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Plainview Cemetery , Clermont County, Ohio

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Turner, Catharine
Turner, Cletis O., Sr.
Turner, Curtis
Turner, Donald R. vet
Turner, Donald R.
Turner, Elizabeth L.
Turner, Frank
Turner, J.
Turner, Jerome William
Turner, Jerry Baron
Turner, John
Turner, Margaret
Turner, Preston Dale
Turner, Thomas Wilson
Turner, Timothy Sherman
Turner, Wanda Mel
Tussey, Alley Ray
Tussey, Alley
Tussey, Clara B.
Tussey, Edith Pearl Pride
Tussey, Norman A. vet
Tussey, Norman A.
unknown, Belle maybe Dumford or Maham
unknown, Belle maybe Maham or Dumford
unknown, beside Hays and Hughes family
unknown, Dan by Campbell, Arnett, Fore, Weaver, Taylor
unknown, Emma with Hester, Shinn and Brown families
unknown, Jackie on Hill lot
unknown, next to Clara B. Pringle - Dad
unknown, next to Clara Pringle - DAD
Unknown, next to David Hawk
unknown, next to Jack Allen
unknown, next to John A., Wolf
unknown, next to Wood and Darling family
unknown, Sallie in Mary Hill, Alonzo Jones or Nancy Shumard lot
Van Camp setting
Van Camp, Alice E.
Van Camp, Anna
Van Camp, B. T.
Van Camp, Bell
Van Camp, Charles M.
Van Camp, D.
Van Camp, Eddie
Van Camp, Eliza
Van Camp, Florence A.
Van Camp, Harmon Lee
Van Camp, Howard
Van Camp, Infant dau
Van Camp, Infant Son
Van Camp, John
Van Camp, Louella
Van Camp, Louisa
Van Camp, Margaret M.
Van Camp, Mollie
Van Camp, Nellie
Van Camp, Nettie
Van Camp, Nevada A.
Van Camp, Nevada and Bell Van Camp
Van Camp, Oliver E.
Van Camp, Sarah (2)
Van Camp, Sarah closeup
Van Camp, Sarah
Van Camp, Stanley
Van Camp, T., JVC
Van Camp, Velma
Van Camp, Viola Belle
Van Camp, William
Van Horn, Charles M. closeup
Van Horn, Charles M.
Van Horn, Edward
Van Horn, Elizabeth H.
Van Horn, Emeline
Van Horn, Ida May
Van Horn, John H.
Van Horn, Mildred
Van Horn, Philip D.
Van Horn, Tillie
Van Horn, W. J.
Van Skaik, Arnold S., Jr.
Van Skaik, Elva Mae
Van Zant, Hope
Vardaman, Francis L.
Vastine, Alma G.
Vastine, Emma E.
Vastine, Everett W.
Vastine, Gilbert F. vet
Vastine, Gilbert F.
Vastine, Infant
Vastine, John F.
Vaughan, Ida M.
Vaughan, William C.
Vickers, Lulu
Vogt, Arthur A.
Vogt, Mildred L.
Wade, John E. vet
Wade, Mabel Collins monument
Wade, Mabel Collins
Waites, Lucy M.
Waits, Emma E. (newer stone)
Waits, Frank J.
Waits, James
Waits, Martha J.(newer stone)
Waits, Mary E.
Waits, Sarah E.
Waits, William Bennett (newer stone)

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