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Plainview Cemetery , Clermont County, Ohio

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Pedersen, Hans
Pegg, Dillard
Pegg, Patsy
Pell, H. Clifford
Pell, M. Wandalee
Pelosi, Wilma Coldiron Sexton
Perry, Anna L.
Perry, George M.
Perry, Hattie B.
Perry, Robert A. vet
Petard, P. V., O.M.
Phillips, Euell Dean vet
Phillips, Euell Dean
Phillips, Patricia G.
Pickelheimer, A. C.
Pickelheimer, Belle
Pickelheimer, Charley
Pickelheimer, Eleanor F. closeup
Pickelheimer, Eleanor F.
Pickelheimer, George W.
Pickelheimer, Harriet
Pickelheimer, Harry W.
Pickelheimer, Hulda
Pickelheimer, Joe
Pickelheimer, Margaret
Pickelheimer, May
Pickelheimer, Melvina
Pickelheimer, Rachel closeup
Pickelheimer, Rachel
Pickelheimer, Rebecca V.
Pickelheimer, Richard C.
Pickelheimer, William R.
Pierce, George
Pierce, Jane
Pogue, Lillie L.
Pogue, Mary Myrtle
Polley, Claire Dodson
Polley, James R. (Rittenhouse)
Polley, Roy Alan
Polley, William L.
Poole, Rachel Kae
Potts, Ida Jane Laymon
Powell, Alice M.
Powell, Doris L.
Powell, Leroy
Prebble, Robert L. vet
Prewitt, Loretta M.
Price, Emma R.
Price, Harley G.
Price, Harold J.
Pride, Elizabeth Pearl
Pride, Elsworth Walan
Pride, Olive M.
Pride, Walan V.
Pringle, Addie E.
Pringle, Alice J.
Pringle, Armel B.
Pringle, Attie B.
Pringle, Betty J.
Pringle, Charles E.
Pringle, Charlotte
Pringle, Clara
Pringle, Earl
Pringle, Edna M.
Pringle, Elsie M.
Pringle, Emma B.
Pringle, Estel L.
Pringle, Ethel
Pringle, Eugene F. vet
Pringle, Eugene F.
Pringle, Frank monument
Pringle, Frank
Pringle, Freda L.
Pringle, Freda, Estel, Ida, Russell
Pringle, Gaylord
Pringle, George F.
Pringle, Gladys D.
Pringle, Hattie D.
Pringle, Howard, Paul and May
Pringle, Howard
Pringle, Ida Clark
Pringle, Ida M.
Pringle, John L.
Pringle, Joseph
Pringle, Juanita
Pringle, Leonard
Pringle, Mabel C.
Pringle, Mary J.
Pringle, May I.
Pringle, Paul
Pringle, Peter C.
Pringle, Roscoe E.
Pringle, Rowena
Pringle, Russel W.
Pringle, Stanley A.
Pringle, William F.
Pringle, Wilson
Rainey, Anna Mae
Rainey, Charley
Raisor, Lee Ondis, III
Rapp, Hannah
Rapp, William Rufus
Ray, Everett
Ray, Ruth E. Bonar
Reed, S. F.

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