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Plainview Cemetery , Clermont County, Ohio

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Waits, William Loal (when replaced newer stone forgot his burial)
Ward, Emery P., Jr.
Ward, Nora Kinkade
Ware, Jennie
Ware, John and Wllie closeup
Ware, John V.
Ware, Sallie Bayha
Ware, Sarah
Ware, William and Sarah closeup
Ware, William
Ware, Willie
Ware, Winnie Foster and Sallie Bayha closeup
Ware, Winnie Foster
Warman, Jerry L.
Warman, Sue L.
Warman, Wanita F.
Warner, Eugene D. vet
Warner, Eugene D.
Warner, Hazel A.
Washburn, Cornelius closeup
Washburn, Cornelius
Washburn, H.
Washburn, Iva
Washburn, J.
Washburn, James H.
Washburn, John closeup
Washburn, John W.
Washburn, John
Washburn, Julia A. closeup
Washburn, Julia A.
Washburn, Leona closeup
Washburn, Leona
Washburn, Lillie V.
Washburn, Martha J. closeup
Washburn, Martha J.
Washburn, Mary Helen, John and Lillie
Washburn, Mary Helen
Washburn, Mary L. closeup
Washburn, Mary L.
Washburn, Wilmer B. monument
Washburn, Wilmer B.
Watkins, Dovie Sue
Watkins, Emma Belle
Watkins, Emma Dell
Watkins, Henry
Watkins, Joseph F.
Watkins, Judith Elaine
Watkins, Ralph E.
Watkins, Ralph Edward
Watkins, Rosemary I.
Watkins, Willa L.
Watson, Bessie
Watson, Isaac W.
Watson, Martha
Watson, Mary J.
Weaver, Charles E.
Weaver, David and Charles (back)
Weaver, David Lee
Weaver, James W.
Weaver, Janice Bell
Weaver, Lottie L.
Weaver, Lulu
Weaver, Roseanna
Weaver, S. W.
Weaver, Wilbur O.
Webber, Gene R.
Weber, Audie
Weber, Fritz vet
Weber, Fritz
Weibl, Lillian
Welker, Delphia M.
Welker, Eugene W. vet
Welker, Eugene W.
Welker, Joe W.
Welker, Mary Janet
Welker, Sharon Ann
Werner, A. Jean
Werner, Abigail G.
Werner, Anna Belle
Werner, Clarence, Jr.
Werner, Forrest O.
Werner, Ganelle
Werner, James D., II
Werner, James
Werner, Lorene W.
Werner, Oliver
Werner, Peggy
Werner, Richard M., Sr. vet
Werner, Richard M., Sr.
Werner, Robert N.
Werner, Ruth Ann
Wernicke, Joseph F.
Wernicke, Violet L.
Westbay, Cara Marie
Whitaker, Abraham
Whitaker, Anna
Whitaker, Clifford
Whitaker, Floyd
Whitaker, Frank E.
Whitaker, Louisa closeup
Whitaker, Louisa
Whitaker, Nettie
Whitaker, Sallie born 1851
Whitaker, Sallie closeup
Whitaker, Sallie

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