30, 1849, aged 36y 6m 14ds
Footstones various only listed the ones with no main stone
Goller Helen dau of JC & JS Goller, born Jun 30, 1867, died Feb 11, 1872
Goller Henry son of JC & JS Goller, borm May 17, 1861, died Aug 24, 1861
Goller Infant Dau of JC & JS Goller, died Jul 18, 1866
Goller Mary dau of JC & JS Goller, born May 6, 1875, died Apr 9, 1877
L PEL footstone (maybe a Lewis)
Lewis Elizabeth Donham wife of James Lewis, born Oct 3, 1824, died Jul 23, 1907 (stone missing)
Lewis James born Mar 3, 1816, died Mar 20, 1900 (stone missing)
Mead RH no dates
Pearce John W. died Jul 1, 1849, aged 31y 8m 10ds
Tompkins Nancy Ann (Pearce) wife of J.W. Tompkins, died Apr 14 (year broke) aged 20y and 1m (married Mar 4, 1861 she was 19 at that time)