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Clermont County Genealogical Society

  Early Settler's Cemetery,  Bethel, Ohio

A AEA Footstone
A EAA Footstone
A MCA Footstone
Applegate Ann E. dau of NP & EA Applegate, died Oct 10, 1846, aged 2y 11m 3ds
Applegate Isabelle dau of NP & E Applegate, died July 7, 1849, aged 8months
Applegate Maria M. dau of NP & EA Applegate, died Jan 30, 1848, aged 4years
Applegate Mary C. dau of NP & EA Applegate, died Nov 26, 1842, aged 3m & 3d
Applegate Thomas C. died Aug 3, 1851
Armacost Emily A. wife of L. Armacost, died Aug 7, 1856
Armacost Missouri C. dau of L & E Armacost, born June 2, 1848, died June 7, 1850, aged 2y 5ds
Banks Ann wife of Thomas Banks, died May 23, 1868
Banks Thomas died Apr 24, 1844, aged 41y
Beck Benjamin D. son of Samuel & Hannah, died Sep 27, 1823, aged 15yrs
Beck Charity born June 12, 1778, died Feb 20, 1851
Beck Jeremiah died May 7, 1819, aged 40y 6m 22ds
Beck Jeremiah M. son of Levi Beck and Rebecca Denham
Beck John died Mar 7, 1820, aged 19years
Beck John Denham son of Levi Beck and Rebecca Denham
Beck Levi 1782-1858 husband of Rebecca Denham
Beck Levi D. son of John D. & Eliza Beck, died Aug 12, 1836, 9m
Beck Olive dau of John D. & Eliza Beck, died July 19, 1841, aged 1y 3m 21ds
Beck Rebecca Denham wife of Levi Beck, 1787-1819
Beck William J. died June 18, 1853, 18yrs?
Beck William S. son of Levi Beck and Rebecca Denham
Bess Anning E. L. born Jan 28, 1823, died Sep 25, 1886, aged 63y 7m 27ds
Bess James E. son of A & J Bess, died Feb 1, 1850, aged 1y……
Bess Jane wife of Anning E. L. Bess, born Dec 22, 1824, died Sep 7, 1892, aged 68y 8m 15ds
Boggess Edward son of J S & N Boggess, died Mar 4, 1842, 4ds
Boggess Francis A. dau of J S & N Boggess, died Dec 26, 1836, 1day
Boggess John died Apr 8, 1840, age 69
Boggess John S. born Jan 2, 1805, died Sept 8, 1869
Boggess Lettice died Nov 2, 1843, in 76th year
Boggess Letty born Mar 11, 1827, died Aug 28, 1878
Boggess Mary Ann wife of John H, Boggess, died Feb 8, 1872, aged 33y 8m 27ds
Boggess Melvina Jane wife of William Boggess, died Apr 25, 1863, aged 33y 4ds
Boggess Missouri wife of Franklin Ross, born May 24, 1840, died Sept 24, 1869
Boggess Nancy wife of John S. Boggess, born May 10, 1805, died Feb 13, 1875
Boggess Samuel died Dec 2, 1832, age 35
Boggess Samuel son of JS & M Boggess, died May 13, 1841, aged 8y 2m 24ds
Boggess William son of Benjamin & Fanny Boggess, died Jan 31, 1846, aged 15yr
Boulware Daniel son of J & E Boulware, died Aug 14, 1850 or 1869, aged 1y 7m 19ds
Boulware Daniel A. son of J & Emily Boulware, born Dec 2, 1834, died Oct 5, 1835, aged 10m 4days
Boulware Emma dau of J & E Boulware, died Sep 9, 1853, aged 2years
Boulware Jacob died Sep 13, 1840, aged 33y
Boulware Jacob Y. died Jan 12, 1830, age 56y
Boulware James born Aug 6, 1833, died Sep 5, 1902, Co. I 184 Reg OVI
Boulware John R. died Feb 8, 1824, age 22y
Boulware Missouri A. dau of J & Emily Boulware, born July 21, 1838, died Jan 11, 1844, aged 6y 5m 10ds
Boulware Voshie ? of James & Emily Boulware, died Nov 13, 1864, aged 1y 10m 9ds
Boys Edwin A. son of W B & N Boys, died Aug 14, 1865, 5y 6m 15ds
Bredwell Ann wife of W. Bredwell, died July 27, 1850, aged 51y
Bredwell Hockins died Jan 22, 1847, aged 42y 6m 20ds
Bredwell Nettie dau of J.F. & P. E. Bredwell, born Aug 11, 1857, died Feb 25, 1877
Bredwell Permelia E. wife of J.F. Bredwell, died June 19, 1861, aged 31y 2m 3ds
Bredwell William C. son of Wm & Ann Bredwell, died Nov 2, 1843, aged 5ms
Bredwell William C. son of H & S Bredwell, died Dec 11, 1852, aged 23y 9m 20ds
Brooks Edeth I. dau of C & A Brooks
Brown George Hunt son of Geo & S. A. Brown, died Aug 25, 1854, aged 2y 3m 7ds
Brown Jane dau of Geo & S. A. Brown, died Jan 3, 1844, aged 6y 8m 5ds
Brown William T. son of George & S.A. Brown, died Oct 7, 1862, aged 23y 7m 24ds
Brown George died Aug 13, 1866, aged 53y 6m 10ds
Buchanan Jerusha born May 1, 1802, died Oct 22, 1885
Burk Catharine C. nee Ward, wife of James Burk, died Sep 13, 1868, aged 69y 4m 23ds
Burk D.D. died Aug 11, 1880, aged 59y 2m 19ds
Burk Emeline wife of K D Burk, died Apr 13, 1880, aged 71yrs
Burk Horace son of J M & C Burk, died Aug 8, 1828, aged 1y 4m
Burk James M. died Oct 22, 1834, age 38y
Burk Kelley died Oct 16, 1830, age 55y
Burk Louella J. dau of D.D. & E. R. Burk, died May 26, 1876, aged 19y 6m 19ds
Burk Perwilla wife of K. Burk, died Sep 15, 1854, aged 18y (illegible)
Burk Pheby Caroline dau of James M & Catharine Burk, died Aug 18, 1835, 18 years
Burk Sarah wife of Kelley Burk, born Aug 7, 1776, died Nov 25, 1869, aged 93y 3m 18ds
Burk Sarah E. dau of J M & C C Burk, died Aug 17, 1820, aged 1y 1m
Burk Verazza son of J M & C C Burk, died Apr 5, 1837, aged 3y 7m
Burke Abi dau of D D & E R Burke, died Sep 23, 1863 or 1868, aged 1y 2m 7ds
Burke Alpheus T. son of K D & E Burke, died Jan 22, 1856, aged 14y 2m 10ds
Burke Augustine M. wife of Orville Burke, died Feb 8, 1854
Burke Edmund Glenn Aug 28, 1877 - May 8, 1966
Burke Elizabeth R, born May 6, 1822, died Mar 26, 1909
Burke James W. born Jan 15, 1836, died Aug 4, 1864, member of Co. D. 31? Illegible
Burke Jennie Glenn wife of Capt. Orvill Burke, died 1916, aged 73y 11m 27ds
Burke Kariene Travell June 18, 1902 - July 6, 1968
Burke Kelly D. died Nov 19, 1848, aged 40y 11m
Burke Orvill, Capt. died Dec 20, 1891, aged 61y 11m 20ds
Calkins Mary Ellen wife of Geo B. Calkins & dau of John & Mary Iden, died Oct 20, 1852
Carr Sarah J. dau of Alex & Elizabeth Carr, died Feb 7, 1843, aged 2y 9m 19ds
Carter Ann wife of John S. Carter, died Mar 30, 1840, aged 47y 2m
Carter John S. died Oct 5, 1853, aged 65y 10m 5ds
Carter Julia Ann wife of John S. Carter, died Jan 4, 1853, age 65
Case Anna May wife of John Case, 1881-1911 "at rest"
Case John E. 1878-1935
Chase Sarah wife of Ezekiel Chase, died Oct 31, 1830, age 74
Chipley Marshall D. son of Wm B & Sidney Chipley, died Apr 28, 1855, 5y
Clare Armenta K. 1862-1934
Clare Howard 1883-1956
Clarke Caroline N. child of Houton & Nancy Clarke, died Aug 29, 1820, 2y
Clarke Eleanor Huldah dau of Houton & Nancy Clarke, wife of R M. Sinks, born Aug 5, 1816, died July 16, 1850
Clarke Houton died Sep 28, 1834, aged 69y, born in Yorkshire, England, Mar 16, 1766, emigrated to VA in his 5th yr thence to KY in the early settling of that state and in 1800 made a permanent location in Bethel, OH where his remains are…….
Clarke John Marshall child of R W & Margaret Clarke, died Oct 7, 1839, aged 1y
Clarke Marcus Smith child of R W & Margaret Clarke, died July 24, 1841, aged 3m
Clarke Margaret wife of R. W. Clarke, died May 17, 1841, aged 27y
Clarke Nancy G. eldest dau of S G & C D Clarke, died 1840(?) 17ds
Clarke Ninion R. child of Houton & Nancy Clarke, died July 28, 1821, 2ds
Clarke Smith born in Bethel, Nov 15, 1807, died Apr 19, 1851
Clarke Victoria Elizabeth dau of J M & E A S, born Sep 16, 1837 in Amelia Co., PA, died in Bethel, June 5, 1844
Collins Infant son of C H & M E Collins, died July 4, 1859
Collins Willie son of C H & M E Collins, born in Batavia, OH, June 12, 1857, died in Waverly, Missouri, July 18, 1862
Colthar Anna E. dau of John & Sarah Colthar, born Sep 12, 1874, aged 28y 2m
Colthar George M. son of John & Zeruiah Colthar, died Sep 8, 1852, aged 1y Xm 10ds
Colthar John born July 8, 1809, died Nov 10, 1886
Colthar Nancy W. wife of H. Colthar, died Sep 8, 1887, aged 72y 5m 23ds
Colthar Reuben A. Born Aug 7, 1846, died Mar 26, 1896, aged 49y 7m 19ds
Colthar Susannah wife of John Colthar, died Aug 6, 1849
Colthar Zeruiah wife of John Colthar, born Feb 17, 1820, died Jan 27, 1903
Conover J.B. blank
Conover W. N. blank
Cosier Ann E. dau of N & E A Cosier, died June 19, 1845, aged 1y 3ms
Crane Abner died Sep 22, 1835, aged 67y
Crane Achsah dau of Benj & Patsey Crane, died Nov 24, 1832, aged 9m 24ds
Crane Barton S. son of Davis & Sarah Crane, died Nov 30, 1854, aged 34y 6m 15ds
Crane Benjamin died Apr 25, 1858, aged 53y 8ds
Crane Davis born Mar 10, 1788, died July 2, 1872, aged 84y 3m 22ds
Crane Fanny consort of Abner Crane, died Aug 8, 1833, aged 63y
Crane Luther handwritten, 182X
Crane Patsey nee Johnson, wife of Benjamin Crane, died July 8, 1900, aged 94y 6m 2ds
Crane Phebe A. S. dau of Davis & Sarah Crane, died Mar 20, 1837, aged 8y 6ds
Crane Phebe Ann H. dau of Fanney & Abner Crane, died Sep 11, 1835, aged 22y
Crane Sarah born Mar 7, 1791, died Oct 15, 1864, aged 73y 5m 8ds
Crouch Elizabeth K. dau of W.B. & P. A., died May 8, 1860, aged 20y 8m
Crouch Orlando H. died Apr 23, 1853, aged 24y 1m 17ds
Crouch Phebe wife of Wilson B. Crouch, died Feb 7, 1851, aged 45y(illegible) 3m 7ds
Crouch William C. died July 9, 1844, aged 78y 8m 17ds
Crouch William Marshel son of C. B. & Melinda Crouch died Dec 30, 1835, 1y 3m 26ds
Daugherty Harriet wife of C. W. Daugherty, died Apr 11, 1860, aged 26y xm 2ds
Daugherty Samantha M. dau of Jno. H & J Daugherty, died Sep 3, 1844, aged 5yrs
Davis Jennette wife of Charles Davis, died July 30, 1856, aged 30y 6m 17ds
Davis Pain son of Nathan & Polly Davis, died Mar 28, 1830, age 35
Denham Almara dau of Wm & Sarah Denham, died Aug 25, 1822, aged 2y 27ds
Denham Anna wife of William Denham, died Feb 25, 1851, aged 42y 10m 2ds
Denham Araeta dau of Wm & Sarah Denham, died Apr 18, 1823, aged 2m 6ds
Denham Benjamin F. son of Levi R. & Mary Denham, died Mar 29, 1851, aged 1y 4m 3ds
Denham Clarissa B. dau of J & S Denham, born Aug 30, 1809, died Sep 11, 1841
Denham Daniel M. son of James H. & Sarah Denham, died Jan 1, 1852, 11m 13ds
Denham Flavius J. son of L.R. & M Denham, died Aug 2, 1842, aged 5y 2m 3ds
Denham J footstone next to Sarah who died in 1841
Denham Levi son of Wm & Sarah Denham, died Apr 12, 1816, 1month
Denham Levi J. W. son of L. R. & Mary Denham, died Mar 6, 1854, aged 2y 2m 23ds
Denham Mary wife of Obed Denham, died Apr 28, 1818, age 66
Denham Obed died June 3, 1817, age 70
Denham Orville D.B. son of Benj. C. & Auristilla Denham, died Mar 3, 1852, aged 3m 8ds
Denham Rebecca wife of Levi Beck, 1787-1819
Denham Sarah wife of J. Denham, born Mar 12, 1783, died Feb 9, 1841
Denham Sarah wife of John Denham, Sr., died Apr 6, 1831, aged 53y
Denham William died Oct 30, 1854, aged 49y 10m 29ds
Denham William P. son of Wm & Sarah Denham, died Aug 6, 1825, 2yrs
Dorsey Francina A. wife of L. E. Dorsey, died Dec 15, 1845, aged 23y
Drummond Hester A. dau of Josiah & Rebecca Drummond, died May 17, 1846, in 5th week
Drummond John W. son of J & R Drummond, died Mar 29, 1882, aged 34y 11m 28ds
Ebersole Lydia Ann wife of Jacob Ebersole, dau of John G. Rogers, died Mar 11, 1817(1847?), aged 23y
Eder Elizabeth dau of M & M Eder, died Sep 30, 1846, aged 23yrs
Eder Jane died Dec 21, 1834, aged 8y 11m 17ds
Eder Mary dau of M & Meder, died Nov 6, 1834, aged 15y 1m 22ds
Edwards Martha wife of T. Edwards, died Aug 20, 1861, aged 88y
Edwards Timothy died Aug 1, 1862, aged 93y 4m 22ds
Ellis Joseph W. son of H & Jemima Ellis, died Mar 24, 1843, 2days
Ellsberry Abi T. wife of W. Aurelius Ellsberry, 1833-1910
Ellsberry Benjamin F. son of M & E Ellsberry, died Aug 10, 1843, aged 27y 4ds
Ellsberry Eliza dau of M & E Ellsberry, died Dec 21, 1834, aged 15y 8m
Ellsberry Elizabeth wife of Michael Ellsberry, died Apr 23, 1844, aged 58y 10m
Ellsberry Elizabeth A. dau of John & Sarah Ellsberry, died Nov 3, 1835, aged 1 or 4y 3ds.
Ellsberry Francis M. son of John & Sarah Ellsberry, died Apr 10, 1842, aged 6mos
Ellsberry James W. son of W. A. & A Ellsberry, died July 3, 1860, aged 2years, footstone also JWE
Ellsberry Lovina dau of Michael & Elizabeth Ellsberry, died Sep 23, 1833, aged 14y 5m
Ellsberry Lula Footstone only W. & Abi's daughter
Ellsberry Michael died Apr 5, 1855, aged 66 years
Ellsberry Nancy dau of M & E Ellsberry, died June 11, 1845, aged 21y 9m
Ellsberry W. Aurelius 1834-1909
Elrod Bartlet R. born May 27, 1826, died July 27, 1829
Elrod Hannah born Dec 27, 1769, died Sep 10, 1853
Elrod John born Mar 29, 1801 died Sep 14, 1829
Elrod Margaret wife of William Elrod, died July 23, 1849, aged 52y 10m
Elrod Mollie born Apr 6, 1809, died Aug 6, 1828
Elrod Robert died Feb 28, 1850, aged 80y 9m 8ds
Emmerson William T. son of Wm & Catharine Emmerson, died Aug 3, 1829, aged 5y
English John W. Native of NJ, died Mar 18, 1838, aged 49y 5m 18ds
English Kesiah wife of JW. English, born June 14, 1793, died July 10, 1869
Finnegan Albert E. Ohio Cook 429 Motor SUP TN, Feb 22, 1940
Finnegan Albert E. 1888-1940 (JR OUAM No. 226)
Finnegan Grace 1898-1982
Fisher John C. son of J H & Mary Fisher, died June 12, 1838, aged 6y 10m 24ds
Fisher Samantha dau of J H & Mary Fisher, died June 13, 1838, aged 5y 1m 8ds
Fisk Lester died Jul 25, 1850, aged 39y 8m 20ds
Foster Daniel K. died Aug 10, 1826, aged 16 months
Frambes John died Oct 11, 1873, aged 52y 8m 2ds
Frambes Margaret wife of Peter Frames, died Jan 14, 1851, aged 62y 3m 15ds
Frambes Nancy Ann dau of J A & Martha Frambes, died Aug 5, 1850, aged 7y 5ms.
Frambes Peter died Mar 20, 1873, aged 86y 11m 7ds
Frazee Henry died Mar 17, 1862, aged 42y 11m 20ds
Frazee Jabez born Feb 7, 1800, died Mar 3, 1876, aged 76y 25ds
Frazee Jacob died Mar 19, 1841, aged 57y 1m 26d
Frazee Mary wife of Jacob Frazee, died July 11, 1845, aged 59y 5m 21ds
Frazee Mary wife of Jabez Frazee, born Aug 25, 1817
Frazer Dau of M & J Frazer
Frazer Dell/Bell/Nell dau of Winthrop & Margaret Frazer, born Mar 29, 1881, died Mar 28, 1883
Frazer Dr. D. M. born in Danville, Penn, Sept 25, 1815, died Mar 18, 1869
Frazer Illegible child
Frazer Infant dau of D M & M J Frazer
Frazer Lida dau of Winthrop & Margaret Frazer, born Apr 8, (no year) died July 24, 1873
Frazer Walter C. 1849-1931
Frazier Lydia A. dau of I & L.A. Frazier, died Dec 11, 1853, aged 15y 8m 20ds
Frazier Lydia A. died Apr 1, 1838, aged 20y 4m 1d
Gardner Nancy died Jan 21, 1853, aged 36y 1m
Ginnings Infant child of Wm & A L Ginnings, died Dec 18, 1847, 1day
Ginnings Margarete dau of William W. & A L Ginnings, died May 24, 1851, aged 21ds
Glasgow Alfred died July 16, 1850, aged 44y 3m 6ds
Glasgow America K. children of Alfred & Lorenda Glascow
Glasgow Dawson born Mar 25, 1819, died Sep 20, 1900
Glasgow John R. children of Alfred & Lorenda Glascow
Glasgow Lorenda wife of Alfred Glascow, died July 27, 1849, aged 37 years 10m
Glasgow Lucretia S. children of Alfred & Lorenda Glascow
Glasgow Mariah children of Alfred & Lorenda Glascow
Glasgow Urith Maranda dau of D & C Glascow, born Oct 27, 1842, died Mar 21, 1844
Glasgow William Dallas son of D & C Glascow, born Feb 29, 1844, died July 16, 1849
Glenn Hannah M. wife of John Glenn, died Sep 16, 1840, aged 57
Greenhough Mary Adaline wife of Thomas H. Greenhough, died Jan 31, 1862, aged 23y 4m 28ds
Griffith Ellen wife of Isaiah White, died Apr 29, 1868, aged 67
Griffith Ellenor wife of Thomas Griffith, died Mar 30, 1833, aged 75y
Griffith James died June 13, 1864, aged 74y 1m
Griffith Mary nee Simpson, wife of James Griffith, born Aug 11, 1794, died Jan 26, 1885
Griffith Oliver Perry, Dr. died July 6, 1850, aged 28y 11m 6ds
Harp David died July 16, 1859, aged 70y
Harp Kisiah wife of David Harp, sen., died Jan 13, 1861
Harris Archibald died Mar 19, 1850, aged 37y
Harris Elizabeth wife of Archibald, died June 23, 1894, aged 86y
Harris James died Jan 26, 1840, aged 32y 13ds
Harris Jordan died Jan 6, 1875, aged 76y 1m 21ds
Harris Margaret wife of J. Harris, died Jan 21, 1849, aged 47y
Harris Mary dau of J & M Harris, died June 8, 1856, aged 29y 11m 7ds
Harris Mary Ann dau of A & E Harris, died May 6, 1865, aged 15y 3m 22ds
Harris Sarah Ann consort of no other markings, by Harris Family
Harris Stephen F. son of James & Ann Annelia Harris, died Dec 20, 1839, aged 2m 15ds
Harris Thomas Allen died Oct 5, 1864, aged 22y 8m 22ds
Headley Abi wife of M. K. Headley, died Dec 3, 1880, aged 64y 3m 14ds
Headley Maria L. dau of M.K. & A. Headley, died Oct 22, 1858, aged 17y & 2m
Headley Miles K. died Aug 9, 1849, aged 48y & 21d
Hill Amanda dau of Jas & Mary Hill, died May 17, 1842, aged 2y 12ds
Hill Charles M. son of T & M Hill, died Feb 23, 1855, aged 1y -illegible
Hill Ida May dau of T & Margaret Hill, died March 5, 1862 (?), aged 11m 11ds
Hill James W. son of T & M J Hill, died Sep 2, 1856, 3y
Hill James W. died June 14, 1832, age 29
Hill Luillxx illegible
Hill Margaret wife of William Hill, died Jan 18 or 19th (buried in cement)
Hill Mary Elizabeth dau of Theodore & Margaret Hill, died July 21, 1858, aged 3m 12ds
Hill Mary J. dau of Jas & Mary Hill, died July 31, 1839, aged 1y 3m 17ds
Hill Minervia dau of T & M Hill - illegible
Hill Sarah wife of Dr. Wm. Thompson, born Dec 14, 1797, died July 30, 1891
Hill William son of James W. & Mary L. Hill, died June 13, 1843, aged 11y 10m 23ds
Hillis Abi wife of John, died Oct 20, 1933, age 32y
Holton Margaret dau of A & C Holton, died Aug 19, 1850, aged 1y 6m 11ds
Hopkins Leonidas W. 3 months
Hopkins Orlando De. A. Died Jan 27, 1829, aged 4y 10m
Hopkins Twins
Hubble Eugene Lamont born Nov 6, 1848, died Aug 22, 1875, aged 26y 8m 16ds
Hunt Charles H. died July 18, 1850
Hunt Infant dau of Charles H. & Sara Hunt
Hunt Sara A. wife of Charles Hunt, died Mar 10, 1852
Iden John died July 14, 1866, aged 79y 28ds
Iden Julia wife of H. Stone, born Apr 30, 1833, died May 12, 1897
Iden Mary wife of John Iden, died July 15, 1854, aged 58y 4m 21ds
Iden Mary Ellen wife of Geo B. Calkins & dau of John & Mary Iden, died Oct 20, 1852
Iden Samuel F. son of John & Mary Iden, died Sep 2, 1851, aged 24y
Iden Sarah dau of John & Mary Iden, died Jan 3, 1847, aged 23y 2m 20ds
Illegible Elizabeth J. dau of M & S A XXAMENS? Next to Ginnings
Illegible Joseph Albert by Edwards family, died Aug 30, 1856, 3ms 8ds
Illegible Thomas Alvin by Edwards family, died June 11, 1858
Illegible 1m 25ds
Illegible with Hill family: aged 6m 12ds
illegible by Woods & Kennedy Family - Louis Orlando
illegible by Reader & Rogers family - 4m 1d
Illegible next to Boggess
Johnson Infant dau dau of J W & M J Johnson
Johnson Infant Son son of J W & M J Johnson, died July 16, 1844
Johnson Martha R. dau of J W & M Johnson, died Jan 13, 1845, 6m 2ds
Johnson Orvilleita Burke May 10, 1868 - June 28, 1954
Johnson Patsey wife of Benjamin Crane, died July 8, 1900, aged 94y 6m 2ds
Kennedy Effie L. 1870-1961
Kennedy Emma 1874-1915
Kennedy L. D. Father 1838-1920
Kennedy Phebe Mother 1845-1918
M GEM Footstone
Mahan Eliza dau of Wm & Rebecca Mahan, born Apr 17, 1846, no death date
Mahan Joseph H. son of W & R Mahan, died July 20, 1850, aged 1y 6ms 5ds
Manly Sarah H. wife of John H. Manly, died July 14, 1849, aged 37y xxm 25ds
Mattox Jabez R. died June 5, 1851, aged 43y 2m 16ds
Mattox Mariah wife of Jabez, born Dec 13, 1807, died June 24, 1900, aged 92y 6m 16ds
Mattox William P. born June 13, 1828, aged 28y 1m 6ds
McChesney Joseph W. died Aug 16, 1888, aged 62y
McClain Joseph died Oct 12, 1832, aged 48
McGohan Annie E. wife of A E McCohan, died July 2, 1881, aged 29y 3m 28ds
McGohan Daniel died Apr 6, 1871, aged 88y 1m 2ds
McGohan Daniel Wilshire son of A. J. & Lucinda McGohan, died Mar 27, 1848
McGohan Elizabeth dau of Daniel & Lydia McGohan, no dates
McGohan Infant dau of A. J. & Lucinda McGohan, died Jan 2, 1851
McGohan Infant dau of A E & A E McGohan, died Jun 2, 1851 (?)
McGohan John Worth son of A. J. & Lucinda McGohan, died Feb 7, 1850, aged 2y & 11ds
McGohan Lydia dau of Daniel & Lydia McGohan, died Apr 1, 1844, aged 18y 11m 6ds
McGohan Lydia wife of Daniel McGohan, died Apr 2, 1871, aged 81y 1m 8ds
McNeill Charles son of O & E McNeill, died Aug 12, 1858, aged 7m 13 ds
McNeill Clement Elmer son of Oliver & E. McNeill, died Jun 12, 1865
Meeker Ada nothing else
Meeker Calvin 1850-1922
Meeker Calvin born Oct 22, 1828, died May 8, 1900, Co. D 7th Ohio Cav.
Meeker Daisy I. 1889-1909
Meeker David no other markings
Meeker Elmore D. son of E & E Meeker, Nov 12, 1856 - Oct 15, 1861
Meeker Evaline V. wife of Calvin M., died May 3, 1894, aged 66y 6m 15ds
Meeker Henson L. son of E & E Meeker, born Sep 10, 1856, died 1y 10m 28ds
Meeker Lot died Sept 1, 1882, 51y 5m 2ds
Meeker Lott Co H 59th Ohio INF
Meeker Mary J. 1850-1918
Meeker Stella no other markings
Meeker Unreadable between two other Meeker stones
Meeker William Harrison William H. Harrison Meeker, son of T. I. & N. I. Meeker, died May 22, 1856, aged 1y 6m 22ds
Meford Sisters Susan, Rachel and Mary B, died of scarlet fever on 15th, 16th & 21st of Dec 1844
Metzgar Frances C. dau of Jacob & Matilda Metzgar, died Aug 26, 1828, aged 14m 10ds
Metzgar Jacob born May 15, 1802, died Nov 5, 1840
Metzgar Matilda born Nov 26, 1805, died Feb 20, 1888
Metzgar Sarah J. died Feb 8, 1871, aged 30y 9m 13ds
Mofford Mary E. dau of (can't read) Mofford, died Oct 31, 186?, aged 1y 10m 24ds
Mofford Tamson J. 1837-1870
Moore Emmaline wife of G. W. Moore, died Aug 24, 1855, aged 22y 8m 26ds
Moorehead Annie M. 1845-1915
Moorehead Joseph G. 1839-1916
Morris Hannah wife of XXXX (next to John Morris who b. 1767)
Morris John born Reading, Penn, Apr 14, 1767, died Oct 5, 1855 aged 88y 6ms
Morris Laura T. dau of J K & M Morris, died July 29, 1849, aged 27y 3ds
Morris Olive wife of J D Morris, died July 25, 1824, aged 24y
Morris Rachel wife of Thomas, died Jan 16, 1852, aged 74y
Morris Rachel Davis dau of Thomas & Sarah Morris, died July 6, 1834, aged 1y
Morris Sarah wife of T. J. Morris
Morris Thomas died Sep 1, 1822, aged 23y 10m
Morris Thomas US Senator, born Jan 3, 1776, died Dec 7, 1844
Morris Thomas J. died June 10, 1878, aged 76y 3m 12ds
Muse Mariah wife of George Muse, Died May 13, 1834
Musgrove Aaron son of Jas R & Mary L. Musgrove, died Sep 20, 1840, aged 6 weeks 3ds
Musgrove George died Dec 1, 1845, aged 27y
Musgrove James died June 25, 1880, aged 82y 11m 3ds
Musgrove James W. H. son of Jas R & Mary L. Musgrove, died Jan 13, 1843, aged 5y 5m 17ds
Musgrove Malinda wife of James Morris, died Sep 16, 1855, aged 55y
Musgrove Mary L. wife of James Musgrove, died Apr 11, 1870, aged 62y 22ds
Musgrove Thomas L. born Oct 3, 1831, died Nov 8, 1891, aged 60y 1m 5ds
Myres Milton F. son of J. P. & P. S. Myres, died Aug 16, 1834, aged 9m 3ds
Noble Elizabeth J. dau of William H. & Mary Noble
Noble Esther wife of Joshua Noble, died Feb 1, 1840, aged 57y
Noble Fonrose J. son of Geo. R. & Ann Noble, died Nov 18, 1841, aged 8y 11m 9ds
Noble Francis M. son of William H. & Mary Noble, died Apr 29, 1837, 8 months
Noble James son of John & Margaret Noble, died Jan 30, 1845, aged 3yrs
Noble Joseph Sidney son of W M & Mary Noble, born Oct 20, 1855, died Sep 20, 1861
Noble Joshua died Sept 8, 1824, aged 45y
Noble Sarah wife of C. Noble, died June 29, 1846, aged 78y 7m 10ds
O SO Footstone
Ogden Swain died Oct 8, 1832, aged 45y
O'Hara William T. son of John & Rebecca O'Hara, died July 26, 1829, aged 2years
Osborn David died Aug 7, 1888, aged 81y 2ds.
Osborn Eleanor wife of Aaron Osborn, died Mar 11, 1839, aged 61y 7m 5ds
Osborn Lewis son of D & Minerva Osborn, died Aug 28, 1842, aged 3y
Osborn Magareth dau of D & Minerva Osborn, died Jan 24, 1840, aged 4y
Osborn Mary E. dau of D & Minerva Osborn, died July 10, 1839, aged 12months
Osborn Minerva wife of David Osborn, died June 19, 1873, aged 65y
Pearre Hulda Jane wife of Dr. S. E. Pearre, died July 27, 1850, aged 22y 22ds
Pearre Melissa A. dau of SE & HJ Pearre, died July 25, 1850, 2y 6m 11ds
Pearre Sarah C. wife of Joshua Pearre, born Aug 27, 1832, aged 25y 6m 25ds
Peirce Abigail wife of John Peirce, died Feb 3, 1859, 72y
Peirce John died Dec 12, 1862, aged 77y
Peirce Mary Jane dau of J & A Pierce, died Dec 4, 1848, aged 29y
Pride Burthie R. wife of J. Pride, died Nov 15, 1874, aged 78y 2m 19ds
Pride J.F. Co D, 7th Ohio Cav.
Pride Joseph born Apr 26, 1795, died Aug 5, 1882
Purkhiser Andrew L. son of H.C. & S. Purkhiser, died July 8, 1851, aged 6y 3m 4ds
Purkhiser Henry born Mar 13, 1821, died July 23, 1846
Quinlan Benjamin born Apr 28, 1801, died Jan 8, 1858
Quinlan Isaac died Nov 18, 1830, aged 26y
Quinlan Isaac S. son of J & M Quinlan, died May 19, 1863, aged 31y 11m
Quinlan John born Dec 29, 1798, died Jan 12, 1875
Quinlan Melissa wife of John Quinlan, died Apr 9, 1863, aged 59y 2m 9ds
Quinlan Phillip T. born May 26, 1825, died Feb 1, 1865
R DDR Footstone
R EKR footstone
Ralstin Allen Oct 30, 1877 - Oct 16, 1939
Ralstin Edward Oct 11, 1886-Oct 2, 1946
Ralstin Emma Mother, Sept 30, 1859- Nov 13, 1925
Ralstin George W. Father, 1857-1930
Raper Elizabeth K. dau of Samuel & Mary Raper, died Jan 18, 1860, 24y 7ds
Raper Samuel died Mar 13, 1853, aged 64y 6m
Reader Ann Rebecca wife of Joseph Reader and dau of L. E. & Rebecca Rogers, died July 18, 1850, aged 19y 17ds
Reader Joseph died June 4, 1851
Reed Anna S. wife of H. U. Reed, 1844-1907
Reed George B. son of William and Hannah Reed, born May 28, 1858, died Nov 17, 1885
Reed Hillis U. 1841-1925
Reed John B. son of Wm B & Hannah Reed, died July 3, 1842, aged 3yrs
Reed Levi D. son of J. I. & R. H. Reed, died Mar 8, 1853
Reed Mary E. dau of W B & H Reed, died (after 1850)
Reed Sarah E. dau of Wm B & Hannah Reed, died May 11, 1862, aged 17y 5m 27ds
Reed Thomas M. son of W B & H Reed, died Feb 4, 1849, aged 1y 3m 3ds
Reed William B. died Jan 23, 1860, aged 49y 4m 28ds
Reed William E. 1868-1907
Reed-Sinks Hannah born Nov 27, 1817, died Dec 30, 1900
Richards Bertha 1865-1951
Richards Caroline wife of John Richards, born (broke 1822), died June 30, 1851, aged 29y
Richards Frank 1881-1961
Richards Gabriel son of JH & A Richards, died June 30, 1851, aged 11y 7m
Richards Little Jessie infant dau of JH & A Richards, died Nov 30, 1859, aged 3y 1m 12ds
Richards Neville son of J H & Caroline Richards, died June 4, 1845, aged 3m 5ds
Richards Rachel Kennan born Apr 26, 1810, died May 1, 1892
Riley Francis wife of Rev G. Riley, died Nov 1838, aged 71y
Robinson Benjamin R. son of John T. & Lavina Robinson, died Sept 15, 1852
Robinson William W. son of John T & Lavina Robinson, died May 24, 1846, aged 5m 24ds
Rogers Ann Rebecca wife of Joseph Reader and dau of L. E. & Rebecca Rogers, died July 18, 1850, aged 19y 17ds
Rogers Julia died Mar 24, 1832, aged 28y 15ds
Rogers Lavina dau of John & Julia Rogers, died Apr 10, 1839, aged 17y 9m 2ds
Rogers Lydia Ann wife of Jacob Ebersole, dau of John G. Rogers, died Mar 11, 1817(1847?), aged 23y
Rogers Susan Maria dau of L E & Rebecca G. Rogers, died July 14, 1850, aged 15y 5m 13ds
Ross Edward Salt only son of James & Ann Ross, died Feb 10, 1843, aged 1y 7m
Ross Eliza Cleaney dau of James & Ann Ross, died July 4, 1834, aged 6y 10m
Ross James died July 20, 1850, aged 49y 5m 8ds
Ross Missouri nee Boggess, wife of Franklin Ross, born May 24, 1840, died Sept 24, 1869
Ross Rebecca died July 31, 1847, 82y
Ross Reuben died May 14, 1838, uncle of J. R. Tice, Rev War, (born 1739)
Runck Gladys Clare 1896-1957
S LAS Footstone
Salisbury Temperance wife of Rev S. Salisbury, died Apr 14, 1858, aged 33y 1m 10ds
Salt Clay son of A C & Elmira Salt, died Aug 1, 1856, aged 1y 3m 13ds
Salt Glorvina M. dau of A C & Elmira Salt, died Mar 1, 1855, aged 18y 11m 27ds
Salt John B. son of A.C. & E. Salt, died Oct 9, 1847, aged 6y 9m
Salt John K. son of A C & Elmira Salt, died Oct 9, 1847, aged 6y 9m
Salt Nancy C. wife of John Salt, died June 14, 1857, aged 70y 6m 7ds
Salt Priscilla wife of Edward Salt, died Oct 28, 1847, aged 54y 1m 16ds
Sargent Elder A. K. died Aug 19, 1849, aged 32y 9m 29ds
Sargent Elder Aaron Baptist Minister 40 years, died Jan 24, 1866, aged 81y 5m 8ds
Sargent Jerusha wife of Elder Aaron Sargent, died Mar 25, 1861, aged 75y
Sargent Lenorah wife of A.K. Sargent, died Aug 19, 1849, aged 33y 4m 19ds
Sargent Louisa died Oct 20, 1844, aged 19y 4m 5ds
Scull Elizabeth dau of William R. & Mariah Scull, died Jan 27, 1842, 9y 1m 13ds
Scull Elizabeth wife of John H. Scull, born NJ, Jan 1, 1775, died Sep 10, 1848, aged 73y 8m 9ds
Scull Lydia Ann only dau of John H & Elizabeth Scull, died Mar 19, 1845, aged 36y 1m 13ds
Scull Mahala J. wife of John, died Aug 18, 1835, aged 20y
Scull William son of J P & S P Scull, died Aug 14, 1854, aged 1y 1m 16ds
Scull William R. died Aug 17, 1835, aged 28y
Senteny A. J. died May 21, 1867, aged 83y 1m 4ds
Senteny Hannah wife of A.J. Sargent, born Apr 10, 1793, died Apr 8, 1846
Simpson Mary wife of James Griffith, born Aug 11, 1794, died Jan 26, 1885
Sims Anna M. dau of Wm. S. & Olive Sims, died July 19, 1851, 10 months
Sims Eliza M. wife of John W. Sims, died Apr 19, 1842, aged 22y
Sims Ella May dau of JW & M. Sims, died Oct 22, 1863, aged 5y 7m 26ds
Sims Irena died Mar 20, 1857, aged 61y 10m 7ds
Sims Ladnar?? dau of JW & Mary Sims, died Feb 17, 1853, aged 2y & 25ds
Sims Laura B. dau of JW & Mary Sims, died Mar 6, 1854, 2m & 2ds
Sims Rebecca dau of Samuel & Sarah Sims, died Sep 27, 1845, aged 24y 4ds
Sinks Augustus M. 1838-1912
Sinks Eleanor Huldah dau of Houton & Nancy Clarke, wife of R M. Sinks, born Aug 5, 1816, died July 16, 1850
Sinks Elizabeth B. dau of Edmund & Sarah C. Sinks, died Oct 24, 1841, aged 2y 11ms
Sinks Hannah Reed born Nov 27, 1817, died Dec 30, 1900
Sinks Infant dau of R M & M F Sinks, died Aug 12, 1853
Sinks Mary aged 23years
Sinks Mary Quinlan wife of Augustus Sinks, 1842-1865
Sinks Randolph M. born Oct 15, 1809, died June 6, 1890, born in Williamsburg, O. Came to Bethel when a young man where he was a prominent merchant nearly 50 yrs.
Smallwood Levi died Aug 7, 1841, aged 63y
Smith Eli Sommers son of Summers & R Smith, died June 18, 1855(year illegible)
Smith Eliza wife of I. H. Smith, died May 24, 1836, aged 27y
Smith Elizabeth Musgrove 1844-1923
Smith Emeline 1834 -1901
Smith Isaac H. died Sep 20, 1838, aged 31y 3m
Smith Mary dau of S & R Smith, died Aug 8, 1862, aged 2-3y 6m 18ds
Smith Phebe died May 1, 1815, aged 20y
Smith Rachel J. dau of Summers & Rachel Smith, died Aug 8, 1854, aged 5y 1m 4ds
Smith William H.C. son of S & R Smith, died Jan 30, 1852, aged 3m 25ds
Smith William W. 1815 - 1905
South Argalis Twin, son of B E & B South, died Dec 3, 1846, aged 1y 11m 7ds, died of croup
South Corwin R. son of E A & Catharine E. South, died Apr 8, 1845, aged 4y 11m 7ds
South Ulises Twin, son of B E & B South, died Oct 25, 1849, aged 4y 9ms? died of croup
Staebler Mary dau of Solomon & Sarah Ann Staebler, died Feb 26, 1843, aged 2y 3m
Staebler Sarah Ellen dau of S & SA Staebler, died Aug 3, 1852, aged 4y 4m 9ds
Stiles Catharine dau of E. C. & M. Stiles, died Nov 10, 1837, aged 2m & 24ds
Stiles Martha E. dau of E. C. & M. Stiles, died July 8, 1854, 1m & 28ds
Stiles Mary C. dau of E. C. & M. Stiles, died Nov 6, 1839, aged 11mo & 16ds
Stiles William son of E. C. & M. Stiles, died Apr 20, 1842, aged 1y 5ms
Stille William son of J R & A M Stille, died Oct 4, 1852, aged 2 years
Stone Anna T. dau of Herman & Julia I., born June 29, 1865, died Jan 1, 1868
Stone Herman born Mar 8, 1828, died Aug 13, 1875
Stone Julia Iden wife of H. Stone, born Apr 30, 1833, died May 12, 1897
Stout Eliza born Nov 19, 1812, aged 47y 7m 14ds
Stout Matilda wife of James Stout, died Oct 18, 1860, aged 50y
Strickland Adelia dau of Hope & Selina Strickland, died July 12, 1832, aged 8y 6m
Strickland Hope died Nov 7, 1834, aged 37y
Studer John M. C. son of J & S Studer, died Mar 2, 1852, aged 1y 11m 22ds
Surry Sarah Ann wife of Samuel Surrey, died May………
Thomas James died Feb 11, 1838, aged 25y
Thompson Andrew J. son of Wm R. & Ruth Thompson, died Aug 20, 1850, aged 20y 9m 1d
Thompson Aurelius P. son of Wm & Sarah Thompson, died Jan 10, 1834, aged 3y 5m (something else at bottom cemented)
Thompson Caleb Apr 7, 1801 - Mar 21, 1832
Thompson Lavanche Dec 16, 1825 - Jan 8, 1918
Thompson Mary Jane dau of Wm & Ruth Thompson, died Feb 16, 1878, aged 33y 5m
Thompson Meramis L.O.M. dau of Wm & Sarah Thompson, died Jan 17, 1834, aged 4y 10m 8ds
Thompson Meramis L.O.M. dau of Wm & Sarah Thompson, died Jany 17, 1834, aged 10m 8ds (2nd stone)
Thompson Mildrid H. dau of Wm & Sarah Thompson, died Feb 5, 1834, aged 1y 5m 8ds
Thompson Polidor Augustus son of Caleb & Mahala Thompson, died Mar 10, 1831, aged 13months
Thompson Ruth wife of William Thompson, died Sep 26, 1879, aged 72y
Thompson Sarah Hill wife of Dr. Wm. Thompson, born Dec 14, 1797, died July 30, 1891
Thompson Tabitha dau of William & Ruth Thompson, died Aug 9, 1849, aged 8y 7m 4ds
Thompson William R. died Nov 19, 1877, aged 72y 6m 19ds
Thompson William, Dr. died May 9, 1840, aged 44y
Thornton Amos B. son of William & Hannah Thornton, died June 25, 1829, aged 25y 1m 20ds
Thornton Edward died Aug 8, 1848, aged 34y 4m 25ds
Thornton Hannah died Feb 13, 1876, aged 91y 7m 6ds
Thornton Lawrence H. son of J & M Thornton, died Feb 25, 1847, aged 16y 6ms.
Thornton Samuel L. son of J & M Thornton, died Oct 17, 1843
Thornton W. H. born Mar 30, 1778, died May 2, 1863
Tice Benjamin died Mar 8, 1894, aged 83y 11m 23ds
Tice Clarabelle dau of D C & Elizabeth Tice, died July 22, 1848, aged 1y 11m 7ds
Tice Cornelius C. son of C C & M Tice, died May 1 1845, 12days
Tice D. Webster son of C C & Maria Tice, died Apr 20, 1848, 2m 3ds
Tice Infant son of C C & Maria Tice, died June 14, 1833, 16ds
Tice James son of J R & Keziah Tice, died Feb 17, 1843, aged 27y
Tice Jehus son of J R & Keziah Tice, born Aug 20, 1815, died July 8, 1856
Tice Joseph S. son of John & Kiziah Tice, died July 17, 1820, 2years
Tice Keziah wife of J R Tice, born Sep 19, 1793, broken stone
Tice Lewis C. born Nov 30, 1830, died Apr 30, 1888
Tice Little Belville son of B. L. & M Tice, aged 3ms
Tice Mary wife of Benjamin Tice, died Dec 26, 1893?, aged 78y 8m 27ds
Tice Minerva 1839-1913
Tice O. G. (Orville G.) son of Benjamin & Mary Tice, died June 25, 1878, aged 24y 5m 20ds
Tice Sarah dau of J R & Keziah Tice, died Feb 6, 1853, aged 19y 5m
Tice W. F. Co H 59th Ohio INF
Tingley Elizabeth wife of J. Tingley, died Dec 4, 1851, aged 81y
Tingley John B. died July 26, 1825, aged 23y
Tingley Jonathan died Dec 26, 1833, aged 62y
Tingley Sarah born June 6, 1795, died Feb 23, 1856, aged 60y 8m 17ds
Trautwine George son of George J & Laura Trautwine, died Jan 27, 1822, 3y
Trautwine Infant sister dau of George J. & Laura Trautwine, died Sept 27, 1814
Trautwine Malissa A. dau of George J. & Laura Trautwine, died Sept 10, 1822
Trees Margaret wife of Jacob Trees, died Feb 26, 1868, aged 47y 5m 13ds
Tucker Samaria wife of Dr. T.M. Tucker, died July 18, 1859, aged 35y
Turbett Catherine wife of Joseph Turbett, born Tule Twp, NJ, died June 21, 1851, aged 46y 6ms
Turner George G. son of A & Jane Turner, died Jan 24, 1842, aged 13y 2m
Ulrey George died Sep 26, 1853, aged 61y 3m 7ds
Ulrey Glorvina wife of Samuel Ulrey, 1827-1906
Ulrey John A. son of S & X Ulrey, died Nov 17, 1863 or 5, illegible - 19ds
Ulrey Lydia wife of George Ulrey, died Nov 3, 1875, aged 80y 4m 25ds
Ulrey Phebe dau of WW & Martha Ulrey, died Aug 5, 1841, aged 19months
Ulrey Samuel 1818 - 1895
Ulrey SR Susan R. Footstone
Ulrey Susan R. dau of Wm W. & M. A. Ulrey, died Nov 28, 1850, aged 8y 11m 11ds
Unknown Hunter 1st burial in cemetery
Vanosdol J W Co. A 5th Ohio Cav
Vanosdol John C. son of J W & Sarah Vanosdol, died 1845 or 1846
Vanosdol Mary X. W. dau of J W & Sarah Vanosdol, died May 21, 1849, aged 1y 9m 9ds
Waits Sarah A. wife of William C. Waits, died Nov 2, 1845, aged 18y 10m 25ds
Waller Patience M. Native of Delaware, dau of R.& P. Waller, Nov 8, 1844, 24years
Ward Catharine C. wife of James Burk, died Sep 13, 1868, aged 69y 4m 23ds
Warden Flavius Josephus son of Moses & Margaret Warden, died July 23, 1834, 8y 7m 13ds
Warden James M. son of Wm T. & E. E. Warden, died June 22, 1845, 1y 3m 19ds
Warden John A. died Apr 7, 1851, 31ys
Warden Moses died Jan 20, 1849, aged 59y
Warden Nelson G. son of Moses & Margaret Warden, died June 20, 1820, 3y
Warden Richard died Aug 29, 1835, aged 52y 4m 11ds
Warden Richard L. son of Moses & Margaret Warden, died Dec 15, 1829, aged 2y
Warden Sarah E. dau of R & Elizabeth Warden, died May 21, 1834
Wayman Fannie 1893-1917
West John died Dec 27, 1843, aged 64y 10m 25ds
White Amanda wife of Charles White, died Sep 20, 1834, aged 28y 6m 14ds
White Ellen nee Griffith, wife of Isaiah White, died Apr 29, 1868, aged 67
White Rebecca dau of Isaiah & Ellen White, born Oct 22, 1833
White Samuel S. son of J & E White, died Nov 29, 1856, aged 26y 6m 19ds
Wood Alfred W. botn Sep 7, 1842, died Nov 20, 1874
Wood Misouri wife of Alfred Wood, born Aug 7, 1842, aged 46y 5m 16ds
Worstell Joseph died Apr 16, 1850, aged 78y 4m 21ds
Y JY Footstone
Yates Jane died May 31, 1846, aged 53y
Young James Co. L. 9th Ohio Cav.
Young William H. son of J. & S. Young, died Mar 20, 1858
Zugg Caroline M. dau of Frederick & Hannah Zugg, died June 2, 1850, aged 9y 10m 11ds
Zugg Frederick W. son of Frederick & Hannah Zugg, born Aug 27, 1832 in Cincinnati, died Nov 25, 1836, aged 4y 3m