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New Inscriptions

John E. Son of J & H Carter, died Aug 25, 1842, aged 1yr 7mo 1d
Clayton Amey C. Dau of U & J Clayton, died Aug 4, 1854, aged 8m
Cramer Emily J. daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Cramer, born Dec 14, 1840, died Aug 15, 1841, aged 8mos 1day
Cramer Wesley Son of Daniel & Mary Cramer, died Aug 16, 1841, aged 17months & 8days
Doughman Daniel Son of Isa. & M Doughman, died Sept 21, 1857, aged 1yr 5ms 2ds
Frazee George W. H. Son of Dr. Wm T & R. A. Frazee, died Oct 20, 1848, aged 1yr 1m 20d
Halb, Haid, Hald Hannah illegible- departed this life aged 40
Harris Jane died Sept 23, 1855, aged 100 years
Harris William PVT2 NJ REGT, Revolutionary War, 1763-1833
Harris William died Apr 10, 1833, 70 years (original stone)
Illegible right of Whiting
Illegible left of Nancy Hunter
Illegible right of Jane Harris
Jordan Harris Son of S V & Elizabeth Jordan, died Mar 19, 1830, aged 1yr 1mo 2ds
Jordan Infant Son of S V & Elizabeth Jordan, died July 18, 1835
Jordan Nancy wife of Nathanial Jordan, died Oct 27, 1844, in the 47th year of her age
Laymon John L. died Apr 18, 1857, stone broke - aged 60yr 5ms 2ds
Little Jeremiah Son of J & D Little, died July 23, 1854, aged 1yr 6m 18d
Miller James H. Son of D & M Miller, died Jan 5, 1840, aged 3ms
Miller John G. So of D & M Miller, died Sep 7, 1834, aged 1yr 11m 10ds
Miller Sarah E. Dau of D & M Miller, died June 9, 1842, aged 7ys 8ms
Morrison Alfred N. Son of A E or F & M Morrison, died Sept 21, 1845, aged 1yr 2m
Morrison Catherine Dau of A E or F & M Morrison, died Sept 28, 1833, aged 10m 3d
Morrison Hannah A. dau of A. F. or E & M. Morrison, died Sept. 1, 1837, aged 10m 28d
Morrison Mary Dau of A E or F & M Morrison, died Dec 21, 1855, aged 1yr 3m 19d
Roberts Joseph Son of Washington & Sarah Roberts, died Sept. 21, 1834, aged 20 months & 2days
Roberts Sarah Consort of Washington Roberts, born Feb 22, 1814, died July 30, 1849, aged 35 ys 5mo 8d
Slone David Son of W & Rachel Slone, died Oct 6, 1822, aged 11mo 28ds
Weaver Eliza Dau of D & S. A. Weaver, died Oct 1, 1852, aged 3ys 6m 15d