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Olive Branch Cemetery

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Champlin, James C.
Charles, Anne T.
Charles, William L.
Chatman, Barry Devore
Clifton, Brian Paul
Cline, Elvira M.
Collier, Thelma
Collins, John
Collins, Peggie
Colthar, John
Colwell, Estella Holter Sinks
Colwell, Moses David
Conklin, Lovina H.
Conklin, Stanley H.
Cook, Alberta H
Cook, William Boyd
Cooper, James P.
Couch, John Arthur
Cox, Edna
Cox, Henry
Cravens, Albert
Cravens, Alice I.
Cravens, Chester W.
Cravens, Gladys
Cravens, H. Chauncey
Cravens, Harold G.
Cravens, John H.
Cravens, John W.
Cravens, Mabel
Cravens, Nettie V.
cravens our baby
Cravens, Virginia L.
Crawford, Catherine
Crawford, Richard T.
Crawford, Theodore L.
crawford theodore l.veteran
Craycraft, Malcolm
Craycraft, Marguerite
Craycraft, Mark
Craycraft, Wilbur
Cross, Dora M.
Cross, Eugene
Cross, Mary
Curry, Anna
Curry, Eliza
Curry, William.
Curry, William M.
Davidson, Bonnie L.
Davidson, Lisa Suzanne
Davidson, Olive Hunt
Davidson, Raymond L.
Davidson, Raymond S.
Davis, Emily
Dawson, Clara E.
Dawson, Isaac monument
Dawson, Issac B.
Dawson, Mary E. Bottom
Dawson, Mary E. (top)
Deem, Earl A.
Deem, Ellen E.
Deem, Frances
Deem, Grant
Deem, James W.
Deem, Louisa A.
Deem, Orville
Deem, Sherman T.
Deem, Theresa
Deem, William M.
Dekraai, Caroline
Dekraai, John
Dhonau, G. Faye
Dhonau, John N.
Dhonau, John Veteran
Dial, Ada Parsons
Dial, Annie Rosetta footstone
Dial children closeup
Dial children monument
Dial, David M.
Dial, David M. & Jemima closeup
Dial, Emil O.
Dial, Eva Louisa Footstone
Dial, Fannie
Dial, James
Dial, Jemima C.
Dial, John M.
Dial, Joseph
Dial, Mary C.
Dial, Mary Elizabeth - Lizzie Footstone
Dial, Rebecca
Dial, Sarah
Dial, Shadrack
dial stephen footstone
Dial, Stephen monument
Dial, Susanna
Dial, Warren
Dial, Williams H.
Didday, Elaine H.
Didday, Herman C.
Didday, Herman C. died 1967
Didday, Mamie Moyer

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