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Plainview Cemetery , Clermont County, Ohio

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Leever, Georgia monument
Leever, Georgia
Leever, Lizzie
Leever, Mary E.
Leever, Phebe
Leever, Samuel
Lefever, Harry E.
Lefever, Wilma L.
Lemperle, Sammy
Lewis, Basil W.
Lewis, Dolly
Lewis, Donald and Virginia closeup wed date
Lewis, Donald E.
Lewis, Joseph W.
Lewis, Joseph Walker
Lewis, Robert Wayne
Lewis, Tacy K.
Lewis, Veronica Lee
Lewis, Virginia S.
Liming, Anna
Liming, Edna L.
Liming, Herschel R.
Liming, Herschel Ray vet
Liming, James E.
Liming, Jeffrey Ray
Liming, M. Marie South
Liming, Pearl K. Grossnickle
Liming, Russell and Marie back
Liming, Russell Ray vet
Liming, Russell Ray
Locke, Robert L.
Locke, Virginia Gilkison
Long, Blanche D.
Long, Blanche E.
Long, Clifford A.
Long, Daniel H.
Long, Edna
Long, Lena Morris
Long, Ralph D.
Long, Ralph Lee
Long, Raymond Lee
Long, William
Lorentz, John C.
Lorentz, John
Lorentz, Madelene R.
Loudermilk, Aron Wayne
Loudermilk, Raymond W.
Loudermilk, Thelma
Lovaas, Alvin Julius
Lovaas, Helen Gail
Lovaas, Phillip A.
Lovett, James D.
Ludlow, Harold LeRoy
Ludlow, Harold
Lunsford, Georgia
Lunsford, Samuel Burton
Lykins, Ada F.
Lykins, April K.
Lykins, Guy W.
Lykins, James H.
Lykins, Shirley M.
Maddox, G. E. vet
Maddox, George E.
Maddox, George
Maddox, Louisa
Maffey, Andy
Maffey, Grace A.
Maffey, Joseph C.
Maffey, Russell W.
Maffey, Sarah Elizabeth
Maffey, William R.
Mahaffey, Grace
Mahaffey, Henry Woodrow
Maham, Albert
Maham, Alice
Maham, Daniel F.
Maham, Geneva and Daniel
Maham, Geneva M.
Maham, Ida
Maham, Maria
Maham, Samuel
Maines, Everett E.
Maines, Joyce
Maines, Mable
Maines, Naomi G.
Malott, J. B.
Malott, Phineas closeup
Malott, Phineas
Mangus, Debra Sue
Mangus, Mary Elizabeth
Mangus, William S.
Manning, Francis C.
Marlow, Tina R.
Marsh monument (no given names)
Marshall, Allan
Marshall, Alma
Marshall, Estella
Marshall, Frank L.
Marshall, Mildred M.
Marshall, Valinda
Martin, Barbara Gail
Martin, Brad
Martin, Majorie A. McHugh
Martin, Thomas O. vet
Martin, Thomas O.

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