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Additional Inscriptions
B UB Footstone
Baldwin John W. son of M. T. & Mary A. Baldwin, died June 29, 1849, aged 2years 2months 18days
Carpenter Julia A. wife of John Carpenter, died Nov 7, 1852, aged 27years
Combs Mary age at death 42y 2m 25d (correcting death age)
Crane Susan J. wife of Amos Crane, died May 30, 1870, aged 39yrs 3m & 23ds
Cunningham Cylina B. wife of Wm B. Cunningham, died Feb 23, 1866, aged 31yrs 4mos & 13ds
Dascomb Benjamin Footstone
Dascomb Benjamin A. correcting surname
ErwinHanna AnnB. 9/12/1842 , died  abt.11/12/1844
Erwin John Born April 11, 1800, died Sept. 10, 1867
ErwinMargaret Louiseb. 6/29/1841  died 11/10/1844
ErwinMartha Annb. 4/12/1833  died 8/14/ 1835
G JFOG Footstone
Gatch Maria H. correcting given name
Geisler Otto E. died Sept. 8, 1853, aged illegible
Hance Robert "Doc", in memory of -- friends and neighbors
Herrmann Jacob son of George & Sophie Herrmann, born April 11, 18XX
Hill broke
Holmes Christiana wife of Ezekiel B. Holmes & dau of David & Ruth Smiser, born Jan XXXX, died June
Hughes Sarah daughter of John & Rachel Hughes, died Sept 16th, 1841, aged 29years 1month & 5days
Illegible died Feb 14, 1849, aged 2yrs 11mos 4ds
Illegible died Nov 1, 1851, aged 21 yrs 14days
illegible America in the year 1815, lived in Milford, O, Feb 1, 1853, far from relatives in a Christian Land, aged 57
illegible aged 61years Xmos 19ds maybe John Ready
Miller Malinda J. wife of Jas Miller, died Jan 26, 1865, aged 35y 8m 16d
Pancoast Enoch died Aug 31, 1867, aged 78yrs 3ms 3ds
Pancoast Maria Louisa dau of Enoch and Zerujah Pancoast, died Oct 22, 1862, aged 22y 9m 6d
Pancoast Martha A. dau of Enoch and Zerujah Pancoast, died Jan 8, 1851, aged 22yrs 5mos 24ds
Peckingpaugh Mary dau of F & Delilah Peckigpaugh, died July 1, 1856, aged 18y 1m 6d (add'l info)
Ready John G. died Dec 21, 18XX
Ready W. L. died December 8th, 1858, aged 23yrs, 3months 7days
Riffle Paul E 1970
Sabrey William died Jan 31st, 1860, aged 80 years
SabXXX Richard died March 27, 18XX, aged 29yrs Xmonths 27ds.
Smiser David died Jan 21, 1872, aged 76yrs 3ms and 7ds
Smiser Ruth wife of David Smiser, died May 22, 1864, aged Xyr 4m 9d
Smysor Philip died Augst 27, 1837 - 70 years (correcting onfo)
Snead Alonzo son of John & Eliza Snead, died July 23, 1849, aged 4yrs 3mos 19ds
Sparks Joseph son of D.G. & L. A. Sparks, died Dec 1, 1864, 1yr 9m 3d
Sparks Sarah Lizzie dau of D. G. & L.A. Sparks, died Oct 5, 1860, aged 2yrs 2mos 18ds
Sullivan George son of J & Mary A. Sullivan, died 5months
Townsend RJE Footstone
Turner Michael died Jan 16, 1856
TXXXX JudXXX born Jan 12, 18XX, aged about 16years, dau of M & E TXXXXX.
Vuotto John Joseph born February 24, 1913, died January 28, 1998, aged 84years 11months & 4days
Y EWY Footstone