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Moore Cemetery Inscriptions

AM? stone with date 1821 only reads A.M.?.
Benedict Gilbic or Gilbert who left us Apr 11, 1856 in the 23rd year of his age
Benedict Mary Footstone only - stone missing wife of Nathan Benedict, died Sep 5, 1837, aged 31 years
Benedict Nathan died Mar 13, 1861 - age 57
Blair Marmaduke S. Son of A & R Blair, died Aug 10, 1831, aged 7 months
Blair Marmaduke S. Footstone
Brown William Footstone
Brown William Died Aug 8, 1849 aged 65
Bryan David C deceased July 31st, 1829 aged 58 years, born Long Island 1771, married Ruth 1792, moved to NJ 1800, moved to Williamsburg, OH 1803, moved to Batavia 1825
Bryan George S. Born Sep 3 1792, died Nov 28, 1832 aged 40years 2months 25 days.
Bryan Mary Wife of G. S. Bryan, died June 16, 1844, aged 47 years
Bryan Melanctrun A. Born Sept 26, 1803, died Mar 27, 1832
Bryan Melissa (See Melissa Gest)
C AC Footstone
Cade Hiram B Footstone
Cade Hiram B died Sep 8, 1851, aged 45yr 4mo 24d(Masonic Tab)
Cade Daughter of H. B. & Catharine Cade, died Aug 21, 1847
Carter Lorah B. daughter of George & Eliza Carter, born June 22, 1848, died Jan 30, 1851, 1 yr 7 mos 8 days, yr doesn't add up, see next stone
Carter Lorrah B. #2 stone daughter of George L & Eliza Carter, born June 22, 184?, died Jan 30, 1851, 1 yr 7 mos 8 days
Davis Basil Footstone BHD the only BD buried at Moore Cem.
Denmam-Dennis John JD Footstone . DAR says Denmam, 1882 Clermont Sun stated Dennis-"only J.D. initials buried at Moore Cem"
Duckwall Catherine wife of Benj H. Jenkins, died Oct 21, 1838, aged 18years
Floro Aman(da) Daughter of William & Juda Floro, died - Illegible
Floro Manoro Dau of Wm. & Juda A. Floro, died July 3, 1849, aged 3yrs 11ms 25ds
Floro Sarah E. Daughter of William & Juda Floro, died July 5, 1849, aged 11mos 11ds
Gest Andrew M Footstone
Gest Andrew M Died Mar 29, 1852 age 37 (Masonic Tab)
Gest Melissa wife of Andrew Gest and dau of George S. & Mary Bryan, departed this life Jan 22, 1841, aged 19years, 4mos.
Gest Melissa daughter of A.M. & Melissa S. Gest, died Jan 10, 1841, aged 1month
H JH Footstone
Harden Elizabeth wife of Peter Harden, born Apr 23, 1775, died May 21, 1845
Hewitt Jacob Born Nov 9, 1791, died Jan 20, 1849, aged 58yrs 2mos 11days
Hooker Benj G. Died Sept, 1838 aged 27 years
Hooker John W. son of B.G. & N. Hooker, who departed this life Dec 2nd, 1837, aged 13 months
Howe Blanch Dau of N B & F (Napoleon and Frances) Howe, died Oct 23, 1877, 12y 1mo 7d
Hunt George Footstone-GAH only G.H. initials of someone buried in Moore Cem.
Illegible Along right side of fence - Memory died Aug, 183?
Illegible In front-right side near road
Illegible June4?, 18??, aged 3mos 11 ds.
Illegible By McNair family
Illegible P. Isabela is all we could see
Jenkins Catherine Footstone
Jenkins Catherine wife of Benj H. Jenkins, died Oct 21, 1838, aged 18years
Kain Daniel D. Born Dec 11, 1816, died June 1, 1840
Kinnan Edward died Aug 23, 1833, aged 66yrs 2mos 19ds, Rev Soldier
Kinnan Lucy Consort of Edward Kinnan, died April 11, 1833, aged 65yrs 11months 29days
Kinnan Footstone
L JPL Footstone
L BL & JL Both on one footstone
Leeds Adeline Dau. Of J.B. & Ruth Leeds, died Aug 2, 1836, aged 1year 10mo. 9 days
Leeds Caroline Virginia Daughter of L.D. & Harriet Leeds, who departed this life Aug 30, 1840, aged 10months & 15days
Leeds Josiah B. Died Mar 8, 1834, aged 30 years 2mos 11 days
Lewis Urv???? daughter of G.L. & Mary F Lewis, died Dec 16, 1852, aged 2yrs 9mos 22ds
Lyle John Died Dec 3, 1845, aged 52yrs 3mos 13 ds
Lyman J.D. Nov 23, 1826 (is all that was inscribed)
Lytle Sarah Jane In memory of Sarah Jane, dau. Of Wm & Ann Lytle, who died Aug 5, 1834, aged 5
M BM Footstone above Permelia Moore
M HDM Footstone
M RM Footstone
Malloy Lydia wife of Lindsay C. Moore, daughter of John & Norah Malloy, who died Sep 17, 1840 in her 20th yr of her age
McAfee Rachel wife of D. McAfee died Sept 14, 1846, aged 28yrs 1mo 25ds
McCormick Philura H. Consort of T.J. McCormick, born in the State of New York, married Aug 11th 1835 & died Nov 11, 1835, aged 27 years & 11 months.
McCune Hannah M. Footstone
McCune Hannah M. Dau of James & Eliza McCune, died July 5, 1853, aged 2yrs 3mos 28ds.
McNair Archibald son of Robert & Janet McNair - died Sep 2, 1843, aged 27years
McVay B Footstone
McVay Susan B Footstone
Miller George Michael died June 12, 1855, aged 24yrs 7mos 11ds
Moore Capt. Charles died June 16, 1844, (came from N.J. in 1816) - War of 1812 aged 67
Moore Clara Daughter of C.A. & C. Moore, died May 12, 1852, aged 5yrs 11m 25d
Moore Clara Footstone
Moore Dr. Eusebias died Oct 12, 1849, aged 27ys 10m 27d
Moore George L. died Oct 26, 1854, aged 28ys 7m 15d
Moore Lydia wife of Lindsay C. Moore, daughter of John & Norah Malloy, who died Sep 17, 1840 in her 20th yr of her age
Moore Monument Illegible monument looks like one of the first erected
Moore Olive Daughter of C.A. & C Moore, died July 1, 1853, aged 11m 2d
Moore Olive Footstone
Moore Permelia died Mar 25, 1851, aged 19yrs 21mo 16d
Moore Rachel Dau of Sam and Rachel Moore - died Mar 14, 1849 - aged 25y 5m 22d
Moore Sarah J Wife of Geo Moore, died Oct 17, 1851, aged 28ys 6m 20d
Moore Sarah J. Footstone
Moore Right of Dr. Moore
Morris David died Mar 4, 1843, aged 54yrs 1mo & 19days, Published the Western American At Williamsburg.
Morris Lucinda D. wife of David Morris, died July 30, 1832, aged 25yrs & 11months
Moss William T. Son of Wilson and Jane Moss, died May 10, 1852, aged 1yr 3mos.
Mount AAM Amey Ann Mount Footstone
Mount Amey Ann daughter of Nehemiah & Azubah Mount, who died Jan 9, 1852, aged 14 years 9 months & 27 days
Mount Azuba Consort of Nehemiah Mount died July 11, 1854, aged 78yrs 10mos 26ds
Mount Nehemiah who died June 17, 1846, aged 72 years 1 month & 2 days (came from N.J. about 1807)
Mount William Born May 15, 1794, died Nov 23, 1843, from Armstrong, PA. aged 47years 6months & 22days
P JP Footstone
Patterson Auther W. Son of I.B. & M Patterson, AE 1mo. 23d, died Apr 5, 1847
Pegg Euphemia died Feb 20, 1831 aged 63years 5months 25days
Pegg John died July 7, 1834 - aged 40years 11months 4days (top broken)
Pegg John, Jr. Footstone
Pegg John, Jr. Died Jan 31, 1849, aged 25 years 8mos 4 days
Perkins Thomas Memory of, son of James and Esther Perkins, died Sept. 18, 1860, aged 9months xxdays
Picken James A. Son of James & Esther Picken, died July 19, 1834, aged 1year 1month 9 days
Potter Charles Footstone
Potter Charles Son of Isaac & Sarah Potter, died July 29, 1847, aged 4yrs 10months & 4days
Potter Elizabeth Of Isaac & Sarah Potter, died March 5, 1851, age 16 yrs 18 days
Purkhiser Sarah Elizabeth Daughter of Micah G. & Pamelia Purkhiser, born June 7, 1841 & died Oct 11th 1842
Reed Sarah wife of William Reed, died May 18, 1842, aged 42years 9months & 17days
Ritchey Marilla J. Footstone
Ritchey Marilla J. wife of Jonathan Ritchey, departed this life Feb 7, 1845, aged 28 years 7 months
Robinson Mary Ann Dau. Of Wm H. or W. & Rachel A. Robinson, died Oct 6, 1842, aged 2 months 2 days
Robinson Mary Ann Footstone
Robinson Rachel Ann Footstone
Shade Charles M. W. Son of E & S.A. Shade, died Sept 3, 1840, aged 1y 6m 21days
Slade William son of S & L Slade, died May or Nov 3, 1849
Smith Peninah wife of Obadia Smith, died Jan 2, 1843 age 52 - Rev Sol's Wife.
Smith Peninah PS Footstone
Talley Mary wife of Amer Talley, died Mar 31, 1843, aged 53
Talley Mary Footstone
Townsley Nancy M. Footstone
Townsley Nancy M. Daughter of Wm & Julia Townsley, died June 25, 1846, aged 28 years 8 months & 18days
Veitch Martin V., II died Dec 28, 1839 - age 27
W BW Footstone
Waddle Robert who died Sept 11, 1844, aged 56 years
Whitaker Infant In memory of Infant son of Israel & Lucinda S. Whitaker, who died August 6, 1828, aged 30 hours
Whitaker Sarah B. Daughter of Israel & Lucinda S. Whitaker, who died September 20th, 1834, aged 2 months 21 days
White Horace Footstone
White Horace Son of J & C White, died Oct 26, 1843, aged 8yrs 2ms 8ds
Wilder Susan S. Consort of Rev. Moses H. Wilder who died Aug 11, 1839, aged 38years (To Die Is Gain)
Wilder Susan S. Footstone
Stones not found in August 2006 that were previously recorded
If this cemetery was cleaned up these may reappear with rain - under the dirt, brush and vines. They could be buried a few inches underground.
Buchanan Thomas J. died Dec 19, 1844, aged 34y 10m 15d
Davis Basil died May 31, 1848, aged 55
Davis Mary DAR did not find, I did not find Clermont Sun stated she was buried here.
Denman or Dennis John died July 27, 1836, aged 42 this inscription by DAR, 1882 Clermont Sun states Dennis
Dooks Hugh died Oct 20, 1826 - age 36
Ellis Maria wife of John Ellis, died June 29, 1849 aged 24
Floro Juda Ann wife of William Floro, died July 9, 1849, aged 23
Glancy Thomas J. Died May 13, 1852, aged 36
Headley Esther wife of Miles K. Headley, died Feb 21, 1836, aged 37
Hunt George from Trenton, NJ, died Dec 2, 1852 - aged 68, early schoolmaster, Batavia, married Sally Moore,
Johnson Eveltinel wife of S. M. Johnson, died June 29, 1849 - aged 20
McVay Susan B. wife of John McVay, died July 6, 1849 - aged 21
Medary George son of Jacob and Mary Medary, died Apr 24, 1847
Medary Jacob, Sr. died Oct 12, 1839, aged 69
Medary Mary wife of Jacob Medary, died July 25, 1836
Moore John B died Feb 24, 1845 aged 45
Moore Mary wife of Capt Charles Moore, died Apr 12, 1846 - aged 74
Patterson Joel B died Oct 4, 1848, aged 26
Ritchie JD (masonic Tab) died July 6, 1849, aged 29
Robinson Rachel Ann wife of Wm W. Robinson, died Aug 29, 1842 aged 26
Robinson Temperance wife of William H. Robinson, nee Williams, married 1821, died July 30, 1847 aged 47
Rust Stephan son of Jonathan and Mary Rust, died Sep 15, 1844, aged 19
Scott Mrs. Ann died May 23, 1834, aged 67
Townsley Harriett wife of Robert Townsley, died June 20, 1847, aged 20
Waddle Nancy wife of Robert Waddle, died May 10, 1847, age 44
White Elizabeth wife of Wm N. White - died June 20, 1849, aged 41
Williams Temperance See Robinson, Temperance