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The amateur inscribed stone that the DAR had problems reading:

We all agreed it states Aug 3 or 8, 1830, but still no name.

Previous Reading Inscriptions


Located on Elmwood Rd. at the Gun Club. this cemetery is just west of the shelter house. high on the hill. This was once the property of Daniel Kidd who according to Evert's History. came to Williamsburg. Ohio, 1798. from Winchester, Va •• marrying in 1803 Mary Buntin, daughter of Rev. Soldr •• Ramoth Buntin, and moving to this farm in 1808. Daniel Kidd was a War of 1812 pensioner. He was father of Joseph and Jane.
MALINDA - dau.of Joseph and Delia KIDD bJuly 8. 1834 d Oct 2, 1851
DANIEL KIDD - d Mar 6, 1839 - aged 61y

JANE - wife of S(amuel) Fitzwater d Sept 27. 1846 - aged 42y

ROBERT MC COMB - d Aug 23. 1846 - aged 69y 6m

Field stone A -----1830. (might be deciphered with chalk. Could not be sure if the A was part of a given name. or August)

Many field stones.