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Cemetery Inscriptions
Apple Andrew died Dec 31, 1836, aged 6 years
Bonser Hannah died Nov 7, 1823, aged 48y
Bonser Nathaniel died Dec 19, 1822, aged 48y 6d
Croswell Harriet B. wife of W. L. Croswell, born Mar 13, 1820, died Jun 21, 1895, 75y 3m 8ds
Croswell Lucy Olive dau of W.L. and Harriet B. Croswell, died Sep 2, 1860, 2y 8m 9d
Croswell Mary wife of John M. Croswell, died Jul 17, 1850, aged 36y
Croswell Mary E. dau of William amd Minerva Croswell, died Nov 11, 1867, aged 13y 17d
Croswell Rebecca wife of Thomas Croswell, died Apr 2, 1863, aged 66y 5m 21d
Croswell Thomas died Dec 16, 1846, aged 53y 6m, 23d
Croswell W. L. born Jul 18, 1819, died Feb 5, 1901
Croswell William died Jul 20, 1867, aged 62y 3m 26d
Dewitt Mary wife of P. Dewitt, died Jul 10 1832, aged 55y
Gray Francis M. died Sep 30, 1831, in 4th year (stone missing)
Gray John C. died Sep 9, 1837, in 11th year
Gray Mary died May 22, 1823, aged 54y
Gray Peter died Apr 7, 1812, aged 46y
Greger F J died Feb 6, 1851, aged 8y 30d - stone missing
Greger Paulina J. wife of RC Greger, born Aug 28, 1847, died Jun 29, 1864 (stone missing)
Greger Thussey dau of G & BA Greber, born Jun 11, 1839, died Dec 6, 1865 - stone missing
Hamilton Rebeca K. Jane died Sep 10, 1840, aged 1y 1m 16ds
Hedrick John died May 4, 1837, aged 65y
Hedrick Sophia wife of J. Hedrick, died Jul 27, 1837, aged 55y
Hedrick Susan born Jun 26, 1825, died Aug 6, 1827
Hedrick William died Apr 9, 1849, aged 21y 7m 22d
Hoover Allen son of JM and Sarah A. Hoover, died Aug 25, 1873, aged 7m 10d (stone missing)
Hoover Anna wife of Joel Hoover, died May 14, 1861, aged 61y 5m 18d
Hoover David died Sep 12, 1843, aged 56y 6m 11d
Hoover Elizabeth wife of JR Hoover, died Oct 11, 1848, aged 47y and 5 months
Hoover Elizabeth consort of John Hoover, died Mar 9, 1842, aged 84y 5m 10ds
Hoover Elizabeth wife of GW Hoover, died Apr 13, 1859, aged 27y 4m 17d
Hoover Joanna dau of Emanuel and Anna Hoover, died Dec 14, 1838, aged 5y 9m 10d
Hoover Joel born Jul 19, 1794, died Jun 12, 1884, aged 89y 10m 27d
Hoover John born Nov 12, 1755, died Sep 17, 1835, aged 79y 10m 5d
Hoover John G. died Aug 18, 1852
Hoover Jonathan son of John R and Elizabeth Hoover, died Aug 11, 1849, aged 21 y
Hoover Joseph died Sep 10, 1849, aged 33 y
Hoover Magdalene wife of David Hoover, died Mar 4, 1849, aged 66y 4m 21 d
Hoover Samuel died Oct 24, 1848, aged 31y 29ds
Hoover Solinah wife of Joseph Hoover, died Jan 3, 1839 in 22nd year
Hoover Sophia dau of Joel and Anna Hoover, died Nov 7, 1838, aged 10y 20d
Houser Abraham died Jun 4, 1829, aged 77y
Houser Andrew D. son of David and Elizabeth Houser, died Oct 27, 1835 in 19th year (stone missing)
Houser Christopher died Jul 16, 1862, aged 76y 1m 9d
Houser Elizabeth wife of C Houser, died Sep 30, 1880, aged 80y 8m 4d
Howser Caroline dau of Jonathan and Margaret Jane Howser, born Jul 18, 1851, died Jul 21, 1852, 1y 3ds
Howser Christopher A. born Nov 12, 1832, died Dec 20, 1850, 18y 1m 8ds
Howser David born Mar 12, 1824, died Apr 30, 1851, 26y 1m 18ds
Howser Infant son of JB and Phebe Howser, died 1839
Howser Isaac died Dec 22, 1855, aged 70 years
Howser Joel born May 4, 1830, died Mar 18, 1851, 20y 10m 14ds
Howser Jonas B. died May 10, 1850, aged 40y 5m 11d
Howser Nancy dau of Isaac and Catharine Howser, died Dec 24, 1836, aged 15y 7d
Howser Phebe consort of JB Howser, died Sept 10, 1839, aged 37y 10m
Howser Sarah A. wife of William A. Howser, died Nov 26, 1875, aged 42 y 11m 24d.
Howser William A. died May 13, 1864, aged 36y 10m 16ds
Judd America Jane died Sep 2, 1838, 15months
Judd Caroline no date, child of Milton and Sophia Judd
Judd MA died Feb 2, 1846 in 30th year
Judd Sophia wife of MA Jubb, died Mar 8, 1845 in 30th year
Judd Wesley no date, child of Milton and Sophia Judd
Leslie Henry died Dec 16, 1864, aged 25y 11m 28d
Lloyd M. J. tiny dau of William and Minerva Lloyd, born May 8, 1863, died Jan 26, 1878, 14y 8m 18d
Lloyd Rosanna next to James Lloyd, not sure if Rosanna - info could be similar, died 1863, aged 62y 6m 22ds
Love Alpha son of T & E E Love, died Nov 16, 1878, aged 1y 1m
Love Barbary Sophia dau of William and Eliza Love, died Mar 8, 1860, aged 5y 5m
Love Mary wife of William Love, died Feb 11, 1839, aged 30 years, Mother of Sarah A. Howser
Love Sarah E. dau of T & E E Love, died Jan 14, 1871, aged 15 days
Loyd Frankie son of W & M Loyd, died Dec 30, 1870, aged 3 months and 18 days
Loyd James died Jul 6, 1847, aged 50y 3m 6ds
Metzger Elizabeth wife of William Metzger, died Mar 13, 1858, aged 44y 9m 16d
Metzger Levy won of William and Elizabeth Metzgar, died Jun 19, 1861, aged 20y 11, 27d
Metzger William son of William and Elizabeth Metzger, died May 15, 1858, aged 2 months and 18 days
Miller Henry Wilber son of OP and Martha J. Miller, died Sep 17, 1865, aged 11m 3d
Moyer John S. born Dec 19, 1778, died Jun 30, 1863
Moyer Mary wife of John S. Moyer, born June 19, 1775, died Jun 27, 1842
Myers Joseph L. son of William and G. Myers, died Nov 30, 1868, aged 6y 2m 25d
Poole Bridget born Duchess County, NY. Feb 29, 1765, died 1858
Redden Elizabeth Ann wife of Peter Redden, died Aug 3, 1866, aged 44y 6m 24d stone missing
Snyder Carrie May dau of William R. and Martha P. Snyder, born May 11, 1875, died Aug 9, 1890, 15y 2, 18d
Snyder Martha P. wife of W. R. Snyder, dau of WL & H. Croswell, died Oct 11, 1876, 34y 8m 5d
Tolin infant children of NW & Frances Tolin
Tolin Nannie P. 1880-1882, infant child of NW & Frances Tolin
Trisler Elizabeth consort of Jacob Trisler, died Jul 19, 1849, aged 66y 1d (stone missing)
Vantine George W. died Jan 26, 1865, aged 33y (stone missing)
Watson Martha A. wife of WN Watson, died Sep 9, 1853, aged 26y 10m 26d (stone missing)
West Michael died Sep 4, 1838, 24 years
Woodmansee Evaline dau of J & S Woodmansee, died Mar 6, 1858, aged 16y 4m 14d
Woodmansee Sarah wife of Joseph Woodmansee, died Dec 6, 1859, aged 53y 11m 5d
Woodmansee Shephard son of Joseph and Sarah Woodmansee, died Aug 6, 1860, aged 17y 5m 22d